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Crushing Defeat to Turkish
Troops in Peninsula of
Galiipoli Seems to Be
Contents of Czar's Letter to
Franz Josef Is Not
Made Public
HHal dispatch was received from the
Tchatalja lines tonight.
Tt says:
"Skirmishes continue in front of the
Turkish army at Tchatalja. hut the
situation is unchanged. Our infantry
and cavalry on the left wing are har
assing- the enemy. Engagements,
which do not modify tlje situation, are
proceeding in the direction of Gallipoll,
between the Turkish troops at Bulair
and the enemy's forces at Xamllon.
'The bombardment of Adrianople
still is in progress, but the fortress is
offering violent resistance."
Great Battle Not Confirmed
LONDON. Feb. B.—A sensational re
port that the Turks suffered a crush
ing defeat at the hands of the Bul
garian troops in the peninsula of Gal
lipoli and lost 16,000 killed and 10.000
prisoners, which was published in Ber
lin this morning, received no confirma
tion or support from any other source
Tt is doubted here whether such a
battle could have been fought and such
a victory won without Bulgarian head
quarters hastening officially to notify
the world.
A telegram received from the Bul
garian capital this afternoon made no
reference to any fighting. Tt merely
mentioned the departure of King Fer
dinand for the field.
Montenegro, like all the rest of the
belligerents in the Balkan war, is
badly in need of funds. The govern
ment at Cettfnje is now trying to place
a small short term Issue here, but the
financiers have barred their doors and
resolutely refused to give any assist
ance which might prolong the fighting.
Czar Replies to Austria
ST. PETERSBURG, Feb. S.~Emreror
Nicholas today handed his answer to
the autograph letter from Emperor
Francis Joseph of Austria to Prince
Hohenlohe - Waldenburg - Schillings
fuerst. who leaves this evening for
The greatest secrecy is observed here
Sfl to the nature of the Austrian Em
peror's letter and that of the Russian
emperr's reply, the draft of which
nras submitted to Sergius Sazonoff, the
Russian foreign minister, yesterday.
Financiers here apparently consider
the outlook In the Balkans favorable,
judging from the strength of today's
While the Pan-Slavic leaders are
filling the Chauvinist press with indig
nant denunciations of Foreign Minister
Sazonoff and of Russian diplomacy in
betraying the Slav cause and placing
the interests of Europe higher than
those of Russia, the Pan-Slav banquet,
which the police forbade February l
because the leading part to be played
by a higli Russian official at the func
tion would have given Austria just
grounds for protesting, is to be held
It is announced that speeches viru
lently against Austria and condemna
tory of the Russian foreign office arc to
be delivered.
Private Detective Contends That He la
Fugitive Who Committed Crime
In Stinol
\ OAKLAND. Feb. S.—Richard Charles
Rudge, marine on the cruiser Cali
fornia, will be supplied with fare to
attend the grand jury session here
Monday arid will make the trip'' from
Mare island in the < ompany of Sheriff
Although Rudge is in no sense under
restraint Sheriff Barnet will travel with
the marine who failed to appear Friday
as a witness after promising to observe
the subpena.
Rudge explained that he had no
money to pay his way.
The grand Jury probably will com
plete the probing of the Winslow mur
der ca.se Monday.
J. B. Markley, private detective, has
asserted that Rudge was the man
wanted in that case and though
witnesses who knew Klein, the real
suspect In the murder, have twice
positively stated that Rudge is not the
majft, Rudge will be given an opportu
nity to testify.
Mrs. Arthur Andrews, A. C. Garcia,
Joe Mendo2a and Lee Graves, who saw
Klein in Pleasanton. and who, with the
exception of Graves, declared Rudge
was not Klein, will confront the marine
again before the grand jury. Rudge
Informed District Attorney Hynes that
he had never been in Pleasanton or
The appearance of Rudge will he
with the consent of the commanding
officer of his ship, civil authorities
having no right to force his attendance,
according to Chief Deputy District
Attorney Leon A. Clark, today.
