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Women of Hillsborough
Colony May Organize a
Feminine Polo
(S cl tl EHspatet* to The Call)
HXUUSBOROUGH. Feb. 10.—As an ex
citing Ueqael I
tb« Bap m terday,
Harry c. ;, rid Felton B. 3
are go ins * race of their own on
ks track at El PoAomnt
Saturday morning to decide I $1,000
Hastings will ride hla brown
Merry-t'o-Hound. and F.lkins will
v his spirited chestnut gelding,
Meal Ticket.
. it all cat races yes
*ff* v evening aber of the
norsa owners gathered to discuss the
results of afternoon. Several ■_>
• Ives as dissatisfied with
the last two events of the day, which
supposed to settle once for all the
tion of who ©wni the fleetest polo
illy Elkins and Hastings conclud
ed to decide- t 1 n of supremacy
■ >-n their two stables by holding a
a regular track where
the speed of the animals would not be
■ red by sharp turns and an uneven
turf. The test was fixed for Saturday
■and all local lovers of pedigreed horse
will be on hand to witness the
With the fine showing of the women
- a striking feature of yesterday's
nation of a woman's polo
ag the thoughtful consid
eration of several of the Equestriennes.
of the
plan thai the Hillsbi omen could
team which would rank well
the Meadowiark four composed of
the fnir members of th» Meadow Brook
club of WeSthury. Long island.
All of the women who joined the
■-vlark were accomplished liorse
i possessed of great dartng, :tnd,
with the men,
they made a creditable appearance. Al
-•i Mrs. Thomas Hitchcock and
Mrs. Thomas Hastings, more perhaps
than any one else, were responsible
for the formation of the women's club.
Miss Kleonora Sears was among the
most enthusiastic org's ilzers. On iter
last visit to California, Miss Bears de
clared Hills-borough could put forth a
rattling fine ladies" team.
Ami who rode in the races
and Would be poo.*, material
for a woman's team were: Mrs. Robin
-,ne. Mrs. Charles w. Clark, Mrs.
Ward Barron, Mrs. Oscar Cooper, Mrs.
Murphy, Miss Merritt Reid,
t'rimmins, Miss Ysobel
and Miss Helen Garritt.
U. C. Students Indorse
-* —Rugby Resignation
-1 Dispatch to Call*
10.—The Associated students of the
University of California at their meet
ing in Harmon gymnasium this morn
ins Indorsed the action of their execu
ommlttee in resigning from the
California Rugby union. President
ed the entire situation
tated the reasons which prompted
'ion of the executive committee.
-• - then made indorsing the
action of the committee and passed
Iter which was decided
'•y Uie meeting this morning was that
should he but three intercollegi
s with Stanford. A
plan was proposed '•>' the intercol
nt committee providing
games in place of
. . .1 was rejected on the
:i it would plac« too great a
. i players and
* " -s. • too hard finan-
Heister and Kreitz Are
Sold to N. W. League
t« k to The C
SA< ro, Feb. it.—Utility
r Al Heister and Catcher Kreitz
of the Sacramento Senators wii! be
Fold outright to the Vancouver club of
league; T'ne deal
calliti- msfer probably will
be completed tomorrow. Charles c.ra
ham made an announcement tonight
onsiderable significance
c-oncerning First Baseman Hush Miller,
who is listed among the holdouts.
"The only player who has not signed
up among those we * g [ring ->n for
the team is Starke, t 1 :. shortstop," said
He refused to elucidate other than to
"ay that the name of a first baseman
W whom waiv>»r> sre being sought in
d ot be "given out
at this tim<- (
Wells Says He'll Fight
McCarty Out Here
(Special Disrate* to The Call)
NEW YORK, Feb. JO.—lf it is neces
sary to go to California to get a match
with Luther McCarty Bombardier Well*
will go. He said 0O today".
• i c ;i mp over peeialiy to fight
McCarty," oald Wells, "Wa ha\e tried
■ long time to get hlta to fierht.
Long b< fore we sailed James Maiuney,
my manager, cabled Billy Gibson to
sign up your champion, but his efforts
.. Iwit;, a futile.
"I I ney, MeOarty**
manager, is in the city, and 1 hope he
will see his way clear for a' bout with
t.os ANGELES, Feb. 10. 'Mdic Ceaapj «f Snn
ico, bantam weight champion of the Partite
md "Kid" Williams of Baltimore, both
. •.iiio-ifk-rs for tbe championship in their division,
now held by Johnny Cnakra af Chicago, did their
.! w•■; ii today preliminary ta their sched
uled 80 *rooad boat Wednesday afternoon.
Itexolutiwn Asks Customs Iriqitiry Fol
lowing Charges'
::il Dispatch to Tee Q_g]
WASHINGTON, Feh. He—A sweeping
lution waa introduced in the senate
today calling g« the secretary of the
treasury for full information on the
recent order of the treasury depart
ment whereby the customs revenues are
J_ be bandied by the national banks
ad a sequel to the charges made by
Kudoiph Spreckels of San Francisco.
