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ralifornia Midway Oil Co 12 .18
.f-ntral Oil Co 1.10 —
?"lnmbia Oil Co — I.M
* "iufital OH Co " — .2i
Oil Co 04M .06
Suclld Oil Co — .8»
Fullerton Oil Co . ... 2.55 t.BO
Globe Oil Co — .Oβ
rade Oil Co 07 —
Mascot Oil Co — ."5
Metlean Pet. Ltd (com) 83.00 85.00
National Pacific Oil Co 02 .03
N< w Pennsylvania Pet. Co 53 —
Jlinda T.ana Co (oil) 37 .41
Pennsylvania Midway Oil Co.. —
Rice Ranch Oil Co 1.22i£ ,
Traders' Oil Co — 71.00 '
Inimi OU Co 92.e21<j 02.75
Union Provident Oil Co 104 00 104.25
. t! Petroh-tizri Co 103.50 - —
'"nlt'd Oil Co 3Ti i
Went Coast Oil Co. (pfd) 70.00
Western Union Oil Co — 100.00
White Star Oil Co 10.00 —
Morning Session
r < United Otl Co 84
ir>o Union Oil Co 83.00
Off Board
60 Amalgamated Oil Co 80.00
Afternoon Session
IS Union Oil Co 93.00
Tβ Union Oil Co 92.75
40 Union OU Co ' 92.02%
«,(V>o United Oil Co 36
750 United Oil Co 37
90 Union Provident OU Co 104.00
<» . „ . ——♦
Grain Market
• -j- +
Wheat and Other Grains
Wheat—Futures received more attention from
local pit tradere yesterday than at any time
during ihe last three months, and t-everal sales
of California and northern jrrala for nest month's
■Jellvery were recorded. The spot market was
BOchangrerl and rather easy, with business of
imal! proportions. Eeonnous receipts at primary
points brought about some liberal selling at de
clining prices in Chicago.
California white Australian, nominal; Califor
nia clnb, [email protected] per ctl: northern club,
|[email protected]; Turkey rpd. 51.55®1.5">V. Rns
*i*n red. forty-fold, [email protected];
blueetem, $1.33(21.57^.
December, California, said at $1.47 In th«
morning, and December, northern, had several ;
trades at the same time at $1.3114(i?1.32. At the j
.late cession the northern grain declined to $1.31,
*»n<s the California option closed at $1.45 bid,
*L4C% asked.
Barley—The optiorm wer<» subjected to moder
ate bet persistent gelling prpssure yesterday that
resulted in a general dpcline. The heaviest de- •
dine was In the May. 1913, contract, which re
ceded to $1.39 in the afternoon a declinp of 90c
• ton on the day. December started out weak j
and lower, and after a feeble rally it turned
downward again, the price finally lairiing at j
$1.46\4, against $1.48 on Wednesday. The far 1
off December, 1913, option wa? ai*o lower at i
t1.50<&1.30. closing at the outside figure. The
Bfot market was quiet, but steady at the old I
quotations. Receipts included SS.OOO centals
r*MB Oregon for rifllverv on December contracts.
Cnolee feed. $1.r,0 per ctl; No. 1 do, $1.45®
1.4714; lower grades. $1.40<?j 1.42 V,; shipping and
Vrewlng, $1.52%Q1.57H: rhp»:;lier, nominal.
11:30 a. m. Session
December—sl.46% for opening and low, end
$1.47 for hich and closing.
May, 1913—51.42 for opening and high, and
$1.4114 for low and closing.
December. 1913—51.29 for opening and low,
*nd $1.30 for high and closing.
2 p. m. Session
December—sl.4C><y, for opening and high, anl
1146X4 for low anrj closing.
May, 1913—51.40 for opening and high, anJ
$1.39 fear low and cloeins.
December 1913—N0 sales; $1.28V4 bid, $1.31
Oate—Wnit<» oats sold in the pit yesterday for
February delivery at $1.52 a cental. December
delivery was quoted at $1.50% askefl. In the
tspot market white were firm at the old quota- '
tione. there being nothing pl«p avalloble for feed
purposes. Red for seed. $1.55tfT2.10. including re
cleaned: spot white feed, $1.52V'[email protected].; black
teed. $1.3002.25.
Corn—Knstnrn, nominal; Egyptian, $1.6214®
1*7% por ctL
Ryp— I* qijoted'at for California
and $1.40 for northern.
Foreign Futures
Whrat— Dec. Ma-oh May
Opening 7 3X4 tt% 7 214
Closing 7314 73% 72%
Wheat— Not. Mar.-Jnne
Opening H-59« $1.4014
1.59* a 1.4014
Flour, per barrel— Nov. Jan.-F"eb.
Opening; $6 76 $6.12
Closing 6.82 6.13
Fnttrre Grain and Provisions
TTTCAGO. Xnv. 29.— tumors that peace fprms
been reached with Turkey put a finishing
t<Hi f n today to a declining market for wheat.
Price? closed at a loss of Kr%\c net. Later
c*hi**, lew pacific in chararter were not gener
ally knoxr-Ti in time to be r>f material help to
wheat twills. H«?p receipts of in tbe north
west arxt- here pieve the market reason for weak
»<*•« from the start. May rinsed from 89% cto
81c. clr.siritj steady at DO M*(a 9ol4c.
Corn rallied owing to active buying, credited to
lrnders on the bull side. May fluctuated between
47% c and 4S<3'4Si4c. with the close steady at
tbe same as Wednesday night. Cash grades
were ea>=y
I.iqnidatiris sales by December holders weak
ened oats all around. May closed at 32% c, a droo
of X
Stockyard housps were jrood sellprs of provl
einns. January pork showed tbe most effect,
< HICAGO. Nov. 29.— E. F. Hutton & Co.'s wire
"Wheat—Rain? in Argentina and a higher Liv
erpool market failPd to stimulate any big buying
of wheat, and, on the other hand, the enormous
rff'ipts in this country emaard free selling. Late
In the day prices were depressed by local selling
on unconfirmed reports that a peaec agreement
had adopted by Turkey and the Balkan al
lies. Later reports, hovrever. were not quite so
pacific. Liverpool was influenced by wet weather
In Argentina, and there were numerous private
, cable* reporting general ralne. However, there
1 seems to be a conflict of opinion as to whether
there had been any damage. Late cables said
the weather hsrt turned ont fine. The Modern
Miller report" generally satisfactory crop condi
tions. Floor trade fair at Minneapolis, quiet here.
••Corn—Tbf market was Influenced a good deal
by the weak tew in wheat, hut morp ro by perfect
weatlipr conditions and reported liberal accept
ance* of bide in lowa. Prices are a little easier.
Ther<" was fair commission house a«d local buy-
Ing mi the dips. The shipping demand was mod
erate. Fair weather is predicted. The market
rallied late and the selling pressure was leaa
"Oits—Weakness In other grains ean«w>d some
eelliJK of oate. Buying i#a? scattered, with fair
enppi.rt on the dips. Country offerings were re
ported moderate.
"Provisions—There was an easier tone In
products, with an extremely dull trade and little
feature. Casb sales—Wheat, 60,000 bushels:
corn. 120,000; oats. 325.000."
Cash Grain and Provisions
CHICAGO, Nov. 29.—Cash quotations were as
follows: Flour—Steady. Rre^—No. 2. 62c. Bar
ley—γ-mk. , or mixing, 45@500: fair to choice mat
ing 57(3T1c. Timothy seed, $3rft3.90. Clwver
eeed. Mess pork. $17.75-318. Lard fin
tierces), $11.30. Short ribs Oooset, $10 20ft£
Toi*' clearances of wheat and flour wpre eqnal
to bushels: txports for the week, as
*hown by Bradstre* t'p. were eqnal to 5,686,000
boefcelti: primary receipts. 2,331,000 buehels. com
pared with 1,512.000 bushels the corresponding
day a year ago. Estimated receipts for tomorrow
—Whpiit. 54 care; corn. 259 cars; oats, 206 car3
hog 8. 18,000 bead.
Northwest Wheat
TA<mi A, Nov 29.—Wheat—Blueetem, 81c;
fotty-foM, 79c; fife and club, 78c. Receipts—
FTbeat, 70 cars; barley, 8 care; corn, 2 care; oats,
7 cars: hay. 26 cars.
SEATTLE. Nov. 29.—Whpat—Blueetem. 80%e;
forty-fold, 78% c: club. 77% c; red Russian,
flfr 7.W.0. Yesterday , ! receipts- 1 - Wheat. 29
£. F. BUTTON & CO.
400 California St. Tel. Douglas 2487
<M. Fr«nd« Hotel. Tel. Doujrla* 3952
Members of New York Stock Exchange
Pioneer House
Private Wire to Clitcajt*
and .New York
n E. M V L C A H V . Manager
Main Office. Mills Bide, S. F.
Branch Office*: Lou Angrelea, San
Dleiso, Corunado. Cal.; Portland, Ore.i
Seattle. Wamh.j Vancouver, B. C.
Private Wire, Chicago. New York.
$100 BONDS
Call or write for our magazine. "Safety and
profit," debcribiDF eereral $100 bondf that yield
*% to e>%
tiovernment, municipal, railroad, public utility
and industrial bond*. Many lieted on New York
Stock Eacbange. If you wish to buy or sell aay
totujt. call or write for a free copy of oar am^a
**' li >—tiRICAN BOND
• |UuS C«il Suildiii*.
cars: corn, 3 care; , oats. 2 cars; hay, 8 cars; Mr
ley, 1 car. ■■■■ --■.•-•"'_*-\.v.s• ■£-..: v.-i ■■.:.■<>•>.*-;■*■ f.-ti'S- 'V
■*;.■.--*•-:... ">- :..:*^ OREGON -.:;:>;-^£/ ; K: ?
PORTLAND,-Not. 29.— Wheat.% track price*—
Clab. 77@78c: Mtiestem. 80@81c; forty-fold; 77<g ;
78c; red Russian,' 5 ;76c; ? Talley, 78c. , Receipts—
Wheat. " 104 i cars;, barley .*- 13 ■ cars; flour. 21 care;
oats, 22 cars; bay. Iβ cars. - - J ; ,.,' ' ' ".*'
■ . - {■ Sew York 1 " Grain Market;; .'•'■■'•'.':.•'-■"'
NEW YORK. 29.—Flour —Quiet and nom
inally lower. ' * ■■ ■'.--•■: ■■*..:■ \ .-v:\-- -■, ■?;« n' :
5 Wheat — -easy; iNo. 2 red. $1.03; elevator
ant) $1.00 f. o. b. * afloat: i No. 11 northern \ Duluth.
