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California Varsity Is State Rugby Champion Unless Santa Clara Varsity Should Defeat the Bue and Gold
Question Raised by Vancouver
Seen in a Brand New Light
Blue and Gold Never Has Lost the Title Held
Since the Season of 1909
The argument as to who is champion of California at Rugby football is
causing considerable trouble to local Rugby enthusiasts. Yesterday The
Call wired to Vancover, and Reggie Woodward, the well known British
Columbia Rugby authority, was interviewed on the subject of an all star
team being eligible to play for the Cooper-Keith trophy, in case the local
Rugby union was unable to decide on the state champion. Woodward made
it plain that according to the deed of
gift of the cup it would be impossible
ior an at: star team irom tnis state to
meet an all star team from British
Columbia for the trephy. The news
from the north brings the information
that the agreement states that the cup
must be competed for between teams
that hold the championship in the're
spective districts, this meaning either
club or university champion as regards
our local situation. There is another
provision that gives the opportunity
to any team in the United States to
challenge for the trophy, provided, of
course, they are the champions in their
respective leagues.
This last provisions would th«
Barbarians, as the local club champion,
the right to challenge for the trophy
if the local club so desired, and they
would be in perfect order in doing so
in the present instance, unless the
union decides otherwise. 4
Yesterday another phase of the
"rhampionship" argument came before
thei writer. As far as California and
Stanford and Santa Clara are con
cerned, there Iβ a champion. At the
present the University of Cali
fornia is the undisputed university
champion of California.
I make this statement with a full
knowledge that it is going to be ques
tioned, but a little explanation should
convince any fair minded man that the
blue and gold is entitled to the cham
pionship if they play and defeat the
University of Santa Clara, and the win
ner of this game should be the team
to go north to play for the coast cham
pionship and the Cooper-Keith cup.
California was the undisputed cham
pion team last year, the championship
being decided by the varsity games—
that is, between all varsities playing
the game on the coast. The Stanford
and California game alone can not de
cide the champion team. In my article
yesterday I stated that neither Cali
fornia, Stanford nor Santa Clara was
entitled to the championship.- but on
the phase of the argument placed be
fore me last night I can not but see
how any other team but California can
be awarded the championship.
In every branch of sport a man is a
• •■lampion until he is defeated. Take
track and field work, take boxing, take
■".■resiling or get away to yacht rac
ing or any other branch you desire and
you will find that a man is a champion
or a boat is the champion until an op
position athlete or yacht comes along
and defeats the admitted champion.
What is the result if a man runs a dead
heat? What is the result if the cham
pion boxer fights to a draw decision?
The answer is the same in every case
—the champion is still champion. He
has not yet been defeated and until he
is defeated he retains his champion
ship title. The University »of Califor
nia Rugby football team held the cham
pionship last season and Stanford
failed to defeat the team this year.
In all justice and fairness to every
one and with the Interests or Rugby
football in the state as the guiding
light, I fail to see how the Rugby
union can overlook the claims of the
University of California on the argu
ment I have just made. The argument
was placed before me by an eastern
football man who knows both the
American and Rugby code of football.
His arguments are sound and to the
point and have the same relative merits
In Rugby football as In track work,
boxing or anything else.
Clara and try to arrange a game be
tween the two institutions. The win
ner of this game would be the undis-
The California Rugby union, how
ever, can not overlook the fart that
the University of Santa Clara is enti
tled to a crack at the present champion
team of the state —th ) University of
California. The claims of the Mission
college town team are just, and as they
were disappointed in not meeting the
California varsity during the present
reason it would not be out of place for
the local union to consult the manage
ment, of both California and Santa
J. !•■
puted university champion of the state,
and as both California and Santa Clara
have defeated the Barbarians, the win
ner will be entitled to the sole cham
pionship of the etate and the rigrht to
play the northern British champions
for the coast title and the Cooper-Kejth
At present California is the undis
puted champion and must be consid
ered such until the team is defeated.
If California can not see it way .clear
to play Santa Clara, then that is an
other matter and one wherein the
Rugby union will have to act and pos
sibly decide the title by default.
