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Several Women Are Thrown Into Hysterics
Circus and Horse Show
Managed by Smart Set
Brought to a Close
With Dance
Fashionably gowned women were
thrown into hysterics snd a general
panic nearly ensued at the society
horse show and circus in the Pavilion
last night when a bucking bronco
bucked itself into one of the front
boxes, nearly falling into the laps of
several of the women, and before those
occupying seats could get out, started
to kick with ail four feat.
The animals hoofs became tangled In
th* gowns of several of the wamsn
■M that none was injured Is due to
tMfc heroic action of several of the
men, who lifted them bodily from the
lnclosure. The ripping of the gowns,
the screams of the women, which,
mingled with the snorts of the un
tamed horse, caused the thousands of
persons in the Pavilion to rise to their
feet. The circus was brought to an
abrupt stop and'a number started for
the exits. The crowd was quieted only
when the horse was dragged from the
Mrs. Joseph D. Grant, who owned
the box, was entertaining a number of
friends when the animals jumped Into
the Inolosure. Among those thrown
into hysterics were Mrs. Gus Taylor
and Mrs. William Taylor. All threa
suffered considerably from fright.
Their gowns were badly damaged.
The bronco was performing in ring
No. 1 and was being ridden by one
of the cowboys of a moving picture
company. Suddenly it gave a jump
and, landing outside the ring, began
to kick and buck its way along in
front of the row of boxes. When it
came opposite the box occupied by
Mrs. Grant and her friends it leaped
over the railing.
Tha acid test was applied to tha
society circus yesterday afternoon
when a'horde of kiddies from the In
fant Shelter, all decked out in their
best bib and tucker, were taken to
the matinee performance and put In
box seats. Their joyous laughter and
hand clapping were worth more to the
performers than the private announce
ment made a few hours later to the
effect that the receips would reach a
large figure. Early in the evening
$11,000 was deposited and $4,005 more
was expected before the close.
The wild bucking of untrained
bronchos ridden by real cowboya
earned shrill cheers and many "Ohs"
and "Ahs" from the boxes occupied by
the little children of the poor, but
pleasure reached the pinnacle of
Jblight when the clowns went through
their antics in the big hippodrome, and
if there were any persons in the pa
vilion at that time who regretted for
a second the money or effort expended
to make the circua the grand success
It has been they kept mighty quiet
about it.
An added attraction yesterday after
noon was the barefoot dancing of Miss
Suell, who galloped about the plat
form in the center of the hippodrome
to the rather unesthetlcal music of a
brass band. As a danseuso Miss Snell
-was oeclared by every one to be "there
with bells."
As usual. Miss Lurline Matson dis
played all the qualities of a game
horsewoman in the horse show part of
the matinee. She rode and drove In
nearly every class open to her and
always managed to get In "with the
All the "buda" and full blown flowers
of society, who have slaved to make
the society circus, relaxed last night
at a dance that started Immediately
after the last thriller. Cups and prizes
won were distributed, and Instead of
the usual "tent folding" spirit there
was a lively carnival atmosphere that
lasted until the early hours of the
The results of the afternoon events
Event No. 1, pony driving class, shown with
appropriate vehicles —Won by Pluto, br. g.,
owned by Mrs. T. L. Johnson; second. Zephyr,
br. g., owned by Mary Ancruss; third, Brondle,
b. m.. owned by B. Graham.
Event No. 2, children* ponies, shown in har
ness—Blue ribbons were awarded Minion, owßed
by Beatrice Graham: Sllverlock, owned by E.
W. Creed, and Mouse and Chief, owned by H. A
M. FleUbhacker.
Event No. 3, pony saddle elan—Won by
Happy, br. g.. owned by WoodJand Hackney
stud; second, Chlqulta, br. m., owned by A. Cox
head: third, Juanlta, br. m., owned by Mary
Andruss; fourth. Darbar, b. m., owned by Bar
bara Lee Payne.
Event No. 4. roadster, single driving class—
Won by Melrose, b. g., Joseph Perry; second.
Corine. bl. m.. B. Davie: third, Sweet Marie, bL
m.. Kelly's stables; fourth, McKlanie, b. g.,
William Matson.
