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-. J,JL jV 0 frODI scattered commission
«T«.. U ~as gradually al«orbed the float-
Jl J? _V- :r .J!, t: ,he lower ' PT els. Export clear-
4.1.0*00 bushels. Kansas City reported
,*Hl y «ff*rmgs of wheat large with sample
7,? i -"2 rt " of mTt w >nter off 5c Sample tables
.1 and sales K |ow there. Argentina reports
-liipments of 2.650,000 buahels in two days.
ompnrativeiy poor demand for wheat as wm
i arou to the call for corn made a weak close
or wheat. Ocean freights broke, but this failed
vulate any demand for American wheat.
l.xportors in fact claimed no call for Manitoba.
orn broke abarply under tbe weight of the
--am that had been loaded into the pit yester-
T and waa being resold by weak holders to
oav; also by the short sales that turned out
to be qmte liberal. At the decline in spot and
'■rtures there was a marked revival of the ex-
P4rt demand. The latter was due to a break
in ocean freights, and sales of 350.000 laaisuei*
«r export were closed. The domestic sales
•veiled the day's total business to 415.000 bush
eta. Seaboard claimed export sales of 65 loads.
txport clearances 200,000 bushels. The concern
iliat whs (he strongest supnorter of the corn
market last week wax the heaviest seller today.
Liverpool spot American corn brok- 2%d, while
Argentine spot advanced 3%c. Sales of cash
corn likely to reach 500.000 bushels
followed corn. There t'ss extreme
weakness at the outset and further easiness
later. One rally of some note came late In the
• iav as a result of covering by shorts who had
'•vers. Id. After these were relieved the market
<leoiine<t again. Cash oats developed extreme
weakness, losing %c to lUc finally. Sales re
ported f,, r shipment were 235,000 bushels.
" ProviMons--pork aoM early at $20 for both
May Hnd July, breaking later, and was again
bid up to very near that level late In the day
by packers who evidentiv had other product for
#-»!e. Ho e nin we>t was 105,000, against 136.
--000 a year ago. There has been property in
plenty oa sale on all the hard spots today.'*
C'aah Grain
i 'Hit.AGO. Feb. 11.—Cash Corn—No. 2 yel
*°*_-J s °Miß3lc- No. 3. ts.<?soc: No. 3 white.
No. 3 yellow. 48%Q80e; No. 4.
4•• _<s4«c: No. 4 white, 46%(549c; No. 4 yel
low, 4ts(^4Bc.
Rye—No. 2. 62@64%c.
9- New York Grain Market
NEW YORK, Feb. IL—Flour—Steady but
Wheat—Spot easy. No. 2 red, $1.08% elevator
and $110 f. o. b. afloat; No. 1 northern Duluth.
$1.01 f. o. b. afloat. Futures were easy ou un
favorable domestic trade conditions, larger coun
try offerings and easier cash markets, closing
'«■"';&%'• net lower. May. 90%c*i$l, closed at
99% c: July closed at 98% c: September closed at
06c. Bonded wheat—May closed at 97% c asked;
July. 97% c asked.
Available Grain Supply
NEW YORK. Feh. 11.- Special cable and tele
graphic communications received by Bradstreet's
show the following changes in available supplies,
as compared with previous account:
Wheat. United States east of the Rockies. In
ir-ased 30.000 bushels.
United States west of tbe Rockies decreased
231.000 bushels.
Canada decreased 1.045.000 bushels.
Total. United States and Canada, decreased
1,240,000 bushels.
Afloat for and In Europe increased 100,000
Total American and European supply decreased
1.146.000 bushels.
Corn. United States and Canada, increased
3.125,000 bushels.
<>ats. United States and Canada, increased
1,218.000 bushels.
Tbe leading decreases and increases reported
this week fallow:
riecreases—Maiiitoba. 1,011,000 bushels; Louis
ville. 50.000: Ogdensburg. 50.000.
Increase—Knoxville. 50.000 bushels.
.Northwest Wheat
TACOMA. Feb. 11. — Wb<_t—Bluestem. 94c;
forty-fold, *4c: club. 84c: red russjan, S2c. Car
-—Wheat 72,'harlev 3, oats 1, hay 16.
MCATTLE. Feb. 11.—Wheat—Blnestem. 95c;
forty-fold, 86%e: club, 86c; fife. BCc; red rus-
Man, 84c. Yesterday's car receipts—Wbeat 43,
oats 8, barley 6, corn 10 hay 78, flour 8.
PORTLAND. Feb. 11.—Wheat, track prices—
Club. S4_Bsc; blueatem. 944j95e; forty-fold.
f'i< ; red russjan. 83e: valley, 86c. Car receipts—
Wueat 70. barley 9, flour 21, oats 6.
Minneapolis Grain Market
MINNEAPOLIS. Minn.. Feb. 11.—Wheat-
May, 88% c; July. 90% c; September, BM4C,
Cash, No. 1 bard. 88% c: No. 1 northern, 86%@
No 2 northern, 84%4555%c; No. 2 hard
Montana, 88% c; No. 3 wheat. 62%_53%e.
Cora—No. 3 yellow 45c.
oats—No. 3 white,' 31 %@3l%c
Rye—No. 2. GG&SS%c.
Flour —First patents. [email protected]: second pat
ents, $4.15©4.50; first clears, [email protected] sec
ond clears, $2.30_2.00.
Tluluth Linseed
DULUTH, Feb. 11.—Linseed. $1.36%; May,
$1.38% bid: July $1.40. nominal.
-»- _ ».
Local Markets
» , , __».
Receipts of Produce Febrnary 11
Flour, qr sks 7,817 Tallow, ctls 60
Wheat, .ctla 2.4os'Hides, No 1,505
Barley, ctla l,o_OPelts, No 185
Oats, ctla fiOOjLime, bbls 365
Middlings, sks .. 270; Sugar. ctls 15,300
Potatoes, ska ... 4.530 Brandy, gals 300
onions, ska l,l4o!Wine, gals 60,900
Hay, tons llOtCoal, tons 180
Shorts, sks 125; Lumber, M ft 20
Feed, sks 270 Paper, bdla 035
Egypt, corn, sks 180 Oranges, bxs 500
Alfalfa meal. sks. 400'Ralslns. bxs 3,700
leather, rolls ... 120! Livestock. No ... 800
Beans, ska 042
Hams (per lb) —California H. H. brand. 19c:
M. A L. brand. 20c: picnics, 12%e: Primrose,
istern Star, 20% c; skinned, 22c; Monarch,
- »c; picnics, 13c
Bacon—Primrose, 4 to 6 lbs, 20c; Eaatern Star,
4 to 6 lbs 26c, 6 to 8 lbs 25c, 8 to 10 lbs 24c, 10
10 12 lbs 23<*» Arrow, 8 to 10 lbs 23% c, 10 to 12
lbs 22% c; medium bacon. 18'jc: light medium.
light dry salted bacon, 8 to 10 lbs 21c, 10
12 lbs 20c.
California Bacon—M. AL- brand. 4to 8 lbs
v to 10 lbs 25% c; H. 11. brand, 4 to 8 lba
23% c, 8 to 10 lbs 22%e
Cottolene—Half bbls. 10c; 1 tierce, 10% c: 2
'ierces. 10% c: 5 tierces. 10% c per lb; Callfene,
Ki%c for 1 tierce. 10% c for 2 tierces. 10% c for
' tierces and 10% c for half bbls and tuba; cases,
Eastern Lard and Oils. Western Meat brand—
ierces 00s (per casei, $8.88; 10s,
$8.55; ss, $5.63; "s. $8.70; compound lard,
tierce*. B%c; OOs (per case). $4.88; 10s, $6.15;
"-. $6.23; Bs. $t>.3o; yellow cooking oil, Od per
gallon: white cooking oil, 08c per gallon; salad
per gallon.
California Pure Lard. M. & L. brand—Tierces.
• •sns, 1 to a case, $6.63: 4 to a case, $10.70;
htrge tins, 6 to a cgse, medium, 12 to a
$&_8; small, 20 to a case, $8.40.
California Compound l,ard. 11. IL brand —Tierce
basis, 9c; cans, 1 to a case. $4.U3; 4 to a case.
$7.50; tins, 6 to 'a case. $3.85; 12s, $5.93 per
90s, $6 per case: M. & L. salad oil. tierce
basis, 63c: M. & L. cooking oil. OOc for white and
"Sc for yellow; Blscola. tierces ll%c. bucketa
ll%c. half bbls ll%e, cases ?7..V».
Beef—Extra family, family and mesa beef, $22
|ier bbl.
Pork—Extra prime in barrels. $21: pig pork,
*20: pigs* feet, $5.50 for half bbls. $2.25 for 20
lb kegs and $1.00 for kit!.
Meat Market
Prices for demand meats show no noteworthy
• hang* thus fax for tbe week, tbe market
being amply supplied with a majority of Jobbers
reporting business quiet. Live hogs rule very
firm at eharply advanced prices.
Slaughterers' rates to dealers and butchers are
as follows;
Beef—ll@ll%c per lb for eteers, 10%(gllc
for cows and heifers.
Veal—ll _12c for large and 12@13c for
Mutton—Wethers. 104|10%c; ewes. 9@9%c.
Lambs —12%$f}l$e per lb.
Dreascd Pork (per Ibi—loif? 11c.
Tbe following quotations are for good, pound
livestock, delivered ln San Francisco, gross
No. 1 steers, over 950 lbs 7Q"V4c per lb, un
der 950 lbs 6*44?;7c: second quality, all weights,
5%@6c; thin, undesirable steers. 4%4)5&
No. 1 cows and heifers, (S4j6V«c; 5 ,.-<»nd qual
ity, 'o%fr«s%c; common to thin, undesirable
Desirable bulls and stags, 3 ,^@4 l .ic; half fat
or tbin bulls. 2_l3e.
c«ives—Lightweight, per lb, 7_J'ic- medium,
V: heavy. o@6c.
