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Liner Carries Biggest Ship
ment cf Flour That Has
Left Here in Years
Leaves for Orient Loaded to
the Limit and Carrying
Many Passengers
r> Mail liner Manchuria,
Andrew Dixon, snilpii yeßter
rfn> for the dw .'ust, crowded with
and i airy in er a capacity
■- rpo. Tl _ nctufted 14,900 bal«f
rotton and 5j,00fl sacks of Hour.
- ih< largest commercial
rmnt of Hour thai lins, lefl
for a nu nber of year*. I'fi
.ier ordinary ctreurostaricea it would
i ten shipped from one of the
■ : n porta, as it is $ n northern
■ i leri horn shtpj, however,
: ■ i --.i hand!
■ heavy eottOß shipments.
The M.uii-liuria will tall at Manila.
!ipt>inc port has a largre
shipment of army ami n:ivy freight.
1 .i: Pletning went out as chief officer
of tli- Manchuria in place of Hans
pson, \vn<> v, as detached and or
i" the China a.« master. \\". A.
■ led Chief Kngineer Bun.
■ t Ki. -titer, w no Wii.s Bur
geon, was replaced by l >r. Joha K.
Morris. Captain i>ixon an<l CaeVar.
" .i .. !• iiM.'it the
only unea of the .Man. :,urir. i
i :< w left on boarM.
There were more thai, 100 . a'"in paa«
! Honolulu and nearl; :><■
for the far east. Tiicre were 35 pas-
The passengers included nium' io
mission*, rteu ami a l;trj;e number of
tourists and insular employes. An'oii^ ,
[onolulu pass. Hirers \< •rp many
mown residents of the island
I'Ort. : . former Governor George
- ... companled by
■ pass< for
pnt will • lira r at Hono
>• M ~. • i. i!.«Mi .K. licaitv. .1.
Hi ■•-...•■. Mr*. I. \Y. lUmis,,., K. \\ . il.rars.
' Impin. P. Bfi -i ■ . E. Mr*. ' . M.
I'r. P. \. > iii'i i. Mrs. i , . \ . ChTIIo,
■i -- il \\ . Carr. i;rt>rjt« It. rmi.-r. Mr*. <;. B.
Mi-s il. Oiaiitiak, E, I -Irs. h.
■ ■ .:': Cr«rt*l<ni.
it. I'urtin H. •'. I>* Ml*, H. (\ l>ai .
<. . .\. i.iv. Mr-. «;. A. I»h>. i v, Decker, Mrs.
T W. l-'-kT. .1. .!. IH-tt>i'«-y. Mm .1. .1. l>eni,i
---;■ . «". K. l»<si.l. Mrs. \V. K. I><ci ami Infant,
1.. M. Karl Jr.. Mis M. 1.. K«lw*r<;- awl Uifavl.
i Kmn.u'ts Mrs. L. F.tuniit.is, \i - R, Fainoau.
It. M. Kttt. l>l. .!. M. 1 0-t.-r Mrs. J M. Ki»-t<>r.
I' V. 11. Gardner, Mr-. F. 11, t.ardiior. Mi-.
H;illt,i. Mm. William Hayw-.jcuJ, Miss
ti. A. Her
.. r.. Mrs. «;. A. H.ro!/.. Mt*« K. liilson. i I
Mis. C. E. Holmes, Mr-, k, Uo'.cotnb.
Jt. Hopkins. Finnic Hurberf, Mis. I.
\ I-.. *, Mi- A I-.,a -. Hn, B. E.
- ' .-■-.. .1. > K<-1!< r. Mrs. .i.
K.-iiii. •!>-. Iμ. liv.ii Kirn
II ~ kimlx-rly. M!s* Sarah K. Kir
n -rlv. m>. S. R. KtlUtwrlv, laptaiil W \AUg-
Imm. «*. ii. i■■ ■ i>). ■>>. , i., . . Ur*.' ;.. M .
LI i; M«j<*r. Air*. A. J.
Mlw i". li. h.:;. VV. I. Mo itj*f""i"'i'.'•
y m< ■>!t-< ii-.ti •>. Mr-. ,\!i.» \ti>i..ri\. i:.
toe. Win. E. 11. MouHnn. W. I. Nii-,tii.i.
\ v r.r...i. '~ A. (ink s. X .1. rallaiuri)
. M P. Qulu i. »!r-. m. P.
V ;inn. tl ti U ~. - ].■■.•-•. Mr:.
'.. M. K'.-.1. <!-- M. l:..ii. Mr* r Reid, Miss
Kden Hi--.-. W H Samin«>u. M. isauiuu*. Mis
i.T. S. H. S . \. \V. B|t«l<l
g. Mrs. a. iv. Kpaldiug. !>. <;.' Sv si. .1. D.
\ir- .!. l>. Sf a<l. V. 1.. If*. Mrs. M.
i> Stil*>-. K. r.. Ttai-y. *ong 1 - E. V.-a.
.*rlhur WalK Miss V. \\n\uc. Pγ. E. K. Wr,|,;.
utaedt, Mrs. K. K. Wedeistaedl E. I \\ .-rl-- .
Mrs. B. T. \V.->t!.v. J. K. \\ ..:.!,-. S. N. V. ■„■'.
Ah> S. X. Wood.
ti*ma Mi-> r.. Chanatpf, Mr- i i
-,- A. f.Mii.i.i. .1. M. Ksnis. Mrs. .1. M.
■, Miss Vi-fgjola Davis, Kar]
[IKS 1.. 1111-.i1.1. I . IIP
X ivaslii. J!i-s i , . Mntli'-r. W 1 eaa
Mr*. W. l>. MatiiT. M*x Molioi, iiw.
Mu\ M..i■ni. J. Monti, i. Osw»l. J. I', fcawyer.
Mrs. J. l»_ Satvycr, Miss k. Sawyer, Kcv. Kethei-
Mi- M. Rrfoks. Gerarce «:'■ nst-n. Mr«.
TJI.lt, Mi-.- l;l •?: :H =•• lit '~
.-".'. Jenirs 1". (,
i. «.r«i;;. Ht,W aid »;i<;k. Mis- I- I
VV. -t. K. 1 , . VVilliain- Jr.
«J»asfa-:'!;i Mis- K. !'. Barter, Kdward J. CeTg
foot. >ii- E. 4. Corntoot, Letoy McCarti
<. Spnn,-tte, S. P. Wnrtawajr, Mi-, s. p. \V, -•
awi) ami two (fclMm.
Maoilii L. (.. Aiir.v. .\!rs. K. O. Abrjr, lowpil
AbrTj J'<!in 1!. Bell. V. S. Bra'tilt. K. K. « arias,
Mr*. F. S. Catrns. Mem.-u-i,; j:. (,-,-.>. Mlm
>iaiielinp Chrletfc-, U. rii.-isu-n-iii. Mm. i . a.
i ■•"k. Vliss H.-: ijia M. Puuk, ilaorlcp Cramer, .f.
W. ( row. I . luinHi". C i». Uoofh. ("Mj>iiiiii C. B.
M C. R. Hmiuihri'.v. .1. H. KUj.ri i.
W 1.H.1i1. W. J. l.itTfi.ll, Mis.s Kstb.T < .
Ijuig. T. V. McKeehraß .\iis- g, M, Kw, J. K.
I. f. v. Mi b m. Murphy.
J. J. Keweombe. Mis. J. 3. Nr«rcouibe W. «'.
: F. Sn.ith. KiMi Siivii.-r. 1. X THlett,
\. . \ \.m Bkureotn, Mrs W V, \,ii Kh an■...n.
Hoiigtous Mr*. .1. Artßstioog, W. H. Arm
! K. Rpni' lit .\iiss 1., p. Bcracnt,
T. t>. l'.i.U'!»-". Mr.-. I. S. gugbce. Miss !i. Bus-
Mlsk L. CuandJef, w .!. Curia-
Ik" Mi-. \V. .;. CbrUtle Miss M. Mrs
s i'!■<• kitt. <;■ ■•..,'■ w. Haw,
• ■ : ■■ I, mt--. j:. y.wfvp,) v. ii.
Ml-. K. 11. KiiH'Ws. H. lallims. Miss
A. It. Fallot*, !). 1..:.. \!:s*H. Fox. Mrs. J. \V.
- M-s. It. i<. Hill Hiul st,,H It,
AU*xaadt>r li.mc Aii-s m. X. Kern. J. H. Kerq
will s.ivant CbetwiuMfl Klttredfce. \V. p. I. ,>,-.
I - M i: Morse, .1..! i IN. nlc. (i. .\i.
. Mr.. I. N. PhllUfM. Ml-- M. F. itrni
rlolpb. \\ . a, .-)■ P vi. I>um<\ 'Jp:i< ii.ut. .Mrs. l>
■' i.ifiiM. A. 1, Tl el - Mr> \ •) '
Mi-- |S. 1.. Trinbie, Mlm M. E \\ .r
--i Guy Wilson B. WinJet. Mrs B Winert
Wi< Mrs. Lμ 11. \v
HofHrfuiti :>!,.-. 1,. <;. Akh>n, n. .1 AHyii
Mm W. l>. r<. lii-ii, t;. h. Force. Mrs <i 'n'
1 , . F. Gilbert, A. 0. K. Ilnukc, Mra. A. U,
■.■-. tlarrlf «'. K.vl.i. .!. 1.. i.,|,,
P H. ilttcalf. E. W. 1.--W
in*. I . i;. s . ■ \,. - Straigbt. Mv-. 1..
' . H. '.'> iUI( l-lliilii. .Sir-. 1. li '■
•»|i:iii!rr IIn« Sinc«-c»«i<«ful Trial
; steamer William Chatham,
lill by tl-( Union iron
works for the Loop Lumber company,
its ofltcfal tiiifl trip yester
_ ..<>i i i, .., erytnlna thai
leed iti th»- speciflcatii
''•■!• whii h li w a.y built. ■.rmeg,
■ er in chief, represented the
: Iron works on the trial and
was a large party of guests on
board, frienda of th«- owners. The
Jtrlal started afeout 1 p. m. and la.s!<'-l
" out four hours. The steamer vtraa
Utken to <'»lifornia City and run ovpc
»h* measured mile. \\'!;r-n IU spe.-rl
and its steerinß i
■ hathafs a* tak< n out
wa j • f d<
ing itc

Chatham n-iti be one of the
most efficient i«team»|iips the
• i>st i.uuUi. • ;.. , >i i . It Will
carry I ■> i.hh; ;, m of luml- i and wfll
HiiiK" about I" knot a an hour loader].
