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The San Francisco call. (San Francisco [Calif.]) 1895-1913, January 24, 1913, Image 17

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rail rery rtlm Total reeorted. 100,009
i ... «o.«V>.
T'rfv i.-if.n>i- l.ulit •t;it:<« witii fl:irtu*Haaa ftar 1
w >,n! I'l.-iiy » ■ ,i-,i.- downward. Ffeefe were
large .f »li we , .-, i.h •v,- , -i
JtZ.tMW ami.-.-i I": I .."•".■*■ year ami ]
• two ■ e.-ir-; hj." »v"1 there w me lidiej
*elH*g rhat* mtsbt hue hven for [MM'Wert. Tbe
(•'jytag at a ells ( dex*Jin« mtfteieal U ab j
i he ..fferiiijrj'."
4'nnh (>rnin and l*ro% !*io«i«
Cinr»AGO. Lan -:*• Ca»b: Cefß >-. 2 -el
l.iw 4!"-, (j.'.Hi-: No. :'.. \<i(a iO.-; No. .:
■'■■: No. :; y.'lo.w . i-- , , .■ '■ N -I tKtu
No. 1 ft-hi ■ (■.>•- 50' •■ Nβ. I >e',lor,.
R>< ■ •.('„<•,!■_. .
Timothy— ♦."Wi■■«.!.".
Me s > p.->rk - larO, $'".!<'; ribs.
'.. 10.37* i .
nearnn<>F« of Arh'-at »n<) Itnnr. I.rtSe.OOft; nri
■ ■•»i;it!«, 1.129.AW. r.-^i'hxi Wet I
yrar. Kuttnmted - row: Wfteet, BS
•!■■>. !Th cart; oatu, tM c*r«j bef*.!
-'S.OOO br«fl.
Xciv York >irnln Market
NEW YORK. Xv). _: -JTei" (*M<y.
wiih fvoof <]• m.in<l Js<-i-ir>t>. 23.000; >liipmr ntp.
H .. S red *!.<"?> "l^T-ilor
ni.i H in r. r>. i. ;.M..it. l.oMi tthmhta!: No 1
northern Piritith. :':■'■- f n 1.. :»floHi. FitferHl
nrerr <»>v. i<n<ler IhftliitetiAl >.i-.»i- , p>e ( | \>\ lovrei
romiiierii., I n< :) ,i.,..iuc •"*'"%<■• n<"t lower.
Mar —-no.! : ..i !)V <i 1C.,, r>'i:,,. ntld ''"-...1 )«T
■■•-''v... .i - - :«;,.. r.".-.:!.!-.. 7t.^^'-.
-Vnmi-nt-., rvbe^ , }*«QaV* eloaefl
at Ji.i"' , ,. Mm.t . .<t D7I.C.
>or«lnvei»t AVhcat
SEATTLE, .ran. _•::. Whr B. «:;e;
feMTfoi.i. m; , ..■; .iui«. He: fife. We: re«J Rne-
We. Vei»tefd»y*« i-»r reeelpta; Vknt; '-'-:
fora. 2: ftour, •".: barley, 8: hay. "J
MA Jan. 28. *lTie»< Binerteai. SQc?
Mr; red RewJao. S-c DB
: Wheat. 7: corn, eatl Md BS7, 1 oacb.
I'ORTT. \N l» Jan. -'.. Wheal (track p<
Club, »r><a«tfie; blnoatrin. V2«i '.'•'.•■; 1' - -
' c.l Tttis~;an. s|.-: Tulirr. StV. 'nr :
, ■(Vbriit. 17; Bear, 4: <ms. I: u«y. li
I-U-rpool >\&rat
r.irr.Rfotti.. 3m c•:.- Wamtt: Spot, firm;
Xo. 1 Manitoba. 7s D'.,i: N«. 2. 7« ''•■■■l: Xo. ■"•,
4i,.i: ratnree. dfeady. March 7> :..•!: May.
.. .lulv 7.s -j u.i
. 'MinncapelfK Grain Market i
MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 23. "Wheat— Hay. S7c: I
.Th!t. : £5*4 *3 ><••%.■. c*Rh: No. 1 h* rd. 87c : • v>.
1 northern. ST. '.. '.7 Sfl t 2 i-: No. 2 northern. 0X% Unfe
S4',r: No. 2 hard Montana, HI , /** - : No. 3 wheat.
Corn Vβ. :: 42-.i4>.
<>,-ti - >>,.. :: *whit» :;i'<i ."l V-
Hyp — \... 2. 578390 . V
r»r*n—$1f>..V). ' ■ . -
riour— First patents .«M.r,O<?j 4.r>7>: second : <<
ents. M I 4.»: flrxt clears. ?5.10<JjS.40; sec
ond clears. *2.",0<Jt 2.90.
Klav -$i.:;<»-, ' .
Earle? —tC&OOc. ;
l>iilnth lifnee^d
1'ir.TTFT Jan. 2:*..—Linsee<1—Ca*h, $1.20%;
January, 81,29 bid; May. $T.32«i bid.
.+ . . _ ,— -♦•
Local Markets |
* _ ■ ' -: ; : ; —————♦
Itrrripu of Profiler Jtounrv 23 -", '"
Flrmr. or sks.... 3,314; I>rjitlirr, rolls ... . i or !
Sh/>rt5 «ks ..... ■*" Tell«w ptla •*»
Food sJjs .- 1i:iVHid.-. \.i 004
M"Uf»r <-tIs ■•■• llCMPolts, MI? ... 1 .*?."•
Alfalfa hood, «k«. 5'l.lniP. W>!s ...... 250
Alfalfa "foo.l. sk?. l.r.nt. S'ipsr. rtIs ...... 3,400
Hurler, rtls .... lRr>;Qulctsilvcr. fla«k. ' 1 :
n<-»llr,i nets ciLs 2OO(Wi!ip. cals. ..... 19,4419
Brans, ska .. :'.S:I.»imi«-r, M ft.... »^>
Gore, cthl ...... 7." r*p#r, to!!* ..... RU"*
Bran, sks 1.RT.m;Appl»«s. - bxs ..... 2.:t00
PotHloPs. sks ... nAir.'ii-iM;-.. b*a — !.•"'•"
Onloos. >k> ..... i.•'<!.-, Oilf-kin*. Ml- .. 1»i
Kit. tons l0:;;Me!t. pkv .....;: NO
Straw, tons .... 5|Wool. sk ....... 1
bales .... "7T>
Provisions ■*
Hani's ipT ibi -Callfonila H. FT. brand, ID'*;
M, ft I., .brand. 50c; p!cnl<*s, I- , .-" : Pritnrosr.
"<5M;c; Kastern Star. 20e: skinned. UO'/i-c; Mon
arffi. IV: ju''ni( s, I3e. • -;■
-PritaroFf. 4 to <» lb«, ■■: East*m 5?t»r.
4 to 6 lbs 26c. 6 in 8 lbs 2.V, S t> 10-lbn 2l«
10 In 12 lhs 23c; Arrow, 8 to 30 lbs '-•n , ,..-. 10
to 12 lbs 22 , A'-: medium bacon. - IS , ..■•: light n>»»
dlon). ' . ■ dry gal ted bacon, 8 to 10 lbs
21r. 10 to 12 lbs 26e.
California Karon —M. & TV-brand.' 4 to 8 lbs
26V4c. « to 10 lug 25Uc; H. H. brand, 4 to 8
]bi< '2&y,r. 8 to 10 lbs 22',o.
Cottolen*>—Half bbls. i«v%c; 1 tlero*. 10*ic; 2
tirrefs. ,10*gc: 5-tirrci>s, lOK.c per lh; C'ellferie,
for 1 ti«ron. ]O&,,- for 2 tlercos. 1f»! 4l - for
r. tlerrM and 10«4c for half bbls and tubs; CO lb
tnoR/'lpeie; cas»s. $7- i ■ :• -=:■' ■;■..•;.•-•:..
Eastern Lard and Oil?; W«>st»rn Meat brand—
. TicrcfK. 13c:''S0K''(p«r easel,' $0.63; 103. $s.2.">;
" Ps, JR.":*.: 3e, $R.40: ; compound l«rd. ■ tiere**,
»4c: -■- (p*r case), $4..«S; lf>e, $«.15: 5*, $(1.23;
r.s. Sew: yellow cookitiK oil. TAW. p*>r gallon;
white cooking oil. uSc per gallon; salad oil, 03c
per gallon. '■'•■'■ L •■■-:.:.
California" Pur* Lard. >r. 4- T,. . brand—Tierces,
I3e; cans. 1 to a case, $ij.(13; 4 to a case,
$10.70; Iarre tins. 0 to a rase, $8.2."; medium,
3'_' to « case, $S.33; email,"20 to a case. $8.40. ; .
California Compound Lard, H. H. brand —
Tierce basis, Or: cans. 1 to a case. S-i.G.T; 4 to »
cane, $7.50: tins. B to a case. $ri.S."i; J2< |S.O3
fiT caw; 20s. $0 per case; HL & h. salad oil,
tierce basl*. C5c; M. i L. pookinp oil. 0<V for
whlt«» end 5?.e for yellow; Bisroia. tierces. llV>c;
backets, HT»c; half bbls. 11*c; cases, $7.30. "
Bppf— family, family aDd mess beef. $22
- per bbl. . : ■. ■ .;. r\
Pork —Extra prim" In barrels. $21: pi? pork.
$26: pi-s' feet, $0..V) for halt bbls. $2.20 for SI
lb kegs and $1.30 for kits.
Meat Market
RlanßhtPrrrs' rates to dealers and butchers arc
as follows:
Beef— n'-jfiJp per 11) for steers. 10%tfjllc
for cows and heifers. : •-'.-.-■ • -■•■•:■
Veal—U'.iSli'lsc for large end [email protected] 1 /3 C
for small.
Mutton— 104§lt<>; ewes, [email protected]
Lambs—l2 l^.Wl"l ic per lb.
Dressed pork (per H»)—1CS11«'
The .following quotation* are for food, gonnd
livestock, delivered in San Francisco, gross
weight: ' " ■ ■■ "• ..-;■■■ ; ■■■■ .",■
' No. 1 ntcprs. oTPr-9*o lbs 7*5 7'.i<? per lb, tin
dT 0.10 lbs G%(<t7c: second quality, all woigbts,
CU'fgCc; ■ 'r>, undesirable F*e»ris. iy 3 %5c v
No. 1 rows and heifers, 6Q4%c; second qual
ity, sU'§."»% r ; common to tbin, undesirable
cow«. 4(fi<V>c. '.-
Desirable "bulls and stags, S'jfjjl'ic; bait fat
or thin tall*. 2493r. '
Calces—Lislitweicht. per lb, 7(Q.7Vic; medium.
h\ '«';"«'■: b»aT.T. [email protected]
Sheep—Desirable ;wethers, unsborn. fifijoiic;
cwf». 4(SJ4' 4 ' - : shorn >h«>pp. i'jc to *Jc less/.
Yearling lambs. '>'<7iP,(; per 11).
li"ff-— Bard grata fed. w»-jgbing 100 to 150
lbs. 65;(g.6%c; 150 to 250 lbs, 7c; 250 lbs aDd
A\ bolrealc lleh Market
Fish was in rather li?bt supp:-- yesterday, but
the demand wns merely fair and all Quotations
were unchanged.*
Prlcen (per lb) — Salmon. ]2' -o; f=r>r!nc salmon.' ,
17 ; halibut,—: codfish. Be: red ror-k. io-;
black —; y»l!ow tall, -— ; barracuda, lee:
k»tii! dab* Be; win, "!•■: k!ngfi-i!i. : 7c; carp. se;
Ktneltß. . ii; 1!"-: bHwt smells, lOe; lierrincs, Be;
totncodn, iJc; striped bass, 5-V; fK-rch, —;
niß'-U. ri .! — : vrbite bait.—; shad, 6c; pike. —;
ca'fl'b, li'jc; crawfish, ;. "'<r. '■-.
Tbe above QWftattotta represent f. o. b. ptieel
fur cleaned Bab, boxed and Iced.
