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■uence of higher prices for hogs. Stock !
>ard defers were lively to grab offerings when j
ke< experienced a temporary dip.
' HICAGO. Feb. 10.— E. I*. Hutton & Co.'s wire
"Wheal—Although wheat opened considerably i
lower than yesterday's clone and has at no time '•
le.n nearer than ',c to last week's closings, the i
m rlcet has :it no time displayed much weakness. !
*c given away grudgingly and sparingly, !
tactions at a time. Lowest prices were:
"ly on the very large world's fhipment*. \
14.800.000 bushels, again-: 8,206.004 a foot ago. !
Cte increase of 4.964.<H>0 in supplies afloat and j
fair tains in India. The market had also MM I
relieved to sonic extent by the covering of shorts I
hist week. Support was rather poor early. The \
cash demand was slim, only fair sales here, hut
the market shows firmness 'in the northwest and i
w-eskness in the southwest. Export clearances )
**« light -it 351,090 bushels. No new ttcaart
I usloesa was claimed in either American or Cmv i- l
dian wheat. Trade was rather light. Cash sales.
I bushels. \
"Corn—Has been a rather puzzling market, j
There was quite a large trade and a great deal •
of pressure on the July delivery, but the May i
future acted congested and kept values coinpara- !
lively steady. Nevertheless trade was Tery poor!
in a merchandising way in view of the enormous
receipt*. Export clearances. 507.0(10 bushels.
There wns ■ suspicion that some of the leading
longs were unloading corn for July delivery- Cash
sales here. 230,000 bushels.
"Oats—Developed more strength and activity
th.-iii for a long time. There was a great deal of
changing between the various futures, some sell
ers of July corn buying September oats freely,
and this leading to much spreading. Export clear
"ices. 15.000 bushels. CMfc sales reported. 140,
---cOii tntthels.
"Provisions-Started out Weak, but n temp
orary dip sufficed lo dtsclo— a very good de
mand, in which stockyards traders were quite
»cT"l\e. Export clearances of provisions last week
were mrge at :i,OIO barrels of pork, sgainst 2.100.
and 16.073.000 pounds of lard, against 12.002.000
pounds. Hog run ln the west, 99.100 bead,
against 11S.000 a year ago."
Cash Grain and Provision*
cniCAOO. Feb. 10.—Cash wheat—No. 2 red,
1.12: No. 3 red, $1.02®1.08; No. 2 hard,
; No. 3 hard, 91®93c; No. I northern.
►4C: No. 2 northern, SO _®Sle: No. 3
northern. 86®89c; No. 2 spring. 89%®90%c; No. i
3 spring. 85®88c: No. 4 spring, Soi_;Ssc; velvet
'haft, 86 .(iJ92c; durum, R7@9Sfc
± Corn—No. 2 yellow 51®52c; No. 3, 48%®
r,-%c: No 3 white, 50%®51V4<*; No- 3 yellow,
" c: No. 4, 46®48%c; 4 white. 48®
f)0c; No* 4 yellow. 46'..f,f48%c.
3 white. 3«%®37%e; No. 33 white.
84®35ft; No. 4 white, 33®33%c; standard. 33%
®35% C.
Rye—No. 2. 04e.
TlmothT—s3-7 4.
Clover—sl2'rc 20.
P0rk—[email protected]%.
Short Ribs—s9.B7H @ 10.62 V,.
Visible Grain Supply
NEW YORK. Feb. 10.--The visible supply of
grain in the United States Saturday. February 8.
as compiled by the New York Produce exchange,
was as follows:
Wheat, 64,991.000 bushels: increase 77.000.
Wheat In bond, 3.266.000 bushels; increased
Corn. 12.330.000 bushels: increased 2.619,000.
Oats 10,958,000 bushels; Increased 1.222,000.
Oats'in bond. 170.000 bushels; increased 4,000.
Rye. 1,438.000 bushels: decreased 31.000
liarlev. 2.788.000 bushels-, tncrea.-ed 78,880.
Parley in bond, 38,808 bushels; increased
Northwest Wheat
SEATTLE. Feb. I"—Wheat —Blnestem. 95c;
Id, 88% c; club. Wat', fife 86<- ; Mi Rus
sian. 84c
TACOMA Feb. 10.— Wheat—Blnestem. 90'*;'i-?
R2e; rorty-fold 83®S4 _c; clnb. 83Q84%e; red
Liissis. Receipts—Wheat. 9 cars; hay,
6 cars.
POBTI|AND Feb. 10.- -Wheat, track prices—
( lub. S4*t-R3c; blnestem, 84tvl85c: forty-fold. 86c;
63c; valley. 86e. R.-ceipts—Wheat,
: barley. 6 cars; Bear, 22 cars; oats. 6
cars; bay. 3 cars.
-\>tv York Grain Market
NEW YORK, Fob. 10.—Flour —Steady.
Wheal -S*" ». harelv steady: No. 2 red. $I.oß*v*,
elevator and $1.10 f. a. b. afloat; No. 1 northern
Duiuth, $1.01% f. o. b. afloat. Futures were
easier, ■ Ing te h-wer cables, more favorable
ibsence of export demand, clos
er to %c higher. May. 99 1-16c@
| --d at $1."0 1-16; July, closed 98% c;
d wheat—May, closed 97% c; July, B?%c.
Minneapolis Grain Market
MINNEAPOLIS. Feb. 10.—Wheat—May, 88%
July 90%®00%c: September. 89% c.
S i. l hard. 88% c; No. 1 northern, BT®
sT"«e: N - - northern, 83@85%<": No. 2 hard
•- . :; wheat. 83@S3%c.
Corn — No. ;; yellow, 45%®48c.
-No. 2 white. 31%®32c.
Rye—No. 2, 56®58c.
Bran—ln ;oo lb sacks. {18.60.
Feuir— First patents, [email protected]: second pat
ents. $4.15®4.30; first clears, $3.10®3.40; second
F! 8l -$1. "
Duluth Unseed
nCLI'TIL I'pb. 10.—Linseed—$1-06%; May.
; .lulv, $1.40 bid.
♦ _ , . - , »
Local Markets
+ 1 0-
Reoelpts of Produce February 10
Hour, qr sks 7,942' Hides, No 34."
Wheat, rtls slPe"ts. No 30
Barley, rtls 5,125 T.ime. bbls '.. 770
i-Ht-Yctls 2.vßupar, ctls 19,200
Beans, sks SOOiWlne, pals 77.200
i vvrn, ctls 670' Coal, tons 540
Bran sks 10' Lumber, Pf ft M
Middlings, sks .. 160' Paper. Mis 1.270
Potatoes, sks .. - 2.200 Apples, bxs 400
Onion*. ska 10' Oranges, bxs L.ViO
llav. tons 4*o!Raisins, bxs 2,600
Straw, tons .... 20' Coke, tons SO
i ornmeal. ctls .. fiOOQtrlcksllver, flasks 200
Peed, sks 940|Riee. car t
t • ather. rolls ... 4." Calfskins, bdls .. 13
Isllow. ctls Gos'.Salt, tons 60
Hour, qr sks 14.469'8ran, sks 400
Wheat ctls 7.555; Feed, sks 400
Flour, qr sks 11,770! Wheat, ctls 3,770
Hams (per lb}—California H. H. brand, lDc;
M. A li. brand. 20e; picnics, tttte: Primrose,
21c: Eastern Star. 20 _c; skinned. 22c; Monarch.
-M,e; picnics. 13e
Bacon—Primrose. 4 to 6 lbs. 29c: Eastern Star,
4 to 6 lbs 2«c. 6 to 8 lt>s 25c. R to 10 lbs 24c,
10 to 12 lbs 23c; Arrow, 8 to 10 lbs, 23_c. 10 to
12 lbs 22K.c; medium bacon. IB _c; light medium,
is»4c; light dry salted bacon. 8 to 10 lbs 21c, 10
to 12 lbs 20c.
California Bacon—M _ L. brand. 4 to 8 lbs
26V.C. 8 to 10 lbs. 25«e: H. H. brand. 4 to 8
lbs 23W.C. 8 to 10 lb* 22'4c.
Cottoiene—Half bbls. 10%r>: 1 tierce. 10\c; 2
tierces. 5 tierces lOHe per lb; Calirene.
TOijc for 1 tierce. 10% c for 2 tierces, 10% c for
r, tierces snd 10% c for half bbls and tubs;
t-s«»s. 97.
Eastern Lard snd Oils. Western Meat.brand—
Lnrd, tierces. 13*Ue: 50s <p<*r case). $6.88; 10s,
Its 55: s*. $8.03: 3s. $8.70: compound lard,
tierces. B*.',-; fids (per easel $4.88; 10s. 9*8.15;
f>. $0.23: 3s. $0.30; yellow cooking oil. C6e per
gatton: white cooking oil. 58c per gallon; salad
oil, 834 per pal lon.
California Pure Lard. \J. A L. brand—Threes.
13c; csns. 1 to a case. $d.03; 4 to a case, $10.70;
large tins. 6 to r ease, $8.25: mcdltnn. 12 to a
98.83; strait. 20 to a esse. $8.40.
California Compound Lard. H. 11. brand—
Tierce basis, 9-•• cans. 1 to a ca*e. $4.63: 4to a
«*Bjf. 97.90: tins. 6 to a case. $-".85; 12*. 15.98
rtaaai 90* $6 per ens*; M. *- L. salad oil.
I .TCP bMt* Me; M & L. rooking oil. GOc for
white snd S9e for yellow; Blseola. tierces. 11 _cj
backet*. \\%a\ ba'lf bbls. ll%c: cases, $7.50.
Beef—Extra family, family and mess beef. $22
per ' 1
Pork—Extra prime In barrel* $21: pig pork,
$26: pigs' feet $5.50 for half bbls, $2.25 for 25
lb hag* and $1.50 for kits.
*lfent Market
Blausbtcrers rates to dealers and butchers are
8" follows:
Beef— lK&ilHc per lb for steers. lOVaSUe
for i '-wx sn<! heifers.
