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Mrs. Lyons on Verge of Breakdown
Doctor Is Called to Quiet Divorcee
Rich Realty Dealer Is in
Poor Physical Con
dition to Survive
Physicians attending Robert Wid
»ey, the -wealthy Los Angeles real ea
tate broker. In Dr. A. W* Morton's
hoepltal, 775 Cole street, say he has
but a slight chance to recover from
the effects of Wednesday afternoon's
shooting-. Mrs. Vivian Vernon Lyons,
the actress divorcee, held in detinue as
the author of the crime, Is on the
verge of a breakdawn, and the services
of a physician were needed to quiet
her yesterday.
The debauch indulged in by the
pair before the shooting is having its
Jnnlng with Widney. for hi* stomach
Iβ co weak that he can retain but lit tip
nourishment This has weakened him
considerably. If he dies Mrs. Lyons
Immediately will be charged with mur
Widney was seen yesterday by De
tectives McGrayan and Wren, who are
handling the case, but he refused to
clear up the element of mystery.
"My business is suffering because
of this affair," the wounded man said
to the detectives. "Too much has been
said already, and to tell the truth I
couldn't explain Just what happened
if I wanted to. In any event I have
no statement to make now."
Another auditor of Mrs. Lyons , con
fession came forwa-rd yesterday. He
is Dr. A. W. Hamilton, who is asso
ciated with Dr. O. C. Joslen, brother
In law of Mrs. Widney. Joslen was
summoned by telephone directly after
the shooting at the request of Wid
ney. He feared everything was not
right, as he is not practicing, and the
name of the sufferer was not given.
Thinking some one might be trapping
him info possible harm he asked Dr.
Hamilton to accompany him.
Arriving at the Sorrento hotel they
found another physician, as yet un
identified, in attendance.
"The woman rushed to us and shout
ed: 'I shot the , and if
he doesn't die this time I'll shoot him
again. He'll never go back to that
woman, , " said Mrs. Lyons, according
to Dr. Hamilton. Dr. Joslen agreed
that his associate had quoted Mrs.
Lyons faithfully.
In the city prlzon Mrs. Lyons con
tinued to arouse the envy of the other
women inmates by appearing in a se
ries of expensive gowns and allowing
them glimpses of dainty lingerie.
Every time she leaves her cell to be
Interviewed by her lawyer, former
Judge Carroll Cook, detectives or
newspaper men, she dons a new and
more gorgeous hat. Each hat has boots
and stockings to match.
Former Judge R. M. of Los
Angeles, father of the wounded man,
arrived yesterday from Oregon, where
he has been engaged on a big realty
deal. He hurried to the bedside of
his eon and an affecting scene oc
"Hello, dad," said the younger mam,
The father merely clasped both his
hands around the one outstretched by
the patient. Tears filled his eyes as
he leaned over the bed and whispered:
"Oh, Bob, why did you do it?"
They were left alone for a brief time
β-nd later the former jurist and one
time millionaire refused to discuas the
case. •
The wife and . mother of Widney
visited him for a short time during the
morning and the afternoon. Mrs. Wld
ney Jr. refused to admit that she
would apply for a divorce, but her
brother in law. Dr. Joslen, said he did
not think it likely she would.
During the past year Widney has
insured himself for sums variously said
to be $10,000 and $25,000, and as the
policies contain a suicide clause it
is said Widney has given relatives a
signed statement in which he asserts
that Mrs. Lyons was responsible for
the shooting. Thle to be used in case
be dies.
Reuben d-ay's Daughter Aske Leniency
for Him in Justice's Court
IMeading with Justice A- T. Barnett
to give her father time to pay a debt,
15 year old Mary Gray of 4366 Seven
teenth street, yesterday told how mis
fortune prevented Its payment. The
amount was $27 for groceries due D. J.
OShea, 4400 Seventeenth street. O'Shea
waited several months for his money
and then began suit.
The court was unable to avoid giving
Judgment against the father, Reuben
bray, for debt contracted for neces
saries of life.
The little girl said that the debt was ,
contracted while her father was pay
ing hospital expenses for her mother,
who died.
"Tiropn In ,, From Alnmeda and Distrib
utee Tickete From Aerial Perch
•her aviator "dropped In" on San
Francisco yesterday afternoon, crossing
ay and flying the length of MarJtet
street on a round trip to the residence
district. The visitor was Harry Craw
vho is to fly at Emeryville next
Sunday. .
