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cars: flour * 7 cers: oatß - 2
~I VX Minneapolis Grain Market
T, 'I• N jM«i LIS - Feb - 21.—Wheat—May. 8TU V
f'L September. S9%c. Cash wheat-No
Rye—No. 2. 53
Duliith I.tneeed *
«i l J^c}' c \ - 1 -— on track,
*}-»-%m.?>Z%; May, »1.83%; July, $1.35 bid!
Local Markets
"•■ »
RecHp<» of Produce February 21
Hour. , ]r vi; S 2.93e!H!<teß. No r.^o
Parley, ctls X.3BS No 2 0.",.-,
•, ,M ' S - otl« . r K);rin,e, bl.ls 00
forn. ctls IVOlSnrar. ctls 10.«Ci0
*• 2.300! Brandy, rale 3O<l
«rjn Bks KSIWIne. gals 04,50n
Potatoes, sks ... 2.875?C0«1. tons SO
onions, sks 47.-;ijimber, sr ft 20
nay tons ?CVPaper. bdls 1.270
;,";•?• s , k s S.WApnles, bxs 12."
M«H Kks MWOranees. bxs Bq
-enther, rolls ... 25'T ire«tock. No ... If>o
">»ilow, ctls 15! Quicksilver, flasks. 200
„ <Per H. H. brand. 19c:
■>. « L. brand 2(V: picnics. 12i*.c: Primrose.
-I"'; r-.stp r i st B r. V\V,c: skinned. 22c: Monarch.
nlcnlcs. ISc.
Haeon—Prlmroße. 4 to 0 lbs. 20e: Eastern Star.
* t-> ♦. 'be -v,-. r»o« ihs c to m ibs ?4» 10
J° »2 lbs 2.V: Arrow. S to 10 lbs 2HUr. 10 to 12
Jβ, ■-- 1 -' % : medium bacou. ISUc: light tr-efllum.
ligbt dry malted bacon. R to 10 lbs 21c 10
,O J- " ,e 2Oo: sngar cured 6to 8 Ihs. 23c.
r,/.w" 1,,0rn ' 8 *»ei>n—M •I* brand. 4to » \hn
- s to 10 lhe ?suc: H. H. brand. 4 to 8 lbs
23'*e. S to 10 lha 2214 c
t'oftolene—Hsif hhig, ioc: 1 tierc* 2
; / * rr ' , «- Ifi%c: 5 tiorres. lOUc r*r It>:
lOU.C for 1 Weroe. 10%0 for 2 tierces. 10V*e for
5 tierces and 10% c for half bbls and tubs: cases.
Rantern T.ard and Oils. Western Me»t band—
J*wl. tierces. 13Uc: sfs (n»r caseV tB.S«: Ifw.
ss. $.e.R.T: SS 70: compound lard,
tierce* 9^r : w. (per case>. $4.W»: 10s. ««.!.%:
•» - 2r5: s "- * ss °: yellow cooking oil. 56c Der
r f. 2: whtt * cooking* oil. 5Sc per gallon: aafad
oil me per callon.
California Pure T.ard M *- X>. brand—Tierce.
1«p: cans. 1 to 11 case. $e.«S: 4 to a case. *10.70:
'sree tin«. c to a c»ee. JtS.Sf.: tnPiUntn. 12 to ft
c «*f **•'«: small. 20 to a case. «U0
C Jilifomls Compound T.ard. n. H. branfl—
Tjere* h«*iii. JV: c«ns. 1 to a ca«». $4.er?: 4 to a
< *«c. $7.50: tins. 8 to a case. $5.55; 12s. $5.93
n.r m»c: ?O«. Cβ r>er ruse- M * T- Mi«d nV.
tierce bepfiir. «3o : ;j 4 <t l cook'njr oil. ROc for
white and 5R<- for yellow: tlerrps 11«.*-'.
bu<*et» 11 T*c. half hbls 11«, c cases $7.00.
Beef—Extra family, family and mess beef. $24
per hlil
,^ p ork—Kxtra prime In barrels. $21: nl* rork.
$2S- pigs' feet. o.no f.> r half bbls. $2.25 for 23
lb kegs and $1.50 for kits.
Went Mnrket
Slangrhterers* rates to deajere and botchers are
Beef—llftJllUo per Ib for steers. for
cow« *n<l helpers.
Veal— for Ixrse and Il«a!i2c for small.
Mutton—Wethers. ewee. BiSeViC.
l.ambd—l2<ai3o ncr 11<
Pressed Pork <ncr "hi _if>U(3l2c.
T7ie followlnff quotation" are for cood. sonod
Ilvewfock. delivered tn San Francisco, gross
No. 1 sfeer«. over f>so lb« 7ii'??7 1 4e ncr lh. nn
fler 950 lbs 7<«J7V;c: second qtialHy." Ml weights.
f.J5i-Ur-: thin. nnrte*imt.le steers. ilfcSjSe.
No. 1 oown and heifers. 6V t second qjial
!ty. common to thin, undesirable cows.
4©4 V,««
Desirable bn11« and stage. balf fat
or tb»n hullf. 2(53c. l
Celvee—Lfehtweir-ht, per lb, tViC medium.
r,U.<i(7r: heavy, s'4<V.
Sheep—Desirable wethers, unshorn. 5*4 @6c:
'WPs. .~ra>sUr: shorn sheen. %i,c to Sic less.
Lnnihs— TfllUjC per Ib.
Hogs—Hsrd rraln fed. welehine 100 to 150 lbs.
TVJc: 150 to 250 Ibe "i<i(a7 1 4c: 250 lbs and np.
G&[email protected] "
%Vb«»le»a»e I- , Uβ Market
Qt:otnti.>ns s.howf<l no further change yesterday,
the mar Vet being firm under the usual extra
buvlne for Friday wants.
Prices (rw»r lb>—Salmon. 12Uc; spring sslmoT,
IfVc; baUhnt. 15c: chicken halibut, 10c: codflsh,
lC»c: red rock. 9c: black rook. —: yellow tail.
—: barracuda. lie: sand daVis. e< , : soles. 7c:
k'nzfisb. «c: carp. sc: smells, 12'ic: silver
smelts. 10c: berrinsrs. 4c: tomcods. 8c: etrlped
ba«e. ISr; perch. —; mackerel. —: white bait.
—: eharf.~Bo: pike. —: catfish. 12% c.
The above quotations represent f. o. b. prices
for cleaned fish, bosed and leed.
Butter. Cheeae and Ere«
Shlpptne orders from tbe north, which wore
expected to clean i:p the accumulated supplies
of eggs In the locbl tmrket yesterday, did not
come throngb, and. as a conspqnence. the
rasrbet was easy with prices still- pointing
downward. ATI wide* were half a cent lower,
th»> decline bringiner prices to the lowest level
for tht» season. AHhouch there were no shlp
pltie orders of anr consequence received from
outside pofnts np to r late boiir. the trade
' xpelted that n-iren would be received from the
»';:zet sound region in time to allow forward
ing on the regular steamer out today.
Tbe Imtter market closed the week steady
to firm, for when tradesmen commenced stock
ing up for the two divs' holiday period stocks
were fotmd to b* light. Extras recovered a
!>Ttlon of Thtinxißy's loss and most handlers
reported the market Cinee.lT cleaned up on de-
stock at the end of the day. The quo
tations for olieese were undisturbed.
S-»!es oti th*> PTCliange were as follows:
Butter—2o cases of extras at 34c a pound.
Egw»—lo cases of extras at 70 at 17c
ami 10 cases of selected pallets at 1514 c a doxen.
Receipts were 47.000 pounds of butter, 4.000
ponnds of cheese and 2.602 cases of eggs.
The following are the official qnotafirms estab-
M>hed by sales, birjs Hnd offers on the floor of the.
Hairy exchange Prif-et* in tbe street, while eov
•■rned by the eschance quotations, generally
rsnee from to 2Uc Mglier. owing to the
Tartons ehure'p's to be nMetl:
BT'TTFR. "F.R onrvn

xtn's I33e IWe W*
trsts 31%<|31%ciefc
The nveruee qnotation f"v esfn hntter for the
week ended Saturday. February 22 was 34 l-6c.
f'hf-ei*—Fancy California flats. 17c per lb.
t-tfao'y: do lirsis. ir*c. steady: do seconds. 14c,
Kteady: fauf-y Young Anjericas, 1«c, steady: do
Hreta." "tiU- steady. Oresron flats. 17c. steady: do
Voting American, ISc. tinn: New York fancy. 20
(.Tjo'ac ste:i'ly: Wisconsin fancy. steady.
—California fresh, per dozen, cases ln-
£ 5 s £
I - - £ ~
g !f
- as 17V4cjl"c
t" 117c UKc ll7iAc|ieVic lGiJciiec
n<18 ilftc llTc 117c I !••...
t?U pu:iets!l«»/L.cU7e ]17c ]16c Ibc il5V»c
Kkk Mnrket Iβ Nearby Conatlea
(Special Dispatch to The Call)
PETAI.T"MA. Feb. 21.— The egg market wag
weak today end after receipt of transactions
•f the San Francisco Dairy and Egg exchange
quotations dropped half a cent. Independent
dealers imd speculators paid off for Thursday a
delivery at the rate of 15H cents for extra
ranch and 18% cents for selected pullets. The
delivery whs not iieavy.
SANTA ROSA, Feb. '.'l.—There was a slight
falling off in prices ajtatn today on the local egg
market. Upon advices Knowing the morning
transactions on tbe San Francisco Da'.ry Produce
nnd Egg exchange local dealers paid 15c per
<loaen for first grade eggs ami per dozen
for eexond or pullet grade delivered yesterday.
