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I'cn'ticrnl >trc- **r#s»*t***Mtaff'« Mil Lowest Moimltt
"-'KM. 4«. For DflaiU of «'«e \\rti«hrr See Pii-re I.**.
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VOLUME (Will.—NO. 4.
Greece Breaks With Bulgaria and Refuses to End the War Until Constantinople Falls
War Correspondent Who
Chased Pair Nearly
Around World
Arrives Here
Pursuit Which Began Last
May Ends With Defi
in Hongkong .
After chasing an clopinp.
Lawrence Mott Jr. of New Totk and
Mrs. Hewitt Bowne, nearly all the way
around the world as the apent of the
senior Mott, and supposedly under a
• r of f..',000, Hector Fuller, war
< Trcspondent and soldier of fortune-, is
in San Francisco from the orient, his
mission a failure.
Mott declared in Hongkong, where
Fuller overtook the pair, that he would
never leave Mrs. Bowne, a former
actress, and they arc now living in a
city in the Interior of China.
The chase began last May.
All possible aid was given Fuller in
bis efforts to "recapture" young Mott
by the United States department of
restate. Consul Richard Spraguc at
Gibraltar was the first to receive im
perative orders to lend mm tot*nee in
breaking up the affair. While the
affinities were living an idyllic ex
istence on hoard the .slow British cargo
steamer, the Indradeo, Mv ...id Mrs.
Jordan Lawrence Mott and their man
at arms. Fuller, were raring across the
Atlantic to Southampton aboard one
or th< : greyhor:
HJother Gives Up Chase
The British boat, bound for the Phil
ippine islands and China, stopped at
Gibraltar to coal, and even as it tied
up at the coal hulks Fuller and the
frantic parents were racing southward
on the continent.
Mrs. Mott became exhausted before
the party reached Alffeciras, and it was
decided to send Fuller ahead. Consul
Sprague had received cable orders to
help Fuller In any way possible. The
couple came ashore to explore the rock,
and as they climbed into a gharry, the
sole means of transportation at Gibral
tar, the consul approached and asked
for an interview.
The pair were cheerful, admitted
their identity, drove the nonplussed of
ficial to Europa point, returned to their
ship and bade him farewell.
He tried to persuade them to remain
until Fuller arrived, but they merely
requested the skipper of the indradeo
to hurry. Two hours after the steamer
sailed Fuller crossed the bay from
Algeciras to Gibraltar and spent an en
tire day cursing his luck.
Pair Missed Again
He caught a Spanish mail boat a few
days later and all but overtook the
pair at Port Raid. Here ho was at a
disadvantage, for he was unable to
learn positively whether the Indradeo
would stop at Adi n or continue to Sa
bang, in the liutch Indies. The ship
was not equipped with wireless and it
was utterly impossible to communicate
with the capt-fln, whose route would
depend much on his coal supply. Mott
was signed on the ship's articles as
rurser and Mrs. Bowne was a steward
< -•, as is customary where cargo boats
are not chartered to carry passengers.
Fuller landed in Singapore the day
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AerrwintantP-Cfitifiwl Public 18J Invalid Heme t«
AgeOU Wanted 12 I Investments ......' y,
Amiisemmts 7 | Ki-llcln-r ft Browne is
.\jartmeut.s 13 j Ki.hler & Ct-iae 11
_lt-C_ !•'' ; I-ost -tij l',, ; ;,id ",'. v.