'♦ Butter, ( heew and 'Ess*
T The Dpward trend In prices f« cgss
r ■■>'!, innc<i I'lMhf.l.r.] ystcrriH.y. : — h*t»Btl«l »'!- :
lonif-K b.me rorofiled in thr qsotattans ; for all
rrwd'-s. Extras z»\m-\ Z-- bit) '».• i»-kj> «<'!•-! to
1 ■;/■ prices fop flrs«ts and selected- ; poQcto. .. Rp
•-elpts.i <"ompßred with those,>of.' ice t priced!
riar. >i "A ..! ■ .!o.rf. :: sf. of - Hi'Di oiiinatrjf 1.000 :
«-asos. ■\" frulinc Off being •i«u ; to th<' fa> t tkat
siiipm«"u- wpre. I'pine in«d<» direct from th" pro
•Incliitr districts to Ins ; Anprlr.s and to northern,
markets. I A- things' stand, : ; reeelpls ; hero are
•■"mpuiiat in excess of i-ccular trade n< , o' , s. bat
they are Insufficient to saii»fy both the local and
shipping d>mandi>. i The -• shipping inqiiir.-. Iμ-
»-jfJfs lie«»plnff utookfl elnnHj t ipun'-ii up jnl fret
ting prcdiicera - ppjuunerafive returns, -i««-causing"
,1 bet ter i'f;i)«n'i , for, cold |sf ora ire gf)<iA» I iininntr \
t'ulrrv «nd nt'iiTs '. \rhn , use cheap ■'ggs. * S%*.
situation. 1 here fore.' I* fK'Pfh'flns .every j one an
tii.e pelllnj; end of fh'nzf. InvlMdras ii)i
fpfculfltor, wliy ueedod nssietance more t! . any.
one 1 ta£. .--.."' - ."- .-.
Tin- Mitti-r ninrkpt was In t'" r "l fIMPC all
around. ■ R"fp ; pts «PiP •-n-r-;ir-<i .by the arrira! of
tlic nlar Hiu.ihnltii sti-;nipr with a large, mtn
ifrst. but ■ portion of li.i- na lirouthf in to ail !
n . C.JV'N'.MiiPiit " contract. The ; nmrt't. haring j
lw>en preTtouslywcl! cleaned. op. absorbed stl of j
tin- fop quality soixls received and ■-.■remained
'firm, with estraii baif a <••*?!t higher. :'• A decline!
of half « cent" in Sew California-fancy;: fiats
wa« tiie ri;i!y eha ■' In cheese.
Sniffc on too exfhance an re as follow*:
'.Butt*'—Tea of Mb extras.at SCc and:
.".it hi :;i.v..r a pound. .- . \ . '■/,.-; . j
Cfcevft* -33 new California fancy flats at Iβ ,^
• l>'ii;ml.
Kgß»r-20 cases of extras at 3Pe." 10 at. '■-. 40 :
at «*tfiy>r\ 10 ca<=es of selected pullets at SBc and
10 at a .1:./.i-i. •<■ ■ v ,
Receipts were 10J.200 ;n<N of butter. 22 000 ■
pounii* of cbfoie and LOUT-cases of PCS.---.• '
The roll'rtring nfp,tb«« t.rtirij.: qootattoM ertJib- |
l!«iied by -«!<•>. biM' ami irffers on tlir law of th«
Ililrr t> ijinu-'-. Trices in the■utrect;"';while rot-:
ernpd " by Hip ..- exchange ; ouot 1 ti<ms. * oeaerall)r
muse ■ •in 11 ~• to ; httfUpr, eviag to- the
; TMrioiit- chanreajto-Tb**; ndflfd: ; ".■;._> ' . •

.., . ■•.;,■ :■.;,• :;<;• ::>;•■ •■>;,■ "*\ ,,■
• .tv.TiiS- qiio»nlion t", ■ i-.i- tin
• ".; ;>:tiird;i,». Jauuiuy 18, " ;-. 34 &-12e
I amy California Ita p*» lh.
■1 «... uo fii>t?, 14c, Arm; uv .-< «.vt.';.-, l-l^i,
Srni: fnne; \n l)n c Ameii-ns. flnn: AQ
ftrvt-. }<\f. ftnn; OrrdjWi fiat*. 17<-. s'tpuflr;
y<. H»S ss, Jt*f, fti iv: New Vnrk 20
3 r|y: Wiaettaeid l(H{o,'*M#«!y.
1 •/*--< -iiioriiia CfMfe, Btt driatea, eaaM ia-
3 ) 3 s I e 3 i
g'l yjlpl/a
<-!■■.'■•! I* IJ»t.K - »i- 'J 4'...•■•_'".'..(
-)•.:•»-.• 20e jaftn
).,,. .:>'..<■ ::n'.
u.c •JT<-" 28«*
V.kk Market In >cnrbj rouiitleii
(B|>eetal Dispatch to The (ail'
I'LIAUMA. Jan. l':t. --rice of ecjrs war I
.iivj.- u> tend upward, nin! today nffci reeetpt of
tiniism-! i' ■■ii of tlie S'li Frnn-isfn Dairy anil Kcs
r ,<n.< < i«i •fT a t inn< «••!;» market)' up »c "' •Iγ*
r»:i'-h and I. mi Mlivfil pull Me. Imiopcmt.'nt
il.-a!i>rsi mid gpeuclatore p*l<l off for IVedneittla7*a
i (if ilTt ri> .< Ht :;■«- >;if> "f '.:•«• for .\trn ruticu etui
2«.,.- for selected i'ulio;?. Th»* delivery was
tlfbi -
SANTA ROSA. .I»n. L':S. The ! <-nl ese market
cr>mini:c- to slowly climli. ailer hnviii;_- m|.
p:ir«-!it!'. rracht-il tlio lem m:)rk v\eek. «to
r- •. -« i jit of H'lvit en sl'owiiH? Hi* ni'Tiiincr tran«nc
ri>-,i- .. i ih<- Shu rruiK-is.i, Hairy I'r.rfiw-o anil
rbsoge rln' i-rt'Hl qnoit.l 2S',j*
nrM 1 , .".- i .•;• tln.vi for ttr*t jrva.V tefl Jβ'Ac per
di.zrn f"' , <c. nid nr pullet urji'lc <*£Zfi. Tttf
in .I'r.r! ..in ig asiiiii on taf nffrr )ui ■ he
fi'll'Ti iff |:fii'i!r nwing to the -toriv.y jcathff
SANTA I'iMZ, .Inn. 24.--Kfg« aram »'l*«n'f<l
in prirp 1..<1»y. tir.-t grade li'-iiif,- ipcteii Jit
"7' i aer (in'l'.i. r*ir*t* wrrt- listeil at S&'.ic,
mVivxlm »5C fee ■_'('." p.T (lur. U.
Portland Butter Market
l'onTLAXl*. Jim. 23. Butter —C ty and
•J i-ri-suicry CKtrae. (Hjiid pack, 37',j<'
r.>tn<.oe». Onion* and Vegetable*
Tli.if- v. ■•! i> only ffvir s.i.-k* ef green ppn* ro
criTj-.j in rlie local Market from the l-«* Aug<l»'s
ropiiHi yestcnlay monilojc and iher nr*»re quickly
di»po*ed .'f ;it *2ih- « pnnnil. while half « iloz»>n
sßiii«> from a San M»te<> csinty wi'if
I n>arlt<>.ivl at LV. Jjmn of which n few
! sr-ks \\rr» >cce.v«».l. sold up to 14<- and efrep-aiit
brought I"'-jr. Lettuce was « lHtlf hiphT the
nri nl lorr prices having checked the mmt tilt,
»n«l the market hafl » chcn.e to clean tip. A
hnv of f.orce«i growth asparagus frooi Islotou on
the S;i<T3ittrntM i-miiuiniiijr 17 pounds.
I'-Hni h lmyoi- at !'«■ n pound an.l f»n.v rhubarb
sm!<! iij. t« l!c. ('firry rt-ni.H mci! firm »n<l re
parked Mexican tmuu'di-s were <pni>tr>rt «t n
sharp little adTauc''. PotatoiM eivl ualOM ifert
Potatoea (net irtl>— Rl'vcr Bwbeßto. .vu«r.rr;
Salinas ilo. $191.35; Orcsea i>o, i<\\eet
p O igt.K>> .<i>.','(i'J.
Onione i [>•'•.■ ctl i—• Yellow. a©Wasc.
\oe<'i«hiis lii-ecii p»»s. i."•'(?"jike per i!>: Meil
r-mi tiHimtiw?. f \.:::.r,, i.ti») p.-r h.ix: oneumbers,
per iio7.*>ii: parlic. p> , r tb: cebhafc*.
■ ctl: •■ji'ilirt.'uer. pov down: sre<«n
I pepper.-. i;.,,w,. p..,- j n ),„• i;,ri;e jt'n! .",'S 4c f.-r
mm.ill: Mf>xk>»a pei*per». SftlOe ppr lh: earrol*,
7."..- p*r Mi.'k: Iftoa bp*B*. r:'.,'(Ml.- per lb: eel
pry. f,.r Uriro sn.l SKn for suut!!
rratpi*: I'Unce. $1 (61.50 prr rmte; Bpnmtn, Ml
7c p< :• lb; sri;ebok*s. 7.V-1/Si.IT. per 4M; MNP
I'ui'.'.c |"T lh: rliuba'rb, I 12c pet Xk
! f>r (>«y: «««ttterw, 6417 c.
Decl«Ju«us and Cttrmm Fruit."
Tlier* , Tra> i>., iinticrnM' , in.re a so la tbp rol
i.iiic of basinet's in freah fruits yewtetdar. ami
aa faf »> ihe lend trade wa* the
market "as ooimpylne ti» hum pM nrt. l>oai
ers goiiOldlly worp eKßertinS a reyiTiil of tv.iM
i «t :\i n'\ line* befoi* '■ • I jr. for retail trx<-|e«-
Btefl "ere I'arryipg --nisi! st"-ks of (-Torytiiins.
nn.l It Was Ihe coa»WWB> nf ..;,in)on tliaf tii"y
! n.i.Jfl l«> olilic<-<l tO reiilenSh tji'ir (tOTPa T\-i 1!i! l
a liny or w>. r><s!r;il>l<> an<l otber <*Ur.iw
fruits were firaily held at the old quotations.
Frosted ormijfcefc were offereil to peddleiv and
orfwrs Ht low but there w«s not nnieh
• in thrm. Applr> »l;»r<»il tin- s p n f, m- 'In'-l-
Ap|>!e.< ijicr bei) —Fearj 4 tier re.l». 75»*Sfll.
wit'a some >elcctpd lirlngine $t l.L'": * tl«r
:■••.; p«-aniisin<>, 40',;i1(i.-: Lellflower, il'ffa. sl for
18*4 and 4 tier a nri (Jik.j 7:.«- for 4 1 -.- Her: tireea
j io«s. <;i*aj7."«-: wiiit* , -ninter pearmainy.
i NetrfowD s'.-'cjl for 4 tter an<l "
j f'.r 4'j tier: rrunmoo to .-lioico fruit,
! lari.r ,ipri|e<. -,n-r,;si per ho>.
r>ttn (pw bo»»—Winter Neiiip. $1.7.."7■..•_•".
i itnw I'm t (net ho\ i Navel ornns; , -. * :; '7
p fun. y. Sl'V/l'.T" fnr ehofeo aii'l 91.75<&
J. 50 for fm»te4 firmagev, $U>il."o;
S2 for sfar"l»r.l boxes, $-'<»2.'>o for
< i-.oii Hii-I Jl'nl.'jTi foi- ci.innsnn; KeeillefW erapc
friilt $L':'>'i'" 1 .v : lemma, for faaey nnd
for'>ti»ndard to choice; Mexican Uqiee,
SSV, |.l.
Tropical Krsiit« -Rnnsna*. r" lb f ft f
Meti.vin<-. $ I *i: t. ."K> per tunieh for BaYttllH *i;.l
»>4<s4c per lii for Central American; pioeapiiies,
$- v a.o per tjijxcu.
Prffd Fruit, Itnlwin*. \iit* ami Hoary ,
Prunes — I!U2 crop: Simla Hara, ;;, 4 I" r Ik I
for <iOs to 90k, with r,us i._.c. 40s to SOU I'-.... and j
So< 3' >c hipher; outMde iiruoes. %t les.-.
Other fruits, 1812 crop;
Stand- Km-m
H Is Uwes ard Choie* Choice Fn-iey
J'vaporated iipplcs :.*-,c e>.'.e
Apr .•■»;>, S»i 0 «|i.,c ..'.. ....
