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frHsrl»«'i«i Trmperntwr A>f.*ferifn.T. f!2: f.owein* Thursday
Nt«h<, Hi. I'or .folsuU of ibe \WhMmt i»ee s*!ii£«- IS,
The San Francisco postoffice receipts for
1912 were:
A gain ffver l')ll of 8.3 per cent.
Ultimatum, Flatly Demand- \
ing Cession of Crete and;
Aegean Sea Islands and
Rectification of Frontier of |
% European Islam, Surren
dering Adrianople, Prac
tically Presented to Otto-j
man Peace Envoys by the
Montenegrin Delegation.
Plenipotentiaries of Allies
Make It Clear That Hered
itary Enemy Must "Fishi
or Cut Bait" in Short Time I
—Reschid Pasha Tries to |
Annul Gravity of Situation
by Agreeing .to Submit
the Sultan's Answer To-!
day Instead of on Monday \
tiONT>ON, Jan. 3.—Although the word |
""ultimatum" was not pronounced, what I
practically was an ultimatum -was pre-
Bented to Turkey In behalf of the Bal- I
kan allies at today's sitting of the j
peace conference.
Ij&zht Miyuskovitch, head of the j
Montenegrin delegation, who presided, i
after the Turke had submitted a pro
posal ■which was considered inaccept
«Me. told Rechad F ef dele
gat o of the Ottoman *-m; ; Tur
key must find a way fay Monday to
Balkan allies 'i p r j
and of Crete, cede the
an da In the Aegean sea and present!
* - : ' tie r of F.uro- I
i ■ iit f ]
I ■ DUld consider that fur- '
itlona for peace were use
cii'ffr.u n;i,i:<;iuM DBPRK9SING
edlately after the minute* of the j
)- I roved M
to F'asha to pre
j= the promised new
Who had
be< ng , : : ■ ■ n cipher tele
■ urn until a few minutes before the
peesfon waa order, seemed
ratiir-r depressed. On rising:, h« said j
his to peris lent, desiring; fur-
LSise the conciliatory
animated it, had authorized j
and technical ex- I
pel to the Ottoman delega
i.i.ark "ii a map the proposed
j . • en Turkey and the
-■ ruld present later.
• ,d what he called
ile terras Turkey can

These were as follows:
it, that Crete, enjoying simple
p nty of the Sultan, but In real
ity under the protection of Great Brit
j- ; : Italy, consti
t eae b< , dealt I
with • powers, under the
r- f α-i,- liicli the admlnis
i the island is conducted, rfl
?ardlng finance, police and
Turkey shall keep her
not renounce
• cI ■ • rdanellei because
■ -usable to the security j
A channel of Constantinople, or
t Bosporus, as it Is better known;
those farther south, because they
form an integral part of Anatolia.
( ( i\<; to Ai>RU\ori.i:
-ication of the i
: I hegla south
fr : Port r,agos) in
Karagatch I ai d run almost γ^r
pes northward.
not only would leave Adrian
r- • ::,• f the Turk*
MlgJ 111 c V
ft' : the ■ 1 ■iigu rians
Over SO Iti addltioil !<i Adrinn
t: t frontier
■' '
Kirk X
i; present war.
Ka< ; ■ ' ' ' ■ allies, after 1 lie
Turkish terms had b* n presented,
cU: - Inacceptable and Insii
on Turl epiing those proposed
the allies. It *nu then that M.
1H: -sued orally what prac
. U to be the ultimatum of
• T c all lee," said
M. Miyuskovlteh, -gem with regret that
.ike no account
results of tb« war uihl the allies
*>'■ j istitied in
I reaking , off the negotiations. In
girder, however, to afford free!] proof of
tneir conciliatory spirit, they r
tne Ottoman (Jelegrate* to make them
Cuntiuued uu lag« 2. toluuii* 3
"The People's Newspaper ,,
Forgetful of Load, Corning Mer
chant Drives Five Miles to
Victory Against Train ,
(Special DinfMtefc to The Call)
RED BLUFF. .lan. 3.—ln lils desire
to beat the Red Blttff Ideal SoutKern
passenger train to CornioK,
Million, a CwFnlag merchant,
today forgot ;i!l ;;I>out the ]00 pound?
of stick dynamite in the rear of his fiO
horse-power automobile for Jive miles.
