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Butter. < hrcKr mid Kkjjji
Uthough (he naoaJ extra huying fax week end
A "" s enltrened toe*i trade in better ye h
•ed ..wins; to "he •
■' ■ ■ ihipan lit. An
do ■ q *atlOD»,
making a total of 6
the nul . The l.<wt Angel* , *
usher outside points,
tg on the local trade for
B - on the new i)nota
• ■ Hired I■> the nortb yesterday,
ad been received up to a !:.te
It ft :.;: ~f opinion 10 th?
■ . ■'; eoutitir.O tO lie
ltß * *ccc department all grades of
■ were de< tared weak, and
■ ■■; ie Of half a cent.
the old ojioiatinn*. witli
i .>hl storage,
were a* foli
c. 10 at •'■O'.jc
18H< aed 10 a:

- of butter, 9.500
Hie : official quotations estab
bj blda and offers oa the flf>or of
In I'-uvr . b the street, whil*
for* ;.'tations. generally
angi frr. (her. owing to the
KITTHR. )»i:it I'Ot'NK
!I sc j > >~; >, >
I■l■l "B 9 t m
<;r«.; -■ t< r>
.. . :;t;>T~:7 :;. , :;<>i...c

■■ ■■:■■■ : ■ ;
be average quotation for c\tra I ,
reafc ended Saturday, March 29, was 30 7-12 c a
f.irr.ia fla:s, in , -c prr M>.
. <]n rir.sts. 13c, weak; do ■
reak; fancy Young Americas, l-Jc. weak
ton flats. 17c, steady: do Y'onng Americas, IRe,
k inn; New York fancy. 2Oe2Q%c, steady; AVis
• -:n fancy, lOVac, ttcady; local storage Bats.
Kggs—California freah, per dozen, casea ln
£; X > *■ > >
? a -a r3 -a ■=
Cradee— r , r , •"• " ."■ r ,
I 8 if « 5 « *
txtras lite i:>o 19c Iβ* Me l!<c
firsts Me is
lel'ted pull«-ts!lCc 17c !17c |17c' 17c ITo
KSK Market In Nearby Countiea
(Special Dispatch to The (alb
rKTAr.rXTA, April 4.—There was no change
ai the prices paid for eggs today after receipt
tnsactlons of the San Francisco Pafry and
tee exchange. Independent dealers and specu
s paid off for Thursday delivery at the rale
kf IS cents for extra ranch and Iβ cents for
•cleqfet! puliets. The delivery was heavy.
SANTA KOSA. April 4.—There waa no change
■■ in the local egg market. On receipt of
• liviecs Fhowinu the morning transactions au
'he San Francisco Produce aud Egg exchange.
Mie local dealers paid 17H cents per dozen for
Brat grade and 15 cents for seconds or pullet
■ *:rgs. the price which has prevailed all
he week. The production remains heavy, with
■any jroing Into cold storage.
SANTA CRCZ. April 4. —Ess quotations failed
to chance tolay. extras of best grade bringing
B. i'srsts h:i'l a strong can.
I Iβ easts- Seconds were (airly
i ;ve. quoted at 15 cents. Ixica! dealers
MM to buy the bulk of the supply.
Portland Butter Market
PORTI.ANP. April 4.—Butter —Oreg>n creara-
Wj I r.ark. ",oc.
Potatoes, Onions nod Vegetable*
>ts of fl>=paras'!s were comparatively lishr
i_ sterday- .:;-."siiuatiri~ 2.f>00 boies—anil
trade was >;> aa adTance for
•: g[ iff. s: en n c kmi $3 ■
: . extn at the opening, but
-i to pay so stiff an advance end re
. !■• slter th. ir views or carry large
-i price on the da]
• few favored brands brought
$] a f. r g<j>l No. !.
Raobarb vrs«
I for another
' ■ artety of the
-iilpraent at KOOd price-;,
bar.- of toniat ■•
: having been
i. as were as
[email protected];
. . <Wf»t
34j4' 2 c per
■ . ' '■'.■: Ore.

■ ■ ami
per lb:
*1 per crate;
» •$1
I)pi-m!i!oi7«i anil < RveM I'rulti
I, were rerelreil and <-. ( ios were :.
at $1.75 a lirawer. Several small
■eived from
found buyers at 15920 c
a l>a>k"r. P.nsiness in eltres fr;;its and
enlj moderately active and t
'he 1' sst change.
Apples (per box) — Fancy 4 tier
hern Spitzenberas. [email protected]; bellflower,
for ::'- and 4 tier: New I
" .-I.".") for 3% tier. 75c«Sl for 4 tier and
I tier: do northern. [email protected];
mnon to choice fruit. +o
- fox i—Navel oranges. $n.50
for fnncy, [email protected] for choice end (2
• - standard; froeted orange*, 75cQ$1.2S
grapefroit, $2ftjs. Florida <1«. $«: h
S5 r>o^7. "'i- frosted lemons, lemonettes,
il Fruits—Bananas, ppr lb for
• 1.73 per bunch for Hawaiian and
per lb for Central American; pineapples,
])rip<l Frniln. Rnisin*. Nats and Honey
Piaaea—niilk basis. 2%e2%« per ; : '; sOs are
fruits, ISI2
-si( ih boxes— ard Chol-e Choice Fancy
Ktaporated apples 4
Apricots IH4« 10
Peaches ...
r»«r>< . r.' ■'■ ,' "'.'-'
Npetarines B%C 8c
Halslns—At tweatbox, 2 ! jC per lb to grower-:
mascatcl. :{e, 4'ic end for 2. 3 and 4
rrown. reapectirely; 2. ,'i and*4 erowa layers,
$1 ar.d $1.25 respectively; 5 crop Debeaa,
II 70: *; crown Hnpei - |~i,
1 Hi boxe*, 5%« for fancy and 4'v for .
with the usual differentia! for 12 ox. bexea.
-iltanas, 50», do Tboiapsoo, *Sc for ua
N'ifs—.TobMng prlcp«s to the trade: Walnuts.
>IBc for* No. 1 softsbell. ll®l2c for No. 2,
for BtHndfird and 19 per lb:
'I*)tl6c: pecana, 1' . 11®
' • anuts, 4' / 4ji35 1 :.c; ptnenuts. l"®l4c.
Hooey—Fancy water white n.mb. 1 i
4 to a*nber. i:;';«jHUr; white ex?
I!.; liuht arnr>er, l
L l *.-; lower grades, β^a7c ppr lb.
S4|34e i>«r lb fur light and 29ta
>lc for dark.
Tlrnn*. Seeds and Hops
i\bite beans are In belter demand and
' as to values than anything ei« P ,
and with stocka h»re rapidly diminishing.
handlers are inclined to expect a lilglj.-r
''' '■ i- foot nue dn!l auU
ctl)—Lima, $".30e5.35; bayos,
t -'•■.;.:::;'<. Inrge white. $4.20(3
■ ■ "■< 1.75 ; plul nberry,
■'• i 05: red, $:>.«<
;.!.-li>iv. ?:{.iaiQ;;.tK); K iirvaazas, JX25'-.
-o ■. ' (1.75 i
; flaxseed. $3.85®4 per ctl;
per lh: alfalfa, rape,
iy, nominal; hemp, l>>-j<-'; millet,
I :23 per r-rl.
California, 1912 prop to growers, 20'cJ
Eli- p-r lb for eholce, ft medium an«i
I'loiir and Farinnceani Cnods
f'Hlifornla fnmily extras
extraa, $4.wr a aspar-
U patents, 50.40&7.40;
Farina ,lb racka are quoted
I'er !<v, Km Graban flour. $2.90;
waeMt flo'ir, |3; buckwheat flour. $5- self.
« buckwheat H'.tir. $9.90; wheat meal, $4;
.*.,-, , Y e flour, $::.70: rye meal. $.1 60
---:i -i! white, S'i.'J.".; eitra do,
$::.54i $4.tK): buckwheat groats,
Iny, $3.70; . (3.90 farina
. $4.10; l>eari barley, ? peas, $<i for
jellow and $7.50 for In 2"> lb tmcks 10c
iuivec for ail and 2oc lower for o0 lb sacks.
Hay and I ecil«ln(T«
.'. Miller, in their weekly rc
\ .i' -ay :
■ iiec<» ; .i>tß of be; I week were Ui7B
tons. 'I )\>-t*> IlKht receipts arc <i
IptlOß in this citj incntly
sll grades rule very firm, aud are twins readily
■ rmoi I
■ demand.
' At
. . .■.- . rei
I wrer 1 pnr> g beea made to an
..!<■<■ wheal i *eM Hμ Inst week
et $.>"> pet ton, the highest point reached during
- .-isoii.
t Alfalfa has also been In heavy rlemsml. and
■ xrlTaD< .inoflity In the
rapidly <liioini>liln.'.
' I ■••«. round lots of grain hay. asgre K ating
over 1.200 tOM. have rbsnged i,.-n,/!:i In the
_ • I.- las! wee..
' demand fi - espe
- H
si>y -. do en )me>»aae amount <! good
to «r iiMiu baj -'i-riorii, bow
• ■L-γ. are very nuicli in need of a great deal more
insure v lull rivp.
■Straw is flrm under lisht receipts."
