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yesterday—4B,ooo buohelo—also engagements of
frfieht room for 248.000 bushels on
JW hnsiiiMs at Baltimore. Cash sales were
-5.000. Foreign markets rather colorless with
change fractional, large world's shipments ex
pected. ■•
Corn—Corn appeared to havp aggressive sup
port from the bull intfrests in the local trade
to prevent a slump under the bearish influence
of large receipt*, increasing stocks, etc. Sal<»s
all told here thus far reported are about 170.000
iMishtls. indndinK 100.000 to seaboard export
ers. There lias been considerable short selling
of corn bere by larger local professional specu
Of»tß—Oats here followed other grains. Trade
limited in volume and range of prices narrow.
Ih* market had speculative support of a fairly
influential character on early wenk spots, rallied
moderately, then late in the dsy had a weak
turn. Cesh oats steady to V, higher, sales be
ing marie before the Hter break in the futnres.
Cash KSlos were Ori.ono bushels.
Provisions—Provisions were easier all around.
H>ir-. 10.000 more than pxneeted. and western
packinx renters all toid' 103.000,
against 50,400 laft rear and 00,000 two years
Canh Grain and Provisions
CHICAGO. F»b. IS>.— C-irn— Nβ. 2 yellow. 5<V;
No. 3. 47Vi«4Si4r: No. 3 whitf. 4«iiQ49c: No.
" yellow. *[email protected]; No. 4. 4.V-; 'a 4T'ir: No. 4
white. 46*347% c; No. 4 yellow. 45' 4 f§;47' i c.
Ry*—No. 2. mifc.
Timothy—[email protected]
Oorer— |il2i3l9.:.O.
»w York Grain Market
M:W YORK. Fe'.v in.—Hour—Quiet.
Wheat—Spot steady. No 2 red. $1.091; ele
rator and $1.11 f. <■»" b. afloat nominal; No. 1
northern Duluth. $1.0U4 f. o. b. afloat. Futures
*-ere easy early on tho c«Mes. as wfll as pros
pects of rain in the warthwest but rallied on ih«
firmness tn the northwest, oloslnc M,(ai A c net
lower. May. 98 13-lCc. closp<l at 08 1.V16c; July
closed at 9Sc. Septembpr closed «t 07e. Bonded
*beat—May and July closed at 87»sC asked.
North went Wheat
SEATTLE. Feb. 19.—Wheat— Blnestem. 95c;
forty-fcld, SS%e: club, 8.% c; fife. Rsc: red Rus
sian. 83c. Yesterday's receipts—Wheat. 28 cars;
©sts. 1 car; barley, 2 cars; hay, 17 cars; flour,
4 cars.
TACOJfA Feb. 19.— Wheat— Bluestem. We:
forty-fold. gRc; club, S6c: red Russian. S2c. Re
ceipts—Wheat. 10 care oats. 1 car; hay, 2 cars.
PORTLAND, Frh. 19.—Wheat, track prices—
Club. 85«86c: bluesteni. ©3fc?940: forty-fold. 86c;
r»<l Rußsian. 84c; valley, 86c. R**eelpt«—Wheat.
«3 cars: barlpy. 9 cars; flour, 9 cars; oats, 4
cars; Uay. 4 cers.
Minneapolis Grain and Flax
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.. Feb. in.—Wheat-
May, 87»ic; July. R9%c: September. «9*; c:
Cash, No. 1 hard. SS'ic: No. 1 northern, M\ |
R7*4c; No. 2 northern. 8484(aS5*;f; No. il
hard Montana. 87* 4 c: No. 3 wheat. [email protected]?4c.
Corn—No. 3 yellow. [email protected],c.
Oats—No 3 white. 30Vt(g31c.
Rye—No. 2. 55i*,(357V-c."
Ttran—slß® 18.50.
Flour—First patents, $4.30<?4.65: second pat
eats, [email protected]: first clears, [email protected]; sec
ond clears, [email protected]
Barley—[email protected]
TJiiluth I^lneeed
DUIiUTH. Minn.. Feb. 19—Linseed, $1.34 Vi;
May, $l.S5?i bid; July, $1.37',^.
Local Markets
Receipts of Produce February 19
Floor, Qγ kVs.... 4,4.>s ! >fe»Ufalfa. sks ... 50
Wheat, rtls llOißollcd barley, sks 1,900
Barley, ctla I,2oo'Leatfcer, roll* ... lftS
Oats, ctis 70 ! Taliow, ctls .... 35
Feans, s> Wβ 674 Hides, No «25
Com, ctle een'Peltg, No 1,610
Rran. eke 250 T.!me, bble 1.140
Middlings. Pks .. 220;SuEar, ells J4,<>oo
Potatoes, sks ... 770 Wine, gals 57,700
Onions sks 125;C0a1. toas 270
Hey. tons 4U ! l.umber. NT ft 160
St.-avr, tone I.V Paper, bdls C«0
Hop*. bale* 132'.\[.ples, bxs 125
Storts, sks lnO'Oraages. bxs 400
! f>"l. (=k« flasks. SO
Malt, sk% MM]
Fain' (per Ih)—California H. H. brand, 19c;
M. & 1.. bran«l. 2'>: picnics. I2u.c; Primroe*.
21c; EWte.ro Star. 2f>Vjc; skinned, '22c; Monarch,
• !-ni<-s. i3e.
Bacon—Primrose. 4 to 6 lbs, 29c; Eastern Star.
a to « 'bn •'<;<■ R to S lbs 25". *t f'"> 10 !b5 24<\ 10
to 12 lb* 23c: Arrow. 8 to 70 lbs XMfce, 10 to 12
!r>s medium bacon. light rcedintn.
IMjc; light dry salted bacon, 8 to 10 lh« 21c. 10
to 12 lbs 20c: scgai*cured, 6 to 8 lbs, 230.
California Bacon—M. & L. brand. 4 to 8 lbs
26Vic, fi to 10 lbs 2M4e; H. H. brand, 4 to 8 lbs
23*5*. « to lfl lbs 22Vc.
CottoJene—Half bbls. irv: 1 tierce, lOfie: 2
tierces. lCftc; 5 tlerros, lOJfcfe per lh; Callfene,
s^ l 4c for 1 tierce. 10% c for 2 tierces. for
R_tiercee and 10% c for half bbls aad tubs; cases,
Eaetern Lard end Oil*. Weetera Me«t brand —
T.ard. tierces l"'»>c; 50a (per case*. $6.88; 10a,
Rs. $s.e3; Ss, 15.70; componnd lan!.
tier«*. T<Os (per case), $4.88; 10s. $6.15;
to. 5&23: Sf», yellow cooking oil. 56c per
enHoe: white oooking oil, 58c per caUon; salad
oil. fiSc per gallon.
California Pnre Lard, M. * L. brand—Ti»rce«,
13c: cans, 1 to s case. 56.83: 4 to a case, $10.70:
large tinr, 6 to a case, $8.25; medium, 12 to a
case. $8..18: email, 20 to a case, $8.40.
California Compound Lard, H. H. brand —
Tierce basic, ©c: cans, 1 to a ease, $4.63; 4 to a
case, |7.50; tine, 6 to a eaae. $5.85; 12«. $5.93
rx»r case; 20s, $C> per cane; M. * L. salad oil.
tierce bast*. 63c; M. & L- cooking oil. 60c for
white and 58c for yeHow; Blecola. tiercee ll%c,
buckete ll%c. half'bblfl llSc, cases $7.50.
Beef—Extra family, family and mess beef, $24
per bbl.
Poric—Extra prime In barrele. $21: pig pork.
$M; pigs' feet, $5.50 for balf bbls, $2 25 for 25
Ib kegs and $1.50 for kite. *
Meat Market
rteepfte the dullness fn dressed meats in this
er.d nearby markets, prioee for cattle on the hoof
™*Btimie to adTance owing tr> light arrivals.
Steers, cows and calves are higher. Lire
»acep and lamb-< h«ve also been marked up.
SHanghterers' rates to dealers and butchers axe
*« follows:
Beef—llfflllHe per Ib for Bteers, 10%(811c for
cows and belfers.
veal—-lKaia? for larjre and for small.
—Wetbers. WalOVic; ewes, OfSS'sC-
T .tmbe— per lb.
Tressed Pork fper lb»—
Tbe following quotations are for good, F<wmd
livestock, dellrered in Sao Francisco, gross
No. 1 Fteers «rcr 1b« 7%4<a7tjc per lb. un
der 950 lbs [email protected]; second quality, all weights,
C.'<j.6»ic: thin, undesirable »teer«, 4%<85c.
No. 1 cows and belfers, B'-ifgeM.c: st-fond qnal-
Hγ, [email protected]; common to thin, undesirable cows,
DeeiraW* bulla and stags, 3t£Q4%c; balf fat
or tbin bulls. 2<g3c.
Cairee—Lightweight, per lb, medium,
6>4 e?c; bfavT. r,(q>jc.
Sheep—Desirable wethers, uneborn. s«i«g6c;
ewes, .'wV.ic; Phorn gheep, He to %c less.
Yearling I^embe —[email protected]%c per lb.
Hogs—Hard grain fed. weighing 100 .to 150 lbs.
7%in 150 to 250 lbs [email protected]"ViC; 2CK) lbs and up.
Whoicealr Flah Market
Prices (per lb) —Salmon, l.'c; spring salmon,
36c; halibut, 15c; ckickea halibut. 10c: codfish,
8c; red rock. 1O; black rock. —; yellow tall.
—; barracuda, lie: eand dab*, 8c: soles, 7c;
kingflKh, 7c; carp, &c; Fmelte, 12*4 c; sJWer
unelts. 10c, herriagß, se; tomcods, 10c; striped
rm»!>. 15<-; perch, —; mackerel, —; white belt,
—: enurt. 8e; pike, —; catfish, 12J4c.
