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creeee 035,000; corn 1.896.000 bushels, increase
371,000; oats 10.082.000 bushels, rtecrea
-92.000 bushels, deeteaae 3.00O;
rj k- 10.000 bushels, decrease 128.000: barley
hels. increase 21,000; barky in bond
lecrease 29,000. Tee visible eup
n the United States No
was corrected today to read 1,525,000
bushels, a decrease of 16,600.
»w York Grain Market
NEW YORK, Dec 3. —Flour quiet and lower
to sell. Wheat—Spot easy: No. 2 red, $I.OC
1 elevator aud $1.07 nominal f. o. b.
No, 1 northern Tuluth. Wk%c t. o. b.
Futures closed 7<??Sc net lower. December
May -93%@9«%c, closed at
Northwest Wheat Market
TACOMA. Pw. ».—Wheat— Export bltiestem,
83c: club. 78% c; forty-fold. 70c; fife, 76"4 c;
mllllnK— Wuestoru, We; forty-fold, 78><jc; club,
red Russian. Ifc.
SEATTLE, Dec. ».—Wheat—Bluestem.
f -rty-fold, 79c; club, TSc; fife, 7tfc; red Russian,
PORTLAND, Dec. ».—Wheat (track prices)—
Club. TB4§?9c; blueetctn. S2@S3c; red Russian,
-tv-fo!.l, 7CK-; red Russian, 76c; valley,
I , *. Car receipts: Wheat 130, barley 24, flour
I*, oats 5, hey IS.
Liverpool Wheat Market
LIVERPOOL. Dec. !».—Wheat—Spot steady;
No. 1 Manitoba, 7s tfd; No. 2 Manitoba. 7s 4d;
No. :: Manil A. Futures steady: De
cember, 7s stare}, 7s M; May, 7s l%d.
Minneapolis Grain Market
MINNEAPOLIS. Dee. 9.—Flour —First patents,
id patents, *[email protected]; first
: second clears. ?2.106U'.40.
83% c; July,
Bran—slßfi 18.50.
Barley— -H<d 59c
Duluth Linseed
BUWJTH, Minn.. Dec. o.—Linseed—On track
a:id to arrive. $1.22; December, |1.21; January,
bid; May $1.26 Vi ML
Local Markets
+ _ •_.
Receipt* of Produce December 8
sks 2,rrSjTallow otls 25
WiSi eth 600.H,ldee, No 1,875
Barh-y. otls No 1,085
R. ... -j.r.n Lime, bbis Wβ
Carv., ctle ..• lSSJSugar, ctls «*>o
Rye. etJUi 35 [Brandy, gals 1.100
Middlings, sks .. SWWine, gais ......' i
Pot: .-,:■- i>o
Onions, sfcs 121' Lumber, M ft 40
Hay, tons 711' Taper, bdls <B5
Straw, t'.ns .... 51 Apples, b\s 7.410
Hops, bales leiJOranges r.\» 3.000
Wool, sks 75 Raisins, bxs 0,500
Malt, sks : ek, No ... WO
MaKtard seed, sks 400' Staves, cords ICO
Shores, sks ..... 115 'offee, car 1
Teed, vks l.OGo'Riee, car 1
Mealfilfii. ska ... 20;Quieksilver, flasks 3
Leather, rolls ... •
Flour, qr sks... .30,644'8ran, sks .. l.*W>4
Wb<'at, crls . . .27.015iShorts, ska C7l
Barley, etU 29,710iW001, sks 4G
Oats, ctls
Four. qr sks 24.42e ! Feed, sks 4.62 C
Wheat, ctls 20
, Provisions
Hums (per !b) —California H. H. brand. 19c:
SI. & L. brand, 20>4c; picnics, Primrose,
-0 l l.o; Eastern Star. 20c: skinned, 21c; Mon
arch. I"!,* a 18c; picnics. 13c.
Bacon —Primrose. 4 to c Ibe, 29c; Eastern
Star, i to S lbs. 27c: 6 to 8 lbs, 2Gc: S to 10
lb«. 25c: 10 to 12 Ibe. 24c: sugar cured bacon,
■; Arrow. 8 to 10 lbs. 24% c; 10 to 12 lb*.
•; medium bacon, ISMtc; light medium,
lfii/4c; light dry salted bacon 8 to 10 lbs, 21c;
10 to 12 lbs. i!oc
California Bacon—M. ft L brand, C to 8 Ibe,
2C>£c; 8 to 10 lbs. 25%e; ft. H. brand, 4 to S
lbs. 23"-'.c; 8 to 10 lbs, 22U.c.
Cottolene—Half bbls. 10% c; 1 tierce, 10% c; 2
tierces, 10% c: 5 tierces. lflUc per lb; Callfene.
10 L 2 e for 1 nerce. for "2 tierces. JOVic for
6 tierces and 10*& c for half bbls; 60 lb tubs,
10 Vc; cases, $7.
E:t«tern Lard and Oils—Western Meat brand,
tierces. 13i.jc: 60* (per casot. $6.85; 10s, $8.55;
se, $S.i>3; 3s. $8.70: compound l»rd, tierces, 9c;
t 50e (per case). $4.G3; 10s. $5.55; 5s $5.93; 3s,
$6: yellow cooking oil. 56c per gallon; white
cooking oil, 5Sc per gallon; salad oil, 62c per
California Pure Lard. M. & L. brand—Tierces,
cans, 1 to a ease, $<>.S7 1 -.: 4 to a ease.
$11.10; larsv tins, 0 to a case, $8.56; medium, 12
to a case, $B.G2V»: small, 20 to a case, $8.30.
California Compound Lard, H. H. brand—
Tierce basis. 0c; cans. 1 to a case, $4.C2V>: 4 to
• case, $7.50; tins, 6 to a case, $4.82)1; 12« i
$5.92% per case; 20s, $0 per case; If. & L. salad
oil, tierce basis, 63c; M. & L. cooking oil, 00c
for white and 68c for yellow.
Beef — Extra family, family anfl mess beei.
Pori — Extra prime in barrels, $21: pig pork.
$28; i ,:gs' feet, $5.50 per half bbls. $2.25 for 25
lb kegs and $1.50 for kits.
Meat Market
Slaughterers' rate* to dealers and butchers
■re as follows:
Beef—li'y ll'jc per lb for steers, 10@llc for
tows and heifers.
Veal— for large and 12y>@l3c for
• mall.
Mutton— Wethors. S-'f9Uc; ewes,
Lambs— &1 I v,c pet lb.
Dressed Pork (per lb) —10@llc.
The following quotation* are for good, sound
livestock, delivered in Ban Francisco, gross
No. 1 steers, over 950 lbs per lb;
ender 950 lbs, 6M®«%«; second" quality, all
Vfigat*. sVji&6c; thin, undesirable steers, 4M,
No. 1 cows «nd heifers, second
eua'.ity, 4%c<SsVic; common to thin, undesirable
cows, 4@4M[C.
Desirable bulls and etajs, 3@3V>c; half fat or
thin bulls, l'-.-fe-
Calves—Lightweißht, per Ib, medium
f ; heavy. 6(g6c.
•-Desirable wethers. ewes, 3%
Milk Lambs, sVjQss.4c per lb.