The resolution was not adopted owing
to an objection by Senator Sutherland.
It went over, but Senator Poindexter
will cu'l it up tomorrow.
Hist School Oaintets to Battle This Week
■_*" V
The champion Cogswell basket ball team, which meets the Lowell five for
the city title this week. Left to right, back row, R. Classon (captain), J.
Doble, W. Brunn (manager), P. Picrson, D. Marley; front row, B. Bowley,
C. 'Welcome, F. Kemme.
Cogswell Whirlwinds Will Have to Work to Keep
Lowell From Snatching Crown
Thee is n<t a basket ball court in
the city equal to the crowd that will
be on hand when Cogswell and Lowell
high teams meet this week to decide
the high school championship of the
city. Interest in the present league
series has been greater than for some
years, and the final game is attracting
more than passing interest, owing to
the teams being so closely matched.
For some years past the Cogswell
lads have been champions of the local
schools, taking the title with ease, but
in the game this week they will have
a hard job on their hands tj defend
their title. The Lowell team this sea
son has shown far better form and
played faster ball than any of the local
teams the Cogswell men have met In
previous years in their final game for
the title. With this fact in view, the
Folsom street, boys are taking every
precaution to be in their best form for
t!v battle.
No date has been set yet for the
game. Manager Conrado of Lowell and
Manager Brunn of Cog-swell will meet
with Chairman Walker of the sub
league championship committee today
and decide on tiie night, probably
Thursday, whicb suits both managers.
Both quintets put in strenuous prac
tice yesterday on their respective
Thro sanies were played i:< pie opening of
th* Paeifl■• association championship tournament
at the Y. M. C. A. court last nls.de. None of
'he games showed class, bat, on th* other hand,
the "nabbing" et the players was enough to
Spoil a-;y gat :"fi,ia!s failed to Stop the
. and disputing. In tin- ISO
pound game between Cogswell sad the I. C. S.
teams thr.-e players were ruled off for Starring
'"rough house." 'Portias anil Kanst of i:i"
I. C. S. aid Begurson of the Cogswell team
were the men suspended.
En this gao»s tbe 1. c. P. were rffSrned the
by a seocs at 29 to 20. Gradj showed
m on the basket throws tat the victors.
wu;ie Trssc! '■- a - tie- beat of tie d
uic-n. T.e :■
I C. S.—Kunsf, O'Keefe, Kennedy, forwards;
enter: IM( t
center; Segiisun. Bridgett, Xi
* # #
In the 110 pound I'ivNlon the Cosr«vv<-'!I nninte*
i- pyine ta the Lincoln ream
owing to two of the players bein;; ever the
weight limit a practice fiesta •■ is played.
which resulted in s draw, each side snort-ait 8
The other no pound game resaltcd In a *rte
tory for rhe St. Joseph's team orer the Colom
bia Park Bo?"' dab quiiitt t by a score of 'J.-',
lo 18. In this (tame the Colombia Boya" clnb
team pet up a plucky fight with oajj tour men.
Lee, rhe other guard of the team, f-iiiinjr to
make the weight limit. Don.,van in the forwards
the i)--t farm foi the winders, while
Rosenthal and Gavin played the besd far the dis
iWa Park lads, The te
-, . ark Rosenthal. Stockton, forwards;
>vao, MAanghlin, forwards:
Gotoboic, center: Welch. Dunning, guai-Js.
At the .Taci;s,, n park playgrounds conrt the
Hamilton team defeated U'ashlatrfon In the pul
■ ship series by 15 t:. 15. TRe
ganm i- md at'full time the score was
tied with 13 [Mints each. Extra time -.wis or
dered, and Kidd i- tted the itoal that save his
"t "-.>■ tennis:
Hamilton FrlMman and Vgnrantyß*, forwards;
r* OOM and Car", guards,
Washington—Castrnclo aiel Rigltti. forward-:;
j Cattero, enter; Cadcmatori and Siordios, guards.
In the 12r> pound divisi-n between Washington
Illinois Probably to Get
Boxing Again
fSpeeial Dispatch to The Call)
CHICAGO. Feb. 10.—Illinois will get
one more chance to rehabilitate the
boxing game. Under assurances from
powerful political interests that U
would b « passed and signed by Gov
ernor Dunne, a measure know*n as the
Carroll-Hilton bill will be Introduced
in the legislature tomorrow.
"I am confident the bill will be passed,"
said Senator Carroll this morning just
before he departed for Springfield. "It
is the safest measure that could have
boon framed, in my opinion.
"It is patterned after the Fraw'ley law
In New York, where regulated bo"ting
lias proved a great success. I know Illi
nois wants boxing if it can be kept
• lean, and I am certain that under the
t< rms of this law we can keep the game
on the level."
(Spec »1 Diso.-itr-h to The Cal! i
WOODLAND, IVb. it.-B. I". Wallaat, oonnty
aaditor, hus been elected manager of tbe Wo<m!
land baseball team by the director-- of the club.
Wallace will make an cudeavor to organize a
winning team.