Sheep—Desirable wethers, unshorn. 5%ft5%c;
cues, 4%®4%c; shorn sheep. %c to %c less.
Yearling lambs, 6%@6%c per lb.
Hogs—Hard grain fed, weighing 100 to 150
ll»s, 7>;c: 150 to 250 lbs. 7%«7%c; 250 lbs and
up, 6% (a7c.
Wholesale Fish Market
Conditions and prices in this market did not
abow the least change yesterday.
Prices (per lb)—Salmon, 12% c; aprlng salmon,
15c; halibut. 15c; chicken halibut, 10c: codfish,
6c; red rock, 10c; black rock, —; yellow tail.
: barracuda, lie; sand dabs, 8c: soles. 7c;
kingfieh. 7c; carp, sc; smelts, —; silver smelts,
nu-; herrings, 4c; tomcods, 10e : striped bass.
Isc: perch. —; mackerel, —: wblte bait, —;
shad. 8c; pike, —; catfish. 12% c; crawfish, 28c.
The olwo-e quotations represent f. o. b. prices
for cleaned fish, boxed and iced.
Butter, Cheese and Ekk*
The long expected heavy Increase in tbe re
ceipts of eggs came yesterday, the deliveries
approximating 3.200 cases, and. with this enor
mous supply far in excess of market needs,
prices naturally broke. All grades were 3c
lower and the differential between tbe price of
extras and the cheaper sorts was only one cent.
Yesterday's break was generally regarded aa the
first step toward the season's storage basis,
which, it is generally believed, will be much
lower this year than ln tbe past because of the
restrictions placed on tbe sale of icehouse gooda.
Prices for butter bad a sharp decline, extras
losing l%c and firsts lc. There was not a sale
tecorded on the exchange, but large receivers
anticipated a weaker market by offering to »ell
at the new quotations. There was no one on
the buying side of the market, however, and tbls
situation showed plainly that all handlers were
or the same opinion as to the Immediate future,
me quotation* for cheese were undisturbed.
On the exchange 70 cases of extra eggs were
sold at 21c and 20 cases of selected pullets at
: -K)c a dosen. There were no other sales.
Receipts were 52.000 pounds of butter, 11,500
j pounds of cheese and :<.198 cases of eggs.
, The following are tbe official quotations estab
hshetl hy saies. bids and offers on the floor of tbe
Dairy exchange Prices in the street, while gov
erned by the exchange quotations, generally range
from l%e to 2%c higher, owiug to the various
charges to be added:
3 i ~
rr j p-
C: I -1

►--*. j
r** r ».....
■•■-. *■■.
iiie average quotation for extra butter for the
week ended Saturday, February 8, was 36% c per
Cheese—Fancy California flats, lOtic per lb.
steady; do firsts. He. fi rm: <io seconds. 12%e,
firm; fancy Young Americas. 17% c. firm; do
firsts. 16c, firm: Oregon flats. 17c. steady; do
loung Americas, 18c : firm; New York fancy 20
<820Vsc, Bteadv: Wisconsin fancy. 19% c, steady.
Kggs -California fresh, per dozen, cases in
i 2 7 ? i y i 9.i j ~
Grades | •* - J ? ? ? | ?
I ii a »i j « ! e ' 2
******* :24c [24c 25%c|24c 124c [tie
T'ifts 23c 23c 83c 29c 23c 20c
Sel'ted pn!Iet»|22 _o!23e 23c J23e I2*r jaOc
Portland Bntter Market
PORTLAND. Ore.. Feb. 11—Butter—City and
country creamery extras, solid pack. 30c.
Kstr Market in Nearby Counties
SANTA ROSA, Feb. 11.— Eggs dropped off 3c
per dozen today on receipt of advices showing
the morning transactions on the San Francisco
Dairy Produce and Egg exchange. The hieal
dealers paid 19c per doaen for first grade and
18c for second or pullet grade eggs delivered
This Is the lowest price for this season of the
year In the record of the business ln Sonoma
In 1907 the price was 28c. The range of
prices each jear since has been as follows:
25% c. ,"5c 24% c. 25% c. 23% c and 19c. In
1908 prices dropped to 19% con Feb. IS and to
16c on Feb. 26.
Last season 20c was the lowest price paid
throughout the veer.
SANTA CRUZ. Feb. 11.-Heaw deliveries of
eggs prevailed today, but there was no ahiftlng
In quotations. Extras still bring 22% c per
doaen, and there is a heavy call for them. Buy
ers and dealers are atill paying 21% c for firsts
and pullets.
PETALUMA. Feb. 11. -The bottom appeared
to drop out of the egg market today, and after
receipt of transactions of the San Francisco
dairy and egg exchange quotations were low
ered 8 cents on both grades. Independent deal
ers and speculators paid off for Monday delivery
st the rate of 19%e for extra ranch aiid 18c for
selected pullets. The delivery was fair.
Potatoes, Onions and Vegetable)*
Nine boxes of asparagus, some of it natural
and some of it forced growth, came in from
points on the rher yesterday. The best selections
of the natural "grass" sold at 85c a pound,
while 75c was a ton price for the forced stock
and second quality lots of both sold at 50QG5c.
There were further small arrivals of string beana,
eggplant and peppers from Florida. The beans
brought 40c and the eggplant 35c a pound, while
the peppert, sold at the sani« prices asked for the
Mexican article. About 7 sacks of green peas
arrived from the south and sales were reported at
25c a pound. Bay rhubarb was more in evidence
than heretofore, but it held steady as to prices.
Lettuce and celery were more plentiful than any
thing else and both remained weak. The potato
market waa very much depressed, there being
no business whatever In shipping channels, while
local trade was of a band to mouth character.
Choice onions are firm and higher owing to the
lateness of the season and tbe consequent grow
ing scarcity of long keepers. The first car of
Oregon onions for the season falls due today.
Potatoes (per ctl*—River Burbanks, 35-350 c;
Salinas do. $1(31.25; Oregon do. 65c@$i; sweet
potatoes, $1.i)0@2.
Onions <per ctl)—Yellow, 50<_65c; repicked,
Vegetables—Green peas, 25c per lb; Mexican
tomatoes. per box: cucumbers, $2.50
_2.75 per box; garlic, 1%@2%<- per Ib: cab
bage, 40® 50c per ctl: cauliflower. 30® 40c per
dozen; green peppers, 15®20e per lb: carrots, 50c
per sack; celery. $2®3 per crate: lettuce, $1.25®
1.75 per crate for southern; sprouts. 6®7c per lb;
artichokes, 75cA$L25 per dozen; mushrooms, 25c
<§$1 per bex; rhubarb, s@Bc per lb; do bay, 10
Deciduous and Cltrua Fruits
Despite the warm, sunny weather and the
fact that certain tradesmen were obliged to
stock up for two days' needs cm account of to
day being -a legal holiday, the volume of busi
ness handled in tbe wholesale fruit market con
tinued small yesterday. The tone of the orange
market waa one of weakness and the high cost of
the fruit at shipping points seemed to b* all
that prevented a general downward revision of
the quotations. Lemons and grapefruit remained
firm, with stocks light and the demand fair.
Another car of Florida grapefruit came in late
in tbe day. but It did not pass inspection for
parasite* in time to be marketed. The fruit
was found to be in good shape and free from
Infection. Apple trade continued very slow.
Apples (per box)— Fancy 4 tier reds, 75c(g$l,
with some selected bringing [email protected]; 4 tier
red pearmains, 404560 c: bellflower. 05c®$l for
3% and 4 tier and 60<g75e for 4% tier; white
winter pearmains. 75®8.V: Newtown pippins,
$1.20_ 1.35 for 3% tier, 85c@$l for 4 tier, ana
50«65e for 4% tier; common to choice fruit,
Citrus Fruit ("per box)— Navel oranges, $2.75@
3 for fancy, $2-£2.50 for choice; frosted oranges.
50e_$l: tangerines, standard boxes, #2 _ 2.50
for eboiee and $14? 1.25 for common; seed
less grapefruit. $1.50fa,3.00; Florida do. K.SOffO;
lemons, $6@7 for choice and fancy, and $3.50@
$i for standard; frosted lemons. $l<g2; lemon
ettes, $4.50<a6: Mexican limes, nominal.
Tropical Fruits—Bananas. 3<g3%c per lb for
Mexican; $l<gjl.so per bunch for Hawaiian and
3 1 -»<&4c per lb for Central American; pine
apples, $2@3 per dozen.
( bleaso Fruit Market
CHICAGO, Feb. IL—Apples—Trade is fair in
this market. The advertising lately given the
market bas helped the sale of good stock. There
is an ample supply of both barrel and box
stock aud in prices no change bas occurred.
Western box applea. (Prices quoted are for
sales in a small way. Large lots could not
be moved at these figures.) •
Delicious, outside for a few extra fine large,
$1.50@3: Jonathan. $1!g1.65; grimes golden, out
side fancy, $145150: wine.apa, $1.2.V§i1.78;
Spltzenberg, t1.50451.75; northwest greeniugSs,
$1(81-25: Rome beauties. $1.25*£c1.50; some faucv
large, $1.75@2; stamen wlnesaps, $1,254? 1.50:
aristo black. $1.25® 1.50; bellflower, $1.25421.50;
wageners. 75c@$l; American reds. [email protected].
Lemons—Quiet. Not many domestic on sale,
but good supply of Masstnas. Boxes, California
fancy, $6.50; extra fancy, $7; extra choice, $6;
Messlnas, $6.
Oranges—Florldaa of desirable size and nice
qnaJity are held with some degree of firmness
and uteet with fair sale. Offerings of such
fruit are very moderate, as a good part come soft
and have to be repacked, and some are of tbe
lara-es aUes, not to desirable. Such stock rules
easy and slow. Not many Californias offered
and ODly a light demand for them. Tangerines
quiet. Few are really fine, gome are puffy. The
market for grapefruit ia quiet, with a good
supply and a good percentage cloudy and not
attractive to the beat trade. Boxes, California
navels. 64 count, $1.75; 80 count. $2: 96- count,
$2.25*52.50; 126 to 200 count, $3®3.25; frosted.