Veal—3l@l2c for large and 12@13c for
Mutton—Wethers, loOloH4'' ewes, 9(39 _c.
Lamb-- —1. r lb.
Dressed Pork (per ib)— lOfJlltf,
The following quotations stu for good, sonnd
took, delivered in Saa Francisco, gross
No. i steers, over 050 lbs 7<g7*4e per lb, un
der 950 IDs «%@7c; second quality, all weights.
6c; thin, undesirable steers, 4_@sc
No. 1 eowg nnd heifers, seoond qual
ity. sii*_s%; common to tbin, undesirable cows,
Desirable bulls and stag*, 3Vi®4_.c: half fat
or tilln b*J)ls. 2*B3c.
i—Ltgbt weight, per lb. 7@7&c; medium,
CUfee'.e; heavy, SQOc.
gheep—Desirable wethers. bMhorn, s'A@s*f4c;
ewes, 4Vj _ I : .',< . shorn sheep. to %c less.
Yearling lambs, 6HQB%c per lb
Hogs—Hard pram fed. weighing 100 to 150
lbs. 7(_"H;e; 150 to 250 lbs, t»4c; 250 lbs and
up, 6%c.
Wholesale Fish Market
Prices for all descriptions of fish stood exactly
the ;.auie yesterday as at the close of last week.
Prices 'per lb)—Salmon. 13Vt/C; spring salmon,
15c; chicken halibut. I0c: codfish,
»",c; red rock. 10c: black rock. —: yellow tall.
—; barracuda, lie: f*»nd dab*. 8c; soles. 7c;
klngftsb, "'■; carp. .'': smelts. —; silver smelts,
10*; herrings. 4c: tomcods. 10c; striped bass,
15c; perch. —: insckeiel. — white bait. —; 6had,
8c: i>ik<, —: catfish. 12>ic; crawfish, 28c.
The at>ov« quotations represent f. o. b. price*
for cleaned flcb. boxed aud Iced.
Butter, Cheene and Kgrgs
Conditions In the egg market showed no ma
terial change over tbe weekend and prices were
maintained with a marked degree of steadiness on
■ho exchange yesterday. Receipts were smaller
on Saturday by more than 1.000 case* and
it was consequently an «*ay matter for receivers
to hold prices up. Largo handlers were weak In
their views. how<;ver, and tbe predictions of lower
prices beard in several quarters indicated that
liO one bad much confidence In the market. A
feature of the trading on the exchange yesterday
was some brisk buying of extras on the Informal
call h: an advance of half a cent over the
quoted rate. The tone of the butter market was
officially declared steady, despite the fact that
price;- for both extras and firsts had small re
cessions. Extras lost half a cent and firsts were
le lower. Stocks were no.ie too heavy and all
receivers reported that strictly first class cream
ery goods were rather scarce. The only change
in cheese w;-.s a decline of half a cent in Califor
nia fancy Young Americas.
Sales on the exchange were as follows: ,
Butter -5o eases of exthts at 36c and 20 eases
of firs-t*. at 88c s pound.
10 cases of extras at 23%e and 10 at
24c a dozen. Also on the Informal call, 130 cases
of extras at 24*£r.
Cheese —25 fancy California Yonug Americas
at 17% c a p-nnd.
Receipts were 76.000 pounds of butter, 7.500
pounds of cheese and 1.88? eases of eggs.
The following are the official quotations estab
lished by sales, bids and offers on the floor of the
Dairy * , xchange. Prices in the street,
erned by the exchange quotations, generally fangs
from 1 _.• to 2%C higher, owing to the various
charges to be added:
t i If I 1 I'C If
F I . er j P* | *r ? | *
* I y j P *Y' ' / ' -:
tras |38%el37« j:«7c
rsts [34c •'**> '34e
3 »c
38%c 38«
*.'4e :'.'tc
The average quotation for extra butter for the
week ended Saturday. February 8, was 88% a
per pound.
Cheese—Fancy California flats. 16% C per lb.
steady: do firsts. He. rirni: iio seconds, 12 _c.
firm: fancy Young Americas. 17'ac. firm: \)o
firsts. 16c. firm; Oregon flats. 17c. steady; do
Young Americas, is-, firm; New York fancy. |0g
20U,0. steady: Wisconsin fancy. 10**0, steady.
Eggs—California fresh, per dozen, cases in
I T\ T< 1* "!} I *•!
ff jr c- a- yr 1 p-
I f • p r* » ! 3
24c 24c 24c |88%e)24« 24'-
22c fee 83c P« •_*:{.• [33c
pullets:iT2c 22'.o-2:*c S3c '2.".e *23c
I;-:--'-;.----'.;-; *.--....— ■ ■:■..
Kkk Market la Nearby Counties
(Special Cable to The Call) '-'■■ A '"'-.
PETALUMA. Feb. 10.—The week opened with
out a change in the egg market, and after re
ceipt of transactions of the San Francisco-Dairy
and Egg exchange independent dealers and spec
ulators paid off for Saturday's delivery st the
rate of 22% C for extra j ranch and 21c for se
lected pullets. The delivery was light. ;
SANTA ROSA. Feb. 10.—The local : egg mar
ket dropped off today on receipt of advices show
ing the morning transactions of the Ran Fran
cisco Dairy and j Egg exchange. . \ Dealers quoted
22c per dozen for first grade and 21c per dosen
for second or pullet grade eggs delivered Satur
day. The production Is gradually Increasing. V
." SANTA CRUZ. Feb. 10.— There was unusual
activity among buyers today, but competition did
not affect quotations. There was a drop of lc in
extras of best grade, but firsts and second showed
no choice, bringing 21 .<• a dated. The bulk of
the egg supply is controlled by Independent deal
ers. - ..-•.,
- *. ~■ : - _
- Portland Butter Market
PORTLAND. Feb. 10.—Butter— City and coun
try creamery extras, solid pack, 36c. YY*
13! Kin Butter
ELGIN, 111., Feb. 10.—Butter. 34'.®33c per
Potatoes. Onions and Vegetables
Five hampers of string beans and two of egg
plant came in to th* local market from Florida
yesterday. The eggplant was readily disposed of
at "J." ■ pound, while the beans were not sold,
baring arrived too late to be marketed. Five
sacks of green peas came in from the south and
small lots of forced growth asparagus and bay
rhubarb were 1 received. The peas brought "!.">-.
tbe "grass"' 75c and i the bay rhubarb lie a
pound. Mexican peppers and tomatoes continued
to meet with a fair inquiry at well maintained
prices, while lettuce, celery and mushrooms were
all in free supply and weak as to rattles. Con
ditions and prices in the market for potatoes
and onions remained exactly the same as at the
close of last week. •:.» " ~--...:
Potatoes (per ctl! —River Burbanks. 35@50c;
Salinas do. $1(iM.25; Oregon do, 05c _$1; sweet
potatoes, $1.90@2. :
• miens (per e'tii—Yellow, 45®80e.
Vegetables—Green peas, 25c per lb; Mexi
can tomatoes, $1.50® 1.63 per box; cucumbers.
$2 50®2.T8 per box: garlic. l%js2%Q per lb: cab
bage. 40<>r,50c per ctl; cauliflower. 30®40c per
dozen: green peppers. 15@20c per lb: carrots. Hiv
per sack; celery. $2®3 per crate: lettuce, $I.J!5@
1.75 per crate for southern; sprouts, o'S7c per lb:
artichokes. 75C051.25 per dozen; mushrooms. 25c
_.$! per box; rhubarb. s@7c per lb; do bay. lie.
Deciduous and Citrus Fruits
A few large handlers of fresh fruits reported a
little better inquiry for navel oranges yesterday
and then* was an impression along the street that
the market was giving evidence* 1 ' of working
into better shape. While retail tradesmen all
over the city were still carrying small stocks,
they reported that tbe public was commencing to
bny Phe fruit more freely and this gave rise to
the belief in the wholesale market fhnt the long
expected improvement in business was close at
hand. Grapefruit was firm with the Florida stock
received on Saturday finding favor with bnvers.
Lemons and tangerines were held at firm prices,
but business in both was rather light. The situa
tion in apples was unchanged.
Apples (per box*>— Finer 4 tier reds. 75c(g$l,
with some selected bringing $1.1061.25; 4 tier
red pearmalns. 40(f|60c: bellflowpr. 65cft?$1 for
3 _ and 4 tier and 60079 c for 4V, tier- white
winter pearmines. 75 085 - Newtown hippins.
$1.2301-35 for 34 tier. S3eOsl for 4 tier, and
50065 c for 4',*t tier; common to choice fruit,
Cltrns Fruit (per Y,n\) —Naval oranges. $2.75(5!
3 for fancy, $2(32.50 for ch->ice; frosted oranges.
50c@$l; tangerines, standard boxes, $202*50
for choice and $101.25 for common: seed
less grapefruit, $1.5003.50: Florida do. $3.5006;
lemons. $6@7 for choice and fancy, and $3,500
$4 for standard; frosted lemons. $1(_2; lemon
ettes. $4.5006; Mexican limes, nominal.
Tropical Fruits—Bananas, 3@3%c per lb for
Mexican: $1.2501-75 per bunch for Hawaiian
and 33i<f24 _c per lb for Central American; pine
apples, $2@3 per doten.
Dried Fruit, Raisins. Nnts and Honey
Prunes—l9l2 crop: Santa Clara. 3c per tb. with
outside prunes y,c Ipss; 30s are _c. 40s to 50a
1% and 30s 3%c higher.
Other fruits, 1912 Crop:
Stand- Extra
50 lb boxen— ard Choice Choice Fancy
Evaporated apples s*yjc 5%c 6c
Apricots B*4o HM
Peaches fie s*4c 5%c flWc
Pears 5V 2 c «*4c 9sc
Nectarines s*4c 6c 6M?c
Raisins—At sweatbox, 2**4e per lb to growers;
loose muscatel 3*4 c4c and 4%c for 2. 3 and 4
crown, respectively; 2. 3 and 4 crown layers. 05c.