Million raced with tho train, beating it
to Corning. When he grazed at the
dynamite scattered all over the floor
■>f the auto and thought of the break
neck speefl at which -ne had jolted the
'•ar In the race lie became a badly
frightened mrin.

I'art of Southern PamsenKer Train
Cra»hen Titronjsh Trestle
MOiBILE, Ala.. Jan. 3. -Two men are
known tr> have been killed and a score
of persons injured when part of a New
Orleans. Mobile and Chicago passenger
tr;iin bound for Mobile craehed through
S»trestle at Leaf., Miss.. late today. It is
feared others may be dead in the
'v>-» kage. The engine, of a new. heavy
typ p . plirhged through into the swamp,
red by the baggage coach and the
negro coach.
>"avy Snrijenders *o Reward
Kind Chicago Docior
'Spuria) Dlqwtdi to Th<» Call)
CHICAGO, Jan. £-r-As a reward for
." attention Vhemaq K. Hell. 28
years old, a deeerter from the United
States navy, today iithprendered liirn
se!f to Ambulant c Surgeon Isadort
SarnoflT. "J^oi-.' , said Bell, "you treated
me so fine I want to give you some
thing. T would rather you woifUl have
the re-ward of $.~>o for me than any
oth"r person."'
Fingerprint* of SufijM-et I nliko Those ,
**n Handkerchief
fSp*>clnl fHopatcb te The CallJ
C'TfTi , , .. ,o'. Jan. 3.— A finserprint j
I on a handkerchief in a search !
I for c: c niurder of Xjoseph H. ;
% the diamond merchant, killed j
in the McVickers theater, vindicated
I rom
" er prints of the prie- j
in*»r Av'lh ti)OSe Irft <>ri the denO mati'ss
handkerctrlef when it was ueed as a
towel ifii tc, the nesfo's dischars;e.
Jordan ComnileH Statement of
Receipt* for IS>l2
»trfl ti) Th.' Call i
SACUA.M';XT< >, .lan. 3.—Th<
statement of business transacted in the
office of the secretary of stai
today, shows that the receipts for I!H2
were |1,17*,33e.93, in detail as follows;
From registration of motor vehicles,
$74,803; froni general office fees, $281,
--249.18; from corporation license taxes,
$808,873.75; and candidates filing fees,
Insane Flatterer Who Had Kept Offi
cer.* u< Bay Kills Himself
f&CGENE Ore., Jan. :;.— Charles
Mecklinburg, 'an Insane plasterer who
has kept officers ;it bay for two days,
committed suicide tonight by shooting
himself through the head at his home
in this city, a search of the house
failed to reveaJ his aged father, who
has been missing for a week and whom,
it was feared, the son had made way
State Law, However, Requires Surren
der to Owner of Land
XOVTATA, Okla., Jan. 3. —George
Hardsook, a laborer, unearthed $37,500
!in gold today while digging- a trenrh
near the village of Oglesby. Hardsook - s
possession of the wealth, however, wiil
probably be of short duration, a state
law requiring that such finds be sur
rendered to the owner of the land.
ffoiftt ICneinc Fail* and Three Are
Penned With Dynamite
JOPLJN, Mo., Jan. .r~T : nahlo tn H>
eape to aafety after lighting- the fosea
uf r.o dynamite charges in a z'lnc mine
Jopitn today, John Fickle. F*red
Fis'licr ;irni Elmer Smitli, shot, flrors,
klllpd by the explosion. The
hoisTlng engiae failed. They were
burled under tons of debris.
Man Absent 37 Year* rind* Hla Wife
"Wedded to Another Fellow
(Speflsl Dispatch to The fall)
BLOOHIKGTQHi ln<l., Jan. 3.—John
Pollard, who disappeared 37 years ago.
eturned home to find that his wife
ha<] procured a divorce and married A.
l>. Jioppa of Lamoille, 111. Pollard is
62 years old and has prospered as a
l>«*aih Come* nn Reirult of Effort to
Swallow Chunk of Banana
(Sixrlsl Dispatch to Ttre Call)
TKRRE HAUTE, Ind., .Tan. 3.—ln
trying , to swallow a large mouthful of
bana.no, Mrs. ThQinas Albright was
Cbok&d to death today in a grocery.