[email protected]. Florida, aound basis, bright desirable
sizes, [email protected]; Indian rivers, outside fancy,
$2.754?3; russets, sound basis, desirable sizes,
$24*2.25; large fruit. 80 to 96 russet or bright,
$1.504t 1.70. Tangerines, Florida straps, sound,
dependlog on slae, [email protected]; grapefruit, Flor
ida, per box, depending on size and quality,
Walnuts—Dull, 50@60c.
Dried Fruit, Raiatna. Nuts and Honey
The market for dried fruits and raisins con
tinues stagnant, with tbe general tone one of
easiness pending the res-umptiot* of active trad
ing. Prunes are weak, with 2"Vie a top basis for
tbe small sljes. Country holders are showing
more willingness to sell, while big operators find
it difficult to secure new business, even by shad
ing prices.
Prunes—Bulk basis. 2%c per lb: 50a are %c,
40s to 50a l%c and 30s 3%c higher.
Other fruits. 1912 crop:
Stand- Extra
00 lb boxes — ard Choice Choice Fancy
Evaporated apples 5%c 5%c 6c
Apricots B%c
Peaches Be 5%c 5%c . 6%c
Pears 5%c 6%c 7%c 9%c
Nectarines 5%c 6c o%c
Raisins —At sweatbox, 2%c per lb to growers;
loose muscatel. 3">ic. 4c and 4%c for 2, 3 and 4
crown, respectively; 2. 3 and 4 crown layers, 05c,
$1 and $1.25, respectively: 5 crown Debesa. clus
ters. $1.70: 6 crown Imperials. $2.20; seeded. 1
lb boxes, 5%c for fancy and 4c for choice, with
Ihe usiai differential for 12 oz boxes; seedless
snltanas, 50s, 4%c; do Thompson. 0c for un
bleached and s%@6Vic for bleached.
Nuts (Jobbing prices to the trade)—ltalian
chestnuts, 74j9c: pecans. 17(418c: filberts. 13@
10c; peanuts, 5456 c: plnenuts, 124£14 c.
New crop: Almonds—Nonpareils, 16®16%e; I
X L. 15416 c; Ne Plus Ultra. 14%Q15c; Drakes.
13% c; Languedoca, walnuts, f. o. b. ship
ping points. No. 1 softshell. 16c; do hardshell,
15% c; No* 2 hard and soft shell, 10% c; budded,
Honey—Fancy water white comb, 15%@16c;
dark to amber, ]3%<<il4Hc; river comb, lltjj
12% c; white extracted, B*"*B%c per lb; light
amber.. 7%{aßc; amber, 6%@.c; lower grades,
54H *«c per lb.
Beeswax—27%@3oc per Ib for light and 238
26c for dark.
Poultry nnd Game
Only three cars of eastern chickens have been
marketed since Monday, agalost a total of six
for last week, and as there Is some doubt as
to any further arrivals the market is in better
6hape all around. This applies particularly to
bens, which have constituted the bulk of the
receipts from the east. AH descriptions of
young stock continue to move off freely at well
maintained prices. Receipts of dressed turkeys
are light, and it is evident that country abip
per* are making the usual mistake of holding
the birds back for Washingtwo's birthday, al
though there ia no more demand for them on
that day than on an ordinary Sunday.
Poultry 'per dozen> —Hens, $4@5 for small.
$5.50@t>.50 for large and $o®lo for extra:
vomig roosters. $7.50«*8.50: do extra. $9<81o;
old roosters fryers. $6.50«8; broilers,
$s(ff6 for large and [email protected] for small; ducks,
$5Ca7 for old aud $BSIO for young; geese,
$2i*t"3 t>er pair; pigeons. $1.50®1.75; squab*.
$2.50®3.50; dressed turkeys, 20@24e per lb;
live. 18@20c- Belgian harea. $4@B per dozen.
Game (per doan)— Hare, [email protected]; gray
ceese. [email protected] brant $1.50«gC2.50; white geese,
$1.25@2; honkers. $4®6. Wild docks are nom
inal, aa dealers are unable to dispose of them
satisfactorily owing to the rigid enforcement of
the game laws. •
Beans. Seeds and Hops
There is a fair shipping inquiry for beans,
and as the demand is m<*tly for mixed cars
nearly all descriptions are getting the benefit of
the outward movement. Prices have not changed
for more than a week. b«t the situation is strong
with tbe tendency upward.
Beans tiny etU—Lima. $i>.50®5.60: bayos,
$3 45P large white. $4:25'<j4.35; small
white7s4.s.'«f4.7o; pink. $3.?0<83.90; cranberry,
$4.75@5; blackeye. red. [email protected];
red kidney $4C_4.20; garvanzaa, [email protected] : boras
beans. $1.75ff12.25.
Seeds Mustard. ■-: flaxseed, $3.85 per ctl;
canary. 3^ 4 @4c per lb: alfalfa. 16(g;iSc; rape,
I'-atSiiVic; timothy, nominal; hemp, 3%c; millet,
Dried Peas—Green. [email protected] per ctl.
Hops—California. 1012 crop to growers, 30®
21c per lb for choice. 15(til8c for medium and
12V£c for common.
Flour and Farinaceous Goods
Flour met per bb!>— California family extras,
$s.oo@fi: do bakers' extras. $4.60® 5.20: super
fine. $3. Dakota patents, $6.40<&7.40;
Kansas patents. Sflfjf6.2s.
Farinaceous Goods —Iv 10 pound sacks are
quoted as follows per 100 lbs: Graham flour,
$2.00: entire wheat flour, $3; buckwheat flour,
$5; self-raising buckwheat flour, $5.80: wheat
meal, $4; rice flour. $6.50; rye flour. $3.70;
tve meal, $3.60; corn meal, yellow and white,
$3.20; extra do. $3.50; oat groats, $4.60; buck
wheat groata, $S.« 0; hominy, $3.70; cracked
wheat. $3.90: farina, $4.10; pearl barley, $5.50
@6; split pea*, $6 for yellow and $7.50 for
green. In 25 lb sacks 10c lower for all, and 20c
lower for 50 lb sacks.
Hay and Feedstuff"
Somers A Co., in their weekly review of the
hay situation, say: *
'Receipts of hay during the last week amount
ed to 2.461 tons, against 1.914 tons the week pre
vious. The local market continues very doll
and it ia impossible to obtain the prices now
for May which prevailed some time ago. There
is very little fancy hay coming in, and an occa
sional car will sell above quotation" l , but tba
demand for this grade is extremely limited and
prlcea would not be sustained If a larger Quan
tity were marketed.
**The recent warm weather throughout the
state haa been excellent for growing grain, and
for the moat part the country looks good. Rain,
of course, will he needed later on. and upon
weather conditions depends the future of the bay
market. Some shipments continue to move
south of Tehachapi. but the market there Is not
as strong as it was. In tbe San Joaquin val
ley prices are weaker and hay Is moving through
out tbe Interior at slightly lower prices. Farm
ers who bold hay seem for the most part willing
to sell, whereas some time ago they were un
willing to dispose of their holdings at any
price. Large quantities of alfalfa are moving
throughout the interior, feeders preferring to
buy it on account of it being so much cheaper
than grain bay. In spite of this comparatively
heavy movement of alfalfa prices have a weaker
Feedstuffs (per ton)— Bran. [email protected]; aborts,
$25-326: middlings. $30*832.50: rolled barley,
$2S.so(asi; rolled oats for feed. $41*842: corn
meal, $334ir35: cracked corn, $33<_33: chopped
feed, $19<??23: everrreen chop feed. $21 in car
lota and $23 for jobbing: oilcake meal, 20 too
lots $39.50. 10 ton lots $40. 5 ton lots $40.50,
small lota $41; oocoanut cake or meal at mills.
$27.50 for 10. $28 for 5 ton lots and $28.50 for
small lots: alfalfa meal, carload lots $18.50;
jobbing $10.50: Eureka meal, carload lots, $21.50;
jobbing $23; vlgorator, per ton. $22.
Hay (per ton>—Fancy wheat hay. $24(_2T>:
No. 1 wheat and wheat and oat. $21.50(923; good
to choice do, $19.504520.50: lower grades, $14@
16.50; barley and oat. $18r»19: choice tame oat,
$21f|?22.50; other do, $17@_0; wild oat. $15@19;
stock hay. $11@12: alfalfa, $12.50® 15.50.
Straw—lo@73c per bale.
Hides, Tallow. Grease and "Wool
Hides—Colls and brands pell about %@le un
der quotations. Heaw and medium salted steers.
13*i|14c; light 12M ! ra ; l3%c: cowhides, 12%®
l.'Cc: stags, 9_*>4c: salted kip. J4@lsc; salted
veal and salted calf. 16%@17%c: dry hides. 23<9
24% c: murrain, 23c: dry calf and veal. 27@2Sc:
dry kip, 22@24c: dry stags. 15*!J16c; dry salt
hides, 16c: sheepskins, short wool. 25®50c; me
dium. 50<g80c; long wool, SOc*3!sl.l3; lambs. 40(8
65c for long and 13®35c for short wool; shear
lings, 20@25e for No. 1 and 10c for No. 2; horse
bides, salt. $2.75@3 for large prime and $2.23®
2.50 for No. 1; medium, small. 75c@
$1.25; colts. an_3ov: horsehides. dry. [email protected] for
large and $1.50®2 for medium. 75c®$l few small
ami 2.V<£500 for'colts: goatskins, prime angoras,
75c®$l; medium, 35«50c; long hair goats, 35c;
medium. 20c; kids, 5 _ 10c.
Tallow—No. 1 rendered, bbla, 5@5%c; cans
and drums. 3%(g'sc.
Grease—2®3c per lb.
Wool —Fall clip, Mendocino and Humboldt. 10
®l2c: middle counties, northern. 9@lle; S*an
Joaquin, C@Bc; mohair, good quality, 20_27%c
per lb.
