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»eh«»M Temperature Yr*««T.JaT. 54; Tuesday
Fer details of tbe Weather wr pa*e t.".
San Francisco Has
the most extensive and colorful
Chinatown in the United States
Brother of Deposed Executive Executed by Order of General Diaz
Accused Western Coal Men
Give Bonds Following
the Presentments—Sensa
tional Disclosures Said to
Be Coming and Engineers
of Steamer Lines May Be
Arrested for Complicity—
Previous Inquiry Side
tracked Will Be Revived
by Special Agents on Case
Collector Stratton Declares
He Has Information, but
Can Not Make It Public—
"Grand Jury Pinheads,'
Says One of Men Indicted
—Federal Inspector Talks
of Work Done and Plans
for Future—Case Rivals
the Sugar Trust Scandal
"Eight officials of the Western Fuel
company were indicted yesterday morn
ing by the federal grand jury on charges
or --.onspiring to defraud the United
States and of wholesale frauds and
swindling on coal duties by short weight
The indictments were returned short
ly before noon before United States Dis
trict Judge TV. W. Morrow, sitting for
Judge William C. Van Fleet in division
No. I of the United States district court.
The indicted officials are: John I*
Howard, president; James B. Smith, vice
president; .T. U Sclimitt, director: Rob
uce. director; Sydney V. Smith,
director; !'. C ]\lil!s. superintendent;
Edward J. Smith, weigher, and E. H.
Mayer, weigher.
is the first movement in what
promises to be one of the most sensa
tional cases of alleged fraud against
the government ever laid bare.
Eight years ago an investigation was
made Into coal frauds in this port, and
a. report is alleged to have been side
tracked through some strong influence.
Special Agfnt William H. Tidwell is in
vestigating this and promisee some in
teresting exposures within a few day?.
In 1905 Special Agents West and John
son worked several months in the in
vestigation. They prepared a volumin
ous report. Tt was handed into the
local custom house It never loft the
local custom house.
.Special Agent Tidwell and United
.States Attorney John L. McNab, who
are investigating this, assert that it
was waylaid somewhere between the
special agents' office and the office of
the collector of the port.
Whether or not there will be any re
sults from this investigation, Mr. Tid
well was unable to say last night.
' I am working on the matter now,
and am unable to say in which direc
tion, or how far the matter goes, or
what the results of the investigation
may be," he said.
Collector of the Port Frrd S. Strat
lon said last night that he has reports
pn two previous investigations now in
his possession.
"There are many things in connec
tion with the affair that I would like
to speak of," he said, "but in view of
(he fact that the case is in the hands
■jt the courts, it would be hardly prop
»r for me to render an opinion. I am
thoroughly conversant with the whole
ase, as I furnished the customs ex
perts who did much toward unearth
ng what facts have so far come to
ight. I am conversant also with two
>ther investigations of a secret nature
nto the workings of the Western Fuel
:ompany, and the papers in relation
o these are now in my possession. I
tm not at liberty, however, to discuss
heso or the present one.
"It should be distinctly understood
.hat the present inquiry is based en
irely upon the assumption that the
•orporation has misrepresented the
lumber of tons of coal sold to Ameri
can ships foreign bound, and in this
vay secured an alleged unlawful re
>ate of 40 cents a ton from the gov
"I think it unlikely that the amount
ould possibly reach $450,000, as has
>een stated."
About an hour after the eight West-
Continued on l'age «« Column 4
"The People's Newspaper" }
Letter Duel Develops Cold Sequel
No "My Dear" Stuff in This Exchange
Spreckels Says Harsh Things About Rolph, and Mayor
Retorts With Scriptural Allusion
The interchange of letters between
•My dear Jim" and "My dear Ru
dolph ,, that struck the funny bone of
San Francisco Tuesday and set the
whole town laughing has developed a
chilly sequel.
Late* last night there was a second
interchange of compliments between
Rudolph Spreckels and James Rolph
Jr. In the shape of two more open mes
sages regarding the Spring Valley
purchase situation, bat not a line of
that affectionate "My dear" stuff in
either one.
