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Former Champion Promises
to Make Good When He
Steps in the Ring
With Murphy
Kit T\*olgast arrived yesterday from
Portland accompanied by Tom Jones.
Fighter and manager conferred for a
•while, with Promoter Jim Ooffroth, after
which they announced that the kiss
and-make-up game had been played be
tßT»;i them and that Jones will here
nftf>r look out for the interests of the
ex lightweight champtOD.
COffrotti is given credit for patching
up the difficulties- between tbo scrap
per and his director of business affair?.
Thii may bo a press agent tale or It
may be on the level, but anyhow Wol
caM and Jones are together again.
Whether they ever were separated is
a matter of doubt in the minds of many
of the fans , .
"We have fixed it up asain and Jon»s
■"ill be my manager in the future."
said the little fighter. "I made this
Murphy match without consulting Tom
und b« was sore about It. But we have
come together and I (tMSB that every
tMin* will be all rig.it. Anyhow, I
am hero and ready to fight.
"T never -would have signed up for
Murphy if I did not think that I could
him. T am a little heavier now
than usual, but I feel great. I worked
nut for several days up in Portland and
T showed plenty of speed. A week's
training will put me right. I am in
real earnest this time.
"If T beat Murphy I will start right
after Ritchie. The public will demand
this match, and I am going to get it
if there is any chance. Ritchie will
!iav>' to fight soon. He can't keep on
stalling all the time. I think that T
:im in line to rrleet him. but T realize
that.l will have to get away with Mur
phy first."'
The former champion looks to be in
Rood shape. Tie may be a trifle over
"eight, but as be never has experi
enced any trouble in making the 133
pound mark. Mie chances are that he
will tie within striking distance of it
after a couple of days on the road and
in the gymnasium. He will start work
at the ocean beach bright and eacly this
morning, for he realizes that he has no
time to lose.
Wolgast issued a rail for sparring
partners us soon as he arrived. He
knows that he did not work as hard for
the Ritchie battle as he should have
worked, so he intends to make up for
it this time. Any likely boy who is
Jooking for some, experience will be
*ecommodated at the "W'olgast ramp.
The little fellow apparently to
fhow the fans a few fancy stunts this
was all smiles after the recon
ciliation had been brought about. He
Hid not go into details, but he said that
'here had been a split bet-ween himself
*ud Wolgast. but that they had decided
to hufy the hatchet.
"A* *il] heat Murphy, and heat him
riuickef than the fans believ 5 , ,, said
.Tones. "He will bf» right, this time.
mark my words. We never will rest
easY til! we get Ritchie in the ring
again, and wo will start right after
him just β-s soon as we finish up with
Murphy. He can't stall ua any longer. , '
Wolgast will have just seven days
In which to condition himself for the
bout with Murphy. This means that he
must hustle every inch of the way.
Murphy has been at work for nearly a
w "k and already has a. good start on
r.drtie Campi, the San Francisco ban l
tain who lost that close 20 round de
cision to Kid Williams three days ago
in Los Angeles, arrived yesterday, ac
companied l.y his trainer. Jack Kellv.
The little fellow is rather downcast
over the verdict of Referee Charles
F.yton, but he says that he will lay for
another fight with Williams and he
fnels confident that he will be returned
the winner next time.
"I had Williams ail but out at the
finish," said Eddie. "I nearly fp]l down
when the referee pave him the decision.
Even the Los Angeles fans thought
that I won. It was certainly disap
pointing-. Tom McCarey wants to match
us again, and I will he ready any time
that WMliama says the word. T will
knock him out If he glyes ni<> another
chance. If 1 don't get him J will go
after Coulon."
Diamond Sparklets
Thr Brooklyn Dodgers hare signed a youngster
named John McDeutt from Eastern college
Manama*, Va.
Manager Griffith ban rrreircd the «ign»d con
tract of Outfielder (V.nnolly. who comes from
thi- home town of Larrv Ljijoie.
* * *
Bill Armour, the former nj&oager of the Pe
tr«it Tiger*, picks T.r Cnbb. Runs Wagner and
Christy as the three greatest etare.
Pitcher Roy Mitchell, who was purchased
from tbe Boumod tpani <-.f the Texas league twe
vpsrs ego by the Browns, signed hit, 1913 con
Manager Fr»d ClarVe says his offer of four
men for Ed Koaeteby, the b ur firbt backer of
the Cardinals, still stan'if.