Horses and Mnles
Tbe following quotations for horses and mules
are furnished by the Butchers' and Stock Grow
ers' Journal:
Desirable drafters. 1,700 lbs and over. .$8004r350
Light drafters. 1.550 to 1.050 lbs 250^285
Chunks. 1.350 lbs to 1.500 lbs 200^250
Wagon horses. 1.250 to 1.350 lbs 180<a225
Delivery wagon horses, 1.050 to 1,250.. 13.5^150
Desirable farm mares 100(2125
Farm workers 75@100
950 lbs, 4 to 7 years $75@125
1,000 lbs. 4 to 7 years 125® 175
1.100 lbs, 4 to 7 years l.*>o®2oo
1,200 lbs, 4 to 7 years. 200(3250
Over 7 years old range from $15 to $25 lower.
Note —Shippers to this market muat have horses
close to type, with age, bone conformation and
style, to command extreme quotations.
General Merchandise
Bags—Standard Calcutta grain bags, 9%e on
the spot and 9%<§!9%e for .Tune-July delivery:
San Quentin, B%e; wool bags, 47% c for 4 and
45% c for 3% lbs; fleece twine, 9_9%c per lb;
bean bags. B%c.
Oil (quotations are for barrels) —Unseed. 58e
per gallon for boiled and 66c for raw, 5 bbi lots
lc less, casea 5c more: Baker's A A castor. cas«*s,
5 gallons $1.11, 10 gallons $1.09; commercial
castor, in cases. 90c; China nut, cases, 75@85e
per gallon; extra bleached winter sperm "oil.
80c; natural winter sperm oil. 80c; pure lard
oil. 85c; winter strained lard ol', 75c: pure
neatsfoot oil, Ssc; No. 1 neatsfoot oil. 65c; paint
oil. 30@40c.
Coal Oil. Gasoline, etc.—Water white. Iron
barrels or drums. B%c; 150 degree oil. Iron bar
rele or drums, 9%e; In cases. 16% c; special do,
10% c; pearl oil. in cases, 15% c; astral. 15% c;
star, 15% c: extra star, 18%e; Elaine. 26c;
eocene. 18% c; red crown and motor gasoline, in
bulk 16% c, in eases 23%Cfc engine distillate, ln
drums, Be, in rases 7c more; gas machine gaso
line, io bulk In cases 43c; varnish mak
ers' and painters' naphtha, ln bulk 15% c, ln
casea 22%e.
Turpentine—ln casea, 66c; 10 case lots lc
less; drams and Iron ban-els, 50c; Arotnrps,
case 30c, Iron barrels or drums 23c per gallon.
Roaln—F. $9.45: H, $9.50; WO, $11.10 per
barrel of 280 pounds.
Red and White Lead—Red, B@B%c; white,
7 f l4'ftß%c per lb; do in 5 and 10 ton loti, 7%c
and 7V t c, respectively.
Pacific Codfish—Tbe Union Ftah company quotes
as follows: Bundles, small, whole, 100 lb bales,
5%c; cases, regular, large, whole. 100 lb bales.
G%c; caaes, extra, 100 lb boxea, 7c: cases, east
ern styles. 7%c: Anchor brand, B%c; narrow
gauge, B%e; Silver King. B%e; Golden State.
B%c; White Seal middles. 11%<_11%c; eeabrigbt
blocks, B%c: oriental blocks. B%c; Crown brand.
tablets. 9V4c: pearl tablets. 9%c; 5 lb boxea
fancy boneless, lie; 2 lb boxes fancy boneless,
12c: half bbla pickled cod, $6 each.
The Alaska Codfish company quotes as follows:
Bundles, 5%c; casea. regular, 6%c: do extra, 7c;
do eastern style. 7*4 c; frigate brand. B%c; nar
row Paragon. B%e: Monarch, 9%c: Western
Pride. B%c; Imperial. 00 lb boxes. ll%c; do 40
lb boxes. li%c: Ocean. Wave. B%c; Siberia. B%c;
2 lb tablets. »%c; 1 lb do, 9%c; Choice Bits 5
lb boxes, lie; do 2 lb boxes. 12c; 2 lb boneless
blocks. ll%c; pickled cod. $11 per bbl; half bbls,
Cordage—Manila, 8c: staal. 7c; sisal bale rope,
B%c per lb; manila bale rope, 6c per lb net cash,
no discount.
Coal (per ton of 2,000 lbs)—Pennsylvania an
thracite egg. $16: Wellington, $8; New Welling
ton, $8: Australian house. $8: rail coals. $!»<«!0;
Cumberland. $15 in bulk and $16.50 in sacks;
coke. $15 In bulk aod $17 ln sacks.
Tbe Western Sugar Refining company quotes as
follows, net cash: Fine granulated, 4.70 c; ear
ners' granulated, 4.70 c; fruit granulated. 4.70 c;
H. & E. crystal domlnos, 5 lb cartons iv casea,
8.50 c; do 2 lb cartous ln casea, 9c; monarch bar,
5.05 c; tablets, ln half bbls, 5.20 c; do in 25 lb
boxea. 5.45 c; cubes, 4.95 c: monarch powdered,
4.80 c; XXXX powdered. 4.80 c; candy granulated,
4.80 c; confectioners' A, 4.70 c; beet granulated,
4.50 c: extra C, 4.20 c; golden C, 4.10 c; D, 4c.
Barrels and 80 lb bags 10c, half barrels 25c.
l>oxes 50c more per 100 pounds than for bags of
100 lbs net. Bar in 35 and 40 lb tins $1.70 Aon
ln 8 and 10 lb tins $2.35 more per 100 lbs than
the price for this grade in 100 lb bags.
The California aod Hawaiian Sugar Refining
company quotes as follows; Granulated basis.
4.70 c: C. A H. fine standard. 4.70 c: coarse dry
granulated, 4.70 c; confectioners' A. 4.70 c: berry.
4.70 c; powdered. 4.80 c; cubes. 4.95 c; "Hlgrade"
bar, 5.05 c; bricks (in half bbls), 5.20 c; bricks
(in 25 lb boxes), 5.45 c; IL A E. crystal dominos
(5 lb cartons In cases). 8.50 c: do (2 lb cartons
in casea). 9c; extra fine dry granulated (100 Ib
bags only), 4.50 c; extra C. 4.20 c; golden C,
4.10 c: yellow D, 4c. Additional per 100 lbs:
In bbls and 50 lb bags, 10c more; half bbla, 25c
more; boxes, 50c more for all grades. Bar in
35 and 40 lbs tins. $1.70 more; In 10 lb tina,
$2.35 more. Minimum order, carload weight.
L*a Angeles Produce Market
(Special Dispatch to The Call)
LOS ANGELES, Feb. 11.—Receipts of product
on the Ixis Angeles market today were: Egg*.
464 cases; better. 25J574 pounds; cheese, 2.373
pounda; polatoe*. 1,129 sacks; beans, 4 sacks;
sweets, 121 sacks.
A two carload lot of northern potatoes arrived
at one of the large provision houses and moved
very active. The spuds now on sale at the mar
ket are very cheap. An exceptionally good crop
is selling at 80crg$i a sack.
Butter (per lbi— California creamery, extra,
35c; creamery firsts. 32% c.
Eggs (per doaeiu—Local ranch, candled. 25% c;
case couut, 21 l -jc;.- pullets, 22c; northern, case
count. 21c.
Cheese <per lb)—Northern fresh, 18c; eastern
singles. 18 _c: eastern twins. 18c; eastern Ched
dars, 19c; eastern longborns. 20@21c; Oregon
daisies, 18_;i8tyc; ewiss. imported. 30&32 c:
swiss, domestic, block. 23c: Boquefort, 45c~,
cream brick. 21c; limburger, 22c.
Beans (per ctl) —No. 1 pinks. $4.50: No. 1
lima, $6_625; i.ady Washington. No. 1, $4.85
Q5; small whites, No. 1. [email protected]»: blackeyes,
$4; garvanza. $4.50: bayos, $4.50@5; Mexican
reds. $4.50; lentils. $6@7.
Potatoes (per ctl I—Highlands Burbanks, 80c
<3sl; Oregon*, Salinas, [email protected];
Lompoca. $1.50ft£1.65. *
Sweet Potatoes (per ctl)—s2.so.
New York Pr»d_ce
NEW YORK. Feb. 11.—Hops—Quiet.
Sugar—Raw steady; muscovado, 89 test, 2.98 c;
centrifugal, 96 test. 3.48 c; molasses sugar, 89
teat. 2.73e. Keflned quiet.
Butter—Steady. Receipts, 12,736 tubs. Cream
ery extras, 37rt$38c.
Cheeae—Steady. Receipts. 148 boxea. State,
whole milk, held, white specials. 17»*(317?ic.
Eggs—Weak. Receipts, 12.182 cases. Fresh
gathered extras, 26@27c; refrigerator firsts. 20<<_
20 Vac
Evaporated Apples—Quiet.
Peaches —Quiet.
< hlcajfo Produce Market
CHICAGO, Feb. 11.—Butter —Steady; cream
eries. 27®34 _c.
Eggs—Easy; receipts, 6,452; at mark, cases
included. 19@21c; refrigerator firsts, 16M>_:17c;
firsts, 22c.
Livestock Market
CHICAGO, Feb. 11—Cattle —Receipts. 3.500;
market, steady. Beeves. $6.60<g9; Texas steers,
[email protected]; western steers, $5.75®7.45; stockers
and feeders, [email protected]: cows and heifers, $3.10
@7.50; calves, [email protected].
Hogs—Receipts, 21,000; market, strong. Llsht.
$8*38.35; mixed, $7.90<g5.30; heavy. $7,850
8.30; rough, $7.5558; pigs, bulk of
sales. [email protected].
Sheep—Receipts, 17.0W: market, firm. Native,
$4.90(36.25: western. $5@625; yearlings, $6.65@
S; lambs, native. $7<89; western, $7@o.
KANSAS CITY. Feb. 11.—Cattle—Receipts.
11.000, Including 300 southerns; market, steady.