Uotca —Hard grain fed. weighing 100 to 150
150 lo 250 lbs, 7<ji7iie; 250 lbs and
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State of California Highway 4s, 1920 4.00%
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City of Monterey Municipal Improvement ss, 1928-29 4/2%
Dinuba Union High School District ss, 1923-28 &/ 2 %
Santa Monica City School District ss, 1927-52 : 4.60%
Exeter School District ss, 1918-42 - 4.70%
City of Portland Imp. 6s, estimated to be called Nov., 1916 5.00%
San Francisco and San Joaquin Valley First ss, of 1940 f 4.30%
Southern Pacific First Refunding 4s, 1955 '. 4.33%
San Francisco Gas and Electric 41/9S, 1933 5.00%
Pacific Telephone and Telegraph ss, 1942 5.00%
Public Service Company^Northern Illinois, Ref. ss, 1956 5.15%
Tri-City Railway and Light Coll. Tr. First ss, 1923 5.18%
Vmriiua Railway and Power First and Ref. ss, 1934 5.20%
California Gas and Electric Unifying and Refunding ss, 1937 5.30%
Coast Counties Lighf and Power First ss, 1946.. / 5.35%
San Joaquin Light and Power First and Refunding ss, 1950 5.40%
Pacific Gas and Electric General and Refunding ss, 1942 5.65%
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Wholesale Fish Market
The market started ttie new week moderator
sctive and steady, with prices unchanged.
Prices (per lbt—Salmon, KJ%c; balibut, 12% c;
codUsh. Sc; red rock, 10c; black rock, 6c; yellow
teJl. Sc; barracuda. 9c; sand dabs, 8c; coles, 6c;
kinpflsb, 7c; carp, oc; smelts, lSVic; silver
—; herrings, 6c; tomcode, 10c; striped
bnss, percli. —; mackerel, —; white bait,
lOcj sliad, oc; pike be; catfish, 12% c; craw
fish. 25c.
The above quotations represent t. o. b. prices
for cleaned flsU. boxed and iced.
Butter. Cheese and E&K*
The rpc market started the new week easy
with receipt* liberal and prices lower all
around. Fresh extras lost all of the gains
scored oi the cloeine days of last week and
more brides, dropping 2%C on a small but
r-rrslsfent BWTcment on the exchange. Selected
iiullets. while relatively firmer than extrae,
men halt a cent lower. Increased pressure to
sell cold wtorape px"s bronslit about further
declines In that line of goods, extrse losing
P'oe and pnllets 2c a do«u. Yesterday's de
cline iv cold storage extras made a total drop
of 4c a dozen or $1.20 a chsr in two dnys.
The dealer? who were eaglneerin* the unloading
moTement in co!d storage ec»rs were uot meet
ing with much success, according to the reports
circulated in the street. The butter market
started off in good shape, the situation being
firm enough to warrant an advance of 1 cent
in fresb extras. Storage goods remained weak
it the recent decline. In the cheese depart
ment new California fancy fiats were lmlf a
cent higher, that being the only change, in
Stiles on the exchange were as follows:
Bnjter—2o cas&e of fresb extras at 35c a
Ezirs —10 ensps of extras at 35c, 10 at 3. r >iXc,
10 Ht ;Wk.\ - _'O a 30Vic. SO cases of selected
pullets Xt 2ik- and 10 at 30c a dozen.
fs were r>7.500 pounds of butter, 3,500
t of cheese and cases of eprcs.
The following are official quotntiens, estab
lished by sales, hids and offers on the floor of
the Dairy exchange. Prices in the street, while
governed by t*e exchange quotations, jtenerally
range fromlw.c to 2V.e higher, owing to ttie
rarious charges to be added:
Grades —
e> o I c c o o
o o I c (9 r» o
p o J o p o o
CJ ih. C ° ~ , ©
I . ;
Primp firsts. .
Stor. extras..
■ •

The average quotation for fresh extra butter
for the week ending Saturday, December 7.
Was '.'■> l-3c per pound.
Cheeee—Fancy California flats, lOVjc per lb,
woak: do firsts, 15c, steady: do second*. 14c,
steady; fancy younx Americas, ISVsC, firm; do
firsts. 17c. firm; Oregon flits, 17c. steady: do
Young Americas, 18c, firm; New York fancy, 20
steady; Wisconsin fancy, steady;
locul storage flats. lT>r, weak.
Eggs—California fresh, per dozen, cases in
cluded :
Grades— f
i r
Extras 4fto
Sel'd pallet!
StiT. extras.. 27c
Do pullets. !24^<
Egg Market In Nearby Counties
Special Dispatch to The Call
PETALUMA. Dec. 9.—The week opened with
a weak egg market and after receipt of trans
actions of the Sfin Francisco Dairy and Epg ex
change the price paid for extra ranch dropped
2'fcc and for selected pullets V4c- Independent
dealers and speculators paid off on Saturday's
deliveries at the rate of for extra ranch
aod 2Sc for selected pullets. The delivery was
ligbt. In the poultry market the delivery was
lieht, a few ducks being offered and getting satis
factory pri
SANTA ROSA. Dec. o.—There was a drop of
Sβ per dosea iv the price of first grade epgs over
the weekPDd. The local dealers k> receipt of
advices showing the morning transactions on the
Sun Francisco Dairy Produce and Egg exchange
quoted 35V>e per dozen, as compared with 38i4c
Saturday, lind 2Sc for seconds or pullet grades
for eggs delivered Saturday. As there was a
heavy delivery for the weekend the producers
feel that they have been mulcted by the deal.
Santa Rosa Poultry association paid the same
prk-t'S for eggs delivered today. A year ago
dealers here paid 34c to 3S'.ic for the same
SANTA CRUZ. Pec. 0. —The week opened with
a diminished supply of eggs and an increased
price in quotations, buyers paying 37ii.c for ejrgs
of extra grade and 20c for pullets of extra size.
Firsts had a fairly stroDg call, being quoted al
Portland Batter Market
PORTLAND. Dec. £>.—Butter—City and coun
try creamery extra*, solid pack, 37^e.
Potatoes Onlona and Vegetables
Receipt* of vegetables from the southern
growing districts were Dot only heavy yesterday,
but they included much poor and trashy stuff,
which was bard to sell at round concessions,
and as a consequence the market was weak,
with prices taking a wide range. One house
alone received more than 700 packages of .as
sorted produce frora the Los Angeles region
and this firm was putting surplus stocks of thf>
best selections in cold storage. Strictly first
clans peae, beans and summer squash alone
showed any firmness as to prices. Hirer celery
was in heavy supply and easy. Nineteen cars
Oi this vegetable left Ant loch for middle west
and eastern points last Saturday, and another
trainload was being made up yesterday. The
potato market was as heavily stocked as ever,
and even Salinas Burbanks, which had previously
b»en in good request at comparatively liifjh
prices, were easy and lower. There was an
other sharp advance in sweet potatoes, the
price of cellar stock from the car going up
to $1.75 per cental.
Potatoes (per rtl)—River Burbanks,
Salinas do, [email protected]; Oregon do; So@Sse;
sweet potatoes, $1.75«1.«e.
Onions (per ctli—Yellow, 25«J45e.
Vegetables—Green peas, 3@Sc per Ib: toma
toes. 50c«®51.28 per box, crates. 00o(t£$l: cu
cumbers. 75c<515l per box for southern and $1.25
for hothouse: garlic. 2(g3c per lb: eesrplant, M
5c per B>; cabbage, 50c per ctl: cauliflower, DOQ
60c per dozen; green peppers. 3@sc per lb; car
rots. BOc per sack; string and wax bean-
per lb; lima bonn.s, 4KRi7e per lb; summer squash,
southern. 75cfQ;$l p*>r box or crate: rhubarb. H&
4c per lb: celery, 75c@$l for small and $l.r><i< r <£
1.75 for larse crates: lettuce. $1.25 per crate;
sprout*. 2@3« per lb: artichokes. 75c@|1.23 per
dozen; musUrooms, 2(>@3sc per lb.
