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■■ ■'•.■' ■ .".■■' . .■" .v' ' •< '.■':.■
:x —■ 7 ? .
Practically Every Yacht in
the San Francisco Fleet
Will Be Out for the
Fan Francisco? Yacht club members
and their friends had a hilarious time
at the clubhouse at Sausalito yester
day. Near/ V 400 guests attended the
• opening - reception • and dance in .the
afternoon, and in the evening 150. mem
bers sat down to the opening dinner.
The day's festivities were voted a big
J> success, and today the amateur tars
will be out for their first official sail :
* tinder the leadership of Commodore R.
PcU. ""' H *?^^^S
*~ Commodore Pell will hoist his flag on
J. R. Hanlfy's handsome schooner yacht
Martha today. The commodore's own
yacht, the Discovery, will also he out
In charge of the "chip of the old block."
Rod Pell. The Martha, flying the com
lore'fl flag, will head the squadron
of,yachts on the cruise"round the bay,
the starting gun being timed to ex
plode about 10:30.
The various skippers will be given
instructions from the Martha before
-the set sailing time, and when the
-•'hooks are weighed will fall in-line
behind the commodore's flagship. Leav.
ing the San Francisco clvb T anchorage
at Sausalito the program is to sail
across the bay to the Presidk) shoal
buoy,* and from there the? whole fleet
will cruise along the water front to
the" ferry building.
Practically every yacht in the San
Francisco fleet will be'out for? today's
cruise in squadron. Many yachts that
formerly belonged to other* clubs 7 are
how on the register of the San Fran
cisco club, and these will take ; their
initial sail today as members of this
club. Among.these are? the Genesta.*
Discovery, Ruby, the Ruby S and the
Emma, • ; ' » .. r ■. >
Special attention. will be paid to the
'fleet of schooner yachts that will be
out with the San Franciscans.. The
Martha, of course, will be there. ♦ Then
the old Chispa will be 7 out, -with/its
altered sail plan, the Caprice, the Ag
gie, the flying Seafarer and the" new
eastern yacht- Kdris will have Its first
cluh sail today. *
The Aeolian Yacht club is also sched
uled to have Its opening sail in squad
ron today. Early this morning the
motor boats belonging to the club will
tow the sail yachts out of the creek.
Commodore George Jones will hoist
his flag on the trim sloop Wave, and
will issue orders 7to the skippers to
head for -Belvedere.
On arrival off the .Corinthian Yacht
club house the opposition yacht club
Will he officially saluted from the flag
ship Wave, and from there the Aeo
lian squadron will head for Sausalito,
where the San Francisco Yacht club
■will be duly saluted as well. Leaving
Sausalito the fleet -will head for the
Sa n Francisco water front, and it is
expected that the San r Francisco, club
fleet will be passed and further salutes
exchanged. .
A The* Pacific Motor Boat club will
have a cruise with their power boats
today. Commodore Hawkins, in his
cruiser and flagship La Ola. will head
tie fleet of cruisers and.power boats.
Others scheduled to participate in the
erniser class are Dr. George? L. Bean's
Virginia, that won the club cruiser
race last year, the Leonore, Naiad, Lisa
and Isabel.. r~
If the weather conditions permit the
Pacific motor boat fleet will cross to
Sausalito and join the San Francisco
*»cht club fleet in the cruise along the
San Francisco water front. If the sea
is at all choppy this part 7 of: the pro
gram will be eliminated, and 1 the fleet
of motor boats will cruise round Belve
dere and Tiburon. This has been de
cided on owing to the large number
of small boats that would be unable
to cruise across the bay. X
Yesterday the club held open house,
which was largely attended. During
the afternoon -a series of aquatic
sports were pulled off, including : canoe
races, tilting in canoes and an exhibi
tion by C. H. Crocker's high power
speed boat and M. B. Wallach'sf speed
boat Glory. The day's festivities* were
finished up with a dance in the even
The Eureka yacht Oreadeas, which
arrived last week from the | iipcoast
port to race the San Francisco Yacht
club defender for the Challenge cup, is
being put In order for the; big event.
