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rHERE is such a thing as doing
too much explaining and apologiz
There is also such a thing as doing
too little.
The man who is always 'justifying him
self loses our attention and our respect;
the man who is always too proud to jus
tify himself often loses his chance for
A man was telling me the other day
about a misunderstanding which occurred
fit his business office. Two young men.
of whom he B'as one. n>ere blamed for a mistake. The fault really /ay rvith
the other man. He himself Das blameless, he said, and as he is an excep
tionally fair minded man even about things which concern himself, I believed
him. But the other man went to their employer and made explanations which
'i'rm 9 the blame on my confidant. "And so, you see," he concluded his story,
"I'm in bad."
"But wouldn't your employer believe your side of the case?" I asked.
He threw back his head proudly. "I didn't give it to him," he said.
*'If he couldn't believe in me without my coming to him with explanations he
"Will have to disbelieve."
■\ow that is w-hat I call a very unfair attitude. And yet it is the point
of view which proud people often take. They go through the world demand
ing that they shall be understood and appreciated without any effort on their
part. They regard such an effort as lowering themselves. They do not realize
that this is a very busy world, and if people are going to be understood and
appreciated they've got to come half way.
To withhold an explanation as that man did is to deliberately lay one's
self open to misunderstanding.
If one of the two parties fails to appear in a court of law after due warn
ing the case goes acainst him by default. The presumption is that he did not
have any case, and that is the natural presumption against any man who fails
to present his side of such a misunderstanding.
A thoroughly nice young girl was once caught in a combination of cir
cumstances that looked decidedly bad. Had she been one of those people who
think their friends ought to believe in them without explanation she would have
been badly misjudged. But she was more reasonable than that. She said,
"/ wouldn't blame my best friend for being suspicious of me under such cir
cumstances. We never really what any one will do, and it certainly looks
bad on the surface." So, instead of waiting for people to talfy, she went to
one of her most gossip loving friends and told her everything, with the proof.
The gossip, delighted io have inside information, spread the explanation abroad,
and a scandal Was averted.
Implicit and unquestioning trust is a rare quality), even among friends.
Since We seldom give it rye have no Tight to expect to receive it.
Lieutenant ami Mrs. James A. HlK
gins, who have been at the Palace ho
tel for the last fortnight. Will Ball to-j
day on the transport Logan for the
former's new station at Sehofield bar
racks. IT. T. Mrs. Hißsins, who before
her marriage was Miss Paulina Menge.
one of t'.e belies, of New Orleans, has
received a jrreat deal of attention dur
ing- her 1 -n here. As a fare
well to the ladies of the different posts
about San Francisco, who entertained
in her honor, she gave an informal tea
Palace yesterday afternoon.
4 \nt Higgins served at the lo
cal post as aide to General S. S. Sum
mer in \^ n ">, where he made a host of
friends not only Bt the Presidio but
In the Bohemian and Family clubs.
» » •
Mr. ;<r.il Mrs. Murray Warner, who
• tly have come to California, are
established in this city, where they have
jeased the Klwood Brown home in Pa- !
eific avenue for a year. Murray War
ner Jr.. who Is attending . Harvard, will
spend his vacation with his parents in
this city.
* * *
Miss f';ez anil Mis- Eephyr Plschel
entertained at a small dance in their
in California street last evening
in compliment to Kisa Rath Slack, the
fiancee of Judge Edgar Zook. Wood
■u-ardia, fernery and greens converted
reception halls into an attractive
ng for the affair. Among the 40
enjoyed the evening's pleasures
-h Slack, Miss Ila Sonn
tag. Miss Teresa Harrison, Miss Louise
Wallach, Miss Correnah de Pue, Miss
Liii.is Wheeler, Miss Olive, Wheeler,
Mi.=s Ktlu'l Wraaipelmeler, Dr. Board
man. Mr. Gray, Mr. Leibrnan and Mr.
Frank Kayser.
* » •
A dinner dance in honor of Miss O!ga
Ten :::mree of Isaac Up
ham. was given last evening in the
rooms of the Sequoia club by a group i
of their friends. Ferns and fruit 1
Mossomi afforded the decoration f*r
rooms, the general color scheme
comprising the Russian national colors,
ac and red. Among those Who
•ed the affair were Mr. and Mrs.
mett Mr. and Mrs. Karl Cura
: .'I Mrs. Clarence W. Doane.
and Mrs. Waldetnar Toang, Mis.«
Temoho\: •>. E-n'-s Sargent, XIM
Jean UcSwen, M!.= s Myrtle Young, Mrs.
Wood, Him Rothschilfl. Miss I^oiiise
Rivas, Mrs. Allan Dunne, Mrs. Newel,
■ Elizabeth Holmes, Fred Myrtle,
Jft--y Francis. Bpencer Grant, Arthur
rd O'Day, Frank Unger.
Dr. John Miller Stephens. Jfyland Bag
l»y, I ■ and Orrin Wilson.
• • •
Mrs. Hamilton Stone Wallace has is
invitations to a luncheon in honor
Ura. A i>. Howard ol Boston, who
is siending a few weeks with ber
daughter, Miss Frances Howard, in San
♦ * #
Miss Chrietlne McXab was hostesn at
pt\ iiifor' ins in the
horn , - of .her father, James M'Nab, in
Nomination of officers was the Im
portant bit of business with tho mem. i
of the Men Kedonda club at their!
yesterday afternoon, and J
D the election Is heM the first I'ri- ■
clay in May the following tfck«t will,'
be presented:
President. Mrs. O. l>. Sues: first vice'
president, Mrs. A. 11. Parbett; second!