Th'> aboTe quotations represent f. o. b. prices
for cleaufcd flbb, boxed and iced.
Butter, Cheese and E%g*
With receipts enormous and with surplus stocks
Mill accumulating at Jhe *toree, prices for eggs
<•on.tin.ued to settle yesterday, all grades losldr
l<: as tbe result of a limited volume of trading
on the I>»iry exchange. The market was ofß
i-iaily declared steady at the rerlsed quotations
"o the but the feeling in the street
was decMedly easy, nwlng to the lack of new
►hipping irtislneec. Tbe butter market had a turn
for the better with price* jfolne up half a cent,
alrbougb receipts tihowfd a substantial advance
r.ver tbose of tbe preceding day. The only change
in cbee»e was a decline of balf a cent in new
California flat flrsfa.
Sales on the exchange were as follows:
Butter —10 cases of extras at 54Uc a pound.
Kj-fts—2o cases of extras at 70 at 18c
and TiCt in 17V.C a doien.
Receipts were 69,300 ponnds of butter, 57,000
pmmds of cheese and 3.525 cases of eggs.
Tt;e followiog are th<t official quotations estab-
Hsbed by sales, bkis and offers on the floor of the
Dm fry exchange. Prices in the Htreet. while gor
exam by the exchange quotatiiMis, generally
niupe from !'•> to higher, owing to the
various charges to be mlded:
«« >q 13 "=3 I ' T
er p , p" e , ) » o ,
i S "Z. c> I •< I a ! «
The average quotation for extra butter for tht
week ended Saturday, February 13, was 34c per
Cheese—lfancy California flat?, 17V£e per lb,
•teady; do firsts, 15c, steady; do seconds, lie,
steady; fancy Young Americas, Ifcc. eteady; do
fifbts, 16c steady; Oregon flats. 17c, steady; do
Young Americas. lRc. firm; New York fancy, 20
(&2013C, eteady; Wisconsin fancy. lDVic, steady.
Eggrs—California fresh, per dozen, cases in
- • « I » it <t
a 1 p- p , cr ? p ,
Li m »- I - w 1-
I Ci *- C» ) ~4 I Oβ o
Kxtras ;18Hc #> :
8#"-oe*a ! 16'
Scl'ted puilrttilUlLOilC
19.; ;iRi*cl7Uc
17c 17c
17c 17c 10c
E«5 Market i B Nearby Counties
(Special Dispatch to The Call)
PETAUTMA. Fob. Tβ.—The egg market re
mains very weak, and today, after receipt of
transaction* of th<- San Francisco Dairy Produce
and Egg exchar.>rr, quotations were lowered lc
on each rradp. Independent dealers and specu
lators paid off for Tuesday's delivery at the rate
of 16c for extra ranch and 14c for selected pal
lets. The delivery waa lieavy for the season of
the year.
SANTA CRUZ. Feb. 10.—Eggs of all grades
dropped in price today, even though the delivery
wa>« strong. Buyers were able to buy up extra*
of first grade at 16c per dneen. firsts had a
strong call at 15c, whlJe pullets and seconds were
quoted at per dozen.
SANTA ROSA. Feb. 19.—E?g prices dropped
off lc per doeen today on receipt of advices
showing the monlng transactions on the San
Francisco Dairy end Produce exchange. Local
dealers paid per dozen for first grade and
14c for second <>r pillet grade eggs delivered yes
terday. Owing to Saturday beln? a holldny and
generally obserred here, local buyers have agreed
not to accept deliverr of egcs on that day.
There win be no warkct from Friday until Mon
day in this city.
Portland Batter Market
PORTLAND. Feh. If , .—Butter—City and conn
try creamery extras, solid pack, 37*^0.
Potatoes, Onion* and Vegetable*
Twenty-four boxea of asparagus came In from
points on the river yesterday, practically all of
them coming by beat. Buyers refused to p«y
nver 30c a pound for tb«> best selections and sales
were n#ne too brisk at that figure. Another ship
ment of string beans came In from Florida and
the stock met with the usual prompt sale at 4oc
a pound. The market was well supplied with
peppers from Mexico and three cars of tomatoes
arrived from the name source. Prices for botn
were steady and unchanged. Bay rhubarb was
offering in small, lote and met with a good in
quiry at [email protected] a pound, buyers preferring It to
offerings from other sections. Lettuce was still
a drng In the market, 500 crates coming in by
steamer on top of a btg carryover from the pre
ceding day. Trade in potatoes is so quiet and
there Iβ so little possibility of conditions improv
ing that the market has become a dead Issue
with pricee seldom showing any variation. Oti
lons are steady, though supplies axe more than
sufficient for requirements.
Potatoes (per ctl) —Hiver Burbanks.
Halinaa do. [email protected]; Oregon do, [email protected]$l; sweet
potatoes. [email protected]
Onions (per ctl>—Yellow. [email protected]
Vegetables—Asparagus, [email protected] per lb; green
peas, 10015 c per lb: Mexican tomatoes, $1.50®
l.tio p«r box; cucumbers. t2TO&-35 per box: garlic.
im§2V6c per lb: cabbage. [email protected] per ctl: cauli
flower, [email protected] per dozen; green peppers. [email protected]
per lb for chili and 301335 c for bell; carrots. r>oe
per sack; celery. [email protected] per crate: lettuce,
[email protected] per crate for southern; sprouts, [email protected]
per lb; artichokes. [email protected] per dozen; mush
rooms, [email protected] per box; rhubarb, 6®7c per lb;
do bay, 106£llc; Florida eggplant, 30&36 c per Id:
do string beans, 40c per lb.
Deciduous and Citron Fruits
Local trade in apples and oranges continues
very slow with retail tradesmen still pursuing a
hand to mouth policy and wholesalers are, as a
rule, unable to effect big sales of anything unless
they make concessions buyers. Stocks of both
fruits are heavy and buyers are limiting their
operations because there seems ot be no neces
sity for stocking up in anticipation of an advance
in prices. In the apple line 3M) tier Newtown
plpplna from cold storage alone are flrm. with lo
cel fruit selling up to $1.35 a box. while some
fancy Oregon stock Is held at Lera
one and grapefruit are moderately active and firm
with stocks light. Mexican limes are offering In
small lots. The fruit now in the market it
packed in baskets containing 100 limes each. They
are selling at lc apiece.
Apple* (per box)— Fancy 4 tier reds. [email protected]$l.
with some selected bringing [email protected]: 4 tier
red pearmalns. [email protected]; bellflower. [email protected]$l for
tier and [email protected] for tier; white win
ter* pearmains. 75(sJS5e: Newtown pippina. $1.25(3
1.35 for 3% tier, [email protected]$l for 4 tier, and 50<g<55c
for 4>4 tier; common to choice fruit. 40<g60c.
Citrus Fruits iper box) —Navel oranges, $2.73(9
3 for fancy. |[email protected] for choice; frosted oranges,
[email protected]$l: tangerines, standard boxes. [email protected] for
choice and [email protected] for common: seedless grape
fruit, [email protected]; Florida do, [email protected]; lemons,
[email protected] for choice, and fancy, and $3.50<34 for
etandard: frosted lemon*. [email protected] : lemoa
ettes. $4..">0(§6; Mexican limes nominal.
Tropical Fruits—Banana*. [email protected] per lb for
Mexican; $101.50 per bunch for Hawaiian and
r.U)@4c per lb for Central American; pineapples,
[email protected] per dosen.
Chicago Fruit Market
CHICAGO, Feb. Iβ.—A fairly good trade
reported in both barrels and boxes. Some par
ties report having moved a good many boxes.
Kpitzenberg and stamen wlneeaps In boxes were
quoted a trifle easier. Otherwise the market
wa» called steady. Supply Iβ liberal. Barrels,
regulation size, country packed (fancy gooda
dealers* packing held above these prices): Bald
wins. No. 1, [email protected]; cold storage. $2.75<3
$3; kings. No. I, cooler stock, at [email protected];
northern spies, cold storage, fft424; very fancy,
higher; golden russets, $3C53.20; roxbury rus
sets. No. 1. common storage, [email protected]; cold
storage, $2.60; grimes golden, clear fruit. $3(?|
$3.50; showing more or less color, $Ss£2.so;
Jonathan. No. 1 to fancy. [email protected]; winesaps,
cold storage, fine, $3.75<i54; greenlnge, common
storage. No. 1. depending on quality and color,
[email protected]; No. 1, cold storage. |MJS.2B;
tallman sweets, [email protected]: b<»n davla. No. 1,
cold storage, southern. $2.50(32.60; Michigan
and New York, common storage. [email protected]£.2-V,
gano fancy, $2.50'@,2.75; No. 2, atock or soft
stock, all kinds, good to best, $1.40® 1.75.
Western box apples: Prices quoted are for
sales in a email way. Large lots could not
be moved at these figures. Delicions. ©atelde
for a few extra fine large, [email protected]; Jonathan,
grimes golden, outside fancy. $101.50;
wlnesaps, [email protected]; spltzenberg, [email protected];
northwest greenings. $1(g1.25; rose beauties,
[email protected]; some fanry large. [email protected]; «ta
men winesaps, [email protected]: aristo black. $1.25(5
$1.50; beliaower, $1.25551.00; wageners, 75c<9
$1; American reds, [email protected]$l.
Lemone —Supply is ample. It Is larger of
imported than domestic. Trade is quiet. Prices
range as below:
Boxes—California fancy, $6.50: extra fancy,
$7: extra choice, $6; meselnas. $.5.75.
Oranges—There Iβ a good trade in Floridas,
of wblen the quality !s» better than it was
some time ago. Desirable sizes rule reason
ably firm. Large fruit is not so desirable end
this rules easy. Of California oranges there
are now only small offerings. Very few tanger
ines now on sale. There Iβ a fair trade In
grapefruit, of which there continues a good
supply. Boxes—California navala, 64 count.
