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A. B. Ralston, Former Agent
for Thayer Estate, Ac
cused of Obtaining
Money Falsely
"I Tried to Make a Man of
Him," She Says of For
* mer Convict
OAKLAND, Feb. IS. —Albert B. Ral
ston, scion of a well known Oakland
family and a prominent young , man
about town, was arrested this morn
ing- on the complaint of Clarence L».
HobbS, 5835 Dover street, his father
in law, on a charge of obtaining- money
under false pretenses. Ralston, who
until recently was agent for the Thayer
estate, is accused of obtaining $900 on
the count for which he was arrested,
hut Hobbs said today that the total
amount procured from him by Ral
ston would total $2,500.
Ralston served two years in San
Quentin for forgery. After his re
lease he became agent for the Thayer
estate and his arrest today comes as
the climax to a eerles of alleged crim
inal acts. To avoid arrest he persuaded
Hobbs to make good a shortage.
llobbs, who is a railway mail clerk
and for the last 23 years has been on
the run between Oakland and Ogden,
placed a mortgage on his Dover street
home, for $900 and turned the money
over to Ralston to pay back to the
Thayer estate.
This transaction took place last June
right months after Ralston had mar-
Miss Dawn llobbs, the daughter
of Hobhs. About that time Ralston,
v,hn had been made agent of the
Thayer building at Fourteenth and Jef
ferson streets, a position now held by
his father, was accused of being $1,700
short i:i his accounts. Uβ was not
arrested but was placed under the sur
veillance of detectives. Ralston main
tains the shortage was due to faulty
bookkeeping and not to criminal intent.
Shortly after Ralston obtained $900
from his father In law he asked for an
additional sum of $900, which was
riven him. He said that he intended
his former employers, the Thay
er estate, for false imprisonment, and
Hobbs. believing that Ralston had been
arrested, gave him the additional
money by further mortgaging his prop
"I have a good case against the
r estate," Ralston said, accord
ing to Hobbs, "and I need this money
for a bond."
N'n suit, however, was filed.
Kaiston. while employed as agent of
the TiiHVT estate, had obtained a dep- i
my sheriffs badge from Sheriff Frank
because he assumed the duties
of a night watchman at the Thayer
Shortly after his trouble with his
former employers he went to Sacra
mento and is alleged to have passed a
is cheek for $200 upon a deputy
In the sheriff's office at Sacramento.
When tins was returned with the
■words "No funds,** Ralston is accused
of forging the name of his father in
law to a check to make it good.
Kalston's wife said today that she
had done all she could to make a
man out of him and intended to sue
for a divorce. She is his second wife,
the first wife obtaining A divorce when
he was sent to San Quentin five years
aero for forgery.
Kalston was arrested August 13, 1907.
for passing a worthless check for $230
upon K. If. Morris as first payment
upon an automobile. Ralston left with
his wife on a honeymoon trip in
thf> machine. When the forgery was
discovered inspectors were put on his
trail and the honeymoon was cut short.
flalston was , convicted on.this charge
and sentenced to San Quentin for two
years. He obtained his release in
lMt. He is SI years old.
The police say that Ralston is a
typical confidence man. He makes a
good appearance and is a convincing
talker. That he has left a trail of
spurious checks over the greater part
of the state was the statement today
of Inspector Kyle. Before he was ar
rested a full investigation was made
o< the Hobbs charge and the authori
ties say they have a strong case.
"I did all I could," said Mrs. Ralston
today. "I did not know that Albert
had been In prison when I was mar
ried to him, but I would have forgiven
him that if he had kept straight. But
he is crooked and I don't see what else
can be done. T shall sue for a separa
tion right away.
"About two months ago, when we
wore living at the Continental hotel in
Francisco, he attempted to kill me
with a butcher knife. He said he had
decided to commit suicide, but when he
killed himself he would take me with
him. My screams attracted friends in
an adjoining apartment and my life
waa saved. When he procured the
money from my father, he said he had
!iis life insured and that the insurance
would fully cover the amount. , This
was not true. On another occasion
he borrowed , $100 from a friend of my
father. lie has been guilty in many
other wayF."