"Money Trust" Committee's
Process Servers Smoke
Out the Magnate, Whose
Counsel Sends Word That
Client Will Accept Service
of Subpena for January 13
Hunted Millionaire, Says
Representative, So 111 That
Ordieal on Stand Would
Imperil Life — However,
the House Will Satisfy
Itself as to His Condition
XT.W YORK. Jan. 3.—William Rocke
feJler tiap agreed, through his counsel,
John A. Carver, to accept ser\ r ice of a
subpena to appear January 13 before
the Pujo committee of the house of rep
resentative? at Washington investigat
ing the money trust, according to an
announcement made tonight at the
nf'i'es of Samuel Untermyer, counsel
for Rie committee, Untermyer, in be
half of the committee, it was stated,
b accepted this offer by direction of
Chairman Pujo.
No intimation of the whereabouts of
Rockefeller was contained in the state
As a result of the agreement Charles
F. Riddell. sergeant at arms of the,
house, lias been instructed to discon
tinue his efforts to effect service on
While accepting service, the state
ment avfM-:-. Qarver advised Untermyer
that Rockefeller , * condition of health
is very precarious and that it will be
impossible for- him to appear as a wit?
nese in Washington or even to submit
to examination at his home.
Rockefeller has been informed that,
-: now submitted to the jurisdic
tion of the committee, he must present
hfa axc*jp*e to the committee In due
form (or stich action as it ma.y deem-
If it is established to the satisfaction
of the committee that it will he impos
sible to obtain the testimony of Rocke
feller "without imperiling his life, the
statement says, the committee, of
course, would npt feel justified in tak
ins Bitch extreme action. However, it
may conclude to obtain an independent
n>l on.
Garver confirmed at his home tonight
[ the anoouDCeroent that he had accepted
i service In behalf of Rockefeller. In
answer t<> questions he said this, In
effect, was the same as if Rockefeller
had been served personally. He did
not care to say. he said, where Rocke
, feller Is at present.
The Watchera thrown around Rocke
feller's Fifth avenue mansion, his home
in Tarry town and the home of relatives
;in Greenwich, Coirn., were withdrawn
j tonight, ending the search of process
servers begun last June.
The sergeant at arms of the house
communicated with members of the
Pujo member! in Washington on being
informed that Garver had accepted
service, and was authorized to discon
| tinue the search. He left for Washing
[ ton tonig-ht.
ihitfnr- Herb Dot-tor and Companion
Taken in Raid at Modesto
(Spprial Vixpatoh to The Call)
MODESTO, Jan. 3.—-A raid here this
afternoon on \hc home and office of
1 >r. Chock Sat, a well advertised Chi
nese herb doctor, made by revenue offi
cers and local police resulted in the un
covering offan opium den and the con
fiscation of $2,000 worth of the drug.
Most of the opium was , found in the
T'nion Pavings hank deposit vault in a
compartment rented by Chinese. Chuck
Sai. and Tai Wai, a companion, "we're
arrested and will be taken to Ran Fran
cisco tomorrow.
•Inrj- Order* Mrm. Caroline C. W. Clinton
Committed to Asylum
fSpocfn! tMepetce to Tlie Oal!)
KAN'KAKKK, 111.. Jan. 3.—A Jury in
• ■ court for the insane today adjudged
Mrs. Caroline C. Walsh Clinton, a grad
uate <>f VaaSea-T ;in<l a sister of the
Coontee* do l->!i'-f. of Abruzzl, Ttaly, In
sane and ordered her committed to the
state asylum. Mrs. Clinton is the
daughter of Frederic Walsh of Syra
cuse, N. V.. a wealthy manufacturer,
who, on his death two years ago, left
her $2,000,000.
FRISBNO, Jan. 3. —Land deals were
closed in Fresno today involving more
than $250,000 worth of property, among
the most important of which was the
sale of "the old library building," a
historic building, which housed the
property of the free public library prior
to the Carnegie gift. The property was
sol£ by the Fresno Improvement com
pany to Harvey W. Swift. The build
ing is to be remodeled and another
story added, -with dividing walls in
stalled for fire protection.