$2.25: 80 count. $2.50; Oβ count, $3«|3.25; 128
to 200 count, $3; frosted, [email protected]; Florida
sound basis, bright desirable sizes, [email protected];
some fancy, $3; Indian rivers, outside fancy,
$2.75&2; russet?, sound basis, desirable sizes,
$2: large fruit, SO to 96, russet or bright, $1.50
Tangerines—Florida straps, sound, depending
on fir.c, grapefruit, Florida, per box.
bright, depending on 'size and quality, [email protected]
$3.?.0: russet. $2<J?>2.50.
Walnuts—Saleable when good, 50 cents.
Dried Fruits, Raisins, Nats and Hoaey
Primes"—Bulk basis. 2%c pe f ">: 50s are %c,
40e to 50s lv 4 c »nd 3f>s 3',ic higher.
Other fruits. 1012 crop:
Stand- Extra
50 lb boxes — anl. Choice Choice Fancy
Evaporated apples Rtyc 5%c 6c
Apricots B*4c
Peaches 5c ft»<ic 5*4 c «',ie
Pears 5%c «Uc 7 J /*c 9%c
Nectarines B%c 6c 6V4c
Raisius—At sweatbox, per In to growers;
loose muscatel. 3V4c. 4c and 4A«c for 2. 3 and 4
crown, respectively; 2. 3 and 4 crown layers,
95c. $1 and $1.23, respectively: 5 crop Dehesa,
clusters. $1.70; tJ crown imperials, $2.20: seeded,
1 lb boxes, o'nC for fancy and 4c for choice,
with the usual differential for 12 o« boxes: seed
less snltanas, 50s, 4%c; do Thompson. 6c for
unbleached and for bleached.
Nuts (jobbing pricee to the trade)—ltalian
chestnuts, 7<£f9c: pecans, [email protected]; filberts, [email protected]
15c; peanuts. s<S6c; plnenuts. 12<814c.
New crop: Almonds—Nonpareils, ie<?sl6%e; I
X L. [email protected]: N* Pins Ultra. 14>[email protected]; Drakes,
13Vic; Lauguedocs. 12% c; walnnw, f. o. b. ship
ping points, No. 1 softshell 16c; do hardshell,
15'ic; No. 2 hard and soft shell, budded,
Hon»y—Fancy water white comb,
dark to amber. 13*[email protected]: white extracted,
nominal at 9<gloc per lb; light amber, [email protected];
amber, 7<gße: lower grades, [email protected] per lb.
Beeswax—[email protected] per lb for light and 26(328c
for dark.
Poultry and Game
Receipts of drowsed hirkeye were increased te
more than 50 cases yesterday and instead of the
market weakening prices held up well, the birds
being in fair request among large retailers. I-argo
roung gobblers continued to sell up to 24c a
t-ound with 2ttc paid for an occasional case, while
nothing that was of any account went below 22c.
Poor and "grassy" stock had to be sold for less,
however. The market for live chickens remained
Brm with offerings consisting almost wholly of
loniestlc fowls.
Poultry (nor Hena. [email protected] for small,
te<g,7 for large and [email protected] for extra; young
roosters. *".50(8-8.50; do extra, [email protected]; old roo«t
--prs. $4.50(a.">; fryers, $e.50(g8: broilers, $s<&o for
largo and $3.50®4.50 for small; ducks, [email protected] for
old end $8(&10 for young: geese. $2(33 per pair:
pigeons. $l.. r >[email protected]; squabs. dreseed
turkeys. per lb; live. [email protected]; Belgiai
bare*. $4'<?b per dozm.
fiame (per dozen) —Hare. [email protected]; gray
?e*sp. [email protected]; branr, [email protected]; white geese,
f1.25(g2: "honkerc. [email protected] Wild ducks are nom
inal, as dealers are unable to dispose of them
satisfactorily, owing to the rigid enforcement of
the game laws.
Flour and Farlnacconsj Good*
Flour (net p»r bbl) —California family extras,
(5.00(3.6; do bakers' extras. $4.00(35.20; Cuper
tino. [email protected]; Dakota patents, [email protected];
tvansas patents, $o(ft6.2*>.
Farinaceous G<xxis—ln 10 pound sacks are
quoted as follows per 100 !ba: Graham flour,
12.80; entire wheat flour, $3; buckwheat floor,
F-V. self-raising buckwheat flour. $5.80; wheat
meal, $4; rice flour, $6.50: rye floor, $8.70; rye
meal, $3.60; corn meal, yellow and white, $3.20;
extra do, $3.50; oat groats. $4.60; buckwheat
fronts. $8.80; homiay, $3.70; cracked wheat,
POO; farina, $4.10; pearl barley, $5.50(86; split
»eae, $6 for yellow and $7.60 for green. In 25
!b sacks 10c lower for all, and 20c lower for SO
lb sacks.
Bcana, Seeds and Hops
Beans (per ctl)—Lima, $.V!MVBES.6O; bayos,
P. 35&0.45; large -nhiU, $4.20(VJ4.50; small
white, [email protected]; pink. $3.7f>@3.90; cranberry,
[email protected]; blackeve. [email protected]: .red. [email protected];
red kidney. garvanxas. [email protected]; horse
beans, $1.7502.25.
Seeds—Mustard. : flaxseed, %&.&> per ctl:
canary, per lb: alfalfa, ie<SjlSe; rape,
lH&2'4e; timothy, nominal; hemp, V%c; millet,
[email protected]
Dried Peas—Oreen. [email protected] per ctl.
Hops—California, 1912. crop to growers. 20®
21c per lb for choice, [email protected] for medium and
12 Me for common.
Hay and Feedatalfa
Feedsfuffs (per ton) —Bran. $23.50 shorts,
*23«J2fi; middlings, $31(g!33.50; roiled barley.
$28.50<a;31: rolled oats for feed. $41(342: corn-
$32)334; cracked corn. chopped"
feed, [email protected]: evergreen chop feed, $21 in car lots
land $23 for jobbing: oilcake meal, 20 ton lots
$39.50. 10 ton lots $40, 5 ton lots $40.50, small
lots $41; cocos nut cake or meal at mills, $27.50
for 10, $2S for 5 ton lets and $28.50 for small
lots; alfalfa meal, carload lots $18.50. Jobbing
$19.50; Eureka meal, carload lots $21.50; jobbing
$23; Tigorator. per ton. $22.
Hay {per ton)— Fancy wheat bay. [email protected]; No.
1 wheat and wheat and oat. [email protected]: rood to
choice do, $IS<§>2o.so; lower grades.
barley and oat. $lSft|l9; choice tame oat. $21®
22.50; other do, [email protected]: wild oat. [email protected]; stock
hay. [email protected]: alfalfa. [email protected]
Straw—*[email protected] per bale.
Hides), Tallow, Grease and Wool
Hides—Culls and brands sell abovt %<3tle un
der quotations. Heavy and medium malted steers.
13<q;i4c: light, cowhide* 12Hrdj
13Ue; stags. 9<S9*4c: salted kip. 14®15c; salted j
veal and salted calf. dry hides. 23fH
24«4e: murrain. 23c: dry calf end vesl. 27<S2Se;
' dry kip. 22(324c; .4lry sUgs. 15<$16e: dry salt
hides. 16c: sheepskins, short wool. 2.*i<??sOc: me
dium. long Wool. [email protected]; lamb*. 40(3
I 65c for long and [email protected] for short wool; shear-
I lfnfrs 200'25c for No. 1 and 10c for No. 2: horse
hides, salt [email protected] for large prime and $2.25tf$
2.50 for No. 1: medium. $1.75Q2: small 75c«&
$1.25; colts. 2!5q50c: horsehldes. dry. $202.25 for \
I large and $1.5002 for medium. 75c(<rSl for small
! and 25Q50c for colts: goatskins, prime angoras,
75c(fi$l; medium, 33<aROc: long hair goats. 35c;
njedhim. 20c: kids, s®loc.
Tallow—No. 1 rendered, bble, [email protected]%c; cans
and drums, 3<[email protected]
Grease—2«f?3c per lb.
Wool—Fall clip. Mendoclno and HumboMt. lO
Htl2c; middle counties northern. [email protected]; San
Joaqnln, [email protected]; mohair, good quality.
per lb.
Horace and Mnlee
The following quotations for homes and mnles
are furnished by the Butchers' and Stock Grow
! ers' Journal:
i Deflrable drafters. 1.700 lbs and over. .$3008350
; Light drafters, 1,550 to 1,650 lbs 2500255
; Chunks, 1,350 to 1.500 lbs 200<g250
Wagon horses, 1.250 to 1.350 lbs 18065225
Delivery wagon horses. 1,050 to 1.250.. lSs®ir>o
Desirable farm mares 100Q125
Farm workers [email protected]
650 lbs, 4 to 7 years $75®125
1,000 lbs 4 to 7 years 125Q175
1,100 lbs' 4 to 7 years 150(3200
1,200 lbs, 4 to 7 years 200*5250
Over 7 years old range from $15 to $25 lower.
Note —Shippers to this market must have horses
close to type, with age. bone conformation and
style, to command extreme quotations.
General Merchandise
Bags—Standard Calcutta grain bags, fl«c on
the spot and 9*4 for June-July delivery:
San Quentln, BVi.c; wool bags, 47% c for 4 and
45% c for 314 lbs; fleece twine, 9<&9%C per lb;
bean bags, BVde.
Oil (quotations are for barrels) —Linseed, s«c
per gallon for boiled and 66c for raw. 5 bbl lots
lc less, cases more: Baker's A A castor, cases, 5
fallows $1.11. 10 gallons $1.09; commercial castor,
n eases. 90c; China nut. cases. 70a85c per gal
lon : extra bleached winter sperm oil. 80c; natu
ral winter sperm oil, 80c; pure lard oil. 85c;
winter strained lard oil, 75c; pure neatsfoot oil,
85c; paint oil. 30(g40c.