; estdent, Mrs. Charles Wright;!
riling- secretary, Mrs. U A. IMS,
'<sponding secretary, Mrs. Charles |
Lay: ;isur<r, Mrs. Thomas
O'Rourke; financial secretary, Mrs. A.
P McDermo't; directors, Mr?. J. J.
Pratt, Mis. F. J. McKenzie, Mrs. W. S.I
ftar the business meet.ng, Miss
Mary Fairbrother conducted m. parlia- j
mentary law drill; Miss Anna •'hasp'
talked on the r»'d light injunction bill,}
which is awaiting the governor's •!»-!
nature, and E. P. K. Troy spoke on the
Geary street franchise for lower Mar
-treet to be voted upon this month.
1 The Association of I'ioneer Women
■terday afternoon in Mount
Tainafpais hall. Native Sons' building,
f<?» brief bueiness meet In R , . Tt was
! to Mnd J2O to the Ohio Society
Pioneers to be used in relief work
The matter of a future meeting plaoe
also discussed, the reconstruction
. : i'loneer hall rendering all of the
pioneer societies homeless for the time
Miss Floride Hunt and Miss Elizabeth
[Cunningham are and Mrs.
i Murray Sargent at their home In New
Haven. Miss Hunt will return to this
city early in May, when her uncle.
Judge William Hint of Washington,
D. C., will come west for a brief visit.
* * *
Mrs. Andrew Lawrence and Miss Law
rence have arrived from the east and
have taken an apartment at the St.
Regis !n Gough street for the sum
mer. Mr. Lawrence will come to Cali
fornia In June.
* # *
Colonel Ohnrles Augustus Doyan, U.
BL M. C. and Mrs. have Issued
invitations- to the marriage of their
daughter. Miss Alice Doyan, and Lieu
tenant Jaaon McVay Austin, coast ar
tillery corps. I. S. A., at 4 o'clock
Wednesday afternoon, April Iβ. In St.
Paul's church In Bremerton, Wash.
* ♦ *
Miss Corrennah de Pue was hostess
at an informal dance in her home In
Sacramento street Tuesday e-vening.
when she entertained a small group of
the debutante set.
* # #
Mrs. William Volkman was hostess
at a bridge party yesterday afternoon
in honor of Miss Madeline Clay, whose
marriage with Mr. Warren Harrold will
take place next Wednesday. Those bid
den to the affair were Mrs. .Tack Van
Sicklen, Mrs. Stuart Hawley, Miss Flor-
I once Henshawe, Mrs. Harry Checkering,
! Mrs. James B. Brady. Miss Marie Pay
son, Miss Harriett Stone, Mlvs Jose
phine Johnson and several others from
Oakland's younger set.
* * #
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Buck are receiv
ing the congratulations of their friends
on the advent of a little daughter in
their home in Berkeley.
* * •
Mrs. Shirley C. Walker and her in
fant daughter, Miss Dorothy Margaret
Walker, held an informal reception in
I their home In Jackson street yester
| day, the month anniversary of the
little lady's birth. The house wan made
fragrant with bowls of spring blos
soms, buttercups, iris and tulips being
arranged in an effective color scheme.
Mrs. Walker was assisted In receiving
try Miss Dorothy Richardson, who at
tended her ac maid of honor at her
marriage, and by Mrs. Harold Walker.
Mrs. Walker was formerly Miss Mar
garet Coffin, the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Horace Coffin of Mill Valley.
* * ♦
Mr. end Mrs. Joseph Sadoc Tobin will
open their country home In Burlingame
next week. During the winter they
have occupied the Mintzer re.«Mence at
Pacific avenue and Webster street.
* # *
Charles Koenoy has returned from
Seattle, where he spent two weeks at
the Hotel Perry with hie brother in
I law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Talbot C.
J Walker.
* # •
Mr?. .T. O. Kittle, Allan Kittle and
the Misses McLain will leave today for
;i trip to the Grand canyon.
Calendar for Today
Women's Club Work
Second illßtrlct mother*' ron
kppkm of < iilit'ornln, lonvrnlinn,
First < ougrmatUtunl church,
101.10 a. m. to 2i30 p. m.
Woniiin'a :in\ ill.-ir; , Society of
f fillfurnin I'loneei n, nnniiul hreak
t»Ht, FnlriiKint hotel, 11; o'clock.
I.oral Council of Women,
muiiihu luncheon and mretlns,
Hotel Brllevur, 1 p. m.
Tuninlpala chnpter, it. a. It.,
nt home, Monterey hall, N'atlve
Sons' biilldlnc, 3 to 5 p. in.
being. No teflnlte decision was reached,
the advantages of the Native Sons'
building, the Hotel Argonaut and other
possible meeting places being con
SANTA f'j.ARA. April 4.—At the reg
ular meeting of Santa Clara parlor No.
Lβ*. Native Sons of the Golden West,
William Walsh and Julius J. Sassen
rath were elected delegates nut A
Castra and B, Ifurley alternate* v> rep
resent the parlor at. the grand parlor,
which convenes at Oroville May ]:',
German House Is Scene for
Affair—Luncheon Fol
lows Dancing
Room Decorated With Flow
ers and Plants—Many
Guests in Attendance
T!ip Pentscher club gave an Easter
ball last, nigrht at the German House.
The ballroom was decorated with flow
ers and plants. At midnight dancing
erased and the guests adjourned to a
Hpht lunch.