Deciduous and Citrus Fruits
The amotint of business bandied 5n fresh
fraite yesterday was unusually small for Mon
day, and it was evident from all indications
that the retail stores throughout the city bad
not been depleted altogether over the- weekend.
Dealers are expecting a better movement in
apples with the approach uf the holidays, but
lv the meantime the market is weak, wi»h
trade slow and stocks rteadlly accumulating
ct the stores and in tue ii'cbousos. Straw
berries are still coming forward freely from
the Pajaro valley, but the demand for them in
the regular trade has lessened to sod) an erteat
that only the Banuer variety is wanted. All -if
tiie ftfalladJta received yesterday went to the
canners. Half a dozen crates of Cboktfl rssff
berries, containing IS small baskets each, camp
fa from Placer county and found buyers at
fl.T.Vff.- a cruie. Arrivals of grapes were mod
erate, aud the market for that fruit had a
little better toue, with the best selections
cleaning np well at slightly firmer price*.
Citrus fruits were in' aniplte supply, with prices
Berries—Strawberries, $4.50?<x7 per chest;
raspberries. |1.75Q2 per erste; i-ranberrlee,
$lL\([email protected]>o per bbl for eastern; do Coos Bay,
$2(i£.'f per box.
Apples (p«r box) —Fancy 4 tier reds. 73e@$l,
with some selected bringing [email protected]; 4 tier
red pearmains, 40<5jC0e; lieilQower, [email protected] for
3»j and t tiT and So@9oe for 4U. tier; Green
nfgTuo; white winter penrrunins.
Newton pippins, S."c<3:sl for 4 tier and 50@f!oc
for 4>i tier; common to choice fruit, 35@60c;
lady apples, $1.704fc2 for large and 75c for tstnuil
Pears (per box)— Winter Nellls. $1<31.00, in
cluding wrapped; other varieties, 50c(y.$l.
Tomegranates—[email protected] per box.
Persimmons—7oc<&sl.2s per bos.
Grapes—Crates, Ksc@?l; small boxes, COfJJGSc;
Jugs, 73c@$l.
Citrus Fruits (per box) —Valencia oranges,
i; navels. *-\25@3 for small and $1.50<6e
2.25 for large sires; do extra fancy, [email protected]>(>;
tangerines. [email protected]; grapefruit. $2.25@:t;
ieraous, $3..">0<g5 for fancy and $1.50@3 for otner
grades: Mexican limes. f4{54.50.
Tropical' Fruits —Bananas. 3@3V4c per lb for
Mexican, $1.50@2 per bunch for Hawaiian and
4%<§i4V-c P^ l- lb for Central American; pine
epples, "[email protected] per dozen.
Dried Fruit. Raiain*. Xtits and Honey
p n]MS _l9lC: crop: Santa Clara. 3i£e per lb
for 00s to 90s. w4tb 50s ifce, Ml to 50s IVjC and
30s 8c higher; outside primes, $4.c less.
Other fruits, 1912 crop:
Stand- Extre
CO lb boxes— ard Choice Choice Fnn<-y
I Evaporated apples 5%c G&e 6%c
Apricot* BVjC S%c
I Peaches 5c SKc *%c BJ4*
Pears OMiC We 7 J i-c «He
Nectarines 54c Be 6^,e
Baitina —Loose muscatels, 9%*, 4c and 4Vic for
2, 3 and 4 crown, respectively; 2, 3 and 4 crown
layers, 95c, ?1 and 81.25, respectively; 5 crown
Dehos.i, clusters, $1.70: 6 crown Imperials, $2.20;
seeded, 1 lb boxes, December shipments, 5e for
fancy and 4c for choice, with the usual dlf
fereutial for 12 o« boxes; seedless sultanas, 50s.
sc; do Thompson, 6c for unbleached and 5%@
for bleached.
Nuts (jobbing prices to the trade)— Pecans, 15
@17c; filberts, 13(<jl5e; peanuts. s@6c; pinenuts.
14<gilGe; California eliestuuts, 8@10e; Italian do,
New crop: Almonds—Nonpareils. 16@ie%c; I
X L, 15©lCc: Ne Plus Ultra. 14V2@15e; Drakes,
12 I ,ic; Languedocs, llVic; walnuts, f. o. b. ship
ping points, No. 1 softshell lie, do hardshell
13% c; No. 2 bard and soft shell, 10c; bndded,
Honey—Fancy wMte coanb, 15U;<318c;
dark to amber, 13V.jftf 14M<c; river comb, 11®
water white extracted, per lb;
light amber. 7H>QSc; amber, UVi@7c; lower
grades, S(j]jtU>jc per lb.
Beeswax — per lb for light and 2o@
2Gc for dark.
Poultry and Game
Poultry (per dozen) —Hens, $4(54.50 for small,
>.; for large and $7<g;9 for extra; young
moßtera $<>@6.50; do extra. $7*?i(9; old roosters,
$4@4 50; fryers, [email protected]; broilers, [email protected] for
large and $3<33.50 for small; ducks. $4.50@5
for old and $o@B for young; geese, per
pair; pigeons, $1.50; sijuabs, $2.50@3-50; dressed
turkeys, 22(3.2bc per lb; Belgian hares,
per Uoien.
Game (per dozen) —Elares, [email protected]; gray
geese. $4fes; brant. [email protected]; white geese.
$1.50@2; honkers, wild ducks are nomi
nal, as dealers are unable to dispose of them
satisfactorily, owing to the rigid enforcement of
the game laws.
Bean* and Seeds
Beans (per ctl) —Lima- $5.45*35.55; bayos,
[email protected]; large white. $4,156*4.25: small
white $4.55@4.«5; pink, [email protected]; cranberry,
blackeye, *3.25<53..J5; red, $4.10®
4.20; red kidney, gaivanzas, $2.75(3
3.25; horse beans, $2.10(82.20.
Seeds —Mustard, —; flaxseed. $3.85 per ctl; ca
nary. 3»4c per lb; alfalfa. 16i&:18c; rape, I%@
2V.sc; timothy, nomiual; hemp, millet, 2*4
Dried Peas —Green, $3 per ctl.
Flonr and Farinaceous Goods
Flour (net per bbl> —California family extras,
[email protected]; do bakere' extrau, [email protected]; super
fine. $4; Washington family patents. $4.90; do
bakers' patents, $4.70: Dakota patents, $6.40®
7.40; Kansas patents, old wheat, $6^6.25.
Farinaceous Goodn —In 10 lb sacks are qnoted
an follows per 100 lbs: Graham flour, $2.90; en
tire wheat Sour, $:i; buckwheat flour, $5; self
rising buckwheat flour, $5.80; whtat meal. $4;
rice flour, $C.50: rye flour, $;!.7O; rye meal, $3.60;
corn meal, yellow and white. $3.20; extra do,
$3.50; oat groats, $4.60; buckwheat groats. $8.80;
hominy. $8.70; cracked wheat, $3.90; farina,
$4.10; pearl barley, $5.50@6; split peas. $0 for
yellow and $7.50 for green. In 25 lb sacks 10c
lower for all and 20c lower for 50 lb sacks.
Hay and Feedernfla
Bran —$24.50®25 per ton. ,
Shorts—[email protected] per ton.
Middlings— pet ton.