93c f. o. b. afloat. Futures closed %c net ; lower.*
December closed at die. May closed at O6V4 C -* .:'■ r '_":
',. r Kansas * City Grain ..; . - .. |
KANSAS CITY. Not. 29.—Wheat—Cash un- 1
changed to MrC lower; No. 2 bard; SQH@86e; No.
3 No. 2red,i97c(2?l; No. 3..88I3
3S%C. ..- - ; : . ■ --..- ' ■ -•-'-:■•■ -/-'*=■.-:
; Corn—Half cent lower. ;- No. • 2 mixed, 44@45c;' :
No. 3, 42%@43c: No. 2 white.' 46e;"No. 3,-14% \
@44%C »-.V' S ■ ,••:..■■' :-•.--: ■ -<-:V -■-■,;-
—Unchanged. No. 2 irhlte, 82%@33c; No.
2 mixed, 313i@32&c. v, .•
Rye—62c. ; "'.%-*' ■ ■'" ■' '■ '' : *■"■'
Hay—Weak. -'. Choice timothy, [email protected];
choice prairie, [email protected].," •■■*- . .
Receipts—Wheat,, 129 cars. , * ... ,, : *
, 1 :i; ; ' ■■", Liverpool Wneat *,- - ;' 1; ?i
- LIVERPOOL, Not. 29.—Wheat—Spot, firm; ;
No. 1; Manitoba, new. 7e 7%d; futures ea*y; De
cember, 7e 3i4d; March, "s 3%d; May. 7* 2*4d. ;
Minneapolis Grain Market,/ -;
' MINNEAPOLIS, "- Nov. 29.'—Wheat—-December/
79%@7&=£c; May. S5%c. -? Cash wheat—No. : 1
hard. - 82 &c; No. 1 northern, * 80% @82c J t No. ? 2
northern. ' 78*4 & SOc; No. 2 hard Montana, 80%c; .
No. 3 wheat, 7614 78c. - : : >
Bran—$ IS® 18.50.
..'; Dnlntb Unseed Market
DULUTH. Not ; 28.—Unseed—On track and to
arrive ■ $1.29; ■ November, $1.30 > bid: 'December,'
$1.28:'January, $1.29 bid; May. $1.33 bid. , ,
♦ — '—. ———■ ————■'---.',., —..' .; ..--?■■
Local Markets |
-•—_—" '- ;• ;:";;/•• '•;;' "r "' '''" ".»
Receipts of Produce Nov. 28 and > 29 «
Flour, qr ska .';;':3,610]Pelte,"- No>..ht..'^'570 1
Wheat, • ctls ...;-'S35Ume, bble r.r.;; 500;
Barley, ctis '....' Sugar, ctle •'■'...;. ; : 4,206 ;
Oats, ctls .'.....*« 40 Brandy, gale 'S .r..-S,2Co '■
Beans, . sk» ....V 2,373; Wine gala j.'.:;■•".50,500
Corn, ctls ';..... 725;Ooal, tons ...~;.. r ; 210
Middlings. * ska .. 200iLwmber,' M ft :. : l • 100
Potatoes, sks ... 9,530iPaper, bdls' ..."■..<*>; 633
Onions,. sks . .... 800|Apples, bxs ..". 11.000
Hay. tons ;..-... 412; Oranges. bs».i... 2,000
Straw, tone .;.: 16;Ralslm», bxs ....:5,4OO
Wool. " sk9 *...... * ."■ -3 LiTestock, • No :' ... -'■' 200
Alfalfa feed, eks. QulcksllTer, • flasks :'--s 21
Leather, rolls ... Go Staves, . cords .... 100
Tallow, ctle .... fi:-t."i Broomcorn. * bale*.. > 120
Hides, No ; :;..".v"-x7oo 1 "-•■■■;■: - v>" ; '■:-•<, ~ ::, ■* ;
■ •■ '•-. ' -- . ■.■-;-• coast , - .. ' '■ ■• -- -"-"
Oats, ctle ...... 1,530;Wool, «k» 13
Beans, eks'..... 2,600! ■ J •• *
■■■-. :.-,: -. ■'■ -■■• OR.*X>f)N-' ■ l • •■
Hour, «ir sks.... 9,77G*Oats, ctli *,.'J.....6,000
Wheat, ctls 29,925 Bran, eke ";...... 440
Barley, ctl» i... 25,000 Wool, sks.'...;.;.' 2
Bye, ctls :/.'..yi f 430i;; ; - : , ;
: . i • '■"' Provisions ■- ■■..-', ._
Bams . (per lb}—California - H. H. ; brand.' 19c;
M. & L- brand, 20M,c; picnics, 12%c; Primrose,
20*4c; >. eastern star, ; 20c; ; skinned, ' 21c; ? mon
arch;,17%@lSc; picnics, 13c. : : -V
Bacon—Primrose, 4 to 6 lbs. 29c; eastern star,;
4 to 6 lbs, 27c; 6 to 8 lbs, 26c; 8 to 10 lbs, 25c;
10 to 12 lbs 24c; * sugar; cured bacon, 25%c;
Arrow. 8 to 10 lbs, 24%c; i 10 to v 12 lbs, 23Vic;
medium bacon, 18>4e; light medium, 18Vic; light
dry salted bacon, 8 to 10 lbs, 21c; 10 to 12 lbs,
20c. " '. .. ,J; - • :■■-::- . .: .",:} ■.. 'r , ■ -,.*-■' = J
California Bacon—M. & L. brand, 6 to 3 lbs.'
26>4c; 8 to 10 lbs, 25%c; H. H. brand, 4 to 8
lbs."2.3>i-c; 8 to 10 lbs, 22V4C • v
Cottolene—Half bbls. 10%c; 1 tierce, 10%c; 2
tlercee, v 10%c; 5 tierces, IOV5C per Ib; : Califene,
10 Vic for 1 tierce. 10%c for 2 tierces. 1014c for
5 tlcrcos and - 10%c for half bbls; CO lb tubs,
10%c; cases, $7. .;-::.■■:/ .. ■ ■■:>?.. -\-:%-^i
Eastern Lard ■ and Oils, Western Meat brand—
Tierces. 13%c; 50s (per case). $6.88; 10b, $8.55;
5s, $S.63; 3s, $8.70; compound lard, tierces, 9c;
50s (per case), $4.63; 10s, $5.85; 5s, $5.93; 3s.
$6; yellow cooking oil. 5i3c; per gallon; white
cooking - oil, 5Sc per gallon; salad oil, 62c per
gallon. .■...' >•.• .•;....■■■.>•; -.;■• .-_• •';■-• .-t:- - : -■-■• i
California Pure Lard, . M. & L. brand —Tierces,
I3^c;. cans. 1 to a case $7.13; 4 ; to a case,
$11.50; large tins, 6 to a ease, $8.85; medium, 12
to a case, $8.93; small, • 20 to a case, $9. • ; ;
California • Compound - Lard, ~t H. :V H. • brand—■_
Tierce basis, 9c; cans, 1 to a case, $4.88; 4 to a
case. $7.90; tins, 6 to a case, $6.15; 12s, $6.23
per case; 20s, $6.30 per case; M. & L. , salad oil,
tierce basis. ■ 63e; M. t & L. I cooking j oil, 00c for
white and 5Sc for yellow.,. ,-» :• .." ;.
Beef —Extra family, family and mess beef,
$22 per,bbL: . - ., .,. '....,; ..;.-, ■:
—Extra prime In . barrels, , $21; ! pig I pork,
$26; pigs' feet, $5.50 per » half bble. $2.25 for 25
lb kegs and $1.50 for kits. : ■ :,:;>, . = :-
Meat • Market
' Slaughterers , , rates . to dealers and butcher* are
as follows: : " ' '' ~ -,~ " • ', ■ ; '-" <
Beef— ll@ll%e per lb for steers, 10@llc toe
cows and heifers. • ■ v ■■-■: ■■.-. . , -
Veal—10%lie ! for . large and 12%@13c for
small. -. , - ~ . r- . .■ ,,-- - :■ . ;:
Mutton—Wethers, 8%(99M;C; ewes. SQ8\bc
Lambs—fftllHc per lb. - ' '
* Dressed Pork (per lb)— 10"£f?!imc.
The following quotations are for good, sound llre
stock delivered In San Francisco, gross weight:
*. No 1 steers, over 950: lbs, 6M>@6%c per lb;
under : 950 - lbs. 6%@6%c; second- quality, • all
weights, 5%@6c;: thin, undesirable r steers, 4Va
(35c. . '. ;. .; -> ■-,-■■■ :^?/"'" :C ■ ' :; &"-' r -•■- ' -
No. 1 cows and heifers, 5M.<f$5%ic: second qual
ity, 4%©5;4c; common to thin, undesirable cows,
40414c. ■:.—::■ ---' ■:■ - -.:.-.:■■ jv ■ ..■ -.v v? » *-, ■
Desirable balls and stags, 3@3%c; half fat or
thin bulls, lV>@2%c . , .
Calves —Lightweight, per lb,'CV&@Tc;. medium.
6(Sev,c; heavy, 5@6c. :
Sheep—Desirable wethers, 4}4@4&c; ewes, 3%
@3V.c -...J ■'■:,:: i-: ■ .,. -_ . _■ ,c : ; ;.
Milk Lambs—5%@5?Jc per 'lb.'.-->:^'V-:'
, Hogs^—Hard grain fed, weighing 100 to 150 lbs,
6%@7c; 150 to 250 lbs, "@7V4c; 250 lbs and. up,
C 'a 7c. ■ ; ;,;•--- v\-v
"Wholesale , Fish Market
Herrings were offering yesterday for the
first ~ time ■ in-; a '; long » while. There - was •: no
halibut In the : market. Prices : for : the other
descriptions . were ; steady i. and ' unchanged. •
Prices (per ' lb» —Salmon, lie; halibut, —;
codfish, 8c; red rock, 10c; black rock, 6c; yellow
tail. 8c; barracuda, 9c; sand dabs, 8c; soles, Cc;
klngfish, 7c; - carp, —; '; smelts,: 12Mic; sliver
smelts, 1 — ;-: herrings, .6c;.. tomcods,:.10e;- striped
base, 12Hc; - perch, —; mackerel, —; white ; bait,
10c; shad, 6c; pike, Dc; catfish, 12%c; craw
fish. 25c. -,-:.-■-:■ .--^'■;:.■•.■' ■--■ - y---")
The above quotations represent f. o. b. prices !
for cleaned fish, boxed and Iced. . :.l. ;
.} . Butter, Cheese and Eggs ; .; .
There . was : not a change , in ' the quotations ' for
eggs and dairy produce • yesterday, i the ' market ■
opening remarkably steady- after the holiday,
with - all handlers reporting a i\ good .*'. volume
of business In all three t descriptions. ■■/'■ - .