The vessel Iβ ! . aad lZ.i
''" .< - - • is dee igned
by Huifo P. i" from Iruelc to
>■ In Han P*rancitco.
»;ived li> tkc Hartley
c < j ;'i revenue cutter Hart*
she launch Leura of Benicta
from taking a trip to eea yesterday on
oeoxn of the ebb tide. The Laura
t way here to have its ma
chlnerj overhauled. In the vicinity
of the Southampton shoals the engine
io a full "top and 'the obl
carrying the disabled launrh to
rben the Hartley weat to its as
ei&taJice. The launch waa in the p*rt-
gate when the Hart-
I ■. i towed it to a berth
.\ He In One \<*«« Tn«"«dn.T
Mail linpr Nile. Captahl
l.apraik. homeward boona from tin 1
i rient, Balled Wednesday from Hono
lulu ;< n<! is due here next Tu<
' jle'a cai'K'i of I.eOO totis Ihctudea
tone oi i:i \<- eilk, On board the
hner are tie cabin passengers. Among
the rai'in pays. liters are the membtrre
of the Ferrtie Hartroan Theatrical com
ir« romlne noint afti r a
•weeessful tour of the far east.
>«iH»ni:i >lßkiue c<l >■ I'im<*
The Oceanic fteami pmny'e
Sonoma, i"i»ptain continue*
- make Rood pro t;res* BTid the Indi
■ ! h;i ti he i.riM kin)E of 1 tie
■ ri !* i 1 * t\a f 1 wfll■ ;•'is • •
ir -;)f ■' of the frhedlllf. Tiie
k "■". r >m- which i« -till making ~i i knots
w" hour, i.
- ■
- <-ii«k r< i"-'!» all v.. il.
lr»»n« >«»<«••«
rtfcceij'i.s lumber j •j'iit.'idd.j b> sea
Movements of Steamers' j
To ai:r;vk
lliirli.T Sv»»a ltd. L'4
i* u ■' s.'.i.ii! ivp-r- r<]iKiil«« ....*... js.i. -4
g*a I'U-.. & Iμ* Ang. .r,,,\,'v<)r,r 4u. :>4
F.en \ii.'.»l-'s 'BraTc-r iJati. 24
Mani!;i Jfc Hoootnlu siiiTni.-iii Ma-i. -'•
U<i-w\uh\ IBhn-Man Ian. if."
*r<ln>v tt VFaj IVrts. . .' \ .!-m ijri •!■! I. ■-■*•
ilrats Tf»r»« ir Norwood -T:• -i. '2~>
!Yu*naHf !•■• '-'■"
San LH#(o * !.■•* Aug.. Spp'viw*- 1 ! {3
Hi bur . 4'"»trnliM Inn., 'J.",
v;» Snn Pe<1ro.'Knli' r 'rr !«n. "-'.">
&a*» Hurlior I B. S!pi»<'D. . .Uii -•">
•hHTi;- l-.i i ' Ninz-Mi-a . inn 2"
■ ; A A«foH» P'.TxkP .'■•I. •-'•"
Sen I'ieco A i.v.s Aiie ¥•!.» T,, n- -''
Port »r»i.'K ' F.uiiBwkk :Ja«. 35
Ht!o (HUot'ea *»». 23
[inuboUU Vnnciaiil Ian. M
I..-- Ai,sf>iis Vcrtbitinri Is i ".<'
ifeadorliM \ Sb*l Kojao [**• g
MniulxM'ii K. A Kilbur).. . i.ci. Wl
H»iifkonc T. .[TttmnTar 'Jen. 2«
f'jrpct i V- . .Jim. Sβ
Kfatflp .... .Imu ~~
Snn l'i'-po & lx>9 Aog. .|MaltOO«ah Tnn. L'T
I- - Migvle* Ha!iel*t '«O. 2T
Sen Pit-Co A I.'>s Aug.. Stste of Cal... Iw. 2T
!..»> ArwwlM **»• "J
f os AtfHw *«li!i.v I'ts Santa Clara .../Jan. ST
S»8tt!p '& TdooniH iWttcon [Jen. 21
HnmboMt iltv of Toiifka. .Fan. £S
CUIna i Jopan '\i!«- Jsn. .s
Balbo* It P«4ro. ..(MerklBaw -' 8 :'- - s
(irar« Harbor (Columbia fan. - JS
Sal. Cms & San Diego. Alaskan T, » n - '- >n
Hmv>lulu LnrHne ../an. 39
rortUmi & A«t<<rin. . . .'Ro-e CttJ *««- - !l
I.- .\nu:otf>s (Boar Nfl. 28
UJWburg ft Way I'orts.'f »rf!» -Ihh. 2fl
r-Vt Bran Aretlc Uaa. »
l.os Anc>!-s lYalf -Tan. 29
r<-int Arena & Alt.i..n.. Nμ -I«"- :{ "
port Sao i.-.!is i'>,.« Bay [J«n. •>*>
Sv.liK- A War I'.-irts. . . .y-Minma -la'i. g
Mnrorftfl 'Winnphajrfi !»»». 30
Sun Dif's«> & !."« A«st. . 'R<>«n<ik«* ,!,n - r "
T<t SAIL .
i km
fan Wll'na I!t. M aii 27
Jen. ?4 FlisatwtU Vomiille Ttiv. 4 pm 1«
it i. '24}.\ii Samps., i. . . iiiiff Sounfi. •". pm , IW
.Tun. 24JOo. W. fclder.-jPertUed ... W nm Uj
Jen. 2" im Norte ,...tCi»iw«l City S pm W
.liin. '-'■"> flflo'irlrt ■(■<«•>« Bay ..! 3 pni' 10
Jen. :"■ Y..*.->nito Portland ... ."• p« &J
J*n -'■ SjiorrlwHI R:t. '_> pen -T
V.:-t!i l".Tk . . .'HimihoMt . 13 u< .'i , *
Jan. •_■■"► < >■■>?ratirt >■•»■ A»frte».[W BWll R1
.!;V!. n'Pboealx . _, . . . . Hmnlx-Mf .11 •'"" ti
.T»;>. •_•". J. H. Nt«ltnn.. I.os A ijr-.-l«»<. l'» Wβ H
I _" r'lty of 'l'..;.rk«. Ilunif.oWiT 12 in! tl
Pt. Sun l.ni«. 4 pm ; 11
. \ „in ■ I »«. h-Molf*. I nm 7
. i . j . [Ptieet Souiifi. 11 nm »
Jan. i'i Brivpr lI'o.tiflTi ... IS »' 4"
Ian r. H..8«>k« Ssn piofo... Inn m
J»3. 2« N.-rrManii T'-rH«n<i ,. '10 U>j «
I>n. SNTPoran Point Arpna.. ( p» S
Jao. ■Jγ Anii,' |Fert F<ra»:K..' " pra ••••
Jan. 2fi RfMr il'T AngP'fs. II win 40
.1 :n. 27 W-'ismiMt*. ....Lot* A6M«l«-*.|t1 t»| 51
J»n. .'■ F A. Ktlhiro. .!Hira»h*wJt •■• '"' •" ,r:
.hill. I'T \tu!rnom;(h IT>r??sv.<i ...Ilfl
J (in. "7 Qnfpn s«n Dirge... j - Vim 0
,lAn. :■: v»i» i.-w ♦ pa *
.Inn. {SHmtW f«* An«rt«.l 3 n-n 10
Jh-1. 'Portland 4 . . 3 pm '-'"
-)Ktl. 2S(V,!uillh't '.'S AllHf , '--:. Ill MB li
Jan. :s Kiflmmh (Iw Anc>I"^.
Jan. n«vw»nilti ... - i ■"■> -'
Inn. ■:« I'ruBtnia PtUCH Sound. '.' ;>"> !»
.l.ri. SS'NatTiJe ■".irtla H .. 1" ini B
.'■en. :'fi Ys!c 'Sitn I>i<^:;"... : < l"'i 7
.i n ;.. 2*. *c» Pean ;P'in; *r*n*. I pa 4
Jan. WBrtmavirk Perl Bthhs. . : pail.,..
.I.in. SjSanta ("lava ...!.'>« Ana-'-les. 2 pm v:
.'an. I'MV-iiiirt;* ! ffloniboJ'H ..[11 am 27
jsn. .TiiRpar ;"..r'|-'iil . .. 12 W 40
T.,,. -.n : s, ,,1 'Hur, Ilioivn iil «m! ft
T< • S VI f. FROM Sr\TTI.K
! & Way Ports. J( ffprson fins. 23
& Wax Puris. . Yukon .Tan. '2o
Skiir.H.T & War t'.-rls. 'iltiinboMt >
S"«-i»r<l <V Way Port* . .t.M»nn<M«« ':if 3»
... Wasliinir'on'PW IT I'nion 1
i.-r 5 J«ck«m'l*»*r in CbVw 2
i-r 7 Vnrtfr- 1'Vr 21 IMh«>rt
n Rroarirvav 1'Piorl*" H'-fonw 6 ;
(or 11 R'oai'weT 2P:pr 2* Gr4*nwlfh 2
■ier l'-i VtUeJO PlOT 27 I.ombarr?
-icr 1' i;rp'H PiiT M P< w<^11
St! Til (»'• MARKET STHFirr
f'lrr I , MU*i<.n i per 24 if*HI
Pi. r 4 Mission 2I'ier 28 Mtlti
Pier >:• Howard μ-s. r :u Bp*Ip
- Howard '.' Pirr Frem<Mt
[>ipr Hi Hwanl 3JPW» S8 Fiisi
i , ■ - ii Potaon riM'T 40 )
Pipr 14 F.lsom ! I'irr #5 J P. .M. S. S. Co.
Pier lfi HnrHsnn'P'or 44!
Pi.T 20 SffMiart'Pir-r .%4 Fonrth
'<■ r
BtUL Moon :>nil Tide
L'!'.iled ST!""* const and ppodpfic snrv-y -Time
and of t ; d.. K «t Fort Point. For city
front (Mttsloa street wharfi. adil -0 minutes.
Sum r'-c TM
Sun -<-t« ."i:2">
M.«m rises R:O4 p. ni.
' xsr qnarter n»oeil->« ■'•""cry 2S a' ! 1 r'J.'i p. in.
