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Mrs. McNear Finally Meets
Her Waterloo After a
Week of Uphill
< : arh<*<] in velvet vestment* of p'.it
t«>ring green. Die Claremont links never
ivf ;-f fairer than y> hiring the
women's Invitational golf tournament,
* title perched aloft on tbe rocky plat
form forming the tee of the fatal and
linal twelfth pretty Mrs. Fred McXear
looked, from the dale below, like nn
elfin sprite waving , a fairy wand —but.
alas: fairy wands are not good golf
dubs, or it was a bad day for sprites.
Mrs. J. R, <"lark, after a swat with
her driver and a slam with her brassie,
dropped her mashle shot plump In the
middle of the rock quarry green and.
although Mrs. KcNear laid her ap
proach dead from behind the bunker,
the journey was too coetjy and the best
she could do, in spite of her soanewhat
fortuitous approach, was a 6 to her
opponent's perfect .">, thus returning
Mrs. Clark the winner of the first flight
by 7 up and 6 to g>>.
Mrs. McNear has made several plucky
finishes against almost disheartening
Odds, but David sets his sometimes,
ftnd she could do nothing today against
the splendid long game of the San
Francisco player. 'Fife first hole gave
• ■ BurUngame representative a ~
hope, for although she topped into the
h-.mkrr, an excellent recovery enabled
her to win out, 5 to 6. Mrs. Clark
advancing her ball somewhat listlessly
to the green.
Only one other hole was lost by the
latt<■!•, as she took the second in 4 to 5
and the third in 4, Mrs. McNear topping
her tee shot. The fourth also w
the ultimate victor in 4 to <">. Mrs. Ifc-
Kear in the bunker and two to recover.
The fifth was divide. 1 in ragged sev
en?, both players taking three putt?.
Mtf. McNear Mole the sixth by holing
;s 20 foot putt, but lost the
owing to weakness in her long ga
eighth v> San Franciscan's
after the drive, as Mrs. McNear reached
tiic bunker on her second and stayed
there. Mrs. Clark to the*green on the
ninth, Mr?. MoNear to the ditch. The
former turned 4 up and also won the
lonp; tenth, 6 to 7, and taking but one
shot on the green at the eleventh ■was
I up when the story the twelfth
The other finals, those of the §e
feated eight, which were, between Mrs.
«'. !:. Win Kate aiui Miss Marian Stone.
tacked more even, as tlio players turned
all square- at the tenth; but Miss Stone,
taking the creek route, was hopelessly
behinil by the time the green was
Thei eleventh was divided,
and Mrs. TYingate, the Claremont cap
iain, easily took the twelfth, owing to
her opponent's erratic journey. At the
thirteenth Mrs. Wingate holed a 20
footer, and anrfxt'ii the fourteenth
with a conservative .', Miss Stone ap
parently being unable to get under her
However, in the next Mrs. Wingfcte's
turn earao ditch and she got in
so many times that we all stopped
counting the strokes, and she finally
picked up in the bunker.
The sixteenth paw Miss of
bounds on her drive, and as Mrs. Win-
w«i then dormy, a half would
have dene the former po good; but for
good measure the captain took the hole
la ;i safe ai|d sane 6, winning the
mat'-h, 4 a
Mis.s Alice Knowles and ICiM Elsie
Kverson won the foursomes with the
excellent score fur this class of com
petition of 109 l«>?s 7 —102 net, thusj
eoncludinx a most successful tourna
ment In the face of the worst ph
conditions that we have ever experi
enced in this neighborhood. And great
credit is due the ladle*' committee of
the club, particularly the very gracious |
captain, Mrs. Wingate.
The summary:
flight, linalfs—Mrs. .7. R. Clark b?at Mrs.
I'rt-d M.-N«-ar. 7 and f>.
Defeated eight, Baala— Mr>. C. R. TVinznte
I/cut fcfisa MarJHii Stone, 4 aixl -'.
Pour* Knowtea and Kin Elsie
. IOU lew 7, 102 net.