Coal Oil, Gasoline, etc.—Water white. Iroa
barrels or drums. 8V&e; 150 degree oil, iron bar
rels or drums, 9%c; In cases, 16% c; special do,
10»4c; pearl oil, in cases, 15% c; astral, 15Msc;
star. 15M,c; extra star. 18% c; Elaine. 26c;
eocene. IBV4c; red crown and motor gasoline, in
bulk 16% c. In cases 23H<v, engine distillate, In
drome Be. In cases 7c more; gas machine gaso
line, in bulk 35»4c, In cases 43c; varnish mak
ers , end painters , naputha. in bulk la
erses 22Vjc.
Turpentine—ln cases. 66c: 10 case lots, lc
less; drums and iron barrels, 59c; Aroturps, case
30c. iron barrels or drams 23c per e«Hon.
Rosin—F. $9.45: H, $9.50; WG. $11.10 per
barrel of 280 pounds.
Red and White I*ad—Red. [email protected]<? : white, 7%
@S%c«per lb; do in 5 and 10 ton lot*. 7ftc and
7&C, respectively.
The Western Sugar Refining company quotes as
follows, net cash: Fine granulated. 4.70 c; can
ners' graoniated. 4.70 c; fruit granulated. 4.70 c;
H. 4k E. crystal domtnos. v lb cartons In cases,
8.50 c; do 2 lb cartons in cases. 9c; monarch bar.
5.05 c; tablets, in half bbls. 6.20 c; do in 25 lb
boxes, 5.45 c; cubes 4.95 c; monarch powdered,
4.80 c; XXXX powdered 4.80 c; candy granulated,
4.60 c; confectioners' A, 4.70 c; beet granulated,
4.50 c; extra C. 4.20 c; golden C. 4.10 c: D. 4c.
Barrels aad 50 lb bags 10c, half barrels 25c.
boxes 50c more per 100 lbs than for bags of 100
lbs net. Bar In 85 and 40 lb tin* $1.70 more. In
8 and 10 lb tins $2.35 more per 100 lbe than the
price for tbf« grade In 100 lb bags.
The California and Hawaiian Sugar Refining
company quotes aa follows: Granulated basis.
4.70 c; C. & H. fine etandard, 4.70 c; coarse dry
grenulated. 4.70 c; confectioners' A. 4.70 c; berry,
4.70 c; powdered. 4.80 c; cnbes, 4.95 c; •"Higrade"
bar. 5.05 c; bricks (In naif bble). 6.20 c; bricks
(in 25 lb boxes) 5.45 c; H. & E. crystal domlnoa
(5 lb cartons in eases), 8.50 c; do 2 lb cartons in
cases. 9e; extra fine dry granulated (100 lb bags
only). 4.60 c; extra C, 4.20 c; golden C, 4.10 c;
yellow D, 4c Additional per 100 lbs: In bbls
and 50 lb bags. 10c more; half bble. 25c more;
boxes. 50c more for all grades. Bar in 35 and 40
lb tins, $1.70 more; In 10 lb tins, $2.35 more.
Minimum order, carload weight.
Xew York Produce
NEW YORK. Feb. 19.—Hops—Dull.
Raw sugar—Firm; muscovado, 2.98 c: centrifu
gal, 3.48 c; molasses. 2.73 c; refined, steady.
Bntter—Barely eteady: receipts, 7,892 tnbs:
factory, current made, flrsta, [email protected]; packing
stock, held, 20<S«2lc; do current make, No. 2. 20c
Cheese—Steady; receipts, 1,243 boxes.
Eggs—Weak; receipts, 14.649 canes: fresh
gathered firsts, 19>[email protected]; refrigerator firsts, 16
Evaporated Apples—Quiet.
Teaches —Quiet.
Raisins—Dull and easy: ?oose muscatels. 31J®
choice to fancy seeded. 4%@6Vic; seedless,
5<&<3%,c; Loudon layers, [email protected] *
Cafeaaro Produce Market
CHICAGO. Feb. 10. —Butter, eteady; creamer
ies, 2*>®3sVic. Eggs—Firm: receipts. 6.403
cases; at mark, cases included, [email protected]; refrig
erator firsts. [email protected]; firsts. Cheese—
Firm; dainies. 17%@18c; twins.
Young Americas, 1<%@17%c; longboma, 17%
I.oe AaKclea Produce Market
(Special Cable to The Oall)
LOS ANGELES. Feb. 19.—Receipts of produce
on the Los Angeles market today were: Egg".
749 casts: butter, 20,536 pounds: cheese, 1.505
pounds; pot&we*- 517 sacks; sweet potatoes, 25
sacks; appl«s, 4.390 boxes.
Butter (per lb) —Price to trade 3e above quo
tations. California creamery extras, 35% c;
creamery firsts, 32% c.
Kgga (per tioz)—Local ranch, candled 24c. case
count 2Oc; pallets. 22c; northern, case count,
Cheese fper lb)—Northern fresh. 18e; eastern
singles, 18V>c; eastern twins, 18c; eastern Ched
dars, 19c: "eastern looghorns. [email protected]; Oregon
daisies, [email protected]%c; swlss, imported. 30<&32e;
bwiss, domestic block, 23c; Roquefort, 45c; cream
brick, 21 c; limburger, 22c.
Beans (per ctl) —No. 1 pink, $4.50; No. 1 lima,
$6&6.25; No. 1 Lady Washington. $4.86<&5;
No. 1 small white, [email protected]; blackeye. $4.60;
garvanzas. $4.50; bayos. $4.50(35; Mexican red,
$4.50: lentils. $6®7.
Potatoes (per etl) —Highland Burbanks, SOc®
$1: Orcgo% $1.05®1.K>; swe*t potatoes, $2.00;
SiUlnas, |[email protected]; Lompoc, $1.55(31.65.
LlTeatock Market
CHICAGO. Feb. 19.—Cattle—Receipts, 17,000;
market alow. Beeves, $6.65<f|9; Tex«s steers,
[email protected]; western steers. $5.50(47.65; etockers
and feeders, [email protected]; cows and belters. [email protected]
7.40; calves, $7^10.50.
Hogs—Receipts, 37.000; market weak. Light.
$a20«i8.4;.; mixed, [email protected]; heavy, $7.05'?$
8.40; rough. pigs, [email protected]; bulk,
isß.:[email protected]
' Sheep—ltecelpts. 21,000; market steady. Na
! ttve, [email protected]; wethers, $5.25®8.60; yearlings,
$«.«."@7.HT); lambs, native [email protected], western
KANSAS CITY. Feb. 19.~Cattle— Receipts,
6.500. Including 300 itoutherns; market steady.
Native steers, southern steers, [email protected];
southern cows and heifers, $4<gg6.50; native cows
and heifers, [email protected]; stocker* and feeders, [email protected]<i;
bulls, $5.25<a6.T0; calves, $6.50<ai0; western
steers, [email protected]; western cows, [email protected]
Hogs—Receipts, 12,000; market steady to 5c
lower. Balk of sales, [email protected]: heavy. $8®
8.10; packers and butchers, [email protected]; light.
pigs. $7®7.35.
Sheep—Receipts. 9,000; market strong. Mnt
tons, [email protected]; Colorado lambs. [email protected]; rftnge
wethers and yearlings, [email protected]; range ewes,
[email protected]
SOUTH OMAHA. Feb. 19.—Cattle—Receipts.
4.400; market steady. Native steers, [email protected];
cows and heifers, $.Ye,7.40; western steers, $5.50
@8; Texas steers, $5#e.50; cows and heifers,
calves, ffiCftO.
Hogs—Receipts, 16,700: market lower. Heavy.
[email protected]; light. $8.05<38.20; pigs, $6.50®7.75;
bulk of sales, [email protected]
Sheep—Receipts, 6,900; market steady. Year
lings, [email protected]; wethers, $5.7536.50; lambs,
$8® 8.80.
PORTLAND. Feb. 19.—Cattle—Receipts, 300
head; market firm. Choice steers. $7.30<g8; good
steers, $TQx7-pO; mediam steers. $6.50<97; choice
rows, good cowts, $6)36.50; medium
ei>ws. $s.r>o®6; choice rsJve*. good heavy
calves. $6.50(37.50; bulls, [email protected]
Hogs—Receipts. 000 heed; market eteady.
Light. $7.7n<g8.30; heavy, $f*[email protected]
Sbccp —Receipts, 300 head; market firm. Year
ling wethers. [email protected]; ewes. [email protected]; lambs,
Cotton Market
NEW YORK, Feb. 19.— E. F. Hutton &. Co.'a
wire says:
"LJverpol. after opening higher than expected,
closed about four points below the high for the
day. This did not have a good effect here and
our market eased off eight to ten points from the
high of this morning. Talk around the ring was
bearish, but wa» not very enthusiastic, as the
spot situation did not show any signs of weak
ness. There was some heavy selling on the
early advance, but stop orders were caught In ,
May around 12.10 c, and that option quickly sold
up to 12.15 c.
"Europe Iβ buying and seetns willing to absorb
our offerings around this level, which probably
explains the obstinacy of the market around 12c.
in fpite of the bearish feeling among the specu
lative element. January exports of cotton cloth
from Great Britain give some Idea of the new
demand for cotton goods, which has been opened
up by big crops, and this in spite of the falling
off !n the demand from southeastern Europe.
Receipts In the sooth were heavier than last
week, bnt as spots were not affected It ought to
strengthen the position of the market, or at least
hold It until something develops that will get It
out of this rut. Meantime October Iβ gradually
creeping up and sold within 41 points of July,
whereas ten days apo it was 60 under.
