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few Pens. Pet 471^
Itfrtrata Midway a",
'.dgjimated S2 75
1« Union D 5.00
-■ "• 94.7.-. '
.<»>•» National Pacific Q&%
"" V" ■•■•,■ " :;7 s
20 Aaaodated Oil 4".(«>
Afternoon session
■t;,.nal Padflc ai%
-" I , " M.IBM
10 l»d 04.» X«
.'»■ m
000 California Midway .. ,uu
70 Amalgamated 53.23
Grain Market
Wheat and Other Gralnit
When!—A :-iiarp decline in cash and specula
live prices in Otiicapo yesterday had a tewlency
ro enhance the eMineaa that _«_ dominated the
local spot market for some time. There was no
.' decline in prima here, however.
rnHforuia white Austraflsn. nominal; Cali
fornia club, $1.57% QI.QQ per ctl: northern club.
Sl.s7*__:l.eO: Turkey rod, $1.«7'~&1.7_i a : Uus
*ian n?d, $l..V>«gi.!s7>i; forty-fold, ' $I.GO _
1.62 1 -;.; Mucstem, $1.t;7»...'&J1.72 , j.
No quotStiOßS.
Barley—The. l.ical market for futures sepni*
unable to ppt out of tlir rut it hs* been occupy,
ing for some time, i>!>*iu«-ss in the pit txMtig of
■ smell mid character from day *to
day. There was n<>t a sale of either opti"n re
corded yesterday, but the lack of rain continue*!
Impart a firm t'>ne to tbe market and trader*
wwe at no time more than 2c apart in their
view* as to price*. The spot market had a
Mcudy tone, witli thp steadiness especially
noticeable, in choice feed.
Choice feed. $1.37 1 a per <tl; No. 1 do, $1.82tt
(31.3.-.; off tirade. $I._7V-_1.30: northern feed.
$1.25<_1.30; shipping and brewing, $1.37 %Q
1.4_' ■■; chevalier, num'nnl.
11 a. m. Session
\o trading. May closed at $1.30»i bid, $1.32i 4
-ked, and December at lI.SOVa bid, $1.32'j
W -ked.
2 p. m. Session.
Nr> trading. May was quoted at $1.30>\ bid.
tM3\i asked, and December at $1.30% bid,
$I.3_£ asked.
Oats—Red. $1.r>032 per otl; black, nominal;
sp->t white feed, $1.40&.1.5.V
Com —Eastern v.'ll»w. carload lots. ?1.
1.31; do white. 51.32641.33; Egyptian white,
*J.70©1.W; Kaffir, $1.60,
Rye—ls offering at [email protected] per ctl.
Foreign Futures
Wheat— Mar-h May .Inly
Opening T.% 7 2 T s 7 2%
Cfoetng 7 4Ti 7 2% 7 2%
■Wheat— Feb. M">t-A»i2.
'Teniae $143«N, fl-42"*
Cloeing 1.-nej 1.42%
!" i ir. per barrel— K'-li. Mar.-Aug.
Opening $6.44 $G. 37
0.17 6.Gβ '
Future Grain and Provinloen
CHICAGO, Feb. ].•;.—Cuts in the price of flour
■ftp<j as the last straw today in breaking the
com of wheat. The emin. though steady at the
ingfil from %61H C •''• wn - lorn finished
lH r <!il%c off, oats cheaper %@%C and prowWMI
less expensive by 150?4"Vie.
Evidence of ihe overloaded condition of the
flour trade formed tbp principal i-suse of a drop
of 4 ! .r in Xo. 2 rod wheat at Toledo. For a similar
reefcou, cash wheat elsewhere, too. lieadetl down
although not to such a decided extent.
The mills were Ks'd to have been turning out
flour at practically their full capacity, bi:t had
■ ■ Hntl Imyi-rs !-.,* late. Offerings 30@50e
a barrel under public quotations, it was declared.
W Uμ rule.
Wheat here sagped from the start and closed
v the lowest figure of the day. Beneficial
brouffeont India aud big shipments from
with mild we*ther and liberal pri
liiHis in the United States all had en
in turning sentiment to the bear side.
thetanding onerous export business at
the ii. con turned weak, chiefly because
\rgenrine (Top estimates were
. aii' , . renewed etteutixn was given to the
shortage <-f cattle and hogs. Sellers Of
itH w«>re unusually aggressive. There was a
that farm ctwini March 1 would make
irk* Me. eliowtng against the bulls.
Prortotons suffered a eharp setback in eonse
nneiice of large pales of long*. Heavy holding*
f v-rk. !«rd and ribs tumbled simultaneously
nto the pit and found no adequate support.
CHICAGO, Feb. 13.—1C. F. Button & Co.'s
ir«' m
Wheat — Popular «enMment bas been very
L:ive dpclined materially and
there b;js been some fairly important selling both
for long and short account. Latter sales have
been made with comparative caution, recent
cxi»eriences having bpen too vivid and r.npless
ant. One of the prominent features of the situ
ation today was the weakness ut cash wheat in
all <]irpi-ti>->ns. TUN weakness has been helped
along by the cuts in spring wheat flour prices
and the evidences of an overloading of the flour
market! In general. This weakness in flour.
which spring: wheat millers hare been most
petive in cutting, has had ite effect on red win
ter wheat markets. Toledo cash and May have
declined 4%C today, no support appearing. The
decline in wheat has been larger than, ii-itnt on
the wpok days, the strongest interests that have
heretofore furnished a supporting arm evidently
h"ing indispoM-d for thp moment at least. Min
neapolis wheat stocks increased 200.000 bushels
in five days, ajrainst a decrease <>f 120.000 a
year ago. Southwest receipts larger than last
year. Export clearances light at 504.00u hush
r!s. of which a liberal portion is bonded wheat,
i a*h eale* reported here .15,000 bushels. Bene
ficial rains have fallen In India. Argentine
shipments »re estimated at 5.000.000 bushels,
ajrainst 1.024,000 last year.
Corn—The corn market has again been lower
and heavy in tone. There has been much un
loading by longs, much selling both of long aud
sliort com, influenced by the recent rains in
Arcentina and a, private report estimating the
ra portable surplus at 240.000,000 bushel*, against
about 204,000.000 thus far exported from last
crop eince May 1. Cash corn has been very woak
in all directions, weaker elsewhere than here in
'is.ces, but there have been reports to
day of large export Kales. Boston reports export
sales of 50 loads. Local shipping sales ate re
ported to have totaled 440.000 bushels. Export
clearance! for two days were large at 1,200,000
Oats—Oats have followed the other grains to a
lower level. There has been free spiling both
for long and nhort account. Also more aggree-
Hveaesg on tbe (selling side today than hn» l>pen
seen for pome time. Ca«h demand has bepn fair
»t a decline of about 'ie from TuesdayV sh>s.
t sen stiles reported were 355.000 bushels.
Provisions—Provisions have Buffered severely
fr«m large sales by long*. Heavy holdings of
the entire list have been sacrificed during the
tiornlnj;. Support came from the shorts and a
few dpw Investors.
( hlrngn Cmnh Grain
• HICAGO, Feb. 13. —Cat-h quotations ranged as
Com—No. 2, 50c: No. 2 white, ole; No. 2 yel
low, 50c; No. 3, 47%@4»%e; No. 3 white, 45~4
(fj.vv , ; So. •■; yellow, HH9#Kej No. 4. 4."»*
Due February, 1928
jointly with LEE HIGGINSON , & CO. of New York, Boston
and Chicago, a large block of the above issue.
We strongly recommend these bonds for conservative In
A strong sinking fund provides for $500,000 per annum, be
ginning May 1, 1914. The net earnings during the year 1312
were nine times the interest charges. The net quick assets
of the Company are nearly equal the outstanding debt.
The plant, with the patents and good will, figure at $81,000,
-000. No mortgage can be placed on the property as long aa
debenture bonds are outstanding. Application will be mad*
immediately to list on the New York Stock Exchange.
ABOUT 5.25%
Orders may be telegraphed at our expense.
byrne & McDonnell
.Member* New York Stock Exchange
471,4 c: No. 4 white, 40(J£48=- 4 c; No. 4 yellow, 45
Rye—No. 2. *m<,«/64e.
Barley— 4*oi7lc
Timothy- -s:ioi I.
Clover—Jl2(o 2ii.
>>\t York ftraln Market
NEW YORK. Feb. 13. — Flour — Quiet and
barely fteady.
Wheat —Spot weak: N-.. 2 red. $10S elevator
and $I.OBU f. o. b. afloat, nominal; N<>. 1 nortli
ern Dnlutb, W 1 ■■ f i>. b. ufloat. Futures were
weak under Hqaldetioo ;>n>niitted by lower cables,
favorable crop advice* and tin , weakness in Wall
street, doeisc 'sfriic vet lower. May. 98Vif<J(
fW» l-l«c. closed nt 88% c; July, closed 97% c; Sep
temlwr. closed at W\%c.
Bunded wheat—May rioted at bid; July,
9<rV bid.
Xortbwcut Wheat
SEATTLE. F<-[. i:{.--Wh»Ht—Blnestem. O.V;
forty fold. SCc; iinb. B.V4<-: flfp, red Rno
si:tn. 5.ii.,,1-. Yesterday's car reieiptH—Wheat .".tf.
oats 1. barley - J. corn I, Imy 8. flour 11.
TACOMA. ' Ft-b 13.—Wheat—Bluestem. »4c:
forty-fold, n2<fx»4c; club. re<l Russian.