$1 and $1.28, respectively; 5 crown Hehesa. clus
ters. 81-70; 8 crown imperials. $2.20; seeded. 1
lb boxes. 514 c for fanev and 4e for choice, with
the usual differential for 12 oc boxes: seedless
sultanas. 50s. sc; do Thompson. 6c for unbleached
and 3' , i06 l ?c for bleached.
Nnts (Jobbing price* to the trade*! —Italian
chestnuts. 738e; pecans. 17018 c: filberts. 13@
15c: peanuts 5(8f0c; pinenuts. 12Q14c.
New efop: Almonds—Nonpareils. I
X L. 15010 c; Ne Plus Ultra. 14-W,@lsc; Drakes,
\9Vit; Langncdncs. 12Hc; walnuts, f. o b. ship
ping points. No. 1 softshell. 16C: do hardshell,
18-ttc; No. 2 hard and soft shell. 10% c; bud
ded. 17e v
Honey—-Fancy water white comb, 15 _@16c;
dark to amber. 13ty«il4 _c: river comb. 11©
1214 c: white extracted. B<sß'j>c per lb; light
amber, 7"4O:Se: amber. 6t*@fc; lower grades,
BA6Hc per lb
Beeswax— per lb for light and 23®
j 26c for dark.
( blenßo Fruit Market
CHICAGO, Feb. 10.—Apples were quoted as
steady. Thf week opened with a moderate de
{ msnd. Late last week trade was very good. By
j a little special work consumers were shown that
apples were good and prices reasonable, and quite
a little gain in sales waa noted. The weather has
moderated so that peddlers can get ont.
Western Box Apples—(Prices quoted are for
sales in a small way: large lots could not be
moved at tbe«e figure.-.) Delicious, outside, for a
few extra fine, large, $1.500 3; Jonathan. $lfg
1.05: i;r:.-i)c>' golden, outside, fancy. $101.50;
wine saps, $1.2501.73: spifz«nberg. $1.50® 1.75;
northwest greenings. $101.25; Rome beauties.
$1.256; 1.50: some fsnrv. Isrge. $1.7502: vfameu
win.- saps. $1.2501.50; aristo black. $1.2501.50:
Lellflower. $1.2501.50; Wageners, 75e051; Amer
ican reds, Tsc<;> .$1.50.
Lemons—Msrket quiet, not many domestic on
sale, but there Ir a good supply of Messinn°.
Botes, California fancy. $6.50; extra fancy, $7;
extra choice. $6; Messinas. $6.
Oranges—The week opened with the market
quipt. There was nothing new. Not many Cali
fornia* on sale and the demand is quiet. Flor
idas of good qualty are selling moderately. More
or less have to be repacked to put the fruit in
desirable condition. In few instances are tanger
ines reiilly choice. Some are puffy and some
small. They must be *ound, or made so, to sat
isfy buyers. In grapefruit there continues just a
moderate trade with the simply good. Boxes-
California navels, 64 count. $1.73: SO connt. $2;
00 count. $2.2502.50; 125 to 200 connt. $3<53.25:
frosted. $1.5002.30; Florida, sound basis, bright
desirable sixes. $2,250-2.50; Indian river, outside,
fancy. $2.7503: russets, sound basis, desirable
sizes, $202.25: large fruit. SO to 90 count, russet
of bright. $1.-»0 1.75: tangerines. Florida straps.
sound, depending on size. $1.5002.50; grapefruit,
Florida, per box, depending on size and quality,
Walnuts—Dull at 50<360c.
Poultry anil Game
Three cars of eastern chickens rolled in over
the weekend and all of them went on sale yes
terday. The proportion of hens in the offerings
was not* so large aa r.t the corresponding time
la«t week and as a consequence there waa a
little firmer feeling In that line. The market On
the whole was ln good shape for the selling in
terests. Prices for dressed turkeys were largely
nominal, only 5 cases being received.
Poaltry (per dozen)— Hens. $4(fts for small.
$5.500030 for large and $o@lo for extra: young
roosters. $7.5008.50; do extra. $*D.50@10; old
rooster*. $4.50(<i5; fryers. $6.30@8; broilers, 99
00 for large and $3.f,0<_4.50 for small; ducks.
I for old and $80; 10 for young; geese $20J3
I per pair; pigeons, $1.5001.75.; squabs, $2.50@
3.50; dressed turkeys, 20624 c per lb; live, lH(jg
I 10c; Belgian hares, $4@B per dozen.
Game (per dosen*.— Hart. $2.50; grey geese.
$2.50®3.30: brant. $1.75®2.50 ; white ge«se. $1.25
fi2: honkers. $4®6. Wild ducks are nominal, as
coalers are nnable to dispose of them satisfac
torily owing to tha rigid enforcement of the
game laws.
Deana, Seeds and Hops
Besns (per ctl)—Lima, «3.P0Q5."«0; bayos,
$3.:«®3.45; large white. $4.23®4.33; small
white. $4.5-"@4.70; pink. $3.T0®3.90: cranberry.
$4.75®5; bUckeyc. $3®3.20; red. $3,90®- .5;
r(H\ kidney. $4®4.80; garvansas, [email protected]; horsa
beans, $1.75(&2.25.
Seeds—Mustard. —: flaxseed. $3.85 per ctl;
canary. 8%8J4e per lb- alfalfa. 16®18c; rape,
1 _®2%0; timothy, nominal; hemp, 3Vic; miUet.
2'i ®2'/ 2 e.
Dried Poas—Green. $3®.1.25 per ctl.
Hops—California. 1912 crop to growers. 30®
21c per lb for choice, 13@lSc for medium and
12';*ic for common.
Flour and Farinaceous Goods
Flour (net per bbl)—California family extras,
Js.r,offf6: do bakers' extras. $4.60®" 20: super
fine. $3.90«4.10: Dakota patents. $6.40®7.40;
Kansas patents, (8488.88.
Farinaceous Goods—ln 10 pound sacks ars
Quoted as follows per 100 lbs: Graham flour.
$2.90; entire wheat flour. $3: buckwheat flour,
$5; self raising buckwheat flour, $5.80; wheat
meal. $4; rice flour. $0.50; rye flour, $3.70;
rye mral. $3.60; corn mesl. yellow and white.
$3.20: extra do, $3.50; oat gfoat«. $4.60: buck
wheat groats, $8.80; hominy. $3.70; cracked
$3.90: farlns, $4.10; pearl barley. $3.50
®6:Npllt peas, $6 for yellow and $7.50 for
green. In 25 lb sacks 10c lower for all, and 20c
lower for 50 lb sacks.
Hay and FeedMnff*
Feedstuff's iper ton>—Brsft. [email protected]: shorts.
123026: middlings. $80®32.30; rolled barley.
$2».3o*aai: rolled osts for feed. $41 (§42: corn
meal. $33@33; cracked corn. $33(fJS3; chopped
feed, $19<"r/:2.'t: evergreen chori feed. $21 In car
lots and $23 for jobbing: oilcake meal, 20 ton
lots $39.50. 10 ton lots $40; 5 ton lots $40.30,
small lots $41; eocoannt cake or meal at mills,
$27.30 for 10. $2S for 5 ton lots and 888.90 for
small lots: alfalfa meal, carload lots $18.50;
lobbing 10.50: Eureka meal, carload lots $21.50,
Jobbing $23; tlgorator, per tou, $22.
Hay (per ton) —Fancy wheat hay, $24(325:
No. 1 wheat and wheat and oat. $21.50(923; good
to choice do, $10.50(?j20.30: lower grades, $14@
16.50: barley and oat. choice tame oat.
$21032.001 ether do. $18(§20; wild oat. Il7<?|l9;
stock hay. $10<g 11.50; alfalfa, $12.50® 15.30.
Straw—lo&7sc per bale.
Hide*. Tallow and Wool
Hides—Culls and brands sell aboct %_lf" un
der quotations. Henvy and medium salted
steers. 13«814c: light. 13%5}13%: cowhides,
12'«."i : 13*sie; slsgs. orgft%c: saited kip. 14(815e:
salted veal and salted cSlf. dry
hides. 23@24V>c: murrain. 23e: dry calf and veal,
27Q28e; dry kip. 22@24e: dry stags. 15(glCe;
dry salt hide*. 16o; sheepskins, short wooi, 25
fft.'.Oc: medium. 50@80c; bmg wool. [email protected]
I lambs, 40@63c for long and 15 _;35e for abort
I wool; shearings 20(6**250 for No. 1 and 10c for
No. 2: horsehidee, salt. $2,756-3 for large prim*
and $2.2s<jJ_.So for No. I; medium. 1.73<_2;
small. 75c(3* 1.25; colts, 23® 50c; horselildes,
dry. [email protected] for large snd $1.50*32 for medium,
75cfi$i for small and 25®50e for colts; goat
skins, prime angoras, 75c«"j$l; medlnm. 35@50c:
long balr goats. 35c: medium. 20e: kids. 3@loc.
Tallow—No. I rendered, bbls. B(_s%c; cans
and drums, 3%@5c.
Grease— 2@3c per lb.
Wool—Fall clip. Mendocino and "Humboldt. 10
@12e: midd'e counties, northern. 9@llc; San
Joaqtiln. 6<"£Sc: mohair, good quality, 20@27%c
per lb.
Heme* aad Mules
The following quotations for horses end mules
sre furnished by the Butchers' and Stock Grow
ers' .lounial:
•"The local horse trade from all outward ap
pearances is developing breadth. Dealers gener
ally consider tbe msrket on a legitimate basis,
but sre advising r.blppert against plunging.
"Siles for the week were confined to retail
barns aud the demand was active throughout,
dealers finding little difficulty ln securing an ad
vance on desirable stock.
"Prices are fully up to what they have ever
been at this season of the year. While the vol
ume of bnslness Is somewhat less than It was
during the fall months, the demand bas scarcely
decreased to any nofleennle extent, and the mar
ket as a whole is most encouraging to shippers
as well as those dealers who handle animals of
the workhorse type."