New BKMMi Kcbniary ~>. at P:1" p. in.
r \v
I \\
F "
!. W
•li.. l 88 " 2 •;-'■; l -. i: t!<
:•:, .' ■:■«*■ r, A l-.-y' ■_'.'.'■ 1 :lfl
•_'•■■.. 2: '7 -.i 8*) l.»j 2:1*^:
8:27 ■",.-. !»:'••"•. I.* , :«:ro
28. J 4:11! 3.5 10::»! 1.3 l:»*»j
4:.".'V R.fl 11 -,T O.'t '■ 7
30..! .*i:4* .VI 1:1! (1.3 7 "••
•1.1 7:11
.". « 7:". '■ I .
5 0 8:34 0 "
-1.4 ri:'- i ]
:: ft o ■- I p
?. <; '(i-.4t; 2.1
."..7 llt«! ::.<>
'Mil.- Ball
! ColtH Btat«f R-aneii Urdrogrnnlro uffic". Afo- r
.• K\< iirfiigc. .San fraueiiwo, Ja.maiy
2:: irn::.
1 lie time Lw!! on tin* Kief of t!ip Fainno'ii liotcj
whs dropped tiMUjr *«*rtly a; n«««:i. Pafiflf stand
.4r< 1 tiui< (IS) in), ii al Mli. Hum. Utis.
Creeßwteli at«*au time.
l.i<-ntf 'ihm:. I . S. \.. In Cimrj;".
I . >. Itrnnvh Iff ilroKraphic Ofiice
A braßCh of tu.- I'nitHl Btaten by<lr^r»frt»lr
offi'f. l«atcd In the Merrl.a'its" txchanß-. is
iiminiH'iifd in Saa FtancbK* for tb* bpuf-tJr ot
ni:irin <r«. rvil h<■'« r"ntir<J to na'io'iality. and frer
if i \p-use. NRvicsiors «re cordiallr Imlt.d to
visit tlic officf. nhero a empi' v- K«>t of churt-'
.Mid Siiiliui: direct on- ~f Mie world arp kcj)t »*
hand for eusipartoon »'i<l r*fer*ie«, and the iatml
Uif;iiinatio:i cot elwuvi lie obtained r*gnt4ing
lights. i!h!l]Coi> t" navipHlion and indtU'i's of In
t( to OiUU'f' iili.RTl-l-.
B. r,. BARTH At.nw.
ftl nIfMII. I*. 8. N . in ('l)irsre.
ppptti at inpwn low vatrr. i-nlrnwp to hir!>r»r«.
■■ _'
IILOB* trr»- jus? uj i a ..f
i north jf>tty gives bMt
1 water.
In Pit
J j >
;o n
. 10 B#'st W!it<«» ovt»r bar.
! wlfl) iuif-r liar P. S.
I ran buoy bearing NE.
I »/j X. imn-s. i.
. i
i«> 77 ,
: .__.
Vi'.«l'Jlrta . 12 'a- soiirh if ranee
i">" to 2i«i fert, in
it for fnio.v.
aw ..
laii,<iua ..j
J :Jau.
t strangi γ-i pnti-riBg nhoald
beep rnngf well Cp*t
to northw nr<t.
t:oos Buy 10 ;l>uc. 22iB*>«t wefpr 500 fi-et from
: hlnrlt buoy at end of
I ! ' Jptt.r.
L'o<|i:ilif ..j U iJau. t> CliatmH Mmifflif Aide
I I i In pobi outer.
tto e ue i<. l.oJuu. li.Cliiiniie! .ilu)..«i Ntriiiiiiit
our. slightly to uortu-
' I ! w«rri.
Klainaii. 6 Dee. 1 I'htaw isf>r»hw»«t.
Uuuilmliif IT Jan. T B<itl: chtiim-li. ~N'orrii
! cbaiiii. I (liftjcult tv
■ ' 13'i!-«lion.
?«;j ifeurw -M iJ.iii. 4 (.'liiiiiiK'i iytk\ Bfet «riU<'.
;!'i fti't (!<tii nearly tu
I ' liirnl'ifi tia<(n.
seTi i ■ _ n a» T... .T~~
>uu i'airi., .-'p. ;;i»»Jei>tli lu dredged «lian
; __' IK-l.
R.; 7 ;.Iulv Lt) I'lmnn* , ! straight and
amnuntPil to l.J'l'.'Hin fret.
• : <"!ii:ia. frens tliis port, ar
. tt«rda> nt Honolulu.
\ transports Shcriiiiin and
Shertnen *n<l the t'nion
roiiipanv's Aornnxi. from Syrliipj.
ir< h 1 ! iltif PKil) tomorrow morning.
The Pacille Mail liner San .limu. ('hp
!h:ii VrayAtr. sailed ytslernay for Pan
i,i! v ,<\ jmhis with abi.Mit tO j^j=
i.ti .'i full i'ari?o,
Vi.rwfpjan steam f '■ •• i-
i>n I <ii'■ t■ .- i-'iint (i:-> •!•.- k r«>i ■•■.■...> i ■
to Us luJ'J'.r ami irynit tUici >\ c, ii. j
h> marcom wirkless
Thf«p r«M»«rt* ore rcoplvejl dir«-«-tlv
! '><>i(t «?-e fdcific const ni the
; Mfircnni \\ it «'!o*« tompaoy:
YWdifSMlajr. .lanuar.r 2'J.
STEAMER HYADEB—Fn.m Tai-om» Co* Ron«»
--' ilu: 8 [>. in., s<»o milts, from Ca|w> Flatiprv;
»f» •;« *<.ir,li>-» ■•( <ni iU; ronjji) *»a: Cloudy
v\oat!icr; al! wi'i!.
ETEAMKR HOKOUJLAN— flpn.-c J«n. CI for
Hftimluln: S p in.. S.VI mil*" from lizliishlp;
mf-ilrrjitf nnrt hw»m wli><! j'nil sco,
EH SHERIDAN M"ii»l\iJa for Sun
l-'riin- !-■•-.: p\p/-<-t to nrrlxp g\ v "*n Francisco
;-itiinlni. Imnattf -.">. p»riy moriinir.
STEAMER MAVERICK Frnm Honolulu for S^n
Krnrif|s(o; h p. ni.. 4i'2 luiifs from S«ii Fraa
rtece; all w*>ll.
for Suit I r.liiriMco: S p. in.. T'»o milps from
S«n FrtHidsci: hII will.
San KrHii'isci.; X p. m., 112 miles fust of
Honolulu; ail well.
PMro for Sai Franfisrri. with stPamw A. M.
SUjip»rn i-i tovr; 8 p. in., off rietlras Blauoas;
all w#n.
STEAMER HILONIAN—From Hil« fr>r Ban Frsn
<<s.<>: 8 p. in., 740 miu'B from San Francisco;
i nil wpII.
STEAMER SONOMA Fnun Sydney fnr San Fr?n
fisci via Honolulu. Bp. in.. i» v '", nilles aootb ot
How hiiu: nil n-rll.
STEAMER VENTURA From San Kran -l*m ria
llorioiulu for Sydnoy; 8 :>. m.. T.»"?> aillca south
ef Uolloluhi; all WCil.
Tlmr«(]ny, 3animry 23.
STEAMER CAMINO— Hoaw Jan. 21 for < ~1,,:,,-
-l>ia riv.-r: s h. «., ):J3 switli of Coluiutlia
river; ail wou.
SAN Flta\NTlSrn. Jan.
STEAMER BEAR s p. m.. off I'oint Ar»na.
STEAMER HILONIAN -s p. m.. 4t;9 milos from
STEAMER HY ABES—I.OIO niilrs ttim Cape
Flatt< ry.
STEAMER SAN .TTTAN s p. m . ofT rijrrori point.
STEAMER UMATILLA 90 north uf ta|.f
Blttaeb at 8 i>. ia.
STEAMER HANALEI—* i>. ,„.. 2<> sout,,
of I'oint fttoetara.
STEAMER OLEUM-—S p. m.. 4t;:; miles north at
S:lil KlmitisPrt.
! STEAMER CATANIA—B p. m.. 45 uil!p« north Of
San FiH.iH.M ~.
STF.AHER J. A. CHANSLOR 4 n. m.. ISO niilrs
n>M,i I'oint Rmi-v.
STEAMER ST. HELENS— ['s«.ml Poltti B»j«i at
MS P. B.
rriiKK.v. Xao. 2n.
STEAMER \V. S, PO3TER— f:.ss.<,l M*ndw iao in
fn« of strsiiici- .1. A. t'lunslor.
STEAMER FIFTELD ••Cγ I'oint flor-la.
STEAME& VANGUARD—I'hksp.i j,, ; .t :..:;fi p. iv.
IITOBIA. I«a. 23.
STEAMER OLSUM— roi-M.f'.l IVi! Ilarr-.ni; I',;
mil" s uurtli oi San Freacleeo .-it > |>, m.
STEAMER SENATOR- S.m Fran- •;-.■■• S-hi tl"; -J
Uiiea eontb of CoK*mbia rl»er ;ii S p. n..
K.VSI' SAN PEDRO, .bill. Z".
STEAMER SFEEDWELL- off Prtrt Luuia at
p. tn.. n..,-tlit)'..i;i<!.
BARGE 95—ufc Bauia BartiftM at s n. tu., sortlt
STEAMER YOSEMITE—off Toint Vinrrnt at B
p. 111.. uorth:ioilll'l.
STEAMER GO>TEF.NOH— U) indrs r ß s t of I'oint
Conc*'p.i ( 'n ;.t s |, ni . iiwi'thlio.iud.
STEAMER BEAVER ::<t wi\>-< t*t* of Toint
t Obc ,uiou »t 4> ;i. in.. IBM'llltlUUmJ.
Items of Interest to Mariners of
the Pacific
(Sp«»p!»l KispeJcb to The teli)
EUREKA. Jen. 'S.\. -Om- et.nmrr. H» N>aii
oiiai. fri.in S;>ii Fraurisco to loail lumlicr
SijiiK-a. axrlt«d tbis lmriiiii-. vrliilp t!)is ator- f
lxx.ii tbTM ot'.TPr.-, t!io Vaiißiiai-'i. E*rcntb*a and
Boiriloln from S«'i rr»«ri«o, r»«<-iir ] pert. Both
ihe \';ui4:iiai(l «nj L'repttH bruogitt mail iv
ailditioi to fr»iglit
TUe ntwume , Knvit!!! w«s r.\]> i,i lata Uii«
<fip.iM"«-t from han Francistci. with nail mi')
:•« sonsrers, |»ut it in u;i.;>'rs»(MMl r>'H<-!i("l tin- I.jir
0 laif to cross lα. F.ntrTinc i<■morrow mwfJ*
me, tin , IlsTjiiii wtu proceed to Saoana fur ■
cargo of Inni! <?r.