81&82 c. i hi recelpte—Wbea* K< barley 1, corn
1. rye 1, ha/ 6.
PORTLAND. Feb. 13. -Wheat—Track pricef:
Club. 84QS5C; bluestem. Oiott.V; forty-fold. 86c;
re.l Russian. X.V; vnlley, B<V'. Car receipts —
Wheat 24, fl'jur 0. oats 1.
Minneapolis Grain Market
MINNEAPOLIS Minn.. Feb. ix. Wheat—May.
$<;'*< ■: July, BS%e: September. 88%_88%r:
cash—Xo. 1 hard. MJ 7 s< : N<>. 1 northern. 83%fl
So. 1 northern, 83$i«J84%e; Hβ. - hard
M. itana. ; «c-: No. ;: wheat; M : vi>>-V\
Cora—No. 3 vllow, 44^4J%c.
Oat--No. :! white, .'tl r<; :jl ! 2 c.
Rye -No. 2. 56Vfev38%c.
Flour— First patents, $4.30 ft I.<>•">: *rcnnd pat
ents. M-15434.50: first clears, |3.16#3.40; second
clears, $2.30_J2.00.
Barley—44 _:>Se.
Dnluth Llneeetf
DI'M'TH. Minn.. Feb. V\. — Linseed — $1.05;
May. 11.3? bid; July, $l.rißHi bid.
Local Markets
Receipt* of Produce February 12-13
Flour, qr nks... .10.222; Alfalfa seed. sks. in
Wheat, ctU SOOiMealfalfa, ska .. S<V>
Barley, ctls 5..*>00 : leather, rolls ... 2.V»
Oats, ctle 1,175 Tallow, ctls 35
Bean?, sks I.BBT Hides, No .".40
Corn, Ctls 1,500 Pelts, No 2.170
Bran, sks 60:UniP. bbls 390
Middling*, sks .. GtiO'Siigar. ctls 20.100
Potatoes, sks ... 8,0861 WU». gsls 95,400
Onion? (Iks 31f> Brftudy, gal* .... <>.sfiO
Hay. tOTis 734' Raisins. bxa ".000
Straw, tons .... ."jOranges. bxe ..,.. 1.000
Hops, bales 1731 Apple*, bxs 1, , H0
Wool, ck« 2e ! Paper, Mis I.»W
Feed nisal. s ki«.. 2«v»;Lumber. M ft 100
Rolled oats, sks. 20f) Coal, tons 07<)
Shorts, sks 21'> C.iifskins. bdls . . SO
Mnlf. sk» i>oo Rice, bags 500
Alfalfa meal, sks fiOO'Livestock, No ... 100
Feed, sks 1.8J6
Flour, qr sks 2,o<X> Bran, sks 3.333
Wheat, ctls 36.01>0;
Hams (prr lh) —California 11. IT. brand. 19c:
M & r, brnnd. 2tic: picnics. 12M>o; Primrose,
2l'c- Bestern Star. 20t:.e; skinned, 21c: Monarch.
IT 1 ., fel Sc: piciics, fSc
Bacon—Primrose. 4 to 0 Ids, 29c; Eastern Star,
4 to i 5 ItM We <"> to 8 lhe 2.V. S to 10 lbs 24c, 10
to 12 n»s 23e; Arrow. 8 to 10 lbs SUe, 10 to 12
lbs 22"-ic; medium bacon. ISV-c; light medium,
ISLr; light dry salted bacon. 8 to lo lbs 21c. 10
to 12 lbs 20n s\igar cured, (i to I lbs. '/3c.
California Bacon—M. & L. brand. 4 to 8 lbs
26M.C. 8 to 10 lHs 23»4c: H. 11. brand, 4 to 8 lbs
Zi l ~jr. 8 to 10 lbs 22% C
Cottolene—Half bl»ls. lOo: 1 tierce. 3OS4c; 2
tiprces. 10% c: 5 tiercee. lOUc per lb; Califene.
10',.• for 1 tierce. 1O%«- for 2 tierces, 1014 c for
6 tferees and 10% c for half bbls and tubs; eases,
Eastern I-ard and Oils. Western Meat brand—
Lard, tierces 13»:.e: 50s (per case). $6.SS; 108,
os. $8.«: i; 3s, $8.70; compound lard,
tierces 9/.c; (per case). $4.58; 10«, $6.15:
os. $<>.23: "3s, $»5.30; yellow cooking oil. 56c per
gallon; white cooking oil, SSo per gallon; salad
oil. 83c per gallon.
California Pure Lard. M. & L. brand—Tierces.
13c; cans. 1 to a ease. 16.03: 4 to a case. $10.70;
large tins. 6 to a case, $8.2-": medium, 12 to a
5*.33; small. 20 to a case, SB.4C.
California Compound Lard. H. H. brand —Tierce
0c; cans, 1 to a case $4.83: 4 to a case,
$7.50; tins. 0 to a ease. $5.85; 12s, $5.93 per
case; 20s $6 per case: M. & L. ealad oil. tierce
imsis tac: M. & L. cooking oil, 60c for white and
">*<■ for yellow; Biseola. titrces buckets
UT£c. half bbls 11 %c. cases $7.50.
Bf. f .f —Extra family, family aud mess beef, $-4
per bbl.
Pork—Extra prime in barrels. $21: pig pork,
$26; pigs' feet. $6.90 for half bbls. $2.25 for 25
11> kens and $1.50 for kits.
Meat Market
Slaughterers , ratee to dealers and butchers are
Beef—UQllVfce per lb for steers, lOViQllc
for cows and heifers.
Veal—ll4i 12c- for large and 12@13c for
Mutton—Wrthers, W(gloY«c\ ewes. 9@9VjC-
L»mbs—l2V3@l3c per lb.
Dressed Pork <per Ih>—lo® 11c. *
The following quotations are for good, sound
livestock, delivered In San Francisco, gross
No. I steer*, over 950 lbs P« ' h - « n "
oVr 050 lbs e%Q?e; se<-oad quality, all weigbts,
Z,-,',iik-: thin, undesirable steers. A\^(q,T>c.
No 1 cows and heifers, second qnal
ity, «(iie5 a 4c; commou to thin, undesirable
cows 4Q4%£-
Peiiirable "bull« und stags, 3M;@4Vic; half fat
or thin bulls, 2'0,3c. .
r«ives—Lightweight, per lb, 7@7V4c : medium,
<<•: heavy. s@e<'.
Sheep—Desirable wethers, unshorn. 5V4@5%c;
ewes. 4V.rtj4* 4 c: shorn sheop, ijc to %c less.
Yearling"lambs. M,fq;ti\v per lb.
Hogs—Hard grain fed, weighing 100 to 150
lbs, 7'ic: 150 to 250 lbs. 7%@7Vic; 250 lbs and
up, G*i<Q.~f.
Wholesale Fifth Market
The market was stpady to firm yesterday, with
herrings aud codfish quoted higher. Smelts were
offwriug again.
Prices <per ]b)— Salmon. l 2 -.<", spring salmon,
15c; hnlibut. 15e; chicken halibut. I<>c; codfish.
S<-; red rock. JOe; Mack rock. —; yellow tail,
—: barracuda, lie; amd dab*, 8c: Hiles, 7c;
kingOsh, 7c; carp. sc; smellf. 12\2c; silver
smelts, 10c; herrings. ."<■; tomoook, 10c; striped
15c; percii. —; mackerel, —:' white bait,
—; shad, 8c; pike, —; catfish, crawfish,
The above quotations represent f. o. b. prices
for cleaned fish, boxed and iced.
Butter, C'liee»e ned GIKK*
As foreshadowed in the l«»-t report, prices for
egga coutiniiPd to settle down toward a storage
basis yesterday, enormous receipts bringing about
another sud not unexpected break in the market.
The total deliveries tat two <lay« were nearly
6.000 caees, and with stocks accumulating in all
quarters traders were on. the tilling »ide of the
market as a rule aud large receivers were
obliged to take the. Initiative, in the matter of
putting prices down. On the exchange extras
were freely offered at 18c. and after several
falee were made at that figure the price steadied
and went up half a cent. The decline was* "-'Vie
in extras. 2c in firsts at -We in selected pullet*.
Yesterday's prices were the lowest quoted for a
number of yearß. and the fact that no one wa»
taking any ?tep« to commence storing made it
apparent that speculators were figuring ou an
unusually low storage hauls for this year.
There were unmistakable signs of accumula
tion around the butter bouse* and this situation
wan reflected on tbe exchange, where there wei
another sharp little decline in prices. Extras
and firsts declined to the same extent as on
Tuesday, the former losing lM>c and the latter
Ic. The situation in butter was in many re
spects similar to that in es?s, all receivers being
weak in their views and anxious to keep stocks
as closely cleaned up as possible. In the cheese
department new California fiat firsts were lc
higher, while fancy Youug Araerieag declined
half a cent.
Sales on the exchange were as follows:
ButtPr—2o cases of extras at 33c and 10
cases of firsts at "lc a pound.
Ejirgs—L3l cases of extras at ISr, 30 at W4c
and 20 cases of selected pullets at Iβ a
Cheese—23 new California flat firsts at 15c a
Receipts for two day* were oe.sW> potmdß of
butter. tio.OOO pounds of cheese and r>.670 cases
~r e 2Sf .
