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Bulls, Encouraged by Activ
ity of Liverpool Traders,
Prices y 2 c to l%c
Unbroken Drought and Heat
in States West of Mis
souri Send Corn Up
CHICAGO, July 16.—Improved export
business ran up prices today In wheat.
The market closed steady at an ad
vance of V. to Uic net. All other
staples showed a gain—-corn
»sis 1• t °in t0 and P rov 'sions
1 : ,! 1 1,s took courage from the
tact that Liverpool traders would not
_ iiarnionlze with yesterday's decline
here. In addition, cables told of rain
damage in France and referred to com
plaint about the general conditions of
1 arresting throughout western Europe
\\ eat her to produce rust was said
to prevail In.the Dakotas and Min
nesota. Advanced prices, however,
stimulated rural sales..
Corn ascender! because of unbroken
drought and heat west of the Missouri
rivers Buying veroived a check
through unofficial-predictions of rain.
Disappointing thrasher returns in
Illinois had a strengthening influence
On ciats.
Higher pnices for Imgs served as the
cVef basis on which to hoist pro
v.sions.. " The market felt the effect of
the bulge, in coarse grain. . "
Mutton's Chicago Advices
WIIKAT —La,ck of oflerings. coupled
•with failure of Liverpool to follow the
decline hfere, light acceptances of bids
,-.to the country and prospect of a good
export trade made p higher market for
w neat-most of the day. A leading ele
* atop.concern bought rather freely and
urrled .* many shorts to cover. There
■«a.s some fairly important covering
by shorts' in September, some of whom
resold for December. The advance in
1 -icea had the effect of shutting #ff
-xport -trade and stimulating sales
: from the country.
CORN —Corn values were higher, in
- - nbed fey the continued hot and clear
v either -west of the Missouri river,
• c advanced prices southwest and the
15 Ins: of futures in those markets for
c tuntry account. Cash corn prices
here were up some from last night's
close more because of very small of
f- rings than from any noteworthy de-
OATS—There was considerable local
speculative buying and more or less
.-oiling »>f oats by cash grain concerns'
today. There was a fairly liberai cash
'•■ demand compared with yesterday's
siness, but small as compared with
• sterday'd receipts and the ordinary
PROVlßlONS—Provisions were firm
. er. -gaining moderately. There was
-aomd reinstating today by those who
• unloaded long product yesterday. Of
• ierings were fair at the advance with
prospect of further increase in event
of further gains, brokeis and commis
sion houses having a lot of resting
orders to sell.
. . . Chieagro Grain and Provision Futures
(Furnished by E. F. Hutton & Co.. 490 California street.)
c Wheat, " . 1 " * Oneri"* ' R \mv & Close .Tnlv 15 Year Ago
September 86*54 - s ~ .864 .J8 's*f
December 89% .904 . -59% 904 . ••* J '*
. Corn— •-• _„
Julr I. 604 .06% .60% -OO . -i 2
""• •Sjpp"tem!*r , .61 .614 .60% 6l't "°% -fSS
'• December.. .57% .57*} .57 4 •">"% •*"'** ' •*
"-•'•'.Tulr 3S 354 37-% ; 5 7% .374 .41%
tW : -September '• • .384 .39% .384 - .jg*
Pork— , - ...
•.'•„• TTuly 21.53 21.90 21.85 21.90 21.80
"Lard-*- . - - " ■ , „,
Ju1y...... 11.60 11.60 11.00 11.90 U. 57% in an
..•••September....- ~ 11.674 11.72% 11.074 U. 70 io'--ii.
..-■'.October ' - 11.73 11.77% 11.72% 11.77% Hi-4 iu.o«*s
Short- Ribs— . jfe, , A „.
•• July.;. ......... 11.524 11.65 11.524 H.«O
September. 11.67% 11.77% 11.67 4 11.72% 11.65
October..-.- 11.45 U. 57% 11.45 U-50 U-4.i 10 -- t -%
Future Grain and Provisions
Wheat— July. Oct. Dec.
E .'. . . '.1 B% 73% 73%
Wheat— July Nov.-Feb.
o..»ning .$1.50% $1.42"i
Closing l .50% 1.434
Flour— July. Sent-Oct.
Opening $6.55 50.27
,- 6.57 0.26
( n«h drain and Provisions
("HK'AGO, July 16.—Cash: Corn—No. 2.
T : No." 2 white, [email protected]%c: No. 2
yellow, Rl?iQ62c; No. 3. 604®61%c; No. 3
white 62^ 4 c; No. 3 yellow. Gifd 61 % c; No. 4,
No. 4 white, 61t:.c; No. 4 yellow,
.0.4 c. "
Pre—No. 2. 62% c.
. Timothy—[email protected]
, werseed —Nominal.
New '.rain Market
, NEW YORK, 16.—Flour —Quiet.
northern Dulutb. $1.00%. Futures were firmer.
! ng at ,@s4e net higher. July. OO'-'.c; Sep
r, 94" s c; December, 07i.c.
Northwest 'Wheat
PORTL'A'XD. July 16.--Wheat—Unchanged. Re-
SEATTLC. ' July 10. -Wheat, old crop—Blue
stem. '«*.•* forty fold. 87c; club. 87c; fife. 87c;
I'd R»isslan. S7c. New. crop—Bluestem. 82c;
f "rty-fol*l. SOy: club. 79c: fife, 79c; red Russian.
.?Bc. Yesterday's receipts—Wheat. 15 ears.
■TACOMA. July 10.—Wheat —Bluestem. 93c;
fr.r'rr-fold 91c: club. 0Oc; red fife. 89c. Receipts
»—Wheat." 5 cars; barley. 1 car; corn, 4 cars;
Minneapolis Grain Market
MINNEAPOLIS July 16.—Wheat—July. 874o;
September. 894 c; December. [email protected]%c. Cash
So 1 hard, 01c: No. 1 northern, 89%@90%c:
No. 2 northern; 87%®SS%e: No. 2 hard Mua
tawa, SBc: No. 8 wheat, [email protected]
Bran— Unchanged.
Corn—No. 3 yellow. 574®58c.
Duluth I Irisccd
DI'LUTIL- July ' 16.—Linseed —$1.39%; July,
$1,884 nominal; September, $1.40; October.
.$1.41; November, $1.41% nominal; December,
$1.39 nominal.
\ •-. -(I San I-'ranclMcan InvokfN the Aid
of Portland Police to Find "Lad*
Who Left Home in 1005
(Special Dispatch to The Call)
PORTLAND, July 16. —John Massey,
Si years old, is here from San Fran
cisco to secure the aid of., tlie police
_n a searcji for his lost "boy," James
T:. Massey, 41 years old, who left home
' Majsaey senior, who fought In the
civil war with the Thirty-seventh New
£ork. lives at 1319 Guerrero street,
tan Francisco, and spends a portion
of his $30 a month pension in travel
ing - In search of his "wayward" son.
