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XI p» l&XiKS&totiX* _-< *-■» ftftC a*fi* *-2«
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"Jappyland," Still Better, Packs Theater
i __- • •. . .»■._.-... ■-' :
Work of Gifted Amateurs in
the Extravaganza's Lead
ing Roles Is Close to
the Professional
OAKLAND, Dec. 13.—The great suc
cess which greeted the opening pro
n of •Jappyland" was duplicated
this evening. Another record house was
; to the Macdonough theater to
witness tiie operatic e-travagaJSM
which the society of the easl bay
for the benefit of
the prOpof Ir'eoTts hospital.
The demand for seats was strong.
and brefore the afternoon
it was announced at tiie box office
that et_ would be avail
able production. De
termi* the performance
at i*i large numbers bought
standing room i nd applauded vigor
from the aisles of the theater.
•! plaudits from the
S.nuse, and the general verdict was
that "Jappyland" is one of the. best
amateur produt-lions ever seen here.
Particularly attractive wete the
scenic effects, nearly ail «>f which rep-
A great deal
of care and thought had been lavished
upon them, as well as upon the elabor
ostumes • Men and women
of the cast. Tiie precision with which
the amateur performers went through
their intricate dances and drills was
a matter of universal comment all
through the theater on the second
"Jappyland" contaias a large
numb crate drills, which re
■ ---operation on the
part performers, and in the
two -o far given the
work of the whole cast has been
perfect. Many p< iho were
I last night west again tonight.
Th*- , ttle plot, hut a
touch of la given here and
there to lend color. I the heart
interest in the extravaganza is sus
:: th May ifcKenzie and
rick G. H Miss McKenzie
! >orothy. an up to
date American girl. Harrison's part
is closely connected with hers, as he
appears in the role of Captain .Nelson,
an American naval office!-. The two
meet after a supposed long separation.
and the event is- the occasion of some
. iogue and some sweet
: nyland" will h-> shown for the
• time tun Fternooß-
KKLKV. Dec. 13.—The members
of Berkeley lodge of Kiks Xo. 1002
held a ladies' night at their clubrooms
this evening, more than !_*. couples
gathering. The entertainment con
sisted of musical and literary numbers,
follov. lancing. Th* l committee
in charge was composed of L. J. Ken
nedy (chairman), Charles Green, P. ES.
_ Harris and •*,. A.
i >AX LAN! '.I ppear
* ears old.
from ,017 Last Sixteenth
street, last Tuesday, was reported to
olice today by his wife, she fears
that he may have ended his life. He
was despondent, .she .said, when he left
No Better Gift
$ 15- $ 2(H $ 35
—Give one to yourself.
—Give one to your boy.
—Give one to your husband.
We've a holiday showing of Hats, Men's Furnishings,
Robes and Smoking Jackets that can not fail to. please HIM
m m Jk |k T SAME OLD corner
IVI vJIX AIN S - W - Cor - llth and Broadway
Talented principals in extravaganza "Jappyland" staged for benefit of proposed
children's hospital.
C_uri L. A. Schmidt In Appointed City j
Bacteriologist—Auditor Hanscom
Criticise- Health Boa-el
'BERKELEY, Dec. IS,—'l' c recom
mendation of the board .of heal-p. tnis
morning that Carl L. A. S-hmidt, re
cently an expert for the Remsen Hoard
of inquiry at Washington. IX C. be
appointed city bacteriologist, chemist
and food inspector, was fulfilled hy the
city council only after a spirited criti
cism of the health board had been made
by City Auditor M. L. Hanscom.
Dr. A. F. Gillihan, president of the
health hoard, appeared with a written
statement that the health board had
held an examination of applicants for
thejsosition last night and that Schmidt
had been qualified and was recommend
ed. Then Hanscom took the floor.
The auditor pointed out that the
health hoard had been negotiating with
Schmidt several weeks before the ex
amination and had agreed with him
that he take the position at a salary
of $175 a month. The examination was
held to meet legal requirements, it
being predicted that Schmidt would
prove himself the best qualified for the
• 1
The Presbyterian brstheri-ood has been forme*]
with a tji.-niIMT-liiii of 100. The of-cera .lerted
«re: J. R. Leverage, president: R 1.. Stout
first vieo president; U. S-ortleff, sei'-retnrv and
Witnesses Sny Tln-ininn Did Not Have
Time to Warn Driver, Who
Jumped to Safety
OAKLAND, Pec. 13.—Tn a collision
shortly after 8 o'clock this morning of
an east bound Southern Pacific passen
ger train and a gravel motor truck of
the Howard Material company at First
and Market streets more than 200 men
land women in the train were thrown
j into a panic, but escaped without in-<
jury. The passengers rushed to the ex
: Its for safety, but the train crew soon
1 quieted them, and after an hour's de
lay the train- continued on its way to
The automobile truck was wrecked
completely and the front of the engine
was badly smashed, the headlight being
shattered. I_. Roberts, driver of the
| truck, jumped in time to escape injury.
I The truck is valued at $T>.ooo.
According to witnesses, the flagman
at First and Market streets had just
i flagged a west bound train, and did not
so:• the other train in time to give
j warning.
RICHMOND, Dec. 13.—Mrs. Annie
Metzger, 7.1 years old, wife of William
Metzger, died at her home, 301 Blssell
avenue, this morning. She was promi
nent in the Eastern Star. Acantha
chapter has postponed its installation
because of iter death.