The following are the official quotations estab
lished by sales, bids nnd offers on the floor of the
Pniry exchange. Priors in the street, while gov
erned by the e.xchenge quotations, generally range
from !\4« to 2'*.e high* r, owing to the various
eharces to be ridded:
"1 I 1 «J *1 «! I "(
(β-s i S ft *
c" o , p" c , cr g-
ei -i ce e c to
Kxtras 8T<- Lift: ::<;%ci3fic irUVacj.'Mlc
Firsts \S4k ]94e "4c |38e |:!2c |SlC
The arerage quotation for extra butter for the
weok ended Saturday, February 8, was oG%c per
Cheese—Fancy California flats, per lb,
steady; do firsts, tfie, steady; do seconds, 12Uc,
firm; fam y Toang America*, 17c. steady; do
lirsts. l«c, steady: Oregon flats. 17c steady; do
Vonng Americas, lsc: firm; New York fancy. 20
£20%e, steady: Wisconsin fancy. steady.
Eggs—California fresh, per dozen, cases ii
I* <T> -"C (» O
W r ? V ? P ,
a -» oc 01- w
Bxtna '24i- ;2.'ii,f ; 24<' |24f |21c lSUe
KirstJi jt3c 23c Sfc I'ife jlSo
Sfl'tod pullets ! 2:»<- i2Sc 33c 38e i20c 'l6»»'-c
lac Market in Nearby Counties
(Special Pispatch to The Call)
I'ETAU'MA. Ffb. 13.—After receipt of trans
{ actions of the San Frtincisco Dairy and Kgg ex
j (,'hanjre today loi-al dealers in eggs paid 17c for
first trade quality. The delivery wae fair, tne
warmer wcatiier liavlng a tendency to increase
production. Grass is getting plentiful for feed
SANTA ROSA. l>b. IP,.—Following a holiday
on the San Frmicis< o Pairy Produce and Egg ex
change I'x-hI dealets' qu.ita'tions. on rvfjpt of ad-
Ttrei sliowtiig the morning transactiwiis of that
j body, fell off 2'£e per dor.en. making the lowest
price paid for eggs in Santa Hosa for many
years, even at the height of the packing season, !
when the production is many times what it is at .
I ; resent. Dealers totes paid HSV.-C per dosfn for
first grade e;rgs and 14'jc per dozen for second
tea , pullet grade eggs delivered Tuesday. TVlth
; the abundance of green feed coming on and pleas-
I ant weather, the production is steadily incjeas
j ing. ulthough feed prices remain high.
SANTA CRVZ. Feb. 13.—Buyers paid 17c for
j eggs of extra grades. 1 %« lower thau Ran Fran
: dseo quotations. Firsts and pullets continue to
J show no choice, both grades bringing 15c. Feed
is high, but the supply is stroDger than for sev
eral mouths.
Portland Butter Market
Portland, Feb. 13.—Butter— City and country
creamery extras, solid pack, 36c.
Potatoes, Ouioun anil Vegetables
Condition* in the market for miscellaneous vege
tables remained about the same yesterday as on
tin- two preceding days, celery and lettuce being
abundant and rather weak a* to prices, while
everything else was in limited supply. Forced
growth asparagus soli at 80£4Se a pound and a
box of natural "grasH" brought 750. Florida
string beans sold at 35c «nd eggplant from the
same state at 30c a pound. Bay rhubarb sold at
a lower and wider range, owing to increased
supplies and the competition of other kinds.
Peas from the south were mostly of poor qual
ity, but the best selection; continued to com
mand 25c a pound. The potato market was an
dull as ft fi-as possible for it to be under any
circumstances, aod owing to the absolute lack of
outside business prices vs pro weak and unsus
tained. with the limited local trade insufficient
t<) keep stocks evPn partly cleaned up. Onions
were steady for sound stock at tlie recently re
vised quotations.
Potatoes (per ctn—River Burbnnks. 35 @50c;
Salinas do, f1Q1.25; Oregon do, 60cS$l; sweet
potatoes. $1.90@2.
Onions (per ctl) —Yellow, oOCd.Qoc; replcked,
Vegetables—Oreen peas, 15<g2~c per lb: Mexi
can tomatoes. $1.50<&.1.«.i per box. cucumbers.
[email protected] per bos;" parlio WtQ&fyt per sb;
CHbbage. 4Org.iOc per ctl: cauliflower. 30(540c pt
dozen; greet) pepper«. 1.1(g20c per lb: carrots, 50c
per sack; celery. p.>r crate; lettuce. $lfte
1.70 per crate for southern; sprouts. G<sJ7o. pet
lb; artichokes. 73e<?t51.25 per dozen: muslirooms,
-oc<asl per bos- rhubarb, siS7c per lb; do bay.
Deciduous and CltriHi Fmitn
While some handlers reported a little impror*
ment in th* demand for <mnpes an<l apples here
and there alonp the street. lwsine.«< vis not of
sufficient ToluniP to bring about any noficeable
diminution In Hip stocks of those fruit* at the
Rtoree and the market on the whole remained
weak. Stocks of narels wer* 1 inerea*»d lyr the
arrival of three cars over nigLt. Lemons w*re in
ample supply, ami nlthoucb Home bmullera
thought $7 ■ box was too Uißh n price for fancy
fruit, certain brands were bringing that figure.
In fart, a car that fall* dne today cost the con
signees $c.25 a bos f. o. b. snipping point.
Florida grapefruit was .">oe a box lower, while
prices for the local article were unchanged.
Apples (per Im>xi — Fancy 4 tier reds. 75--<gsl.
wltU pome selected bringing t1.16Q1.25; 4 tier
n-d |<earmain.«, 40Q3fe: imllflower. O.V@sl for
3% and 4 tier anil enrfrT.'c for 4'i tier; white
winter pearmaioß. Newtown pippins,
[email protected] for 3U tier. k.V<S>si for 4 tier, and
50<?j,e.1c for 4>a tier; common to choice fruit,
flltms Fruit fper box)—Xarel orenzes. $2.75@
3 for fancy. $24(2.60 ftr choice; frosted onng**.
50cQfl; tangerines, standard boxes, |2@2Jso
for ciioice and Si (it 1. :>r, for common: need*
less grapefruit, $1.5038.00; Florida do, [email protected]:
lemons, $."fa~ for choice and fancy, and $:i.7>oca>
|- 1 for standard: frosted lemons,
lemonettes, $4J,o(a,v>; Mexican limes nominal.
Tropical Fmlts—Banana*. MPH« per ib for ,
Mexican; $Ifgl.oO per bunch for Hawaiian and
3 ] *j<&4c per Ib for Outral American; pine
apples, f2@3 per dozen.
Chicago Fruit Market
CHICAGO, Feb. 13.—Apples are steady; cold
weather the last few days bos checked bnel
ner-s. .Ixwal demand for barrel stock reported
as fairly good. For boxes the demand is tame:
they nre plentiful. Barrel stock also in good
nupply. There is no shortnge of stock. In
home cases prices for barrel apiiios hare mi- i
proved slightly of late.
Wwiers box apples—Prices quoted are for
sales In a small way. Large lots could not be
moved at these figures.
Delicious outside for a fen* fine extra large,
$].Kfl«/3; Jonathan. $1 (ft 1. IV,; Grimes golden,
J outside fancy. Siejl.'O; vinesaps. 91.25r41.75;
spftzenberg. [email protected]; northwest greening*.
J ?Url.2.'i: rose liesiities, $!.23<ft "l.r»0; some fancy
; large, $1.7. r K?j2; stamen winesaps, J1.25f1i1.50:
nrUto black," H. 2591.50; bellflower J1.2.'«?
$1.50: wageners, 75cf<t$l; American reds, 75c
(f $1.60.
I^emons— lmported quoted 8 trifle easier. They
nr« in fair supply. Californias unchanged: no"t
many offered. All are quiet. Extra fancy.
*7: California fancy, $6.50; extra choice, $6;
Messlnas, $5.7-".
Oranges—Californias, free from frost, were
qnoted a shade better. Offerings smalfSstock
affected by frost rules easy. Floridas are com
ing right along and are more or less soft,
showing decay. Demand moderate for sound
and of desirable size. All ordinary and large
fruit is slow, Tangerine** are quiet. They ar*
not nice. Grape fruit continue* plentiful and
rules easy, especially the less attractire kinds.
Boses, California navals. R4 count, $1.73; SO
count, $2ft(2.50: Oβ count. $3(83.25; 126 to 200
count, $3: freeted. $1.50<ft3.50; Florida, sound
haeie, bright, desirable sires, |2.2?>@2.50: In
dian rivers, outside fancy. $2.7r>(fT:J: russets,
sound basis, desirable sizes, [email protected].; large
fruit. SO to ftf>. russet or bright. $1..V)i51.75:
j Tangerines. Florida straps, sound, depending on
' size. f1.50f22.50; grapefruit. Florida, per box,
! depending ou size and quality. [email protected].
I Dried Fruit. Ratolna, \ut* and Honey
Prunes—Bulk basis, 2-% c per Ib; 00s are i4e,
40s to 00s 1-T«c and 30s 3Vic higher.
Otiier fruits, 1912 crop:
Stand- Extra
50 Ib boxes— ord Choice Choice Fancy
ETaporated apples fii,;c 5%c 6c
! Apricots 9Vic
Peachee 8c SVic 5%« 6%c
Pears SM:C 6%c 9%c
Nectarines slie 6c 6%c
Bateins —At eweatbox, 2Hc per Ib to growers;
loose niuwetel. .JVic. 4c and 414 c for 2, 3 and 4
crown. respectiTely; 2. 3 and 4 crown layers, 05c,
$1 and $1.23. respectively: 5 crown Debem, clne
tex*. $1.70; 8 crown imperial*. $2.20; seeded. 1
Ib boxes, Otyc for fancy and 4c for choice, with
tbe nsnal differential for 12 ox boxes; seedless
snltanas, 60s, 4%c; do Thompson, Cc for an
bleached and s%@(t%c for bleached.