'FeodstulTs—Rolled barley, $30.50(8531.50 pfr
t/m: rolled oats for feed. $41@42: corn meal, $30
@.T7; cracked corn, $."()'?£37; chopped feed, $19
ftj23; evergreen ebopfeed, $21 per tou in car
lots and $23 for jobbing; oilcake meal, 20 ton
lots i'MK 10 ton lots $3e.5e. 5 ton lots $40. small
lots $40.50; cocoanut cake or meal at mill*. $27.50
for $lU, $2S for 6 ton and $28.50 for small lots;
alfalfa meal, carload lots $17.30. jobbing $18.50;
Eureka meal, carload lots $21.50; Jobbing. $23;
caproka oilcake meal, $10.50 per ton; vigorator,
per ton, $22.
Hay (per ton)— Fancy wheat hsy, $23@24; No.
1 wheat and Wheat and oat, $21w22.">0; Rood to
choice do, $l0(a;20: lower grades. $]2i?JUi; barley
and oat, $17@18; choice tame nat. $20022;
other do. $17@19: wild oat ?1«@1S.5O; stock
hay, 1KH311.50; alfalfa. [email protected]<J.
Straw— «Kiii7oc per bale.
Hfdca, Tallow. Wool and Hops
Hides—Ou!!s am! brands sell about %@lc un
der quotations. Heavy and medium salted steers,
HH@isc: light. J4.<i;i4V ; coy^ e £-,, 14 ® 14 5 e j
veal and salted calf. UM-«i-0e; dry Uides, 24®
'"><•• murrain S3@24c: dry calf ana veal 30Q
SOW.C dry kipi •$&&: W Bt «S«. l6©ieHc;
BheepsUiQs, shearllncs. fO®*K each; short wool,
medium, To@9oc; >Pnf. wool, »[email protected];
lambs, 70@S5c for long « n l 0 30 ,^ 60c for sUort
«.,.,!• borsenldes. salt. $2..5@3 for large and $2
02.00 for medium, TSet*-* 8 f r °^ ma - U , and 25
r eolte; bowooMee. dry, &[email protected] for large
and |1 50@2 for medium, 50e@§l for small and
colt.->: soatekins, prime angoras, 75c
(asl; medium. Ss@soc; lonj hair goats, 35c; me
oliim. 2Vc; sine!'. R@iec.
Tailow No. 1 rendered, bbls, 5%@6c; cans
and drums, 3%@5c.
Grease—2 I ~'-<6,SV--e per !h.
Wool—Fall "clip Mcndoeino and Humboldt, 14
tl8c; Sisklvou, li!@l"''. California, northern. 10
15c; San mohair, good quality,
"^op's^ California. 1912 crop, 16@18c per lb tor
choice tnd llVjglSVjc foi- common.
Horeee and Melee
The following quotations for burgee and mule*
are furnished by the Butchers' and Stock Grow
ers' Journal:
"Doalors report a growing demand for good
horns and are looking wr an active winter
market. Sak>3 for the week were confined to
the retail barns and price* paid were said to be
fully up to quotations with once In a while a
good animal bringing a premium.
"With the opeiiinjr of the new year we look
for an active market for all grades of horsen.
ami many shippers are said to be .figuring on
placing theft: hordes under the hammer through
out the month of January.
"The feature of tiie week will be an auction
sale of some good useful horses from northern
California. These horses. If up to representa
tions should command full current quotatlone."
Desirable drafter*. 1,700 lbs and over. .s3oo®'!3o
Light di-aft»rs. 1,550 to 1.K50 lbs 225@2u0
Chunk* 1.350 to 1,500 lbs 195@230
Wagou horses, L 250 to 1.350 lbs 15O@1SO
Delivery wagon betfee, 1.050 to 1,250.. lin@i;>s
Desirable farm mares 100@125
Farm workers 75^100
(VSO lbs, 4 to 7 years. $75@125
lOOd n»s 4 tn 7 yew* 123u175
1,100 ins, 4 to 7 years 150Q200
1,2ft0 lbs, 4 to 7 yeers 200@250
Over 7 years old ranpe from $15 to $25 lower.
Note—Shippers to this market must have
horses close to type, with age, bone conformation
.and style, to command extreme quotations.
General Merchandise
Bmm Staadard Calcutta grain bags, 9rt?O}4c I
on the spot anil 9V4sfO%c for June-July, 1913, de
livery; wool l-;'.£T-. 'T , o for 4 and 4oV 2 c for 314
lbs; fleece twine, Df.DMiC per lb; bean bags,
Coal 4per ton of 2.000 lbs) —Pennsylvania an
-1 thraclte egg. $l(i per ton; Wellington. $8; New
Wellington $S; Australian house, Richmond, etc.,
$S; IVlaw Main. $S: standard Richmond. $8;
Cumberland, $15 in bulk and $16.50 in sacks;
coke, $15 per tun in bulk and $17 in sacks.
Ol! (quotations arc for barrel*) —Linseed. 52c
per gallon for boiled and 50c for raw, 5 bbl lot*
le less, cases r>c more: Bakers' AA castor, cases,
5 gallons $1.11. 10 gallons $1.09; commercial
castor in cases, 00c; China nut. cases, 75©85 c
i per gallon: wcanut oil In barrels. 7"v 2 @Blc for
XXX. 75fi37SM>c for No. 1 and 72«g70c for No.
2, according to quantity; extra bleached winter
sperm oil, SOo: natural winter sperm oil, Mtej
pure larfl oil. 85cj winter strained lard oil, 75c;
i pure neatsfoot oil. 85c: No. 1 neatsfoot oil. 05c;
herring oil. 4uc; boiled tish oil. 40c; paint oil,
Coal Oil. Gasoline, etc. — Water white, iron
barrels or drums. Se; 150 degree oil. Iron bar
rels or drums. !><•; ipeelel do, 10c; pearl oil, in
CMses. ir>e; astral 15c; star. 16c; extra star, I
'lSc: Elaine. 25V'c'; eocene. 18c; red crown and 1
! motor gasoline, 'in bulk 17% c, In cases 24Vic;
engine distillate, in drums 9c, in cases 7c
more; gas machine gasoline, in bulk 34V&C, In
oases 4-p; varniah makcis' nnd painters' naph
tha In l>ii!k, 16% c. in oases. ZSftc.
Turpentine—ln cases, f>9c; 10 case lots, lc
less; drums an<l iron barrels, 52c: Aroturps, I
ea*es BUc iron barrels or drums 23c per gallon.
Rosin—F, $10.10; G, $10.55: H, $10.15; I,
$10.70; JT. $10.00; WG. $11.10 per barrel of
2SO pooads.
Red and White Lrad—Red, S@Btyc; white,
7%(08lle per lb: do 5 and 10 ton lots, 7%c and :
7Vic, respectively.
The Western Sugar Rofining company quotes i
as follows, net cash: Fine granulated, 5.20 c; j
coarse granulated, 5.2'K , ; fruit granulated, 5.20 c; I
H. & E. crystal domiuos, 5 lb cartons in cases,
9c; do 2 lb cartons in cases, 9.50 c; mouarcb. bar,
5.55 c; tablets, in haif bbls, 5.70 c; do in 25 lb
boxes 5.95 c: cubes. 6.45 c; monarch powdered, i
5.30 c; XXXX powUered, 5.30 c; candy granulated, ;
5.30 c; confectioners' A. 5.20: beet granulated, ;
sc; extra C, 4.70 c; golden C, 4.00 c; D. 4.50 c. :
Barrels and 50 lb bags We, half bbls 25c, boxes
50c wore per 100 lbs than for bags of 100 lbs ,
net. Bar in 35 and 40 lb tt«» $1.70 more, in 8 ;
and 10 Il> tins $2.36 mnr» poi? 100 lbs than the
price for this grade In !W Ib"t>ags.
