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Note Payment of $2,500,000
Due Tomorrow Extended ?
T to July 15 to Save Borax \;X
King's Holdings
° $4,000,000 PLANNED
Several Conditions ; Hinder
5 Underwriting of Latest ..X
■ "'. . . , XxXx
A truce probably will be effected in
the affairs of the F. M. Smith properties
and the Realty Syndicate, the? more
pressing creditors of the interests
pendent upon Smith having agreed yes
terday to an extension* of time ; until
July 15 for a settlement of the note
Issue of $2,500,000 maturing tomorrow.
Whether the armistice will • lead to
'financial 'peace" depends upon the atti
tude of the state railroad -commission,
of the holders of the issue :of; $1,100,000
notes maturing August' 20. and the
creditors of Smith and the Realty. Syn
dicate, ' * •
• If a general agreement is reached a
new issue of bonds in amount of $4,000,
--000 will be underwritten' to pay' off and
retire the $2,500,000 note issue,'to pro
vide for new construction imperatively
required arid to reimburse | the San
Francisco-Oakland Terminal 'railways
for Improvements paid out of earnings
during recent months. .
The truce, known -officially as'■'.,■".a*
"memorandum of understanding," prob
ably will be signed today by James IC.
Iloffitt, William A. Blssell,* Vanderlyn
Stow, Gavin McNab and William 1 I. • Bro
beck, constituting the United Properties
committee; Frank B. Anderson,*' Morti
mer Fleishhackcr, C. O. G. Miller, W. W.
<Sarthwaite and John S. j Drum, consti
tuting the Smith creditors' committee,
and X. W. Halsey & Co. and E. H. Rol
lins & Sons, the bond houses Interested
in the Smith finances.
The purpose of the membrandum, ac
cording to Mr.. Drum, who is secretary
of the creditors' committee, is to pro
vide tentatively for financing the Oak-_
land Railways and the San Francisco-.
Oakland Terminal \ railways, which; lat
ter company owns and operates;' the:
Oakland Traction and Key. Route prop
erties. This, financing will be effected
by raising $4,000,000 6 per cent five
ear notes. :• '■ x'2...-TiX.... 'J'kXX- * - Xfx
Two million dollars .of ; additional
notes will! be reserved for future Issue"
to provide for extensions and additions
to the Terminal railways property. .2
Certain conditions must be complied
With before the bond underwriters,
Halsey & Co. and Rollins 1& : Sons, -will
proceed with their plans. These con
ditions, which the committees of, cred
itors -will strive to see fulfilled, are:
1. To obtain authority from the rail
road commission for the issue by the
San Francisco-Oakland Terminal rail
ways of certain securities necessary to
carrying out.the pla»».V> i : •*"*; \".
'2. To secure a refunding of the out
standing $1,100,000 note issue ?of the
Oakland Terminal company guaranteed
by the Oakland railways and due
August 20. x..X22..-fyfX"Xi*x.yy
3. To secure the deposit of. the shares
of stock of the Terminal ''railways, the
Oakland Traction and. the Key r Route
companies, which are not owned ,by' the
Oakland railways for * the purpose of
exchange according to the plan.