The reception committee wa.s com
posfi] of:
Cxptnin George W. Rawer. Captain T. F. A. i
Ol.prmoyer. Gus Wolf. Charles V. l>*egf\ P. r>
Rathjpnit. Dr. Joseph Gunvitlo. IT. A. Hornleln.
Angus McKay. Fred T. Martens. J. 3. Datley,
0. A. R<.ii!pi.ii, Fred C. SfelM-. Tan] Steindorff.
A. J. Booker was thw firx.r manager, onststcd
hy 1,. W Ihike and W. E. Rrodereen and the
following: G.orge C. Sneider. A. 11. Egjers, IT.
i". r. M. Cornell. «>. E. Meussdorffer. W.
11. Qiiarc. C. E. l.ackemann. B. G. T-ewald. g.
M. Schmidt, J. Topp, Bert Pollack, l>r. Guy U.
Present were:
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert O. Alden. Mr. and Mrs.
Tni T. Aniz, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Attingrr, Mr.
and MrK. Asher, Mr. nivl Mrs. Mneo Alirens. Mr.
and Mrs. J. 11. Ankek-, Mrs. B. Aldricti. Mr. and
Mrs. <;. F. Albert!.

Mr. ami Mrs. Burgher. Mr. end Hit. R. J.
Rntirr. raptain and Mr-, George W. Bauer Mr.
an.) Mrs. A J. Becker. Mr. and Mr*. Bldwe'l.
Dr. and Un. A. Hoik, Mrs. J. C. Bauer. Dr. aud
Mrs. F. S. Baekmann. Dr. and Mm. T. IT. Brown,
Mr*. lupz R.-iuor, Un Ward Birilsall. MM. M
BtrAali, Mrs. B. Brure. Dr. and Mrs. .1. T.
Bartbnlomew. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bona.
Mr. and Mm. H. J. Cnrtas. Mr. and Mr«,
Samuel Crimt, Dr. and Mrs. K. J. Colemati. Dr.
and Mrs. Charles Clark, Mr. and Mr), .I"Uu A.
Ox-hrane. Mr. and Km. A. J. CiedMT, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Chrlstin. Mr. and Mm. K. U Oβ
burn. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Gocfla. Mr. and Mrs.
Jarues J. Coorari. Mr. and Mrs. E. Cxinha, Mr.
and Mrs. H. J. Curdee.
Mr. and Mr*. J. Doolittlp. Mr. and Mr?. 1.. W.
T'ske. Mr. and Mrs. F. W Itobrtnann. Mr. and
MIS. J. P. l>imne, Mr. and Mm. Frank H.
Dalley. Mr. and Mrs. George Dannemark, Mr.
and Mrs. F. n> Vey, Mrs. M. Doughty. Mr. and
Mrs. J. It. li.iwsnn. Mrs. James Deralwo, Mr. and
Mrv .Tames B. DtifTy. Mr. arnl Mrs. Juha J.
Mr. and Mr» Leo Enemark, Mr. and Mrs. J.
M. Etienne.
Mr. and Mrs. J. IT. Fannin. Mr. and Mrs. Irr
ing Frank. Mrs. Jessie Ferguson. Mr. and Mrs.
O, 11. Kreenr. Mr. mid Mr*. A. 11. Fegiiev. Mr.
and Mrs. r>. Frank. Mr. and Mrs. E. 11. I-Vnnry,
Mr. and Mrs J. W. Flannery. Mr. and Mrs. 11.
W. Furnlse, Mr. and Mrs. It. H. Fischbeck.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Olrard. Mra. M. I-.
Garrett. Dr. and Mrs. Cwinn, Mr. nnd Mrs. J.
Gnis». Mr. and Mra. William GUndetnann. Mr.
and Mr». W. V. Garms Jr.. Mr. ami Mrs. .1. V\".
Sortaa Mr. and Mrs. K. Go*tze, Mr. and Mrs. F.
Ulunck. Mrs. W. S. Grattan.
Mr. and Mra. F. Hans*. Mr. nnd Mr«. A.
yioffincnn. Mr. and Mrs. .Tflin Herman. Mr. and
Mrs H. Hyinan. Mr and Mrs. U Hansen. Mr.
and Mrs. 11. A. Honiletn, Mr. and Mrs. K. Hagp
maim. Cantaln and Mrs. J. D. ITelse. Mr. and
Mr-. Frrd HUhert, Dr. ami Mrs. C. 11. Hoffmann.
Mr. end Mr». Frank Ilsrrinetnn, Mr. and Mr«. H.
Haceuunnn. Mr. and Mrs. H. Hewitt. Mrx. Elaine
Horwege. Mr. and Mrs. Robert ITenry. Mr. and
Mrs F. Hess Jr.. Mr. and Mr*. 3. D. Holnt. Mr.
and Mrs. A. C Hatfleld, Mrs. S. L»slle Hawken.
Mr. and Mrs. J. George Us.
Mr. snd Mrs. CbarlPS Johnson. Mr. and Mr».
Otto Jnngblat. Mr. aiui Mrs. S. \V. Juba-on. Mr.
au.t Mrs. G. M. Jaek»on.
Mrs. N Knnwiton, Mrs. N. Kriwe. Mr. and
Mrs. 0. W. King, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Klein,
Mr. and Mr?. Simui-l Korn, Mrs. Kent.
Mr. and Mrs. William W. f.oewe. Mr. and Mr«.
William Lowliv Mrs. and Dr. R. I/. I.f»jan. Mr.
and Mrs. l>. H. T#e, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley I).
li*win. Mr. and Mrs. F.d Lnnstedt. Mr. and Mrs.