At-*ay*»r_ 1-J I-iimlxr fur Sale it
.Asrrology 12 »Mate Help Wanted 1^
Atkins, Robert 5" : 2 Matrimonial l 5
Attorney- 1- Medical " 12
Ant-Cons 1" ! Meeting* Lodge* 12
i AitotnoMlrs 3, 12 j M-Weii-Beotui Want, 12
~ Hahy (arrimrr- 1- \ Monarch oil ~*. ' '. 3
Dank Statements 2 j Mmcv to Lorn 10
Hardens and Supplies 121 Money to Loan t'-a] Estate
Kindness Qtatx-ea IS T VltnHea] lodtriltnpotH "'"' !■>
''- ■ Notary Put.Ho .!..".!.111!; 4
Perso-wls 12 -Oakland How-en 1.. lot 1 Ciifuniisliedi 1"i
'- j Oakland Real ''state ' ii
Carpet Cleaning 12 Oakland BnfHni to [_?t ...111! !■>
- *» 12 j O'Connor. Moffat* „- (<>. .....'..',' 18
' - Palo Alio and Vicinity
IS Patent Attorney* , *o
Clalrrnya-Dta 12 j Retaintna Poultry Show 111.111!!!! li*i
■ IS Ph- Cal tome 12
Dei b 12 Phya riaaa 13
[lentiara '2 Pmoertj*' Wanted " *_3
li. k and Cat Hospitals 12 Railroad Tune Tables • ..,.11.11! 15
J2 Real Bntatc tq Exchange M.lll! 13
king »2 Kent That Va&nit Room .!,!! 13
lal 12 Uebruond Ron! ..1.1! 13
- 1 i Bomb* and Roard Offered 13
i 'oynioni offices '2 Rooms for Housekeeping 13
Employment Wanted (female) 12 Rooms to Let t Knrnmbed and Unfurnished!!'. 13.
Employment Want-**- 1 (Male) 12 I Rosenthal Shoe Company , M ]g
Female Help Wanted - 12 Sacramento Valley Lands 1. 13
1!, Rooiit 12 ■ Salesmen and. Solicitors '' 12
Financial IIHT-13 San Ma Real l.,inu> ..., |_
_r_j ir{ Santa Clara Real Batata y,\
}|;»i- to i.oi iFiirnir-liodi 13 Santa Cruz Real Eatate tl
derieks * Co i Sewteg Machines _•
Furnished tjMirtmetata IS Nnane <*.• Oe 3
nitiire For Sale 12 Something for Something—To Exchange 12
y, irK 12 j Sonoma County Lands 13
■ !. mi. .Inllns S 1" Spiritualism 12
Government LuntU 13 1 Stauwwrlßg 12
I Hair Good*: .;..." *. 12 j standard Oil .•• 5
* lorn - Harness. Wagons 12 j Steamships 15
■|ot< i. IS Sfi>r«t:r- and Moving Vans M
11,,. 1". Si; > .urban Real Estate 13
1!-' -• 12
Jnf- 13 Typewriter* and Supplies 12
Itiaee«« Ksterminated '2 I Window Shades 12
Invalid Chairs 12 i Wood BttrtrtM 12
"An Independent Newspaper"
Physician Takes Fourth Bride
After Being Freed From Wife,
Herself Seven Times Married
Special Dispatch to The Call
KIDDING, Dec. 3.—Following: fast
upon the annulment of one marriage.
Dr. J. M. Heryford, a veteran physician
of MHlville, for the fourth time en
tered the marriage relation in this city
today. April 28, 1911. Doctor Hery
ford married Mrs. Grace M. Cady. a new
arrival from Yamhill county, Oregon.
She left in a few months, going to San
Francisco and never returning. Doctor
Heryford then learned that she was
still the wife of Clifford C. Cady of
Yamhill county. Cady wrote to the
doctor not to worry, as she had been
married six times before. Having suc
ceeded today in having his marriage to
Mrs. C*dy annulled, Doctor Heryford
(Minted up a minister and married Mrs.
Marilla March, a widow from his home
town of MillviUo. making this his
fourth matrimonial venture.
Reconciliation Denied by Wife
He Leaps With Son in Front
of Passing Train
SKATTI.K, Wash., Dec. B.—C. A.