* # #
r.rtdie Plank is th» only Athletic regular who
bafc not bigned bis contract.
* * *
H»rraan Srhaefer ha« doped out the theatrical
dout>> play. It Is ••Three Sheets to Props to
Cold Cream.' ,
The Cbtnee«» university haspball team will
r-i»T a long schedule of games with American
vices this spring.
* * #
Tbr- Phillies are negotiating for the
of Dan Bowley, 3 caf'-h<-r Yro ro Portland Ore
Thu Detroit cJub i» willing to par..T»an Pubii'*
1110 change of pace pitcher of the' Tiger*, $4.(y>>
a year. Jim t<ayK he won't sign the poipers un
less he gets 1,000 bimoieons more
* » •
Jim formrr necond sacker of tb#>
t'ptroit Tigers, but dow witb Minneapolis picks
the Bostop Red Soy to repeat in the American
league championship rare of lfU3.
# # *
Whitman, th«> rangy twirlT secured by the
Frowns from the Blue Grass league, batted for
an average of SW last reason. I'retty go*] for a
yitcher eh?
* * #
Christy Matbewyon's " r *t came in the big
leagues *a» a victory over Elli Donovan the
former Tiger.
* * ♦
Bob the epeed merchant of th«> Reds
has a chance to break a record. By loading the
National league etealers tul* beacon br ran net
■ Dice little record for himself, for he has al
ready led the league four time?*.
* * *
Gorernor John K. Tener of PennsylTania In
1h» only big league player who erer became a
* * *
Manager Chanc has * trio of twiriers who
should help him immensely this reason. Cal«l
--w)i. Ford and McOoDnell are pra<*ti>-slly un
datable when working to tbeir best form.
* * *■
Rllly Murphy says Arnold Hanser. the Cards'
<-hort fielder, ia the kingpin among all the abort-
Armando Marians is lrading his J^agiK , in hit
tips d f wn in Ha'ana. :md i> armiiiK to gef to
Ibis countj and go in lef tiic real stuff.
Eliminating Personal Factor Saves Rows
NEW YORK, Feb. 14.—More "erasing' , for the record books. The
Motor Boat club of America has undoubtedly done well to toss out the
"record" of Tech Jr., but why was it necessary to wait five months before
investigating the timing and deciding that the Timers' club was temporarily
out of gear? During that five months the supposed record made by Tech Jr.
was published and commented upon all over the world, and Reliance 111, the
real record breaker, missed much credit.
This is another instance proving the necessity for using some mechanical
timing method. No doubt some of our mechanical experts could devise a
way to time electrically over the water as well as on land.
At the recent Olympic games in Sweden all timing was electrical. And it
was accurate to a tenth of a second.
In last n'gbt's Pacific association games the
Columbia Park Midgets won the HO pound game
with tbe Kxcelsior Japao p »e learn. The Japt*
played with only four men. and thii was re
ypon>-ib!e fur their defeat. They led at the end
of the first balf with the score 17 to f>. Tn the
second half the fast pace fid on them and the
Columbia Park boys came <-trong and won wftb.
the score 39 to 27. The teams:
Columbia Park - Macauley and Cowan, for
ward': F.gan, center; Jobustonc and Elchler,
Exoelslor--Sii7;ukawa. forward; Aoki, center;
Ishii and Imaza. guard?.
The second game, a 12ft pound affair, between
Cogswel] nod the San Francisco Y. M. C. A.
team, ended in a Tietory for the former. The
"V" team put up a game flght. but was out
played. At tbe end of the first half the win-
Bers l»d with tbe score If, to 10. In tbe second
they kept up their lead and won with the final
ecore aT to 20. MeHugh of Cogswpll threw l'j
foils. The team*:
Y. M. C. A. Porker and Derenbam. forwards;
O"Keefe. <-enter; Perkins and Bradford, guards.
Cogswell —Johnson and McHugh, forwards;
Allen, center; Zolot and Fowler, guards.
The third game, between the 14-5 pound
Swastika end Lowell fl'e*. t»h » huaimer. In
tbe finst b«if tbc Swastika team looked an ensv
winner and played sll around l/owell. At "the
end of this period the. T-owell team wae on tb<>
short end of a 17 f> 13 s-ore. In the second
half Lowell s*nt Fnjits, the star Japanese for
ward of the t.owell tpam. into the game, end
his presence pulled the Hayeg street team info
shape. From then on Lowell played tbe better
game, and at the end of the second half tbe
ffore stood, tied, team baring S4 points.