"This buying of October was thought to be for
the big spot crowd in order to get out of some
of their old crop contracts, and there might bave
I been some merit in the thought, as a sharp
break occurred later, carrying prices 20 points
eff from their blgb of this morning."
Spot cloned quiet, 10 points down. Middling
uplands, 12.60 c: do frulf.Jl2.S3c
Option Open High Low Close Feb. 18 Ago
Feb 12.17 c 12.33 c lO.OCe
March ..11.22c 12.28 c 12.08 c 12.08 c 12.25 c 10.12 c
April 11.97 c 12.12 c 10.21 c
!May ....12.05c 12.15 c 11.93 c 11.93 c 12.08 c 10.29 c
June 11.81 c 11.94 c 10.33 c
Jnly ....11.04c 12.03 c 11.82 c 11.83 c 11.96 c 10.36 c
Aug. ...11.87c 11.96 c 11.71 c 11.71 c 11.86 c 10.43 c
Sept. ...11.52c 11.«2c 11.47 c U.47c 11.51 c 10.40 c
Oct 11.45 c 11.55 c 11.42 c 11.44 c 11.47 c 10.33 c
Dee. ...11.47c 11.56 c 11.44 c 11.44 c 11.47 c 10.45 c
Jan, ....11.44c 11.52 c 11.37 c 11.40 c 11.44 c 10.48 c
St. Lout* Wool Market
ST. LOUIS. Feb. 19.—W00l steady. Medium
grades, combing and clothing. [email protected]; light
fine. [email protected]; heavy fine, [email protected]; tub washed,
New York Coffee Market
NEW YORK. Feb. 19.—E, F. Hutton t, Co.'a
wlr* says:
"The coffee market continued its Irregularity.
The opening was distinctly disappointing, con
sidering the firmness tn the European markets.
Opening quotations were 10 to 17 points down,
followed by a partial recovery, bat renewed sell
ing pressure developed on the advance. The up
ward tendency abroad failed to have more than
surface effect and the rally seemed to be the
signal for pressure of long coffee. The volume
of coffee on the market both here and abroad
continued larger than expected."
Option— Open. High. Low. Close.
March 12.10 c 12.13 c 11.»7c 11.97 c
April 12.10 c
May 12.39 c 12.42 c 12.23 c 12.23 c
June 12.26 c
July 12.45 c 12.48 c 12.38 c 12.33 c
August 12.39 c
September 12.56 c 32.62e 12.45 c 32.4fic
October 12.43 c 12.45 c 12.43 c 12.3 ec
November 12.28 c
December 12.30 c 12.36 c 12.23 c 12.21 c
January 12.21 c
Sales, 153,500 bags.
Coffee Situation Reviewed
Henry Nordllnger & Cα"s New York circular,
dated February 15. ears:
"The valorisation sales of 300.000 bags in Eu
rope are reported to have taken place at good
prices, and in some Instances at a premium.
European buyers however, promptly started to
hedge their purchases by selling futures In the
option market. Bears availed themselves of this
situation to depress values still further, at the
pame time Increasing tbelr already large short
lines. The bulls confined themselves to pur
chases of March, May and September, leaving
later months severely alone. The technical posi
tion of the market has thereby been further im
"It eeems strange that, after the valoriiatlon
sales) of more than 1,200,000 bags and after a
considerable Improvement in the etitixtlcal pocU
tioa. aa shown by a decrease of 800,000 bags in
the visible supply during the month of January,
confidence should still be lacking. The Improve
ment In the position of the article continues. We
will most likely wltneas a further considerable
redectlon in the visible supply during the current
month, because the withdrawals from port stocks.
due to the liberal deliveries in Europe and the
shipments of valorization coffee to Interior buy
ers In this country and In Burope. will be In
excess of the usual withdrawals during February.
Furthermore, we find that the falling off In re
ceipts at Santos continues, which Justifies ns In
repeating our previously expressed opinion that
the current Santos crop will prove to be aboot
8.500.000 bags, a* against estimates generally
current that It will reach 9,000.000 bags.
"The -weakness displayed by Brazil during De
cember and January, dne to the forced liquida
tion on account of money stringency ln» that
country, has given place to a tone of steadiness
despite the weakness In consuming markets,
which leads ns to believe that the liquidation In
Brasll Is now over. The market Is heavily over
sold, with a closely concentraetd ball clique of
powerful Interests on the one side and a widely
scattered abort Interest oo the other. Bears
found encouragement In increased crop estimates
recently received here, likewise In the ease with
which prlcea were lowered In all markets. These
higher crop estimates came from parties who
overestimated last year's crop as much as 2,500.
--000 bags, therefore no credence should be given
to estimates emanating from these sources.
"Let as assume that the growing Santos crop
will reach 10.000,000 begs and the growing Rio
crop 3,000,000 bags, which are all maximum fig
ures. We would then have no more than the
world requires for consumption. But these crops
are not harvested yet. the outturn of weight of
beans to measure of cherries can not be ascer
tained until hulling time, and some disappoint
ment may be In store for those who believe tbat
we have a large Brazilian crop ahead of as."
New York Metal Market
NEW YORK. Feb. 19.—Copper—Unsettled; »ptt
and February. 14c bid; March to June. [email protected];
electrolytic, 15c; lake. 13.25 c; casting, 14.75 c.
Arrivals 4iV, tons. Exports this month. 20.485
tons. London, steady; spot, £64; futures, £63
17s 6d.
Tin—Firm; spot and February. 49*3 40.51 V ,;
March. [email protected]; April. 47.80®48c. Local
exchange sales. 5 tons. London, steady; spot,
£220: f uteres, £216 us.
Lead—Qnlet. 4.25<a4.3?>c. London £16 7s 6d.
Spelter—Quiet, [email protected] London, £25.
Antimony—Dull: Cookson's, [email protected]
Iron —Steady, unchanged. Cleveland warrants,
61s 4%d in London.
Xaval Stores—Turpentine aad Rosin
SAVANNAH, G*., Feb. 19.—Turpentine—Firm.
42Mi®43%c; sales, 221: receipts, 101; ship
ments, 862; stocks. 106,8. r >o.
Rosin—Firm. Sales, 385; receipts. 1.450;
shipments. 2.926; stocks, 121,8*10. Quote: A B,
$6.27%; 0 D, $6.30; E, $6.35; F, $6.40; G, $6.45;
H. $6.55; I, $«.70; K. $6.00; M, $7; N, $7.05;
WG. $7.10; WW, [email protected]
Mary B. McHogh to John Greelj and wife, lot
In W lino of Thirtieth nvenue, 175 N of Anza
street, N 25 by W 120; $10.
John Oreely and wife to Annte Creelr, lot In
B line of Eighth avenue, 220:6 N of I'oiut Lobos
avenue N 25 by E 120; gift
Josephine Campbell to William M. Gainer and
wife, lot at SW comer of Bacon end College
streets, S 100 by W 120, and one other parcel;
Ophllia J. and W. M. Hilton to A. MeFa<lyen
et al., lot at NE corner of Forty-flfth avenue
and Ortega street, N 200 by B 120; $10.
A. McFadyen to Bertha J. Klaus, lot In B line
of Twentieth arenae, 250 S of Pacbeco street, S
50 by X 120; $10.
The McCarthy company to 3. 3. Hnrley and
wife, lot In W line of Harold avenue, 218:9 S of
Holloway avenne. S 31:3 by W 113:6; $10.
F. and A. Levy & Co. to Glueto Peverini et al.,
lot at NW corner of Irving (I) street aud For
tieth avenue. N 100 by W 95; $10.
> Jeffery Powers and wife to Felix MarsetllrfVi
and wife, lots G and 7, block 304, O'Nell &
Haley tract: $10,
Ruth L. Wilson to A. G. Robinson, lot In B
line of Parker avenue. 550 N of Point Lobes ave
nue. N 25 by B 120: $10.
Frank J. McLoughlln and wife to Lincoln U.
Grant, lot tn 8 line of A street, 57:6 E of
Twenty-second avenue. X 25 oy S 100; $10.
Edward F. Fltspatrlek, executor of the e«tate
of Mary B. Hansen, deceased, to Olivia K. Dan
lelson. lot in N line of Geary street, 107:6 W of
Fourth avenne. W 23 by N 100; $2,400.
Wllhelmine D. J. Duieenberg to A. L. Llssner. ;
lot in S line ef Vlsludon avenne, 880 W of
Carter street. W 310 by 8 264; $10.
Rousseau Realty company to Julius Eleenbach.
lot in SE line of Howard street, 362:6 NE of
Fourth, NE 25 by SE 80; $10.
Julius Elsenbach and wife to Pierr* Urrere
Pon and Jean B. Urrere Pon, lot in SE line of
Howard street, 362:6 NE of Fourth. NE 23 by
SE R0: $10. _ M , ,_ „
William Powers to Frederick Boyd. lot In S I
line of Klpley street. 400:9 W of Alabama, W
25 by S 75; $10. _ '
Alexander Greggalns to J. J« Greggains, half
interest in lot In NW line of Bh!pley street, 523
SW of Fifth SW 27 by NW 75; $5.
Henry and Rose Measer to M. S. Arndt, lot In
S line of Wanbtngton street, 200:3 E of Hyde,
E 25 by S 137:6; $10.
Joseph Bpeck and wife to wllhelm Schmelzger,
lot in S line of HHI street, 330 W of Capitol
arenue, W 50 by R 125; $500.
Robert Smith to Anna M. Smith, lot tn E
line of Fifteenth avenue, 175 N of Judah
street. N 25 by E 127:6; gift.
Charles H. Beardsley to Mary E. Beerdsley,
lot In N line of Carl street. 101:6 E of First
avenue, E 25 by N 100; $10.
Joseph O'Connell et al. to Jnlla and Mary
O'Connell, lot in E line of Castro street, 87:6
S of Hill, S 21:4 by E 80, and one other
piece; $10.