Weekly Total Iβ 79 Structure*, to
( ONt Sum of f8N,462
OAKLAND, Feb. 13.—The building
permits issued for the week total 79,
i-Hlling for an expenditure of $88,462!
The summary follows:
rUseifiration of buildings— Permits. Cost
One t-T.iry dwellings S7 $4;s,i;in
One am] a half story dwelling*... 2 A.7M)
Two Btory dwellings 7 U."i!"f>o
HDP story st"r»' 1 I.(Km
Tank frame* '2 O-Vt
HnrngfH .1 420
Kh«><i(t :; »iOO
Alterations, additions and repairs. 24 11,312
Total 70 $58,462
SAX LKANDKO, Feb. 13.—The fol-
Isr.ving delegates have been appointed
by the Alta Mira cub to the Alameda
district convention of the California
Federation of Women's Clubs: Mrs.
L. Walrath, Mrs. D. U. Toffelmeir. Miss
C. Anderson; alternates, Mrs. A. Doo
little, Mrs. Amzy Cary and Miss Ethel
Graff; president, Mrs. J. N. Franck, and
liist vice president, Mrs. Leo Best. The
ion vent ion will be held in Ebell hall,
Oakland, February 18, 19 and 20.
Piles, diseases of the lower bowel.
Dr. Reese, 830 Market, S. F.—AdvU

Valentine Hop Planned
Young Folk Will Dance
Charming granddaughters of United States Senator George C. Perkins, who
tvill give St. Valentine's party Saturday night.
Grand Daughters of U.
S. Senator Will
OAKLAND, Feb. 13.—The younger
social set of Oakland is looking for
ward with pleasant anticipation to the
St Valentine's dance Saturday evening
at United States Senator George C.
Perkins' home, Palm Knoll. <
The dance is to be given by Mrs.
Perkins in honor of her granddaugh
ters, Miss Ethel Perkins and Miss Alys
Perkins Smith.
Elaborate plans are being made for
the event and 100 young persons have
received invitations bidding them to
the affair.
Although Miss Perkins and Miss
Smith are well known here and have
been active in the affairs of their set.
neither has been presented formally to
The dance will be concluded by a
Latham Memorial to Be Presented to
City Washington's Birthday
OAKLAND, Feb. 13.—Plans were com
pleted today for the unveiling cere
monies of the Latham memorial foun
tain at the gore of Sixteenth street.
Telegraph avenue and Broadway, to be
held Washington's birthday. The ad
dress on behalf of the city accepting
the figure of marble and bronze will be
made by Mayor Frank K. Mott, while
T. C. Judklns, president of the Society
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Ani
mals, will also speak. The fountain j
was given by Alice Latham and Milton
Latham as a memorial to their parents,
pioneers of Oakland.
RICHMOND. Feb. 13. —While driving
through the subway in Macdonald ave
nue late last evening H. H. Turley, a
prominent realty dealer and clubman of
this city ran his automobile into a
steel stanchion supporting the railroad
tracks overhead, upset the machine
and was pinned beneath it. Though
seriously hurt, his injuries are not
[ Oakland Brevities
♦- ——— —"■
Jerry Brighton and Williaui F. I.ittlefleia were
arrested on a charge of uttering fictitious checßs
John Papas, arrested for having i<piuni in n»
forfeited *100 bail by failing to ap
pear In thp police court. A bench warrant was
it-sued for his arrest.
Manurl Muncie, a schoolboy 1" years, old. was
opposed to being vaccinated, md when he was
told by his teacher that be would hare H un
dergo tlif" operation before ho < ould return
school .and the teacher was upheld by the boy
parents he derided to run away. His disa
pearanee was reported to tne police today by b
John Johnson, who was arrested by Ppecl
Officer Wesley Bates behind a counter in th
Oakland French laundry in Seventh street aft
he had gained entrance through a transom, w
held to the superior court on a charge of bu
glnry today hv Polfc* Judge Mortimer Smith.
C. H. Edwards, proprietor of a shoe gtore a
Twelfth street and Broadway, reported to t
police that thieveg broke into his store and rifle<
the cash register of $14.2". A bnrglar enter
a house in Lake street between Madison and Oa
and secured articles valued at $2.".