M. Liad, Mr. and Mtk. 3. G. Uswald.

Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Mehlnnrn. Mr. and Mr«
D. Morris. Mr. attij Mrs. Charles Meyer, Mr. and
Mrs. Angus Mc-Kav. lir. and Mrs. G. FI. Mlw,
Mr and Mrs. Rudolph Hohr, Mr. and Mrs. H.
Meyer. Mr. ard Mrs. M**-kfewll. Mr. and Hfl.
Fred Meyer. Mr. and Mm. *G»-onie R. Mr('oml>e,
Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Moulthrop. Mro. U Mag
psrf. Mr. and Mrs. F. IT. Martins. Mr. and Mrs.
E. J. Koner, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Mueller. Mrs.
J. A. Meti-alf. Mr. and Mrs. .1. Miiess. Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Mueller. Mr. and Mrs. Jbvepa H.
Moran. Mr. mid Mrs. K. V. Mo<>rane, Mr. and
Mr*. A. J. Miller.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Neal. Mrs. Nye, \fr. and
Mrs. J. Newbeglu.
Captain and Mrs. T. F. A. Obermeyer.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Pri*e, Mr. and Mrs. Joiin
Porrber. Mr. and Mrs. 11. Patterson, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Parks, Mr. and Mr*. Thoinae J.
IVarce. Mr. and Mrs. K. E. rfaeffle; Dr. nnd
Mrs. Claud Perry. Colonel and Mrs. Jams*
Powerx; Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Panery. Dr. and
Mrs. I). B. Flymlre, Mra. George Prosek.
Mr. aud Mrs. E. J. Queen.
Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Rnss. Mr. ami Mrs. J.
ReiniHT. Or. and Mrs. W. 11. HoLdnson, Mr. amj
Mrs. Undolph Relmer Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Rasa.
Mr. ami Mrs. J. U Kad.nrirb, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Russ. Mr. anil Mrs. John G. Rapp. I>r. and Mrs.
Hoot, Mr«. E. Hadiim, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Rle
me.r. Mr. nnd Mrs. 11. Ilof.enfiHd. and Mrs.
A. W. Relnecke, Mr. and Mrs. O. v. Ratlijens.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Mr and
Mrs. William It. Ring.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Schmidt. Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Srhweltr-er. Mr. and Mrs. It. Stlrnus. Mr.
and Mrs. Hehutte. Mr. and Mrs. Mai SrbmiUt,
Mr. and Mrs. A. (J. F<-ho!tz. Mr. and Mrs. T. p.
Sherman. Mr. and Mr?. (.eorg<- SiiU-K. Mr. and
Mrs. L. A. Stern. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Stonten
ber({. Mr. and Mrs. Cheney Sterenst, Mr. and
Mrs. Hart .Shield", Mrs. A. Seller. Mr. and Mth.
E Schernsteln, Mr. and Mra. ,T. Spamer. Mr
and Mrs. Otto SeboeotK, Mr. and Mrs. W. R.
Htiidemnnd, Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Harage, Mr.
and Mrs. F. Scholti. Mr. and Mrs. George
Rhrlnper. Mr. and Mrs. Louts MieTers, Mr. and
Mrs. George O. Sampson. Mr. and Mrs. G. Srhae
fer, Mr. and Mrs. B. Sheldon, Mrs. M. Sartorl,
Mrs. T. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Shroul
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. (Smith. Mr. nnd Mrs r>
Absolutely Pure
Absolutely has no substitute
Many mixtures are offered as
substitutes for Royal. No other
baking powder is the same in
composition or effectiveness, or
so wholesome and economical,
nor will make such fine food.
Royal is the only Baking Powder made
from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
Wagon !s Countess' Hearse
Wedding Robe Her Pall
I-O.XnOY. April 4. —A peculiar
funeral uaa hold nt Hartlnv
fordburj-, i:np;lani], yr-mtr-rday for
«he rountriia of who died
at < niiiui «!:ir«-b 23. The> coffin
loutiiininu th«- body nu taken
to the church on a timber waoron
lirnuii by jno farm hor»«ii. Tbt>
white pall over Ihe casket T\a«
made out of her vreddlna; robe.
S.ilfipM. Mr. and Mr«=. George C. Sneider, Mr. and
Mrs. Paul Steltidorff.
i Vf',* n JL Mrs - U Thoin-Wottlen. Mr. and Mm
Aflolph Trefz. Mr. ami Mrs. Charles r Thier
sch, Mr. and Mrs. Otto turn Snden Mr. and
Mrs. Andrew Tnrpio. Mr. and Mrs. !.' Tohriner
Mrs. A. E. TlHman. Mr. and Mrs w r> -
Thompson. " "
Mr end Mr,, h. .T. Vun Kirk. Mr. and Mr-..
w. yon Htwon. Mr. and Mrs. John you Uuson.
Mr. and Mra. K. 11. yon Zeuner.
Mr. nnd Mrs. 11. W Westnhal. Mr. and Mra
« W £- P , Well - M r- <"»rf Mr s - «W Wolf. Mr and
Mrs. Wilder. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wreden Mr
wJ.-. Mr, w "■ M - ' n ' r " dPn - «n<l «rs- Arthur
yVhitr. Mr. an.l Mrs. Charles Wrlcht. Mr and
Mrs. ,r. 0. W.m-ler. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore
Worn* Mrs. Loiilko Wegener. Mr. and Mrs. FVed
W Itzell. Mr. and Mrs. Tail! Woods Mr and
Mrs. W. J. Wreden. Nrrs. and Dr. A. Wallace,
WW. 11. B. Winkelman. Mr. and Mrs U r
Winkplnian. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wlndt Mr
enfl Mrs. W. Worden. Colonel and Mrs Deman
Wa«r»taff. Mr. and Mrs. William Wleholdt Mr
and Mrs. H. C. Warwick. Mr. and Mrs " Her
man Wertsrh. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Wallner.