Woerner Estate company to Stuart F. Smith,
ten-elevenths of lot at W corner of Harrison
and Main street. SW 175 by W 137:6; $10.
William Woerner. minor, by guardian, to
Woerner Eftat* compaey, one-eleventh nf lot in
N line of Washington street. 137:6 W of Diviga
dero, W 100 by N and one-eleventh
of three other parcels; $15,000.
Woerner Estate company to Stoart F. Smith,
one-eleventh of lot at W comer of Harriiwn
and Main streets. NW 137 :C by SW 175; $10.
Stuart F. Smith and wife to S«v!ng» Unloc
Bank and Trust company, all same; $10.
CaDaehan Kstate company to K. H. Mehlhorn,
lot at W corner of Howard and Steuart streets,
SW 90:11 by NW 137:6; $10.
F. n. Mehlhorn and wife to Samnel Center, lot
at W corner of Howard and Steuart streets, SW
90:10 by NW 137:6; $10.
Samuel Center and wife to Savings Union
Bank and Trust company, same; $10.
George M. Perlne and wife to William B.
Thomas, lot 9. block 13, City Land; $10.
J. P. Treanor to Jane Craig, lot lv W line
of Twentf-sixth avenue, 125 N of L street,
N 25 by W 120; $10.
' Thomas Levls and wife to John T. Foley
and wife, lot in W line of Eighth avenue.
125 8 of J street, S 25 by W 120; $10.
Robert H. Wetmore and wife to Mattle K.
Wetmore, lot In W line of Clayton street, 60
S of Frederick. S 25 by W 100; $10.
Antoinette M. Huntley to H. E. aod T. W.
MncArthur, lot in NW line of Paris street. 128
SW of Persia aretme, SW 25 by NW 100; $10.
Boston luvestment company to Leonard T.
Pockman et al., lots 1, 2, 22. 23 and 26, as
per map, subdivision of west half of Richmond
District block 295; $10. , ,
The Hind Estate company to Nathaniel
Thompson, lot In E line of Eighteenth avenue,
100 S of Balboa street. S 117:2. NE 240, N
45:1. W 120. N 75, W 120; $10.
o>car Heyman & Bro. to Mcl O. Franklin, lot
In W line of Thirty-sixth avenue, 100 S of B
street. 8 25 by W 120; $10 .
Mcl G. Franklin and wife to Robert BJlaey
and wife, same- $10.
Emanuel LewlH Investment company to Wil
liam E. Doyle and wife, lot In N line of Amaaon
street. 75:5% W of Paris, N 86:7%. W 25, S
88:314, E 25:1%; $10. ■_,
Eugene Dolan to Daniel J. Dolan. let tn W line
of Forty-secoud avenue, 100 S of Q street, a
50 by W 120; $10.
George C. Wright and wife to Charlee Reed,
lot in NE line of Berlin street, 70 NW of
Dwipht, NW 25 by NE 120; $10.
Same to Albert Prlna. lot In NE line of Berlin
street 100 NW of Dwight, NW 25 by NB 120;
Ellen Kenny to John Greely. lot in W line of
Thirtieth avenue, 175 N of Anza street, N 35
by W 120; $5.
Building Coatracta
Glenn A. Ball with George P. Cleese —All
work except lighting fixtures and finish hardware
for a story frame Cottage in W line of
Twenty-first avenue. 225 S of Geary street. 23
by 120. for $2,280.
Giovanni Barbagelata with Benedetto Pajmno—
To erect a three story and basement frame build
ing (flats) in N line of Green street, 23:2 S of
Larkln, E 23 by N 70:7%. for $6,800.
Pacific Oil and Lead works with Pacific Fire
Extinguisher cnipany—Automatic sprinkler sys
tem for build lug at 155 Towuseod street for
Panama-Pacific International Exposition com
pany with Philip Behuler—Sewers in main road
way In the concessions district, exposition site;
Same with name—Service water supply system
In the exposition site; $55,365.
William Corbln, secretary of the
Continental Building and Loan asso
ciation, was on the stand In Judge
Seawell's court yesterday under cross
examination by Assistant District At
torney Robert W. Harrison. Mr. Cor
bln was questioned regrardinj: the
routine methods of the Continental,
particularly with reference to the dis
position of stocks and the payment of
At one time during , the hearing , ,
when asked by Mr. Harrison to visit
the Continental to procure some
contracts as evidence. Mr. Corbin
demurred, asserting: that since State
Commissioner George S. Walker had
taken charge he felt himself an In
truder on the premises.
Mr. Corbin testified to the manner
in which various classes of stocks
were kept on the books and the meth
ods of figuring dividends.
Witness said that the method of J.
nil k V & I
i The "Panama-Pacific" Kxpreaa amd
t The "1015" Mall Train*
! Leave Union Ferry Depot Arrive
9:10* ( Stockton, Sacramento. Salt Lake, ) •:**»
"s Denver Omaha, Chicago, Kan- >
7:30 a I eas City. St. Louis I 1:30 a
«: 10p Stockton 10:20»
Through Standard and Tourist Sleeping Cart
Tia Deifver it Rio Orande and Missouri Pacific,
Rock Island lines and Burlington rente.
Pining Cars and Electric Lights.
yssߧi\ Schedu'e Effective
: Nov - 6 > 1912
s « FrencUe*
Leave I VIA SAUSALITO ~ 1 Arrive
7:4oa 'CetaluuiM. Santa Rcm.R. Healrts-
I burg. Cloverdale, Uklah. WU
! lite. Longvale. ••Sebastopol. T:Osp
S:lsaiSonoma, Glen EUen f*«:<Vip»
8:15 a Pt. Reyee. Camp Meeker. Monte j t«:3sp {
i Rio, Duncan Mills, Caaadero { J7:".3p J
8:45 a Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Gueroe
ville, Monte Rio, Duncan I (t6:S3p >
Mills, Casadero (leaves from! l JT:SOp j
Duncan Mills)
10:45 a Petalnnia, Santa Rose, Healds-
I bur* •• •• 8:05p
1:45p Pctaluma. Santa Rosa, Guerne
| vlile, Monte Rio, Duncan
Mills - 10:35*
T2:4!tp'Pt. Reyes, Camp Meeker
S.ISp I'etaluma, Santa Rosa, Hen Mβ-
I bur* Cloverdale, Uklah,
I Winks, 'Sebastopol 11:35 a
4:4f>p;Sonoma. Glen Ellen 9:35 m
6:lsp!Petaluma, Santa Rosa.. Healds-
I bnrg ft:QSa
Rausallto, Mill Valley. San Rafael—Dally
every 30 minute from 6:45 a. m. until 9:45
a. ni.: hourly until 2:4.1 p. m.. then 8:15 p. m.
and every 3g> minutes on til 6:45 p. m., tben 7:45,
0:15, 11:15 p. m. and 12:30 a. m.
Fairfax—l/eaves t6:45. 7:15. 7:45. 8:15. 8:45.
9:15. 9:45, 10:4r>, 11:45 a. m.; 12:45. 1:45. 2:45,
S:l5. 3:43. 4:15, 4:45. 5:15. 5:45. 6:15, 6:45,
7:45, 9:15. 11:15 p. m.; 12:S0 a. m.
i San Quentin via San Rafael—Lurt dally at
9:15 a. m. and 1:45 p. m.
Tlbnron end Belvedere —Datly every hoar from
6:45 a. in. until 1:45 p. m.; then 3:15 p. m. and
every honr until 6:15; then 7:45,9:15 and 11:13
p. m. and 12:80 a. m.
•Arrives dally 10:35 a. m. ••Arrive* Sondaya
7:05 p. m., week days 8:35 p.m. fßxcept Soa
davg. t Sundays only. fSatnrdays only.
PM Line Transfer Ompsny's agents are au
thorised to check baggage direct from residence.
JMrtTfIMIJq.C«M««THi.»tJ» T
if.»si fruttet I It. M* mm I tf.it TawlnH
W«ek«iT Sorfar W-kdsy Sashay WtH»y 8«BJ»r.
i 3:45 a |:~45a * 7:20 a 11:50 a 7:20 a 10:40»
••*ffij: arUß.iiat Ht
:::::: fc« ::::::! &B:::::: fk
•Saturdaye only. f Mondays only % lit. Tunalpals only.
( Sauatlito Ferry—TeL Kearny 4980
Ticket Offices < 687 Msiket-teL Kearey 2751
( 874 Market— Tei. DovrU«44o7
General Offiee-WU Valley. Cal. T*> MlUValley Sub.M
HK\ FK*.
r a>
huHhStmTtivrY "Yβ* ~v , «osk' "nsJ? 9c HbMml Ctteita*
lasts las** 700 Mft a. ■. I2*ol uamm^a
k flaw* lasojr 40* atais a is orte.
Office and Salesroom, Van Nees at Sacramento.
Phone Fracklin 2264. The old established
house of CURTIS—no connection wlta aay
$ H. TAYLOR CURTIS, Auctioneer $
A From the Library of \
A Now on the Shelves of the a
jk Suites* St. Salesrooms 5
\ (532-534 Sutter St.) ?
m And to Be Sold *t Auction Without Limit, a
\ Commercing V
V This is a well selected miscellaneous W
A library. Including WTltten and printed docu- A
y raents of pioneer Callfornians. Rare books f
A«n Masonry and other associations. Secret X
7 Rituals. Oaths of Obligation and Diplomas f
k of long forgotten worthies. \
V n. TAYLOR CURTIS. Auctioneer. f>
By order. Bin* Kee. Sacramento river, on ac
count of failure of potatoes and lease of land,
will sell to blrtieet bidder a carload of Horses
and Mares, u*ed by him on bis ranch. Sale takes
place at California Commission company's, 201
to 209 Valencia street. San Francisco, Thursday,
Feb. 20, 1913. at 11 a. m. Stock can be seen up
to date of sale or bought at private sale.