The boat will not be out for. Its first
sail until next week, when it is ex
pected that It will be in 7 shape for a
trial over the course that the race is
to be sailed over.^f^^^^^^
The Corinthian Yacht club' has an
open date today. The majority of the
yachts will be out : today, -probably,
cruising round the bay to*witness the
squadron cruises of the San Francisco
and Aeolian yachts. ,
Former Commodore Dudley J. Keane
and Captain George Martin of the Cali
fornia Yacht club, 7 recently returned
from a seven weeks' cruise in the arch
ipelago regions of Tahiti. The local
salts reports wonderful, cruising 7 in
these southern waters, with a pictur
esqueness that is 7altogether? different
to anything to be found on§this coast.
They kept a sharp look 7 out?for the
schooner Commodore, which left ? here
several weeks ago ; for the islands, \in
charge of Louis Ward, also of the Aeo
lians. The schooner .was-not; sighted,
however, and it >? was surmised that
Ward had : taken a more westerly
course to get advantage of the trade
winds. — "
Santa Clara Nine Beats
Nevada Rivals
■7. ■':■■ '■■-. ■:: ; - -' .. .... » ~ _- - .._--■-' .* .-.--.
SANTA CLARA, May 3.—Santa Clara
beat their rivals, Nevada,"easily .in? to
day's contest for the intercollegiate
championship between.these .two insti
tutions. The twirling of Voight and
Nino was too much for the Sagebrush
nine. Ferris, the highly touted bearer
for the Nevadans, was t bumpedJ reel
From the outstart'there was never any
doubt as to who would''win. . It was
only a?; question of what the score
would.be. The score:
v . • •- • . j:. B. K.
Nevada ."2 '■> 5 "7
Santa Mara ..........v; ....'. H*'*tl2 " 12 ' 3
Batteries—Ferris - and - Brighain; Voight, " Nino
and Ratnage. . . , .
1 LEXINGTON. Ky:XMiy?3.— Riehar.l S. Webb,
1 former assistant football coach > and - Instructor tat
the State university of: Kentucky,\ was acquitted
J todayof the charge of arson Is connection with
the burning, of , the of flee of: Prof. ; Paul t Anderson
dean of » the engineering department of the uni-
The schooner on the left is the Martha, which will be the flagship of the San Francisco Yacht club fleet. The other yacht is C. E. Miller's
Yankee of the Corinthian fleet, which will be out for the first time today. Commodore Hawkins of the Pacific Motor Boat club is shown
between the two yachts, and below the Yankee is the speedy cruising motor yacht Virginia, the champion of its class of the Pacific Motor
Boat club, which also opens the season today. . . •
j Ray Campbell Beats )
I Fighting Dick Hyland
VANCOUVER, B. .Cm May 3.—
Bay Campbell,; formerly of San
Francisco, and ; a" boxer ; who has
established quite a:. reputation
over the abort? distance route In
the northwest durins; the last
few ; months, \ came to . the j front
in leaps , and '.bounds?'today at
*»teve«ton, when- lie j cleverly and
• dearly V outpointed 7 the famous '
••Fighting Dick"/ H; land/ a for
mer world's title aspirant in the \
lightweight ranks,' in a 15 round
' bout, which 7proved . to; be > one ? of .'
, the ? best •- ever '. witnessed ? around
Vancouver.?;'lA'; left jab with a
right ; cross that landed more
often than <it missed, 'won? the
bout for Campbell, .
"Jock" Soutar of Philadel
phia Defeats Charles Wil- )
Hams of England
PHILADELPHIA, : May? 3.— "Jock"
Soutar of Philadelphia today won the
professional - racquet "championship ?of
the world by defeating Charles Wil
liams of England, the title holder, ?at
the Racquet club. -The scone was 15—2,
15—8, 15—4, 15—3. 7,* XX
The' conditions of the match were
that seven games should be played on
a . London court and seven on : a Phila
delphia court. .The first-half-of; the
match was t played at i the * Queen's club,
London,? on April7srs and resulted in a
victory for .7 Williams, : four games' to
two, : but he had an advantage 'of only
10 7 aces. •. To win the championship
Soutar' had to take four straight games
and score more aces than his rival.
Soutar,7 took the ( four 7 games in f easy
fashion?and? in doing so; put together?
43? aces. 7 Besides?, the world's title, the
men played for v a stake .of , $2,500 a
side. 7 7 y-Af.- ?7? TXXXxX.X' '~ AA'A
. Jay Gould, New York, and W. 11. T.
Huhn, Philadelphia, holders of the ama
teurfjdoublesviohamplonship: of the
United States, today defeated F. 7C. 4
Tomkins. Philadelphia, and 7 Peter La
tham, A: England, ? former world's 7 chain-:
pion, at $ court y tennis ;lat'? the Racquet
club.. The score was 6—5, 6—3,*~ '7—5.'
