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Aside From Rusty Screws
and Musty Papers Noth
ing Is Found in Con
tinental Safe
Attorney Makes Bitter Com
ment on Action of the
l« from some rusty screws,
crackers and cheese and a few musty pa
nothing , of Interest was Jound
in t'ne vaults of the Continental Blind
ing and Loan association, wliirli were
forced yesterday by experts working
under direction of Oorp* , S. Walker,
commissioner of state building and
loan associations.
The massive steel vaults were opened
by an who, although not ac
quainted with the combination, was
able to accomplish his purpose by lis
tening to the tumblers fall. The door?
were opened thirty minutes after he
started working.
It was necessary to drill the inner
safe, an old fashioned affair, used as
a strong box. It was in this the
commissioner hoped to find the books
and money of the institution.
Suft against Sheriff Fred Eggers and
Ins surety, the Pacific Coast Casualty
company, for $50.0t)0 for •"willful! and
violent entry into the of the
Continental Building and Loan associa
tion, at Market and Taylor streets, was
filed by Attorney Gavin McNab yester
day in the superior court. The plain
tiff alleges that Sheriff Eggers or
dered his agents to force their way
into the offices of the corporation,
thereby interfering with peaceable
possession of the plaintiff in the
Before opening the vaults
sioner Walker made every "effort to
secure the combination from officers of
thp institution.
Gavin McNab, director of the con
cern nnd its legal adviser, over the
telephone told Mr. Walker that he
wouldn't give him the combination if
he had it, for he felt that he must
refuse "to help a burglar in his opera
night a formal demand was
made by Mr. Walker on William Oor
bin, secretary and general manager of
the Continental, and on Gavin IfcNatl
for possession .if the books, papers and
assets of the concern.
"All I can say about Mr Walker,"
said Gavin McNab yesterdat, "is that
as a man trained by Marshall Black
be i= not a person we care to have
handle th<> money of the depositors of
the Continental. fhe action of the
sheriff and Walker was . absolutely
without warrant of law, and all those
connected with it will suffer. Suit haa
!>»p!i riled against the sheriffs bonds
nxM). :in<l just a.s .«oon as we hear from
Sacramento we will file a similar suit
against the bondsmen of Walker."
WAuan retiree statement
The following statement was issued
by Commissioner Walker:
"I f~el that. In justice to the public.
I should now make a statement of my
hop** and expectations in regard to the
future liiiuidation of the Continental
Building and Loan association, should
it be declared by the court that it is my
duty to liquidate the same. First of
all. I fully realize the magnitude of this
proposition, and now say that while I
have never in my life shirked a duty I
would willingly and gladly turn this
matter over to the state superintendent
of banks for liquidation could I legally
do so. and some time ago I discussed
with Mr. Williams, the superintendent
of the banking department, this propo
"I have also in the past set forth a
tentative proposition to one of the di
rectors of the Continental association
that I was ready at any time to agree,
could it legally be done, to have a thor
ough and exhaustive examination made
of the assets and liabilities of this as
sociation by any reliable firm of certl
n>ri accountants of the city of San
Francisco and if bo shortage way found
I would cheerfully withdraw, but 'in
case a shortage was found it should he
made up at once. Thus was my brand
of dollar for dollar talk, but it was not
"Thi> ( ourts will soon decide whose
duty it is to liquidate the affairs of this
association, and should It be my job
there will be no shirking; there will be
no unnecessary expense; there will be
no hesitation in bringing civil suits
against any man or set of men against
whom actions should be brought,
whether he be a beggar or a million
aire, and in this determination no man
or set of m*n in the state of California
have enough drag or power to pull me
down. OKO. S WALKER.
"Building and Loan Commissioner."
Mining W ir.nrd Doesn't Entbnue Over
Latent Nevada Silver Strike
George Wingfleld, millionaire mining
wizard of Nevada, is pessimistic qon
< orning the much heralded silver strike
at Rochester GulHi. Xev. Mr. Wingfleld
> ame down ta San Francisco yesterday
on businesD connected with the de
velopment of the claims he purchased
outright at the mining camp, which,
lie said, was not "f the "rip roaring"
type, us reports would seem to indi
"1 do ntft wish to sound like a
knocker.' " said Mr. Wingfleld last
night, "but in my opinion there is noth
ing at Hiti'hf-ster to he excited
"The silver ore bo far discovered is
Of low £!•■''*<•. 1 ha\e purchased five
claims, for which I paid $l L'.r.oo—just
taking a chance that they might de
•i into something worth while.
a potash deposit, edibraclng the
Colßmbua sf»li mars'! <>f X-vua. lo
cated near Coaidale, west of Tonbpah
iiii'l (Jobitield, was withdrawn from «,-n
--irv yeeterd I Lβ land departiH'-nt.