(Sneeigl Dispatch to The Call)
VALLKJO. Feb. 10—The Vnllejo roller polo
team defeated the crack Oroville the in the
Butte county town Saturday afgbt by a score of
! to 2. The Oroville team Will come to Vallejo
on Washington's birthday and will play a game
h>re that night and one next evening.
(Special Dispatch to The Cal!)
STANFORD UNIVERSITY, Ketv in. - Stanford
varsity crew candidates will I- erven t!i> ;v !ir«t
«or*k'«nt mi the estuary nt Redwood tomorrow
afternoon under the direction or Captain Duryea,
while the freshmen will be instructed by t'oflcli
OPea ou Luke Lngnnila.
courts. With Barnes on the team, the
Lowell attack is as strong as that of
the Cogswell outfit, notwithstanding
the fact that he is scheduled to play in
one of the guard positions. Barnes
plays m roving guard game and has
proved the most proficient goal getter
On the team.
Fujita. the husky little Jap, is one of
~the bet-t basket bailers in the local high
* schools. He is the mainstay of the
team on foul shots, and averages 75
per cent nets on the fouls given him to
Captain Glasson of Cogswell has
been out of t: c game tor the last
couple of weeks with an injured foot,
bis absence being particularly no
ticeable in the playing of the team
against Lick last W.eek. With Glasson
out, tbe Combination lacked its effect,
but the skipper will be back in the
told for the championship contest.
I'ierson at center is one of the giants
In local school quintets. He plays a
good game, though he Is not the equal
of the famous John Gilbert, who held
down the same position a couple of
seasons ago. Bowley Is a capable for
ward and is generally accurate on the
The full personnel of both teams will
be given out by the coaches today or
and Laguna Honda the former showed all the
data and won by S3 to 10. BsMochJ was die
■tar, netting eight goals. The team*:
Washington—BasKSUO and Baldochl, forwards;
TangUlo, cent.-r; l'ierrini and aloschini, guards.
a Honda—Sreiiman and Holt, forwards;
Richards, center; Hibbert aud Tlaaot, guard*.
** # *
''">ki*' ball teams won and lost iii their respect
ive games i-> the p. .\. A. tournament with the
Belmont Military academy and tin Fort Barry
<j-:int"is. The second gymnaslam live trounced
the military students 4o to 28, while the soldiers
overwhelmed the Brat Cardinal team 38 to IG.
* * *
OAKLAND. Feb. 10.—St Mary's varsity bes-
I t. am meats tbe Oakland high school
s.i'iad Wednesday ftfteraooa in a retain contest
on the i trt. This will by the only coo
test of the wei k for 'he varsity team, as the
is been glTeo to the V. A. for Tuesday
and Saturday nights.
rhe ltd poet team of the college •.cored a vic
tory aver the same weight team of th« Tomp
kins playground this afternoon, the youngsters
winning 26 to 16. "fhe ciev.-r work of Bowe re
sulted in ti-." large seora for the winners. Tim
ISO ponod team defeated tbe same weight team
of St. Joseph's academy yesterday afternoon on
the Berkeley coart. Saturday , night a mixed
team from St. Mary's was handily defeated by
the academy unlimited team.
Thne games sre ." >r tomorrow sight
St Mary's college courts. The first is
the final 'his side of the hay for the 110 pound
team of the Berkeley V. M. _. A. and the Onk
lajDd V. M. C. A. Reds of the same Weight. The
second is between the 146 teams of the Cniver
sity erf California and the OaSland Y. it <\ A.
Tbe last game will !e between the unlimited
f td. Cniversity of Cr.iifrfruia Rnd the
Berkeley Y. M. C. A. The officials will be J.
Tyler and I. 11
SANTA CRUZ, Feb. 10.—Tbe sodality five of
the ll<-ly Cross Athletic eiuh. ewe ot :he atrong
•-••" 1 all organ nation* nt the city, begin a
aerie* of games with Santa ciar.-i university
"Tuesday night nt Montgomery court T_s locals
have been playing a strong game this -
The lineups:
ii;iy Cross- Roney. center; forward, <;ara
and Jones; guards, O'Brien, Ross and
Santa Clara Center. Voight: forwards, Ahem
and Flood; guards, Monson and Melehior.
Cogs well Swimmers to
Hold Meet Tomorrow
Cogswell swimmers will hold their
semiannual swimming meet at the Lur
line tank tomorrow afternoon. None
member.* of the regular school
team v. ill participate in the mget. Line
Johnson Will _et aa starter. Th» en
tries for the various events are as fol
."0 yards, -MeUger 'IS, Kintell *It*,. Stew John
son *i.-,. Debennao* 'I'"'. Morris '!•'>, Bowtay *13,
McLaren 'i<;. Fu-pta ■;*..
ltd yards -Lewis 13, Metager '13. Kintell 'if.
Debeobam 'P*. Rowley 'IS, McLaren 'in.
220 yards—Young '11. Lewis 'J*., -Sergurson
"1.".. GtasiW 'IS, Winston '15.