' y The * new champion played a whirl
wind match, and after *■ the first game,
which he ' t00k, % 15 to" 2, there >. seemed
toi be little doubt that he would win
the world's f title. * His attacks'»were
sharp, and 7 his .defense was practically
perfect?*:?? His service was ', accurate and
hisllightnihg] playing had the English
champion 4 in distress «' at i: times.*,:;'.' 7X7c7
X Williams': played a,* little better to
form in the second v game, but the
American ran out X his 7 necessary 15
while the Englishman "could; only ac
cumulate?' 8 points. , .-
77 In7the, third?? game both players? be-;
gan to show the effects'; of the fast
pace and the heat, the weather being,
: the warmest of the year. X? 7 '7-7 ;?
(Special ; Dispatch to The Call)
7CHICO.! Mar 3.—The rout fishing- season,: that
opened * yesterday 7 has i; thus 7 far been 8J a * record
breaker for big r catches. Last 1 night and ' today,
fishermen 'haves been i-oming to town J with re
markable strings and J report the I fisTi in aboil
dance".' to - all of - the. small streams and tribu
taries to the Sacramento. In the foothills and
mountains:: to' the 'ease, of Chico fis'iltig is better
titan It ha. been for -0 ears. .
Kid Kenneth, the Conqueror
of Kaufman, Meets Porky
Flynn Friday Night
Kid Kenneth, the latest 7 California
heavy weight wonder, will make 7 his
■ Initial appearance in this city as j a
I-boxer on next Friday) night, when he
will appear ,at the Pavilion rink in a
"four; round bout with? Porky* Flynn, I the
IBoston heavy weight. * Kenneth Is? a
product of the oil* fields near Taft. He
j has had a number of fights in that sec
-7 tion, and as a results of i a string of
I clever victories,77 the local promoters
have been: angling? for his services.7, 7
I?? HarryX Foley, who has refereedXa
! couple of?, Kenneth's fights,? declares
| that he is a great prospect, and should
|be given a fair chance, };7He c says \ that.
i the Taft I man is; a true ) fighter,'- being
I very; aggressive ;as [ well as I possessing
plenty of ? hitting ability. '7 Foley
creed the battle between Kenneth land)
Al ; Kaufman,'.: in which ? the latter ? was
knockedi out? In; seven rounds. '7 That
I was Kenneth's best fight,*. but since
| then he ~ has : won " several? bouts 7 by
I knockouts. ■':'. ?' r '?"7 /'???/??•'?.".?? '. /7;?7?77
X XPorky.vFlynn?ls" a seasoned warrior,
| having;met Sam Langford| Joe Jeanette
and the best big; men in the heavy
weight?; division.?.; : He - should ; prove /a
suitable; opponent for "Kenneth." If
! the? latter' can ?"defeatX Flynn, 7he is
surely ) line for some good matches
in-. this section. vf?: Both fighters are I ;in
training )f or) Friday.? night's bout. **
Vie Hansen, another fighter from the
oil fields, will appear. He is v matched
to box Jimmy /Howard; the Chicago
middle weight. Hansen ; is ;a? very ca
pable performer,?; having 7 won a num-
I ber of ? goes at Taft and The
men have agreed *to box at 160 ' pounds.'*
Percy Cove and Freddie Couture. 126
pounders, will? clash: 7? Both are willing
scrappers f and ?? figure ?? to* i, supply}; plenty
of action. 7 Eddie 7 Miller will box
Frankie Dolan, the 1 115 pound cham
pion of; the Olympic club. . Dick Ken-
; dall * will? take j on "Freddie -Hammen ?of
Oakland. _ * » J :
\A There iis a special bout |on i the card
which t should prove a' hummer. * Jimmy
Fox, the crack 122 pounder, ? who has
beaten nearly every?! boy "of? his weight
in this section, will oppose Jimmy Car
■ roll, a)* one time contender - for the
■bantam?? weight championship. Some
: month's % ago Carroll earned a decision
over Fox, but the latter has improved
greatly since- that time. JH3$&&
.Joe ; Herrick and Tom Nikola meet in
;'aX return battle. Kid I Bertftlsen ; meets
Mickey Hogan, and Bubbles Robinson
and George Engle will :go on .in the
curtain raiser.