Butter was particularly firm and, r according ; to
several , large: handlers, ' there was '■ a "> steady - and
continuous, demand for strictly * top ; quality
creamery goods that readily absorbed all arrivals
of 1 snob stock. The s expected t post I holiday de
cline " In the egg market : failed • to occur, v partly ;
because the situation i had been : anticipated i by
liberal f selling : of surplus , stocks before Thanks
giving and . partly because retail stores I tl rough
out 1 the I city • had been pretty well 1 depleted ■ by
the extra 'demand for holiday • wants. Cheese
was steady at the 'familiar, quotations. *, V
Trading ■ on the f exchange ■ was confined - to
eggs, the sales being; as follows: 20 cases
of extras at 43c, 20 at 43%c, 10 r at 44c and
20 cases . of j selected ; pullets at 34c i a dozen. V \ T -
Receipts ": for two days. were 131,000 pounds
of :- butter,' ■ 16,700 bounds of i cheese • and ? 1,930
cases; of ;eggs, ; r/.-,::..■--:.■■-,-,:, J • ■ .,.:;--.
The ' following are - official quotations, v estab
lished by sales, bids and offers on the floor of the
Dairy exchange.- - Prices In the street,. while gov
erned by the exchange quotations,*generally range
from 11 %c to ; 2%e: higher, owing to the *, various
charges to be added:
V, "2. 5! 55 Sβ a
o o o © o c
h3 to ti t3 M ii
►5 m v I es -4 »
Extras 33c S3c 32%c!33c 33e 33c
Prime firsts. . 32c 32c 32c J32e 32c 32c
First* 31c 31c 31c |31c 31c 31c
Stor. extras.. 31 31 %c 31%c|3H4c 31 V 2 c 31 %c
The average quotation for fresh extra butter
for tbe week ending Saturday. November 23, was
33 112 c a pound.
Cheese^—Fancy California flats, 18c per lb.
steady; do firsts, 15»4c, Bteady; do seconds, 14% c,
steady; fancy yonng Americas, ISVfcc. steady; do
fir-rs. 17c, steady; Oregon flats, 17c, steady; do
Young Americas. JBc, firm; New York fancy, 20
steady; Wisconsin fancy, 19% c. steady;
local storage flats, 16% c, steady.
Eirps—California fresh, per dozen, cases in
z z -z,
% % %
8 *S 8
z a; is
? 3 S
M tO fj
O5 -4 W
xtras J46o 46c i44%e 43V4c 44c 44c
H'ted pulletsjTOc 37c |35%c 33%c 34c 34c
:or. extrae..i27c 27c 27c 27e 27e 27c
Do pullets. .\-$Mt<: 24H<"|24i4c!24iAc 24^c!24^c
Ek« Market In Nearby Conntles
Special Dispatch to I*he Call
PETAL-UMA. Nov. 2«. —There was no change
In the esg market today after receipt of trane
actions of tbe Sen Francleco Dairy and Egg ex
change. Independent dealers and speculators
rmitl off on Wednesday's deliveries at rate of
43c for extra ranch and 32c for selected pullets.
The delivery was light. Iα the poultry market
the delivery was nominal. Grains show no
SANTA ROSA, Nov. 29.—First grade eggs in
creased lc per dozen on the market for dairy
produce today, following the Thanksgiving holl
dav. Second grades and butter remained sta
tionary. When advices had been received from
the trading In San Francisco, dealers here dis
played quotations of 43c per dozen for. first
gradf eggs. 32c for seconds end 83c per pound
frir hotter. Rprpipts werp more than ordinarily
licarj' today, the accumulations of the uoliJay |
being brought in by tn* poultry men. Shipments
are made almost daily t& the cities about the
bay, the demand holding op well for this season.
SANTA CtyUZ, Nov. ».—Eggs of extra grade
advanced Vfcc per dom today, dealers payiog
4U l *e. Pullets of extrs gr-ade brought 32% c and
firsts 31c. The supply cioutlnuts fairly heavy
and shipments show a decided increase.
Portland RnttLr Market
PORTLAND. Nov. 29.— Batter —Oregon cream
ery extras, solid pack. 35>gc.
Potatoes, Onion* a#a4 Vegetables
Arrivals of tender tardea vegetables. Irom the
southern California growing fttetriets were Light
f yesterday, but the wants ef tlie trade were j
small, as Is usually the ca«w after such a
lio'iday as Thanksgiving, a,nd prices showed little I
change. Choice southern tomato*s aiont- were
firm, as to prices, the supply being limited.
String and wax beans were offering freely, but
they were mostly poor aad the quotations had
a wide range In consequence. Hbubarb dragged
badly at low rates, owing to the abundance
and cheapness of apples. The potato market
wiE runuing along In the «ame old groove, with
stocks burdensome and buffi ness practically at a
standstill. Onions, too, Continued to drag at
'. the old quotations.
Potatoes (per ett)— Rlrftr Bnrbanke, Ro@6oc;
Salinas do. $1.25!ft1.45; Oregou do. 80@85c; sweet
potatoes. $1.33«1.50.
Onions (per ct!)—Yeilowj 25@45c
Vegetables—Green peas, s<&loc per lb; toma
toes, 50c@$l per box; crates. 75c@$l; cucum
bers, 75c<Ji$l per hox for southern and $1.25 for I
iiotliouse: gsrllc. 2(0..V- per lb; eggplant. 4@6c
per lb; cabbage. 40@50c per otl; cauliflower,
•Jo@sOc per dozen; green peppers, 40@75c per
box; southern. 4@sc per lbj carrots, 50c per
■ sack; string and wax beans, S(gOc per lb; lima
N>ann. 6@Sc per lb; summer squash, southern,
[email protected] per box or crate: rhubarb, S@4c per
ib: celery, 3.'j@4r><? per dozen; sprouts, 2@3e per
lb: artichokes, 75c@$l per dozen; mushrooms,
15@33c per lb.
Decidnoas and Citrus Fruits
Business was restricted to iparrow limits In
the wholesale fruit oom mission district yee
terday, as. trade • requirements vrere small after
the holiday, and when the wants of early
buyers were supplied the market lapsed into
dullness, which was the dominajtinsr feature r'l
day. In fact, there was hardly (enough business
in progress *t any time to warrant changing
'the quotations one way or the; other. Grapes
I were still In ample supply, fig* still lingered
;in tbe market and email shipments fo raspber
ries and straxvberrips continued to straggle In.
. The holiday demand for oranges and othT
j fit rue fruits did not diminish stocks to any
j noteworthy fi'p'.u.
Rprrip* — Strawberries, mallndas, etc.. $3.50(36
per chest; banners. *7<3f»; raspberries, $B@ls
ppr cheer: imeklebprries, 4@7c pec lb; cranber
ries. $12@13 per bbl for late Howes*
Figs—sO@7Sc per box.
Apples (per boxi—Fancy 4 tier rrds, 75''<J$$1.
with some selected bringing [email protected]; 4 tier
red pearmains, [email protected]: beUflower, .85c@$l for
3% and 4 tier md 60@76c for 4% tier; Green
ings, 50(5J75c: vrliife winter pearmatns. 75Q5 ,0, ':
Newtown pippins, $sc@sl for 4 tier and 50@65c
for 414 tier; common to choice fruit, 35@60c;
latly apples, $1.75(3:2 for large and 75c for
small boxes.
Pears ftfcr bos) —Winter Nellie, $1(31.50, in
cluding wrapped; other varieties, 50c@$l.
Pomegranates—sl<s?l.2s per box.
Persimmons—7sc<Slsi.2s per bos.
Grapes eratei—lsabella. 7^<dls\: other
varieties. small boxes, 35Q50c; lug
boxes. 78eAfT.2S,
Cltms Fruits (per boxi—Valencia oranges,
$2.50@4: navels, [email protected]; do extra fancy. $4®
4.50: tangerines. $1.75@2; grapefruit. 52Q3.50;
lemons, $3.50@5 for fancy and $1. for other
grades: Mexican limes, [email protected]>o,
Tropical Fruits— Bananae, 3<<J3Mt per lb for
$1.5f1£?2 p*r bunch-for Hawaiian and
4 1 4@ 4 %c per ib for Central American; pine
apples, $2.25<g2.50 per dozen.
Dried Frnlt, Ratslns, Xnts and Honey
Prunes—l9l2 crop: Santa Clara, 3%c per lb
for eoe to 90e, with 50s %c, 40s to 50e l%c and
30s 3c higher; outside prunes, %c lees.
Other fruits, 1912 crop:
Stand- Extra
60 lb boxes— ard Choice Choice Fancy
Evaporated apples 5%e 6&c 6%e
i Apricots BV4e B%c
Peaches 5c $%c β^c
Pears 614 c 9V>c
Nectarines 6c 6U,c
Raisins—Loose muscatels, 3%c. 4e and 4%c for
!2. 3 and 4 crown, respectively; 2, 8 and 4 crown
layers. 95e, $1 and $1.25 respectively; 5 crown
Dehesa, clusters, $1.70; C crown imperials, $2.20;
seeded, 1 Ib boxes, December shipments, 5c for
fancy and 4c for choice, with the neual dif
ferential for 12 oz boxes; seedless sultanas, 50s,
sc; do Thompson, 6c for unbleached and 5%@
6Hc for bleached.
Nuts (Jobbing prices to the trao»—Pecane, J5
@17c: filberts, I3(!}13c; peanuts, 6fis6c: plnenuts,
California cheetnots, 8@llc; Italian do,
New crop: Almonds—Nonpareils, I
X L, 15@16c; Ne Plus Ultra. 14i4@15c; Drakes,
12M.,c; Languedoce, ll>4c: walnuts, f. o. b. chip
ping points. No. 1 softsbell lie, do hardshell
13Hc; No. 2 hard and soft ehell, 10c; budded,
Ifoney— Fancy water white comb, 15V4@16c;
dark to amber, river comb, 11(3
L2%c; water white extracted, B<SJBVjC per lb;
light amber, 7V4@Be; amber, 6Mi®7c; lower
grades, [email protected] per lb.
Beeswax—27% @30c per lb for light and 23®
26c for dark.
Ponltry and Game
Dealers who were carrying eurplne stocke of !
Mve and dressed turkey* on Thunkejrlvlng eve
disposed of them Thursday to speculators, and
as there were no new arrivals yesterday the
market was wholly nomical. Most of the nn
nold surplus w*nt ,to the speculators at 15@16c
j a ponnrt and one lot of several tons wis sod
jat Other kinds of poultry were dull,
1 with retail tradesmen reporting a very light
Inquiry for fowls at any kind. Rpven can: of
western chickens were received since the first
of tbe week and roost of the arrivals were
etill in first bands yesterday.