The California and Hawaiian Sugar Refining j
company quotes as follows: Granulated basis,
5.20 c; C. & H. fine standard, 5.20 c; coarse dry
granulated, ,".20c; confectioners' A 5.20 c; berry.
5.20 c; powdered. 5.30 c; cubes, 5.45 c; '•Higrade"
bar. .-..V.c: bricks (in half bbls), 5.70 c; bricks
(In 2.") lb boxes*. 5.95 c; H. & EL crystal domlnoe
(5 lb cartons in enses), 9c: do (2 lb cartons in
cases), 9.50 c; extra tine dry granulated (100 lb
bags only), f.c; extra C 4.70 c; golden C, 4.60 c;
yellow D. 4.50 c. Additional per 100 lbs: In bbla
I and 50 lb bags. 10c more; half bbls, 25c more:
boxes, 50c more for all grades. Bar In 35 and
40 lb tins, $1.70 more: in 10 lb tine, $2.35 more.
Minimum order, carload weight.
New York Produce
NEW YORK, Dec. 9.—Hops—Quiet.
Hides—Easy. Bogota, 2S^@29%c.
Raw Sugar—Firm. Mn«rovado, S9 test, 3.55 c;
centrifugal, 96 test, 4.00 c; molasses, 89 test,
Refined Supar—Steady.
Batter—Steady. Creamery, extras,
| creamery lieid extras, state dairy, fin
i>>c, :;)■!<:&■; proeert extras, 27>!;<Vr2Sc; firsts,
2<J@27c; seconds, 24Q2&C.
Clifist.-—Firm. State, whole milk held, col
ored ISo hid: do, white. 18c asked;
: whole milk, specials, 17"4fti17'.-;c; skims,
Eggs—Weak. Fresh gathered extras, .""
I held fresh, average best. 24(8200; refrigerator
j special fancy, local storage charges paid, 21c;
nearby whites, fancy, large, new laid, 48@50c;
do, selected whites, defective in quality, Kβ
45c: do, hennery browns, 3Sc; western gathered
whites, 30@40c."
Evaporated Apples—lnactive. Fancy, 7%@
9%c; choice, 9%Q7%e: prime, s%@B^4e.
Prunes—Steady. Callforuias up to 30-40s, 2%
@9y.c; Oregons* 5%©8% c.
Apricots — Firm.' Choice. 10u,@Hc; extra
choice, H@llMiC; fancy, 12%@13c.
Ppachps—Firm. Choice, GMj@G%c; extra
choice, o%<S7c: fancy, T%@B£.
Raisins—Firm. Loose muscatels, 4%@6i4c;
choice to fancy seeded, 51,'< i 6Vie; seedless,
®o%c; London layers, $1.40^1.45.
Cliloaso Produce Market
CHICAGO, Dec. 9.—Butter —Easy; creameries,
Kpgs—Steady; receipts, 1,940 cases;
frail current receipt'?:, ttwZSc; refrigerator
tirsts. 19(320c; firsts. 25ff2GUc- Cheeae—Steady;
daisies. i7Vi(§)l7ViC; twins, 16%(((;i7e: Young
Americas, long horus, 16ii@l'JVic.
Lou Anscrlva Prodnee Market
Special Dispatch to The Call
LOS ANGELES. Dec. 9.—Receipts of produce
on thf Los Angles market today were:
85 casee; butter, 17.107 pounds; cheese, 1,010
pounds; potatoes, 7.021 sacks: otdOM, 1,200
MCkftj brans, f>o9 sacks: sweet potatoes, 12
sacks. Market trading was rather active this
mornin*. Irish spuds are moving at 90c@$l per
cti. Sweot potatoes are selling at a good
price of $1.80®1.T3 per ctl.
Butter (per Hi) prices to trade, 3c above
quotations->TaHfornla creamery extras, 36c;
creamery firsts, P>2\SsC.
Eggs (per doz)—Candled. 40c; oase count,
3Cc: secomls, 25c; pullets, 'X<c; outside. 27<{?:$le;
eastern—Minnesota and Dakota, :53c; Kansas,
Nebrnska, lowa and Missouri, 32c.
Ch*-ese (per lb> —Northern firsts, 20e; eastern
singles, 19*4e; eastern twins, lfl'-jc; eastern
cijcddaro. 21 Vie; eastern Unighorns, 21c; Oregon
daisies ISc; swisa, domestic block. 23c; Roque
fort, 4."c; cream brick, limburger, 22®
23c; Edam, $B.f>o<??lo.r>o per case at 12.
Benns (per ctll—No. 1 pinks, [email protected]; No.
1 llmas. $6<5;0.25; Lady Washington No. 1,
$"i.lO(gr>.2. r >: small white, $8d5.25; irarvanzas,
54.50; lentils. $6.30@7; bayos, $4.50<80; Mex
ican red, $4.50: blackeyes. $4.
Potatoes (per ctl) —Highland. OOefS;$l; yellow
sweets, [email protected]; local Burbnnk, 80@90c;
Oregon, $1.1<>(«;1.15; Salinas, [email protected]; Lom
poc, [email protected].
L,lvewto«>k >farfcet
CHICAGO, Dec. 9.—Cattle —Receipts, 22.000
head; market slow and weak. Beevca, $5.6060
10.75; Texas steers. [email protected]; western steers,
$5.40<5»-t0; stockers nnd feeders, H.35®7.75; ,
cows and heifers, $2.70&7.50; calvts, $G.so@ I
10. -"0.
Hogs—Receipt9,**Sr>.ooo head; market slow, but
s®loe higher. Ugbt. $7..V><yj7.75: mixed. $7.40r$
7.85; li-iivy. 57.40&7.85; rough. [email protected]; t
pips> $5.1;.-)(5/7.25; bulk of sales. $7.00^7.80.
Sheep—Receipts. 40.000 head: market steady.
Native $3.tt3<3lVes; western, $»[email protected]; year
lings, $r.fr/<;.;!."■»; lambs, native $3.75i37.70, west
KANSAS CITY, Dec. 9.— Cattle— Receipts, 16,
--000 head, including 1,200 southerns; market
steady. Native steers, [email protected]: southern
steers $4..'0tfi;7.50; southern cows and heifere,
<\; native cows aWI heifers, [email protected];
■tocken and feeders. $4.". r >@7.oo; bulls, $4.25((g
0.25; ealvee, $5.50(ge.. r >o: western steers, $5.50@
8.50; western cows, [email protected].
lloiza— Receipts. Head; market 6<3;10c
higher. Bull' of sales. ?7.60@7. ia: heavy, $7.70
to 7.80; packers and butchers. $7.<[email protected]; light,
--.?7.85; piRS. $e.55©7.a5.
Sheep—Receipts, 10.000 head; market strong.
Mutton* $45t4.75; lambe, wethers and
yearlings, |[email protected]; range ewes. [email protected].