Nattre steers, [email protected]; southern eteers. $6(8
7.55; fjputhem cows and heifers. [email protected]»0; na
tive cows and heifers, $4(37,75; atockers and
feeders. $.**[email protected]; bulls. [email protected]>: calves,
$6.50*810; western steers, $6.so<jjiß; western eowa,
Hogs—Receipts, 15,000; market, 10c to 15c
higher. Bulk of sales, $7.80*37.95: heavy,
[email protected]; packers and butchers, $7.90@8;
light. $7.85«8; pigs. $6.75(37.25.
Sheep—Receipts. 8.000: market. 5c to 10c
hlgher. Muttons. $4.75i36: Colorado lambs, &HC<£
8.7*.; range wethera and yearlings, $5.25(37.60;
range ewes, $3.50*35.50.
SOUTH OMAHA. Feb. 11.—Cattle— Receipts.
5.800; market, steady. Native steers. $6.75(3
8.25: cows and heifers, $\«_7: western steers,
$5.50©7.75; Texas steers. [email protected]; range cows
and heifers. $3.75i36.75: calves. $5.50(39.
Hoga — Receipts, 18,000; market, higher.
Heavy. $7.65(97.85; light. $7.75*37.90; pigs,
$6.50*37.60; bulk of sales. $7.75(37.85.
Sheep — Receipts, 15,600; market, steady.
Yearlings, [email protected]; wethers, [email protected]; lambs,
$8.25 <39.
PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 11.—Cattle—Receipts,
100. Market steady. Choice steers, $7.50*38;
good steers, [email protected]; medlnm steers,
choice cows, $6(36.50; medium cows, $5.50-3
6: choice calves. $B@9: gpod heavy calves, $6.50
(87.50; bulls. $5.50*26.
Hoga—Receipts. 700. Market firm. Light,
$7.35(37.80; heavy. $«*g6.«5.
Sheep—Receipts, 600. Market steady. Year
ling wethers, $5(36.35; ewes, [email protected]; lamb 6,
[email protected].
Cotton Market
NFW YORK. Feb. 11.—Billiard of E. F.
Hutton A Co. says: "One month ago today the
American visible supply was 126.412 bales let
excess of the same date in 1912. Today our
visible Is nearly half a million balea under this
date last year. A year ago apot cotton was sell
ing 10 points above the July option and 20 points
above October. Receipts are falling off every
where and southern spots pre advancing without
bringing out any cotton to s~peak of. Liverpool
contTnuea strong, with trade conditions excellent.
"Now. either futures are too low or spots too
high. Certainly the new cron options look at
tractive at a price 130 points tinder spots. This
advance Is attributed almost exclusively to the
actual demand for cotton, particularly from
Europe. In face of this demand I would rather
believe that futures were too low than that
spota were too high. The high premiums of the
near months are Indicative of a strong apot sit
uation, and this la one of tbe best signs of a
bull market. Sentiment in New Orleans and
here is moatly bearish, but they will be worn
out Just as the bulls were worn out around 13c
two months ago. Prices are high. It Is true,
following two record crops, but the actual need
of cotton Is growing faster than the production,
and It is useless to try to Ignore signs of the
Prehollday liquidation was responsible for to
day's decline in the option Hat.
Spot closed quiet and unchanged. Middling
uplands, 1305 c: do gulf. 13.30 c.
Option. Open High Low Close Feb.lo ago
Feb. ... 12.57 12.57 12.57 12.57 12.60
Merelr* .. 12.57 12.64 12.50 12.53 12.59
April 12.40 12.44
May ... 12.44 12.50 12.37 12.40 12.44
June 12.27 12.33
July .... 12.86 12.45 12.29 12.31 32.37
Aug. ...12.18 12.25 12.15 12.1". 12.20
Sept. .. 31.53 11.85 11.79 11.79 31.85
Oct. ... 11.77 11.79 51.70 31.71 11.79
Dec. ... 11.79 11.80 11.74 11.74 11.79
Jan. ... 11.79 11.79 11.69 11.69 11.79
Boston Wool Market
BOSTON, Feb. 11.—The domestic wool market
remains very quiet. A few sales of territory
stock ln original bags are reported, and some
nearby fleeces have changed hands In small lota.
Texas -wools are very quiet. Bidding for the new
clip In tbe west Is said to lie light so far. Some
new Arizona wool has arrived and brlnga 17'^.c.
St. Louis Wool Market
ST. LOUIS, Feb. 11.—Wool—Steady: medium
grades combing and clothing. 23Vi@26e; light
fine. 19@21c; heavy tine, 13_18c; tub washed,
New York Coffee Market
NEW YORK, Feb. 11.— E. F. Hutton A Co.'s
wire says: "Cables from Europe were satis
factory. Santos haa also made a good showing.
but with all this tbe market has been exceed
ingly sloppy, with the leaders appearing to buy
Just enough to keep tbe market steady through
most of the morning and only coming to the
rescue in the afternoon when tbe market had
Broken badly. This la not conducive to bull
speculation; in fact, the bears have become
very confident and the stanchest otitalde friends
of the market ere beginning to wonder what Is
the matter. Receipts are running light enough.
Trade, It la claimed, is dull, but deliveries are
large, while the crop certainly seems to be pretty
well sold and la held hy the strongest lntereets
In the trade. The prospect for another crop ln
Brazil la far from flattering, but people do not
understand why eomebody does not take a firm
stand at some point If conditions are aa they
seem. A market acting as coffee bas for the
last few days ts very bard to convert new
dlaclplee to. Europe la expected to come lower
after the holiday tomorrow."
Option— Open High Low Close
Febrnary 13.700
March 13.00 c 13.30 c 12.97 c 12.97 c
April 13.05 c
May 13.25 c 13.2Gc 13.18 c 33.13 c
June 13.14 c
July 13.30 c 13.32 c 13.20 c 13.15 c
August 13.22 c
September 18.45 c 15.44 c 13.29 c 18.20 c
October 13.28 c 13.29 c 13.26 c 13.2f1c
November 13.12 c
December 13.20 c 18.21 c 13.09 c 13.09 c
January 13.08 c
Sales, 00,260 bags.
New York Metal Market
NEW YORK. Feb. 11.—Copper steady: stand
ard, spot and February. 14.50 c bid; March, April
and May. 14.. r io_lsc: electrolytic, 15.75(g16.25c:
lake, 186J16.2.V: casting, 15.50 c. Copper exports
this month, 12.256 tons. L«ndon—Copper easy;
apot. £66 ss; futures. £66 7s 6d.
Tin easy; spot and February,
March 48.75(349.25c; April, 48.62Vi®40.12%c.
Local exchange sales of tin, 50 tons. London—
Tin steady: spot. £223 10s; futures. £221105.
Lead steady at [email protected]. London—Lead,
£10 15s.
Spelter easy at 6.40©6-50 c. London—Sgplter,
£ 25 10*. . „ „„^
Antimony dull; Cookson s [email protected].
Iron quiet and unchanged. Cleveland warrants.
64s 7',d in London.
Naval Storea—Tanseatiae aad Roaln
SAVANNAH, Oa., Feb. 11 .—Turpentine—
Firm, 41% c; sales, 142: receipts, 408; ahlp
ments, 136: 22,200. Rosin—Flro; sales.
1.300; receipts, 1,300; shipmenta. 5,400; stocks,
124.150. Quote: A. B. $5.85; C. D $6: FJ,
$6.10: F, $6.20: G. $6.25: H. 6.30: I. $6.35;
K. $6.65; M, $7; N, $7.05; WG, $7.10; WW,
i 1715.
Archibald McPberson and wife to 11. E. and T.
W. MacArthor, lot ln KB line of Brasll avenue,
25 NW of Moscow atreet, NW 28 by NE 100;
Marko Kalaaich and wife to Hoe Fortunlch. lot
In W line of Saratoga atreet, 100 8 of Woeiaey,
8 25 by W 120; 410.
ot*o T. Maysenbalder to Eonald T. Rolph. tot
In TV line of Forty-seventh avenue, 100 S of X
street S 2*i by W 120: $10.
John P. Kellv to Melville Hermann, lot in W
line of Thirty-eighth avenue. 100 S of U street,
S 2r» by \v 120. and two other pieces; $10.
Annie Reld to Florence Stelter. lot In N line
of Lombard street, 82:0 E of Pierce, E 27:0 by N
100; $1(1.
11. Shapiro and wife to Archibald McPberson.
lot in SW Hue c_ Persia avenue. 25 NE of Madrid
street. SE 27, by SW 100: $10.
Victor F. Sea well to Guardian Caenalty and
Guaranty company, lot In SW line of Underwood
avenue, 225 NW of lugatls street, NW 75 by SW
f 100: $10.
Henry Mohr and wife to W. de Brettevllle.
lot at SE corner of Taraval street and Twenty
ninth a\enue, E 57:6 by S 100; $2,850.
John S. Purcell and wife to Pearl A. Heath,
lot In N line of Twenty-fourth street, 280 W of
Douglass, W 25:10 by N 114; $10.
William Heath and wife to John- S. Purcell.
lot in N line of Twenty-flfth street, 142:0 E of
Church. E 2.'. by N 114; $10.
Neal McGilllway to Mary McGilliway <wife).
lot in NW line of Guy place, 200 SW of First
street. SW 25 by NW 70; gift.
Anna E. Bull to John J. Barrett, lot in N line
of Jackson sttyet, 110 B of Walnut, E 27:6 by
N $10.
Sallie S. Maynard to Louis Devlncenzl et al..
lot iv S line of Greenwich street, 300:6 W of
Mason. W 29. S 120. E 23. N 60, E 6, N 60; $10.
W. 11. Obear et al., trustees, to Samis Dravll
las. lot 12, block 2 Ocean View Park; $10.
Margaret O. Casev to All Stewart, third inter
est In lot at SE corner of Sutter and Franklin
streets, E 42 by S 120, and one other plec*; $10.
Charles 8. Moore, to Benjamin W. and Lester
Abbott, lot 686. gift map 2: $10.
