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\ ttokxi: ys _____
ARVTCI v ■ chsree unless* sucre-wfnl: nil
■ iciness qtitcklj and quietly attended
ral practice. Open every
tfti tg 10S8 Market «r.. romi 12.
5 W. KING, attorney. Grant bid*.. Market and
7th room 320—A1l cases; low fees: nothing to
for consultation. Phone Murk-t 012.
HARRIS .v HISS. Bttorneni nt law: W. T. Hess.
notary pnMie. Boom 708. Hearst bullqlng.
A FIRST c! iSS panriaee. fully upholstered, with
back curtate, half inch rubber tires, enameled
bundle*, for Sl fl .
COri.TKR'S RATTAN WORKS 1141 Sntter st.
Brsrrifess comjbcbs n
3S COLLEGE—SchooI of Civil,
cal. Mining. Architectural; day. evening;
42.'. McAllister st.
Market st. opp. sth—Pay and evening session*.
A I-!, ewiri reporter* recommend GALLAGHER
MAKKH Business College 1256 Market st.
STEELE'S Button Wks . 223 Ellis nr. Maeon: ph.
Franklin 4521 and C 4521: mail order* solicited.
WFKK free—F*e $2 we cure catarrh, deafness
aad axtama; for $5 w« cure blood poison wltn
eat ''-<:■ U c >k. call for
sample*. RRRB REMEDY CO.. :'.07 Minna st.
♦ • * X PKT TLE A\T\G
hi, > AIR CLEANING CO.. 397
pets, rngs quickly, thoroughly cleaned on
without estimates free.
WHEN you become disgusted witu poor work,
MSd yoor carpet, to 3. SPAtLPING & CO.,
ess Telmmn st.: Doaalftf 3054. Home J2347.
AA—National C*rpet Bentlns: Works— Hampton
ft Bail. v. 544-34 D Ch'inh: Mkt. \f®. Mkt. 190.
WATT'S reliable carpet cleaning: alterations.rea
ovatinc laying. 444 Dlvisartf-ro: ph. Park 56».
L.XR noleea positively cured: new: entlseptlc: 1
week free to convince. DR. COTTINGHAM.
ear. tir«e. throat. K2l Market, rm. 402.
\KTHKM.\ MTXEHAX. Mircort chhope
■,■■■■:<• Mi'J-ir - I st. Phono
■" . i Iving reference*, FI'I.L
- Kutter.SE.cor. Webster.
i.CTIvr: AGKNCY, 7i;?-15 Paclflc
•rience; all transactions
STRICTLY contidentia:: none hut experienced
'. f"d. Tel. Sntter 555.
SCIINKIIiKT: Detective A?'M,, V . 315-10 Grant bid.;
fea. Park 1840, Park 3694.
l>0." PR. C. E WILSON. 323 Geary, suite 604.
DX. IKA (i. LICEK — All kinds of dental work.
."IT FifilßO?* -t. near Oak.
noojtvp tat no^PJXAIu^^
S. V. Dojf-Otl Hosp.. V.i',\ Fnlton near Broderlck;
a:iiir.>t!-i treated: board: tJßt>«!j*ce. West 5312.
DRESS XAJra§ _____
s L>re?suiakirik- and Millinery School
— Kveniii." j ;ittc:n« cut to order. 121
Geary st. nr. Grant ay.: tel. I>oii(rlan 5731.
and l Herrttt 10G1.
■■• 'ALLEY, furrier, suits, coats, skirts: re
ng and repatlittj of fur-! at lowest prices.
•ier : Oak'd. tSK B'way.
At) KOOOCB, 2.'2 Monadnock building, t>Bl Mar
ket m. near :;<i—Remodeling, repairing, dyeing
«t popular prices; riw far" tM~n;ght.
OfJD reset !y new process, "in Clay et.,
Oaklf-n.!: phone* Oi-kia'irt RI7I. A 2754.
ytICKLY and permanently by the INSECTICIDE
co.. esr-ese ph«iaa bui.
EOLD. reared . I; manufacturer of Ermei
• cLair. 1714 Market st.: tel Park 2^40
NKW lumber. S10; shingles. $1.30; rustic, $10;
doors. $1.10; eeod l:=ts. SWIFT & CO.. 10th
a>i<! M!«Ftoi
HOiE before asd during coadsemeot 3751 Shaf
. Oaki;ihd. Take College
ay. car to Mom ay.. 2 blocks west.
a I" I.VI\«; [V HOME, 1191 Oak sr.—Adoption.
UK. LORD, ten, pbjr.; coofmt., $25. Mkt. 4409.
PA 1I N ! I ITORygTS j
ARTHUR L ", patent"atis. »nd
■ *; I. S. «nd f'ireigiK patents
KOltcited; tiest resntta obtained lv shortest
time. 704-705 Foxcrofi tiJiisr.. 96 Post st.
LU WET. BTKONQ & CO.—Founded IS6(>; U. S.
an«l toreign patent*; tn Tea ton* guide: 100
mechanical mevements free. &14-01G Crocker
Ban Francisco.
i Ull'fi.N. ex■••XMininer D. 8. patent ofnee;
'•'__ £. mr>.; turei'_-n Par-inc bids.
li. r. >CHROKDEB luttent. trademark utrr.rney.
417 K::->t National Ha;<k bnUdlng. Oakland.
AT l<;,-,7 PILLMOSi ,-T.
ITS, pension atty.; pensions, back pay,
■•'•ir.d. 3415 22d. suite 2S.
rirrsiciAm ___
i 1 !i;-i leading speclal
:ic and patalen treatment; imme
rrlce free; private sanatorium
red; HOI'BS Id to •". Westbank
bids;.. room 605.
!! «'"■' paWewi treatment;
confinement, $23, with nurse. Suite 101 757
Market st.
DISHA6BS men m>.l nonien specialty; pbyeldatt,
Kr.rcecn. PKNN DHCQ CO.. 123 3d st.
CANCE vMted t»y fl-re<-t medlcatioa I
and X-ray. CANCER INST.. 7o.'i Van Ness ay.
III:. YOl NO CHINESE HERB CO. iestiTb. in D.
S. 18821 .ires ail Biw |IM. 1544 Slitter St.
PAINTING, tinting, paper lianpritis: good work,
reasonable prices. J. C. UOMAINE. IC2O 'J uric
at.: W. KM.
SAMPS for c,,!1«-ctions, nilmms. catalogues P f •
oogbL B. P. Seebohm. 290 >[Rrkei!
ti:r;? Method c r cure explained FREE I
11. I. HATFIELD. lf«Is Grove. Oakland. Cal. '
STAMMERING—Care pnirasteed; cons, free; P st. i
25 year-. Mrs. M. J. L. Crane. 10(i2 Divisadero] |
L'XCi'KSION' rates eaet «n household goods:
|1.7S per liti')dred to Chicago; through car
WILSON BROS. CO.. ftrtproof storage. rooviD?.
packleic. ohipplng Removed to X 636 Market
«t. nenr Height, phone Park 271.
et.; piione tWst F2?. 52523.
KHOOKS rupture appliance, en automatic air
.nsiiion - f«tisfaetion yn;irantf=ed. Call or write
',;. p,. RICH ART. 241 Monadnock bldg.. S. F.
GKSVIoy CO.. exclusive trnss. elastic
bwSerr. braces. et<-.: lady aid. 1 IPS Market.
r .Ti shade factory, piit np at ehort
Bott«; GBO. WALCOM CO.. 1131 39 Sutter et.