4. To 'secure the 'expenditure of the
1,000,000 s cash now on deposit with
the Union Trust company, ;trustee,* in
the construction, of a solid fill pier out
as far as the present official bulkhead
line, and such i other" construction As
may materially increase the capacity of
the Key Route system. -. Xy,..-. ;
The committee under, the memoran
dum; are given until July 15 to cause
these things to be done.' If by that
time they have succeeded in complying
with these and other- incidental condi
t lons, then Halsey & 2 Co. '■. and 'Rollins
IX Son are given j until c August 15 to
form an underwriting syndicate to pur
chase the 4,000,000 of notes.*: ''"X.X, ."'-'"*>
The committees, in a statement, said:
"The success of ,'* this plan is de
pendent upon the co-operation of the
-. creditors of ;F.: M. Smith and of the
Realty Syndicate and of the stock hold
ers of the "companies' interested and of
the note holders:of the $I,loo.ooo'note
issue of the r Oakland Terminal com
pany, August 20. X .j
-Meanwhile;- the interest on the
$2,666,001 note-issue due, Thursday will
be paid. ■-*.•"» X"x i-..■T.yy'.T-Xf'Tx-X:
"It is believed that the successful
consummation of the plan will put the
i ailways properties on a sound 'financial'
basis arid permit of a decided improve
ment in the'" service afforded'the trans
ihay unities." '%2"~'" X
TioTrntown Association I'rpcs Super-
v|«orn' to Incrrnitr the Force Fight-
X. ins; Insect -Pent* *.■-■* *>'* •>•■:.-
Request was made of the supervisors
yesterday by the Downtown association
to appoint a; county horticulturist iand
deputies, to prevent the importation of
insect pests injurious to fruit or prod
uce. A state law authorizes the super
visors to make the appointment and the
«ititles of the state officer, who has been
attending to the work, have t increased
to an extent' where it Is'contended a
irity and county officer and deputies are
necessary.*-* \ ' xT_ '■■ '» '. - v ;, t ";
Mia* *S.- Bella Steven* of Hollywood
.Mulcted-by. Government " '■'
A fine and; forfeiture of her curios
was the decision reached'ln the case Y of,
Miss S. Bella Stevens-of Hollywood,-L.os
Angeles .county, who was i arrested l»c
--< ember 16 on the liner Korea r for trying
to 'smuggle i several ':hundred? dollars
worth- of -- oriental "curios,:; yesterday, by
the treasury department at Washing
ton, D.C.. - : ; *' : ; -'Xi ''• i•' ■■'• '" •_
The fine is $1,805. or twice the amount
of the lvalue of the; curios. ii. Tif _ ixT-T:iTX2
Miss Stevens, who imports and *. sells
curios, filled i to: declare the full value
of the curios and-they were seized by
the customs inspectors. -
(Special Dispatch' to The" Call)
:. STOCKTON.■■-: June!/;lo.—Mrs; John
Peschari, residing near this 1 city, ;was
seriously burned 'when her clothing
caught fire while she was cooking.
Her • screams of ;■ agony attracted mem
bers of. the i family. ;' Mrs. Pescbari'f is
at St. Joseph's hospital and it is doubt
ful whether she will ''live.;*-**- y '*- X'XXx
M. It. Nichols, Expert Public: Ste
nographer, Humboldt Bank build
;*.ing. Booth",20 at Sharon building. Op
posite Faiaoe-Jiotel.-sr-.A.dvt. ... .
Mops Loaf When Boss Takes Title
Char Gang in the Federal Building Hurls; Defi at
Fastidious Chief and It's Up to McAdoo !
"Charlady. I'll be." said Mrs. Millie Read of the custom house force, "or—"
and a toss of her head.told the rest. '. > ; . : ..< • ; .... * \
X~- "Charwoman you'll be, or there'll be no mopping," said her subordinates in
'-. ;.. ~, -.. . . -.. . y -■-. - ■-■-~ .-.. ;"-■:, : . .v. ---:■:: ■■■,■■/ "."■' ■•- : ■■■'*•■ ■ '~-"- . ?..-. «■ ■■ . ■ ■'. * _•- !- -
the task of keeping spotless the marble floors and bright the brazen doorknobs ; ;
• ■-~,.- ...... ■..■-<.'. -•-•,' ■**•'"?'*, * • ■ ■■'
of the government building. '.""-.■
-■■ X.y .- * . -. .■■... ..,.t, ■.-■. .• ■ ■-,;■- -:" ■ - :.-. -■-■». ". '"v **** ■*' .<* i ■'"*. ■, * ".. . ■*.'■;:■ :.:■ "Xf ■'-■ -fyfx._ :.-.■«•»■„■■ ■. ■.*■;■■■-. -■'■■ •■*-.;■■, ■
: And the matter must go to .Washington, right up to Mr. McAdoo of the I
treasury department,. who may have to amend the constitution to settle the diffi
culty arid see* that; the custom house does not become a desolate waste of dust
i ~,.- * -.- .. ~■- ,-- . U ■ .'•. r " ■■■■■-. . :-—:■■■:' ■■-' ' > ' ■'■.. . ' ; > . . - I
and dreadful untidiness. , . , , . ,: •
Recently Mrs. Read was promoted to the position of forewoman— or as she
would* term it— "forelady" of ,the ten or a dozen women who scrub for Uncle Sam.