440 yards—Marley '13, Edwards '14. Bonnbelm
'13. S. Johnson 1.*,. Hartley '10. Zechcr '14. Co
lander 18.
880 yard*- Bonnbeto* *l"">. Dunenn 13, Edward
"U. M°rris "n;. Zecber *14, Hartley ';
« S
(Sj>rr;.ji Dispatch to The Call)
SAN JOSF, Fob. 10.—Marriage licenses
were lasued today by county Clerk
Henry A. Plister to tlte following
couples: Walter Rodono, 21, Saratoga,
and Anna Lee, 17, San Jose; John Krv
ing Porter, 26, Oakland, and Lillian
Sarah Jordan. 25, Oakland; Elbert
Ketchmn. 2«i, and Ethel Kennedy, 26,
both of San Francisco; George Lafay
ette Hoxie, 48, Cottonwood, Shasta
county, and Edna M. Paterson, 32, San
Monday, I-'ehruarv 10.
0:13 p. m.--Stmr Yoeemtte, Aaplnnd, 36 hours
from Sun Pedro. Ballast c> Charles n. McCor
mick & Co.
Monday, February 10,
10:30 p. in. -Stmr Maudalay, Johnson", Cres
i cut City.
Champion "Heavy Weight
Good Fellow," Never For
gets Friends' Faces
He's a Living Refutation of
Anti-Boxing Brigade's
time. Tbe former champion is now In
our midst, doing a monologue stunt at
the Emrtress, for which he is getting a
fat salary. With "Jim" as a magnet,
the managers of the various houses on
the Sullivan & Considine circuit are
filling them nightly.
Several reasons can be attributed to
Corbett's popularity. It is true that he
first came Into the limelight through
his fame as a ring gladiator, but it is
safe betting that he would have been
heard of just the same had he side
stepped the boxing game for some
other vocation.
Corbett'a versatility is unlimited.
Be was a champion in tbe prize ring,
he Is an actor of the first water, and
he Is a good fellow. The latter, to my
mind, is the greatest factor in his
popularity, for Jim is tha champion
mlxi r Of,the world, and likes the same.
Mooting friends is Jim's delight.
Right now be is finding the going
pretty swift, but still to his liking, for
be is mingling with the f-ierids of his
pd days Every minute of the
day and night his time is occupied
m .ting them single handed and In
bunches, and it is safe to say that
there Is* not, another individual who
has shaken as many hands as has
James J. since his arrival here.
Corbett has a wonderful memory,
and though he fails at times to recall
the name of some friend he has not
met in years, he eases the caller's
feelings by recalling pone Incident of
the past which convinces him that he
has not been forgotten.
Corbett stands out as ono of the
best "testimonials" the prize ring can
boast. Tic does not need the advertis
ing the ring gave him, for he '"gets
by" on the stage on his ability. Many
critics of the drama declare that Cor
bett would have been taken seriously
along Broadway had he ijpvpr beei}
connected with the boxing arena.
The former champion w6trl4 profe a
valuable exponent of the caasfe of box
ing in California if he coulJl be urged
to represent the boxing interests be
fore the state legislature. Those who
are endeavoring to blacklist the sport
on the grounds that it is brutal and
degrading to public morals would have
a difficult tasW trying to. convince a
fair minded body of legislators with
Jim Corbett present.
Corbett still takes an interest In the
sport, and his weekly articles which
review the game are interesting and
clever. When an opportunity is af
forded him to see a bout, he usually
:11 - - vantage of it.
Corbett's popularity is not confined
to his home town, as everywhere he
appear? he is accorded a rousing recep
tion, in New York he is looked upon
as one of Gotham's mvn, as tie has
spent moot of his time during the last
.--<; I here, and has his residence at
I ong Island.
The Olympic club tendered Corbett a
banquet at the club last night, at which
200 member's were present. William
Humphrey, president of the club, pre
sided. Speeches were made by many
of Corbett's old friends, who used to
pal with him when he was blossoming
out as a boxer. Earlier in the evening
300 members attended the last
.formar.ee at the Empress, and th<
oraty member was given a gr-._t
The members of the Press club have
Invited Corbett to an informal recep
• hich will be held at the club
quarters ac midnight Sfednesday.
Marks Tumble on Dirt Track
at the Fresno Fair
. - ■
onds. The world's record, certified by
the A. A. A., is 1 hour 19 minutes 39
seconds. Cooper cut 17 mintites off the
200 mile record, his time for that dis
tance being 3 hours 28 minutes 5 4-5
seconds. The A. A. A. time is 3 hours
45 mintites 40 seconds.
The Fresno driver drove 160 miles in
2 bonis 8 minutes and 12 2-5 seconds.;
but as the A. A. A. representative had I
no record of the time for this distance j
it is not known whether Cooper broke j
this record or not. He failed to break
tbe 100 mile record, bis time being j
1 hour 42 minutes and 23 seconds. The ]
record ia 1 hour 41 minutes Hat.