Vendome Club Handicap
Opeoial r>[Kp«tph to Th» ChIII
JOBE, .Jan. Iβ.—Draw for the
Vendome cup golf handicap over the
new links of .' i;, ( tf Hn d
Country club. Which starts tomorrow.
v.-as held today with the following re
U Sonnikson (7) vs. Taul Uμ <~
H\ Knickerbocker (2) w. Albert (?,)
K. ( arpr >41 •M. IT. Price (7).
P-fx-tor Walter (scratch* Tβ. E. K. Johnston
N'eil Pctrec (7) vs. J. Muclitur '<
If. June* Mi v<. Herbert (7)
( . J. ("orm-ll (r>l vs. J. A. Chase (7).
V. 11. o'Krefp 'scratch) Tβ. Al fi,
J, M. Hcrnn (7) vs. K. Schneider
.larW Ruj-spU ifii t-. K. Ifoof
I»r I.m ■■<■>• l.mis (8) «. A. 11. .1,-irinan (9).
J\ K. lAr>y<\ (Hi vg. Doctor Simp*
K. lAnn <12) vs. K. isinglotarr (12)
W. (ILM vs. .T. P. H: .. (12
K. Stiill i!h vs. H. r.i-.n
K. TfeMBM (Si vs. O. I.you (9),
The first round will he played i>y
Sunday noon and the .second round by
the following Wednesday.
Pinehurst Results
PINEHURST, X. C. Jan. in.__T:
.TTunter, Weebqrn, and Harold Slater.
FoxhlU. will meet here tomorrow in the
final round of the tenth annual mid
winter golf tournament. Both of to
day's matches were on the
home grf-en. Huater defeated (.'. ll
Hecker, Woodland, and Slater disposed
of I. 8. Robf-son, Oak Hill.
Polo Today—lf Weather
Man Smileth
(Special Dispatch to The Call)
EfIitLSBOROUGH, .Tsui. 10. If the
weather man continues to .«rnile. the
threo team polo tournament for th<
managers' cups will be played on the
Crossways n>ld In Burlingaine tomor
row afternoon. A drawing will
place on the field and one of the teams
will be given a bye. The preliminary
match will he four periods and the
final will be the same. The lineups:
Ked»— No. 1. V.nli.-r; No. 2. Carolan; No 3
r!in:r;>; haefc. (inrritt. * '
Blur* — No. I, Klkins; No. 2, Ha.'tinijs; No 3
Pratt: back, be Coulos.
White* — No. 1. Jic fjnigne; No. 2, Withers; No
3, I>vjs; b;t<-k. Cameron.
Referw— Walt.r IX. Hong.
Coronado Polo Menu
SAX DIEGO, Jan. 10.—rasadena and
Coronado, both iU f»-atc<] by the polo
pUyera from Calgary, will clash, on the
t'omnad" grounds Sm... ■ a
lineup will I" , :
.rim—Carletoo ;■
No 2; Ha! Hobbs
rjatio - Waller Doi i 7 c
Rpel*y. No, J: 11. I. Roberts D, .N.j. Maj.. r
Jjfj mm el Ij\M I\M¥ IC# MMI mrK Jr /rf Jl\ I J P FT J
A. A. L. Event May Be Run
Off Outside San Fran
cisco This Year
retary Sydney A. Tibbetts of the
Academic Athletic league announced
yesterday that the annual cross coun
try championship of the league would
be ran February 22.
As in pa ft years, no announcement
of the course for the race will be made
until the diy before the big event. For
the last two years the course has been
through the west end of Golden Gate
park, the runners covering a distance
of about five miles. It is more than
probable, however, that the coming
race will be run outside this city. The
committee in charge, consisting of
Sydney A. Tibbetts, James Edward
Rogers and A. Hyams, will go over
several proposed courses within the
next few weeks and will select the
course that is considered the best from
the .standpoint of a regulation cross
country one.
Mountain View high won the classic
event lasj; year, but it is doubtful at
present if the peninsula town school
will have a full team in- the coming
The date of the annual cross
country championship was changed
last year to February 22 in deference
to the Wishes of the Mountain View
lads. A of the team last year
were Seventh Day Adventists and could
I not compete on Saturday.