Of coure one can't be as affectionate
over 3,000 miles of telegraph wire as
one can be when he takes his type
writer in hie hand, and this time the
messages were exchanged by tele
graph. Just think of all the words
saved by leaving out "My dear" so
many times in each!
"James Rolph Jr.. Mayor. ,, is "My
Wealthy Man, Unidentified,
Taken Accidentally to Hospital
Where Daughter Is Nurse
(Special Diepatch to The Cain
HANFORD, Feb. 19.—Fate led A. B.
Curtis, a wealthy Kings county rancher,
to the hospital where his daughter was
a nune, else he would have been
buried in a pauper's grave.
Picked up In a condition where he
was unable to give an account of him
self, search of his person revealed
not!r**e by he could be identified,'
so he was taken to the Fresno county
hospital. His daughter, Mrs. L. M. Ses
sions, recently employed there, recog
nized him at once, caused his removal
to another institution, summoned the
family, and tried to save him, but it
was too late, for he died without re
gaining consciousness.
Curtis was a director in a ditch com
pany engaged in litigation here and
left home to attend court, despite the
orders of his physician.
1 lowa Voang Woman Start* Action to
Be Restored as Adopted Daughter
of Baking Powder King
NEW YORK. Feb. 19.—Florence L.
I Brandt, daughter of George W. Brandt
'of Davenport. la., who says she was
j adopted, with her baby brother, in 1895 I
by their uncle. "William Ziegler, the
baking , powder millionaire, but became
homesick and retjrned to her father,
began an action today to have herself
reinstated as Ziegler's adopted daugh
ter. This proceeding aims to place her
on an equality legally with her brother,
William Ziegler Jr., now pole h<Mr to
the $16,450,000 estaf*. By the will she
got nothing.
Flake* Are tb* Ftmt Sf*B In City In
> pars—Trace Only Recorded
LOS ANGELEP, Feb. 19.—Snow fell
in Los Angeles today for the first time
in many years. Only a trace was re
corded at the weather bureau, where
it was said the storm was the result of
purely local conditions.
Burglar* Loot Office of Los Angeles
Chief "VMtb 20 Patrolmen on Job
LOS ANGELES, Feb. 19.—Chief of
Police Sebastian's office in the centra]
police station was robbed last night
There were 20 policemen and detectives
on duty while the burglars were at
Harvard Professor Wlna Prise of Geo
graphic Society of Chicago
CHICAGO, Feb. 19.—William Morris
Davis, professor emeritus of Harvard
university, was presented tonigm with
the Culver gold medal by the Geo
graphic Society of Chicago.
English Monarch Contribute* 91,000 to
Scott Memorial Fond
LONDON", Feb. 19.—King George to
day donated $1,000 to the fund for a
memorial to Captain Robert F. Scott
and his four companions. The total
now amounts to $100,000.
A Thousand Honw« Destroyed Iβ
Blase in Kanda Ward
TOKYO, Feb. 19.—A serious fire oc
curred today in Kanda ward in the
city's center. A thousand houses were
destroyei- -. -—- — —- >»_•
THE San Francisco CALL
dear Rudolph's" form of salutation in
his telegram.
"Rudolph Spreckels. Dear Sir," is "My
dear Jim's" return greeting.
As to the subject matter of the mes
sages—well, "My dear Rudolph" speaks
somewhat harshly about "Dear Jim's"
attitude on Spring Valley and "My dear
Jim" has a retort that he sums up suc
cinctly In the final paragraph of his
reply, which says:
"It will take something more effect
ive than the weapon with which Sam
son slew the thousand Philistines to
make me quit my constructive work."
Here are the messages in full:
"New York City. Feb. 19.
"James Rolph Jr., Mayor's office, San
Francisco: Tour publication of my let
ter of February 12 and publication of j
what you seem to think is a reply j
Continued on Page S, Column 3
Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst in
Speech Assumes Respon
sibility for Outrage
CARDTFF, Wales, Feb. 19.—"Wβ have
blown up the chancellor of the ex
chequer's house," said Mrs. Emmellne
Pankhurst, addressing an enthusiastic
meeting of suffragettes here tonight.