' --S> V ■ ." ■ - -:■■,'<&)
MRS. LATTRA SPENCER—Berkeley, Feb. 2—Mrs. I
A. Spencer, pioneer resilient, died today |
nt her home. Mi'.vta street, at the age of ■
87 yean. Mrs. Spencer failed to burvive the ,
shock of a fall which broke her wrist ilaj
before yeeterday. She had lived in Berkeley
for 20 years, and came to California in a pral
rie scboouer Reross the plains with relatives in
1888. She was a widow, and leaves a grnnd
daughU-. Mr-. Arthur G. Suiitb. with whom
she lived: tw.» nieces. Mrs. T. L>. Wctmore and
Mrs A. r.artlett. and a nephew. Albert Norton.
Stic tv ;f > * native of New York. The funeral
will be beM Tuesday, at 1 o'clock, from the
late bOBe.
2.—William K. Frost, an old time resident of
this -itv. nod member of the Grand Army of
tl>e Republic, is dead at his home 1332 M
Twenty-fourth street, after suffering for sev
eral venrs with paralysis. Mr. Frof-t was cm
p: n< d in Hie buildiu? department of the South
ern* I'ncific conu>nny for many years. He was
»;7 yean of hzc and prominent In fraternal
circles. Hie funeral will be held Tuesday aft.
erooon, at 2 o'clock, from the E. James Fiuney
undertaking parlors, in Eighteenth street. In
ternipni will be iv Mountain View cemetery.
M. J. CURTIS. MASON— Sacramento. Fob. 2.—
Melanctfcoa -I. Curtis, treasurer of Sacramento
.iiid a prominent citizen, died todny. aged bh.
He wax a thirty-third degree Mason. He
came to California from Kansas .".0 years ago
and engaged in the real estate business.
pIe Creek. Colo., Feb. 2. —James Morton
Wright, president and general manager of the
Joe Dandy Mining .ouipauy. is dead here of
pneumonia, after n few days' illness. His wife
is visiting: in San Francisco.
BEEMAN-In this city. January 31. 1913. to the
Witt of 11. A. Beeruan (nee Trice', a daughter.
ZAUN —In this city, January 2S, 1013, to the
wife of .1. G. Zahn, a Bon.
aondn. Madeline..— Hirsinger. Harry ... 1
Karron. fUllTrt ....SK Isaacs. Amelia stf
Bisbee, Elizabeth .. — Keegan. Martin ... —
Borghero. Ellen — Kilemade. John —
Bowen, Everett N... 4:i jLevy. Hyrean 78
Brown, Charles F...2< Lindsay, Robert A..—
Brown, Fannie — Lissak, A. Hi!»
Chase. Rev. Ed ward — McClenden. Frances.. 70
Church, Carrie J... 61 Moore. William H..58
Crottin, Charles 23O'Halleran, James. .. 43
Lincoln ... ariOverpack, Nellie C. —
Dooflaat, John 1)... 8.".j Prien, J. Henry C.fwij
Dreyfuss. Caroline.. Rose SO
John C —jßice, Eleanor F 2«
Ida M — iSaulpaugh. Minna B. 40
Evelyn 5... 1 Scatena, Giuseppina. •»('.
Gibson, Raymond... 17 Schonfeld. Anna S. . -V>
Gowland. Emma en ' Spencer, Laura A... Si
Farley, Klllott .... 70 Stewart, Alexander. .K7
Haines, Kmellne B. — .Watson. John J.... 71
Halsey. Elizabeth .. 2S Wilsoo. Hattie E...T.5
Hargraves, Eleanor.. 2s Woodlmry, Isaac A. 84
Hennessey, Catherine—j
AURADOU—Tn $us city. January 31. 1913,
Madeleine Marie, beloved wife of A. L. Anra
dou, aud loving daughter of Eugene and Ella
l.imrlient. and the devoted sister of Mrs. J. \N.
Douglas, a native of Saratoga. N. T.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Tuesday!.
February 4, 1913. at 9 o'clock a. in., from her
late residence. CSS Second avenue. Richmond
District, thence to Star of the Sea church,
where a solemn requiem high mass will be
celebrated for the repose of her soul, com
mencing at 9:30 a. m. Interment Holy Cross
cemetery, by electric funeral car from Star of
tin Sea church. Eichth avenue between Cle
ment street and I'oint Lobos avenue.
BARRON -Entered into rest, in this city, Feb
ruary 2, 1913, Charles Barren, beloved son of
Harry and the late Julia Barron, and brother
of Mrs. J. C. I'iterman of Winnennicca. Nev..
nr>d Mrs. Max Maycrhofer and Edward and
William Barron, a native of San Francisco,
aged GO years.
Friends are respectfully invited to attend the
funeral tomorrow (Tuesday). February 4, at
2 p. ni.. at Gray's x-hapel. Geary and Divisa
dero streets. Itiferthtut Eternal Home ceme
tery, by automobiles.
BISBEE—In Berkeley. Cal., January 31. 1913,
Elizabeth, widow of the Iste Judge Bisbee,
and beloved mother of D. W. Bisbee. and sis
ter of Ben Williams of Los Angeles, a native
of Wales.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral from St. Mark's j
church, Berkeley, today (Monday). Feb- I
ruary 3, at 2 o'clock p. m. Interment pri
BORGHERO—In this city, January 31, 1913.
Ellen, dearly beloved wife of the late August
Burghero, and loviug mother of August L.
Borghero, Mrs. J. Trumpower, Mrs. l>. Berry.
Mr>. L. J. lirobeek. Mrs. T. F. Sullivan and
the late Francis Borghero, a native of Dublin,
Friends and acquaintances nre respectfully
invited to attend the funeral today (Mon
day), February :f. 19i;s. at 8:30 o'clock *a. m.,
from the parlors of the Western Undertaking
cjuijianv. 1230 Valencia street between Twenty
third *and Twenty-fourth, theuee to St.
Michael's church. Ocean View, where a re
quiem mass will be celebrated for the repose
of her tool, commencing at 9:30 a. m. Inter
ment Holy Cross cemetery, by carriage.
BOWEN—In this city, February 2, 1913. Everett
Newton, beloved husband of Eva Bowen, and
devoted father of Leslie L. and Madeline E.
Bowen. a native of San Francisco, aged 43
7 months and 22 days.
BROWN—In Belmont. San Mateo county, Feb
ruary l, 1013, Charles F., son of Charles W.
;ii!<i the late Helena Brown, a native of San
Francisco, aged 28 years 3 months and 2o
days. A member of Bald Eagle Tribe No. 75,
Imp'd O R. M.; Bald Eagle Council No. 77,
1). of P., and Court Presidio No. 40. F. of A.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in- i
Tited to attend the fnneral services tomorrow '
(Tuesday), at 2 o'clock p. m.. at the chapel of
Cocbran & Co., 1169 Valencia street near
Twenty-third. Incineration Cypress Lawn cem
etery. "
COPHT PRESIDIO NO. 40, F. OF A.—Officers
aud members are requested to attend the
funeral of our late brother P. C. R-. Charles
F. Brown, tomorrow (Tuesday), February 4,
191*, at 1:30 p. m.. from the chapel of Craig,
Cocbran & Cα, 11«9 Valencia street near Tvren
t\ -third. By order of
W H. GOI.LING, Chief Ranger.
Attest: C. E. MORRJSY, Fin. Sec.
BALD EAGLE TRIBE NO. 7.l—Offrers and
members are requested to attend the funeral of
our late brother. Charles F. Brown* from the
tHidertakins parlors of Craig, Cochran &. Co,,
lit , .!) Valencia street rjcr:r Twenty-third, tomor
row (Tuesday), at 1:30 p. m. By order of
A. T. NODDER. Sachem.
H. DIXON. Chief of Records.
BROWN—In Berkeley, February 2. 1913, Fannie,
wife of Charles Anderson Brown, a native of
N<-w York. (Cincinnati, 0., and New York
papers please copy.)