In the playoff they struggled for three mtnhtep,
the Swastika team finally winning by Schubert's
goal from the center of tbe court. Tbe score
was Sβ to 34. Tho teams:
Swastika —Schubert, Stewart and Pay. for
wards; Fried, center: Smith *nd Griffith, guards.
Lowell —Schoenfeld. C-ole and Fujita. forwards-
Berndt. ceDter: La Fray and Lewu-ke, guards.
Tbe summary:
points from 18 field and « foul
goal;: by Schubert, f> field goal*: by Stewart 3
field goals; by Fried. :: field goals'; hr Smith.
Representatives of San Franri»co, San j
Ma ten and Santa Clara Irgc
A Tri-county Peninsula conference, '
trhlch will "(voj*k to develop transporta- ]
tlon and other common interests of
San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa ;
Clara counties, will he recommended to '
the San Francisco Chamber of Com- I
merce, the San .lose Chamber of Com
merce and the San Mate.o County De
velopment board as the result of a
meetinj? of representatives of the three, 1
districts Thursday afternoon in the
Merchants' exchange.
Three main'essentials of development,
extension of transportation lines and
the improvement of existing? facilities,
erection of automobile highways from
San Francisco to San Jose and beyond,
and the development of harbor facilities
down the bay shore as far as the Dum
barton cutoff and beyond. If feasible, j
were planned In the preliminary discus
sions. These will probably be taken up
by the new organization, which ia to
consist of ten members from each or
.An agitation for a municipally owned
and operated electric line into San Ma
teo county, to connect ■with similar lines
there and toward San Jos<e, may be em
ployed to secure the growth of popula
tion southward.
The San Francisro committee ron
sUls of Joseph H. Ru<*kcr. W. J. Martin
and Curran Clark, who will recommend
th<» plan to the Chamber of Commerce
directors today.
Colonel Craig Hurt—Colonel Thomas
IT. Craig of 991 Haiglu street, entrance |
and clearance clerk in the customs
house, tripped on the steps of his home
Thursday night and injured himself,
liis head was badly cut in falling.
: " -.'TV-γ- -yr.ivrrr.cr r g .
1 field goal and 6 fonl goals: by Griffith and
Pay. 1 field goal each.
T»welt—34 points from jf> field and 1* fonl
by < ole. 1 field goal; by Schoenfeld. 7
field goals; by Berndt. 2 field BDd 5 foul goals;
by Fujita, 9 fmii goals.
* * *
Today, on the St. Sfary's college courts, the
*e<-oD<l double header of the C. S. A. L. cbam
pionebips will be played. Tty 110 pound gamp
will bring together St. Peter's and St. Joseph's
flcademy. St. Joseph's has one game to its
credit, and. i-houhi they win today, they will be
declared champions.
Tn the unlimited game St. Joseph's and Star
of the Sea will play. Star of the See were the
•winners in the first game and only need today's
game to win the series. Should either of Thurs
day's lowers win today there will be a third
game some time next week.
* * *
The Ijigrina Honda qalntet ontclaesed the
Horace Mann five at the Jackson park court Tes
tTday afternoon, the final score being i' 4to 4.
The playing of Warren and Richards for I.ajnina
Honda was tbe feature of tbe. game, these lads
scoring th" 21 points registered by the team
Warren netted 7 goals and 3 fouls. The teams:
Laguna Honda Warren and Richards, for
ward*: Tl>cott, center; Spellman and Hibbett.
Horace Nfann--Martinez ?nd Mibare. forwards;
Ludwig, center; Reeres and Cortes, guard*.
* * #
In tbe f>s pound dirision of the Public Schools
league tbe Hamilton borg ■won a cloee and excit
ing game from tbc state normal lads, by IS to P.
The team work of tbe Tictors non them tbe
game. Tbe teams:
Hamilton —Friedman and BaDtyne, forwards;
Kidd, center: Gold and Caxo, guard*.'
State normal—Linden and Mayer, forwards;
Perereatix, center: Kern and Plant, guarde.
and Santa Clam nnUcrsity basket ball quintets
will oppose cacti other on the. lof-el symnasium
conrt tomorrow night. This will be 'he first
opportunity that tbe local fans bare br<<\ of ace.
fng the Enema team in action againrt an out
sid" five. The prune pickers are, on* of fbe
strongest team* in this part of the stafe and a
h<n game is exported.