(Special Dispatch to The Call)
SAN* MATKO. Feb. X.—With the ar
rival of a big HO foot dredger from San
Raf-ael work on the system of levees
for several miles along the bay shore
already Is under way. The levees are
being built to prevent another influx
of the pesty mosquitoes, and from the
statements made by the entomologists
in charge, the noisome insects Will be
scarce this year.
The funds for the cost was provided
by the three cities of San Mateo, Hills
l.orough and Burllngame, each paying
an amount In proportion to its assessed
The tri-city mosquito committee con
sists of Samuel Knight of Hillsborough,
I". H. Moore* of Burllngame and Wil
llatn Kva of San MSteo. Leslie Whit
ney has volunteered his services as
superintendent of mosquito control.
orii'.it ur.x is fovxd
Acting on Information received re
cently that opium was concealed at
9.4 Grunt avenue, Deputy Surveyor
rharles A. Stephens yesterday detailed
• 'ustoms Inspector Joseph Head to
make an Investigation. While no opium
was found, numerous trapdoors and
placet of concealment were discovered,
•showing that the place was being used
for an opium joint. A sack full of
opium pipes and layouts seized
and taken as evidence.
With Nation's Legislators
Minutes of Two Booses
-«. ,—_ .*.
day in congress:
Eiilonics on late Senator* Tay
lor of Tennessee and Nixon of Ne
vada and ReprenentativeM Mnd-
Uon and Mitchell of Kan»a»
were delivered. Flection* ootn
mlttee agreed upon report «i«n
ernlfnec Senate™ IVatnon and
('hiKon of charge* of eorrnptloa
In their election.
After lensrthy nnd spirited de
bnte. npectal rale adopted sad
r*»«* "deration of Webb liquor
shipment hill nw; besrun.
ate: *
Senator Borah nropowed amend
ment to CouEeetlptit river dam
bill to make common carrier* of
water pane* companies enrrj
insr electricity Into mtnte.
Panned bill plnelng Snnta
Monica jaoTdler*' home under
Secretary of War.
Sen.ntor Hoke Smith Introduced
amendment to nattonnl hanking
lnw* to permit nntioiial banks to
loan money on real estate.
Adjourned until Monday noon.
Military affair* committee re
ported military academy appro
priation hill carry Ina; •1,n6N,7».*'
but without provisions for esrry-
Ing out general plan of new
Passed Webb bill to prohibit
*htpment of liquor into "dry*'
Adjourned until noon Sunday
for enlocrie* on late Representa
tive Cieorgre H. t'tter of Rhode
Democrat* caucused on bat
tleship program during: evening:.
Pet Feline in Berkeley Family
Rendered Immune From Small
k pox by Usual Operation •
Feb. B.—Vaccination of
a cat against smallpox Is the experi
ment successfully performed for An
drew Fellosvs of 111 4 Ellis street. The
cat is a Maltese, and a family pet.
The Fellows family were vaccinated
In accordance with the recent advice
of the health board. The family being
made Immune, Mr. Fellows was con
cerned about the (.at. A physician
undertook the operation.
The cat was vaccinated on a front
leg. The abrasion was bandaged, and
to prevent the tabby from scratching
the wound, its other three claws were
wrapped in cloth bandages.
Mrs. Alfred Ford of This City to be
Guest of Honor at San Mateo
Club Birthday
(Special Dispatch to The Call)
SAN MATEO, Feb. 9.— Mrs. Alfred B.
Ford of San Francisco, founder and first
president of the San Mateo woman's
club, Will he the guest of honor at a
big meeting February 1J» to celebrate
the anniversary of the organization's
Mrs. Charles F. McCarthy, president,
lias invited the following past presi
dents of the Thursday club and the San
Mateo woman's club to act as members
of the reception committee:
Thursday clvb —Mesdames H. W. Ha
gen. C. H. Kirkbride, Kenneth Mclieod,
IJ. H. Walling. F. H. Colburn. L. H.
Moßoskey and J. M Virkorson
Woman's club—Mesdames A B. Ford,
Charles E. Green. John H. Doane. Percy
1.. Shuman, Samuel D. Merk and Charles
1". McCarthy.
