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-5" T'nion !>2.r>2Va
1 ,1 Uoion 1)2.r>0
{0 I! 1 """ 82.37%
■■' ' inon 02.2.")
ttloo Trovidonc 105.90
Prevident i 7 106.50
lion Provident s 7 105.57%
Dited oil 85
1000 I nited oil :;•;
"• Amalgamated 83.50
-000 Katioaal P«dk tt%
AftiTiiiMin Otaalon
W T'nion Provident B 7 105.23
60 Union I'rovidc:>t 105.50
100 Union I'roTidrnt 1(M?.00
10 Union on «.K>.l2V.
10 Untou oil , 02.25
00 Vnion Oil 02.30
20 t?l 82.73
-'" AniHisaniatcd 85.50
..(! 48.23
2000 Kattoea] Pacific 03%
Grain Market
a portion of Thurs'
California white Australian, nominal; Cali
fftrnta" pluh.-"$l.. r i7»4tSil:eo per etl; northern club.
*[email protected]: Tnrkey rod, > - , I.:.''-.; Rus
sian red. ■■ [email protected]: forty-fold. 91.60&
l-OiVi; blu<>su>iu, |1.67V4ei.72Vi- ;
Jvo "'•'at inns. .. ' -
Karley--Yesterday was another flay of prneral
•UiUccss in the local pit, not a sale of futures
being recorded mi titter session of the grata
trad*. Both options were firmly held in the
nmriilns, when the highest bids vm« about -<•
below tlio askine prices. In th' , aftPriioon »ell
ers showed a-willingness to make eoaeauMWi
but they wore unable to interest bviycrs at the
prices asked. The spot market had a steady tone.
with choice feed firmly held at 11.5T , -.-. -
Choice feed. $I.:;7V< per rtl: No. 1 do. $1.32' i
SIM; off grides. $1.£T%ei.30; northern feed,
$1.25(311.30; Bhlpping ami brewing, ?I.37'j'g;
L42Vj; chevalier, nominal.
11 a. m. Session
N<> (rHiiinp. May and December closed at
$1.30 Vi bid. $1.32% asked.
2 p. in. Session
Both option* were inactive. Mar closed »'
$1.30 bid. $1.31 iiske<l, and December 'at $1.30
bid, $1.31 Vj asked.:.
Oats — Red, 11.36A3 per ct!: Mack, rominal:
spot white feed, $1.4r.c ( /i.,".1">. for choice &cd
[email protected] for stained.
Corn—Eastern vetlew. carload lots. $1.30@
1.31: do white, $1.32® Lβ; Egyptian white,
nominal; Kaffir $1 50
Rye—ls offering at [email protected] per ctl.
Foreisrn Futures
W'h-'Rt ■— March Msy July
Opening 7 4" s 7 2 1 -, 7 lii
Closing 7 r.'g t 2% 7 2V*
Wheat - Fob. Mar Aug.
Opening 11.43*6 $1,424
Clwieg i.-trjsg 1.42||
Floor, per bsrrri - Feb. Mar.-Ang.
Opening $H.4K |6.37
>;.!•- e.Jd
Future 'irnin mid Provision*
f'niCAOO, I>b. H.— 11l eff-ct* ..f dry wesfh«>r
in Nebraska )<:id western Ks I wheat
today to develop strength. Thp market etoaM
Bt' sdy tit !in Rorftnce of 'v , ' t ,l *ie ''et. Con ;
coined '.> to %c i - to "v. 1
ermie in provision* was last night to
I ;■■ UP.
pullers, who dli«i>layed an aggressive
s-i>irit in the first part of ttie day. took friprht
later at the manner in which offi" nigs <>f wheat
bejreri had been act
l telling of im- I
t':i irprl crop proapeets. Afterward portions i»f |
- 9 •.,:«i.«.-;i '■« the district said to be \
. k 'if moisture.
tin \\> ■■•!(■■) firraßMß »t r.lTprpix>l in the face
■if yost"! - i'n.\ 's w< thla pMe put the
wheat bears >t ■ dlmdva.Bta<«.< WorW siilp
■ -d to be light, and there ni still
im"! "f rom for 1 is<li■». It w«e not, however,
until hnllisb eilviret un" , from thp vftt that
the aaarket rteel#>!yery t'xik gn upwanl bond.
On the n !c !up price* were holding within of
the i>" ! ' -• --;ion.
Tt l«i . - lar to press the selli".); i
-'■'.<■' .if market. f'ffrrings were tnkeri j
in l»v ■ •: ;■>,! thpre whs h ccnpral
stampcii t ■ iiww .-ft i material nd'aivv. Xt- j
porf i-h'.l w.is . :. kintr except :it ■ wide, diacuaet.
Oats v" •",! lover becaOM "f liffipinp sales.
-tine erdert to buy when '
whf-Ht i: ie •>r-n hotb rallied.
RelnTe«tnient by long* who mM oet prerlsiotw
last week more than offset early decHnia Hnf to
. market. Latest tmdinc
showed ■• in ;iU the active deilv- j
prffs of pork, bird nnd ribs.
CHICMJO Feb. H.—E. r. Battoa & Co.'s
wirp says;
"Wh*< ' ■-•:■ short seiHnu ttkh s
■ kPt '>aHy. T'npxripfted
1 ■ .■':•.wlni: jreeter<Jay'B brpak
berp lij: gb*r start, but tbert WM
very tt - I >"■■ • : ■.- were i
by priv-t" wir<> ponwrDS. >m<l nborU
61 the strtmjtth th-it 'l"voloppd. Cootrfbet
■ret"' ' ■ ■ v
fear* from rtry weather in that
state and in K:iii-h-. BblpmPQts fell a
little sho'-t "f expectations.. Seaboard laid flaini
ida "' wheat. This daice
made when the market wan :it its p ■''•
K?:pr.rt clearance* wore light Ht 40<:.0«i(.> in]«=lie!*=.
fasb Wheat cootroeea eesj :;> cmtalde marV:et«,
bnt Joly delivery has been eemparattrely firm.
('■<h wheat sales roported. 40.0fx: bvabete.
"Cob her grains, there was too
!inp by speculators early, and
n stampede to cover nt hiehcr prices
!:iter. Offerings \tere absorbed by strong inter
pete, and the market rallied sharply, after being
lianußPrerl tower early. Kxport call ha« been
lacking today, except at a very wide 6
from th. May delivery prices. Actual sales re-
195.000 bushels, compared with «25,n00
bnshels yesterday. Wpek't export
- 711.000 bushels. Export c'.parances today, 370,
"Oats —riats have covered very much the same
funeral c< irae a« wbeet nnd corn, and the infin
eaoH 1.--ive ber-n very much the same. Short s<-H
--iag triy. and the t-horts wore pay
hjj penalties by covering at higher prices later.
General trade not n< laree a= yesterday. Cash
d«raand ban been poor. Shipping sales reported,
120.000 bosbeia.
'•Provisions —Provision* opened lower becanse
"f a break of RQlOc in hojrs at yards, this
forcing able liquidation by Innpv Tiie
]!«niidati(p|) wag soon over, and one r>t the longs
- Id ont lart vrfPk at higher prices
uyinjt on today's slump, and entiv
•■ • ••• d. llri)r run west. 60.00U
v rh BB,tßo last year."
< a»h <ir«in aitd Provision*
CHICAGO. Feb. 14.—Cash quotations were a* ;
Corn —No. -'. 49Vie; No. 2 yellow. ]
IT"-, '.r4M.>: NO. " white, 48*44 I
H i '/40> .o; No. 4. 45%g& \
'•■■'. 4 white, 40(rt4RHc; Xo. 4 yrllow. #S
Ryi S r.4c. Barley—SOQ
L 73. Clover— I
>fw York <Jraln Market
NEW YORK. Feb. 14.— Flour—Alnmt steady, |
vith a modemte iobbinsr trade.
Wheats-Spot, y.nti: Ko. 2 red. $1.08 eWator
11.00*4 f. o. i>. .iflc.it. nominal; No. 1 north
th $1.00*4 f. o. b. afloat. Patarea r;il
-1 <*d from the v-■•'•tit decline on cov>rinjr. due to
-. hireer c!earatice< «nd winif Ipss
■ e*op adVlcee, ckwtßg unchanged to v,<- |
Experl Hies. 20 loads. May. 98 5-18
"/1W 1-iee. eloaed at tfk.-; July, closed 97 T s c;
September, rioted
Bondfii wbt-at —May, closed 96-">4c bid; July,
Khiihum City <ir*tn
KANSAS CITT, Feb. 14. —Wheat—No. S hard.
No. 2 red, 99c(trj i
S< . 3. !Miet&sl.
Com—No. 2 mixed Mr; No. S, 4T' 4 «-; No. I
white, No. 3. flTtt*.
No. -J. whit • . • U%c; No. mixed.
its—Wheat, 63 carm.
Northwest Wheat
TACOMA. Feb. 14. —Wheat - Blnestem. !»2fe
ri4r: f.irt.i fold, 92®94c; club, 82@84c; red Uus-
Bian. 8
Beeelptu- -Wheat, ::4 cars; barley, 2 ears; corn,
2 •■Hγ-: nats - car-: bay. 14 c*TB.
SEATTLE. Feb. 14.—Wheat -Bluestem. 94Vie;
chib, B9c; nfe, Ssc; red Ru*
slau, •
Veeterday's receipts—Wheat, 00 rare; oats. 0
irley, -"i can: li.'iy. 38 cars; flour, 7 cars.
POETXAND, feb. 14.— Vfbnt. track price*—
hifaKif, bluentem. 94CS05C; forty-fold,
SO: rc<i Russian, 83e; valley, s<;..
is Wbe.it. 38 cars; barley, 4 cars;
Hear, 11 ens; oats, :; can; hay, i car.