Special Dispatch to The Call
VANCOUVER, B. C. Dec. 6.—Accord
ing to deed of gift of the Cooper-Keith
trophy it would be impossible for an
all star California Rugby fifteen to play
for the trophy against its present hold
ers, the Vancouvers. When interviewed
regarding the suggestion that an all
star California team come north to play
for the coveted cup during Christmas
holidays, Reggie Woodward, manager of
the local team, gave out the following
"Much as we all would welcome an
all star California team here to play for
the Cooper-Keith trophy during the
Christmas holidays, it would be impos
sible to play such a series for the trophy
owing to stipulations in the deed of
gift. The agreement distinctly states
that the cup must be competed for by
teams that hold championships in their
respective leagues. There is also a
provision made whereby any team in
the United States may challenge for
the trophy, provided, of course, they
may be champions in their respective
leagues that play the English game.
"We are anticipating a jseries for the
Cooper-Keith trophy during Christmas
week, having communicated with the
California Rugby union to ascertain
what team holds the California cham
pionship, but as yet we have not re- I
ceived any infdrmation. We had an
ticipated making final arrangements'
for the tour at the Rugby union meet
ing called for next Monday evening.,
Despite the fact that an all star Cali
fornia team would be ineligible to play
for the Cooper-Keith trophy, the Van
couver Rugby union, so far as I am
personally concerned, would welcome
a visit of an all star California team
to play a series of, say three matches, |
on Christmas day in Victoria, in Ta
coma or Seattle on Saturday, the final
match to be played here on New Tears
day. These matches would be played
between all star teams chosen from
both unions.
"As the result of our showing against
the Waratahs, as compared with Cali
fornia teams, we feel as though the
Vancouver champions this season
could defeat any team in California,
but an all star team from the south'
would be acceptable for a series of
three exhibition games."
Victoria and Vancouver play here
tomorrow in the second game for the
provincial championship, and a local
victory is expected.
special uispatcn to The Call
NEW YORK. Dee. C—Joe OetM of Brooklyn
ram*- nearer to bavins: a knockout chalked up
apainst hip pugilistic record tonight than he
ever did before. He was defeated in a 10 round
bout by Johnny Lor* of the West Side who
floored him three times in the third round and
twico in the ninth, but there was not quite
enoftgn steam behind the punches to turn the
needed trick, and Conter. by pure grit and
stamina, was enabled to stick.
OAKLAND. Dff. 6.—Members of the Alameda
C<*unty Game ProteetiTe association harp elected
Dr. C. A. Wills president for the «n«*nlng year
Stat* Senator B. K. Strobrldge was' elected" Tlce
president and Luther Rood of Pleasunton was
chosen secretary. A direct orate made up of C
1., frtllla and Karl Dowain* ot Pleaeanton,
W. P. Taylor of Berkeley, H. Carrier of Fruit
vhlp and W. 11, ElUsou of Oaklautl was also
Matter Will Be Straightened Out by A. A. U. at Once
Nothing so mystified the athletic fans of the
country as the nonacceptance of George Horine's
world's high jump record of 6 feet 7 inches when
the Amateur Athletic union met in New York
last month. The mystery has been solved. The
Amateur Athletic union never received the affi
davits certifying to the accuracy of the jump
and the height. Those record sheets are still in
San Francisco, in the possession of Harold
Maundrell of the Olympic club.
When the record was made Saturday, May 18,
at the Olympic trials the proper officials certified
to the accuracy of the jump, and on the follow
ing Monday the proper affidavits were drawn up
in The Call office. The papers were then handed
to Harold Maundrell of the Olympic club, who
had been designated by the referee of the meet
Brooklyns and Yosemites
to Tangle Tomorrow
The Brooklyn afrid Yosemite American
code football teams are to play off for
the club championship and the Gerson
cup at the St. Ignatius grounds to
morrow morning at 10:30 o'clock.
The game promises to be the best one
of the season, both teams being com
paratively evenly matched. The Brook
lyn team has played three .tie games
during the season, one each against
the Twenty-ninth company, coast ar
tillery, team; the All Vallejo team, and
the Yosemites. In the second games
with the artillery and Vallejo teams
the Brooklyns - came back strong and
won both games, so that it now only
remains for the team to defeat the
Yosemite eleven tomorrow morning to
cinch the dub championship title.
The Yosemite showing against the
Brooklyn team when the tie game was
played three weeks ago has put # lots of
ginger into the Yosemite team and its
supporters are feeling confident that
the team can turn the trick on the
In Frates and Adler the Brooklyn
team have ttro of the best tackle play
ers on any of the teams playing the
old game round the bay. The attack
of the team promises to open some new
stunts and some of the best displays of
the fbrward pass are looked for in the
The Yosemite team will be consider
ably strengthened for the game by the
inclusion of Hunter at fullback and
Gregg and Fink on the line.