An Indian day program will be given
by the members of the Thursday club,
among which will be vocal solos by
Mrs. Albert W. Gunn, with Mrs. Horace
H. Wailing at the piano.
chairman of the day, Mrs. Kenneth
Ilurltngnme Society Planning For
Handsome »w Building
(Special Dispatch to The Call)
BURUXGAME. Feb. B.—With plans
for its new clubhouse completed, the
Burllngame Women** club is prepar
ing for art* active season. A booster
meeting will be held at the home of
Mrs. l\ S. G. Clifford February 20 and
construction will commence soon after.
The annual club links will be held
in St. Paul's hh.ll i-'eliruary 14 and the
cafe chantant Will Cake place March 2S.
The club has appointed a committee
to attend meetings of the city trustees
with a view to co-operating in public
affairs consisting of Mrs. L. E. Anbury,
Mrs. A. R. McCullough, Mrs. John
Glaussen, Mrs. Ira Chapman and Miss
U Duly.
Re-opened in the Same Location
With Women's Made-to-Order
ja Cloaks & Suits Suits Exclusively.
A Women's Guaranteed Made- (£ *5 C
to-Order Suit Worth $5.0.00 for %\>OD
WITH the largest store in the West devoted exclusively to
the making of women's made-to-order suits—with a stock
of materials which is sure to include precisely what you want and
a written guarantee that insures a perfect fit—we are ready with
this special introductory offer. Sale begins tomorrow.
Re-Opened in the Same Location \\£J^tP^^\j
and Devoted to Women's Tailor- "
ing Exclusively. MM CuwisaSuit*
Superior Court's Decision
Sustaining Corporation
Law Sweeping in Its
Continued From Page IT
•f 1 • per cent provided by law, made
i the tax $26,196. Spring Valley paid,
j but sent a written protest that the
I actual value of its franchise, after
j making due deduction for good will,
did not exceed $3,000. The water com
j'pany also alleged that a. franchise was
j worth only what It actually cost. Judge
Sturtevant sustained the state's de
Judge Sturtevant sustained the de
murrer of the state in the following
suits to recover amounts mentioned:
Maritime Insurance company, $872.74;
Standard Marine Insurance company,
!$f>56.02; C. A. Smith lumber interests
!<four suits!, $7,450: Rhode Island In*
j surance company, $4?!.40; Jacob Z. Davis
Estate company, $250- J. G. James com
pany, $320; Livingston Brothers, $150;
California Canneries company, $200;
Western Grain and Sugar Products
company, $500; Neustadter Brothers,
$1,000; Fontana Development company,
$300; Haas Brothers, $600; E. Martin
6t Co., $250; Murphy, Grant &' Co.,
$1,000; Charles Brown & Sons, $150;
United Cigar Storea company, $700;
United Merchants Realty and Improve
ment company. $150; Nevada Petroleum
company, $3,300; F. M. McAuliffe,
$1,738.94; AalWyn's Law Institute,
$4,000: Bank of San Luis Obispo,
$328.64; Dollar Steamship company,
$1,196; Holbrook. Merrill & Stetson,
$736.48; H. L. iAtkinson, $5,890.78;
Spring Valley Water company. $36,196;
People's' Water company, $19,235; Ho
bart Estate company. $4,495; The Pull
man company, $28,995.
State demurrers In the following
were overruled and the treasurer Is
given 10 days in which to answer:
Westinghouse Electric Manufactur
ing company. $2,700; Cudahy Packing
company. $2,586.22; Matson
..company, $2,400; M. Syme, $12,485.
"** Judgment for the state was given In
the following:
Colorado Fuel and Iron company,
$3,660; Pacific Gas and Electric com
pany, $41,045; Western Grain and Sugar
Productß company, $750; Coast Counties
Light and Power company, $1,693.98;
Kennedy Mining and Milling company,
$750; Security Savings bank, $729.91.
The court gave judgment against the
BtSte In the following suits'.
Lake Tahoe Railway and Transpor
tation company, $975.68; Bank of Cali
fornia, $165,000.