Minneapolis <;rain Mnrket
\;iNVK.\roi.IS Voh. |4.—Wheat—May. S7%c;
3nlr, #)%c; September, <-ii.<h—No. 1 hard,
■-.<.. i northern. Nβ. 2 north
ern No. li bard Moutana, S7%c; No.
;; wlifi. WJtpSg^ie.
I'orn N«. -'I yellow. 44®44^c.
'•h's No. '■'> white. n@3l^r.
rial $i.:; 2 !-.
Karb'\ M<^sSc.
liran--$ 19.80.
Floor—Local patent*, $4.:30<g4.RT»: other pat
ents, $4.15@4.. R io: first clears, $3.1003.40; sec
ond clears, [email protected].
lMilufl! I.indeed
nWUTB. Feb. 14.—Linseed—$1.3314; May,
91JS Wd; Ji'l. v . *l-ie% asked.
■ l".\. rircording to «ize, tnit sales were rather
■lew, owing to the enormous supply and com
parative oh«>apDPsi« of California apples. There
were no new arrivals of oranges, hut that made
no difference to dealer*, hm every oru- in tne
was carrying lieavy stocks, whlrh were
moving Blowlr despite the warm, sunny weather.
lemons and grapefruit were firmly held at the
ulii quotations.
Apples (per box) —Fancy 4 tier reds, TScQSI,
witu Boae nleetad bringinp 4 tier
r<"d pmrmains, h»llfl>wer. 650@5l for
3% «n<l 4 Uer nml TO@7sc for tier: white
•r Inter peirmain? Newtown ptpplas,
J1.2."fr;1.3.". for 3Vj tier. Ssr@sl for 4 tier, and
♦ ' T-fi(ij,c,r,f for tier; comixjou to cUolce fruit,
Hi'«-«-ipt« of Produce February 14 fiOe.
l'loiir <r ■%» 7.W0 leather, nlll ••- '• f 'itrns Fruit (p<»r $2.75@
~i,.v etls 2." 1"> Tallow, ctle .... 1" j 3 for fancy, $2')'JC2.SO for choice; frosted r.i
<»Ht» " ctls :t4n IliiU-f, No 2n*. BOc@$l; tanjcerlDiv. sfsmlani boxes. 92® 2.50
Iteen's fks '..... I.os2!lV]ts. No 90 for choice nni! %\9t\.lT\ for <-onimon: need-
Torn ' ctls ..... I.WVlJraf, 500 !*8« yrepefmit, $1.50<a(3.50; Florida do, #5e5.50;
Potatoes eke ... 3.9oO!.SuKar, ctls 16,000 lemons, for choice and fancy, and %*.:&%
onions eks eoOlWlDe, Ratal 88,006 4 for standard: rrostwl lemons. $1.50^2.50;
,j tors 421'~'"»1. tons . firt I lcmotiett'rs, M.StHSJf! Mexican iiim>s nomioal.
i Straw, tons "III! "o;Luuil>cr, M ft I'D I Trupfc*] Fi-uits — 303 Mi« per lb for
Local Markets
' Wool, sks B3| Paper, !h!ls HI
M. (). feed. XXX. . 4:,<i kpples, h\s 24C
■ Screenings, sks.. 910! Wood, cords J<J
Feed sli.s T , -;
Beans, sks 2.14 C
Flour, qr sks 5.144 r ßran. sks <2d
Wheat, ctis 4,r,i.j Si .:ts aka S«C
Hums (per n>) - California B. II- brand, 19c:
M & l>, brain!. 20c: Nceiea. 12% c; I'vlmroee,
21c; Rwtefß Star. skinned. -Me; Monarch.
lT'-falSo; picnics, Me.
Bacon—Prhi.!-..!■■•■, 4 to 6 It>s, 29c; Kastern Star,
4 to C lbs 28c, i> to H lbs tSe, 8 to I<> lbs 24c. 10
to 32 1h« 23q: Arrow. X to 10 Ibe 2" ! ; .<\ 10 to 12
Rμ 22% c; medium bacon, ISV-.c: lisht medium.
light dry .salted bacon, 8 to 10 lbs 21c. 10
to 12 lbs 2<.e: sugar cored, (i to s lbs, L>:>e.
California Bacon —M. B L. brand. 4 to S Ibg
2(l' ~-. 8 to 10 lbs 2-", i..,.; h. a. brand. 4 to 8 lbs
23ȣe. S to 10 Iba 22% c
Cottolene— Half bbls. 10c: 1 tierce, 10%e; 2
tierces. 10% c: 5 tierces. i0v.,0 per 1b: Califene,
10W for 1 tierce. 10%'- for 2 tierces. lOVie for
.". threes and 10% C for lialf bbls and tubs; case*,
: ST. »
Eastern I.Rrd and Oil . Western Meat brand—
I.srd. Uercea i:>uc: ."»o- (per cm*), $6.88; 10s,
$8.05; r.s. J8.88 ; "s. $8.70; compound larrt,
' tierces '.»'.,'•; ".(is i |>.T we), S4.VS: 10s. S6.ld;
r>s. $0.'2.!: ":is. $0."0; ypllow cooking oil. 56e prr
KHllon; white rwklac o;l, 08c pcf gallon; salad
oil. (Etc p'* r jrnllon.
California I'ure Lard. M. &- L. bran<1 —Tierces,
1".-: (;iiis. 1 to a iTiso. $(>.(.:?: 4 to a case. $10.70;
larpc this, t! to ■ <iiso. |8.23; uinlium. 12 to a
(iiM- $s.:«: email; 20 to a cane, $8.4 C.
California Compound Itird. H. 11. brand —riprce
b;is!-. !)<•: cans, 1 to a <-;is.- MBs; 4 to n case,
$TSO; tins. 8 to ■ <as-. &.»; 12s. |5.»3 per
Kfi $'! per case; M. & L. salad oil. tierce
i U*ftis <"..'ic: M & 1., rook'ng oil. We for white and
C*c for yellw; Biscola. tiercen llVijC. buckets
;i . half bbls ll%c, -ases $7.50.
Beef—Extra family, family aud mess beef, $24
! per bbl.
Pork—Extra prime in barrels. $21; pig pork.
$2t>; pigs' feet. |S.9Q tyr half bbls. $2.20 for 2o
lb kegs and $1.50 for kits.
Vert Market
UK! "SS:.i- \ir.ATS
Slausfht'Ti rs' rai > to ■!■ alers and butchers are
as follows: • «/,,,/•.,
e#ef—u<Bll V 4 *, per '■''-' ■' r s rr ef s .
for cows au l heifers.
Veal—ll(gl2c for tatftt and 12@loc ror
>rutton—Wether-!. ewes. 9@OM-c.
Lambs— l2<4@ 13c per lh.
]>".->ed Pork M ip r lb>—lOfllllc.
The following cnotatfonf ■• <• for Rood, Bound
I llrosfork, ilcUvcn I In* id Francisco, gross
wcipht: ~
No 1 stoers. ■ " '(7i;e un "
der iC.o !!>- U rid |ii:iiity. all weights,
•era, -l^H-V
--\ . 1 r.tvvs and lieifer*. !i®e«e; second qnal
itv. ctHiimoa to thin, undesirable
cows 4->J 4'■■<■. . . ,_ V.
Desirable bulls :\nd stags. 3'l 1..-: .ialf fat
or thin balls, IQSe.
Calves—Lightweight, per Ib . "y" , * 1 ': nicdium,
heavy. G@6c. ■
sj[ lecj ,_Pesirablo wethers, unshorn. »%<3o%c;
ewe s. 4i..''j.4 : ; 4 c; shorn sheep. %C to %£ less.
Vesrlinc lambs. 6%©e%c per lb.
jl, v= < —JHerd pram fed, weighing 100 to 100
lbs, 7'-.jc: 150 to 250 lbs. tyuTfte; 20U lbs and
up, o\<il'c.
Wholesale Fish Market
The ususl active buying for Friday wants held
prices for fish firm yesterday. Spring salmon
was lc higher.
Prices (per lb) —Salmon. 12% c; spring salmon,
16c; halibut, 15c; chicken halibuf; 10c: equate,
8c; red rock. 10c; black rock. —; yellow tail.
—; barracuda. U-: wad dabs, Sc: soles. 7c;
kiiifttlsh, 7c; carp, .">■: smelts. 12M>c; silrer
i smelts. 10c; herrings, Be : tomcods. lOe;
bass, l.'o; perch, —; mackerel, —; white bait,
- : shad, Sc; pike, —; cattish, crawfish,
Th* nbove qnotations represent t. o. b. prices
for cleaned fish, boxed and ked.
Butter, Cheese anil Krrs
In addition to stimulating the In,-a! eOßtamp
tite demand, the slump in prices for eeps attract
ed a targe Tolinne nf busiiies.-i from oetslde points,
ami as a consequence the market braced up yes
tenl.iv. Nearly all at the shipping ord«M re
ceived by lor-al hamllers jester lay were from the
Ptijjet sminii repion nml th» openl:ts lip of this
outlet tor tba accumulated supplies brought about
a readjustmeut of conditions that resulted In ex
tra* advancing !■•. Aside from the addition of.
BeeODOs t" the list there was no other change tn
prices. The market was pretty well cleaned
U]V at the close of business yesterriay Hnrt eren
green produce merchant*, who reoetre atore i it*
were Iβ a position to dispose of ail of their hold
ings at satisfactory prices.
Thursday's decline in butter had a tendency to
toe martcat to the extent that prices were
lined without dlfft/ulty yesterday. Tr.p
comparatiTely low price*, which represented a
decline of 7c a aqaan floe fln> week, truve tho
coneuraptlre ticrnaiKl a liea'tliy stimulus, hence
; the eteadfne-s i;. tK market. Tir<t Band dealers
wen > r!ll wary, however, and they showed no
inclination t>> mirch.sse trmlj on !he e\-ch;inge.
intent T o get along srltti what tiiey had
M har.'l. In the efceese department new Oallfor-
Bla fancj tints were h i!f v. cent uicher.