Cooper made but one stop in the _<M) !
miles. His average speed was a frac- j
tion less than 60 miles an hour. His !
fastest mile was done in 67 seconds.
The Associated Cycling Clubs of California-will I
hold their annual meeting neat Saturday night i
at tbe New Century Wlieelmc-n hall. _04 Liberty ;
street. Tbe main business of the association will j
be the elect;-in of officers for the coating wasou
and the reading of tbe reports of the various )
officers. The dates for the annual novice relay
race to be held at the stadium will be definitely I
settled, ys will the big road race over tbe tri- I
anirnlar course at San Leandro.
SAN DIEGO. Feb. 10.—Mrs. W. F. Dllling
han*. wife of Captain Dillingham of the All-
Hawaiian polo team, today won the prizes in
the approaching and putting contests lv th«
women's championship golf tournament at Coro
nado and also qualified for the championship
flight. -f
Pastime Contests to Sparkle With Stars
How those
will stretch
legs Friday
Santa Clara and St. Mary's to Send Best Men;
Local World Record Men on Edge
Nearly 200 entries have been received
for the big indoor meet to be held at
the Auditorium next Friday night
under the auspices of the Pastime Ath
letic club. The entries are representa
ti%'e of all the best known athletic or
ganizations of the bay cities and some
high class competition should result.
The entries were handed over to the
Pacific association for verification of
the registrations yesterday afterWoon,
and will be announced by President
Minto of the Pastime club today. All
the entries, have to be checked up be
fore they are officially accepted.
The University of Santa Clara has
entered a full team and wtil be strongly
represented in all the events, besides
having such cracks as Best, Hardy and
liascamp in the relay race. Jim Kelley,
the big football man, has entered "the
Late Returns Show Addi
tional Honors for Crack
The committee ln charge of the in
door rifle shoot of the Shell Mound
club, which terminated Sunday night
and the final examination of the tar
gets concluded its work late last even
ing. Complete returns show that Leon
ard S. Hawxhurst, in addition to win
ning the Indoor 22 caliber rifle cham
pionship of the Pacific coast, also cap
tured the first prize for the best three
shot scbre in the re-entry competition.
With a possible score of 75, Hawx
hurst tallied three straight totals ol
74. M. W. Housner, who finished sec
ond to Hawxhurst in the 100 shot
match, was also second in the re-entry
contest with scores of 13, 73, 70. In
the bullseyo competition Ben Jonas, a
member of the Golden Gate Rifle and
Pistol club, came within 2-100 of an
Inch of the dead center and easily won
the first prize. H. Kroeckel was sec
ond with a shot that came within a
fraction of the possible.
R. S. Wixson of the Shell Mound
club was a close third in the 10 shot
match, his score being 2,412. Final
figures on this match give the winner,
L. S. Hawxhurst, 2,436, and M. W. Hous
ner 2,417. The record. 2.454, is held
by Ad Hublek of New York. Follow
ing are the complete scores:
Juo shot match for championship of Par-irk
coast, possible 2.SHX -L. S. Hawxhnrst. 2,436;
M. W. Hunger. 2.41*?; K. S. Wlxson. 1!.4r~>; W.
<». Hoffuniu, 2,397; Ben Jonas, 2.;'.52: \V. A.
Stebe, 2,3_1; George Armstrong, *_'.:;">,"; C. W.
Randall, 1,85*2; R. T. MeKislck, 2.287; R. R.
Newell, "_'.2S7: Frank Ponlter, *j.". , .*<.">; A. Thorn***
-808. 2,275: R. P. WolltMiiu. ~'.2tV4; E. Sehier
hantr,, 2,283; C. W. Whaley. 2.2.J.V, H. Kroeeke',
2.244; m. Nielsen, 2,234; L. Brkrlwon, 2.222; 11.
Parrmfasn, 2,231; Captain George Larson, 52208;
€. A. Bosch, 2,100. '
fti —try (natch, three best three-shot acoret
to const, possible 75—L. S. Hawxhurst, 7t. 74.
74; If. w. Housner, 7;*". 7.",. 70: W. Standish,
13, 7!. 71: H. Krosekel, 73, 68, 68-' W. 8. lioff
man. 70, 72, 71; ■W. A. "Siebe. 72. 71. 69; R. S*.
'Vi\-,.i. 72, CO, 08; Ben Jouis, 71: M. Nielsen.
7i . US, 67; R. T.'McKislck, 70. 68, 65; W. F.
Blasse, t;2. TO; George Armstrong, <W. BR. 67;
IS. Brieves, t;:.. r:<. i; 4; E. SChierbsum, 60, 67
86; >". A. McLaogblto, 83. 85: J. Bsuman, 68,
83, til; A. ; • - . i>. 88; O. A. Bremer
'!7. 67; K. 0. Kindgren, (17, (j't. 82; _. Erielwei*",
117, 84 84; <*. W. W*el.V, 87. 63, 0:\; Prank I'onl
I. ; 7. <>:;, >!<"*; P. D, Wollman, t'7; R. U. Ham
eil. i*.<, : j w Qsnahon, 63, ."•"■; C. M. Kraul
88, :;s; c.-ii>t«in George Larson. ."7. 96; li.