Funeral services tomorrow (Tuesday), Febru
ary 4. \UV.i, at 2 o>lock n. m., at her late
home. 2S2H Derby street. Berkeley. Services
and interment strictly private.
CHASE—On T'nited Stateß transport Sherman,
December 2.",. lfH2. Uev. Edward Chase, be
loved sou of Mrs. A. L. Cbase. a native of
Portland. Me. Chaplain of Thirteenth Infan
try, U. S. A., and a member of Manila Coun
cil of the Knights of Columbus.
The funeral will take place today (Mon
day). February :;, 1913. at 9:30 a. m.. from
the undertaking perlors of S. A. White & Co.,
thence to St. Mary's cathedral, where a solemn
requiem mass, at 10 o'clock a. m.,
will bp celebrated fr.r the repose of his soul.
KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS—The officers and
members of San Francisco Council No. 615 of
the Knights «'f C<>!'jnflr,;s are directed to at
tend the funeral of our brother. Rev. Edward
rouse, of Manila Council No. 1000, today
(Monday), February 3, 1013, at" 9:30 a. m.,
from the undertaking parlors of S. A. White
Co., 1214 Ed<ly street.
JOHN J. O'TOOLE. Grand Knight.
CHURCH—In Oakland. February 1. 1913, Car
rie Jane Church, beloved mother of David O.
Church, a uative of Ohio, aged 01 years 10
months and 23 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral services today
(Monday). February 3. at 10:30 s. in., st the
pttrlor* of IT. F. Suhr & Co.. 2919 Mission
•■tm-t between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth.
Incineration Cypress Lawn cemetery, by auto
CRONIN— In this city. January 30, 1913. Charles,
beloved brother of Nellie Cronfn, and cousin of
Mrs. D. O'Neil and Robert Spring, a native
of County Kerry, Ireland, aged 23 years.
Friends and acquaintance* are respectfully In
vited to attend the funeral today (Monday),
February .'!. at 9 o'clock a. m.. from his late
residence. 2319 Twenty-fourth street, thence to
St. Peter's church, where a requiem high mass
wil! be celebrated for the repose of his soul,
commencing at 9:45 o'clock a. m. Interment
Holy Cross cemetery.
DOUGLAS—In this city. February 1. 1913, Lin
coln, dearly beloved son of Fanny and the late
Wilson Douglas and loving father of Elaine*
Doogtaff, beloved brother of Mrs. Jennie Har
den. A. Powell. Mre. C. N. Cox n-nd Mrs.
R, Miller, of Virginia City. Nev.. aged
X yearn. rVirginia City papers please copy.)
Friends and acquaintances ore respectfully in-
SAVE HALF the Funeral Expenae.
Market 711. Oakland 4043.
Independent nf the Trent
furnish for $75, embalming shroud, silver
mounted, cloth covered casket, hearse and
two carriages and give personal super
you $75 for the casket alone, and all
their prices are proportionate.
Godean Funeral Service Saves Yen Half.
Anto ambulance, carriages and atitos for hire
41 Vttn N«m Aye. 2210 Webster St.
805 Columbus Aye. Phone Oak. 4045
f vited to attend the funeral services tomorrow
• Uionlay), February 4, 1913. at 2 o'clock p. in.,
at the funeral parlors of Green. Uyau & Dono-
U«e, 4,;i-437 Vuleucia street between, fifteenth
aud Sixteenth.
• DOUGLASS—In Stockton. Cat.. Febmary 1. 1913.
/otuj D. I)«uij.iass. dearly beloved husband of
Eilea Douglass, and loving father of W. G.
Douglaee, anrl grandfather of J. A. Douglass
aod brae Douglass. Hinl great-grandfather of
•T. U. Douglass, a native of New York, aged
S3 years.
DEEYFUSS—In this city, .Tanuary 81, 101". at
her late residence, 46"> Minna street. Caroline
I>reyfui>s, dearly beloved mother of Miudell
Kingston World," and sister of the late Baruch
Artlsberg. ti native of Babenhaiisen. Hesse-
Darmstadt. Germaav, aged OS yearb l> mouths
end -'7 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral services today
(Monday*. February ."., at 12:30 p. m., at the
parlors of 11. K. Suhr & Co.. 2JHO Mission
etreet between Twrntv-flftii and Twenty-sixth.
Interment Home of Peace cemetery, by anto
EICHEL— In this city, Jiinuary 31, 1013, John
Cberlee, dearly devoted husband of Hannah E.
Elcbel, and loving koq of Maria and the. late
Christian Eicbel, and brother of WilMHtn and
Martin C. Eiehel. a native of San Francisco.
A member of Golden Gate Parlor No. 29, Na
tive Sous of the Golden West, aud Golden Gate
C. rap No. 64. VT. O. W.
Frteoda and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral today (Monday),
nt 8:80 a. tn.. from his late residence, 1208
Hampshire street near Twenty-fourth, thence
to Bt. Peter's ctnm-ta. whore a solemu requiem
high mass will be celebrated for the repose of
his soul, commencing at 9 o'clock a. m. In
terment Holy Cross cemetery.
EMLER— In this city, January 31, 191". Ida M.,
devoted wife of Jrhn F-niler, and loving mother
of Carl. I,eo J. and Frances J. Emler, a native
of Indiana.
I Yiends are respectfully invited to attend the
funeral services today (Monday), February
."5. 1913, at 8:-'iO o'clock a. m., at the chape!
of the Tniman I'ndertakinjt Company, 1919
Mission street between Fifteenth and Six
teenth, thence to St. Michael's church. Ocean
View, where a mass will be celebrated for the
repose of her soul, commencing at 9:30 o'clock
». ra. Interment Holy Cross cemetery, by au
FARLEY—In this city, January 30. 1913, Elliott
Farley, a native of Ireland, aged 70 years.
(New York. N. V.,, papers please copy.)
Friends are respectfully rivited to attend the
fnneral mrrlcm tomorrow (Tuesday), February
4. at 10 a. m., at bis late residence, 524
Kirkham street between Ninth and Tenth ave
nue. Interment Cypress Lawn cemetery, by
automobile. Remains at the chapel of the Tru
man Undertaking Company, 1019 Mission street
between Fifteenth and Sixteenth.
GERDES—In this city. February 1. 1913, Kvelyn
Sarah Gerdes. youngest and dearly beloved
daughter of Fred C. and Helena M. Gerdes.
and sister of Helen May Gerdes, and grand
daughter of Mrs. Sarah Gerdes and Mrs. Mar-
Raret Wilson, a native of Sau Francisco, aged
1 year K» months and 12 days.
Friends are respectfully invited to attend the
funeral services today (Monday). February
a, 1913. at 10 o'clock a. m., at the home of
her parents, 2*7.'! Mission street between Eigh
teenth and Nineteenth. Interment Cypress
Lawn cemetery, by carriage.
GIBSOX— In Berkeley. February 1, 1013, Ray
mond, beloved sou of Robert A. and H.ittie
Gibsoi}. a native of San Francisco, aped 17
years 0 months and 25 days. (Lam Angeles
and Chicago papers please copy.)
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend funeral services tomorrow
(Tuesday), February 4, 1013, at 2 p. m., at
the family residence. lt>o4 Woolsey street,
Berkeley. Interment Sunset View cemetery.
GOWXAND— In this city, February 2, 1913.