Nats (J6bblng prices to the trade)—ltalian
chestnuts. 7g»c; 17@18c; filberts. 13®
15c; peanuts, 506 c; piaenuta, I2ffijl4e.
New crop: Aimeada—Nonpareils, 16@ie«Xe; I
X L. ISfeiee; Ne Plue Ultra. Drakes
13% c; Languedocs, walnuts, t. o. b. ship
ping points. No. 1 softabell. i«c; do hardshell,
No; 2 bard and eoft shell. lOVic; budded.
Honey—Fancy water white comb. 15^@16c;
dark to amber. ISUQUUc'- rlver co ? b . ,U®
whit* extracted, per lb; lirbt
amber 7%@Bc; amber, 6t_@7c; lower grades,
s(g«V.c per lb
Beeswax—27>4_3oc per lb for light and 23®
26c for dark.
Poultry and Game
Arrivals of live poaltry from stat * "hipping
points were moderate yesterday, and as the
three cars of eastern stock received before the
holiday were about cleaned up the market had a
steady to firm tone, with prices for all descrip
tions easily maintained. Receipts of dressed
turkeys increased to 50 cases, but prices showed
uo change. ~
Poultry (per dozen)— Hens. $4<§s for small.
$."[email protected] for lante and $9<§lo for extra;
younir roosters. [email protected]; do "tra. $9@10;
old roosters $4.50@5; fryers. $6.. >0@ 8; broilers,
$.->< a« for large and $3.."V0rt?4.50 for small; ducks,
$5(5;7 for old and $S<y>lo for young; geese,
kSs per pair; pigeons, squabs.
$2.50(93.60; dressed turkeys. 20@24c per lb;
live. lS(g!l9c; Belgian hares, $4j*£ per down.
Game (per dozn)— Hare. $2.25® 2. f>o; gray
geese. $3@3.."0. brant $1.50(g2.50;; white geese,
$1.25«2; honkers, $4@rt. Wild ducks arc. nora
inar as dealers are uuable to dispose of them
satisfactorily owing to the rigid enforcement of
the game laws. ______
Floor and Farlnareoue Goods
Flour (net per bb!)— California family extras.
$5.00(46; do bakers' extras. $4.G0(g."..20; super
fine. $3.00«;4.10: Dakota patents, $6.40<g7.40;
Kansas patents, $6@C25.
Farinaceous C.oods—ln 10 pound sacks are
enoted as follows per 100 lbs: Graham flour.
$2.90; entire wheat flour. $.'t: buckwheat flour.
$."'• t-elfraisini; buckwhear flour. $5.50; wheat
tneal $4; rice flour. $0.50; rye flour. $."!.7O;
rye meal. 93.90; corn nieal, yellow snd white.
$:}.20: estra do, oat jtroats. S4.CO:
wheet groats $8.SO; hominy. $3.70: cracked
wheat. $3.90; farina, $4.10: pearl barley. |5.50
(Sic- split peas. $« for yellow and $7.30 for
green. In 25 lb sa-ks 10c lower for all, and 20c
lower for 50 Ib sacks.
Bean*. Seeds and Hops
Beans (per ctl > —Uuia, $0.50®5i60; bayou,
t3.35Q3.45; large white. $4-25<a4.35; small
white $4.550 4.70: pink. $5.70®3.«>; cranberry,
$4.75<f?5; blackeve. red. $:J.SK)@4.IS;
red kidney. $4W4.20; gartanzas, $3@3. 1 >0 : horse
beanp. $1.7502.23. . A.
Seeds—Mustard. —: flaxseed. per ctl;
canary. 3%<?|4c per lb: alfalfa. rape,
!U.ig2i£c; timothy, nominal; hemp, 3>Ac; millet,
Pried* Peas—Green. per ctl.
Hops—California. lt>l2 crop to growers.
2lc per lb for choice, 15(S$i5e for medium and
12Vic for common.
Ilajr and Fced*tuiT«
FeerlsfuiTs (ncr ton) --Bran. $C."!.r»ng,24.riO:
shorts. $25«Sei middlings. rol>d
barley. C8.«O*?S1: rollerl oats lor feed. $41«42;
corntneal $Wd 35: cracked corn. 133^35; chopped
feed. $19fi2-i; cUori feed. $21 in car
lots and $2a for jobbing: oilcake meal. 2O ton
lots $30.50. 10 ton lots $40. r> ton lots $40.50,
small lots $41: <*<.coanut cekc or meal at mill*.
$27.50 for 10. $2» for 5 ton lots and $28.50 for
small lots: alfalfa mrah carload lots $18..">0;
jobhlug $10.r,0: Eur«k» meal, carload lots. $21.50;
jobbing $2.">; visrorator, per ton. $22.
Hay ipfM- ton'—Fancy wheat hay. $24rtT2.>:
No. 1 wheat and wlvet end oat. $21.30023; kooo ,
to choice do, Slo..W<j2o.v> : lower grades, $14@
lrt 50; barley and oat. choice tame oat,
other do, $ntfi2o; wild oat, $15@19;
Btock hay. alfalfa, $12.50^15.50,
Straw —40Q75c per bale.
Hide*. Tel low, Grease and Wool
Hides—Culls and brands sell about un- ]
f!rr quotation*. Ilenvy and medium salted steers.
1.".<5?14c; light rt%eiSV4e! cowhides. 15U0
!"',(•: stairs, i)'*? P. >•.<•": aaltM kip. 14ft£l">e; Halted
Teal and (salted calf. dry hides. 23<§!
l'*i>. : murrnii. 23c: (iry calf an<l Teal,
dry kip. 22<3.24c: dry stegs. 15OIBC: dry gait
I liMps, Ific: shr^r v k in,, - short wool. me
dium r>O<a;Sflc: lone wn..i. B»[email protected]; lambe. 40'®
Hsc for lonj: and 1.~@35c for short wool; shear,
lines. 20(i?2,V fov No. 1 and 10c for No. 2; horse
hides, salt. $2.73@3 for largp prime and $2.25©
2..",0 for No. 1: niedhim. $1.75@2: small. 73cffi;
$1.25: colts, 2~'Ct~()c: bcrsfhides", dry. for
larpe and $1.50®2 foe ineiiinm, 7.">c(&ssl for email
and 25W;r>Oc for colts: Rcatstin*. prime angora s ?.
7Zc6%sl; medium, 3.1'5..W: long hair goats, 33c;
merlinn>. kids. jfiilOc.
Tallow—No. 1 rendered, bbls, 5@5%c; cans
and drums. ;;:4@,V.
Grease—2(fi.3r per lb.
Wool —Knll clip. Mendocino snd Humboldt. 10
(5112 c: middle countiPH. norther;), 0@llc; San
Joaquin. CSSc; mohair, good quality, 20@2"V'sC
ptr lb.
Horxen nnrl MnleM
Thp followinjr quotations for horses and mules
are furnished by the Butchers' anil Stock Grow
ers' Journal:
Desirable drafters. 1.700 los and OTer. .s3oftf?3so
Llpht Uraft#r«, 1,550 to 1.050 lbi 2.'0/^2RS
Chunks. 1.350 lbK to 1,500 lbo 200(@250 |
Wacon horses. 1.250 tQ.1.?..>0 lbs ISO^-223
Delivery wacron horses, 1,050 to 1,250.. l"5@15O I
Desirable rarm marcs ~ 100®125
Farm trnrkvrs 7o@loo
950 lbs, 4 to 7 years.,. $75f»12.")
I.O<X) lbs. 4to 7 years 125®375 |
1.100 lbs. 4 to 7 years J50Q200
1,2(K) lbs, 4 to 7 yeere 200(Tj 250
Over 7 rears old riniae from $15 to $25 lower.
Note —Shippers to this market must have horse*
close to type, with ape, bone conformation and
style, to command extreme quotations.
General Merchandise
Rags—Standard grain baps, O'ic on
the >|)ot and for Junc-.'uly dellTery:
Sun Quentin S' ,«; wool big*. for 4 and
45Vjc for 34 lbs; fleece twine, o@9i/ic per lb;
besin b;i>rs. S'4c
Oil (qnotntlons are for barrels)— Linseed. BBc
ppr (rallon for boiled nw\ BBS Cor raw, 5 bbl lots
ie iess. cases 5c m r >rp; Baker's A A castor, cawes.
5 fiallons $1.11, 10 RelWms $1.09; commercial
castor, in eases. DOc; (!bin;i nut, caees, 70@*.V
per gallon: extra bleachPd winter sperm oil.
SOc; natural winter sperm oil. 80c; pure lard
oil. RBe: winter strained lard oil. 75c; pure
neatsfoot oil, Soc; No. 1 neatsfoot oil. 65c; paint
oil. 30{&40c.
Got] Oil. Gasoline, etc. —Water white. Iron
111 nil or dnnns. SV.-c: ISO decree oil. Iron bar
rels or drums. B%e; Jig cases. IHV-c; hpet-ial do,
lOV4e; pearl o!1. In cases, LV/ie; astral. 15V?c;
star.. 15»ic: extra lRVi' , ; Elaine.
eocene, IRVjc: red crown ami motor itoKoHne, in
bulk 16U-C, in cases SSVfc; engine distillatp. in
dnims. Sc, in ceses Tc more; cas machine gaso
line. In bulk BBttc, in esses we; varnish inak
ere' and painters' naphtha, in bulk Ij%c, in
cusps 22V/ ,, .