Actress Killed by Profligate Adventurer
Little Girl Bereft by the Assassins Bullet
Mrs: Rita di Rovcy, victim of M. J. Hoxvley, and little daughter, Yolanthe. The girl's father is living in
Seattle, although her parents are not divorced. Her mother preferred living in San Francisco because of improved op
portunities for theatrical advancement.
Garment Workers Battered
by Reserves and Driven
Five Floors
(Special Dispatch to Tbe Call)
NEW YORK, Jan. 3.—More than a
thousand striking garment workers,
many of them women, stormed the five
story loft building of the "Washington
company in Astor place today, where
the president of the firm was barri
caded. They were driven down from
the top floor in a rough and tumble
fight with the police reserves.
During the noon hour, while Broad
war was throngred, 500 etrikers, one
third of them women, attempted to
rush the workmen of the merchant
tailoring establishment of Marks Arn
heim. Ninth street and Broadway. They
were repulsed by 50 armed guards,
aided by police reserves. Five arrests
were made. Many of the strikers were
severely beaten.
While this battle was raging, 200
strikers in the Bushwick section of
Brooklyn charged on the clothing shop
of Andrew Donldalski in Evergreen
avenue. Breaking windows and batter
ing down doors In an effort to frighten
out 50 garment workers who had not
yet obeyed the strike call, 19 of the
raiders were penned in by the police
and arrested.
In a raid made upon the loft building
of the "Washington company many of
the strikers were severely battered by
the police. Clube were swung and the
fighting mass forced slowly down the
stairs from floor to floor.
"An Independent Newspaper" I
Residents of City of Bizarre
Nomenclature Attract Attention
by"C.O.B. 1915" Society
Kalamazoo. Mich., is in the limelight
again. For enterprise it is unsurpassed
even by Kokonio and Keokuk, or yet
Word come* that the residents of
Kalamazoo halve formed a mysterious
new organization, known as the "C. O.
8., 1915." Interpreted it means "Cali
fornia or Bust in 1915."
Those appropriate sentiments are
backed by the bylaws of the sor
ciety, which arescribe that each mem*
her shall stow away $5 monthly from
now until the exposition. Eight
couples, each putting up $10 a month,
are enrolled as members.
(mint Police Continue Hunt for Los
Angeles Beanty
■LOS ANGELES, Jan. 3.—Police In all
the coast towns of California are today
seeking 16 year old Reatha Watson,
described as the "most beautiful girl
in Los Angeles," whose disappearance
was announced yesterday. She would
be easy to apprehend, as the descrip
tions sent broadcast dwell upon her re
markable beauty. Hundreds of pictures
of the girl sent out are expected to aid
materially in the search.
Woman In Race for President of French
PARIS. Jan. 3. —Mile. Marie Denizard
of Amiens , , a suffragist, today an
nounced herself as a candidate for the
presidency of the republic. Mile. Deni
zard says she knows she will not be
chosen to succeed Fallieres, but that she
ig coming forward just to see what
effect a wpman's candidacy will pro
Fair; brink north wind.
POUND —Child's pure*, small amount of money,
vicinity of G6lden Gate and Market. Owner
•5 500—3 swell 6 r. houses, garage and all
modern Improvements, at tcrma to suit pur-
For Continuation of These Advertisements
See Classified Pages
Insurance Man, Worried by
Loss of Fortune in 1906
Fire, Hangs Himself
(Special Dispatch to The CalO
MILL VALLEY, Jan. 3.—With a
double cord of clothesline knotted
about the neck, the body of Patrick
Henry Ruddock, insurance man of San
Francisco, whose residence was in Mill
Valley, was found this afternoon hang
ing from the branches of a tree near
the edge of Muir woods.
Morbid and depressed through five
years' worry over the loss, during the
1906 catastrophe, of a fortune built by
years of toil. Ruddock ended his life
by suicide.
For more than five months he had
been suffering , from an acute mental
affliction. For a month he was under
treatment at the Ukiah hospital. When
released last Sunday he returned home
as cured, but yesterday afternoon he
left home for a walk in the hills and
was not seen until the discovery of
his body.
