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San Francisco Has Risen From Tenth Position in Few
Months and Would Come Next to New York, Boston
and Chicago if Exposition and Water Front Con
struction Were Included in Monthly Totals
While several of the largest cities of the eas-t and west show a falling off
in b-uildlng during January, 1913, from the record of a year ago, San Fran
cisco exhibits a decided gain.
From a tenth or eleventh place on the scale of cities a few months ago
she has now risen to the sixth position.
lx the construction work on the exposition grounds and on the water front
vere included in the month's total San Francisco would rank fourth among
the cities, being exceeded only by New York, Chicago and Boston.
This is all the more worthy of note when it Is considered that building:
is goingr-along npon :» satisfactory basis all over the country. Official reports
from 79 cities to the Chicago Construction News show (hat permits were taken
out in January for the construction of 14,800 buildings at a total estimated
cost of $45,400,259, against 1 1,68 j> buildings involving a total cost of $42,141,543
for the same month a year ago, an increase of S.I 11 buildings' and 16.258,746.
The figures in detail are as follows:
■ -. t ; ■■
.,, . I til

if ?
! Chicago .........:.;.... ..:.....;.:.;!
New York. Bor. Man. and Bronx...;
Boston ;
Brooklyn. N. > X ..................... j
Los Angeles ' '.. .. i
San Francisco
. Dayton.' 0 ........................... ,
Philadelphia ,
Newark. >'. .1
Portland. Ore (
San Diego. Cal ........ . • • ,
Oakland. Cal • •
Seattle. Wash \
Denver .'..•-. ."..\..".. .'....'.:....'. j
Omaha, Neil • ,
Kelt Tjike ..
San Antonio.' Tpx i
. i .-dar . Rapids. la :............ j
I'aendena, Cal ;
Tjr-onia .............................. ;
«f rkelfy. Cal ..:.......
Vioux City. la ;
. Sen Jows Ca!....' ......"...'... .*..'.
Stockton,' Cα! ;. :
✓, l>#s .NI'iup«. la..... ...>
!>arenport. la .......................
Spokane, Wash...'. ,
Pueblo, OdD ...'.:........:•...........
cage I 615 $7.041.<;;i? 422 $1.SU»..TOO I 39T- 1
v York Bor Man. and Bronx... Mβ 5,61(1.538 : 001 ; n.fMt4.r>l*?t : ... 42
ton : «"25 4.007.000 24f> 4..%; .'..000 : ... 11
oklyn X I ' T43 3,213»0»1 i;2s 2.-087.947 •"■«
Angelas . ; l.;»0 I 2.078.736 1,188 2.43e.*W ... ; IS
Fraooiscn ! .394 2,041.001 Jis 1.870.017 to'
roft ' 431 2,©»,eo5 387 802.285 237
tr»u O ' 470 l.W-M..-.:.-. 12' 2U.TW J a«J ]
ladPiuhift 791 1,536.740 MS ', 24 '
rark >■ j ' IS2 1.340.339 1H2 .Vtt.401 ' 127 :
tland. Ore 3»7 i 1,128.345 .-.«»; <>(n:y,T.\ ' 84
Diego. Cal 4*1 830U27 : 3S3 3M.232 W ;
;!,n,| ni ' See 58B.288 S» I 3M.712 7»
ttle 'Wash ' B8i 500.T75 702. 774.S1O I ... 28
ivor' ! «•"• ISl.tStx) ■ 125 .T2T.6,10 I ... 43
ah.-. Nib : '!7 ] ieo.735 r.2 134^201 19 '
t tjike ' :;:: 135.4U 28 2aS,eSO ... 34
Antoni... Tpx : XM 140..;H 274 ' 103.903 i ... 32
lar UapWs. la 2-» 143,000 4 &0.00O ! 18«
iad.-na «.al ! I" , - 142,728 f>2 127.'.'47 11 ♦
oma I 3" ' 1-:7.137 1->fi lfW.053 29
kel»>v Cal • ; •» ] ,9 - N "' ** «».CHK) ' 7."
hi <"itv. la :;■-• m.Ky<> S 14.7O(» 511 '
Joe?.* ("a!....' ' 44- ' $-2.ROi4 88 38.K70 113
ekt..n. C*l ■ 27 , 4<;.(U!n 22 J Hti.i)37 ' 2C 1
M,.ii]pj, la : Hi 21».7:.O 22 ' v2.20<> ! ... 4'J
renport. la ! l<5 27,950 11 .20..V.O ' 34
k«nc, Wabh ' 2J I 25.830 7.". k::.:;4S ... r.9
■ bio. CuVj .! l."> ; 34.370 j I"-' KI.IK).", J 7:.