Unfortunately for Mountain View,
February %% falls on a Saturday this
year, but it will be impossible for the
league again to alter the date of the
race. At the last annual meeting of
the league the cross country champion
i ship was definitely made a regular
i championship event and the race was
officially placed on the league's calen
dar to be run February '12. every year,
except where that day falls on a Sun
day, when a suitable day will have to"*
be decided on- Mountain View school
undoubtedly have a couple of
representatives in the race, but it is
not likely that a full team will be en
M.my of the country schools last
year made inquiries about the event
after last year's successful run, and
the league officials expect several
country entries in the event. Yester
day Secretary Tibbetts received an In
quiry from Nnpa high school, which
certainly will be represented in this
year's race.
South Bay Yachtsmen to
Do It Up Brown
(Special Dispatch to The Call)
SAN* JOSK, Jan. 10.—An unusually
pretentious program of races, cruises
and regattas was informally outlined
at a meeting of the South Bay Yacht
club at its annual meeting in Alviso
last night, according- to the statement
of officers today. Many events will be
held especially to attract attention to
San Jose's port projects. Plans for the
improvement of both the clubhouse and
the anchorage, which now shelter*
many beautiful craft and houseboats,
were also discussed.
Officers were elected for the ensuing
year as follows:
(onimofloro, U. T. Hill; rir-e commrvlor<>. E
Knickerbocker; eecretery, Nilon K. Wn-iman;
Met cnjiiain and net rarer, Mart ill Jfns'-n; dircc
t-it>. Herbrrt S. Bwauteo. a. a. r.itjo and l->«nk-
Oox; inasurfr. tlir- Garden City Kank and Trust
Officers of the holding association
were elected as follows:
PrmWtst, s. i:. Smith; rta> preeMest \ <
Wright: socrotary. T. U. Wateon;
I'rank <;. f'.vlc: HI rectors. B. KnicWerbwkfr W
K. Bennett anti T. E. GtbMQ.
Skating Tournament Has
Roller Fans Agog
There is to be a thorough attetr.pt
made to settle the question aa to who
i-; the fastest skater of the bay cities
It is a subject of keen dispute" among
the followers of the pastime, and the
Coliseum has decided to hold a tourna
ment in the early part of February
open to all professionel exponents of
sp*-ed upon wheels. it will be car
ried out under official auspices and the
times and distance—a mile —will be of
ficial. This the first time for many
years that an official skating rare has
t;tken p!a<o iri .-•an Franclaco, Racers
representative of all the bay cities will
be competing and at least "three east
erner* iwf expected to take part. \ u
ebete< will be held at the Co'ii-
Brickley May Lose
Amateur Standing
XEAV YOHK. Jan. 10. — The
snmc ruling which hnrreil I , mil
UiihinKii'ii, the sensational Har
vard aihleie. from $ participation
In omatFur contests may make
Charley Brleklcy, the star foot
ball player and nil arnnnd :il!ilrfe.
/neligcible to compete In varsity
contest*. Thin question I* wor
r.<ina the Harvard' athletic au-~
thorlfle*. Briekley, who ban been
working hie way through <•<>!
legte, has taken money for a num
ber of jobs which were more or
less indirectly connected with
liiM football ability, and be has
■ISM nctrd a* correspondent for
newspapers. In addition he has
accepted a position from a Arm
of tailors in \fw York, which
some people declare was obtained
through his record as an athlete.
Thtft, according to the rnlins o'
the Amateur Athletic union In
W ItiiinKton'w rase, Is profession
nltftm. Meanwhile Tlrlckley holds
the unique position of betng In
danger of disbarment from the
gridiron aul also of losfttg the
captaincy the coming: year.
This Season's Tournament
Looming Up Like a Rec
ord Breaker
Entries for the annual basket ball
tournament of the Catholic Schools
Athletic league are pouring In, and,
from the looks of tilings, it seems as
if it will be a banner season in this
branch of sport in the league. In the
past t'.in basket ball tournament has
been the favorite line of endeavor for
the youthful athletes. They respond
to the call of the managers with more
alacrity than to the call for the more
tedious training of the track teams.