It ia the first P*»ervatUMi of potash
In Nevada and la in townships
2 and .'{ north, nnii range 86 east. It
«|eo extends Into township 2 north,
langp ;;T efljst.

11. V. Walker of Seattle to IB er
; by Burns detectivee >c = :
afternoon while trying to collect rnon«y
from a Montgomery broker on
a Stolen draft. Walker is accused of
beating up C. Higurdson, r lo^gvi - from
Vitneiuver, and of robbing him last
December of a draft for $1.10. He was
attempting to sell the draft when his
ariest Was effected
Pacific Parlor Host
Natives Attend Ball
Four of the charming youns women who attended the dance given by Pacific
bcrlor at Native Sons' hall.
Anniversary Dance at
Organization's Hall a
Great Success
Pacific parlor No. 10. Native Sons of
the Golden West, held it? thirty-second
anniversary ball last evening in the
auditorium of the Native Sons in
Mason street. The hall was decorated
with American flags and the bear flag
of California. After the dance the
party adjourned to a downtown cafe,
where supper was served.
The grand march was led by Presi
dent Cyril Appel. Thomas G. Wyatt
was floor divectoi, as-sisted by Bert D.
Paolinell:. Ernest 11. Hildebrand was
chairman of the reception committee.
The committee in charge consisted of
Walter V. Walsh (chairman), J. Henry
Bastein. 11. C. Tennis. James F. Shee
haa and Edward J. Lynch.
Among those present were:
Mr. Htnl Miv. Arllinr Mis* I. J'HOlinflU.
Curtta Hira Adeline fTrede
Mr. an-! lire. C. I. VH«s SailW" T.. Flaherty
Augfr MKs Haz*! I. MHarty
Mr. hihl Mrs. Angr-lo .1. ¥'* Ajma BaMein
Mr. and Mrs. Juliii F. -Miss l,etiti» Flannagan
Cann"i) Miss Anna Kingston
Mr. hii'l Mr-. Walter V. Miss Alma McNtilly
Walsh Hlsk 11. KriimltolK
.li;<icr aad Mrs. Danifl Miss 1.. Beadewsld
C. Dean 1MI«I Pearl Ahem
I>i. ihnl Mrs. Frank 1. Miss t armHina Biauchi
(ionralex V&B* A. (Jerrett
Mr. Bad Mrs. XftMM K. MfSV M. Gnlvin
Henry Mi«s I*. Tlaufx-n
Mr. aiul Mrs. T. P. Mi*s IU-gina Flynn
Msrtin \Jiis Kdtth Rromlep
I»r. and Mr<- T. B. W. Mlw* Flynn
I.r-la:)d Mis* Lucy Tray
Mr. nix! Mrs. William Miss Florence I.nrke
.1. Laekr MI-=» Aile*n (billing
Mr. «m! Mrs. Tlioinas G. Mine Alice Tennis
WyMt Ml** P. Dohertr
Dr. aad Mrs. 11. S. Miss (;. Bisnchi
Stprn .Tunics r>. Phelan
Dr. anil Mrs. A. C. Wal-iJemra Edward Rneprs
lacf Alexander MeCiillnrh
Mr. and Mr?. Sylvan R. B. Mittpi^talrtt
SVHr J. Hrniry P.astt'in
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Hrrman I". Boo*
Meyer Frank I'HollnHI!