This i» the low mark for the season and for thai
matter for many yearn. A ennimary by one of
tbe large firms of this city shows that in nve
years it ku increased its business more than 06
per cent for ezgs purchased ::lone. In that time
many new buyer* Uave entered the field and all
are getting their share of the btwlnea. which Is
taken to Fbow that tbe pro<lurt;.;n baa heavily in
rreased. There will be Bβ egg* r> .cived by local
liealers nntil Monday, on boiidajr ami
BANTA CRUZ. Feb. 21.-Kce< Kgata deellaee
in price today, buyers beiup uMe t<> get extras
Bt l.">i-'.c a down. There was no clioice between
first* and of best STade. Deniers were
able to buy them at 14c per dozen.
Portland Butter Market
PORTLAND. Feb. Sl.— Butter—City and coua
y creamery extras, solid pack, 37ȣc.
Potatoes. Onion* and Vegetable*
Retail tradesmen were liberal buyers of the
limited variety of vegetables in the market
ve<-terriay, as naost of them were figuring on
today being a closed day and they were stocking
no for three day's want*. There was a scarcity
of lettuce in the morning:, but two steamers
came in with liberal siippllee late in the day,
and de«Dite the delay tn marketing the offer
\na they were well carea for at higher prices.
<>>«»rv was a little firmer aDd the limited offer
ings or peae, peppers, etc.. continued to bring
satisfactory prices. Receipts of asparagus were
about two dozen boxes and everything received
found a buyer at well maintained prices. Some
of the Ktalks showed effect* of fro*t. Bay
rhubarb was in good demand at [email protected] and
offerings from other districts sold up to Be.
Tbere was no life to the potato market and
anions were barely steady. * ,_ m ~ m
Potatoes (PM- c«>—River Burbsnks. 3.>@sOc;
galiDfls do. *l 4l o - 25: Oreo o <*o. esc©*l; sweet
?£rrt»— X«n«ir. [email protected]: green. 30®
[email protected] per lb; green
neas 10«15e p"" ,h: Mexican tomatoes. $1.50(3
1 «"per box: encumbers. $86S£S per box: garlic.
]'¥>&2ttc per Ib; cabbage. [email protected] per ctl: caoll-
Cow7r.l&<B4oe per *.mb; green pepper., [email protected] ;
oer lb for chili and 30c for bell; carrot*
ocr eack- celery, [email protected] per crate; lettnee,
$l<ai 50 per crate for eouthern; sprouts, [email protected]
wr Ib; arUchokca, 75cffi?1.25 p«r d«ea; muelj
rooms. [email protected] per liox: rhubarb, per m;
do bay, lOfellc; Floridtt eggplnut, 25fe.aOc i»er lb.
DecltlunuK aad Citrne Fruit*
Kxtra buying for the holiday and weekend
waata enlived the wholesale market for fresh
frnits yesterday, the Tolimie of business being
larger than on iiny of ti:e preceding days of the
week. Stocks of apples and oranges were suffi
cient for requirements, however, and prices in
those linp-s ,:ui not show the least etiunsre. The
extra buying of oranges diminished the holdings
oi' large handlers to a considerable extent and
some of the stores were practically bare at the
close. There, are plenty of navels rolliuc this
way and the market will be amply supplied
by the first of next week, l.emous tad grape
fruit remained firm at the old quotations, with
busings of fair proportions. The only limes
offering were packed in baskets containing 100
each. They sold sit [email protected]$l v basket, a <!<• 'i- ■•.
Apples (per boxt—Fancy 4 tier reds. [email protected]*l,
wltb some selected bringing [email protected]; 4 tier
red peannains. [email protected]: bellflower. [email protected]$l for
3 J /[email protected] tier and 00fti"5c for 4% tier: white win
ter wurmalns. 73asV-: Xewtown pippins,
1.85 for 3>4 tier. [email protected] for 4 tier, and [email protected]
for 4% tier; common to choice frnlt. [email protected]
Citrus Fruits (per box) —Narel .\inge«. $'2.15(9
3 for fancy. $2/§2.50 for choice: ff.jnted oranges,
[email protected]$i; taTiKtriaes. standard boxes, [email protected] for
choice and $1<Q1.20 for common: seedless grape
fruit, $1.50(8330: Florida do. [email protected]; lemons,
[email protected] for choice and fancy, and [email protected] for
standard: frosted lemons. *[email protected] : lemon
ettes. [email protected]: Mexican Umes nominal.
Tropical Fruits—Bananas. [email protected]%c per lb for
Mexican; [email protected] per bwnch for Hawaiian and
•■[email protected] per Tb for Central American; pineapples.
$-'(&3 per dozen
Dried FrnUn, Rateln*, IVute and Honey
Primes—Bulk basis 2%e per lb; 50s are %c,
40s to DOs l«4c and SOs higher.
Other frnits. 1912 crop:
Stand- Extra
50 lb boxee— ard. Choice Choice Fancj
Eraporated apples BHc 5%c 6c
Apricote BVjC oV*c
Peaches 5c s>4c β^c
fears 5%c OVic 7 1 , 3 c β^c
Nectarines 5M.-C 6c 6 % c
Rnisins—At sweatbox, 2?ic per lb to growers;
loose ninecatel, 3*4 c4c and for 2, 3 and 4
crown, respeetlTcly; 8, 3 and 4 crown layers,
95c. fl and $1.25, respectlTely; 5 crop Debeea,
clusters. $1.70: t> crown imperials, $2.20: seeded,
1 lb boxes. 5%c for fancy and 4c for choice,
with the osual differential for 12 oz boxes: seed
less sultanas, 50s, 4%c; do Thompson 6c for
unbleached and for bleached.
Ntite (Jobbing pricea to the trade) —Italian
chestnuts. ~sg9c; pecans, [email protected]: filberts. 13®
15o; peanuts. [email protected]; pinenuts. [email protected]
New crop: Almond*—Nonpareils. [email protected]\2CJ I
X L, [email protected]; Ne Plus Ultra. Drakes,
lHV>c; Languedocs. walnuts, f. o. b. ship
pi ag points, No. 1 softshel) lttc; do hardshell.
I'Ve; No. 2 hard and soft shell. lOVic; budded.
Honey—Fancy water white comb,
dark to amber. [email protected]; white extracted,
nominal at 9&10 c per )b; light amber. [email protected];
amber. [email protected]; lower grades, GfeTc per lb.
Beeswax— per lb for light and 26<g28c
for dark.
Poultry and Game
Yesterday's arrivals of dressed turkeys were
74 cases, the deliveries representing the last
noteworthy shipments for the season. The birda
were In good demand among large retailers, who
readily paid up to 24c a pound for prime young
gobblers and L'l(g22e for hens. Nothing but
nondescript stuff went below 20e. There was
very little lire poultry of any description re
maining in first hands and ail dealers reported
tb<? outlook promising for a good market nest
week. Five cars of eastern chickens were mar
keted since Monday.
Poultry (per dozen)— Hens, [email protected] for small.
$5"?; 7 for large and [email protected] for extra; young
roosters. [email protected]; do extra, [email protected], old roost
ers, fryers. [email protected]; broilers, $"[email protected] for
large and $.".. r >0(ri54.50 for email; ducks, [email protected] for
old and [email protected] for young; geese. $2(£3 per pair;
pigeons. [email protected]; squabs, [email protected]; dressed
turkeys. [email protected] per lb; liTe. 18<j£20c; Belgian
bares, $4(gß per dozen.
Game (per doi»n) — Hare, [email protected]; gray
geese, [email protected]; brant, [email protected]; white geeee,
[email protected]: honkers, [email protected] Wild ducks are nom
inal, as dealers are unable to dispose of them
satisfactorily, owing to tbe rigid enforcement of
tbe (ame laws.
Floor and Farinaceoua Goods
Flour (net per bbl) —California family extraa.
[email protected]: do bakers' extras, $4.60®5.20; snper-
Bne. [email protected]; Dakota patents. [email protected]:
Kansas patents, [email protected]
Farinaceout; Goods —In 10 pound sacks are
quoted as follows per 100 lbs: Graham flour,
$2.90; entire wheat flour, $3; buckwheat flonr,
$5: self-raising buckwheat flour. $5.80; wheat
meal. $4; rice flonr, $6.50: rye flour. $3.70; rye
meal. $3.60; corn meal, yellow and white, $3.20;
extra do. $3.50: oat groats, $4.60; buckwheat
groats, $8.80; hominy, $3.70; cracked wheat.
$3.90; farina. $4.10; pearl barley, $5.50(36; split
peaa. $6 for yellow and $7.50 for green. In 25
Ib sacks 10c lower for all, and 20c lower for 50
ib sacks.
Beana. Seeda and Hope
Beans (per ctl)— Lima. [email protected]: bayo*,
J3.3553.45: large white. [email protected]; small
white. [email protected]; pink, $3.70(g3.90; cranberry.
[email protected]; blackeye. [email protected]: red. [email protected];
red kidney. $4<p>4.20; farvaDias. $3<@3.30; horae
beans, $1.75(32.25.
Seeds—Mustard, : flaxseed. $3.85 per ctl;
canary. 3%@4c per lb: alfalfa. [email protected]; rape,
l'/[email protected]; timothy, nominal: hemp, 3Mjc; millet.
Dried Peasi —Green. [email protected] per ctL
Hops—California. 1912. crop to growera. 20®
21c per lb for choice, [email protected] for medium and
12Vjc for common.