Trad lag on the exchange w*a coaflned to ejrjrs,
the Haleti being a« toQcfftn: 10 crises of extra*
:<t ISe, 199 at l9Vit ami r>o cases of selected
pullets at l«M>e a doae-e.
Kecf.ipts were «2.200 poonda of batter, 6u.000
t '>-,<■■■-■ and 2.237 caaea of eges.
The following are tie ofGdnl qeotationi estah
llabed by sales, bids nnd offers on the floor of the
Palry ejrhar.ge. Prices In the strp^ , . white gov
' orned by the exchange quotations, gen. ra'.ly range
from to tVtC liigher, owing to the various
charges to be added:
? ! 3
C- I CT p- c"
! o I ~ co 5i
Extras 138c |88%«|3ec
Firsts Me i''.4c |aSe EPSc |31e
The average quotation for extra bntter for the
week ended Saturday, February 8, was 36-"ic per
Cheese —Fancy California flats, 17c per lb,
steady; do firsts. 15c, steady; do seconds. 12% c,
steady: fancy Young America*. 17c, stPsrty; rio
firsts. 16<\ steady: Oregon flats. ]7c. steady; do
Yoniisr Araer'cas, ixc: Cmi; New York fancy. 20
. steady: Wisconsin fancy. steady.
Eggs—California fresh, per dozen, cases in
cluded : •
V j ! <*' ' t' j V I *i*
Grades ' ' ' ! " i
-i to. J- *. I *• r ** 1 5
Fxtras . fSk File 'lsvicilSVic
Firsts 28c '20c 18c ;lHc
Socomln : ' ,1 |M ;O
Spftert pull*ts:2:;r - - '*•'■'■■;>■ 1' : '-C
Erk Market tn Nearby Counttee
(Special Dispatch to The Call)
PSTALUMA, Feb. 14.—The egg market is at
the lowest ebb t(v several years. After receipt
of transactions of tlie San Fraatfteco DaJrj and
K(ig exchange. Independent dealer* an<l ("pecula
tors paid off for Thursday's rtelWery at the rate
of 18c for i.itra ranch and IC'jc for selected pul
lets. Tbe delivery was fair.
SANTA CRUZ, Feb. 14.—Kef? quotations were
again (subject to changes today, all jrradee being
quoted lower tiinn San Francisco quotations.
Extras of beat grad» were exceptionally strong at
is.-, while firsts had 1 ibade on pnllets, bringing
1< , , , .c. Dealers paid 15c for seconds or pullets.
Portland Butter Market
PORTLAND, Feb. 14.—Butter —City and coun
try creamery, extras, solid pack, 3(V.
Potatoes, Onions and Vegetable*
Retail tradesmen are ",>ecomln;* tired of paying
fancy prices for asparagus, which is an Indication
that it* tea ceased to be a novelty with coneum
i ra. ami i>eas from the snuth no longer command
tiigb figures unless the quality of the offering is
strictly flret class. Natural growth asparagus
sold at CCSTOc a pound yesterday find forced
lois were offered at 2.")feooc. About half a dozen
sacks "f peas carno in from the south and sales
were reported at 15@20c h pound. Southern let
lii-f was in grfeatty increased supply, causing an
tatler market, and celery was rather «lo\v of
sale and cheaper. (Jreen peppers were elose.ly
'■leaned up and firm with soim , Bew arrivals from
Mexico held at a sharp advance. Florida ecg
plarit nold at ?.o%'3~>e n pound and string beans
from the satin- state wire on sale at 30c. Prices
for potatoes ;ind onions did not fhow tbe least
change, tbe market Ear the former being heavily
stocked and wenk.
Potatoes (per ct'\ tUret Burbanks. :>3@sOc;
Salinas d'>. $191.23; Oregon do. Cuc{<£sJ; sweet
potatoes. $1
Onions (per ctl) — Yellow, OOtgßGe; repicked,
ftfrttHw -Ofen mm, 15*Q20c per lb; Mexi
can tomatoes. $1.5901.63 i>er box- cucumbers,
nominal; jrerlic. per ih; cabbage, 40@
."(<• per ctl: .'>o@4oc per dozen: green
peppers, 1; 12'•';'■/ 'S,■ JH r lb: ra!ro!«. BOC per sack;
cilery. |2£|2.50 per crate; lettuce $I*3l.bu
per orate rot southern; eprosts, Cfi7c p*t lb;
artichokes, [email protected] per doses; .maebrooma, 23c
ft/?! [ier box; rhubarb, per lb; do bay, —.
DecldaouH and f'itruM Krultti
Mexican; $ir<jl.SO per bnnch for Hawaiian and
3>4@4c per !b for Central American; pine
apples, $2(g:3 per dozen.
chlcaso Fruit Market
CHICAGO, Feb. 14.—Apples—A fair business
in barrels is reported but the trade !u box fruit
is quiet. Tiic market is w;'ll supplied with both
k mis. As to pries, dealers say there Is no
rttetkge to note, and ranjte. as below
i and art at jobbing prices. In a small way, espe
i clallv for fancy grades, better prices are asked.
Western box apples — Prices quoted are
for sales In a small way. Large lots .
could uot he moved at these figures. ;
Delicious outside for a few extra fine large.
Jonathan. [email protected]: Grimes' Golilen
outside fancy, [email protected]; wineeape, $1.UT>@1.75;
Spitzenberg. [email protected]; northwest greenings. $1
(31.25; Home beauties $ 1.2.1 (g 1.50, some, fan<\v
largo fct.7s©3; Stamen wineeaps. §1.2361.50:
aristo Muck. [email protected]; bellflower. $1.56ff11.80;
Wagoners, 75e@$l; American reds, 7.le<asl .">(>.
Lemons—Are ruling quiet. Not many Cali
fornia* offered. The shortage in these, however.
is made up by very good offerings of imparted.
Boxen. California fancy, $6.50: extra fancy, $7;
extra choice, $0: Messlnas. $5.75.
Oranges—All really nice orange*, desirable in
quality and size are fairly firm and selling very
well. Largq Floruias are slow. More or less
Horidas also come soft. In order to sell them
they must be repacked. Of Califorolas the offer
ings are small. Few tangerines are really nice.
They art? mainly loose skin and puffy. Supply
of grapefruit is liberal. Boies, California na
v> Is, §4 count $1.75. SO count $2(3:2.50, 90
count $303.25. 120 to 200 fwnt $3. frosted SI..V)
A2.SO: Florida, sound basis, bright, desirable
sixes. $2.25ftf2.30; Indian rivers, outside fancy,
S~. 7.")'</.■>: Husscts, sound basis, desirable sizes,
S2'V;2~2r>: large fruit, SO to 90, russet or bright,
Tanperims —Florida straps, Bound, depending
on size. $1.50(32.50.
Gmpefcolt—Florida, per box, depending on size
and quality, 92Q2.75.
Walnuts—Dull at SOfgGOc.
»>rtnl Fniit, Hnisinv. \iit« and Honey
Prunes —Bulk basis. 2%c per lb: 50s are %c,
40e to 50s l%c and 30s higher.
Other fruits. 1012 crop:
Stand- F>xtra
•SO lb boxes— ard Choice Choice Fancy
Evaporated apples «V4c 5%c 6c
Apricots B%c PMc
Peaches Be stye 55ic 6Xic
Fears 5V»c VSLt TUc We
Nectarines «c β^e
Raisins —At sweatbox. SUe per lb to growers:
tome uiuscatol, 834 cfc and 4%e for 2, 8 and 4
crown, respectively; 2. 3 and 4 crown layers, 95c,
Si tod $I.2r>. rexpectively; 5 crown Dehesa. clus
ters $1.70; 6 crown imperials. $2.20; seeded. 1
lb bMM, 3Vic for fancy and 4c for choice, with
the usual differential for 12 oz boxes; seedless
siiltanap. 50s, 4%c; do Thompson, Oc for un
bleached and SfteeHc f° r bleached.
Nuts (jobbing prices to the trade) —Italian
cheutnutfi, 7rtj9e; pecans. 17@lSc; filberts. 13®
15c; peanuts, s ©Bc; plnenuts, 12ft:14c.
Now crop: Almonds —Nonpareils, ]o@loV4c; I
X L. 13@16c; Ne%Plus fltra. 14H@15e; Drakes.
]3i..c; Languedocs. 12Uc; walnuts, f. t>. b. ship
ping points. No. 1 softshell. Ific; do hardshell,
lru.i-; No; 2 hard and soft shell, 10V_-e; budded,
Honey—Fancy water white comb, uHQlfcl
dark to amber. river comb, 11@
12% c; white extracted, [email protected] per lb; light
amber. 714Q8c; amber, lower grades,
;ir<>OL.,c per 11>
"Beeswax—29Q3oc i»er lb for light and 26@28c
for dark.
I'oiiltr.v and Game?
DeliTerles of live poultry from state shipping
points continued light yesterday, nnd as there
wuH no eastern stock to speak of offering from
first hands the market remained Rteady to flriu.
TVeirable offerings of chickens and other descrip
tions met with ready sale at well maintained
prices. Receipts of dressed turkeys were 28
cases and that portion of the arrivals that came
in to wholesalers was distributed among several
houses. Prices were steady at the previously
quoted range.
Poultry (per dozen) —Hens. $4igs for email.