Peedsreffa (per mn> — Bran. $33.5(>e24,30;
short*, *J4«25: ml.lilli i?s. [email protected]; roiled
harley. ::0; rolled oat» for feed. $*4'< C
) ,".ii: eijnuneii!. i racked corn, *:i2'ii ;i •;
■ ■ .■■ een el:, i> feed, $-1
[tD ear lot I for Jobbing; oilcake oteal. -0
■ V.I. :, ton lets $:'»4.50.
Kniall iois y::.-, : rocoasnt cake or ui"al at mills.
$27.50 for 10, $28 for B ton lots and $2
small lots; alfalfa meal, carload lots 515..}0,
si: , ..">!>: Kureka meal, carload lots $'J1.50,
i J2.'!; vlporator, per ton, $22.
No. 1 wheat and wheat and oat. [email protected]>;
C'»"! to ,•:..I ,■.. ,:,,. 511«<V; J1; lower grades. $14<|
ifi.J'i: barley and oat. |18eS0; fancy tame oat,
other do. $19<®21; wiid oat. liN'itJO;
I stock hay. $11-31:1; alfalfa, $13<jjlG.r>o.
Straw per bale.
I'oultrv ami Came
ant ondargtaad have
■ large, percentage of the receipts
of live poultry from state shfpping poiata lately,
. consequence botli deaeriptioaa are weak
« :tti ii ci•iv.T> euttinj; prices to
effect clearance*. BveryrWnj elee on the list
remains firm, with sellers reporting no difttculty
■ilailiinir j.i ■
Poultry (per dozen)— Hens. $4.50(<4r> for small,
■ ft large and SUfi-j for extra; young
roosters. $9(/il<); do extras, [email protected]: old rr».ster«.
fryers. $7.,'""ii >.."n; broilers. $r..so<§;
i;.r.i> for Inrti- and $3.505j4.50 foe umall; dtttke,
■ old and $B®lo for youaa;; ceeee. TK®
: "• r pair; puxeoiis.' *i.."iH' (! i'; aqoab*. $2.sofni
i.<>:niiial: isel'.-iaii bares Mis per
liiimc (per dojieni—Hare, S2 i.'.fir 2. v>: gray
C'-ese. JiV.Vi ..•;. brant. $! .". . I .:..■ geese,
.'; boak«ra, »!'•<■..
U Ik.'.v.il.- Fixh Market
A number of changes in the quotations will
be observed. The market was iv good shape
yesterday, wiiii bnylns fir Tnuay wauts keep
ythiiig well cU-.-incd no.
'in—Salmon, 15e; sprine salmon,
I : balHmt, 12% c; chicken halibut. 10c: codfish,
rook, tS%c; black rock. --; yellowtail,
—: barracuda, lie; saud dabs, 8c: soles, 7c;
kiiiftKh, Be; carp, 6c; smelts, VtfkCi stiver
■melts, 10c; berrinjt. 4c; tomcodt. ICe; small
slripcd bass, 15c; lnrge do, l"2 J t>c: perch, —;
uiu.-kerel. —: white bait, —; shad, 6c: pike. —;
catfish, prawns, 12 ! _c: shad roe, 80c;
crabs, $2.50 per dozen.
The above quotations represent f. o. b. prteee
for cleaned fish, boxed and iced.
Meat Market
I S!.T::!rorors' raies to uealcrs and butchers are
lieef—Hi4f{?H*;c per lb for steers, [email protected]
ll ! 4 c for cows and heifers.
VamJ—liei2%e for large and ll>[email protected] = c for
Mnttoß—Wethera. lOftQlle; ewes. lOfiCllc.
i l.ambs—ll'VilgloVic per lb; spiiog lambs, Iβ
Dressed pork (per Ib>— [email protected]
Th? folloTriOK quotations are for (rood, soond
:.. delivered ia San Francisco. gro<B
i weight:
I No. 1 steers, ever 0,">0 lbs 7 1 [email protected] 1 -.c p»r lh,
hinder 930 lbs 7(<j"V4c; second quality, all
wcijrhti. thin, undesirable steers, 4^»
Nβ. 1 cows and heifers. C';'TiGK.c: second
quality. 3%e6c; common to thin, undesirable
i Dealrabta bulN and rtaga, 4HO3e; n^ lf * at
lor thin bulls. 2Q3c.
Culves— Lislitwelßhr, per lb, TViOSc: medium.
•-; heavy. ~<r,j,Ge.
I Sheep—Desirable wethers, unshorn.
'ewes, [email protected]>',4c; shorn she»p. '■■■.' to ',c less.
yearling Lambs—7®7Ue. per lb; eueklinn
lambs, 7' -' : ! Be.
llar.l grain fed. weiphlng 100 to 150
M4c; 150 to 25y Uμ, 2."'0 lbs and
I up. Be.
Hatna Cper Ihl—California. H. TT. brand. 50V><";
If. ft : ; picnics. 14.c; I»rimrose,
: Star. 21c: skinned, SZ%c; Mm-
I arcU. U ■ nlc, 14Hc.
, Bacon—Primrose. 4 to 6 lbs, 29e; Eastern Star.
4 to 6 lbs 27c, c, to 8 lbs 2«c. S to 10 lbs 2."c. 10
to 12 lbs 24e: Arrow. S to 1" lbs 24He, 10 to 13
lbs medium bacon. 18V.c: light milium,
lS%c; light dry salted bacon, 8 to 10 lbs 21c, 10
to 12 lbs 20c: soyar cured, t to 8 lbs, 24c.
California Bacon— M. * L. Drand. 6 to 8 Iba
- to 10 Iba H. H. braud, 6 to 8 lbs
S t.i in n>s a*Cc.
Cottolene-llalf bbls. 10c: 1 tierce. 10*4e; 2
lO%Ci T, tierce?. lO'-.c per lb: Califene.
r 1 tierce. 10% c for 2 tlerees. 10% c for
■ and lo&so for half bbls aud tubs;
- $T.
Eaatera r.ard p.nd Oils. Western Meat brand —
r.ard. tierces. 14e : sis (per case>, $7.13; 10s,
- $s M; 3a, $f>; compound Isrd,
tierces. 9V; »is (per case). $4.88; l*">s. $Q. 15;
Bβ. $ft£3; M, 16.90; yellow cooklng oil. Ste per
t'Rllon: white rookiog oil, 5Sc per gallon; salad
oil. v".r per psllcn.
California Pnre tard, M. 4- L. brand—Tierces.
14e: cans, 1 to a case. $7.1.": 4 to a caae, Jll.nO;
larce tins. 6 to j ense, $8.85; milium, 12 to a
case. $S. 9.'{; small, 20 to a ease, $0.
<->n Compound Lard. H. IT. brand —■
Tierep 9>Jc; cans. 1 to n caff. $4 7.1; 4 to
a ease, $7.70; tin*. 0 to a case, $fi; 12a, 18.01
per 20s, Jr..ir> per case; M. ft L. salad oil.
tierce basis, C.".c; * L. cooking oil. s!>c for
white and — for yellow; Riscola, ll%c,
buckets llXc, bait hbls 14% c, cases $7.50.
Beef—Extra family, family aud extra mess
beef. 524 per bhl.
I'ork —Extra prime la barrel*, $23: pc pork.
■ Net, $3 HO for half bbls, $2.2."» for 25
If] ■ r kit*.
Hide*. Tallow, Wool and Grease
Hues — Ciiils and brands seil ahour M#le •*■
lilt quotatlona. Beavy sm! mcditim salted steers,
I.;''<: 14'■■<■: lisht. UWi4c; iowhldes. 13^14c:
%c; ssltnd kip. 14<i|15c; salted v«-al
and sail. y hides, 24'
rnnrrnln. 2"'.-c- dry calf and venl. 27^@28%c;
<lry kip. r dry salt h'lies, I<">K>C; dry
17c: sheepskins, short wool.
. r.Boc: lons wool. SOrft^
5e for long and ISQSSc for
short tvo"!: 'nllk lambs. 10c; s'jearilnes. [email protected]>c
1 and lOfc for No. 2: bonebidea, mlt,
: for laree prime and $2.2"<?2.r>0 for No.
am, [email protected]: small. [email protected] colts,
••-<<!:,:;■■ dry $202.25 for lnrge. $i.r>n
fi'i'J for medium, [email protected]$l for small and 25<a.'>0c
for His: L'.'itskins. prime ani?ora». [email protected]$l;
me<li':!;i. :;"'wr,<V; long hair goats, 40c; medium,
2Ce. k!ii-. r.'ffiOc.
Tallow—No. 1 rendered, bbls, Sfgo'-fce; caaa
and drums. 3'
Grease—2'3':c per lb.
Wool—Prices are wholly nominal pending the
arrival of the syrinjr clip.
HoraeK and Male*
The following QOOtatloOJ for horses and mules
are furnished by tUe Kut'-hers' and Stock Grow
ers' Journal:
Des!rab!» 1.700 lbs and over. .s.W> ft.?.:, o
Urbt dfaftera. 1 "■"" tn 1,050 ll>« 2."<N8253
ChunkH. 1.250 m '-W0 Inn 2p0®250
Wagon horses. 1 250 to 1.550 lbs [email protected]
Delivery wagon lei s.-s, 1.060 to 1.250 lbs 13.1«1SO
Desirable farm mares •-.. 100© 123
Farm worker* [email protected] 100
no Jbs. 4 to 7 year* $758123
l.nr*. ll.s. 4 to 7 years 12r>@17!i
1,100 l!i». A to 7 years 150W200
1.200 lb», 4 to 7 years 2.»>0
Over 7 years old raime from $15 to 525 lower.
