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The romance of the Dronbergers is picturesque as the story of lovers on
a willow pattern plate. Different, being modern ami international, but just as
picturesque and charming. The heroine was a lktle slant eyed girl with a
braided chignon when she first saw the American officer, who was at Hong
kong with his ship, the old Monocacy, since lost to the service. The en
counter was at the villa of the mandarin, her father, and the young officer
thought the little girl quaintly pretty and attractive. Also intelligent. So he
persuaded .the mandarin, her father, to send her to America to be educated.
The little girl was at school in Germantown for five years, while the Mo
tiocacy cruised in Chinese waters and the south seas. Then she returned
to Shanghai. Romance was renewed and the American officer and the man
darin's daughter were formally engaged. But before their marriage came
the Boxer uprising. Lieutenant Dronberger and his brother officers
marched to Pekin and his Chinese fiancee was left forlorn in Shanghai.
However, she was a spirited fiane'ee and didn't stay forlorn in Shanghai.
Packed her camphorwood chests and in a sedan chair with coolie followed
the troops. When the wretched affair was over she returned to Shanghai,
followed by her lover. The marriage was celebrated in proper oriental
fashion, with occidental concessions, and to please his bride, who couldn't
endure the thought of being identified with another Boxer uprising or any
thing like it, Lieutenant Dronberger resigned from the navy to become a
man of peace and. incidentally, of automobiles. In China once more, he will
present their advantages over sedan chairs.
For the last ten years the Dronbergers have resided in Philadelphia, but
the dawning era in China has giverf*them a desire to return and live in the
new civilization. They will be in San Francisco on their way back to the
Flowery kingdom and the scenes of their modern willow pattern romance.
r>*r ]0, when the hostess at the affair
"will be Mrs. Robert Postlethwalte. The
debutantes and girls of the younger
crowd, with several of the married set,
have been asked for the occasion.
* * *
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Crocker will
leave In the early part of next month
for the east, and expect to pass Christ
mas in New York wKh their children,
Miss Ethel Crocker and William
Crocker Jr., both of whom are attend
ing school in the east.
* * *
Mrs. George Tyson will entertain at
a luncheon and bridge to be given Fri
day afternoon, December 6, at the
Francisca club, when she will enter
tain a score or more friends at the in
emal reunion.
Iγ. and Mrs. Herbert Baker, who
have been passing the early season at
Ross, have decided to remain in town
for. the winter and have taken apart
ments at the St. Xavier for the winter.
* * * .
Mr*. Starr K>pler will entertala at
an informal* "Bridge party to be "fol
j wed by an hour over the tea cups at
Mrs. Lorell White has closed her
home in Mill Valley and is occupying ,
her house In Sacramento street, where
she will remain during the winter.
Bfc,, J Phones:
Chas. H. Maehlmann, Mjr.
Matinees Saturday and Sunday
And Big Company. Present
Prices—2sc to $1.00.
- 4
Saf>st «nd Most Magnificent Theater 1n America.
The Hlffhest Standard of* Vaudeville
ETHEL GREEN, VaiHlerMe's Daintiest Come
dienne; SYDNEY AYRES. Supported by His Own
Company. In His. One Act Play. "'A Call For the
Wild" (this week oolyt: HARRY GII.FOII-. in
Hie Original Character, "Baron Sands"; GEORGE
KEMX. Assisted by the BARRY GIRLS, in "The
Boy N*xt Door , ': AX. KAY NO'S PERFORMING
TION PICTURES. Last Week. Jea»e L. Laxky's
"CALIFOBNIA." an American Operetta, with
Lesiie Leiph. Harry Grifflth an<l Austen Stuart.
Even. Price*—loc. 2.* c. 50c. 7.V: Bm Seats. $1.
Mat. Prices (except Sundays and Holidays)—loe,
<ie. Pbooejt—Douglas TO. Homo C 1570.
I .. ROd .MM Mill 3t*.
I-ast 3 Ntgbtx—Matinee Saturday.
I,a«t Time Next Sunday Mifht.
In the Great War Drenia.
Commencing NEXT HOIfDAY
Tiir Musical Hit of Three rontin-it-
aud Keturiiay Matinee. $2 to -•»•.
\V(-dn«>--<iay , St«riDee.- 2-*>c to $I.KO.
Swimmlßg and Tub Bathe
Salt water direct from the ocean. Open
*v»r.v day nn<! evening, Including Sundays
and holidays, from 7 a. m. to 10 p. m. Spec
lutor*' gallery free.