Desirable drafters, 1,700 lbs and over.s3oo@3so
Light drafters, 1.530 to l.floO lbs 250Q285
Chunks, 1.350 lbs to 1.500 lbs 2»*0_t250
Wagou horses. 1.250 to 1.350 lbs 180O8N
Delivery wagon horses 1,050 to 1,230. 133® 150
Desirable farm marts 1000128
Farm workers 75-SIOO
950 lbs, 4 to 7 years $75(i-*«125
l.floo lbs. 4 to 7 years 125®ltf
lino lbs, 4 to 7 years 130®200
1,200 lbs, 4 to 7 years 20048280
Over 7 years old fsnge from $15 to $25 lower.
Note—Shippers to this market must hat*
horses close to type, with age. bone conforma
tion and style, to command extreme quotations.
General Merchandise
Bac<— Stan-lard Calcutta grain bags, 9%e on
the spot and fOr June-July delivery:
San Quentin. B'4c; wool hags, 47VjC for 4 and
45V' 2 c for 3*4 lbsi»fleece twine, 9@9>4c per lb;
bean bags. 8 _c.
Oil (quotations are for barrels) —Linseed. 38c
per gallon for boiled and 56c for raw. 5 bbt lots
1c less, cases 5c more; Baker's AA castor. cases.
5 gallons $1.11, lo gallons $1.09: commercial
castor, in cases. 90c; China nut. esses. 75f_88c
ppr gallon: cocoanut oil. In barrels, 77 I ,<i'!Sßle for
XXX. 75(i|7S _c for No. 1 and 720>7«c for No. 2.
according to quantity; extra bleached winter
sperm oil. SQc: natural winter sperm oil. 80c;
pure lard oil, 85c 1 winter strained lard oil. 75c;
pure neatsfoot oil. S3c; No. 1 neatsfoot oil. 63c;
paint oil. 30@40c. ,
Co.il Oil. Gasoline, etc.—Water white, iron
barrels or drums. St(,c: 150 degree oil. Iron bar
rels or drums. in cases. lflHc: special do.
10V4c; pearl oil. in cases, 15V4e: astral. ISUc:
star. tStje; extra star, 18M.C; Elaine, 26c;
*ottmt, iß'4c; red c-own and motor gasoline, ia
bulk 16V a c, In cases 23V6c: engine distillate, in
drums Be, in eases 7c more; gas machine gaso
line. In bulk 3414 c, in cases 42c: varnish mak
ers' and painters' naphtha, ln bulk 15% c. in
cases 22H?c.
Turpentine—ln cases, 66c; 10 ease lota lc
less; drams and iron barrels. 59c; Aroturps,
case 30c, iron barrels or drums 2.3 c per gallon.
Rosin—F, $10.23: G. $10.80; H. $10.35; I.
$10.40; M. $10.Gl>; WG. $11.10 per barrel Of
280 pounds.
Red and White Lead—Red. B_B%e; white.
per ib; do in 5 and 10 ton lots, 7Vio
and 7*4 c. respectively.
The Western Sugar Refining company quotes f
follows, net cash: Fine granulated. 4.70 c; ca»
ners' granulated. 4.70 c; fruit granulated. 4.70 c,
H. * E. crystal dominos, 8 lb cartons In cases,
8 50c; do 2 lb cartons in cases, 9c; monarch bar,
5.03 c; tablets, ln half bbls. 5.20 c; do ln 25 lb
boxes, 5.45 c; cubes. 4.95 c: monarch powdered,
4.80 c: XXXX powdered. 4.80 c; candy granulated,
I 4.80 c; confectioners' A, 4.70 C; beet granulated,
j 4.50 c; extra C. 4.20 c; golden C. 4.10 c; D. 4e.
I Barrels and 50 lb bags 10c. half barrels 25c.
tunes oOc more per 100 pounds than for bags of
100 lbs net. Bar in 33 snd 40 ib tins $1.70 more,
In I and 10 lb tins $2 35 more per 100 lbs than
the price for this grade In 100 lb bags.
The California and Hawaiian Sugar Refining
company quotes as follows: Granulated basis,
4.70 c; C. & H. line standard. 4.70 c; coarse dry
granulated. 4.70 c: confectioners' A, 4.70 c: berry,
4.70 c; powdered. 4.80 c: cubes. 4.95 c; "Hlgrade"
bar. 8.05 c; bricks tin half bbls), 3.20 c; bricks
(is 25 lb botes), 5.45 c; H. A K. crystal domlnoa
(5 lb carton* In c«ses>. 8.50 C; do (2 Ib cartons
in eases'!. Oc: extra fine dry granulated (100 lb
bags only). 4.50 c; extra C. 4.20 c; golden C.
4.10 c; yellow D. 4c. Additional per 100 lbs:
In bbls and 50 lb bags. 10c more; half bbls. 25c
more; boxes, 806 more for all grades. Bar In
35 and 40 lb tins, $1 70 more; In 10 lb tins, $2.35
more. Minimum Order, carload weight.
K«w York Produce
NEW TORE, Feb. 10.—Hops—Easy.
Petroleum —steady.
Wool —Quiet.
Raw sugar—Steady; muscovado. 89 test. 2.98 c;
centrifugal, 96 test, 3.48 C; molasses, 89 test,
2.75 c; refined, quiet.
Butter—Steady; receipt*. 5.256 tubs. Cream
ery extras. 374038 c; process extras. 26'526%c;
imitstlou creamery firsts. 24@25c; factory, Jnna
make, firsts. 22 , j02."1c; packing stock. June
make. 20021V- - : packing stock, current make.
No. 2. 2Ofi|2oV>: No. 3, l?(Ri<>c.
1 heese—Steady: receipts, 1,138 boxes. State,
whole milk held, white, specials, l7*,i<glße:
state whole milk, winter specials, 16016*Vic;
skims. 2ei3Vic
Eggs—Barely steady: receipts. 8.191 cases;
fresh eatbered extras. 270,28 c; refrigerator firsts,
20 _(<,2lc; nearby hennery whites, new laid, 30
(332 c; western gathered whites. 25@2»c.
Evaporated Apples—Quiet. Fancy, 7>£<gSVic;
choice. o*4O6Hc; prime, 5©8V60.
Prunes—Easy, t'allfornias up to 30-40s. 4@
ll%c; Oregons. s*_o9"*c.
Apricots—Dull. Choice, extra
choice. 10**4Oilv;c; fancy. IlUalSe.
Peaches—Quiet. Choice, 6%@6»ic; extr*
choice. 6%07c; fancy, 7H@Bc.
Raisins—Dull. Loose muscatels. 4%©6Ue;
choice to fancy seeded. s(*_fit4e; seedless, si_©
6*ic; London layers, $1.40 _* 1.15.
Chicago Produce Market
CHICAGO. Feb. 10.—Butter—Steady. Cream
eries. 270341-aC.
Eggs—Easy. Receipts, 6.259 cases. At mark,
cases included. 19-Q2IC; refrigerator firsts, lfjw,
017e; firtta, 22V4C.
Los A-celea Produce Market
(Special Disparrh to The Call)
LOS ANGELES. Feb. 10— Receipts of produce
on the Loe Angeles market today were: Eggs,
56'> cases: butter, 12.432 pounds: cheese. 1.461
pounds; potatoes. 7,019 sacks: onions, 903 sacks;
sweet potatoes. 42 packs; apples. 3.802 boxes.
A carload of northern potatoes was one of the
arrivals at the market. Many large consignments
are being received. This spud is predicted to re
main Arm If the same condltlona continue. Tbe
price asked is ranging from 80c to OOc a sack,
which is causing many sales to be transacted.
The price of northern ranch eggs declined 2c.
The chief reason for this change was tbe 2c drop
in the San Francisco market. Butter remained
firm at former quotations.
Bntter (per lbi—Prices to trade 3c above quo
tatlons. California creamery extras, 37c; cream
ery firsts, c
Eggs (per do*>— Local ranch, candled 28c, case
count 24c; pulletß, 22c; northern, case count, 24c
Cheese (per Ibt— Northern fresh. 18c; eastern
singles, ISVsc; eastern twin*. 18c; eastern ched
dars 19c; eastern longhoms, 20Q21c; Oregon
daisies, 18<$18%c: swlss, imported, 30®32c;
swtss, domestic block. 23c; Roquefort. 45c; cream
brick. 21c: llmbnrger. 22e. "*-_.«,
Beans (per ctl)—No. 1 pink. $4.50: No. 1 lima,
$6(516.25: No. 1 Lady Washington $4.8.Va5; No.
1 small white. $5.10f*55.25: blackeye, $4; garvan
zas $4.50; bayos. $4.30<_5; Mexican red. $4.30;
lentils, $6©7.
Livestock Market
CHICAGO. Feb. 10.—Cattle—Receipts. 20.000.
Market steady. Beeves, $«*> 30rt"i&.90; Texas
steers. $4.90<§;5.73: western steers, [email protected]:
stoekers and feeders. $4.75 (it 7.60; cows and
heifers. [email protected]; calves, $0.50^10.25.
Hogs—Receipts. 5.000. Market easy. Lifcht,
$7.S<vas.l2*4: mixed. $7.7.V0,5.10: heavy, $7.83(3
S. 10; rough. [email protected]; pigs, $6.60<g7.50; bulk
of sales, $R(rtS.('s.
Sheep—Receipts, 23,000. Market weak. Na
tive. $4.85@«.10; western, $5(36.15: yearlings,
$6.40(&7.5<1; lambs, native, $6.00_5.90; western,
$«.00_8.90. rwnr
KANSAS CITY. Feb. 10.—Cattle—Receipts.
0.000, including 400 southerns. Steady to strong.
Native steers, $7<88.50; southern steers, $o<S?|
7.50; southern cows and heifers. $4(a6.50: native
cows and heifers, $4@S: stoekers and feeders,
$5.75«7.50: bulls, calves, $8.50®9.60;
western steers. $6.50(b;8; western cows. $4^,6.50.