L.ast year saw one of the greatest
eonterts ever known in Juvenile ath
letics on this coast. In both the 110
pound and unlimited classes it required
the full three games to decide the
winner, the contestants for the cham
pionship being the winners of the
tournament on the Oakland side of
the hay and of tbe local branch. St.
Peters lads were the winners for the
second successive time In the 110
pound class and St. James came out
on top in the unlimited clasp. This
year both of last year's victors hav r e
teams entered in both parts of the
tournament and will try to repeat the
former performances.
In tile local 110 pound field, besides
Ft. Peter's and St. James, Star of the
Pea, Sacred Heart grammar and St.
Charles will he represented. Of these
all are veterans in the league tourna
ment with the exception of St. Charles.
This is their first appearance in any
line of sport outside of the track meets.
On the Oakland side of the bay en
tries have heen received from &t. Jo
seph's academy, St. Anthony's, St.
Francis d<* Sales end Sacred Heart. All
of these teams are old timers at the
indoor game.
In the unlimited tournament
the local enthusiasts will see St. Pet
er's Star of the Sea, tfacrrd Heart
grammar and St. James in action.
These were the teams that fought it
out for the local championship last
year. Of them all Star of the Sea
seems to bo the pick. This team has
a remarkable record this season for
their size. They have beaten every
team of their class and have even gone
Into the ranks of the high schools
with good results.
The trausbay teams in the unlimited
class will be few. At present the only
teams in this division are those of St.
Joseph's academy and St. Anthony's
of I'Tast Oakland.
The games on the Oakland side of
the bay undoubtedly will be played on
the St. Marys college court. Thie has
been the scene of the struggles in the
past. Locally the games will take
place on Tuesday and Thursday after
noons at the Auditorium. The secre
tary of the league. Brother Josephus,
expects to have the schedule out dur
ing the early part of next week. The
games of the local division will start
next Thursday afternoon.
NKW YOKK. .Jan. 10.- Jmeput WiNxlvrin *tr,4e
of the famous Columbia university four in ISTR
which won ih" mfy crow race "ptpi- tHkr-n l>v
Americans «1 IF.hl.m-. <)i.-.J at liis home hero t<l
*aj'. lie -was ye*rJ uld. I'tatU «as ilue ti>
K'-'iicral breakiivwa
Copyright, 1913, by R. L. Goldberg.
Stockton A. C. Thirsty for
Revenge for Defeat of
All Stars
The Oakland Y. M. C. A. ununited
team, in charge of Manager Frank
Guilford, leaves for Stockton this
morning to play the Stockton Athletic
club quintet. T.aet week the Oakland
team defeated the famous All Stars !n
.Stockton and the athletic club intends
to seek revenge on the Oaklanders
for defeating their celebrated towns
man. Guilford is taking the following
toam up for the game: Street, Clark
and Jackson, forwards; Hjelte center,
Fitzsimmons and Gullford guards.
Two games will be played tonight in
the Intercity Y. M. C. .A. champion
ship tournament. At Oakland the
Berkeley and Oakland 120 pound teams
will hook up, whilo the 14."> pound
teams of the eamo organizations will
mrot on the Berkeley court.
r rhe Bon Duree quintet will mako
the trip to Fort McDowell tonight and
plaj' the strong soldier team. The
Fort McDowell basketehooters have
shown good form season and fin
ished well up in the recently com
pleted Army and Navy league' cham
With School Athletes
Loc«l blch Kbee) athletes arc starting to pre
r«i" for the rowing baseball and track season.
Most of the schools at present are right In the
throe* of the basket ball season. Kverv si-h-ioi
will be represented b.T Ktrong teams In "th.- Shu
Irancisco Mibleajrue tournament, many of the
men playing on these Hams also beint;' inemlxn*
of the Tsrions baseball «nd trark Warns. The
»"•» at present partiripatlnß in basket ball will
nor go out for U» other branches, training i v
wfcicb. is to be started during the coming week.