Ponltry (r>er dozen) —Hens. for email, $6
87 for large and $Bri*lo for extra; yonng roos
ters. $6@7: #0 extra. old roosters, $4.50;
fryers, ?5@6: broilers. 94®4.50 for large and $3 j
©3.50 for small; dncks, for old and $6
j|B for young: pigeons, $1.50: eqnabs. f2Q4;
live turkeys, nominal: dressed turkeys, nominal;
Belgian bares, [email protected] per doren.
Game (per dozen) —Hares. [email protected]; gray
geese. $4@5; brant. [email protected]; white geese,
[email protected]; wild ducks are nominal, as dealere are
unable to dispose of them satisfactorily, owing
to the rigid enforcement of the game laws.
Beans and Seeds
Spot and speculative trade in beane eeems
to have been suspended altogether temporarily,
for a majority of handlers report a very dull
market. The market, while at a standstill,
could hardly be called weak, however.
Beans (per etl>— Lima, [email protected]; bayos
$3.35(53.45; large white. $4.15<g4.25; email white
[email protected]; pink. $3-6563.19: cranberry. $4.20(5
4.35; blackeyp, $3.25(fJ3.35: red, $4.10(34.20; red
kidney, $4.10ff?4.20; garvanras, $2.75413.25; horse
beans. $2.10rtiJ.20.
Seeds—Mustard. —: flaxseed. $3.85 per ctl; ea
nary. 3%c per lb; alfalfa 16@18c; rape. I%@
2V4c; timothy, nominal: hemp, 3%c; millet. 2%
Dried Peas—Greea, $3 per ctl.
Floor and Farluaceons Goods
Flour (net per bbl) —California family extras
$5.40(85.80; do bakers , extras. [email protected]: super
fine. $4; Washington family patents. $4.90; do
bakers' patents.. $4.70; Dakota patents. $6.40®
7.40; Kansas patents, old wheat. $6^0.23.
Farinaceous Goods—ln 10 lb sacks are' quoted
as follows per 100 lbs: Graham flour $2.00; en
tire wheat flour. $3; buckwheat flour, $.'.; self
rising buckwheat flour. $5.80: wheat meal $4
rice flour. $6.50: rye flour. $3.70; rye meal. $3.00;
corn meal, yellow and white. $3.20: extra do
53.50; oat groats, $4 60; buckwheat Croats. $8.80;
hominy, $3.70: cracked wheat. $3.80; farina,
$4.10; pearl barley. $5.50@6; split peas. $6 for
yellow and $7.50 for green. In 25 lb sacks 10c
lower for all and 20c lower for SO lb sacks.
Hay and Feedstuff*
Bran —$"25<®26 per ton.
Shorts—s27<f?2B per ton.
Middlings—s3S@36 per ton.
Feedstuffs—Rolled barley, per ton;
rolled oats for feed, $4t@42: corn meal, $39.50iffi
40.50: cracked corn, $39.50(840.50; chopped feed,
$19® 23; evergreen chopfeed. $21 per ton In car
lots and 123 for jobbing; oilcake meal, 20 ton
lots $39. 10 ton lots $39.50. 5 ton lots $40, small
lots $40.50; cocoanut cake or meal at mills. $27.50
for 10; $28 for 3 ton and $28.50 for small lots;
alfalfa meal, carload lots $17.50, Jobbing $18.50;
red star alfalfa meal, $17.50 in carload lots and
$18.50 Jobbing; Stockton mealfalfa, $17.50 in car
lots and $18.50 Jobbidfc; Modesto alfalfa meal,
$17.50 in car lots and $18.00 Jobbing; caproca
oilcake meal, $16.50 per ton; vlgorator, per ton,
Hay (per ton> —Fancy wheat hay. $23(324; No.
1 wheat and wheat and oat, [email protected]: good to
choice do. $17ffil9; lower grades. $12tfi;16; barley
and oat. $18@19; choice tame oat, [email protected];
other do, $16018; wild oat, $14@17; stock hay,
$10<3U.50; alfalfa. $12(f?14.50.
Straw—6o<g7oc per bale.
Hides, Tallow, Wool and Hops
Hides—Calls and brands sell abotit v>2(jjlc un
der quotations. Heavy and medium salted steers,
14%@15c; light, 14@14Vic; cowhides. 14@14i/,c;
stags, !>%@loc; salted kip. salted
veal and salted calf. 19V-@2Oc; dry hides, 24®
25c; murrain. 23024 c; dry calf and veal. 30®
3014"; dry kip, 25@26c: dry stags, 16@16V 2 c;
•hPepskine, shearlings, 20 fQ 40c each; short wool,
40@60c; medium, 70@fK)c; long wool, [email protected];
lambs, 70@S5c for long and 30@60e for short
wool; horseUid.'s, salt, $2.75Q3 for large and $2
®2.50 f or medium. [email protected] for small and 25®
BOc for colts: horsehides. dry, [email protected] for large
and $1.50@2 for medlini, 50c@$l for emali and
25(<$50c for colts; goatskins, prime angoras, 75c i
®$1; medium, 35@50c; long hair goats, 35c; me
dlnin, 20c; smali. s@loc.
Tallow—No. 1 rendered, bble, 5%@6c; can 3
and drums, 3V,@sc
Grease— 2Vi@:iV,c per Tb.
Wool—Fall clip. Mendocino and HnmboMt 14
(cßlfic: Siskiyou, California, northern 10
(§;lsc; San Joaquin, b@l2c; mobalr, good Quality
per lb. h j.
Hops—California, 1912 crop, 19@21c per lb
Horses and Males
Tbe following quotations for horses and raulee
are furnished by the Butchers' and Stock Grow
[ eTs' Journal."
Desirable drafters. i,700 lbs and orer. .S3OO<S.ViO
.Light drafters, 1.550 to 1,650 lbs 225®250
-. t.''.r.n to l,aro iopwso
W«C«o horses, 1,250 to 1,350 1b5...... 150@180
Delivery wapon horsee, 1,050 to 1,250.. 110@125
Desirable farm mares ». 100(<|i25
Farm worker* 75@100
950 lbs. 4 to 7 years $75@125
1.000 lbs, 4 to 7 years 12"tfe175
1.100 lbs, 4 to 7 years 150@200
1.200 lbs. 4 to 7 yeare £i: m :d.\\'n 200, 5 :i50
Over 7 years old range from $15 tf $25 lower.
Kote —Shippers to this market must have horses
close to type, with are, bone conformation and
style, to com I-and extreme quotations.
General Merchandise
A decline of 5c a gallon la turpentine was
announced yesterday. Otherwise, there waa
(notWng now under this head.
Bags—Standard Calcutta grain bags, 9%c on
the spot and 9Vi@9%e for Jane-July, 1913. de-
I livery wool bags. 47% c for 4 and 45% c for 3%
lbs- fleece twiae, 9&9Kie per lb; bean bags,
Coal (per ton of 2,000 lbs) —Pennsylvania an
thracite egg. $16 ppr ton; Wellington, $8; New
Wellington. $8: Australian house, Richmond, etc.,
$8- Pelaw Main, $8; standard Richmond, $8: |
$15 in bulk and f 16.50 In sacks;
coke $13 per ton in bulk and $17 ia uacke.
OU (quotations are for barrele)—Linseed, 63c
per gallon/for boiled and Glc for raw, 5 bbl lots
lc less, cases 5c more; -Bakcit , AA castor, cases,
5 gallons $1.11. 10 gallons $.1.09; commercial
castor in cases, 90c; China nut. cases, 7,'i@Ssc j
per gallon , cocoanut oil in barrets, T7H»@Blc for |
XXX [email protected] for No. 1 and 72Vi@7«c for i
No. 2 according to quantity: extra bleached I
winter' -sperm oil, 80c; natural winter sperm oil, J
' 80c , pure lard otl. 85c; winter strained lard oil, j
75c' pure neatsfoot oil, 85c; No. 1 neatsfoot oil,
65c; berrlng oil, 40c; boiled flah .oil. 40e; paint
oil, 30(g40c. "' '' *
Coal Oil, Gasoline, etc.—Water white. Iron
barrels*or drums, 8e; 150 degree oil. Iron bar
rele or drums, 9e; special do, 10c; pearl oil. In
cases, 15c; astral. 15c; star, 16c; extra star,
18c; Elaine. 25V>c; eocene, 18c; red crown and
motor gasoline, "in bulk I8*&c, In cases 25%<";
engine distillate, in drome 9Vic. In cases 7c
more; gas machine gasoline. In bulk 34% c, In
cases 42c: varnish makers' and painters' naphtha.
In bulk 17 %c. In cases 24%<\
Turpentine—ln cases. 59c: 10 case lots lc lees;
drnms and Iron barrels. 52c; AmtuFps, cases 30c,
Iron barrels or drums 23c per gallon.
Roeln—F $10.10; G. $10.55: H, $10,15; I.
$10.70: M, WG. $11.10 per barrel of
280 pounds.
Red and White Lead—Re<t, B@Bi4c; white.
7 J tl<'aS 1 4c per lb; do 5 and 10 ton lots, 7Vic and
7&o, respectively.
Tbe Western Sugar Refining company quotes
as follows, net cash: Fine gratinlnted, 5.20 c;
coarse granulated. 5.-0 c: fruit granulated, 5.20 c;
H. & E. crystal dominoe, 5 lb cartons in cases,
0c: do 2 Ib cartons in cases. 9.50 c; monarch bar.
5.55 c: tablets, iv half bbls, 5.70 c; do ia 25 lb
boxee, 5.95 c: cubes, 5.45 c; monarch powdered,
5.30 c: XXXX powdered, 5.30 c: candy granulated,
5.30 c; confectioners' A. 5.20 c; beet granulated,
sc; extra C 4.70 c; golden C. 4.60 c; D, 4.50 c.
Barrels and 50 lb bags 10c, half bbls 25c. boxes
50c more per 100 lbs than for bags of 100 lbs
net. Bar In 35 and 40 lb tins $1.70 more. Id 8
and 10 lb tins $2.:?5 more per 100 lbe than the
price for this grade In 100 lb bags.
Tbe California and Hawaiian Sugar Refining
company quotes as follows: Granulated basis,
5.20 c; C. & H. flnp standard, 5.20 c; coarse dry
granulated. 5.20 c: confectioners' A, 6.20 c; berry,
5.20 c; powdered. 5.30 c; cubes. $5.45 c; "Hlgradp"
bar. 5.55 c; bricks (in half bbla), 5.70 c; bricks
(in 25 lb boxes). $5.85 c; H. &. E. crjutal dominoe
(3 lb cartons in rases., 9<"? do (2 id cartons in
cases), 9.50 c; extra fine dry granulated (I'm) lb
bags only) sc;-extra C. 4.70 c; jrotden C, 4.60 c;
yellow D, 4.50 c. Additional per 100 lbe: In bbla
and 50 lb bags, 10c more; half bbls, 20c more;
boxes, 50c more for al! grades. Bar in 35 and
40 Ib tins, $1.70 more: la 10 lb tins. $2.35 more,
Mlaiuiutn order, carload weight.