Peaches ."■■• .-.«.,..• ,-* 4 e c,t- tl
l'etr* u'ii: eU« 71-c !" 4| -.p
N>ci»riuPs .". '-.>i- i; ■" tl'jc
rtsisiii-t —At swt'atb"x. 2'jc |x»r Ib to prowfrf*:
looM nsaseetet. '■'>'■ <<•. 4 • «i"i #¥** ft* 'J. 3 and <l
'Two. respectively; I. :: nnd 4 crown layers, '.»."■.■. ,
$1 end $1.23, rpspwtivply: 3 crovra D«-bP!<i). elan
t«CT, $1.70; t> crown imperial*:. $2.20; seeded. 1
Ib box**, sV*>- for fancy nn.| 4c ,for rhoie<». with
thp usual different Ul for 12 or. l>ovs: «per',lpis*
sultanas. 50*. se: Uo Thompson, 0c for uablpaelied
anil s\((i<;'»f fur Meat-bed.
Nut* (jribhiuu prices to thp trade)— ltellan
Caeatmitß, 7#J9c; pp<-8n«. Siberia, ISfi
15c; peanuts, ."',<''..•; piseguta. I2<*il4r.
New Top: Alinon.N Sonpar»tl». lrtfltft%r; I
X L. No plus ritra. U^βtsc; Drakes,
I'l'jc; !jiri:ruerlo,-s, 12-.■: r.-alnut*. f. o. X <«hip
l>ia? points. No. l snftshrll. j«o. do bantebell,
i."> ( jc: No. 2 hard and soft kMI. 1044 c; bud
dpd. 17e.
Honey—Fancy water while comb, 15 1
dark to amber, 1 .■;'.;,< ii 14 , •■'■: rm>r conb, Uβ
12% c; white extracted, €t/(%%e per It.:' liaht
umlifr, TU'SjSc; umber. 6&A7e; lower grade:;,
s®e\£e per In.
Beeswax—27y..<g3oc per Ib for light nud
26c for dark.
Poultry and Game
of dnawil iiirfcpys w-pre f.<J
lasos yesterday, and a<< fill* euppl.r was far In
pxcms of ininiP<lfHtp markf-t npcds primps wr-ro
Only strirtly prltlir yotinsr hlrds sold up
to 25c a pound and lariro retail trarlesuiPii, who
wpi-p th'» prlocfpal bvuftn, treeld not pay that
price. pr u ,r small birds *<>W down to -0c
mi'! frasbv ftixk oTPn went for Ip~s in iiistari'-r"-.
All kinds f>? lire poultry remained firm, with
modprafp aud just nl.<mf siifticicnt to
balance tbp itnmtHL Two paw nt e&xtm-a rhlck
pns tliat MR tiuallr atartfHi ui r irin(; sffpr Itping
j livid up SfToral days liv thp snow li'o"kadP in
thp fiprras were expertM fo anfv« at asjr tinip.
f'ut thpy had not appeared en to a lai' , hoar.
(Jarro was «!><> firni on limited arrivals a'lil
I soinp rli-Noriptious w-r" , liielipr.
I'oiiHry (ppr dozen* — Hens, $4,[email protected] for srniiH.
or lurgf and for extra: pmßg
roostrrii, JT'Sh: do crlra |84fetO; old roij*terh.
: 4 ;.ii,;.-.: frypis. broil-rs. for
Urge .Hid $.'jr(7,4 for >rnn!!; ducks. for old
end $S'(i 10 for yoiiDg; iftw. $iy<?.'' i>pr p«ir:
nijiPons. St.. "HI; squab*. $1: r.ii■'«.",..",0. tin*
hf.vs. 'JOH24i- lh. wlrh an ■"■■•aso ml ens*
lirineinir li\<- JS'ViJlc; jjrlgUn bjrf-s. $JV« ; 8
per i]r,f,( n.
• (r>pr dor.pn>— H»r<*- $2.r.0: srsy
M#">: brent, $2..V><ft4; white s'-p.-p. $2'< i:<:
boefePT*, J";''/**. WH<l ilucfcs air. iiooilnßi. :i- d*«l
fis .-ivr unable to di*jMMe of them MtUfm-tnrlljf,
owing to the rigid enforcement of tii'- gmtae lav.-.
Brxn*. Sffdi and IInn«
flP!tii<-- (|kt cli- T.lnia, $r..r.or a r..<!f': li«yos,
; 4.",; larpn w',!;p. 54.1504.23: neeJl
whifp. $4.:.!"»«; 4*1"; r>j.,it. cranl-orrj.
.*< 7.V«.-, : iuiicKrvr- '-■ .j.-.Mi ; red. s:: t ■ '.:
rr4 liidnry. *-\'n4.-J0; t'ai'Taoza--, lioise
beaan. $i 13412.21.
gr«4*— Mustard. —: fS.M pfr rtl:|
fdiiary. ;ie4<S4<- per lt>: nlf«!f« 16'dSi*'': '
] i .-.'ii|2 , '.;p; titnoihr, nominal; liPQin, i>' a c mlliet,
rirttd Pr**~-Oeeaß. |3fMJB r ,f -r elt
!t<![» —California. IW2 r>[-. 30e pet Ib for
Cboici, JDc fat ujodiiini and T2' L -c for coioluou. !
Flocr and Karlnarrone i.onilm
I'lonr mot p»r l>1.!»- fnuiily CjTtrsti,
••: do bxken' o\tr.'s. Mip<-r-
Rnp. tVanhlactftfl family pHtt-nts,
J4,M; do balif-rs' fratvots, Itakota p«t-
; '-.iU(jv 7.4(1: pa'.cnis. $tj/Jxti.r.'i.
KarliiMiTous Gned»- In in \)> sneks are qnoted
c< follows por 100 )!»: <;r:«!]«Tii flour. $'J.!»0;
fntir<? wlcat floiir, $.'!: bifkwlirat flonr. *■*,; ««>)f-
IniCk flour. S.">D; wl.e.it l.leal. $4;
ric. flour, $6.r.0; ryp flour. ?"i.7* j. rjr« ihphl. j
tj ii*i; cr.niiMcni. mid wliii' , . $.V_'O: extra
I do. |B.iKl: -wit gro-us %4.96', bm-kwiient icroats.
* k W; Ijomluy, J - :."'): cracked trtteat $3.00;
firing. ?4.10; ppari l>orl'y. $:,.&)<:i',; split peaf,
$fi for yellow jind $7..">U for gr»'fii. In 26 Ib
sac 1 -•- lOe lower for all, and Me tower for Co
jlb sacks.
liny and i->«»f]MttifT«
{per toni -- Bran, $24.50®23..»:
I shorts f/",.sft<fjp2e.riO- .s:;ii-,;:;:; : rolled
I barley. %2*'n2o: rolled oats for f<-<d. |4t#42;
I forniaeal, cracked corn, $32(y.'!*: chopped
feed, $19f<r2.'i; evergreen cliop fepd." S— 1 Iβ > .<r
lo:s «n«l $2.". for Job Wag; oilcake nipal. 20 ton
bit* ?3».00, t<l I'•■■! M» HO. ." ton lots *40.'r.
s!i.«!l I<ii~ SU ; .ocoimit cakP f>r niexl nt mills.
$.27 rm r'.v $jo. S2.S far r> too lot« and SUfe.'o for
j Kmhll lots: ;! ; fsifa me*!, c-arlcxd lots SlM.."i<».
! tl».50: t;,treka »e«i. c«Mqbd lots $21..'0,
s , - , :;; vigurmter, per ion. $22.
1.. «,.■ ;■ ton)— Fane; wlw*t i'ay. $24ITc2$•
No. i \■ ; . Hi and wheat and oat, $21024; pomi
to eboirp do, ti9.50e20..T0: lower aTaden, $14.'.j
17; l.ari'.v und oat. slVrt'!>: choice tain* oat,
$21..VK822.80: oth.T do. $\7«ti2o.r>o; wild oat-
S!7f<ii:i; st'X'k hay, $lltel2.jO; alfalfa, $12.0Cf
Straw —401»7<)c per half.
Hidcn, tireawc and M'o*>l
ili-ifs iiii!-; a>"i ►»•-« ikls m!i ahoat nn.
der ijiioiai kti ■. Hee*j mp-I medium salted sfpr-rs.
l.:'al.!c: iltlit. 12'■:.>« i;::'.-: co-tU,,;,. 5 . r.' i _t, '
l-'-c; ci«(ri-, s',f,i!H.,.': sailed kip, !•_" v ''/!;' i ;
ea!t"d \phl and -altod i-slf, n;i;,(rt 17.■<•: dry i
hif'rs, ":'•'{/ 21 '«<•; mi'irein ■J^ , : dry <-Hif mitj real. ;
I'T'iiJ'v; dry kip. 22*e240: dry l.'.'rr I'ic: i
-!)• ■■psliiri--, >liort wo.!. •»■"■'<?•*•<''•: BJfllHm. .".Or,; j
SOp; long wc,,i. Bet-%et.t3; l»ieb», 4ow«*h: for
k»aa mid "Jo'-j.'::■■• fur »h« - ! «raoi; -'ipfriiDjjs, 2o*s '
»«. 1 and \V<- for No. V: bormebldea. Bait. !
S=j.7>''i:; i-r Inrjrp prtmw wnrt $2 l.i 17". 5o for N>. [
i; luciiiuuj, ?I.7C''(j.-'; tuii.ll, volts, 25 J
fliy. for larjt" «t»fl
sr "it'/a2 for medium. 'Zcfati.ZZ for <n-.a",l and
.'"><',".(>• for .r>lt»; g.»atgkin«. prtm- »nfnr;i». '.."m ,
ftisl; medium. .".,*»(lB *<V; loi)jf bair gvnts, 25c.; nt«
(lhim. 20c; kirlc. .Va.KV.
Tallivw —>".i. 1 reodf-r<"d, bbis, c»oi
and (li'iiin.-. :'.' J 'fj."..-.
<:r«.||*f; -3«; V ppr IS.
W«d lull cit;>. HeiMoctaa ml HnmbnMt <o
iii'<->-; m'<Mif t-oiinfi's, ti r >rthprn. 9«11c; Sin
Joaquiu, eQBc; niotiair, good quality, SOQVPfce
per IL>.
Ilnr«i«*'i ned >Inlew
1 The follow In* fjiiotat!oi»« for Jior>»es anrl ian)es
I »r,> {areiehed by the Butcbcrs , and Stock Grow- ]
I ••lα' Journal:
PrsiraHe 1.70(1 llw nni over. .s3Of)-a3.V>
I.ipht .Inifters, 1.-V.o to 1.650 lbs 2»A#i>2«3
Chunk", 1.350 U.s to 1.5G0 lba 200(&i25<l
WeKcm horj-e.s. 1.236 to I."o0 lbs 1W«225
Kfifvery wason horses, 1 ,o.jo to 1.250.. l^">irtlso
' Oesirehle Tirni mares \W& \2T>
\ Farm work, is [email protected]
j MO lo«, 4 to 7 years 12">
, 1 f «Xt liij<. 4 to 7 years 12'i'n 17".
l.lOTi lbs. \ to 7 years l.*O!g2<X>
1,200 Ihs. 4 to 7 yoar» 200<52.V1
(>ri»r 7 yea r< old mnic«> from *1S to *2-"> !"«er.
Not* -Shippeiji t> thi* mtirk»t mu<t baTe
•enaa <*|r>se t.. type, with ap-. bone ron forma
tion and btyle, to conmntii e\treu»f quotation.
Cieneral Merokt.indlae
Gr»in baei« sre firm, with Palpiitta q'i.'e,i s t
i (he flat rate or !«' t i l for Junt- July Ofltery.
! iire still «t f>«-.
Bass Stann*r<l <iil'ntta grnhi rmg*. He on tee.
I «pnt n\v\ a 1 ,'' for .Tinw July rtrlivpry: g«n yuen
i Hβ, >■!,.•: wool bwus. 47',-e for 1 and 45VJ* for
i St., l!i«": flcec<- twine. per lb; bf-an baps,
1 •*«•.
Oil (qantatieiM am for barrflu) — Llaaeed. 52<"
! p«*i' jjalkin for boiled and r.(V for raw. B bbl lots
le cbkcs Tw Btere; Baker's AA ea*tor, eases.
