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Block of Granite on Which
Will Rest Handsome Club
house Lowered With
Mystic Rites
Parade, Headed by Mounted
Police Escort, Precedes
Ceremonies at Site
Thousands of enthusiastic Druids,
representing feroves of the bay and
peninsula cities, Witnessed the laying
of the cornerstone of the $150,000
Pruid temple in Page street between
Franklin and Gough yesterday after
noon. With the sacred ritual of the
order the great block of granite, on
which will rest one of the handsomest
clubhouses in San Francisco, was low
ered into the ground. Within six
months the Druids will have a beauti
ful home as their headquarters, some
thing that has been denied them since
their temple was swept away by fire in
Imbedded in the cornerstone was a
brass casket, containing the relics of
the organization and coins of the year
U»l2. the constitution of the United
States and California, a sample bal
lot of the last presidential election, a
copy of the charter of the city and
county of San Francisco, the names
of the groves and circles of Califor
nia and the roster of officers and mem
bers, a brief history of the order of
Prulda in California founded a half
century ago. and a record of the growth
of San Francisco since the lire.
Representatives of the four corners
of the earth, each deposited an emblem
in the casket. At a word from Noble
Grand Arch Druid Joseph Lawrence of
San Jose. the four commissioners ad
vanced singly. From the north caitw
the magnet, symbolic of mystery and
fate; from the. east, a glowing sun,
made of brilliant*; from the south,
medals, and a charter of freedom from
After being sealed the casket was
deposited in the cornerstone, suspended
abovp its resting place for the last cere
monies. With a prayer according to
anfien! form and the application of
mortar ;itl whs in readiness for the
lowering Of the gmnite block. As Noble
Grand Arch Druid Lawrence pro
nounced the words "By the power in
vested in me I declarr- the cornerstone
laid according to oirr custom" the stone
was lowered slowly by ropes to the
cement foundation. Eight year old
Norma Guglielmoni. daughter of Grand
Secretary Guglielmoni, hurled a bottle
of champagne at the stone, completing
the. service.
On the flag decked stage were seated
the grand officers of the grand grove
of California, consisting of C D. Dorn,
Joseph IjHwrence, Daniel Giovannini, A.
Oriandi. G. Garibaldi, C. Ridolfi, Luis
Boitano, A. Vignali, A, Dentone, L.
(anepa. A. Verino, Dr. T. B. W. Leland,
M. IT. Hernan, C. A. Guglielmoni, E. N.
Cadenasso, S. A. Pierce and J. L. Polito.
Members of the woman's branch of
the organization, dressed in the habili
ments of the society, were also on the
etand. The grand officers were pictur
esquely dressed in long, flowing robes
and gray wigs, with the insignia of
their offices displayed on broad bands
worn across the bosom.
The ceremonies started shortly before
" o'clock with opening remarks by
l>aniel Giovanninl, who presided. He
told the assembled Druids of the great
effort that had been made to procure
funds for the temple and how much the
organization was indebted to each in
dividual member of the organization in
California for the success of the under
C. D. Dorn spoke briefly on the his
tory of the organization, giving facts
and figures relative to its growth from
a handful of members 50 years ago to
a present enrollment of more than
16.000 men and women.
Noble Grand Arch Druid Lawrence
promised that within six months, pro
viding the weather remained good, the
building would be completed. Repre
sentatives of every grove and circle in
California would participate in the
ceremonies, he said.
Mrs. Carrie Fischer, grand arch
Druidess of the woman's branch, made
a few remarks. She told of the part
In the raising of the funds that had
been taken by the women of the or
ganization, "who worked night and day
In the Interest of the temple."
In the absence of Mayor James
Rolph, County Clerk H. I. Mulcrevy
made an address as his representative.
James A. Devoto concluded the speak
ing with the prophecy that "the or
ganization of Druids is entering into
a period of prosperity wjiich will swell
its numbers into the hundreds of
A parade preceded the ceremonies.
Headed by a mounted escort of police,
the procession, commanded by T. B. W.
Leland, grand marshal, passed down
Hayes street to Market, up Market to
Page arid thence to the site of the tem
p!fc. The Druids' band and drum corps
played martial and ragtime music, and
In the line of march were about 1,000
members of the society, dressed in full
regalia and carrying flags and symbols
of the various circles and groves.