Note—Shipper* h> this irmrkct tun«t have lurries
close to type, with ape. bone conformation uad
»tvie. to coiiimaad CTtrenw? quotatloiiß.
«..-nernl Merrhanillse
Bags—Standard Calnrtta groin bajra. for
spot and Jtfne-Juljr delivery; Sun Quentlo, *■■:,'■:
wool bars. 50' '■ for 4 and 4Sc for Hir. lbs; fleece
twine, Oi'r fer Mb: bean bags. 8%«.
Oil ffiuotstions are for barrels^—fJns»ed. Mβ
per gallon for boiled tat Me fot riw. .'. bbls lots
1c cases Be more- Baker* AA castor, "ases,
5 Kaltoß* $J.ll. 10 gallone 'li,ri: commercial cas
tor, in etiei", 90c: ciifn.-j nnt. ca«M [email protected] per
gallon: bleached winter oil, BPc; nHt
ural winter 'jterm oM, jitire lard oil. Kir;
winter Htraii:",) lard oil, 750; pure neatsfoot oil,
85c; paint oil 306140*..
Coal Oil. <;!isolirie. etc.—Pearl oil. in hulk
BHc in cs»os 15Ue; rie.idilght oil. In bulk o'4c
in case* jeVac: Koeeiie. in bulk 10|4e, in ca«e»
PJlalne'. 2»lc: Red Trown gasoline, in bulk,
• njTine flistlllnt". in bulk V' , . In cases
machine gasoline, In bulk r.s*4c. in
cases 4."c; mrnWi mukers' nnd painters'
naphlh.t. la bulk 15''ic, in paean 22..c.
Turpf'iitlne—ln canes, R6c: 10 case lots, lc
Vsb: drums and Iron barrels. BOc; Arotnrp*,
cases, COc; iron barrels or drums, 23c per cal-
Ol {iosin—F. $n.4.">: H, $9.50; WO, $11.10 per
i#xre! of 2Wi pounds.
R«d and White I*ad—Red. «@SUc: white. 7«
mnic r»er lb: do In 5 and 10 ton lots, 7'-:e ana
7%c, respectively.
The Western Sugar Refining company innfes as
f'.ii-.ws. net on«h: Fine granulated. -I.7'n•: ••.in
ners' granulated. 4.7<ic: fruit granulated. 4.TOC;
H. & E. crystal donlooa, 9 !b cartons In cases,
2 !b tartrmii in cnse«. Be; monarch bar.
8.06 c; tablets. In half hbls, r>.2oc; do In 25 11.
45c: culip? 4 .',>'«•; monarch powdered,
4.80 c; XXXX powdered. 4.80 c; candr Jrrantileted,
nfectlonera' A, 4.70 c; beet granulated,
Ktra C, 4.2<V; colden C, 4.10 c: D, 4c.
Barrels and 50 lb bstrs inc. half hbls 5- r >c, boxes
r>oc Ul ore per KKj lhs tlmn for bags of 100 Hm
net. liar in 25 ami 4<> lb tins *1.70 more, In
s snd 10 11. tins, JL , .:::', mere per I 1 1*) lbs than tf*
price for this grad<. in 100 Ih tip,
The California and Hawaiian Supar flcflnlnf
company qootei as follows: (imnulated basis.
.V- 11. fine standard. 4.70 c: coarse, dry
granulated. 4.70 c: confectioners' A. 4.70 c: berry,
4.70 c: powdered. 4,Mk-: cubes. 4.!<5e; ••Higrade ,1
bar. 5,05 c: brlcka (in i.alf bWa). 5.20 c: bricks «1n
23 n> boiea), 8.48 c; 11. ft ]■;. matal domlnos (5
lb csrtf.n-! In csk--1. R.IOc: do 2 lb cartons la
cases. !>'■: extra fine dry sranulmed (WO lb bags
onlyi. 4.66 c: extra V, 4.20 c; ItoWcn C f.lOc;
yellfnv D, i' Additional per 100 He: In bble
and o" !h bac*. lOc more; half bbiw. 25c mor«:
boxe*. BOc more for :;IJ gr»4ea. r,,ir in 35 and 40
lb tlo», si.7<i more: In n> n> tias, $2.33 more.
Minimum order, carload wel^l.t.
!Vew York I'rodm-e
NEW YORK. April *. Boaa and xvool—Qniet.
Hides and \ ■
Su-jar Raw leedy. Wascorado, te«;t,
2.n.'"': centrifrigaJ, 3.43 c; motasttea, $2.70. Re
flned qniet.
!.;i-:.. raefclag ttork, N». .";, 20«.
22' .c.
fliecr State «ho'" mlk held
eohtn ! ,r.
firm. Htaic Pennaylvanjji -,\"\ nrirbv
hennery white, good to large, -o'
EvaporntPtl —Unebangeil.
Aprirots Mini i'^aohp* —Firm.
Kah-ius -Steady. .
riilratjo iVotlnt-c Market
CHICAGO, April 4. —Butter - Firm. Cream
j cries, 27fti34c.
Kjrps-- Stonily. Aγ mark. <nsr« inolmled. Hi®
l"c; iterate iii - - I8e; firsts. lTc.
Lou Angrlri Pnidnce Market
I (Spprial Oisj);it'-h to The CnlH
LOB ASGKLBS, April 4.—Brrripta of prod.ire
'in Hie J.os Angeles inarkot today were: Kjjks.
I iM'2 ofisos: batter, .'!;;,-."Hi poesub; cheese, '.*.~S2
peißHle; i •! iti'cs. .'i.'iTd sucks; swci'i potatoee,
'-'..'mO foov*. ,\nv jHitatoes
w< fluw tit $2.23 8 luk J" ,, '.
Itcans (per ctl) —No. 1 pink. $1.r,0; No. 1 lima.
Viftt l ".-.": l.ii.ii WiisluH'.'Umi Sβ. i. small
white .No. j. S.'i.'j.".: btafkeyea, *4: wmiMJ,
$4.50; t.ayos. ?4.;.<)((} ."i: Uextetf n-i]>. $4.r>o;
lentils, $<;@7.
Potato** (por <*tl>—HlgkUotd Borbanke, TSftg
I SO--; Orpson, $l.iuVsl.lo; Salinan. $1.1.".; Low
■ po'\ {US; sn-fft pofStM*, $1 liifr ho»i
Hutti'r (per lbi—Prices t>> tlie trade Me abovp
qnotatioßs: CallfanaU tilwupnj extra*, ■'!-'-'■;
< roamery firsts. 39~4C.
Kkks Iper d«>—tJLocmJ ranrli. candled, 23%e;
case cot::;:. L'U'..c; pulifts, W: uortlirru, case
count, i;i, .
] I'hwse (per HO - NornVrn fr<>«h. 17%@18r;
eastern tingles, 18c; eastern twhaa, IBej gjet
;*m <li«Whi>. 19c; pattern tMfsonis, 28©21 c;
a daisies-. ls«) is !...•■: «\\ i» Imported, 300
MHsa domestic, block, i::;c.
l.ltrMt««>k Market
CHICAGO, April 4.—Hogs—Receipts. 23.000;
market dull. 5c to lOc tower tlian yesterday's
average. Hulk of Bales. 99G&.1&', UjcJbta, $B.!>r>
•>: niivfil. $S.7'-iii.'.>.-": ueavy, ?S.jote'J.ls;
rough. $S.O.V«.S.7't; pij:<, [email protected]
(all! -Utftipts, 2,000: murkft shad* higher
ana strong. Keeveg, f7.20&5.20; Texas steers,
Srt.'Wi.'i.M; western steers, $ti«!>oft/:!>.2tt: stackers
j<l feeders, JO. cows auii heifers, $:>.7j
&8.25; calves. $6&8.20.
?ij.-,.'p—Ueceipts, 7.<H.ii: market steady to 10c
liiclier. Niitive, $G.KWh7. I,".: western. J<i.l(Kffl
7.1".: yearlings. S7.loftiH.ui: lambs, uativs, $7.15
©5.90; western, $7.:-"mj( s.uo.
KANSAS CITY, April 4.— OflUle —Receipt!,
■"."<>. Inrludinif KM) southerns; market strong. Na
tive ateerr<. J7.00e8.9e; Kouthern steers, $«>.7siy|
B. 80; HMtbern cows ami betters. $4.60®8; na
tive cows anrl heifers. $4.0008.23: strikers ami
feeders, tmllt, [email protected]~.25; calves,
$Cit),9: western etttrs, $7.11.115,8.r>0; western covra,
7 L'">.
Bogs— Receipts. S,<XK>; market 5o lower. Bulk
of saies, $8.8069: heavy, $6.W.y)8.8f>; packers
and butebers, $B.So<Vfi»; light. $S.i>s<y:si.or>; pigs,
$7."0r, 7 s.-j:.
Shec[i —Kpceipts. 6.000; market 100 liigber.