Tneft Oeeure at Time Stadentg Syr.
prtoed Ulris Acting In Play for
Ladle*; Value of Gems $1,000
(Specie! Dispatch to The Call)
• SAX JOSE. Feb. 14.—Officers have
b*en quietly working for the last two
weeks on a diamond robbery at the
ultra fashionable Castilleja finishing
school for young girls in the city of
Palo Alto.
The theft took place, about the same
time, it Is said, that high school stu
dents on a lark slipped into one of the
buildings and made away with girls'
clothing which they had shed to make
up in masculine attire demanded in a
dramatic production given before class
mates only.
A portion of the diamonds are said
to have been the property of the wife
of the chef, and their value is said to
approximate $1,000.
Ttto Speakers Billed —Herman ,T
Stern, school director of Berkeley and
a member of the socialist party, will
speak at Scottish Rite, assembly hall
corner Putter street and Van Ness ave
nue, tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock
His subject will be "The New Social
Conscience." In the evening Norman
"tv. Pendleton will speak at the» same
hall, taktng for his topic, "The Police
Courts and the Tenderloin."
Burglar Warmly Received — Jolin
Kanellos, living- at 67 Freelon street
engaged in a terrific fight with a
prowler he found in his room early
yesterday morning, and finally put the
fellow on the defense and made him
Oee for his life. Ho hit the intruder
over tli" head with hie revolver. THe
man jumped out the window. Kanellos
Hied two shots but did not strike the
Second Choices Also Do
Their Work Well on
the Juarez Track
<Sp«-fial Dispatch to The CalU
EL PASO, Feb. 14.—The favorites
and well backed second choices had a
good day at Juarez this afternoon. The
only serious upset occurred in the last
rac? when that in and out performer,
Judge Walton, came galloping home
with 4 to 1 marked up against him.
Enfleld carried a lot of the public's
money in the quarter event and ran a
nice race, winning handily from Dr,
Dougherty. Faneuil Hall, at 9 to 10,
beat the long shot. Gold Point, in the
second, while Inquieta. the favorite, was
nosed out by the second choice, The
Fad, in the fifth. Results:
FIRST RACK -Three and a half furlongs:
Odds. Horse! Weight, .Toe key. St. Str. Fin.
1 β-s— (2)BENEDICT, 115 (Moleewt) 2 1 1 %
«-5— (I>J. NOLAN, US <Peak».... 1 2 2h
16-1 v-Corona. 112 i Roseu I 6 3 33
Time, :4j 8-3, Benedict 710 place, 1-3 sn«T;
Nolau 20 pluc-e out show; Corona 2 ftMT,
n«ra Vcz. (3)Rimifax. Orl>. Colonel McDougall,
alto run. Scratched—Brevity.
SECOND BACK—five furlongs:
Odds. Mors*. Weight. Jocke.v. St. Str. Fin.
P-10— (l)FAN. HALL, 107 iKederls) 7 3 12
12-1-I,old Point. 101 Martert 'i 2 2 3
lfi-1 -I.cc Harrison 11. )W (Mullgni 4 4 3b
Time. l:« 8 1-.\ Fsneiji! Hall 2-5 place, oat
iihrvw Toint 3 place. <i-,> «;h<w: Harrison 2 »h<vw.
(2)Mike Mollett, Quick, (3)Clint Tucker, Delena,
•Wo rat).
THinn ttACF,—six farlonjr*:
Odds. Horse. Weight. Jockey. St. Str. Fin.
2-I—Holahird. TOO <Kederis> 6 112
6-1 — (I)LESCAR, 115 i Rosen i 3.2 2 2
β-l—Lily Paxt«n. 1W fOeotty) 4 4 3 2
Tim?, f:22 3-3. Uolablrd 7-10 place. 2-5 dhow;
I.escar 2 place. 4-6 sli"w: Piston 4-5 show.
i'2)M«zurka, Shooting Spray, (S)Don Enrique,
Iyx>Vont, also ran. .
FOURTH RACE—Six furlongs:
odds. Hor«. Weight. Jooker. St. Rtr. Fin.
11-5— (I)ENFIELD. Uβ (Rrtseni. ... 2 1 18
" 1 '2>DR.DOUGHERTY.IOS (Crt) 3 2 2 r»
S.V--(3)LADY RANKIN.IO7 (Peak) 4 4 .1 ?.