5 c:illons $1.11. 10 gellone |1.O0: roninu relal
raster, li> fuses. Oflc: Ch'n« nuf. «•««*»»,
per gallon: rwoatuti oil, in barrels. 77t>@K1c for
XXX. 75<J7»J4c for No. I find 72<S7«c for No.
2, acforfling to quantity; e*tra bieached winter
oil. We: natural Winter oil. BOe;
pure larrt oil. S.V; n-lut«r stialne.l lard oil, 75e;
pur* np#t*foot oil. He; NY.. I oeHtsfoot oil. •>-V;
! herring oil, 4O; boiled fisli oil, 40c; paint oil, 30
Coal Oil. .;a«ol!r>e. ofe.--Water wlilte. Iron
j barrfls <>r dniiu". BVSC: Ifl© degrree all. iron bar-
I rrls or druiriK. ft'..e; in .-ases. 1<; , .... , ; special do.
f Ifti.c; rear! o'l. in ••Bf'n. antral. IZ%<-:
I star. 1.".'...-: .Atra «t«r. tSW: Klaiite. Me;
I f...-eiie. is"; ■_,(•; r«l crown and motor (ra < oline. in
bulk If. l 4]<*, in ecspf" 38We: enjfine flistiihile. In
ilriiins S'-. in 7" more; %** Btaehtae jjano
line, in tmlk ■".4 1 ;e, in ea<pg 42e; v»rnish msk'Ts'
an<i painters** napbtba. In bulk VWbC if vases
Turpentine--In <****■*. ♦'•■te; 10 ease lots le lean;
j dram and iron barreta, RTe; Areraras, cmc.s BUc,
I iron hsrr»-(s 01 liniris "">.<• p-r jfalloM.
Cneln—T. 510.2.": <•. Stlo.: H. $10.33; I.
$IO.4<»; M, $10.00; \V<J. $11.10 pfr bernl of Ho
Red and Whit» l.ejii !>.•. s-rfS , ,.-; vrl.ite.
J 7^,&i , * ! t .: rx*r lb: do Iα o and 10 to.i lots. 7',-c
Mild flic, rp>pe. tirelv.
The Western Sneer Refining ponipuny qiiotee
as foilnwi, net cash: FJoe granulated, >l.00c;
cannfrs' granuUteil. 4.fwV: fruit griunila't"''.
;4.!><ie; 11. tc K. crystal dom'nos, «"> IH cartons in
J S."«e; do ", lb enrtons In eases. !>.2f»r:
I monarch har. B.S3e; t«lilet c . in hnlf bbls. o.iOr;
! ilo in 2," lb 'boxes. S.ffiie: cmi!m»s. S.lSe: mdnarcb
| powderPd. ,".<■: XXXX powdowd. •"><•: candy
! latptl. fx - ; eon fe<t loners* A, 4.ftoi-; iwet crunu
latcl, i.TOe: extra C. 4.40r; jtoldeo C. 4.-!0e; D,
•1 -<h.-. Harreiv unri SO lp ha?« tße, 11>»If !>M« 3S«
boaea 50c tnorc per 100 lbs than for bays of Vt)O
lb> net. Bar In W> aid 4f ib tins M.7<i more. In 8
»n<l in lb tins 5?..%~> more per 100 Ibd than 'be
1 pri. c for Hiis grade In I<V) lh hag*.
Tlie Califiniia an'l nawniian S'i;.ir ReflniTC
ronipfny qiiofeg »» fnllowe: «»ranulated bast«.
4.!••■.•: C. & 11. Bne standartl. 4.r»f,. coarse dry
rfrramilated. 4fW>"-; eenf pel loners' A 4.s»!>■■; berry,
'4.P0, ; p,,wdere.l. .V; c O be«, 5.13e; ■•Hls-ade ,,
b*r. ."i.2.V: brinks »in half bMs>. .Y4O: bricks
(in 2."» It hosest. ",.«.".c: it ft E. efyatal dom'nos
(9 lb carrniis (n ca«*«t. K.7IV; do ri lh -artons
Iβ cagexi. ?.20e: entra fine ijry jeraniiiato.i (100 lb
iiaes only 1. 4.7<1< , : extra C. t.40*.; golden c.
4..'tn.-: ycli.iw P. 4.2(V\ Additlooal pr 100 Ih":
In bblw *nd M lh bee«, J°e more; half bbl". iv
i.ior--: imses. ~o- more for s'l pra.les. Rar in
' :,r ' .>- ,lr, 4 " ,l, t;,,s - *'•"" iDore; in 10 lb tins,
$_'.i. ; O more. Miiiiiniim order, oarload weight.
New York Produce
NFV,- YORK. .lav. 23.—80ps-
Iftd*«s Trni
Snsrar- irtmlMl. Maarwra4«, Rfl te»»,
I 2 r Pße: eeetrtfnjtul W tent. :;.4Sc; BdaeKi 19
j test. S.We. Beflaed »<< »n-.
Rutter -StfeUy; receipts, 0.4<">4 tana. Triers
tin- hmijrc.l
• hoese Irreculsr: receipt*. 2.1".' bo\e» Rrste
whole milk, winter msrte whit' , or «pe
cijils. not cree ~ Ht*9lTc] <!o vbite .ulnred,
treraa> itn, err. n. ).",a 4 c.
SJ"«ily: receipt*. 12.333 ' ases. Re-
I frigerator fi-sts. *t>^2oo.
iTimorute'l Aop'-s -Diill.
I*nTii"s -Stej»i|'-.
Apricnis. readies and Ruisins-~<»uirt.
1 hlrniii I'roduee Mnrkot
CHtc *•:•». Jan. 2.".. —Butter—Steady, crejim.
erlen. 24fr3S^c.
KS3T-- i"»Kv Ue.eipt!«. . r >.RS4 <'a<r<. Fre«h re
eeipls :■: ii.arJi. mn>c included. H)W22e: lffrii;-
I phi tor hr*ts, first*. 22.■ Cα
Jo* Aaarelea Produce "larket
1 (Special Dfertataa to Tbo Call I
LOS AN>;K!.KS. .lan. 2.1.— Ro<-"»ipt« of product !
!on the Ins An~plp» market today were: Kg?*. j
I 177 »bsm*-: butter. 86.855 pounds; <!'«»<>kp. tUB j
I poqwlr: potato**. 2.11" eacfcs: oniins. i"O2 Mcki;
J l.»-nn<:. MM aa<?ks: apples. 1.291 h/>xps.
Trading- tths r.'lhpr ffattirHe** :<i<!nv. A fow |
mIIKT <i> i"{:<■< ix-ciirred in the pricp of j
fnt.lfs. The price t;as N-on m> rrrpguHr on I
escs t* : s vrcpk-. Butter remains firm at former
•Btlttcr (pr!cr> to the *rad" ."'• iimrp finota
linriM— Calif"rnia cream'-y extra. '.','(•■, cream
ery ::;',f.
Kits* r.-.raf I'incli, dozon. candled. .I*'..,<•: cgee
counts £$r: pallets, "2<-; nortberu cusp "counts,
Chppsp— Xoitbprn frcsli. I8e; eastern singles,
IKi_,o: twin*, ISU.I-: «- s i» rn cliriWl'nrs,
■ ■_>,>,.] ~a s i,.r n |~r,e Ivrns. 20©-lc: Oregon rlalatea,
j 1!»c: f-nstPrn dalsic*. i!>c; s«i« imported. Xie:
«wins doniPti'.ir block, 2.';<■: Romipfort. 4-V: Kdnm.
$5..-.0«lO.:iO dozen; (trim brick. 22(R2.>; litn
ln;rjfpr 22'"-'.',<■.
P.pgns—No 1 pink--. $4.40^4..V); No. 1 llm.i.
$«*.«rt'fl.2s; I.ndv W'vhiiirton No. 2, $4.5.Va.7!
nmull wHt<«. $4.."i( per ctl: ir*rvan?.aH. $4.."0:
lentils, S<;..V>rd7: bn.tee. S4..">o(ft"r Oregon reds,
$4..*i0: lilack ejre*. *t: Kr<>'-u. L24815C Ib; wax,
12W1.V: lima I2,f;i:»-
PotiiKvs HiKhlaiKi. WirfrrJl: nfff yojlo*
«rWs *2.2",7 2..V>; rt«rt>anks. SOffitiiV:
Salinas. Lompoc, $1.40
c i.ao.
I.lreatork Market
CHICAGO. Jin. 2::.~Cattlp: K«**!pt«. 0.000.
i M:>rkct fl.nv. »tpflf}y. Bpptps. $<1%f1.tß: T«jcas
>|f«T-i. .s+.7l*^">.7o: Tcstnrn ~ $."».*o<3
I -t.x kers gn<l fpptjprs. !|4.90(S 7.C.": cows and
be«Or«, $2.7f>c,i7..'H.: oslree, $74n<i.sr>.
H<>2« —Rprf|pt«. "4.000. Mark** slow, weak
!1n 5c lowr :':silt W'i!ni>sdi!v's t.'ffhl.
I J7.!■-.« 7. 4.T- in'xprt. f7.9Mßr.aft: hoary. |747.50;
.:h. *7' , <;7.ir.: pic". $",.7tH87.:i0: bulk r.f naiPs
shprj)— l;»>orjpis. 17,0W». Uerkfi VMlk to log
I I"if lowpr tlian ktpi>»T'\ Na'iTP.
J wcuprn. $.V<7T:,::<v yCaHlam, S«.4'">
: '",s.?■*; tamba, i.atirt. [email protected]; wrsterii. S7'»;
K\NSAS CITY. Jhd. 2S.—-Cattle: ftervfpt*—
4..W>. incl'Hlincr i.fHil s<-.u»hPrn. Marki-t st
NuMtp stppr<. southern stf-. ••■;. $"..r ( !>
1/7.".."; s..Mth'Tii c.iws am] h»lf*r». f!.7.">'(i i>.l"."i:
natir*' r«w« and $3.75<ft7.50: «t<vkpr«
Bill $.">.Rft*j 7."-it: hllllM. Sr.fr/O.Mi; ihltps.
***t*rn Bt«»rr, western
— rtoi-ripts. ii.rwx). >'»ri-.pf wrak tn ?>"
i lnivfr. Bulk r,t «•!«■, IT.aTifcT.: , " l -: h»iirjr. ;
,vT.r:<i',;"4o: nneknrt »:nl hutchpri, *7.2.Vij7.:i7i.',■
j lifflc. $T.li4p7So; pipi«. jAe/fLih.
Siirpp &.MA, M*rkft Afnt
t..n>i. M.so*r».7S; lamb*. $7.?M>«5.7.v ran?*
trrsthprs Hiitl .yearlings. f."«7.."X»: runpp ewes,
j $3.50<§;5.3.>.
sfUTH ntfAHJL. NpK. .Tun. '2X—C»\t\o; Tlp
cfM:>;.-\ 4.ii.)0. MarkPt (iiow tfi I<V l»vwpr. Na-
Htp »tppr», $6.«NaM*.«©: >w« ami heifrr*.
S7: wpstprn stper*. $5.5-"t«?S; Teta» «t»pr«
54.7r./J|fi.S.": "(iw« ami L"ifrr«, f3..*ioite.ge;
ca'Tfw. $."i.7">^0.20.
i;,, e> — Rrwp'lr.t?, IR.ftfW. W«rk»t -s.sk. rin«M '
str.mjr. Hp.itt. 57.2.".« a 7.'!"«: lls-lit. I
pics. $.".,Virt?o.".*>: bu'lj of salps. $7.1."'./ 7..".< i.
Sh*vp Rp'-plnts. V ."100. Mark-pi In tf> 1."-- j
ib««r. Yrar!iMe«. *7.Doft|B.lo; Tvet'iicrtf. So.TOfti,
$0: laaobe, |S«B.7S. w
PORTLAND. -Ta-t. a,—-*'«ttle—ftrreiDtl, 200
] Market inn. Ch»->!«v> Rtpfrs. S7.3Ar//!R: (rtvxi
I stpprti, %~i<<: 7..".0: nip'iiiirn Rtf-ers. $e..V>fu7: cholrc
cfMFfs, <ie.!We7; e'tfi'l cows. $e«iti,r.O: mi-<ltum
cows. fS.POee: choice *s<3o; ir,>o<l bosTy
calvps. $«.80#i7.50; hulls. ?.',r«.-..5i).