The preliminary hearing of Archie Be
charged with forging the name of Mrs- Bern
Boyer to an order for $9r.0, was commenced b
for.- Police Jodge Oorge Samuels and addition
testimony will he taken February 17.
J. C. West"*iberg appeared !n court to nnswe
to a charge of conducting a pay lecture wtthou
a license. Westenherg was defended by Robe
Burns and the greater part of the day was tak
up in securing n Jury. Westenberg is also under
a charge of criminal libel made by Chief of
I'olice Petersen.
Among otlier things, testifying that a ol»h
thrown by Edward Francis struck their baby in
top pyp, "Mrs. M»ry Francis sued for a divorce
In Judge Ponahue's court. Francis denied the
charge* and is contesting the ca*e.
George P. Bryant sued for divorce from Mane
Bryant today, alleging desertion.
Arguments over A. J. Stephenson's attempt to
quash a manslaughter charge by habeas corpus
proceedings were heard in Judge Waste's court.
The heariug was not concluded.
President W. K. Gibson and Secretary A. A.
Denison of the Chamber of Commerce hay re
turned from Sucrmnento. where they were speak
er* last evening at the annual banquet of tb«
Sacramento Chamber of Commerce. The direct
ors of the chamber will meet tomorrow evening
U a committee of ti>«» whole at the Hotel Oak
land f>>r a discussion of plans and outline of
policy f'>r the organization for the coming year.
A. Hansen of Modesto and two friends had a
nurrow escape trkm Hansen drove hie automo
bile Into » bank ilie Canyon inn on the
Dublin road. The party wan precipitated into
niad and received severe bruises.
Branch No. 1 of the Cntholic ladies' Aid so
ciety will bold a whist p*rty in St. Mary's hall.
Seventh an , ! Grove streets, on the evening of
Kuster Monday. The affair is in the bands of
Mrs J. F Kelly, assisted by a committee.
This Shampoo Helps
to Dry the Hair
"It may sound paradoxical to say
that shampooing helps dry the hair,"
writes Mac Martyn, in the New York
Star, "but it is a fact that women
using canthrox in cleansing the hair
and scalp find their tresses dry quicker
than when shampoo mixtures arc*
used. Aside from this, it leaves the
scalp in a vigorous" condition and
gives the hair its natural glossy ap
'"Next time you wash your head try
this simple recipe: Dissolve a tea
spoonful of canthrox in a teacup of
hot water. Pour on the head and rub
briskly until the scalp is thoroughly
massaged,- then rinse well.
"Canthrox costs but a trifle, but the
only certain way to get it pure is to
buy an original package."
At Cost
Oak fuel Wood
I have a carload coming for
my own use, but want to sell
part of it. Any length desired.
Merritt 4310.
< ommleslouer Turner, Taken to Task
by Mayor, Acts Peevish
OAKLAND, Feb. 13.— E. F. Garrison,
county auditor, asked the city council
today for an appropriation of $100 from
the entertainment fund toward defray
ing the expense of the state conven
tion of county auditors, which will
open next Wednesday. F. C. Turner,
commissioner of public health and
safoty, refused to vote and was taken
to task by Mayor Frank K. Mott, who
told him that he ought to take either
one side or the other. Turner arose,
voted "no" and left the room. Garri
son's request was referred to the
Chamber of Commerce, the Merchants'
exchange and the progress and pros
perity committee and will be granted
if these organizations act on it favor
Son of Berkeley Uxecntlve Fined for
Speeding: Despite Father's Plea
OAKLAND. Feb. 13.—Mayor J. Stitt
Wilson of Berkeley appeared in the
court of Police Judge George Samuels
today, where his son, William Glad
stone Wilson, was on trial for exceed
ing the speed limit in his automobile.