M»i! anil bHBbPr wnt ml this »ft<wo»i on
tltp •tXCDoet N.;in l'..rk, boant) Eac Shu Fr»n
SAN PEDRO. Jan. 33.—PwUk CoMt cim
[ifl.iy -, Mui'i- i;..Tfi m r arrive this ranruioc fro n
Sμ i l>lfci>. nnil. iifirr titkiiis p«.«s»-n<rprs anil h>l
tUtionn" ptutWdtO for I'ligct sound |Mirt.«
TiH Sir, p>r| leiaro.
MorWfglaH >t'hhkt Bnnsror eomplrtml iii«rhpr«p
of f,SUO tons <.f iriisi-cllaupons cargo fr I-o> An
i.njioi itM-s. a n<l proo..»'ii««l tonijrlii fo* San
FruiK-i.5... with balance of cargo, conatneH to
I'urriiit 4 Cβ.
Min.r arrlTMl f|fi:ii S;i-i rranr-is., ert ,-\
aftiT liiiiiling p«s.sriikj"rs aad frt'lgbt, proceeded
for San Dtpgo.
S->.. W '] 1.i7.3!ip Vaiico h:i« .nrrirril fr«B Cray*
riartior. rarr.rfnf 570,006 fr>Pt of lumtpr. con.
sian< .1 to tbc soiithorn Callfurnla Lumber i- v m
Stoonior Msr'lifli'M roniplf te><\ dliu-ftarft? Nfs
partial rarffO of hrtaiber tor rnjoi«l(rn«x»s li.m-.-. ;ii><l
fi,i jsbu DiPfrO to (liscliin fji< rcuniinilfr
tbPiK-e for KunkJi t<i reload.
SlNlWt I rtkiiu' has arrircd from Ki-nk.-i • :ir
rviiig 7'Ki.nrxi feet of redwood lenbar, rrfnKlifiUHl
t . ;Ue Ptciflc I.iunbrr company xt Wilin'n'.'i.. .
('•■tmrturi'* to<! : i., {pelade pa**cng?r ami frcicht
ittnw liiH'cr fur I'orHani! via San FrainSf...
St<',!mrr Daisy Slltchfll, aniviiiK f γ-mii Grftjt
Harbor, niii iiis f .hnrp< TOO.OOC f".-t of lumber for
tbc E. K. WfMx! Luinrwr cornpntir.
PORTIAND. .1.-in. I.;.—Frit?. K!rrt*off, |o<hl
manager ot the ' liitm Import mid Export I.nmhfr
cwnpmy in. bm appelatml R«-nprHl appal for
flip llunituirit ArßPrlcen Steeroxhip lino on thr
Pacific poanf.
Pi ton- ~ft!'« |>ort of I'ort'-ind t-n,'...-
freJtPn, the srhooiTP, W. F. .J'Wrtt lefl Uovrn
from gt. l!;-lins for .t-stor'a (his moniini.'
Tfip BritWi Lark < Town of India whs flnaffrt
foul tiii> port tit I'ortlnnd dr.- d<K k pt In ..dock
fh'- momf'tK, niirn a hiirvfy slinnfd Hint oniy
wunf p»i:it Ix'fii Mcrapfl ofT by lirr ri<jinjr
tlo anchor cEaln ot tlip Invorcl.i dr. nrid slip was
toM'-<! uraiu io the Victoria Dotpbltw, aj s!u
is Ntil! oo th<- froc list.
T adpii with {17.289 bnefert* of wlh'st. nlac4
al ?:<ii.l.".T. the Vrt-iu'li berk Ken- 1. fi <}~wn mi
tliis morning, in tow of tin- (VfeJaßaira Sh
it iindor rtmrtpr to A. K<»;p nnd lihs clear* il
for •yuci'iisiman or Falmoqth for erdrrtu
In row it the Kte<im<r MouJrch. tin- (Trunin
barfc Banabrk ipft down for \\v sr :l tir. mom
ins:. le<l«>ii with «4ieal for tiif Fnitp<l Kingdom.
ASTORIA. .l:iu. i.'::. Tiic <n»-.-ini r Riwnok*
sh!!p<) today for Sen FixiK 5,,,. ;,.,,! |v,llo
wish frfitrht end pissr-njrcis.
Th»» lifrimn .«hlp Olerw. which |«m( its rhsr
tcr by fjiiiiiiß to avrivc l.pfore .Thihiri-v I. Is silll
I awaiting order*, but it 1* qnitrrstooi lutrotfa
tione arp in pros:-fss for a chirl.T io i.nd her
I'\v. lt;( oriittiiHi clmrt*' , - w;is to enrrv wli<-»t to
Bttrapp nt th» »ate of 44s h to>t. The chapter
price ims ii,. v (lr,i| :) ic(i to Nl.out "Ss.
Tlip »t«<»n'pr Stanley |>o!lar snilcii Wi-dncsday
'Mcning- for Hoquieoi, whom it will load lviii
Tin? stfsm s>-> ■■ <n«-r Ckmco sTilid rorijey f..r
Sa i Fv;iiici>,-.. irltb a <irgo if Imnliet. Irmilcil
I tit Km]:! Him .
The (ifrnmi hurU Lislctli. tvbirh h«« !«<fn
lyhiy in tke juvvi-r liart<or for Kfverst t!a\- «iiii
;t carKi> ..' grata for Europe, was Mwrvd to sta
ill!- hioiiiins.
The steamer Camim> will 1«> (lup 1" arrive
fr< m San Fmncisco »t n n - c|.x-k to'iight.
Thf Hteamer Coantfr. with lumU'r Snn
Franoisco and tl.c tank Rtraam Oleum. *-n rovt«
for S-in Frnn<l!--cu «f:<'r flKch:'rgiiig Us .-.irgo of
oil. wfnf to e«>a tliis tnorDing.
ABERDEEN. Jan. 2.T— The ntotuner Ptanloy
Dollar arrived. au;l ili<> ftezDOtt Fair Daks
'Ail htirbound Itttmrn ?m awny latt yfster
da ,, aft< rrm.'i.
The Hcho mi r Mttpor, fer R»* f'edro. wa* the
only ves»H li»'ld by the rmisli l>ai.
SEATTLE. Jrtii •_■:;. —Arrived—St«»Hincr< ArjyH
mi.i \ irsini.in. San FrHiici..cn.
Sailcil -i ; i<-Hni"r.< Qiki n. WiHamftm hmi! Cat,
tHi;i A. F l.uc;is. Shii FrancNco: haiffc I'.ilni'ia.
in low of Ins l'io:ic-r. Sknf."»ny.
Shipping Intelligence
Tliuredey, .l:iniia;.v 'S'..
4 :sri p. in., s'mr Oirmi'l. H:u'<lw ; <k, f:{ hour*
from .«J:iii rv.lrn: '.mllhm to Sudden & Obrt«teosee.
5:20 p. n>.. >iinr Bi'niiki.i »i. Srptisntt, ■">-» Inmrs
I from Bitatjbui; 223.000 feet lumber ••> Sudden &
■ Chr<«*( ie r-.i
i<. to . «Hnr K«wN- », .\nfiu%
«M». 44 lii'i'is fi >.iL>»ii I'.Mln . tw);a>l (.. !U'-k-.
' l(aii;ilni«mi & ' '•■. W'.fh HtUi" A. M. Simji-'i i
ii. tow.
:<:J't p. in-. •-•D-γ a M. Kirrnwon. !'.i-iirt''i.';ui!
ii ....in- from S«m 1.ii..: i,.iii\ ■• , 1.,
1 .unifier eouUfMf. Iμ i"\v -Mnr t riiii-is Ml. l.i'g
3;W p m.. stmi WTilttii»r. 7^ll inc. »j Imsr
fr.nn I". !•! San Leh: nil Jo I n I«»:i Oil <-<uii|i,. ij ;
hr«r ilirr> I.
in.. »twr i:i;/.ahflh. (H-fn. W tioir- fr..m
"imilimi; |>ii-. ■ - mill lu'TilnimliM' I" ]'.. T.
Iv ■■.
j 7 a. U... .-luir t.ui. IC. 1.. iU.iU", l;,i(it;i i, 1
Weather Report
Tnited Slßt , '- i Peprti-tnient of Ac''i< -ultnre ■ —
Weetbet R»jipa*i. Sail Fraeirthce. .l«n. j:;. 1913.
: ;-.■?■■•*.- *--c'~?'*-: ■ :
: ■
» ' tt
Kurpkjt f O.ixi 'JIT* 22.MS )12.51
Pi'il filuff ! O.OO TM7 llS.flS 5.54
Srtornincito 0.00 ! 5.32 ' ».7't , 3.39
.Mt. T>nnaljmi« 0.00 143. SI II.-'" 7 Ml
San rrnm-ix,. &. Bβ R.79 11.:'.s fi;s
.-mi j ! n.<Mi , rj.»i ! s.«-, :t.t.-,
Frrenn I 0.00 2.JV2 : 4.SO I 1.51
I:nl"pnml.-iup O.nO O.H2 ' 4.14 O.S7
!*4ii F.iiiw OHtepn I o.oo I 4.M r>.::: l.«i
L(m An»rte* e.OO Lβ.IW 7 n 2.M
Shu I>i,. K n I ft.OO i g.SS (.*) -J.lO
In the following tHldes the ma ximnm ana mini
mnin ipnui'-r;)tnres mid rainfall iW jiiven:


r ! e ; STATIONS
■ a» ; Z
a : -.
%\ "5.
CI "
e -z.
*\ §
Sβ j ■
•,.: .
'*;:■ ■■ :-.->-- 7 :.-
'.V--,.- ■-;.■■.-■
/•-.. • r-m,*- .' \-%"
Sakri- 24! 4 0.n<). Rr.l Bluff. •
Hois*- ::ti; )<• u.ofl !'.«-i.i i
Del Monte. •"!>: .*!!> .... Kosobmj: A
KliroU;) ... 4S. ;U H.1HI .' S:)iTillTir nfo'
KiMffsiHft ..: Xn t'Jio.on r.ek#.j
r-'rfsno .-•»; 4}(i.iiii sin Dtefo.l
JUIpiih ... :><• L'lio.iirt h Kranci.«fo;
Honelnlu .. T!i eeio.88 Mnn .losf..
