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VOLUME C.\lll -NO. 3.
Warns Russia Against Pact With Servia To Control Adriatic
Merger With Union Pacific
Split Asunder as Violation
of Sherman Law; Vande
vanter's Decision in First
Suit is Thereby Reversed
Justice Day Cites Northern
Securities and Oil and
Tobacco Cases; Aim to
Curb Competition is Clear
Is Unanimous Opinion
WASHINGTON, Dec. 2.—The great
I&rrtman merger, created when the
Tnion Pacific Railroad company bought
6 per cent of the stock of the Southern
system, was split asunder today
-y the Supreme Court of the United
"tates as a violation of the Sherman
mtl-trust law.
Then, with the end of the merger be
'ore it, the court sent forth its por
entous declaration that "while the law
nay not be able to enforce competition,
t can reach combinations which render
ompetition impracticable."
Justice Day announced the unanimous
•pinion of Justice Vande
anter took no part in the considerat
ion of the case today, but his principal
Inding when he was a circuit judge, to
he effect that the two roads were not
-'tors and therefore no violatios.
hase, was reversed and annulled.
„ay Keep Central Line
Instead of following the reasoning of
uj-tioe Vandevanter and Judges San
mrn and Adams, the court in substance
ipproved the minority holding of Judge
look that the roads were competitors
m.l that it was just as much a viola
ion of the law for one road to buy the
'ontrolling stock of a competitor as it
vas for a holding company, as in the
■Crvrthern Securities case, to buy the
ontrolling stock of two competing com
As the Northern Securities company
• lan failed nearly 10 years ago, so the
larriman plan fell today.
The circuit court for the district of
*"tah*was directed to supervise the **ep
iration of the two roads after hearings,
md in emergency to appoint a receiver
o sell the sto*k. The Union Pacific, if
:he circuit court sees proper, may re
tain control of the old Central Pacific
me from Ogden to San Francisco.
Dther Deals Allowed
The decision of the lower court that
here was rro violation of the law in the
if tempt to acquire the Northern Pacific
stock and the stock of the Atchison,
ropeka and Santa Fe Railway company,
ift.erward abandoned, and a certain in
terest in the San Pedro, Los Angfeles
•tnd Salt Lake Railroad company, was
•llowed to stand.
It is the general belief here that the
•pplleation of the decision to the rall
oad situation of the country will be
videspread, placing a powerful prece
lent In the hands of the attorney gen
eral to prevent the consolidation of
' t ontinu-ed on Page _. Column ---
Pag - ** _ • r-a_*.
,-__*;«_/! tJ-.hli- 12 Houses to Let iFuroi'-hodi tS
A«MO__Mrt»—Certtfed Public Hmise* to Let 'Unfurn^bodl*
Agents Wanted Houses W'antM *. .1 !..... 1.1
All«c. Wiley B _ Information Bttrean .. .i .. ....*".'..'...'.". ....'J... 13
Amusements ' Insects Exterminated .j '. ..'.*..'.".'.'.".'.'...'.' 12
Andrews' Diamond Palace » ln?alid Chairs ■ 12
--_-*—_-t- 13 Invalid Home ". 1_
12 Lost and Found /. .. 12
_!J!2!_*. :;; I- Lumber for Sale i \i
3 "*.*. J. 12 Male Help Wanted . . .j. '.'.".'.".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.". 12
',' t,-i, . ' '".' t. 12 Matrimonial j '.'.'.'.'..... 12
y...... 13 Meetings- -Lodges . .1 12
•■::::-.::::::v-i.a •'••'■ jf
b ,;„:: BK£ v/"/..-.".... w M T ,oL r -H r |
Bualnew Personals "• J2 *? n fi'**-' I n f tr » ra < , "»« 1 12
Button* and Pleating 12 bathaD-Dohrmann ■ ■ j,-■ 11
'•aliform* Optical Co ' ' )a , k 1 »* ,U I R ?? }° Lo *f (Cufurnisbedi 1.1
Carpet cleaning 2 Oakland Real ttftate f „
children's Chairs " Oakland pti (Far... or I'nfurn.).... i:i
< -itr Real Estate J* 2 ?* D _* l '. r - M " fr " " */> IS
< iatrroyants J; Palo Alto and V felnitr, ~1
< ottapes for Sale— Furnished £3 Patent Attorneys .... • 12
Cottage,, to Let oil'? n,510 ■ , -*-T__•_••• i ?•r4•i• , 12
Real Estate ™ fJ"*? 11 , BD<! ( * 1,!l1 ' C " 2
Deafness and Cataarh '2 Rhys cal Culture m
Dentists 12 ■■l-tysiclanf* .......... j 2
Dog and Cat Hospitals 1- Property- Wanted "Irj
i-rlages 1.5 ' Proposals and Bids ..'. 14 i
12|Ral>]ohn A Moreora 2
Educational 12 j Railroad Time Tables , 14
Kiectra-Vlta Co H \ R*-«' Kstate t<. Kxehanize 13
Employment Offices 12 Richmond Real Estate 1a
EitiploVnmnl Wanted (Female 1 12 Rooms and Board OnVt-ed 13
Emploviaert Wanted (Malci 12 Rooms for Housekoepiiig 1S
F-malt- Help Wanted 12 Booms to W 'Furnisb'pd and Enfuraisbedi. .. 1.1
•-•iles Keciit 13 Salesmen and Solfeitorfc 12
■il 14-17 i San Mateo Res! E«tat'. M!