Mayor Wilson told Judge Samuels that
as a public official he was very much
in favor of punishing all violators of
the speed limit, but he was convinced
that his son was going only 18 miles
an hour when he was stopped by Pa
trolman Tillotson. Young Wilson was
$10, which was paid by Mayor
lifiJr tit §\Q % "ffr
if Can ■D>- e -,-j__ #k COR. MARKBTI COR. WASHINGTON i.t««j tomfcdC*"**. Mzf A
I i?tp f\ I Ban Francisco ABrp 4TH ~ ANW ttTH aT<l . Oakland | /\ '^γ! smsl\ &3: i\
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W Orin 2)O« 2)0 allU an<l ,isle hose for r ' lP " in Macks and
viMivvjyv »•«-»• colors. These are excellent qualities.
r% C 1 IVT i. None arc so blind as those who will not be shown. Aonc are so extravagant as those reinforced heeis and toes, and h»ve
Un bale INOW at who neglect evident opportunities for saving. Opportunity for good dressing at a very small g&^bSwJS 1 b£n w'Zn
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CT Prices on high-class Suits and Overcoats are down to the very bottom and big savings nic box € of P six pa J rrs te at b this th speci^
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Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wade
Entertain Prospective
Bride and Groom
Bates Residence Closed and
Family Leaves for Visit
to Sonoma County
OAKLAND, Feb. 13.—1n honor of Miss
Madeline Clay and her. fiance, Warren
Harrold, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wade
entertained at a dinner this evening
in San Francisco. The group of friends
later made up a theater party. The
wedding of Miss Clay and Harrold may
occur in April.
* * *
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Bates Jr.
have closed their Adams Point resi
dence, leaving- for a short visit to the
country place of Mrs. Bates' mother,
Mrs. J. R. Burnham, in Sonoma county.
Mr. and Mrs. Bates plan a tour of
southern California in March, attend
ing the tennis tournament at Coro
Mrs. Stuart Hawley will open her
Twenty-ninth street home tomorrow to
a group of friends whom she will en
tertain at luncheon. Bridge will be
the diversion of the later hour. Mrs.
Hawley will give a series of similar
affairs during the spring months.
* * *
Clubwomen particularly are con
cerned in the illness of Mrs. J. W. Orr
of San Francisco, president of the Cali
fornia Federation of Women's Clubs.
Mrs. Orr is not critically ill, but has
been obliged to cancel many important
dates in the early February. Her
friends hope that she will recover suf
ficiently to appear on the program of
the Alameda district federation next
week in Ebell clubhouse.
* # *
Two prospective brides of Oakland,
Miss Marguerite Parr and Miss Bernice
Bronson, were honored at the elaborate
luncheon which Miss Ruth Slack, a
bride elect of the spring, gave this aft
ernoon at the Slack family home in
San Francisco. A number of guests
crossed the bay for the occasion, which
was rounded out by an hour at the
bridge tables.
Miss Slack has planned her wedding
with Judge Edgar Zook for the even
ing of Wednesday, April 23. The mar
riage will be at the home of the
bride's parents.
# * -:f
Mrs. A. T. Ellis opened her Linda
Vista home yesterday to a small group
of friends whom she entertained at
bridge and tea.
Plans are being perfected which if
successful will assure the establish-
ment of a musical renter in Alameda.
A series of a half dozen or more sub
scription evening concerts in which
will appear distinguished artists is
being arranged. They will be given
in the larger private homes of the city,
with 150 »guests on each occasion.
Among those who are particularly in
terested in the preliminary work is
Mrs. Kollmyer.
The friends who make up the per-
I sonnel of one of the winter's card clubs
i were entertained yesterday by Mrs.
I Fred Vickery at her home in Clare
j mont. Bridge and tea was the diver
sion of the hour.
* » »
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gardiner sailed
yesterday for the Hawaiian islands,
where they will spend their honey-
Regina Vicarino to Appear
for Fund in Interest of
New Hospital
OAKLAND, Feb. 13.—The announce
ment of the appearance of Reglna
Vlcarino, star of the Lambardi Grand
Opera company, on the program of the
benefit recital to be given Monday
night at Hotel Oakland for the Ala
rneda county baby hospital, has served
greatly to stimulate interest in the
The plans for the recital are being
completed by the directors of the hos
pital, who will act as hostesses at
the function.