For presenting the best appearance
in the parade Alanzanita grove No. 106
r.-as awarded a prize given by the
grand circle. The feature of the pro
cession was the four horse stage
coach, occupied by the women of Circle
l!et;ina Marghenta, who were dressed
in -.vhile, with vari-colored ribbons
fluttering in the breeze.
.-. banquet was given to the grand
officers of the grand grove and their
i<. lends in a downtown cafe last night.
/.bout 150 rersons were present. A lit
er.ny program, interspersed with mu
s.-.-ai selections, was given.
The Chinatown squad, under the di
rection of Corporal Charles Goff raided
a Chinese gambling house yesterday at
Clay street and Waverly place. The
police were compelled to force the front
door in gaining an entrance. The fol
lowing Chinese were arrested: Ah
"Wong, Ah Sing, Ah Lee, Ah Bow, Ah
King, Gee Lin, Wong Wing, Ah Sing and
Ah Young. They were all liberated on
%Z0 apiece cash bail.
Yea J Yea! Yee!
7'fHicious. strictly pure Candies are
It now* as Fig &■ Whistle, 130 Post st.
GROCERY ROBBED —The grocery r>f Schoonw
Lrotlient, eontbwe&X of Hslght and I>i
vUudvo ptroets, was rol»hPii Saturday uicbi.
a "moforcycW and $S2 In _ rash ■α-jih it6len.
. DM buiffiars cntcreU tkrousli a
"Reasonable Doubt" Test
Health Marriage Indorsed
Specie! Dispatch to The Call
RENO, He** Deo. S.—The Epis
copal ehnrch of the district of
Nevada, Iα convocation here yes
terday, warn placed on record by
adoption of a rcttolntion pledginK
the clererTnien to require a cer
tificate of health before perform
ing; a marriage ecremony, *'ln
any ca«c ivhere there is a reason
able- doubt an to tbc fitnews of
either party for marriage."
As a part of the resolutions,
the convocation also advocated
the passage of a law to this ef
The convocation aluo nrged
that the coming legislature
amend the divorce law so as to
provide for a residence of one
Sixteenth Infantry Observes
Health Rules of the
Eighteenth Century
Mrs. W. M. Connell, wife of Cap
tain W. M. Connell, quartermaster
corps, stationed at the Presidio, has
in her possession the first regimental
order ever issued, to the historic Six
teenth infantry. The order was is
sued by Colonel R. Graves, a revolu
tionary war hero, and it bears the
date of 1799, the year Washington
The quaint old parchment, written
in a cramped hand, sets forth a list
of rules to be obeyed by the soldiers
as to their personal habits and san
itation. Colonel Cornelius Gardener,
commandant at the Presidio, had
copies of the order posted up in the
regimental headquarters because its
instructions are applicable nt the pres
ent time, he said. Following is an
extract of the original:
"Hanover, Va., Sept. 0. 1790.
""Whereas the preservation of health
and good order among the troops, es
pecially while distributed In the coun
try, is of the first consequence, the
following rules and regulations are
Judged necessary, and ordered to be
put in execution, viz.: That each com
manding officer of a subdistriet, or
detachment, require the ' soldiers un
der his command to change, their
hosß at least twice each week, to
comb their hair at least one*; a day,
to wash their faces and hands so
often as to keep the?n always clean
and to wash their feet and legs at
least twice in each week. Title will
not only tend to general health, hut
preserve fair and ruddy complexions,
prevent sore hands and lame feet.
"That each noncommissioned officer I
and soldier, when he arises In the |
morning, shake his blanket, and where
circumstances will admit hang It up
that the air may take off those naus
eous particles which are thrown from
the body by perspiration and adhere
to it; and likewise that the barracks,
lodging and cookrooms or apartments
be cleansed at least three times a day
by sprinkling the walls and floors |
with water or wet sand and sweeping]
them faithfully that there may not
be left the smallest particle of mat
ter which might have escaped from
the raw or cooked provisions or from
the human body, either by perspira
tion or saliva, which might putrify
and contaminate the air.
"That vaults be dug at suitable dis
tances from the barracks, or encamp
ment, into which all the filth of what
ever name, or nature, even the dust
which is swept from the room?, must
be thrown and covered with a layer
of earth.
"These precautions, however trifling
they may seem, are absolutely neces
sary, for the next thing of import
ance to raising a faithful army is
the security of its health." '
Suggestions for December Good Living
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Delicious Ferris Bacon. Just unpacked—Pomeranian Goosebreasts,
imported. New eastern Mettwurst, prime quality. Sharp eastern cheese,
the kind for Welch Rarebits. Just in—genuine French Camembert
cheese; 42 varieties of cheese from all parts of the world. New .Bismarck
and Ostsee Delicatesse Herring. We have some fresh Caviar, in glass,
from Russia.