* # *
Tlie California School of Mechanical Arts hot
ter known as Lick, promisee to put an .exception
ally strong nine on the <H«ESoud. The team will
be practically a veteran Ueeap, only two posi
tion*— second end right field—having to he filled
At that, however, the second sack probably will
lie held down by Mer.augb!in. a veteran of the
team of two years ago who was out of «ehool
last seasoD. For the ripbt garden Biil Tlaekc ;t
youngster who showed good prospects last Year
us a renew man. will be given a tryout *The
veterans who are out for their old positions are-
McAbee. pitcher: Cantain Buzzo. catcher; StoM
first; Winter, short; Gabriel, third: Knurrs left
field; Butler, center field. The squad starts prac
tice tcicorrow on Jackson park diamond.
Wilirerdins School of Industrial .Arts also In
tendsi to cp( a-i early start with the bweball
teniii. Captain Bill Cohen has i-*uod a .-all for
practice for next Wednesday. Wilmerding has
lost sereral of \ B <t year's Bine and will hare to
build up practically a new team. There is some
good scrub material to draw on, and some "In-*
lenmiers" are expected to be found in the new
* * *
Mivslnn high has lost three all round athlete
in McDonald, Stafford and liebenhom. who gradu
ated at Christmas. Their loss will be a big one
In erery branch pf sport. Starting with the | IR *.
ket ball season. Ju«t about to open, and running
all through baseball, track, gwknming and foot
ball, these men were ahvars among the top
notcbers of the pink and green teams.
* * #
The track season is jrolng to be a humdinger
In local high school circles. Lowell looks es
though It would bare the brst Irak t*UB in
years. Since sue!) greiit athletes as !>o Meyrrs
Ernie Alrarado and "Scoop" Agazelow quit the
school the standard of the track and fleld team*
at lyowell liax l>een at a low ebb. but I lie IBIS
season looks bright.
* * #
Misvto/i will hare ttro good men s<l<!<>d to the
track team In Nugent and Jacobs, both former
rolyteehnic track men. Nugent is a pole vatilter
«f ability, while Jacob* is one of (he best local
high school ladK over the quarter and half mile
route?. Neither lad will be eligible lo lake |>ai !.
ID the San Francisco (übleague championship.
meet, bnt both wHI be eligible for the academic
* # *
An tnt<"rel«ss track meet will be conducted by
the Mission high athletes t!ie early part of next
month. The meet will be run off on the weight
I* # *
The Bay Counties Athletic lengiie has issued
notices fur the holding of the first meeting of |
the delegates at the Oakland high bcJiool next
Friday. The principal business before the meet
ins: will be to make n iinal decision in regard to
the proposed Indooj track and field championship
meet, which possibly4*lll held at. ldnra park.
The league baseball schedule will also be ar
ranged for the season.
* * *
Flaherty, Uuddy. Piorc.r and Noonan will form
part of tlie Mission high team that will take part
In the Academic league cross country champion
ship February SJ. The men have started train
ing, and will be joined by other distance wen la
the cuurse of a few days.
* * *
The Berkeley high and Mission basket ball
teams will tueet at Berkeley on January 23.
* * #
The Lick and Wilmercling track and field fresh
man team* will compete In the annual dual meet
nome time In February. Arrangement* are umv
being made for the meet, which will he held <m
the .Taekson playground track. There Iβ a stand
ing trophy for competition between the freshmen
classes of the two schools. Wilmcrding won tlie
meet Inst season.
■X * *
Saer'd Heart's basket bailers will meet the
Coniniereinl high team in two games during tlip
next few weeks. Tomorrow the 110 pound team*
wIH <-Jash. and January •_•:'. the TJO pounders will
mix it. On January '_'"< Hie fcaered Heart Hiiliin
itt •; (run will make tbe trip t.-> Kehnoat auU ylay
I the licltnout lailitary actdeW tc"" .
South End Oarsmen
Elect New Officers
The annual meetine of the.