The old man says he received word
in Sacramento recently that James was
in Portland and he is here to induce
i*ie "lad" to return to the parental
Special Dispatch to The Call)
* SAN RAFAEL, July 16.—A three act
farce comedy entitled "Mr. Bob," will
he presented in Garden theater here
Saturday nlprht under the direction of
Mrs. FVed King- for the benefit of the
Marin County Promotion leaavua.
Heeeipts of Produce .July 10
Flour, qr sks.... 4.720iTa110w, ctls ..'.. #88
Wheat, Ctls 50,VHides, No 440
Barley, ctls .... I.33o|Polts, No 3.045
Heans. sks Loß3lLhxie, bbls ...... 480
Bran, sks Stat Sugar, ctls 7,400
Middlings, sks . . 80 Wiuc, gals 55,400
Potatoes, sks ... 6.S4o't'oal. tons 90
' Onions, sks 715|Lnniber, M ft.... 20
llav. tons 527 Apples, bxs 850
Wool, Ska 83KalstM, bxs 2,400
Feci, sks ...... l.OOO'Livestock. No ... 200
McalfaltM. sks . . 30O!Qulcksilver. flasks. 13
Cornuieal, ctls .. OoOlßrociucorn. bales.. 75
Leather, rolls ... 00 Honey, cases 15
()ats, ctls .A... 4.0001W001, sks : . 10
I Bran, sks 2.000|
Wheat and Other Grain*
Speculative trade in barley continued quiet
yesterday and the general feme of the market
• for futures was one of easiness. Actual trad
ing iv lhe pit was confined to the l>ccmber
optiou, as usual, uud that month sustained an
other small loss. Offerings of barley in the
spot market were practically nil and cash prices
remained wholly nominal in the continued ab
sence of supplies. Prices for barley to arrive
were unchanged. $1.32Vj a cental being the
highest tignre asked for choice feed. Cash wheat
remained qnior and easy. With seme traders ex
prcssiiig a \viilineuess to shade the outside quo
tations for certain grades. Oats and corn were
dull, but steady..
California white Australian, nominal; Califor
nja club. tier ctl: northern club,
$1.57 V^ r 'i.l -80; Turkey red. $1 .r,74 r 't' 1 Roaaian
red. $1.57 "401.60; forty-fold, fl.Bot*sl.w2?i(
bluesteni, $1.67V.*p!1.70.
No quotatious
Spot prices arc wholly nominal in the absence
of supplies. i;ood to choice feed is offering to
arrive at i»er ctl.
11 a. m.' Session
December— $1,864 for opening and high, and
51.35%4 for low and closing. July closed -at
$1.3014 Md. «1.86 asked, Anguat «t $1,314 bid,
51.32U askeTT aud May, 1914, at $1 39 bid,
2 p. m. Session
December sold at $1.33 7 s. October was
quoted at $1.32 bid, $1.35 asked.
Oats—White feed, $1.05(21.00 per ctl for
No 1 to choice: black $2.25 ft? 2.75; red seed,
$1.75 (a 1.95: do feed. $1.55^1.65.
Corn- Eastern vrllow. carload lots. $1,504*3
1.014 per ctl: do* while. $1.51' ■ Q 1.524; Egyp
tian white, nominal: Kaffir. f1.«[email protected] In sacks.
Rye—sl.4o(iil.4s per ctl.
Egg Market In Nearby Cnuntira
(Special Dispatch to The Call)
PETAL!"MA. July 16.—There vra« no change
in the prices paid far eggs today, after receipt
I of transactions of the San Francisco Dairy and
t Egg exchange. Dealers and speculators offered
j 24c for extra ranch and 20W.C for selected pnl
lets. Tbe delivery was not heavy.
SANTA ROSA. July 16.—There was 110 change
lin the local egg market today. On receipt of
advices showing the morning transactions en
th- Baa Francisco Dairy Produce and Egg ex
change loe:tl dealers paid 234 c ! ,pr ''° 7 f n tor
first grade and 20c per dozen for second or PUnet
grade eggs. The offerings for the day wire
Portland Bnttcr Market
PORTLAND. July 16.—Butter— Unchanged.
Butter Cheese and Kgga
The only change on the dairy exchange official
list of quotations for egi;s -. st. nlay was in the
tone of the market for selected pullets* which
I was officlailr declared steady instead of firm
las on the preceding day. Sellers were unable
Ito market any- large quantity of pullets, al
though they offered them at the quotation under
tbe call. Aside from the easier tone In pullets,
market conditions remained exactly the same
as on the preceding day. Hot weather eggs
aed to form a large percentage of the
arrivals ;ind the growing scarcity of strictly
first class fresh extras made the market firm
for s U -h stock. Arrivals from producing dis
tricts that were shipping nothing but fresn ex
-1 tras two weeks or so ago are now entering
lower classifications, owing to the recent hot
weather. '"'
I The quotations for butter and cheese were a,so
unchanged yesterday. The butter market re
tained ail of its former firmness, and altbougn
receipts were liberal, no one in the street
seemed to be at all uneasy as to the ultimate
fttsposltion of their holdings. In fact, the ar
rivals were distributed among a few houses, as
has been the case right along. In yesterday s
issue new California flat cheese firsts were
erroneously quoted at 14 cents a pound. The
quotation should have read 14t_ cents.
Sales on the exchange were as follows:
Butter—lo cases of extras at 29c and 10 at
28i-,c a pound. Also, on the Informal call. 10
cases and 2D cubes of extras at 29c a pound.
Kggs—3o cases of selected pullets at 22c a
doseit. , - , , nr ,
Receipts were §2,700 pounds of butter. <4,300
pounds of ' iieese and 1.842 cases of eggs.
The following are official quotations estab
lished by sales bids and offers on the floor of
the Dairy exchange. Prices iff the street, while
governed" by the exchange quotations, generally
range from lV_e to 2'jc higher, owing to tbe
various charges to be added:
1 t-i ; «-i I «-< 1 •"i i* lif
[EIS 5f £ | I
Grades * | | 2 S j J j
Extras 2Vt_ei_9e |2SUc!2HUc 2Rii.c;2BHc
Flrets_. 28c !28c _ |28c 127.c 2«c 2Sc
The STerage qnotatloa for extra butter for thie
week ending Saturday, July 12, was 2S 5-12 c a
Chee«e —Fancy California flats. I6e per lb.
firm; do firsts. 1414 c, tirni; fancy Young Amer
icas. 17V-C. steady: Oregon twias, 16c. steady:
do triplets, 10c. steady; do Youag Americas.
18c. steady; New York fancy, 20*t20V_c, steady;
W - insin fancy. lOVatfaflTVic. steady.