Mnttons, [email protected]: Colorado lamlw. [email protected];
! ranpt' WetltfCT aud yearliags. J."».."Ki'!57.50 : raßje
i ewes. S.'i'iiG.OO.
SOI'TH OMAHA. April 4. Cattle—Receipt*.
T , '". uiarkot •itrpuf.'. Native Kte.-rx. [email protected];
com* autt heifers. $o®».l.'>; western steerx. $476
us J.I: Tetas steers, $aQ7iTS; amt ntul heifer*,
calves. $7.30(&9.r>0.
Hoys—Receipts, O.DOO.; market lower. Heavy.
•sS.fiO!SS.7r>- lipht. $H.7S'S;S.SJ: pigs, ?7.sOr<JS>.r>o;
bulk of salp*. 9&T0O8.80.
Sheep—Receipts. 3,soo;*mmrkßt blglier. Year
%CliQl.Ho; wethers, $<><iiO.'Ji)- lainlw, $8
! B&&
Cotton Market
NEW YORK. April 4.—Onr market opened
I to 'a points higher than yesterday's cluee on
slightly letter hUm iioin I.i erpool. 'Iliis
strength was not long In erldeuce, however, as
ltenvy eelllnff by the spot crowd and the genernl
trade took prices r, to 10 points lower than last
niirhfs while the Dew crop month* were
ouly off two points. The principal lmsinees Un»
the ReUiqg vf May lutaiHt r"ircha«eß of
! July. bihl it «Ha dooe e»ll eoeeck to a
; >ht;i-ely wipe out the prtniium of May over
| July, which narrowed to J iioinu.
It would appear that the new crop in eouthern
Texas is beiag damaped and that conditions
there are not as favorable as a year ago. July
looks favorable, especially when it 1* realised
i that tUe consumption Will be around 14.750,000
Last year the Texas crup was early
' piioiiuh to deliver i-IP.OOft bulen into the old crop.
The week end tgure* looked favorable and
[ the uinrket trmti q> (round J •'eJook, raining
j,s to it points over tlit in.iiiiiiie'* low. but lui»i
was dull and Bw tendency was to await
i Cartker rlo<j<l uvwj, or mom ■*■ development lv
j the prepßrations for th uew crop.
i Spot eteMd quiet and uiicbanireil. Mlddiins
uplands I'-'.Goc, do irelf 12.85 c,
Option Open High Lew I •■ Apr. 3 Ago*
April 12.53
May 12.17 12 12.X8 12-1S
June 1- i:i 1-M' . i
.Tilly rJ.I- , 12.13 12.88 ILMI l'-'.Ott I
Abffost. ll.» IZOO Il.e H.M ll.t'S
SJept 11.M Il.ee IIJK lUU HUM
Oct 11. r>7 11.58 ll.a ll.ee llsM
Dec... 11. 11.60 11..">4 11.Sβ 11.57
Jen..,.. 11.07 li ;.T U. 5« U.M
• Holiday,
Beatou \\<«>l Market
BOSTON. April 4.—Th* Ca»Utanljl Biilietiu
of Boston will say tomorrow:
"Ip to Thursday,-when ne<ss came fr.-«ra Wash
ington that tree raw wool had been decided upon
by the ways and in*ans coniinltlie. trade had im
prove.! teaewbal la Oμ Korina weal market.
several fair siz>'d li lviriif bci-n put
through. The atmosphere chanced considerablr.
hi-wHvor. when the new posltton at Wasbinirton
(Minnie ktown sin! tbe latter jinrt of the week
en exteromoly <]uil. Ip to this wrt
however, prices iiaw not (hanged materially
from those In (Wee n Week apo.
"The west has not yet made any decided more
in the matter of marketing the new clip, eicept j
In Isolated Inctan'-s. wmeh lenily dv not form
a basis upon wUioii to figure tue coat of the uew
s<. l ~iiu Woo! Market
ST. I.OriS. April 4.— Wooi — Steady. Medium
prades. i UMlrtnn and eioUiinc. i , :i | ;Ca2Cc; iiclit
line. 11>(ig,Jlc; heavy tine, r: , .' ISc; tybwaatod,
T.'n V-W.
\fit York ioflfre ">fnrket
ni;\v YORK; April 4.-X. v. litittou & (o.'s
wir<> la]
"i!i" Kiiropean coffee markets showed a uiueh
fteaiiier tone (ban expected this morning, price*
abroad failing to respond to our fed toe fit ym
Priratc eablat said th«t Bnropean ht<
ket« nere beinir aappottad wltli bin orders from I
'iTie local markel a) t»e -nut was
.'■ at 1 to 0 i ■ . wbieb wm coat
aidered disapjioinlii:;; to tne bulln In view or til*
■ f flrmnpw abruad Ttadlae on the opeiitiig
call was moderately active with more cr lei
I "iir for Kesppeau aceoniit, inn farther selling nj
i Hie tame ptweata who sold yeaterdar, loii-
■ d ihe a<lvrine"."
■ : barely steady: flio 7s. Santos 4s,
13% c. Mild, dull: Cordova, 1-">M 17c. nominal.
,n— Open High I.ow CloM
April 11.34e
Miti 1i..",1<- 11.Sic n.44i' 11.44 c
ll ..".!••
Uiiiy 11.7-V tt.72c Uee* nut.
AUBWt 11.74e
ber ll.!iL'c n.S2e 11.83 c 11.83 c
r 11,83<
November 11.83 c
December 11.'.>:;.• 11. i #.:«- 11.83 c ii.k.'!c
Ternary :
Sales —07.&00 bags.
!«fw York Melel Market
NEW YOKK. April 4.—Copper-Steady; stand
ard. Bpot to June, 14.7''(i [.'>.2.',c: rl«ctrolytlc
13.50 c; lake, [email protected]%f;; castiiiK, 15.25 c.
Arrivals, 310 tons. Kxjwrts this month, 0,310
tons. London, quiet; Kpat, XCB 8s 9d; futures, £G8
'I in—Quiet; apof. April and May, ■47.37U,/fi!
<7.82% c; June, 4(;.80(6,47.L'5c. 1/mden, firm; spot,
/217; futurea, £213 7s <kl.
Lead-Steady, 4.30 c bid. T.ondr>n. £16 11s 3J.
Spelter—Quiet, T,."-'a ."..JCc. i.011.10n. f25.
Antimony—Nominni; Cooksons Be,
Iron—Steady; oncbaaged. Clerelan) warrant
60s U! Iα Ujimlod.
Xnvel Store*—'l'lirpentlne and Ronln
SAVANNAH. Gβ., Aorfl 4. -Turpentine.- Sn'<>«
non": receii>ts, -i:;\, iblpmeDts ■)]'*■ ttoeka
15.800. *
Hosin— : Nominal. Sales, none; receipts, 1.215;
shipment*. 9X7; stocks 86.350. Quote: v and
r.. $e.lOffl3.aO; c ami b. X i\2ot s
.".22Vi; F, ¥•'.•.'.">'« r.JTi..; C, J.-,.;niVi.-, :;7' .■ II
$.",.40; I, $."•.<;<)'«(. ,"> .(;■>: i<. %n.2T>; M Si;.nr>- N
$7.a0; WG, $7.40; WW, ¥7.00.

A. "W. Morey anrl wife to F. E. Qijlnn lots
imo. urn, l|W, int"> and HOT, gift msp , - i- $iv'
l'etcr J. If. Bertelacn ct nl. to A W
same; $10.
1 rcdrrick B. Ciilkin- to Frances Thiele, lot 19 f
Uoi I Iβ. Lakeview: $1,600,
S:n> Franclßco and Suluirhnn Home Itnildine
society li) Frsiik .-t e|., let in N line of
Geary ttp+*t, 0o W of Jordaa nvenuc W Od i.v
N 100; $10.
tGo EAST=::
On one way tickets there is no additional charge for Canadian Pacific
routing. On the Special Occasion round trip tickets, for a slight ad
ditional charge you can either go or return Canadian Pacific.
Itineraries planned outlining daylight rides through scenic portion of trip
Correspondence solicited
U. M. .»%< KMi\, «.en. \r(. I'iinih i>i- n <.. «45 Market St., Tfilnr* llntrl Bids;.,
Sen I'raneUex
Gertrude A. Maerarlane to James Urelj et al..
lot at SK corner of Birera street and. Korty-tf U
tiTeuue. X 140, S 100, W 20, S 50. W 120. N
130; 510.
Heejamin Kafka to MaurW 11. Carey, fourth
Internet iv lot in \V line of Fortieth aveuue, 2">O
X of Tnruva! street, N sl> by W J-'O, aud one
utber ptoet; $U».
Alexander Tiliie an<l wife to Darid Caen and
wife lot 10,,bluek X, lark Lane tract 3: $10.
A S.inbeijf ami wife iv .T. Lamlere, lot Iβ W
line of Nineteenth avenue, 200 S of (Jeary street,
8 :.•:> by W 12n: *10.
Charles Iluf«rumidt auil wife to Ana Johanne
Asmussen lot in W line of Noe street, 7«:e S of
Alrarado.'S by W b-':ti; $10.
N S. Glbereoa and wife to Sol Getz & Sons,
lot In \V line of Nineteenth a*eoue, 225 S of C
atrect, 8 r>o by W 120: $10.