Rnima Qowtud. beloved wife of the .late Peter
C. Gowland and mother of Mrs. A. E. Crom
arty, Robert C. and George W. Gowland, Mrs.
M. L. Fordham. Edith E. and Lewis G. Gow.
land, a native of Nelson, N. 7... aged 69 years
3 months and 10 days. (San Jose papers
please copy.
Funeral services will be held tomorrow
Tuesday), February 4, 1913, at 1:30 o'clock
p. m., at the chapel of the Truman Under
taking company, 1919 Mission street between
Fifteenth and Sixtenth. Interment private.
HAINES— In this city, February 2, 1913, Emel
ine 8., beloved wife of Henry M. Haines, and
mother of Edith C. and George A. Hainee, a
Uative of New York.
Funeral (private) tomorrow (Tuesday). Feb
ruary 4, at 10 a. m., from the parlors of
Ashley & McMnllen, 325 Sixth avenue between
Geary and Clement streets.
I HALSEY -In this city, February 2. 1913, Kllza
l*-th, beloved wife of F. A. Halsey, a native of
Oakland, ajied 28 years 1 month and 5 days.
HARGRAVEB (nee HARTIIOLDi —In this city.
February 1, 1013. Eleanor, dearly beloved wife
of Herbert E. Hargraves. and loving mother
of Eleanor Margrave*, and daughter of Chris
tina I). Barthold. and sister of Mrs. Fr>il Bleb*
and Robert, Bert, Agnes and Edna Barthold.
a native of San Francisco, aged 28 years and 5
mouths. (Providence, R. 1., papers piease copy.)
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited tn attend the funeral services tomorrow
(Tuesday), l-'ebruary 4, at 2 p. m.. at the par
lors of H. F. Sunr & Co.. 2919 Mission street
between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth. Inter
ment Greenlawn cemetery, by electric funeral
car from Twenty-eighth and Valencia streets.
HENNESSEY—In this city. February 1. 1913. at
h-r late residence, 3«0 Haijcht street, Cather
ine, beloved wife of the late John B. Hennes
sey, and sister of Martin Carroll Hassett and
Eliza F. Stone and the latp Mrs. A. M. Legott
and Mary Hassett, a native of County' Tipper.
ary, Ireland.
Friends are respectfully Invited to attend the
funeral tomorrow (Tuesday). «t 8:30 a. m.,
from her late residence, 360 Height street,
thence to Sacred Heart church, where a re
quiem high mass will be celebrated for the
repr.se of her soul, commencing at 9a. m. In
terment Holy Cross cemetery, by automobile.
j HIRSINGEE-rn this city.. February 1. 1913.
Harry Hirsinger, dearly beloved son of Gertrude
and the late George E. Hirsinger, and loving
brother of George and Frank Hirsinger, a na
tive of San Ftaneisco, Cal., aged 1 year 9
months and 1C days.
The fnneral will take place - today (Monday),
at 1 o'clock p. m.. from the funeral parlors" of
Green, Ryan & Donohoe, 431-4-J7 Valencia street
between Fifteenth and Sixteenth. Interment
Holy Cross cemetery.
ISAACS—In this city. February 2, 1913, Amelia,
dearly beloved wife of Julius Isaacs, and
mother of Charles W., Harry and Louis 1C
Isaacs and Mrs. A. L. Hartmann, and beloved
sister of Mrs. Frances J. Horn, Mrs. George
Loomis, Mrs. T)ora Herman and Morris
Humraerfleld of Chicago and Mrs. I. Sbei of
Aberdeen, Wash., a native of Germany, aged
M years. (Seattle and Chicago papers please
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral services tomorrow
(Tuesday), at 10 o'clock a. m., at the residence
of her son, Harry Isaacs, 347 Waller street
between Webster and Flllmore. Interment
Salem cemetery, by electric funeral car from
Thirteenth and West Missiou streets
BODECIA CIRCLE NO. 3, U. A. O. D.— You are
hereby requested to attend the funeral of our
latft sister, Mrs. Amelia Isaacs, tomorrow
(Tuesday), at 10 o'clock a. m.. from her late
residence, 347 Waller street. By order of
MRS. C. KEEBLER, Arch Druidess.
MRS. MARY T. BECKER, Secretary.
KEEGA3T—In this city, February 1, 1913, Mar
tin, dearly beloved husband of the late Ellen
Keegan, and loving father of Mrs. Felix
Dougherty and James Keejran and the late
Mrs. Thomas Henry and John Keegan, a native
of County Roscommon. Ireland.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral today (Monday).
February 3, at 8:30 o'clock a. m., from Lie
late residence, 261 Missouri street near Eigh
teenth, thence to St. Teresa's church. Nine
teenth and Tennessee street, where a rexjuieui
high mass will be celebrated for the repose of
bio eoul, commencing at 0 a. m. Interment
Holy Cross cemetery, by carriage.
KILEKADE—In this city. February 1. 1913,
John, dearly beloved husband of Annie Kile
inade, and loving father of Carmelita Kile
made, a native of County Lougford. Ireland.
A metnber of Cnmp Nelson A. Miles No. 10,
United States Spanish War Veterans.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Tuesday),
«t a. m.. from his late residence, »;."i
Twenty-ninth street between Castro ami Dia
mond, thence to St. Paulis church, where a sol
emn requiem high mass will be celebrated for
the repose of his soul, commencing at 9 a. m.
Interment Holy Cross cemetery, by carriage.
I LEVY—In this city, February 1, 1913, ilyman
husband of Minna Levy, father of Mrs.
Abe Levy and Louis and the late Seymour
Levy, and grandfather of Morris Levy, a uative
of Germany, seed 78 years. (Grass Valley
papers please copy.)
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral services today
(Mondavi, February 3, 1013, at 2 o'clock
p. ra., at the parlors of the Western Tnder
taking company, 1286 Valencia street between
Twenty-third and Twenry-fourtb. Interment
Hills of Eternity cemetery, by electric funeral
car from Twenty-eighth itnd Valencia streets.
LINDSAY—In this city. February 1, tm.l. Rob
ert A. Lindsay, dearly beioved bvHbaad of
Henrietta Lindsay, loving father of Robert
H., Howard M., Edwin F. and W. R. Lindsay
Mrs. I. 1). Wnxome and Mrs. R. A. Lew in, a
native of New Brunswick.
Funeral will take place today (Monday),
at 1 p. m., from his late residence. 1781 Ninth
avenue. Sunset, where services will be held
Interment private.
995 Mrt@& Sfcr©©iL.
BUTTER «♦.-. HOME J4167.
Cemetery Phone. Mission 3341.
AH arrangements for burials or cremations
made at city offlce or cemetery. Special atten
tion given to REMOVALS from old city C em«
terlee. Entire cemetery under perpetual care
roaranteed bjr cur Perpetual Car* Fund of
LIBSAK-— At rest in this city. February 1. 1913,
A. H. LissaU. busband «t the late M. H. Lis
sak, and father of A. F.. Maud A.. Madeline
fl'id Kdna 11, Lfssak and tV late Albert and
Coloue! o.'M. J.i>sak. a ujulve of New York,
aged 79 years 30 months aud 18 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully In
vited t» attend the funeral tomorrow (Tuesday i.
February 4, 1913, at 11 o'clock a. m.. front
Triuity Episcopal church, comer of Bush and
GoujiU streets. Intermeut Mountain View cem
etery, Oakland, by automobile.
McCLENDEN—Passed away, in this city, Febru
ary 2, 1913, at tbe residence of her daughter.
Mrs. Mattie Hymao. 1400 Page street. Frances
McClenden. loving wife of W. l>. M'Clendeu,
nnd beloved mother of .lames, Frank and A. J.