Keg- — California fresh, per dozen, cases in
N |~j ||||£ I£ j |
Grades *" j[" j \ [
S j £ |ta |5- | £ | £
Bxtras 126e
Firsts 22 , -c'22t«'.c'23>-.e 1 22V<.e'22'Ac , 22t_C
Seconds |20V.e'20V.ci20;_c'20>-<.ci_itv.,cl2O»4c
Select pullets.'2l V.ci2lc !2H_ci22c |22c" |22c
I'Otaitoca, Oalons and A egret a bleu
Receipts of cucumbers and summer squash
from both the river and bay growing districts
were very small again yesterday and prices made
further sharp gains, with squash sbuwing much
more firmness than "cues." Tbe scarcity of
summer squash was due to the recent hot
weather, which did great damage to the growing
crops. Arrivals of tomatoes In "lugs" from the
river and another heavy increase and prices
took a lower range with the decline carrying
values for small packages down with lt. The
latter wre being urged for sale at bargain
rates, bat tbey found little favor with buyers.
Green corn from across the: bay was in good
request at satisfactory prices, while that from
other sections wus mostly poor and found few
buyers. The market was overloaded with limn
beans, and although receivers were willinc to
accept low prices, they, found it lmjiosslble to
do better than effect partial clearances. Gen
eral offerings of peas, string and wax beans,
peppers and eggplant remained easy to weak
aa to values. The potato market had a little
easier tone, but prices did not vary much
from Tuesday's quotations. New Merced sweets
were offering at prices ranging from 4 to o eenta
a pound. Clarksburg yellow onions ruled firm
at another sharp advance.
Potatoes—New river, white. $101 1.33 per ctl
In boxes and $1631.23 In sacks; San Mateo do,
i1.85Q1.73 per ctl; old crop Oregon Burbanks,
SBc*ggl per cti; new sweets, 0c per lb for white
and Pa r>c for red.
Onions—New river red. 504g65c per sack; n«
yellow. O.Vy(7sc per sack; Clarksburg yellow,
pc ctl.
Vegetables—Green corn. $1.r>0(«2 per sack
for bay; other kinds. oOf'JJl; green peas, [email protected]
per lb; cucumbers. per box: garlic. 3<??4c
per lb: cabbage. $1 per ctl: cauliflower.
per dozen; green peppers, 50&0.V per box; car
rots. $1.2."i per sack: string beans. Ko 3c per lb;
lima be.-.ns, 4Q5c per lb; summer squash, $I_l
I.:C> per box; tomatoes. per box for
Merced; lxrge river boxes. $1 <?f:1 .oO; southern
crates. 40(fj50c; green okra. ftsig;7R<. per box;
asparagus, 81(81.25 per box; eggplant, Ssc<j|ti
DeHduoii* and t'itrns Frnlta
. Luteal commission merchants and representa
tives ot shipping concerns, who returned to tbe
city from tbe principal grape growing districts
yesterday, stated that the crops were very badly
damaged by tho recent hot weather, tbe damage
In some places amounting to a loss of 50 per
cent. It was stated that fully one-half of tbe
inusra! crop lo Fresno and Tulare counties was
saaUoyed nnd that the damtsge to Tokays in
the Vacaville region was mode, greater than at
first reported. Advices from Martinez said that
:• 20 per cent nf the crape crops in that
district was so badly scoresied as to be unfit
for shipment. More definite news from all of
the ui-trl-ts affected (fl awaited with interest
in tlie wholesale produce district. The black
berry crop In tbe Sotcistopol region, which is
generally sold direct to the canners, was also
.badly damaged, but the extent of the damage
wms not fcaaaja.
Rec*elpta of tender orchard fruits were liberal
yesterday and a large percentage of the arrivals
showed effects of the hot weather. This waa
i partiealarljf true of apricots, which were more
!in evidence than anything else. Even the
1 hardy Bierthesjß variety showed effects of sun
' damage, and prices for general offerings were
j weak and irregular, ranging down to 50c a lug
I box. The best fruit in three-quarter size "lugs"'
. sold up to $1.20, oi* about Re a pound;' while
la carload Of nicely packed Blenheims In 88
i pound boxes was readily disposed of at $I.2sftJ
11.00 a box, .showing that buyers were willing
to pay weir for good atock. Beaches were
; steady all arouud. with basket lots selling
Bin a better jfban ea the preceding day and at
higher prices. Figs were in moderate supply,
with prices remaining stationary, while buyers
were scoiiri ng the market for Tragedy and Ger
man primes, which were suddenly scarce.
■ Wrapped Bartlett pears were easier, though the
j supply, was limited, the easiness being due to
| tbe competition of unwrapped fruit In "lugs."
Apples fen cafe rally firm. Four tier Graven
steins were quoted at $1.85 a box, f. O. b. Se
bastopol, but local handlers were hnabia to ob
i tain over $1.7.* i. Cantaloupes and watermelons
continued to sell off well at about previous
prices. The first river nntmng melons of the
season appeared. 4 boxes coming "in to I* Sca
tena & C'». The melons were of good size, mn-
Blog ::o to the box, and they were readily dis
posed of at $2 a hex. The berry train from
the WnNonvillc region arrived very late, and
the market was upset in the morning as a con
sequence. Strawberries were lower, while the
Other descriptions stasd about aa before quoted.
Strawberries—Longworths, [email protected] tier chest;
B"auners, $41i'!; other varieties. |BQ4.
Other Berries --Raspberries, $0*37 per chest:
blackberries. S3 (ft 4 per chest: loganberries. $5® 7
t»er chest for red and [email protected] for black: huckle
berries. 224 c per lb. '
Currants—sl.2s*§l.3s per drawer.
Cherries—Prices largely nominal at 10(b 124e
per lb.
Beaches —Wrapped. [email protected]$fJc per BOX; baskets.
[email protected]; small lugs. $1.10*41.30.
Apricots—os<§,Sse per crate; small boxes. aytß
75*; lug boxes. 6541 Sflc for small and [email protected]
for large; off stock, s©[email protected] for lugs.
Figs—Sonoaia. $1.15*81.25 per drawer: river
boxes, nominal: other kinds. 75cfgf$ 1 -
Plums—Tragedy nnd German prunes $1.25®,
1.50 per crate; other plunis, 75c<jfi$l per crate;
boxes. [email protected]
Apples tper box)—Gravenstelns, $1.00(31-75
for four tier and $1.25®. 1.40 for 4% tier: red
Astrachans. $1.2-Vn 1.35 for four tier and $1®1.15
for $U tier: white Astrachans. $1.50 for 4 tier
and $1.2-"". for 4.. tier; Alexander. $1.50 for 4
tier and $1.10®1.15 for 44 tier; crabapples, 60
(575 c for small boxes.
Pears- -Wrapped Bartlctts. $1.63'dj1.75 per box:
unwrapped, $1.20® l.sn for choice aud 75c® $1
for culls: small varieties. [email protected]$t for small and
$1.25*3(1.50 for large hoses.
Melons--Cantaloupes, $1.23®2.25 per crate:
watermelons, SlafrXlW per dozen and [email protected],4c
per lb; extra large, higher.
Grapes—Seedless, $1.75frf2 per crate: Malaga,
$2; rontatnehleau. [email protected]$l.
Citnts Fruits (per box)— Valencia oranges.