I M I'lTo.oo S I. «H.is|>i>.!
Kali*fw>1 .. jv Rlo.oOpSK Peralloel
1. Anpel<>s. no' Spotsenr ..j
Mmvbflpld 4'j ... <i.io 'Smiiiiiii ..
M«»leiiii ... 32 l<; i<.Oo T.i.-omi ...j
TuniMlinK 4T 34 0.00 latfwvsli ..'
Nμ Hoatl.' 42J...iO.H2 Tonopnli ..!
riiwnix .. .-.« 44 o.<m w w«n<i..i
r>«>au no..; L's; u'o.oc vnoKt ..
I't R Light ."1 43{0.m \ unia j
I'ortiHiicl . .' :;»■: 32J0.14
r.c; 22 o.oo
\ 461 24,0.02
.-_• :u;i».no
SEN IS ".10
( ,-.»; 4n o.Oo
, 541 42:0.00
Sβ ::jn.tm
; .-,c! 4s'o.m»
I 541 ffijO.flfl
: l aojo.is
:> i.'.io.oo
I 40i 3410.18
1 40! 38(1 .i'tt
r-.u 18 o.oo
■+<•■ 2SI0.O0
S4 a 0.00
i 82 ::•; o.Ou
• ISiioTv on the crontid. 12H rnclrr^.
Alvl<n# ... (">:" 44>.<*> •! Knoxritlo . RO
AtiHn ("ity.! ."i^ , ;... o.6u i.i>!,isTi;io . .>'
Boeton .'. . ."■•' !S2ifl.lfc MompMs ..! (M,
< ll.'iil.-sfcii : 7i .".4,11.10 M'tjromrr.v K
ihi.-H;., .. 41. .'{4j(t.:i3 Montrpnl .. 3?
Ii-tn-.-r ...' 4L' 'JHO.Of. Mnorhfn.l . '...'
[)<•« Moin. « ::i; ::■_''1. in N Tβ
r»<v!c(> City! 4o; '.'r.'((.<K> N>w York. I 50]
I'lilnili ,'. 12 i_-iifti Nor PUttri 40|
ruiranarn .. .'>»! wj.rt.oi Oklahoma . 18
Ea«tporl ..; :;i; ... o.m PtttKhnrj; . Bfl
i,:i'i.M.v, . i;.; H2|ft.0U K>.-\v. ii .. Rfl
♦i'-'-fi) Bay. ."<; i»«j 0 u St. I it., 4^.
Ilattrr.is . ml :<jO.Si St. I'aul... 24
Htm .... gfl I'c n <H f Tampa ...I (S
Huron |ft] 12 0.QU ' r .!"<!» ' 4«
.Iji>-k«'in ii!<v T*> ii] Witii'jm,] ' 44 1
Kan City..! Hi 300.14 WlnnJp«! .| TJ
44 fl.tVt
1 4h!1 .2«
; •■QiO.r.o
! f,~O.t>«
' s 0 111
:il 0.4fl
I •.•;; (mi
: 44)6.01
2« " u<1
β-fl :,-j
' -Jl 9.(K)
nV .i.cll
1 mo 0.40
End- i
Some ..*..
.-.■■. o.fio Sifks 1
* Report) of .1 ester.lay.
sYNfir'sis of v 'A'nu.n coxwnowi
Tin- pressure is mo<lfii;t ly liieh over Npvada
ami ( Mllfornln :>nil )■ n ->\er British Colnrnbia.
liieh wind* »re reportiil ~n tho Ore-
Jon Of-Ast. himl rsin !>n~ f;illrn frrttn the Rogue
rh. r valiey to the ii!t»»riiatio'i:il boiiii'lrtiy. -At
Tntoonh 1.2 C inHv s are rvfortrd in the last 24
Thf vrfftl'er U -tear ;i>nl 1.1.-asant In the
Rocky BMMUrtaltl MVtktt, l«nt un-elti-d i'l the
MCwtlMetpt)! T:t!!'--.. \\ ~riii ratßp iia vr-.i>-nirred Ik
ne;iily jill the f ictrrn sisles. At I.>>tiisvi!le I.2ft
itxlu-s hive f.i Men. VUf following hisb wlndx
havp occurred: Buffalo. :,<;_ tumtbyent: Raatpert,
'1 Muth, Mild S;ii>!'t Sli , . Marie. "A, west.
I iiiiMijillv wnriii v, ..Iliir preTsiils in rciinyl
v.mia. Niw York end Niw Knjriund Tetßpfra
lures nt-p 2.% itmttj ;:hi»ve titc normal at I'itts
bnre. Bonton «!id Xioitreal.
Oil the P;i<ifli- (•<:;<( ii'mii'T.itiivp« Rre rinlna
and (here have Wi\n m> fiimgeu of importiitu■<•.
Follotwtne Is the tor the no lionrs pnd
inc ni midnight l-'i •:!;!>. Jainmry 'J4:
For Sun Frmiflsre and virinity \'n> r Friday;
HjfliT north v i'ul t-h»My;i!i« to borthwmt.
l"or Ssu'a Cliira valley Fnir Iriday: light
iiorrli wlihl: frost i:< Hit , uiorninjr.
Fur S.icrniii''iitn \:illi-y Fair anfl warmer Fri
day: liclit fm>;t in the miirninc: 'icht. north wind.
V'tv Stiii Jonqain *tli«y Fair and araiMct iii
(?<v: light fro>i !u tfce morn leg; Itght Bortk
For California m«tai el T«*«chaaJ -Fair fM
d:iv: v.;inii'r: llghl fTWI la the nioriiinc; li«ln
nortb wind, (.-haeglnc to gonlh.
a. <;. M«ADIE, District FenoMter.
PACItAMFXTi"). J;tn. H ■0T)MH»0»H)a tiiken
lat 7 «. n>. tf«<)»v:
STATM.NS : fe ! Ba
I: I ? 11
Sacr:i niHiiti. \valei>licii
K< iifti. H&rrtmento liver. , .] 2'>.o ;
l{f<] I'Auft Sncranipott> rivr. ~'-'.<i
.st. .T(,ini. st.my creek ! i-.o j
JiiiMnt". SHir.iiiientd river...: 21.0
Ctriwta, S,»crnuioiit!> .. 29.0
Knichtn 1-nniTI is. S::.-. rlrer is.o |
OroTllle. roathiT rivpi- I.- 1 " , ' , :
.Miu-vsv illp. VutiH rlTfr [ 30.6 j
Ni.'.iiiiK. K.-afhrr rivt:- 2.-..0
K'llcinii, Anif'r!<-nn rlTfrr ... .... '
S■irrnniontn. See. rlvfr ... a.O
Bin Viet*. SscrnoxMitu tlvir I.'i.o
Sim .Innquin - ;
.r!)ck«<.Mvtl!i\ Tiioliitnn!- rivpr 20.0
Mol":if-s. Ntatilslins r!»«'r ... .... \
Latbrop, s»n Jeeqtilg vivov.. 17.0 j
.Jnnny T.'ii'l, CildToras rircr 10.0 I
Klnt-.ii, Mnfcclmr.ii" rivrr .. ffi.O i
P.c:is(.'i- Fcrrv, \|r»k'-!ui»i>r> r. 12.0 !
2.0 '
V_\ 7
". S —'
I i . i i
4 .7
: -
' — 0 C
j —O.2
I __« ._,
! —o>1 ,
1 —■>.::
' —(i.r.
— it,;:>,
! l>. }•
•ii. i
; *n..",
' *o.i>
1 —1.0
h rNp. inlicHie- » full.
Tlir rlvrrs of Iwilh <ra**»ll#«le will coiit i>i'.)<> bo
fall Oiiring the nest (w> rtay*.
N. It. TAYI.fH!. I.neail F n-rrsstcr.
lUy- from Seattlei,ballast' to Standard J Oil com
pjiuy; Richmond d'reet, ?r \ ; ';--•,.. ' -:- ■'■■''•■■;. :
i.-^ '.>:■'.' m. in., ' sttiir Knri>kn. l'aul-pn. i'i.i> hours
from Wat soil vUl::;p» ,! srnprrs;nu!l merchandise to
M" it( vvy Bay Steamship company. -"
7:20 a. m.. -Mini- Nh> i.io. Mtftar. r>4 hoi;rs from
A-i.'mm: osprcbcatHiM! (<» Sw»yn# A- t Ho/t. T .; v : ■;■.'
-'.. " 8:13 t>-e.'S Bβ., etmr Poeift. i llfolamt, ~ 15« hour*
from Albion, yin Point .Wn« p. , bourn; 13H.Q00
(■>-.■; lunibei t'> fifwaj ne A Hw t. • • "
% .'! a. m.. »tn»r Bliwidr, Dablqeift. 34?jhours
from Sao PMro; ballast tn Charles K«]aoa cow
linn) , . - ' '
i. • •:'Ji' I. m.. striT : St.* Hi-lrns. .lnnilrsnn. :;'!'_,
i'oiiis . ; from San :IV iro; mi-n !ihh<lis(> to ,: y,. J.
I>.'(Jg|. & Co. ; ; >;:--f*,Af" , .-'&-,,.:.?;■':• s■;';,■■: :V-f ;;■":'
:>:Hi :i. in.. Ktmr CHj , if j.-. r ,rkH. SEeh. CO hours
from KurPka : ujiiwimift'n »''■' ? Mercbaßdlse in pa
Clflr L'taMl Stt'etn«hif> »onip*By. , »,'* •- '■•
i'rC ii. > in., stnir D<-1 Norto. Hanforil. :;n •: hours
from ;-■, ircscpiil City; :;2i'.n(io £' f;>. i lumber, ■to
Hobb*. Wnll & Co. - _
«:'.'() h. ni.. stinr Ucilnuri'.. Ericksotii •< 4 i)in!r>i
from Coos 'f. IJha : % paweegers" •; aim v ti.vi.ntiij :s feet
lumber■■ to C- -V. Smith:t L4jmh*r company. --- .
; **- rJ .., CLBAXBO ■
• . .' ■' Thursday. January 1 , :'.. i .j
m Stmr (liolialis, Koffolil. * Grays >; Harbor; S Sudden
»■">: Chris!.',.-en. ."i'^ , .:."...- - . , • '
Stmr Foil Bnizt. «la>tß, Portland; C. 11. 111?