H>. and Mrs. W. W. Yager. Mrs. Lottie Young.
fJertrnde Alexander. Helen Alkala.v, Maria Al
drlch. ISenlab Allen, Vloli.'t Alden. "
A. Behmner. E. Bphlow. Anna Boiler. Pel
phlno Bmn. Rita Baeaett. Jnlia Brua. B. Blaak
enberß. Fay Boytlen. Gay Boyden.
M. Chrlstersen. Florence CleT*. S. M. CortreU.
Irene Pplsol. Vlrginin I)avie«. 0. Oeßoom. B.
de Ve!a.7*co. F. de CordODe, Hawl Dameley]
Ir*n<? Elliott. E. Everett Helen Fisher, Joseph
ine Ferry. M»rie Fevrier.
Hazel Grannie, Emma <>rle«.
Porothy Hydes. K. Ilarrington. T.illlan Her
man, i'enrl Harcman. Harain. E. Hill.
Ulllan H.'lnz. R. Hilrlebrandt.
Anita John. Claire John.
X. Kmjrer E. Krnjrer. Rertha Krplc. 1.. Kahn.
M. Kllhau, Martha Klrnry.
IJlllan I.ampe. Kisie liClirberjrer, Edna Ix>ch
baum, 1-ulu Lorentz. E. Lowr. Grace Lochart.
MTTfle Marsh. Mar M.I-ean. E. Meherin. Alice
Mcf'onibe. N McKpwitt. Alma McCarthy. L.
Maple. Ijiura Mt-ycr. Clara Meyer. L Meyer.
Anna Ohlandt. Florence Obermeyer. May Ober
Dora Plajreraann. R. H.ijfmann. F. Proeek,
Alice PettPrsen.
Emma Rommel. Berths RsfloTlch. F.osle Rnega;.
B. Renslow, I.lnda Ruse, Birdie Rentschlcr. A.
I.anra Simon. Alam Stcen. Constance Rtenart,
Eleanor Steimke, Madeline Stralff. Freda Steln
durff. Erms Stelndorff, Clare Schmidt. Lenore
Sclller, Adele Seiller, Agnes Sievera. E. Schuster.
Arta Titjena, L. turn Suden, &f. Themsan.
0. Unjerman.,
A. Toet, Besale Yoltr.
Edna U Wlchmann. <ir»c* Wollpert. Winnie
Wredrn. G. Watson. Anna Wreden. Anita Wilson.

E. Zenker.
Albert 0. Anti.
Ray Berjtlnna. Fred J. Brand, Robert Belcher,
E. L. Bron, William J. Broderaen.
F M. Cornell. R. J. Calder, C. 0. Clausen.
Pγ. A. T. Pertiy, P. F. Dalley. Paul Peleol,
Charlea Dilbert.
John England, A. H. Efgera. Joseph Eber, F.
W. Kl*o!d.
W. A. Fr*dericks, T. Fuendeling*.
Auiruat Ornse. Joeeph CninTllle, James Gil
martin. Harry Gana, Henry (Jrobe, G. W. Gaaa.
Henry Gercke. Hay Gleasoo.
Albert H. ncrbert, A. Heitman. Ralph Hsljht,
II A. Haake.
Edvr»rd Kogrelberf. Adolph Koahland. Georje
Kern, Fred Kahn, Harold Kane.
H. C. Leater. Charles Iy>esch. William I>o*we
Jr., C. E. C. V. I-eeg*.
F. T. Marten", C. A. Melster, Howard E. Mohr.
Otto Ralph Maekay. Joseph Malfonite,
C. G. Mayhood, Frank Mettraan. 0. E. Meu«e
dorffer, Vlnreni Mcherln, B. 11. McPhun. John Jk.
McGee. Herbert Mauch.
Pγ. W. n. Nicholson.
Theodore Orerlaeh, J. J. O'Kaoe.
John F. Power, Bert Pollak. 0. Posner. Walter
0. Plagemann. Otto Pfeiffer. Walter Postel. Her
man PoeUchcr. J. F. l'lagemann, Captain Parce.
William H. Quarg.
L. Renard, E. Rochat, Oecar Rouleau. A.
Regenaberrer, H. F. Ranlmann. Q. K. Ralph. J.
M. lUtto, F. J. Ratto, W. Raur.
W. P. Strelff. William Slegel, F. C. Siehe
Morris Siml, H. M. Sobmldt, Knri Stelndorffer.
John P. Topp.
George Wagner, Wleaenhnter. R. 1,. Webb
A. Wageuer. William Wetfenhall, Armood
Welisch, J. Wirtuer.
I). Young.
E. Zwleleln. A. Zeltich.
A woman who looks' as though she
was staggering around under a bur
den of eecret sorrow is sure to turn
it loose.
Training of Troops Subject
of Directions by C. O.
of Department
Transport Logan Sails To
day—Other News of
Army and Navy
Important orders will be issued to
day hy Major General Arthur Murray,
commanding the western department,
under the provision of recent war de
partment orders, as to the periods al
lotted for the training of the troops
of the mobile army in this department.