AMKS,? la.. May 3.George Clark. w b* nitched
part -v of ; last % season $ or,?< New 3 York* and % then
was ifarmed! to 1 ? Rochester.? lias _, been \ ordered.?'to
report to|the New iYorkfAmericans } immediately "
Clark is ,at > present a student in the state agrl' J
cultural i college s here. He a was | sent* a i contract
by ; Rochester this year, but refused to | sign g and
was « suspended. 3 lie is imf condition» to ) play,"/ as
he has i been helping coach the college 1 baseball
team.", He will "leave here tomorrow. -' •
EXETER, N. H.. May??; Captain H. T.
Worthington kof ,1 Phillips-Exeter academy broke
the world's Interscholastic record for the run
ning 3 broad 5 jump at the annual meet with | the
Harvard * freshmen 0 today. Worthington * ; leaped
23 feet 5% inches, three-eighths of an inch better
thansthe 1 previous \ mark, : .made *by» E. T. Cook
atr*-ChllHcotbe.*£o.. In 1906. Exeter woo. tbe
meet' by a score of ,61 V_t *to 46%. ■ '-' A--.
a __, +
Toledo 1. Minneapolis 10. • ' ' .vmffl&
Columbus s. Kansas City O
Louisville 10, St. Paul 5- ~ .•
mmm?.- ...-. - -*
Varsity Athletes
Buck Fierce Storm
DES MOINES. la.. May v 3. —
! Contenting In fleld and track;
events;ln'spite of a flood of ,rain,
Ames defeated?. Ilrakc in "■ a 3 dual
meet here today/- 77£_7to 4:' V».
The 7 meet was *7 scheduled for
• Amen, ' bnt that track was flooded
early. Considering? conditions,
unusual ;■ records were made,
Stnhl, * Drake's "; 7 Indian 7? runner,
running the quarter In /;: :51 1-5
and Dickenson of Ames . running
the 220 yard dash in 7»22 4-5. Ames -
made; few points ;in J the field,'? but
swept ? the J rack events except In b
the quarter.
Tennis Championship Con
test Transferred From
San Francisco
LOS ANGELES, May 3.—The state
tennis f singles > championship? contest,
,left undecided when the Ojai tourna
ment ?closed?last week, .will-be} played
off at Pasadena next Saturday between
William Johnston, the state champion,
and' John '■ Strachan, •) one *of , t the"; state
doubles champions. The two San Fran
cisco cracks had intended to play the
match 7 off ? at? Golden Gate park, but
changed their minds when an invitation
was sent to them by Pasadena." X 77?
They will ? i be the principal attrac
tion at the three day Pasadena tourna
ment. Strachan will bring Griffin, his
partner In the state doubles champion
ship. Johnston!will be accompanied
by '; Ella* Fottrell, his ,'doubles ?; partner/
Dolphin Special Features
For Today
.-V'; .... , -• : ■''■-*-.:-"■,"...:.' ;A ..--r t ... .... ;._■.-.:.,"- --.'■"
j7 Members* of the Dolphin rowing club
will hold their annual ladies' day and'
club barge championship this \ morning,
at- the«? clubhouse, foot U of Van Ness !
avenue. A special feature has been
put on the program in the shape of a
cutter race between a "crew* from the
naval b reserve training ship Marble
head and a crew from the Dolphin club.
The Junior skiff championship of the
club will be contested between Ringe
man7 and 7 Rocca, these >! men ' having
gone through the preliminary heats '
during the last two weeks without
meeting a defeat. " Today they will
row off for the championship honors of
the club, over the mile and a half
k$ The barge •£ championship will be
rowed in, two heats.7.- -The > first heat
will be between the Irish and Dutch
crews .- and • the - second between the :
French and Italian crews. The two
winners will row *In * the final. 7 The
crews 4 for: the various events follow:
Cutter ' race—Marbelbead crew, McDonan,
Kurts, Johnson. Abbott. Aratta. Ehrenfort,
) Polhl, Deans, Kupreck, Dnray,*s Bode. Dolphin
crew— Harris. Descalso. M. Hagerdon,:& Dougherty,*;
ißerges,«B»ldezonlX Johnson. Vicinl, Wlnand,
■ Mlnzemayer,i Conneff.V * > , sam&ffM
ij Skiff I race if or j club "championship—Blllyl Binge
man .vs.- Al ■, Rocea. * .- 'yta^f^t
&3 Barge championship—lrish crew, Pat j Flynn
bow, Tim O'Brien i 2. Dtonie I McCormlck 8.? All
Sullivan B stroke. X Dutch crew—Zacharlaa bow.