SOUTH OMAHA, I'ec. B.—Cattle—Receipts,
R. 400 hfad; market steady to 10c higher. Native
eteere, $c.25©10; cows and heifers. [email protected];
western steers. Texas steers, $4.75)8
fI.HO: row>s :ind lieifers. $3.s"wre.oft; canners,
[email protected]; Blockers and feeders, f4.75®7.70;
calves, $s@B; ball* stags, etc., $4.4©Q6.25
Hogs—Receipt*. 7.500 bead; market Me high
er. Heavy. [email protected]; mixed, [email protected];
flight, 57.4057.70; pigs, [email protected]; bulk ol
sales, [email protected]. . _
Sheep—Receipts. 10.500 head: market steady to
stronger. Yearlings, $4.85(fj6.15; wethers. 1<5.80
@4.60; ewee, [email protected]; lambs, $e.40®7.65.
PORTLAND, Dec. o.—Cattle— Receipts, 400.
Market, firm. Choice steers, $G.85@7.:;0; good
Bteers, $6.50(87.25: medium steers, [email protected];
choice cows, $e<<16.25: good cows, |[email protected];
medium cows, [email protected]: choice ealrw, $7.50
@S; good heavy calves, $«@7; bulla, $3©5;
stags, $5!J?6.
Hogs—ltecelpte, 800. Market, steady. Light,
[email protected]; heavy, $e.75@7,26.
Sheep—Receipts. 2.100. Market. eteady.
Yearlings. [email protected]; wethers, [email protected];
ewes, $3@4; lambs, [email protected].
C«tton Market
NEW YORK, Dec. 9.— E. F. Hotton & Co.'a
wire says: *
"Liverpool was bought and bid np this morn-
Ing by Weld & Co., who. It seems, expected the
census report to confirm their figures oa the gin
ning to December 1 of 11.563,000 bales. The
local market opened about 20 points higher, in
sympathy with the cable, but was immediately
cold by leading Philadelphia spot Interests and
I others on the government report showing 11.
--1 844,000 bales had. passed through the gins to
I December 1. While tbfe report was not quite ac j
large as the extreme estimates put out last week ,
by the Glnners' association, they were larger
than any of the other private estimates and con- i
frequently nearer to the national giuners' figures ]
than traders had expected. The amount of cot-
I ton ginned this year between November 14 and
December 1 was the largest on record, and, while ,
bnlls contend that the largest percentage of the •
crop ever ginned to this date is included in this ;
report. It must be remembered that this con
tenttoa was also made when the last report was
made on November 21. When the final ginners
report is published on the 20th of next March
we believe it will show the usual average gin
ning after this date for the last fire year*,
which, en the basis of today's report, indicates
i a crop of about 14,300,000 bales, including lint
Spot closed quiet and nnebanged. Middling
uplands, 12.75 c; do gulf, 13c. Sales, 2,200
i bales.
Dec. !>,
Option. Open. High. Low. Clo*e. Dec. 7. 1911.
[Dec 12.33 I2LBB 12.24 12.22 12.23 B.BS
Jan 12.46 12.50 12.30 12.31 12.33 S.fie
Feb 12.32 12.37 8. Hβ
i March ...12.00 12.62 12.39 12.40 12.41 573
April 12.3H 12.34 f>76
May 12.49 12.55 12.35 12.»> 12.34 8.53
June 12.32 12.32 8.85
July 12.4« 12.40 12.30 12.31 12.32 B.r>2
Aug 12.33 12.38 12.23 12.21 12.20 8.9(5
jsept 11.80 11.7S 9.00
Oct 11.73 11.75 11.G9 11. M 11.62 0.06
Cotton Itenort
WASHINGTON. De<\ 9. —Cotton ginned to De
cember 1 was 11,844.432 bales, the ceueue bureau
announced today. Round bales included were
72.027 and Sea 'tMand 51,275 bales.
Ginning by states:
Alabama 1,160,637. Arkansas 600.174, Florida
45.503, Georgia 1.863.443, Louisiana
Mississippi SIS.S62, North Carolina 754.249, Okla
homa 867.488, South Carolina 1.041,221; Tennes
see 208.721, Texas 4.308.7C0, other states 69,048.
Sea Island by stares:
Florida 17,826, Georgia 29,750, South Carolina
3,093. %
LlTerpool Cotton Market
LIVERPOOL., Dec. 9.— Cotton modern briefness
is higher; American middling, 090 bales.
Bi. Louis Wool Market
ST LOT"IS Dec. o.—Wool steady. Medium
grades, combiner and clothing. 23y 2 «26c; light
fine. 19@21c; heavy fine, 13<gl8c; tub washed,
New York Coffee Market
NEW YORK, Dec. 9.— E. IV Hotton k. Co.'s
wire saye.
"Underlying conditions showed little or no
change and business was of a professional char
acter. Outside interest was lacking and tbe
market was again iv a waiting position, with
sentiment inclined to lean a little to the bear
side, owing to the continued dullness in the spot
position rfnd further Indications that Brazil is
anxious to make sales. Cost and freight offers.
while comparatively light, were unchanged to 5
points lower, and as both the Rio and Santos
markets were weak and unchanged, it was ap
parent that the better feeling abroad was due
to local conditions rather than to any change ia
the primary situation."
Option— Open. High. Low. Clone.
December 13.00 c 13.00 c IS.OOc 13.02 c
January 13.20 c 13.20 c 13.20 c 13.1 fie
February 13.21 c
March 13.41 c 13.45 c 13.40 c 13.45 c
April 18.55 c
May 13.07 c 13.70 c 13.62 c 13.67 c
June 13.73 c
July 13.75 c 13.81 c 13.75 c 13.50 c
August 13.Me
September 13.87 c 13.90 c 13.83 c 13.88 c
October 13.88 c 13.90 c 13.86 c 13.88 c
November • 13.88 c
Sales, 55.250 bags.
New York Metal Market
NEW YORK, Pec. 9.—Opper—Quiet. Stand
ard, spot and December. bid; January
and February, 16.87Vi'ai7.12%c; electrolytic,
17<X (g<l7 vie: "lake. 17%@17%0: castings.
17%e. Copper arrivals. 433 tons. Exports this
month, 7.850 tons. I/ondon copper, firm; §pot,
£75 17s Cd: futures. £76 15s.
Tin—Quiet. Spot, December and January.
49 [email protected]: February. 4»[email protected]. London
tin. firm: spot, £228 10s: rutnres, £225 17» 6d.
Lead—Steady, [email protected]. London lead, £1S
Iβ 3d.
Spelter—Quiet, [email protected]. London spelter,
£26 10s.
Antimony—Steady. Cookson's. 10.50".
Iron—Quiet—No. 1 northern, $18.75(319.25;
No. 8 northern, [email protected]; No. 1 southern,
HB.T&eie.Ss; No. 1 southern, soft, $18.50@19.
Cleveland warrants. C7s iv London.
Xavnl Store*—Turpentine and Roaln
SAVANNAH, Ga.. Dec. 9.—Turpentine. 35%@
85MfC> Sale*. 1,019; receipts, 778; shipments,
203; stock 39,100.
Rosin firm. Sales, 3.000; receipts, 2,600; ship
ments, 4,600; stock. 148.600. Quote: A, B, C, D,
E F and G 95.4908.501 H and, I, $5. 46® 5.55;
K. 16.40; M, $7; N. #T. 25; WG, $7.35; WW.
Jacob N. Blake to Helen P. Blake, lot at
SW corner Tenth avenue and Lake street, S 25
by W 95; $10. .
James Brown end wife to Bay Cities Home
Building company, lot In E line of Diamond
street, 197:0 N of Twenty-flrst, N 75 by E 100;
Crocker Estate company to Llllie G. Black
ford, lots 34 and 35, block 5, Crocker Amazon
tract; $10.
Marie Louise Grcffe Matlloux et al. to W!l-
Ham Casey. lot in N line of Virginia place.