Soon- after her- exaltation, she Issued an : 'order* that her force should no
; longer j refer to her aa a "charwoman," but should, invariably speak of her as a
"charlady." •*" " . ,■* ■ :;'■.....■:.:■...■',.'■.-*■..:■■.■■
Instantly insubordination 7 ?andirebellion asserted itself. Indignant little
groups discussed the matter to the neglect of duty. Finally, there was a formal
refusal to obey the order. - 1 "" * **
Then Mrs. Read by subtle insinuation made it understood that it would be
the worse for any one who disobeyed a ."charlady" who was a "forelady."
The working force/Said: "Oh, very well," or words to that effect, and re- ]
fused to mop under oppression. . ; " I
The difficulty lies in the fact that all of them are under civil service and
are; only discharged by act of congress or something equally ceremonious.
Collector Stratton used to be the : King ■ Solomon of the ; affair* 1 , arid Will
.render no decision as to titular rights. ■ ..*-•;.. * •*. .♦ ' :'<
So.'it is going straight 'to Mr. McAdoo's assistant, who deals with the rights
of "charring" women in government buildings. ■> . '
Committee of Seward Busi
ness Men Will Operate
Alaska Northern Line
"-SEWARD, .Alaska, . June- r 10.—The
rolling stock • and 2 trackage rights of
the" Alaska Northern railroad were
turned over *to a committee of .local
business men t today, to be operated for.
the benefit -of the community. . ». ..
;- This action was , taken by. Chief En
gineer. Swanitz of the; railroad because
of £' a demand by the* United States 2 for,
! payment of • $67,000 j mileage < tax, which
: tax the railroad company says [congress
: expressly^relieved > the company from
! paying until 1916. * . «'
.'Contribution's were made by' Seward
business men to hire;crews/arid? oper
ate cars which will carry supplies to
the X miners and ; settlers \ in X the 2 inte
rior. .No i fixed \ charge ~". for this • service
is "made,: but committee will accept
gifts of : money. '.■'"2'i'iX
Bail for Joseph Mac Donald
: JUNEAU, r. Alaska, June : ; 10. —Joseph
Mac Donald,; a wealthy mining operator
of Guanajuato, Mex.;\whij was arrested
last December ] and? brought to I Juneau
'. to stand trial on a chargp of murder; in
| the first degree for having killed N. C.
Jones, a *-; mission worker, .when-,. Mac-'
Donald ,"T was superintendent of the
Treadwell:' mine in 1902,; was admitted
to $50,000 bail by United States Dis
trict Judge Peter O. Overfleld today.
,* Judge "Thomas '■ R.**L.yons|denled Mac-
Donald bail six weeks ago, ; i but' Ma- i
Donald's attorneys renewed their ap
plication, and asked that another judge
hear the motion. '.', .
f-" Judge Overfleld arrived*ffrom' Valdez
last night for; this "j purpose, and ': fixed
bail at 150,000 after an all day.;hearing.
: sThe trial : was set for July 8. - - * 'Xfifi
Mac Donald is alleged to have mur
dered Jones because : : the missionary in
sisted that Mac Donald -should t close the
mine on ; Sunday if he wished Ito avoid
the wrath of 'God. : X'X-X'*'X };
A coroner's ;* jury exonerated ; Mac-
Donald," who soon i left Alaska, going to
Guanajuato, where he became general
manager of the \Consolidated:-:Mining
and Milling company. He is well known
in Idaho, where he*'formerly operated' a
mine. ;" ' \[ ■ -XyiX
Harvester Employe Slain
EDMONTON, Alberta, June 10.— R. G.
Metcalf, 'fa': representative of the Inter
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Daring Birdman Flies From
Paris to Warsaw at 93
Miles an Hour
yi PARIS, June 10. —The young French
! aviator, Marcel G. Brindejonc dcs Mou.