Hflp»— RpccintM. 7on. MarkPt firm. Unlit
f7.K#T.TA: h«e*y, *•;<»< 7.
Shppp—lire,.ij,is. 2.200, Mirkpt firn>. "\f.ir
line wfthere, ewes [email protected]&- lambs
Cotton Market
SKW YORK. Jan. 2.1.—X. V. Huftoa & Co/g
nii<> *ay: Storog cables and biiyinß tvr loading
OrJpfim intn-psis paused another sharp
Uftum tbfa -nomliis. t»it thr old lino traders
•nh" bare b«<ni jutlnj; vppj contrary thle season, |
tiiratM] l".j»r M-lt<>r«, atid In the scramble to
lii't <»it in thp lH»t bow, an pxtremp hrp*k of '
.".t iwint* from the tfp was scored. Thp cpn«ue
rop«rt of 13.0fi1.0n0 balps ginoH to I~th innt.,
ajtainst 14.Mf1.00e t., game dn'e last yoar.
pr..Tod rath»T in px't-ps of «trjPCtfttM"«. hut i
tbc trade wems to l<«v» mndf t:i> its mind to i
jn crrtp around !»'« tn 14' A million, nr-il thPso t
ipp..-t« li*vc lift!.' iiicrp thnn tpr.iporarv offp.t j
J waekctwlef. Tip sii..rt intprpst. wbich * had !
1 aciiumtstpd on fb<" lwsl 'iriak. apriparn to harp
i Pi-Ptfy iv. n corrrpd tip on ilif a«3Tan<r» of v.-». j
j t.-nliiy ami today. »rn| ihp spinivr ui'ist im'v 1
I c'.iirc in rtwe frrpi.r ff g rP tn j ir . i< f .|ti_
Six.t closed iini't. i:, poltits: niiddlins OD
laudu, l2.Kic; do culf. i.'Uiv.
Oi f rn irtjßh T.r>ir CT««* .lan. 22 e?o
.lan !2.3> 12'ir. rj 4." 12 r»n «i nt
|I>l- l*,l' 12.1.-. 1-.1.- i».«.-, T.Ms tt.'jr,
I March ..12.37 1^ , .-TT li'.uT U. 07 «.4O
[ AprU ...J2;1O ,12.10 12.10 11.sr. |*fj f>.:.:;
l v*r ....t2.11 12.2: i tl.no ii.»x» ii.in S.eal
I June ...12.fi2 12,02 12.<H 11.7* ii.jts $> iiS
•TlllT ....IXO-* ILM'i 11.77 11.7< 11.:>S ft 75
Aug. ...It. 31 ll.no ll.tJft »t.«S H.S7 0 7.',
i Sept. ...11.4S 11.4S J 1.3,1 11.:: in m .1.77
Ort 11.#n 11.4.S 11.2:5 11.23 1! :vr «> v>
[Dec 11.i;; ll.se U.2S U.2S 11.42 !>!»:>
' otton Krport
■W.ASHINHTOV. Jun. 2.". - Cr.ftnn ginned to
! JmiimrT te atnoonfed to i-I.Of'I.SiU hales, in-liid
iue 7R.R<v_* lo.inri b:iie« tod 70,TM bnlp« of Hea I
laimM, the census bnreat! anno?iu<-ed this moruing. I
'•'inning: b.v stnteu: ,
I Alabama 1.3f17.»>47:N0r1h Carolina . S7". 4r«;
Arkaesca 74i.27:!;0kliihom)i Wti'.yjT
rio-irls Carolina..T.l!»2!2fi7
Borgia I.7OS.SlßlTennesnop j>s2 t;fif,
f.mjision* sfln.fWi Teias J.r.oft.ri.sr.
Miss : ssippi 952.040J0ther stnfee m^Bl4
o.' Son islan.l b.v stßte»:
iflorifla i.'t.«l7*.ut!i Carolina 7 r.IZ
j iieorgia ♦l.SSfll
l.Hverpool <*o<*ofi Market
MVKRr'Oor,. .I*n. 23. —Spot cottnu in fair de
n;auU; prices firm.
St. file "Wool Market
ST. LOtfl*. .Tun. 2-. -Wool—SfradT: me.li.uu
Errailrs combinp urn] clothinjr. ?.: ' ,r,, •_■»;,. light
Hire 1»4t21c; iiraty !.',@lSc: tub wasbed
London Won! Market
I.uMifiN Jan :'.:. -Therr w*>re IStWOSS '-iilen
«T' »tt »li" ro.il atx-tio'i s»)«>s toiler. Ttie-e
nay lirisk biiTiny t>r Anicrirnn* h>k! tho lifni"
tra.le w.i.i flno crcwf.br"dh r, pov r*rt
..*f-i ;ho \<vrr»nii>«>r »TPr>»BP. Scoured uicrin. s
were eagerly Isfcet) :it hiflicr prices.
\civ York Celfee Market
NEW YORK. Jan. 23.— E. V. Hutton & Co.s
wire siiT)»:
"Ej riy ».1\ !<■*•« from Ilerr" trprf disappolntin?
snfl thMt nisrkct decllnM fTirfhPr. riosiriß nt a
fmnc to one ana n (jimrtpr franca lower. Ham
burs wo* h little lower lh«n ypstprilav. but tna'lo
* Tpry stearlr sUowiDR. Prleea from 'Br«i] were
practicnlW the Kiune «!< yevtcrrUy. Hevrp Khort«
k<.»-ui»nl to hBT<" sold own market for iho
lust two or threp «t»rs with the kJe, o f bnyinir
lix'k their cMnniitmentii in th<» roattaPt market
h»rp an.l ft is known that tlier ar» rrry !«h..rt in
this marUct. aeninst strH.lrtlp-.' t,.u pi*,,
«'>f.Milatfrp|r nothinr. O wr inarkcf hHM
phonn n-rrf sm;i fnr the !esf novprsl rtiiTy.
on lihorl .ovirin; an'l ist«r on hi:vinsr br iiir
roo-'t import.Tut traile int<>r"«'« Tlie clai« of
i.'irinc today t*M beea dwlUedlj aettw than rh»
Option Ope 1 Hijrh l.ntr (Uxr
Jamtarr rt.n4
rehroary SS.Oftr
Mar«-h 15.20 c i::. ".-..• I."! 17c 1.: "m.
A|Bfl U. •!,<»
>'ht 1:;.»::•.• |3 40c V! 47c
•J""" U.Mr
■liil.r j:;..v."> |.*!.«2c 15.58 c IS.ißr
Aiiaru't i"..rtS<-
Hetuember 13.«30 ta.T«c i::.7<».- 1:: 7t»
fK-tohor i:;.-s-
Siixemhry 13*A0r
Pecember l."».»e 13.«5<- I3«fSc 13*6Sc
Bale.«— bs?«.
jfarrai sj,,re«>—Turpentine and Ro»tn
SAVANNAH. .Inn. 2">.—Turpentine flrni 4!.
--in 4li,<\ i*g re<-pfii(> 'J47. shipment*
i<i«i. rt«c\ a.sac.
R"-iT Kii-ni. S;ilrs RW KreiptJ I.r.<¥) siiip.
Di»it«: t.aeA, atark fStJUK)
Quo!.-: \. n. s».f.■•'#."..er. : c. i> *-.. »n' ( j."i t; _ ..
X, *r, tri/vi-,.7,-,: v. *T..~~-'a :■'*•>■. <; *-.«-■ h'
*r>.S<V«-..rMi; I. .t-.rM.,,;;V K. M.TO'c/«.70-' M
>". $7.1-".; WO, ST.L'O; T\ \V. $7.50
Riu, i;st\tf; Ta\\s\cno\s
T'miTie An4ftaoo te RilMa if. l.«>«i»r. lot at \W
••nrtu'r nf fwfnf -pt(>o:!i »'iJ C**lro ftr«>*tt N
-i:<? hr w |«0: ?1".
rrm-kpr Fstai<- irwwpwy e« r,<-.! h. Aiif> n ,3iu
>ml wlfr. ]~( §, Woe* c, Drodwr Avuoa tract:
Tprnan.ln »r,| w-ifp to Sam Hr. u» r rn
h*'im i J«>t in (in* , r»f S**vontor-ti i ii u «p
ni]i\ 17."> Sor ( ftrM>f, S '2~> b.r J.; l-_-H; yift.
<»>r*r C. Coiner hiwJ wifp t., ,\mT)ran L»ed
•Jrt TruM piimwnv. in X line ~f Korty-fiftU
»vr.ini". i;o«> N i.f iirfs;- rtre«t, \ inn by B ISO;
lilft n. wrr-,] in .(.,..-pi,; n c h. %*«*) luif of
It in \V linr .»f [.. sr , >, W r, r t;, ativi i;7u s r,r
Cwj". W f>«• f> t'.v R ::.-,: $10.
Martin Joln.s'r>n i.. .1.,;,>,>.,.n |~t j,, \v
j*^? 5 ,, - , " , -. 300 Bd< Bny View, B .10
David B. V.fdT'-ii if. fjnm V,-. Rfavrn. lot »t
mrner of Tapp and AiJair slivpis. N 23 l»v
1. 7.: sift.
r.lln nranf.fihiirs tn Am»l# I; T.3-rlor lp»-a 1
an<) 2. 40, Stanford lleisht- tract-' .«io
Pavii.. :i, M i wif«> t-, Half M.Tmwph.
l"t in N line of CalffrinMa "mV>." 10 1"
S f I J oi X "s?o' n " P ' t: Cr,: -° lr, ' X 10, - w -"■-•"• -1«5.'
John H. IlnnOprsn.- ct »l. to Snpdisli IMnnisli
Khpn<»w»r Baptist <>ta,tr<'t>. t,it oi SK Flnrl
de and Tw.-ntT-flfth street.*. S (!". l.r X SO- $10
F. Conk < ,i-!fj wif<> jo Kfihnir Pratt lot
on SK oorner Twenty-fifth iTfim nnd
s ]2:.. E 120. N 30, VV JO N IC, W fu
Vipifjt P. Rnckltr hm wlfo t<> OhsrHt X
Ppdos, lot in '.v Un" of Tw"ntr-si\;H -I'-tiup 233
S of Ctlirerola stropt. s 23 hy w \-jo; $10'
Vrnokcr Kstato romn.inv tr> Thnuia-s .1. Sbf.-..
lot 10. htork 1. ('ro.'kor Ama/on treot: SJO
Mv [-<■'!') to I.pfln A .Son-;, in.v hi,i motal
y.ird in [fv Hpp- Fol«.m str.-i't "7". Kit of
s>^o,h M-; 2.j by NTS' 100, and few "tlior iiar
celv: $10.
Alhfrt NV.rrfiiT to CyriP" I iliaiWnr lot in
S B ii ,, Ki? f i4Se:.f Mrt - " I: or H^por - SK
T.iiiis H. Brow >stopp tivl -niTr to Chnrlc* C,
Bfßlw. lot in X li-<»> of FoKotn str«»>l 170 S of
T«-r>nt.v-afth. X lOa by E 112M5: fid'
«'Hrl Ti. r>oni to K. A. Porn, lot in IV lin«> of
Rixt**atti ar^nn* , . 22"> 8 of <;»>arv S ••".
by T\' 120: $10.
CnrrU' .T. StooVton to A! , '"'- \r.l r pirs 1.,t | n
N ltn* of B ..trp-'. r,7:<} w o r -fwentV fourtii
avcni'.p. w ■_'.-, hv N I'.">:4: SlO.
Kfftrr EUpn yon SrhrorrtPr and J. ]{piry nri
to Charles C. MtoM Jt Cβ. lot.m N
conpr First snd Mission «<:r<fts- SK 12S-8 liV
Xw 11.1:4: ilft *
Valentine Jo l>. Slisdbiirno Jr
lot in E linp of FiUm ■!- strwi. 02 S of Union
8 -"> l.y B .**7:fl; $10.
Kmm« M. K. S<ir«TiF"n to Lo«tw Xl-
Tin. lot i>l I-: Itnt of avenue 100 X
of T street. X ?5 by X 120; gift.
Krama Klsonora Soreneen to shitip. lot in
V. litr» of Forty-r'nth Rvoniif. 123 5! <>r I strrot
S ■'.(• hy X 1V0: P ift.