Flat* to Let 11l Santa Clara Re*il Ests te 11
Hats to 1.. t -Furnished' 11 Santa Crnt Real Et«tat»» j
_h»—Miscellaneous 12 Sewing Machines , \2
Injitvale Real Estate 1': Sloane 4- (>. 1 . ig
.< d Apartments 13 Something for Something—To Exchange. . .12, 13
Furniture For Sale 13 Sonoma County- lands' 13
12 j Spiritualism j 12
'•rtnsn Savings Rank H» ,' Stammering 1 12
• I. su. Julius S 17 Standard Oil ./. -
inent Lands 13 ', Steamship* / 15
taods 1- : StotHjr< and Moving"' Vans 12
Hastings clothing :: Truss.- 12
U*rn< a. '*> Hgons 1-1 Tu-ewriters nnd Supplies -. 12
Uriels 5, 11 Wwdo- Miade* m~^
Hotel* (to 1 13 -w /. 13
*'An Independent Newsoaoer"
Former Speaker, 76, to Drop
State Cares and Flit Among
Bpeetel Dispatch to The Call
WASHINGTON, Dec. 2.—Uncle Joe
Cannon is going- to spend his last win
ter in Washington in careless frivolity
among debutantes.
Uncle Joe, who is 7(5 years old. lot
the cat out of the bag today, when
ho was asked to tell what his plans
are for the last winter he will spend;
in congress.
"I don't calculate to be very busy
with legislative matters-," lie drawled,
"but lam expecting to do a good bit
of dancing. You - see, it's this way:
I've got a granddaughter to be intro- ]
duced into society this winter, and she
wouldn't think she was properly
launched if her granddaddy didn't go
alone: to the parties. Her name is
Virginia—Virginia Leseure,' and she is
the prettiest, sweetest, dearest little ■
! girl in the world. I'll certainly have
to go along to the parties, or else
these young fellows will be cutting
me out, and she is pretty fond of her
granddad right now."
Miss Virginia Leseure is the daugh
ter of Mrs. F. X. Leseure. The young
woman is to be formally presented to
society this month by her mother and
her aunt, Mips Cannon.
Harvard Professor Using Tn>o
. Dark Holes in Dish and Bat
tery Reveals Cray Matter
Special Dispatch to The Cal!
BOSTON, Dec. 2.-—From a series of
experiments conducted by Professor
Yerk<- sycnologi.-al department
of Harvard- the professor has become
convinced that an angle worm can
Knowing that an angle worm will al
ways crawl out of a lighted place into
a dark one, the professor put the worm
which he was experimenting upon Into
a glass dish into which were two dark
holes. The right hand hole was merely
a regular earth cavity. The left hand
hole contained a mildly charged electric
battery, the object of which was to give
the worm a shock in case he should de
sire to "poke himself into it.
At last reports the worm had learned
his lesson well and was continually go
ing to the right when he was put into
the glass dish.
Machine Runs Into a Ditch Near Sac-
ramento in Early Morning; Two
Women Are Hurt
Social Dispatch to The Call
STOCKTON. Dec. 2. —Five young men
and two girls were injured early this,
morning when an automobile in which
they were riding ran Into a ditch along-
side the Lower Sacramento road.