Sol <;eti! ft Soon to Ferdinand Deutncn and wifv.
lot iv W line of Forty-eecond aTenue, 73 N of
Ju.lab meet. N 2."> by W 120; $ll>.
Ferdlnaiiil IJentsrh and wife to J. Kingston.
lot in \V line of Forty-secoud ayi-nu*. 175 N of
j street, N 23 bjr W 1-0; $10.
Morton J. l.ulin tn Ctiarlex W. I.uhn, lot la S
line of living street. «2:(> B of Tweuty-fowtu
avenue, X 2fl Ly S 10(1: gift.
C. F. Mooch and wife to William H. Snllivan
et al., lots ami l.'t, block 10, Snnnynldc; $.10.
Alexander Tlll'.e t«> Marion TiUle. lot Iβ W
line of Potrero aveuue, 109:0 N of Sirty-flrat
street, N 29 by W 300, and oue other piece;
Thomas Scoble aud wife to Rudolph J. rSttlter
maiiu, lot iv -N Hue vt Alvarado street, 100> B of
Castro, i: 30 by N U4i $10.
Marcus L. (ierstle et al. to Stanley
OHiire, lot at NIC corner of Poet «od Ijtaven
*rofth etra«ts ( E 112:0. N i;J7:e, N 25, S 60, N
87 SB, i >S7:t'.; 110.
■Stanley O'llare and wife to George M. tCaeaar
et al.. same: ?1(>.
(i.rueliiis 1. et al. to Cliarle* W.
Blntna, lot iv X line of Seventeenth avenue, 2T>O
S of t*ke Btreet, S 83 by X l'JO; $10.
John T. E. Smyyi to Anna A. Smyth. l«t in E
line of Masonic avenue, 150 S of Italgbt atreet,
S Uo by B I2o: gift.
Sana Jenseu and wife to »be Realty Snve»t
ment corporation, lot in B line of Howard ntre«t,
tir> S of Nineteenth, S aO by X 122:8; $10.
Ihe Kealty Investment corporation t*> Pavld
ilosher, name; $10.
Augustus S. Lillie and wife to t. Elizabeth
Button, lot in S line of Jereey street, 219 W of
Dolores, W 80 by S 114; $10.
J. \Y. Wrigrlit As Sous Investment company
to Mary K. Norton, lot In SK line of Mission
street, 150 NE of Pertia avenue, NE 2:> by SK
S:.:ti: .$lO.
John It. Horton to EJitli TTorton, lot Iβ N iit>'i
at 'l wi'iiry-elghth street. 228:8 W of Church, W
L'3:B by 114; gift.
Anne and Mary Donlan to Julia Donlan, l»t»
50, 52 and r>4. gift map 3; gift.
K. A. Janggen and wife to Annie A. Uudfterf,
lot iv W line of TweDty-necond aveuue, lvO N
of U street, N 23 by W 120; $10.
Pope 4 Talbot Land company to Char!.is H.
Ouveneck. lota Sβ and 39, f.you & Hoag'% aub
divlelon No. 2, Ashbery terrace; $10. >
Crocker Estate company to John Miller, lot 44,
blu-k 2:>, Crocker Amsjjon tract; $10.
Bridget Moran to Mary B. Waterhiiry, lot in
W" line of PJerc* street. 80 S of McAllister. S 40
by W :>7:G; $10.
Crocker Kstate company to Manuel 8. Wil
liams, lut* .">, iJ. 7. S, block 17, Crocker Amaxuo
tract; $lt>.
I'M ward G. Bnigse and wife to CTara A.
Hutchlna, lot In 1C live ef Sixth avenoe. 10l N
of California street, N X r:O;0. H
U:ll%, SW 133:2%; $10.
Albert A. Ilemtnen to Aronlan A. PhilUpn, lot
in N line of JouKt avenue, 175 W of Badeu
street. \V 2,"> by N KHJ; $10.
Kay Uaccbl aurt wife to Giovenale Griirnolo et
al., lot in W line of Scott atreet. 100 8 of Lotn
banl. 8 75 by \Y U1:S; $10.
Anne Marie Foueade et al. to game, lot in W
line of Scott street, 100 S of Lombard. B TO ly
W f>7:K; $10.
Henry Stern and wife to George F. Voight, lot
at W i orner of Harvard and Olmstead streets,
Nff 150. SVV l-'O. SE 132, X 40. NB 80; $10.
Oorije V. Volgbt and wife to Henry^S tern
and wife, lots 20, SI, 22, 2:>, 21, 25, 2*5, 27,
maji Frank K. Webb: $10.
lliiil.llnis « oatracta
Mr«. Alma nil!"' >tl with Herm»n Grussel -
Alterations end uc'.iUtions t» two re«ldencei« In N
line of Vnllejo atrwt, »9 W of I.agnna. W 108
by N 137:0; $$,41M.
Panama-PaciOr International Exposition com
pany with llcalv-Tibbltt* Conetrurtlon company
—rile foundations for tranei>ortatioii building,
expoaitlun gronmls: $40.M."..
T, t. :'Ti<i Miry ltunnlfcaa with B. W. De
marais■— Move present Ixiilding and erection of
!"!,■ story frame baiUUßg ( except excavation,
'•ement foundation an>l floor*, st SK corner of
MN«i.,n aud l«.>ntic:U streets, X 2J by S 100;
■Si , 000.
Jmiihh B. Laokerabba with Macdonald ft Kahn
—Xβ a aeven story cUkk B reinforced con
.r.ie hotel bedldißg at Non-ncr of Fifth and
jeaßic etreeta, N\n 7:> by NE 170; coat not to
exceed $200,000, iucliniiug 5 per ceet for ou

Court Kinds Tl»:.i Itohrrt Hran. Cap
italist, Did Xot Owe Uceraaed Sob
Honey on *«-<-iirlti«-»
Robert Brags, capitalist and octo
genarian, won a victory yesterday over
his daughters, with whom he ]\as fre
quently been in litigation, when Judge
.1. V. Coffey denied the petition of
Elizabeth Tiragg- Cummlng and her hue
band. George M. Cummlng, for probate
of the will of the late John Suell
Brass , , brother of the petitioners and
son of Robert Bragg. Bragg had peti
tioned the court to declare Invalid a
will of the decedent in which John
Suell Bragg charged his father with
owing him $.">,500 la cash and 2,200
bomls of tUe Pacific Lighting company.
This alleged debt comprised the entire
fstatf of the son and he bequeathed
thr- putative legacies to Mrs. Cummlng
and another sister, Mrs. Rebecca Mar
.Imlpf Coffey questioned the various
heirs and obtained an admission by
them that there was nothing tangible
in the estate save a few personul
trinkets. Bragg , , who is S6 years old
and lives at £306 Market street, denied
that hf owed his son John any money
14 the eon's securities. Judge
Coffey was impelled to refuse the will
Said In He a Member of the Trio That
lluukoetl I'aul St-balnmau
Joseph Belffer, alleged to be one of
the trio of bunko men -who fleeced
I'aul Pchainrnan, 2765 Lombard street,
out of f8.340 last Tuesday, appeared be
fore PolU-p Judge Sullivan yesterday
morning- on a grand larceny charge.
Sohaininan declared tile men took his
bundle of bills and said they could
duplicate them in a counterfeiting ma
chine. The peculiar looking machine is
now at the property clerk's office.
Schwartz and Karansky, the other two
alleKed confidence men, fled the city,
but Detective* O'Connell and Gallatln
say they will be arrested shortly. De
scription of the wanted men have been
wired throughout the state.
Detective Swcan to ComplalntM Asaiaat
Nine Cltineae Tons; >len
In an ettonrt to prevent th 4» nine al
iPßfd tongr leaders from securing their
rflease from the city prison on write
of habeas corpus. Detective Arthur
Macphee yesterday swore to com*
plaints charging each of them with
muidfr. The warrants allege that the
men conspired to kill members of the
opposing tones-
Attorneys Tim Fltzpatrlck and Hoff
Cook were swearing out the write
when Macphee swore to the complaints
hffore Police Judge Shortall. The Chi
riPßf, who were arrested In the raid
Wednesday night, will appear before
Shortall today.
Boosters for Intercity Road
Race Encouraged by
Valley Trip
Financial Aid Is Promised by
Most Towns—Notes
From Row-
The Studebaker patliflnding car,
which left Los Angeles the first of this
week with the officials of the proposed
Lμ Angeles to San Francisco road
raxe, will reach San Francisco this
morning-. The pathfinder is coming by
way of Snn Jose, having crossed the
Paeheco pass from Banos yester
day afternoon.
The real object of the tour was to
promote Interest in the contest in the
San Joaquln valley towns and, judging
from the reports that have reached
here, the motorists in the region trav
ersed are most enthusiastic over the
race, which is scheduled to take place
on July 4.
A. Lacasse of the Studebaker Los
Aiigeles brand: is driving the pa,th
finding car and Harold Ostrom and
Pred Pabst of* the contests committee
are abroad gathering Information re
garding the roads and learning to
what extent the boosters in the various
towns through which the course will
lay will support the project.