New York Produce
XEW YORK, Nov. 29.—Hidee—Firm.
Petroleum —Steady.
Wool —Steady.
Raw Sugar—Firm. Mneeovado. 89 test, 3.55 c:
centrifugal, 96 test, 4.05 c; molasses, 89 test,
3.30 c.
Refined Sngar—Steady.
Butter —Firm. Cnvimery extras, 37c.
Cheese—Steady and unchanged.
Eggs—Firm. Fresh gathered extras. 30@42c.
Evaporated Apples—Quiet.
Peaches—Quiet and eteady.
Chicago Produce Market
CHICAGO, Nov. 2ft.—Butter firm; creameries,
29@35%c; dairies, 26&31 C. Eggs steady; re
ceipts, 2.009 cases; at mark, caws incljiSed. 22@
25e: ordinary firsts. 24c; flrsts,' 27c. Cheese
eteady; daisies, twins, 16Vi@16%c;
Young Americae, 1(5V2&16%c; longUorus,
16% c. .
Los Angeles Produce Market
Special Dlspatcb to The Call
TOR ANOKLES. Nov. 29.—Receipts of produce
on the Loe Angelee nvartet today were: Eggs.
120 casee; butter, 44.WfS-'pounds; cheese, 1,240
pounds; potatoes. 6.473 eaoke: onions, 1,323
sacks; beans., 500 sackej sweet potatoes, 288
eaeks. "*" * .
The market trading Wae rather active this
morning. Ail produce houses are getting In new
Sweet potatoes were of an excellent quality
this morning ''anil were sr-ling well at $1.35@
1.50 per ctl. Irish spuda will remain at former
quotations of 90c@$l per ctl. They seem to be
lof a good quality, but there is no great de
Butter (per lb>—Prices to trade 3c above
quota tfone: California creamery extras, 36c;
creamery firsts. 82 y.c.
Eggs (per dozi—Candled, 50c: case connte,
46c; seconds, 27c: pullpts, 31c: outside, 27@3H-;
eastern, Minnesota and Dakota, 88c; Kansas, j
Nebraska, lowa and Missouri. 36c.
Cheeee 'per lb)—Northern fresh. 20c; eastern
einglps, 19Vfcc; eastern twins, 19%e; eastern
cheddare, 21 %c; eaetern longhorns, 21c; Oregon
daisies, 18e; swiss, domestic block, 23c; Roque
fort, 45e; cream brick, 32<925c; llmbnrger,
22<fJ23(>; Edam, $8.50(810.50 per caee of 12.
Beans (ppr ctl>—No. 1 pinks, $4.50(34.60; No.
! 1 lima. $6(g6.25; Lady Wns'iington No. 1,
Jtß.l 0<35.25; small whfte, $5.25(35.50: erarvansa,
$4.50: lentils. $6 50@7; bayou. $4.50@5; Mexi
can reds. $4.60; blaokeyes, $4.
Potatoes (ppr rtl>—Highland. POc@sl: new yel
low sweets. $1.50; local Burbank. SO@9oc; 6re
gon, $1.10<ai.15; Salinas, $1.40(31.00; Lompoc,
[email protected].
Livestock Market
CHICAGO. Not. 26.— Cattle—Receipts, 8.000;
market steady. Beeves, $5.C" 'it 11: Texas steers,
$4.40@,Y75; western steers. [email protected]; etock
ers and feeders, $4.55427.65; cows" and beifers,
,[email protected]."> : calves, $6.50^10.25.
Hogs—Receipts. 20.000: market strong and Sc
hicher. Lleht, [email protected]: rnHed.
heavy. $7.4f>4T-87 1 /4: rough. [email protected]; pigs,
$5 . bulk of sales. $7.63^7.80.
Sheep—Receipts. 22.000; market steady to
strong. Native. western, [email protected]>3;
yearlings, $5f?6.35: lambs, native, [email protected];
western. [email protected].
KANSAS CITY. Xov» 20.—Cattle—Receipts,
2,000, tnclnding 50 southerns; market strong.
Native steers, $T..50'§C10.75: southern stel*re.
$4.50(37.25: southern cows and heifers, $3.50@6;
native cows and belfprs. etookers
and feeders. [email protected]; bulls, $4506*6.25:
calvee, [email protected]; wpstorn eteere, $5.50@
8.50; western cowe, $3.75@7.
Tloirs —Receipts, 8.000: market strong to 5c
higher; bulk of sales. $7.5r>@7.T5: hpsvy. $7.7.0®
7.50; packers end batchers. [email protected]; light,
[email protected]: pigs. $6.50<5!7.
Sheep—Receipts. 4.000: market strong. Mnt
tone. lambs. range
WPthers and yearlings. $.4Q(;.23; range ewee,
BOT7TH OMAHA, Nov. 29.—Cattle—Receipts.
2.800; market st.eadv to 10c higher. Native
steers. $G.25@10 , cows and heifers. $3.
western stfers. $.*>.50(918."5: Texs« stPers, $4.75(f|
6.25: cows and heifers, [email protected]: canners. $3
5?4.25: sto"kfr« and feedci's. 54.5»0(<J7.50; calres,
%-,'&<*; bulls, stags, etc.. $4.2500. »
Hoes—Receipts. 7.OOO: market 10c to 20c«
higher. Heavy, [email protected]: mixed, [email protected];
lipht. pigs, $6.25(37.25; bulk of
sales, $7.50^7.70.
Shppp—R<>fe!pts. 8.000: mnrket 15e to
hltrhPr. Yearlines. wpthern, $3.«0@
4.60; ewes. [email protected]: lambs, $C.75®7.e0.
PORTLAND. Nov. 29.—Cattle—T>e«Mpts, ion.
Markf-t, stenilv. Choice steers, $7ff57.?5: cood
steers, $rt.so(if R.«.">: medium steers. SR^β.?. , ;:
choice cows. $6@6."fr; nws, [email protected];
med!nm cows, Ji.-'OfZ;.*) .U's: choice calves,
eood heavy calves. $o@7; bulls, $3@5:
etaes. $Tj@6.
Hoire —Receipts. 4"O. >farket, firm. Light.
$7.sr,<3S; henvy. ?«.7.-<i7;7.2.".
Sheep— 1.400. Mnrkft. firm. Year-
Itnirs. wethers, $.j.C0<g)4.75; ewes
$3@4; lambs, [email protected].
Cotton Market
NEW YORK, Nov. 29.— E. F. Hutton * Co.'c
wire says:
"The market was « little more two elded to
day. Prices opened slifrbtly lower on cables and
irornedlatelT were bid np to 22 rioints. with all
months making new hlph levels. During the
middle of the afternoon the market broke about
20 points on eelHng by Hentz. Cone * Parrot on
reports orisMnstinp with tbe National Ginner*'
asw»ciatl'.n thnt lI.WIO,<VK> hulps h*t<l been pimipd
np to the 29th against 1?.*1R.O00 i a(:t yMr
10.ISft.<W» In 1910 and 11.000.000 In 190$ with
14.000.000 bales crop. Such flcrrps if confirmed
by the government will be bpnr!sh. as It would
I show rno-e cotton rtmiort both this period and
! 1««t ppHort than dnrlnt? the samp tlmp last year.
' Tfie tendency sronnd the rlns Kenerally was t"
dlsprpdlt the cln-ipr" , 6wit*+ and the ronrket
c]o<teil steartv aftPr ralivln-r nbotit 10 points. The
avpracp nprcpntacre elnnp<t to Dpprmber 1 fhir!n<z
tbe lout years was 83.8 per cent of the total
crop. FirTjrlnp this B«ra!n<<t the National Gln
nerts' rpoort tbp in<llcntp<l rrop Is 14.100.000 hales,
pxclu<:lv<> of ?intpr<>. There wa« nofhlnir fresh In
tbe WBV of news to fidlcate anvthlng to chaige
epnprni <*ent!m<»nt. and It looked as tf rpoent
bnyers thmnrht there wonld bp pnontrh Hqnldatlon
eronnd 13c to keep the market from getting away
and that they would realize profits for over the
Spot clo«ei1 steady and nnchanired. Middling
uplands. 13.10 c: do iriitf. IS.gfic. Sales. 300 bales.
Nov. X0v.29
Option. Open. Hltrli. Low. C!o*». 27, 1911
Dpc K.fiOc 12.77 c l».5Se 12.«C1c 12.87P f> OSc
Jau 12.73 c 12.89 c 12.67 c 12.74 c 12.78 c B.Blc
Feb 12.78 c 12.75 c 8.86 c ,
March ... 12.81 c 12.98 c 12.76 c 12.83 c 12.83 c 8.92 c
April ... 12.80 c 12.80 c 12.80 c 12.80t 12.55 c 8.93 c
Maj 12.76 c 12.89 c 12.78 c 12.76 c 8.95 c
: June 12.72 c 12.72 c 12.71 c 12.76 c 12.67 c 8.98 c
July 12.72 c 12.84 c 12.63 c 12.74 c 12.70 c 9.02 c
Aug 12.67 c 12.71 c 12.67 c 12.60 c 12..Vie 9.16 c |
Sept 12.10 c 12.10 c 12.08 c 12.130 12.04 c 9.11 c |
Oct. .... 11.85 c 12.00 c 11.83 c 11.84 c 11.53 c 9.18 c
i Spot cotton, 13.10 c, unchanged.
Boston Wool Market
BOSTON, Nov. 29.—The Commercial Bulletin
will say tomorrow:
"There has been a dearth of large sale* In the
market this week, but a fairly steady trade in
small lots is reported, with prices firm and un
changed. All nattiral conditions In the trade are ;
exceptionally strong, and owners of wool in this |
country today are congratulating themselves on
the scarcity of raw material, in the face of im
minent tariff revision.
"The ehipments of wool from Boston from Jan
uary 1 to November 27, inclusive, were 258.509.
--208 pounds against 149,555,323 pounds for the
i same period last week. The receipte from Jan
uary 1 to November 27. Inclusive, were 346,73,%.
--701 pounds, against 280,934,865 pounds for the
same period last year."
London Wool Sales
LONDON, Nov. 29.—The offerings at the wool
} auction sales today amounted to 9.025 bales.
( Competition was active and prices were etroag,
j good wools advancing from i '/*> to 10 per cent,
i Tbe catalogues which were suitable for the home
J trade and tbe continent contained new clips In
good condition, and greasy realised Is 4d, while
scoured were readily absorbed at full prices.