Hβ started from Sunset field. Ala
meda, at 3:15 o'clock, and, after circling ,
San Francisco 1,000 f«et in the air, flew
back over Yerba Buena island to
■ —yville.
During his trip he dropped aerograms
containing complimentary tickets for
the aviation meet next Sunday.
A Euchexietlc week will be held coni
ng tomorrow by the Pauii.«t
Pβ at old St. Mary's church, Cali
i street and Grant avenue. Ser
mons will be preached by Father
Towey. Ills first sermon will be at
,)ck tomorrow morning on
"The Test of I,oyalty." The evening
Kerraoiis at 8 o'clock will be as , fol
lows: Tomorrow, "Mary, the Mother
of the King"; Monday, "The Precursor
of the King"; Tuesday, "Bethlehem of
Juda"; Wednesday, "The Gallllean Min
istry"; Thursday, "The Call to the
Kingdom"; Friday, "The Beauty of the
Kingdom," and Sunday, "The Euchar
istic Lord and King."
World's Championship Motorcycle
at Emeryville track, Sunday, December 1
8, starling 2:30 p. m. 20 minute ferry j
service from foot of Market street, con- ]
necting- with Southern Pacific Oakland
pier electric lines direct to track en- i
ijance.—ACtvt. , •
Autographed picture of Mrs. Frances Vernon Lyons, which she had given
to Robert J. Widney, the man she is accused of shooting. It is signed "Aunt
Belly" which was the name by which he addressed her.
SPOKANE, Doc. 6.—Thomas Crow, a
stenographer, was arrested today on a
charge of forgery sworn to by James
MartJ»i, a special agent of the Oregon-
Washington Railroad and Navigation
company. The charge was made in
connection with the cashing of railroad
pay checks. Checks totaling nbout
$5,000 were lost or stolen a week ago
on the way from Portland to W Hace.
Idaho. Fourteen of the missing checks
were cashed in Spokane.
N\\^\' \\\\\Wt / ■ A* v X Vrf '"' i tB \
SANTA ANA, Dec. 6. —False teeth
caused the death here today of Miss
Elizabeth Mitchell, 43 years of age,
a sister of County School Superinten
dent Mitchell. "Ten days ago Miss
Mitchell swallowed two false teeth and
a plate. Veins or arteries in Jier
stomach* were cut by Uμ teeth and
resulted from internal hem
Official Peeved When He
Said Barbary Coast Was
Worse Than Windy City
Believinsr the statement made by
Captain of Police Meagher of Chicago
in an Associated Press dispatch, quot
ing him to say th-at Chicago's redlight
district was a heaven compared to the
underworld of San Francisco, deserves
tit for tat. Chief of Police White yester
day recounted a few things concerning
the recent visit of Meag-her to this
"Why, I saw things in San Fran
cisco," Meagher is quoted as saying,
"that would notibe tolerated in Chicago
for a minute}" Mayor James Rolph i
was in ■ Chicago Thursday and read
Meagher'g statement with interest.
■Meagher said that Red Kelly's Midway
cafe in Pacific street was undoubtedly
the worst dive in the world.
White says that Meagher came to
his office two weeks agt saying that
he was on a vacation. White detailed
several detectives, as is the rule when
a visiting policeman comes to the city,
to show Meagher the sights.
"Poor old Captain Meagher," said
White. "Meagher was never a police
man. Why, when he rode on the cars j
he flashed his star and several times
was compelled to pay a fare. But the
last day of his stay made him peeved.
He wanted a free ticket to tlie Wol
sast-Ritthie fight and 1 didn't have
any. n e made some remark as he
slammed, my door to the effect that if
J r!io tisrht were in Chicago he could have
obtained several tickets for his friends.
A close friend of mine heard his state
ment and took him to the h'ght, pay
i ing his way.
"So San Francisco is the worst vice
ridden city in the country, according
to Meagher. It is to laugh. This is
his,manner of repaying our small cour
AVhile commenting upon Meagher's
statement relative to the condition of
San Francisco. Chief White was study
• ing- "The Social Evil in Chicago," pre
j pared by the Chicago vice commission,
I which placed Chicago in the lead as
a vice and crime ridden center.
Mayor Rolph is quoted as saying that
he will investigate Meagher's statement
upon his arrival in San Francisco.