• rttH l . [4.WW ?4S.4Oti.2S!i tl.iWB j 142.141.543 1".
l.:tjx> !
! ;ilM i
470 I
i<12 '
::i>7 i
m •
13 :
4+ '
! 1,; '
ToiHl .
Building operations In San Fraiu-isno are widely scattered with the Mls-
eion and Western Addition districts showing as much activity as the down
town busltteea districts. Apartment house and flat construction shows an in
creasing activity.
The Mitchell apartment house, now under construction at the northwest
corner of Twenty-ninth street and San Jose avenue, is a threw story frame
building* with two stored and eight three room apartments. The exterior Is
finished in wood with marble vestibule, terrazo steps, etc.
Th« lobby is. finished in hardwood, with tile floors, beautiful panel work
and wood cornices. The dining rooms are finibhed in hard-wood, with panels
nil feet high, with Ftein shelves and beautiful buffet. The living rooms are
f'tilshed iii hardwood, with very beautiful open brick fire places. The cost of
this building will be $16,000. O. B. Kvans is th« architect.
A unique class of buildings in the form of residence apartments are now
bring- completed for E. Belasco in the north side of street near Fifteenth
avenue by Smith & Stewart, architects.
These apartments will contain sevAi and five rooms and will be among
the most modern and up to date apartments in this city. There will be steam
heating, vacuum cleaning, hot water heaters, mechanically controlled, and tele
phone herald. The rooms throughout are finished in mahogany and Circassian
■walnut a largo breakfast room will overlook the FaeirU: and there will be an
unobstructed marine view from the roof garden. The living rOortis are 10 feet
].»ng and ar»- finished throughout with mahogany. Provision for servants' rooms
has been made in the basement.
RK'HMOM'. V'-b. 21. —The
arice by Ul« city ■■.>uncil of the gift of
a. block of ;:fi lots in the Harbor Center
tract for a city hall site makes it pos
sible for the people to obtain the much
i municipal building this year.
Tho block, donated through the en
terprise of C.eorgo S. Wall, president
of the New Richmond. l*and company,
whicb owns Harbor Center, Is valued
a 1 $50,000. Everything , in the harbor
section of Richmond which is receiv
ing the stimulus of the projected ship
ping development, the construction of
tiir Southern PacifV.: electric eyeteoi
ami the udvrnt of lar«e industrial
plants, is reaching a stiff value and
promises to soar to high figures in the
next few years.
The - it;, council, Whicb has seen
r-. cry tavailablo site slipping away as
the city grew, jumped at th« oppor
tunity ki v * J " by "Wall and«accepted the
block of land wllli alacrity. The city
council wants still another block of
land in this tract and negotiations
have been opened to buy it. If a pur
chase can not be made, steps will be
laken to condemn it
The new Walnut Grove addition to
Concord comprises about 300 acres, and
Wajß formerly luiown.'as the Wells
ranch. This tract was purchased from
the AVfUs family by the Suburban
Farms company and has been surveyed
and cut Into two to five acre pieces.
Electricity both for lighting and
power can be had. also telephone serv
ice. Plenty of wai<rr cau'bc secured at
a deptli of ID to 20 feot. Fifty foot
streets are being built, with 30 foot
center of gravel, rolled and oiled.