84.60(98.60; seedless grapefruit. $2.50®.5; lem
ons. [email protected]; off stock. $3®o; lemoncttes, $6®7;
Mexican iimes. $11(312.50.
Tropical Fruits—Bananas. 34®4c per lb for
Mexican. $1.25® 1.75 per bunch for Hawaiian and
34 '11 A'~ per lb for Central American; pineapples.
|2vl 2.60 per dozen for Hawaiian.
Dried Fruit*, Knlstnsj, Nuts and Honey
Prunes—Spot, bulk basis, 34c per lb; 50a, lie
higher; 40s to 50s. jobbing at Cstffjae as a bnlk
Other fruits, 1912 crop:
Stand- Extra
50 lb boxes— ard Choice Choice Fancy
Evaporated apples 54c B%e 64c
Apricots 9V,c 11c 12c 13c
Peach.es : 44c 4%c "tic
Pears 54e 04<" 74c 94c
Nectarines t>4'' 6c 64c
Futures, 1913 crop—Prunes. 4c for 60s to 90s
and 4%c for 50s to 60s: apricots, 50 lb boxes
uafaced. 10c for standard, lie for choice. U4c
for extra choice and 12c for fancy; peaches. 50
lb boxes. 4*ic for standard. 5c for choice, 54c
for extra choice and 6e for fancy.
Raisins—Loose muscatels. 34c. 4'4c and 44*
for 2, 3 and 4 crown, respectively: 2. 3 and 4
crown layers. 95c. $1 and $1.25, respectively; 5
crown Debesa clusters, $1.70; 6 crown Imperials,
$2.20: seeded, t lb boxes, 5%c for fancy and 5c
for choice, with the usual differential for 12 oz
boxes: seedless sultanas, 50s, 4%c; do Thomp
son. Co for unbleached.
{Juts —Jobbing prices to the trade: Walnuts,
nominal: almonds* ISc: pecans. 16®18o: Bra
zil 15®18c; peanuts. 54®. 6c; pinenuts. 14®16e.
Honey—Fancy water white comb. 154®18c;
dark to amber. 134®144c: white extracted,
nominal at 9®loc per lb: light amber, [email protected]:
j amber. lower grades. 6(f»7c per lb.
Beeawax—33*334c per lb for light and [email protected]
for dark.
Dried Fruits in New York
NEW YORK, Julr 16.—Evaporated Apple*—
Quiet Fancy, 8%@8%c; choice, 6%&7 c; ,
prime. s%®Cc. !
Prunes —Firm. California, 3%m»Z%C: ore- >
gen. 5%@8%c. ™
Aprieota Quiet. Choice. 12®13%c; extra
choice. IS'«l3'ic; fancy. 14%®15c.
Peaches Finn. Choice" 6<gG%c; extra choice,
6?i,@7e; fancy. \%& 7«i<-.
Rat-iris—Quiet. Loose muscatels. 4%@,>*4e;
>..;.- to fancy seeded. [email protected]; seedless, €%fj
6*ic; London layers. $1.20(31.40.
Beans, «eed* nnd Hops
Further small changes In the direction of
lower prices for lima and small white beans
will be observed. Tlie other descriptions stand as
before quoted. Mr ■
Beans (recleaned. per ctl) —Llmas. $3.C0®.).50;
ManchurSan butter, [email protected]: bayos. $3.40®
3 ro: large whites. $4.70®4.55; small whites,
[email protected]: pint. $3.2.".®3.35: blacteyes. $3.40®
3.60; red. $4®4.20; rel kidney. [email protected]; gar
vanzas. $3.50®4; horse beans, [email protected]; cran
berry, nominal.
Seeds—Mustard. —: flaxseed. [email protected] per ctl;
canary. [email protected]>*.c per lb: alfalfa, 14®lSc; rape,
24®3%c; timothy, nominal; hemp, 3c; millet,
Dried Peas—Green. ?3®3 25 per ctl.
Hops—California. 1012 crop, to growers. 12®f
16c per lb for eeneral offerings; choice, scarce
and nominal at 20c
NEW YORK. July 16.—Hops—Firm. State,
common to choice. 1012. [email protected]: do 1911, 11®
14c: Pacific coast, 1912, [email protected]; do 1911,
Flour and Farinaceous Goods
Flour (net per bbll—California family extras,
$5.60®8: do bakers' extras, [email protected]: super
fine. [email protected]: Dakota patents, [email protected];
Kansas patents. [email protected]
Farinaceous Goods —In 10 lb sacks are quoted
as follows: per 100 lbs Graham flour. $2.90;
entire wheat flour. $3; buckwheat flour. $5; self
riSlng buckwheat flour. $5.60: wheat meal. $4;
rice flour, $0.50; rye flour. $3.70; rye meal. $3.60;
eornmeal. yellow and white. $3.23; extra do.
$3.50; oat groats. $4.60; buckwheat groats, $8.80;
hominy. ,t3.70; cracked wheat, $3; farina. $4.10:
pearl barley. $5.50(i > 6; spilt peas. $fi for yellow
and $7.50 far green. In 25 lb sacks 10c lower
for all and 20c lower for 50 lb sacks.
Hay and Feedstuff's
The en! Ire line of feeds tuffs Is easy with
large handlers reporting business of a dull rou
tine character. Shorts are $1 a ton lower and
easier prices are quoted for eornmeal and cracked
Feedstuff* (per ton)— Bran. $27*228 for white
and $25.50®26.50 for red: shorts. $28®29; mid
dlings. $31®33; rolled barley. eornmeal
[email protected]; cracked corn. [email protected];
chopped feed, [email protected]; evergreen chop feed. $21
In car Tits and $23 jobbing; oilcake meal. 20 ton
lots $32. IO ton lots $32.50, 5 ton lots $33, small
Jots $33.50; cocoa nut cake or meal, $23 for 20
and 10 ton lots. $23.50 for 5 ton lots and $24 for
small lots: alfalfa meal, carload lots $21. job
bing $22: Eureka moal. carload lots $21.30, Jod
bing $23: vigorator. $22.
Hay (per ton)—Faney wheat hay, $21.30(323:
No. 1 wheat and wheat and oat. $19.50®21: good
to choice do. $17® 19: lower grades. $16®16.50;
barley and oat, $15® 18;' fancy tame oat. $20.50 !
(221.50; other do, [email protected]; wild oat [email protected]; i
stock hay. $11®13: alfalfa, $14®16.
Straw —;:.•,! :.5c per bale.
Poultry and Game
A car of eastern hens, for which the trade
was waiting Tuesday afternoon, rolled in yes
terday and another car that was not expected
also came in. These arrivals caused the market
to develop a slightly easier tone, but tbe re
ceivers made no reductions in their ersking prices.