•Mtnsemeyerjfi "MiH-gertton H 8.%fAl js Hagerdon
stroke. French I crewßertrand | bow, 7 Bordenas
2. Babe Berges 8. Cants!stroke,'.. Italian crew—
o lovlnonai £, bow, Balderonnl ?3. Rocca ?3, Viciel
stroke. , - -;£mm
Sidesteps a Twenty Round
Go With Petroskey, the 7
Husky Sailor
? -Bob? McAllister,..the':> Olympic,? club
heavy weight, : declined a 'niceV offer
yesterday to; box?? Sailor 7Petroskey7 20
rounds in June. Promoter Jim ■; Griffin,
of I the Humboldt: club, offered the boys"
the ?j June date, but McAllister :side
stepped, ; declaring his preference for
the * four round sport. Petroskey 1 was
anxious .to ) meet McAllister and his
representative, Har.-y Foley, said 7, that
he would * gladly cut the purse to suit
McAllister. If he was confident of his
1 ability to win) McAllister could have ?
the entire purse if )he was declared
the victor. ?;,? -
'Apparently McAllister is In search
of another ; Paddy 7 LavinX :It ? is very
doubtful- if. any of , the four round pro
moters : will have? the 7. nerve ?to ? stage
McAllister with another 7 dub, as U the
American club, which put on McAllis
ter and got well stung finan
cially, it was discovered that McAllis
ter might jbe a good card against some
fellow who can fight, but against these
tramp fighters who * drop I in.- for ? some
carfare 7 money, ? he ? will •' not "draw. 777**-
The 7 Olympic club man has been
given some < nice boosting by the fans
and ? the press, and it is up to him to
make good. He can not get by on his
10; round - victory over Willie r Meehan,
or his four round : decision over little
Paddy Lavin. It is up to him to
show\ the ? fans he can; fight. They' have
the idea that he can, but he seems a
bit afraid to prove it. X;? •*." 7"? 77
7 Petroskey* is the only; fighter 'of Mc-
Allister's weight out here who is fig- f
ured to possess any class. In a four
round|bout?Petroskey; has never shown !
any great amount cf form. He seems to
be best ? s in t bouts * over ? a'??distance of
ground. ».. ' ' ' * %
X s Promoter Griffin^has about given up
hopes lof J: matching?? Petroskey I and Mc-
Allister, and * he: is 'now •on 4 the ? trail
of - Eddie i* McGoorty, * who is considered
by the* fans as the best middle weight
in America. He has« hopes of ! , matching
Petroskey ? and ? McGoorty ? for ; his June
■ :.a ,^,; ;H .---'" * aa, * . - ...»;■;> '7 7 7 : -« - ; *;;-;
iX Promoter, 7 Jim ,? ?Coffroth;7returned
home. .- yesterday?;* from Sacramento,
.Where 1 he? has? been busy trying to de
feat y Senator f* 1 Brown's anti-fight : bill.
The local '-promoter ? seems % confident
that no drastic action will be taken?
against f: the 3 sport. He declares 7? that'
some of the 'ablest j men in the legisla
ture are 1f or he sport, and are * making
a*great fight for.it.
j: Coffroth announced on 7?his ? arrival
that the date of the ;}; Gunboat Smith-
Jess Willard bout would be May 17, liv
the afternoon, at his Eighth street
arena. There was t some!; talk £ about a
night contest, but after due considera
tion the local ft promoter % thought Hit]
would draw better in the afternoon.
The bout Is an important one, as it
means the development of the heavy
weight challenger. The winner of jthe
bout will likely be matched to meet
Luther McCarty July .4., -Coffroth ;-has
announced;,*; popular 7 prices 7. for tho
Smith-Willard bout; $1, $2, $3 and $5
will be the prices charged.
M SALT LAKE f CITY. Utah. Ma/1 3.—The Uni
versity g of 3_ Utah S team 9 defeated I tbe I Brig ham
Young university | team * in | tbe * state 1 track i meet
here t today. 67 to CO. Alma- Richards, the Olym
pic i champion,*! made |as new state! record |of* 22
feet ; 10: Inches for broad ; jump.