His wife, a popular matron of the
Marin set and president of the Outdoor
Art league of Mill Valley, Is suffering
from nervous prostration, due to hia
disappearance and the county officials
and her friends have refrained from
breaking , the news to her.
The discovery of the body was made
by A. Ij. McDermont of Fresno, who
was hiking from Muir woods to Tamal
pais with a friend.
Ruddock had amassed a comfortable
fortune, but lust all his property in
the fire. He fell into fits of morbid
ity over his adversities, his wife
he came to Mill Valley, and hla for-
Cuuiluucd on Fuse 2. Column 4
Mrs. Rita di Rovey Victim of
Insane Jealousy of M. J.
Howley, an Adventurer of
Scranton, Pa., Whom She
Forbade Visiting Her Be
cause His Attentions Were
Distasteful —Tragedy Oc
curs in Lovely Home of
Beautiful Unfortunate
Suicide-Murderer Found Sit
ting on Chair Following
Ghastly Deed With Burn
ing Cigar Held in Left
Hand — Woman Well
Known in German Colony
as Talented Artist—Hus
band, Hotel Man in Seat
tle, Collapses at News
Mrs. Rita di Rovey, a handsome
young- amateur actress, was shot ami
Instantly killed in the dining: ropm of
her beautiful home at 1705 QoQfth
street late yesterday afternoon. M. J.
Howley, gentleman adventurer and
ardent admirer of the woman, fired thp
fatal shot in a fit of jealous rage and
despondency over financial matters. A
j moment later he turned the weapon on
I himself and sent a bullet into his brar,
I dying instantly. His body remained
seated in a chair.
Mrs. di Rovey is the wife of Francis
dl Rovey, said to be a member of
the Italian nobility and formerly a
resident of San Francisco.
TheTe were no eyewitnesses to »',*■
bloody tragedy, . although Conrad
Kruger, an instructor in the depart
ment of political science at the Uni
versity of California, was 1n an ad
joining room. Before the smoke from
the revolver had cleared away
burst througti the door and the sight
; that met his eyes sent him running
| clown the street, crying , for help.
Policeman E. J. Plume saw the half
crazed man coming and he followed him
back to the scene of the crime. II
di Rovey, with a bullet hole just below
her right eye, was H'ing stretched on
the floor. Howley sat in a dining chair
half bent over, with blood stream: lt
from his mouth. A half smoked ciffftr
dangled from the fingers of his left
hand. The revolver, a .38 caliber weap
on, lay at his feet.
The coroner's office ~vas notified, to
gether with the police department. On
1 the arrival of the officers Kruger
• subjected to a rigid examination. Ques
tion after question was fired at him.
He answered them without
although on the verge of collapse. Ho
did not deny that the dead woman had
been one of his best friends. Through
the open door he saw her body lying
I on the rug, and he sobbed aloud. Quiet-
I ing down, he told of the occur
\ i rence.
He said he had bad *tn engagement
with Mrs. di Rovey to rehearse a Her
man play entitled "Zwiderwurz n. "
which was to be presented at the Ran
Francisco Turn vereln on the evening of
Januaryl9, In which Mrs. dl Rovey w»a
to take the leading part.
Kruger said that on his arrival th<*
door was opened by Howley, who told
him to be seated in the parlor, #hich
is separated from the dining room by
a large bedroom. Howley went
through the hall to the dining room.
where Mrs. di Rovey was Ironing a
"I had net been in the house two
minutes before I heard the report of a
pistol from the direction of the rear
of the house." said Kruger. "I jumped
from my chair and rushed toward th«*
door of the bedroom. Before I j?nt half
way across the floor a second report
froze my blood. I opened the door—
and, oh, my God! T was ablo to B9*
Must Be Sold
Sunnjr Corner fliiifrtlnjr Lot
In vicinity Buchanan and Jack
son Streets. Exceptional oppor
tunity. ________
I-'illmore nod Green &t*. Corner I
Grand Marine View T-ot at $10u
per front foot; 87:6x68:9.
Sacramento Street Corner
Between Powvll and Sto< '
Streets; 41 ft. front; basement
excavated; outside fire limit -
Harrigan, Weidenmuilef Co.
345 Montgomery St., S.F.

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