Tiirpcntljfi—ln case*, Gflc: 10 case lots lc
Ipss; drums and iron barrels, 50c; Arotnrps,
case 30c iron hirrcls or dnitns 2-',c per jralion.
Rosin—F. $!).4r.: 11, $9.50; WO, $11.10 per
barrPl of 2SO po'<ntls.
Red and White Lend- Red. wMte.
7%(if*i< t c per lb: do In 5 and 30 ton lots, 7V t <:
and 7He, restifvtiT.lr.
The Western Sugar Refining company quotes a»
follows, net cash: Fine granulated. 4.70 c; can
nors* granulated, 4.70<-; fruit irranuloteil. 4.7<">c;
11. & E. crystiil dominoe. ." lb cartons in cases,
8.50 c: do 2 lb cartons In cases. !>c; monarch her.
S.o9c; tablets, in half bbls, 5.20 c; do in 25 lb
boxee r>.4.V: cubes. 4.9-jc: monarch powdered,
4.80 c;" XXXX powdered. 4.5«0: candy granulated,
4.S("»c; confectioners' A, 4.70 c; beet granulated,
4.50 c; extra C, 4.20 c: golden C, 4.10 c; D. 4c.
Barrels" aDd HO lb begs lOe. half barrols 25c,
boxes 50c more per 100 pounds than for bagg of
100 lbs net. Bar in 3."> and 40 lb tins $1.70 more,
in 8 and 10 lb tins $2.35 more per 100 lbs than
tue price for thle grade in 100 lb bags.
The California and Hawaiian Sugar Refining
company quotes as follows: Orannlated basis,
4.70 c; C. & H. fine standard. 4.70 c; coarse dry
granulated. 4.70 c; confectioners' A. 4.70 c; berry,
4.70 c; powdered. 4.80 c; cnbes. 4.J«3c: "Hlgrade"
bar, 5.68 c: bricks (in half bbls). 5.20 c; brlck.B
Un 25 lb boxes), S.ISC; IT. & E. crystal dominoe
(B lb cartons in cases), 8..">0c; do (2 lb cartons
in cases). 9c; extra tine dry granulated (100 lb
bags oulyi. 4.SOc; extra C. 4.20 c; golden C,
4.10 c; yellow D. 4c Additional per 100 lbs:
In fcbls and 50 lb bags, 10c more; half bbls, 25c
more; boxes. 500 more for all grades. Bar in
89 and 40 lbs tins, $1.70 more: in 10 ]b tins,
$2.35 more. Minimum order, carload weight.
New York Protfuoe
KFW YORK. Keb. 13.—nops— Easy.
Haw Sugar—Easy. Centrifugal. n.42®S.4Sc;
Mnseqvado, [email protected]; molasses sugar, 2.67@
Reflnod Sngar—Qniet.
Bnttpr — I'ns-ttled. Receipts. 5..177 tubs.
Creamery, pxtras, firsts, BS%4)We.
Cheese—Steady. Receipts. 1.680 boxes.
Eggts—Weak. Receipts. 18,231 cases.
Ersporated Apples—Quiet. Fancy, choice,
C%<S6%c; prime. 5@5%c.
Prunes—Dull and easy. California* up to 30
--40s, 3&4«ll«ic; Oregons, s%@oVjc.
Chicago Produce Ifnrket
CHICAGO. Feb. 13.—Butter—Steady. Cream
eries. Tt®M%C.
Engß—Weak. Rerrlpts. 5.200 cases. At m«rt.
included. 18$|20c; refrigerator firsts, 15@
16c; firsts, SM%C,
toe Anscle* Produce Market
(Snecial PinpntrU to The Call)
LOS ANGELES. Feb. 13.—Receipts of produce
on the Los Anitelee mwfcet today were: Egits,
58S ceee«: butter. 24.440 poends: cheese, 636
pounds; potatoes. 3.t3» naeks; beans. 2 sacks;
sweet potatoes, 133 sacks; apples, 4,522 boxes.
Another earloart lot. of northern potatoes was
one of the arrtTals today. The market is almost
overstocked; tbls stock Is selling at 75crt|$l a
sack the same price as has been maintained for
the greater part of the season. If conditions do
not soon improre. the prie* will remain firm.
Many dealers predict a permanent adrance in the
markft. Rwects are seemingly plentifnl at the
market. The price artced is $2.50 per cental.
Butter (per lb>—Prices to trade Sc abore quo
tations. California creamery extra, 34c; creamery
firsts. 32%e.
Esgn (per do*en)—Local ranch, candied. 23% c:
case counts, lS%c; pullets, 22c; northern case
counts, 21 c.
Cheese (per lb)—Northern fresh, 18c; eastern
sincrles, 18'/>c: eastern twins, 18c; eastern Ched
dars. 19c; 'eastern looßhora. 20®21c; Oregon
daisies, 18@18%c; swlse, lmportee, 30®S2c:
block, 23c; Boquefort, 43c; cream
brlck>2lo:_l!mhurgfT. 22c.
Beane (per ctU— No. 1 pink, $4.50; >.o. 1 lima.
$6<36._.-i: Lady Washington. Nα. 1, $4.85@5;
email white. No. 1. [email protected]; blackeye, $4;
garvancas. $4.30; hayos, $4.50_5; Mexican red,
$4.5«-); leutUs, $6_7. '
Potatoes (per ctl)—Highland Burbanke. 80cO
$1: Oregon. [email protected]; Salinas. [email protected];
Lompoc, sweets, $2.50.
Livestock Market
CHICAGO. Feb. 13.—Cuttle—Receipt*. 8;000.
Strong. Beeves. $G.60fft9.15; Texas steers, $5@ ,
5.90; western steers fh.70<§7.45; stockers and
feeders. $4.7.>i67.i>0: rows aud beifers, $3.10<g
7.50; calves. Sβ. 75 (£10.25.
Hoge— Receipts, 28,000. Slow. Light. $B.lo@
8.42 Mi; mixed, $a05(g8.40; heavy, [email protected];
rough. [email protected]; pigs, [email protected]; bulk of
sales, $,5.25rq5.35. •
Sheep — lieceipts. 18.000 Strong. Native.
$4.90ffgt>.35; western. $5(36.40: yearlings. $0.65
<g8; lambs. Dative $7<39.2~5. western [email protected].
KANSAS CITY. Feb. 13.—Cattle—Receipts..*
2.000, including 100 southerns. Market strong.
Native steers, $7<?jß.7r>; southern steers, $(*<ts
7.7K); southern cows and heifer*. $4<g6.50; native
cowe and heifer*. $4rf?B; utockers and feeders,
$0f?/;7.75; bulls, $5.2566.50; calves. $6.so«gK>;
western steers, $G.50(58.2r>; western cows, $4
Hogs—Receipts. 7.500. Market steady. Bulk,
[email protected]: heavy. $7.90®8.10; packers and butch
ers, [email protected]; light, [email protected]; pigs. $0.73
Sheep — Receipts 9,000. Steady. Mutton*.
$4. f>. 25; Colorado lambs. ?.8£t8.75; range
wethers find yearliugs, [email protected]; range ewes,
SOTTir OMAHA, Neb., Feb. IS. — Cattle— Re
jceipt>. 1.000. Stronser. Native steers, $o.BT>@
, 8.5H; cows and heifers. $437.10! wPHteni steers.
$5.50@8; il>xas stoors. cowe and
heifers, $.'!.7."(S c.7-'»: calves. $6^!'.
Hogs—Rroeipts. 11.<100. Steady. Heavy, $7.80
1&7.9.-.; liieht. $7.»5#8.06; pigs, $6.30&7.50; bulk
of sales, $7.!)O<aES.
Sheep — Receipts, 6.r>00. Steady. Yearlings,
[email protected]; we toe re, $r..r>nr ( j 0.60; lambe, $S@o.
PORTLAND, Fob. l.{.—Cnttle— Receipts. 300;
market firm. <liolce steers. $7.-10<&S; grood steers,
medium steers. $6.so@ff choice cows.
$(>.. ")ofi( T; flood rows, $efa;o.so; nipdium cowa,
$5.50f§0; choice ralvps. $RftO; good heavy calves,
[email protected]; bulls. $5.50®*.
JlopK—Receipt!). 1.100: market firm. Light.
$7.00408; heavy. $6.7.-i(S 7.25.
Sheep—Receipts. 1.300; rnsrket firm. Year
ling w-pthers, [email protected]; ewes, [email protected]; lambs,
[email protected]«>.
Cotton Market
KEW VOKK, Feb. 1.",.— E. F. Hutton & O.'§ J
wire Rays: '
"After an srlvance vl r>o points in one week '
the trade, which a week ago was overwhelm
ingly bearish, bas turned to about 7"> per cent
bullish, but on the weakness after this morning's :
opening bears again took a fresh bold end pre
dicted lower price*. Tbere was very little cot
ion fee sale, however, and the technical position
of the market is stronger on the setback.
"The advance of Oμ last few days has not
drawn oat a great deal of cotton, as evidenced
by receipts at nin*> leading poluts today, show
ing 12,572 bales, njralnst 20,424 last week and
.'50.248 last year. Receipts at Bombay for the
half week were 17,000 bales leet than the same
period a .year ago. Manchester is a free buyer;
In Liverpool and short interest there has been
greatly reduced.
"Rain fell throughout the south Atlantic and
gulf stages yesterday, which will be considered
unfavorable now, as it will retard farm work.