M>-, "unci Mrs. lloutry Thomas E. Gannon
Oh!H Erm-nt H. Hililehnuul
Mr. and Mrs. K<-rt D. Duneim A. McLeed
Paolin.-lii Willlnm KliWs
Mr. and Sire. Sumur! John Mr-Anliffp
\V. Dlxrm C Fritfenbark
Mr. an<! Mrs. Kiiwanl 3. William J. O'Hee
Lynch .Fairfax 11. Wheelan
Mr. mil Mrs. 11. A. JanifS F. SliPPiuin
llnrnlein I. \\ >i< -Dono-ieli
My. :\-.\ Mrs. Hinry I". o>Cf<C B. Stangenber-
I'«T!i:iu cpr
Mr. ami Mrs. Charlfs A. John 1. Murray
r&rietlao IlMjry T,. T.estpr
Mr. end Tbfdort .1. W. BflMr
r.unHtr<lt AHicrf ('. Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. C. I). William B. Acton
MoArrxn K. T. Koscnliind
Dr. mM Mr-. K. .1. r rnk <". Kmr^lherg
M<"rvy Rit-banl B. Kl'igtoa
Dr. and Mrs. 11. M. C. K. Knpp!lif-r«
Klnlay Pfrt ('•. Debfrty
Mr. an.! Mrs. H. L. (;cor«p W. W*Ml
Whlpplo r.forjtP M T . Mile
Miss T. Faliey ,J. C. AINn
Mi»s Anne WreOon ; B»>rt 1.. Cameron
Miss Kathiyn Ilurapb- «?. J. Stepl*
rev H. ('. Tennis
Mis* M. (Jaiiivan A. P. Seiler
MIRK M:irle d'Eriacfa fJi-orfe <J.
Misw Miriam McDnnfuifth TnmM Sc'T'Tan
Miss M«rei!PritP Byrne i Adam J. Kent
Miss Mat- Kln2«tm r.niil* M. Va^elli
Miss <;.. r tnifl(> I*. rioar.T T)r. Waltor N. TackJon
>f!ss KNie S. IHtoii |Eail Paolinplll
Ml« 8 Norma C. Dlxon I
Co-operative Association Han For Ob
ject Preservation of Vnlural Beau
tie* of Famous Lake
SACRAMENTO, Jan. 23-—The Lake
| Tahoe Protective association, which
proposes to make a fight to prevent
interference with the waters of Lake
! Tahoe by power corporations or othore,
| filed articles of Incorporation with
Secretary of State Jordan toda-\
The association is a nonstockholder
| co-operative association, qprganized by
never*] of those interested in preserv
ing the beauty of the lake, and it will,
carry on the fight so far conducted by '
individuals to prevent the lowering of;
! water below the normal surface level
; of the lake.
The directors of the association
! choserf* to serve during: the first year
of i.« existence are Harry Babcock. PI i
• (J. Schmieden, ti. C. Voorhles and W. A.
| V?!sse!l of San Frnneisco; V. S. Mc
; Cletrhy, 11. K. MncM.-»stere and Charles
; W. Paine of Sacramento: D. L. Bliss Jr.
lof Lake Tahoe, John E. Bennett of
Menlo P«Tk, William T* P.eid of Bel
iront, Matt Grpene of Tahoe cltv,
Qforcre Murphy of Folsnm, C. t* Blis*»
lof Pifiimont. C. c. ITemmlngsen of
I Olenbrook. Xev., and 11. O. Comstock
of Lincoln.
■ »
Wife U*vr\vr* Glf<. Sarins Himbwnd Iμ
T«m> Bu»> to Leave Laboratory
I i Si.fciHi DiKpai.h In 'Hie I'nll)
NEW YORK, Jan. 23.—Mr*. Thomas
A. K'liaon went to the annual exercises
of the American Museum of Safety this
evening in the Cnited KnßineerinW So
<i<i>'s building- and received the
I Rathenau srold modal on behalf of h*r
husband, who sent word ho was so
j entirely engrossed with his work that
hf< could not drag himself away from
j his laboratory.
Wofnan Left Him Because
of Threats He Is Alleged
to Have Indulged In
After his wife had secretly fled from
him on account of his threats against
her life, George William Duff, former
ly a traveling , salesman for a tire com
pany here, committed suicide in her
apartments yesterday morning. Duff
and his wife recently separated and
divided their resources. She went
secretly to the Victor apartment house,
at Douglass street and Caeelll avenue,
a month ago, with her 9 year old
Duff discovered his wife's where
abouts and threatened her life with a
razor, while living at her apartment
for a few days.
Seizing her chance when Duff went
to a lodge meeting Wednesday night,
Mrs. Duff again slipped away with her
The si:icide left no note, but was the
recipient of one from his wife, as fol
"George. I Jeft tonight. 1 took a
position today. You will never be
bothered with me or my offspring
again. The room is paid for until
Monday and I will tell the landlady you
will be here until then. JEWELL.."