Time. 1:21 o-.". Enfield 4-5 plai"p. 1-8 i»how;
Dougherty 4-5 place. 2-5 show; nankin out show.
Marin. Mockler. Larender I.ass. Hadad, also ran.
FIETH RA.CF -Fir* furlong*:
Odd«. Hr,r»p. Wpight Jockey. St. Str. Fin.
P2—(2)TKI FAD. 112 (Smain... 2 1 1 v,
S-S—miNftUIETA, 100 (Nathan t. 12 2 7
10 I—(3)MABALO, 108 (Peak) 4 3 37
Time, 1:06 3-5. Fad 4-5 place, out show; In
quieta 1-6 place, out show; Masalo out show.
Kogon also ran. Scratched —Kid Nelson.
SIXTH RACE- Sir furlongs:
Odds. Horse. Weight, Jockey. St. Str. Fin.
4-1—(8)J. WALTON, 111 (Rosen). 1112
7-I—Bus*. 107 (Carter) 2 2 28
7-10—(1)A. INTEREST. 112 (Borel) 4 3 3 4
Time. 1:2'»2-5. Judge Walton 1 place. 2-5
show: Buss T-3 place. 3 "> show; Annual Interest
out show. (2)Erraji, Zinkand, Roserale, also
Selections for the
Juarez Races Today
Following are the entries and •election* for
today's races at Juarez:
FIRST RACK—Five and a half furlongs; G
T-par <>lds and upward:
Index. Horso. Wt.
1491 DEFINITE 108
1967 Redpn 100
1931 Natirp Son 108
1972 Stoii" Cutter 108
ISS2 Originator 111
Blllj M.frr is an excellent mudder and looks
best. Mike Mollett lias speed.
SECOND RACE-Fivo end a half furlongs; 3
and 4 year old*:
Inde*. Horse VTt.
1954 HASSON 110
17.T1 BILL FINN 97
lax^ , Wolfress 100
lf>72 Ada Doyle ion
1913 Kallnka* JOB
Sir Te<ldy 105
1977 F.I yahlo 105
Lukp Van Zandt's last race a good one, and
he looks to bp a safe bet. Hasson showed speed
in tbp Eoinß last out.
THIRD RACE—One and a sixteenth Tnlies:
Indfi. tlorsr. Wt.
1930 FLYING 105
1991 Lily Paxton 108
1922 Wadsworth It .-100
19*> El Ton-. 103
197* Dick BakT 108
Slpepland will find track snd distance to Its
liking. Rarnpy Oidfleld's last race a nire effort.
FOURTH RACE—Five and ■ half furlongs; 3
year and upward:
ludes. UnTFe. Wt.
1950 ERNEBT H J>s
IPSI M«zurka W
W4 Exran 113
1970 Edmond AdaDis 108
IPB7 Bonnie Bard 108
1P37 pprrr Henderson. 105
1042 Gaiene Gale 10e
Rur*pH McGil! likes th<» jroinjt and he figures
the best. Tossup bPtween the others.
FIFTH RACE-One mile; 4 year olds and up
Jndei. Hor«e. Wt.
10*.' C. W. KENNON 105
1952 BALCLITF ...110
!&!!> Little Marcbinont 105
Serricence will Improve orer last race; should
lead all the way. C. W. Kennon looks like the
SIXTH RACE—Five and a half furlongs; 3
year olds »nd upward:
Jntfp\. Iforsp. TTt.
1037 BEDA 10e
194S ROBERTA 106
l»07 Bobhy Cook 10S
1912 Harlem Maid 106
1H42 Gift 105
UtSS BpHs 98
lOr.O Royal R!Te r 101
19":? Rosenta 106
Faneuil Hall should win If It repeats yester
day's race. Next two look like the contenders.
(Special Dispatch to The Call)
f*er game scheduled to be played In San Francisco
hetwppn the Stanford varsity end Tbietlp eleTens
has been forfeited to the locals by the ThlsrW.
due to Inability to gather enough footballers to
gether for the match. Stanford thus stain* a
firmer hold on second place honors in the Califor
nia Soccer league. The Stanford team hae but.
three remaining games —one with California «n
February 22 and two with the Barbarian club
of San Francisco. One Tictory will cinch second
place for the cardiual team.
Tom O'Rourke Wins Libel Suit Across Pond
LONDON, Feb. 14.—Thomas O'Rourke, the New York promoter of
boxing contests, was today awarded $250 damages in the king's bench
division of the high court in a suit for libel brought against the pro
prietors of Boxing, a sporting newspaper published in London. The
newspaper published articles alleging that O'Rourke had arranged the
results of various boxing competitions beforehand.