Hay and Feedataffa
Scott. Magner & Miller, in their weekly re
view of the hay market, say:
"Receipts of hay for the last week were
2.413 tons, last week 2,077 tons, the preceding
week 2.756 tons. These receipts have gone lnte
consumption without difficulty, and prices have
been firmly maintained throughout the week. The
denvtnd has been about the same ac for several
weeks past.
"Livermore wheat hay. In light bales, althontrh
not fancy, but the best arriving, has sold at $25,
and it Is now Generally conceded that there is
no real fancy hay left; hence the beat grades
arriving are being taken in its place.
'"Fancy red oat hay Is firmly held at $23, and
Is in light supply.
"New crop conditions for hay are most dli
conraging up to date. In no section of thle
state can the present conditions be called
'fairly good.' The heavy north winds of the
iRSt two days have been most unfortunate, as
they have dried up the little moisture left from
tbe only rain we have had this season, and
unless we have immediate heavy and general
rains we believe we will see the poorest crops
for many years. At the best, we do not
believe we cau look forward to large crops,
even tbouzh we should have bounteous rains
from now on.
"Throughout the hay growing districts hay Is
being hauled from the warehouses to the ranches
for feed. There are practically no exceptions
to this rule.
"Under present conditions this market should
be at least $2 per ton higher than the present
range of prices.
•'Alfalfa continues in good demand throughout
tbe state and is being fed in place of grain
hay to a great extent.
"Straw shows no chinge."
Feedstnffs 'per ton)— Bran. $23.50®25; shorts.
*25/$26; middlings, [email protected];<.r»0; rolled barley.
?28.r,[email protected]: rolled oats for feed. corn
meal. $32(334; cracked corn. [email protected]; chopped
feed. $18(123: evergreen chop feed. $21 in car lots
and $23 for jobbing; oilcake meal. 20 ton lots
$39.50. 10 ton lots $40. 5 ton lots $40.30. small
lots $41; cocoanut cake or meal at mills, $27.50
for 10. $28 for 5 ton lots and $28.50 for email
tots: alfalfa meal, carload lots $18.50, Jobbing
$19.50; Eureka mcxl, carload lots $21.50; Jobbing
$23; Tlgorator. per ton. $22.
Hay (per ton) —Fancy wheat hay, [email protected]; No
1 wheat and wheat and «at. [email protected]; good tv
choice do, [email protected]; lower grades. [email protected]
16.50: barley and oat. tj«®i9; choice tame oat,
[email protected]: other do. wild oat. [email protected]:
stock hay, $10«j,11.50; alfalfa, [email protected]
Straw —[email protected] per baie.
Hidea, Tallovr, Greaae aad Wool
Hides—Culls and brands sell abont nn
der quotations Heavy and medium waited steers.'
lSeUe: lipht. 12'>(313>4c: cowhides 12KO!
13% c: stags. 9iS9Hc: salted kip. 14<gl5c: salted
veal and wlted calf. dry hides. 23rt$
24H<*: morrafn. 23c: dry calf and veal, [email protected]:
dry kip. 22(PT24c: dry stags. dry 6alt
hides. iec: fbeepskins. short wool. 25®50c: me
dlnra. 50<ff J»Oc: long wool. [email protected]$1.15: lambs, 40<t$
fi.V for long and [email protected]>e for short trool; ehear
llntrs 2Cfi2se for No. T and 10c for No. 2: horwe
hides. t.alt. for large prime and $2.20<g
! 2.-V» for No. I: medium. $1,750.2: small 75c6)
51.25: colts. IS&OOe; horseliidee. dry. *[email protected] for
I large »id 51.50(f?2 for medium. 75c<»$J for small
I ?m: [email protected] for coltx: coatsklne. prime angoras.
1 75c(ft$l: niedhim. 35aS0c: long hair goats, Soc;
! me<!!nm. 20cj tlds, sfli«c.
Tallow—No. 1 rendered, bbls. SQO%c; caaa
acrt ilrunis. SHftSe.
fireaee —2fiSc per lb.
Wool—Fall clip. Mendocino and Hamboldt, 10
<T{l2c; middle counties nrjrthern. [email protected]; San
Joaquin, 6(gßc; mohair good quality, [email protected]%c
per lb.
Hornee and Male*
The following for horses and mnlea
are furnished by the Butchers' and Stock Grow
ers' Journal: noßgEs
Det.irable drafters. 1,700 lbs and over. [email protected]
Light drafters. 1.550 to 1,650 lbs 250fc5283
Chunks, 1.3.50 to 1.500 lbs 200<&:»0
Wagon horses, 1.250 to 1.350 lbs 1800225
Delivery wagon boreee. 1,050 to 1.250.. 1336t100
Desirable farm mares 1000125
Farm workers [email protected]
9T,0 lbs. 4 to 7 years [email protected]
1,000 Ibe 4 to 7 years [email protected]
1 100 lbs 4 to 7 veare....- 150(3200
1,200 Ibui 4 to 7 years 9009230
Over 7 years old range from $15 to $25 lower.
Xnte —Shippers to this market must have horse*
eloee to type, with age. bone conformation and
style, to command extreme quotations.
General Merchandise
Bags—Standard Calcutta grain bags, ob
the «pot and 9«[email protected]%<" for June-July delivery;
gan Qnentin, SVaC; wool bags, 47V.C for 4 end
45V.C for 3*4 Ibe; deece twtae, [email protected]%c per lb;
bean baps. SV»c. . _
Oil (Quotations are for barrels) —Unseed. 58c
per gallon for boiled and 56c for raw. 5 bbl lots
lc lest* eases more: Baker's AA castor, caxe*. 5
gallons $1.11. 10 gallons $1.09; commercial caetor
in cases, 90c; China not, case*. 73®85c per gal
I 100- extra bleached wiater eperm oil, 80e; natu- ,
ral winier eperm oil. SOc: pure lard oil, Soc;
winter strained lard oil. 75c; pure ueatsfoot oil.
a>: paint oil. 30®40c.
foal Oil. Gasoline. *ti\—Water white 'ron
barrels or drnms. Ri/.e; 150 depree oil. Iron bar
rels rvr drums. 9%e;"in case*. special do.
nearl oil. in cases. t*Ue; antral. 15«>c;
star, ljiic; extra etar «tt|t! Elaine. 26c;
!SV,c; red crown an<l motor casoline. In
bulk 16'« c."in oe»es 23*Ae: ensine distillate, in
rtrmr.R Be. in ease* 7c more- gns machine caso
iine. j n bn!k .°.."iv,c. in oases 43c: vanish mak
ers' and painters , naphtha, in bulk in
Turpentine —In cane* <Use: 10 case lots, le
les«: drums and iron barrel*. 59c: Arotnrps. case
30c Iron b*rr«fs or drum* 23c per eallon.
T Rosln—F. $0.45: h. J9.r.0: WG. $11.10 per '
I hflTol of 2SO. nounds _„
Red and TVhft* T-ead— tied. white, 7%
1 p Pr ]h; do i 0 5 and 10 ton lots. 7%c ana
j respectively.
The Western Sneer Refinlne cornnanv onotee as
' follows. tW eauh: Fine cranulated. 4.70 c: can
ner* , pmnulated. 4.70 c: fmit rraniilsted. 4.70 c:
17. * K. rrr*tal domino*. 5 lh cartons in case*.
I fl.KOc: do 2 lb cartons in esses, fle: monarch bar,
J S.O.V: tablet*. In half bWe 5.20 c: do in 25 lb
boxes. 5.45e: cubes 4.9"c: monarch powdered.
4.KOc: XTXX powdered 4.80 c: candT granulated,
4.Pfte: confeet'oners* A 4.70 c: beet prannlated.
450 c: extra C. 4.2oc;'eolden C. 4.10 - D 4c.
Barrels and 50 lb b«e« 10c. half barrels 2">c.
boxes 50c more r>er 100 lb« than for ba*n of 100
lbs net. Hnr in 3S and 4O lb tins $1.70 more, in
S and 10 lb tine .«2.35 more per 100 Ins than the
price for tbl« errade in 100 lb bags. .
The California and Hawaiian Snrar Refining
wmnenr nuofe* as follows: Grannlated basis.
4.70 c: C & H. fine standard. 4.70 c: coarse dry
ummilated. 4.70 c: confectioner* , A. 4.70 c: berry.
4.70 c: powdered. 4.80 c: cnbes. 4.9. r >c: "Hlsrrade"
bar. r>.OT,c: bricks 'in b»lf bblsi 5.20 c: bricks
(in 2."> lh boxes} 5.45 c: H, * E. crysta"! dominoe ;
(X lb cartons In cases). S.SOc: do 2 H> cartons in j
cases, fie: extra fine dry srannlated fIOO lb baste
onlv> 4.. r ioc: extra C. 4.20 c: polden C. 4.10 c:
yellow n. 4c. Additional per 100 Iba: In bbls
and 50 lb bare. 10c more: half bhls. 25c more: j
boxes. 50c more for all trrades. Bar In 35 and 40
lb tine. $1 70 more: in 10 lb tins. $2.36 more.
Minimum order, carload weight.
Wew York Produce
YEW YORK. Feb. 21.—Butter—Weak. Cream
ery extras. 35<^35^c.
Cheese—Steady. Weekly export*. 800 hoxee.
Bt«te. whole milk, held, white specials.
17tf317i4 <".
Kjrgs—Steady. Fresh eathered. (Irate, 19«[email protected]
COe: nearby i<ennery whites, good to large size,
new laid, [email protected] '
Chirmro Produce Market
CHICAGO. Feb. 21.— Bntter ea«y: creameries.
SBftz.'3-V. Kgse firm: receipts, 6.P22 cases; at
mark, cases included. 17(i£18c; refrigerator firsts.