"Trade rouditions continue, good abroad, with :
large selling agencies expecting good business to
develop with China within the next 30 dayt. '
Would take advantage of this setback to buy the i
new crop options."
Spot closed quiet and unchanged. Middling
upland?. 13.03 c; do gulf, 13.30 c No sales.
Option. Open. Uigli. Low. Close. Feb. 11. ago.
Feb 12.58 12.57 10.34
Mardi ...12.G0 12.G0 12.r>1 12.54 12.53 10.20
April 12.42 12.40 10.52
May 12.4S 12.4!) 12.37 12.42 12.40 10.38
June 12.30 32.30 12..10 12.30 12.27 10.40
July 12.30 12.40 12.28 12.33 12.31 10.41
Auk 12.25 12.25 12.13 12.17 12.15 10.41
I Sept 11. X) 11.83 11.75 11.78 11.79 10.49
I Oet H. 7» 11.79 Il.nij 11.72 11.71 10.39
Dec n.70 11.7S 11.66 11.72 11.74 10.47
Jan 11.76 11.7 C 11.70 11.70 11.09 10.43
St. I.onln Wool Market
ST. LOUIS. Feb. 13. —Wool—Steady. Medium
grades, combing and clothing. 23V£ <n 20c; light
Jfl I
The "Panama-Pacific" Express and
The "1915" Mall Trains
Leave Union Ferry Depot ArriTe
9:10 a fStockton. Saeraraeuto, Salt Lake, ] i'Aip
■) Denver. Omaha. Chicago, Kan- >
7:3Cp teas City, St. Lo«le J , 8 ,; 3 0*
J4:li)p Stockton 10:20 a
Through Standard and Tourist Sleeping Cars
via Denver & Rio Grande ami Missouri Paciflc,
Rock Inland Hnps end Burlington route.
Dirlng Curs anil Electric Light*.
/ds22|§\ Schedule Effective
Nov. 6, 19.2
TJirp~ ! ~ VIA" SA'iTsaTYtO I Arrive
~7 : 4Ja I'etiJuina. Smta Rosa. Healds
burg. Cloverdale. TTklah. Wil
llts Longvak'. ••Sebastopol. 7:05p
8:15 a Sonoma, Glen Ellen Jt6:osp[
B:lsaiPt. Reyes. Camp Metker. Monte 1 t»5:35p >
Rio Duncan Mills. Cwartero ( J7:35p )
8:45 a Petaluma. Santa Rosa. Guerne- ,
villp Monte Rio, Duncan ftfi:3sp?
Mills. Caznrtero (leaves from ( $7:35p J
Duncan Mills)
10:45 a Petalunia, Santa Ro«a. Healds-
I burg 5:05p
l:4sp*Pet«luma, Santa Rosa, Guerne
vHle, Moute Rio, Duncan
Mi!ls 10:35 a
P:4sp Pt. Keyea. Camp Meeker
3:lop Petnlnma, Santa Rosa. Healds
bnrg C.'orerdale. Ukiab.
Willits, 'Sehnstopol 11:35 a
4:4.-tpjSouoina. Gleu Ellen 9:35 a
o:lDp'Pef«liinia. Santa Rosn. Heaids-
j burg fl:ftS«
Sausalito. Mill Valley. San Rafael—Dally
every 30 minutes from 6:45 a. ta. until 0:45
a. rri.: hoflrly until 2:45 r>. m.. tben 3:15 p. m.
and every 30 minutes until 6:-i5 p. m., then 7:45.
9:15. 11:15 p. m. and 12:30 a. m.
Fairfax—Leaves t6:45. 7:15. 7:45. 8:15. 8:45,
915 9:45. 10:45, 11:45 a. m.: 12:45, 1:45, 2:45.
3:15 3:45. 4:15, 4:45 5:15. 5:45. 6:15, 9:45,
7:45. 9:15. 11:15 p. m.; 12:30 a. m.
San Quentln via Ban Rafael —Leave daily at (
8:lf» a. m and 1:45 p. m.
Tlburon and Belvedere—Daily every hoar from
6:43 a. m. until 1:45 p. m.; then 3:15 p. m. and
erery hour until 6:15; then 7:45,9:15 and 11:13
p. in. and 12:30 a. n>.
•Arrives daily 10:35 a. tn. "Arrives Sundayi
7:05 p. m.. week days 6:35 p.m. tExcept Sun
days. tSunday* only. only.
Red Line Transfer Company's agents are au
thorized to check baggage direct from residence.
Him FritttsM li.M*Wwfc U.MtTirtis~
WmU.t Swrfay WpMay S-day WwHay SaaJay
9:45« T:4s«t 7-20 a 11:50 a 7=2oa 10:40 a
♦ 4:45? 10-46* 2:40p 1:50* 4:4|» 1:4 to
11:45t 4:50* 2:60p * 8:36» 2:40?
I:4SP 3:50» f:40»
2:45> 4:40? ...... 4t40»
•Saturdaysonly, f Mondays only. J Mt. Tunaipajt only.
(Sausslito Fwnr—TeU Kearny 4980
Ticket Offices < 687 M*rkefr-TeL Ke»rny 2751
( 874 Mwket—TeL Doodan 4407
General Office—Mil! Valley. Cal. T-' Mill Valley Snb. 81
"TwtmT«Miwb"l "JMrIM" m riwmijwWpittt
Jtaau Ih«» 700 94S a. ■- I*3o 9JOt WO. *M p. m.
rtMK Inv 40& IteUf ■ 1* c«t»
Office and Salesroom, Van Ness at Sacramento.
Phone Franklin 2264. Tiie old established
bouse of, CURTIS —no connection with any
fine, 19<g21c; heavy fine, 13®lSc; tub washed.
27@36c. f
Hew York Coffee Market
NEW YORK, Feb. 13.— E. F. Hutton & Co.'a
wire saye:
"Over holiday developments in the coffee mar
ket were very surprising, not only to the believ
ers in tbe commodity, but to the bearishly in
clined aa well. A decline euch as was experi
enced has noc been seen very often In recent
years, and came as a clap out of a clear t>ky.
Santos was supposed to be firmer and Europe
more favorably Inclined toward the market than
for tome days past. After a period of uncer
tainty the market advanced and it seemed to
have been pretty well demonstrated throughout
the day that there was no general long Interest
and that the contracts for future delivery were
held by onr largest Importers. Instead of an ad
vance euch as had been expected, we have had
« sharp decline. This does not mean, however,
that short sellers have gotten their. contracts
back, and with decreasing supplies the coffee
trill all be needed before the nummer has
passed. In connection with this fact, it muer.
he ever borne In mind that bur stanchest be
lievers in ■ better level of prices nre otir shrewd
est and most successful coffee merchants. We
continue to believe in thn market and in better
prices, although, after a decline, it seems almost
silly to say so."
Option— Open. High. Low. Cloee.
Fcbruarv 12.37 c 12..'i7c 12.37 c 12.27 c
March 12.68 c 12.72 c 12.61 c 12.65 c
April 12.71 c
May 12.7.V 12.85e 12.75 c 12.77 c
Juno 12.8<V> 12.R0e 12.Srtc 12.78 c
July 12.84 c 12.50 C 12.79 c 12.50 c
August 12.57 c
September 13.Me U.Offe 12.90 c 12.95 c
October 12.Sec 12.SSc 12.88 c 12.83 c
November 12.50e 12.50 c i2.SOc 12.77 c
December 12.70 12.70 c I- , .70c 12.72 c
January 12.76 c 12.79 c 12.75 c 12.72 c
Sales. 143.000 bags.
.^ v^^~^-— -—- — j£s^yi^~-~~-—~- ,-.-. rr ...^...
Leave (Foot of Market Street) . Arrive
(Subject to change without notice)
2.15 a Nile*. Lrvennore, Tracy, Lathrop,
Stockton, Lodi. Gait, Elk Grove.
Sacramento, Rose ville,Auburn,Colfax 10.40p
2.15 a Sacramento, MarysrHle, Biggs, Chico. 10.40p
6.40 a Richmond, Port Costa, Martinet,
Antioch, Byron Hot Spring*. Tracy,
Patterson, Newman, Los Banos,
Ingle, Herman, Fresno II -59p
6.40 a San Leandro, Hayward, Niles, Ban
Jose B-50p
7.00» The SUtesman—Richmond, Vallejo
Junction (Vallejo), Port Corta,
Benicia, Suisun, Elmira, Davis,
Sacramento 6.50p
7.20 a Goldfield Pass.—Truckee, Ha«n. Wa
buska (Yemnzton, Hudson), Minx
Tonopah, Goldfield, Laws, Keeler.. B.loa
7.20 a Richmond, Port Costs, Benicia, Sui
sun, Dixon, Sacramento 7.50p
7.20 a Elmira, VacaviUe, Rumsey 7.50p
7.20 a Rosevilte, Marysville (Oroville), Red
ding, Dunsrauir 10.40p
720 a iJavis, Woodland. Williams. Maxwell.
Willows, Hamilton, Corning, Red
Bluff 7.50p
720 a Nile*. Pleasanton. Livermore, Tracy,
Lathrop. Ctockton (Oakdale). Lodi,
Sacramento 7.30p
7.20 a Tracy. Pattirson, Newman. Los Bsnos,
Ingle, Kennan, * rcano 4.30p
7.40 a Richmond, Vallejo, Napa. Calistoga,
Santa Roea, Crockett. Port Costa... 6.1 Op
t74oa Avou. 'abut Creek, San Ramon,
Livennore t6.50p
B.ooa Newark, West San Jorn, Los Gatos.