$5.5006.50 for large and $o@lo for extra;
young roosters. 57.."0tg5.50: do extra, $9<aiO;
Otd roosters $4.so<&r>: fryers. $6.r.0<35; broilers,
for large and [email protected] for small; ducks,
i $sif7 for old and $*siio for young; geeee,
$2Qa p«r pair: pigeons, f1.5601.T5; squabs,
$2.50(93.00; Pressed turkeyc. 20@24c r*r lb;
: live, ISQIUc: Belgian luires. per dozea.
Game (per dozn)—Hare. gray
eeeae, $863.50; brant $I.r>o^2.Oft; white geese,
$1.26@2; honkers. $4@R. Wild ducks are nor
n■ inal, as dealers are unable to dispose of them
satisfactorily owing to the rigid of
the game lawa.
Flour and Farinaceoua Goefla
Flour (net per bhl) —California family extras,
! ?.*i.tjo@e; do bakers' extras, $4.60(53.20: «ui.»r
fine. r>akota patents, $6.40©7.40;
Kansas patents, $fi(se.2">.
Farinaceous Goods—ln 10 pound sacks are
! nuoted as follows per 100 lbs: Graham flour,
$2.90: entire wheat flour. $3; buckwheat flour.
$5; self-raising buckwheat flonr. $.".80; wheat
; meal. $4; rice flour. $6.50; rye flour, $3.70;
Tye meal. $3.H0: corn meal, yellow and white,
$3.20; extra do, $3.50; oat groats, $4.00: buck
! wheat jrroats, 18.80; hominy, $3.70: cracked
wheat. $$,80; farina, $4.10; pearl barley, $5.50
■ split pes*. $c fnr yellow and $7.50 for
ciet'n. In 25 lb sacks 10c lower for all, and 20c
I lower for i>o lb sacks.
Branm. Seerin and Hop*
Benns (per ctO— IJina. $5..V><55.60; bayoa, !
I [email protected]; large white. $4.2-">';j4.35; Kmall
white. $4.55(84.70; pink, [email protected]; cranberry,
$4.75Q5; blnckeye. red. $3.»[email protected];
red kidney garranzas, $3®3.30 : horse
! beans. $1.7^^2.2".
Seeds—Mimtard, —: flaxseed, $3.85 per ctl;
, canary. per lb: alfalfa. 16@18c; rape.
I lM>@2V,e; timothy, nominal; hemp, 3Vic; millet,
2i' 4 f1.2W[0
l>ried Penc—Green, per ctl.
Hops—California. 1912 crop to growers. 2C3
21c per lb for choice, 15@lSc for medium and
12Vic for common.
Hay and Feedstuff*
Prices for feedstuff's show considerable revision
with the leading by-products of the mills quoted
a little higher.
Feedstuff* (per ton)— Bran. $23.50<??20:
shorts, $2, ! 5<3!2«: middlings, $31(331.50; rolled
barley. $2R5OiS$3l; rolled oats for feed. $41@42;
commeal, $32@34; cracked corn, $32<jp4; chopped
feed. $19(823; evergreen cnop teed. $21 in car
iots and $23 for jobbing: oilcake meal, 20 ton
lots $30.50. 10 ton lots $40. 5 ton lots $40.r>0,
small lots $41; cocoanut cake or meal at mills.
$27.50 for 10, $28 for P ton lots and $25.50 for
small lots: alfalfa meal, carload lots $18.50;
jobbing $lft.r>o; Eureka meal, carload lots, $21.50;
jobbing 523; vigorator, per ton, $22.
Hay (per ton) —Fancy wheat hay. $24@2.":
No. 1 wheat and wheat and oat. $21."»0<323; good
to choice do,' [email protected]: lower grades, $14@
1rt.50; barley and oat. $IS(S>I9; choice tame oat,
$2Kd.22.50; other do, $17<R20; wild oat. $15<glO;
ttocfc hay. $11(812; alfalfa, [email protected].
Straw —40@70c per bale.
Hldex, Tallow, Grease and AV r ool
nides —Culls and brands sell about %<3lc un
der quotations. Heavy and medium salted steer*.
13@14c; light. 12i4<313V4c; cowhides.
ISHe; stap«=. salted kip. salted
veal and salted calf, dry hides. 23®
murrain. 23c: dry calf and veal, 27(g2Sc;
dry" kip. 22rr|24e: dry stage, 15$jiec: dry salt
hides, ir,e: sheepskins, short wool. 2.">i§sOe; me
dium. 50<?J80c: loDp wool, 80c@$115; lambs. 40@
6oc for long and ir><a.3sc for short wool: shear.
lines, 20@2;> for No. 1 and 10c for No. 2; horse
hid«s, salt. $2.75@3 for large prime and $2.25<a
2.50 for No. 1: medium, $1.75@2; small. 75effiB
$1.25; colts. 2.")Cj(sOc; borsehldes, dry. $2rd2.23 for
lars;e and $1.50<g2 for medium. 73c@>l for small
ami 25(<|.")0c for colts; goatskins, prime angoras.
75c@$l; medium. 35<t150c; long hair goats, 35c;
medium, 20e: kids. o(glO<\
Tallow —No. 1 rendered, bbls, cane
and drums. 3',£t3se.
<»reaee — per lb.
Wool —Fall clip, Mendoeino and Hnmboldt, 10
(5!2o: middle counties, northern. 9@llc: San
Jonquln, 6(gSc; mohair, good quality, 20@27 I ,£c
per lb.
Horan and . Males
The following quotatione for horses and mules
are furnished by the Butchers' and Stock Grow
ers' Journal:
Desirable drafters. 1,700 lbs and over. .$-">oo®3SO
Light draftere, 1,."550 to 1.630 lbs 250ff12fi5
Chunks, 1,350 lbs to 1,500 lbs 200^250
Wagon horses, 1.250 to. 1.330 lbs 180^223
Delivery wagon horses, 1,050 to 1,250.. 13."^150
Desirable farm mares 100ft125
Farm workers 75@100
950 lbs, 4 to 7 years $7r>rrJl2.->
1,000 lbs, 4 to 7 rears 125® 175
1,100 lhs. 4 to 7 yeare 1".0r^20O
1,200 lbs, 4 to 7 years 200(3230
Over 7 years old ranire from $15 to $2," lower.
Note—Shippers to this market must have horees
close to type, with nsre, bone conformation, and
style, to command extreme quotations.
Bags—Standard Calcutta grain bags, o%<~ on
th« spot antl o%@OT»c for June-July dellTery;
San Quentin. SHe; wool bags. 47Vje for 4 and
4.-i»Ac for VA ' I>s ; fleece twine, U@9Vic per Jb;
bean l)«cs. Btye.,
OH (qnotfttioot nre for barrels)— Linseed. r>x<>
pfr gallon for boiled and r>»;<; for raw, f> bbl lots
1c loss, cases ."> more; Bakpr's AA castor, caees,
5 gallons $1.11, 10 jmllons $1.<)9; oommpn-i.sl
caetor, in caws, 90c: f'hinn nut. cesos, 75®sr>c
pnr gnllon; extra hlwftirfl wintpr nil.
8f)c; natursl winter spcrnt oil. SQr; pure lard
dli. BSc; wtotw strained lar«l cil!. tie; pure
TiPatpfoot oil, Ssc; No. 1 neatsfoot oil Gsc; paint
oil. 30!g4(X-.
Coal Oil. Casolfnp, etc.— Water wbitp, iron
barrele or dnimx. SUi , ; 150 deprp«« oil. Iron bnr
rpli or drums, OVi ,, ; 1" cases. xpecial do,
lOHCi pearl oil. in ca*ee, 15Vi'.'; antral,
star, ISVAp; extra star, Elaine, 26c:
eocene. lfi**jc: red crown and motor gasoline. In
bulk ltJVje, in cases 23% c; engine distillate, in
drums. Sc, in e*we Tc more; p«8 machine ftaso
line, in bulk SB%c, in cssps 4,'{c; Tarnlnli mak
prf' end painters' tia;>btha, in bulk lC',iC in
cam 52% c.
Turpputine—ln eases, Cfio: 10 case lots le
Ipks; riruuis and iron barrels, 59c; Arotnrps,
case oOc, Iron barrels or dniins per gallon.
Rcmin— V. $945: H, $9.50; WG, $11.10 per
barrel of 280 pounds.
Krd and Whltp Leatl—Red, R@S%c; white.
7%(<ttS%c per ll>: do in 5 and 10 too lots, "Vie
and "Vie respectively.
The Weeteru Sugar Refining company quotes as
follows, net cash: Fine granulated, 4.70 c: ean
nere' granulated, 4.T<V:; fruit granulated. 470 c;
H. & B. "Tyntal doniinoe, 5 lb cartons in cat.cc,
8.50 c; do 3 lb cartons lv cases, 9c; tuonarcli bar,
5.0."c; tablets, in half hbls. 5.20 c; do in 25 lb
boxes 5.45 c; cubes. 4.93<;: monarch powdered,
4.80 c;* XXXX powdered. 4.80 c; candy granulated,
4 80e: confectioners' A. 4.70c;-beet granulated,
4.30 c; extra C, 4.20 c; golden C, 4.10 c; D, 4c.
Barrels and 50 lb bags 10c, half barrels 200.
boxes s(>c more per 100 ?>ounds than for bags of
100 lbs net. Bar in 35 and 40 lb tWis $1.70 more,
in S and 10 lb tins $2.33 more per 100 lbs than
! the price for this grade in 100 !b bags.
The California and Hawatiau Sugar Refining
company tjuores as follows: Granulated basis.