Goodruni and Mrs. Moilk' Conner, Mrs. Aunie
Trousdale, Mrs. Mattie Ifynian and Mrs. Maud
Honig and Kobert and Pearl McClenden, and
sister of W. W and A. J. Williams and Mrs.
lSliza Parks of Chieo. Cal., a native of Missouri,
aged 70 years 10 months nnd 10 days. (Red
Bluff, Chlco and Sacrarneuto papers please
Notice of funeral hereafter.
MOOEE—In Oakland. February 2. lOin. William
Howe, dearly beloved husband of Loretta
Moore, a native of New York, aged 58 years.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend funeral services tomorrow
• Tuesday), February 4, 1913, at l'» o'clock
a. ni.. at his late residence, 6091 Clairmont
avenue, Oakland. Interment Oakland crema
O'HALLERAN— In this city. February 2. 19W,
«t his bite residence, 1116 Barneveld avenue,
.lames W. O'Halleran. <learly beloved sou of
llauorali and the late William O'llallernn. and
beloved brother of Mrs. M. Ward. Mrs. Thomas
Taylor, Mrs. Thomas Doyle, and Mrs. Thomas
Raper and the late Thomas J. O'Halleran. a
native of San Francisco, Cal., aged 4.J years 1
month aud o days.
Funeral notice hereafter.
OVEEPACK—In this city. February 1. 1913.
Nellie Corriue, dearly beloved daughter of
Warren U. and' Florence Overpaek, a native of
San Francisco.
Funeral (strictly private) today (Mon
day), at 2 p. m., at the chapel of r'raip. Coch
ran & Co., 1169 Valencia street near Twenty
PSIEN—At rest, in this city. February 2. 1013,
J. Henry C, dearly beloved husband of M«r
jraretha Prien and devoted faiher of Mrs.
Theodore Wehr. Mrs. WlUlam P. W red en and
Mrs. William Kabben and Henry, Ida and Lil
lian Prien, a native of Kiel. Germany, aged 6t)
years io months nnd IS days. A member of
the Sau Francisco Sehuetzeu Vorein.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral Wednesday, at 2
P. m., from his late residence, 1030 Leaven
worth street between Pine and California. In
terment Cypress Lawn cemetery, by electric
funeral car from Thirteenth and West Mission
ttrcets. Special car for the accommodation of
EEILLY—In this city, January "1, 1913, Rose
Keilly, aged r>o years.
Remains at the parlors of Monahan & Co.,
-■".';9-41 Mission street near Nineteenth.
EICE—Id this city. February 1, 1913, Eleanor F.
Rice (nee Sbeeliy), dearly beloved wife of
Harry T. Rice ami devoted mother of Alice M.
Rice, and loving daughter of Patrick .1. and
Mary fcheeby. loving sister of May. William,
Margart , ?. Gertrude and Cyril Sheehv. a na
tive of San Francisco, aged 26 years 11 months
and 19 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral today (Mon
day). February 3, 1013. at 8:43 o'clock n. m.,
from the residence of her mother, 124." Lacuna
street, thence to St. Mary's cathedral, where
a requiem hiph mass will be celebrated for the
repose of her soul, commencing at 9:15 a. m.
Interment Holy Cross cemetery, by carriage.
SATJXFAUGH—In TCast Oakland, February 1,
1!H;>, Minna Kolette, dearly beloved wife of
Edward R. Baolpeugb, and devoted mother of
James, Henry, Lena. Robert, Francis and
Kunice Saulnaugh, and loving daughter of Mrs.
Lena Hall and the late Captain M. C. Krland
son. and sister of Mrs. A. T. Ross. (Jeorgie
Hail and Mrs. H. Pyle, a native of San Fran
cisco, aged 40 years and 10 months. A member
of Absith Impidia Rebekali Lodge, I. O. O. F.,
of Oakland.
The funeral will take place tomorrow (Tues
day i, at 1:30 o'clock p. m., from the parlors
of Suhr Sc Wieboldt, I"ST, Valencia street near
Twenty-flfth. Interment (private) Woodlawn
BCATENA—In Hoald'hurg, Cal.. January 31,
ini:i. Gluseppina Scatena. dearly beloved wife
of Msrtino Scatena, aDd dearly beloved mother
of Frank, Humbert and Ede Scatena and Mrs.
James Razzetto, and daughter of Msdaleaa De
nisrtini, and sister of Emclio Demartini, aged
46 years and 2 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respeptfully in
vited to attend tie funeral Wednesday, Feb
ruary .". at 11 a. m., from St. John's Cath
olic chnreh. H»nl<Jsburp, where a requiem
hisrh mass for the repose of her soul will be
held. Interment Oak Mound cemetery.
SCHONFELD— In this city. February I. 1913,
Annie S., dearly beloved wife of the late
I>avld Schonfeld, devoted mother of Louis C,
Annie M. and the late David C. Seborfeld, and
living sister of Mrs. O. Burtneister, a native
of San Francisco, aiced M years.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral today (Mon
day), at 1 p. ra., from her late residence, 20r>o
Stelner street jiear California. Interment
Mount Olivet, cemetery, by electric funeral car
from Turk and Steiner streets.
SPENCES—At rest in Berkeley, February 2.
1918, l,a;irH A. Spencer, mother of the late
Frederic M. S|ie*cer, grandmother of Mrs.
Arthur G. Smith and aunt of Mrs. S. 1). Wet
more, Mrs. A. Bartlett and Mrs. Albert Norton.
a native of New York, aged 87 years 10
months and 10 days.
Friends and acquaintances lire respectfully
Invited to attend funeral services tomorrow
(Tuesday), February 4, 1913, at 1 o'clock
p. m., at her late residence, 2003 Mllvia
street. Interment (private) Mountain View
STEWART—In this city. February 1. 1913. Alex
ander. beloved husband of the late Bessie Stew
art, and loving; father of Mrs. Jessie Watson
and Mrs. A. F. Sinclair and David Stewart and
A'cx Stewart, and grandfather of Mrs. C. K.
Bowflley and Alex and Ethel Watson, a native
of Scotland, aged S7 years and 10 months.
(Scotland and Australia papers please copy.) *
Friends aud «cqnalntanees are respectfully In-
Tlted to attend the funeral services tomorrow
(Tuesday), February 4, at 10:30 a. m., at the
parlors of H. F. Suhr & Co.. 2019 Mission
street between Twenty-flfth and Twenty-sixth.
Interment Cypress Lawn cemetery, by carriage.
WATSON—On board the steamer Cleveland. No
vember 2!». 1!»12, John J. Watson, a native of
Jamestown, T{. 1., aged 71^ years.
The remains were forwarded Sunday. Feb
runry 2, 1913. from the parlors of Suhr Sc Wie
boldt, 1385 Valencia street near Twenty-flfth,
to Newport, R. 1., for Interment in the family
WILSON—In Oakland. February 2, 1913, Hattie
B. l>eloved wife of James E. Wilson aud
mother of Mrs. E. 1C Brown of Portland,
Ore., and Mrs. F. H. Caleudun of Oakland, a
native of New Hnmpshire, aged 55 years 3
months and 27 days.
WODDBITEY -In this city. Jannary 30.
Isaac A. Woodbury, cousin of A. Si, Ilaiii, s.
k native of Massachusetts, aged 84 year*.
Friends arc resoectfnlly invited to attend the
fuueral services today (Monday), February
•*. at IO a. m., at Gray's chapel, Geary find
Dlvisadero streets. Interment Mountain View
cemetery. Oakland.
ietb nr. Valencia—Union store; funeral work a
tpeeialtr at lowest prices. Pbone Market 5723.