[email protected]14e; firsts. [email protected]^c.
I.om Angfle* Prodace Market
(Special lMsnatoh to The Call)
LOS ANGELES. Feb. 21.—Receipts of produce
on the Lor Angeles market today were: Egsr».
1.524 cases: butter. 2.160 pounds: checw, 2.292
pounds: potatoes. e32 sacks; sweet potatoes. 05
sacks: apples 786 boxes.
The heavy receipts of eggs caused local ranch
to decline V-c.
Rutter (per lb)—Prices to trade 3c above quo
tations. California creamery extras, 33Vsc;
creamery firsts, 32»4c.
Eggs (per doz) —Local ranch, candled 22c: ense
c<wnt 1&c: pallets, ISc: northern, case count. 17c.
Cheese <per Ini—Northern fresh. 18c; eastern
singles. eastern twins. 18c: eastern cbed
clars 19c: eastern lonjrhorns. 20<H21c: Oregon
daisies. lSgriSHc: swiss. Imported. 30G?32c;
swlse domestic block, 23c; Roquefort, 45c; cream
brick." 21c: lirob'irger. 22c.
Beans (per ctl>—No. 1 pink. $4.50: No. 1 lima.
$6<<26.25: No. 1 Lady Washington. $4.0505; No.
1 small white, $5.10(36.25; blackeye. $4.60; gar-
Teniae. $4.50: bnyos. [email protected]; Mexican red,
S4.KO: lentils, $6©7.
Potatoes (per ctl>—nighland Burbanks, 80c<gj
$1: Oregon. $1,050)1.10: sweet potatoes, $2.50;
Salinas. [email protected]; Lonipoc, [email protected]
Uveetook Market
CHICAGO, Feb. 21.—Cattle—Receipts, 2.000.
Market, steady. Beeves. $«[email protected]; Texas steers,
$5.20(§j6: western steers. [email protected]: stockere and
feeders $5.50(T?7.90: cows and heifers, $3.15®
7.40; calves. $7<g 10.35.
Hoea—Receipts. 17.000. Market, strong.
Lieht. [email protected]: mixed. [email protected]; heavy,
[email protected]'Js; rough. $7.9008.10; pigs, [email protected]
8.20: bulk. X.30.
Sheep—Receipts, 8.000. M-rket. firm. Native,
$o.lO«&6.65; western. $3.4064 r>. 75: yearling,
$e.7O«rS; native lambs, [email protected]&>; western,
[email protected]
KANSAS CITY. Feb. 21. — Cattle — Re
ceipts, 700. Including 30<i southerns. Market,
s-tmnsr. Native steers, [email protected]«.75: southern steers,
[email protected]; southern rows and heifers, $4(36.50:
native cows and heifers, [email protected]«: stockers and
feeders. [email protected]: bulls, $5.25(36.50; calves,
$<[email protected]: western steers, $«[email protected]; western
cow«, [email protected]
Hogs—Receipts. ,1.500. Market, 5e to 10c
lower. Bnlk. $R. [email protected] < «.2O: beavy. $8 O> R.I.V
packers and bntchers $8.00<g5.20; light, [email protected]
8.25: pigs, [email protected]
Sheep—Receipts. 4.000. Market, etroner. Mut
tons, [email protected]: Colorado lambs. [email protected];
range wetbers nnd yearlings, [email protected]; range
ewes, [email protected]
SOUTH OMAHA. Keb. 21.—Cattle— Receipts,
900. Market, stronger. Native steers, [email protected]»o:
cows and heifers. $5(37.40: western steers. $5.50
r<8«: Tex->8 steers. $5(5,0.00; cows and heifers,
[email protected]; calves. [email protected]
Hoes—Receipts, 5.900. Market, higber, Heary,
[email protected]: light. $S.<V.isi!S.ls; pigs, [email protected]
7.50: bulk of sales, $«(S:*UO.
Sheep—Receipts. 7.000. Market, steady.
YearHnsre, [email protected]; wethere, [email protected];
lambs, [email protected]
PORTLAND, Feb. 21.—Cattle—Receipts, 700.
Market, steady. Choice steers, [email protected]; good
steers. $7(317.30; medium steers. $«[email protected]; choice
cows, $6.r.0(f?7; good cows. $6»ge.50- medinm
cows. $s.f>r»(g6: ci'rtice calves, $s®9; good
heavy calves, [email protected]: bulls, $5.MVas6.
Hoes—Receipts. 30ft. Mnrket, steady. Light,
$7.75(g5.20: heavy, [email protected]
Sheep—Receipts. 100. Market, firm. Year
ling wethers. [email protected]; ewes, [email protected];
lambs, $C©7.23.
Coton Market
NEW YORK. Feb. 21.— J. C. VTtlson & Co.'s
wire says:
"It was a narrow trading market, lacking
features of striking interests. Some covering at
times caused slight upturns, but liquidation gave
prices a little setback. In the end It stood
about where it was last night. The week end
flexures were perhaps rather more bullish than
expected. Yet the epinners , takings were still
far behind those of a year aeo, although they
showed some Increase over those of last week.
They were 327.821 bales, agalust 304.584 last
week and 437.2."7 last year. Liverpool was
rather better thiin expected «nd the Kpot sale 3
there were 0 000 bales. Liverpool botirht here
to some extent. So did some of the spot houses.
The weather was cold in narts of the western
belt, with some rnin its Oklahoma and also In
South Carolina and Georgia. The forecast was
for colder weather, with some rain. We see no
reason after a careful survey of the general
situation to change our opinion that on all good
bulees the be«t course would be to sell."
Soot closed quiet and unchanged. Middling
uplands, 12.50 c; do gulf, 12.75 c. Sales. 300
Option Open Hisrh Low Close 20 Ago*
Feb 11.22 U. 22 11.22 11.17 11.18
March .. 12.00 12.13 12.07 12.13 12.11
April -K. 11.Oβ 11.99
May....11.97 11.97 11.87 11.90 11.95
June .... 11.R3 , 11.85 11.85 11.85 11.84
July .... 11.83 11.90 11.KO 11.85 11.86
Aug 11.73 11.7R 11.71 11.75 11.75
Sept. ...11.52 11.H2 11.52 11.48 11.50
Oct ll.*e 11.50 11.43 11.42 1146 .....
Pec 11.48 11.48 11.4.> 11.48 11.4(1
Jan 11.44 11.44 11.44 11.43 11.42
World , * ViMthle Supply of Cotton
tneW ORT.KANS. Keb. 21.— Secretary Hes
ter's statement of the world's visible ennnlv of
cotton shows the tot« 1 visftVe I« 5.067.841
nealnst last week: 5.993.R22 last yesr
and 4?>13,301 year before last. Of this ' the
total of American cotton Is 4.222.741 against
4.372,125 last week and 4.524.522 Inst year.
Jit. LonlM Wool Market
ST. LOUTS. Feb. 21.—W00l steady. Medinm
grades, combing and clothine. 23y,eJ26e; light
fine. 19(g21c; heavy fine. [email protected]; "tub waehed,
Nev» York Co*r«e Market
NEW YORK. Feb. 21.—Coffee futures closed
barely steady, but from 4 to 11 points net
higher. Sales. 113.000. March. 12.10 c; April,
iSJBBe; May. 12.40 c; June, 12.44 c: July, 12.49 c;
August, 12.55 c: September, 12.62 c; October,
12.51 c; November. 12.46 c; December and January
12.42 c. Spot, steady. Rio 7e, 12% c: Santos 4s,'
14% c. Mild coffee, dull; Cordova, [email protected], nom
New York Metal Market
NEW YORK. Feb. 21.—Copper firm. Standard,
spot and February. 14.25 c bid: March. April and
May. electrolytic, 15c; lake,
15.25 c; fastine. 14.7HC. fon-ior arrival*. 445
tons; exports this month. 2.">.068 ton*. Tendon—
Copper steady; spot £65 7s 6d: fnturos. IM 7s 6d
Tin steady: spot. February,
March. 47.75«?48.25c; April,
47.50<ff48c. Local exchange sales of tin. 35 tons.
London —Tin quiet; spot. £218 10s; futures, £214
Lead steady at 4.25ftJ4.35c. London—Lead.
£16 12s 6d.
Spelter quiet at C.20i56.35c, London—Spelter,
Antimony quiet; Cookson's, 9.30(8!9.40c.
Iron steady and unchanged. Cleveland war
rants, 60s In London.
St. Lonfs Lead Market
ST. rXJUIS, Feb. 21.—Lead—Market, steady,
[email protected]%c.
Snv:il Stores—Tnrprndcp and Roaln
.SAVANNAH, Ga.. Feb. 21.—Turpentine firm at
G%e, Sale* 107; receipts, 96; shipments. 232;
stock. 18.8U8.
Uosin firm. Rales. 8&>: receipts. 333: ship
mtnts. STO; stock. 121.904. Quote: A and B,
$6.2714; C and D. $6.30: B. $6.35; F. [email protected]
U.41",i; G, ?6.47Vi<50.00; H, I, $6.70;
K. $6.fH>: M, $7; N, $7.05; WU, $7.10; WW,
I. C. Van Eck to American Gasoline company,
lot in E line of Kentucky street, t«.'s N of Ma
rin, X lOH.tiS, theuce deflecting to right and
along curve SK 150.01, thence deflecting to left
SE 103.70. S 47.81. W 200; $10.
Atigustin A. Berti et al. to Joseph M. O Brien,
Tot in S line of Pacific avenue, 100 E of Van
Ness. E 23 by S 127:5V4 I $1«-
Mary A. Berti to same, same; $10.