• 57 58; C. 11. Knight, ."".7. 38; X, 0
">;>; Si i rga Kenney, 54.
i'.nl.eyV r three l*>st cpnte-s -R
■fenas, 02; 11. Kroeckel, 05%; K. O. Kindgren.
09]-■; .i. rsaui.iaii. ll; George Armatropg. 14;
t *- Hawxhurst. ir.; Frtnilt Pontter, 17; jr. o,
Hrath, 17- M. Nielsen, I**; M. \V. . !•• ,s-i.t. 18;
C. '.V. Seely ii»>., ■ i.. Erlcksen, :.'4: W. <;. HoT
ilia:.. 20%; !.. s, ~'m;>«i!!i), 28; B, N. Moor, 27,
r. m. Kraul, 29] V. F. Hiu -m>, ,".J; .1. W. unua
tmn. ;::S'.- .!. W. Phillhis. 34- R. P. Wollman
401, • John Fr.-i. 41-; R. H. Wilson. 44; R
Knight. 47; W. A. Stebe, 30: 11. A. Harrln. 51;
CHcl Reed, 51; R. R. S*wV_, 53; J. Mldrlleton.
57%; A. Thompson, ct 1 ,: .T. W. Moore, 77.
SANTA CLARA. Feb. 10.—Dad Moulton. tb<
veteran Stanford track and field athietie trainer,
was re-engaged today to act as coach to thf
Inlversity of Santa Clara squad. This makes
the third year that Moulton has acted in this
capacity. Captain Hardy has Issued a call t<
the "novices" to enter a meet tomorrow. Nc
athlete! who have previously competed for the
varsity will be allowed to enter the meet. Tht
track Is In good condition aad (i is expected thai
come good material will be discovered in ttu
trial meet
%40 Here
This in Prof. ERH-
ll mr LICH'S NEWEST and '
i__iB_ ERY for BLOOD
POISON (syphilln,.
DR. MORRILL Ihe «rst to** tell
-, ti i«.« «,,.,, y nH about bis 60S, and
"} V • c..T now lam the first to
San Francisco, Cal. Mi yon about 914
fore even most doctors have heard of it.
This is the crowning discovery of this re
markable man. who has startled the world
by his wonderful research. He has provided
for the most loathsome and widespread dis
ease that affifets humanity. A CURE WITH
any bad effects. Can any hwaan being ask
more? If you hesitate about taking ROB you
have no reason now. Don't put off nntil
deep and Irreparable inroads are made in
vow system. DO YOT R Dt'TY to yourself
today. 91* I s safe. Every supply Is TEST
ED ON ANIMALS and also chemically by
the German government laboratory before It
Is placed in tbe tubes and sealed. Erblleh
states that special skill is required to ad
minster it properly.
MY RECORD with 606 is R. 700 esses,
treated without one single accident or fall
ure. With this army of satisfied people
boosting, yon may Judge for youraetf what
my record will be with 914.' Come today and
see this remedy. Yesterday my offices were
crowded with doctors who were anxious to
see »14 administered. All pronounced It
wonderful. HOURS —9 a. m. to 8 p. m.;
-*wnrtiir«. in «. m. to 1 n. m.
weight events and Is expected to make
a big fight for a place.
All the weight stars, Ralph Rose, Pat
Donovan and Dan Mahoney, will be seen
in action Friday night. Rose is after
the world's 24 pound shot record, and
has been training since January 1 for
the event. Donovan will make another
effort to break His own world's indoor
record for height with the heavy 56
pound weight.
St. Mary's college will have a string
of first class lads entered. Vlught, their
star distance man, has entered the five
mile race and will be paired with Neu
berger. Wheaton and Stoltz will be the
college mainstays in the weight events.
Gisin, Who showed plenty of speed last
season In the sprints, will make his
first appearance of the year Friday
Manager Tom Won't See
His Meal Ticket Slip Off
His String
It looks as if there might be a split
between Ad Wolgast and his manager,
Tom Jones, as a result of the former's
acceptance of the offer to box Harlem
Tommy Murphy here on February 22.
The fact that Wolgast neglected to
consult Jones in the matter has caused
the latter to become peeved, and a dis
patch sent here to the effect that he is
tired of the game would Indicate that
Jones Is not as strong with Wolgast as
he used to be.
Wolgast is not worrying whether
Jones joins him or not. He declares
he can get along without a manager
now that he is not the champion, and
he has wired Promoter Jim Coffroth
that he will be here Wednesday to start
training for his bout with Murphy.
Those who follow the game closely
assert that Jones will be right on the
job when Wolgast starts to train, as
the biond manager is not passing up a
money maker like Wolgast. The latter
still commands big money for boxing,
notwithstanding the fact that he is no
longer the champion.