Walnut trees will be planted along
all avenues in front of each tract. The
tract is but 10 minutes' walk from the
Oakland and Antiorh electric line and
the Southern Pacific, railroad runs
through the tract. That the Southern
Pacific will transform its eteain line
into electricity is almost an assured
General George Stone will in the near
future start work on a beautiful home
on his lj acre tract, whije Mr. Moore,
another purchaser, is now having
plana drawn for a house which he will

Recently Improved Tract Is
Becoming Scene of Exten
sive Building Operations
At last the home builder is re&Mzing
that he does not have to cross the bay
or the city of San Francisco to
find a desirable and attractive location
to build his home and enjoy the privi
leges of a lawn and garden with its
flowers and foliage, and the other
tilings ttmt go to jnake a house and
garden a real home. Close to $100,000
worth of property has been sold in the
last three weeks in this restricted resi
dence district. L.ast Sunday a new rec
ord for sales of any subdivision prop
erties in Sun Francisco was made.
"Williajn Moore, brother of the presi
dent of the exposition company, has
Just purchased r>o home sites in this
property, and will Immediately begin
constructing bungalows , and houses,
which will be sold on easy payments.
S*an Francisco has been so busy the
last five or six years recuperating her
losses from the great fire, that little
attention was given to the man who
wanted a home. As a result, more than
100,000 people have gone across the bay
or down the peninsula, where these
things were possible.
In the last three months these con
ditions have changed. No longer is It
necessary for the man who works in
San Francisco to leave his city. In
stead of a long ride on boat and train,
a man can now be at his dinner within
half an hour after he leaves his work
when he builds his home in the new
South Hill district.
This large tract of land has been
held by the Crocker estate for many
years, and is now being sold by the
original owners. Complete and high
class improvements are Installed
throughout the property, including gas,
electricity, water, sewers and all
streetwork. Tin; best proof of the
popularity of this property hi in the
volume of sales that have been made
in the last few weeks.
Harrlgan Weidenmuller Co. report
the following leases:
For the account of Jaeoblne and
Hans H. L,arsen to the I#eslie Hotel
company, the entire six story and base
ment apartment house on the north
easterly corner of Bush and Powell
streets known as the Kenilworth apart
ments, for a term of i 0 years at a
total rental of |84,000.
For the account of the O. Newman
company to J. F. Fonseea, the store at
535 Market street for a term of years
at a total rental of 112.291.
Kor the account of W. H. Pringle and
Selah Oliamberlatn to l>. aud R. M.
the store and basement
con.ain-ed In the Mx story and base
ment brick building at the northeast
erly corner of Mnrkn, Fagr and
Franklin streets for a term of 57
months at a total rental of $9,000.
Sol Get/ & Sana report the following
sales', in Xfic Sunset, Oceanside and
Richmond disfrirts:
r»t iSxVJO In-the w<-st line of Thtrty-third
avennr. 1.75 feet unitu of Jmlah <.l i street, Sun
set 'JJistrlet. to Thom&fl A. A&be.
f.ot 25x120 >" th* west Hue of Thirty-third
2"."r feet soititi of .\nzn < A i street, HicU
tnom! ,]>ihtri'-t, n> Krank W. Arncrirl.
Lot '20K120 hi tbf w-t lino .if Twntj sixth
a»piuie 'Mr Wet north ft iS> street,
OceansMe Dletrkt. to • \VvsJ«fy X. HolifeM.
In the wvst lit»' of Twpnt,r-tlilrd
HTPniie, IO<) tent Koutlt of Kfrltlietn «X) strn;(,
Suiwi't nistrlct. to Alhcrt K. RooniP.
I»t 2jxl2<t l>) the w.-M Hue 6f Forty seventh
■ venue. I<i<> f«'«'t iiAirtii of Kirkham (X) street,
wttli it. on« Vtory cdttHge. U<^unxide District,
to WUilHiii V. ."ik) KwtlKTine KUrv:
T.ot 2Tixl-'O in tlic wwt line of Thirtieth are
tn j<», 2<K> fwl n«itli "f Irving (I) street, Sunset
District.to KlrharU 1 , , n^fx-rts.
Lot 2.".\12<i mi tti» fast liur of Xhlrt£*Mo9B4
stp:!!!* , . 12.'. f'H't nortii of Oeery Richmond
l)!ftrloC to S'"Wooleoy Lanum.
i.«t -oxl2o Xi th<: p*st Un" of Tweotr-SPfeniU
BTenm-. 217 feet north of GabrWkt (Cj
R)«"hn)on<i." flslrlft. to fienjunnti Mpnike*.