South End Kowlnsr club v/as held
ln.it nlfebt at the clubhouse at tbc
foot of Van »s« avenue. The
annual reports of the secretary,
treasurer Jim! other officers
showed (he club to he fn a Kood
condition, and the captain's re
port showed that the oarsmen
hod met ivlth a fair amount of
success during; the Inst season.
The following officers were,
elected for the IMS season:
President, E. .1. Scully; vice
preefdenti J. DriHColl; reconlincr
secretary, A. ir. «'obly; financial
•secretary, l>. K. Shot well; treas
urer, L. (Jriinrlj! captain, J.
I.undy. Tdeae officers tvill also
conMftnte the hoard of directors
of the club.
Women Will Attend Ban
quet Tonight for First
Time in History
The members of the Dolphin Rowing
and Swimming , club wHI hold their
annual banquet at a downtown rafe
tonight, when tlio recently "elected
Officers f °r the 1013 season will be duly
This will be the first banquet held by
the well known club at which the fair
sex will be honored guests. Since the
club was organized in IS7S no women
have been admitted to the annual ban
quet. A special musical program his
been arranged by a committee con
sisting of Qua Adilrre, Charles f.
Belotti and Heine "Wills.
Past President A. A. Bertrand wfll
act as installing officer and will initiate
the newly elected officers into the
duties of their offices. Hush K. Mc-
Kevitt will be toastmaster.
Among the toasts to be honored and
men to bo selected to roply to them
aro; of the Dolphin Club
From IS7S to 1*18," by Al Rothkopf,
the only remaining charter member of
the club; "Physical and Moral Benefits
Of Swimming and Rowing:." by Dr. T.
L. Mahoney, and "Interclub Spirit," oy
Jim Cronin.
Adam Schuppert will reply on behalf
of the ladies.
McGooriy Hot on Trail of
Frank Klaus
(Special Dispatch io Th» CaH)
CHICAGO, Jan. lO.—Eddie Mr-Goorty
Is hot on the trail of Frank Klaus for
a battle to bo fought within the a««t
Bix weeks. News that a Milwaukee
club was endeavoring to sign Kutus
for a fight with Jimmy Clftbby stirred
McOoorfy. Tbe explanation that Mc-
Goorty had been ill and that lie was
matched to light in X.-w York Janu
-9 was not accepted by Eddie. Mc-
Goorty called his manager, Marty
Forkins, over the long distance tele
phone and urged him to get on Klaus'
trail, lvluie s.tys there does not soein
to he much chance of a match with
cither Klaus or Billy Papke, and h«
iin.l liis manager are determined to
follow the pair until a light is landed.
Ray Bronson Is out with another
challangc to Mike Gibbons for a bat
tle. He fools sure that he can beat
the St. Paul lighter.
* * •*
Among the fighters who ure working
out daily at O'< 'onnells. the gym
nasium Wfcere Jack Johnson is barred,
are: Jess "Willard, Kid Cotton, Cleve
Hawkins, New Carpenter, Jack Heinen
Tony Caponi. K. O. Brown, Morris]
Bloom, Joe Welling, Marty Cutler and
many lesser lights-.
(Special Dispatch to The ob 9)
rNivr.nsiTv (>v sant.v clara. j» n . .10 _
With !■" men .<i> th<: s«mi« ( 1. iijo vnrsuty to>--.»rs
Nu practice hhl.i.v. Coeeh O'Roorkc, i,hs
b«'f>n on tho rampiie since th<> first-nf the week
was out on the dtsmoru] watchinp his protfcee ira
througli light pr»ct*ce. 'ITic sqimd win continue
tnkinir thintr;< easy until the mifiaic of next wc<-k
af'cr %viiii-ii O'Boorte lo lip atiin to wleet
fit nine which «ill fit.i.v Its initial frame Jauu
cry VJ ajfaiuet l>ouis Lowenbcrg'a Ail Stars.