--«»;l?r „ siiiir El , Lehe. Tflni'in. ' I.ohitos. I'irn:
StMii.lant (til compaity. *" : * r '' "'
S:i,;i Hanalei. , Deniß«», Sj:;n Pedro; Jixlrp-n.i
cnt Strain'lii|i COWpeuy. ' , " •.,.»,
Sv Stmr .;- Rl wattle, Itablqiiist. >, Seattle; ,:■-: Charles
NelMtu ■ (omiiau.v. .
fc,\HXT) v -
: - WiMlnosdiv. January 2L*. --
Slmr Santa Maria, Winnt-tt. port gfeu Luis. vV
§ppfe> . • Thursday. Janunry Zi.
, .". ::it p. in., vtuir to*. Ayci. <ir«.vs Harbor.
5:30 p. in." "MB! , Tl?«rtnn. (.rrn. Port l.ndlow.
i;.:UI p. in . suiir Sii«kiyon. llisnscu. Taconin.
~ ll':L'j'i». in.. (Siiur K. A. KUbora, Mel-nlfan. ■En
ii:.'!n p. m., suur Tamalpais, Aitderson. R.rays
- Jij i> in., atnir St. B<"t*ne, Jaruleeua Port
vnd. p. in., -'iii.r MuiK-Uuiia. ])1\.,i,. litmgfeong
■! :J.". j>. m.. stiur Maeffbnria. Dixon. Hongkong
and way |M>r;s via Ho.iolnlii.
K K23 i>. in., Br etinr El: LeAp. T«i|iHa, Lobttos.
I. S> f>. m.. Mil" i>rlVi>d<v. Kru-k.-ton. Hen:?.
:;:.Vi p. i... >unr Haialei. Haouaa. San Pedro.
• :: 33 fp. w., >ti,ir S;m JTjaa, i raster, Aik-uii. ( >t.-.
Sli2.'lo<i>.« vi.. stm:- .loluin Poalefs, I ivslad.
1<1.50 a. in., stmr 1-tlimiaii. JJmH. SJUch Ovtiz.
I [ (i;, j, in., sum SIM of (....lifornia, A!. \; ,n
.ler. San DitfgO.
>>-4ti m in.. t>Witi Fiillrrton. FicUli-n, Port Ban
Luia; In tow tn;.- l>»iniiU—. - - ' ■ ' •
i i;i KUUAi'iirc
I'diNl LOBOS, i*«. -'• i" p.?in.— W-atlirr
li:v\ ■>> iin'i NW: vfloi-ity i n>l If-* an hour. :"-•.'
- ' - U'KATIIKi; RKPI»KT9 ■
I'oi.vt i.mkks. .!«!,. -•-. '■:',,. in.—Hart: wind
NU : vi-l. >.■,.>■ '. ni'i' * « ' tVKJr. . •;. ,
POINT i.oBOS. Jin. -"■■ » h. in. Thi'k: niro!
NX: vci H-ii.. 'fi mil* , * so hour. ,
POINT KEYEIi. •f" ,, - -'•. '•' ra.*S J m. —Clouil.r:
wmi! K. ifloeicv '_' niilP" nil hour. •'■•,.*.
I-AUAi.I.ONKS. .Mi). V., ',' «. ,v. -rioudy; wind
\ . r»U«rit> 10 vii! , nn hour.
TATouSH. -1*... -■•. '•• »• Hi- Uaiii; wiud
\. Ithjilj £9 mill--- «b iv-ui.
i domestic ports
EfREKA— ArrIwU Jan. 23, J'> a. m.— Strnr
Nt-'-anif-uiß. hrn<-<> Jjui. 21.
Sailed .Inn. s>.. 12 in.—Stmr North Fork.
J for Sen Frnnelaeo.
Arrived Jan. 2.;. ." p. m. —Stmr Bowdoln. from
i Pau I»ifjiu; _• p. id., srmr Vanguard, hetj^f , Jan.
liS: :: p. m.. snnr Preutis*. iiciue Jan. 22.
n.AVMUMI SaiM Jau. 23. 12. m.—Stmf
hCUuT»o:ii. for Sen fv<ir>>.
Poet sax r.nis~~AiTiv«i Jan. 2:;, 7 a. »>.—
Stun- Saut% Maria, hence J;m. 2U; H:W a. u>..
stmr SiiiitH dura, hence Jan. 22.
Sailed .lav. 23, 7<:'M) j>. m.—Sfmr Sanla Clara.
fur Sa.ll IVllro.
Tβ oiitiuisht, Jan. 2" —Stinr Saeta Maria,
i for So*tt!<-.
BAXhox—ArriTcil Jen. 22. 10 p. UJ. — Power
sclir Anvil, from Cook Bay.
ABKfllHCEX— Sailed Jan. 23—Strar Fair Oak*,
ticlir Meteor, for" Snn IVilru.
\VK.STr<tRT — Barbouml. Jan. 24, 12 ■.—4teif
A. R. iokasoa. for Tetara l-av.
ASTORIA -SiillH.t J.i;i. 2::. 0 n. i:i.--Simr
i RiiinoUt*. for Jinn FraWiteo; lt» ». m., ntn;r
j Coaster, f",- Sfen l-'r:t!i;isco; 11 a. ni.. stiur
I Okuin. for Sau I-iaik-lih-o.
S«iliMl Jen. 23. 11 a. in.—Opr sl\u> Ligliotli. f>r
I Kingdom; 13 ni.. s:nir ("ascti. tot Sin
] Poiio. Jan. 'J.!, 11 :.:ti j>. ni. —Siinr ( arlo-. for
I S.iii I'ranclwo.
MKXUonxo— failed Jan. 2.1. .v::o p. m. -
1 Stmr James S. Uiggiue. for ReJ»i«lo I!«"a<lJ
j (lir«'.-t.
UftSEN'WOOD —Arrhp(s J«n. 2'J -Stmr Al.«
! tr«z. hfi)>' Jan., -ji>.
IMPQfA -AiriT.tl Jan. 2.". -Sclir l.ilr. lionf-e
bee. 2C.
SKATTf.K- -Arrlvpfl Jnn. 22 -Stmr CapUla \.
F. f.u.-Bs. lii-n« ■• Jiiii. lit. Jan. L , ' , .. !> :i. ai. -
Srmr Virginian, limii-c Jhd. SO. Jan. 'IZ. 8 p. SI.
Stnir Aiß.vll. b"iu>f. J:in. 19.
Siiilcl Jan. 23. 2:4.') p. m Btner Obtain A. Y.
\\.\v»t. tot fwti Fra"H'i><-ii: t>!~ PUtOttr, nitii iiiir?' ,
I Palmyra in low. for aU>);m.
WHANijEI.L. -Saltrd J*n- 2:! Sfmr J>'lTrrs,/1.,
I f.>r Soal»p
.MARSWFIKI.P—SaiIor Jan. 2".. 12 iii. —Stinr
! Hnnly. for San P'rn'ioliwo.
SAN DIBUO -Arrival Jan. S3 S.:hr A!hrr!
Mover, from \\ inflow.
TATOMA Arrived Jan. 23 Rr stmr CrHops,
friiii Vukohama; Hr stinr Polerlc, stmr 'i"lupiiia.s
1.. fTanfl fr..m S<«ntfip.
Kl. SKOIMIO -Sailed Jan. 20. 1:30 a. ni.—
Barge VS, in tow tug Hereulrs. for San Fran
i OOS HAY -Arrived Jan. 23. 7::>("• a. Bl. —Stmr
Washington, heß« Jan. 20; 8::;0 a. vi.. stmr
Break nil to: , , from Portland.
Arrive-l J«n. t>. ">:3«) p. m.—Stmr 0. C. l.in
dflii*!'. , hpnop Jan. 21.
LQSG BKA(H—Arrived .lan. 2f.. 7 a. m. —
Sfmr Santa Barbara, from San Podro.
To s:il! Jan. 24—-Stmr Santa Barbara, for San
HoyllAM -Arrived Jan. 22,' — p. m.—Stmr
StnulPT Dollar, from Astnria.
T\ I Ns/r.OVV -Arrived Jan. -S'-hr Uambio.
fi'mi Ililo.
SAN PEPR<V Arrired Jan. 22-Sfmr Poris. i
from Willapa harhor: stmr Tali'x , . AtW
'dfpii; s,hr Vanro. from lirajH HartKir.
Arrived Jnn. 2S—Stmr Lakrao. from K«r<>ka:
I stinr Dmt*f Mlfr-liel!. Jan. 21: stmr <;.»vr
nor. from Sao Diego.: sfmr "Halo. bfßCe Jan. 22.
Sailed Jsin. 2J—Stmrs Boa'cr, UoTrrnor. Pa
r»lso. YoKTuiito ami for San Frau
vlser.; stmr-Ynle. for Han Diego.
TATOOBH- -Pae«H Jan. 22. %:40 p. m —Stmr
I'matiHa. from tm Man FrancN'-o; Q
ia. in., two atramer. tnvnd la. Jan. 2:;,
I 7 a. a*.—Three maatftd barkentinf. bonnd in.
Passed Jan. 2S. 1:20 p. ni. —Ktmr Tallar.
honcp Jan. 2>! for Seattle; Ihrpf l>*rk.
bound out.
KEDONPO BRACP -Arrived Jnn. 20 S.hr
Monterey, from tiaviota. in tow tug Navigator.
Hnxfir.n.r -Arrited Jan. 2.:. 11 s. m.-Stmr
China, lnuire .fan. 17 for (lii'ia and Japan.
SEW YORK Arrived 22 -Br atflH T>ur
mese I'riin-c, r r (>rn Mania.
ANTnFAOASTA Arrived ' Jan. 21 -Br itmr
Cordelia, from Pori Sun l.nis.
PANAMA Called Jan. 22 -Stmr Santa Cita.
for Pw t Shu l.vis.
YOKKAI' HI -ArriVM .lan. 10 — Br Mmr LMH
d*le. from Astoria.
STANI.r.Y (F. 1.1 S»iM Doc. 21 -Br tbtp
Ray «,f Btarty. f' l '' ''allan anil T«wns»nd.
VANCOIVK!!- Arrived Jan. 3 fltaw Atlar. !
from Seattle.