Lipton Wants St. Louis on
Yachting Map
Special Dispatch to The Call
ST. LOUIS. Dec. 6.—Sir Thomas Lip
ton, the famous British sportsman, ar
rived here today and was given a great
reception by prominent business men
and leading sportsmen. Sir Thomas
appears to be very much worked up
over the great regatta proposed for
San Francisco during the big fair in
1915. He suggested that the citizens
of St. Louis get together, build a
racing yacht and enter it in the inter
national competition on the Pacific
coast The St. Louis citizens replied
that they would at once enter into
negotiations for a yacht which they
will send in against Upton's craft off
.Sandy Hook when that boat reaches
New York on its way to San Francisco.
MAJjfISON. Wis.. Dec. 6.—Alran Tandber* of
CMppFwa Fell*, fullback on the championship
Wisconsin football team, today was elected cap
tain for the i»U! team over Ralph P. Butler of
Glen <Kidge. N. .T., Walter Cttnp'a choice for
tackle on the All American team. Tamiberg
is a junior.
M CopyrlgbU 1»1X- by B. 1* Goidberjf.
to see that proper steps were taken to have the
record placed before the A. A. U. for acceptance.
Maundrell obtained the necessary seven sig
natures and then placed the valuable papers in
his desk, to be sent to New York. Somehow
the papers got mixed in with others in the desk
and were not discovered until yesterday, when
it was mentioned to Maundrell that he had been
given the papers to dispatch to New York.
The documents will be sent to James E. Sul
livan immediately, and the records committee
will take a mail vote on the record
There is no doubt that it will be promptly
accepted by the records committee of the Ama
teur Athletic union. It was impossible for the
union to accept the record unless the proper
papers were before it on which to place its
Bombardier Knocks
Out South African
l.nvnov. Dec. 6.—Bombardier
Well)*, t.be English heavy weight
champiou, made hi* first appear
ance in the ring In London since
his return from the United States
when tonight he knocked out
George Rodel, champion of South
Africa. The end of the fight came
in the second round, after Wells
twice had floored Rodel.
The Call's Selections
For the Juarez Races
Following are The Call's selections for the
races today at Juarez:
FIRST KACE-Five aad a half furlongs;
selling; 4 year olds aDd upward:
Index. Bone. Wt
150$ JIM L 109
1677 LOOKOUT 101
IWS any Sponsor 106
IWB Folk 10e
158S Abe Rlupskey 106
Mi r-.ppers 106
John Patterson ought to breeze; races have
all be*>n j-ooci. Jim l lapt race quit badly. look
out ran ■ slitfty race the other day.
SECOND RACE— Fire and a half furlongs;
selling; flllies; 2 year olde:
Index. Horse. TTt.
ivs- KIVA I#4
1687 Sprightly Miss 101
1571 Pretty Dale 89
1536 Belle W>
1393 Swif t*nre 88
Kira woo her lagt races Impressively. Morris'
Blly is one of the beet racing there. Inquleta
last race bothered, and that race should be over
looked. Mother Keteham revels In the going.
THIRD RACE—Five and a half furlongs;
selling; 3 year olds and upward:
Index. Horse. Wt.
l."9l RIO BRAZOS 101
524 COLINET - 11l
8254 Ursula Emma , . 101
1573 Frazzle 103
Lady Rankin is the class and has only to get
a break to beat the field. Bio Brazos is very
good right at present.
rotßlH year olde and upward;
Index. Hor*e w"t.
1150 EYE WHITE •-...108
158» MISS KORK 104
1592 ZOOL 104
1592 Bob Lynch 106
74 L. ML Eckert 109
I.VMS Swede Ram .. 106
f>3lo Suffragist ... " * 106
357!) Sliootine Spray 113
1482 David Warfield 106
Eye White Is the best modder of the lot; his
initial start at Juarei. Mlse Korn -will find
route Just right.
FIFTH RACF>—Si x fnrlooM; selling; 4 year
olds and upward:
Index. Horse \vt
1600 BOBBY COOK . 106
158R LESCAR 112
SI Jim Caffera'ti *"." 106
1582 Acumen ....... ...106
1588 RilTer Grain . 109
1456 Clint Tucker 109
1436 Lee Harrison II 106
1506 Annnal Interest ■ 10.".
Golden Agnea, with her dazzling speed, ought
to win from wire to wire Bobby Cook recent
races excellent. Lescar will close fast.