4.70 c: C. &■ H. flne standard. 4.70 c: coarse dry
1 granulated, 4.7»)c; confectioners' A, 4-Toc; berry, I
14.70 c; powdered. 4.80 c; cubes. 4.95 c; "Higrade"
bar, 5.08 c; bricks (in half bbls), 5.20 c; bricks
(in 20 lb boxes), 5.45 c; H. & E. crystal dominos
(5 lb cartons in eases). 8.50 c; do (2 lb cartons
in cas-'s) Sic; extra flne dry granulated (100 lb
bags only), 4.50 c; extra C. 4.20 c; golden C,
4.10 c: yellow D, 4c. Additional per 100 lbs:
In bbls and GO lb bags, 10c more: half bbls, 25c
more; boxes. 50e more for all grades. Bar in
S3 and 40 lbs tins, $1.70 more; in 10 lb tins,
$2.35 more. Minimum order, carload weight.
New York Prodtie*
NEW YORK, Feb. 14.—Hops—Easy.
Petroleum —Steady.
Wool —Quiet.
Sugar—Haw easy. Muscovado. SO test. 2.92<?|
2.08 c; centrifugal". 9G test, 3.42(&3.480; mo
lasses. 81) test, 2.07<fJ2.73e. ReSued steady.
liutter — Unsettled; receipt*, 0.312 tubs.
Creamery extras, 'Me firsts, 33@35^c.
Cheese—Steady. Receipts, 1,896 boxes.
Eggs—Unsettled: receipts, 16,503 cases. Fresh
gathered extras, 34625 c; refrigerator firsts, 13
@2Oc: western gathered whites, 23@2Tc.
Poultry—Live easj. Western chickens, 15c;
fowls, ifec; turkeys. 21c.
Evaporated Apples—Quiet. I'rime. l#B%e.
Prunes^—Dull and easy.
Apricots and Peaches —Quiet.
Chicago I'roduce Market
CHICAGO. Feb. 14. —Butter —Firm. Creamer
ies. 28@35^e.
Eggs—Weak. Receipts, 9.732 cases. At mark,
cases Included, 17018 c; refrigerator firstfc, 15@
15% c; firsts, 19@19%c.
I.OS Angeles Produce Market
(Special Dispatch to The Call)
LOS ANGELES, Feb. 14.—Receipts of produce
on the. Lok Angeles market toddy were:
Eggs 708 cases, butter 21,226 pound*, cbeeee
901 pounds, sweet potatoes 150 sacks, apples
3,267 boxes.
A carload lot of northern Burbanks spuds ar
rived at one of the prominent firms. This potato
is not. selling to any pxtent. The price is now
ranging from 70cfr£$i a sack. The price of local
ranch rggs advanced today. .The chief reason
for the irregularity was the changed market at
San Francisco.
A %c advance in the price of creamery extra
butter was registered in Lou Angeles and the
northern market declined slightly.
Butter (per lb) —Prices to the trade 3e above
quotations. California creamery extras, 35>4c;
creamery firsts, 32M;C.
Eggs (per doz)~-Local ranch, candled, 28c;
case count, 10c; pullets, 22c; northern, case
count, lit , ;'".
Cheese (per lb) —Northern fresh, 18c; eastern
singles, lS'/sc; eastern twins, ISc; eastern Ched
dars, 19c; eastern longhorns, 20(&21c; Oregon
daisies, 18@18Vic: swiss imported. 30h@32c;
swisa domestic, block, 23c; Roquefort, 4.* c;
< ream brick, 21e; Utnburger, 22c.
Beans (per ctl) —No. 1 pink, $4.50: No. 1 lima.
[email protected]; Lady Washington No. 1. $4.85@5;
small white No. 1, $5.10ff?.">.25: blarkeyes, $4;
garvaneas, $4.50; bayos, $4.50@3; Mexican reds,
$4.50; lentils. $0(a 7.
Potatoes (per ctll—Highland Bnrbank« 4 Roc@
$1; Oregons, $L05<31.10: sweets, ?2.50; Salinas,
[email protected]; Lompoc, $l.. r >[email protected].
Livestock Market
CHICAGO, Feb. 14.—Cattle —Receipts, 2,000.
Steady. Beeves, [email protected]. Texas steers. $3T?
$5.90; western steers, $5.75(37.45: utockere and
feeders. $4.75(<t7.e.": cow s and heifers, $3.10@
$7.r,0; calves, $6.75H10.25.
Hnge—Receipts. 26,000. Market slow. Light
$S@8:S0: mixed, $7.056j5.3fi; heavy. 57.85Q8.55;
rough. $7.53@8; pigs. [email protected]; Tralk, $S.ia@
Sheep—Receipts, 10.000. Market slow. Na
tive, [email protected]; western. $r>><i fi.3o; yearlinße,
JG.CSQS; lambs, native, $7(g0.20; western, $7@
KANSAS CITY, Feb. 14.—Cattle--Receipte,
r>oo. including 200 southerns. Market sttong.
Native -steers. [email protected]: Kouthern steers. $t>fts
$7.50: southern cows aud heifers. $4(at6.50; na
tive cows and heifers, 54.2508; and
feeders, [email protected]>: bulls, $5.^ > 5'<J0.50; calves,
$0.50(510: western steers, $e.00((j5.23; western
cowi $408.73.
Hogs—Receipts. 4.000. Market 5c lower, j
Bnlk of sales. 57.05ft5.10; beavy, $7.!>0(g8.05; ;
packers and butcher*. light. $$<& |
$8.15: $0,754/7.25.
Sheep—Receipts 3,000. Market steady, netive.
Muttons, $4.50(36.25; Colorado lambs. [email protected];
range wethers and yearlings. $5.23<&,7.e0; range
ewes, [email protected].
SOUTH OMAHA, }>cb., Feb. 14.—Cattle—Re
ceipts. 1.100. Market-stronger. Native steers.
5e.80Q8.40; cows a.nd beifers, $4.50(§.7.25; west
ern steers, $5.50(58; steers. [email protected];
cows and hetf«n, $4( r 'ie.23: calves. $609.
Hops—Receipts. 9,i00. Market lower. Heavy,
[email protected]: light, 7.SOflt-7.05; pigs. [email protected];
bulk of sales. $7.50rft7.90.
Sheep—Receipts, 2.100. Market higher. Year
lings, $3.90®6.50; lambs,
POUTLA>'D. Feb. 14.—Cattle —Receipts, 100;
market firm. Choice steers. good steere,
$7<37.30; medium steers. $0.50@7; choice cows,
$0.50(37; good cows. $6(g6.50: medium cows,
|5.500e; choice calve.*. good heavy calves,
[email protected]>; bulls, $5.50^6.
Hogs—Receipts, 300; market firm. Light,
$7.50@8; heavy, $G.75,'gi7.25.
Sheep—Receipts. 100: market firm. Yearling
wethers, $5.50(36.25; ewes, [email protected]; lambs, $0
Cotton Market
NEW YORK, Fob. 14.— E. F. Button and
company's wire says: "Southern spot* are firm
to a shade higher with pood Kales. With all the
bearish foeling there does not eeern to be any
large offerings, while the bulls seem content
to keep the market from breaking. Trade con
dition* in Manchester continue good nnd Liv
erpool seems impressed with the falling off
of receipts in v the south, indicating a scarcity of
cotton before the new crop has made much
"It is believed that all weakly lield cotton In
the south has been disposed of and balance of
holding* are in such strong iinnds that day to
day flnctuatioqg will not affect their deter
mination to hold for better prices, Iα the face
of bullish reports from Rutland.
'■Statistics will naturally become more bullish
each week now, especially when compared with
last year's record crop, bet there Is no dis
puting the fact that our visible is rapidly
diminishing, while our total available cotton
from this date on is more than a million under
last year and a quarter of a million under what
it was In 1909, after our then record crop of
190 S. So we must expect the demand to be in
keeping with these figures, and if the cotton
is not forthcoming, prices must as a result go
Spot closed qnlet and Middling
npstands, 13.05e; do gulf, 13.30 c. Sales, 132
Option— Open. High. Low. Close. Fob. 13. Ago
Teb 12.57 12.57 12.57 12.55 12.f>6 10.13
March ..12.50 12.04 12.43 12.45 12.54 10.(10
April I£3S 12.42 10.10
May ....12.35 12.41 12.32 12.3:5 12.42 10.23
June J2.22 12.30 10.33
July 12.27 12..J4 12.25 12.26 12.33 10.31
Aug 12.12 12.16 12.09 12.09 12.17 10.29
Kept , ••• 11-68 11.78 10.31
Oct 11.65 11.07 31.H1 It. 01 11.72 10.31
Pec". ll.ee 11.(58 ll.«i net 11-72 10.3 ft
Jan 11.02 11.04 11.02 11.58 11.70- 10.40
Cotton Statistics
WASHINGTON. F*b. 14. —Cotton consumed In
the United States during January amounted to
533.251 running bales, compared with 445,287
bales in December, the census, bureau announced
today. Cotton on hand January 31 in manufae.
turiiig establishments was 1.f>11.137 bales, com
pared with 1,704.420 bales December 31, ami in
independent warehouses, 2.60f>.079 bales, com
pared with 3,200.013 bales December 81. Im
ports were 52.253 bales of 500 pounds, compared
with 25,075 in December, and export* i>00.844
running h;iles compared with 1,391,383 bales in
Boxton W<ral Market
BOSTON*. Ffb. 14. —The Commercial Bulletin
tomorrow will say:
The jrarmeiit ?ti:Ke m still tbe chief
flond on the horizon of the Boston wool market
and Is urxl'iut'tedl.v holding up business to a very
coneldwtWe extent. However, nuppllrs are not
larpe enough to make holders of desirablo wools
iiprvotis. although transartions this week haTe
h»-en oitlr nnHlerate. Price* are holding yery
stea'ly on all kinds of wools which hare becu In
deu'und hitherto.