Thousands Cheer the Yacht
less Tars as They Depart
on Special Train
Headed by Major Levy's brass band
and a wagon load of red fire, the mem
bers of the Indoor Yacht club, 150
strong, started last evening for Sisson
for their annual outing and carnival
in the snow. Thousands lined Market
street and cheered the yachtless sail
ors as they chugged in automobiles.
while the band played ragtime airs
and the red fire sputtered.
The dry land tars were entertained
by John Tait before climbing into their
automobiles. Jim Corbett was there
to say a, few words of farewell, after
which they jumped into the waiting
machines and the parade to the ferry
was begrun, while hundreds of their
friends and curious onlookers cheered
and wished the party plenty of sport
and luck in the high Sierras.
The automobiles started from Tait's
at 6:30, swung into Powell street and
then into Market. The members of
the band were in splendid form and
succeeded in attracting the attention
of everybody within listening distance.
The yachtsmen cheered and sang and
shouted with glee.
They all wore white Ta.m o' Shanters.
Some of them jvere attired in blue
shirts, which they borrowed from, their
friends on the police force or in the
fire department, others had sweaters,
while still others were all dolled up
like regular dudes. But they were all
happy and ready for a glorious out- 1
Arriving at the ferry building the
ehipless sailors alighted and stood
around while the band tore off a few
more tunes. The police had a hard
time keeping the spectators back.
After a series of handshaking bouts the
sailors jumped on the 7 o'clock boat
and half an hour later they were on
their palatial special train bound for
Slsson for two days' sport.
The fun will commence bright and
early this morning. The mayor of Sie
«on. assisted by a delegation of the
leading citizens, will present the key
of the town to Commodore Frank Hen
nessey and the members of his crew
will ho instructed to go the whole
route and have all the fun they can.
There will be ice skating, baseball
on the ice, snowball battles, ski jump
ing and various other kinds of sports
and also a. grand concert and rag dance
in the town hall. The merrymakers
■will return on Monday morning in
time for work.
Louie Lowenberg snd his all star Wieland
team will hook up with the St. Mary's college
nine at Oakland tomorrow afternoon. The I Wie
land team will ba»*« Moskiman and Sulliran as
pit<hers with Pork\ Ryan on tbe receiving end.
St. Mary's will p<K Oscar Johnson in the box
and Jimmy Riordao will do the catching. The
St. Mary's Phoenix team plays the Olympic club
nine today on tbe eollegre diamond.
row rooming th« rardinal track enthuslasta will
bare the. first opportunity to see the entire squad
of trai-k men In action in the practice meet.
Heretofore a uumber of the Tareity stare here
not t*feen part. The lonjrer rune will be short
ened, but the Bprintpre' distance will be Increased
from 10U to ISO yards.
FOISF. Idaho. Feb. 14.—A bill to prohibit
racetrack gambling In Idaho wan killed In the
senate today. Resolution' l pro Tiding for the re
call of all public officers of the state were Intro
duced simultaneously In both branches of the
CHICAGO. Teb. 14. —Morton Phillips set a
new world's at pooket billiards under the
new rules when be counted 74 last night In a
match with F.dward .Tones Id the Chicago ama
teur ihamplonship tournament.
LOS ANOCLBS. Feb. 14.--Lenole Burrell. for
several years third baseman for the Vernon
Coast league team, wa* sold today by Manager
Hogan to the Victoria team of the Northwestern
CAMBRIDGE. Macs., Feb. 14.—William F.
Quinn. who has trained hundreds of Harvard
athletes for field events and hurdling, died today
itln a loug illness.
Manager Miller Hugging of the Carda says
that when be fails to hit GOO he will consider
quitting, but not until then. .
It is rumored that Johnny Kltng may pur
chase, the Topeka club in the Western league.
[ Charleston Race Results
(Special Dispatch to The Call)
CHARLESTON. S. C, Feb. 14.—ReeulU of
today's races:
Firet tact-— Ella Gran*. 10 to 1. won; Viley,
13 to I, second; Cynosure, 4 to 1. third.
Second race—Otranto, 4 to I. won; Edna
l.eska. 5 to 1. ge<v>nd: Ada, 7 to 1. third.