SIXTH RACE—One mile- 3 year olde and
upward: '
Index. Horse. \Tt
15&8 »0N larRIQUE 107
1604 KOBEVALE .107
1684 BALcnrr 102
1506 Florence Krino 9«
6292 MaUsle Girl .107
.... Dunraffgen ....*.'.*.'.*.*.' 110
k>9l Love Day .. 104
1583 McAlan . 101
80 Mlnoolette ... "" 107
Don Enrlqne win be eloeYwr the fastest to win
from the. excellent mndder. Rosevale.
Residents of Exclusive Sec
tion of San Jose Improv
ing Recreation Park
Special Dispatch to The Call
SAN JOSE, Dec. 6.—So marked has
been the success of the Naglee Park
.Tennis club, which was organized only
a few months ago by the residents of
the exclusive Naglee Park section of
the city to provide outdoor amusement
for themselves, that it has been de
cided to add three more tennis courts,
a croquet court, quoit grounds and
putting greens immediately after the
first of the year. The Naglee Park
club's playground is unique In this
city and vicinity and similar organi
zations are being planned in other sec
tions, neighborhood affairs.
Rippon Is Third Class
Handball Champ
The semifinal rounds and one final
of the Olympic club handball champion
ships were played last night. Rippon
secured the title of the third class by
defeating Watson in three tight games.
The results were as follows:
Lederman defeated Sherry in the
second class, 8 to 21; 21 to 7 and 21 to
Westall defeated Ferrari in the
fourth class, 21 to 16; 21 to 14.
The finals will be played on Sunday
the following being the participants:
First class, Cereghino vs. Lydon; second
class, Huntington vs. Lederman; fourth
class. Zimmerman vs. Westall The
first game will start at 1 o'clock"
Bicyclists Warm Up for
Big Race
Special Dispatch to The Call
NEW YORK, Dec. 6.—Bicycle stars
from all parts of the United States,
Europe and Australia tonight partici
pated In the sprint races at Madison
Square garden which served as an eye
opener for the six day grind that be
gins one minute after 12 Monday morn
ing. Champions from France, Ger
many and Australia were pitted against
the premier riders in this country in
the professional events, and the end
of the evening's entertainment caw
the honors about evet,iy divided.
JERSEY CITY. Dec. 6.—At ibe annual meet
ing: of the Interstate Association for the Pro
motion of Trap Shooting here today these officers
were elected: President, James T. Shelly Wil
mington, Del.: vice president. T. «. Dtpw New
Haven, Conn.; treasurer manager. Elmer B
Sbaner, Pittsburg. Pa. It was decided to hold
the grand American handicap shoot for 1913 at
Dayton, 0.; the western handicap at Omaha; the
eastern handicap at Wilmington, Del.; the south
era at Montgomery. Ala., and the southwestern
at Pan Antonio, Tex. The place for the Pacific
coast bandican will be selected later.
Stars of Sophomore and
Freshman Classes Eager
to Settle Dispute
BERKELEY, Dec. 6.—The Rugbj
championship of the underclasses oi
the University of California will b<
decided tomorrow afternoon on Cali
fornia field, when the fifteens of th«
freshman and sophomore classes clash.
There has been considerable discussion
as to the relative merits of the twc
teams, especially since the defeat ol
the University of California by the 1916
class. The score of this game was 23
to 3, as against the record of 15 to 0
defeat in last year's contest, and this
has given the baby class confidence in
its claim to the underclass champion
The teams appear to be about evenly
matched, although the sophomores will
have the advantage of three varsity
men on lineup, as against one for
the freshmen. These men are Milles,
Holden and McKim. The only varsity
man on the 1916 lineup is Hazeltine,
Fish, the other varsity man, having left
college. The fact that the freshmen
have been playing all season as a team,
however, will be much in their favor,
and as teamwork is always a valuable
asset in Rugby, this may turn the
scales to their advantage.