Tbe Improvement shown in the market on Mon
day anil Tuesday drew In greatly Increased sup
plies from state, shipping points. Early arrivals j
by trains and the Petaluma boat were nearly 1
200 coops and small lots continued to arrive at]
day. The Influx took the edge off the market 1
Bad dealers who quoted higher rates for nana j
and rooster*) on Teusday were a little bit uneasy |
us to tbe immediate future. However, the re- j
eently revised quotations were allowed to Stand,
Broilers and fryers remained firm at the old
Poultry (per dozen)— Hens. $4.5003 for small
[email protected] for large and 89®12 for extra; young
roosters. [email protected]; do extras, $9®10; old roosters
$4®5; fryers. $5.50®6; broilers. $404.50 for
large, $3.(,3.50 for medium and $2.5i'K«3 for
*W* a It costs no more through the Scenic
lift Northwest. By way of the Co-
VIW lumbia River, Puget Sound, the
Via Cascades and Rockies.
Northern „on the way visit
P«£. Yellowstone Fark
3C1.11C Season . Jane is t0 Sept. 15 J *<rU**K.
Ra>« Through Sleeping Cara ■»A^\
ailWaV iW^fijK
MU *f %a J Montana, reached only fa*?/ Jfo**
by this line. | I jm\fm9m
Write for literature . _ . . _ 1 mm WW _
Low Round Trip Fares \«e£Y\M WW t*
T - K - Sl sT&*& sr* A t,Ht v dorin * Jul £ vOrT^vi
Phone, Kearney U73 Han Francisco August and September 4rVL W I
small; ducks, [email protected] for old and [email protected] for
young: geese, $2<t£2.30 per pair; pigeons, $1.25(gt
1.50; squabs. $1.50(f«2.
Prices (per I)>>—Eastern hpns. 20Q21c: Cali
fornia hens. 15«r{lSc for Leghorns and 18«|20c
for Plymouth Books; young roosters. 20((i20c;
fryers. *23fr; 21c; broilers. 22c.
Game /per dozen)-rllare, $1.23(g!2: Belgian
hare, «Mr<(o.
Wholesale l-'l.th Market
Prices (per tb>—Salmon. 124 c: halibut, Oe;
••j cken halibut, -; codfish, 8c; red rock, lflc;
black rock, 7c; barricuda. Be; sand dabs, Oc;
soles, sc: kingflsb, —: carp, 4c; smelts,. Mo;
silver smells, —; herrings. 4c; tomcods, .He;
small striped bass. 15c: large do, —; .sea bass.
9c; shad. sc; catfish. 124<": trout, —; crawfish.
25c; crabs. $2.50 per dozen.
The above quotations represent f. o. b. prices
for cleaned fish, iced and boxed.
Meat Murket
Slaughterers' rates to dealers and butchers are
as follows: a
Beef—Prime steers. [email protected]%c; medium do, 10
ftille: heifers, cows. O&lOc.
Veal—lo4c for heavy, H6il2c Tor medium
and 12ftil2 1 "C for small.
Mutton—Wethers. [email protected] ewes, Ns^Se.
Lambs—Lightweight, [email protected]; heavy, 10V.
Dressed pork (per lb) —12%@13r.
The following quotations arc for good, sound
livestock, delivered In Sau Francisco, gross
Grass fed cattle —No. 1 steers, over 950 lbs.
74(574c per lb; under 950 1b5,.0%@7e: second
quality, all weights. [email protected]%C! thin, undesirable
.steers, 401:54 c.
No. 1 cows and heifers, [email protected]\<j second qual
ity. 54fi(5)4c; common to thin, undesirable
cows, 3*fi4c.
Desirable hulls and stags, 4(gli 1 c; half fat or
Uilu bulls. 2(a3e.
Calves—Lightweight, per lb, 7<g74c; medium,
6(qio4c: heavy. 5Q5%C.
Sheep—Desirable wethers. 4%@44c; ewes, 3%
It 3-lie.
Suckling lambs—s|&A6e.
Hogs—Hard hogs weighing ICO to 150 lbs, 7Vi
@74c; 100 to 230 lbs, "4®"'J4c; lbs and
up, TV^c.
Hams (per lb) —California. H. 11. brand, 14 to
16 lbs, 20; 17 to 20 lbs, 18c; picnics, 144<§J15c:
M. & L. brand. 22Vic; skinned; 22c: dried beef
hams, 2(!'...c; raw. boned. 27c; Primrose, 23c;
Eastern Star, 224 c; skinned, 21c; Monarch,
204 c; picnic. 154 c.
Bacon—Primrose, 4 to 0 lbs, 32c; Eastern Star.
4 to 6 lbs 3d, . 6 to S lbs 2i)c. S to lfi lbs 27c. 10
to 12 lbs 20c: Arrow. 8 to 10 lbs 26Vic; 10 to 12
lbs 254 c; medium bacon, 204 c; light medium,
2oi .c; light dry salt- bacon. Bto 10 lbs 23c, 10
to 12 lbs 22c; M. ,t L. brand. 5 to 7 lbs 28c, 8
to 10 lbs 27c: FL H. hraud. 6 to 8 lbs 20c, S to
10 lbs 25c; light. 22c: dry salt. ltiftJlSc.
Cottolene—Half bbls. ll%e; 1 tierce, 114 c; 2
tierces. 114e- 5 tierces, lie per lb: Callfene.
lie for 1 tierce. 10% c for 2 tierces, W%c for 5
tierces and 114 c for half bbls and tubs; cases,
■astern Lard and Oils. Western Meat brand —
Lard, tierces. 144 c: 50s (per casei $7.38. 10s
59.15 5s 19.2] 3s $9.30; compound lard, tierces
OOs (per case). $5. 10s $6.30, 5s $6.38. 3s
$6.45: yellow cooking oil. 65c per gallon: white
cooking oil, 67c per gallon; salad oil, 7Sc aer
gallon. 1
California Pure Lard, If. & L. Brand —Tierces,
13c; cans 1 to .1 case, $6,62 4: 4 to a case,
$10.70; large tins. 6 to s case, $8.25; medium,
12 to a case, $8,324: small. 2o to a case. $8.40.
California Compound Lard, H. 11. Brand—
Tierce basis. 94c; cans. 1 to a case, $4.57c_, : 4
to a euse. $7.90; tins, 6 to a case, $6.10: 12s.
$6,224 : 20s. $0.30; M. & L. salad oil. tierce
basis, 80c: M. & L. cooking oil, 70c for white
and 67c for yellow.
Beef—Extra family, family and extra mess
beef. 524 per bbl.