The directors are Mrs. James de
Frerrtery, Miss Bertha Wright, Mrs. E.
V. Hathaway , Mrs. Wiekham Havens,
Mrs. Samuel Bell Wakefleld, Miss Mabel
Weed, Mrs. Frank K. Mott. Mrs. Frank
L. Adams, Mrs. Allan K. Babcock, Mrs.
Friedricks, Mrs. Walter Shorkley, Miss-
Christie Taft, Mrs. A. A. Moore Jr.,
Mrs. Duncan McDuffle, Mrs. Charles It.
Lloyd, Mrs. M. A. Anderson, Mrs. W. B.
Seabury, Mrs. I* W. Storer, Mrs. H. C.
Capwell, Mrs. Giles Easton, Mrs. \V. J.
Hotchkiss, Mrs , . H. M. Webster, Mrs.
Edward Engs, Mrs. Myrtle Smith, Mrs.
E. L. Parsons. Mrs. Clifton Macon, Mrs.
Lucille Knowland and Miss Lida Gar
Other features of the entertainment
will be Lowell Redfield, the popular
barytone, accompanied by Mrs. Red
field, and Herman Montonne, the tal
ented violinist. Tickets have been
placed on sale at the newsstand of
Hotel Oakland and at Sherman Clay &
Co.'s store. Tickets also may be ob
tained from any of the directors.
BERKELEY, Feb. 13.—Members of
the socialist party applied to City Clerk
Walter J. Seaborn today for nomina
tion petitions to obtain necessary sig
natures for the placing of their mu
nicipal ticket, headed by Mayor J. Stitt
Wilson, on the ballot. At the same
time, C. E. Ayer put into circulation
his amended petitions for the recall
of Councilman E. Q. Turner. Ayer
wants to have the recall election
against Turner held at the same time
moon. Mrs. Gardiner was formerly
Miss Ruth Tisdale.
* * *
In honor of Miss Elizabeth Cornwall,
whose wedding with George R. Kings
land is named for the evening of
Wednesday. February 26, Mrs. Ross G.
Wilcox will entertain tomorrow at her
home in Berkeley. The affair will be
in the nature of a Valentine party,
with cards lending the diversion.
Miss Ruth Putnam and Miss EdJth
Putnam will depart in 'April for the
orient, planning an interesting tour of
Japan. They have been spending the
winter in California from their home
in Washington, D. C, making their
headquarters in Berkeley. Congres
sional Librarian Putnam of Washing
ton is their brother.
* * #
Mrs. Charles Hubhard and Mrs. Ed
ward Hale Oampbey have sent out
cards for a series of two large bridge
parties at which they will entertain on
Wednesday and Thursday, February
26 and 27. Since coming to California
Mrs. Campbell has been extensively
feted and been hostess at. a number of
small affairs. Her sister, Mrs. Hub
bard, recently returned from a sum
mer spent abroad.
Oaklanders and San Fran
ciscans Ready to Make
Way With Rubbish
Mayor Mott and Mayor
Rolph Will Handle Shovels
In the Common Cause
OAKLAND, Feb. 13.—Further plans
for the bfg lot cleaning crusade, which
will result on Saturday afternoon ir
the conversion of the unsightly block
adjoining the Chamber of Commerce,
at Thirteenth and Harrison streets,
Into an attractive park, were made at
a luncheon this nocn at the Hotel Oak
land, attended by members of the joint
committee from the various boosting
organizations and clubs. Kenneth
Miliican, chairman of the general
committee, acted as chairman of the
luncheon and outlined the work to be
The affair, first organized as a weed
pulling contest, ha,d gone beyond the
original plans, and now the force of
workmen, originally numbering prom
inent business men, includes Governor
Hiram Johnson, Mayor James Rolph of
San Francisco, Mayor Frank K. Mott
of Oakland and Commissioners Harry
Anderson and William J. Baccus. The
work will be preceded by addresses by
the governor. Mayor Mott, Mayor
Rolph. Chairman Kenneth Millican
and prominent business men. All will
don overalls.
The lot will be converted into a neat
little park, with gravel paths and
fruit trees and flower bushes.