The injured are:
Percy Silver; fractured skull.
H. I'arhy; fractured* skull. t
Bert White; contusions on the head.
Marl Bij.li am: left arm broken*.
Ray Howard: cut over the left eye.
Viola McHngh; badly hurt about the
Florence Pickle; slight bruises.
Silver and Garby are In a precarious
condition.- The party was riding in a
machine owned by George Thompson.
White was driving the car, which is a
complete, wreck.
Pall of Death Over Con
gress ; Senate Adjourns in
Honor of Sherman, Ray
ner and Heyburn
Preliminary Work of Organ
ization Completed and
Few Bills Introduced
First Moves of Congress
<§> ♦ <s>
Legislative Doings in Brief
WASHINGTON, Dec. 2.—-Day in
Sixty-second roagrfii, third
sedition, opening; day.
Convened nt noon, Senator
Bacon, president pro tempore,
Campaign expenditures Inves
tlgatlug «iommittee *-.-* iBl resume
hearings December 10.
Adjourned out of respect for
the memory of Vice President
Sherman and Senators Heyburn
and Rayner.
Convened at noon, Speaker
Clark presiding.
Estimates for running: govern
ment during fiscal year of 1014
submitted by secretary of the
First bill introduced wan one
by Representative de Forest, X«w
York, to pension former presi
dents and --lido-*- of former
Representative Browning in
troduced a bill for comprehensive
enrreney system.
Representative Clayton Intro
duced a bill authorizing supreme
court to regulate procedure In
common law cases before federal
WASHINGTON, Dec. 2.—The shadow
of death hung over the senate when it
convened at noon to begin the final
session of the present congress. In re
spect to the memory of Vice President
Sherman, Senator Rayner and Senator
J.eybur_, all of whom died during the
brief recess, adjournment was taken
almost immediately after Senator Ba
con, the presiding officer, called the
chamber to order.
The session lasted only 20 minutes.
Sixty-six senators responded to the
rollcall. Brief tribute was paid to the
late vice president by Senator Root,
who made reference to his "serene and
cheerful temperament" and his just
decisions. Senator Borah and Senator
Smith of Maryland announced the
death of their colleagues and the brief
meeting came to an end.
Air of Friendliness
But the usual incidents at the opening
of a congressional session were not j
lacking.. Despite the air of mourning
that prevailed in the senate itself there 1
was a degree of friendliness not ap
parent, at least, before the campaign,
and when the preceding session was
brought to a close with a final outburst
of dissension and strife.
Senator Root beamed as he shook
hands with Senator O'Gorman. Senator
Cullom, republican, made it a point to
go over and welcome Senator Martin,
the nominal democratic leader. Sena
tor Gallagher, against whom the. In
surgent republicans directed their bit
terest attacks, shook hands with Sena
tor La Follette warmly. During this
demonstration of lnuried animosities
and good feeding the crowded galleries
had opportunities to satisfy their curi
Clark Stills Ovation
Giving the sounding boafd on his
table a resounding thump. Speaker
Clark called a noisy house to order at
noon today and stilled a great ovation
| which had been accorded him when he
entered the chamber.
The floor was crowded with, inci
dents, consisting chiefly of demonstra
tions for members who had achieved
success at the polls, but including one
remarkable ovation for Uncle Joe Can
non, a veteran legislator, who went
down to defeat.
Bill Sulzer entered the chamber at
an opportune moment—just as the
prayer of the chaplain was concluded
—and his auburn locks were ruffled as
he bowed to the greetings of approv-
(. ontinued on Page 10, Column 4
Bugler of the Creel? army of Diadica, commanded by Crown Prince Lonstantme, sounding the call to charge
it the battle of Yarutza. The portrait is of Princess Eugenic Paleogua, residing in West Kensington, England, who
yases her claims as empress of Constantinople on documents proving her descent from the Byzantine emperors.
Edward Rainey, the Mayor's
Secretary, Is the Guy That
Performed the Operation
"I'm the guy that took the kick out
of the 'kickers.' "
So saying, Edward Hainey, Mayor
Rolph's secretary, with Vie representa
tives of the pressr took his hat and left
'• the deserted courtroom, into which not
a single "kicker" wandered last night
to attend the regular M*or»day night
"kickers' party."
"Mayor Rolph has turned them into
boosters, I guess," Rainey remarked,
with a wistfull expression on his face.