St. Louis Wool Market
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 29.—Wool—Steady. Medium
grades, combing and clothing. 23%@26c; light
fine, 19&21 C; heavy fine. 13&£l8c; tub washed,
New York Coffee Market
NEW YORK. Nov. 29.— E. F. Hutton A- Co.'a
wire says:
"Tbe very favorable Impression made by the
coffee market at tbe close oa Wednesday, when
about 100,000 bags were sold and absorbed with
out causing more than moderate price changes,
was reflected at the opening this uiornln, , ; when
the December position was three points lower
and the later months to 2c higher.
Leading trade Interests were" believed to have
entire confidence and were willing to back tneir
opinions with substantial buying orders. • It was
not clear where Wednesday's selling orders came
from, and the fact that so much coffee could be
suddenly absorbed was believed to be a very
strong argument In favor of the bulla. Demand
for spot coffee was again small."
Option— Open. High. Low. Close.
December ..... 13.40 c 13.48 c 13.35 c 13.41 c
January 13.56 c
February 13.56 c
March 13.85 c 13.88 c 13.80 c 13.81e
April 13.90 c
May 14.05 c 14.05 c 13.98 c 13.89 c
June 14.03 c 14.03 c 14.08 c 14.03 c
July 14.10 c 14.10 c 14.04 c 14.07 c
August 14.10 c
September 14.15 c 14.ir.c 14.04e 14.13 c
October 14.15 c 14.15 c 14.15 c 14.13 c
Sales, 110,750 bags.
New York Metal Market
NEW YORK, Nov. 29.—Copper firm; standard,
■not. 17c bid; December January and February,
[email protected]; eiectrolytfc a.id lake, 17.«2Vi<<S
17.87t0e; caetlng, ][email protected]. Copper ex
porte this month, 18.771 tons. London—Copper
easy: spot. £70 15a; futures. £77.
Tin was dull; spot to February. [email protected]
Local exchange sales of tin, 2o tons. London —
Tin easy: spot £220; futures, f225 lOe.
Lead was quiet at 4.45<g4.55c. London— Lead,
£18 Is 3d. „ ,
Spelter was quiet at [email protected]. London—Spel
ter, £26 ss.
Antimony tjuiet; Cooksoc'e, 10.50 c.
IroD quiet and unchanged. Cleveland warrants,
67s lVjd In London.
Naval Stores—Turpentine and Rosin
SAVAXNAH, Ga., Nov. 29.—Turpentine,
33%i@34c: eaiee. 480; receipts. 703; shipments,
1,187; stocks, 36,800.
Rosin—Firm. Sales. 4.454; receipte, 8,351;
shipments. 3,426; mocks, 146,900. Quote: A.
B. C. $5.65; D, $5.67%: R, $5.70; F, $5.70@
6.72%; G. H. [email protected]: I, $5.75%; K.
$6.60; M, $7; X, $7.25; WG, $7.35; WW, $7.45.
Max M. Kabn et al. to Henry A. Sala, lot
834. gift map 1: $10.
James J. Lynch to Henry N. Beatty. lots 23
and 24, block 28, City Land association: grant.
Luigl Artana and wife to Eduardo Effisimo,
lot in W line of Vincent etreet, 97:6 N of
Green, N 20 by W 58:9: $10.
Tritiof Frederick Gnstafson to Frltlof Fred
erick Baa;back, lot in NW line of Athens street,
250 S W of China avenue, SW 25 by NW 100;
Abele Paulucel and wife, by trustees, to ,Gin
eeppe del Becco and wife, lot In E line of
Pierce etreet, 75 N of Eddy, N 25 by X 90;
Vaehnl H. Pease and Agnes E. Peace to
Mary 1. Gearing, lot in S line of Grattan street,
197:GE of Cole, E 27tfr by S 125; $10.
Samuel Laeeer and wife to M. Lebvlrts, lot In
NE line of Hamilton etreet. 150 NW of Sllll
man, NW 25 by NE 120; $20.
Berton Wllford Unglee to Cornelia Dnglee,
lot 10, block 20, HUlereet; $400.
William W. Rednali and wife to Engene L.
Brock, lot in W line of Arkansas street, 375
N of Twenty-fifth. N 25 by W 100; $10.
Charlee Louis Vereoutere and wife to F. K.
Towne, lot In S Hne of C etreet, 95 W of
Twentieth avenue, W 25 by S 100: $10.
Roundey Realty company to Joseph Lewan
dowskl, lot in NE Hue of Thtrty-flfth avenue,
Sonth, 200 BE pf L street, SE 25 by NE 100;
O'Brien ft Klernan Realty company to the
Coleson company, two-thirds of lot at NE cor
ner of Octavia and Sutler streets, E 68:9 by
N 137:6; $10.
George William Roble and wife to Jacob J.
Amend and wife, lot in N line of Twenty
seventh etreet, 35 E of Doloree. E 25 by N 104,
SW 39.05 to a point 30 E of Doloree. S 74; $10.
Ellen Kelly to Mary Conlin, lot at NW
corner of Twenty-eixth and Diamond etreets,
N 30 by W 80; $ .
Emil Gundlach to Louis Mermet, lot in NE
line of Twentieth avenue. South, 225 NW
of K. NW 60 by NE 100; $10.
Martin Regenbnrger et al. to Erneet O.
Rpgensburgpr, lots 10 to 19, block I, Mission
Street Land company, and other lots; $10.
Elizabeth Penlington to Carrie E. Bridge et al..
lot In 8 line of O'Farrell etreet, 87:6 E of
PowelL E 25 by S 87:6: $10.
John Landers and Ellen Landers to Western
Paciflr , Railway company, releasing claim for
damapps to lot In E line of Texas street. 204:6
N of Twenty-third. X 29:11 by E 100; $10.
Rasmus and Christine JohDson to Western Pa
cific Railroad company, releasing claim for dam
ages to lot In E line of Texas street, 177:3 N of
Twenty-third, N 27:3 by E 10; $10.
Annii? and Edward Laeey to same, releasing
claim for damages to lot In E line of Texas
etreet, 123 N of Twenty-third, N 25 by E 100;
Leslie and Ethel Nathan to James P. Sweeney,
lot In E line of Folsom street, 50 S of Jefferson
avenue, S 25 by E 70; $10.
Albert Meyer et al. to Margery Rae, lot In SB
line of Rae avenue, 106:8 NE of Farragnt,, NE
53:4 by SE 122:6; $10.
Same to city and county of San Francisco, lot
In NE Hne of Farragnt avenue, 228 NW of. Pot
ter. NW 40 by NE 240; $10.
Building Contracts
James L. Flood with Campbell Brothers—Brick
work, architectural terra cotto, enamel brick,
chimney and flue linings for n residence In N
line of BroiidWßv. f>S:9 W of Webster etreet, W
148:9. N 275: $15,425.
L. J. Camlcia nnd Klbert Oalr'ty with Peven
cenzl Bros. & Co.—All work except concrete,
excavating, finish hardware, fixtures, shades and
ccmPDt plaster on front and wiring for a two
<=tory frame building in N line of Vallejo street,
235 E of Kearrc.v. 20*137:6: S2.JKK).
Pletro Costplla and Giuseppe Ferrari with
Devencenii Bros. & Co.—All work except finish
hardware, shades, mantels nnd fixtures for a
three ptory and basement frame building (flats)
,in N line of Montgomery street, 70 S of Green,
83:9x80; $4,475.
Nov. 2&.—Sctgar M. Noel, widely known as a
constructor of lame buildings, was found dead
in his horn*> here today. Uremic poisoning
was given as the causo of death. Among other
extensive undertakings, Noel built the new
naval academy at Annapolis, the city ball at
Chicago and fhe Fifth regiment armory, Balti
more, In which the last democratic national
convention was held:
York, Nov. 29. —A. G. Hackstaff, for many
years secretary of tbe Illinois Central Railroad
company, and latterly Its vice president, in
dead at his home here after au Illness of two
«—i , *
Marriage Licenses
+_ ,—_^
The following marriage licensee were Issued
FViday. November 29. 1812:
AHRENS—TIBMANN—NicoIaus Ahrene, 45. 553
Bush street, and Frieda A. Tiemann, 26, 1544
Page street.
ALEXANDER — GOlNS—Conetantlne Alexander,
30, and Ray Goios, 30. both of 2543 California
BAIRD—WATSON—WiIIiam H. Baird, 25, Fow
ler. Cal., and Martha E. Watson, 23, 1244 Cal
ifornia street.
BARBERO—FORMAGGIO —Peter Barbero. 24,
and Maria Formaggio, 19, both of 686 Lombard
BENNETT—HARTINC —Charles A. Bennett, 21,
and Martha A. Halting. 18, both of 227 Pierce
BODY—MORGAN—CharIes E. Body, 31. Santa
Rosa, and Mary R. Morgan. 24. 352S Twenty
third street.
BO YD— FERRO—Harry W. Boyd, 42, San Fran
cisco, and Carrie Ferro, 32, Sonth San FTan
BROWN—SMITH—Frank E. Brown, 33, Ryde.
and Vina E. Smith, 27, Courtland.
BROWN—MURPHY—LesIie J. Brown, 26. 1833
Fulton street, and Gladys T. Murphy, 23,
CAMPODONICO —GENEVl—Attillo Camnodonlco,
34. and Giudita Denevi, 30, both of 742 Naplea
etreet. ,
CONNOLLY—HAfITNETT—Joseph Connolly." 34,
997 Golden Gate avenue and Mary Hartnett.
28. 780 Turk etreet.
FBIBEBG—BABBINO—CarI Friberg, 24, and
Office and Salesrooms. 855 Mission St.
Pay* highest price for all fciuds of furniture
merchandise, etc Houses bought lii tUelr en- j l
tlrety Goods sold ou comouisslon.
Phone—Sntter 120&. !
Roee Babbino. 19, both of 1204 Market strcpf.
iGILMORE—.NILUND —Benjamin F. Gilmorp, 21, •
and Mary' E. MJund, 13. both of 031 Chenrrr j
GRIFFITHS— PARRY— Foulkes Griffiths. 29.
Oakland, and Margaret J. Parry. 19, 2259 Fif- ,
toenth street.
JOHNSON—STRAND—Harry Johnson, 84, and
Josephine Strand. 34, both of 3370 Twenty
fifth street.
JOOST—KRUSE—Henry C. .Toost, 21. 10« l Flor-
Ida street, and Emma C. Kruse. 18, 2380 Bry- *
ant street.
LAMARRA—PARIT'S—Joseph Lamarra, 23, Pan
Joee, and Ethel Darius, 22, 274 Seventh ave
LAYRAC—ORCIER—CharIes Layrac, 33. 172 Co
lambus avenue, and Lueie Orcier, 23, 1240
Mason street.
LERXKR—MUUR—PhiIip Leroer, 30. Callstoga,
and Margaret Muhr. 29, ISS6 Fell etwt.
MAGLIONE—MARIANO--Stefani> Maglione. 26.