DARBEE. FLORIST—Not the oldest nor the larg
est, but the VERY BEST IN TOWN. 1038
Uyilr st nenr Cel. PHONE FRANKLIN 208.
PARK 303—Artistic fioml (Irsienn specialty. CJele
A Jacobson. German florists. 942 FillmoTe «t.
i. J. O'CONNOR, 2756 Mission et. bet. 23d and
24th: tel. Mission iif*BS—Funeral work epecialty
BHIBELEYMANN CO:, the lfadlne florists. 1203
Sotter. Franklin 2094. Frauk Stalbeley. M«r.
UNION FLORIBTS. phone Market 3285. Funeral
work a specialty. 3017 16th st. near Mission.
PARK FLORAL. 1437 Height Rt.; phone Park
336—Cut flowpM. plants, etc. R. Groves. Prop,
Miss Frances Dougherty to
Appear at Benefit For
St. Mary's College
Miss Frances Dougherty has com
pleted arrangements for a benefit en
tertainment in aid of the golden Jubilee
fund of St. Mary's college, Oakland, to
be held in Native Sons hall, Mason and
Geary streets, tomorrow evening.
As a graceful interpreter of Gaelic
dances and as a vocalist of ability,
Miss Dougherty has enjoyed extensive
popularity in the bay cities. She will
be assisted by several local entertain
ers of recognized standing.
The coming entertainment is one of
a series planned by friends at St.
Mary's college and by the alumni of the
Oakland institution.
Skylight Thief at Work —Lowering
himself through a skylight with a piece
of wire rope, a midnight intruder en
tered the leather goods store belonging
to W. A. Bernheim, 1*590 Flllmore
street, Saturday night, and from that
place entered through a side door a
restaurant adjoining. He took $1.50
from the restaurant cash register, but
took nothing from the leather goods
storo. The restaurant Is conducted by
X Peterson.
Aid Committee in Report
Shows $9,693 Was Spent
in Last Half Year
Officers Are Elected at 120 th
Semiannual Meeting of
Local Order
The general relief committee of the
local Independent Order of Odd Fellows
held its ono hundred and twentieth
semiannual meeting yesterday in the
Odd Fellows" building.
The reports show that during the last
six months the committee attended to
254 cases of members sick or in dis
tress. The amount received was
$9,196.74. The disbursements were:
General fund, $8,259.52; friendship
fund, $709.14, and expenses, $634.35;
total, $9,692.01. There remains in the
fund $7,434.05.
Eighteen deaths were reported.
The committee struck from the books
the amount of $650.14, which had been
deposited in the California Safe De
posit and Trust company.
The following , officers were elected
and installed by John Keller, retiring
A. T. MoCreery of Presidio lodge,
president; R. ri. Acton of Pacific lodge,
vice president; A. M. Brand, "Western
Addition lodge, secretary (eighteenth
term): George M. Rutherford, Golden
Gate lodge, treasurer.
The new committees:
Finance—L. L. Putnam, Farnsworth lodge; F.
J. Jensen, Alta Lodge; John F. Stolz, Yerba
BuPna: I{. It. Whiteside, Fort Point.
Employment—H. W. Osthoff, Fidelity lodge;
It. D. lientaul. Apoilo; Oscar Young, Western
Addition ; B. V. Hayland, Presidio; N. H. Nell
son. Magnolia.
Southern Pacific Hospital—Eric W. Oman,
Morse lodge; Thomas Cowley, Abou Ben Ad hem;
Walter T. Lyons. Templar.
French Hospital—Albert H. Monchner end L.
Vergez, Franco-American lodge; Charles A.
Ilaufe, Occidental.
St. MikP'fi Hospital— J. 1C Wilson. Morse
lodge; J. Coulman, Pacific; Jake R. Effler, Farns- j
Bermka Hospital— J. A. Lnnd, Odin lodge; Carl !
0. Peterson, Odin; Edward Klinbeil, Concordla.
Lane Hospital— lke Rosenblatt, Bay City
lodse: Williaui C. McKibbln, Occidental; D. M. I
LlTlneston. California.
Ruena Vista Sanatorium—W. L. Metiner Jr.,
Cosmopolitan lodge; J. W. Gilley, Fidelity; Alec
G. Atwood, Golden West.
Printing committee—T. W. McCartney, Apollo
lodge; Charles Bauer, Germania; Oscar J. De
wall, Spartan.
W. F. Gross, C. S. 11., Member of Board
of Lectureship of Mother Church,
Speaks at Dreamland
Willis F. Gross, C. S. 8., member of
the board of lectureship of the Mother
Church, the First Church of Christ,
Scientist, in Boston, Mass., delivered a
lecture on Christian Science yesterday
afternoon at Dreamland rink.
Mr. Gross, who was introduced by
Judge J. C. Campbell, said in part:
"The principal reason why the mas
ter's method of healing has not been
generally understood and put Into prac
tice is because it was considered mirac
ulous—i. c., contrary to law or, at least,
contrary to the laws to which men in
their present state are subject.
"Christian Science teaches that the
healing of sickness is no more miracu
lous than salvation from sin, and there
is one effectual remedy for both. The
master recognized both sin and sick
ness as the work of evil. There is
nothing in his teaching or practice to
justify the conclusion that sickness is
good or that it is the manifestation of
the divine will."
Alleged Fugitive Caught—Samuel
McKay, said to be wanted by the au
thorities of Alberta, Canada, on the
charge of horse stealing, was arrested
last night in the New Orleans house,
Stockton street and Broadway, by
Detectives Gallagher and Silver. He
will be held for the Canada police.
Weather Report
United States Pepartment of Agriculture,
Weather Bureau. Sau Francisco, February 2.
eg CS
9 ?
• ; So
ed Bluff
[ount Tamalpals..
un Francisco
un Jose
0.00 24.75
0.00 13.17
0.00 5.32
0.00 15.81
0.00 8.82
0.00 S.91
0.00 2.52
0.00 0.92
0.00 4.51
0.00 2.90
0.00 2.88
K>. S«
r>. sn
independence .•';'.*..".
an Luis : Oblspo...
us Angeles . ir.'.T;.
an I Diego \
In the following tables the maximum and mini
mum temperatures and rainfall are given:

1121.00 HRed Bluff i
118.00! Reno I
40|.00||Boseburg I
40!.00 -acramento ...i
126.04 'Salt Lake |
iZ 00 San Diego |
S.09 tea l^ranclsco.
62 .00 Sao Joee
M.OO ». L. Obispo...
Iβ.12 ». K. Fnrallou.
" .00 Spokane
122 .02 Sammit
j4l!.00 Tacoma I
. . .001 Tatoosh I
144 .00 ! ;Tonopah
1 4 .001'Walla Walla..
151 .00 Winneniucca .
|*4.00!l'uma |
Del Monte
lU*2J.KV.meUCH .
os Angeles.. .
t. Tamalpais
orth Head...
t. Reyes Lt..
Uhintlc City..
."i \nnxviiie ....
.00 ;
I.0O Memphis
'.22 Fontpomery ..
1.00 Montreal
.00 Moorhend
.001!New Orleans..
.00 i New York I
.04 !North Platte..
1.02 Oklahoma
L08 nttshnrg
|.00 Roswell
i.:i4 St. Lonin
.00 ISt Paul
.02 Toledo
.UOijWashinjjton ..
.OS! WiDalp*s
'.18 ,
)ps Moines....
>oftpo cur
t 4
ialreeton ....
Jropii Bay....
laeksonvillf ..
\ansas City.. .