Nick Prendergast Head of
New Organization—Play
at the Coliseum
Indoor basr-hall is on tl.o boom. A
regulation lrag-ne lias hwn formed and
the Coliseum rink has been ensa.ered
for 'a championship schedule -which
will open January 20. The hall will
permit of the laying- <>f four regulation
indoor diamonds and gatnei will bo
playr.j three nights a wt'fl; and on
Sundays. j\ is also propo.ved to get
the nigh school boya In tor— l*6 in the
game and th*» cotirl.s Avill be given
over to the school lads on Thursdays
and Paturdays.
ICJck Prendergast has elected
temporary president of the league, and
associated with him are the following,
conimitteemen: Frank O'Kar.c, Arthur
Mail], Reardon T. I,yons, Jim Xealon,
Frank Foran and Bill l,ange. Applica
tion for membership in the National
Indoor association will be made just
as soon as possible.
l*P to the present the following in
stitutions have one or more teams in
the league: Olympic club. Pacific Tele
phono and Teie&T.-iph company. Pacific
Union club, the K!ks and Army and
Navy league. The tournament will l>f
conducted along amateur lines, none of
the players being paid. The gate re
ceipts will be devoted to various char J
tii I after the expanses are deducted.
The management committee yester
day announced that chibs desiring to
Practice could do so tomorrow. The
hall will bo open to players from 9:30
to 1 o'clock. Players desiring to prac
tice v, ill l.nvc to wear rubber soled
shoes to protect the floor. Further in
formation regarding the league can ho
had by application to acting President
Prciidergast. e;ire of the Olympic club,
or to Al Brie, acting secretary, tot!
Geary street.
Soccer Association Has
The members of the California Soc
cer Football association got together
last evening for the purpose of draw
ing tii3 ties in the cup competition.
It was unanimously agreed to play
tha first match en February 2. The
grounds, referees and other details also
yv-.to attended to. T!ie final match
will be decided on March 16. Ten clubs
have entered and a preliminary round
will be played to bring the number
down to eight. The drawing resulted
as follows:
February 2—Sea Waocleeo v>. Argonauts, at
oc :iii Shore grovnde; referee, J. ,
February Hi—Alameda vs. Barns, at Freeman's
park; r< fei-f-o, Ylitrch.
February IC—Barbarians vs. F'nstimes, «t
Oc<\ui Sii.iie grounds; r*fere«, Wallace.
February 23 Vampires vs. Sun Kraacfsco or
Argonauts, at Fr»>eiaan'H park; rpfrrrr. Cbown
February 23—Thistles v-<. Rangers, a< Ocean
Shore grounds; roOrer. Wardlaw.
March 1 Alameda <>r Borne vs. Stunford, Rt
Ocean Shore ground*: i-pfcrw L-'intin
>r>irj-h 2 — v.'impin-s. dan pranc!ac« or Arxo
nnius v>. Barbarian or PaatTmw, «: Freeman's
park: referee, Wiirrli.'iw.
March !»- Thisili's or J'aneers vs. Burn-. Ala
nu-ilas or Stanford, at Freeman's park; ret ree
Mnrrh 16—At rrpcuiau's park refold* , Wird-
McCarey Signs Anderson
And Sam Trott
(By IV.lcrnl Wireless)
tOB ANGELiES, Jan. 10.—Light
weights will get hack in tt» game at
Vernon tliis month. Tom McCarey to
day closed negotiations for a. 20 ronnd
scrap at Vernon the afternoon of Jan
uary 25 between Sammy Tro!t of
Columbus and Bud Anderson of Van
couver. Anderson has been asking for
a match here for some t*ime and Trott
has been on the ground for several
weeks on the same mission.
Uniform Contracts for
Majors and Minors
CINCINNATI, Jan. 10. -Tn reversing
a decision of the national board r>7
minor leag-iies here t<.< lay the nal
baseball comraiesion K'ive notice that
at its annual meeting in Chieafto next
Thursday it would advocate the adon
tion of a uniform oen tract for both
major and minor ieaguusr
Big Bear Announces That
He Will Put Hal Chase
at Second and Try a
(ftpcrM Dispatch to Tb* Cell) »
CHICAGO, .Tan. 10.— Before l«oar<iintr
a train tonisclit that will carry him
back to his orange ranc In Glendora,
f'al., Frank .Chance, dpwlv named
leader of the New T*rlc American
league team, announced that lie would
try to "coin' as a player thi*
year. The "big bear's" return to the
diamond will necessitate a switch in
the team that promises pood results.