Garrison training will last from
November 1 to December 31, 1913; field
training from April 1 to October 31,
Allotment at time for organizations
not brlg:a<ierl is made hs follows:
Second field arlillf-ry GsrriMa tratnin* by bat
torlPB: flrld rratstna;. April, Mai «n<l JniiP t>T
hattfrieu: AiteiiKt. artillery tnrgr't prurtlriv S«>p
tpnihtr am] October. !>■.- bntt»lion and raiment
If practicable Iα • •mmpctinn with otlirr troops.
Rpvolffr tHrKft prtctlre to t>e hpM as v "<>n n<
the new automatir pistols h«Y<» bocn re-vived.
Fi;-Kt ravalry -Garrison First and
Thlnl squadrons, sis wopks to tn ops jiml two
Wfeks to squadron: Second *qun<lron. cntfrp pprlixl
To trOOpw: field training. Fir-it squadron. April 1
to IS and October 1,1 to "1 to squadron. nni;ilndrr
of perirwl to tr.»>p«: Sproii! and Thlnl squadron*.
April. May August and Octohor to troop*, rp
mainilor to squadron. Owlnc to flic nature of the
duties of tbe Second mjniirl'-on inrl ciimatir con
ditions tUp comriiandlnj: officer Is pprmittpd to
depart from tljin Frhodnlp. Any chaiiKOs will be
report.d to lifndiimirters.
Company F. battalion of onjtlnpprs. by company.
Company B, ficl.l sitrnal rurp*. by ot.inpauy:
tPohnlral field work two dnyp n wrek.
Kipld hospital No. l> and ambulant- No. 2. by
orjranlzntioiis. spparatf , and comblnnd.
Thirtieth Infantry --Owinß to climntio condi
tions at tli» KtHtlons or tills re(rlni<-nt an allot
ment of time will be mail* by tlie regimental
'•omnnndiT i> nd sent to department headquarters
for approval.
The commanding officer of the Pacific
roast artillery district will carry on
the instruction, training and target
practice for coast artillery troops as
prescribed in the regulations just is
It Iβ announced in the order that It
ie important to maintain training un
der each heading , , garrison and field, to
the periods designated, but no s>harp
lines will be drawn, the object being
to. obtain the best results possible.
jk * *
The transport I.ogan will sail toiny
at noon for Honolulu and Manila with
100 first class passengers, f>4 second
class passengers and 3St) army and navy
The ranking officer will be Rear Ad
miral 11. S. Stanford, U. S. N., but the
commanding officer will be Major
Johnson Hagrood, coast artillery corps,
the ranking army man.
For the first time the goes
out with a quartermaster's agent in
stead of a quartermaster captain, John
McCarthy assuming the duties. The
cargo is a general one of army sup
* # *
The transport Sherman is expected to
arrive from Manila April 12.
Colonel Charles St. J. Chubb, In
fantry, has been relieved from duty In
the central department and has been
assigned to duty with the Kleventh
infantry. He will remain for the pres
ent at Omaha. Neb., and April 30 will
proceed to Texas City. Tex., and as.-uime
command of his regiment.
* # *
Major S. Sorlpy has been pro
moted from captain in the Fourteenth
infantry and assigned to the Twelfth
Captain "Ward Dabney haK been pro
moted from first lieutenunt of the
Twenty-flrtt infantry and assigned to
the Sixth infantry.
* * *
Captain Ciyffarrf Game. First infan
try, has been assigned to the Blxtta in
# * *
Captain George B. Pon4, quartermas
ter corps, has been rolieved from duty
as assistant to the general superin
tendent, army transport service, to
take effect on the expiration of his
leave, and will proceed to Kort Mc-
Dowell and report for assignment for
duty as assistant to the quartermaster.
* «• w
The funeral of Captain Hiram Mcl>
Powell, retired, who «lie<! at his home
in Tucson, Ariz., was held yesterday
afternoon at the Presidio, at 2 o'clock,
interment beini? in the national cem
etery. Major John 1,. Hinds, Sixth in
fantry was in charge of the arrange
Omrjr anil Mason --I*hone Franklin IW
In R!iln .Tohnsrtn Yminjt'n Nrw Play,
PRl<f:.S*-*l..V>. $1. V.jc end r.oc.
In Charles Klfln"n Department Store Romance,
' I Al!i:\\i:i,l CONIKHT
TICKKTB-—52.00, |1.90 and It.'*), it Shfrman.
City & i\i.'a ami Kohl.-r * Chaie'a.
Stelnwey Pi»oo.
* W f% A n * nrar PowdL
All A/aX rhon, KrKT °r 2
tlUVnuniliinr rt>oa« C 4453.
Mat. Today and Tomorrow
Charles Waldron
MADELEINE IX)UI8 and the AiVnzar Co. In
A Karce-Cnmedy Adfiptod from tlii> French.
Price*—M«ht, 25c to $1; Mai.. asc to 00c.
N>xt—Mß. WALDRON. MISS I.OV'.S mid Oα In
A N*tt Dete<?tSv<p «*otneily
Social Dance and Grand Opening
Of Moose Auditorium
niron t>? Sun |Tr«nriFiv» No. 2e. I. O. O.
inlMilon. ci.iiniiM, 50e; <rxlra l«<Jy, .sc. Hooce
Court Vfolds \ht York I,bw Permit*
Annulment of Vow* If She i»
XKW YORK, April 4.—Trial mar
riages for young , women under IS yars
are legal in Mew York, acordlng to a
decision by Supreme Justice Cohnlan.
If she marries with the consent of her
parents and leaves her husband before
she attains the age of 18, the present
law permits her to come into court and
obtain a decree of anulment, he de
"This !s to all intents and purposes
provided in such rases of trial mar
riages,-" he said. "Ft is a condition the
remedy for which lies with the legisla
ture and not with the court."