Fancy Figs, imported, some never New season's Nuts and imported
before seen here. Each flg Cluster Raisins, Malaga,
wrapped in foil. Italian Chestnuts.
Mincemeat Orange and Lemon Peel.
Anchovies !n oil. Large, white, tender Asparagus.
t«.,~ c nn ii. Sardelles.
Live Snails Olives of all kinds.
Stuffed Prunes, Cal. and imported. sierra Madre Olive Oil, for salads.
We hate them all. Best Iα «nal!ty and lowest la price.
For the Christmas Tree
Tree decorations of all kinds, such as Glass Balls. Beads, Garlands—
an unusually complete assortment as selected by our senior member in
Europe—all Imported direct by ourselves.
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Tea. Coffee. Wine Merchant* *nd TobarcnnUta
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Many Ministers Select Two
Platoon System as
Sermon Topic
Dr. Rogers Asserts Present
Hours Are an Injustice
to Everybody
Many ministers of San Francisco yes
terday selected for their sermons the
amendment proposed by the firemen,
which, if adopted, will give them a 13
hour working day. Nearly two score
church congregations listened to re
marks in support of the appeal being
made to the voters by the fire fighters.
Typical of the sermons was that of
Rev. Tl. W. Rogers, pastor of the Park
Congregational church.
"There are 765 firemen In our city."
he said, "and every one of them is a
social being, entitled to at least 12
hours of the comfort and beauty of his
home. What is home to a man who is
never there, or the wife and child who
can have no time with the father?
'*Every one of these men requires the
greatest vigor of health to render ef
ficient service to our city, which can not
be given under the present system ot
endless duty.
"Hence this system is an Injustice to
all —to property owners and citizens, to
the firemen's families and to the fire
meni who sleep over horses by night,
breathing the unwholesome atmosphere
of the stable, instead of enjoying the
real rest of a night in a wholesome
"The interests of these men should
receive first consideration, because they
not only save property, but rescue hu
man life. John Wesley, the founder of
one of our greatest denominations,
when a baby was saved from the flames
by a daring fireman. And thousands of
homes in cities and villages are grate
ful to these unselfish heroes who have
risked their lives and often become per
manently disfigured In their successful
efforts to save others. If It is a ques
tion of taxes in this case, men should
come before things and even civic im
Sermons in favor of amendment No.
B were delivered by the following pas
tors: . ,
Howard Street Methodist Episcopal
church. Rev. Doctor Carlos.
Spanish church. Broad way and Ma
son street. Rev. Father Anton*.
Olivet Presbyterian church. Nine
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J The Car With The"V" Shaped Radiator
"Six-Sixty" Greyhound
$2,700 Is Here
! The Most Beautiful Car in the World
are hundreds and more of various makes of automobiles—all similar in appearance— ,
* and there are the Oakland models —particularly the "Six" —cars so different, so beautiful, so
individual, that if you saw every car made, you would pick the Oakland as the car of the group.
The Oakland is the first of the new era in motor car construction. To appreciate the full signi
ficance of this statement you must see the 1913 "Six."
But we do not stop here. We are not satisfied in producing the most beautiful car in the world.
We give you beauty you cannot see—beauty you can feel—beauty of construction —for the Oak
land is as true inside, mechanically, as it is true outside artistically. */
The Oakland is making automobile history and our platform and message for 1913 are so vital
and important that , everyone interested in automobiles should be acquainted with them.
Our platform is modern—progressive*—for we have incorporated electric lighting and self-start
ing. The last of the motoring worries are over. In the 1913 Oakland they have been banished. You
I are trouble free—no more inconveniences—not even little ones.
1912 was a great Oakland year. 1913 promises greater things. The marketing of an Oakland Six was no small undertaking.
The Oakland car for 1913 warrants making this statement. We We couldn't afford to market an experiment. It had to be a
are building bigger cars and making improvements in refine- "Six" that would not only be entitled to a place alongside the
ments, in luxuries, in riding qualities and for the comfort of the rest of the Oakland line, but be a leader and have enough supe
passengers, but in the matter of principle of construction we rior points of its own to be able to claim more than passing
stand "pat." attention. In other words, the new car had to be as distinctive
We are launching an Oakland six-cylinder chassis and also in comparison with the other Sixes on the market as have been
building a popular-priced car which will be known as Model 35. Oakland Fours. And this has been accomplished. You only
These are being built in touring and runabout styles. have to take a good look at it in order to agree with us. We
We are convinced that the universal satisfaction given by 1912 are proud of the Oakland "Six."