Third race—Harcourt. 3 to 2, won; Mlm Jo
neh. 4 to 1. second; New Star, 10 to 1. third.
Fourth race—Buiy. 9 to 2. won; Merry Lad.
9 to 2, necond: Colonel Cook. 3 to 1. third
Fifth race—Elma. eren, won; Pink Lady, 3
to 1. second: Ttn.r Tim. 1 to 2. 'third.
Sixth rare— l>rd Welles, r, to 4, woa; Argo
naut, 8 to 5, secoud; Berkeley, out, third.
McCarty-Wells Bout Is Off;
Manager Thinks Gibson
Mistreated Him
(Sp*<"ial DieDitcb to The Call)
NEW YORK, Feb. 14.—After a short
talk today over the long distance tele
phone with Luther McCartys manager,
Billy MeCarney. who is in Columbus.
0.. Billy Gibson, manager of the Gar
den Athletic club, railed off all nego
tiations for a match between McCarty
and Bombardier Wells. MeCarney
said he would be here on Monday
talk it over, but Gibson, tired of wait
ing, promptly matched Gunboat Smith,
the California heavy weight, to box
Wells in the garden either on March 7
or 17. the date to be settled in a day
or two.
However—Why Fight at AH?
(Special Dispatch to Tb<« raJli
COLUMBUS. 0., Feb. 14.—Billy Me- I
Carney, manager of Luther McCarty,
claimant of the heavy weight title,
made it plain that hie change will not
give any fighter a ch-ance at his crown
unless he is well paid for it.
"Tt. is enough that we gave Wells a
chance," MeCarney said. "He has been
beaten by Palzer, and Luther beat Pal
MeCarney is complaining of shabby
treatment accorded him by Promoter
Gibson of New York.
"I wanted a guarantee of $10,000 with
a privilege of 40 per cent of the re
ceipts," MeCarney said. "They were
going to charge from $2 to $20 a seat
and the house ought to figure jr. 0,000.
My terms were not unreasonable. I
have a champion to fight. Besides, we j
are picking up $350 to $700 a night on j
the stage and we don't have to fight for |
a while." .
Here's Another Fizzle!
CHICAGO. Feb. 14.—The Packer Mγ-
Farland-Jack Britton boxing bout,
which has been hanging fire for some
time, was declared off finally hy Mc-
Farland here today. McFarland gave
las his reason a $10,000 offer to fight I
Freddie jWelsh before the National J
Sporting|'elub in London, which he said
he expected to accept. McFarlanc , also
said that h» had received an offer to
box M r illie Ritchie on the Pacific, coast
on July 4. The weight was named at
133 pounds, which Packey said meant
that the bout would not be held.
Crimp Put in Smiths on's
Hopes by Sullivan
Secretary Herbert Hauser of the local
branch of the A, A. U. received word
yesterday from Secretary Sullivan to
the effect that the southern association
In Lios Angeles would have to reinstate
Forest Smithson before the local asso
ciation could take any action. This
seems to settle the whole matter, and
unless the local r»ranch can show the
south why Smithson should be rein
stated he will have to stand out of the
meets this season. Chairman George
James of the local registration com
mittee has communicated with Sullivan
and expects a reply today la the mat
CINCINNATI, 0., Feb. 14.—Sentence
will not be passed for several days on
President .John H. Patterson and 21
other officials and employes of the Na
tional Cash Register company, convicted
of criminal violation of trie Sherman
anti-trust act. according to a statement
by United States Judge HoHlster to
Sefond Abbott lor Oaklaeder—F. B.
Norton of Oakland has taken delivery
of his second Abbott-Detroit from th«»
Thomas Flyer company, northern Cali
fornia distributers of the Abbott line.
This car is a seven passenger 44.50.
r " r " ■ Kn7 ffuamnteee to Our* I
Bf \ u4 Skin Diaeaaas, '
■V fltr Prostatic Trouble,
mVt j> varicocele. I
▼ * •*] Ktdur. Blftddu- and !
Xw _j Urlaary Dlmum j
CALL OR WRITE; nodeWntlon
M eroa bOBin«*«. Tr»»in>ent and t
adTle* confldeatl&L Hour* 9 <
r a. m. «o»p> m.; Sunday »to L I
▼ UKniamaTw Examination and advice tn%.
a Not a dollar ne«d be paid until cured. I
\omCS. 832 MARKET ST.. Orer lUeder'. !