I.Ot WixliO in tlu- f»«t !int> of Twent.y-seTrnth
BTcnii' , . -75 feot north of Jutiah <J) street, Suu
set to Thomae J. McNully.
Tj>t 20x120 In tbi , <'BSt line of Twenty-second
LSO fe«t. south .>f C»brllJQ (C> street,
BlclimoTiil to Frances V. Hornunfj.
Ldt .VixlOO f><-t. In the north lln<> of Juriali (J)
•treet. r*T:«> feet past of Twenty fifth iivpuue,
Sunlit I»letrl«M, to John 1,. Melsing.
Lot 2JX120 lv the east line of Twenty-6fth
aTenue, 125 ft»et north of Kirkham (X) street,
Sunset DUtrict. t«> Mauil Molrose.
AcciMed of Stealing—Detectives Proll
and Relhl yesterday arrested George
Barton an.l charged him with grand
larceny: He is accused of stealing at
$.000 diamond ring from 1. C. SchrelE,
69 ijtxth avenue. The stolen ring: has
been recovered.
Outlook Is for Big Outpour
ing of Money in Few
Loans on San Francisco real estate
were somewhat below the average this
week. This is due partly to fewer ap
plications at the savings bank and to
the unsettled condition of things. The
Indications are, however, that in a
month or two large amounts of money
will be advanced tor Improvement pur
poses. Following? are some of the
loans of the week:
The Savings Union bank made a building loan
of $22,500 to Max Koiunder to erect frame
apnrtmrnts at the southeast ewmer of Sacra
mento and Franklin streets, 80x87 feet.
Tlie Savings t'nlon ben* nint!f a ttralpht loan
of $20,<*>0 to Bru-e Cornwall <>n the property at
the south corner of Harrison and Second stnrts.
The Hlbornia bunk loaned $40,000 to Ben
jamin Hestins to build brick apartments to cost
ffiOt.OflQ at the northwest corner of Poet and
Taylor Ktreets. .'iOxCO.
The German Savings bank made a building
b«in of $5,000 to J. T. Miller to erect four
dwelling In the vast Hide of Sanchez street, 24
feet south of HIH. on a lot WtsTC.
The Bank of Italy mad? a straiclit loan of
$ IX.<mff> to Snm Salomon on the property at the
vhi Mi east corner of Page and Pierre streets,
The Italmn-Ameriean bank loaned $5,000 to
F. B. MayUew to finance the purchase of prop
erty In the east side of Thirteenth, avenue, 187
north of Balboa street.
Tbe Hibernia bank leaned $5,000 tn John
Cainpe to complete tbe factory building at
the north corner of Folsmn and First streets.
tJTT>7 f"ct.
The Italian-American bank made a building
loan of $17,000 to A. Stiavetti to erect stori*
atid flats at Hie southwest corner of Lombard
and Webster streets, 29x00.
Th" rusazi bank marte a straight loan of $20.
--<XM> to the AiiKTican Flsli and Oyster company
on the property In the north side of (lay street.
13T:6 e:ist of Montgomery, 4. r .xl2».
The German Savings bank leaned $11,000 t»»
William Mensor to build three story apartments
to <ost $17,000 in the south side of Sn'-ramento
street, 80 feet of Franklin. 32x87.
Edward P. Swift, president of the
Swift liUmber company, has recently
purchased Johannesburg villa in Xapa
county for $.".0,000. Johannesburg Is a
noted health resort and covers 2,000
acres of valuable land in the pic
turesque Napa hill?. The estate in
cludes a. fine vineyard, pine forests,
several lakes and immense game pre
serves. Mr. Swift is planning extensive
improvements. The property was for
merly owned by Pr. J. A. Bauer, a
pioneer capitalist and formerly city
and county treasurer. The sale was
consummated by the Harold-Ring Real
Estate company.