Pork—Extra prime, in barrels. $23; pig pork,
Hide*, Tallow, (irease and Wool
Hides—Culls sell lc under the quotations for
salt and LU2c for dry hides. Heavy and medium
salted steers, 13% c: light. 134-: cowhides, 13c:
bulls and stags, 8<&0c: salted kip, 14c: salted
veal and salted calf, l" 1 /; dry hides, 24*jj;250:
culls. 23c: murrain, 23c: dry calf and real, 28c:
dry kip. 25c; dry Fait hides, 16c; dry bulls and
stags, 17c; sheepskins, short wool. 20ftJ40c: me
dium. 43ft.S0c; long wool. 85cfo;$l; lambs, 35
c<soc fdr long and 15*530 c for short wool; milk
lambs, 101OC; shearlings, 15tf&25c for No. 1 and
10c for No. 2: horsehldes, salt, $2.75<Ti3 for large
prime aud $2.25*32.50 for No. 1; medium, $1.75
fci 2; small, 75C0 $1.25; colts, 25(550c; horse
hides, dry, [email protected] for large, $1.50"*g2 for me
dium. for sniail and 25050 c for colta;
goatskins, prime angoras. 75e*tf$l: medium, 35*3
50c: long hair goats, 40c; medium, 25c; kids,
[email protected]
Tallow—No. 1 rendered, bbls, 5(g5?4c; cans
and drums. [email protected]
Grease—2(St3c per lb.
Wool (spring clipfe-San Joaquin, 8 and 8
months, 8<&jlOc per lb3 do defective. [email protected]; Red
Rluff, Ufa 124 c; do year,/12V„Qi4c; Humboldt
and Mendocino, 6 montiis, 14(5,i8c; do year's
clip. 18*#20c.
NEW YORK, July 16 —Hides—Steady. Central
American. 29««c; Bogota. 29M50304c. +
Wool—Steady. Domestic fleece, SCX Ohio, 27
Hot-ten and Mule*
The following quotations for horsea and fteules
are furnished by the Butchers' and Stock Grow
ers' Journal: . «
From San Francisco
ToChicago $ 79 50
and back £ _W
ToPhiladelphiasl AOSO
and back JLVrO
ToNewYork SiAO5O
one/ back M.\j\J
Toßoston SIIASO
and back L L\J
to Washington Si A 750
and back JL \J £
ToMontreal SIAOSO
and back JL I/O
ToPortland Si 1 350
and back lit/
Dates of sale
July 17, 22, 23, 24, 30, 31.
August 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14,
20, 22, 23, 24, 30, 31. j
September 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10,
Liberal Stopovers
.!<•>•! v Btmi on tj{« new _teel Pacific
Limited; leaves San Fraucisco daily 10:20
a. m., Oakland 10:.">_. a. m. —rrla On
Southern Pacific—Union Pacific
Milwaukee & St. Paul Line
i Tickets, literature and full
information at
22 Powell Street. Flood Bid... San Francisco
i L. E. STANTON, General Agent
C. H. MILES, District Passenger Agent
Desirable drafters. 1,700 lbs and- over. .$27504325
Light drafters, 1.550 to 1,030 lbs 2254J250
Chunks, 1.330 to 1.500 lbs 20041228
Wagon horses. 1,250 to 1.350 1b5....
Delivery wagon horses. 1.000 to 1,200 lbs 12O(i£140
Desirable f:irin marcs *00C(i125
Farm workers 75(«|100
950 lbs, 4 to 7 vers $75^125
1.000 lbs. 4 to 7 years 128*3 175
1.100 lbs, 4 to 7 years 150®200
1.200 lbs, 4 to 7 years 200#250
Over 7 years old range from $15 to 835 lower.
Note—Shippers to this market must Jiave
horses close to type, with age. lione conforma
tion and style, to couiuiand extreme quotations.
General Merchandise
Bags—Standard "Calcutta grain bags. 9"<@
04c; San Qnentin. 84c: wool bags. 504 c for 4
and 4Sc for 34 lbs; "fleece twine. 94c per lb;
baan bags. S4c.
Oil quotations are for barrels—Linseed. 03c per
gallon for boiled and 61c for raw. 5 bbl lots, lc
less, cases 5c mure: Baker's AA castor, cases. 5
gallons $1.07. 10 gallons $1.05: commercial cas
tor, in cases. 80c; China nut. cases. 75®85c per
gallon; extra bleached winter spera oil, SOc;
pure lard oil, 85c; winter strained lard oil. 73c;
pure neatsfoot oil,>Rsc; paint oil, 40£i45e; cocoa
nut oil. 5 bbl lots. Sic for XXX. 7S 1 . J c for No. 1
and 76c for No. 2; small lots 24c m«re, tar lots
lc less.
Coal Oil Gasoline, etc. —Pearl oil. in bulk 9c.
in cases 10c; headlight oil. in bulk 10c. in cases
17c: Eocene, in bulk 11c. in eases 19c; Elaine.
264 c; Red Crown gasoline, in bulk 154 c. in
cases 22V.c; engine distillate. In bulk H«4c. in
cases 144 c: gas machine gasoline. In bulk 37c.
In cases "4440; varnish makers' and painters'
naphtha. 1n bulk 14 4c in cases 214
Turpentine—ln cases. 57c; 10 ease lots lc less;
drums and iron barrels, 50c; Aroturps, cases 30c.
iron barrels and drums 23c per gallon.
Boats—r, $7.70; H $7.70; WG. $9.75 per bbl
of 280 lbs. j -
Red and White Lead—Red. Siftß4c; white. 7=*i
(JJB4C per lb; do in 3 and 10 lb lots. 74c and
74c, respectively.
Refined Sugar Market
The Western Sugar Refining company quotes
as follows, net cash: Fine granulated, 4.90 c;
canners' granulated, 4.90 c: fruit grauulated,
4.00 c; crystal domlnos, 5 lb cartons In cases,
S.7oc; do 2 lb cartons in eases, 9.20 c; monarch
bar. 5.25 c: tablets In half bbls, 5.40 c: do in 25
lb boxes, 5.65 c; cubes, 5.15 c; monarch powdered,
sc: XXXX powdered, sc: confectioners' A,
4.00 c; beet granulated, 4.70 c; extra C, 4.40 c;
golden C, 4.?0c: D, 4.20 c. Barrels and 50 lb
bags 10c, half bbls 25e, boxes SOc more per 100
lbs than for bags of 100 lbs net. Bar in 35 and
40 lb tins $1.70 more, in S and 10 lb tins $2.35
more per 100 lbs than tbe price for this grade In
100 lb bags.
The California and Hawaiian Sugar Refining
company quotes as follows: Granulated basis.
4.90 c: 0. & EL flue standard, 4.90 c; coarse dry
granulated. 4.90 c; confectioners' A. 4.90 c: berry.
4.90 c; powdered, sc; cub**, 5.15 c; "Hlgrade"
bar, 5.25 c: bricks (in half bbls). 5.40 c; bricks
On 25 lb boxes), 5.65 c; crystal domlnos (5 lb
carteoa in casesi S.7oc; dd» 2 lb cartons In cases,
9.20 c; extra fine dry granulated (100 lb bags
ouly). 4.70 c; extra C. 4.40 c; golden C. 4.30 c;
yellow D, 4.20 c. Additional per 100 lbs: In
bbls and 50 lb bags. 10c more; half bbls, 25c
more; boxes, SOc more for all grades. Bar In
35 and 40 lb tins $1.70 more, in 10 lb tins $2.33
more. Minimum order, carload weight. .