Bakerefield, where the first stop was
made, lias pledged at least $3,000 to
the cause and the Merchants' associa
tion lias gone on record aa being will
ing to aid in ev»ry way possible to
make the contest a huge success. Prac
tically all of the small towns between
the Kern county metropolis and Fresno
are out for the race, and Visalia, Tu
lare and Hanford gave the patliflnding
comniittee a warm reception and are
reported to have promised liberal
financial aiil.
* # ■*
\«-v» Hiehwny Claimant —Interest in
the coming transcontinental tour under
the auspices of the Indiana Automo
bile Manufacturers association, which
has been actively promoted on this
coast during , the last three weeks by
Charles IJ. Warren, general manager of
the Jluynes Automobile company, has
reached the most remote sections of
.the state. Evidence of this was mani
fested yesterday when W. Gillette
Scott, corresponding secretary of the
Inyo (rood Hoade club, and one of the
best known good roads workers of
the state, came up to this city from
Bishop for a personal eonfert-nce with
lnyo's great Interest in the coming
tour, in which nearly a score of ma
chines have already been entered, in
cluding two Haynea cars, la due to the
fact that the Midland trail, which ia
I I fi I 1 aW I
The •■l'ennnm-I'nrifli' , Kxprene with
iil)ai>rvn(l<>n Car*, and The
"1915" Mall Train*
Leave Vnion Ferry Depot Arrive
9:10 a ( Stockton. Sarrsraento. Salt I.tke. ) g:t«p
< Denvt-r Onialia. Clilcego, Kan- >
7:30p I aa* Oif'y. St. Tx>nls I S:Ma
4.10p ' Stockton 10:80 a
Through Standard end Tourist Sleeping Cam
Tla Denver * Itio <J*ande and Missouri Pacific,
Hock Island lines nnd Burlinafon route.
Dining «"ars and Electric Lights.
Schedule Effective
Nov - 6 « 19,2
s "" l'rnacl>fn
7:45 a Petalnnm, Santa KtwH, Heald"-]
burj, Uoverdiile. I'fclah. Will
lit». l.O'iifvalp. ••gebattopol. ":(Wp
S ; ":i , Siiiiijiiiu. (~ :•- n Ellen ' [ tß.O.'ip I
I ■ J tR:M-.p I
B:lSaTt. nefos. rump >reefcer. Monte! 1 tetWp)
lII.i. Duncan Mill*. I aiadero! ( t7:35p J
B:4sa!Petaliima. Sanla Jtona. Ouerne- »
vine. Mimte Rio. Duncan! ( )
MIIN. Ca?.»(lero (leare* from' \ t7:3")p J
Diinran Mllld) ". I
lOina PetiMima. Santa Ro«*. Healds <
! huijt S:OBp
1:45p Petalnma. Santa ROM, Gnrra*
rill.-. Mont* Rio, Unman ,
Mills 1 10:35«
T2:4Sp Pt. Reres. Camp Meeker....!
3:lsp'Pftßluma. Ranta Roea. I lee 14* '
I bure, Cloverdale. Ikiah.!
I WllilU, •Sfbactopol 11-.SS*
4:4Sp'Ronoma. Glen Kllen j 9:35 a
s:l3p|lVtaluma, Santa Rosa. Hfn.his '<
! burn ' >:06«
Sansallto. Mill Valley. San Kafael—Dally
every 30 minutes from t:43 :i. m. until 9:43
n. m.: hourly until 2:43 p. m.; then 3.15 p. in.
and every 30 minutes until H:4'> P- m., then
7:4. r >. 9:15, 11:15 p. m.. and 12:30 n. m.
Fairfax-reeves 16:45, 7:15, 7:45. 8:15, 5:45.
r>:i:.. 0:45. 10:45. 11548 ». m.; 12:4r., 1:45, 2:45,
S:l5, 8:4.1. 4:1.1, 4:45. 5:15. 5:4.'., 6:15, 6:45,
7:4:., 9;1o, 11:13 p. m.: 12:."?0 a. m.
San Qnenfin rln San Rafael—Leave dally at
9:1" n. in. and 1:45 p. n>.
Tlburon nnd Belvedere —Daily every hour from
0:45 a. m. until 1:45 p. n>.; then 8:18 p. m. end
every hour until 6:1".; thnn 7:45, 0:15 and 11:15
p. m. and 12:30 b. m.
♦Arrives daily 10::!.". n. m. "Arrives Sundays
7:03 p. m.. week rt«y» 0:35 p. m. tExcept Sun
daT". JSumla.vs only. 'Saturdays only.
Red TJne Trencfer Company* asrents ttr* an
thorlr.ed to rnerk haegage direct from residence.
Hm*rtis.HM;Cm*hmtTtt9.UM T
it. Sμ rmctwt I l> irtr ***** J It. Mt Tinlnh J
jfttMty S«Jay Weekday "Smiy WttlrVty S-day
9:46 a Rf»? 7:20 a 11:50 a 7:20 a 10:40*
hih >:*S» I:4Qv 1:40> 11:40 a
• 4: «" ]Hf\ J:«rt Uh c 4:«P 1:40;
11:46 a 4:80»l 2:$0» * «:3Sp 2:40*
\Mp 3:SOp 3:4t0
2:45» I 4:40* *'■■■■ 4:40f
•B»turd»yaonly. f Mondays only. % Mt. Tamalpait only.
( Retimiito Ferry—Tel. Kearny 4080
Ticket Offices}BB7 Market—Tel. Ke«rny2Tsl
( 874 Market—l>l. Douriaa 4407
Geaeral Oflßf*-Mill Valley. Cal. T-> MillValkySob.lt
"liiara I f liwlul:" iwJ "Milrl v" VI iiwijt **v to mtts
H lrT i-i-~i Nivy Yard Valkjo. Nap*. SLHMmiT"Cali»tnai
mato lev* 700 0:49 a m. 12:30 320 000. 830 ». m. •
Deck an* e»V» Nafta Eaa twn Bmlain* /
Pkwa Kaanr 40* Mnli • la ovtt
one of the three routes the tourists
will finally elect to follow, enters Cali
fornia in Inyo county, jyinliig El Cα
mlno Sierra at the town of Big Pine.
El Camino Sierra is one of tho four
highways of the Pasear, California's
circuitous scenic highway. The ln.»<
Good Kuads club has recently become I
affiliated with the automobile* clubs of.
Ely, Tonopati and Goldfield, New The.se !
towns are on the Midland trail and
consequently vitally interested in get
ting the Jioosiei- tourists to come west
via that route.
To sir,ch an extent hive the four
organizations co-operated, declares
.Scott, elaborate preparations are al
ready under way for the entertain- j
ment of the tourists upon their ar
rival at the Nevada-Utah border line.
Should the motorists use the Midland!
trail on arriving at Big Pine they may!
choose between going south via Inde
pendence, Lone Pine nnd Mojave to
Los Angeles, or turn north at Mojave,
and thence to San Francisco via
Bakersfleld. Fresno, Merced, Modesto,
Livermore and Oakland.
* * *
Prather Ia Operated I pon—Phil
Prather, the popular and capable man
ager of Don Lee's northern California
Cadillac organization, was operated '
upon yesterday afternoon for appendi
citis. Prather has had teveral severe 1
attacks recently und on the advice of
his physician decided to undergo trie
operation. At a late hour lasi evea
ing he was resting easily.
Interpreter Arrested —Kalwian S*eg
by, an interpreter, was arrested yester
day and charged with a violation of j
section 137 of the penal code. Detec- I
tive Kalmback says that Szegby at- j
tempted to "square" a case which i n . I
volved Geza Harvotji, charged with as- )
sault upon Velma Engolt. The Inter
preter is accused of interviewing the
girl and attempting to prevent her
from testifying.
Ltm (Foot of Market Street) ArrWe.
(Subject to change without notice)
2.15 a Niles, Uvermore, Tracy. Lathrop,
Stockton, Lodi. Gait, Elk Grove,
Sacramento, Roseville, Auburn, Col
fax 10.46*
2.16 a Sacramento, Marysville, Biggs, Chic«. 10.40 a
6.40 a Richmond (Vallejo). Port Cotta, Mar
tinet, Antioch. Byron Hot Springs,
Tracy, Patterson, Newman, Loe
Banos, Ingle, Kerman. Fresno .... II .20p
6.40 a Ban Leandro, Uayward, NUes, San
Jose f.l0»
7.00 a Richmoud, Port Coat*, Benicia, Sui
sun, Oiion, Saerameuto 7.809
7.60 a Elmira, Vaca\ille, Winters I.IOp
7.00 a Hoseville. Marysville (OroviUe), Red
ding, Dunsmuir 10.40p
7.00 a Davis, Woodland. Wiliianu, Maxwell.
Willows, Hamilton, Corning, Red
Bluff. 7.60p
7.20 a The Statesman—Richmond. VaFjyo
Junction, Port Costa, lienicia, Sui
tun, Klinira, Dixon, Darii, Sacra
mento 6.50p
7.20 a Kilea. Pleaaaaton, Livermore, Tracy,
Lathrop, Stockton (Oakdaie), Lodi,
Sacramento 7.30?