♦ : ——♦■
♦—- , , : ' -r— — ■ —- —
fe Chattanooga \3, Nashville 12. Tea innings. -
§g New i Orleans [4. Memphis !8. Ten ! Innings. - |
Mobile 5, Montgomery 2. - -*3illi
*; Birmingham 5, Atlanta 9 . - -
~ ; . ' .■"" ■ :.... ■■■■ ■ • ■?"(■ ..' , '■■■.. . ■ ".:
Edited by WILLIAM ]. SLATTERY a.
Shows Best List of Specials
the Club Has Offered \
the Fancy
7 The San Francisco 7. Kennel club's
premium list 7 for / the club's fifteenth"
! annual bench show, .billed for Dream
land rink, May 29, 30 and 31, is now
out and /ready?, for the . fanciers
and breeders. ;?Copies? of the same/with
entry blanks, can 'be had" at 583-585
Market street./ 454 ? Ninth ", street, Oak
land, *or of; H. , Berrar, 67 -, East ■ Santa'
Clara Btreet, * San Jose, ; where the club
has established offices, arid where also
dogs, can be entered. Entries will close
on Monday, May 19. ? : ?;:
7- The ? Judging of -the ; various breeds
and classes;will ■he as follows: - Hon.
J. E.Webster/of St, Joseph, Mo., will
judge Irish and all-fox terriers. A. F.
Hochwalt : will judge all other breeds,
and also J award the?" unclassified spe
cials. 7?.. * :; •) : 7v? ■ ~.7 ??: .
A fine array; of ? special prises Is- of
fered in the > premium list. {* Besides a
number of valuable trophies donated
for'unclassified?' specials, there -is ; one
or more trophies awarded for winning
dogs in 7 every breed shown. ? j 77X
The toy varieties will receive? many
special prizes *i for both sexes—Pomer
anians, spaniels, poodles, toy terriers,
Chihuahuas/ Italian;greyhounds,? etc.
lAi Prizes I are also offered i for the 5 best
I braces, teams of four, of any breed,
I best in miscellaneous : class. All these,
I with the prize donations J and regular
I special?; of various ; specialty'clubs and
Individual kennels, go to make .up one
of the best lists of, specials the club
has offered for distribution among, the
fancy.- ■ * •. « •
>.' ■ CORVALIJS, ;.: Ore.. i May i 3.—Two I new , state
college 1 records , were 1 established \ here today in j a
field and:.track -meet between .three college teams
and > the, Multnomah Amateur Athletic I clnb of
Portland. McKensle. of . Oregon Agricultural . col
lege established 5a 3 new rjaTeliD i record » with X 155
feet -'■ 2*4 inches I and | Reynolds of I the j same | team
ran 880 yards in 2:11 1-6. The feature of the
meet! was f the splendid work [of. GoreczUy of I Co
lumbia ,"-; who, running > with..- a:. handicap ', of -' 15
yards in 'j. the '"*, last w relay .of* a*■ half £ mile 'i. race,'
picked yip s the J distance and; won "t the ; race *f or; his
club.? Result*— \ agricultural college, as 1-3;
Multnomah Amatenr 'Athletic club,* 3? 1-3; Colum
bia! university,"*; 20 1-3;' Pacific university. 5. 7
Norfolk Suits
For ;' Young Men
.- Norfolks are most popular with * young men this sea
son. We s are well prepared with a most comprehen
sive assortment of the newest styles and colorings in
homespuns,- cheviots, tweeds; shepherd checks * and serges.
Norfolks $15 to $25
\ Straw Hats, Tan Shoes, and Silk Hosiery*"
Hastings Clothing Co.
Post and Grant Avenue
tf-.'f .-^v;:ii;^-:i i ' : .:-.'-'i:: ; ™i:-u;'-'K : : , ' , ':f-V^.--" i .'?-'iVi*?*'.' ! : r.-'.-:" -~"- 4 ""•■'. '■ " ■',' ••■
Remarkable Performance of
A. Robinson, Practically
Unknown in Track
;,: STATE X COLLEGE, La., May 3.-—
■-• ....-■• ..*-■■ .- ... <■ ■.; -. . ...... ■ .