A Event No. 6, riding tandem —Won by Lee Rejt
•Qd Bex Mc, bl. gs.. Biding and Driving clufc;
««-cood. Flash and Frisco, b. gs.. Miss Lurlrne
Matson; third, Sidney and Duke. b. gs.. Mlsa
Evening Dress
As Gifts
Silk Mufflers, $1.50 to $6.50
Protectors, $1.50 to $4
Stud & Link Sets, $2 to $6
Pique Shirts, $2 to $3.50
Dress Vests, $3 to $10
Dress Gloves, $1.50 to $2.50
Pure Silk Hose, $1 to $2.50
Dress Hdkfs., 50c to $1
Specially Boxed Sets Muf
flers, Dress and Tuxedo Ties
We Issue Merchandise
Orders in All Depts.
Post and Grant Aye.
Miss Luise Eschman, performer in the society circus, with infant shelter watching the
horses in the ring.
Ethel M. Davie; fourth. Zefyr and JuaaJta. br. j
jr. and m., Mary Andruss.
Event No. ti, driving tandem—Won by Chester |
Chief ami Danta. b. gjC. Riding and Driving
club: K#4»oud, Pluto and Proteus, br. g»., Mr;-. T. j
L. Johnson.
Kvont No. T. saddle class for boys and girls ,
under 10 years old—Won by Arab, b. g., Dr. E. i
T. Leonard; second, Chiquita. br. in., A. Cos- j
hesd; third. Pronder, b. m., B. Graham; fourth. '
Jenny, gr. m.. (ira<e Heathcote. Championship
ribbon awarded 4 year old Mercedes Anderson.
CHICAGO, Pec. 7.—Plans for the con
ference of leaders of the progressive
party to be held here next Tuesday and
Wednesday were announced formally
today by Medill McCormick, vice chair
man of the national committee.
"Jimmy" La Strange, a tenderloin
character and cafe manager, who
stabbed Henry Burrows, proprietor of
a hotel at 705 Broadway Wednesday
morning and threatened many others
in the house, was arrested yesterday
by Detective Fitzgerald.
Chief of Police White is Investigating
the affair. It is said that two police
men allowed La Strange to escape, and
also did not make correct reports on
the case. j
La Strange will be charged with as
sault with a deadly weapon tomorrow
when Burrows swears to a warrant.
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Ansust Mean, Who Wai Believed to
Have Broken His Arm, Is Found to
Have" Dislocated Shoulder
Special Dispatch to The Call
SAN JOSE, Dec. 7.—Southern Pacific
railroad attorney and physicians spent
all day looking up the persons
who were Injured when an owl car of
the Peninsular railroad jumped the
tracks at a curve near the city limits
With National Law Makers
Proceedings of Both Houses
WASHINGTON, Dec 7.—Today
In congress:
Ilnunirii consideration of the
omnibus <l«tmi kill.
Senator < lapp Introduced a bill
to prohibit sending campaign
fund* from oa* state *• another.
Arch ho Id court of Impeachment
Adjourned at «i©9 p. m. until
noon. Monday.
Legislative, executive and ju
dicial appropriation hill again
taken up.
Indian and river* and harbors
committee continue work fram
ing appropriation htlla.
Representative Johnson Intro
duced a bill for the government
to take over the Lincoln farm
In Kentucky.
Military affairs committee con
cluded hearing* on army appro
priation bill, which probably .will
be reported Moaday.
Indian affalra appropriation
bill, carrying «5,182,028, was re
Adjourned at 4:83 p. m. until
noon, Monday.
at midnight this morning and over
turned. »
It was discovered that the injuries
in all but three or four cases were
superficial, consisting of bruises or of
cuts from broken glass.
August Menn Jr. dislocated his shoul
der, instead of breaking his arm, as
was at flvst believed. All of the in
jured except Lewis F. Wells, who
sprained his ankle, were able to be
about today.
Yea! Yes! Yes I
Ekelicious, strictly pur© Candies are
known as Pig & Whistle, 130 Post st.
Union Iron Works Offers
to Build Street Cars
at Cost
Geary "street car* the W. U Hoiman
company was advised yesterday by
acting Mayor Jennings to arrange be
fore tomorrow afternoon to sublet a
contract for building 10 of the 43 ears
to the Union Iron works, the repre
sentatives of which have agreed to do
the work practically at cost.