St. I.ooiH Wool Market
ST. LOUIS. Feb. 14.-*-Wool—Steady. Medium
grades, enntbinjr and fiothlnjf, 2CVi.r«26c: light
fin", 10<a21c; heayy flue, I3@lßt-; tub washed,
27@36f. >
New York Coffee Market
NEW YORK. Feb. 14.— B. F. Hutton * Co."a
win , says:
"Cablf>H from Knrope were very reassuring to
day. with Hamburg and Havre both advancing
sharply. Santos was steady. Our market, after
oixTilu'g 12 to 13 points higher, sbowed a little
TMTTousneKS and gave way slightly only to rally
again in ttie early afternoon. This rally was
followed by extreme nervousness and a sharp
break which seemed to come in consequence
of s-'.neral selling. There is nothing to be said
with regard to mir market today except that It
seeme tQ be crazy. Where steadiness has been
justified wetknees has been shown and where
weakness has been expected steadiness hag been
shown. The market is really an enigma at
Option— Open. High. Low, CLo»e.
February 12.1 ip
March 12.74 c 12.76 c 12.68 c 12.44 c
Anrll ' 12.50 c
May 12.90 C 12.90* 13.58 c 12.58 c
June •• 12.59 c
! 9 U. TAYLOR CUKTIS, Auctioneer t
a From the Library of a ;
A Now ou the Shelves of the A',
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v Sntter St.) \
A And to Be Sold at Auction Without Limit, Q
V (.'ommenoing "
V Ttis Is a well selected miscellaneous W
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V ments #f pioneer Callforuians. Rare books f
Aon Masonry and other associations. Secret A
V Rituals, Oaths of Obligation and Diplomas f
\ if long forgotten worthies. A
(7 H. TAYIX)R CURTIS, Auctioneer. #*
July 12.05 c 12.93 c 12.60 c 12.59 c
i August .%. 13.00 c 13.00 c 12.70 c 12.67 c
September 13.08 c 13,08 c 12.75 c 12.75 c
October 12.6»c
November 12.55 c
December 12.85 c 12.89 c 12.7."c 12.55 c
January 12c 12.«Sc 12.67 c 12.55 c
Sales, 123,500 bags.
\nv York Metal Market
NEW YORK, Feb. 14.—Copper—Steedy at the
decline. Spot and February, 14.25 c bid- March,
April and May. electrolytic,
15e; lake, 15.25 c; castings. 14.75 c. Copper arri
vals, :!45 tons; exports this month, 15,628 tons.
Ijondon copi>er weak; spot. £fts ss; futures",
£G5 ss.
Tin—Steady. Spot and February, 48.66®
45.750; March. 45.25<a45.50c; April, 48.05®
48.30 c. Londou tin easy- spot, £220 10s; fu
tures, £21 *.
Lead—Quiet at 4 [email protected]. rxmdoa lead,
£lri 108.
Spelter—Dull at [email protected]. London spelter,
£25 ss.
Antimony—Dull. Cookson's, [email protected].
Iron —Easy and unchanged. Cleveland war
rants, 03s in London.
Naval Stores—Turpentine and Roetn
SAVANNAH, Feb. 14.—Turpentine firm a{
42i.@42%c. Sales, 124: receipts, 371; ship
ments. 3.845: stocks, 10.195.
Rosin firm.. Sales. 1,587: receipts, 1,487;
shipments. M.212; stocks. 124.134.
Quote: A. B. C. D.
C.27%: K. $6.27}4©6.30: F. [email protected]>4; O.
11. $f1.40<?i6.42i.&: I. $tf.4s@
6.47%; X $6.65; M, $7; N, $7.00; WG, $7.10;
WW, $7.15. ;
Sennte Committee Reports Favorably
on *3,885,000 for the New Projects
In Southern California City
WASHINGTON, Feb. 14.—After add
ing numerous amendments, the senate
committee on commerce concluded its
consideration of the rivers and harbors
appropriation r<lll.
The bill will carry an aggregate of
$46,572,958, which is an increase of
$5,700,000 over the amount carried by
the bill as it passed the house, and
about $20,000,000 more than last year's
Among the more Important aditions
to the appropriation are: Providence,
Eand harbor, Rhode Isjand, $927,
--t which amount $100,000 is ca&h;
rlvef channel of New York har
{4so,ooo, $200,000 cash; channel
Galveston harbor to Texas City,
000, $500,000 cash; San Diego har-
California. $3,888,00,0 for new
ts In addition to the $35,000 al
by the house on the old project;
The "Panama-Pacific" Express and
The "1015" Mall Trains
Leave Union Ferry Depot Arrive
9:10* f Stockton, Sacramento. Salt Lake, 1 8:45p
< Denver. Oroaha. Chicago, Kan- >
7:30p L m* City, St. Louie J 8:30 a
4:10p Stockton 10:20 a
Through Standard and Tonrlst Sleeping Cars
via Denver * Rio Grande and Missouri Pacific,
Rock Island lines and Burlington route.
Hiring Cars and Klectric Lights.
jsXos\ Schedule Effective
fiS<J jSga Nov. 6, 19*2
\<tffel / San Francleco
Leave ' VIA gAITsAI-ITO 1 Arrive
7:45 a Petaluiun. Sent a Koea. Healds
burg, Cloverdale, Ukiab. Wll
lite Lonjrvale. ••Sebastopol. 7:OSp
•8:15 a Sonoma, Glen Ellen J t6:osp I
) *6:35p I
8:15 a Pt. Reyes, Camp Meeker, Monte ( t6:3*p )
Rio Duncan Mills. Cazadero ( t7:35p J
8:45 a Petahima, Santa Rosa, Guerne-!
ville Monte Rio. Duncan f te:Ssp )
Mills. Caßudefo (leaves from ls7:33pj
Duncan Mills)
10:45 a Petaluma, Si'ita Rosa, Healds-'
I bur* 5:05p
1:45p Peteluma, Santa Rosa, Guerne
vlllr. Monte Rio, Duncan
Mills 10:33 a
t2:4sp'Pt. Reyes, Camp Meeker
?:15p'Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Healda
burp Cloverdale, TJklah.
Wlllits, »Sebnstopol 11:35 a
4:*Sp Sonoma, Glen Ellen 9:35 a
s:lsp'Petaluma, Santa Rosa. Healds-
I hnrg ft :05a
Sausallto. Mill Valley. San Rafael—Daily
every 30 minutes from 6:45 a. m. wntli 9:43
a. no.: hourly nntll 2:45 r>. m.. then 3:15 p. m.
and every 30 minutes until 6:-}5 p. m., then 7:45.
9:15. 11:15 p. m. and 12:30 a. m.
Fairfax—Leaves t6:45. T:l5, 7:45, 8:15. 8:45,
9:15 9:45. 10:45, 11:4."5 a.m.; 12:45. 1:45, 2:45,
8:15 5:45, 4:15, 4:45 5:18. 5:45. 6:15, 8:45,
7:4!>; 9:1.". 11:15 p. 'tn.; 12:30 a. m.
San Quentin via San Rafael—Leave daily at
9:15 a. in and 1:45 f>. m.
Tibnron and Belvedere—Daily every boor from
6:43 a. m. until 1:45 p. m.; then 3:15 p. m. and
evrry hour until 6:13; then 7:45, 9:13 ■and 11:15
p. m. and 12:30 a. ra.
•Arrives daily 10:35 a. m. ••Arrives Sundays
7:05 p. m., week days 6:5» p.m. tExeept Sun
days. only. B only.
Red Une Transfer Company's RKents are au
thorized to cbeck baggace direct from residence.
JT.infrwte I Lr.MitfWMti U.IH TwriMis
W*«kJ«r Se*v iWjKMfZ SwJay Wwfcfryt S-dir
I 9:45* "MBit 7:20* 11:58* 7:20» 10:40*
1 45f 9:45* 1:4p»112:5«P IMO F 11:40*
* 4:45p 10:45« 2:4 ft I'H'L *g> 1:40p
11:45* 4:50»t 2:§or ♦ 8:35p 2:40f
1:46* 3:50» f:4o#
2:45» 1 4:40*
•Seturdaysoniy. t Mondays only. % Mt. Tsmalpaia only.
. ( Sauelito F«rry—Tet. Kearny 4980
Ticket Offices 4 687 Market—Tel. Keuny27sl
( 874 Market—Tel. DoujtUw 4407
Oenend Office-Mill Valley. Cal. T-» Mill Valley Sub.Bl
-Twot >t TMrtMto" m< "IWrl«" «item MM tar wtrit
Mara bland N«»y Yar4 Vellejo. Napa. St tialma. Calistoei
Beau law 700 Wta. l>4o. BJa *00. ftSO b. m.
Dock tad •■«. Nwtfc Ead r«ry BriidH*
. PhoMK taw 40& Half • It ovta.
I Office and Salesroom. Vau Neee at Sacramento.
i Phone Franklin 22C4. The old established
1 house of CURTIS—no connectioa with any
AT 1 AND S P. M.
Two cars gentle broke Utah Horses, 4 to 8,
weight 1,100 to 1,700 pounds. One rar eastern
Oregon Horses. 4 to 9, weight 1,100 to 1.400
pounds, all gentle broke. We will hitch any of
these horses up and try them out for you. All
guaranteed as represented, or money refunded.
W. HIGiiINBOTTOM, Auctioneer.
• «H2v h * a(i Eastern Oregon horses, weighing from
1,200 to 1,400 lbs.; young, sound end well
broken; all horses guaranteed as represented
Phone Oakland 2148. McALPINE & CARR, 4th
and Clay sts., Oakland.