Basillo Briano to Antonio Barbieri. lot In SW
line of Twenty-fifth avenue South, 210 SE of M
street, SE 90' by SW n>o; $10.
Rosa Liebermann to Charles J. Liebertnann et
al. lot Id E line of Potrero avenue. 323 N of
Angusta street, E 100 by N 50, and one other
Robert F. Morrow to Theodore E. Rulfs, lot
at SE corner of Pine and Leavenworth streets,
E 137:0 by S 137:0; ?10. _
Theodore Bulfs and wife to Ronsseau Realty
company, lot in E line of Leavenworth street.
87:11 S of Pine. S 23, E 112:0, N 12:0, W 35, X
12:8. N 87:0: $10 ,*■„,•
Same to Hans Peterson, lot in E line of
Leavonworth street, 112:6 S of Pine, S 20 by
Theodore E. Rolfs and wife to Peter Caubu,
lot in S line of Pine street, S7:G E of Leaven
worth. E 20 by S 100; $10.
James Bean to George A. Bean, lot in S line
of Geary etreet, 25 VV of Wood, W 2o by S
120; $10. . . „ . ,
Estate of Eugenic Marty, deceased (by admin
istrator) to Jules Marty, fourth interest in lot
commencing 100 E of Mission street and 100 S
of Twenty-sixtb, E 43:6, SE 100, N 79:6;
Louis Marty to Augusta Marty, fourth of
same; $10. .
Jules Marty and wife to same, fourth of
Sa Carrie l j". Stockton to David M. Stevene, lots
5 *! 7, 8 9 and 10, Rice subdivision; $10.
'Helen Barry minor (by guardian* to John D.
Barry et al." lot in SW Hue of Tenth avenoe
South 300 NW of Mendall street, NW 25 by
SW 100; $2,500. . , _ . . , . ,
Ilose L. Pritchard to Joseph I. Walsh, lot in
SE line of Clementina street, 2.5 SW of Fifth.
SW 25 by SE 75; gift. „ „
Charles Bellanca to Anna Bellanca, lot in h
line of Thirty-seventh avenue, 120 N of I street,
N 25 by E 120; gift.
Mission Terrace company to Harold C. Und
burg and wife, lot 21, block A, Mission terrace;
valuable consideration.
Frank C. Raymond and wife to Antonio Ray
mond lot at SW corner of Twentieth and
Arkansas streets. W 200 by 8 350; $10.
Rivers brothers to John Thomas Clancy and
wife, lot X>, block F, Columbia Heights.; $10.
John Mulhern to Matthew A. Fitzgerald and
wife, lot in E line of Twenty-flrst avenue. 300
S of Geary etreet, S 25 by E 120; $10.
J. A. MeMillen and wife to R. V. McF.lroy.
lot at SE corner Dwigbt street, 50 NE of
Yale, NE 70 by SE 100; $10.
K. D. McElroy and wife to University Mound
Old Ladies' home, same; $I°.
Alfred Barry and wife to Casimo Qarofalo and
wife, lot 352, gift map B: $10.
Oscar Heyman & Brother to Maria Tegt
tnayer lot 3 block 8, Fair's subdivision of
Holly 'Pirk tract; $10.
Marie Tegtmeyer end Christian Tegtmeyer to
Johanna Moeseh. same: $10.
Johanna Moesch to Frank Jioesch, name; Rift.
Georsre A. Knight and wife to Secondo Toed
and wife, lot In N line of Filbert street, 137:8
E of Mason, E 22:4 V'> l, y N 02:6; $10.
John P. Pedersen to Bangta Peffersen. half
of lot 30, block 0, Syndicate's First addition;
Fred W. Bridge aud wife to Herwlg E. O.
An.nson, lot in E line of Thirty-eighth avenue,
225 N of Judah street. N 25 by E 120; $10.
Virginia L. Masterson to Emma V. Johnson.
lot in S lino of Seventeenth tstreet, 200 E of
I>o'ores. X 2~> by S 100: $1.
Emma V. Johnson to Margaret A. Kaiser, lot
in S line of Seventeenth street, 200 E of Dolores,
15 25 by S 100: $10.
Annie B. Riordan and Maggie Betkowsk! vn.
Marttn Betkowski et al. (by referee) to A. C.
Hastings, lot in SE line of Silver street. 340:4
SW of Second, SW 25:8 by SE 75; $11,650.
Annie B. Riordan to same, same; $10.
James R. Watson and wife to William P.
Lyon lot in N line of Sloet boulevard. 125 E of
Thirty-ninth avenue, E 00 by N 247:10, and one
other parcel; $10.
William P Lyon to Sol Getz & Sons, same;
Estate of Bernard Getz, deceased (by execu
tors), to Percy Nagle and Harriet M. Nagle, lot
at NE corner of Twenty-fifth avenne and Cle
ment street, E o2:« by N 100; $(i,500.
The rector, wardens and veetry of St. Peter's
Episcopal church to oity and county of San
Francisco, lot in W line of Jones street. 64 N
of Greenwich, N 73:6 by W 112:6; $13,550.
Moses Salomon to Agnes M. Lea, lot 22, Salo
mon's portion of Rock ranch; $10.
Wong Sing Yuan to Wong Fook. Howard
Wong and Wong Neai Tong. lot in W line of
Waverly place, 108:71-1, S of Clay street. S 22 by
W 03:9: $10.
Jeremiah and Mug<!alena Donovan to Frank
J. Klimm, lot in N line of Ellis street. 235 W
of Jones. W 40 by N 60; $10.
Same to same, lot In S line of Antonia street,
235 W of Jonee. W 2<> by S 60: $10.
Sarab Norton to Edwarrl J. Talbot. lot in NW
line of street, 120 NE of Sixth, NE 25
by NW 75; $10.
Third Street Improvement company to Frank
A. Evers, lot in NE line of Sixth street, 75 NW
of Bryant. NW 75 by NE 160: $10.
George B. and Mary E. Jewell to George Row
Jackson et al., lot in N line of Fell street. 181:3
W of Central avenne, W 39 by N 137:6; $10.
John J. Christian to John T. and Frances
Miller, lot at SE corner of Hill and Sanchez
streets, 76:5 by S 114; $10.
Kdward J. end Benoennta Lynch to Alex J.
Ynune. lots 11S4 to 1187-1215 to 1217, gift map
4: $10.
Francisco Demnrtini to W. H. Wilton and
William V. Wilton, lots 20 and 21, Demartini
tract. $10.
Bielfeldt H. J. Fedde and wife to John J. and
Bessie Lynch, lot 0, block V, Park Lane tract
No. 3; $10.
J. W. Wright & Sons Investment company to
Vincent and Eleie de Vivo, lot in W line of
N'lneteentb avenue. 200 S of Clement street.
S 25 by W 120: $10. •
Conrad Gatiert and wife and Henry Gatzert
and wife to Christopher Dahl and wife, lot in
X line of Flllraore etreet, 59:6 N of Greenwich,
N 0:6 by E SO; $10.
Sara T.azanw to Samnel Laearns, lot in N
line of Ellis street, 165 E of Gough. E 27:6 by
N 137:0: gift.
Elmo T. Hank and wife to N. C. Johnson, lot
In SE line of Brunswick street. 26 SW of
Gnttenberg, SW 25 by SE 100; $10.
Lotta Realty company to Pbri Cohen, lot in
W line of Sacramento etreet. 156:3 E of Dlviea
dero etreet. E 60 by N 167:814;
Crocker Estate company to Margaret Hopkins,
lot 8, block 6, Crocker Amazon tract: $10.
The Hind Estate company to Frank J. Esan
and wife, lot 22, block D, French & Gilmah
tract: $10.
Stasia and C. S. Ewing to Hyman Anderson
end wife, lot in S line of Golden Gate nvenne,
IWcO E of North Willard etreet. S 124, NW
to NW corner Flaherty's land, SW 5:4, W 18:10,
N 125, E 20:3; $10.
Hnildlng Contract*
*larold C. and Anna R. Lindburg with N. F.
Nilasos —To erect a one story frame dwelling
on lot 21, block A. Mission Terrace; $2.'- > 50.
Joseph and Linda E. Herb with Siegfried
Malmburg—To erect a two story -end basement
from? residence in N line of Nineteenth street
175 E of Sanchez. E 25 by N 114: 54.100.
Voorman company (by P. J. Walker) with
Henry Gervais—Terrazsw work for a seven story
and basement class C hotel building at NE cor
ner of Mission and Fourth etreets. n SO by E
80: $1,433.
Roman Catholic archbishop of San Francisco
with Central Iron works—Structural steel work,
erecting same, etc., for chtirch building at SW
corner of Sixteenth and Dolores streets, at $83
per ton.
J. M. McGeorge with H. Logan—To erect a
one story and basement frame building in S line
of Seventeenth street. 100 15 of MHrs: $1,800.
« American Can company (by Clinton Fireproof-
Ttig company) with the Capitol Sheet Metal
works —Sheet metal work for a two story ware
house bnildlig at Nineteenth and Harrison
streets; $2,724.
Sunday Afternoon Program at St.
Mary'M Square Extensive One
Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock the
Municipal band will give a concert at
St. Mary's square, California street and
Grant avenue, under the auspices of the
Downtown Merchants* association. Fol
lowing is the program:
"The Star Spanpioil Banner."
March, "Bay State Commanderj". .W. F. Burrell
Introducing the celebrated bynin
"Adoste Fldeies."