Jennings urged the Hoiman company
to reach an agreement with the iron
works and present the terms to the
supervisors prior to the board meeting
tomorrow afternoon, The fata of the
Hoiman company's contract, which ex
pires tomorrow, depends on its atti
tude toward subletting.
An extension of 30 days' time was
granted the contractors last Monday,
but lacks the mayor's signature. His
formal approval will hinge on whether
They are under $100,000 bond to de
liver the total 43 cars not later than
tomorrow night. Kight have been de
livered and two promised tomorrow.
This will complete delivery of ths first
10, upon which a payment of $23,100
will be due. Whether this claim will
b« passed by th* supervisors also de
pends upon the outcome of the sub
letting negotiations.
Superintendent Joseph J. Tynan, J.
A. Macgregor and C. Macgregor. of the
Union Iron works, agreed at the con
ference in the mayor's offlee vestsr
day to build 10 car* and charge only
actual cost of labor and overhead ex
penses. Material for these is in posses
sion of the Hoiman company and will
be delivered to the Iron works If the
agreement Is reached-
Marcus Moses, representing the Hoi
man company, said that work will be
gin tomorrow on 20 additional cars, his
shop having been enlarged and a new
foreman secured. Supervisors McCar
thy, Murphy and Mauey attended the
conference, with Superintendent Cashin
of tha municipal railway and Assistant
City Attorneys Lull and Steinhart.
Our Hand Painted 1 xT -J& n /) y New Auction
Merchandise ff. // . Bridge Scores
Orders Most F " c Up< f
Acceptable ***? / KSJJS Personal
Christmas Gifts | & W* \ Application
Monday at 9 o'Clock Sharp
Important Sale of Women's Waists
Three Groups Reduced to the Following Prices:
Formerly up to $6.95 up to $12.50 up to $16.50
Sale Price $3.75 $5.75 $7.75
In each collection are chiffon, silk and lace waists, especially suitable
for Holiday Gifts, as every waist is of the usual Magnin standard.
Beginning Tomorrow
A Clfearance Sale of
Our Entire Stock Ladies' Trimmed Hats
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tions and in the desirability of the styles.
Neckwear Department
Chiffon Scarfs, elaborately ornamented in gold designs, in colors of
black, pink, sky and white. Each scarf in a Christmas box. £1 9C
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Liberty Silk Scarfs, in flower designs, pink, lavender and
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New Sweaters, especially purchased for the Christmas trade, just
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A large assortment of Bags in various styles and shapes. Large
Shopping Bags, Vanity and Envelope Bags, in Pin Seal, Real Seal and
Morocco. Lined in silk, moire and leather.
Values Up to $7.00 for $4.95
English Walking Bags, Envelope and Shopping Bags, in all the
latest styles, in Pin Seal, Pin Morocco and Real Seal.
Exponent of Lynch Law
Ignored by Colleagues
at Capitol Affair
Speeijl Dispatch to The Call
WASHINGTON. Dec. 7.—"i:at 'em
AUve"' Blease, governor of South Caro
lina, giving out interviews and running
fer the United States senate, arrived in
Washington today. He was astir
early talking and blustering.
"Now, about that Richmond affair."
j said he, "I stand upon the official stsn
i ographic record of the governors' eon
; ference. and I apologize to no man for
: one word I have said.
"I don't give a rap what the gov
ernors and others say. I said what
I meant and that is all thers ig to it."
It is believed her© that Governor
Blease made his speeches In Rich
mond fj>r the voter* who supported him
in South Carolina and launched his
campaign for the United States sen
Many South Carolinans are hu
miliated over the governor's outbreaks,
but Blease is well pleased with him
self and his remarks.
With the rest of the governors,
Blease attended a luncheon given by
President Taft In the state dining room
ef the White House. He sat at ths
table almost directly opposite Taft.
Before lunch the visiting executives
chatted In the main corridor in groups.
Blease for several minutes stood
alone. Then he walked up to one of
the governors who wore a red tie
with a wide stripe running diagonally
across it, and taking hold of the tie,
"Where did you jg*t that dandy house
necktie?" at which the owner of the
tie was much abashed.
Throughout the luncheon and after
ward when tho governors gathered in
the East room where there was a ses
sion of agricultural credit, which was
addressed by Myron T. Herrlck. am
bassador to France, Governor Blease
' was more or less ignored by his col
of the
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