Local Brevities
NEW SOCIETY HOME -The Cbovra Kadisha,
a burial society "organized Ibe JenUh
l«eoi>U- in IWJI for !be purpose of haaUling
Hie interment of poor people, will dedicate
its new home, 1641 Webster street, near Sut
ler, tomorrow aft*riß>on. at 1 o'clock, with
i'lt'Testing F-erview. All of th»» prominent
rubbls of the cttj will officiate and Oi*tp will
be an open house from 10 a. m. to 6 p. m.
English Educational Question" will be dU
ciissod by Prof. Israel Abrahams of Cetnbridgp,
Kntrland, at the regular luncheon today of tb#
ComnteQwealtfl club, I'alsce hotel. The
monthly meeting of the club will be hpld
Wednesday, Deeeo&Jw '*• at tne st - Franci*
liolel, 5:30 p. in., at which the club's commit
tee will report ou the law's delay following
h month's investigation of criminal and legal
(Janiner. arrwted at the Taiace hotel two
weeks mro at the instance of the Penrer po
lice, where 4t was alleged he was wanted on
a charge of ncrand l&reeny by a confidence
game, whs get free yesterday by Superior
.Jurtue TVhy of Inyo county, sitting for Judge
Otiannis*. on a writ of hahae* corpus. Gard
ner was at liberty on $.'{,ooo ball. The local
write* were notified that the charge In DenTer
had been dropped.
* mmmmmmmmmm Shop Now
I The "Xew Retail <>n«er" j
Hale's Glove *tW at Good Gifts
Orders Mr - E - S° mrners has
A . v tt , provided a particular
Are good at the Hale - r •
stored in San FranrU Market and Fifth Sts. Stock of Gift Books
stores in ban Francis- for children and
co, Los Angeles, Sac- 1
ramento, San Jose, stxteen '«*»»•«• «■"»•»■ •««• blo «* •»■*«• : grown-ups.
Stockton or Oakland. SHOPPING HERE EASIEST First Floor
Open Saturday Evenings Until
For the Accommodation of Holiday Shop'
pers Who Cannot Shop in the Daytime
j^ ; ?m iialc S lOi 1 Ujro
A. Phrase A 1 ways in Mind
Ws' At Christmas Time
4: Punch and Judy and oanta Claus
Santa Clans Jjiraself invites erery child to com# in and talk with
v > v ' % 1/ % Punch and Judy and Santa Clans here from 11 a. m. to 12 m., from 2
' Vl i % „ "if^' to 5 p - m- On Saturdavs - 10:3 ° to 1 p- m - 7:30 to 8 p - m
-•M ^' W Sleight-of-Hand Performances Saturday Evening
<-s ifflAWwf&Zrff' A demonstrator will, during the evening, demonstrate a splendid lot
ry.\ I of magic triQks, intereeting and the kind your boy could do after
':*»■*.« j'-d&fffs&FlF a little practicing. No Christmas present pleases more than magic
■»a <* A "«*T tricks. We have something new to show you.
Educational Games Dolls
Turkish Tube-Phonr—A series of Pcs Baxebalt Game—Will teach the Drwurd Dolia, 11 Inches blurb. 25c—
brass tubes of different lengths science of the great American Sleeping eyes, bisque head; fully
which give forth a sweet, tinkling game. Tjie small sons of every dressed.
note when struck. Depending patriotic father should each have Fnlly D reaeed Jointed Doll, I.oo—
upon the range of notes, 25c to one. Only 50c. Bisque head, sleeping eyes, flaxen
, * 2s * / .. ~ *,• -Mr «.-,» i. „ hair; large straw hat; very pretty.
ivtfkot i-M-imh n«rh*~Of beauttfullv Bowllna; Alley—Made well and la a
%rtlPri mPtal' or Yon- small duplicate of large alleys; is Special Id-Inch Ke.tner Doll, 95c—
Finn™* ,f a m ? 3 feet long, complete with 10 well Full ball-and-socket Jointed;
skf" but g «Sve a brilWnt Tsht turned *> ins of P™per slze ' marble ? ls( » ue head with curly hair, sleep
romnlete 125 Lareer «i», coni- for bowling, and ludicrous figure ing eyes and real eyelashes.