Hogs—Receipts, 5.006. Market strong. Bulk
of sales. $7.65@7!«0: heavy. packers
snd butchers. $7.75(§7.50; light, [email protected];
pigs. $6.30«*7.25.
Sheep—Receipts. 17.000. Market strong. Mut
tons. $4.75<i56: Colorado lambs. $7.80<3*..50;
range wethers and yearlings, $5(3.7.60; range
ewes, $3.50(57 5.50.
SOUTH OMAHA, Neb.. Feb. 10.—Cattle—Re
ceipts 5.660. Market steady to strong*. Native
steers. $6.75(38.25; cows and heifer*. $4©7;
western Steers, $5.75(5.8; Texas steers. $T>.sor,)
6.35; range cows and heifers, $3.75(3*3.75;
calves, $6^*o.
Hogs—Receipts, 7.000. Msrket strong. Heavy.
$7.53<Q7.75: light. $7.05<Q7.50; pigs, $0.50fe7.50;
bulk of sajes. $7.63<ra'7.75. -
Sheet* —Receipts 15.000. Market steady. Year
lings, [email protected]; wethers. $ortio.so: lambs, $B@9.
PORTLAND. Feb. 10.—Cattle—Receipts, 600:
market firm. Choice steers, $7.5038; good
steers, medium steers. $6.50fi|7; choice
cows, $8.50(387: good cows, $6(*f*i6.so: medium
cows. $5 50ft0; choice calves, JR'fff); good heavy
calves. $6.50(*37.50; bulls, $5.50(85.
Hogs—Receipts. 1.2-yp: market Arm. Light,
$7.35®7.70; heavy, $6.(5*6.65.
Sheep—Receipts. 3.400; market steady. Year
ling wethers, $5@C35; ewes, [email protected]; lamb*,
Cotton Market
NEW YORK. Feb. 10.— E. F. Hutton A Co.'s
wire says:
'"Liverpool opened stronger than due and our
market was higher in sympathy. Tliere la an
awakening of interest in the new crop futures,
and many are attracted to these options, feeling
they are pretty low. in face of the decrease in
our" visible supply and the uncertainty of the new
'The advance last week was gradual snd on a
healthy scale, reflecting the bullishness of the
statistical position, and we rather expect It to
continue. It is peculiar to human nature to
overdo a thing, and in overselling a record crop
history will show an exception to the rule. Just
as the public oversold the record corn crop this
winter, just so they have oversold our two record
cotton crops, coming together and aggregating
80.000.000 bales. The demand for any staple
must naturally Increase with the growth in popu
lation, and, while Aye ye:irs ago a 15.000.000
bale crop would undoubtedly have meant 8c for
cotton, today that amount has become almost a
necessity at a price of 3c to 4c a pound in excess
of a few years ago.
"The next question is. will we raise it? A
great deal of talk has gone the rounds dealing
with scientific farming, and this Is the founda
tion for a lot of hear ammunition, but actual
figures will show that sclentifie farming has not
revolutionized the cotton industry. As far back
as 1898 "we raised 210 pounds ot lint cotton to
the acre on an average. That record has never
Since been broken. Eleven years later—ln 1909 —
we only raised an average of 154.3 pounds.
"Another thing, figures given by tbe depart
ment of agriculture In Washington state that the
area covered by the boll wenvll ln the smith in
creased 7.300 square mfles during 1012. The
total area last year was 276.800 square miles,
against 271.500 in 1011, Texas being the chief
sufferer, with Alabama and Mississippi coming
"When scientific farming has progressed to an
extent where It can curt?il tbe ravages of this
pest, it will be time enough to anticipate our
ability to break records /rom year to year. In
the absence of any further news regarding the
new crop, we believe prices will gradually work
to a higher level from purely a standpoint of
supply and demand."
Spot closed steady, 10 points higher. Mid
dling uplands, 13.06 - do gulf. 13.30 c.
Feb. 10.
Option. Open. High. Low. Close. Feb. 8. 1912.
Feb 12.00 12.60 12.60 12.60 12.48 10.21
March ...12.51 12.00 12.4S 12.30 12.46 10.30
April 12.44 12.30 10.36
May 12.34 12.45 12 .XI 12.44 12.30 10.46
•Tune 12.26 12.29 12.26 12.3.1 12.20 10.33
July 12..50 12.40 12.30 12.37 12.24 10.52
Aug 12.18 12.23 12.16 12.20 12.07 10.42
Sept. ...11.78 11.82 11.77 11.53 11.72 10.39
Oct 11.70 li.SO 11.70 11.70 H. 05 10.42
Dec 11.70 11. 81 11.70 11.70 11.63 10.4S
Jan 11.74 11.76 11.72 11.79 11.64 10.40
St. Lenin Wool Market
ST. LOUIS, Feb. W.—WH-steady. Medium
grades, combing and clothing. 2.""' t,'d 26c; light
fine, 19@21c; heavy fine, 13@lSc;"tub washed,
New York Coffee Market
NEW YORK. Feb. 10.— E. F. Hutton A Co.'s
wire says:
"Eirly cables from Hamburg made s very
steady showlne. while Havre was unusually dis
appointing. The weakness there was said to be
dv.- to long liquidation. The French market ral
lied on very large sales in the afternoon and
closed unchanged from Saturday. Santos cables
were unchanged to slightly easier. Coffee for
Import, however, and our contracts are again get
ting far apart. The interest h»re does not seem
to be shifting very much. The large Interests are
becoming more committed to tbe side of the
market in which they believe, and short sellers
continue to sell more of that which they have
nor. The sellers against the actual In the March
position would be glad to see differences widen
between that month and May. Should onr lohbers
deliver their coffee and a good business develop
during the spring they would be without suffi
cient stories to Supply the trade. We still have
the utmost confidence in this market, and believe
In buying on all dips, and continuing to buy when
the market becomes steady.
Option— Open High Low Close
Fer.rusry , 12.83e
March 13.07 c 13.10 c 13.05 c 13.10 c
April 13.17 c
May 13.18 c 13.28 c 13.13 c 1.'?.25c
Jnne IS.2"c
July 13.27 c 13.30 c 13.27 c 13.28 c
August 13.33 c
September 13.34 c 13.41 c 13.33 c 13.30 c
October 13.29 c 13.50e 13.27 c 13.27 c
November 13.19 c
December 13.13 c 13.10 c 13.15 c 13.15 c
January 18.16 c 13.10 c 13.16 c 13.16 c
Sales. 72.730 bags.
New • York Metal Market
NEW YORK. Feb. 16.—Copper—Steady. Spot
and Frbmnrr. 14.50 c bid; March. April and
Mar. 14.50615*; electrolytic. 15.755i6._8cj Ink,-,
16(- H " 16.23 c: casting. 15.50 c. Copper arrivals,
L 845 tofts: exports this month. 10.086 tons.
London copper, easy: spot, 167 12s Cd; futures,
£06 12s.
Tin—Quiet. Soot and February, 75c
March. 49.10if40.37c: April. 4 < *.73<S 49.10e. Lon
don tin, firm: spot. £224 10*: futures. £222 10s.
Lead —Steady at [email protected]; London lead,
£18 15s.
Spelter—Weak at [email protected]; London spelter,
125 10s.
Antimony—Easy. Cookson's, 9.25f1|9.50c.
Iron—Quiet. No. 1 northern. 18.50"3"15.75e;
No. 2 northern. $1S"?818.50: No. l southern,
$18.25(f18.75: No. 1 southern soft, [email protected];
Cleveland warrants, 05s Dd ln London.
Narnl Steves—.Turpentine Roaln
SAVANNAH, Ga., Feb. 10.—Turpentine—Firm
at 42c. Sales, 446; receipts 145; shipments, SO;
stocks 21.860.
Roaln—Firm. Sales. 247; receipts. 442; sbip
ments, 323: stocks, 128.200. Quote: a and B
$5.80*16; C and D. $6; E. $6.06€j 6.10; F. $15.15-
O. $6.20; H, $e.13f»«.25; I, |0.2O«?6.3O: X,
$6.60; !_, $7; N, |7.03; WO. $7.10; WW, $7.15.
London Hop Market
LIVERPOOL. Feb. 10.—Hops In London—Pa
cific coast. £4 15e@£5 12s.
Unfilled Tonnage
NEW YORK, Feb. 10.—The unfilled tonnage of
the United States Steel corporation January 31
totaled 7,827,308 tons, a decrease of 104.796 tons
over the prerloMS month. This is the first time
ln 10 months that this Item has failed to show an
a ■
Crocker Estate company to Annie J. It. Sweet
man, lot* 5 6 and 7. block N. addition to Castro
Street Addition and Glen Park Terrace; $10.
William Maxwell Rellly to Archibald C. Kalns
and Richard M. J. Armstrong, trustees of Wil
liam Mawwell Rellly and Edward Rellly and
wife, all property In Califorrtla: $1.
Abraham B. Grossman to Leon E. Present. lot
at NE corner of Cornwall street and Third ave
nue. N 83:5%. E 241:0%. S 108:1%. W 240; $1.
Louis M. Castle to same, same: $10.
Leon E. l're«cott to Benjamin Abraham, same;
Lambert J. Rottgers to Charles C. Del Curo,
lot ln E line of Colt street, 50:9% N of Caniiel.
N 25:1 by E 100: $10.
Oliver L. Anderson and wife to L. Goldman and
wife lot ln N line of Twenty-eighth street, 52:0
E of'Douglaaa. E 25 by N 114; $10.
John Richard Hnrat and wife to John E.
Adams, lot ln W line of Ninth avenue, 100 N of
O atreet, N 25 h* W 120: $10.
George F. Volght and wife to Fred Warden,
lot ln SE line of Laldley street, 213 SW of Roa
noke. SW 25 by SE 100: $10.