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■ OcXTar warn* tuMoapeotinr nn a*atnnt bea«t- I
< ln»qoacJt§. wftn bi*. ftarlac adrertlsemmtt. •
I wit falMly claim they art fhe !*>adtne uncial- I
> Utaor only lerttJtnate doet>->n and inch rid leu- ,
| lout «taterrent* al*n araiaat tr** mowom of ,
1 anatomy ptttalU. fake mtdiral offic»». b<lts, '
body battoriw. Chinese doctor* Tho»* »ho ,
& kaT*ba«B awladled by such *°concern*" thouM '
I coawlt Dr. Kln«aa4 learn the truth about tbelr
! «o*4ltlos;afradtiate.t#«efymu-«'espertenoe. I
Dr. Klac b>a Specialist renlarly llernaed by J
I StattorOalUfcrnla U treatlll diMtwi of me&. I
New Chicago Manager Is
Bitterly Set Against
Chance and Tinker
(Special Dispatch to The Gall)
CHICAGO, Feb. 14.—0n the eve of
the departure of the Cubs for their
■ training grounds at Tampa, Fla..
j Johnny Evers, new manager of the.
Chicago Nationals, declared, war on
Frank Chance, former manager of th*
team, and Joe Tinker, for years his
side partner on the club.
Evers said he had kept quiet all win
ter, hoping his critics , would ceas*
talking, but now intends to fight back.
He declared today that Chance, newly
named manager of the New York
Americans, had been "knocking" him
and invites his former boes to tell
what he knows about him.
He charges that Tinker, newly
named leader of the Cincinnati Reds,
has been violating all baseball laws
and sportsmanship by tampering: with
his players on the Cubs' roll.
CHICAGO. Feb. 14. - President Ban Johnaon
announced hero today his staff of eight umpire*
for the American league. They are: T. H. Con
jinliy, Frank O'lnughlin. TV. H. Dineen. W. G.
KTane. Robert Hart, fbarles Ferguson.' George
Hildebrnnd and K. J. McGreeT. The last tbrr*
nrc new men. Ferguson is from the American
association and Hfldehrand ond McGreery are
from the Pacific toast lpngix*.
ALAMEDA. Feb. 14.--Tb«» b*«ebell team of
the Alameda high school and the Licit K-hoii
nine of Snn Francisco will m*ot at Lincoln park
in this «itr tomorrow morning at 10 nVlock
The Kemp will b* the first for the local f>m of
a series of 18 that has been arranged for hr
Manaeer Hans T.emckf>. Brewer or BranrtsrVrM
will twirl for the home with I'iUt
behind thf bat.
§ Doctor
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think that there 1« no pos
sible cure for them—do
not ttlre np. If yon are
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Weakness. Contracted Dis
pa«P. Blood Poison. Varl
r». n sm «w». r<vele. Hydrocele. Pros-
DT - Ham "' Oß mt\r Trouble*. Kidney or
Bladder Disease. Fistula or Piles, com* to
I personally conduct my
office. You meet me
When yon comp here. ail will be treated
Is my trr.p picture. For eighteen years I
bare treated MEN'S DISEASES ONLY.
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ful treatment «f thousands of the mwt
aggravated cases of the diseases peculiar
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telligent, sympathetic, boneet advice.
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treatment, ■with no detention from buslnesa.
which makes a new man of you. restoring
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to stay cured. WITHOUT THE USE OF A
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pain cease*, the yltal parts are preserved
and strengthened. No detention from bu*
tients are thoroughly cured in less time
than any other and less thorough forme of
treatment require Iα producing doubtful re
Dr. A. M. Hamilton
721 Market Street, S. F.
Hours » A. M. t» 8 P. M. Dally.
Sundays 0 A. M. to 1 P. M.
vi«t dr. JORDAN'S ««at
f' A Weakneu or any contracted oWate
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\jf ■pecialitt <w the Coast EUublwhed
fflE&ggji Wtyyeara,
// Vt Coiwulution fre* *nd ttrictly private.
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fril rjf. positive cure in every ca*e ud-
V£W ~J drrUken.
aQufcSS Wr "« for PHILOSOPMV
OP MARRI/VGC free-(a
II II oKitUt book («■«».)
<iWv9lp"sHfl Relieved In >
: Wjilllftw 24 Hours s
< , E3ch Cap- ✓"""N ►
' <, eF eule bears the (m|QY) 4 >
name Mf v/v' < *
' ► Beware of counterfeit* < *

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