August Schivo and wife to Gaitano Vitrano et
al., lot in W line of Powell street, 87:6 S of
Chestnut, S 25 by W 100: $10.
Albert A. Friedlander to H. C. Feddersen. lot
In X line of Ninth avenue, 120 S of Geary ptreet.
S 25 by E 120; $10. ■
H. Kohler company to Francesco Errico et al..
lot in S line of Green street, 47 E of Kearny, E
34. S 56:9, W 21. N 22:9, W 13. N 34; $10. .
Elizabeth Plaaeckl to Martha A. Salopek et al..
lot 4. block S. Park Lane tract 5, and one other
piece; $10. . ; , _
John C. Fitschen to Ella D. Fitachen. lot in H
line of Masonic avenue, 100 N of Page atreet, N
50 by E 137:6; $10. . __.
Charles A. Johnson and wife to William Wilson
and wife, lot in S line of Richland avenue, 17u
W of Mission street, W 25 by S 100; $10.
Martin Plutt to Anna Plutt (wife), lot in W
line of Connecticut street, 125 N of Mariposa, N
50 by W 100; gift. -■ . k
Newell-Murdoch Realty company to Marie A.
Bermel, lot 6, block 12. Forest Hill; $10.
Charles A. Sanders to John H. Sanders, lot
in SB line of Shipley, 250 SW of Fifth, SW
25 by SE 75: $10. '■ ■ M
Josephine M. Mockler et al. to Max P. Mc-
Cartney, lot in N line of Duncan street, 316 El
of Church, E 24 by N 114; $10.
City Realty company to Otto R. Schrader, lot
at NE corner of Kirkham and Seventh avenue,
N2O by E H5; $10. _, ,
Sarah J de I>a Montanya to Albert Piasls,
lot in E line of Battery, 45:10 N of Jackson, N
45:10 by E 66: $10. i _
William W. Shannon and wife to Robert P.
Troy, lot at SW corner of Clay street and Grant
avenue, S 68:0 by W 36:9; $10.
Louis D. Ston* and wife to Margaret John
ston, lot in 8 line of Green street, 206:3 W of
Webster. W 36:9 by S 137:6; $10.
Anna Packscher to Morris Hanroll and wife,
lot in W line of Scott street, 75 N of Ellis,
N 25 by W !X>; $10.
Giuseppe Giarritts to Gluaeppe Di Besta, lot
at NW corner of I/*mbard and Pierce streets,
W 27:6 by N 100; $10.
Catherine Volght to George F. Volght. lot 21.
block 17, Fatrmount tract, and one other piece;
$10. i
Cyrus T. Sisson and -wife to Catherine J.
Ball, lot in N line of Sargent street, 25 W of
Ralstou, W 23 by N 100; $10.
Same to same, lot In S llae of Broad avenue,
241:3 E of Ortsaba. E 81:3 by 8 125; $10.
M. Lebovlta and wife to Fanny Kraus, lot ln
NE line of Hamilton street, 150 NW of Silllman,
NW 25 by SE 120; $10.
Central Paclflc Land and Lumber company to
B. M. F MeKellar, lot In W line of Emerson
atreet, 100 N of Geary, N 40 by W 120; $10.
Sarah Weinstein to Martin C. Stewart and
wife, lot at W corner of Hudson aveime and
Keith street, SW 100 by NW 48; $10.
Henry S. Bridge and wife to The American
Land and Trust company, lot ln ■ line of Forty
flrst avenue, 125 S of Wawona atreet, S 100 by
E 120; $10.
United States Building. Realty and Invest
ment society to Pletro Pickel, lot in W line of
Nineteenth avenue, 100 S of Geary street, S
25 by N 120; $10.
Bertha and John B. Preston to Sigurd Larsen
and wife, lot at NW corner of Cortland and
Prospect avenues, W 23:4* by N 70; $10.
Eugene B. Murphy to D. T. Murphy, 1-76 of
The "ranama-Paplflc" Expresa aad
The * '1915* Mall Trains
Leave Union Ferry Depot Arrive
9:10 a (Stockton, Sacramento. Salt Lake, 1 l:48p
•j Denver. Omaha, Chicago, Kan- \
7:30p I fcaa City, St. Louie J »:W*
4:U)p Stockton 10:20 a
Throttph Standard and Tourist Sleeping Care
via Denver A Rio Grande and Missouri Paclflc,
Rock Island lines and Burlington route.
I>lning Cars aod Electric Lights.
rriffigf*\ Schedule Effective
Nov. 6, 19i2
\<_ > OJlj}v,/ 5,m Francisco
LeTrTr"" VIA SACS AUTO 1 Arrive
7:4oaiPetaluma. Santa Koaa. Healda
burg, Cioverdale. Uklah. Wtl
! Ufa Lonirvale. •*Sebastopol. 7:o*Jp
B:lsa:Sonoma, Glen Ellen I t*B:oSp T
I J6:35p I
8:15 a Pt. Reyes. Camp Meeker, Monte ( +6:35p )
1 Rio, Duncan Mills. Caradero (t7:35p)
B:4sa!Petaliima. Santa Rosa, Gnerne
j ville, Monte Rio, Duncan (tfl:3sp?
Mills, Caxadero (leaves from ( J7:35p)
Duncan Mills)
10:45a'Petaluma, Santa Rosa. Healds-
J burs; »:05p
1:45p Petslumn, Santa Rosa. Guerne
vlil», Monte Rio, Duncan
Mills 10:35 a
T2:«p Pt. Reyes. Camp Meeker
3:15p Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Healda
bnrg Cioverdale. Uklah,
Willits, "Sebastopol ll:Ssa
4:«pi_onoma. Glen Ellen... B:3Sa
*s:lsp'Petaluma, Santa Rosa. Healds-
j bnre; O'OBa
Sausallto. Mill Valley, Ban Rafael—Dally
erery 30 minutes from 0:45 a. m. until 9:45
a. m.: hourly until 2:45 p. m.. then 8:15- p. m.
and every 30 minutes until 6:45 p. m., than 7:46,
9:15, 11:15 p. m. and 12:30 a. m.
Fairfax—Leavea t6:45. 7:15, 7:45. 8:15. 8:45.
9:15. 9:45, 10:45, 11:45 a.m.; 12:45. 1:45, 2:45.
8:15 3:45, 4:15, 4:45. 5:15. 5:45. 8:15. 8:45.
7:45! 9:15. 11:15 p. m.; 12:30 a. m.
San Quentin via San Rafael —Leava daily at
9:15 a. m and 1:45 p. m.
Ttburon and Belvedere —Dally every hour from
6:4f> a. m. until 1:45 p. m.; then 3:15 p. m. and
every bour until 8:15; then 7:45,9:15 and 11:15
p. in. and 12:30 a. in.
•Arrlvea dally 10:85 a. m. •♦Arrives Sundays
7:05 p. m., week days 6:35 p.m. fßxeept Sun
days. tSundavs only. tSaturdaya only.
Red T>lne Transfer Company's agents sre au
thorised to check bassaae direct from residence.
MUIR WOODS Anmrnrntm
_9 _■
unto* oer-T, foot of mawcct street
9mm lTrlp,|lJo;Ciiiitlai<Trl».<tJt T
li. ti Fnatfata U■ Mdr ffsaH gMt \mmntMx
Weekdsy Saaday Wtskday Smalt? Weekday Sa-lay
9:« a 8:45 a t VAto AK9H 7=2oa 10:40 a
::::::WB M Iffr.™ IS
2:469 • 4:4»M ...... 4:4»
•Saturday a only, t Mondays only. J Mt.Tamalpais only.
( Sausalito Feny—TeL Kearny 4060
Ticket OfficesKM7 Market—TeL Kearny 2751
/ 874 Market—Td. Douglas 4407
General Office-Mai Valley. Cal. T J Mill Valley Sub. 81
"TiwnHT_-W» w «i "nw\nr m atamatafcrpwls
Nsvy" T Vse4 - VsnsJ_
Bati toeve TOO 9:46 a bl. I*3o 9JO. 990. «J0 a. m,
Dock sad s-sa Narft CM Plary "'Tffm /
, rases- Xaanv 40ft . Msels c b assta
Office and Salesroom, Van Ness at Sacramento.
Phone Franklin 2264. The old established
bouse of CURTIS —no connection with any
20 bead Eastern Oregon horses, weighing from
1,200 to 1,400 lbs.; young, sound and well
broken; al! horses guaranteed as represented.
Phone Oakland 2148. MeALPINE & CARR. 4th
and Clay sts.. Oakland.
JWJ? BSI-S4O Tell St A*Lsx
JUST ARRIVED: One carload draft and wagon
horses; some nice, big mares; all young, sound.
Also good mares and horses, footsore, 1,400 to
1,600 lbs., for farm work.
Phone Market 3577. JOS. LEVY.
lot at NE corner of McAllister and Jones streets.
N 275, E 162:6, S 181:6*4, SW 159:8%, W
32:10H: $10.
L. M. Juhl and wife to Ontdo E. Baroxzi. lot
in 8 line of Lombard street, 220 W of Jones,
W 27:6 by S 1.i7:6; $10.
George J. Jiarvey to John A. Heftch, lot in
N line of line street, 77:0 W of Grant avenue,
W 20 by N 60- $10.
William H. Reid and wife to Annie M. Connlff.
lot in E line of Dolores etreet, 76 S of Twenty
first. S 25 by E 90; $10.
Prlsetlla Perry to P. Rothermel, lot 42, block
15. City Land association; $10.
J. G. Klumpke to same, aame; $10.
William C. Federleln to D. David, lot In E line
of Kansas street, 125 S of Twentieth, S 25 by E
100; $10. "
Lewis Kaberry and wife to Josie E. Welcome,
lot 36. block A. Ashbury Park Terrace; $10.
Ernest F. Henne to the McCarthy company,
lot In E line of Thirty-second avenue, 258 S of
California street. S 25 by E 120; $30.