VICTORIA,- Arrlred .Tnn. 2" -J.ip sttr.r Ta
«'«» ma M«ni. from Huiigkons: Br Kttnr CrattSOMß, j
i hence .Ihi. L'ii.
lION<,KOMJ -Arrived prior Jau. 22 —Rr ttttt
I Dnkntah. ;,e;i-.> Reo. SI.
ST. YiNCFNT Arrived .lan. £2— Br itmr]
S'rratlil.V'in, from Puce? sound.
ROsTO.\Saitr-ti Jan. T-'. —Stinr IrernJa. ft*
Arrived '_'T- Stinr Prctorlan. from filas
tJTEBjrSTOWX- Sailed Jan. 2T. Simr New
York, for Kew York.
A «•<! .Jan 2o s-tmr Arabic, from Boston fw
LIVICBrOOL— HaiIed Jan. 20—Stmr Celtic, for
N>w York.
AXTWFI!!' Sailed J;in. 23—Star Menoinlnee.
for Boston and Philadelphia.
NEW YORK- Arrived Jan. 23 --Stmr VaOer
tam), from Antwerp.
Sailed Jan. 2" -Stinr C. F. TietCPtis. for Cgxfn
j hiisen: stmr Katoertn Augni«t«" Vict'-rin. ff>r Hem- j
j hnrg: stinr Ij» l-f>rraiii". for Barrel stmr Halt! •. i
for Liverpool; atinr Prlnctfr* <H f'ienionte, Tut j
j .\«|.l.w.
AN(;rt\ Arrlvofi Jan. 21 -Stmr fiermauia,
j N<w Y'.rk fn» M;irsei!l«*.
HAVRE-- Anh-od Jan. 23--.stmr I.a Vtvnmte.
i fn.ni N'-w Fork.
MARSFII.I.K — Arrived .Tan. 2&-4Hmt Canada,
from Xfw York.
• iI.BUAf.TAR -Arrir"d Jan 22 —Stmr Panno
ni». from New York for X«p'p«.
RAIMA ISI.ANCA -Arrirod prior J«n.
Fst.-'ven. frr.m Newport Ne*f« for Victoria, B. <".
VAT'irs Arrived Jail. 23—Stmr Adriatic, J
from >>vt- York.
Sniloi! .Inn. 20—Star.- li«adoM. for New York
Hmi Phi!H<lflnhi:(. .
I.o\r»OV-- Sailed Jaw 2"—Stair Miuneliaha.
tat N>n- Vo>-k.
S"t!r.r Vim. Chatham, on trial trip toilar. r<»-
P'irts l»r wlrple«s is makinar knois over »
measured ponree; nil well: i F. S. Loop. I
Tnimrh I.anra. Captain Kmwn. brHjnd from Re
niciH to tliin city f<r repaid, went adrift off.
SonthMtnpton eboalfl this afternoon and was r"rlft- i
mc to sen on ehli tide; tvps pi.'ko'l up by D. S. I
utter Hartley and »(»wrd to Mpiggx wharf; ma
cliinrvy ld>rnnip disabled.
I'dHTIASI). Jan. 2."..-Stmr Caffofc pwrtenalj
reported ashore at niontli of Willameilf river.
BiiHtci! j esterjlay aftenioon; daiuage, if any, not
knoyi g,
< lianiire of Mn»«er*
Fteamer Scotia — O*C*r Johnson, -old
imfstpr: (ieorp<> Winkel maftrv.
W. KMt
at San TV<)ro) —A. C Paulspn. old mas
iter; Joseph J. TliKlden, new master.
i \Villiam Chatham—C. J. Lan
caster;, master.
Army Trnnmport*
TliP Riiford is fl t San Francisco.
T,if crook i* at Sun Fnarineo,
The Logan left San FrsocUco Jaayiarr 6 for
The Slieridan left Uoonlula for this port Jan
uary IT.
The Sherman left Honolulu for this port Jan
uary 17.
Tfce Thomns is at M.nnila.
Bark Abandoned
MOBILE. Ala.. Jan. 2'!. -Optnin M«*o-> D.
<"i>sr>\v<'!| ; >nd hia crew abandoned the British
I hark Alexander Bla'k. water loesred in the pnlf
iof Mrvii o. and stsfely reaehtd M.-*.,
to word re< % eivpfl hcrp today. The hark,
of Si. 3<tbm. N. n.. i- PE i«try. left Mobile Janu
ary fc. with a lull for Cienfuogos,
Small (arjii for Hairall
The jx'honnrr was cleared for Hana
Wednesday with rarco valued at $4.esj and in
eindiiDC the fivl'.owlng:
97." rtis rolled liarler. 77 etti irWat. 12" bnlp*
i hay. 1' tori* hv;in. 17 Ptl« er>rn. 10 nhls fl'Hir. .".Ort
1 rbt l*r«!. ."00 |t« butter, 2."> e» fc(CTO«CB». .". dr'ini*
ini-tiliflte. 10 r« V*«oUn#, "4.4R0 ft tnmhor. 140
I sk< et-uient. 25 c» and 10 fcfffs powfl>-r, 3,000
railroad ti»-<.
{ Fruit Ontpnt in ('mini v Shows Increane
Over That of Former Tears
i 'S;i<T!;il Di«p«t«fe to T'.iP Call I
CHJCOa ■'»". 23.—Figures tluis far
I obtainable indicate that the fruit shlp
jmfnt? from Butte county this year will
I exceed considerably those of former
years. From accounts already in It is
estimated tliat 1.000 carloads of fruit
have been ?ent east from this county
this year. From Chico alone more than
300 acres of deciduous fruit has been
shipped and there are still in the ware
houses more than 1,000 tons of prunes
ready fot shipment. The citrus belt of
the county has sent out more than 400
I tars of fruit, while other fruit grow
ing .sections have shipped enough to
[BUlkfl up UW 1.000 cars. Almonds and;
I apples also "have filled nia;!v acres that I
! havff not been figured in this "estimate.
i Judge l.nvrlor Admit* FlrM Offender to;
Parole on Own Initiative
Harold "Webster. L' 2 years of nzc. \
broke down ami wept y#iterday whf-n j
Superior Judjro Lawlor placed him on !
probation. This action was nut ox- |
IMfcted, *b Writer on Saturday <fae
seiitf'iK'f -J to sprve tVTt) in San
Qnentiu prison for burjfiaiy. DuriMg
tlii- timH WeiiNifr was at tiif ii»:mt>
jail awaiting tvansfer tr> the p»-nitpn- i
k ti;ir>- Ju<l»re Ltwlor wont ever the
tr*nscrfpt, anil, - oelioving the youth
w;!.s entitled te ftttethef cHemie, * thi?
h*'insr hte tivst placed him 00 j
protmtiun lot" five years. I
Superintendent Schlitter in
Report Mentions Many
Young People Patronize
Public Places Provided
for Their Pleasure
Superintendent QfOTge A. Schlitter.
Iβ to tip phiygrounil comiois
sion yoftcfiMV, ajaye:
"At Jackson the Jfraine
; insta'leu to relieve a flooded coßditfofi
[ h«v* proved vi'vy Bncresafnl. Another
• <lrai:i n'as found neceasftry ctud Ihw
J l>e*-n put in. The ajravel In froci of
jtho Held hotjsr is becoming: packed »nd
lis niflkiiiar a very gno.l erurfacf. Tbe
li;»sk«»t i«all court in the a udi tori urn
has lif-en further improved, and is
brintf used a great deaL The rear
j r»4isPin*Mit of the shower rootnfl hat'
j reptilterj well. f«s the ehdHrers are now
j uspd continually, especially hv the
J boys. The handball courts are in con
stant use. The Southside grounds are
j now in g-ood shape.
"Found it necessary to visit North
Beach playground frequently since
construction was commenced on the
bathhouse. Secretary Ilickey ar.d r
made a careful .study of the pumps and
water supply. Rearranging the water
system is under way. There are fcev
,eral tree>? on the Lombard street side
t which. T have planned to remove, as
they will be in danger during con
struction work. Work on the b»t!l
--houpe is progressing very s-a t is/n'-
torlly. The gymnasium frame has
been entirely removed,
"At Holly park the contractor has
been delayed in surfacing the basket
ball court on account of vain. The
■ heavy rains- have not affected K\
j celsior grounds, and they are. In good
j shape, but progress in t!if work here
will \if delayed because nothing" has
bf»en done in regard to filling, in the
street. All the ground! arc in con
stant use for g&fnea both by outside
and playground organizations. %hich
is a very encouraging feature of the
I work.
"The program committee of th» first
recreation and playground congress
which will convene in this* city in the
early part of February, has made a re
quest for a pageant at that time. A
r>:-tgeant of this kind will cost at least
|300 i
"Preparations are well way
for a dance by the Jackson Playground
Tennis club, January SI, and it prom
ises? to Vie very successful. February
1 the Southern Heights Pleasure dub
will prfve an invitational dance for its
members and friends." Evening work
In games and gyninasurfn activities for
the boys and young- men has- started
successfully, and In the near future
it is Hoped that a young woman's club
will b<-> undertaken. At North Beach
the organization of boys' teams and
girls' clubs is- progressing satisfac
Woman "Who Trie* to lajiiajn. Case
for Cadet Arrcslcil by Detectives
An attempt made by Tillie pedrosa
to "square" the case of Venaneio Using.
charged with offenses against two
young girls, reattited yesterday in Dβ
tectlvea Furman, Callaghan and Wis
kotehill placing her tinder arrest on v
charge of intimidating a witness.
Under the pretense that she was the
cousin of Clara Castro. 12 years of age,
an alleged Victim of Using. Tillie se
cured pormision to see the Castro girl
at the juvenile detention home, where
she told the girl to alter her testimony
against the prisoner and not to prose
cute him. Lising is also held on
toother heinous charge.
l-nrKC't S. S. lv the World
OVEII 400 1,210.000
Atlantic \
X Service \
B Jan. 30, 1 p. m. M
B Pres. Lincoln Frr>. 6, oa. vi. M
M Amerika F**li. 8, 10 a. in. W
m tPatrtcia Frb. 19, (f a. m. S
1 Vateira. Cifcraitar, Aiders, Naples, Genoa I
5 S. S. HAMBURG. l>b. SS, 10 a. m. ■
U S. S. CINCINNATI. Mar. 11, 10 a. m. fl
if AKUUIiU: excursions B
m THF < and
6 Intl :> SIDE TRIPS g
■ worm < " Da3:s ,n ,npnn I
B "viiLi/ i 1S Vaym in lßdlm I
I FEBRUARY 6, 1913 I
I 110 DATS—SBSO a? I
S Including ai! necessary exprn«r^B
B aboard and »fbofe, inilway, hotel. E
B pixtre •icnr*l*r», earrlesta. gwldcs, ■
■E fops; Blue railway fare-; to and from ■
B four horap. with tlio privilege of re- B
B tuniiPc fvom llaaibur« on ii.c 8, 6. ■
B lmptrator. *J
B Also cruisei to the Wyt Indies and I
B Paaams Canal. M
9 Write for booklet, etatinc crals*. 8
line m.
m. Kearny 2946, San 1 ra»
C«*]tPCU. 1»12
S»iliiis Kvtry Thursday and Batwdnf. •
T.rery Thursday at 10 a. in.