"The authorities need not look for the
women who actually did it. I person
ally accept full responsibility for It."
Mrs. Pankhurst declared that if she
were sent to penal servitude she would
go on hunger strike.
"The government then will have to
set me free," she added, "or let me
die. If I drop out 100 women are ready
to take my place."
House Destroyed
LONDON. Feb. 10.—The country resi
dence of Chancellor of the Exchequer
David Lloyd-George at Walton Heath
was practically destroyed this morn
ing by a bomb which the police say
was placed there either by militant
Continued «m Pose 3. Column I
Q,ustave Madero, one of the brothers of the deposed president of Mexico,
i who was shot to death yesterday by the soldiers of General Huerta, the provi
\ sional governor general of the republic; the penitentiary {]pwer view) from which
he leas taken /a meet his doom, and the national palace, where the former
I president is held a prisoner.
Coagresainea to Ride Wheel* to Work
Because 3Ye President Does
(Special Dtfpatch to The Call)
WASHINGTON, Feb. 19.—Represent
ative Webb of North Carolina has pur
chased a bicycle and will ride to the
capitol and back every day. Other con
gressmen are looking at wheels, with a
view of buying. The sudden desire for
bicycles Iβ attributed to the fact that
Wilson rides one.
Two Newspaper* Put Out of Botanu
ln •μ-000 Blame
(Sp«e!al Dispetch to th? Cell)
HEALDSBURG. Feb. 19.—The plants
of the Enterprise and Tribune were
destroyed tonight in a 125,000 fire,
which burned four business buildings.
It started in the Sonoma garage, and '•
the Consolidated Vehicle company's
two 3tory warehouse was the fourth
building destroyed, ——«• —
"An Independent Newspaper ,,
President Will Wait Until
Mexican Government Is
Established Before
Recognizing It
WASHINGTON, Feb. 19.—There waa
a marked reaction today from the se
vere strain under which the diplomatic,
military and naval branches of the gov
ernment have been laboring: for the
last 10 days because of the crisis In
A hasty consultation between the
heads of the various departments, con
ducted to some extent by subordinates,
resulted In a general decision to main
tain the existing attitude toward Mex
ico, not only In the diplomatic sense,
but so far as involves the preparation
of the army and navy to meet any
emergency that might arise.
Although state department officials
naturally were gratified at the termi
nation of the prolonged battle that
raged within the heart of the City of
Mexico, it was deemed unwise to per
mit that sentiment to affect the prog
ress of arrangements to protect the
lives of foreigners in Mexico in case
the situation should get beyond control
of the new government- Original or-
Continued on Page 2, Column 4
Members of Mexican Congress, Sitting in Secret Session,
Proclaim General Huerta Provisional President and
Former Commander of Federal Troops Assumes the
Duties of High Office—Ousted Executive and
Family Start for Europe at Midnight Via Vera Cruz
MEXICO CITY, Feb. 20.—Preparations for the transportation of the
deposed President Madero and Vice President Suarez and their families to
Vera Cruz to catch steamer for Europe were completed at midnight.
Almost coincident with the moment that their resignations were being for
mally read in congress those facing exile arrived at the Mexican railway
station, where a train was under steam. The party included Mrs. Madero,
two sisters of Madero, Angela and Mercedes, and their father, Francisco
Madero Sγ. Mrs. Suarez and her children accompanied her husband. There
were also a number of close friends of both families who accompanied them
to Vera Cruz.
MEXICO CITY, Feb. 19.—Francisco I. Madero, deposed from the
presidency yesterday, will be exiled.
Arrangements have been made for his departure tonight from the capital
for Vera Cruz.
From there he will sail for some European port
Madero will be accompanied by his wife and perhaps by his father and
other members of his family.
The execution of Gustavo Madero, brother of the deposed president, was
the most tragic occurrence of today. He was subjected to the "fugitive law"
and was shot to death by his guards.
