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VOLUME 114.—N0. 26.
«♦» <$+$> - 4+® <$+$ <$+$ «*<s> <$♦$> <£♦s> ##*j; : ;+**; .;,?I^^. r 'A**?'., ••■* t^:; 'f* , :- V K-' l ''.:?*t»
Mayor Rolph, Pilot, Delivers Speeches Along Thronged Streets During the Journey
City Executive Tells i Presi
dent of Harbor Commis-; I
sion Plans for Future
Improvement '^:\
History of Public Utility Is
Shown by Records in ■ :
City Archives
From bay to beach, from the ferry
to the ..Cliff, house, the first-through oar
of the municipal' railway ; "-' made '.'■ a
through trip at noon yesterday, loaded
with city officials. :. v •'.,.-..:.■'..: .-:. ;
Starting from the car barns at Geary
street and Presidio avenue at 12 o'clock,
car 27 ran ferry ward. At Market,
Geary and Kearny streets it stopped-on
the site of the old turntable in the
midst of a throng of citizens, voters,
newsboys and motion picture operators,
while Mayor Rolph made a brief speech
to the crowd, arguing for the btrnd
issue of $3,500,000, which will be voted
upon in August, for the purpose of ex
tending the municipal system.
From Geary street the car ran to
Market, which was lined with pedes
trians. The ferry was reached at 12:25,
where President J. J. Dwyer of the
', state board of harbor commissioners
welcomed it.
"Mr. Dwyer," said the mayor, "we
want the state to permit us to operate
the municipal line at the ferry on the
belt railroad loop, so that our cars
will stand right next the ferry building
and will be the first in the path of
passengers. We are in the railroad
business and want to get all there is
and- to seize every opportunity that
presents itself for bettering- and mak
ing the road more profitable. So I
hereby make a formal application to
you' for the permission." ,^
The mayor wants the > harbor com
missoners to grant the city permission
to install a switch at the ferry so that
'4 municipal cars can use a section of
the belt line and thereby have the best
position at the* ferry. .
President Dwyer said that he would
take the application before the board
and it would be acted upon.
From the ferry the car continued
back in Market street to Geary. Then
the run to the beach was made, out
Geary to *Third avenue and over
Thirty-third avenue to Balboa street,
hence to Forty-fifth avenue, to Cabrillo
street and to the beach, the terminal
being at the Great Highway near the
Olympic Salt "Water company pier.
At the beach the official party broke
up, most of the supervisors returning ,
to the city in automobiles. The bay to ;
beach system had been inaugurated
without a mishap.
4t With the opening of the ferry route
for. the Geary street line a different ar
rangement of routing has been inau
■ guratcd. Hereafter route A. which
runs over Terifh avenue to Golden Gate
park, will be operated directly to the
ferry instead' of as a spur line from
Geary street and Tenth •. avenue, and
route ! ; . the main line, will operate
from the ferry to Thirty-third avenue,
except on Sundays.
Week days the route B cars will run,
for the present, to Thirty-third avenue.
wjience transfers will be issued to pas
sengers, on the cars running to the
beach. Sundays a through service to
the beach will be maintained. It is the
intention of Superintendent Caahin to
operate the route through from the
ferry to the beach as soon as conditions
warrant. The Geary street schedule
will be a three minute service and the
beach service on week days under seven
minute headway.
A hal§ hour before the start from the
Geary street car barns the officials
who were >to -'take part in the first
through trip arrived. Mayor Rolph ar
rived later with Superintendent Cashin
of the municipal system, President
.I Udell of the board of public works and
j number of members , of the board of
Supervisors. James Rojph" Sr., father
of the mayor, was one of the party, as
were a number of old residents of the
Richmond District and the contractors
who built the line.
Fred Boeken, assistant superintend
ent of the road, handled the controller
and the men in charge were John
.Noel, conductor, and William E. Red
mond, rnotorman. Mayor Rolph ran the
car the last block of the way.