636 Bosworth street, and Giulia Mariano, IS, ]
2718 Bosworth street.
47, Hammenton, and Mary A. LJnehan, 37,
1633 Dolores strepf.
MARTIN—BEAZLEY—Robert J. Martin. 21, ~-
Woodward street. anJ Margaret E. Beazley,
IS. 280 Eighteenth avenue.
MAURINO —KEKNELL—Joseph Maurlno. 30
3729 Army etreet, aud' Sadie Kernel!. -~, 132
Albion avenue. ]
MEYER— MURRAY—Theodore T\ Meyer, 20,
|8884<S Eddy street, and Katherine Murray, "20,
872 E.idy strept.
MOGLIA—BERN I—Alfonse Moplla. 25, 30(V,
Webster street, and Maria Bernl, 22, 1549
Lombard strppt.
MYER3—STEFFAN— Charles P. Myers, 21. Mon
terey, end MarKUPritp J. Stcffau. IS. Oakland.
PERI—SCOLD—Ernest J. Peri. 21, IWS San Jose
avenue an<l May Scold, 21, 1837 Filbert streot.
PERRET—ROSCI.IN I—Daniel Pprret. 10, 1."37
Taylor street, and Teresa Roseliii!, 19, 1939
Larkln strept.
523 Green str«>t. anil Virginia Ijigomarsiuo,
23, 464 Shotwell strpet.
REI.VHART— BRESLlN—Oiarips Reinhart, 21. .
5504 Mission street, and Cassle BreMin, I*. 200 *
San Mateo avennp,
RHODES—SIMPSOX —Rodney F. Rhodps. 25.
Sacramento, and Pearl E. Simpson, 25, 356 '
Lexington avenue.
BODIGOU—GASARCAi;—J"an Rodigou. 33, ?01
Third avenue, and Amelia Gasareau, 23, 4136
Ueary street.
SCHULTZ--s*r-HESTAG—Charles A. Kchultz. 27,
and Gt-rtrude Scbestag, 28, both of 1751 Mar
ket strret.
SEIDLEIN—GILBOURNE—GPorge Seirlieln. 27.
and Lydta Gllbourne. IS, both of 2520 Sutter «
SEXIXI—SEXIXI—GIneeppe Seninl. 35, and
Maddalena Senlni, Sβ, both of 214 Jackson
STUHR—WANDERER—George H. Stuhr. 26, 64. r >
Chenery etreet, and Tillk- Wanderer, 20, 742 ;
Treat avenue.
TBRAOKA — MATSUOKA — Gentsrachl Teraoka,
31, and Kiyo Matsuoka, 20, both of Los An
WEINBERGER — HEFTl—Marene Weinberger,
52, and Barbara Heft!, 54, both of 214 Ilaight
ZEIDEL—FLATHMANN—George ZeldeK 31. 2402
Harrison street, and Katharine Flathmann, 19,
312 Clement street.
The following marriage licenses were Issued
Friday, November 29, 1.012:
CALC-AGNO — RlZZl—GlnseppJ Calcagno. 22,
and Dlrce Rizzl. 21. both of San Leandro.
FURTADO—ESCABAR—Ignacio S. Furtado, 23.
and Maria Escabar, 22, both of Mission fc>an ' J
21. and Violet Baclgalupi, 19. both of Albany.
MATHEWS—HAWKINS—Bfrnard J. Mathcwe,
23 and Mary Hawkins, 25, both of San Fran
MOON—KLINE— William J. Moon. 50, Urn An
geles, and Jennie B. Kline, 39, San Francisco.
NESS—WANGER—Arthur Ness, 29, aad Auna
Wsnjrer. 29. both of Oakland.
22. and Blanche A. LegaUeo, 21, botb of Oak
land. I
SILVA—LAMRF.RT— Frank E. Silva, 23, Oak
land, and Grace Lambert, 17. Berkeley.
TALBOT— HOPPING—Parker Talbot. 3»>, Santa
Rosa, and Clai-f Hopping. 19. Bprkeley.
TEMPLE—MILLER—John H. Tempi-, 28, Loa ;
Angeles, and Viola Miller. 28, San Francleco.
TRAVERB—November 27. 1912, to the wife of
Charles S. Travers. a daughter.
BAGDOX— MATTHIESON—In this city, Novem
ber 28. 1912. by Rev. G. A. Bernthal. Wilhelm
Bagdon and Florence Matthiescn. botb of San ;
MEYKR—MURRAY— In this city, Xovember 29,
1912, by Superior Judge E. P. Mogan, Theo
dore Fred Meyer of Str»ckton. Cal., and Kath
erine Mnrray of San Francisco.
PEREGRINO— HANSEN— In this city, Xovember
28, 1912, by Rev. G. A. Bernthal. Joseph F.
Perefjrrino and Rose E. Hanson, both of San
TELTZ—MOSEBACH—By Rev. Leslie B. Brlgge
of Bethany Congregational church, Francis Ed
mond Teltz and Ruth Marion Mosebach.
ANDRADE—In South Pasadena. November 29,
15*12, John S. Audrade, beloved husband of
Hannah E. Andrade, and father of Harry Les
lie Andrade and Elizabeth Parratt, a native of •
Oakland, Cal., aged 56 years 2 months and 2
ARZNEER—In this city. November 29. 1912,
Minnie Aizncer, a native of Germany, aged 60
years. j
BONNEIX—In this city. Xovember £«, 1912, Ed
win Bonnell, beloved hueband of Mary A. Bon
nell, and father of Allison C. Bonnell and- Mrs. ;
F. H. Dunne, and brother of Henry Bonnpll
and Mrs. John T. Cochran, a mtlve of Cincin
nati, O. aged 76 yeare.
Friends are respectfully invited to attend the
funeral services tomorrow (Sunday), December
1, at 2 p. m., at his late residence. 1709 Gough ,
street. Interment private.
BOLE—In this city, November 28, 1912, Hen
rietta Bole, relict of Wiiliam Bole, and beloved
mother of Mrs. Edward Peering and Mrs. E. G.
Ploke and David C. Bole, a native of Ireland,
aged 70 years.
Fnnera! services will b< , held at the residence
of her dauehter, Mrs. Edward Deering, 1327
Fell street, tomorrow (Sunday), at 1:30 o'clock
p. m. Interment private.
BOYCE— In this city. Nuvnmbrr 2«, 1912. Nellie :
Boyce, dearly belovort wife of Thomas Boyce,
a, native of Utah srwl 35 years.
Remains at the mortuary chapel of the
Golden Gate Uadei taking Company, 2475 Mie
slon street near Tw -nty-flrst.
BOYLE—In this city, November 29, 1912, Julia
A., wife of John J. Boyle. and beloved mother
of Herbert W., Graf A. end John J. Boyle, a
native of San Franclaiv, iged 53 years and 11 I
Notice of funeral hereafter.
BTXETTNER—In this city, November 29, 1912.
Gporet? Robert, dearly beloved and Infant son ,
of Charles and Mable Buettner, ami loving '
brother of Herman F. and Lilt'on L. Bnettner,
and loving grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Frank S.
Miller, a native of San Francisco, aged 25
CASEY—To this city. November 27, 1912. Cath- I
erinp. beloved wife of John C. Caeey, and
mother if Wil'l.im and John J. Casey and Mrs.
EmOia Hathaway aid the late George F. Casey
and Mrs. M. Barrett, a native of County Cavan, ,
Irelacii. age<l 67 years.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral today (Saturday),
at 8:f»0 o'clock a. ra., from the parlors of the
Henry J. Gallagher Company, 2597 Howard
etreet near Twenty-second, thence to Church of
Rt. Charles Borronu-o, whore a requiem high
mass will be celebrated for the repose of her
enul, commencing at i) o'clock a. m. Interment
Hdly Cross cemetery, by carriage.
DENNIS—In this city, November 29. 1912, Susan
Elizabeth, wife of the lnte Orin Dennis, a na
tive of Maine, aged 79 years 8 months and 16
Friends and acquaintance* are respectfully in- ,
vtted to attend tbe funeral services Monday,
December 2, 1912. at 1 o'clock p. ib.. at the
Congregational church, Hayward,Cal. Re
mains at her lato refMf-nrp, 727 Webster
street, San Frsncieco, until Monday morning.
Interment Mount Eden cemetery,
DONNELLY—In this city, November 2S, 1912.
Annie E. Donnf-lly. widow of the late Audley
Edmond Donnei y, and beloved mother r»f Mrs.
S. A. Moss of Lynn. Mass., and A. F. Donnelly
of this city, a native of Klnirston. Jamaica.
Friend* are Invited to attenc; the
fnoeral service* today (Saturday). November
80. at 2 p. m. at Gray's chapel, Geary and
street*. Interment private.
HAUO—In this city. November 27, 1912. Annie
Huug. beloved wife of Albert Hang and mother
sf Anna M. Hang, a native of New York, aged
84 years 2 moi.ths and 21 days. (New York
papers please copy, t
Friends are respectfully Invited to attend >
the funeral services todity f Saturday >, No
vember SO. 1812. at 10:30 o'clock a. ».. at the
ct-spel of the Trnman Undertaking Company. |
1919 Mission rtrept between Fifteenth and i
Sixteenth. Cremation Cypress Lawn cemetery. '
by electric funeral car from Thirteenth and i
Mission streets.
HELMER -In ttrs city. November 29. 1912, '
Frederick E. Helmer, tx?lon»d uncle of Mrs. A. i
J. Brown of 9an Francisco and Mrs J. J.
Kelley of Astoria, Ore., and th*> late Frederick
E, Helmer, a native of Germany, aged 87 years I
8 moothe and 25 days.
Remains at tbe parlors of H. F. Snhr * Co..
2919 Mission street between Twenty-fifth and
p Twenty-sixth.
HILL—In Alameda, Xovember 29. 1912, John W
Hill, beloved husband of Effle L. Hill aa«i
loving son of .Monroe and Mary HHI of Eugene,
Ore., and brother of George W., Edward F..
Office and salesroom corner Van Ncsa mnd Sac
ramento (former Walter ImlidingK Phone*—
Franklin 2261. Hum* C 6533; reiideuee. 808 A»h
bur/- , *___
jfcsj FOR SALE $&
Two carloads big Draft Mares and Horses;
f good Wagon Horses well broken, young and
sound, weight up to 1.550 pounds. Few go<xl
Ranch Horses and Mares.
Phnnp VarVPt JWTT 3S* Tell St .TOM. LKVT.
Walter C. and Herbert B. Hill and Mr». Ant-a
Taylor of Oregon, a native of North Carolina,
•fH 32 years 2 months awJ 17 day*.