Natatorium reserved Tuesday and Friday
mornings from 9 o'clock to noon for women
Hot Air Hair Dryera, Electric Curling Irona
and Shampoo Room for Women Bathers Free.
St. Francis Hotel-Nov. 30
I Colonial Room at 8:30 p. m.—La*t Time ■
On the Wonders and Beautiea of '/.
For th* Beneflt of the ■
Tiok<-r« an.l Bo\es, Hotel News Stau«l ■
VISITORS to San Francisco this
winter will be Lieutenant and
Mrs. William Dronberger, U. S.
X.. retired, who will be enter
tained in Dupont street. Not so shock
ing as it sound-. There are interest*
ing Chinese homes in Dnpont street,
and Mrs. Dronberger is? the daughter
of a mandarin. They arc going to
Shanghai to live after a, several years'
residence in America, and Mrs. Dron
berger, who is quite Americanized, will
carry a message of emancipation to
* # #
Mrs. Eleanor Martin presided at a
holiday dinner given yesterday at her
home in Broadway. The table decora
tions were the holiday red and green
with wreaths of red berries in the
scheme of adornment and a large cen
terpiece of American Beauty roses.
Among those who participated in the
holiday reunion were Mr. and Mrs. Os
car Cooper, Mr: and Mrs. Ward Barron
and J. Downey Harvey.
* * #
Miss Margaret Kemble has gone to
Cupertino to pass the holiday with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Kemble, at
their country home, but will return to
town in the early part of next week.
* » *
Miss Marian Zcile, who went east
with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Oxnard. ex
pects to be away for a long season of
travel and will probably visit Egypt
before ncr return next year.
* * #
Mr. and Mrs. Emory Winship will
entertain at a theater party to be given
next Tuesday evening fof their debut
ante sister. Miss Margaret Casey, who
is being feted at so many of the af
fairs this season.
* # #
Mrs. Alexander Garceau. is enjoying
a holiday vieit in Paris with relatives
and friends* where she will remain for
a few weeks. She will be abroad in
** * #
Miss Helen Dean will extend her hos
pitality to a group of the younger
girls Monday afternoon at the Fair
mont. This popular hostess is planning
a series of enjoyable affairs to be given
during the season for the debutantes
and their friends.
* * *
Mrs. Frederick Washburn entertained
lat one of the enjoyable teas of the
week given at her home in Green street
In honor of Mrs. Atkinson, who is her
* * ♦
The young people who participated
.in the recent production of the
"Campus Mouser" have decided to hold
a theater and supper party this even
ing instead of the dance that they had
Today at 3:15
Fourth Symphony Concert
Soloist—TlNA LERNER—Pianist
Program Includes Beethoven's Symphony No. 0
Turtialkowsky's concerto for Piano and Or
chestra, Wagner's Orerture to "Tann
tiauser." ,
SUNDAY AFTERNOON, Dpcember 1, at 3:15.
Soloist—TlNA LERNER—Pianist
Met*, 35c to $1.
The Famous French Contralto Will
Give Two Concerts at Scottish ftite
Auditorium on Sunday Afternoons,
December Ist and Sth.
At Sherman, Clay * Co.'s or Kohler
& Chases. Prices $2, $1.50 and $1.
Steinway Fiaao
n iTSyP El]i » *e<s Market
M, ■ llf |a Phone— Sutter 2460.
Night and Sat. Mat. Price*. 50c to $1.50.
Last Time Saturday Meht
Lewis Wtller'r Bngiteh Company.
Xext Snnday Night—Seats' NOW
In the X. f. Casino Melody M*»terpiece,
PRICES— "iOc 10 f2. Wpdncsday Mat. $1.50.
Original Production. Enlarged Orchestra.
ll nil aft °'* r «"«»l at- Lowell
A I A/ Ak Phone Kearny 2.
r%i~t\*r\£jr\i\ Home Phone C 4455.
The Gamblers
By Cbarlts Klein.
PRICES— Nlfb*. 2Sc to $t: Mat., 2.> to 50c.
Nest Week— Mß. JOH>so.\ and MWW LESLIE in
Klein-James Nuptials Occur Next Wednesday
Miss Gladys James, whose marriage to navy officer next Wednesday will be
a quiet but elaborate home event.
planned at first. There will be a merry
crowd of guests at this affair, which is
one of the most elaborate in the series
of social affairs Incidental to the pre
sentation of the play.