Waltz, "Santiago"...'. .....A. Corbin
Overture. "The Mill on the Cliff"
Carl B. Reissingrer
Cuban dance, "Habanera No. 1" P. Epenoso
Fantasy "Echws of the Operas" E. Beyer
Including melodies from "The Night Encamp
ment in Granada." "Fanst." "The Prophet."
"The Huguenots," "Bronze Home," "Grand
DnoheßS," "II TroTatore," "Ernani," •'Or
pheus" and "Mrrry Wives of Windsor."
Paraphrase on Schubert's song, "Haideroelein"
cTho Littlp R"«o on the Heath")..o. I.atenn
fa) Sons. "I.a Paloma" Yradier
(b> Patrol "Turkish" Theo. Michaelis
Solfction. "The Sinjrtng Girl" Victor Herbert
National airs of Japan and China—
"Fon So Ka" (Japanese air In march form).
••Kiinysrayo" (Japanese patriotic song).
"The"World's Delight" (Chinese national air).
Chinese patriotic song.
March, •Royal" • E. E. Bagler
The Municipal band will give a con
cert on Sunday, March 2, at 2 o'clock,
at the Monroe school. Excelsior avenue
above Mission street.
Court Upholde Mm. Levy—A copy of
the supreme court decision sustaining
the claim of Mrs. Evaline A. Levy in
I'er flgtr agrainst her stepmother, Mrs.
Emily C. Yoell for the estate of J.
Alexander Yoell was filed yesterday in
the probate department of the su
perior court. The filing of the re
mittitur constitutes the formal tech
nical bar to any claim by Jldrs. Yoell
to the estate.
Letter Says Divorce Plaintiff
Abandoned Wife and
While Gustave Fay, a wealthy mer
chant, stands as plaintiff in a suit for
divorce against Mrs. Mary Fay in the
local courts, he is charged with having!
deserted his wife and two children and
lied to Europe with another woman, in
a letter received yesterday by Thomas
Mulvey, clerk of the superior court,
from L. Z. Marks, eastern manager of
the National Railways Advertising
company of 1135 Broadway, New York
Fay filed suit through Attorney W.
W. Davidson January 22, 1913. charg
ing that Mrs. Fay deserted him at New
York January 1, 1912. They married at j
Raab, Hungary, having met while tour
ing Europe.
Marks, in his letter, says Fay left
Mrs. Fay and two children at Yonkers,
N. V., and took the money usually ap
plied to the family support to finance
his trip to Europe. The writer declares
Mrs. Fay learned that her husband re- j
turned to America with another woman I
and is now living at 1620 California
Marks declares that it is not the
intention of Mrs. Fay to make trouble,
but the writer asks if he can not be
prevented from illegal litigation and
be forced to support Mrs. Fay without
losing his liberty.
To givo Mrs. Pearl F. Lehmkuhl
money, pending the suit for divorce
against her of Henry W. Lehmkuhl,
would be "suicide," according to the
statement by Attorney F. P. Bull to
Judge Trabucco. The court, desiring
to know how Mrs. Lehmkuhl's self
destruction would be encompassed by
the payment of alimony, questioned the
husband, who is a machinist foreman.
"I got a telephone message," said
Lehmkuhl, "to go to Sixteenth and
Church streets. I went there and saw
my wife sitting on the steps of a house
with her arms around a man's neck.
She was intoxicated, and if she got
any more money it would go the same
Judge Trabucco was not satisfied
with the explanation and ordered that
Mrs. Lehmkuhl be summoned. The wife
failed to appear and the court took
the case under advisement.
Complaints filed: John E., against
Mattle A. Faber, desertion; Dora,
against Max Jonsky, cruelty; Kath
erine, against George Hauser, cruelty;
Maud, against Gustave Lindenstadt,
cruelty; Luclnda. against Charles E.
Howe, desertion; Marie S., against Ber
tram S. O'Farrell, neglect.
Warrant tor M. IV. JoneM—A warrant
for the arrest of M. N. Jones was is
sued yesterday by Police Judge Deasy
on complaint of Louis N. Rahn, 520
Crocker building, on a charge of ob
taining money under false pretenses.
The "Panama-Pacific" Expreea and
The "1915" Mall Trains
Leave Onion Ferry Depot Arrive
9:10t < Stockton, Sacramento. Salt Lake. ) 8:45p
•< Denver Omaha. Chicago. Kan >
7:Botj I eas City. St. Louie ' «•«[»
4:10p Stockton 10:20*
Throurh Standard and Tourist Sleepinr Cart
rla Denver & Rio Grande and Mlwwori Pacific,
Bock Island ttnee and Burlington route.
Dining Cars and Electric Lights.
jfljSßjv Schedue Effective
i|y£J& Nov. 6, 1912
relive I VTA SATTPALITfT I Arrive
7:40 a t'PtaliiniN. Santa Kos<». Healdtt-
I burg. CloTenlale. I'kiab. Wil
! lits Lonervale. *»SebaBtopol. T:(KJp
8:13 a iSonoma. Glen Ellen teiOSp
8:I5a Pt Ucye*. Camp Meeker. Monte t6:Wp
Rio Duncan Mills. Cazederoi J7:33p
8:45 a Petnliima. Santa Rosa. Guerne
vlUp. Monte Rio. Duncan (+«:3Sp)
Mills. Caz»ilero (leaves from (s":33p)
Duncan Milia)
10:45 a Petaluma. Santa Rosa. Healds-
I burc .. .« , B:0Op
l:4sp'Petalntna. Santa Rosa. Onerne-
I Tille, Monte Rio. Duncan
I Mills 10:35*
Reyes. Csmp Meeker
3:lsp'Petalnnaa. Santa Rosa. Healdi
burz Clorerdale. Cklafa.
Willite. •Sebantopo] 11:S»«
4:4.*p Sonoma. Glen Ellen ©:88a
s:l3p'Petalama, Santa Rosa, nealds-
I bnrjr »:05a
Sauealito. Mill Valley. San Rafael—Dally
erery 30 mlnntoa from 6:45 *. m. until 9:45
n. ri).: liovrrlv until 2:4r> n. m.. then 3:15 p. m.
end prerr 30 minutes until 6:45 p. m., then 7:49,
9:15, 11:15 p. m. and 12:30 a. m.
Fairfax—Leaves t6:45. 7:15, 7:45. 8:15. 8:45,
3:15 9:45. 10:4.", 11:45 a. m.: 12:45. 1:45. 2:45.
3:1% .1:43. 4:15, 4:45. 5:15. 5:45. 6:15, 6:43.
7:4.".' 9:15. 11:15 p. m.: 12:30 a. to.
San Quentin via San Rafael—Leave dally at
9:lf> a. ni. and 1:45 p. m.
Tiburon and Belvedere —Daily erery henr from
e-4. r > a. m. until 1:45 p. tn.: then 3:15 p. m. and
every bour until 6:15: then 7:45.9:15 and 11:13
p. tn. and 12:30 a. m.
•Arrives daily 10:35 a. in. ••Arrfres Snnd*y»
7:03 p. tn.. week day? f1:35 p.m. tExcept Sun
days. JSundaye only, fSaturdays only.
T.iie Tntisfer CTnpony'n aerents lire aa
thorized to check baggage direct from residence.
BwaiWp.»Uo CwiWiilTrti t l«Jo T
H.Sufimaas' LrJHrm* U. lit. Tawipb
Wgkj.y S«d«T WyMay SmmUt W«eH«y S«d«y
• 9:45 a 8:45 a t 7:20* ]I=6oa 7:20* 10:40 a
I 1:45> 9:45« MftifoH' V-«» *1:40«
♦ 4:45P 1045 a 2:40» 1:50* 4:46» 1:40»
11:46 a 4:50?! 2:§o> ♦ 8:36» 2:40»
I:4ft I f:sp» MOJ
2:45P t 4:40* '••■•• 4 *fr
•Saturdays only, t Mondays only %Mt Tamlpai* only.
I Saaalito Ferry— Td. Ketmy 4980
Ticket OfficeB 4 687 Mtrket-tfei. Kearny 2751
?874Mtrket—Tri. DomUMIO?
General Offiw-Mfll Villey. Oil. T-» MillVrilsy Sob.Bl
"TmniitTMMWi"wi , Mtiu"n ahnmmHrpwtt
H\\ AND I.\TBRtßl»*\ ««»* K<*
VaM*. SL BttaM. CalUtdp
Batte tarn 700 »45 «. eu I3JO 340 frOO &3O p. a.
Dock m* <***. N«tk Eb< r*rrr BoWht.
n«K faw 40* JMal* • to «vtk
Office and Salesroom. Vaa Ness at Sacramento.
Phone Franklin 22& i. Tbe old established
house of CUBTIS—no connection with any
flni horse market
JcßeaKßa£ffc* 1 tih antl Valencia Ms.
At 1 and 8 p. in.
Heavy Draft and Brood Mares and Geldings.
: weights from 1,100 to 1.800 lbs. These are
heavy Shire and Percheron bred mares and
geldings. One car from Abel & Loinaz. Wtnne
mucca, Nevada, and two cars from Klamath
county, Oregon. Some of these mares arfe in
foal to one of the besfand heaviest stallions in
tbe country. All stock guaranteed as repre
sented. Don't mlsß this sale, as these are the
best offerings of tbe season.
W. HIGGINBOTHAM, Auctioneer.
FOR SALE—Two carloads of fine big
-*"*-V draft and wagon horses; (S) dapple
1 grave as good as ever came to this market: al)
well broken, young end eotind; weight of cpanx.
S.SJW) to 3.e50 pounds. Some good contractors*
or sand wagon horses reasonable. Call and see
JOa LEVY. 338-340 Fell St.; phone Market 3577.