Henry P. Alxeroth and wife to George Rosen
thal, lot in 8 line of Erie atreet, 137:6 W of
Howard. W 25 by S 85: $10.
S. Duces company to Clifford S. Allrad, lot
13, block 35, Sunnyslde; $10.
Building; Contractu
William C. and Tearl Heath with J. 8. Pur
Leava (Foot of Market Street) . Arrive
(Subject to change without notice)
2.15 a Nilea. Livermore, Tracy, Lathrop,
Stockton, Lodi, Gait, Elk Grove,
Sacran-ento.Roseville,Auburo,Colfax 10,40p
2.15 a Sacramento, Maryaville. Biggs, Chico. 10.40 a
6.40 a Richmond. Fort Costa. Martinez,
Antioch, Byron Hot Springi, Tracy,
Patterson, Newman, Los Banns,
Ingle, Kerman, Fresno II .59a
8.40 a San Leaodro. Hayward, Niles, Saa
j <xt 8.50p
7.00 a The Statesman—Richmond. Vaikjo
Junction (Vallejo), Port Costa,
Benicia, B_sun, Elmira, Davis,
Sacramento 8.50 a
1.209 Goidfield Pass.—Truckee. Hasen. W*.
buska (Yerrinrton, Hudson), Mina,
Tonopah, Goidfield, Laws, Kealer.. B.loa
7_ot Richmond, Port, Costa, Benicia, 3ui
sun, Dixon, Sacramento 7.50 a
7.20 a Elmira, VacaviUe, Rumsey 7.50»
7.20 a Roseville, MarysviUa (Oroville), Red
dinz, Dunsmuir 10.40 a
7.20 a i)avia. Woodland. Williams, Maxwell,
Willows, Hamilton, Coming, Red
Bluff 7.50-
-7.20 a Niles, Pleaaanton. Live-more, Tracy,
Lathrop, Ctockton (Oakdak), Lodi,
Sacramento 7.30p
7.20 a Tracy. Patt-rson, Newman, Los Banos,
Ingle, Kennan, Fresno 4.30p
7.40* Richmond, Vallejo, Napa, CaHstoga,
Saata Rosa. Crockett, Port Costa... 6.1 Op
t7.40a A you. 'abut Creek, Sao Rap-on,
lavenucrs — t8.50p
B.ooa Newark. West San Joae, Los Gatos.
Wright, Felton (Ben Lomond. Boul
der Creek). Santr Cruz 8.50 a
8.40 a Port Costa. Martin*:, Byron Hot
Springs, Tracy (Stockton), Merced,
Beraoda, Madera, Fresno, Fowler,
Selma, Traver, Goshen Junction
(Hanford, Armona), Tulare, Bakers
field *•*«»
8.40* Visalia, Lindsay, Portervills, Ducor.. 7.10*
8.40 a Yosemite Valley via Merced 4.30p
B.ooa Irvington, San Joae 7.30p
9.00 a Niles, Pleasanton. Livermore, Stock
ton <'*Milton), Yalisy Spring, lons,
Sacramento 4.30p
B.ooft Tuolumne. Sonora,Jamestown.Angels. 2.50p
9.00 a Atlantic Express—Sacramento. Tmc
kee. Ogden, Salt Lake City. Denver.
Kansas City, Omaha. Chicago 8.30p
9.00* Tooopah-Gofdfield Standard Sleeper.. B.loa
B.ooa Vallejo Junction, Vallejo { *;|JJJ
9.40 a Richmond, San Pablo. Fiaole. Vallejo
Junction, Crockett, Port Costa, Mar
lines, Avon, Concord, San Ramon.. 6.1 Op
10.20 a San Francisco Overland Limited-
Denver, Kansas City, St Louis,
Omaha, Chicago 2.10 a
10.40 a Vallejo, Mare Island. Napa 12.50p
10.40 a Stockton. { *§fS}
10.40 a Los Angeles Passenger—Port Costa,
Martines, Byron Hot Springs. Tracy,
Stockton. Merced. Madera, Fresno,
(Hanford, Coalinga, Visalia), Baken
fieid, Los Angeles 7.10p
11.20 a Shuts Limited—Portland. Tacoma,
Seattle 8.50p
12.00** Richmond, Port Costa, Benicia, Sui- \ 10.30 a
sun, Elmira, Dixon, Sacramento.. / 11.10 a
12.00n Davis,WiUiams,Colusa June, Willows,
German town, Orland, Hamilton.... 6.50p
12.00(1 Marysville, Chico, Red Bluff 4.30p
I.oop Niles, Irvington, Saa Joss 2.50p
1.20 a San Leandro, Nilea, Ceo te mile, New
ark (Redwood), San Joae 7.50p
1.40p Newark, Alviso. Agnev Santa Ciara,
West San Joae IO.OOp
11 -40a Wright, Boulder Creek, Santa Crua .. 10.00p
2.40p San Leandro, Niles, San Joae 7.30p
3.00p Benicia, Winters Sacramento—Wood
, land. Tudor. Yuba City. Marysville,
Oroville 11.10 a
S.2op Richmond, Fort Coeta, Martines,
Byron Hot Springs, Modesto. Merced,
Madera, Fresno. 10.40p
4.00 a Port Coeta, Martines, Concord. Walnut
Creek, San Ramon, Livermore 9.30 a
4.00p Richmond. Vallejo, Napa, Calistoga,
Glen Ellen, Santa Rosa. 9.30 a
4.00? Nilea (Centerville, Newark). Sunol.
Pleasanton. Livermore. Tracy.
Stockton, Lodi. Sacramento 12.50P
4.40p Saa Leandro, Hayward. Nilea, Pleat
anton, Livermore 8.30 a
4.40p Irvington, San Jose 9.30 a
4.40p Tracy, Patterson, Newman, Los Banos,
Kennan, Fresno 1040 a
440p Valley Flyer—Port Costa, Byron Hot
Spnnjs, Tracy, Modesto, Merced,
Madera, Fresno, Goshen Junction,
Tulare, Bakersfieid. Mojave. Loa
Angeles I 2 50p
B.oop Valiejo, Port Costa, Benicia, Suisun,
Sacramento, Roseville, Lincoln,
Wheatland, Marysville (Oroville),
Gridley. Biggs, Chico... 11.30 a
B.oop Davis. Arbuckle, Williams, Willows,
Orland. Tehama I 0 40p
B.oop Newark. West San Joee. Loe Gatos. . 9.30 a
8.28 a San Leandro, Lorenso, Hayward,
Nilea. Pleasanton, Livermore. Tracy,
Stockton '.... 3,10p
8.20 a Owl Limited—Port Costa, Tracy.
Fresno, Los Angeles B.loa
0.20 a Hayward. Niles and San Jose 6.50p
8.40 a Eaatem Express—Ogden, Pueblo.Den
ver, Kansas City, St.Louis, Chicago. 8.30p
xXMp Port Costa, Benicia, Suisun. Limire,
Sacramento, Colfax, Truckee. Reno,
Sparks 8.30»
7.00p China and Japan Mail—Ogden,
Cheyenne, Denver. Kansas City,
Omaha, Chicago 3.10p
7.00 a Fort Costa, Byron Hot Springs, Stock
ton, Sacramento, ColUx. Truckee,
Reno S.lop
}7.00p Richmond (Vallejo). Port Costa, Mar
tines, Concord, Walnut Creek, Pleaa
anton, Nilea, Oakland 12.45 a
8.20p Oregon Express—Sacramento, Rose
rifle, Marysrilk. Redding (Klamath
Fails), Ashland, Portland, Tacoma,
Seattle, Spokane I.loa
. B.OOp Mt. Eden. Alvarado. Newark. Santa _
Claim, San Joee 7.50p
840p Bakersfieid, McKittriek. Haslatoa,
Monarch, Moron. Fellow, Shale 7.50 a
0.40p Richmond Port Costa, Tracy, Mo
desto. Merced. Madera, Fresno,
Hanford, Tulare 7.80 a
9.40P Hanford. Armona, Lamoora. Huron.
Coalinga. 7M»
9.40 a VissJia. Exetor, Lindsay. Porterrille.
Ducor, Famoso 7.80 a
10.20p Portland Express—Davis, WSBows,
Rsd Bluff, Weed, (Klamath Falls),
Ashland, Roseburj. Portland. Ta
coma, Seattle 7_*>a
From PashV Street Wharf
This route offers exceptional opportunity far Ante
mobilists to reach all points on the Sacramento River;
Coiliasvißa. Emmaton. Rio Vista, Islet on, R vde. Walnut
Grove, Voiden. Courtknd, Clarksburg. Sacramento.
Mea-ner Seminale er Navaje. leaves San Francisco BJO
a. m. daily except Sunday and Wednesday, arriving
Sacramento 7_o p. m. Laave Sacramento 8.30 a. m.
daily except Sondaj and Wednesday, arrWng San
Fraadsoo 6.30 p. m. Stopping in either direction at all
points shown above.
•learner Matfat or Apache, leaves San Francisco 1.00
p. _. daily except Sunday: arrive Baa Frandaco 11 JO
p. m. daily except Monday.
Kaawsr Mavaje ar Semme'e, leaves Saa Francisco
0.00 p. m. daily except Sundays, arriving Sacraments
7XO a. m. <_uy except Monday. Leave Sacramento
9.00 p. m. dairy except Sundays, arriving San Frandaco
7.00 a. m. daily except Monday. No stop* ea route ia
aitaer direction.
Office and Salesroom 855 Mission st.
Pays highest price for ull kinds of furniture,
merchandlst. etc. Hoossa bought lv their en
tirety. Goods sold ->v cm mis;* ion.
Phone Sutter 1209
THURSDAY, FEB. 10, 1913, 11 A. M.
By order of United States bankruptcy courts, we
will s«<ll the balance of Metropolis Construction
Co. contracting outfit, consistii.-g of horses, har
nesses and wagons: one line business baxg? born*
and harness, used by them In their business, and
a lot of copper wire. A good chance for ranchers
and farmers to get a cheap mare or hor-e at your
own price. Don't forget to attend this sale.
cell—All work for a two story frame building In
N line of Twenty-fourth street. 280 W of Doug
lass, W 25:10 l.y N 114; $2.SSO.