pleTe P a.oi) g * yhich is made to throw the ball. IJfO -Stuffed with cot
>lr,o«D« Outfit, 1.00--Develops orig- 2 -°°* ton--dressed in pretty silk motley
inal thought capacity in young Battledonr and Shuttlecock —A game tiomes ana cap.
nnd old: makef fascinating game; for skill and fun. Two sizes. 16-inch Doll, 50c—Bisque head; dur
will make 15 working models of Complete with rockets and shut- able full-Jointed body, sleeping
metal: will not wear out? an in- ties, 50c and 1.35. eyes, hair eyelashes, nicely curled
structive booklet goes with each. long hair, parted and tied with
Other sizes, 2.00. 4.00, «.0» and Pieer Pongr Set—lndoor table tennis ribbon: comes with fancy chenij>\
10.00. game. £ev*r grows old. Com- knitted socks and shoes.
Donkey I'nsine. 18 Inotae- h» K h. *>..%» plete Wlth racc l uels 10 ° set Pel i jointed Doll, Special, I.B9—lias
— Exceptionally well buJlt; a inn- Table Croquet—B mallets and balls, a good body, a bisque head with
chin* , -—not a toy: polished steel stocks tastefully' decorated with sleeping eyes and real eyelashes;
boiler with weight regulated colors and varnished: twisted wire stands 25% inches high and is
sTfetv valve: 'arn-opcratod I1W« wickets. All compactly contained dressed in fancy shoes, stockings
valves on cylinder; well turned in a. nicely finished wood box, and chemise.
4-inch balance wheel; tilted with 1.25 set, 27-inch Keatner Doll, 4.7s—Luxuri
lubricating system and mounted tame—For the youthful war- "t curly hair, tied with bows of
on heavy cast iron base. Smaller B "V nr to shoot at tho ribbon; sweet face, with sleeping
s zes. 6.75, and down as low as 4.% c. r,or - *?e learns to snoot at t eves- dressed in fancy chenii«o
Tool CheM and Complete of JS q i??ed" sSSffj SSnffZS* m&cISSS' wlU^'a't-'
Tool*, 1.75--Contained tn rose- « olnt T with soldiers nistol and tractive slippers to match,
wood chest. inches. points. \\ itn soiaiers, pistol ana **\
Radloptlcan. 5.00—A very clever ma- ammunition, 50c. Character Clri Doll, 75c—Neatly
Pop-I»-Ta~-Exciting fun for every B &^^^inl^^Jj^^
-Vho\oSp?ph^m£lia^"l u 7t2! games y °-Sr lnS *" Parl ° r the very latest Parleian fashion.
lions, etc. NTo expensive slides X ' Full Jointed Doll, Special, I.B9—Has
necessary. Practical for home en- Department Store Game—Teaches * gfood body, a bisque head with
tertalnment for everybody, young care in expenditure of money. Bleeping eyes and real eyelashes;
or old. Uses pas. electricity or Especially interesting for little stands 26% inches high and is
carbide light. Other sizes, 7.50 to girls, but both boys and girls play dressed in fancy shoes, stocking^
20.00. it. 50c. and chemise.
A Striking Purchase of Coats
So Unusual That We Take a Space Usually Devoted
to Christmas Gift Lists to Bring Out a
Coat Event of Greatest Interest
111 ' w Erack **
—While a very large outlet and su- —It wasn't just luck that these
perior buying facilities bring us values were so unusual that it
good things generally, so too, made some of our coats, already in
does good luck get due credit for , .
some things. stock ' at low markings, too, seem
T . , , ~ 11-1 high-priced. It wasn't luck for us
-—It was luck that we could pick up , , . ,
from an Eastern manufacturer a ~ but lt was luck for >' ou
great number of coats at a pit- —We had to put the higher-priced
tance. price because he wished to coats in with the recently pur
be, rid of them to strike into his chased values—and there you
spring business. have the coat sale.
Misses' and Women's Sizes
—Plain broadcloths, rough mixtures, zibelines and smooth cloths, as well as mannish mixtures.
—Big, roomy handsome-looking coats —of materials that stay handsome for a long time.
—Plain backs, belted backs, plain colors, small and big, broad stripes, large button-up collars.
—Coats lined and unlined. All full length.
—Deep cuffs, in self and contrasting materials.
—We want you to be very much surprised.
—So we won't quote the usual retail prices. While they last, tho, you can get a coat for 10.75.
Coat and Suit Department — Second Floor-

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