I linais, beat * all distance records today
by flying from* Paris to Warsaw by way
of Berlin, a distance of 1,500 kilometers
(approximately 933 miles), in 13 hours,
and excluding stops attained an average
speed of 150 kilometers ( 93.3 miles) an
hour. He accomplished this in- the com
petition for the ; Pommery cupfor the
longest flight across the country from
sunrise to sunset ;in one day,':with stops
'*- ->.*.<j»»- *y. y:: -.."■■■ : .',---;" a-' .-' i "■-". ■ - •■.-."1
if 5 necessary; ~-~.*. ■ - <".- > -«*
'To give some idea of his achievement
it may be; stated that the" Nord ,express,
one of '■■ the ">. fastest trains in .the world,
takes IS hours y in the trip" from Paris; to
Berlin and •27 hours between . Paris and
Warsaw. 1 -2. % , -■•.,;
The aviator ■ left Villa : Coublay at; 3:55;
o'clock y this morning, his if: departure
being duly chronicled* by** the, recording
'commissioners 4 of the Aero club. 2ffA}
strong southwesterly wind was blow
ing. He rose at once to a great height
and went' off; at great sspeed.'; The".;• first
; news * concerning his progress was ' de
j ceived from Wanne in Prussia, where
he > landed at J 8 a. m. '-~ -He ; continued "= his
journey, to Berlin at 9:30,! descending in
the t Aerodrome at f Johanisthal at 12:04
p. m.. where an enthusiastic! reception
awaited] him. ,
": ; Brindejonc dcs tMouliriais'factual; fly-;
i ing time for the 925 kilos; (575 = miles) r
was 6 hours "arid 39 minutes. After
i lunching at Berlin with the military,
aviators he resumed his journey to
Warsaw, f where he"; landed "' safely, at::ls
o'clock, well ahead •:of the' sundown |
I limit. - k /,." .' ? ',>• xiXX: XT'.
Hiss flight beats the. record; made ;
Ernest^F.jVGuillaux Xi rom g Biarritz to j
Kollum, Netherlands, by 170 kilos. X.x\
national Harvester 'company t In this
district, was shot and instantly killed
today at Sounding near Caster,
Alberta."';- A;; homesteader named Al-
f red.* Ricbshaw is accused fof the '{crime
and haa been arrested. Details of the
murder have r not been received here.
Metcalf;: was ia J collector ;for ' the com
pany.' ,
Session Grows Warm When
Former Governor Carter
and Ballou Take
Witnesses Deny Pact With
* States Producers to In
m '■ fluence Legislation
- x-.y . r *.. i-XXy
WASHINGTON. June 10.—For six
"hours today former ■- -..■...■:.-■.- Carter
lours today former Governor Carter.
and Sidney Ballou, wo of the men
who have conducted the fight of Ha
waiian producers in Washington to re
tain a duty on sugar, outlined to the s
m*sm<t)t*m£lp-fp>-,. -:■.-.,... .;..... .....- ■.:..,.;■; *.pmwi&s**£i&i&.-y- V-i .*.:
senate lobby investigating committee
their.l activities j here and elsewhere.
: Governor Carter testified that he was
**■■ X^Q&my- l -"* : . ....•-"-..;...^-.. "■ ■ •yw*:m?"*^^*'®&a& ii * i &^'**^^p&Bt^
paid nothing and received only his ex
penses. *• Mr. Ballou said he was the
regular agent of '.the; sugar .} producers
in Washington, with a salary of $12,000
a year and $3,000 a; year for expenses. l
SPEND ABOUT $100,000
Both agreed that about $100,000 had
I been-spent by the sugar people in their
i campaign- against free sugar, but de
nied that there had been any tangible
communication j f between the United
j States cane; and beat .and Hawaiian
| cane producers, with a common fund
directed sto : influencing, legislation.
X The X session ;**{, at times :■.; grew; warm.