The members of the cabinet and most of the other prisoners were re
leased this mornrrrg. ■ -
Francisco I. Madero; Jose Pino Suarez, the vice president, and Federico
Gonzales Garza, governor of the federal district, were the only imporlat t
prisoners held. Ernesto Madero, the former financo minister, paid a lengthy
v'Mt this afternoon to Francisco.
General Huerta, who has assumed the post of governor general, ard
General Diaz had an extended conference, after which It was announced that
they were in complete accord.
Later General Huerta wae In conference with Ambassador Henry L,.ire
A group of senators discussed the
question of the presidency with Gen- 1
eral Huerta, who. It is understood, will
receive the appointment of provisional
president at the hands of congress, a
meeting of which body has been called.
General Huerta was elected provi
sional president by congress at a spe
cial secret session tonight.
Already forced to face plots, the
new administration caused the arrest
tonight of General Francisco Romero.
Romero is accused of complicity with
Francisco Cosio Robelo In a new re
volt The plot Involves a group of
At the instigation of the government
Madero lias been held formally re
sponsible for the death of Colonel Riv
eroll, which occurred at the palace at
the time of Madero's arrest.
President Madero, forced from the
presidency by the coup d'etat of two
of his generals, is a prisoner In the
national palace.
Throngs of men, women and children
seemingly gave popular approval to
the sudden change in affaire by crowd
ing the big square in front of the na
tional palace and deliriously shouting
"Viva" for the three principals and for
Manuel Mondragon, who had been con
ducting the Diaz military operation*.
The demonstrations, however, were
not without serious disorder.
Marco Hernandez, a brother of the
minister of the interior, Rafael Her
nandez, was killed In the street by
rurales when he refused to cry "Viva
A demonstrative crowd surrounded
him and insisted that he Join In the
shouting, but he defiantly replied,
"Viva Madero!"
He was answered by the pistol* of
the rurales.
Another instance of disorder was the
firing of the building occupied by the
Nueva Era, a newspaper organ of the
Madero administration.
Vice President Jose Pino Saurez, who
was also arrested, was held prisoner
during the night in another part of the
palace from that where Madero was
Each man was put under guard of
two soldiers.
The ministers of the cabinet were
given parole overnight. Senor Juan
Sanchez Azcona, private secretary to
Madero, fled in an automobile.
The deposed president will be treated
with all consideration by those who
have him within their power, it is de
clared. General Huerta promptly dis
patched a message to Mrs. Madero, as
suring her of the personal safety of her
husband and declaring that he would
be well treated.
It was the determination that the
battle in which heavy artillery had
been used Iα Lue streets since the out-.
Fair) hrtak.. north >vlndw, diminishing
sB,2sot-»Am uniu^filydesirable corner; 60fwt
frl»ntr ggr" $10.0i)0: good locality; clo««
7 rcxim rfsld<M)c<\ i'losp In 14th
Huerta Advises President
Announces Fall of Madero
WASHINGTON, Feb. 10 Pres
ident Taff today received «be fol
lo-wInK telegram from Victorian*.
Hnerta, Mexico's provisional gov
ernor general:
"I have the honor to Inform
yon that I have overthrown thin
government, the forces are
roe and from now on peace and
prosperity will reign.
Tonr obedient servant.
"Commander In chief. , *
break of the Diaz mutiny must come to
an end, which led a group of senators
last night to urge General Huerta to
the stroke that would not only ter
minate the terrible conflict, but at the
came time remove the Madero family
from public affairs in Mexico.
Ernesto Madero escaped a few mm
TJtes before General Blanquet'e men
took the other ministers prisoners in
the national palace.
Gustavo Madero, another brother of
President Madero, also was arrested.
Hβ had been denounced In many quar
ters since the first days of the Madero
administration as an arch-polltlcian
and had been charged with being a
false counselor of the president
A few hours later, General
and General Angeles, two of the federal
commanders who were not In accord
with General Huerta's plan, were added
to the list of prisoners.
The plan had originally been made
without the knowledge of General Diaz
and his followers. The news soon per
meated the rebel lines and then began
a holiday fusillade from the machine
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