Mrs. Duff, before her marriage, was
Miss Jewell Clanc.y, and has a brother
in the police departmerit.
Mnrt.rrxtir litqucM Held —-At the in
quest into the death of William Mac-
Gregor, aged 41, chief officer of the
steamer Xl Lobo, who, on .January 15,
walked off a gang plank leading to the
deck of the vessel, then in dry dock at
Hunters point, the Jury yesterday
brought in a verdict of accidental
death. The unfortunate man fell 40
feet to the bottom of the dock. Mac-
Gregor was a native of Scotland.
Construction Company Blamed —A
coroner's jury yesterday blamed the
Caldwell Construction company for the
death of Fred Robinson, a laborer, the
firm being charged with not providing
sufficient safeguards. Robinson, who
lived at 3»A. Cook street, fell into the
pit of an engine at the company's plant
and was crushed to death. The jury
recommended that railings be placed
around all engine pits.
Suspicious Character* Jailed—Vin
cent Aros and Jchn Martell, arrested
early Wednesday morning by Police
man V. Lewis as suspicious characters
in a doorway at Bush street and Grant
avenue, were sent to the county jail
yesterday by Police Judge Sullivan for
six months each. Both men carried re
volvers, masks and blackjacks when
Veteran Applle* for Paper* —Listed
as a deserter in Germany because he.
left to avoid compulsory army service,
William WeethOff of 134R Green street,
a veteran of the civil war. applied yes
terday for naturalization papers so that
he might go back to Europe as an
American citizen. Westhoff arrived in
America in time to participate in the
last year of the rebellion.
Warrant For F. J. Brooks —A war
rant for the arrest of F. J. Brooks
was issued by Police Judge Sullivan
yesterday on the complaint of F. P.
Cross, 40S Webster street. Cross al
leged that Brooks secured $105 from
him by false pretenses in a furniture
(harmed With Robbery —Policeman
Robert Malberg yesterday arrested
Joseph Murray and charged him with
robbery. Alfred Peterson, Twenty
fourth and Utah streets, accused Mur
ray of taking f 5 from him early yes
terday morning.
Pickpocket* Busy —A. Nathan, li'r.T
Fourth avenue, reported to the police
yes'erday that pickpockets robbed him
of hie watch and fob.
nobbed Of lII* RrliMi&liiK*
Innocently he was enjoying a cool,
delightful surf plunge, but was witness
to his clothes being stolen. In a barrel \
he ran to *>9 Stockton street, to dress j
on the $1 a week credit plan.—Advt.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Signature of GkL&zffljcjfai
Attorney Moore Asserts His
Client Was Victim of a
"Plant ,, Weil Planned
Preceded b-y witnesses who furnished
thr- Frantz grrand jury with ttie infor
mation upon' which was based indict
ments against Nat Lichtenstein, his
brothers and Attorney Milton A, Na
than for misdemeanor conspiracy, Mrs.
Anita Feder-&chtenst*in yesterday, in
Judge Grahams roiirt. denied all alle
gations of infidelity made by her hus
Attorney Stanley A. Moore opened
with an outline of the case for the de
fense and said he 1 * would prove that
the charjjrea Against Mrs. Lichtenstein
at Seattle were the result of a
I'larence Murray Doane. wealthy
contractor of Santa Maria, Santa Bar
bara county, who is sued for divorce
<>n charges of habitual intoxication by
Gloria M. Doanf, was restrained &j
• ludße Frank It. Dunne from disposing
of Ms property.
Judge Sturtevant issued a restrain
ing order preventing Harry Rowan,
owner of Rowan's Palace of Sweets, at
San Luis Oblspo. from selling his store
or disposing- of his money until after
th<- hearing of his wife's suit for di
vorce. *
A telegram from Joseph L. Crltten
den, cited to show cause before Judg"
Cabaniss why he should not be pun
ished for contempt of court lv fail
ing , to pay his wife. Jessie, temporary
alimony, secured him a continuance.
<"ri:tenden, who is teaching , school at
Quincy. Plunias county, wired; "All
traffic suspended indefinitely. Inipos
ible to get there."
The following complaints were filed:
Harry H. against Malinda Williams,
cruelty; Madeline against L"c V. Lucas,
failure to provide; Julia airainst grnest
C Me>ers, cruelty; Bell against Ed
ward Powers, cruelty; Alma E. against
Grover C. Fitch, cruelty; Martha
against Edward S. Diamond, failure
to provide; Gertrude W. against Wil
liam R. Jackson, failure to provide;
Lillian K. against William H. Sears,
failure to provide.