California Commission Co.
I* Fields, secretary to Commissioner
Walker, in figuring assets and liabili
ties left the association entirely out
of the business.
bam (Foot of Market Street) Arrive
(Subject to chutes without notice)
2.15* Nilen, Livermore, Tracy, Lath rop,
Stockton, Lodi. GsUc Elk Oreve.
Secraaiento.RoaeviUe.Auburn, Colfax 10.40p
2.15* Sacramento, Marysnlle, Bigg*. Chico. 1040 a
MOt Richmond, Port Go#u. Martini.
Antiooh, Byron Hot Spring*, Tracy,
Patterson, Newman, Lμ Banoa,
Ingle. Kermao, Fresno IJ.BBa
6.40 a San Leandro, Hayward, Nile*. Saa
Jo* 6J»a
7.00 a The Statesman—Richmond, Vaßejo
Junction (Vallejo) Port Cotta,
Benida, Suisuo. Elaara, Davit,
Sacramento 6*669
7.20 a Goldfield Paai-Truckee. Hues. Wt
buaka (Yerrinaton, Hudaoa). Mia*.
Tonopei. QoidSeW. Lew*. Keeler... 6.10*
7.20* Richmond, Part Coete, Beaicia, Sui
•an, Diion, Sacramento 7.00b
7.20t Ekaira, Vacaritk, Rummy 7.50*
7.20* Roaefik Maryivill* (Oroville), Red
dint, Duasmuir 10.40*
7.20 a Darii, Woodland, Wiffiams. Maxwell,
Wilbwj, Hamilton, Coming, Red
Bluff 7Jii
7.20t Nil«a. Pieaeanton. livermon. Trter,
Uthrop, Stockton (Oakdale), Lodi,
Sacramento 7.38p
74Mt Tnc7. Pattenon. Newman, Lμ Baaoa,
lack, Kerman. Fresno 4.30f
7.40* Riehjaond, Vallejo. Napa, Calietoja.
Saau Rom, Croekatt, Port Cost* .. •. lOi
f7.40t A Ton. Walnut Creek, San Ramus,
Liteneore tt-oOt
tJNt Newark. Wat San jo*. Loe Qatot.
Wricht. Felton (Ben Lomond, Boui
der Creek), SanU Crui 6JOf
MOft Port Cocta, Martinem, Dyroa Hot
Springs, Tracy (Stockton), Merced,
Beraada, Madera, Freeno, Fowler.
6*lma, Tn«er, Goihen Junctioo
(Hanford. Armou), Tukre, Baker**
field **>•
Tuafia, Lindsay, Porttrville. Docor.. 7.10β
yoiemite Valley via Merced *.30i
[rrincton, Saa Jose 7.30»
S'Uee. Pfeaaantoo. Ljvermore, Stock
too (*Miltoa), Valley Spriag. lose,
Saerameoto , 4.30e
ruolumae. Sonora,Jiraeetown.Aajein. 2.SO*
itlantic Express—Sacramento, True
k*e. Olden, Salt Lake City, Denver,
Kanaas CSty. Omaha. Chicafo tMf
o.oo* Toaopah-GaidfieU Standard Sbepsr.. §,!0«
f.00« Valleio Junction, Vallejo { *$ft
t.4o* Richmond, San Pablo, Pinole, Valleja
Junction, Crockett, Port Coata, Mar
tines, Avon, Coaeord, San Ramon.. I.IOi
10.20* Ban Franciaco Overland liaitad—
Dearer. KaaaM City. St. Loui*.
OmaJia,Chkato 2.1«f
IO.«t Vallejo. Man Idandi Napa. 2M#
10.40t Stockton. { 'Jfj;
!0.40e Lμ Angelef PaMnger—Port Gotta,
Marline*, Byron Hoi Spring*. Tracy,
Stockton, Merced, Madera, Fteano.
(Hanford, Cbafingt, VwlU), Baken
field. Lμ Aiuete. 7.10>
limited—Portland. Tacoma,
Seattle *Mp
ISLOOd Richmond, Port Coat*. Benicia, 3>u- \ 10.30 a
eun. Elmira, Dixon. f!acramento.. / 11. lite
12.00 a Davi*,WUUsxu,Co>ue» June.Willow*.
Oermairtown, Orland, Hamilton 6.80*
IfcOOn Maryrolk, Chieo. Red Bluff 4.30e
r.00» Kile* Irrington. San Joae 2.50t
Saa Leandro. Nile*, Centerrille. New
ark, (Redwood). Sen Joee. 7.50e
t.4oa Newark, Alruo. Agnew. Saet* Oars,
Weet Saa Jow IO.OOt
11.40 a Wright, Boulder Creek, Santa Oral.. I O.OOe
2.40 a Sao Leandro, Nile*. San Jo*e 7.30 a
3.00* Benicia, Winter* Sacramento—Wood
land. Tudor. Yuba City. MaryiviHe,
Ororille H.IOe
3.20b Richmond. Port Cotta, MartiaM,
Byron Hot Springs, Modesto. Meroed.
Madera, Fre.no 10.40 a
4\toa Port Coata, Martinet, Concord. Walnut
Creek, San Ramoa, livenaore 9.30*
4.00e Richmond. Vailejo, Nape, Calittoca,
Qlen Ellen, Santa. Rom. ».30a
4.00e Nile* (Centerrille, Newark). SunoU
Pleatanton. Livenoore. Tracy,
Stockton, Lodi. Sacramento 12.30»
4.40 a San Leandro. Hayward. Nile*. Plea*.
anton. livermore 8.30e
4.40p Irvington, San Joes 0.30 a
4.40p Tracy, Pattenon, Newman. Lot Baaoa,
Kerman, Fremo 10 40a
4.40t Valley Flyer—Port Oerta, Byron Hot
Spring*, Tracy, Modecto. Merced.
Madera, Freano, Oo*hen Junction,
Tulare. Bakenfeld, Mojave, Lot
AngeiM 1250 a
tOO* VaUejo. Port Cotta, Benicia. Suisua,
Sacramento, RoeeviOe, Lincoln,
Wheatland, Marytville (Ororille),
Qridley. Bigx*. Cairo 11-SOt
e.OOa Daria. Arbuckle, WiUiame, Wiilow*.
Orland, Tehama 1040 a
B.ooa Newark, West San Joee, Lμ Qato*... 9M»
6.20 a Saa Leandro, Lorenio, Hayward.
Nile*. Pkaaaatoa. lirermore, Tracy.
Stockton 3.10 a
120 a Owl Limited—Port CoeU, Tracy,
Freew, Lμ Aaaalet B.loa
8.20 a Hayward, Nile* aad San Joee. 8.60b
6.40b Eastern Expreet—Cfden. Pueblo.Dea
ver, Kansa* atv. StLoui*. Chicago. 8.30»
8.40 a Port t'oita. Bemda, Suuun. Eimira.
Pacramento, Colfax. Truckee. Eeno,
Bpark» f,Bof
7jOOb China and Japan Mail-Ocden.
Cheyenne, Denver. EaatM (Sty,
Omaha, Chicago 3.10p
\ 7,00 a Fort Cotta, Byron Hot Springs, Stock
tea. Sacramento, Colfax, Truckee.
Reno. 3.10 a
$7,08 a Richmond (VaHeio), Port Cotta, Mar
tinet, Concord. Walnut Creek, Pleat
anton, Nile*. Oakland i 2.45»
a%2ot Oregon Expree*—Sacramento. Ro*e
vilte. Marvsvilie, Reddins (Klamath
Fall*), A»aland, Portland, Tacoma,
Seattle. Spokane. I.lo*
B.oo* Mt Eden. Alvarado. Newark, Santo
Cbfa-San Joe* 740p
6.40 a Bakenbeld. McKittrick, Haxieton.
Monarch, Moron. Fellow, Shale 7Mi
I e.4oa Richmond, Fort CoeU. Tracy, Mo
detto, Meiced, Madera, Fresno.
Hanford. Tulare 7.50 a
8.40 a Hanford, Armona, Lemoore, Huron,
Coalinga. 7Mt
MOa Vualia, X xet«r. lindtay, Porterrilie,
Ducor. Famoto 730 a
It2Ba Portland Expree*—Davia. Willow*.
Red Bluff, Weed. (KJamatk Fall*),
Aehkad, RMeburg. Portland. Ta
coma. Seattle 7.30 a
Pram Neifk Strast Wharf
ftns rout* offers exceptional opportunity for Aoto
moblfista to reach ail potnta on the Sacramento River:
Cdtinsvißft, Emnwton, Rio Vista, Isleton, Ryde. Walnut
Grove, Votden, Courtaad, Cbikabuig, Sacramento,
StMmar Kavaj* fores Sμ Fraaeiseo 8.30 a. tn. daily
except Sunday, arri viae Sacramento 7.00 p. tn. Stopping
at all poiaU en rout*. Leaves Sacramento 8.00 p.m. daily
except Sunday, arriving Saa Francisco 7.00 tn. No
(top j cniroute.
Staamr Modoe *r Auch*. km* San Fraociaoo LOO
p. m. daily except Sunday; arrive Sacramento 4.00 a. m.
daily except Moa<iay. Leave Sacramento 10J0 a. m.
daily except Sunday; arrive Saa Fraaciaco IUQ p. m.
Stopping at all sa rout*.
Office and Salesroom. 855 Mission st.
Pays highest price for all kinds of furniture,
mercbandlet, etc Houses bought Iβ their en
tirety. Goods aold on commission.
Phone—Softer 1208
FOB SALE—Two carloads of fine big
J&3\ draft and wagon borsea; (8) dapple
I gray* >• food •» e*«r came to this market; all
'well broken, young and sound; weight of spans,
3,550 to 3.660 pounds. Some rood contrvtocV
or sand wagon bones reasonable. Call and *cc
JOS. LEVY. 338-340 Fell St.; phone Market IS".