7.20 a Tracy, Patterson, Newman, Los Banoe,
Ingle, Kerman, Fresno 4.30P
7.40 a Richmond, Vallejo, Napa, Calistoga,
Santa Rosa, Cmekett, Port Costa... 6.1 Op
7.40 a Avon, Walnut Creek, San Ramon,
Livermore 6.1 Op
B.ooa Newark, West San Jose, Loe Gate*.
Wright, Felton ißen Lomond, Boul
der Creek), Santa Crua B.BOp
6.40 a Port Costa, Martinex. 3yron Hot
Springs, Tracy (Stockton), Merced,
ISerenda, Madera, Fresno, Fowler,
Selma, Traver, Goshen Junction
(Hauford, Armona' , , Tulare, Bakers
field 4.30p
8.40 a Visalia, Lindsay, Portwville, l)ucor... 7.1 Oβ
8.40 a Yoaemite Valley ria Merced 4.30p
9.00 a Irvington, San Jose 7.30p
B.ooa Nil«a, Plearanton, Livermore, Stock
ton, ('Milton), Valley Spring, lone,
Sacramento 4.30 a
o.ooa Tuolurone, Bonora, Jamestown, Angela 2.50p
9.00 a Vallejo Junction (Vallejo), Port Coeta,
lienicia, Suisun, Da via, Sacramento. 10.40p
9.00 a Gold field Pass.—Truckee, Uueo, Wa
bu«ka (Yerrington, Hudson), Mina,
Tonopah, Goldfield, Laws. Ke*!er.. 6.10 a
8.40 a Richmond, San Pablo, PinoU, Vallejo
Junction, Crockett, Port Coeta, Mar
tinez, Avon, Concord, San Ramon.. 6.80p
10.20 a "Pacific Limited"—Ogden, Cheyenne,
Omaha, Chicago—Salt Lake City,
Denver e.BOa
10.20 a Port Costa, Benicia, Sacramento, Col
fax, Truckee, Reno, HaitQ, Love
lock, Win-ieraucca. Battle Mountain,
Palisade, F.lko, Wells, Cobre 6.60 a
10.20 a Nile*, Irvington. San Joee 11.20 a
10.40 a Vallejo, Mare Island, Napa 12.50p
10.40 a Stockton { '3^
10.40 a Los Anjjelee Passenger—Port Costa,
Martina, Byron Hot Spruiga, Trvy,
Stockton, Merced, Madera, Fresno,
(Hanford, Coalinga, Visalia), Bakera
fioid, Loe Angelee 7.10 a
11.20 a Shasta Limited Dβ Luxe—Portland,
Tacoma. Seattle 8.50p
12.00n Richmond, Port Costa, Benicia, Sui
sun, Fairfield, Dixon, Sacramento.. 4.30p |
12.00n Fimira, Vaea»Ule, Winters 7.60p
12.00n Davis, Willisma, Colusa June, Wiilowa,
Germantown, Orland, Hamilton.... 6.60b
12.00n >!ary»nUe, Chioo. Red Bluff 4.30n
I.OOp Niles. Irvington, San Joee I.BQp
1.20p Saa Leandro, Niles. CtmterviUe, New
ark (Redwood), San Joee 7.50 a
1.40p Newark, Alviso, Agnew, Santa Clara,
West San Jose tO.OOp
t 1.40p Wright, Boulder Cr«ek, Sante Crui... 10.00 a
2.00p Overland Limited l>e Luxe—Denver,
Kansas City, St. Louts, Omaha, Chi
cago 8.30 a
2.40p San Lcandro, Niles, San Jote 7.30 a
S.OOp Benicia, Suinun, Sacramento—Wood
land, Tudor, Yuba City, Maryeville,
OrovUle 11-tOa
3.00b nimira, Vaeaville, Winters, Bumaey... 11.10 a
3.20p Richmond, Port Costa, Martinet,
Byron Hot Springs, Modesto, Mer
eed, Madera, Fremo 10.40b
4.00P Port Costa, Martinei. Concord, Wal
nut Creek, Ban Ramon, Livermore . 9.30 a
4.00p Rirhraoud, Vallejo, Napa. Calistoga,
(ilea Ellen. San:* Rosa 8.30 a
4.00p Niles (Centerville, Newark), Sunol,
Measanton, Livermore, Tracy, Stock
ton, Lodi.-Sacramento I 2.80b
4.40p San. Leandro, Kayward, Niles, Pleas-/1 8.30 a
anton, Livermore \ 1 10.10 a
4.40p Irvington, San Jom 9.30 a
4.40p Tracy, Patterson, N'ewnian, Los Banoe,
Kerman. Fresuo 10.40 a
«.40p Valley I Iyer—Port Costa. Byron Hot
Springs, Tracy, Modesto, Merced,
Madera, Frear.o, Goahcn Junction,
Tulare, Bakcrsfield, Mojave, I.os
Angeles 12.90b
B.oob Vallejo, Port Costa, Benicia, Suimin,
Sacramento, Raeeville, Lincoln,
Wheatland. Maryeville (OrovUle),
(Jridley, Biggn, Chico II .30p
t-OOa Davis, Arhuokle, Williams, Willows,
Orland, Tehama 10.40b
6,00p Newark, Weet San Joee, Loe Gatos .. 9.30 a
e.OQp Niles, Pleasanton, Livwmoro, Tracy,
Btockton IO.IOa
6.20p San Leandro, Loreuo, Havwd,
Niles, Pleasanton, Livermore, Tracy,
Stockton 2.60b
6.20p Owl Limited—Port Costa, Tracy,
Fresno, Los AngelM B.loa
6.20p Hay ward, Niles and San Jose 6.1 0b
6.40p lintern hxpress—Ogden, Pueblo, De
nver. Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago. 1.30 a
6.40p Port Coeta, Byron Hot Springs, 1 raoy, ■
Stockton, Saerameuto, Colfax, Truo
kee, Reno. Sparks 1.30b
t 7.00P Richmond (Vallejo), Port Coeta, Mar
tineiJCoocord. Walnut Creek, Pleae
anton, Niles, Oakland 12.45 a
8-20p Oregou EUpren—Sacramento, Rose
vlile, Marvjviile, Redding (Klamath
Falls), Anhland, Portland, Tacoma,
Seattle, Spokane I.IOp
S.OOp Mt. Eden, Alrarado, Newark, Sant*
Clara. San Joee 7.60 a
9.40p Baicenfield, MoKittrick, Haselton.
Monarch, Moron, Fellow, Shale 7.80 a
9.40p Richmond, Port Costa, Tracy, Mo.
desto, Merced, Madera, Fresno,
Hanford, Tulare 7.60 a
9.40p Hanford, Anaona, Lemoore, Huron,
Co*!infa 7.60»
■.40b Visalia, Exeter. Lindsay, Porternlle,
1 >uci>r, Famoso 7.60b
10.20b Portland Express— Davis, Wiilowa,
Red Bluff, Weed, (Klamath Fails),
Ashland, Roseburg, Portland, Ta
coraa, Seattle 7.30t
11.408 California Mail—Ogden, Cheyenne,
Denver, Kansas City, Om&ha, Chi
cago 1.30b
11.40b Port Coeta, Benicia, Suisun, Davis,
Sacramento, Colfat, Truckee, Reno. 8.30p
From Pacific Sir set Wharf
This route offers exceptional opportunity for Auto
rnobilist* to reach al! [xnnta on the Sacramento River;
( -olliniville, Kmma'toa, Rio Vista, laleton, It.de, Walnut
Grove, Vorden, Courtland, Clarksburg, Sacramento.
Steamer Navajo teavm Saa Francisco fi.3o a. m. daily
except Sunday, arriving Sacramento 7.00 p. n>. Stopping
at all points en route. I.cives Sacramento 9.00 p. m.
daily except Sunday, arriving San Francisco 7.00 a. m.
No stops en route
Steamer Modoe or Apache, leaves San Francisco 1.00
p. m. daily except Sunday: arrive Sacramento 4.00 a. m.
dtfflr except Monday. Leave Senramento 11.30 a. m.
daily except Sunday: arrive Ban Francisco 11.30 p. m.
Stopping at all [mints en route.
Becoming Mother, Woman Is
Unable to Appear in Court to
Answer Divorce Complaint
' T
The stork pauseth not in Its flight
for divorce suits or for law courts.
When Judge Graham yesterday called
the case of Kduardo against Maria
Duarte, involving the husband's charges
that his wife treated him cruelly. At
torney Frank F. Ey, for the husband,
arose and asked a continuance.
"This case has been on the calendar
long enough," began Judge Graham
severely, but he caught the attorney's
smile and paused.
"Mrs. Duarte intended to be here to
OppOM the husband's action," sairl Mr.
Ey, "but I am certain she can not at
tend court, " having become a happy
mother thta morninff.
The judge smiled and continued the
case Indefinitely, expressing the hope
. new arrival may prove a bet
ter reconciler than himself.
Jurkovltx I'roof Finished —The pros
ecution of lid ward Jurkovit/., a realty
dealer with offices in the Monadnocie
building, charged with attacking Mrs.
Kva Albert, Glenn hotel, February 51,
was concluded before Police Judge
W'eller yesterday. Counsel for Jur
kovlt'/. was given until Thursday to
put in their cafe.