George F. Volght and wlfo to Fred Warden,
tot in S line of Valley atreat. 130 W of Castro,
W2sby 8 114; $10. M , _ .
F. Anna' Warden to Edwin Warden and wife,
lot in SE line of Madrid »tre«t. 225 8W of Jlus
ala avenue. SW 25 by SB 100: $10.
■ Karl Yngve and wife to J. Fred Berg and wife
j_s .&£ .S_:
THCESDAT, FEB. IS, 1918, 11 A. M.
By order of United States bankruptcy courts, we
will sell the balance of Metropolis Construction
Co. contracting outfit, consisting of horses, har
nesses aud wagons; oue fine business buggy horse
and harness, used by them In their business, and
a lot of copper wire. A good chance for ranchers
and farmers to get a cheap mare or horse at your
own price. Don't forget to atteni this Bale.
lot in SW line of Stanyan street. e_***:4 SE of
Parnassus avenue, SE 23, SW 116:6, NW 25, NE
111:0; $10.
Charles J. o'Donhell to Francis G. Somerwell,
lot in E line of Diamond street. 147:6 S of Twen
tieth, S 25 by B 120: $10.
I'riedrlcU Bishof and wife to Mabel and Alex
Patterson, lot at SW corner of Hugo street and
Fifth avenue. I 29 by W 95; $10.
Crocker Estate company to Jean Wilsna Coch
ran, lot 6. block 18, addition to Castro Street
Addition aud Glen Park Terrace; $10.
William Z. Tiffany to Mary S. Merrill, half in
terest in lot iv NW line of Mission street, 173:«
NE of Twenty-ninth. NE 131:4% by NW 100;
Mary S. Merrill to Arrah May Tiffany, all of
same; gift.
Santa Fe Land and Building company to Alex
ander Mackle, lot 14, block G, Silver Terrace;
Ann Renders to Mrs. Jane Greenlaw, lot ln W
line of Kentucky street, 372:10% N of 'Twenty
third. NW NE 25, SE parallel with SW
line of said lot of land, W to Kentucky street. S
372:10%. N parallel with N Hoe of Kentucky
street to' point of beginning; gift.
Charles M. Olsen to Emily J. Olsen, lot In W
line of Noe street, 84 S of Clipper, S 30 by W
80; $10. , _
Emily J. Olsen to Charles If. Otsen and Oscar
ft. Olsen, lot irt NW line of Bryant street, 202
SW of Fifth, SW 23 by NW 87:6; $10.
Annie Sanders to John H. and Charles A.
Sanders, lot in S line of Shipley street, 250 W
of Fifth. W 25 by S 75; $10.
Timothy David Deasy to Mary Jans Deasy. lot
in E line of Guerrero street 20:0 8 of Twenty
sixth. S 25 by E 99:10%;. gift. -
Estate of Cornelius Riley, deceased, by ad
ministrator, to John Riley, lot In N line of Bay
street. 171:0 W of Hyde, W 23 by N 137:6, and
one other piece; $8,300.
James Pvne to Mary Elizabeth Pyne. lot in N
line of Twenty-second street, 25 W of Hamp
shire, W 25 by N 97:6: gift. — ■
Alexander Mackle and wife to Albert Kauf
man and wife, lot 14, block G. Selser terrace;
Mary A. Smyth et at. to Margaret O'Connor,
lot in N line of Hill* street, 152:8 Wot Church,
W 38:5 by N 114; $10.
Daniel J Smrth et al. to Margaret O Connor,
administratrix of the estate of Mary A Smyth,
lot at NE corner of Twenty-second and Church
streets. N 26 by E 123: $10.
Clara F. Barrett and wife to Bites Worrall,
lot at NW corner of Nineteenth and Colllogwood
streets. W 71 Hy N 43: $10.
Maurice Rosenthal Realty company to Maud
Towell. lot la E line of Fifteenth avenne, 233:4
N of Tarayal street, N 88:4 by E 127:6; $10.
Louise D. Brlckell to Paul T. Goodloe. lot In S
line of Filbert street. 1326 E of Pierce, L 52:0
by S 120; $10.
F. A Oehm and wife to C. 0. Clausen, lot in
Ni; line of Langton street, 155 NW of Harrison,
NW 25 b] NE 75; $10.
William C. Espy and wife to James Donahue,
lot in N line of A street, 82:6 W of Tenth ave
uue. W 25 by N 100: $10.
Mary Levy to Metropolis Investment com
pany. 'lot In N line of Bush street, 126:9 E of
Van Ness avenue, E 50 by N 120; $10.
Ralidtng Contracts
A. F. and Alice M. Schnppert with John Burns
—All Work except painting, grading and concrete
foundation foimß for a three story and basement
Blfl k o s_ I
The "Panama-Pacific" Expresa aad
The "1915" Mall Trains
Leave Union Ferry Depot Arrive
9:10 a fStockton. Sacramento. Salt Lake,*] 8:45p
•I Denver. Omaha. Chicago. Kan- V
7:30p 1 sas City. St. Louis J 8:30 a
4:10p . Stockton 10:20*
Through Standard and Tourist Sleeping Csrs
via Denver & Rio Grande and Missouri Pacific,
Rock Island lines and Burlington route.
Dicing Csrs and Electric Lights.
jjSg&i Schedule Effective
Nov. 6, 19.2
\«-te3|k*y/ / Snn Francisco
! tIA SAISM ITO I Arrive
7:43a'Petalunin. Santa Uosa. Honlds-'
bnrg, Cioverdale, UUlah. Wll-
I lits Longvale. "Sebastopol. 7:03p
B:lsa'Sonoma, (Jien Ellen f t6:o3p )
j I \ tf1:350 j
8:15 a Pt. Reyes. Csmp Meeker. Monte' j |6:33p 1
) Rio. Duncan Mills. Caxsdero; { *J7:35p J
8:45 a Petaluma. Santa Rosa. Onerne-;
I vllle. Monte Rio. Duncan; J +6:3sp)
Mills, Caxadero (leaves from ( }7:33p )
Duncan Mills)
10:45 a Petaluma. Santa Rosa. Healds-
J burg 5 :C3p
l:4sp.Petaluma. Santa Rosa, ffuerne
vllle. Monte Rio, Duncan
Mills 10:35 a
Reyes, Camp Meeker
8:15p Petaluma. Santa Rosa, H"alds
| burg Cioverdale. Uklah.
Wlllits. •Sebastnpol 11:85 a
4:45p S-noma. Glen Ellen 9:33 a
5:15p Petaluma. Santa Rosa. Healds
-1 bnrtr . . . . 9:03 a
Ssusslito. Mill Valley. S*u Rafael—Dally
every 30 minutes from 6:45 a. m. until 9:45
a. to.: honrlv until 2:43 p. m.. then 3:15 p. m.
and every 30 minutes until 6:45 p. m., then 7:45,
8:15, 11:15 p. m. and 12:30 s. m.
Fairfax—Leaves t6:45. 7:15. 7:43. R:l3, 8:45,
9:15, 9:45, 10:45, 11:43 a. m.; 12:43. 1:45. 2:43,
3:15 3:45. 4:15, 4:45. 6:15, 5:43, 6:15. 6:45,
7:45. 9:15. 11:15 p. m.; l2;*ao a. m.
San Quentln via San Rafael—Leave dally at
9:15 a. ra and 1:45 p. m.
Tlburnn and Belvedere—Dally every hour from
6:45 a. is. until 1:45 p. m.; then 3:15 p. m. and
every hour until 6:15; then 7:43.9:15 and 11:15
p. m. and 12:30 a. m.
•Arrives dally 10:33 a. m. ••Arrives Sundays
7:05 p. m.. week days 0:33 p.m. tExoept Sun
days. {Sundays only. fSaturdays only.
Red Line Transfer Company's agents are au
thorised to cheek baegare direct from residence,
or 45 ■
HMrfTrlB,}l.Bo C>fatos-TriB,s_.Bo T
lt.»-Fr«Kltt» | IrMBTWw- iTtttlautwH
Weekday Sssd.y W««fc4ar S«s<Uy WseHay S—4ay
9:4|a 8:46 a t 7:20 a 11:50 a 7:20 a 10:40 a
1:45*. 9:45 a 1:40 a 112:501* 1:40p 11:40*
; :::::: feife ::::::! 88 :::::: fat
•Saturdays only, f Mondays only. -JMt. TamalpaisonlyT
( fiausalito Ferry-Tel. Kearny 4990
Ticket Offices < 687 Market—TeL Kearny 2751
( 874 Market—TeL Douriss 4407
General Offiee-MiU Valley. Gal. T-< Mill Valley Sub. 81
n»OT4iT_MWi ,, wi > "i*i-" mt *nn mm *m*»
Bsata mv* 700 *48 a m, I&90. SJO. 4-00. B*o p. n.
M aa* c4ka. North b>4 Tory Ba—lag
Phoaas Xaaray 40ft Mads s la arts
OfSce and Salesroom. Van Ness st Sacramentfe
Phone Franklin 2204. The old established
house of CURTIS—no connection with any
On TUESDAY, February 11, at the
lower floor department of the Curtis
Studio, some rare and valuable mov
able property will be sold at auction.
One real Aubusson decoration for a
large room cost $10,000; a rare col
lection of antique arms is another
feature. The furniture is principally
of mahogany, the Persian and Chinese
rugs of the finest and a Player Piano
that is down to the very minute in
style and construction. Van Ness
Avenue and Sacramento Street is the
place and the sale will be conducted
4t\__. M£W YOBX SAtE STABLE, H\_«_
838-340 Fell St Ar**s
JUST ARRIVED: One carload draft and wagon
horses; some nice, big mares: allyoung, sound.
Also good mares and horses, footsore. 1,400 to
1.600 lbs., for farm work.
Phone Market 3877. JOS. LEVY.
frrme building in N line of Eighteenth street,
149:9 E of Guerrero. N 100 by E 25, for $0,370.