Hnngry Man Surrenders—Claiming
that he was hungry and conscience
stricken and confessing to a house
burglary committed in Philadelphia,
John J. O'Neill, 32 years of age, sur
rendered himself to Captain of De
tectives Mooney yesterday morning.
The Philadelphia authorities have been
advised of O'Neill's confession.
tjttra (Foot of Market Street) Anive
(Subject to change without notice)
2.18* Nils*. Lαvermore. Tracy, Lathrop,
Stockton, Lodi, Gait, Elk Grove,
Sacramento.ROje ville, Auburn, Colfax 10.40p
2.15 a Sacramento, Marysrille, Biggs. Chico. 10.40s
6.40 a Richmond, Port Costa, Martinez,
Antioch, Byron Hot Springs, Tracy,
Patterson, Newman, Los Banos,
Ingle, Kertnan, Fresno 11.59 a
6j408 San Leandro, Hay ward, Niks, Saa
Jose 8.50»
7.00t The Statesman—Richmond, Vallejo
Junction (Vallejo) Port Costa,
Beaicia, Saisun, ELnira, Davis,
Sacramento 9XBo|i
Goldfield Pass.—Trnekee, Hasen. Wa
buska (Yerrin?ton. Hudson). Mina,
Tooopah, Qoldlield, Laws, Heeler . 9.10 a
7ioa Richmond, Port Costa, Benicia, Sai
sun, Dixon, Sacramento 7.50e
7.20 a Elmira, Vacaville, Rumsey 7.50p
7.20 a Roseville, »larysville (Orevilte), Red
ding, Dunsmuir 10.40p
7J2Oa Davis, Woodland. Williams, Maxwell,
Willows, Hamilton, Corning, Red
Bluff 7.50t
7.20 a Niles, Pleasanton, Livermore, Tracy,
Lathrop, Stockton (Oakdale). Lodi.
Sacramento 7 JOt
720* Tracy, Patterson, Newman, Los Banos,
Ingle, Kerman, Fresno 4.30 a
7.40 a Richmond, Vallejo. Xapa, Calistoga,
Santa Rosa, Crockett, Port CosU... 9,1 Op
t7.40a Avon. Walnut Creek, Sao Ramon.
Livermore t6.50p
9.00 a Newark. West San Jose, Los Gatos,
Wright, Felton (Ben Lonond, Uoul
der Creek). Santa Cru» 8.50p
MO* Port CosU, Msrttoei, Byron Hot
Springs, Tracy (Stockton), Merced,
Berenda, Madera, Fresno, Fowler,
Selma, Traver, Goshen Junction
(Hanford, Armona), Tul&re, Bakers
field *-30"
9.40 a Msaßa, Lindsay, Porterviile, Ducor.. 7.1 Op
•,401 Yosemite Valley via tteroed 4.30p
9.00 a Irviagton, San Jose 7.30p
9.00 a Niles, Pleasanton. Livermore, Stock
ton ('Milton). Valley Spring. lone,
Sacramento 4.30p
9.00 a Tuoltimne. Sonora,Jamestown,Angels. 2.50p
9.00 a Atlantic Express—Sacramento, Tnic
kee. Ogden, Salt Lake City. Denver,
Kansas City, Omaha, Chicago 9.30p
9.00 a Tonopab-Goldneld standard Sfeepsr.. B.loa
9.00 a Vallejo Junction. Vallejo { 7JqJ
9.40 a Richmond, San Fablo, Pinole. Vauejo
Junction, Crockett, Port Costa, Mar
tinet, Avon, Concord, San Ramon.. 6.10 a
10.20 a San Francisco Overland Limited—
s Denver, Kansas City, St. Louis,
Omaha, Chicago 2.1 Op
10.40 a Vallejo, Mare Island, Nana > 2.50p
10.40 a Stockton. { 'JJSj
10.40 a Los Angeles Passenger—Port Costa,
Martine*. Byron Hot Sprines. Tracy,
Btockton, Merced, Madera, Fre«o,
(Hanford, Coalings, Visaiia), Bakers
field. Los Angeles 7.1 Op
11.20 a ShasU Limited—Portland. Tacoma,
Seattle 8.50 a
12.00n Richmond, Port Costa, Benicia, Siii- \ 10.30 a
sun, Elmira, Dixon, Sacramento.. / I I.IOa
12.00(1 Davis,Williams.Colusa June, Willows.
Germantown, Orland, Hamilton.... e.sOp
12.00b Marysville. Chico, Red Bluff. 4.30p
I.oop Niles, Irvington, San Joee 2.50?
1.20j> Sao Leandro, Niles, Centervilie, New
ark. (Redwood), San Jose. 7.80 a
|.40a Newark, Alviso, Agnew, Santa Clara,
WeetSanJose IO.OOp
f 1.40 a Wright, Boulder Creek, Santo Crui.. 10 OOp
2.40 a San Leandro, Niles. San Jose V.3op
3.00p Benicia, Winters Sacramento —Wood-
land, Tudor, Vuba City. MarysviUe,
Oroville 11.10*
3.20p Richmond. Port Costa, Martinet,
Byron Hot Springs, Modesto, Merced,
Madera. Fresno 10.40 a
4.00P Port Costa, Martinez, Concord. Walnut
Creek, San Ramon, Livermore. 9.30 a
4.00p Richmond, Vallejo, Napa, Calistoga,
Olen Ellen, Santa Rosa 8.30*
4.00 a Niks (Ceutenille, Newark), SvinoL
Pleasanton, livermore, Tracy,
Stockton, Lodi, Sacramento 12.50 a
4.40 a San Leandro. Hayward, Nibs, Pfcaa
anton, Livermore 8.30 a
440 a Irvingtoa, San Joee 8.30 a
4.40 a Tracy. Patterson. Newman, Los Baaoa.
Kerman. Fresno ;... 10 40a
4.40P Valley Flyer—Port Costa, Byron Hoi
Springs, Tracy. Modesto, Merced,
Madera, Fresno, Goshen Junction,
Tulare, Bakersfield, Mojave, Los
Angles 1280 a
&00a Vallejo, Port Costa, Benicia, Suisun,
Sacramento Roseville, Lincoln,
Wheatland, Marysville (Oroville),
Gridley, Biggs, Chico 11.39 a
B.ooa Davis. Arbuckk Williams. Willows,
Orland. Tthama 10 40p
6.00 a Newark, West San Jose. Los Gatos... 0.30 a
6.20 a San Leandro, Lorenzo, Hayward, .
Niles. Pleasaoton. livermore, Tracy,
Stockton 3.10p
6.20 a Owl limited—Port Costa, Tracy.
Fresno, Los Angeles B.loa
9.20 a Hayward, Niles and San Jose 6.50p
8.40p Eastern Express—Ogden, Pueblo.Dea
ver, Kansas City, StLouis, Chicago. 8.30p
6.40P Port Costa, Benicia, Buisun, Elmira,
Sacramento, Colfax, Truckee, Reno,
Sparks 8.30 a
7.00p China and Japan Mail—Ogden,
Cheyenne. Denver. Kansas City,
Omaha, Chicago v. 3.10 a
! 7JOOp Fort Costa, Byron Hot Springs, Stock
ton, Sacramento, Coliax, Truckea.
Reno 3.10 a
J7oop Richmond (Valleio). Port Costa, Mar
tinez. Conoord. Walnut Creek, Pleas
anton. Nile* Oakland 12.45*
*\2oa Oregon Express—Sacramento, Roee
vifle. Marysville. ReddinK (Klamath
Falls), Ashland, Portland, Tacoma,
Seattle. Spokane I.IOp
fcOOa Mt. Eden, Alvarado. Newark, Santa
Clara. San Jose 7.50 a
9.40 a Bakerffield, McKittrick, Hazletoo.
Monarch, Moron, Fellow. Shale..... 739 a
S 8.40p Richmond, Port Costa, Tracy. Mo
desto. Merced. Madera, Fresno,
Hanford, Tukre 7.60 a
tl4oa Hanford. Armona, Lemoore, Huroa,
Coafinga. 7.50s
MOB Visslta, Exeter. lindeay, PorterviUa,
Dueor, Famoso iJBOt
I lO2op Portland Express—Davis, Willows.
Red Bluff. Weed, (Klamath FallsX
Asbiand. Roseborg. Portland, Ta
coma, Seattle 7.30 a
From Pacific Streti Wharf
Thii route offers exceptional opportunity for Auto
mobiliet* to reach all point* on the Sacramento Hirer
CoUinevilfe. Emmaton, Rio Vista, Isleton. R?de, Walnut
Grove. Vorden. Courtland, Clarkaburg. Sacramento.
StttiMr Navtje leevei Sen Francisco 8.30 a. m. daily
except Sunday, arriving Sacramento 7.00 p. m. Stopping
at all points en route. Leaves Sacranvnto 9.00 p.m. daily
except Sunday, arriving Sao Francisco 7.00 a. m. No
•tope cnLroute.
Sttamtr Modoc or Aaaeh*. leaves San Francisco IXO
p. m. daily except Sunday; arrive Sacramento 4.00 a. m.
daily except Monday. Leave Satramento 10.30 a. m.
daily except Sunday: arrive San Fraacieco p. m.
gtoppiag at all poiata en route.
Office and Salesroom. 85<*> Mission it.
Pays bigbest prue for all itlims of furnltur*.
tncrchundint. etc. Houses houcbt In Uielr en
tirety GooJ.< «ild on eotetDlneloe.
Phonp—SutTpr rJC!>
If ydu want to ee<s a selected list of
real bargains in Horses. Mares, Mules.