Senators WaJsh and Reed put Governor
Carter through a sharp cross examin
ation, under which "2 the witness ; ; ap
peared fully able to take care of him
self, ■:
He assertetl that an + ;audience with,
■ President Wilson y': for the }2} Hawaiian
sugar men had 'been = denied iby„! Secre
tary Tumulty and r, that a member of
the senate finance subcommittee, in
'charge|of i sugar,:, had? suggested that
they be given a hearing "after the
passage 2of f the bill." Mr. -Ballou said 1
special <i*o r^r\
. ■■■•■.. • ■■•■■ m ... *
• Just What You Need for Your Summer Home or Camp,
Durable and Comfortable
Tents, Camp Furniture, Porch Curtains, Etc. J
Richest Newsis Is Dead
"Nosey" Cokn Is No More
OAKLAND, Joee 10.—After f be- i
coming a widely knoTvm public
character among I those who pur
chased newspapers in the region
of Washington asd Twelfth
streets. '•Nosey" Cohn, said to be
Oakland's richest sewde, ts dead
at the county Infirmary. "Nosey,"
or Julius, wm taken sick and
died thia morning. Tbe queer
character of the newsboy inn
known personally to many men
ot affairs, as he had a knack of
remembering faces and had an
extensive clientele. He waa sup
posed to have been wealthy. He
; lea-res a brother,"* Newman f Cohn,
of this city, and a sister la San
;,„.•","_.. ... ....■•■■. ■■■■-■•■:•:.-,-..:■:.:-
later that Senator Gore had made this
--■ ■ -■ •.- * * . _ •
statement. .....
M Governor Carter said that three sen
<SS?*im**sr. ♦ *-■ ••'■. ■*.-* ;
ators—Swanson, Lewis and Williams
had' told him. or. Hawaiian friends, that
they were not In sympathy with free
sugar, but f that since it. was \ advocated
by the democratic party they must !
vote for it. He said that he , had got
no satisfaction when he spoke of hear
ings to members of the cabinet,; con-'
gressmen and senators.
"Secretary Lane told | me," he said,
"that it was a legislative matter and
the administration had nothing to do
with it. I called up here and they told
me that i t "% was¥ an'l| executive matter
and they had \ nothing to do with it."
"I'm a 'bull mooser,' "• he said in re
sponse to an \ inquiry by Senator Cum
mins as to his politics. ' ' .
11l Mr. Ballou's j testimony wa» largely
corroborative of that given by Gover
nor Carter. "'.
....;-y:-.;;..._,.. i ; .-.-c#l«--:,...»■-- ■-.:. tv. :--■.;. ,:y. .-. ■■: ■■'■*■»;
Representative Murray of Oklahoma
took the lobby question into the house
today; with an effort to amend the rules
so as to make jlobbyi'sm subject •to very
drastic regulation. .
EpHe] proposed *an amendment cap ed
"Placing a ' Limit "to/ lobbying." It
would declare paid employment "as
legislative agent for any person, cor
poration 2- or association," contrary to
public policy and would bar any gov
ernment official or employe from at
tempting to influence I any member of
the house to vote for or • against any
measure affecting the pecuniary inter
est of -the official or employe. ■ - "
- , ■» -~*■,
; ST..; PETERSBURG. Job* -10.—Piftyv
persons were drowned by the sinking
of a dilapidated ferry boat while cross
ing the River Tcheptca on the Russian
Ascension day, • June'"s;;' according ? r to
delayed i dispatches today from Vyatka.
Short Tours About the Bay
Central Aye;, BeL 6th end Webster St,.
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,i'-L »* O • • PTI-: I-.,;';
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: The Only Onp Iti Kind in th*.. World.'..'
50c Bohemian Lunch ' from 11 •to 9 P. M. [
$1.00" (Without Win.) " from • 5 to!I; P. M. j*. *.i
tlncludinc J Sundays and Holiday* >.
Flneot and Most \ Complete Assortment of Italian <
:. -*• Wines and Cordials In California.
yim}yrUlu9g*uT»tn*t,X Baa .Praaciacd. ..1
Sunny Cove Bead)
" " '■ ALAMEDA. " -' '■■*'".
.",. ' r.. .*-. *-• • • - ~.-..- ~
The only sandy he-ach and anrf ,bathing on San
Pranclsco bay.; ,From San Francisco, narrow
:an«r« to sth st. station. From Oakland. Alameda"
'lectric, cars to j Santa }C*ra < and 1 Webster] ata.-vwv;
» '•>"*.
I--': Oakland Office of 1
* J
I The San Francisco Call' }
j v 1540 Broadway J
|^, . T*l. Sunset Oakland 10S3 J
Pf-. ■■ I. »I.i I >i..—mum , , > i. > . l> „ , , ,^—jg

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