NEW YORK, July 16. -Sugar—Raw, steady;
centrifugal. 3.57 c; muscovado, 3.04(g3.07c; mo
lasses, 2.82 c.
Fernando Nelson and wife to John Artus and
wife, lot in N line of Cumberland 6treet, 150 W
of Guerrero. W 25 by N 100: $10.
Emma Wolf and Carl Wolf to Louise and
John W. Rose, lot in SW line of Fourteenth
avenue South. 25 SE. N SE 5o by SW 100: $10.
Alexander Flnegold to Morris Finegold, lot In
= Grand Canyon of tbe Feather =
E River and the Royal Gorge =
EE The " Panama-Pacific Express" EE
~ with Observation Cars and jS
= The "1915 Mail" Trains ■=
25 L*?ave Union Ferry Depot Arrive 52
EE am m ( Stockton, Sacramento, ■mm _ 5
= 9 - 10 " \ Salt Lake. Denver. (9M * |
EE 7aa m i Omaha. Chicago, Kan- f • «>«„ —
= 9 ( sas City. St. Louis ) *25
= 4.10 p Stockton 10.20 S =
EE Through Standard and Tourist Sleeping EE
SS Cars via Den. & Rio Grande and Missouri 25
zr Pacific, Reck Island Lines and Burling- *E
SE ton Route. —
EE Ticket Offices EE
§ 665 Market St.-Phone Sutter 1651 =
si 1326 Broadwsr. Oakland- Fi:one Oakland 132 a
# Schedule Effective
May 11, 1913
San Francisco
Leave | VIA SAUSALITO I Arrlva
iO;-iia,l'etuiuUia, Santa Rosa, Guernevllle.
Duncan Mills. Cazadero *3 :O J P
7:15 a Sonoma. Glen Ellen erOSp
7:45s Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg,
Cloverdsle. Uklah. Willits, Fort
Bragg, Longvale, •**Dos Rlos,
•Sebastopol 7:30p
8:15 a Point Reyes. Camp Meeker. Monte
Rio, Duncan Mills, Cazadero 7:83p
B:4sa!Petaluma. Santa Rosa, Guernevllle.
Monte Rio. Duncan Mills. Gaza
f dero. (Leaves from Duncan Mills) 7:05p
19:15a'Sonoma. Glen Ellen J| : is5 p
19:15a!Lagunltas. Point Reyes Jh:OOp
10:45aiPetaluma. Santa Rosa, Healdsburg.
I (to Sonoma and Glen Ellen week
I days only. and arrives 6:05 p.m.) 5:05p
I:43p?Petainma. Santa Rosa. Guernevllle.
Monte Rio. Duncan Mills (to
Cazadero Sundays only) 10:35 a
12-45p Point Rcves, Camp Meeker. Monte
Rio. Duncan Mills. Cazadero |10:33 a
3:15n Petaluma. Santa Rosa. Healds
burg, Cloverdale. Uklah, Willlts,
•♦Sebastopol 11:33 a
4:45p Sonoma. Glen Ellen 0 :35a
515p'Petaluma. Santa Rosa. Healdsburg 9:06 a
ts:l3p(Potnt Reyes, lv. Sunday 7:15 a.m. I 8:35*
Sausallto. Mill Valley. San Rafael—Dally every
80 minutes from 6:43 a. m. until 9:45 a. m.:
hourly until 2:45 p. m.. then 3:15 p. m. and
every 30 minutes until 7:45 p. m.; then 9:30.
11:15 p. m. and 12:30 a. in. On Sundays In ad
tjltion—Every 80 minutes from 9:45 a. ra. to 3:15
ip. in., except 2:15 p. m.
i Fairfax—Leave t6:45. 7:13. 7:43. 8:13. 8:43.
fa-IB 0:45. 110:15, 10:45, 111:18, 11:45 a. ro.;
112 15. 12:45. 11:15, 1:43. 2:45. 3:15, 3:45, 4:15,
4:45. 5:15. 5<45. 6:15, 6:45, fT:IS, 7:45. 9:30,
11:15 p. m.; 112:30 a. m.
San Quentln via San Rafael—Leave dally at
9:15 a. ni. and 1:45 p. m.
Tiburop and Belvedere—Dally every hour from
6"45 a. ai. until 1:4.1 p. m., then 3:15 p. m. and
every Amir until 8:15, then 7:45. 9:30. 11:15
p. m. Bid 12:30 a. in.
•Arrives 7:05 p. m. ••Arrives 10:33 a. m.
♦••Arrives 11:35 a. m. tEvcept Sundays. IRnn
fiays only. "sSaf nrdays .only, f Mondays only.
Redline Transfer Company's ageuts are author
ired to cheek baggage direct from residence.
BbU ton 7W »<» a bl. 12JO. 330. 600. 830 j, ay
Doe* aad taV* Eaj Tmry BuilAaa.
N line of Dorland street. 200 W of Dolores, N
1 125:104. W 25, S 127:54, V, 25; $10.
1 Theodore E. Rulfs and wife to William 11.
and David F. K« ;;.,. g Hne of Pine street,
1 112:6 B of Leavenworth. E 25 by S 137:6; $10.
I William M. Doyl« to Nlckolas Cannata. lot in
I N line of Sagamore street. 00 W of Plymouth
j avenue, W 25 by N 123; $10.
I Same to Luigi Rinftlda. lot in N line of Saga
more street. 70 W of Plymouth avenue, W 25
!bv N 125 1 $10.
Victoria L. Eoff to Richard W. Barrett, lot
in N line of Twenty-sixth avenue. !00 S of
I Clement street. S 23, W 140:10%, NW 20:1%,
E 143:64: $10.
Kate Carroll to Bella Lihdner. lot in N line of
Twentv-flfth street. 100 E of Sanchez, B 20 by
N 114; $10.
Newell-Murdock .Realty eompanv to Helen L.
Nichols, lot 16, block 22. Forest Hill; $10.
Real Estate and Development company to An
drew Firpo and wife, lot iv E line of Arkansas
street, 100 S of Seventeenth. S 23 by E 100;
N. T. Giacomini and wife to A. Domenlconl,
lot in Js' line of Rernard street, 160 W of Tay
lor. N 20 by N 60; $10.
Pauline Hubert to Harry J. Dempsey. lot in
N line of Twentieth avehue, 170 S of Lawton
street, *S 25 by N 120: $10.
Harry J. Dempsey and wife to Anglo-American"
Land company, same: $10.
Stanley J. Fay and wife to Katbarlna Stauf
fer, lot i« block 148, South San Francisco Home
stead and Railroad association, and 10 other lots;
$10. ' '
Martin Jensen and wife to Ellen Keegan and
William Keegan lot in W line of Folsom sareet,
20 S of Fifteenth, S 20 by W 110; $10.
Edmund A. Love to Henrietta SittenfeW, lot
in N line of Green street. 132:6 W of Pierce, W
32 by N 52: $10.
Henrietta Sittenfeld to Guadalupe Realty com
pany, lot in N line of Green street, 132:6 W of
Pierce. W 32 by N 52; $10.