000 cash, the appropriation being made
upon the condition that the localities
benefited shall contribute $407,000; Co
lumbia river from the foot of the Dalles
rapids to the head of Celilo Falls
No was made in the house
apropriatlon of $6,000,000 for the im
provement of the lower Mississippi, but
Leare (Foot of Market Street) , Arrive
(Subject to change without notice)
2.15 a Niles, livermore, Tracy, Lathrop,
Stockton, Lodi, Gait, Elk Grove,
Sacramento,RoseviUe,Auburn,Colfax 10.40p
2.! 5a Sacramento, Marysville, Kggs, Chico. 10.40p
6.40 a Richmond, Port Coeta, Martinet,
Antioch, Byron Hot Springs, Tracy,
Patterson, Newman, Los Banos,
Ingle, Kerman, Fresno II -59p
6.40* San Leaadro, Hayward, Niles, San
Jose 6-50p
7.00 i The Statesnun—Richmond, Vallejo
Junction (Vallejo), Port Costa,
Beuicia, Suisun, Llmira, Davis,
Bacramento o.oOp
7.20t Goldfield I'ass.—Truckee. Haiea Wa
buska (Yerrington, Hudson), Mina.
Tonopah, Goldfield, Laws, Keeler.. B.loa
7.20 a Richmond, Port Coeta, Benicia, Sui
eun, Dixon, Sacramento 7.50p
7.20 a Elmira, Vac*ville. Runuey 7.50p
7.20 a RoseTiile, Marysville (Oiiville), Red
ding, Dunsmuir 10.40p
7.20 a A>av2* Woodland, Williams, MaxwelL
Villowe, Hamilton, Corning, Red
Bluff 7.50p
7.20 a Nilee, Pleaeantoa, Livermore, Traev,
Lathrop, Stockton (Oakdale), Lodi,
Sacramento 7.30p
7.20 a Tracy, Newman, Loe Banos,
Ingle, Kerman, Fnsno 4.30p
7.40 a Richmond, Vallejo, Nape, Calistoga,
Santa Rosa, Crockett, Port Coeta... 6.1 Op
t7<4oa Avou, "alaut Creek, San Ramon.
livermcre t6.50p
B.ooa Newark, West San Jo*e, Lot Gatoe,
Wright, Felton (Ben Lomond, Boul
der Creek), Santr Crux 5.50p
8.40 a Port Costa, Martinet, Byron Hot
Springe, Tracy (Stockton), Merced,
Berenda, Madera, Fresao, Fowler.
Selma, Traver, Goehea Junction
(Hanford, Armona), Tulare, Bakers
field 4.30?
8.40 a Visaiia, Lindsay. Porterville, Ducor.. 7.1 Op
8.40 a Yosemite Valley via Merced *-30p
9.00 a Irvington, San Jose 7.30p
B.ooa Nilee, Pleasanton, Livennore, Stock
ton (* Milton), Valley Spring. looe,
Sacramento 4.30p
9.00r Tuolumne, Sonora,Jame*town,Angels. 2.50p
9.00 a Atlantic Express—Sacramento, Truc
kee, Ogden, Salt Lake City, Denver,
Kansas City, Omaha, Chicago 8.30p
9.00 a Tonopah-Goldfield Standard Sleeper.. B.lo*
9.00 a Vallejo Junction, Vallejo { 7JOJ
9.40 a Richmond. San Pablo. Pinole, Vallejo
Junction, Crockett, Port Costa, Mar
tine*. Avon. Concord, San Ramon.. 8.1 Op
10.20 a San Fraacieco Overland Limited-
Denver, Kanaaa City, St. Louis,
Omaha. Chicago .... 2.1 Op
10.40f Vallejo, Mare Island, Napa 1 2.50p
10.40* Stockton. { '3joj
10.40* Lob Angeles Passenger—Port Costa,
Martinez, Byron Hot Springe, Tracy,
Stockton, Merced, Madera, Fresno,
(Hanford, Coalings, Viealia;, Bakers
field, Los Angelee 7.10p
11.20 a Shasta Limited—Portland, Tacoma,
Seattle 8.50p
12.00 a Richmond, Port Coeta, Benicia, Sui- \ 10.30 a
eun, Elniira, Dixon, Sacramento.. ; I I.IOa
12.00n Davis, Willi ams.Colusa Junc.Willowa,
Germantown, Orland, Hamilton.... 8.50p
12.00n Marysville. Chico, Red Bhiff 4.30p
I .oop Niiee, Irvington, San Joee * 2.50p
1.20p San Leandro, Niles, Centerville, New
ark. (Redwood), San Joee 7.50p
1.40e Newark, Alviso, Agnew Santa Clara,
Weet San Joee 10.00»
tl .40p Wright, Boulder Creek, Santa Crus .. IO.OOp
2,40p Saa Leandro, Nilee. San Joee 7.30p
3.00p Benicia, Winters Sacramento —Wood-
land, Tudor, Yuba City, Marysville,
Oroville. N-lOa
3.20p Richmond, Port Coeta, Martinez,
Byron Hot Springs, Modeeto, Merced,
Madera, Fresno. 10.40p
4.00p Port Costa, Martinet, Concord. Walnut
Creek. San Ramon, Livermore 9.30 a
4.00p Richmond, Valkjo. Napa, Calistoga,
Glen Ellen, Santa Rosa. 9.30*
4.00p Niles (Centervilie, Newark), Sunol
Pleasanton, Livermore, Tracy,
Stockton, Lodi, Sacramento 12.50P
4.40p San Leandro. Hayward, Nilee, Pleae
anton, liTermore 8.30 a
4.40p Irvington, San Jose 9.30 a
4.40b Tracy, Patterson, Newman, Loe Bauos,
Kerman. Fresao lO4Op
<40p Valley Flyer—Port Coata, Byron Hot
Springs, Tracy. Modeeto, Merced,
Madera, Fresno, Goshen Junction,
Tulare, Bakersfield, Loe
Angeles !2 50p
B.OOp Vallejo, Port Coeta, Benicia, Suisun,
Sacramento, Roseville, Lincoln,
Wheatland, Marj-sville (Oronlle),
Gridley. Biggs. Chico 11.301
5.00p Davie, Arbuckle, Williams. Willowe,
Orland, Tehama 10 40p
B.OOp Newark, We»t San Joee. Loe Gatoe... 9.30 a
8.20p San Leaadro, Lorenio, Hayward,
Niles, Pleasanton, Livermore, Tracy,
Stockton 3.10b
8.20b Owl Limited—Port Tracy,
Fresno, Los Angeles B.loa
8.20p Hayward, Niles and San Joes 6.50j
8.40b Eastern Express—Ogden, Pueblo.Den
ver, Kansas City, St.Louis, Chicago. 8.30j
6.40p Port Costa. Benicia. Suisun, Llmira,
Sacramento, Colfax, Truckee, Reno,
Sparta 8.30{
7.00p China and Japan Mail—Ofden,
Cheyenne, Denver. Kaneaa City,
Omaha, Chicago 3.10j
7.00p Port Coeta, Byron Hot Springs. Stock
ton, Sacramento, Colfax, Truckee,
Reno 3.10|
J7.008 Richmond (Vallejo), Port Coeta, Mar
tinez, Concord. Walnut Creek, Pleae
anton, Niles, Oakland 12.45!
8.20p Oregon Express—Sacramento, Roee
viUe,' Marysville. Redding (Klamath
Falle), Ashland, Portland. Tacoma,
Seattle. Spokane I.IO|
t.OOp Mt. Eden. Alvirado, Newark, Santa
Clara. San Joee , 7.50|
•.40b Bakersfield, Me Kit trick, Hnz|;ton,
Monarch. Moron, Fellow, Shale 7.50 l
9.40b Richmond, Port Coeta, Tracy. Mo
desto, Merced, Madera, Fresno,
Hanford, Tulare 7.50 i
9.40p Hanford, Annoas, Lemoore, Huron,
Coaling*. 7.50 i
9.40p Visaiia, Exeter. Lindsay, PorterriDe,
Ducor, Famoso 7.50!
! 10.20p Portland Express—Davis. Willows,
Red Bluff. Weed, (Klamath Falle),
Aahknd, Roeeburg. Portland, Ta-
coma, Seattle 7.30 i
From Pacific Street Wharf
This route offers exceptional opportunity for Auto
mobilists to reach all points on the Sacramento Rivet
CoUinsrille, Emmaton, Rio Vista. leleton, Ryde, Walnu
Grove, Vorden, Courtland, Clarksburg. Sacramento.
Steamer Semlnole or Navajo, !cavo.« San Franciw-o 8.31
a. m. daily except Sunday and Wednesday, arrivim
Sacrameato 7.00 p. m. Leave Sacramento 8.30 a. m
daily except Sunday and Wednesday, arriving Ssj
Francisco 5.30 p. m. Stopping in either direction at al
points shown above.
Steamer Modoc or upache, leaves San Francisco l.Oi
p. m. daily except Sunday; arrive San Franciaco 11.31
p. ra. dairy except Monday.
Steamer Navajo or Semino'e, feavee San Frannsn
9.00 p. m. daily except Sundevs. arriving Sacramenti
7.00 a. m. daily except Monday. Leave Sacrament*
0.00 p. m> dairy except Sundays, arriving San Franrie*
7.00 a. m. daily except Monday. No stops en route ii
either direction.
Office and Salesroom. 553 Mission et
Pays highest pri<-# for all kinds of furntttiT*.
mercnacdist, etc. Houses buocbt In tbclr »*• '
tirety. Goods sold on c-Miiniissloa*
IMione— Siittfr 12m>
! 75 HORSES 75
Wednesday, Feb. 19,1913
By ordor of .T. D. RitlMck of Klamath Talis.
Oro., wo will (it'll scrfnty-tlve heart of broken
tuarps and Kfldliijrs —all yoaag, scum), smooth,
K(W<I boced Mocks, wvt(biog fi;oni s.2tnt to I.aOO
pounds. Many of Hum liuvc worked up
to date. Mr. R»vlU.-U hitfl Mid his ranch, which
make* disposal of this stock absolutely neces
Sale taken place Wednesday. Feb. 10. «t 11
a. in. at J. B. Horan's Sal«<e Yard, rwrner Tenth
and Bryant streets., 8. F. No outxlde liorees
taken. W. H. HORD. Auctioneer,
704 Market St.. S. F.
>-P> B*B-340 Fell St. >-??