Harness and Wagons look in THH
SECTION. New bargains every day.
Club Aasteca Danee —An entertain
ment and ball will be given by the
members of Club Azteca, compoMd of
women of the Mexican colony of San
Francisco, this evening in Knights or
Pythias hall. 11l Valencia street.
Le*Tt (Third and Townsend Street*) Aittn
(Subject to change without notioe)
f 5.05* Valencia Street, Ocean Vkw. Cole*,
Cemeteries, Baden, San Bruno t 8-W*
6.45* South San Francisco, San Joee, Morgan
hill Gilroy, Sargent, Fajaro, Watson
ville, Sacta Cmi 84)0*
I 5.45* Loe Altos, Honta Virfa. Los Gatoe ..J MM
7.00 a Coaster— SaiJcse, Uorganhill, Gilrey,
Pajaro, CartroviDe, Salinas, Soledad,
King Gty, lato Robles Lot Springs,
Kan Luis Cbiepo, Surf (lompoc),
Santa Barbara, Ventuia, Oiiard,
Loe Angeles IOJOi
7.00* Bollister, Tree linos—Watsonvilla,
Santa Crur-Del Jionte, Monterey.
Pacific Groye IBJO*
f 7.05 a South San Fraiicfeco, Palo Alto, San
Jose. Way Station* 7.50p
r 7.05 a Loi Altos, Monta \ista. Lew Gatoe... | 3.25p
B.ooa Shore line Limited— Faso Robies Hot
Sprinas, Santa Earbara.l oe Anpeles. 9.50*
8.06 a Mayfield, Los Alto*, Los Gates, Wright.
Glenwood (Boulder Creek), Santa
Cru*. Wateonville, Castrovifie, Del
Monte, Monterey, Pacific Grove.... 9.06 a
9.00 a San Jose, Worsanhill, Gilroy. Sargent.
Salinas, Soledad, San Miruel. raw
Robles Hot Sprints. San Luis Obispo 4.00b
9.00 a Bollister. Tree Pines—Watsonville,
Santa Crux—Del Mont*. Monterey,
PacincGrove •■o°»
10.40 a South San Francisco, Burlingama. San
Mateo. Fab Alto, Mayfield. Loe Al- , |2.30p
tos, Los Gates. \ 7.20 a
11.30 a Valencia Street, Ocean Mew, Colma,
Cemeteries, Laden, San Pruno '55'
I! .40a South San Franciero, San Joee. t 8.20*
1.20 a Saturdays only—San Mateo. Red
wood, Mayfield. Mountain View,
San Joee. 1 1 I-06*
1.20p Saturdays oob— Loe Altos, Monta
Vista, Los Gato*. 13.28*
2.00 a Del Monte Exprwe— San Jose. Mor
eanh;ll, Gilroy, Sarrent. Watscnville,
Santa Cruj, Del Monte. Monterey,
Pacific Grove, (Salinas) 12.30*
2.06f Eaeton, San Mateo, Palo Alto. Saa
Jose MO!
t 2.10b South San Francisco, Redwood, Santa
Clara. West San Jose. Lo» Gatoe.
Wright, Fehon, (Boulder Creek),
Santa Crtis fl I-it*
3.00 a South San Francisco, Saa Mtteo. Saa
Joee, Morganhiil, Gilroy, Tμ Pun*
Salinas Iβ.! **
3.00p WatsonvilJe, Santa Cruz, Castroville,
Del Mont*, Monterey, Pacific Grow 19.19*
3.25 a Buriingame, San Mateo, Redwood.
Palo Alto, Mayfield, Loa Altos. Lμ
Gatos 6.46*
t 3.25p Wright, Boulder Creek. Santa Cna.. tM<3o*
4.OQp Sunset Express—Tucson. Deming. El
Paao, Houston, New Orleans. Chi
cago ► e>ll9
4.00 a Washington Sunset Route—-WaeMnf
ton. D.C., Now York and East •.Iβ*
4.00 a Salinas, Paso Roblee Hot Springs,
San Luis Obitpo, Santa Barbara.
Ventura and Loe Angeles 9.18*
4.00 a Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago 9.15 a
4.20 a South San Franciero, San Jose t 7.25 a
t 4.55s Santa Crus Limited—Mayfield. Loe
Altos. Los Gates, Felton, (Boulder
Creek). Santa Cms. t t>4B9
t 5.05 a Burlingame, San Mateo, Redwood
Palo Alto, Mayfield, Santa Clin.
Ban Jose t 949*
t 6.20 a Redwood, Atherton. Menlo Park,
Fab Alto, Mayfield. Mountain Maw,
Sunnyvale, San Joee t 9.00*
t 5.20p Los Altos. Monta Vista, Los Gatoe...T MO*
t 5.25s Eaitoo, Redwood. Monntaia View,
Saa Joee. 940*
t 5.30b Loop—Valencia Street, Ocean View,
Cemeteries, South Saa Francisco,
23d Street, 3d and Towusend.......f 9.40*
5.40 a San Bruno, San Mateo, Redwood,
Palo Alto, Santa Clara, San Joss... 7.45 a
t 5.40t Mayfield. Los Altos, Los Gate* t MO*
6.00s Tuesdays—Sunset Limited de Luxe,
New Orleans and East. AniT* Sin»
days MOOa
t 6.00s Millbrae, San Mateo. Redwood. May
field. Loe Altos. Los Gato« t 9.00*
f e.osf 23d Street, Visitadon. South Saa
Francisco, Valencia Street t 7.15*
6.30 a South San Frandseo. Ban Jose 6.45 $
B.oos The Lark—Santa Barbara, Los Angels* 9.45 a
8. >0> San Jose and Wsy Stations 7 JO*
! o.oos Los Angeles Passenger—MorganhilL
Salinas, Paso Robles Hot Springs,
San Luis Obiepo, Saata Barbara and
Los Angeles. 3.25 a
10.05* South San Franciico, San Jose 11 .Ma
11.45 a South San Francisco, Palo Alto, Bas
Jose 755 a
Via Oakland Pier
Tβ Oakland, 18th St., and Berkeley via Shattuek Avt:
and Ellsworth St Lines.—Daily—From (5.00 a. nu and
every twenty minutes until 8.20 p. m., inclusive; theo,10.20,11.00,11.40 p. m., 12.20 and 1.20 a.m.
Additional boats Saturdays and Sundays only. 8-40
p. m.. 9120, 10.00, 10.40 and 11 JO p. m.
Ta Berkeley via California St. and Wett Bsrkalay, Albany
via Ninth St Unas.—Daily—From *6.00 a. m, te.2o.
•6.40. t< - 00 a. m. and every twenty minutes until &20
p. m. inclusive; then 9XO. 9.40, pjn..
12.20 and 1.20 a. m. Additional boats Saturdays sad
Sundays only, 8.40 p. no.. 9.20, 10.00, 10.40 and 11 JO
p> SB.
Tβ Oakland, Washlnfton-Broadway. East Oakland.
Fruitvil* and MsJreis via Seventh St—Daily—From
6.00 a. m., then every twenty minutes until 8-20 p. at,
indueve; then 9.00. 9.40, 10.20. 11.00, 11.40 p. m..
12.20 and 1.20 a. m. Additionai boats Saturdayi and
Sundays only, 8.40 p. m., 9 JO, 10X0. 10.40 and 11.20
p. m.
Kentiho* to Oakland, Wsshtofton-Broadway. FrultvaK
AlamsCs. North Side—Daily—From 6.00 a. m.. 1120,
6.40, 7.00, 7.20, 7.40, &.00. 8.40 and forty minutes nasi
the hour until 3.40 p. m.; taen 4.0 a 4.40, 6.00, 5.20.
6.40. 6.00, 6.20. 6 40, 7.00, 7.40, 8.20, 9.00, 9.40,10.20,
11.00, 11.40 p. m., 12.20 and 1.20 a. m.
Tβ Vljorit Stsfle. Puflman. Richmond (Steam Ssrvte*)—.
. te.4o and 7.40 a. m., 3.20 p. m., 4.20. 5.20 AJO p. 8U
Tβ Stenehunt (Steam Service)—te.OO, t«.40. +7.20.
t9.00, : 10.00 a. m., J1.20 p. m., J2.00. t3.00.13J0,
'4.00. *5.0q *.*i>to and tQ.2O p. m.
Via Alamada Pier
To Oakland, 14th and Frtnklin St*.—
6.15, 6.45 a. m. and then 25 and 45 minutes pest the
hour until 7.45 p. m.; then 8.30, 9.15, 10.00, 10.46,
11.30 p. m. and 12.15 a, m.
Tβ Alamsda, North and South Side —
6.15. 6.45 a. m. and then 15 and 45 minutes past the
hour until 7.45 p. m.; then 8.30. 9.15. 10.00. ia44
11.30 p. m. and 12.15 a. m.
From San Francisco, South End of Fsrry Building, to
Broadway Wharf. Oakland—Week days 6.00 a. m. anc
every half hour until 9.00 p m., inclusive. Sunday;
and holidays 8.00 a. m. and every half hour uoti
11.00 p. m-, inclusive. Boati leave Broadway Wharf-
Week days 6.15 a. m. and every half hour unti 8.44
p. m. inclusive. Sundays and holidays, 6.15 a. ok
and every haK hour until 10.45 p. m., inclusive.
a for Morning. "Dairy. a for Afternoon.
fSunday excepted. only. {Saturday only.
a Monday.
Agents eoflact bagoaaa and checks on trains or boat* *f
Southern Pacific Company, and deliver baggage to rsK
d«trs They art autnoriod to check Oafflaga dirser {ra*>

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