At Market, Geary and Kearny, where
the crowd that welcomed the car was
the thickest, the mayor made his
speech. -
■It is bad policy." he said, "to stop
the operation of the municipal railroad
to make a speech. But we have . very
jeason to talk of oar street railroad
system, for it is a success; it was built
with the people's" money; the people
ride upon it, and the profits go to the
people. Actions speak ~ louder than
words, and what better proof have we
of the value of , a municipal railroad
than to have the cars running from the
lorry to the beach. This road was built
within the bond issue. Now will you,
voters of San Francisco, intrust this
administration to expend $3,500,00.0 in
building necessary extensions to the
municipal street railway system, so
that the city may reach the exposition
grounds and profit by the exposition
traffic and give adequate service to dis
tricts now without street railroad .fa
cilities? ,
•'This magnificent public = utility has
made good and we must see that the
bonds are voted on August for the ex
tension of this system." <i
All along the line of operation the
people cheered and the St. Francis hotel
, ted its welcoming-siren, as the first
car passed. The men of fire engine
company 39 sounded the whistle and
clanged the bell as ; the car passed \ the
engine house in Geary street near Di
visadero "At;the Hamilton square play
ground the children ran out with flags,
some of which were appropriated by j
The first Geary; street car starting on its way to the jerry, amid the cheers*of a great crowd at Market and Kearny streets; Mayor Rolph addressing the throng;
little daughter of Supervisor Edward L. Nolan planting an , American flag at the ocean terminus of the Geary street municipal line. V ;; .^
the supervisors and used to decorate !
the car. : - -._■■■■:■;,■;■ ,- r ;. .• |
,■-• -■ ■-. ', -'- r . ■, - ■ ""' "; ■ I
Joseph »IT. 'Moosef, on', behalf of- the
Golden Gate Valley Improvement asso
cißtion. >nj'r« r f >, stc r ' f >> Mavnr Rolph and
the supervisors that passengers trans- j
U-.'.'.1.j,": :1 » »-..*. : -■■ . 'l-'V .■ "... -i"j":;: tile" :
[Poly or,.Divisadero lines.should be al
lowed to transfer again, just as if they i
held United Railroads tickets, fAmong i
other* benefits to be derived by , this j
plan Mr. Mooser I points nut g that it |
would be of great advantage to those lof ]
the Golden Gate valley district, who
could use Geary street transfers on the
Union street line at Vallejo street. , .'.■'•',.*'
Following i" 5 a".chronological history
of the Geary Street Municipal railway
from its inception in 1896 to the run
ning of the first through car from the
ferries to the -ocean beach yesterday:
Ansuat 3, 1 IM96—lmprovement clubs I se
cured an injunction from Judge Dam*
* * field preventing * the board ;of i su
pervisors from opening the bids for
the Geary street franchise. '■ . > •.',
May 26, 1898—New city charter ratified
by the ■ people, in which the purpose J
of the city to acquire public utilities
was declared.
June, —Another application made
'. : for a franchise. The franchise again
denied. ; :' •".' --. •• - '~, ".
December, 1902—Proposed \ to issue
- 'bonds to reconstruct the Geary street
road. : The bonds failed to receive the
necessary two-thirds vote. v^
February. —Another application for
,-a 50 year franchise made and ". de
feated. '"■-: 7'h ■■■•'..'-;'-;"'*"---. : ' . ;- '' - : -- ,"- !
October 8,; 1903—Another; ; bond election
. called < and bonds defeated.j>
November 6, 1903—Franchise of ' the
s Geary Street, Park and ■ Ocean rail way,
; >:expired. --': No % agreement ■f, made be
tween the city and the J railroad, on
the advice of the city attorney. The
company • paid 5 * per , cent of | its gross
'-■' receipts into ; the city * treasury ; for
- permission to run;its cars. •' , -•
! May. —Supervisors declared; inten
, tion of .rebuilding the road J ; without -
recourse to T a bond issue.;
June, iaO3—Three hundred and tifty
■•" thousand dollars set aside to begin
• the construction of the road. Con- .
•: struction contract signed justvbefore
the fire of .1906.. Records, plans : and
, estimates t destroyed by fire and nego
.. tiations for reconstruction abandoned.
December, 2, ISJO7 —Judge Sturtevant de
clared illegal an appropriation of |
$325,000 for • the rebuilding of the
, road. ~ .. ~ . ~ -■-~ ■-1 '"-. ■'..; J I
June, 1000—Proposition. to issue $2,000,- !!
000 bonds for an overhead line de- j
feated by 421 votes. '"
I December 20, —Two municipal' rail- I
way bond propositions submitted to i ;
T the people, one providing; $1,900,000' I
bonds to ;construct line from Kearny
street to ocean, the other providing
■: $120,000 to carry the road to the fer
ries. Both propositions carried over
whelmingly. :_ V ■; >L ■ >
February 8, 1910 —Ordinance passed for- :
I inally authorizing bond issue. Horace i
~ OL Platt, president of the Geary Street |
_, railway, sued to .restrain bond ; sale, |
. on ground that city had exceeded I
' '' its powers in "authorizing issue. i-ii
April Iβ, 1910 —Superior Judge J. F. EI- j
>• lison • decided bonds were v ; valid in j
every respect. "••' ■■ . V v > \.'<
July. 1910 —Supreme court affirmed El- |
■ lison decision. ."■*: is,:: .-,-.-;'..