JUST ARRIVED: One carload draft and wagon
horses; some nice, big mares; all yonng. sound.
Also good mares and horses, footsore, 1,400 te
1 000 lbs., for fnrm work.
Pbone Market SJTT. JOS. LEVY.
Senator Burton's provision regarding
tho examination of the upper part of
the ri\er was adopted with modifica
Leare (Third and Towneend Streets) ArrVe
(Subject to change without notice)
t 5.05* Valencia Street, Ocean View, Colma,
Cemeteries, Baden, San Bruno t 8.35*
5.45* South San Francisco. San Jose, Morgaa
hili, Gilcoy, Sargent, Pajaro, Wataon
ville, Santa Cruz 84>0p
X 6.45 a Log Altos, Monta Vista, Loe Gatoe.. $ S-* s *
7.001 Coaster—San Jew, Morganhill. Gilroy,
Pajaro, Caetrovillf, Salinas, Soledad,
King Gty, Paso Rcbles Hot Springe.
San Luis Obispo, Burl tLompoc),
Santa Barbara, Ventura, Oiisard.
Loe Angeles 10.30p
7.00* Hollister, Tres Pinoe— \> AtsonviUe.
Santa Cruz—Del Monte, Monte<- \
Pa'-inV Grove. |0.30p
t 7.05t South San Francisco, Palo Alto, Saa
Jose. Way Stations 7.50p
t 7.05e Los Altos, Monta Virta, Los Gatos. ..§ 3.25p
B.ooa Shore Line Limited —Paao Roblee Hot
Springs, Santa Barbara.Los Angeies. 9.50p
8.05» Mayfield, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Wright,
Glenwood (Boulder Creek), Santa
Cruy, Watsonvilie. Ca*trovi!le, Del
Moots, Monterev, Pacific Grove 9.05*
9.00 a San .Jose, Morganhill. Gilroy, Sargent,
Salinas, Soledad, San Miguel, Paso
Roblea Hot Springs, San Luis Obispo 4.0T»
b.OOa Hollister. Tree Pines—Watsonville,
SanU Crui—Dei Monte, Monterey,
Pacific Grove «.00»
10.40 a South San Francisco, Buriingame, San
Mateo, Palo Alto, MaySeld, Los Al- r |2 30t
toe, Los Gates. j 7.20p
11.30 a Valencia Street, Ocean View, Colma,
1 Cemeteries, Baden, San Bruno 1.55 i
11.40 a South San Francisco, San Joee t 8.20 a
1.20p Saturdays onh—San Mateo, Red
wood, Mayneld, Mountain View,
S»nJose Jll.OOi
1.20p Saturdays only—Los Altoe, Monta
Vista, Loe Gatos §3.25*
2.00p Del .Monte Express—San Jose. Mor
ganhill, Gilroy. Sargent, V/atsonville,
Santa Crjz, De! Monte, Monterey,
Pacific Grove, (Salinas) 12^0p
2.05p Eaeton. San Mateo. Palo Alto, Saa
Jose 8.40*)
t 2.1 Op South San Francisco, Redwood, Santa
Clara, West San Joie. Los Gatoe.
Wright, Feltoa, (Boulder Creek),
Santa Cm 11 »-30 i
3.00p South San Francisco. San Mateo. San
Joee. Morganhill, Gilroy, Tres Pines,
Salinas 10.10*
3.00p Watsonville. Santa Cruz, Castrovitle,
Del Monte, Monterey, Pacific Grove I 0.1 Oβ
3.25p Buriingame, San Mateo, Redwood,
Palo Alto. Mayfield. Lot Altoa, Loe
Gatos 5.45f
t 3.25p Wnght, Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz.. tH-30e
4.00p Sunset Express—Tucson. Deming, El
Paso, Houston, New Orleans, Chi
cago ». 15a
4.00p Washington Sunset Route — Washing
ton, D.O, New York and East 9.1 Sβ
4.00p Salinas, Paeo Robles Hot Springe,
San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara.
Ventura and Los Angeles β-leej
4.00p Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago •. 15*
4.20p South San Francisco, San Joee t 7.25 a
f 4.55p Santa Cruz Limited—Mayfield, Los
Altos, Loe Gatos, Felton, (Boulder
Creek), Santa Cruz t 8.45*
t 5.05p Buriingame, San Mateo, Redwood.
Palo Alto, Mayfield, Santa Clara,
San Jose.. t 8.30*
t 5.20p Redwood, Atherton, Menlo Park,
Palo Alto, Mayneld, Mountain Mew,
Sunnyvale, San Jose t 900,
t 5.20p Los Altoe. Mont* Vista, Loe Gato»..-t 8.40*
i t 8.25p Easton, Redwood. Mountain View,
San Jose 9.40 a
t S-30p Loop—Valencia Street. Ocean View,
Cemeteries, South San Franciaco,
23d Street, 3d and Towneend t 8.40 a
8.40p San Brnrts, S2n Mateo, Redwood,
Palo Alto, Santa Clara, San Joee... 7.45p
I 8.40p Mayfield, Los Altos, Los Gates t 9.40*
6.COp Tuesdays—Sunset Limited de Ltrse,
New Orleans and East. Arrive Sun
days 11-OOt
t 6.00p Millbrae. San Mateo, Redwood, May
field, Loe Altos. Los Gato* f 8.00 a)
; f 6.OSp 23d Street, Visitacion. South Sa'
Francisco, Valencia Street / 7.let
6.30? South San Francisco. San Jose 6.46»
B.oop The Lark—Santa Barbara. Loe Angelea 9.45 a
B.lop San Joee and Way Stations 7.30 a
IO.OOf Loe Acgelee Passenger—Morganhill,
Salmis. Paso Robles Hot Springe,
San Luis Ohispo, Santa Barbara and
Los Angele* 8.28 a
10.05j South San Francisco, San Joee I 1.55p
11.45p South San Francisco, Palo Alto, San
j Jose 7.35 a
Via Oakland Pier
To' Oakland, 16th St., and Berkeley via Shattuek Aye.
and Ell«worth St. Line*.—Daily—From 6.00 a. m., and
I every twenty minutee until 8.20 p. m., inclusive: then
9.00,9.40,10.20,11.00,11.40 p. m., 12.20 and 1.20 a.m.
Additional boats Saturdays and Sundays only, 8-40
p. m.. 9.20, 10.00, 10.40 and 11.20 p. m.
To Berkeley via California St. and West Berkeley. Albany
via Ninth St. Linei.—Dairy— From *6.00 a. m., t620.
! "6.40, t7.00 a. m. and every twenty mimitee until 8.20
p. m. inclusive; then 9.00,9.40,10.20,11.00,11.40 p.m..
12.20 and 1.20 a. in. Additional boats Saturdays and
! Sundays only, 8.40 p. m., 9.20, 10.00,10.40 and 11-20
J p. m.
!To Oakland, Waihjngtan-Broatfway. East Oakland,
Fruitvale and Meiroie via Smnth St.—Daily—From
! 6.00 a. m., then every twei:*v minutes until 8.20 p. m,
inclueive; then 6.00, &.40. 1C?O, 11.00, 11.40 p. m.,
12.20 and 1.20 a. m. Additional boats Saturdays and
Sundays only. 8.40 p. m., 9.20. 10.00, 10.40 and 11. 20
Hormhoe to Oakland. WasMofiton-S'oaifway. Frultvaie.
i Alameds, North Side—Daily— From 6.00 a. m., t6.20,
I 6 iO, 7.00, 7.20. 7.40, 8.00. 8.40 and forty minut*« past
I the hour until 3.40 p. m.: then 4.00. 4.40. 5.00, 5.20.
5.40, 9.00. 6.20, 6 40. 7.00, 7.40. 8.20, 9.00, 9.4 a 10.20,
11.00, 11.40 p. m.. 12.20 and 1.20 a. m.
To Vleorlt, Stage. Pullman, Richmond (Steam Service)—
t5.40 and 7.40 a. nu, 3.20 p. m.. 4.20, 5.20, 6.20 p. m.
To Stonehurtt (Staam Service)—l6.oo. t«.40, t7££
J9.00, :iO.OO a. m.. t1.20 p. m.. ;2.00, J3.00. t3^B.
*4.00, *5.00, »5.40 and t6.2Q p. m. ,__
Via Alameda Pier
To Oakland. 14th and Frai.klln Srs.
-6.15, 6.45 a. m. and then 15 and 45 minntw past the
hour until 7.45 p. m.; then 8.30, 9.15, 10.08, 10.40.
11.30 p. m. and 12.15 a. a.
To Alameda. North and South Side—
6.15, 6.45 a. m. and then 15 and 45 minutes past the
hour until 7.45 p. m.; then 8.30. 9.15. IO.fJ. 10-45.
11.30 p. m. and 12.15 a. m.
Frem San Franelwo. Soirth End of Ferry Building, for
Broadway Wharf, Oakland—Ueek days 6.00 a. m. and
every half hour until 9.00 p. m., lncluem. Sundays
and holidays 6.00 a. m. and every- half hour until
11.00 p. m-, inclusive. Boiti leave Broadway "!>**—
Week days 6.15 a. m. and every half hour tutil 8.45
p. m. inclusive. Sundays and holiday?, 6.15 a> m.
and every half hour until 10.45 p. it... inclusive
e~for Momin*. *Daily. p for Afternoon.
fSunday excepted. JSundayonly. SSaturday only.
a Monday;
A«tnfi eoDtct baggie* >nd checks on train or tats of
I Southern Pacific Company, and deliver baggage to reai
! eenee. They are authoriwd to r.htck >aej«a« direct frwe

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