If you want to see a selected list of
real bargains in Horses. Maree. Mules.
Harness and Wagons look In THTD
SECTION. New bargains every day.
VIA S~KJ*.Oi UiniD
Laaia (Third and Townsead Street*) Affto
(Subject to change without notice)
t 6.06* Valencia Street, Ocean View, Coima.
Cemeteries. Baden. San Bmno f •■Sβ*
8.46 a South San Franrieco, San Joee. Morgaa
hin Gilroy, Sargent. Pajaro, WaUoa
rifle, SanU Civ» BMp
t 8.48* Lμ Alto*. Mont* Vista. Lot Gate*.4 9.45*
7.00 a Coaster—San Jese, Korganhill, Gilroy,
Fajaro, Castroviße. Salinas, Soledad.
King City. Feio Roblw Hot Spring*
Sao Lvii Obispo, Surf (Lompoe),
BanU Barbara, Venture, Oiaaid,
Loe Angeles 10.30 a
7.00t Bollieter, Trw Finoe- Wateonvifle.
Santa Cruz—Del Monte, Monterey,
PaofirGroTe IOJOf
t 7.OSa South Sen Franeiaeo, Paio Alto. Saa
Jote. Way Sution* 7.60 a
t 7.05 a Los Altos. Monta Vista. Lot Gatot... | 3.25»
S.OOsi there Line limited— J'jjo Roblet Hot
Swings, faata EarbtrxLos .Angeles. 8.50 a
aOS« Ma .-field, Los Alto*. Lot Gates,!* right.
Glenwoo'l (Boulder Creek). Sai.ta
Cr-i, Watson vilie, CastroviOe, Del
Monte. Monterey. Pacific Grove.... 9.05"
B.ooa Sao Jose, Morpwhill. Gilroy. Sargent.
Salinas, Soledad, San Miguel, Paw
Robles Hot Springs. San Luis Obiipo 4jQoa
•JMe HoUister, Tree Hnot—WatwnviOe,
BaoU Crux—Del L'onte. Monterey,
Pacific Grove 4.00t
10.40 a South San Franewco. Boifingame. Saa
Mateo, Palo Alto, MaySeld, Lot At fi2 Mi
tot, Lot Gates. [ 7jsof
f 1.30 a Valencia 6treet. Ocean Vfew, Golan,
Cemeteries, Baden, Su Bruno I .Mβ
11.40* South San Francisco. San Jote. t 8.20*
I .20a Saturdays only—San Mateo. Red*
wood. Mayfieid. Mountain View,
San Jose. 111.00 a
».»■ Saturdays only—Lot AJtos, MOOU
Vista. Los Gatot. |3.25t
2.00 a Del Mont* Expreat—San Jon, Moe.
gaohifl, Gilroy. Karn-nt, Wattonville,
RanU Crui, Del Monte, Monterey.
Padic Grove. (SaHnat) iZJiJf
245 a Easton. San Mateo, Palo Alto, Sμ
Jow mA9»
f LIOβ South San Francisco. Redwood, SanU
Clara, West Saa Jote. Lot Gate*,
Wright. Felton, (Boulder Cnek).
EaataGcu* !*'«••■
3.00* South San Fraociico. San Mateo. Baa
Joee, MorganhilL Gilroy. Tree Pino*
Salinas It.lit
3.00> WatwnTille, Santa Cms, Cattrorille,
Del Monte. Monterey. Pacific Grew IBJOa
BurUngame. San Mateo, Redwoed.
Palo Alto. Mayfield, Iμ Altos. Iμ
Gatoe •.«•■
t Wrigßt, Boulder Creek, Santa Cm.. lll4o*
4.00e fiuntet Express— Tucton. Deming, El
Flto, Houstoo, New Orleans. Chi
-1 cage •.!!•
400f Washington Sunset Route—Wathiat*
ton. D.C. New York and East t.!6t
4.00f Salisas. Paso Robles Hot Springs,
Ban Luis Obitpo, Sant* Barbara,
Ventura and Los Angelet t.fta
4iW# Kansas Citr. St. Louis. Chicago..... t.lSa
4.20f South San Frannsco, San Jose t 1&*
t Santa Cr.it Umited-MayfieJd. Los
Alto*. Los Gatos, Feltoa. (Bcraldw
Cwek).SasteCms. .f feU*
t S.oBp BurUaf»nw, San Mateo, Redwood.
Palo Alto. Mayfield. SanU Oar*.
Ban Joe*. ~t Mti
t Redwood. Atherton, Manfe Park,
Pafo Alto, Mayfieid, Mcuauia View.
BuM3nrale, San Joee t tJOta
t e.2ot Los Altos. Menu Vista, Los Galee...t
t B.ZSe EastOD. Redwood. Mountain View,
San Jose. ~... Mβ!
t 640e Loop— Valencia Street, Ocean \lrrn,
Cemeteries, South Ban Francisco,
23d Street. 3d and Townarad. f t.4ti
S.4op Ban Bruno, Saa Mateo, Redwood.
P»io Alto. SaoU Clara, San Jose... TM*
t B. 40» Mayfield. Los Altos. Lot Gatos J &40.
COOp Tuesdavt—Sunset Limited de Luxe,
New Orleans and East. Arrive 80a
daya MJti
t fcOOt Minora*, Saa Mateo, Redwood. Mar
field. Lot Altos. Los Gatos ....f 9JOOt
t 1.05 a 23d Street, Viriudon. Sooth Saa
Francieoo, Valenda Street f 7.IB»
«.30» Soolk Sμ Fraaaseo. Saa Jos* B-4Be
B.oob The Lark—SanU Barbara, Lot Aageiee 0.48b
B.lob San Jote and Way Statioat 730 a
10.00s Los Angelei Passenger—MorganniS.
Salinas. Paso Robles Hot Springs.
Pan Luis Obitpo, SaaU Barban Uα
LoaAagelee. 8.28 a
lO.OBt South San Franciieo, San Joee II Mp
I 1.45e South Saa Francieoo, Palo Alto. Saa
• Jose 738 a
Vl« Oakkne 1 Pier
Ta OaJctant Itth St. tn4 Brkeley vie Stattvek Avt.
ens' EHsworth 8t Line*.—Daib—Free fi.oo a. m.. and
•very twenty minutes until 8.20 p. re., incJueire: tieo
P00.9.40,10^0.11.00,11.40p.m.. 12.20 and 1.20 a.as.
Additional boats Saturdays and Sundays oar/, 8.40
p. bl, 9.m 10.00. 10.40 and 11.20 p. m.
I T» Berkeley via Caltforat* St and Weit Berfcttey, Alkany
via Ninth St Uims.— Daily—From *e.OO a. eel. t6.20.
•C4O. too a. m. aad every twenty minutes until BJO
p. 01. Inclusive; then 9.00. 9.40,10.2 a 11.00,1140 pjn.,
and 1.20 a. m. Additional boats Saturdays ana
Sundays only, 5.40 p. m.. 9^0,10.00. 10.40 aad 11.20
p. m. '
Ta OaklanC Wtshlnfltenßroeiway, East OaklsM.
FrvitvaJ* and MeJrwa via Sevenni St—Daily—From
0.00 a. bl, then every twenty minute* until 8.20 p. m..
inclusive; then 0.00. 6.40. 10.20. 11.00. 11.40 p. m.,
12.20 and 1.20 a. m. Additions! boats Saturdays and
Sundays only. 8-*0 p. m., 10.00. 10.40 aad 11 JO
HaraMbas to Oakland, WatMnflton-BrMtfwar. fmltveJe.
Atameoa, North Sldt—Daib— From 9.00 a. m., tOJO.
ft.4o. 7.40, 8.00. 8.40 and forty mimites pact
the hour until 3.40 p. m.; then 4.00. 4.40, S.OO, SJO,
BAO, e.OO, 6JJO, (J 4O. 7.00. 7.40, 83). 9.00, 9.40,1020.
11.00, 11.40 p. m., 12.20 aad 1.20 a. to.
T« Vtoorit. Stege, Pvllmtn, Richmond (Stetm Servfet)—
te.4o aad 7.40 a. m, 120 p. ex.. 4.20. 6J20 4UO p. m.
Ta Stonehunt (SH«m Servfce)—te.OO. t«.40. t7.2fc
te.oo. tlO.OO a. m.. Jl JO p. m.. J3.00, t3JO,
*4.00. »5.00, *5,40 and t8.20 p. m.
~ Via Alamasa Pier
Ta Oaklaai 14th and Franklin $tt
e.ls, ft.46 a. m. and then 15 and 45 minuteepast the
hour until 7.45 p. bl; then c.30. 9.13. 1000, lOlio.
11.30 p. m. and 12.15 1 m.
Ta Alamasa, North and South Mas—
6.16, 0.4£ a. ro. and then IS and 45 adnuteeaast the
hour until 7.45 p. m.; ttca &30, 9.15. 10.00. 10.4«,
p. m. aad 12.15 a. m.
From San Fraiwiseo. South End of Ferry Buildmo, far
Broadway Wharf, Oakland—Week dayt 6.00 *. m. and
every half hour until 6.00 p m., inclusive. Sundays
and holidays 6.00 a, m. and every half hour until
11.00 p. m., inclusive. Boat* leave Broadway Wharf-
Weak days 0.15 a. m. and everj' hall hour uati. 8.45
p. m. incluuve. Sundays axd holidays. 6.lft a. a.
and every half hour until 10.45 p. m.. incliaiv.
a for Morning. 'Daily. p for Afternoon,
fftiadav excepted. JSunday only. {Saturday only.
a Monday.
Aaaatt eaMat taMaga and cheeks on trains or boats at
Southtrn Pacific Company, and deliver hegttf* to rtti
derttt. They art authorizad ta check baggage direct frog*
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