* * ♦
Miss Ethel Graham, the attractive
daughter of Judge and Mrs. Thomas F.
Graham, will entertain at one of the
Informal dinners that will precede the
dance of the Friday Night club this
evening at the California club. This is
the second dance, of the club, and will
be attended by over 100 young people.
The patronesses of *he Friday Night
assemblies- this season are Mrs. Frank
D. Bates, Mrs. Robert I. Bentley, Mrs
Frank J. Cooper. Mrs. Wendell P. Ham
mon. Mrs. William-H. L.ittle, Mrs. Wil
liam H. Morrow, Mrs. Herbert W.
Thompson and Mrs. Allison H. Turner.
«■ * #
Mrs. Clinton E. Worden and Mrs. A.
N. Towne have been entertaining Miss
Birdie Rice and Mies Marin of Santa
Barbara at the Fairmont, but the vis
itors will remain only for a brief visit.
At last accounts Mr. and Mrs. Charles
H. Wood were in Singapore after a
tour of Japan. They are on a leisurely
tour of the world, and will be away
for an indefinite time. Mrs. Wood was
formerly Miss Dollie Brown.
* ♦ *
Miss Nancy Glenn and Mrs. Hope
Glenn went to Colusa to pase the holl-
Levina, Wonderful Cook of Pa
peete, Is in City
Mrs. Levina Chapman, better known
as ••LevJna," most famous of South
sea hostesses, arrived here jesterday
from Papeete on the liner Tahiti. Lβ
vina is known to every tourist who
ever spent more than a day in Tahiti,
and few writers of the south seas have
failed, somewhere in their work, to
devote anywhere from a paragraph to
a whole chapter to Levlna, her care
free hotel and her wonderful cooking.
It is four years since Levina was
in San Francisco. She cam* then to
put her daughter, Frieda, in school.
She has come this time to place Dora,
who is sweet 16 and two years Frieda's
Junior, in an educational establishment.
Frieda accompanied her mother and
sister and will return to Papeete with
her mother.
Levina is the greatest booster that
Papeete ever had. The tourist who
stops at- her house has only himself
to blame if he leaves Tahiti without
a flret hand knowledge of native cook- ,
inff and customs. She numbers among:
her acquaintances more well known
people that can be found In the covers
of "Who's Who." And ehe won all
their hearts through their stomachs.
She will return to Papeete on the
Chicago Woman's Club Votes for
"Sane Christmas"
Special Dispatch to The Call
CHICAGO, Nov. 28. — The Chicago
Woman's club adopted a resolution call*
ingr for a "sane Christmas." No expen
sive present is to be given by any of Its
members unless it be to a child.
Hereafter pearls, diamonds, antiques
and rare editions will be considered bad
form as Christmas present*.
The club, which aided in the movement
for a sane fourth of July, decided that
Christmas is really a day for the chil
dren. The members will follow up this
resolution individually.
• :
Special Dispatch to Xbe Call
SAN JOSE, Nov. 28.—At St. Claire's
church in Santa Clara this morning Miss
Margaret Niemeyer became the bride of
William Pharis of San Francisco. The
ceremony was performed by the Rev.
Father A. V. Ragglo of the University
of Santa Clara and was followed by a'
wedding? breakfast at the home of Mr. ,
and Mrs. A. Bacig&lupi In Franklin
street. Mr. and Mrs. Pharis will vlelt
Sacramento and Sacrftmento valley be
fore returning to San Francisco to make
their home.
day, but will return in a few days to
the Fairmont, where they will remain
for the winter.
# # *
Mrs. George W. Gibbs has been en
tertaining Mrs. Quimby of Monterey at
her home in Jackson street over the
* * *
Mrs. George J. Walters will leave
shortly for the east, where she will re
main for a visit of several weeks.
# * *
Mrs. Ruth Fairch.ild.of Los Angeles,
is a guest of her brother and sister In i
law. Rev. and Mrs.. Webster Loring
Clarke, at their home in Valleio street.
Mrs. Fairchild will remain here during
the winter.
* # *
Letters have been received from Mr.
and Mrs. Ralph Sneyd-Kynnersley, who
are at Loxley. England, describing the
features of their enjoyable visit abroad.
They attended the hunt at Sudbury
park and have been extensively enter
tained by their friends. Mr. and Mrs.
Sneyd-Kynnereley will return to Cali
fornia in January, and after a brief
stay here will return to England,
where they will reside on the large es
tate that they have recently inherited.