RICHMOND, Feb. B.—-In the hope
that additional information may be
obtained which will throw some light
on the men who murdered State Game
Warden Bert Blanchard' in Wildcat
canyon Sunday, Luigl Scalzo and C.
I'asquale, arrested on Suspicion of
being Implicated in the murder of the
warden, were removed from Richmond
to the county jail in Martinez this
morning by Deputy District Attorney
A. S. Ortnsby and Sheriff R. R. Veale
Of Contra Costa county, who think
that the two men "either know the
murdered directly and are trying to
shield them or that they can tell
things which would lead to the arrest
of the guilty men. They will he given
a thorough "sweating."
The hunt through the hills near the
scene of the tragedy has been criven
up as hopeless. The chase has turned
to finding the mon who took the pic
ture of Blanchard, found in the latter's
kodak beside the body, following the
suspicion that the companion of the
man who took the picture Is Blanch
ard's murderer.
The police expect to make an arrest
within a short while.
Ths burdens a woman has to Carry through life are many but they can be
lightened if the will turn to Dr. Pierces Favorite Prescription. A soothing and
strengthening nervine — subduing nervous prostration, hysteria, hot
flashes and ths many Symptoms which may be Caused by distressing ills peculiar
to women, jik those ** dragging-down " pains or distress and for the derange
ments sndjj ■kities the " Favorite Prescription" has had many thousands of
tfstimonisai Bfcsple living in every part of America. Another important
thing toll X it that this medicine is made from efficient medicinal roots,
without « Kcohol, narcotics, or any injurious agents. Full list of ingredi
ents giveaTllßrtle-wrapper and sworn to by Dr. R. V. Pierce—who is President
~ Of the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, at Buffalo,
®N. Y. Every woman is invited to write to this Institute and
receive confidential and sound medical advice, entirely
without cost from one who makes the diseates of women
his specialty.
'■I can cheerfully recommend your remedies, especially
your' Favorite Prescription.' for all female disorders, writes
Mns. M. M. Morbeia, of Bluff City, Tfinn., Route 2. " During
the past seven years 1 suffered from pains in the baok and
ovaries. Tried many remedies but found only transient
relief until I was persuaded by a friend to try Dr. Pierce s
Favorite Prescription. After jyving this remedy A fair trial.
I found that it would do Just what it is recommitted to
do. Tused in all seven bottles. I cannot speak too highly
Of Dr. Pierces remedies for all female derangementa."
Una. Moaaaix. Dr. P/e*M-» Plemment Pellet* reiulate lirer Mm.
Tumulty Sees Offices
White House Inspected
Joseph P. Tumulty, IVilsons secretary,
who inspects White House offices.
+ ___ «.
Charles Dotone and Family Bare
ly Escape With Their Lives
\ y From Burning Home
BERKELEY, Feb. 8. —Charles Downs
and his family were driven, into the
street early this morning in their night
garments by a fire which broke out at
the home, 2821 Regent street, due to
an overheated furnace. •
The fire department was summoned
by telephone and had considerable dif
ficulty as the Are was burning between
walls. The blaze did damage of per
haps $1,500, covered by insurance, the
home being worth $10,000.
Had the family not escaped from the
house before the staircase began burn
ing they might have lost their lives.
The sleeping rooms are on the second
floor, and Companies 3 and 5, which
answered to the still alarm, had no
ladders long enough to reach the sec
ond story windows of the Downe home.
c— ♦•
1 aaa***
Box 544, at 12:56 a. m.—Two story
frame structure, G33 Andover street,
owned and occupied as a dwelling by
9. tjdall. Damage to building and con
tents considerable. The fire Started
from rubbish in a closet and was
caused through carelessness with
Box 2*B, at 6.23 p. m.—Three story
frame structure at 926 Divisadero
street, owned and occupied as a dwel
ling by E. A. Holmes; damage small to
building and considerable to contents.
Fire caused by overheated gas furnace.
Box 257. at 6:40 p. m.—Old distillery
at 3342 Fillmore street, owned by E.