G. Lepaoli with Sequrson Brothers—To erect a
three story and basement frame building in 8
Hue of Tehama street, 75 W of Fifth, W 25 by
80. for $6,730.
Laave (Foot of Market Street) Anive
(Subject to change without notice)
2.15 a Niles, livermore, Tracy, Lathrop,
Stockton, Lodi, Gait, Elk Grove,
tSacramento Roseville,Auburn,Colfax 10.40p
2.15 a Sacramento. Marysville. Biggs, Chico. 10.40p
6.40 a Richmond. Port Costa, Martinez,
Antioch, Byron Hot Springs, Tracy.
Patterson, Newman, Lo* Baaoa,
Ingle, Kermaa, Fresno II -69p
8.40 a Saa Leandro, Hayward, Niles, San
Jo« «-WP
7.00 a The Statesman—Richmond, Vallejo
Junction (Vallejo), Port Costa,
Benicia, Sidwa, Elmira, Davis,
Sacramento 8.50p
7.20 a Ooldfiekt Pa**.—Truckee, Hazen. Wa
buska (Yerrington, Hudson), Mina,
Tonopah, Goidfield, Lows, Keeler.. B.loa
7.20 a Richmond, Port Corta, Benida, Sui
sun, Dixon, Sacramento 7.80p
7.20 a Elmira, Vacaville, Rumsey 7.50p
7.20 a Roseville, Marysville (Oroville). Red
ding. Dim—luir 18.40p
7.20 a *>arb. Woodland. Williams, Maxwell,
Willow*, Hamilton, Coming, Red
Bluff 7JOp
7.20 a Nile* Pleasanton. Livermore, Tracy,
Lathrop, ftockton (Oakdale). Lodi,
Sacramento 7.30p
7.20 a Tracy, Patt ireon. Newmafi, Lo* Bano*,
Ingb, Kennan, Fresno 4.30p
7.40 a Richmond, Vallejo, Napa, Calistoga,
Saata Rosa, Crockett, Port Costa... 8.1 Op
f7.40a Avou, 'abut Creek, San Ramon,
Livermore 78.50p
B.ooa Newark. West San Joee, Los Gatos.
Wright, Felton (Bee Lomond, Boul
der Creek), Santr Crui S~sop
8.40 a Port Costa, Martinez, Byron Hot
Springs, Tracy (Stockton), Merced,
Bercnda, Madera, Fresno. Fowler,
Selma, Trever, Goshen Junction
(Hanford. Armona), Tulare, Bakers
field *-30p
8.40 a Visalia, Lindsay, Portervilb, Ducor.. 7.1 Op
8.40 a Yosemite Valley via Merced 4|op
9.00 a Irvington, San Jose 7 Mm.
9.00 a Kites, Pleasanton, Livermore, Stock
ton (* Milton), Valley Spring. lone,
Sacramento • • J; - ??*
9.00 1 -* Tuolumne, Bonora,Jamestown,Ang»ls. 2.50p
9.00 a Atlantic Express—Sacramento, Iruc
kee. Ogden, Salt Lake City, Denver,
Kansas City, Omaha, Chicago 8.30p
B.ooa Tonopah-Goldfield Standard Sleeper.. B A Oa
9.00 a Vallejo Junction, Vallejo { 750'
8.40 a Richmond, San Pablo, Pinole. Vallejo
Junction. Crockett. Port Costa, Mar
tinez, Avon, Concord, San Ramon.. 8.1 Op
10.20 a San Francisco Overland Limited—
Denver, Kansas City, Su Louis,
Omaha. Chicago 2.10p
10.40 a Vallejo, MareliLnd, Nap*. 1250p
10.40 a Stockton. { 'JfJ}
10.40 a Lo* Angela* Passenger—Port Costa,
Martinez, Byron Hot Spring*. Tracy,
Stockton, Merged, Madera, Fresno,
(Hanford, Coalinga, \ isaiiaj, Bakers
field, Lo* Angele* 7,10p
11.20 a Shasta Limited—Portland, Tacoma,
Seattle .8.60*
12.00n Richmond, Port Costa, Benicia, Sui-1 10.30 a
sun, Elmira, Dixon. Sacramento.. j 11.10 a
12.00n Davit,Wiiliam»,Coiusa Junc.Willowii,
Germantown. Orland, Hamilton.... 6.50*
12.00n Marysville, Chico, R*d Bluff 4.30p
i.OOp Niles, Irvington, San Jose 2.60p
.20p San Leandro, Niles, CenterviHe, New
ark, (Redwood), San Joee 7.80p
1.40p Newark, Alviso, Agnew Santa Clara,
Wort San Jo*e IO.OOp
11 40p Wright, Bouicier Creek, Santa Crut.. 10 .OOp
2.40p SanLoandro, Nibs, San Jose 7.30p
3.00p Benicia, Winters Sacramento—Wood
land, Tudor. Yuba City. Maryivilb,
Orovilb Il.tOa
S.2op Richmond, Port Costa. Martinez,
Byron Hot Spring*, Modesto, Merced.
Madera, Fresno. j,.... 10.40p
4.00p Port Corta, Martin**. Concord, Walnut
Creek, San Ramon, Livermore 9.30 a
4.00* Richmond, Vallejo, Napa, Calirtoga,
Gtaa Elba, Santa Rosa. 9.30*
4.00? Nib* (Ceatarvilb, Newark), Sunol,
Pleasanton, Livermore. Tlacy,
Stockton, Lodi, Sacramento 12.50p
4.40p San Leandro, Hayward, Nifae, Pbaa
anton, Livermore 8.30 a
4.40p Irvington. San Jose 9.30 a
4,40p Tracy, Patterson, Newman, Lo* Bano*,
Kennan. Fresno 1049p
440p Valley Flyer—Port Coat*, Byron Hot
Springs, Tracy, Modesto, Merced,
Madera, Fresno, Goshen Junction,
Tulare. Bakersfleld, Mojavo, Loa ...„
Angeb* »280p
iJWp Vallejo. Port Costa. Benicia, Suisun,
Sacramento, Roseville, Lincoln,
Wheatbnd. Mamvilb (OrovUbX .
Gridby. Bia«. Oico »...... 11^0*
B.oop Davi*. Arbuckb, Williams, WiHow*,
Orland, Tehama Io4op
B.OOp Newark. West San Jose. Loe Gatos... 9.30*
8.20p San Leandro, Lorenzo, Hayward,
Nibs, Pbasaatoa, Livermore, Tracy,
Stockton 3.10*
6.ZOp Owl Limited—Port Corta, Tracy.
Fresno, Lo* Angeles B.loa
8.20p Hayward, Nib* and San Jo*e 0.50p
6.40p Eastern Express—Ogden, Puebte.Dei.
ver, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chi capo. 8.30p
6.40p Fort Costa, Benicia, Suisun. Elmira,
Sacramento, Colfax. Truckee, Reno,
Spark* t.3op
7.00p China and Japan Mail—Ogden,
Cheyenne, Denver. Kansas City,
Omaha, Chicago 3.1 Op
7.00p Port Costa, Byron Hot Springs, Stock
loa. Sacramento, Colfax, Truckee.
Reno. S.lop
}7.00p Richmond (Valbjo), Port Costa, Mar
riaea. Concord. Walnut Creek. Pleaa
anton, Nib*. Oakland 1246 a
B£op Oregon Express—Sacramento, Rose
vifle, Marysviib. Redding (Kbmath
Falb), Ashland, Portland, Tacoma.
•Beattta, Spokane -... l.lOp
f.oop Mt. Eden, Alvarado. Newark, fcanta
Cbra,SaaJoae 7.50p
9.40p BakersSeid. McKittrick, Hatbton,
Monarch, Moron. Felfow, Shab 7.60 a
9.40p Richmond, Port Costa, Tracy, Mo
desto, Merced, Madera, Fresno.
Hanford, Tubs*. 7.60 a
9.40p Hanford, Armona, Lemoore, Huron,
CoaUn». .. 7.60 a
9.40p Visalia. Exeter, Linaaay. Portervilfc,
Ducor, Faraoso 7.80t
10.20p Portland Express—Davis, WiUow*.
Red Bluff. Weed. (Klamath Falb),
Ashland, Roseburg, Portbnd, Ta
coma, Seattb 7.30 a
From Pacific Stmt Wharf
TU* route offers exceptional opportunity for Anto
mobiliats to reach all pointa on tbe Sacramento River;
CoUinsvilb. Emmaton. Rio Vista, Idetoa, Ryde, Walnut
Grove, Vorden, Courtbnd, Clarksburg, Sacramento.
Steamer Seminole or Navajo, leaves San Francisco 8.30
a. m. daily except Sunday and Wednesday, arriving
Sacramento 7.00 p. m. Laave Sacramento 8.30 a. m.
daily except Sunday and Wednesday, arriving San
Francisco 5.30 p. m. Slopping ia either direction at all
points shown above.
Steamer Modoc or Apaeha, leaves San Fnodaco lOC
p. m. daily except Sunday; arrive Saa Francisco 11.30
p. m. daily except Monday.
Steamer Navajo or Somino'* leaves Saa Franeiro
9.00 p. m. daily except Sunday*, arriving Sacramento
7.00 a. m. daily except Monday- Leave Sacramento
9.00 p. m. daily except Sunday*, arriving San Francisco
7.00 a. m. daily except Monday. No (top* en route ia
either direction.
Office and Salesrooms. 855 Mission st.
Pays highest price for all kind* of fnrnltnr*.
merchandise, etc. Houses bought la thalr ea
tlxetj. Goods sold oa commission.
Phone—Sntter 120».
western' horse market
Two cars gentle broke Utah horses. 4 to 8.
weight 1,100 to 1,700 lbs. One car eastern Ore
gon horses, 4 to 0, weight 1,100 to 1,400 lbs.,
all gentle broke. We will bitch any of the**
horses np ftnd try them out for you. All guaran
teed as represented, or money refunded.
Our sale of brood mares postponed to Feb. 25.