Mrs. Sneyd-Kynnersley was formerly
Miss Marian Shaw, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. James Shaw, and a niece of
Mrs. William Hood of this city.
Oakland Circle to Seek Funds
for Building
OAKLAND, Nov. 28.—The women of
Ergatikan circle of the First Methodist
Episcopal church South are preparing
a concert and bazaar in the parlors of ■
, the church. Thirty-fourth and Elm
streets. Friday evening and Saturday
afternoon of next week. The affair ts
for the benefit of the building- fund for
the new church, construction of which
will begin shortly. Several talented
artists will appear on the Friday even- I
ing- program, a feature of which will
be piano solos by Mrs. Mervin Holmes
of Berkeley. The following booths
have been arranged for:
Fancy work—Mrs. Joseph H. Hunt, Mrs. J.
W. Dai-row, Mrs. A. U. Brandt, Mrs. H. U. Max
field, Mrs. James Dean, Mrs. Peter Oroop
Candy—Miss Mary Walker, Mrs. J. W. Scott.
Mies Ethel Batchelor and Miss Martha Wight.
Delicatessen—Mre. W. J. Wight, Mrs. C C.
Starr. Mrs. C. Bennett, Mrs. Fanny Coats and
Dr. Vilzabcth McWhortcr.
Refreshments—Mrs. Ralph Paul, Mrs. Ray
Lucas, Mrs. J. A. Batchelor and Mrs. O. Fred
Charles H. Weller Marries at
Quiet Ceremony
Charles H. Weller, a member of the
Olympic club, identified with the Union
Lumber company, and Miss Charlotte
Polk of 372 Baker street, were married
at high noon yesterday by Judge Gra
ham in his chambers in the city hall.
The bride was dressed in a blue travel
ing suit, a picture hat, and carried a
bouquet of roses. The chambers were
prettily decorated with roses and-greens.
Mr. and Mrs. Weller left for the south,
where they will spend their honeymoon.
Mrs, Mary A. Ryan of Sacramento
Expires at Age of 81
Special Dispatch to The Call
SACRAMENTO. Nov. 28.~Mre. Ifctry
A. Ryan, pioneer Sacramentan, died to
day at the family home In Q street,
tilhe leaves a large family. Her former
husband, the late John Ryan, was a
member of the city board of trustees
for years and prominent politically in
the state. Her son, the late Frank D.
Ryan, was district attorney for two
terms. She leaves four eons and three
daughters. Born in Ireland 81 years
ago, she came to Sacramento in 1855
and has lived here since.
Gμ Bllla Reduced
And your gas service taken care of
for a small monthly charge. Gas Con
sumers' Association, phone Franklin
717, 467 OFarrell street.—Advt.
Intimate Friends
Will Witness
Final arrangements haVe been com
pleted for the wedding «of Mi& Gladys
James, daughter of Mrs. Jennie Lee
James, and Lieutenant J. H. Klein Jr..
U. S. N. The ceremony will be per
formed at 9 o'clock, Wednesday even
ing, , December 4, at the residence of
the bride's mother, in Pacific avenue.
Rev. Bradford Leavltt officiating. It
will be a cfuiet affair, relatives and a
few intimate friends only will witness
the ceremony.
The decorations will be very artistic.
American beauty roses in profusion will
furnish a beautiful background to the
pretty service. Much sentiment will
mark the wedding. The bride, a dainty
brunette, will wear a cream satin elab
orately trimmed with old point lace,
which adorned the wedding dress of her
grandmother, her mother and sister.
The bouquet will be of natural orange
blossoms and lillos of the valley, culled
from the hothouse of a friend in south
ern California, especially for the bride.
Tfce matron of honor will be Mrs.
John B. Chace, who will wear a white
satin and carry a shower bouquet of
gardenias and Killarney roses. The
bridesmaid, Miss Cornelia James, sis
ter of the bride, will wear a light tone
of American beauty charmeuse f=atin
and a shower bouquet of Killar
ney roses.
Lieutenant Joseph D. Little, U. S. N.,
brother officer of Lieutenant Klein Jr.,
and aid to Commander Reynolds of the
Pacific fleet, will attend the groom,
and Ensign Brown, U. S. N., will act as
After a brief honeymoon Lieutenant
Klein and bride will return to this city
and spend the holidays with the bride's
mother, leaving for Bremerton January
4, where Lieutenant Kiein and bride
will reside until the transfer of the
flagship Pittsburg to other waters.