Johnson, a" stationary engineer, -who for
the last fcfght months had quarreled
repeatedly with his wife, sought a
rernnriiiation this morning, and. being
finally repulsed, took his 6 year old
son Douglas to the Oregon and Wash
ington railway yard, and clasping the
I ••'»>* In his arms ran before the loco
motive ot" an approaching passenger
train. The hoy was instantly killed.
the body being carried a hundred
yards. The father was tossed aside
with a broken leg and cut forehead,
and probably will recover. The family
came t,o Seat'le from Idaho J*u*t .Sep
tember, .and Johnson had repeaiftdly
left his wife, always taking their boy
with hint.
League D<-d'eaten Pamphlet in Mr*.
\ and -rhilt for Milliik Work
During Her Stay
Special Dispatch to The Call
UK NO. Dec. S.—ln recognition of the
fa< t that she gave $250 to the anti
cigarette and Roy Scout work in R*»no
while she was temporarily residing
here pending the outcome of her suit
tor divorce from Dr. Smith Hollins Mc-
Kirn of Baltimore, Mrs. Alfred G. Van
derbilt is being honored by an anti
cigarette pamphlet dedicated to her. i
The pamphlet is for distribution among
college students of the Paciflc coast
and contains expressions against
cigarette smoking by many college
president* It is published by Mrg. G.
YV. Inpralls, superintendent of the Anti
cigarette league of Nevada.
Sacramento Ranker "HID- Annual Prea-
ent for Sinter
Special Dispatch to The Call
Bacramento, Dec. z. —An annual
Christmas present of $100 is provided
for his sister by the late John 1.. Hun
toon, a Sacramento banker, in his will
filed today. The sister is Mrs. F. B.
Goodrich of Enfield. Mass., and the
will provide that the present shall be
sent on Christmas day for the next 10
years. Huntoon bequeathed $1,000 to
the local Y. W. C. A. and $500 to the
Methodist Episcopal church. The bal
ance of the estate is left to Joseph E.
Huntoon and Eva M. Nlckell, his chil
LONDON, Dec. 3.—The protocol arranging an armistice was
signed late this evening by the Turkish and Bulgarian delegates, the
latter representing also Servia and Montenegro. Prior to this there
had been a long sitting of the Turkish council of ministers to con
Congressmen From All Sec
tions Agree Rough Rider
Is Out of Race
Speeltl Dlspatrh to Tbe Call
WASHINGTON, !>ee. 3. —One of the
interesting and surprising develop
ments of meeting of congressmen from
all parts of the country is the decidedly
general conviction that Theodore
Roosevelt will never again be a candi
date fur president.
Were this view confined to regular
republicans there would be at feast a
suspicion that the wish was father to
the thought. But such is not the case
It its difficult to lind a so-called pro
gressive member of either house who
does not entertain this view.
There are, of course, a few who be
lieve Koosevelt will be the nominee of
the bull moose party in-1916 and that
he will be elected on that ticket, but
they are so few that they could be
numbered on the lingers of one hand.
Among the meu who confidently as-
sert that Roosevelt will not again be a
candidate -are some whose admiration
for the sage of Oyster Bay knows no
bounds, but who declare that he did
not care this year to become president,
that he became a candidate front a
sense of duty, and that, having done
this duty in launching the third party,
will favor the nomination of a candi
date who has fewer enemies four years
It Is Also surprising to find so many
progressives predicting a coalition be
tween the two wings of the republican
party, the elimination of the third
party and the nomination of a reason
ably progressive candidate on the re
publican ticket who will command the
support of all republicans. This de
velopment may follow the unifying
effort of both minority parties.
It is noteworthy, however, that pre
dictions that the. two wings of the party
will come together are made far more
freely by the progressives than by the
regular republicans.
Passes Vp Offer an Head of Sub
Special Dispatch to The CaH
WASHINGTON. "Qee. 3.—Representa
tive Needham of California was yes
terday tendered the position as head
of the subtreasury at San Pranciseo
to succeed Treasurer Ralston, and
formally declined today. The offer
was extended by Senators Perkins and
Works, who have been at ioggrerheads
o-er the retention of Ralston, the in
Erlanger's Old Family Skele
tons Bared in Edith St.