Leading Man and Manager
Blamed for "Broken
Law" Being Broke
Court Orders Trunks Re
stored to Miss Crawley;
Another Inning Today
OAKLAND. Dec. 13.—The'Woken the- j
atrical company playing "The Broken
Law" broke into Judge Quinn's court
this afternoon and once again parthi
gated in a drama, this time a tragedy
comedy, a new member was taken
into the company to play the leading
role in the person of Judge . Quinn.
With nothing much in the way of
scenery the stranded company, '.% which
shas followed the star, Miss Constance
Crawley, descendant of Str Walter Ra
leigh and cousin of : Lord Kitchener,
over a continent, aired their troubles.
The only understanding reached after
half a day's argumentation was to
clear Miss Crawley of any connection
with the company except that of a paid
actress, allowing the lending lady to
regain her trunks. - hieh, along with
other trunks anil i-aviona of " the
company, were attached a week ago by
Constable Morris' H. Lane for wages
due Percy J. Webber, otherwise Julian
Bainbridge, ; one ■of * the stars r, of - ? the
troupe. f -■'. .
Arthur Maude, leading man support
ing Miss Crawley, maintains that had
f the plaintiff held his peace the com
; pany I would have been on , its ■>■ way 5 , re-'
joicing in splendid box office receipts
at Modesto, Merced and so on down the
line. -.'.'-. • ;
|! '- The courtroom was * redolent with an
I atmosphere of '^Merrier *•: England, vas
! every member of I the company except
I one is from Great f Britain. It was de
cided that the troubles of the company
p should fall on the shoulders of Maude
and Warick Hobson, i business manager
and "angel," who joined ; the company
at Regina, Saskatchewan. Hobson was
induced to donate $500 that the com
pany might move on its way. ':*-;. Hobson
said that he remembered little of any
actual cash changing J hands, either on
iiis part or that of Maude, who also
was supposed to have contributed $500
to start , the ", present tour. Ii However
he has a painful recollection of $900
spent with no returns all along the line
I from Saskatchewan to Oakland. . '
|":' j More trouble * has descended on the
"Broken Law" 4 company. Tomorrow
morning Hobson and Maude will be
taken before ' Prosecuting . Attorney
Hennessy "to show why a warrant
should not be issued for their arrest on
a charge of defrauding other members
Stirring Sights Now
In Xmas Toyland
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Luncheon in the I Holiday Sale of Women's
Tea Room A T B fe»»«f s ,
..* , 1 wo hundred of these—a portion of a
After a busy morning of Christmas shop- A {"** C* r%\JV £±\1 manufacturer's surplus—have arrived in
ping it is a pleasant interruption to take time to offer you Christmas gift savings.
luncheon in the restful Roof Garden Tea GIOVC Or nmnm7uVL rf«^-nH ftS hlMl ?\
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Afternoon Tea and Ices. Good at Any Time } special pricing of, SZ.Vo
Operated by Pig'n Whistle. , (Sale will take place in Waist Section—2d Floor)
Clay, Fourteenth and __£ _-___-! i//©__% Fourteenth and
Fifteenth Streets j4\ # V/fi. Fifteenth Streets
Oakland 4/ T^, J — iA*\ffi^^ W Oakland
of the company out of their wages.
The action will be pushed by Attorneys
Smith & Cosby of San Francisco.
The show now being staged by the
company is "Who Has the Money," if
there is any. The actors assert Hob
son, Maude et at. have money, but are
loth to part with the same, regardless
of the plight of their stranded sup
Constance Crawley has been in this
country about six years with Maude,
but the present company was sent on
its way at Regina at the time of the
discovery of the "angel." namely War
ick Hobson, who Is a remittance man
from ©England. Hobson stoutly main
tains that he would get money from
the old home, but that his property,
unfortunately, is in tbje hands of a
"brother who is acting- as trustee.
As for Maude, his case is identical
Your *2g ***<*+ Take Advan
°z:'mX° s Jieesemans «_*£-•
C ° Har H ■ __*% /#*. _#*_ W Misses'
Overcoats p|| ig___ C_l CJ \l overcoats
tUUbI-iJ IN rnllt
For Men, Young Men, Boys,
Children, Misses, Ladies
almost. His jewelry has long since
gone the way of many a good watch
and chain, or ring, and so has the jew
elry of the other members of the com
pany. It is intimated by other actors,
however, that Maude has been seen
flashing diamonds and cashing checks,
and that he is "holding out." This will
ho proved tomorrow perhaps before
Attorney Hennessy.
Clinton Moore, youngest member of
the troupe of thespians. maintains that
he will have justice for his lost salary.
He married Miss Edith Krohnschanche
(Miss Edith Irwin), another member of
the company, on the tour at Colfax,
Wash. When the trouble arose here
be was the possessor of $50, which he
had placed in a bank in Oakland, but
which was torn from him by the Adams
hotel on a garnishee for board and
Henry Dalton _t Sonus to Get *1,028 Dam
a-m—Will Xot Appeal
OAKLAND, Dec. 13. —The San Fran
cisco-Oakland Terminal Railways com
pany will pay $1,028 damages to Henry
Dalton & Sons' company, and will not
appeal the case, and Dalton will drop
his motion to have the damages trebled,
according to a stipulation filed with
Judge Harris today. The Daltons
claimed damages when employes of the
railway company took possession and
fenced off a strip of tidal lands adjoin
ing the Dalton foundry. Damages were
awarded by a jury after a long trial on
the ground of unlawful entry of the de
fendant company. The decision did not
affect the title.

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