Chance would go to first base, reliev
ing ITal Chaffp, tho star initial Backer,
and Hal would bo shifted to second
base, a position he is anxious to nil.
"I am anxious to pet back in the
game," Chance said. "In fact, It looks
as though I would have to play, an
Chase wants to go to peeone\ I am
going to try mighty hard to come bnck.
My legs will not give me any trouble,
but I can not say as to my head, as I
have not attempted to play since my
operation. I am not positive I can
stand the heat, but if I am able to go
-through with it you will sco me at
first base when the season begins.
There are many who t))ink I am
through as a player, but if my head
does not bother me I will prove that
I am as good as ever.
"As to Chase's placing second, I be
lieve he would be a success. I saw
him playing that position on tho coast,
and he showed me that he could do
as well there as on first, lie is fast
enough on his feet overcome the
handicap of being left handed. Hβ
probably would imt make a double
piny n.s fast as a speedy right hander,
but he is a speedy ['layer. When Wβ
go to Bermuda I will be in uniform
with the rest of the boys. I will work
hard to pet into condition. Before the
season opens I will know whether I
will be able to play."
Chase has already declared he would
welcome such a shift.
Before leaving for Xew York, Owner
Frank Farrell said nothing would
please him more than to have Chance
return to the game. He believes that
the new manager would be h greater
drawing card if he were in the lineup.
Farrell, however, says Chance will ho
in absolute charge of the te«m and
that he will not Interfere with any
plans of the manager. Farrell never
kicks, oven when he getfl the \v<>r--t
of it. Baseball recall the ill for
(iinp of the Highlander* that dftfc i
back many years and point out that
Farrell never complains.
Chance will reach home Monday and
will remain on his ranch looking after
his oranßo crop until time to hurry to
New York tv attend the schedule meet
ing in February.
A fan lias figured out that Chance
will have t<> grow a foot taller before
he equals the height of a pile of $l bill*
equal to the amount of his salary, fixed
at $25,00 it. Placed in flat bundles, the
pile would reach nearly 7 feet. Tt
would take a large wheelbarrow
to carry away the bills should the new
manager get his year's salary all at
once In paper dollars.
Chance will not change the name of
his "Cub" ranch in Glendora to tho
"The Cub name will stick on mv
ranch gate always," said Chance. "The
club was called by that name long be
fore Charles Murphy had it. I always
liked it, made my reputation with it,
an<j it will remain at the entrance of
my ranch as long ac I live- there. I
remember when the name -was chosen.
Some of the papers called the team the
Spuds, others the Orphans and the
Colts, but Cubs sounded the best, and
Chance will also stick to No. 13, his
favorite number. Tho number ha*
been linked with his work on the dia
mond for years.
* * *
Manager Evers of the Chlcaro Cubs
will give-Roger Bresnahan a tryout for
an outfield position if he carries out a
plan announced before his departure
for Troy, N. Y. His theory is that
Roger would keep in good condition
and be in readiness to reliere Jimmy
Archer behind the bat If he worked
every day. Besides, he believes th«
former St L,ouis manager would make
good as a fly chaser and his batting
would prove invaluable.
* * *
The wife of Joe Tinker, new manager
of the Cincinnati Reds, is reluctant to
leave Chicago. She says she hears
baseball all the year round, but no
matter what success her husband htm
in Cincinnati, she will not sever her
ties with Chicago friends.
Jorgensen and Delphine
Win at Handball
Jorgensen and Delphine kept up their
victorious , career in the T. M. C. A
handball doubles last night by defeat
ing Oehlmann and Hansen. The win
ningr pair are now in the lead for the
'V" championship, bavins? defeated -ill
comers. The duo they defeated last
night and Bartholf and Kean are tied
for the second place. The results of
last nißht's games were a r- follow*-
v, s ,t DR. JORDAN'S o*^x :
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