57:6 W of Grant avenue, W 20 by N 57:6: $10.
leabelle Somers to Howard Somers, lot at
W corner of Sixth avenue and A street, NW
75 by SW 100: $10.
Christine Ixhilbk Birth to Lena M. Schmttt.
lot In NE line of Twelfth street, 175 NW of
Harrison. NW 25, NE 03:0, SE 25, SW 62:3;
William H. Heltman to James Howie and
wife, lot !n W line of Castro street, 58 N of
Army. N 2S by W 76:1); $10.
Charles Arthur Gwynn and wife to Beatrice
C. G. AudifTred, lot In N line of Lombard street,
210 W of Van Ness avenue, W 30 by N 137:6;
Maybolle E. Denervand to Theresa Coleman,
lot la W line of Twenty-second avenue, 182:6
S of R street, S 25 by 120, and one other
piece: $10.
Herbert Edward Law to George Wagner com
pany, lot at NE comer of Vallejo street and
Van NcH avenue, N 96 by E 846: $10.
Homestead Realty company to Charles H. Wil
son, lots 7 and 8, block M, Mission Street Land
company; $10.
John Turner and wife to Lnrline Coffin, lot In
E line of Noe street, 51:0 S of Twenty second, S
2~> by E 105: $10.
Sol Getz & Sons to Emma C. Blum, lot In B
line of Twenty-slxtb avenue, 225 N of J street,
N. 25 by E 120: $10.
Solomon Gets et al. to Mary Levin, lot hi W
Hue of Tweuty-eeeond avenue, 125 N of A street,
N 2.5 by W 120: $10.
Mary P. Mitchell to Edward H. Mitchell, lot
in N line of Ford street, 100 W of Sanchez, W 23
by W 114; $10.
Nathan Corinson and wife to P. F. Malley, lot
In N line of Green street, 192:6 E of Polk. B 25
by N 125: $10.
Arnold Orr Steele to Mabel Steele, lot In N
line of B street, 57:6 W of Sixth avenue. W 25
by N 100; $1.
William O. Loewe and wife to Robert W. Tay
lor, lot In SE line of Vienna street, 150 SW of
Russia avenue. SW 25 by SE 100: $10.
Same to same, lot in SE line of Vienna street,
125 SW of Rnseia avenue. SW 25 by SE 100; $10.
Alma A. and Mabel M. Hofstetter to Katherine
Hofstetter, third interest la lot In N line of Six
teeoth avenue Sonth, 425 E of N street, N 25, E
74. N 78. W parallel with Sixteenth avenue 97,
S 25. E 25, S 100. and a third interest In three
other pieces; gift.
E. F. Henne to Shreve et Co., lot In SW line
of Zoe street, 105 SB of Bryant, SE 31 by SW
S3: $l.
Archibald Kalns et al. to Frederick Lang, lot
12 and a portion of lot 11, Corona Heights; $10.
Hugh Keenan and wife to Myrtle F. Dennis, lot
In N line of T street, 32:6 E of Twenty-flfta ave
nue, E 25 by N 100; $10.
Building Contract*
Joseph Estate company with John R. Beck—
Alteration* and additions to make a three story
lodging house at SW corner of Goldea Gate
avenue and Hyde street; $23,000.
Frederick E. Kroeger with Charles E. Wil
son All work except shades and rtxruree for a
two etory frame building (flat«> in 8 line of
Harriwm street, 25 SW of Harriet, 25 by 75,
$3 t>oo and a deed of trust on lot in S line of
Langton street, 200 NW of Folsom, 25 by 75.
Roman Catholic archbishop of San FrnneJeco
with Henry Gerrais^—TerraßXO, marble, Belgium
marble, mosaic, artificial stoce, etc., for a
brick church building at NE corner of Columbia
avenue and Vallejo street, E 77:8H by N 137.6;
Caroline L. Harnshar with N. P. Neileen—To
erect a three story and basement frame build
ing in S line of Pacific street, 137:6 W of
Powell, W 17 by S 00; $5,200.
Office and Salesrooms, 850 Mission st.
Pays highest price for all kinds of furnltare,
merchandise, etc. Houses bought Iα their en
tirety. Goods gold on commission.
Thone —Sutler 1200.
H. TAYLOR CURTIS, Auctioneer
SOKDO Yard SuStlkg.s for
Ladles and Oeetlemee
At Atmctfloe, Thiiirsdlay, Pec, I2th
At II A. M. IN
Imported Woolens, Serges, Worsted, Cheviots, Venetians, Silk
Trimmings, Gents' Trimmings, Broadcloth and Silk Linings.
All from a first class tailoring establishment and to be sold without
limit. H. TAYLOR CURTIS, Auctioneer.
Hackney Stud
Will hold its
Annual Sale
701 Seventh Avenue
Tonight! Tonight!
December 10, 1012, at 8 o'clock.
These horses are representatives of the popular
hackney-trotting cross, and several of them were
winners of blue and red ribbons in the largest
classes shown at the Society Horse Show held In
this city last week.
They have been bred and schooled for park
and city use and are all young, sound, well broke
They will be sold to be Just as represented.
Persons looking for reajly high class driving
horses, well broken and mannered riding horses,
or a combination of both, will do well to inspect
these horses at 29.'t4 PULTON STREET, this
City, or attend the sale THIS EVENING.
J. W. SOUTHER. Auctioneer.
Auction Sale
At 1 and 8 O'clock P. M.
Fourteenth and Valencia Street*
95 head of Horses from the Essex Ranch, Mo
doc county. Tbese are a choice lot of gentle
broke, blocky built, heavy boned Draft and Work
Horses, weight from 1.100 to 1,700 lbs. aged 4 to
8 years. There are several very desirable Tfrnck
Horses among them and several good Mares In
foal. This sale is absolute: wittiout reserve or
limit. E. STEWART A CO,
W. HIGGINBOTHAM, A ictioneer.
£»? FOR SALE j£p>
Two carloads big Draft Mares and Horset; good
Wagofi Horses, well broken, young and sound,
weight up to 1,850 pounds; few good Ranch
Horses and Mares.
Phone Market 8877. 838 Fell st: JOS. LEVY.
Without It Exhibition Build
ings Could Not Be
Properly Erected
President Charles C. Moore, of the
Exposition company, has issued a let
ter requesting all persons interested
in the success of the great fair to vote
for charter amendment No. 2. Follow
ing is a copy of the statement prepared
by President Moore:
Charter Amendment No. 2 is an
exposition measure and of interest to
every one in San Francisco. Its adop
tion will not add one dollar to the
taxes of the people, nor call for the
expenditure of a single penny of public
The substance of the proposed
amendment is in the following words:
"The board of supervisors shall pass
ordinances * ♦ * necessary, proper
or expedient for the safety, conveni
ence and welfare of the public within
• • • the Panama-Pacific interna
tional exposition.
Under the proposed amendment the
board of supervisors may pass a build
ing law directing the manner of erec
tion of the exposition palaces and other
buildings used temporarily for exposi
tion purposes.
It must be apparent to the most
casual observer that to require a
Rhenish castle, a French chateau, a
Swiss chalet, a Chinese pagoda, a Jap
anese bridge, a Hawaiian grass hut or
a Zuni Indian adobe, to be built under
the requirements of the San Francisco
building law now in force, would lead
to absurd results.
Every one knows that an exposition
must be especially built for temporary
use, and the only purpose of thife
amendment is to put into the hands of
the board of supervisors the power to
enact such ordinances as will properly
protect the public and enable the expo
sition to be built.