Clair's Action Against
Special Dispatch tc Ths Call
NEW YORK, Per. .",.—A large and
enthusiastic audience, largely chorus
girls and theatrical people, again was
present in the supreme court today.
where tbe suit of Edi-h St. Clair, the
actress, against Marc Klaw of Klaw
& Erlanger was in progress.
Only a few of those who sought en
trance could get Into the courtroom.
but those who did were kept in a con
stant titter by the testiirionv. First
there was the testimony of Abraham
£_ Erlanger,' against whom in reality
the suit Is brought. In which he re
newed the' attack lie made yesterday
on Max D. Steur of counsel for Miss
i St. Clair. He spoke of Steer frequent-
Iv. interspersing hi*" testimony with
the term "blackmailer."' The lawyer
apparently was unmoved by the accu
Then came his partner, Marc Klaw.
who testified rather reluctantly that
he had signed a contract and issued a
check for $2,500 as first payment under
it to Miss St. Clair, and finally Miss St.
Clair herself, who just before recess
took the stand to tell of her accom
plishment as an actress and how she
had been employed by Klaw & Er
langer for 15 years.
Once the twelfth juror could not hear
when Erlanger was testifying.
"Your honor," cried the juror, "make
him speak up. I can't hear a word ex
cept when he calls somebody a liar or
something like that."
Lawyer Mooney, for the plaintiff,
launched into an attack on. Erlanger,
which resulted in the judge mi>- •—*•■-~
hhn to be more orderly.
"All the News All the Time 9 '
sider fresh proposals submitted by the allies. Apparently the Greek
delegates did not sign the protocol. At present nothing is known defi
nitely on this point or of the terms of the armistice as revised today,
The attitude of Greece indicates its intention to attack the Dardanelles.
Heads of European governments that figure in the news concerning
the vexed conditions in the old world. The crown prince of the buffer state
of Roumania is consulting with the emperor of Germany; the Grecian king
is angry at Bulgaria's czar for arrogating to himself all the glory of the triumph
over the Turks, and the president of Switzerland has ordered that the little
Swiss army he put on a war footing. There are two views showing the use
of aeroplanes by Bulgarians in scouting operations.
W. N. Clad den,. Formerly Asso
ciate of President Harri
son, Succumbs.
Special Dispatch to Tbe Call
SANTA ROSA, Dec. 3.—William N.
Gladden, who was associated with
President Harrison in establishing and
conducting the Indianapolis Journal in
1842, died at his home In Healdsburg
today after a short illness. He was 86
years old.
As a principal of schools, editor and
farmer, he lived in. Indiana until 1870,
when he came to Healdsburg and en
gaged in the fruit raising industry,
making peaches and prunes his spe
cialty. He was an authority on fruits.
He came to California across Panama
with his wife in 1569.
+ ,
But "What Became of Tie.- and Cake*
Deponent Sayeth Xoi
Special Dispatch to The Call
CHICAGO. Dec. 3.—Reporters cap
tured a burglar in the act of leaving
the Busy Bee restaurant, 6 South Jef
ferson street, early today with a loot
of $18 and an armload of pies and
cakes. They leaped on the back of
the prowler and held him until the
police came. A second robber ran into
the arms of a policeman, and he. too,
was arrested. The reporters were sent
to "cover" an early morning assign
men i^'i - ____*_i^ -p --ue prowl
ers i
Clondy. *— Ufa ralnt brink wp--.h-«-r». rr lnd*.
Many Persons Now Are Looking
For Houses and Apartments.
If you have one to lease, use The
Call's classified advertising pages.