Samp to gam>\ lot on S , -; oornor of 1?
aii<l FortysPronil av-nnp, S 10*1 Uy R ;12:<>; sift.
Same to sanif , . lot on MF. <-o-iVr m( J utrort
ami I'orty-ninti) avenue. J] l*>o by S 1:.7:R; gift
Same to enni?, lot in VT linp of Fory < -iirlitii
arfiije. mo S of I strpff. 8 2." by V 120: gift.
Same to Mnip, lot I" W litir- of Fnrtv eiei>i:>
aviujp. 175 S of I utrrft. S 2" by XV 120; -jift.
Samp to ssmr\ lot in W linp o? Forty-<>>«r]itb
avfnw, 12" S of I >.t,-ppf. S J3 Vn- \v 120: gift.
\nfban>! Or»r *•* »1. to a 1». Curpeflter. lot
in l-ortt Mmintr.in cpwtcry; STti.
Tltlo Tii*iirnnr«» hh«l fJunvsnty' rrapymj t,->
I Oorjrp Ilerriiiarin kikl wifp. Inj o>i sw corner of
• and Webiitw ctrrpt*. W 100:3 by g io7:r>;
Rovp (;pt7. aiul T'ti'on Trust company of. S«n
I'ntnclMn, rreciiMr- nprnhHril <;et7. t..
j F.rttVHnl .1. lo| H W li»p i,f Twentr-fiftb
n'rei', :\2'< N of California sin-«>t \ 2."> by W
12*»: f'nr: «r..
Louis Affvfr »nrt irifp to Milton Jfpypr. lot in
W line of Twenty pit:ht!\ areeiw, l.">o j< of 1
street, 55 7." by \\" 120: jrlft.
Ituihlinu < nMttrm-im
W. C,. Thompson vrith .Tohn A. Hottst—All work
ex<-ept w;ill pappr for two story ami has.'-mpnt
framp apartment bonne on corner ftit>>l i ami
Colo 8tr»ot« R 27:fi by V l'«». for *S.9ort
K. att4 J.Tohinl with T. Srlop,>hPttl--All trork
i"xi-ppt fo'in'!»tlon. pus fi\turp«, nmn
tPls. finish h;ir''*rnr<> anil win<!oir jsliartp , " for n
onr stopv and i.H-iPmeit frump rottaßp Iμ S llac
of San .Tr«<- aveonr. 7."> W* of Tinsrlrr »!reel 2."»s
I3ft: mss,
t.'iiis I'rip'ln'aii nitli Suninrl (jcr«.-.n Tamp.'-
try. finish »n-l rough Netware, uiHainir. rter\
work, slip'i tnPtsl rooftlrjc. Dmrble ami til»».
psiintinp. l.iih and i)!a*t' x r nnd tintlnjt for thr<"
*ftfty .las-! r building istorp «nil rooms» in w
l'nr> of Rpur'iy strppf. t:><:11 X of Wa«binrto-i
N .-o W BC;S, N <>:2. W 57:8. S .'O:2. E 107 IV
Tlip Kord Motor company with Ihp Clinton Firp
prooflnc cnnipany—To crfft •errlre huUcHnea ;it
SW" <orn»r of Harrison Tweet r-first streets
W 12.~. br S 42.-; 91rtt,f!!7.
R. D. McKlrov witii llorrin™s Mill. In-., »nd
r. C. Mor«"boiisp- -Millwork. m<tal furrins, inefnl
pliistpri'ig. firepnmfl-pp. onameata) plec
t«>r, «-emr"iting for six story Hnd baitemrui c\tvn
<" hnildlne In SW i'no of B!vth street. 7'_> of
Howard, \'W 4« SW 75. \ff 43, s\v 50, SB 7.
NX TK). SK 1«, NT 7.': flfi.2^o.
I>r. T. J. Cron-.py and Tf. P. Stoltenliors with
rieorpp Hanb—Weatinsr. plnnil.injr. gnu fitting, !
TBPuuii) plpinp. !ioi=p ropls". tHiik. liot water eye- I
terns for six *tory end h*t»Jnent rpinforrei! <>on
rrptp apnrtmpiit house at SI" oornr-r of Bush
strpet and Cholspn pla«--e. E :)!):(! l>v f> 82- S7 030 1
—1 • ~
Appellate Court Say* I'nek in c Real
r,Htatr Anetton Iβ AicalnMt Law
"Papering" a theater to make a show
appear popular has its parallel in pack- j
ing an audience at a real estate sale. \
according to a decision in favor of the |
F.est San Mateo Land company against j
George L. Pea ley, an auctioneer, handed j
down by the district court of appeal.
Dealer was granted a sum for "as
sistance." in the judgment of the lower
court. Jhis assistance, says the de
cision, w».«s to "swell the crowd and
ppeak well of the property," for men
who "occasionally hid at the *ate."
These men wrc called "puffers" and :
■•hy-bidders," "ouite a number of them
tvrr*> at oarh pale" nod then engaged
In "boosting the bids."
The law forbidding the use of men at
auctions to force up the bids without
buying priven as the reason for
reversing the judgment.
Tli*' \Vo."»tern Pacific asrain is open
for transrontinental businaafr Word
was received at the s?t?neral offices in
this city late yesterday afternoon that
the debris resulting; from tlie slides of
Saturday and Buod iy about 30
miies coSt of Oroville had been rp
moved and the tracks put in condition
Preparations wore liegim at. once for
the operation of through business.
Truin No. ~2 will leave here at 0:10
o'clock this moining for Salt J 4 ake.
and train Xo. 1 will leave Salt Lake at
1:50 o'clock tbje nftf-rnoon Tor Sn n
The ma nanft-ment of tlie
rVunpuny does not any further
trouble as a result of the rer-nit storm,
which caused troub'e tienr Orovillft.
* # «
(,;»i>r?p P.. h'iivnrs, r-psistarit ejeneral
passcnsT aeent of the CMfcMf*. ifil-
and St. PalH, i« here from
Chioajto to study local rondition? for
tlie £ufdnnfe of his company in pre
p*vins? for the immense traffic to t'ue
const for the 1915 exposition.
"This is my first visit to San Fran
cisco in 10 years." said Mr. Haynes
yesterday, "find 1 must say I am »ur
rrised «t tlie remarkable tranpforma
t'on hrouKht about by the fire in 190»>.
The old buildings have piven p'.aoe to
tlie most modern bur-lnesr district <n
th* 1 ovintr---. ft seems hardly possi'olf
that tfte rehnbttitatSon coul4 have
Bo coinr.'ete in such a sort period.
"The** is a great deal of inquiry
throughout the east di-isc Cali
fornia, and all the roTds are looHinß ,
for capacity bargains during th* l txp6
sitK'n. Tlie namf Ca'lfovni:< appeals
to the easterners and tiic' have learned
to lovp the people, .11" California. I
look for great procre;-!* in tiie develop
ment of California during the next
Sffce of tiif- t'alifornia AMM»
riation of Tretflc Afff-nts aro looking
forward to a lioiiarlHful outing tonior
fOW niprht on Mount Tamalpais. Dβ
partura v ill l>o madf nt t:45 and 4:43
o'.-lock tomnrroK aftornoon. and f*»
turning- trains \vi"l leave tbo ton of
♦ lie mountain at 8:35 and 10:35 D'elOCJt
in tin- 1 There will l>o a dinner
and darning- at the ta\f-n>..
K. M. ronictoy. Pacific roust trfcjght
aK p "it of the ]'enn.«vivania, returned
\rsterrJa\ from a trip to Sacrament;*
an<s Storksnn.
* * *
W , , H. S.'otr. jrpnrrai manaeer of tlie
Boa the m ra«ifie. Went to gacraeieilto
> e^terda. , ".
A fo-mnitte* 5 of traffic officials r*p->
repeating the tr»h«eentfn#nt*l rail
roads will l*3\-p ("hiiagro for WAShipa;
ton tfafU ivf-k to appear before th* ,
csoranwrre cotnmHa4on Monday, -with
tlio risillts of •■oiifrrrnios held •vvitl'
Bhippen in ea »hr profH»*ed
readjust merit of rwtp." to tfte Fa"!?!?,
coa*t Hn,l interior point a of tlie wfst.
<;rr;)t siKnitirn n< o is sppii In thf f-i't
tliHt r&ilroa4> iiii.i shipper* liavo peen
Through ti*»
fiBAXD < \\VO\
an<l THK ROY AI, tSOIUitt
The ••Pauamu-PfU'lflc" Express and
The "1»15" >I«M
j Leave and ar? due to arrive L'nton ,
Ferry Depot from .Tune l>. 1011'
1.,•..*<-' jriirmiFli Tii j- Arrirf ,
5:19 a Bait Lab*. Uftiver. Oiuaiei Chicago,
Kii!h»< City. St. l.ouis 8:45 p
7:30 p Suit Luke, Denver, Oniiihs. l '.lkago.
Kama* City. Sr. \jM\m 8:-1° a
I 9:10 a Sacr*niPdto I-30 a :
I 7:30 p "■> *:*sp
i»:lQa Stockton Sl2*
4.10 p «s'> 10:20 a
! 7:30 p «'o 5:45 p
I Through Standard and Tourist *!pf-pins On via
i llenrer A. Rio <»r*.»le aiil r.tirlinpto.i ttoett, »la
! Denver * n.o Acaa*e ltd B«*S l-'-vu! I.lmps, via •
I)on»er A- l'lo Oramle Hnd Mls«nnrl Parirte.
Tlimngh Train-;. Qhwfmttoft Cars. Diuiug Car 3. :
Electric I.iehts nnd Klertrk Fuus.
, _ , ~ ' I
Scheduh Effective
Nov. 6, i<9l2
V<tf , fcll^ l 'r / " nB J* ,1 " 000 '* 00
7;».'.a i'ctMluma. Santa R"-<». )ie«ldi«
I horg, CUwerdale. ITkieh. Wβ
; lit*«, Lungvale. **SebMteß6l 7 :0.-,n
K:l."« Sououia. Otea i:ilen {tfltO^pl
j t«:3r.p f
S:lSfl it. R*y*»«. ("map Meeker. Monte 1 t6:":,n ) I
; Rh.' li'iin-an UJlfr. Caamlero' j tT-Mp j
8:45 a iv<;!nrua. c<"ait» Rasa, ftmttat
! vfllf. Monte Rto. Puncanj f t*:Ssp {
Mills CatnrVro Oeares from : } £7:"..".p i j
■ li'in.iiii NHlisi '
10:4u*" Pefaltiw*. SaSTa R s.i. Men!'!.-.
I ; s:o.'d
1:4."p Petnlmna. Smt.i lln««, tlittFW
j v!IV. Mont" tlto, ri'uicei'
■ UttU i 1"::: "• -»
12i*5p Pt. Reyw. Camp Mfeker \ ,
C:l*ip'lVtaluiuu. fUnta P w;i. l!«>nl,!s-i
} hurt; (lovprda'p. I'kiah.i
' Wtllitt, *Spti:.str>n«l ! 1! :S")» I
4':4«p!Sni)Oioa. OlPn ' fi:;;"«» '
o:\o\i i-Ptsli;mJ*. Santa 11 >«s. !i>Mlds '
; h:-r~ P-n^H
S«tii«iilito. Mill Vnlipr. •Sβ > Itafsel--Daily
ov(:y ;;ii minutes ffeaa fi:4r» s. m. iiiiri! !i:4"
h. n').: hmirly iintil 2:43 p. m.. th*«l S":<3 p. m. j
mid ev«>ry :>0 minutes until T:4"> p. tn.. theil !*:!?. j
11:18 p. "m. and 13|38 a. n , .
Kalrfax—l..?av»»B v'; : <.-, 7:15. "'•". 8:1S, Br-W.
!!>:ir. £»:4r.. 10:4.",. 11:4-1 a. n<.; I2:l». 1:43, S:*s,
H:tß »;43, 4:IS. 4:4.", r.:1.'.. r.:4.'.. 8:15, G:W.. !
7:4">! 9:l*. 11:1* l). tn.; \'i:"ft a. m.
San Qiiontfn vl* San R*f:i<>l -Leave Oaily at,'
!):l:. a. m. end 1:4"i p. m.