!.a S» r, "'i f, '"»- 3" . Kru"' - ' , FVTi. "7
I.a Ti«irai!iP..K«-li. <' •. Is T .inn in-. . Mar. >i
1.8 L«rr»io«. .W*, 13 I l.a I.oiralu*-..M»r. r<
l.ii I'yiiM in •»>. I'cli. -i' Is I'r.i'. <: i. t-..M«r. JO
KRO>» KRH vnm< to hwhs;
Kt"ij B*tVT&*j :tt 3 p. m.
Kt. .ridr KfL. .'i j (Ilicajln M>ir. 13
RorhambMU. .KH>. 8 Nin)j»re Msr. I'J
CtiMeg' , F«<l>. X) ' Jl'ii-liambciii!. . Apr. .">
Ku.lwruhfan-.Miir.' » Chir»nt>: j... -Apr. ">
-rUGAZI BROS-, Patiftc Cotst Manners, 6iO
XontKoroery Streft. Ban Francisco.
ffcM,lf , II llfcllll MM
Men Who Bought Type Metal Save He
Iμ tni'iwnt
.To':n W. Smith, a v«cond hand icnlT
iof 73P Folsom etr**t, waa ln»trtTOt*<3
I unil Hrrai)?npd liefore J'uljT-f Jα
I Shortall > - on a charsre ot re
'■■ '-'Mvin.e: stoipn proor].«. property ot
I The ('all. Snrtli pleaded no! ffutity.
■ and hv eonsenl tlif ttn** wen! over
j until Wedncrda.v for pretfmlnery hcar
| In*.
Partial teftiipdnv was- taken before
•fudgp Shortall in fin- cue on '
'lay which showed tiuit Smith ■•■
I "pigs'" of metul freni two boys, vhi< : i
I was stolon from The Cftll i "niposiirr
: room.
Sniitli Is at llberl ( '
Juase Shortal] proi ■ • ;
bail a.fter bearing part of the
ninny. Hoc;; use of ;t dj*f*t"t!ve com
platnt, Smitli was dismis?ril bet re
arrestffl op v warmtlt.
SAN DIEGO xfvcj^v
EUREKA /( r^tof\
A US* A XtifS^V
Berth and Jtfoak Included In Fare
T.K.WK I'KOM PI Kits !i a:i<l 1!
I.os \ncc!t»*. *an Diego. *>nnj» Knrhtirn
Trcslflent Vfl>. S, IT. 2 p. m.
Qiieen Jan. 2T. Fob. 10. 24, t p. m.
•Stat" of Chl .. lan. 30, If!-,, r,, 13, 'jn, J7. 11 a. in.
•Only Ktoanior rallin? at Santa Rarbarn.
Seattle (Hircrf). Tnconia. Townsfnd,
Victoria. Vnncoiner, Manka
Pr«"»i<]pnt T.in. 2.">. Feb. S. '.'l , . 11 a.m.
Qupph !>n. l. l.>. Jl n. n<.
rmatilla Jan. 2K, Krl>. 11. SB, -P- >n.
Cttjr of PceaJa jfcfc. *. 18, - i>. ml
■pNlit < Iliimbohlt Ilayi
Tnprka... .Jan. 2". 20, Feb. ;!. 7. JL'. Iβ. 12 no-n
Alaska Cruises, 1913. Loare Seattle
S|>i>k3i>f > ...rimo is. j»iiy 2. Iβ, Sβ; Anj. 1".. 10 p.m.
Itiglit irsrrvpd to change Ibis splipilulp.
TIfKKT OKIK i:s -Pala-p Hotel, <:■"-:". Msrkpt
slreet; 16 Mn-kPt ■itrr.t ami Broadway wharf.
TVlppVimr Kearnjr 402.
OAKI.ANT' 122* ftrna.hvny; tel. Oak!;in.l T.GSO.
BE LEY -212.*. Slmttu<k «r. : tel. Itcrk. 4k.
<'. l>. HI MANN. PflttrpgCT Trarfi- M.m;
Trmorr..w. A»A Sunder.
Saturday. M&r .Tnnr.arv _
First rlfl»s JBSLV Fir* , r'ns*
$10. $i.' jpiwmßni 57.3.'-.
$15.. -i =yJI $s35 -
BERTH AM) MKAI.S Includcfl.
The Snn Krnm-lstco A Portlamt S.S. Co.
A. OTTINtJKIt. Gt'tiPMil
Tkt. offlr<>. 721 Mkt. opp. Call; tPI. Suttpr 2544
S East et. opp. Ferry hide.: tel. Suttor
Oakland offifp. 122K Broadway: pttOMa—Oat
land 1314. Home A4.TU.
BertPlp.r office. £11*5 PliHtturk; trt. Berk. 3SI
S:»fT!<m«-THo. \Vnr-, )f .k. >"" X »r.
PACIFIC M Air.. <|» g
Hojiou i.r. 2|%53
Round Trip JMIO
THK Blfi FOin—"Monarolln."
"Manchuria," "Korea." "Siberia,"
Also •Thinn," 'Persta" and 'Nile" for
Honolulu. .Tap.in. t'hlna, Manila.
Next Sailing:
"KILE" (No l'K-ai Hoawlala utawimi ml
February S
For Mexico. Oi.tral Amertrs, rename.
for F.nrope anil South Araerici.
N"Tt snillnz (pa»songerB and freight):
"CITY OF PARA" February 1".
Next Sailfbp:
"PENNSYLVANIA" (pass, and freights..
Jan. 31
Full information at
Cenernl Ofliees SS4 KlnoAßHc.
Ticket OlftVe* 723 Marlet St.
Thone Kparny 3620.
Tehuantepec Route
ReKalar Fast Freight Smrrlcm
sailing from New York every six days, '
. making I direct ; connections with Pacific
steamers i? sailing •„? from Salina Crua.
i Mex.. every six days for Ran ! Francisco.
'.YORK- Also to Mexican and all ; prin
cipal European porta under through
rates and through bills of lading- Sail
ings from San Francisco every 12 days.
, For ' rates and " further particulars ap
ply to DEARBORN &• LAP HAM, Gen
eral Agents. 8 • Bridge street. New
General Agents. Pacific Coast "
. 310 Sansome St.. \ San Francisco.
S. S. Cblyo Mara> (tU Manila sdtrect)..V...
I ....;........;:r.V.V..Baturday.,Feb.;l. 1913
. S. Sn. Nippon Mam (Intermediate service sa
y : loon , accommodations -at '' reduced rates)
'<:■ ■-~.: ..V.r r.i'.:. .......*. FrMay. Feb. 21. IBH
9. S. Tenyo Mam .... Saturday. March 1. 1913
S. 8. Shlnyo Maru (newi (via Manila direct)
... .*.v.;.."..:...:..... Saturday. March 22. ( mil
.- Pteamprs - set!; from - company* pier, -■ No. - 24.
near foot of Brannan st.. at 1 p. m., for Yoko
hama I and •: Honekong. falling at' ■, Honoluln. Koh«
; (Hkigo) $pi\ iNaffusaklr nnd Shanghai, and f com
■ ctcting ist ' Unnckonsr t with - gtcamfre J for Manila.
India, etc. 'vNo ■ cargo = rpopired \ou v board , on day
of mlHiik. '■- Roujid : trip ; ticket* !at - reduced • 'rate*.
• c»- For frelpht and pausajre apply * nt of flee, j foarrft
floor. Western t Metropolis ; National ~- Bank f build
ing. . BBS • Market tt. i .~ W. H. Avery. . :
v"v 'i- '- -Xr.'-K'-i-' * ! Assistant Gpnoral; Rlgjargcf.
' SPLENDID ■ TWIN SCREW ■ 10.000-tpn eteamcrj
•SITRP V " "SONOMA" and "VEST I :. f :
'. ROUKD THE WORLD—S6CO Ist, cabin; $380 21
csblii. via ';>. Ceylon, ' t'fe'yi , !. Italy, r_ ttc. • Liberal
stopovers." ;-. *" f V,.'-.'. \; ■ . '-~....:.- "■.'J^^ffl
- Honolulu Sailinc!"—Jan. .J*, e'.-.. '2 p. m.. :
, Sygpey j Sailing —Ft N. 11, Mar."* 11. r etc.. '■ 2; p. m
Write or wife NOW tor * t*rtln. Send .for
folder. i■■; OCEANIC STEAMSHIP CO.. 673 Market
S:*et. Phone Sntter 646. t.' , " ' ■;■' ".".-. . ;-
-- - - : ~"___Zl-- r^
'' ' f , lor ti'kPt*. foid.'t-s. etc.. 9fG*f 3
?; eHQ M«rk«t st ;; ; S:i.i n-incW'-...
I .:-. Sydney via Tahiti and '.A>'ci tins' on
! S. S. AORANGI (9.00S ttr>-i ssils ii a.m., F*-ti. *
1i 8. S. TAHITI "IL\i>W l<>:>#) *»ii* li *•«>.. Mar. 0
'jS. E. MOAWA (lo.txH* tow) ' »«Ula li •-».. apiU J
| I \ION *- S. CO, OK >. '/... Ltd. ...
I : HTND. EOLPH «; CO.. tJeneral ' Afents.
1 I Tel.'"; Don*. , 8100. Ticket Ofrtce. 679 Market St.
uniim mil * s - u'rlw *.iiN !»■. ».
- yrh .12. S> HOVIM.I ■
sails , f-vi.. l> N>t< -•••! IS.OOrt-tens' dl»
• |.|.< ■■■•:vnt. : Fearf f'tr No, ::*.'.nK-mnfr'tvii*..
i sno ami up l'i,<<-t tttviet to th« Poki
| v . 2VH .Market Street. San KraneUcu
w / i

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