The Insurance exchange with the Dow Pump and
Diesel Engine company. Otis Elevator company
and J. E. O'Mara —Elevator pump, elevators and
pipe connections for buildings at SE corner of
California and streetß and SW comer
of California and LeidesdorfY streets; $47,447.
Nat Raphael with John G. Sutton company—
Automatic sprinkler for a three atory concrete
building at S corner of South park and Second
atreet; $6,014.
The American Fish and Oyster company with
P F. Speidel—Alterations on building in N linn
of Clay street, 137:6 E of Montgomery, B 45:10
by N 122; $1,025.
Most of the political jobs seem to re
quire men who haven't sense enough to
make good in a business of their own.
Leava (Third and Townsend Streets) Alriaa
(Subject to change without notice)
t 6.05 a Valencia Street, Ocean View, Colma,
Cemeteries, Baden, San Brune t 8.350
8.45 a South San Francisco, San Jose, Morgan
hiil, Gilroy, Sargent, Pajaro, Wateon
ville. Santa Crut B.ooa
t 0.46 a Los Altos, Monta Vista, Loe Gatoe-. J 8.45 a
7.00t Coaster—San Jose, Morganl-l. Gilroy,
Pajaro, Castroville, Salinas, Soledad,
King City, Paao Rcbles Hot Springs,
San Luia Obispo, Surf (Lompoc*,
Santa Barbara, Ventura, o*_ard,
Los Angeles 10.30e
7.00» Hollister, Tree pinoe—Watsonville.
Santa Crui—Del Monte. Mooter ,
Parific Grove 10.30 p
t 7.05 a South San Francisco, Palo Alto, Saa
Joee. Way Stations 7.*50»
t 7.05 a Los Altos, Monta Vista, Los Gatos. . § 3.25p
B.ooa Shore Line Limited—Paso Robles Hot
Sprinn, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles. 9.50»
8.05 a Mayfield, Los Akos, Los Gatoa, Wright,
Glenwood (Boulder Creek). Santa
Crus, Watsonville, Caatroville, Del
Monte, Monterey, Pacific Qrove 9.05»
9.00 a San Jose, Morganhiil. Gilroy. Sargent,
Salinas, Soledad, San Miguel, Paao
Robles Hot Springs, San Luis Obispo 4.0 C»
S.OOa Hollister, Tres Pinos—Watsonville,
Santa Crus—Del Monte, Monterey.
FacificGrove **00>
10.40t So th San Francisco, Burlingame, San
Mateo, Palo Alto, Mayfield, Loe Al- , (2 30 p
toe, Loa Gatoa. j 7^2op
11.30 a Valencia Street, Ocean View, Colma,
Cemeteries. Baden, San Bruno I -55p
11.40 a South San Francisco, Saa Joae t 8.20 a
1.20 a Saturdays oaly—San Mateo, Red
wood, Mayfield, Mountain View,
Saniose. JIIOOp
1.20 a Saturdays only—Los Altos, Moota
Vista, Los Gatoa §3.25p
2.00 a Del Monte Express—San Jose, Mor
ganhiil, Gilroy, Sargent, Watsonville,
Santa Cruz. Del Monte, Monterey. „„
Pacific Grove, (Salinas) IZ-SOn
2.05 a Easton, San Mateo, Palo Alto, San
Jose B^ol
t 2.10 a South San Francisco, Redwood, Santa
Clara, West San Jose. Loa Gatoe,
Wright, Felton, (Boulder Creek),
Santa Crus 111-30$
3.00 a South San Franciace. San Mateo, San
Jose. Morganhiil, Gilroy, Tree Rjjoj.
Salinas 10.10*
3.00p WatsonviUe, Santa Crus. Castroville.
Del Monte, Monterey, Pacific Grova 10,10 a
3.25 a Burlingame, San Mateo, Redwood,
Palo Alto, Mayfield, Los AJ'.oj, Los ..
Gatos 8.45 a
f 3.25 a Wright, Boulder Creek, Santa Crus.. J11.300
4.00p Sunset Express—Tucson. Deming. El
Paso, Houston, New Orleans, Chi
cago 8.150
4.00 a Washington Sunset Route—Washing
ton, D.C. New York and East 8.15 a
4,00* Salinas, Paso Robles Hot Spring**,
San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara,
Ventura and Los Angeles 9.! 5a
4.00p Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago 9.15 a
4.20 a South San Francisco, San Jose t 7.25 a
f 4.55p Santa Crux Litoited—Mayfield, Loa
Altos, Los Gatos, Felton, (Boulder
Creek), Santa Crux t 8.450
t 5.05p Burlingame. San Mateo, Redwood.
Palo Alto, Mayfieid. Santa Clara.
g. San Joee t 8.30*
t 520> Redwood. Atherton. Menlo Park,
Palo Alto, Mayfield, Mountain View,
Bunny vale, San Jose.... t 9.00 a
t 5.20 a Los Altos. Moata Vista. Los Gatoa.. .t 8.40 a
t 5.25 a Easton, Redwood, Mountain View,
San Joee 9.400
t 5.30p Loop—Valencia Street, Ocean View,
Cemeteries, South San Francisco,
23d Street, 3d and Townsend f 8.40 a
5.40b San Bruno, San Mateo, Redwood,
Palo Alto. Santa Gars, San Jose... 7.45 a
t 6.40 a Mayfield, Loe Altos. Loe Gatos t 8.40 a
6.00 a Tuesdays—Sunset Limited de Luxe,
New Orleans and East. Arrive Bua
dayi 11-OOt
t B.oop Millbrae, San Mateo. Redwood. May
field, Los Altos, Los Ga»« t B.oot
t 8.05 a 23d Street, Visitation, South Sa-
Francisco, Valencia Street .9 7.16p
6.30*) South San Francisco, San Joae 5.45b
B.oop The Lark—Santa Barbara, Los Ang-es 9.45 a
8.1 Op San Jose and Way Stations 7.30g
IO.OOp Los Angeles Passenger—Morganhiil,
Salinas. Paso Robles Hot Springs,
San Luia Obispo. Santa Barbara and
Los Angeles. 8.25 a
10.06p South San Francisco, San Jose I! .55?
I 1.45p South San Francisco, Palo Alto, San
Joae 7.35 a
Vl* Oakland Pier
To Oakland, ISth St.. and Berkeley via Shattuck Ay».
and Ellsworth St Lines.—Daily—From 6.00 a. nu, and
every twenty minutes until 8.20 p. m„ inclusive; then
9-00,,11.40 p.m.. 12.20 and 1.30 am.
Additional boats Saturdays and Sundays only, 8.40
p. m., 9.20. 10.00. 10.40 and 11.20 p. m.
Ta Berkeley via California St. and West Berkeley. Albany
via Ninth St. Lines—Daily—From *6.00 a. m., t6.20,
•6.40, "17.00 a. m. and every tweatv minutes until 8.20
p. m. inclusive: then,,11.40 p.m..
12.20 and 1.20 a. m. Additional boats Saturdays and
Sundays only. 8.40 p. m., 9.20, 10.00, 10.40 and 11.20
Ta Oakland. Wuhlngten-Oreadwiy. East Oakland.
Fruitvale and Melrose via Seventh St.—Daily—From
6.00 a. m., then even- twenty minutes until 8.20 p. m,
inclusive; then 9.00." 9.40, 10.20, 11.00. 11.40 p. m.,
12.20 and 1.20 a. m. Additional boats Saturdays and
Sundayeonly, 8.40 p. m.. 9JJO. 10.00, 10.40 and 11.20
p. n_
Horseshoe to Oakland. Waihingion-Broadwiy, Fruitvale.
Alameda. North Side—Daily—From 6.00 a. m.. t6_o.
6.40, 7.00. 7.20. 7.40, 8.00. 8.40 and forty minutes past '
the hour until 140 p. m.; then 4.00. 4.40, 5.00, 5.20.
5.40, 6.00. 6.20. 640, 7.00, 7.40. 8.20. 0.00, 9.40, 10.20.
11.00, 11.40 p. m.. 12.20 and 1.20 a. m.
To Vltorit Steps. Pullman, Richmond (Steam Service)— '
te.4o and 7.40 a. m.. 3.20 p. m., 4.20. 5.20, 6JO p. a-
T» Stonehwtt (Stsam Sarvlaa)—l6.oo. t6.40. t".20.
J9.00, JlO.OO a. m.. J1.20 p. m- J2.00, 13.00, t3.20.
'4.00. »S.OO, *5.40 and t6.20 p. m. ,
Via Alameda Pier
To Oakland. 14th and Franklin Sts.—
6.15. 8.45 a. m. and then 15 and 45 minutes neat the
hour until 7.45 p. m.; then 8.30. 9.15, 10.00, 10.45.
II JO p. a. and 12.15 a. m.
To Alameda. North and South Side—
6.15. 6.46 a. m. and then lo and 45 minutes past the
hour until 7.45 p. m.; then 8.30. 9.15. iO.OO. 10.45,
11.30 p. m. and 12.15 a. m.
From San Francisco. South End of Ferry Building. for
Broadway Wharf, Oakland— \\ eek days 6.00 a. m. and
every half hour until 9.00 p. m., inclusive. Sundays
and holidays 6.00 a. m. aud every half hour until
11.00 p. m., inclusive. Boats leave Broadway Wh »rf--
Week days 3.15 a. m. and every half hour until 8.45
p. m. inclusive. Sundays aDd holidays. 6.15 a. m.
and every half honr until 10-45 p. m.. inclusive.
a for Morning. 'Daily. p for Afternoon.
tSunday excepted. JSunday only. §Sat uiday o_y.
a Monday.
Aaante collect baggage and checks on trains or both al
Southern Pacific Company, and deliver baggage to resi
dence. They arc wthorued to cheek btglW direst fro*

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