World's sprinting records were smashed
in the ?interschqlastic. track' meet here
yesterday'? by ? Robinson/ the /speedy
schoolboy..?from Mercerburg academy))
In? the first heat of the 100 yard dash
his time was 9 3-5 seconds/equaling tho
world's track -record ■ for the distance in
any. kind of .competition. In the final
heat he ran in* 9 4-5, equaling the scho-
lastic ■ record:.- for/the distance. His
most remarkable performance, however,
was in the 220 yard dash, when'thVstop*
watches caught his time at 20 4-5 sec
onds, two-fifths of a second aster.; than'?
any X previous ?record. - *7:7 The track was
carefully surveyed after the race and
found to be full length. . - 7
? iJAK Robinson, the? Lousiana State ? col
lege boy who broke the 220 yard
world's record by two-fifths of a sec
ond yesterday and equaled ;the world's
100?* yard mark, ?.is : ; practically an un-,
,known quantity 7 in.- track athletics!
throughout the country. His first at
tempt to break t into? the limelight ;was;
September/20,X1as t •? year, when ?; he won
the 220 % yard v Junior? American ?; cham
pionship at Pittsburg ln 22 2-5 seconds)
as a member of the Boston A. A. team.
This? season he was not heard from un
til last Saturday- at the "Pennsylvania
relay)" carnival, 7 when the ran the"?most
sensational/relay lap of i the carnival, -
doing the 440 yards in 48 3-5 second?,
the fastest individual lap of the ? meet/)
iv.His > work yesterday*stamps him as. a
remarkable athlete—a freak. The svery
fact that -a* man can run 'r220 yards in
20 4-5 seems beyond all comprehension,?
yet f the dispatches ; state that ? the tim - /
Ing, was accurate "and; the measurement ?
of |the?? track ? absolutely2accurate. ? His
time shows ;that he j ran the distance 12
yards Inside even /time, a most re-,
markable feat. .77'- 7
)X Not only, In the 220 yard did he show
his v speed, but in his; heat?of the- 100
yards; he stepped the ?distance' in ?9 3-5
seconds and the final in,9 4-5 The per
formance in 'the* 100 yards is relatively?
better than the 220. though the? times
show a difference of !six7 yards ? inside
even time between the two events. 7 The
relative merit of the 100, however/??
comes from the fact that in this event
athletes do not have the chance to get
under way the same manner that,
they have In the;longer distance/ The
average ?man"; who -beats; even time in
; the 220 yards, |if the (time" was taken
for an ? intermediate century, - would be
found to be running the distance : in
9 3-5, and very probably much? better??
than j* that x \ time. Robinson yesterday,?
probably ran A his; 100 i yards ? anywhere
between 30 yards and 175 yards )?ih?9;
seconds. He must have done something:
round this figure at some.'period-of'the
race to i haveaccomplished such? a r phe-7
nomenal mark as 20 4-5. X X
77He is 7 the logical? successor of Tel ;
Meredith, the former * Mercerberg
academy boy, and Is looked on in the
east as Meredith's most dangerous'rival)
for the quarter and ; the half. 7His per
formance ; yesterday; now stamps : him : as!
the most wonderful sprinter the world
has ever? seen, and it may be that with
proper care he will turn out to be th*
freak who will run the century; in .; 9
secondsfflat and 7 the 220? yards in 20
seconds i flat. 7 These times seem ] incred- ?
ible, but " the day i; is ;: coming ..? when A a
natural born running freak will accom- ?
plish the feat. 7 Perhaps he has already
arrived in . Robinson.
■•-. NEW YORK, May 3.—The president
ofXthe);United)/ States arid diplomatic
representatives of countries .which are
competitors for the Davis International
cup may be spectators of the play, be
tween the American and Australian
teams'] to decide ? which ' shall.' make * the ;
trip to} England {for further play in th*
trophy competition. R. D. Whennsfof
the American international 'committee )
stated today;that ' President Wilson and l
the § English, French, \ German?; and J Bel
gian ambassadors ? had been invited, to
witness the ?t matches 7 here in June.
7/vHX H. Hackett j and R. D. Little, the
pair whom Americans 7 have ' hoped to
see 7 round ■■• shape \ for the '; matches 1
against 5 the Australians, were defeated?
today by G. F. Touchard and T. R. Pell
in a tryout match,-6—-2.7 6 —3, 3—6, 2— 6,
4/7?:V-7' : X? • -'' -' -/?? ■- V .'-'X
Little, despite i the fact that it was his
first appearance of i the j season, . played \
well, although a bit unsteady at times.
Altogether)* he surpassed - Hackett, 1. as
the | latter had/ few 7 chances» from deep
court. . Touchard was the 'bright; and
shining player on his ; side of the net
and I. the turn of J affairs was' due <. chiefly
lto him. •- . ..- -

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