Charles B, Platt, a member of the
firm of J. A. Folger & Co., Importers of
tea.s, coffees and spices, w,as made a
member of the board of tea examiners
yesterday by President Taft. The news
of the appointment was received by
Collector Frederick S. Stratton, who
recommended Platt for the place. Mr.
Ptatt'a aotivities will be in .New York
city principally.
Joseph Beok AViinted — O. A. Spangler.
Seneca hotel, appeared before Police
Judge Deasy yesterday and swore to
a warrant for the arrest of Joseph
Beck on a cliarge of obtaining |500
by false pretends.
g It #1 1 I 1 m v(
\ 11 ' ■ 4 \ JwMm m \S*
f * I J . I 9 IMp ■> o^
i mSfP OP OoOP I
1 I
That offensive taste and odor in some beers is easily avoided. <<
§ Light starts decay even in pure beer. ■ Dark glass gives the best <v
S protection against light. j^
I "While beer quickly deteriorates when it is
U exposed to direct sunlight, such deterioration, &
$> although greatly retarded, will eventually take -
place in diffused light.*** Beer exposed to the PhIW -t
rays of the sun will very quickly acquire the rlp«Se
§ so-called *skunk taste." jD9| /
ft Extract from Proceedings of the Second Ivtemational Brewers* Con- X
gress held in Chicago October 19-21, 1911. Vol. 1, page 300. f/j |jjj|lM %'
We have adopted every invention, every idea that If ''"jßß
could make for purity. /I .|||pH %
\ The Brown Bottle is only another step in Schlitz 11 Kβ 1: %
Our beer was first brewed in a hut. Today our fi/lili'MuSl 4>
agencies dot the earth. Our output exceeds a million y^^Sp' $
% More and more people every year are drinking Ihfmi* 1 ' 4t 4
$ Schlitz. Why don't you? ' Mrl'llHH
I ~,'B=MS < tht k I IX 1
i Sherwood & Sherwood \ I P %
\ 4 i- 47 Deaie Street is branded SchltU. •||, %
H Mk >tv Cifl \2?Wa ii Si! : >ui. sBX2r '<■
111 I Jf g
That Made Milwaukee Famous.
Benjamin F. Butts Will Aid
at Revival Meetings in
First Baptist
Benjamin' Franklin Butts, a gifted
chorister and soloist, who has been
traveling fn the northern states, will
render several numbers at h neries of
revival meet ings to be held in the First
Baptist church Octavia street at Mar
j ko , , Sunday. Dr. George E. Burlingame
J is pastor of the church.
The first service will be held at 10:30
a. m. and the evening exercise will
start at 8 o'clock. The meetings are
open without restriction to the general
i public.
Butts has an international reputa
tion as a church soloist and leader of
choruses. His zeal in making known
tlie inspiring hymns of the church has
won for him great fame and attracted
lit rge congregations. Congregational
singing will he the feature ol the re
vival meetings on Hunday.
If Capital Punishment Is
Wrong War Is Wrong,
Declare Resolutions
I morning received a r eolation, Which
I '.vas presented by S. \Y. Si:llivan t>l Ban
j Francisco, forbidding Rny member >>f
' the state council from enlisting in the
j army and navy.
The resolution u'as offered from a
j humanitarian standpoint, It is said. a!il
j follows closely the resolution presented
j against capital punishment. Mr. SuHi
van paid that if it la ivrung to nave
capital punishment it Iβ wrong for
! members of the council to enlNt in the
i army or navy, as men in the enlist merit
pledged the signer to participate in war
j when necessary, and the result is the
killing of fellow men.
The convention, it is .*ai 1, prenerally
fa-iTs the adoption of the anti-capital
j punishment resolution, and that senti-
I ment may carry through. the anti
enlistmenv measure.
A resolution w%a offered by Anton
Joltaniyen and adopted unanimously
j thanking Miss Mary Field for her
i wi'ik in behalf of union labor at the
j Indianapolis trials.
President P. H. McCarthy was au
j thorixed t«> issue her an honorary cer- \
tificate making her a member of the
state council. Miss Field was barred
from the courtroom at Indianapolis
by Judge Anderson when she called the
trials a farce.