Wolgast and Jones have had the
same kind of trouhle before, and Jones
always showed enough influence over
Wolgast to bring him around to his
way of thinking. This trouble, cropped
up when Wolgast agreed to box Packey
McFarland in New York without con
sulting Jones about the match. Jones
was finally responsible in causing Wol
gast to sidestep the match.
Things are probably different now. as
Wolgast can not dictate as he did then.
He has an excellent contract to box
Murphy, and probably so realizes. If
he does, neither Jones nor any one else
is likely to interfere with his business.
Murphy has gone over to Oakland to
Start training for the coming en
counter. The New Yorker realises the
importance of the bout and will work
111:" hardest to get in first class shape.
Wolgast is expected to train at the
Ocean beach, where he has conditioned
himself for his former tights in this
Medical Frauds
§ Every day patients tell me
bow they have been humbugged
by tbe "Pay When Cured"
I Faker. These fakers bring you
to their office by advertising
that you may pay after you are
cured; but lust as soon as you
fa!l into ,1 " >!r < ~v,c * hp '*' they e_-
rrt PTerv human effort to get
from yon every dollar yon can
rake or scrape together. Then we have the
"Cheap Fee" Medical Fakers, who for $10 or
$2o promise "Guaranteed Cures," but in tbe
end leave you in a far worse condition than
when they promised their "(Juaranteed
Cure." Help me drive both of them out of
For the broken-down man—the man who
has lost his vitality—the man who. though
yotrng in years, is old in fart—who though
living is yet dead to the higher ambitions of
life—the n-an whose strength has left him
and who is madly seeking quack remedies to
restore his lost vitality—to this man a new
lease of life is offered. Animal Serum (Lymph
Compound) is his salvation, for it positively
restores lost energy. It contains the life-giv
ing cell 3 of animals and is a blessing to weal
The New German Remedy for Blood Poison
will in th" course of a few more years for
ever rid the nations of the world of this
frightful disease. It is a blessing to the
human race I give more of these treatments
than all other specialists put together, so
why take a chance with the less experienced?
I am tbe acknowledged Master of the Blood
Pi ; v,,., Specialists.
my specialty. Send 6 cents for ray book ex
posing Medical Frauds and for four pictures
. of cures of Blood Poison.
M. S. Chenoweth, M. D.
JlB Market St., San Francisco,
Weakneaa or any contracted diMua
l (ie 4 «J positively cured by the <xd«» i
' ySf *peciaii»t on the Coast Establuhod
i ' I * iv > e * r *- i
1'( CaSSS 1 ' \ ■C° n » u ' ti '' on b"** » n{ l »*rictly private.
Nk> __ w Treatment personally- or by letter. A '
mmmMi positive cure ia every cue tro
\*BBg_7 dcrtakrn. I
• jWEHL Write for book. PHILOSOPHY
Or MARRIA.GE, mailed free-(a
,(I ijj valuafeU book for men.) *
DR. JORDAN. £££_- S.F..CAL <
Exciting Matches at Coro
nado, With Johnston,
Griffin and Strachan
in Evidence
SAX DIEGO, Feh. 10.—The semi
finals in the men's singles of the Coro
nado tennis tournament today were
two exciting matches, with William
Johnston playing Clarence Griffin and
John Strachan matched with Nat C
Browne. Johnston found Griffin about
as skillful as himself with the racquet,
although he won in straight sets.
Strachan also found Browne a worthy
rival, whose deliberate, steady game
kept him guessing on the change of
Miss Florence Sutton won her semi
final match with Mrs. C. Hull. Ifi
Bruce was also successful ln her semi
final in two stubbornly contested set.- 1
with Miss Gertrude Bierch.
The doubles events were brought, to
the semifinals, but there was not time
for this round. Mrs. Bruce and Mrs.
G. Morphy will play Miss Bierch and
Mrs. Hull In the women's doubles, and
the winners will meet Miss Sutton and
Mrs. Kearne. In the men's double-
Griffin and Strachan and Johnston and
Browne have matches yet to play In
the semifinals. The day's summary:
Men's Binaries —Johnston beat Orifftn 7—•">.
S —6; Strachan beat Browne 8- 2. 6 2,
Women's singles—Mi<s teuton beat Mrs. Httil
«s—o, ti— 2- Mrs. Bruce beat Miss Birch B 3,
Men's doubles — Knowlton and Holland boat
Holdon and Red tiny nc ."*-•*. ft—2. '!- 2; Rra.l
shaw and Carnahau beat Scott and Coney 1—•,
6—2. G—4.
Women's doubles —Miss Sutton ni 1
Kearne won from M_s Macri? and Miss Dam
by default.
Mixed doubles—Sin Rrnro and R. Holla:'!
brat Miss Wynff and Thayer 6—l. 9-~9\ Mbs
Sutton and Browne woti fn>m Mrs. Hull and
Bradshaw by default.
Arthur L.. Johnson Takes Second Place
lv Bonnhctm Dissertation
(Special Dispatch to The Call)
Arthur L. Johnson, a freshman reg
istered in the law department from
San Jose, outstripped his three ex
ponents in the Bonnheim dissertation
and becomes the possessor of the sec
ond prize of $50.