You'll quickly find what you're
Double Funeral in Presidio Dis
closes How Soldier Gave Up
Life for Comrade in Arms
A story of how one soldier met a
tragic, death in the Philippines after
his comrade virtually had given up his
life in a pathetic effort to nurse him
back to health was unfolded yesterday
afternoon at the burial of Privates Lee
G. McFadden and Elijah F. Burress of
the Twenty-fourth infantry, stationed
in tie Islands, in the Presidio national
Several weeks ago, while on sentry
duty at a lonely post in the snake in
fested region of northern Luxon, Pri
vate McFadden was attacked by a mon
; ster boa constrictor. The snake slowly
was crushing out his life, when he was
rescued by companions. The Injured
! man was found to be suffering with
I badly crushed lung:;-.
He would permit n|one to nurse him
but his "bunkle" and lifelofig friend,
Burress. The two had been school
mates together in the states and dur
ing their army life they had been In
Night and day "Burress administered
to his stricken companion, who devel
oped pneumonia. Burress. suffering
from lack of food and continuous con
finement, contracted pneumonia him
self, and died two days after his
friend passed away.
The two bodies were brought to San
Francisco on the army transport that
arrived hew- a week ago for burial.
Belgrade Is Defiant Despite
Fact That Emperor Franz
Josef, Has Great Force
Massed to Strike Little
Kingdom Terrific Blow
When Time Is Ripe for
Action Regarding Adriatic
Military Experts Believe a
Clash Between the Balkan
State and "Dual Mon
archy" Would End in De
feat for Latter—No Impor
tance Attached to Helenic
Withdrawal From League
Special Cable to The Call
LONDON, Dec. 3.—The proposed
peace conference in London never
m-v he held.
Tonight Budapest, St.
Petersburg, Sofia ant! Belgrade are in
the throe? of fresh excitement.
The clash between Austria and
Servia may happen at any moment.
If it occurs, there is small hope of
averting a war in which the majority,
if not all, the European powers will
be involved.
A Budapest telegram states that
count yon Berchtold is about to de
mand that King Peter of Servia shall
present himself in full regalia at the
Austrian consulate in Belgrade and
publicly apologize for indignities
which it is alleged the Serbs commit
ted against the Austrian consular
Serbs White With Anger
The Serbs are white with anger.
War would be welcomed by the ex
cited populace of Belgrade tonight,
despite the statement that Austria has
close upon 100,000 troops mobilized
around Selim, just across the Nave
river from the Servian capital, and
60,000 more in Scrajavo, close to the
Servian border of Bosnia.
The Serbs treat the military
strength of Austria with undisguised
contempt. They say that the only
real fighters in the army of the dual
monarchy are with them heart and
soul; that the purely Austrian troops
are "poltroons led by aged asses."
Austria is ridiculed in the Belgrade
newspapers. On the other hand, ap
peals are made to the patriotism and
friendliness of the Slav races in the
southern and eastern provinces of
Austro-Hungtary, "which German
usurpers have tricked and attempted
to enslave."
Austrian Army Is Weak
Servia is not alone in doubting the
effectiveness of the Austrian army.
Here it is predicted openly that if Aus
tria provokes a war with the Balkan
states it will be whipped badly. Little
importance was attached to the pecu
liar conduct of Greece. The experts
all along have se-m small reason for
glorifying the Greek deeds during the
war. Should the Greeks decide not to
$10,000 5 per cent Bonds of the
Irrigation Dist. for sale at 91
1,000 Sunnyvale land Co., 12%,
at 65c
1.'.00 Tidewater and Sonthern Ry. at Tse.
100 California State Ufe Insurance at $21.
800 Western States Life Inauranca.
75 Vulcan Fire Inaura_.ee.
150 Mascot Copper. »
50 Ocean Shore Hail--*y.
5,000 Seaboard Oil and Transit.
714 Market St., Opp. Call Bldg.
I_ryes«t Dealer* In Unlisted Securities en
the Pacific Coast Established 1800.

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