The day given over to the pres
j entation of reports by committees on
resolutions and the consideration of
reports- of various county councils. A j
total of 61 resolutions have been of- j
fered to date, and the officers are at
! trmpting to expedite business so as ]
It was learned here yesterday at the
custom house that a bill has been in
troduced in congress by Representa
tive Curley of Massachusetts, increas
ing the compensation of all assistant
weighers in the customs service at
New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Balti
more, New Orleans, Chicago and San
Francisco to $2,000 a year. At present
they are paid $1,400 a year.
The following petitions in bank
ruptcy were tiled yesterday in the
United States district court:
H. A. Nagel, a grocer at Sacramento,
whose liabilities are $4,903. with $682
in available assets; Ernest Charles
Youman of Sacfamento, whose occu
pation was not stated, with liabilities
amounting to $370 and no assets.
Piles, diseases of the lower bowel.
Dr. Reese, 830 Market. S. F.—Advt.
Why Woaien Are Beautiful
<El!a HW I" 'I' 1" *, Arch.)
I ,
"The best groomed leaders of fashion
' have tabooed the use of powder. They
' rely upon a complexion beautifier, the
secret of which is not common prop
erty. Massag-e the face, neck ana arms
with a solution made by dissolving
Pfnur ounces of mayatone in a half pint
'of witch hazel. This will clo wonders
In making the skin smooth, fresh and
•The of hair are thowe
which have ha i the least washing, for
water duils and .leadens hair. Pry
•shampooing the scakp. afcd
leaves the hair fr>'sn. wholesome, flurfv
and ideally lustmu*. Mix four ounce*
of orris root with an original package
of tiierox, sprinkle a little on the head.
brush out and your shampoo is com
•"Eyebrows anl l*shei d**«rv« aften-
I tion." Ff they are thin and straggly,
I maeugc |h*BB da'ly with pyroxin, and
the ejrebrpwa Will grow even and re.ai -
': lar in well form d arches, while
laches will be long- and silken.
"Wild hairs and fuzzy growths thel
'cause pianv women humiliation can
l.p painlessly removed by one appiba
| tion of d«latone. Make a paste with
I a little delatone and water, appiy and
wash J«kin and the hairs are pone.
"Mothers i-'alvf* OUiCkly heals sore«.
'ruts and burns without leaving a scar.
)Tt is eoollna soothing and comfort
; ing. and grives almost instant relief.
llt is fin« f"r t> c removal of certain
! forms of ei-zeraa, pimples and skin
■ eruptions."
In the Following Named Properties
Bank Block —I»t nnd improvements inrlnd
inn Kiifp deposit vaults, southeast corner
Montgomery and California streets, 88:9 x
Two-story frame residence of 10 rooms and
lint I). No. 20W Central avenue, city of Ala
rm-da: lot 50x144 ft., 50 ft. west from Wil
low street.
KM southwest corner •< Ro»e *n< , Third
street*, west 2i>«xloo ft.. West Berkeley.
All of the property of the Pacific Coast In
vestment Company, consisting of (a>, lot
northeast line KJjrhth street, 68:9 northwest
from Brannan street, thence northwest 68:9 x
2to, San Francisco; (b>, not* H. G. Layng
for $1,100. secured b.v .158 share* of San
Francisco and San Joaqutn Coel Ceuppeny:
(c), 120 shared Philippine Railway Company:
(<l>. $10,000 Philippine Railway Company 4
per cent bonds, subject to syndicate agree
All of the property of the West Coast In
vestment Company, ronsi>tinff of: <a>. lot
south line of Jackson street. 137:e wont from
Taylor street, thence west 137:6x137:6; also
lot en*t line of Jones street, 53:1 south from
Jackoon street, thon south 24:6x137:6; (b>.
560 shares capital stock of Carnegie Brick
anil Pottery Company; 1,110 share*
capital stock of San Francisco and San
J'>«cjnln Coal Company; (&). $M.non. I*t
morfgage. 5 per cent bonds of Central Cali
fornia l'ow»r Company; te>, $75,000. 6 per
cent debentures of Central California Land
All of the shares of stock, bonds and notes
■of the Carnegie Brick and Pottery Company
nnd San Franelaeo and San Joaquln <'o«|
Company; (at. 19.1»4."i shares Carnegie Brick
and Pottery Company- fbi. $52,000 Carnegie
Brick and Pottery Company 6 per cent
In.mis: (c), promissory note Carnegie Brick
nnd Pottery Company, balance due $98,078.63
and Interest: (d), kS.OSB share* San Fran
cisco and San .Joaquln Coal Company; (ci.