W. HIGGINBOTTOM. Auctioneer.
r.."" Horses and Mnrea and 10 Mules
TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 11. 1013. AT 11 A. M.
By order of Thomas Gibbons of Lassen Co.
and others, we will sell 88 all purpose horses
and mares, weight from 1.000 to 1.600. from H
to I years old; also IS head of footsore city
mares and 10 head of good work mules. All
stock guaranteed as represented AT MISSION
H. COHEN. Anctloneer.
I'nion I>eapne club with Broas A Ktibn rom
p tnT —Alterations and additions to bar al.-ove or
billiard room and doors separating* red snd
tapestry dlninjj rooms of clnb btiildlnjf at MR
corner of Powell and O'Farrell streets, for <7't'>.
via cuasi _,ir*«fcs
Leave (Third and Townsend Streets) Am***
(Subject to change without notioe)
f 8.05s Valencia Street, Ocean Mew, Cohna.
Cemeteries, Baden. San Bruno t 8.35s
6.45 a South San Francisco, San Jose, Morgan
hiil, Gilroy, Sargent, Pajaro, Watson
ville, Santa Crua M f.OOp
t 6.45 a Los Altos, Monta Vista, Los Gatos.. t 9.46 a
7.00 a Coaster—San Jcse, Morganhiil, Gilroy,
Pajaro, Castroville, Salinas, Sokdad,
King City, Paso Robles Mot Springs,
San Luis Obispo, Surf "Lompoe),
Santa Barbara, Ventura, Canard,
Loe Angeles lO^Op
7.00 a Hollister, Tree Pinos—Watsonville.
Santa Cruz—Del Monte, Monter,.
Pacific Grove I 0.30»
t 7.05t South Ban Francisco, Palo Alto, San
Joae. Way Stations 7.50p
t 7.05 a Los Altos, Monta Vista, Los Gatos .. § 3.25p
B.ooa Shore Line Limited—Paao Robles Hot
Springs, Santa Barbare,Los Angeles. 9.50p
8.05 a Mayfield. Los Altos, Los Gatos,Wright,
Glenwood (Boulder Creek), Santa
Cms, Watsonville, CastrovifJe, Del
Monte, Monterev, Parific Grove 9.05*
B.ooa San Jose, Morganhiil, Gilroy. Sargent,
Salinas, Soledad, San Miguel. Paso
Roblee Hot Springs. San Luis Obispo 4.00»
•.00a Hollister, Tres Pinos—Watsonville,
Santa Cruz—Del Monte, Monterey.
Pacific Grove 4.00»
10.40 a South San Francisco, Buriingame. San
Mateo, Palo Alto, Mayfield, Los Al- <• | 2 30p
toe. Lot Gatos. [ 720P
11.30 a Valencia Street, Ocean View, Colma.
Cemeteries, Baden, San Bruno • 55p
11.40 a South San Francisco, San Jose t 8.20 a
1.20p Saturdays only—San Mateo, Red
wood, Mayfield, Mountain View,
Saniose JII.OOp
1.20p Saturdays only—Lo* Altoa, Moata
Vista, LosGato*...., §3.25p
2.00p Del Monte Expresa—San Jose, Mor
ganhiil, Gilroy, Sargent, WatsonviUe,
Santa Cruz, De! Monte, Monterey,
Pacific Grove, (Salinas) I2J0?
Zosp Easton. Ban Mateo, Palo Alto. Baa
Jose 8.40 a
t 2.1 Op South San Francisco, Redwood, Santa
Clara, West Saa Jose. Los Gatos,
Wright, Felton. (Boulder Creek),
Santa Cruz 111 -30a
3.00p South San Francisco. San Mateo. San
Jose, Morganhiil, Gilroy, Tres Pines,
Salinas 10.1 Oa
3.00p WatsonviUe, Santa Cruz, Castroville,
Del Monte, Monterey, Pacific Grovs 10.10 a
3.25p Burlingame, San Mateo, Redwood.
Palo Alto, Mayfield, Loe Altoa, Los
Gatoe 6.46p
t 3.25p Wright, Boulder Creek. Santa Cruz.. tll-30a
4.00p Sunset Expresa— Tucson, Demiag. El
Paso, Houston, New Orleans, Chi
cago 9.! 5i
4.00p Washington Sunset Route—Washing
ton, D.C New York and East 9.16*
4.00p Salinas, Paio Roblee Hot Springs,
San Luis Obispo. Santa Barbara,
Ventura and Los Angeles.. j 8.15 i
4.00p Kansas Gty, St. Louis, Chicago 8 IM
4.20p South San Francisco, San Jose t 7.25 a
f* 4,55p Santa Cruz Limited—Mayfield, Loi
Alto*. Loj Gatos, Felton, (Boulder
Creek), Santa Crui t MS*
t 6.06p Burhngarne, San Mateo. Redwood.
4 • Palo Alto, Mayfield. Saata Clara.
San Jose t 6.30 a
t 6.20f Redwood, Atherton, Menlo Park,
Palo Alto, Mevfield. Mountain View,
Bunnyvab, San Jose \ 9.00 a
t 6.20p Loe Altos, Mocta Vista, Los Gatoe... 1 8.40 a
T 6.25p Easton, Redwood, Mountain View,
SanJoee 8.40 a
t B4op Loop—Valencia Street, Ocean \'iew,
Cemeteries, South Sao Francisco.
23d Street, 3d and Townsend t 6.40*
6.40p San Bruno, San Mateo, Redwood,
Palo Alto. Santa Clara, San Jose... 7 45p
t 6.40p Mayfield, Los Altoa, Los Gat0e...... t 9.40 a
6.00p Tuesdays—Sunset Limited de Luxe,
New Orleans aad East. Arrive Sun
day* 11.00 a
f B.oop Millbrae. San Mateo. Redwood, May
field, Loe Altos, Los Gatos t B.ooa
t 6.06p 23d Street, Visitaclon. South Se*-
Francisco, Valencia Street * 7.1 Sp
i.30» South San Francisco, San Jose 6.45p
B.oop The Lark—Santa Barbara, Los Acgefes 9.45 a
8.1 Of San Jose and Way Stations 7.30 a
IO.OOp Los Angeles Passenger—Morganhiil,
Salinas, Paso Robles Hot Springs.
Ban Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and
Los Angeles 8.25 a
10.06* South San Francisco, San Jose II .55s
I 1.46p South Saa Francisoo, Palo Alto, San
Jose 7.35 a
Via Oakland Piar
To Oakland. 16th St., and Berkeley via Shattoek Avt.
and Ellsworth $t. Dim.—Daily—From 6.00 a. m., arid
every twenty minutes until S.JO p. m., inclusive; then
9.00, p. m., 12.20 and t.20 a.ro.
Additional boats Saturriavs and Sunday* only, 8.40
p. m„ 9.20, 10.00, 10.40 and 11.20 p. m.
Te Berkeley via California St and West Btrkslsy. Albany
via Ninth St. Lift**.—Daily—From *6.00 a. m., 16.20,
•6.40, *f7.00 a. m. and every twenty minutes until 8.20
p. m. inclusive; then 9.00, 9.40,10.20, p.m..
12.20 and 1.20 a. m. Additional boats Saturdays and
Sunday* only, 8.40 p. _~, 9.20, 10.00, 10.40 aad 11.20
p. m.
To Oakland, Washington-B-otdway, East Oakland,
Fruitval* and Melrose via S*v*nth St.—Daily—From
6.00 a. m., then every twenty minutes until 8.20 p. n_.
inclusive; then 9.00. 9.4 a 10.20, 11.00, 11.40 p. m.,
12.20 and 1.20 a. m. Additional boate Saturdays and
Sundays only, 8.40 p. m.. 9.20. 10.00, 10.40 and 11-20
p. m.
Hormho* te Oakland. Washington-Broadway. Fruitvtle,
Alameda. North Side—Daily—From 6.00 a m.. t6.20.
6.40. 7.00. 7.20. 7.40, 8.00. 8.40 and forty minutes past
the hour until 3.40 p. m.; then 4.00, 4 40, 5.00, 5.20,
6.40, 6.00. 6.20, 640. 7.00, 7.40. 8.20. 900, 9.40,10.2 ft
11.00. 11.46 p. a.. 12.20 and 1.20 a. m.
To Vrgorit Stag*. Pullman, Richmond (Stwm Sonrlca)—
f6.40 and 7.40 a. m., 3-20 p. m., 4.20. 5.20. 6.20 p. m.
T* Stanehurit (Steam Sonde*)—T6.oo. t6.40. t7.20.
J9.00, tIO.OO a. m.. t1.20 p. m., £2.00, :3.00, t3.20.
*4.00, »5.00. «5-40 and t6.20 p. m.
Via Alameda Pier
To Oakland. Nth and Franklin Sts.
-6.1*5. 6.45 a. m. and thee 15 and 45 minutes part the
hour until 7.45 p. m.; then 8.30, 9.15, 10X0, 10.45,
11 JO p. m. aad 12.15 a. m.
Ta Alameda. North and South Side—
6.15. 6.45 a. m. and then 15 and 45 minute* part the
hour until 7.45 p. m.; then 8.30. 9.15. 10.00, 1045,
11.30 p. m. and 12.15 a. m.
From San Francisco. Sooth End of Forry Building, for
Broadway Wharf. Oakland—Week day* 6.00 a, m. and
every half hour until 9.00 p. m., inclusive. Sundays
and holidays 6XO a. m. and every half hour until
11.00 p. m., inclusive. Beats leave Broadway Wharf—
Week days 6.15 a. m. and every half hour until 8.45
p. m. inclusive. Sundays and holidays, 6.15 a. m.
and every half hour until 10.45 p. P., inchisive.
a for Morning. * Daily. p for Afternoon.
tSunday excepted. {Sunday only. JSaturday only.
a Monday.
Afontt collect baggage and chocks on train* or both flf
Southern Peetfi* Company, and deliver baggage to resi
dence. Thoy art authoriwd to chock bag**** direct front
■rasidone*. I

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