Lieutenant Klein, Lieutenant Little
and Ensign Brown will arrive Tuesday
from Bremerton, Monday evening Mr.
and Mrs. John B. Chace will be the
hosts at a dinner at their home in Val
lejo street, where they will entertain
the bridal party.
Sale Opens Today for Great In
fant Shelter Benefit
The society circus and horse show
reserved seat sale will begin this morn-
Ing at 9 o'clock at Sherman, Clay &
Co.'s, and If there isn't a .huge crowd
to greet the ticket sellers the expert
publicity men who have advertised the
affair will be more sorely disappointed
even than the charitably inclined fash
ionable folk who have been working
slavishly to make a historic success
socially as well as lots of money for
the Infant Shelter, which Iβ to benefit.
Every one of the 50 boxes surround
ing the big hippodrome track has been
taken and. as there are but few more
than 1,500 seats outside the boxes,
owing to the fact tftat much of the
space in Pavilion rink has been taken
up by the two rings, stage center and
the track, many persons are liable to
disappointment. Mrs. H. P. Umbsen
is the "director general" of the benefit
and for weeks past she has been mar
shaling her forces in such a way am to
eliminate almost every chance for any
thing but a big, amusing, Joy inspiring,
social victory.
Although this circus will lack the
usual raft of shell game artists and
card sharps, it will more than com
pensate an "easy spending" constitu
ency by providing half a hundred or
more beautiful young women of the
Infant Shelter auxiliary to dispense
peanuts, popcorn, pink lemonade and
smiles in return Tor small silver.
There is a long list of chaperons,
also, and there isn't one on the list
that couldn't muster ,a regiment of
reasons to argue against her being
ruthlessly labeled "Married."
The days of the circus are, unfor
tunately enough for those who like
fine horses and pretty women, num
bered. It opens next Thursday night
and will continue until Saturday night,
with one matinee Saturday, when lower
prices will prevail.
Mrs. Adrian Splivalo is chairman of
the executive committee and her as
sistants are Mrs. G. H. Umbsen, Mrs.
H. P. Umbsen, Miss Mollie Sidebotham,
Mrs. Jack Mattheis, Mrs. F. J. Kerri
gan, Mrs. Duncan McKinlay, Mrs. How
ard Morrow and Miss Henrietta Taylor.
Mrs. J. W; Atkinson will be in
charge of the chaperons, who include
Mrs. Fred McWilliams, Mrs. Fred H.
Pierson, Mrs. William Lange, Mrs. C.
F. Michaels, Mrs. George Forderer and
Mrs. Douglas Mcßride.
Lumber to the value of about $1,000
was needed for fitting up the Pavilion,
and those who put their shoulders to
the wheel and saw that it was donated
are Mrs. G. M. Ferine, Mrs. John L.
Deahl and Mrs. Duncan McKinlay.
The 'box holders are:
Mrs. A. P. Hotallng Mr. and Mrs. Eugene
Mr*. Pbebe Hearst Lent
F\ E> Abecassla Mrs. Duncan McKinlay
Mrs. Fred Bradley Mrs. H. M. A. Miller
Mrs. Robert 8. Brown Mr*. McMullin
Mrs. Frank Buck Mrs. William Matson
Mm. George A. Bacbel- Mrs. Howard Morrow
der Mrs. H. R. E. Meyer
Mrs. Joseph Chsnselor Mrs. Leroy Nickel
Mrs. M. H. <le Young Mrs. N. Ohlandt
Mrs. Jobn Darling Mrs. Robert Oxnard
Mrs. Rlcttard W. Davis Mr. and Mrs. George
Mrs. John L. Deahl Purine
Mre. Wlnfleld S. Davis Mrs. Florence Pfinget
Felton Elkins Mm. Listen
Mrs. Herbert Flelsh- Charley Robinson
hacker . Mrs. Adolf Spreckels
Mrs. W. D. Fennimore Mrs. Henry Spate
Mrs. George Ford Mrs. James Shea
Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Mrs. H. G. Smart
Gartenloub Mrs. Adrian gplivale
Mrs. Joseph Grant Mrs. William Teri*
Mrs. William Haas Mr*. Thomas Taylor
H. H. Hart Richard Tobln
Mrs. J. R. Hanify Mrs. I. N. Walter
Mr. and Mre. A. D. Mrs. Tom Williams
Jones Mrs. Emory Winship
Mrs. Fred Knight Mrs. Cyras Walker
Mrs. De Lancy Lewis Mre. Andrew Welsh
. • 1 .