ISU.OOO San Francisco and San Joaquln C<ril
Compam 6 per rent bawait; (f>. promissory
notes itwo loansi. San Francisco and Ren
Joaquln Coal Company, balance due $124,
-831.41 and interest.
(n>. fl.r.W ( itv and County of San Fran
cisco 3*4 per cent street bonds; (bt. $90.ncn
f;rr>rtt WMt*T" P-.wer Cnmimnr S per cent
bonds; (e>, sen shares Western Power Com
pany, prrreneil; (d). 10 shares Washington
Irrigation Company; (e>. 28.988 shares West
ern Pacific Rallwar Cnmpanf, (f>. B.MXI
shares Central California Traction Com party.
37.000 shares Manhattan Dexter Mining
Company; 5,000 Bullfrog; 05,000 Silver Creek;
te.OOu CrOidtleld Kewdnas; 2.0*0 UoldrtH.i
SHrer Pick- fl.."i»iO (Jrear Bend Extension:
11.100- Goldfleld Great Bond: ir>.oon Oriflni
Bullfme Minos Syndicate; 1.000 .Tim Butler
Tonopab; 1.300 Booth; 4.000 Oreat B*'»<l
Snnex; 600 West E-id Consolidated; .'!.'«"
To-iopah A California: 1.200 «Jo!<Meld Com
Nnatffll Frn'-tio'i; 1.(137 Dexter White Cap-
Mininit Coßlpamy; 923 Dexter L'uion Mine*
Conipanv. »
DeVavti ft Johnson. $1,63.1; Arthur Doc
rett. $3,017; P. B. & Virginia Bomlrae.
*T.3i;»; Bassity. Peteri. OXen Company.
?M'4!i; J. 11. SlHClnity. $.-.454; Neil (VXel!
& C»rl ntier. »."!.342: John V. Allen. $17C,:
Walter Turnbull. ?(*"-: .lohn B. Dahlgrei.
$i.:72; I.nrralne Mining Company. $30.20.":
California Cement ft I.inie Company,
$."".BKS; Berkeley Chemical Company.
5.'.7.2H1: A. I. lie l.fi."c. .«<vin : Htx- , -
Contracting Company. $2,064: Nellie Belfchle
Trippe. $3.(His; Howard M. Collins. $»>."..5:
Cage E. T. Baker. $632: Mnyd M. R.obbli«.
M.<iJ4; J. F. and Cele*tine Young. $40«:
Allen fJrifaths. $1,098; Thomas L. Mmrar.
$39: Ward A. $.i.3: A. D. Na«h.
*1".S18: I'riloT Puper Bo» Fnctorv. $?1O;
JnmeH and P.* Degan. $5>,270; Max Yon
Innaj, SBH": Allen Criffitris. 131.2.V1: A. M.
BcrgoTin. $'J,S.'{l: D. I). Kearns. $2,740; H.
11. Varney. $2/i2: C. U. Montgomery, $37;
S. .1. l>>Ty. $2.">8: M. Braver, $180; C. S.
Powe. W. <;. Scott and (1. H Campbell.
$13.!>2f). 1.. K. Foster. $2.SSI: ' Hiarles p.
Hanlev. 11.H42: W. T.. Brent. $14,815; Wal
ter N. Oaoriol. $1.7 M.
S. Aro'isc.n. $1,128; J. W. King Company.
$l.:w'4; M. A. R»pken. $3,080: K. P. Van
rtercook. 5(>.">.3."('.; Central Counties Land Cotu
l>nnr. $W.OOO.
Joim R. Aitken. $771; Amr-rlcan Builders'
Review. |SM: E. F Bard. $100; P. H. Bos
worth. $7HO; H. R. Bradford. $47,487; Krrtille
ami I. B. L Brandt. $»50; J.>hn W. Butler.
*fi !**>: Q. Chevawsus. $2.."2!): Clinton Land
Company. $fio.Bf>3; A. V. C»llett. $110; James
Co-iiiing. |2.651: K. A Davis. $10..'.39; Rus
sell L, Dunn. $403- Equity Oil ahd Petro
leum Company, $105: Oeorge Fox. $881: A.