J. W. Wright & Co. report the fol
lowing recent sales, with many others
For tlio account of Jamee M. Morrlssej to a
Client, lot in tt* soutb lfne of Geary street, S2:tf
feet west of Tblrty-eixtU avenue, 23x100; price
For th« account of Charles Fuller to s client,
lot in tbR eaut lin<; of ElpUth avenue. 223 feet
bonth of Noriega Btreet, 25x49: prioe. f"r>o.
For tUe account of Eoill Nelson to a client, lot
and Improvements In tfee west Udc of Thirtieth
H'-eitu., i."o reel south of Jndali (J) street, lot
li.">xl2o. Improved with a flve room residence;
price $5,000.
For tbe account of V. Heine to a client, lot
and improvements at '1410 Broadway; improve
ments consist 0( 12 three room upartmeiits; lot
U7:<!x7." fret,; prW- $1<i..".00.
For the account of Ueorge Holy to a <-ltfir\t. W
ar.'l Improvements at 531 Klrkhatn Btreet near
Ninth Hvetiue; 3 room oot&ge; lot 23x100 feet;
price $3,790.
For th<; account of tlie Shaffer Realty company
to a clleut. lot In the east Hue of Munich street,
ago fpit north of Russia ftTeoue; Bvc lot*, 2,".\:100
fe<-i epeb; terms private.
fat the account of. KHeo Gleason to « client,
lot in the east line of Fifth avenue, 160 feet
north of B street: *>xJ2O price? $h,:,uq.
For the account of John I). Stlmmel and Jo- !
wph V. Lawless to a - client, lot and improve
ment* at 11)04 Webdter street: improvements ,-<m
efet «/ Hii S room residence; lot 27:ttx.S1:3 feet;
prlcM $54(00.
For tbe accmiut of H'-rman Schreiber to » i
client, lot and improvements in the south line
of Klgbteeotb street. 2.". font west of Hartford.
25x75 feet with an L 24:8x100 feet through t« :
h Hartford street;. Improved witb store anJ flat
»d<l cottage; price $S,SOV.
For tb« account of Jens Madsen to a client, lot
In the west line of Eighteenth aveuue, 100 feet
south of Ai«a (A) street. 20x120; priro $1,600.
F«r the account of Julia Wiee to a client, lot
and improvements at th' , nortaeant comer of
Tenth aveuue and Irving street, store and flats;
lot 32:6x100 feet: term* private.
For the account of Mario, and Helene Miguet
to a clifDt, lot In the east line of Van Xess av.?
nue, 125 feet north of Greon street, 4ixlßT» feet;
terms private.
For the account of F. Heine to a client, apart
ment btioee .containing 12 tbree rootu apartment*,
V4]<s Broa<lway; containing all intxlr-rn convea
icjices; lot 2t:6x75 fett; terms private.
For the account of Jeremiah lliickley to a
client, store ami flat of «lx roonw. KTB-T5 Ninth
aveuue near Lincoln wuy; lot 23xt00 feet.
For tbe account of t> Blngbam to a client,
six largo flats, 2520-30 Broadway near Pierce
street: !arg»« biiUrtlng coetalning 4S rooms in all;
lot 50x100. feet; terms private-
Week's Transactions Include
Some Choice Pieces of
Downtown Property
Sales of real estate which were made
this week include some choice down
town properties. Louis Friedman ac
quired the northeast corner of Bush
street and Grant avenue, with 6) fee*
in Bush and 77:6 in the avenue, foi
about 165,000, part of which was paid
in a trade. C. A Brennan was the
seller. Tire purchaser will erect a
four or five ?tory building.
Gustav Lachman purchased, through
Rhine & Co., the vacant lot in tho
north side of Geary street, 109 feet
east of Van Ness avertue, 55x120, for
about $30,000, the seller being Florence
B. Wood.
C. Lh Hovey sold, through the agency
of Wolfe & Hollman, the lot at, the east
side of Front street. 6S feet south ot
Sacramento, 22x97, to Mrs. Catherine
Dunn. Air. Hovey recently acquired
title to this lot, and after holding it
for about a month sold it for close to
$16,500. The new owner will erect a
building for the Lios Angeles Soap
company, which has been leased for 10
years for a total rental of $26,503.