July ?IS 1910 —First bids? received ,for I
'•■;■£ purchase of r bonds, $121,000 i being- bid
,for of $240,000 offered. Remainder j
sold "over the counter" to small. local
investors. , ' :
June, 1911 —Installation ,of C poles and
overhead 'equipment: begun. ■-:.. - M '
\ileum. 1911 —Roadbed construction be
gun between Fifth avenue and
Thirty-third avenue in Geary street,
and on Tenth /avenue ' from ; - Geary
r! street to the park, ' the work being
; / done by day labor. * .
April 19, —Contract i let to :P.; H. |
Mahoney for roadbed . from Fifth aye
* > nue :to : Kearny '„" street. >W Work com
pleted in less than the 180 » days al- j
,• lotted and bonus of $15,000 f paid. -.; ;
May 20, —Contract let to W. Hoi- I
"man.. company - ; for construction of '43
•;. cars. ■ •-. ; , . _''•'.*'.".;'"
June 19, 1912 —Contract let to F. Ro
; landi for the construction of carbarn
at Presidio avenue and Geary street.
December 15, 1912—Ten | cars I delivered.
December 23, 1912—Supervisors i for
mally authorized opening of the road,
>'■* on the recommendation of Mayor
t Rolpht and > the i public utilities com
', :-. .■ •■■ .. .. -. .-' ■ "■.■ ,- ',-■■■ '■ . . ■• * ; ".- .-
December: 28,. 1012 —First car started
.?." west • from f Kearny< and * Geary 'streets
* at 12:30 o'clock,- Mayor Rolph at the
.•.controller/' bar. .". ■ 'jf.?*.''•*<*;, "..:'':-'?: ■■;'■,
June 25.' * 1913— First through car is
i' operated: "" from the ferries to i! the
;;- ocean beach and f*iU through service
to the beach and the park is inaug
urated. . ; ,'.., J :: '- -■-%.;/. 'v .':■ - ;/.:-•:*
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agricultural problems-since he left the
Atlantic coast f several " days ago on a
tour of ,'. the United ■*States.' Today he
visited , points of scenic I and legendary
interest in this- vicinity rbefore his de- 1
parture , for ! San Francisco and fhe Pa
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-■. .■■■■■■.."■•. ■;.;■; ,■■■■, '■■ . /. -:-.-.- : „• ■ -•,■■-
Supervisors Propose to Have
r .\ the Municipal Band Play
at Terminus of the
Geary Line
'■ '■ : .:"...'.;. ~~~. . .-. • ■>
To get more nickels for the .Geary
street railway, now that it operates
from the ferry to the beach, the super- ,
;visors are planing to erect a band
stand at the end of the road and have
the municipal band give concerts on.
Sundays - and holidays. Superintendent
of Public Building's T. A. Reardon can
erect the stand on short notice at a
proper ; place at the Great Highway
A piece of property- belonging to the
Hotaling estate is to be condemned 5 by
the : city for the terminal , loop, and it
is estimated that sufficient space will
be available in this for the music plat
form. ; -' , , k . '■. • ■ ■--■■"
i ;': The project was conceived and de- 1
veloped yesterday by Supervisors Hil
mer, .A.' J. Gallagher, ■ Mauzy, Murphy,
Hayden and Payot. , : ;
' "To compete with the United Rail
roads and swell the receipts of the city
road it is necessary," said Supervisor
Kilmer,, "that; we offer the patrons an
additional attraction besides the ocean
beach and its pleasures. We must do
something to make them ride ,on the
city cars in preference to cars of our
transportation rivals, aside from their
natural civic loyalty.
: "It is r proposed to have Superin
tendent Reardon erect a bandstand at
the end of the line ■where the munici
pal musicians will , lure the j nickels into
the treasury of the people's railway."
Supervisor Hayden, who has active
charge of the ■ municipal band concerts,
will arrange ; for the additional- pro
grams. 'Supervisor Murphy, who as a
member of the public utilities commit
tee is a director of the road, i voiced hi*
approval j of; the plan, as did I the others
to whom it was outlined. The matter
will come up for > consideration at
Monday's meeting: of the board.
The 3 . year ~ old daughter of Super
visor Edward I*. Nolan was indirectly
responsible for the conception of the
bandstand idea. Her presence on the
first car to the beach as the only child
aboard caused tue supervisors to think,
that women and children would be , es
pecially drawn to the beach ? via the
city road o» Sundays s and holidays if
music ~ was afforded at the end of the
journey. -."' '""'',-■ " '■' '■'''. '; ;:..' : ; "':'_'■■ \

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