C. Freese, $10,000: Alfrwl Fuhrmann, $12.
-w>o; 0. A. Fuller. $-J.OCM»; Edward H. Oeary.
$4,2.V); Ceneral Motor Car Company, $4,547;
Louis A. (loneh. $:*O0: Sinum Green and
John F. Crowley, $1,000; Hiram M. and
Carrie Hamilton. $5,100; fJeorce Hart man
$".9; C P. Heinlnger. Jti.o6o; B. L. Hessel
tine. $708: J. A. Hill. $499: Henry A.
Ho'.lzer, $150< F.dward J. Hunt $51: W. T
Kearny. $1!>,596; Charles Klernlff. $1RT«; Leon
A. $1,984; J. l>. $9*13: Lucy
TnderwiK)d McCann. $1,250: H. W. McClure
$41: C. B. Wood and N. F. Wilson. tt.BOO;
F. Marriott. $9*l: M. P. Mnynard. $20,000;
fHrar Newhouse $10,000; David N'ieto. $«O7;
Pencovie Harris Company. $1,362; Bflrtoti
Plttman <"oinpauy. $L'.S."O: .T<»«si<>H f.. Purrell
$221; Emma J. Purnell, Emlle guam»'
$1!M; Geotve yti«rr<>. $14K: J. D. and X.
Rapken. $2.V>- Charles Wesley Reed. $18-">B4-
W W. Belltbardt. $300: WllHum H. KhodeH*
$10; Eiigcio Rtley ft Po-is. $100; Ziwth S,
F.ldridge. $I.4{H); C. \V. [: err». $«».200; Sa-j
-i>:m<"iito jtni! I.eke Tahee llaiiway Company,
$2.".<xio: Rchaefer Coppersmith Ing C>%mpaov,
Si.OdO; 11««nrv .1 KmStli. >*.4flS; W illlniu F
Smith. $93: 11. K. Siorrs. $23.15 A; Charles T
Towm»end, S2i«t; »ank niul Cecilia T(;wnse;id'
$1.-)0: Traffli- P"lJis!:lue Company. $i.w :
Charles C. Tpendwell. |3?.zM: Anna Yon
Meyerlnck,. $5,150; J. p. Wallace, $4.52S-
James A. Warniin- ami R. 11. Paxtr.n. .<:{< ..'
Norton C. Will*. $11,500: Western Security
<*ompany. *"<i.K7<!; I«*4we WidasUv, S<ji •
Charles 1.. Woods. $146.
LOT 13,
Promissory note* of John Treednell
$3T-i •
Pr-'inKsorv gnara»tt<e<l by Johu
Treadwfll, $*8%.4Je.
Writtcntli'Os f<.r pnv or nil of the abere
n»med ptonertten trill I><- recoirfj at the
offle* o! the ltiMvfr. 141 CaUfornta etreei
Skm Kv!r:.'Ui.. oQ or before FFBUVARY 20.
IP.V!. l'n.w»'il, shonld he for property IN
LOTS AS SPKi 'ITIED. On lots 4 »t\4 5 M.is
in»s fen prwwuted for the wkoie or for parts;
Other l"'-< >lioiilil lip hid for us h wl].,lp.
Certified cberk f .r lo iier cent of any bids
in fclhonat* lew thnn $-">('■• "f> should accQm
ii:>:iv temae. Any t.ids In th«- sum <>' $50,000
Of ajfeN !<i">n!d h< , Hccninnan(>'tl by a Certified
check fo>- ." prr «••• ;>t of same.
All bids ?rt> subject to the approva! of the
ricciver atwl t&e eoart. AM hi.X meetlnit
with tin' Hiliir->val of !'-•• recolrer nil! b*
*ulii«tttf'<l t,» the c.'iirr fur h"ari;ipr nnd a|i
prnvn!: nrnl»»bl> tvv.-ity ilijrii , time will he
reqnirri! tn ohtaH anprovn! i>f the rourt.
'Iliirtv i'iv«' tli: " utor c<. irt annrot-nl will
be aiaiicil "hi reel estate for satisfa-ttan of
title anil all Israraaci a:nl (axes to be pri
FRANK J. SVMMKS. Recelrer.
CaJtforrrla Deposit and Tnjst Co..
441 California It., Francisco.

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