The pressure Is falling rapidly along the en
tire coast. Ham Is reported in the Puget socnd
faction DDd snow in eastern Washington, north
ern Idaho and Montana. A moderate depression
over Arizona and New Mexico will more east
iuiil probably nulte oTcr the Misnissippi valley,
with a second depression now over Minnesota
and moving urmth. Soow is reported In Kansas.
MJKaouri and Illinois. Rain is falling ia all the
gulf states.
The temperature Is rising over the entire
country east of the Mississippi, but th« iso
t herns of freezing stlil rune south of northern
Te.ta*. Missouri, Ohio and Virginia. On the
I'acitic coast the temperature Is falling slowly.
Forecast mnde in gan Francisco for SO hours
ending midnight Monday, February 3, 1913:
For Sau Francisco and vicinity —lncreasing
cloudiness and rain by night; brisk southwest
For Santa Clara valley—Cloudy; cooler Mon
day, probably rain by night: brisk south winds.
For Sacramento vnlloy—Cloudy, cooler Mon
day: rain by nipht: brisk south wind*.
For Snn Joaquln valley—Cloudy, cooler Mon
day; light south winds.
For California km to of the Tehachapt—Fair
Monday: light frost in the morning- light north
wiuds. A. 8. McADIK, District Forecaster.
Jama J. McTiernan.
Secretary-Treasurer of the
Council Chosen With
out Opposition
* James J. McTier
fffcpfTJp* nan, who at the last
meeting of the San
Francisco Labor council, was elected
to the office of financial secretary
treasurer, has held the office of treas
urer for several terms of six months.
Under the amended constitution the
office of financial secretary was con
solidated with that of treasurer and
he was nominated for the combined
office without opposition, being one
of the two elected without an opponent
being placed in nomination.
He is now, and has been for a long
time professor of blacksmlthing at the
Polytechnic high school.
Local No. 22 of the United Brother
hood of Carpenters and Joiners of
America last Saturday night celebrated
the thirty-first anniversary of the in
stitution by an entertainment and ball
in the auditorium of the Building
Trades temple. There was a large at
tendance, a pleasing program, a well
arranged order of dances and excellent
music. The grand march was led by
P. 11. McCarthy and wife, who were
followed by three of the charter mem
bers of the organization.
* * *
A report from the headquarters of
the United Brotherhood of Carpenters
and Joiners of America to the subordi
nate locals shows that at the close of
the last fiscal year the organization
had cash on hand amounting to $264,
--243; real estate in Indianapolis, Ind.,
valued at $74,407 and land in Neder
land, Tex., and in Sulphur, Okla., as
sessed in the aggregate at $350, mak
ing a total asset of $339,000. Interest
collected durng the year totaled
$18,279. Amount paid during that
period for organizing work, $263,474.
The Stockton Central Labor council
has placed the following members in
nomination for the several offices to
be elected at the next meeting:
For president, A. P. Harrison; vice
president, Thomas Moran; district or
granlzer for the A. F. of L., Christopher
Gauthier; recording secretary, George
A. Dean; financial secretary, Mrs. Addie
Schmidt; treasurers, William Carvell
and George Peterson; sergeant at arms,
George Gustafson; trustee, E. H. Gro
Local No. 572 of the Cooks' and
Waiters' union has elected as its of
ficers for the current term: President,
Robert Musgrave; vice president, Wal
ter Pierce; secretary-treasurer and
business agent, James Hanson; record
ing secretary, A. Smith; inspector, Eddie
Arrivey; guard, George Pholey; Chap
lain, L. E. Stacey.
The joint council of Teamsters No.
14 has installed as officers for the cur
rent term: President, C. Salgado; vice
president. C. N. Perkins; recording sec
retary, B. Tompkins; financial secre
tary-treasurer, J. C. Rakestraw; trus
tee, R. W. Pyle; warden, J. F. Cal
laghan; conductor, J. G. Leach.
Fiancer Thlnke Virginia Feudlet's Life
Might Be Saved by Personal
Plea to Governor Mann
(Special Dispatch to The Call)
RICHMOND. Va., Feb. 2.—Believing
that a personal appeal to Governor
Mann will aid Claude Allen, sentenced
with Floyd Allen to die March 7 for
the murder of Judge Thornton I* Mas
sie, the young man's fiancee, Miss Nel
lie Wisler, has offered to have herself
locked up as a hostage while he makes
the trip from the penitentiary to the
executive office.
Mr. Willis, attorney for the Aliens
I and friend of the condemned men. has
! appeared before Governor Mann plead
ing their cause.
The Aliens contend Massie waa killed
by accident. Governor Mann has taken
their plea under advisement and will
submit a written decision within a few
Alleged Fugitive From Justice Plane
Habeas Corpus Proceedings
(Special Dispatch to The Call)
FRESNO, Feb. 2. —John J. Craig,
wanted .in Waukesha, Wls., on four
charges of embezzlement, will in all
probability fight extradition. He has
engaged an attorney and an attempt
to secure his release by habeas corpus
will be started today.
Craig alleges that the charges
against him are of a civil nature and
that he can not be prosecuted for a
Sheriff Gibson of Waukesha is on his
way to California after Craig. accord-
Ing to a telegram received today by
Chief of Police Jones.
Craig was sought by the San Fran
cisco police before he came to Fresno.
STOCKTON, Feb. 2.— J. B. Doughs,
known throughout Nevada and Cali
fornia in early days as "Jack" Douglas
and for a etage agent in Tuol
umne county, is dead at his home in
Stockton. He was 82 years old. For
the last 35 years the former stage man
conducted a saloon in Stockton, and
his mineral exhibits, saved from the
days of '49 and always prominently
displayed by him, made of his place of
business here an attractive center for
all mining men asid early day sur
Oceanic Liner Meets Acci
dent Two Days Out
of Sydney
Ship Makes 13% Knots,
Arriving Nearly Three
Days Late
Completing- the most remarkable trip
ever accomplished by a twin screw
steamer with only one screw in use,
the Oceanic liner Sonoma, Captain
Trask, put in yesterday morning from
Sydney, 2 days and 1G hours behird
schedule. The Sonoma accomplished
0,200 miles with only a port screw
and averaged knots.
Captain Trask reports the accident
occurred two days out of Sydne}-. The
tailshaft of the starboard screw
snapped in the tube. Captain Trask
says that either a submerged rock or
floating pile was , struck. The tail
shaft snapped C 7 feet from the screw,
leaving 10 feet of shaft in the tube.
The accident occurred at night and
the Sonoma ley to li hours. The
broken propeller blade was made fast
to the taffrail by cables. Passengers
looking over the taffrail could see the
propeller sticking out 25 feet. Th«
vessel proceeded, and 51 hours later
in a heavy head sea the shaft loosened
the jam in the etrut and the shatt
slipped out into the sea and was losflf"
At Pago-Pago Naval Governor Grofe
had divers ready and an examination
was made. The vessel proceeded with
out incident except head and contrary
The Sonoma will drydock this morn
ing , at Hunters point and will have a
new tailshaft installed within four
days. It will depart for Sydney on
schedule a week from tomorrow. There
was no noticeable change in response
to steering, notwithstanding the loss
of the screw. Captain Trask docked
at Honolulu without a tug.
Chief Engineer N. L. Town is highly
commended for his efficient handling of
the engine.
The Sonoma brought 39 first cabin
passengers , , 30 second cabin and 13
Among the passengers were H. J.
Bellinger of the Great Cobar mines,
New South Wales, and his family:
Buchanan Clark, Sydney architect, and
his wife; William Cleft, Sydney ship
builder; W. W. Hill, chief of railroad
construction in New South Wales , ; W.