Perhaps he rather liked the Idea of sit
ting benignly and listenirg to a varied
assortment of complaints from a varied
assortment of persons.
Aftyway, there 1s a dearth .of kickers
In San Francisco, or else they are wait-,
Ing the mayor's return and intend to
descend on him in a body.
\chrunkan Seeking Suite Starts Rumor
He* to Be Unofficial tdvtaer or
Wants < '••mmoncr Branch
Special Dispatch to The Call
WASHINGTON. Dec. I—When the re
■port became public today that William
J. Bryan is negotiating for office rooms
in the Woodward building a new line of
political speculation was opened. If
Bryan is going into tlte cabinet it is
not understood what ne wants with
private offices. His search for quar
ters of that character is taken by many
to mean that Bryan ej-pects to be a
sort of unofficial adviser of the new
president and will be right on the job
most of the time. Another theory is
that Bryan Is going |to establish a
branch of the Commoner in Washing
ton- -M» j
Monrnera Struck Do-Wn by Side of
Grave; One Killed
JOHANNESBURG, S"outh Africa, Dec.
2.—.Lightning struck jdown 17 mourn
ers while they were; standing at a
graveside in Germifon. in Rhodesia
today. One of them -**fas killed and five
others were so severely injured that
their lives are despaifed of. ;
Ashnrst Is Lunr-berjafl-, Co—-bay, Hod
Carrier and A»o Others
WASHINGTON, Dec? 2.—Lumberjack,
cowboy, clerk, cashiej in a store, re
porter, hod carrier a|d lawyer Is the
description of his lifef work given by
Senator Ashurst of A-jzona in the new
congressional director.
"All the News All the Time"
Germany Blocks Russo-Servian Collusion
Warns Bear Claws Off Dual Kingdom
BERLIN, Dec. 2.—lmperial Chancellor Bethmann-Hollweg today ut
tered a plain warning to Russia that In ease hostilities should arise out
of tbe.Austro-Servian difficulties Germany would draw her sword to as
sist her ally.
The imperial chancellor made this declaration in the course of a
•speech in the reichstag discussing the Balkan situation. It was a repe
tition of the statement made at the time of the controversy over the
question of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 190?, which then caused an im
mense sensation in the European capitals. Although at that period it
first threatened to sweep away the* paciflc Russian cabinet, the cur
rent of feeling aroused among the Slavs ultimately brought peace.
Doctor yon Bethmann-Hollweg, after summarizing the efforts of the
great powers, in the first place, to delay the outbreak in tha Balkans
and, later on, when war was found to be Inevitable, to localize hostili
ties, passed on to the question of the interests of the great powers di
rectly affected by the final settlement.
Bob Chanler Found Tracing
Divorced Wife's Features
With Eyes Riveted on
Desert Horizon
Federal Wireless
LOS ANGELES, Dec. 2.—Beneath a
scorching sun on the American desert,
John H. Gallup of Denver and his com
panion. W. L Miller, according to their
sto>y, last week came across first a
yellow uTmbrella, then a small package
of paints and then, under the umbrella,
a man* He was Bob Chanler, cow
ptmsher and Indian fighter, but more
recently the husband of Lina Cavalleri,
one of the most beautiful women In the
"Sheriff Bob was painting." said Gal
lup, who Is at the Lankershlm, "not the
sunset shades of the great American
desert nor the prismatic effects In the
canyons far away, but the lovely face
of Lina Cavalier!, his former million
dollar wife. Before him he had a mam
moth easel and under the yellow um
brella a stock *of paints. On the canvas
were the first tracings of the head of
the famous 'Lina" and the bare outlines
of her beautiful neck."
Gallup said that as Chanler sat be
fore the easel the wonderful colors of
the desert apparently seemed lost on
him and his eyes seemed riveted In a
faraway gaze to the horizon beyond
which lay Paris and Cavalierl.
"We just stopped to say 'howdy,'"
added Gallup, but as we drew out of
sight SheriiX Bob was still gazing
longingly at the picture before him."
Utah Lad, Guiding Sled Into Culvert to
-_ Avoid Collision, Killed
SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 2.—Rather
than Injure and perhaps kill, some
(•mailer bpys who were in *&c path of
lis sled, Allen Rosslyn, 15 years old,
cnose death for himself today. He was
coasting on a steep hill In E street.