Wright, Felton (Ben Lomond. Boul
der Creek), Santr Cruz 8.50p
8.40 a Port Costa, Martinez, Byron Hot
Springs, Tracy (Stockton;. Merced,
Berenda, Madera, Fresno, Fowler,
Selma, Traver, Goshen Junction
(Hanford. Annona). Tulare, Bakers
field 4.30p
8.40 a Visaiia, Lindsay, Porterville, Dueor.. 7.1 Op
8.40 a Yoeemite Valley via Merced 4-30p
9.00 a Irvington, San Joee 7.30p
9.00 a Xiles, Pleasanton, Livermore, Stock
ton (*Milton), Valley Spring, lone,
Sacramento 4.30p
9.00n Tuolumne, Sonora,Jame*town,Ange!*. 2.SOp
9.00 a «tl»ntie Erpre**—Sacramento, Truc
kee, Ogden, Salt Lake City, Denver,
Kaneae City, Omaha, Chicago 8.30p
9.00 a Tonopah-Goldfield Standard Sleeper.. B.l Oa
9.00 a Vallejo Junction, Vallejo \ 7isop
9.40 a Richmond, San Pablo, Pinole. Vallejo
Junction, Crockett. Port Costa, Mar
tinez, Avon, Concord, San Ramon.. 8.1 Op
10.20 a S»n Francisco Overland Limited—
Denver, Kansas City. St. Louis,
Omaha, Chicago 2.10p
10.40 a Vallejo, Mare Islaid. Napa J 2.50p
10.40 a Btockton. { 3JOJ
10.40 a Los Angeles Passenger—Port Costa,
Martinei, Byron Hot Sprinja, Tracy,
Stockton, Merced, Madera, Fresno,
(Hanford. Coaiiaga, Visaiia), Bakers*
field, Los Angeles 7.10p
11.20 a Shasta limited—Portland. Tacoma,
Seattle 8.50p
12.00n Richmond, Port Costa, Benicia, Sui- \ 10.30 a
sun, Elmira, Dixon, Sacramento.. / 11.10 a
12.00n Davis,Williams,Colusa June, Willows,
Germantown, Orland, Hamilton.... 8.50p
12.00n MaryeviDe, Chico, Red Bluff 4.30p
I .OOp Mies, Irvington, San Jose 2.50p
|.20p San Leandro, Niles, Centerville, New
ark, (Redwood), San Jose 7.50p
1.40p Newark, Alviso, Agnew Santa Clara,
West San Jose I O.OOj
♦ 1.40p Wright. Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz .. 10. OOp
2.40p San Leandro, Nile*. San Jose 7.30p
S.OOp Benicia, Winters Sacramento —Wood*
land. Tudor, Yubs, City, Marj-eville,
Oroville 11-lOa
S.SOp Richmond, Port Costa, Martinez,
Byron Hot Springs, Modesto, Merced,
Madera, Fre«na 10.40p
4.00b Port Costa, Martinez, Concord, Walnut
Creek, San Ramon. Livermore 9.30 a
4.00p Riclimond, Vallejo, Napa, Calistoga,
Glen EUen. Santa Rosa. 9.30*
4.00p Niles (Centerville, Newark), SunoL
Pleasanton. Livermore. Tracy,
Stockton, Lodi, Sacramento 12.50s
440p San Leandro. Hayward, Niles, Pleas
anton, Livermore 8.30 a
4.40p Irvington. San Jose 9.30 a
4.40p Tracy. Patterson, Newman, Los Banos,
Kerman, Fresno lO4Op
4.40p Valley Flyer—Port Coeta, Byron Hot
Springs, Tracy, Modesto, Merced,
Madera, Fresno, Goshen Junction,
Tulare. Bakerafield, Mojave, Loe
Angeles »250p
I.OOp Vallejo, Port Costa, Benicia, Suisun.
Sacramento, Roeevilie, Lincoln,
Wheatland. Marysrilk (Oroville),
Oridley. Bira*. Chico 11.30 a
600p Davis. Arbuckle, Williams. Willows,
Orland, Tehama lO4Op
B.OOp Newark, West San Joee, Los Gatoe... 9.30 a
6.20? San Leandro, Lorenzo, Hayward,
Nile*. Pieasanton, Livermore, Tracy,
Stockton 3.1 Op
6.20p Owl Limited—Port Costa, Tracy,
Fresno, Los Angeies B.loa
6.20p Hayward. Niles and Ssn Jose 6.50p
6.40p Eastern Express—Ogden, Pueblo.Den
rer, Kansas City, St-Louis, Chicago. 8.30p
6.40p Port Costa, Benicia, Suisun. Elmira,
Sacramento, Colfax, Trackee. Reno,
Sparks 8.30p
7.00p China and Japan Mail—Ogden.
Cheyenne, Denver. Kansas City.
Omaha, Chicago 3.10p
7.00p Port Costa, Byron Hot Springs. Stock
ton, Sacramento, Colfax, Truckee,
Keno. 3-lOp
J7.00» Richmond (Vallejo), Port Costa, Max
tines, Concord, Walnut Creek, Pleas
anton, Niles. Oakland 12.45 a
8.20 a Oregon Express—Sacramento, Rose
viile, Marysville. Redding iKlam&th
Falls), Ashland, Portland, Tacoma,
Seattle, Spokane I.IOp
•4Mb lit. Eden. Alvarado, Newark, SanU
Clara, San Jose 7.50p
9.40p Bakersfield, McKittrick, Haileton.
Monarch, Moron, Fellow, Shale..... 7.50 a
8.40p Richmond, Port Costa. Tracy. Mo
desto, Merced, Madera, Fresno,
Hanford, Tulare 7.50 a
9.40p Hanford, Annoua, Lemoore, Huron.
Coatinga. 7^oa
9.40p Visaiia. Eceter, Lindsay, PortarviDe,
Dueor, Famoso 7.50*
; 10.20p Portland Express—Davis. Willows.
Red Bluff, Weed. (Elamath Falls),
Ashland, Roseburg, Portland. Ta-
coma, Seattle. 7.30 a
From Pacific Street Wharf
This route offers exceptions 1 opportunity for Auto
mobilists to reach all points on the Sacramento River;
CollinsviHe, Emmaton. Rio Vista, Isletoc, Ryde. Walnut
Grove, Vorden, Courttand, Clarksburg, Sacramento.
Steamer Semlnole or Navajo, leaves San Francisco 8.30
.a. Ba. daily except Sunday and Wednesday, arriving
Baeramento 7M p. m. Leave Sacramento BJO a. m.
daily except Sunday and Wednesday, arriving San
Francisco 5.30 p. m. Stopping in either direction at ail
points saown abort.
Steamer Modoe or Apache, (eaves San Francisco IXO
p. m. dairjr except Sunday; arrive San Francisco 11 JO
(V m. daily except Monday.
Steamer Navajo or Semino'e, leaves San Frasdam
iJOO p. m. daily except Sundays, arriving Sacramento
7.09 a. a. dairy except Monday. Leave Sacramento
9.00 p. m. daily except Sundays, arriving San Francisco
7.00 a. m. dairy except Monday. No stops en route in
, either directi"*
Office and Salesroom. MS MhrtflW »t .
Tays high»-<t piice fer all kinds • f furnituro.
merchamiist, etc. Houses boucht lv tlielr en
tircty. Goods fold on coaußlmdon.
Pboee —Suttc< T2'i>
S3B-840 F«ll St. J^ -
JUST ARRTVED! One carload draft and wnf?o;i
hordes: some nice, bljr raare?; all young, sound.
Also good niarcf" and horses, footsore. 1,4u0 to
J. 600 lbs., for farm work.
Phone Market 3577. JOS. LEVY.
IS>w York Metal Market
NEW YORK. Feb. I.'!.—Copper—Weak; spot.
14.50 c hid; February. 14.37 He nid: March. April
an-1 Urns, 14..TTMi<8t5c; elpotrolytlo, 15.75«
IflJBe; lake 16iij16.200: casting. 13..V>c. Arriv
als. ftKO tons. Exports tht* month. 13.291 tons.
London, rasy: spot, t>\i\ 7 s e<l; ftatares, *** 7* ■
Tin —Weak; net, [email protected]; February. 48.75
<§4!)o: Marvh. 48.2r.r<?45.: , .-i- a e: April, 4S.IR4Q
48.50 c. Local exchango mUm, "-.* tons. Londou,
ea-v; spot. £221 10e; futnr.-.s, £318 IBs.
Load—Steady. 4:25fr4.n.V. London. £1« 10«.
Spelter—Quiet. 6-35fii6.4.V. £25 10».
Antimony—Dull: Cooknon'?. t>.2.'»^.S>.3oc.
Iron—(jutet. nuchanscO. Cleveland warrants.
64s 9i lv Lou'lon.
Naval Store*— Turpentine and Rosin
SAVANNAH. C.i,. Keb. J.l.—Turpentine—Firm.
42% c; bales, 103; recent*. 183: utorjke. 22.675.
> Hosin-Klrm: eale*, 8S8: receipts, 886: shio
Difnts. 040; Btecke. 123.WL Quote: A. B.
M.22H: C, D. $<U5: B. ?0.27Vi; F. $6.30 : «;.
KSS; H. 16.40; I. $f.-43: K. $6.63; M, $T; X.
$7.0:>; Wβ, $7.10; WW. $7.1.'..