Tiburon ao«l —Daily ovpry hour from i
e:4X c. m. Tintil 1:45 p. m.; thn 8:15 p. w. and !
i rvrry liiur until #:15; theu 7:4">. D:l5 acd 11:15 j
p. n». md 15:3e ». '".
•Arrive dally 10:8* a. in. ••Arri«-*>s Stinilny* ]
I ":<:."> i>. MR, wot ilnys fi:."."i ;i.m. +Exfcpt Sun- (
da.ro. jSnni'fiys only. IJSatv.nlays oiily,
Rrd T.liif TrH'isf'T ("irapn'iy , * »cPnts jir" an- j
fior'-r-ft t'-> o!;prk li«fear» frnm rp'sidoii' j
iT.SMffMClsti U.MrtrWwit I Li. Mt Tanlptt |
Wwtkjar SwAy W—kiay Wa<H%y S—Jay
9:45 a j7?5» t 7:20* H:6W 7=2oa If:4o*
1:45- 9:45* l-40M12:50i 1:40. 11=48*
• 4:45? i|:4s* 2:4f> t:6*P 4:«P 1:40»
11:46* 4:60b 2:|»> ♦ 8:35» ?:40f
1:45» ! 3:5»>S s=4op
•Saturdayeonly. t Mondays only. t Mt. Tamalpaif ooly,
( Sauralito Kerry—Tri. Kearny 4930
Ticket Offices } 657 Market—T*i. Kemy 2751
t 874 Market-Tel. Done;!** 4407
Gfwrsl Offire—MiU Valley. Cal. Tel. MillValtey Sab.Bl
"lams•flißtlßais''Hi "Msir!h" VI limit•*!■ fwimsli
_. ■ _■ ■ ■
N A*^5SCO ~-^F NAM & I£, j
DmU I«v« 700 945 a. 0. 12 30 330 «<X>. «30 pi »
Dx* aad o«r«. North Eafl Fery BeiMSa*
FbooM. ftMray 406. Hoaa C 4708. Mtab a U cart*
Offl*» «nd s*M*"> r oom. Vaji \fea »* ga«-r<«w*wWi •
Pboee Franklia 2"84. The oid e«tHhll)«b».1 i
bonsc of CURTIS—bo coanectlon wltii any '•
;' ' I
Jjwm. Draft Horses
SX& at Auction
Tuesday, Jan. 28th
so head of Kastfip <N»aw» »n.l T'tßii Marea ;
ami twi'liiips. from 1.1-Vi to I.fiOfl |bs.» all «r«-nt'«* :
HrrtUe, koihi.l. rtMknf horsf-s. liej»r,r Niic.l. 1-locUv |
b'lilt, mid well l»r»*«J mul l'< ichorous.
Don't wait until .ifjT.nn.T i'l pri.e: hur ;
nnn-, I'v-rv aniiral Till lif> Knanmteed rr;.,i
mill y..i,i aiibject to h trial.
14th "re! Valencia Sts.
*»'. IHt.»;!.\KOTTt'M. inrtlw<r.
818-340 Fell St. Jt-*^
Ww V.t sio wnfoi hn-«»ic »t(i mxr*<i. :
pe.rrhpron and ehlrr «toek. wrielit I.l Of* tn 1 "V>
r"Htn<ls; yonnc. wsdf to work: some puofi
e»>-m or coifraetinr tr»»re» anU borses. JOS !
1 rvv. nhonp Mttrket r,«77.
a? 'c to j;et togretlif-r in this imoprtant !
controversy and iron out difficulties j
without the intervention of the coin- «
men c commission. The roads have not :
heen ah'e to tlie shippers' Wiabftfl i
in «»vpr>' InslsiHP. l>-ir one traffic (*f
ticial stated ve.sterday that probahly!
?0 x>er cent of the diffV-ulties have heen
adjusted. |«avini; only a smnll pro- |
Leave (Foot of Market Street) Arrive
(Subject to change without notice)
2.15 a Niles, Livenaore, Tracy, Lathrop,
MoefctMß) Lodi, Gait, Elk Grove,
Sarrarneato.R<>.-s>nlie.A'ibura,Coifax 1C.40p
2.13 a S»craa»ent>, Msrysviiie. Biggs. Chico. 10.40p
6.40 a hichmond. P>n (.'oxu. Martir.ez,
Antioca, Byron Hot Springi, Tney,
Pattereon. Newman, Log Baaos,
Ingle, Kcnaan. Fresco II -59p
6.40 a San Leajjdro, Hayward. Xiles, San
Jo* ■.• 6-50p
7.00 a The Statefjjan—RiohmoDd. NaUejo
Junction 'Vallejp.), Port Costi,
Benicia. B_wo, Elmira, Davis,
Sacramento 6.5Cp
7.20 a G)W6e!d Pas*.—Truckee, Haien. Wa
busks (Yerrinzton, Hudsoo'. Mm-,
Tooopah, GolJiield. Laws, Keejer . B.loa
7.20 a Richmond. Port Cotta. B«niiia, Siii
ciia Dijon, Sacramento 7.5Cp
7.20 a Klmira, Vecaville. Ruasey 7.50p
7.20 a Roaeriile, Marj'i'ille (Orovili*), Rei
ding, niiJMliill 10.40P
7.20 a i>»vis, \\ood!»ntl. Williams, Maiweil,
Willows. HainiltoD, Coraiag. Red
Bluff 7.Wp j
7.20 a Xiis, Pkasanton. livermore, Jncy,
Lat'i—.p, ?t->ck:on (Oaidale). Ixxii,
Sacramento 7.30p
7.28 a Tracy, P*tt ;rson. NewroaL, Los Bans?,
ln?!e. Kennan. Fresno 4.30p
7.40 a Richmond, Vallsjo. Napa. Cslistoga,
Santa Rosa, Crerkett, Port Co*ta. . 6.1 Oβ !
t7.40a Avon, 'araut ('reek, Ban Ramon,
I.ivermore t6-50P
B.ooa Newark. West Sen Jc«*. Loa Gatcn",
V. rlebt, Felton 'Ben Lomo-d, Boul
der Cn»k>, Sants Crui 6.50?
8.40 a Tort Uojta, Martinez, Byrcn Hot
■ Springs, Tttcy (atofkron), Mer.«d.
Bcreadu, Macera. Fresno, Fowier,
Selma, Tr*v«r, Goehen Junction
(Uanford, Armona), Tulare, Bakers
fiel-i *-30»
8.43 a Visaiia, Liitdsay, Port<!rvilie, Dncor.. 7.1 Op
8.40 a Valky via Merced 4.30p
9.00 a lr.ingtaa, San Jose 7.305>
B.ooa Xiles, Flea«nton. Livermore, Stock
ton (*Kiiton). Valley Spring, lone,
Sacwmento 4.30j
9.00 a Tr.oluirne. Soßora,Jamef:own,An»l». 2.50p
9.COa Atlantic Kxpress— Sacramento, Truc
kee. Ogden. Silt Lake City. Deaver,
Kansas City. O.utha. Chhago 8.30p
9.00 a Toaopah-<3oldaeld Standard Sleeper.. B.loa
9.00 a Valiejo Junction, VaUeio | 7!50p
9.40 a Richmond, Stn Pablo, Pinole, \allrjo
Junction. Crockett. Port Costa, Mar
tin??, Avon, Concord, Saa Kamon.. 6.1 Op
10.20 a San Fraacisco Overland Limited—
Den\»r, Kansas City, St. Louie,
Omah*. Chicaeo 2.1 Op
10.40 a Valiejo, Man Island. Napa 1 2.50p
10.40 a Stockton. { 3JOJ
10.40 a Los Angefce Passen<ter—Port Cost*,
Martinei, Byron Hot Springs. Tracy,
Stockton, Merced. Madera, Fresno,
(Kanford, Coalinga. Visaiia), Bakers
field, Los Angeles 7.10p
Limited—Portland, Tacom3.
Seattle 8.50p
12.00n Ricoinond. Port Costa, Benicia, Soi- I 10.30 a
flun, F.l.T.ira, Duon, Sarraroento.. / 11.In
12.90 ft Davis,V.illiame.Colusa Junc.,}ViUows,
Germantown, Orhnd, Hamilton 6.50p
12.00n Maryevil!*, Chico, Red Bluff 4.30p
I .OOp Niles, Irvington. San Jose 2.sC|>
1.20p San L-andro, Nile*. Centemlle, New
ark. (Redwood), San Jose 7.50p
1.40p Nrwark, Alviso, Agnew Santa Clara,
West Ban Jose Io.ooi
11.40p WrLjht, Eouldcr Creek. Sant* Crux .. lO.OOp
2.40p San Leandio, Niles, San Jos> 7.30?
3.00p Beidcia, Witters Sacramento —Wt«d-
bnd. Tudt-r, Vuba C'itv. Mar\-sville,
Oroville 11.10 a
3.20p Richmood, Port Costa, Martinez,
Byron Hot Springs, Modesto. Merced,
Madera. Fresno 10.4Cp
4.00p Port Costa, Martinez, Con'ord. Walnut
Creek. San Ramon, Li vennore 9.30 a
4.00p Richmond, Vallej<\ N'apa. Caiistoga,
Glen Kllen. Santa Rosa 9.30 a.
4.00p Niles (Ceaterville, Newark), Suaol,
Pleasanton. Livermore. Tracy,
Stockton, Lodi, Sarraineniu 12.50p
4.40p Stn Leandro, Hayward, Niies, Pleas
anton, Uveraore 8.30 a
4.40p Irvington. J'en Jo« 9.30 a
4.40p Tracv, Patterjon, Newman, Losßanos,
Kerinaa. Fresno 10 40j
4.40p Valley Flyer-Port Costa, Byron Hot
Sprints, Tracy, Modeeto, Mercjd,
Madera, Fresno. <"}o»hen Junction,
Tulare, Bakersfield. Mojave, Los
Angeles l2Mp
5.00p Vallejo, Yon Costa, Suiaun,
Sacramento, Rosevill*. Lincoln,
Wheatianrl, Mar/sviile (OrovilJe),
Gridky. Biggs, Chiro 11.30 a
5.00p D^vis. Wiliiams, 'Willows,
Oriaud, Tehama 10 40p
B.OOp Newark. West San Joe*, LO3 Gatog... 9.30 a
5.-3p San Leandro, Lorrnto, hayward,
Niles, Fieaaanton, Livennore, Iracy,
Stockton 3.1 Op
6.20 a Owl limited—Port Costa, Tracy,
FreFiio, Los Angeies.... E.! 0a
6.20p Hayward, Niles and San Jose 6.5 C?
6.4o^Eastern Eipreas—O«den, Pu.'blo.Den
ver. Kansas Qty. St.Loiiij, Chicsjo. 8.30p
6.40p Port Crta, BenicJa, Smsun, Llmire,
SarraTaento, Colfax. Trockce, Reno,
Sparks 8.30p
7.00p Ctina and Japan Mail—Ogden,
Cheyenne, Denver. Kansas City,
Omahv Chicago 3.10p
7.00p Port Costa, Byron Hot Springs. Stock
ton. Sacramento. Colfai. Iruck*-.
Reao... 3. lOp
J7.00p Richmoad (Valleje), Port Coeta, Mar
tiner. Concord, Walnut Creek, Pleas
-nton, Niles. Oakland 12.45 a
8.20p Oreapn Expree—Sacramenw. Roae
nlle. llarysrille, Reddias: (Kkmath
Falls). Ashland, Portland, Tacoma,
Seattle, Spokane I.IOp
9.00p Mt. Eden, Alvarado, Newark, Santa
Clara, San Jose 7.50p
9.40p BakersQeld, McKittrick, Hazletcs,
Monarch, Moron, Fellow, Shaic 7.50 a
9.43p Richmond. Port Costa, Tracy, Mo
desto, Merest Madera, Fresno.
Hanfrrd, Tuhte 7.50 a
9.40p Hanfoid, Armona, Lemoore, Huron,
Coaling- 7^C»
9.40p M'slia, Exeter. Lindsay, PorterviUe,
Ducor, Fhmoso 7.50 a
10.20p Fort!and Express— Davi*. Wiifows,
Red Sluff, Weed. (KUmath FaH»).
AshKnd. Roseburs. Portland. Ta
' coiaa. Seattle ... ...., 7-30 a
From Pacific Strut Wharf
Thia route offers exceptions 1 opportunity for Aut>
mobilists to reach all points on the B»craßaenfo River:
Collinavilie, ErnnVao. Rio Vista, Isleton, Ryoe. V.'alnut
Grove, Vorden, CmrtUnd. C'larksburj. Sarnmento.