HOTTON—In this city, November 2P. 1912, Mary
Elizabeth, widow or the late William M. Hln
toii, and beloved mother of Mr?. A. B. Moody
and Isaac T.. William M. Jr. and Gny EUatos.
a native of Philadelphia, Pa., aged 78 years ::
months and 1C day*.
Friends ami acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral services Monday.
December 2. at 10 o'clock a. m., at the chapel
of Ualsted & Co., 1122 Sutter street. Inter
ment Mountain View cemetery, Oakland.
EOFMAJraf—In this city, November 28. 1912,
Anna, belored wife of August Hofmann. daugb
ter of Mrs. T. Hahn, slater of Fred and
Affinal Habn, a native of San Francisco.
Friends ami acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral services tod;ir
(Saturday), November W, 1912. at 11 o'clock
a. m., at lier late residence, 2<i33 Bush street
near Webster, lntemtut private. Please oiuit
HORWITZ—In thi3 city. November 23, Mtorab
HoTWjtx, beloved mother of Charles Horwln
and Sire. Flora Firestone, grandmother of
Nathan, May TV. and Edward W. Fu>
and sister of Aron Qol<ib«rg of Minne»|>'
Mrs. Sophie Kapflowiis of Minneapolis. Mlriaa
Kigier of Jli'meai>oUs Mr?. Florence Stem!
of New York, Mrs. Bertha Goldstein of C
stanta, Roumauia. aud Samuel GoldlTc ■ f
Htm York, a native <>f Bereatl. Kouinanlu,
aged tS-S years 11 iij—tlw and 16 day*".
Friends and aci]uaintrjr<- 1 are rc.-pectfnlly In
vited to ntt»»tid the funeral tomorrow (Ban4ay>,
December 1. 1912, at 1:30 o'clock p. m., from
her lat*> residence, lr.ie F.<My street. li.ti-r
ruent Hill* of Eternity cemetery, by electric
funeral car from Turk aad. Stoiner itnctt,
JAMES—In this cjiy, November 2S. 1912, Charles
B. Jam**. beJoree , father of AhneT, .Tesse arnl
KlwoOd Jaui<s of I>bUcr, or*., and Mrs-. Emma
* L. Stillninn of San FraniMi-.o ami Mrs. Aral*'- ,
Burton, Mrs. Jjiura Walaer ami Mr*. Myrtle
Wirk of Alliance. 0.. a native of J*?'
ecr.nty. 0., aged S2 years 5 months and S days.
Friends and acquaintances are n*ep»ctfu'
vltt'd to attend the fuuer;il today (Sat.
at 1 p. m., from the parlors of th<» Unitpil 1 n
dertakers, 2000 Howard street near Twenty -
second. Interment Cypress Lawn cetnftery.
JENKINS—In Oakland. 29- 1812 - ■ h^'l
Jenkins, beloved brother of Mrs. Ellsabetli A.
Trenear. Mrs. Elixa Lewrance and Mrs. Mar
garet Loach and William It., Thomas and
Henry Jenkins, a native of England, aged tfi
KELLY—In this Htr. XoverotMT 29. I!M2. Annie
It,, dearly beloved wife of the late James E.
Kelley, and loving mother of John V., Jam»»s
L.. Annie M. and Williani J. Kelly end Mrs.
Edward Fitzgerald, a native ot Castle island.
County Kerry, Ireland, aged 60 years 8 months
and 1 day.
Friends and acquaintances ar* respectfully ln
▼ ited to attend the fii'iernl services totnorrovr
(Sunday), at 11 o'clock a. m.. at the Church
of the Immaculate Conception, SmurtsvUlp. CaL
Ictermeut SmartsTille, CaL Remains at: her
Into residence, 527 Pctxx-e avenue, until 2
o'clock p. in., today (Saturday).
KEMP—Margaret Kemp, beloved wife of tb- late
James Kemp, and raffia* motlier o* Daniel
Kemp, a native of Ireland.
LEA—In this city, November 2»5. 1912, Mauris
t>. Lea., beloved husband- of Agaes M. Lea and
father of Marie A. Lea, a native of France,
aged 37 years 10 months and 10 days. A mem
ber of Court Iranboe No. 8228, A. O. V.. an4
Caipenters' Union Nβ. 483.
Frifods are respectfully invited to attend the
funeral services tomorrow (Snnday'i, December
1, at 10 o'clock a. m.. at the chapel of Tru
man Undertaking Company. iOI9 Mission street
between Fifteenth and Sixteenth, under the
auspices of Court Ivanhoe Xi>. 8228, A. O. F.
Interment Cypress Lawn cemetery, by carriage.
LYONS—Michael Lyons, father of the Rev. AVil
liam Lyons, pastor of St. John's church. Sol
emn requfem mass at St. John's chnrch,
19 St. Mary's avenue. Sau Francisco, on Mon
day, December 2, at 10 o'clock a. m.
McMANTJS—Iα this city, November 2S, 1912,
Kathleen A., dearly beloved daughter of I\ J.
and K. C. McManus, and loving sister of Ar
thur 0., Aslun A., Henry, J., Nora C Mary C
Desmond D. and the'late Elizabeth McManu*.
a Dative of Buffalo, N. 1., aged 4 years 7
mouths and 5 days.
Remains at the parlors of McAtot, O'Hara &
Co.. 2224 Market street near Fifteenth. Inter
ment (private) National cemetery, Presidio,
today (Saturday), November on. at
o'clock p. m. •
PAHL (PoMe)—ln this city. November 26, 1912.
Henry F. Pahl (Pohle), beloved cousin of Una
tav, Albert and Emil Trlttenbach anl
tine Gansner and B. C. liaiiMier of Sau Be- ,
nardino. Gal., and Henry, Frederick ami Lena
Gansuer and Mrs. B. C. Flouruoy of Qolncy,
Cal., a native of San Francisco, aged 45 years.
A member of Union Printers' Mui'ial Aid Bo
clety; San Francisco Typographical Union N>>.
21; Abou Ben Adhem Lodge No. 112, I. O. O.
I.; Amity Rebekab I.o»if."'. I. O. O. F.. and
Ban Francisco Lodge No. 55. I. O. 0. T.
Friends aud ac<iua:ntauces are tfuK.v '.l
rited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Humlayi.
December 1, at 2 o'clock p. m., tnmi tl-.' ,, p>ii
lore of. Theodor» Dlerks & Co., 000 Devisadero
street corner of McAllister. Cremation Cyj>re»s
Lawn cemetery, by electric fuueral car from
Tnrk and Steiner streets.
PEREIBA—In Oakland, November 24. 1912.
Francisco PereSra. a native of Cedros Fsjai.
Azores, aged 43 years.
Remains at the parlors o! , Cunha & Caporgno.
052 Kigbth street corner of Myrtle.
POWELL—In this city. November 29. 1912.
ward Powell, a native of Eoglaud, aged (M
PHIDEAUX—In Oakland, November 29. 1912.
James, dearly beloved husband of Katofrim'
Prideaux, and loving father of James 8.. Joau.
Katherine and Mary Adelcy Prideaux and Mis.
Lillian S. Dermouy, a native of Euglaud. aged
62 years.
PtTLSJ-In this city, November 28, 1912,
nand, beloved ton of the late Henry and Ame
lia Pals, and devoted brother of Mrs. <iustnv
Haberland and Amanda, William and Herman
Puls, a ntaive of Hamburg, Germany. a;;ed .".4
years 11 mouths and IS days.
The funeral will take place tomorrow (Sun
day), at 11 a. in., from the parlors of S'iiir k
Wieboldt, 1355 Valencia street near Tneutv
tilth. Interment Cypress Lawn cemetery, by
train from Twenry-fifth anil Valencia streets.
EUSSELL— In Nevada City, Cal.. Dr. A. J. Rus
sell, loving hrcsbam! of Nannie V. Rimsr
father of Maud Rusaell Bobbins, no.) brother
Of Adolpb l>. Rnssell of Mulvane. Kan., a ua
tive of Cadis, 0., aged 07 years 8 mouths and
t) days.
Funeral at Oakland crematory today (Ssf
urday). Novemb»-r Sp. 1912, at 11 o'clock a. ni.
Cremation strictly private.
SEiJfcaCr—ln this city, November 29, 1012. An
gelo R., beloved husband of AiiDa M. BetvrK,
and loving father of Richard A. Seberit, a na
five of Denmark, aged 26 years 1 month and
10 days.
SIMPSON—In this city. November 2*. 1912, I-ou
M.. beloved husband of Kitty E. Simpson (nee
Sartl), and brother of Mr*. J. \V. Hall of Ok
lahoma, a native of Ililaol*. iOklahoma pa
pers please copy.)
Frkudg and acquaintances are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral today (Saturday),
at 1 o'clock p. m., from the parlors of Barry
& Senlly, 927 Valencia street. Cremation Cy
press Lawn cemetery, by carriage.
SIKPSON—In this city. November 27. 1912. J»
seph L. Slrapeon, beloved husband of Mary F.
Simpson, and loviujc son o£ Elizabeth Simpson
of Maitland, Mo., and uncle of Wyman Simp
son of San Mateo, CaL. a native of Illinois,
agotf 56 years 7 months ani S daye. A mem
ber of Mount Brow Lodge No. 82, 1. O. O. ¥..
of Los BaDoe, Cal.
Tlir funeral service* will b« held today
(Saturday), at 2 o'clock p. ri., from the funeral
parlors of Bunker & Lout. 2366 Mission street
between Twenty-second and Twenty-third (Mlk.
eion Masonic temp!e>, under tie umpires •>*
the Geuera! Relief Committee, 1. O. O. t\ lu
termenr private.
TTJRNEH—In tliis city. No-.ember 27, 1912, Mrs.
Elizabeth Jaue, loving mother of William and
Ernest Turner and Mrs. Lillian A. Colllngß. Mr«.
Julia McKinwtry aud Mrs. Belie VV. Edmonds
and the late Edith, Sidney. Walter and B«t>*if:
Turner, a native of Somersetshire, England,
ajred 70 years 7 months and 14 days. (.Los An
gelf c papers pleas* copy.)
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to atteDd tbi fuaeral today (Saturday).
November 30. at 11:30 a. tn.. from the parlors
of McAvoy, O'Hara Co., 2224 Market
near Fifteenth, where services will be be!d. Iβ
terment (pSvate) Cypress Lawn cemetery, i.-
-WE HALF tlie Funeral Expense
.(araet 711 Oakland 404.:
Independent of the Trnat.
furnish for $75, embaltsing shroud, ell
ver mounted, cloth covered casket, near*
and two carriage* and give paraonal
yon $75 for the eaMttt alone, and al.
their prices are proportionate.
Gode*u Fuieral Service Save* Yea Half
Vato atnbulante. carriages aud antoa for hire.
41 Van Nes*. Aye. tSIO Welter St.
3CS Cciumtma Aye. Faene Oak. 4045

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