Furniture Free if Pair Stay Hid
den Seven Days
* " '"
LOS ANGELES, Nov. 2S. — That they
may earn an eauipment of furniture for
their new home, Lotis H. Loudon and his
bride today began a wedding trip in
Immediately after the wedding cere
mony friends of the Loudong offered
them an array of furniture as a wed
ding present contingent upon their abil
ity to keep their whereabouts secret for
seven consecutive days.
The proposition was accepted and Im
mediately the couple disappeared.
Concerning Disagreeable
felt was her duty, bnt which was very unpleasant
to her. From day to day she had put off any action in
the hope that something would happen to render it un
necessary for her to make the sacrifice involved. And
she was very unhappy.
The other day I met her and was surprised to be
greeted in a thoroughly cheerful voice and to look
into a serene and happy face.
"Oh," I said, "I know things have come out all right
for you. Tell me what has happened?"
'Yes," she said, "things have come out all right, but
nothing has happened. It's simply that I've made up
my mind to give up struggling and fighting and just do "* *
what I ought to do. I decided that way before I went to sleep that night I
was talking ttf you, and I've felt happier since than I have for weeks. And
do you know. I don't think it's going to be half bad after all."
If there is any one among my reader friends who is struggling against
some disagreeable duty, some difficult course of action, I wisji he could have
seen that girl's serene face and heard her happy voice as she told me of her
simple solution of her difficulties.
I am sure he would begin to wonder if he, too, might not find serenity
and peace by ceasing to struggle for some other way out and simply starting
to do whatever it was he dreaded.
Did you ever take a cold bath on a winter morning? If you have, you
know that it is the plunge that is disagreeable, not the bath itself. Once
you have taken that much dreaded jump into the cold tub you are all right—
but, oh, how hard it is to make that plunge.
And so it often is with unpleasant tasks and duties —the actual doing
isn't so bad, it's dreading them, struggling against them, nerving yourself
to take the plunge and then running away from it, that takes so much effort
and makes us so miserable and unhappy.
Try it, my friend.
Stop struggling; stop hoping for something to happen that will make
it unnecessary to face that disagreeable dtlty; make up your mind that yea
are going to do it; burn your bridges behind you so that you can't get
back to that miserable state of indecision, and then see if the blessed peace
and serenity that comes to you isn"t a far happier state of mind than you
Of all the gifts that fit the Christmas 5§
tDay, can you think of one better than V?
that gift which adds to the permanent ,7/V lift
|&( old man or woman to A Mahogany Tea Table with re- B^
JW Whom a Softly CUSh- morable 0la«s top trey.
J{ ioned chair would be a lasting joy. Here are a few
F Suggestions from Our Large
111 Holiday Gift Section U
MS >lii»lc Cabinet* Ladles' Work Table* Bookcaaes -;
CPJ2 Record Cablnrt* «hi me Dinner Call* Candelabra
wjr Electric Lamps Grandfather C'lncka Card Tables \ /
W I Tipping: Table* Cedar Wood B*xe* Muffin Stands if *
jA Tee Wagon* Roomy Easy Chair* Cellarette* iJct
W Tea Tablen Piretty Sevrtnc Chair* Smoker'w Table* {£p
Library Table* Telephone Table* China Cloaets <£>
In Our Great Sixth Floor ¥4
wg Clean-Out Department 'A
50, will be found all of the short lines from our regular oK
Wyt stocks, furniture for any room in the house —single pieces, r/jt
f/i complete sets, etc. All at Greatly Reduced Prices. flj
All The Strength
retained for you inside the
air tight tins of
Sold in 1 lb., y 2 lb., *4 lb. air tight tins only
A New Novel
The Net
aKy....>.« h( J A story so full of dramatic fire
&&&&»& that it fairly snaps and crackles.
Hj£S Br. . jsp \
Tender love, scintillating hu
""••'** j*« mor, and the violence of unbridled
'■ paeeion, course nee.V and neck •
'' •' ,^^^^Hfe^ii": "J through every turbulent page.
\ Yet, when the tumult and the
shouting die, one remembers only
tne etory of a love so strong and
pure and tender that it warms the
very cockles of the heart.
Illustrated. Post Bvo, $1.30 net.
Hafpet Sc Brothers
Ruth Cameron

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