Finding no other way to avoid the col
lision, he turned his sled sharply into
a water culvert and incurred injurtes
frotti which he died shortly afterward.
Iheher-t Temnerntnre Yeaterday. .V"": I,ot-et»t Sund"
klsht. 4#. Fop Details of the Weather See Page IS
Many Persons Now Are Looking
For Ffouses and Apartments.
If you have one to lease, use The
Call's classified advertising pages.
You'll quickly find what you're
Heavy Sea Deluges State
room Occupied by Miss
Katy Daugherty, San
Francisco Singer
Special Dispatch to Tbe Call
NEW YORK, Dec. 2—Three liners
incoming from Europe all report very
heavy weather during the entire voy
age across the , Atlantic. These ships
were the Cunarder Carmanla, the An
chor liner Cameronia and the New
York of the American line. All came
into port this morning bearing marks
of the ocean's buffetings, the New York,
inbound from Southampton, being the
worst damaged of the three.
The New York Is one of the few
Steamships fitted with figurehead trap
pings, which were worn by every ship
in the old days when steam was young
and America supreme on the ocean.
The New York's bowsprit is—or, rather,
was—an Iron cylinder 25 feet long,
tapering outward. About noon last
Friday, at the height of what every
tar on board declared was a "genuine
hurricane with an 80 knot breeze." a
giant wave snapped the iron tube about
10 feet from the bow as cleanly as it
could have been done with a saw.
the same time that the bow- )
sprit was lost a larger wave rolled
aboard over the starboard bow, raked
the vesfsel fore and aft, stove in three
lifeboats and damaged three life rafts
on the port side near the stern. The
passengers were In a panic. *
The following day the waives became
so huge that the ship ran under reduced
speed for 15 hours. On this day also a
comber swept through the port hole of i
tbe stateroom on the port side occupied
by Miss Katy Daugherty, a singer of
San Francisco; Mrs. J. W. Cotton and
the latter's 6 months* old child. The
two women thought the ship was going
down and they waded out of the sub
merged cabin, holding the infant high
In the air and screaming for help. In
her haste Miss Daugherty slipped and
hurt her hip badly.
I Realizing That Ultimately
Europe Must Settle Its
Sectional Differences With
Powder and Ball, Ger
many Is Believed to Be
Planning Conflict Which
Will Lead to Peace After
Strife Has Exhausted
Resources of Nations
All Reports Point to Begin
ning of Turko-Balkans
Armistice Today and As
sembling of Peace Envoys,
but Neither Austria Nor
Servia Has Shown Any
Disposition to Back Down
With Reference to the
Domination of Albania
Special Cable to The Call
LONDON, Dec. 2.—-The one salient
feature of the Balkan situation today
was the statement of Chancellor Beth
mann-Hollweg to the effect that Ger
many was back of Austria-Hungary,
and that any attempt to deprive the
"dual kingdom" of justice meant war
with the Balkan nations, with Ger
many backing Franz Josef to the liniit.
It may be known in cabinet circles
Just what has called forth this decla
ration of the German chancellor at
this time, but that it has made a dis
tinctly bad impression is not to be
gainsaid. ,
Ultimate War Seems Certain
As It has been pointed out in these
dispatches, there is an element in of
ficial circles in all the capitals which
regards war ultimately as certain and
which believes that this is as favorable
a time as any to fight out the issues
which have made and kept Europe an
armed camp and thus bring about a
condition which would bring the dream
of general disarmament and universal
international arbitration within the
realm of practical politics.
While the price of a general European
war at this time would be enormous in
both treasure and blood, this element is
inclined to the belief that the results
which would follow such a struggle
would be worth the sacrifice, particu
larly as they hold that at some time in
the future war is bound to come.
Germany Ready for Strife
The renewal of the triple alliance, an
nounced today coincidentally with Beth
mann-Hollweg-s utterance, leads to the
belief that Germany has decided that
this time is as good a_» any for war to
come. Germany thinks It Is better pre
pared for war than any other nation,
and has supreme confidence In Its abil
ity to hold its own against all Europe,
if necessary.
All reports point to the beginning of
the armistice between Turkey and the
allies tomorrow and the assembling of
the peace envoys, probably in Switzer
land, where the terms of a treaty ter
minating the war will be thrashed out,
although the differences between Servia
and Austria apparently are no nearer a.
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