Wolfe .& Hollman have also sold the
northwest corner of Fillmore and Sac
ramento streets, 2Sx9O, to M. Craig for
W. B. McGerry & Co. report the sale
of the lot, size 137:•> by 137:6. at the
southeast corner of Pine and
enworth streets for the account of
Robert Morrow to Theodore E. Rulfs.
price quoted $75,000. They have also
re-sold to Hans Peterson, Peter Caubu,
Rousseau Realty company and J. Kric
Johansen one each of the Inside lots.
Theodore K. Rulfs. the purchaser, is
having plans prepared for an apart
ment house of about 20 apartments
and three stores, which he expects to
erect at once t>n the corner lot.
The same company has sold the
three story and basement brick build
ing in the south side of Howard street,
between Third and Fourth, tlia.t has
just been completed by tho Rousseau
Realty company for Julius Eisenbach
to Pierre I'rrere. Pon arid Jean B.
Urrere Pon. The building , is rented
for about $275 p<v month and the price
given is In neighborhood of $30,000.
Abrahamsnn Bros. & Co. leased to
Heald's bus'incss 4 college for Hecht In
vestment company, the northwest cor
ner of Van Ness avenue and Post
street, 120 by l»>o fee.t. on which a
three story cone'niie building will be
erected to meet needs of tenant.
Spencer Orant, manager of Newell-
Murdoch company, reports a very in
teresting lease to the West Coast Iron
company, financed by eastern capital.
They have leased under the manage
ment of W. H, Lash the block bounded
by Sixteenth, Fifteenth, Rhode Isianu
and DeHaro streets, property belong
ing to Center & Spader, on long terms.
A large plant will soon be erected for
the manufacture of pig Iron and other
iron and steel products. Furnaces will
be of the regenerative type and espe
cially arranged for the use of fuel oil.
The raw materials from which these
finished products will be manufactured
will consist largely of iron ore, steel
scrap and limestone and will all be
secured within the state of California.
We demonstrated that to over 200 people last Sunday, who were
on the property; $80,000 worth of Valley Oaks property was sold in
four hours.
Valley Oaks is the spot for the man who wants an income farm,
one that will .pay for itself, and then make you independent. You can
buy land now as low as $125 per acre, including your own irrigation
plant, and located in a town's limits. We give you a Well Pump and
Motor Free,
Get our pamphlet and learn more about it. Come on our special
rate excursion Sunday. You can settle that home farm question now.
23 Montgomery St. San Francisco
Will Erect $100,000 Apartment House on Choice Site in
v ✓ Fourteenth Street
'OAKLAND. Feb. 21. —One of the |
greatest evidences of the faith of In
vestors in the future of the city of
Oakland has been shown during the
last few days. This was the announce
ment that the firm of Black & Owens
of Los Angeles is going to erect a
Magnificent six story apartment house
in the west side of Alice street, 200
feet north of Fourteenth, at a cost of
, 1100,000.
This building will be the largest and
most magnificent of its kind in Oak
land. It will be of concrete on a site
96x160 feet, recently purchased from
Clayton H. Bush for $35,000, the land
being known as the Brayton property.
Tt is significant that the apartment will
be in the immediate vicinity of the
Hotel Oakland, an evidence of the ef
fect of the hotel on the property near
It. This section, between Broadway
and Lake Merritt, is becoming an
apartment house section, as many
handsome apartments are already es
tablished there and many friore are In
course of construction. The work on
the newest will begin at once.
Building operations are satisfactory
Just now to the dealers. The general
impression is that the market is
healthy, especially in the tract proper
ties outside, where home builders are
taking advantage of the pleasant
weather to hurry along their homes,
which are fast dotting the hills. The
report of loan activity in January was
particularly pleasing to investors and
dealers, the total being far in excess
of that for December. The loan total
for January was $3,217,565.20. aa com
pared with a total of $2,656,628.93 for
the month previous.
Other evidences of the advancement
of property in the region of the new
hostelry are seen in the prices which
are being demanded and received for
property in the vicinity of the hotel.
The most recent sale in that section
brought with it a new price for the dis
trict, $1,000 pe r front foot. The prop
erty is located in the north side of
Thirteenth street, 100 feet east of
Webster. In the block below the hotel.