Every person interested in the suc
cess of the exposition should vote for
charter amendment No. 2. r
OAKLAND, Dec. B—With the score 4 to 4
and two men on Iα the sixth tuning of the con
test between the Azore Greys and Azore Blues
this afternoon at the Thirty-second and Kttie
grounds. Pingree, left fielder of the former nine,
nut his mates in the way to a win with a slash-
Ing homer. Score: . It. n. E.
Azore Greys 7 12 2
Azore Blues 6 8 3
Batteries — Abrahawson aad Abrabamcon,
Mitchell and Horninh.
OAKLAND. Dec. B.—The I X L Tamales left
the field ii the tenth inning of a 4 to A,
with the J. S. Samnert at Eighteenth ehd Wood
streets tills a.'ternoou, losing on a forfeit.
Score: R- H. E.
J. M. Samuels 4 11 2
I X L Tamales ..4 7 1
Batteries-—l'etty and Lyons, Enoe and Bo
BERKELEY. Dec. B—The Laurels defeated the
Wells Farjroe in a fast contest this morning on
the San Pablo grounds. Score: E. H. E.
Lanrele 4 7 4
Wells FarjroH 3 6 3
Butteries—WPson and Palnagren. Connolly and
Office and salesroom corner Van Ness and Sac
ramento (former Walter building). Phones -
Franklin 2264. Home CC553; residence, 80S Ash
a H. Taylor Gtuirtis^
$ Auctioneer -" f
?il- Announces the Col- \
\ ' lection of Mr.Charles \
i? .S. WakeffaeSd of " '" 5
? Keith Hall, .;, : i
\\ ;: Inverarie, Scotland v
X ' TO BE *
\\ Sold at Auction \
4 Without Reserve *•'A-:'
f" Setter Street ;
I Salesrooms I
I 532-534 Slitter St. \
y on • f ■■*■
!J f Tuesday, Dec. 105
i At ii a. m. • $
i Old English ; Silver $
X- and Plate. Genuine f
* Chippendale, * j.
<pfSheraton, Queen ; f
v . Ann and Old Oak' - ' f;.
.? Furniture. Valuable *
x Chinese Porcelains r
\ and Curios. Paint- 0
\ ings, Bronzes, Rugs, r
J^ , Books and ,:;: -, -j
] ■, Mezzotints
(A * Valuable Tea Service In silver of fire A
" pieces, hand >i wrought, > Georgian Pattern, V
A : ralne £400; Silver Tea Service of six A .';
V. pieces, hand hammered, Victorian shape: V
A-. large, hand hammered .- Silver • Vase: pair A
V Silver Candelabra, email . SilTer . Candle- f
A stick*, " Sheffield « Hot ► Water ■ Urn, pure a
7 Adam; with many other pieces of silver (fl
\ and plate. i .'K;>" ; ■..: •■ •«,- "'A'
v i Genuine ■ Sheraton Library Table - (revolv- U
V Ing top), cost In London 5 £150; Queen Anne \
9 Gaming < Table ? (folding top), a rare : piece, v
A, cost 'In? London £240: Genuine Chippendale ~.
A Card Table and Card Tray Table in splendid O
A, condition. ~;--* . : •'.. " • -- - - • v
A Old Adam Side Table and Candle Stand.- Q
" 1 Genuine Sheraton Sideboard, ; original condl- ▼
I M - tlon; * Old f Mahogany» Dinner I Wagon. : Sofa. A,'
I V Card Table, Chairs. Bench ; s and Chest of V
A ' Drawers, old ■ Oak ; Hall Clock. Oak ■■> Linen A "
y/ Chest two centuries old. original condition: f
A . Oak ■ Charles II Dropleaf Dining Table, old A
v. Flemiih Sideboard and Chairs; Dower Chest, f
X Oak Framed Mirror and Wall Cabinet. a
7 Powder ;; Blue Jar, genuine Ming piece; V
\ Souflet Vase, Kblen Long Period; Blue anil y
§ - White Vase, genuine Ming; Khang HI Bowl I)
A and ; other - Porcelains; v India '• Plaque, • band \
§ chiseled; -■' India , Drape, gold thread; pair U,
\ ':. Gold Bracelets i from the collection of an \ '
A Indian Princess; i Golden -Bronzes Jardiniere Q
\ lA\y s Bowl, Canton V Punch * Bowl * and < large \
A Moro Tray of ; Braes, beautifully hand chin- A
v eled ■<" Bronze '; Mercury, Bronze Andirons, V
A Brass Brazier. Silver-Bronze ' Candelabra. A
V { Florentine - Frame Mirror, Dresden ■ Figures. V
A Chelsea - Figures, Majolica Plaques, old Blue A
V and White -, China, ten Antique y Oriental f .
A Rugs, i Mahogany * Extension s Table, ' Queen X
v Anne Chairs, large Mahogany Library V
i Table, fireside Arm Chain.. Brass Fire Set. >
§ Cut Glass. . ;■-■■: ■-■■■■-. U
\ - Set \of latest Encyclopaedia Brltannlca. \
A t full leather binding. : .: ■ Q
\ '■-'- Antique ' Painting •,. attributed t* Rubens. \
A ■ Other paintings :by P. ■* Cobnrn, William Q
\ Keith, i Brunei > Neville. , - P. H. Mason and \
A Charles ' Rollo i Peters; seven ■ Mezzotints 'by A .'
"' 3. Smith, * two i rare * Tolumes ■on j China •by . » .
A Dr. 0. Dapper, Florentine Mosaic Table "A'
V Top, s French & Iridescent Plaque, -■: carved V
A Wood s and ; Gold . Ornaments, Capo dl Monti, A
V .: Dresden and Sevres Porcelain, \-. v. f ,
A And . many ! other beautiful works of art. A
™ all to be cold f without reserve. . Catalogue fy;.
xon : application ■to i' " J - . ■;,;- > ;, -' ; a
y* ' H. TAYLOR CTTRTIB, Auctioneer. ; ?
Esquimalt, B. C, Pastor Be
lieves in Preparing for
War in Time of Peace
"I preach the word of God, but while
I am doing it I preach to Canadians
the need of a great Canadian navy for
the protection of their hundreds of
miles of Pacific coast, at present as
defeneelerss as a new born babe. On
this subject I dwell first, last and all
the time." *
So spoke Rev. W. Baugh Allen, pas
tor of the "farthest west" Episcopal
church on the American continent, at
the Palace hotel yesterday. Allen's
parish is at Esquimau, near Victoria,
B. C. He has a mixed congregation
of natives and soldiers from the royal
naval station located at that post, and
believes in preparing for war in times
of peace.
"Canada believes that Uncle Sam
would never allow an invasion of her
territory," eaid the pastor, who at
tracted much attention t>y hia broad
brimmed hat and clerical vestments;
"but I have my doubts. Canada ex
plains that at present England and
Japan are friendly. How about the
time when the two nations might he
at dagger points? Then the Canadian
Pacific coast would have to depend on
the British navy for protection and
the British navy Is some distance
"I have spent many years in mis
sionary work, but I never neglect an
opportunity of urging Canada to be
gin the nucleus of a great navy,
which would, of course, be under the
authority of the home government,
but at the same time would have sta
tions in Canadian waters.
"This subject is deare»t to my
heart, and I believe that some day
Canada will rank high in naval power
on the seas."
Allen is here to see the departure
of his eon, C. B. Baugh Allen, on a
tour to Australia and New Zealand.
Young Allen sails Wednesday on the

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