The grand jury yesterday returned
two Indictments which were voteil
Tuesday night. Armando Giorjrt wftl
indicted for throwing George Rolles, a
conductor, off a moving car last De
cember. M. H. Squires was? indicted for
forgery. In both cases Judgre Dxinno
fixed bonds in the sum of $1,000.
Leave (Third and Towosend Streets) Airiw
(Subject to change without notice)
t 5.05 a Valencia Street, Ocean View, Cohna,
Cemeteries, Baden, Ban Bruno t 6.35 l
5.45* South San Francisco, San Jose, Morgan
hill, Gilroy. Sargent, Pajaro, Wataoa
ville, SanU Cruz B.oo>
t 8.45* Loe Altos, Monta Vista. Los Gatos ..$ 9.45 i
7.00* Coaster—San Joee, Morganbill, Gilroy,
Pajaro, Castroville, Salinas, Soledad,
King C3ty, Paso Rabies Hot Springs,
Ban Luis Obispo, Surf (.Lompocj,
Santa Barbara, Ventura, Oxiard.
Los Angeles «0.30f
7.00* Eollister, Tres Pinoe—TTatsonville.
Santa Cruz—Del Monte, Monter-
Pa-ific GroTe 10.30p
t 7.03 i South San Francisco, Pab Alto, Saa
Joes. Way Stations 7.50>
t 7.05« Los Altos. MonU Vista. Lot Gates... § 3.20p
B.ooa Shore Line Limited—Paso Robles Hot
Springs, Santa Barbara.l-os Angeles. 0.50p
8.05 a Mayfield, Los Alto*. LoeGatoe, Wright.
Glenwood (Boulder Creek), SanU
Cruz, Watsonville, Castroville. Del
Monte, Monterey, Pacific Grove 9.05*
9.00 a San Jose, Morg&nhill. Gilroy. Sargent.
Salinas, Soledad, San Miguel, Paso
Robles Hot Spring*, San Luis Obiroo 4.00>
•,00a Hollister. Tre* Pinos—Wataonvifle,
Sant* Cruz—Del Monte, Monterey,
Pacific Grove *-00p
10.40 a South San Francisco, Burlingame, Sao
Mateo. Palo Alto, Mayiield, Los Al- , (2 309
tot, Los Gatos. | 7.20 a
11.30 a Valencia Street. Ocean Mew, Colma,
Cemeteries, Baden, San Bruno I -55>
11.40* South San Francisco. San Jo*e t 8.20*
1.20 i Saturday* only—San Mateo, Red
wood, Mayfield, Mountain View,
Ban Jose JII.OOB
1.20p Saturdays only—Loi Altoa. Monta
Vi«ta. Lo* Gate* §3.25p
2.00p Del Monte Expree*—San Joee, Mor
ganhill, Gilroy, Sarwnt, Watsonviße.
Banta Crus, Del Monte, Moaterey,
Pacific Grove. (3alina») I2^ob
2.05p Eastoc. Saa Mateo, Palo Alto, San
Jo*e 8.40 a
t 2.10p South Saa Francisco, Redwood, Santa
Clara, West San Jose. Los Gatoa,
Wright. Felton, (Boulder Creek),
Santa Cru* 111.30*
3.00p South San Francisco. San Mateo. San
Jose, Morganhill, Gilroy, Tree Pines,
Salinas. /T 10.10 a
3.00p Watsonvjile. Santa Crui, Castroville,
Del Monte, Monterey. Pacific Grove 10.10 a
3.25p Btiriingame, San Mateo, Redwood,
Palo Alto, Mayfield, Los Alto*. LO3
Gato* 8.46p
f 3.25p Wright, Boulder Creek, SanU Cruz., til-30a
4.00p Sunset Express—Tucson, Deming. El
Paso, Houston, New Orleans. Chi
cago : 9.15 a
4.00p ■Washington Snnset Route—Washing
ton. D.C., New York and Ea*t β-i 5a
4.00» SaiLoas, Paso Robles Hot Springs.
San Luis Obiipo. Santa Barbara,
Ventura and Lot Angela* 8.15 a
4.00p Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago 0.16 a
4.20p South San Frantdsco, San Joee t 7.25 a
f 4.55p Santa Cruz Limited—Mayfield. Los
Alto*. Lo* Gatos. Felton. (Boulder
Creek). Santo Cruz t 8.45 a
t 5.05p Burlingame, San Mateo, Redwood.
Palo Alto, Mayfield, SanU Clara.
San Jose t 6.30 a
t 5.20p Redwood. Atherton, Menlo Park.
Palo Alto, Mayfield, MounUin View,
Sunnyvale, San Jose t 900s
t 5.20p Los Alto*, Monta Vista. Loe Gatos.. -t 8.40 a
t 6.25p Easton, Redwood, Mountain View,
San Joe • 9.40 a
t 5.30p Lonp— Valencia Street. Ocean View.
Cemeteries, South San Francisco,
23d Street, 3d and Townsend t 6.40 p
8.40p San Bruno, San Mateo, Redwood,
Palo Alto, Santa Clara, San Joee... 7.45p
X 5.40p Mayfield, Lo* Altos, Lo* Gato* X 9.40 a
e.OOp Tuesday*—Sunset Limited de Luze,
New Orleans and East. Arrive Sun
days 11.00 a
t 6.00» Hillbrae, San Mateo, Redwood, May
field, Los Alto*. Los Gatos t B.ooa
t 6.05p 23d Street, Visitacion. South Se«-
Francisco, Valencia Street ) 7.1 5p
6.30p South San Francisco, San Joee 6.45p
B.oop The Lark—Santa Barbara, Lo* Angeles 9-45 a
8.1 Op San Jose and Way Station* 7.30 a
IO.OOp Loe Angeles PasMnger—Morganhill,
Salinae, Paso Robles Hot Springs,
San Lui* Obispo, Santa Barbara and
LosAngelee. 8.25 a
10.06b South San Francisco, San Jo» II .55p
i 1.45p South San Francisco, Palo Alto, Saa
Jose 7.35 a
Via Oakland Pier
Tβ? Oakland, 16th St., and Berkeley via Shattuek Aye.
and Ellswcrth St. Lines.—Daily—From 6.00 a. m, and
every twenty minutes until 8.20 p. m.. inclusive; then
9.00,9.40,,11.40 p. m., 12.20 and 1.20 a.m.
Additional boats Saturdays and Sundays oojy. 8.40
p. m., 9.20, 10.00. ia4o and 11.20 p. m.
Tβ Berkeley via California St. and West Berkeley, Albany
via Ninth St. Line*.—Daily—From *6.00 a. ra.. t6.20,
•6.40, t7-00 a. m. and every twenty minutes until 8.20
p. m. inclusive; then,1&20,11.00,11.40 p.m..
12.20 and 1.20 a. m. Additional boat? Saturdays and
Sundays oily. 8.40 P« 9-20. WJOO. 10.40 and 11.20
p. m.
To Oakland. Washington-Broadway. East Oakland.
Fruitvale and Melrose via Seventh St.—Daily—From
6.00 a. m., then every twenty minutes until 5.20 p. m.,
inclusive; then 9.00, 9.40. 10.20. ll.Oa 11.40 p. m.,
12JO and IJOa. m. Additional boats Saturdays and
Sundaysonly, 8.40 p. el, 9.20, 10.00, 10.40 sad 11.-0
I p-m.
! Horseshoe to Oakland. Washington-Broadway. Fruitvale,
Alameda. North Side—Daily—From 6.00 a. ra., f6.20.
6.40. 7.00. 7.20, 7.4 a 8.00. 8.40 and forty minutes past
the hour until 3.40 p. m.: then 4.C0, 4.40. 5-00, 0.20,
6.4 a 6.00. 6.20, 8 40, 7.00, 7.40. 8.20, 9.00. 9.40.1024
11.00. 11.40 p. m,. 12.20 and 1.20 a. m.
Tβ VioorSt Steje, Pullman. Richmond (Steam Service)—
tS.4O and 7.40 a. m., cJQ p. m, 4J20, 5.20. 6.20 p. m.
Tβ Btonehurst (Steam Service)— f6.00. t6.40. +7.20.
:iO.OO a. m., 11.20 p. m, J2.00, tUX*. t3.2a
«4.00, »5.00. '5.40 and t6.20 p. m.
Via Alameda Pier
To Oakland. Mth and Franklin Sts.—
6.15. 6.45 a. n* and then 15 and 45 minutes past th*
hour until 7.45 p. m.; then &3Q. 9.15, 10.00. 10.45,
11.30 p. m. and 12.15 a> m.
To Alameda, North and South SMe—
6.15, 6.45 a. m. and then 15 and 45 minute* past the
hour until 7.45 p. m.; then 8.3 a 945. 10X0. 10.45,
11.30 p. m. and 12.15 a. ra.
From San Francisco, South End of F«rry Building, for
Broadway Wharf. Oakland—Week days 6.00 a.. m. and
every half hour until 9.00 p- uu inclusive. Sunday*
and holidays 6JOO a. m. and every half hour until
11.00 p. m., inclusive. Beats leave Broadway Whan—
Week days 6.15 a. ra. end erery half hour until 8.45
p. m. inclusive. Sundays and holidays, 6.15 a. sa>
and every half hour until 10.45 p. m.. inclusive.
a for MomiM. *D«i3y. ■ for Afternoon.
tSonday excepted. JSunday only. §Saturday only.
a Monday.
Aflanh eonsct baejage and checks on trains or beats of
Southern Pacific Company, and deliver bsggage to re»i,
donee. Theyiaro autnorizod to ehKk ba|8«8« direct fra*

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