The decision was in the case of Mrs.
Iva Mundfll Coster, who sued to an
nul her marriage with Norman B.
ments; Captain Hillman, Sixteenth In
fantry, officiating. The Sixth infantry
band played and a detachment from
that regiment acted as escort.
* # *
Captain Eilwln A. Hickman. Fir3t
cavalry, Fort Yellowstone, has been de
tailed for service and to till a vacancy
in the signal corps.
# * *
Captain Lawrence B. Simnnds. quar
trrmastcr corps, who is on duty at
department headquarters here, haf> been
granted two months' leave of absence.
* * *
Captain George 1). England, Twen
tieth infantry, Is detailed for general
recruiting service end on the expira
tion of his leave of absence will pro
ceed to, Jefferson barracks, Missouri,
for duty, lie has been placed on the
list of detached officers.
Registered at army headquarters yes
terday were: Major Wallace Dβ Witt,
medical corps, Sihofield barracks, en
route to join from leave. Lieutenant
L. A. Kefauver, medical corps, Manila;
Lieutenant Paul W. Gibson, medical
corps, Manila, en route to Join; Lieu
tenant Mert Proctor, Second field trtil
lery, en route to the Philippines; Ma
jor Ralph Harrison, Fourth cavalry,
Honolulu; Captain L. 11. Hanson, med
ical corps, Manila; all of whom will
sail on the transport Logan today.
Army Orders
(Special Dispatch to The Call)
WASHINGTON. April 4.— Colonel W. T.
Wood, infantry, found incapacitated, is retired.
Major Robert s. Smith, fqartermastec corps,
to Fort Ben Harrison, vice Ueotenant Colonel
Amos \V. Kluihiill, qimrtermMster eorp*, to Chi
engo as asHlstaut cuicf quartermaster, cnntral
Captnln Robert F. Woods, coast artillery, re
lieve Capt.tln faun's It. Peorle, qii:u terniß~-fer
coqis, an ()i!;(rtiTian«ter «t Vaitt Wunlfii ami
coast d?fensp»i of I'ite*>t sound and ckUB
of constructlon work at Torts W.inh-n. Flaffler,
Ward and Casey. Captnin I'ourle to Sim mi
cisi-K as »s«l!st:int iiii/irterinaster of western
dopartment until August 5, thence to the I'bilip
Captain J.irus A. Moore, quartermaster corps,
from Philippines, October 0, to United smes.
Captnin Bernard Sharp. Third Infantry, to
•crt Bayard, examination tor retirement.
Captain Edmund R. Tompkiui*. quartermaster
»orp«. to Texan City, as assit-taut eliief quarter
ouster, second division.
Second Lieutenant HaroTd A. BtrsOM, coast
»rtiil*n p . asiilnned to One Iliuitlred a-nl Eljht
•enth company April ].">,
I.oaves nt absence: First Lieutenant ,To!in n.
4mee. dentai eurjjeon, three rnoothx from May 1:
Colonel John A. Ilupll, Jadgt advocate, MM
nonth, thenci- to tl;e I'hl Ippincn.
Navy News
♦— »,
(Sperial DKpatrh to Ttso CalU
WASHINGTON. April 4.—lJpiitenant Com
mander .7. 1.. Stli-Ut, detached. Waetiingflon,
liom*; nalt nrdcrs.
T.ietitcn»nt C. S. VandiTb«vk. pieced on retired
Lieutenant (junior srn»dp> ('. (i. Dayy. dc
tnoh'd staff Rpur Admiral W. H. 11.
aid on ntnfT of Rear Ail ml nil Walter C. Cowiei
on c-:i!if,,rr,ln.
Kn«i|(a W. F. Ij-t- Jr. to New llnmpiblrp.
Chief Bixitswalu William UvrriiiKfr u> navy
3'a.rd. PofUmoatfa.
Bwttwtll II J. Williams to receiving sUlp st
K>w York.
Ma.-hinlst R. G. Moody to na»«l ooal dfpot.
itatioa, !!. I.
Mechlniat T. W. Jenklnn. detached from Xc
bniika. on l^arp.
Vay\nn*trT Piork A. S. TrePilman appointed
Oregon and RalflpU.
Pa.vniifter Clork I*. J. McClon'iry appointed
V\>«t Vlrflnia.
PH.vmnstPr Clerk D. W. Bpotherfy,
tl<m Mwatae, to tabo KTeot April (\n.
I'a.viiiaftrr ClerScH P. 3. Veloiso ami G. M.
Kvf.irth, n>«iKTtatiiin* aeeeptnl.
I'pon nrriral of tlif CaHfnrnlf at RvaTiaaa,
Mex., (Ing of commander In chief of tin- PaciSc
fl«'t will tip transferred from rlii? Ootando to
the Callfornia.
Of *R*tV\. w.StOCVttOH-fe-
Madnrr Today and Kvery Day
by George V. nihart; lUG PITY FOTR
CHARI-KS F. BTfMON. "Thf Nurrnw TpWct" ■
"A Regular n,,b Fellow": BOBHY BARRY and
AMY MOIITrMKR. in "After the Ktn"; HO
LORES VALLECtTA ami l.er frimp of In<!ian
KIXR. r.A TOST \ mvl c, • r ast
W»»>k. SAM iTAXX and Co. In "The N«w
Prewnts Ills Latest and CnnlWl InTefttiM
sjiow.v rxni.fSTVKT.v at TTiK nnpur.i.M.