Mi'ler and occupied as a boiler room
by the Newbauer Dyeing and Cleaning
company. Damage small. Fire caused
by sparks from the furnace.
Box 184, 7:45 p. m.—One story frame
structure at 230 Eighth street, owned
by H. Weil. Unoccupied warehouse.
Damage sliirht. Fire caused by spon
taneous combustion of oily rags.
Force Will Remain
Several Months
WASHINGTON, Feb. B.—President
elect Wilson's secretary, Joseph P.
Tumulty today Inspected the White
House offices. He brought a personal
message of greeting from the presi
dent elect to Taft, and said hfe ex
pected to keep the persosnSl of the
White House office force Intact for Sev
eral months at least. Mr. Tumulty's
j tour of inspection closed with a march
Into the ranks cf a battery of cameras
and moving picture machines.
William Skelton's Body Is
Found Hanging From
OAKLAND, Feb. B.—The body of Wil
liam Skelton, an 60 years
old, was found hanging from a rafter
this morning in his home at 4132 Tan
ning street. His housekeeper, Mrs.
Mary Flynn, and his friend, John G.
Bell, are being held in detinue at the
city prison pending an investigation
into the case.
It was at first believed that the man
had committed suicide, but later de
velopments unearthed by Inspectors
Hodgklns and Wood led to the arrest
of the man and woman on suspicion
of having been implicated in the death.
This was due principally to the con
flicting stories told by the pair and
to the fact that Bell says he did not
go to the Skelton house until 10 o'clock
this morning, whereas neighbors said
he was seen there as early as 7 o'clock.
The body of Skelton Was found about
10 o'clock.
According to Lieutenant William F.
Woods of the Melrofie police station
Mrs. Flynn was partially under the In
fluence of liquor when taken Into cus
tody. Inspector Hodgklns obtained a
statement from her. He said he was
not satisfied with the stories told by
Mrs. Flynn and Sell and Would hold
them until a more thorough Investiga
tion had been made.
Bell, who is a miner, Is 56 years Old,
and Mrs. Flynn Is 38 years of age. She
has been in the Skeltqn household for
a number of years and Bell was a
constant visitor at the house.
That Skelton mortgaged his place
for $500 a day or two ago was dis
covered by the detectives this evening.
No trace of the money has been found.
Bell admitted that he had some Interest
In having Skelton borrow the money,
and said that he had helped to influ
ence him to obtain the loan, which
loan was made by S. S. Austin, Liese
avenue and the Foothill boulevard.
The police said that Bell served a
term In Nevada for shooting a man In
1886. He is now on probation from
Judge Samuels' court for petty larceny.
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Judge Shortall Dismisses Charge
of Battery When Husband Ex
plains and Calm Is Restored
Is a man responsible for an act
committed while in dreamy dreamland?
Police Judge Shortall decided yester
day that John F. Reld was not guilty
ot battery and settled the much mooted
Mrs. Elizabeth Reld, 311 Moscow
street, swore to a warant for the ar
rest of her husband. The Reids had
a domestic squabble a short time ago.
and were reconciled.
Last Thursday Mrs. Reid was
awakened by a poke In the back. She
ran screaming from the room. Her
husband awoke in the morning to find
his wife gone.
Before Judge Shortall yesterday he
swore that he did not strike his wife
And had no knowledge of the affair.
The Reids made up and the charge was
(Special DUpatch to The Cell)
WOODLAND, Feb. I—Roy Beamer, a
local youth, accused of smuggling mor
phine' to the county prisoners, said to
day that he would plead guilty Monday.
One of the prisoners Beamer supplied
with morphine confessed.
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Post Street & Grant Avenue
San Francisco
Pape's Cold Compound cures
colds and grippe in a
few hours
It Is a positive fact that a dose of
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ne gn stiffness » nd rheumatio twinges.
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directed with the knowledge that
there is nothing else in the world
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Grippe misery as promptly and with
out an*' other assistance or bad after
effects a* a 25-cent package of Papa's
Cold Compound, which any druggist
can supply—contains no quinine. Tastes
nice—acts gently.

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