Several years ago it was the custom
to have a series of interclass contests
each year to decide the championship of
the university. These were dir-on
tinued in 1908, however, owing to their
interference with the regular varsity
training season and the great number
of men injured. If the game tomorrow
proves to be a success it may result
in a series of interclass games next
The game will be called at 2:30
The lineup:
1915 Position 19ie
Chapman Forward King
Newell Forward Edlnger
McKim Forward Saundere
Crane Forward Hardy
Miller Forward Hodgee
Hunt Forward Bnekuer
Hosldne Forward Waltz
Holden Forward Grimes
Canfleld Halfback Lant*
Fenstermacher Five-eighths Hueltine
Meyer , Five-etghtbs Graff
Pettycord Three-quarters Hayes
Parrish Three quarters Lene
Daweon Three-quarters Glanelli
Bogardue .Fullback Montgomery
Football at Stanford
Special Dispatch to The Call
The championship of the postseason
Rugby series, with the right to hold
the Hopkins trophy for one year will
be decided tomorrow. Four teams re
main in the contest. The clubs cap
tained by Risling and Gard will fight
it out in the morning, as will the fif
teens who are under the leadership of
Smith and Hall. The winners will
meet on the turf field In the afternoon
and decide who gets the bacon.
"3(<WCDUI, Uvilt low
Distributer! SAN FRANCISCO.
Oakland Y. M. C. A. Bills a
Series of Interesting
Oakland Y. M. C. A. basketballere will
open their season tonight on theLr own
court with three games in different
weight classes. .The most important
will be in the unlimited division be
tween the "V" team and the Santa
Clara university quintet. The 120
pound team will play the ipjn Francisco
Poly high team and the 130 pound team
wil meet the Oakland high.
The game between Santa Clara and
the "T" unlimited will be one that will
settle an old score from last year. In
the 1911 game played on the Oakland
court, the Santa Clara men defeated
the Oakland team.
Frank Bock is coaching Oakland and
yesterday announced his team to be fit
and ready.
JUAREZ. Dec. 6.—The race meeting wan
called off this afternoon owing; to a heaTj- fall
of snow, but action will be resumed tomorrow
If weathei conditions permit.
Doctors make more mistake* than are
made In any other profession. I teller* I
•m qoaliSed to make a definite statement In
tbls regard, as fully half my work ai a
specialist consists of correcting the mis
take of other doctors.
Every day patients tell me
Me hew they have he«n fooled by
the cheap fee Medical Fakir*.
%;f For $10 or $20 they were prom
HK' Ised "Guaranteed Cures," bar
■Fy In the end were far worse
JBP& than when they began treat
Mm ,f|s meat. You cao't get anything
of ralne for nothing, so whj
w waste time with these Medlca'
Parasites? H«lp me drlre them out of business.
BLOOD POISON —I give more "606 , " treat
ments, the only core for Blood Poison, tban
all other specialists In Ban Francisco pat
together. Why take a chance with less ex
perienced doctors? Why be ham bagged by
the quacks who offer bargain counter fees,
when the best treatment at my hands Is
cheapest In the end?
WEAKNESS—For the broken dawn man—
the man who has lost his vitality—the man
who though young In years Iβ old In fsct
who, though living, is yet dead In the
higher ambitions of life—the man whose
strength has left htm and who Is madly
seeking quack remedies to restore his lost
vitality—to tbls man a new lease of life in
offered. Animal Serum (Lymph Compound!
is bis salvation, for It positively restores
lost energy. It contains the life giving cells
of animals and Is a blessing to weak men
specialty. Send 6c for my book exposing
Medical Frauds and for four pictures of
wonderful ceres of Blood Poison.
i Inc.
71« Murfcf* St.. Sun Vrmnrlmrn
•■"» DR. JORDAN'S"""
tWmknmt or any contracted jumm
positively cured bvdMeUwt
Hxx-wlUt cm tfce Gout.
fifty yean.
ComulUbon fr«« and strictly private.
Treatment penonaiiy or by letter. A
positive cure m «v«ry cm— aav
Writ* far book. PHILOSOPHY
|^^>| O | i * *r »*» i< <ran i<

<' of the \ *
:; IQSmmLm bladder ::
: :vVtPv9l Believed Id \\
; >\u II wmW?* Hou|, s :
' ' Each Cap- / »^—v J >
' , bears the/uinvi! •
i , name 4»- * ,
I I Beware of counterfeit* < '
( A I<««leaI Ask yonr DnuUt foe AA
A* , » T e «»» kl,ow n«»aest,SaiS»rt.AlwaysVeHaS'

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