E. E. Tincher, '12; E. C. Smith. '1?..
and A. F. Coyle, '15, were the other
students who wrote the four best es
Tryout for the cast of the original
opera, which is to be s-taged by the
junior class as one of the attractions
of junior week, will be held Wednes
day and Thursday afternoon under the
direction of Coach Fred Carlyle of
San Francisco.
WASHINGTON, !>•>. in. —The fifth tm k I*
the High School Rifle Shooting Pagtie matches
show v triple tie f. r first place ta dam A. "**"■
tween lowa City, tbe Peering high Of Portia:-.''.
Mp., and the Morris high of New Tort .it\. In
class R. Portland. Me., aad Salt Pake City at [I I
are tied for first plrre. The results of the
matches announced by he National Ritie aaeocia
tion were: lowa city. o6; Eistero. Waahingtoo,
D. c, 845; Commerce New York. s"4; Bait!
more, RU; Deering. Pr tlan<\ Me., twi; Stnrve
sant. New York. 888; iforra. New York. 01-4;
Western, Washington, 1 . C-, «-*> l: Po Witt Clin
ton. New York, score S 7,. t-on by default fr<
Brookline. Mass.; Susq:i-bar na. Pa.. 900; Rnsi
ness. Washington, D. (*. 824; Sattlt St.. Math".
Mich., SKI; St. Louis Manual training. BOO;
Springfield. Mass.. T«Cb **r-|L W7: District nt
Columbia Technical, 883; Salt l-ikc City, '''■■'•
Tucson. Ariz., 772; Po!■;'. »i d. Me.. 0.;:,. Ctica,
N. V., 70S.
§ Doctor
For Mci?
«iMe '-ure for th'-r.i do
not g-ve up. If you are
suffering from Prematura
Weaknpas, Cdptracted Pi -
rase Blood Poraoo, Vari-
vr ... eoeele, Hydroeele. Pros.
Dr. Hamilton taf!c . xnwbles, Kldr*
Bladder Disease. Fistula or Piles, com- le
I personally c induct my
office. You meet me
When yon com'- here, and arill be treated
i« my true picture. For elabte*****" vph" 1
have treated MEN'S DISEASES <»•' I 1
With the experience gained bj the «n
ful treatment of tfeooaaada nt the ii"-**
aggravated cases of the dlseasea pec
to "men, i can rare y«0 If •'"'.'■ "*>'* '*""
Do not let money matters detail yoa. II
Weekly or Monthly
Payments Arranged
EXAMINATION (when Btctwrr) and in
telligent, sympathetic. honest advice.
Ebrllch's marvelou* GERMAN REMEDY.
806. as It shoul'l he use.!. DIRECTLY INTO
THE VEINS, curing ordinary ease? in one
treatment, with no detention from business.
which makes a new man of you. restoring
the vital forces to the fullest degree, mak
ing the nerved strong and steady.
to stay cured. WlTilol T THE ISE OF A
KNIFE, in each a satisfactory way that
pain OMMM, the vital parti are preserved
and strengthened. No detention from, bua
tients are thoroughly cured ln less time
than r.ny other and less thorough forms of
treatment require in producing doubtful re
Dr. A. M. Hamilton
721 Market Street, S. F.
Hours « A. M. to H P. M. Daily.
Sundays SI A. M. to 1 P. M.
■g^ r A*fc'^".»*m*'^ J A*^'^***U^^-<tl>'^g__V
fc t>r. King Chiaranket to Cure
AWmaf \ * nd stin Diseases,
«a«Sr i—l STRICTURE.
£_P_F dt\ Prostatic Tronblej,
NjT "H Kidney, Bladder aad
/v ,_jJ Urinary Diseases I
CA.LLOR WRITR-. na detention
~,_- V from bueiness. Treatment and
witWf&HljA^ l * advice confidential. Hours 9
a. aa. »o »p. m.; Sunday »to t
▼ MMMMP ™ Examination and advice free.
4 Not a dollar need be paid until cured.
A OFFICE. 832 MARKET ST.. Orer Roeder'e
MOpp. East Entrance Emporium. 3AN FRANCISCO
Dr. ting- U aaratnit high and aatortionate fees
A charged by some physicians and specialists, bia
fees J $5 ani $10 in Catarrhal. Chronic
M" 1 are ' Disorder* and Simple Maladies.
Dr. King warns unsuspecting men aratnst Doast-
A kisr qoacks. witu biir. glaring- advertisements,
t) v. ho falsely claim they are the leading: special
t i»t« or only legitimate doctors and such rtdicn
-4 lout statements: al?o against free museum of
i anatomy pitfalls, fake medical offlcen. belts,
Nbody batteries. Chinese doctors. Those «l*,o
_ have been swindled by euch "concerns" should
4 consult Dr. King- and learn the truth about their
r condition; a graduate. t#enty years' experience.
J Dr. King i«a fipeeialist regularly lieenaed by
I Stat* of California to treat all dtseases of men.

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