Harkins, inspector general of publio
works, New South Wales; Jack Lester
and Ernie Zander, prize fighters; Neale
Haig, civil engineer of Sydney.
McNolty Leaves Sea
When Purser William H. McVtilty of
the Oceanic liner Sonoma stepped from
the gangplank yesterday he announced
that he had completed nis last voyage
on the craft.
McNulty is going back to hie old job
as clerk of Judge Graham's court. Last
April he obtained a six months' leave of
absence to take out as purser the
Sonoma on her maiden trip to Sydney.
Later he got six months' additional
leave, and his year's leave Is now up.
Captain Trask and officers of the ship
and of the company are sorry to see
McNulty take off the gold braid, and
McNulty is sorry to leave them, but ho
thinks the old court job is best
He will be taking down the record
before Judge Graham once more next
Wednesday. Purser Bray takes his
President Near Collision
The Pacific coast liner President nar
rowly averted running down the pllnt
schooner Pathfinder in anchorage off
Meiggs wharf yesterday morning. Tt
was about 7 o'clock when Captain
Thomas of the President, proceeding
up the bay, picked out a course be* «
tween the schooners Oregon and Hel rfj
Johnson, anchored off Black poin/r s '
With the turning tide the little
schooner Pathfinder was lying broad
side in the President's course and Cap
tain Thomas did not see the craft.
Lookout Ernest Raynard of tlm
Chamber of Commerce, Just returning
from the foreign bottoms, shouted a
warning. Captain Thomas signaled
full speed astern just in time to stop
a half length from the little craft. It
was necessary for the President to lny
to some time to wait the tide to aid
the craft from the entanglement.
On the trip down the coast Constance
Roland, two months old child of a
Tacoma couple, died, and the President
had to pass quarantine.
* * *
It was a busy morning yesterday at
sunrise for the customs and immigra
tion officials. Five foreign bottoms ar
rived. They were: The trawler James
Carruthers, Captain McGee, from
Grimsby, England; Azt»c, from Bal
boa; Wellington, from Mindanao: bark
Calcutta, from Shanghai, and **onoina,
from Sydney. The trawler Jarne* Car
ruthers, third of the fleet for British
Columbia waters, stopped for coal and
Miscellaneous "Soirm
The steam schooner Riverside Is due
today from Port Townsend with the
waterlogged schooner Oceania Wave in
The Pacific Mail liner Mongolia is
early tomorrow morning from tlie
Items of Interest to Mariners of
the Pacific
(SneeieV Dispatch to The Cell)
■ EUREKA, Feb. • 2.--Exports from the port of
Eureka during the year 1912 exceeded the Im
ports in ' value by ;: . $3,771,846, according to the
annual ; report of , the : harbor commissioners Just
made public. . V' •■ ,. ,
•Lumber, dairy, products • and other articles
of commerce valued at • $10,857,238: were ex
ported during the/ year, while the Imports were
Talued at $5,090,846. > - - '
- The , exports for 1912 . show an Increase , of
$1.191,006 over "■ the ;•. previous year, ' while a
decrease In • Imports of $165,987 occurred. Thus
Hum bold : export trade gained over $1,000,
000, f while the .imports dwindled.: ■
* Lumber led all other exports, being valued at
$T.72S.49O. -r "•/:/,■.,'■
,-;Steamer W. IT. '..Murphy arrived early this
morning : from San - Pedro, coming . for a luai>"r
cargo. •■ -■..---- ' ■•■■ ;-;■■-• ■•■■■<,•■■ - - ■-,_ J
■•-, Steamer - F. - A. Kilburn, with passengers and
mail 1 from | San ". Francisco; arrived this ; morning.
; Bringing • panspogers and v, '/, miscellaneous
freight, .the ~: steamer.. Phoenix from San : Fran
cisco '. crossed*,ln late -this _, afternoon.. •■.:
V. Passengers, lumber and mail went out on the
steamer Vanguard,, which departed' early : this
morning J for Sen -.• Francisco. .";'■>"■ ' "~ - .
1 '.■,:' Barkentine , ; «Coronado ■? departed " this ' afternoon
with a cargo of -redwood lumber for San- Pedro.
Body -t of \f an unidentified S man ', was found on
the.; beach 'opposite Samoa -today.- ; ,
* BAN : PEDRO, , * Feb. 2— Pacific' Mail steamer
Pennsylvania : arrived this ,morning from San
Francisco, „ and , after taking passengers and ad
ditional ' cargo- -. proceeded for * Balboa' and Pan
ama. '■;>. : c'-': s '"lf -; 'J'--.i r . .-■.•..■*""■'" ' : -'" -■".. '. .' ■ ; : , ;
Schooner - Honolpa ■- has completed '■ the.. dis
charge, of 730.000 feet of lumber for local yards
sad z- is r s"!hp<lBle<l : to - sail: tomorrow ■ In x ballade
for San . Francisco i to load freight -tor. Honolulu.
Pacific Coast.company's" , steamer State of Cali
fornia ,-" returned ;;from *. San ? Diego, > and .. after
taking ,j passengers > and, additional ■•, cargo > pro
ceeded for iSan;:Francisco . via ■ Santa: Haroara.'
.sOll- baree : Uoetm>7 finished discharging 17.
000 '. barrels ! of crude oil for /Union Oil -companr
at Terminal > and %: cleared for 'Port? San Luht
in tow 'of* tug * Navigator to rel«a<I. ■ :'.
■ r . ■'. Steamer ;'Katherlne will complete discharge of
400,000 fect' ; ;; rt'flwood . lumber, and ' shine!e<; for
Hammond -. Lumber' company ■•; and will v clear to
morrow ■• for i Ilueneni" : : to , (Hseliarge • 200.000 . ad
ditional 'feet,', thence for ; Eureka . In ballast to
reload. ■ _• V ■ !
(%■ Pacific " Navigation . company's . steamer; Yale ,.
arrived i this f, morning i from ■ San ; Francisco with
k passengers and i.freight and ,, doubled back - on
rot urn •' trip ■ this afternoon. ;.'■ '• . •,.* 'I: : . •'
Arrivals during, ntclit Include steamer Tatnnl
pals -from ■• Grays .-Harbor : via S;iti Francisco •
with ''- piisfrnKers L. and -freight - for West > t 'on-t -
Steamship»companr tad CiH>,tiOO tmt of - lumber
for * K. K. AYooil , I-umler cumpnny.
Departures today includmlt'otenmcr RoNi City
for *{ Portland > via ■ San.,Francisco ■■:and , Astoria,'
< with;aviarpe"vpaR8enff' > r,;ami5 freight list.A
■»•< Steamer .. Grays - Harbor c cleared: for , Bedoodo
Bench -f with ball , me --of i lumber cargo, and la
scheduledts to > clear; Tuesday • for.- San ! Francisco
for I orders. r« - - ■■■■••■'/■■ ; . r ' : ■-•> . ■■•,,■';
/.Carrying : fiOO.fMiO feet, of lumber ; for .whole
salers at tills port,"schooner Wawona ; has sailed
from ri Aberdeen.:; - V, ,
ASTORIA, Feb. 2.—Steamer Parstso. arriving
In I port late last evening. -: picked up > the gasoline
schooner? Bunny In a a waterlogged condition, »lt
miles off Tlllamook "-, bend, and ; its 3 crew * of . ♦«<>
men. The Bunny left Tillamook four day 8 agV'en
route I to ;the Columbia; river, and while s crossing
the ;, bar was; hit by .r, a ... heavy; sea opening her
' — ■ i^—
Continued on Next Pase
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