I'rlivs i> -, Be, 50c, ".">(■; Lc'.x S<«»t<,
ll.ee. >ratinre Prieee (i»xrept Similar, anil
d«yt)~10.-. 25c. mv. pHONR IKHT.T.AS 70.
i—^—^—^———^—— ■
\y£LJ^ <r POP ,r MAT. r TODAY
WED. AND SAT. MATS.. ."Or TO »1.50.
Xieht* .V)r to $2. Tills Week and N* it
Curtain it |:lfi MphtH. J:VS MathtMS.
I ~~ —— I
\W*it if rI"S WJI n ' ■ m "'- ,,
Market THi
CiiH«. 11. Mi]"hlman. Maneger
Dnllv Mat. at -:30. Maht nt S:!M>
Reserve! Scats, 25i and 50c.
starts Fkxt Monday matinkb
"Atop of the World
in Motion"
bbvomi I
SwlitimiuK anil Tub ilntha
Salt water dlrvot from th« ocp»n. Oppn
fvery <tny anil eTi'tili!£. iiu'linllng Sumlavs
and bollOajK. from Ca. on. to 10 p. m. BpM>
taton' gallery free.
The Sanitary Baths
Natotorlnm mcmi Tuesday mid Frldny
morulnj{e from 0 o'clock to noon for vromrii
Hot Air ht.iT Dryert, Electric Curlinc Iron*
and Shampoo Room for Women Bather* Free.
Mrs. Laidlaw Horrifies Sis
ters With Suggestion of
Ivy Supported by Oak
(Sn«W*l niopatch to Th* Cell)
XEW YORK, April 4.—The first
flower In the suffrage garden at No. 48
Kast Thirty-fourth street, was planted
this- morning.
Miss Mary Hay. leader of the
woman's suffrage party which recent
ly moved into its new quarters, placed
a yellow pansy In the center of a plat
prepared by her own hands and her
sister gardeners followed with any
thing yon a rhododendron to a field
daisy. Miss Hay wore an attractive
gardening- costume of black chiffon
surmounted by a black hat adorned
with clouds of pale blue feathers a la
Proceedings were halted for some
time when it was said by a person
of the reportorial Ilk that Mrs. James
Lees was armed with a
climbing ivy vine she had prepared
to plant at the foot of a sturdy oak
tree at one side of the garden. The
vine and oak combination being di
rectly opposed to party principles, the
valient leader in the votes for women
battle east it aside and substituted a
package of sunflower seeds. These
were scattered along the back fence.
"The color scheme of this garden
will be yellow," explained Mrs. Jamee
Lees Laidlaw. "Nasturtiums, golden
glow, sunflowers, every variety of blos
soms with sunshine in Its nature will
find a welcome spot In the suffrage
garden. Those purple and yellow pan
sies are kind thought for Michigan,
which we hope to add to our list of
suffrage states after Monday."
Prominent among the planters of the
morning were: Mrs. Mary Hay, Mrs.
James Lees Laidlaw, Miss Emma Beck
er and Mies Dorothy Steele. Mrs. My
ron B. Vorce of Cleveland, a veteran
of the Ohio campaign and Miss Flora
Gapen of Wisconsin, another western
worker looked on. Col. Ida M. Crafte
of hiking fame, was in command.
The hurried ltincheon for today, price
fifty cents, will consist at:
shredded Breast of Turkey with
green peppera.
Corn Fritter*.
Potatoes n la AnnrlaUe.
Lettuce Siilad Tilth Grape Fruit and
. Plmlentoe.
\ Icnn.i llollH.
Pineapple Sherbert with ■mall fancy
Small black coffee.
7773 Blouse with \>M, 14 to 42 bust.
: CIin.MiaETTK.
Vesta and peplunis ar» among the
[■BMtrtMt fe»turee of 11 f> spring. Here
lis a blouse that includes both. The
model is very simple, consisting of a
i simple blouse with ore piece sleevee
i anil a one piece peplum. The sleevee
j are Joined to the blouse in the "set in"
; style. The peplum can be fitted by
; means of darts or it ci'.n b» Kathered
iat its upper edge. It it la n<H wanted.
iit ran be omitted altogether. In this
! cap* , the vest, which extends helow
! tlie w.iisf line, is cut off at the lower
! odpo of ifie hloiisp. In the illustration,
' broche crepe is trimmed with white
I and dark satin end the efl>. t is ex-
I tifmely smart. Made of v>!ue char
j wttUM with collar and cuffs of coral
] and vest of white, the blouse could be
combined with a skirt of blue to make
an exceedingly pretty and fashionable
! gown. Uicii and handsom* brocades
! are being much omd and they are
iovtly for vest effects and for collar
and cuffs upon materials of dark tones.
I This model would be pretty made of
! dark blue with coUar, cuffs and vest
jof one of those brocades. Long sleeve*
are very fashionable, but the shorter
ones ftre quite correct and, if elbow
I siocvf s iisc preferred, these sleeves can
be finished in that length. The pat-
I tern includes a chemisette.
For the medium size, the blouse will
I require 2 T « yards of material "7, t%
yards 36 or 2 yards 44 indies wide,
with % yard for the vest, % yard 27
j for the. collar and cuffs*. ',» yard 18
laches Wide fur the chemisette.
The pattern of the blouse 7773 Is cut
iin sizes from 34 to 42 inches bust
I measure. It will be mailed to any ad
! dress by the Fashion Department of
this papor on receipt of 10 cents.
I Name «
I Address
Size '-. .«

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