-cave 'Third and Tojnsend Streets) ArriT*
(Subject to chaiwr without notice)
6.05 a Valencia MnA Ocean View, Colic*,
Cemeteries, Eaden, San Bruno f 6.38 a
0.45 a South San rmncisco, San Joee, Mcr
eanhiil, Giiroy, Sargent, Pajaro,
vYatsoavilte, iiant* Cru* 8-OOp
8.45p Lo« Altos, Monra Vista, Los Gatoe... $ 9.49 a
7.00 a Coaster —San Jose, Morsanhill, Gii
roy, Pajaro, Castruvuje, Salinas,
Sciedad, King City, Paeo Robles Hot
Bpnngi, San Line Cbispo, Surf
(Lowpoc), Santa Barbara, Ventura,
Oxnard, Los Angeles 10.30p
7.00« Hollister, Trcs Pino«—WatroaviUe,
Santa Cru»—Dei Monte, Monterey,
Pacific Grove " 10.30P
' 7.05 a South Baa Francisco, Palo Alto, San I
Jose, Way Stations 7.500
7.05 a Los Altos, Monta Vista, Loe Gatos . j 3.25p
B.ooa Shore Line Limited—Paso Robiea Hot
Springe, Santa Barbara, LosAtgele*. 9.50e
B.oBa Mayfield, Loe Altos, Loe Gator.Wright.
Glenwood (Boulder Creek), Santa
Crat, Wataoanlle, Ca»troville, Del
Monte, Monterey, Pacific Grove 9.05p
9.00 a San Jose, Morganhill, Giiroy, Sanpat,
Salinas, Soledad, San Miguel, Paso
Robles Hot SpriEp,San Luis Obispo. 4.00p
9.00 a Holliiter, Tret Pinot— Watsoimlle,
Santa Onij—Del Mont*, Monterey,
„„ Pacific Grove 4.000
10.40 a South San Francisco, Burlinjrarae, San
Mateo, Palo Alto, Mayfield, Lot' l2.3oa
.. »»- TT Altos - 1<» Gatoe { 7.20p
11.30 a Valencia Btreet. Ocean View, Colma,
Cemeteries, Baoen, San Bruno 1.55b
11.40 a South San Francisco, San Jcee t 8.20 a
1.20p Saturdays only—San Mateo, Red
wood, MaySeld, Mountain \iew,
, „ SanJoee :i|.oop
!.20p Saturdays on!y—Loe Altoe, Monta
_ Vi»ta, Los Gatos § 3.25p
2.00p Del Moatc Express—San Joee, Mor
nnhill, Giiroy. Sargent, Wataonville.
Santa Cnir, Del Monte, Monterey,
Pacific Grave, (Salinas) 12.~i»
2.05P Eastern, San Mateo, Palo Alto, San
Jose 8.40 a
Z.I Op So'ith San Francisco, Redwood, Santa
Clara. Weet San Jose, Loe Ga»>/>,
Wright, Felton, (Boulder Creek),
Santa Crui t> 1.30 a
S.OOp Sou'h San Franiiseo. San Maieo. Saa
Joee, Morganiiill, Giiroy, Tres Pinoi, ,
Saiinai 10.10 a
S.OOp Watsonville, Rar.ta Cruz, fastroville,
Del Mor.to, Monterrv. Paei Se Grove. 10.1 Oβ
8.28p Burlingame, San Mateo. tedwood,
Palo Aito, Mayfield, Los Altoe, Lot
Gate* 6.4fc»
3.25p Wright, Boulder Creet, Santa Cnii... f 11.30 a
4.00p Sunset ETprme— Tucson. Deming, tl
Paso, Houston, New Orleans, Chi
cago 9.15 a
4.00p Washington Sunset Route—Washing
ton, V.C.. New To'k and East 9.15 a
4.00b Salinas, Peso Robles Hot Springe,
San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara,
Ventura aad Loe Angelee 9.16 a
4.00n Kaneas City, St. LouU. Chieaap 9.16 a
4.20p South San Francisco, San Joee ', 7.25 a
4.55p Sent* Crua Limited—Mayfield. Loe
j»!toe. Loe Gatos, Felton {Boulder
OMk), Santa Crui f 8.45 a
B.o6pjßurlin3ame, San Mateo, Redwood,
Paio Alto, Mayfield, Bama Clara,
San Jote f 6.30 a
' 8.20p Redwood. Atiierton. Menlo Park,
Palo Alto, Mayfieid, Mountain View,
Sunnyvale, San Jcwe t 9.00 a
' 6.20s Los Aitos. Monta Vista, Los Gatrw. ~ t 8.40 a
• 6.25p luston. Redwood, Mountain View,
San Jose 9.40 a
' 6.30p Loop—Valencia Street, Ocean View,
Cemeteries, South San Francisco,
23d Street, 3d and Towmend f 8.40p
8.40p San Bruno, San Mateo, Redwood,
Palo Alto, Santa Clara, San Joee... 7.480
: B.4QJJ Mayfield. Loe Altoa. Loe Gatos J 9.40 a
6-OOp Tuesdays—Sunset Limited Dβ Luxe,
New Orleans and East. Arrive Sun
daw 11.00 a
' 6.00b Miilbrae. Ban Mateo. Redwood, May
field. I.os Alt™. Loe Gatos t B.ooa
I 6.05p 23d Street, Visitacion. South San
Francisco. Valencia Street t 7.1 5p
6.30 a South San Francisco, San Joee 8.45p
e.OOp Tie Lark—Santa Barbara.Loe Angelee 9.45 a
8.1 Op Saa Joee and Way Stations 7.30 a
10-OOp Loa Angelee Passenger—Morjtanhill,
Salinas, Paso Robles Hot Spring?,
San Luia Obiipo, SanU Barbara and
Los Angelee 8.25 a
l O.OBp South San Francisco, San Jose 11.55p
11.45p South San Francisco. Paio Alto, San' S
Juse • 7.35 a
Via Oakland Pier
ro Oakland, 16th St., and Berkeley, via Shartuek Aye.'
and Ellsworth St. Line*.—Daily—From 6.01) a. m., and
every twenty minutes until 8.20 p. m., inclusive; then
9.00,9.40,10.20,11.00,11.40 p. m.. 12.3(rend (JO*, n>.
Additional boats Saturdays and Sundays only, 840
p. o, 9.20,10.00,10.40 end 11.20 p. m.
Vo Berkeley via California St. and West Berkeley. Albawy
via Ninth St. Lines.— Daily— From *6.00 a. m., te.2O.
•6.40, t7.(K) a. m., and every twenty minute* until lib
p. m,, inclusive; then 9.00, P.40,10.20,11.00,11.40p. m.,
12.20 and 1.23 a. m. Additional boats Saturdays and
Sundays only, 8.40 p. m., 9.20, and 11-0
re Oakland. Wishlngton-Broadwsy, East Oakland.
Frultvale and Metros*, via Seventh St.—Daily—From
6.00 a. m., then every twenty minute* until 8.20 p. m ,
bclutive; then *.00. 6.40, 10.20. 11.00, 11.40 p. m ,
12.20 and 1.20 a. m. Additional boats J-.« *n«
Sundays only, 8.40 p. m., BJO, IQ.UO, IU.4U and Hi 1 )
Hort«shoe la Oakland, Washington-Broadway, Fruftvale,
Alamedt. North SWa—Daily—From 600 a. m.. t630.
6.40, 7.00, 7.20, 7.40, B.CO, 8.40 and forty minute pest
the hour until 3.40 p. m.: then 4.00, 4.40. 5.00, 5.30,
5.40, MO, 7.00. 7.40. 8.20, 9.00. ».40,10.20.
11.00,11.40 p. m., 13.20 and 1.2G a. m.
ro Vigorit. St»g*. Pullman, Richmond Steam Service -
tu.4o and 7.40 a. a., 3.20 p. m., fijo, 6JO p. tn. .
ro Stonadunt (Steam SwvltV—W 00. 46,40. t7J».
J9.00, tIO.OO a. m., J1.20 p. m., ;2.00, :3.00, t.3.20,
•4.00, '5.00, '5.40 and 16.20 p. m.
Via Alameda Plar
To Oaktami, 14th and Franklin SK
-6.15, 6.45 a. m. and then 1 J and 45 minute past the
hour until 7.41 p. m.; then B.JO. 9.15, 10.00, 10.43,
11 JO p. m. and 12.15 a. m.
To Alameda, North and South Side—
6.15, 5.45 a. m. and then r> and 45 minute* put the
hour until 7.45 p. m.: then 8.30, 9.16, 10.00, 10.44,
11.30 p. m. and 12.15 a. m.
From San South End of Ferry Building, for
Broadway Wharf, Oakland—V, eek days 6.(10 a. m. and
every half hour until 9.00 p. m., inclusive. Sundays
and holidays 0.00 a. m. and every half hour until
11.00 p. ni., inclusive. Boats leave Broadway Wharf-
Week days 6.15 a. m. and every half hour until 8.46
p. m . inr':icive. Sundays and holidays, 6.15 a. m.,
and every half hour until 10.45 p. m., inclusive,
a for Morning. *Paily. p for Afternoon.
tSunday excepted. tUm&B only. {Saturday only.
a Monday.
Agents eoflcei bamage and checks on trains or beats el
Southern Paclile CompaflV and deliver baeqafe to m>«
dene*. They are authorized to check baggage dlrr t fraei

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