The city's, guests will be served a
luncheon at the Hotel Oakland. There
will also be a reception to 500 women
at the Hotel Oakland during the aft
Tomorrow evening a final meeting
of the committees and workmen will
take place in the Chamber of Com
The following working committees
were appointed by Chairman Millican
today: Stunts. H. V. Lafier, chairman.
Max Horwinskl and GJen C. Barnhart;
gravel inspection, P. W. Morehouse,
chairman. Lee Bertillion, W. W. Keith;
ladies' reception, Kenneth Millican,
chairman, George Reed, Louis Aber.
C. J. Heeseman has been appointed of
ficial water carrier and Glen C. Bard
hart treasurer of the army.
RICHMOND, F%b. 13.—The inquest
to investigate the death of State Game
Warden Bert Blanchard, who was mur
dered Sunday. February 2. in the hills
east of this city, will be held Wednes
day afternoon. February 19.
Alameda News Notes
Surveys have been made by the city engineer
for the extension of TTiir.l strppf between Taylor
■nil Pacific avenues. Tljp extpnsion will run
through one of the largest truck gardens in tue
Frank Frnga. employed by Oeorge K. Plutu
mpr & Son in their planing mill, was treated at
the pmprftPDoy hospital today for a gprprr gash
In thp right thigh cjuwii by n planar knife.
Qeoyge Bryant, a machinist st thp Uatted Kn
ginppring vTork*. was trPatPil for a severed finger
tip that was caught in a lathp.
AlamPda chaptrr No. 70. Royal Arch Mason*.
haß lssm-il inritations to tb<» various local Hα
fonie fraternftles to attf-nd a so«-ial end cnttT
talnn>p;it this pvpninz in Masonic templf.
AftT rtinninE away from homp ami supporting
thPmspiTos for h wppk by selling matches, two
t>trf*—W*TTW Dote of ISO.'! Broadway am! I>ow.\y
Fr'enna of 7 Peaso avenuo- wpio takpn into <*»*■
tody by pptPCtivp William Wahnmth. Frpnna
na« f«>nt to the detention homo and Pure was
turned ovpr to his parpnts.
Alaiueda Horseman Calls Ipon Oakland
Doctor and Ends With Flntle
OAKLAND, Feb. 13.—Dr. R. A. Archi
bald, city veterinarian and meat In
spector, and Dr. J. J. Haggerty, his as
sistant, fell out today with It. J. a.
Hill, a horesman and veterinarian of
Alameda, and in the contest which fol
lowed Drs. Archibald and Haggerty are
said to have been somewhat disfigured,
while Hill emerged unscathed.
Doctor Hill, who is president of the
8010 club, an organization composed of
Spanish-American war veterans, and is
more than six feet in height, is said
to have had no trouble in disposing in
summary fashion of his opponents.
Hill went into the office of Archibald
at Twenty-sixth • and Webster streets
this morning. Hill is accused of saying
that he would secure most of Archi
bald's private veterinary work, and at
this Archibald and Haggerty took um
brage and the three fell to it with their
Trouble has been brewing for some
time between Archibald and Hill, who
are business rivals. Hill talked freely
of the row, but Archibald had nothing
to say.
No arrests have been made.
fw\ Wa,er
at the -=.
Springs Cj
For 50 years the Ju
! standard Mineral $&&&
Water for the relief of jf2g&
Sour Stomach, Indi- ■J^
! gestion and Uric
J Acid. Pure and y^
■ pleasant — it is unex-
celled for table uses. !m^W^
< orrect 111-Shaped A'otieM. Outstanding
Earn. Thick Lip*. Scare. Pitting*.
Sagged or Lined Faces, Hollow Check*.
Thin Necks. Receding or Doable China.
Remove Superfluouai Hair, Moles,
Freckles and all Facial Blemishes.
Consultation Tree.
Pantasres Theater Bids., Suite fiOl-3.
Hours: O to 5; Sunday. 10 to 12.
Phone Kearny 2383
Wrp XTTPQC! (Of Harris & Hesa,
. J.< IlliOO Attorneys)
Phone Kearny 232
Residence Phone West 9481
425 McAllister strket.

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