It has a frontage of 50 feet and a
depth of 100 feet and is incumbered
with an old dwelling house, which will
be removed to make way for a more
modern structure to keep pace with
the development of that section. The
purchaser of the property is F. B.
Cook the lot being sold for William
Edwards by F. B. Maiden', general
manager of the Laymance Real Estate
company. The price paid for tho lot
was $50,000.
Another factor to aid in the devel
opment of the district east of Broad
way will be the erection of the new
Young Women's Christian association
building, to be constructed on a site
recently purchased from D. D. Huntley j
In tho east side of Webster stroet. P.SG
feet north of Fourteenth. The prop
erty fronts for 50 feet with a depth of
150 feet and the consideration was
$20,000. The lot is near the Hotel
Oakland and will advance the property
all about, being one more factor in the
success of the region.
Within the last few days three sales
of the most beautiful dwellings in
Linda Vista were recorded and have
succeeded in attracting attention to
the particular residential section. ML
T. Minney, the real estate man, has
bought the English home of the Sel
wyn Eddys at the southwest corner of
Oakland and Monte Vista avenues for
$25,000, the grounds covering one
fourth of the entire block. 8. X. Grif
fith, a Fresno capitalist, has purchased
the residence of Harry Morton at Oak
land and Sn-nta Rosa avenue for $16,
--000. The purchaser will occupy the
house as a summer home. The Edward
Brayton home at Kelton court and
Hillside avenue has been purchased by
H. C. Capwell for $40,000.
Industrial property has not been be
hind In the march of progress. The
Realty Syndicate has sold large sites
to the Terminal Lumber company and
the Peck & Hills Furniture company.
The former firm has added 165 by 135
In Emery street, west of San Pablo, to
their already largft holdings. The Peck
& Hills people hfcVe purchased 100 feet
frontage in Hubbard street.
Business in the finer subdivisions of
Oakland is reported splendid, Roek
ridge and Piedmont showing great ac
tivity. Transportation changes which
will be brought about by the runniim
of the Key Route trains to San Jose
and the actual operation of the Oak
land and Antloch railroad have quick
ened the real estate activity in these
sections immensely.
Speaking of the effect of the opera
tion of the Oakland and Antioch rail
way on Rockridge, Fred E. Reed, sub
eivision manager of the Laymance Real
Estate company, said:
"Now that our long expected Oaklan.l
and Antloch railroad is just about,
ready to give us the benefit that will
come from its operation, wo find our
sales in Rockridge increasing rapidly.
During the last week we sold a beau
tiful property in Rockridge boulevard
to Alfred H. Dana, who is having his
plans drawn and will build immedi
ately; a very sightly corner, with a
magnificent marine view, to Henrietta
L. Breck; another corner, one of tho
most sightly in Rockridge, for J. \Y.
Charters to H. S. Grant, who intends t<>
build immediately an elegant homo
"Still another corner was sold at
Continued on I'nsre 13, Column 1
19th Ay. and Fulton
A lot 25x120, with all street
work done, for only $1,600;
McAllister street cars only
few steps away; bitumiivzcd
street, etc.; ready for build
me, (2247)
Sutter St. Lot
44 feet, near Leavcnworth;
full depth, 137:6 feet; excel
lent building site; price
$38.500—0n1y $1,000 cash, bal
ance long term at 69c, pro
viding you will build.
To Exchange
liusiness property of store
and flat in Richmond; rents
$65 per month; price $8,000;
will exchange for lot or small
Uouse and some cash. (2943)
Another Exchange
Property on Eddy near Bu
chanan, valued at $8,500, and
I n piece on Sacramento near
Stcincr street; both lots
double frontage and clear—
total value $15,500 —want to
exchange for income prop
erty about same value.
$600 DOWN
and your rent money wtll buy
6 rooms, sundeck and basement,
New and Up-to-date,
Restricted Residence Tract.
I 1 Block east of Ashbiiry sod Clifford street*.
I (HWDI.KR A «(>l HX
I 1*35 Montgomery St., San Francisco.

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