Oaklands proves that the simple plan of construction adopted 1913 Oaklands have many meritorious innovations. Every
by us last year is true, both mechanically and in efficiency. No model is absolutely noiseless. The elimination of a number of
single car during the past year received the unstinted praise small metal parts and the substitution of aluminum steps for
which was given the Oakland. No car displayed such wonderful running boards makes this possible. |'^
progress, especially in the matter of body design, each model Oakland bodies are even more distinctive than in the past—each
representing individuality and beauty found in but few cars. model expressing individuality and harmony of line.
Model 35—S-Passenger Touring Car, $1,350 Model 42—5-Passenger Touring Car, $1,850
The Greyhonad 6-60—the i«w Oaklud Model 43 chassis, lie-Inch wheel base. Model 40 chamits. nve-passenr«r touring
six-rrUnder Cbauli—ban a wheel-base of doable drop frame, unit power plant, cone < *? r ' *\**fl *»«»*. anlt power
iJo inched dooble drop frame, unit power Hutch. sHdln* .ear transmission, fnll i^^^SJ^^rS^T^nnSSl
plant, cone clntch, sliding sear transmls- floating rear axle, demountable rims, Ger- trimmings, electric Uchttna; and equipped
■lon fall floating *««r axle, demountable man aliver radiator "V" shaped. 10-lneh a self-starter, at 91,0.10. complete.
i™.' Terman silver radiator "V" shaped. upholetertna;, fnll nickel trimmings and Model 35 chime!... five-passenger touring
rims. German suver raamxor * "»"""■ equiped with generating electric lighting _„ W h»»i »...» n? i.-lm „.„»„.. ~, «.
10-Inch upholstering, full nickel trim- and Ignition ./stem and .elf .tarter. There ™\ *"" V*,. ™* Tlc.^bi
-hi- —« •«■■«** ~»» «*■«■«-« elec I. mounted on *""«»«»•• f « 7?«&7.'s£R t \i™ U ?£^i£ l ££ '
, rle lighting and ignition system and self "rtggSFJSSZ £?£
starter. There 1« mounted -on tht» chassis ,three-passenger—single seat). Price o% .J.rier n?ckell frimm n« 11 SSO complete" «0
four, fire and seren-nassenger bodies, and .11 models, 81.550 complete. There 1. also "*> Ire -1.0 bulTdTng'on VhE^'ehwS£ a
;l^ a c b o O m U ple f t°e. °' a " SfcSTt. ttPSS? "" " g^^J^a&T^^^
The Oakland Motor Car Co.
Direct Factory Branch
i 542-544 Van Ness Aye., San Francisco
Motor car owners calling at the showrooms will not be importuned. Inquiries from leading dealers will be promptly answered.
; Oakland Distributers and Service Bureau of Alameda County Imperial Garage, 1440-48 Webster Street, Oakland.
OAKLAND MOTOR SALES CO, 1*26 M St.. Sacramento, CaL W. J. BOSfHKEY * CO., 138 So. First St., San Jose, Cal. *
; OAKLAND MOTOR SALES CO., 347 IT. Xl Dorado St.. Stockton, Cal.
Van Ness avenue and Broadway. Rev.
Father Cottell.
St. Brendon's Roman Catholic church,
Harrison and Fremont streets, Rev.
Father O'Neill.
Mission Congregational church. Nine
teenth and Dolores streets, Rev. George
St. Peter's Roman Catholic church.
ATabama and Twenty-fourth streets,
Rev. Father Casey.
Church of the Holy Redeemer, Eigh
teenth and Diamond streets. Rev.
Father McGrieve.
Danish Evangelical Lutheran church,
150 Church street. Rev. A. H. Jensen.
German Lutheran church. 113 O'Far
rell street. Rev. Henry Feix.
St. Paul's Catholic ehtirch, Valley and
Church streets. Rev. Father Moran and
Fathor Kennedy. _"..« - ..
St. Bonifare church, golden Oato ave
nue and Jonee street, Rev. Father
Catholic chun-h. St. Mary 1 *
avenue, opposite Mission street. Rev.
Father L.onK.

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