Itwner Seminole c* Na*»jo. hrxt<> Fan Fnmci«"~ 8 n 0
a. m. dwly evept iundnv and Wrdneedav. arriving
Sacramento 7.00 p. ru. Leav* Sacramento 8.30 a. m.
daily except Sinday and Weifcixdev. arnrini; San
Frannico a.30 p. m. Stopping in cither dire, tion at aS
poinM shown above.
(Het-er Mode: er Mache. leiires S»n Fr?nciseo 1.00
p. m. d«lv exrfpt arrive San Francisco li.'»
p. m. dairy etcept Moinda<*.
Stumer Nivaje or Semlnele. tnrw San Fran"i.'v,
9.00 p. tn. dw'v except Sundays, arriving 5 J a.-Taet<-nto
7.00 a. in. daily except Mowhy. Sacramento
9.00 p. m. daily ezvept amviue San Franrisro
7.V) a. m. daiK - except Monday. Nβ stops en route in
either direction.
Office aod SalP&roeme. Sμ Mission et.
r«r<i talent prlef for »!1 fcl'i.t. of furnltn:*.
floerchaDtii**'. fete. ROHM* houslit tv tbetr »a
tltety. U od-> mtU on <-<.-mml»MioO.
Phon^—»!ift*T !-**»
At Ihc Curtis Stadio (>fcond tioor)
auction today, a world of FnrniMin , .
Carpet* and Ui ncral Hoa«fhold Ki»>cts
will he and wliilc til*' msi.ior por
tion of tlie lot Is of medium prade,
there are dozens of li'srb-flass ]>ieee».
One (IrcHSsiun >Va!uut Suit is par
tieularlj nice. and sonic of the Carpets
are of the < roller Kasrli»U make and
ceo not lie Mirpii>scd lor density of
weptf nnd «onsrqu«nt durability.
An Ipriebt Harrington Viano. lw«
Talking Machines ynd 8t« are
to he sold, us well ns Linoleum of lite
inlaid Vsrfoty. V*i >w and Sarra
niento Is the place and 11 A. 31. the
hour of commencement.
KDW. ( I'RTIS, AiHtJoneer.
Owing to MitCtMvt of ii numhT of INM<
with Hiif'inoMlPs. we Imvo f«f -»!>• I
liorsp< and niMi'ps irplghfog }.-<"< to t>4oo
for reneh w->rk.
«23 GROVE ST..
Mall ri>ntre«"im -.
portion for t'i>- commission to oxamiir l .
The railroads closed their Chicago ron
'>ifti.- last nißht.
I*ive (Third and Townaend Stre*'.«> Arrive
(Subject to change without notice)
t 5.05 i Valencia Street, Ocein View, Cohna,
<«meterie«. Baden. San Bnno t 6.35 a
5.45 a South San Francisco, San Jose. Morjran
hill. Gilroy, Sargent, Pajaro, WaUon
ville, Santa Crus B.oop
J 5.45 a Lot XW Monte Vista, I/* Uatoe .. J 9 43a
7.00» Coaster—San Jose. Morganhill. Gilroy,
Fajaro. f'astroville, Salinas, S Wad,
King City, Pav> F. btos Hot Spring*.
San Luis Obispo. Surf (Loiar*" , ,
Santa Barbara, Ventura, Cunird,
Lc*An»et<* IO.3O«
7.00* Hoiifte , . Tree Finos— WatsonvilK
Santa Cm—Del Monte, Monte „.
Ttmnr Grove 10.30p
t 7.03» Soutb San Francisco. Pak> Alto, £an
Jose. Way Stations 7.50?
t 7.05 a Los Alto?. M,,nta \ ista. Los Gato« .5 3.25p
8.001 Shore line Umited—Pno Robles Hot
Spring. Santa Ba rbara.Lcs AMelts. 9.50;>
8.05t M»4aM, Los Altos, LoiGetoj, Wright,
'Ror.ider Creek). Saati
Cm. Watsonville, Castroville. Itel
Monte. Monterev, Pacifi- Grove 90r»
9.00* San lose, Moraanhill. GiFr">. SargfOt.
Salines, ooWi'l. San Miguel, mo
Robles He* Springs, San \ms Gbispn 4.0 C»
9.00 a Hollister. Tres Pinos—Wetsonvi!]?,
Sant» (,'rui—Del Monts, Monterey.
Pacific Grove 4.00>
10.40 a f'oiith San Franrisro. Buriineamr, Saa
Mateo, Palo Alto, Mayfieid, Loe Al- < (2 30^
tns, Loe Gatos I 7.20p
11.30 a Valencia Street, 0.-can View, Colma.
Cemeteries, Baden, San Bruno I 55^
11.40 a South San Franrisro, San Jose t 8.20 a
J.2op Saturdays only—San Mateo, Red
wood, Mayueld, Mountain View,
SanJoee JII.OOp
l.2Cp Saturday* only—Los Altos, Ifcmta
Vista, Lo* Ga'toe J3.25p
2.00p Del Monte Express—San Joee, Mnr
ganhill, Gilroy. Sareent. Wetsonville,
Santa Cruz. "W. Monte, Monterey.
Pacific (irov*. C Salinas) 12.30?
2.03p F-nrVm. San Mateo, Palo Alto, Saa
Jon? 8.40 a
f 2.10p S--ii:»h Sap Francisco, Redwood, Santa
Clara, West San Joee. Loe Gato*.
bright.* Feltoa, (Bouldir. Creek).
Santa Crui tH.3Oe
3.COp Po-ith Saa Francisco. Saa Mateo. San
Jose, Morganhill. Gilroy. Trei Pincj.
Salinas IO.IOi
3.00p Watsonville, S*nta Cruz, Castrovil>,
l>l Monte, Monterey. Pacific Grov* 10.10 a
3.23p Buriingame. SaO Mateo. Redwood,
Palo Alto, Mayfield, Lot Altos, Lo»
Game 8.45p
< t 3.25p Wright. Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz.. 111-30*
4.00p Sunset F.xpress—Tisceon. Deming. El
Paso, Houston, New Orleans, Chi
cago 9.151
4.00p Washington Sunset Route—Washing
ton, D.C.. New York and East 9.15§
4.00p Salinu, Paao Rnbles Hot Springe.
San Luis Obispo. Santa Barbara.
Ventura and Los Angeles 9.18*
4.00p City. St. Lotu*. Chicago 9.15 a
4.20» South San Francisco, San Jose t 7.25 a
f 4.55p Sacta Crux Limited—Mayfield, Lo»
Alto*. Los Gatos, Felton, (Boulder
Creek), Santa Crui t 8.45«
• t B.OSp Burlingame. San Mateo, Redwood.
Palo Alto, Mayfield, Santa Clara.
San Jose t 6.30 a
t B-20p Redwood, Athertoc, Menlq Park,
Palo Alto. Mayfield. Mountain View,
Sunnyvale, San Joee t 9.00«
t 5.20p Ix» Altos, MonU Vieta, Los Gatos.. -t 8.40«
t 8.25p Easton, Redwood, MounUin View,
San Jose 9AO»
t 6.30p Lonp—Valencia Street, Ocean View,
Cemeteries, South San Francisco,
23d Street, 3d and Townsend t 6.40p
5.40p San Bruno, Sun Mateo, Redwood,
Palo Alto. Santa Clara, Saa Jose... 7.45p
I 5.40p Mayfield, Los Altoe, Los Gitoe { t.4oe
6.00s Tuesdays—Sunset Limited de Luxe,
New Orleans and East. Arrive Sun
days II .00«
t 6.00? Mitlbrae. San Mateo. Redwood, May
field. Los Alto*. Los Gatos t 8.00«
t 6.05p 23d Street. Visitation, South Sa
iranrisco. Ytlrninfa Street , J 7.15p
6.30» South San Franmoo, San Joee 8.45»
B.UOp The Lark—Santa Barbara. Los Angeles 9.45 a
8.1 Op San Joae and Way Stations 7.30 a.
10.00b Los Angeles Paswnger— Morganhill,
Salinas. Paso Ruble* Hot Spriup,
San Uμ Obispo, Santa Barbara and
Los Angeles 8.25 a
10.05p South San Fr*nri«ico, Baa Jo?? II .55p
11.46# South San Francisco, Palo Alto, ; aa
Jose 7.35«
Via Oakland Pwr
To Oakland. 16th St., and Berkeley via Shartwk Aye.
and Elltwerth St. Line*.—Daily— from 6.00 a. m.. and
every twenty minutes until 8.20 p. ra.. inclusive; then
: 9.00,9.40.10 20. 11.00,11.40 p. 12.20 and 1.20 am.
Additional boats Saturdays and Sundays only, 8.40
p. m., 9.20, 10.C0, 10.40 and 11 20 p. m.
To Berkeley via California St. and West Berkeley, Albany
via Ninth St. Line*.—Daily—From *6.00 s. m.. t6.20.'
*6.40. t7.00 a. m. and every twenty minutes until BJ2O
p. ni. inclusive; then 9.00. 9.40. 10.20,11.00, 11.40 p.m..
and 1.20 a. m. Additional boats Saturdays anH
Sundays only. 5.40 p. Q., 9.20. 10.00,10.40 aai 11.20
p. m.
To Oakland, Waihington-Brotdway. Ea«: OaV'aml.
Fruitvale and Melro»e via Seventh St.—Dai'r — Fp>di
6.00 a. m., then everj , twenty minutes until 8.20 p. m..
inclusive; then 'J.OO. 9.40. 10.20, 11.00. 1140 p. m.,
12.20 and l.*o ». ra. Additional beats Saturdays an!
Suadaysonly, 8.40 p. m.. 9.20. 10.00, 10.40 and 11.20
p. in.
Homihoe to Oakland. Wa*hineton-Broadwiy. Fruitv»>.
Alameda. North Side— L>ail>— e.OO a. m.. HIM,
6.40. 7.00. 7.20, 7.40, 8.09. 8.40 and furt\- minutes
the hour until 3.40 p. m.; then 4.00. 4.40, .'..CO. 5-0,
5.40, e.Oa 6.20, C 40. "Oα 7.40. *:2fi, P.CU 9.10,
11.00, 11.40 p. m.. 12.20 and 120 a. m.
Tβ Vigorit Steee, Pullman. Rishmend (Steam Service)—
t0.40 and 7.40 a. m., 3.20 p. m.. 4.20. SJO, 6.20 p. m.
To Stoiwhurst (Stea.-n Servlee)—fS.OO, tC 40. t7.2t).
:9.00, JlO.OO a. m.. t1.20 p. m., J2.00, -3.00. t3.20,
*4M *5.00. «»4n and tf1.20 p.m.
Via Alaneda Pier
Tβ Otklini. I4tti and Franklin St*.—
6.15, 6.45 a. m. and then 15 and 45 minutos part the
heir until 7.45 r>. m.\ then 8.30, U.IJ. 10.C0, 10.4J,
H.iiO p. ra. and I\ls a. ra.
i Tβ Atemeda. North and Sooth Side—
; 6.15, 6.46 a. m. and then 15 and 4." mlnutrspast the
hour until 7A3 p- ■•: then S.iJ. y.15. 10.00, 10-45,
11.30 p. in. >M iJ.IS a. m. _______
! From San Franclieo, South En- of Ferry BuiWinfl. hr
Broadway Wharf, Oakland —v> eek day* 6.00 a. m. and
< every half hwr uatU 9.00 p. m.. inclusive. Sunday*
and holidays 6.00 a. n>. an.J even- half hour until
11 J» p. m.. inclusive. Boats leave Broadway Wharf—
M - eek rl»ys6.J."> a. m. arA pven- btf bow.unHl &«
p. m. inrl-iaire. and hoii<Jay-» 6.10 a. m.
and even- half h'-nr »mil 10.4.'> p. w.. inciusive.
a"for Mornio*. "Daily. f for
1 tSußdar cxrepteJ. JSunday only. Jt'atuniay only.
a __ <
! Aeenti eelleet bas««e and oheeVt on trains or bcertf «T
1 Southern Facif c Company, and deliver baetage to rev
den re. They are authorized to check bagaage direst from
1 residence. i

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