Guadalupe Realty company to Henrietta Sit
tenfeld, lot In N line of Green street, 30:0 W of
Pierce. W 31 by N 52; $10.
Same to Frank R. Grannie, lot in N line of
Green street, 66:6 W cf Pierce, W 3 by N 52;
Frank R. Grannls and wife to Edmund A.
Leave (Foot of Market Street) Arrive
(Subject to change without notice)
2.15 a Niles. Livermore, Tracy, Lathrop,
Stockton, Lodi, Gait, Elk Grove,
Sacramento, Roseville, Auburn, Col
fax, Truckee, Reno, Sparks 10.40p
2.16 a Sacramento, Marysville, Biggs, Chico. 10.40p
2.15 a Yolo, Williams, Wulows, Tehama.... 1040p
640 a Richmond (Vallejo), Port Costa, Mar
tines, Antioch, Byron Hot Springs,
Tracy, Patterson, Newman, Los
Banos, Ingle, Kerman, Fresno 11.20p
940 a San Leandro, Hayward, Niles, San
Jose 8.1 Op
7.00 a Richmond, Port CosU, Benicia, Sui
sun, Dixon, Sacramento 7.30p
7.00 a F.imira, Yacaviile, W inters 1.1 Op
7.00 a Roseville, Marysville (Oroville), Red
es ding, Duoaarair Io4op
7.00 a Davis, Woodland, Williams, Maxwell,
Willows, Hamilton, Coming, Red
Bluff 7.30p
7.20 a The Statesman—Richmond, Vallejo
Junction, Port Costa, Benicia, Sui
sun, Dixon, Davis, Sacramento 6.50p
7.20 a Niles. Pleasanton, Livermore, Tracy,
Lathrop, Stockton (Oakdale), Lodi,
Sacramento 7.30p
7.20* Tracy, Patterson, Newmaa. Lo* Banos,
Ingle, Kerman, Fresno 4.30p
7403 Richmond, Vallejo, Napa, Calistoga,
SanU Rosa, Crockett, Port Costa.. 8.1 Op
740> Avon, Walnut Creek, San Ramon 6.1 Op
B.ooa Newark, West Saa Jose, Los Gatos,
Wright, Feiton (Ben Lomond, Boul
der Creek), SanU Cruz 8.50p
840s Richmond; Port CosU, Martinez,
Byron Hot Springs, Tracy (Stockton),
Merced, Berenda, Madera, Fresno,
Fowler, Selroa, Traver, Goahea Junc
tion (Hanford, Armoaa), Tulare,
Bakersfield *»..... 4.3 Op
840 a Visalia. Lindsay, Porterville, Ducor... 7.1 Op
8.40 a Yosemite Valley via Merced 4.30p
9.09 a Irvington, San Jo«e 7.30p
9.00 a Nilas, Pleasanton, Livermore, Stock
ton, ('Milton), Valley Spring, lone,
Sacramento 4.3 Op
B.ooa Tuolumne, Sonora, Jameetown. Angels 2.50p
9.00s Port CosU, Benicia, Suisun, Davis,
Sacramento 1040s
9,00 a Vallejo. Napa, St. Helena. Calistoga.. 4.30p
9.00 a Golifiold Pass.—Truckeef Lake Tahoe).
Hazen, Wabusk* (Yerrington, Hud
son), Mir.a, Tonopah, Goldfield,
Laws, Kerior B.loa
940s Richmond, S»a Pablo, Pinols, Vallejo
Junction, Crockett, Port Costa, Mar
tinez, Avon, Concord, San Ramon.. 6.50p
10.29 a "Pacific Limited"—Ogden, Cheyenne,
Omaha, Chicago—Salt Lake City,
Denver 8.50 a
10.20 a Port Costarßenicia, Sacramento, Col
fax, Truckee, Reno, Hazen, Love
lock, Winnemueca, Battle Mountain,
Palisade, Elko, Wells, Cobre 8.50 a
10.20 a Niles, Irvington, San Jos* II .20p
1040s Stockton { '"j^
10.40s Loa Angeles Passeng«f—Richmond,
Port CosU, Martinez, Byron Hot
Springs, Tracy, Stockton, Merced,
Maderd, Freano, (Hanford. Coalings,
Viaaiia), Bakerafield, Los Angeles... 7.10p
11.20 a Shasta Limited Da Luxe—Portland,
Tacoma. Seattle 8.60p
12.00 a Richmond, Port CosU, Benicia. Sui
sun, Fairfield, Dixon, Sacramento.. 4.30p
12.00n Elmira, VacaviUe, Winters 730p
12.00n Davis, Williams, Colusa June., Willows,
Gcrraaatown, Orland, Hamilton 6.50p
12.00n Marysville, Chico, Red Bluff 4.30?
1.000 Nils-, Irvington, San Joee Lsop
1.20p Saa Leaidro, Niles, Centerville, New
ark (Redwood), San Joss 7.50p
1.20p Newark. Alviso, Agnew, SanU Clara,
West Saa Jose, Los Gatos, Glen
wood, Feiton, (Boulder Creek),
SanU Crus, WaUonville 8.1 Op
2.40p San Leaniro, Niles. San Joss 7.30p
'3.00? Richmond, Benicia, Suiaun, Sacra
mento—Woodland, Tudor, Yuba
City, Marysville. Oroville 11. 10 a
3.00? Elmira, Vac*ville, Winters, Rurasey.. 11.10 a
3.20p Richmond, Port CosU, Martines,
Byron Hot Springs, Mode»to, Mer
ced, Madera, Fresno Io4op
4.00p Overland Limited De Luxe-rDeuver,
Kansas City, St. Louis, Omaha,
Chicago 9.30 a
4.00p Port CosU, Martinez. Concord, Wal
nut Creek, San Ramon, Liverraore 9.10 a
4.00? Vallejo, Nape. St. Heleaa, Calistoga,
Glen Elba. SanU Rosa B.roa
4,00p Niles (CoaUrvilie, Newark), Sunol.
Pteaisnton. Liverajore, Tracy, Stock
ton, Lodi, Sacramento. . 12,5Gp
440p San Leandro, Hayward. Niles, Pleas-f t 8.30 a
anton, Livermore I 110,10 a
4.40? Irvington, San Jose 8.30s
4.40? Tracy, Pattorsan, N'*wman, Loa Bacoe,
Kerman. Freina Io4op
440p Valley Fiver-Port Costa. BjTon Hot
Springs, Tracy, Modesto, Merced,
Madera, i Fre*m, Goshen Junction, ,
Tulare, Bakersfield, Mojave, Ix»»
Angeles '• • ■ 12.50p
BJKIp Vallejo, Port CosU. Benicia, Suisun,
Sacramento, Roseville, Lincoln,
Wheatland, Mary-villa (Oroville),
Gridlev. Biggs. Chico Io4op
5,00p Dsns, Arbuckls, William*, Willows,
Orland, Tehama «040p
B.OOa Newark, West San Joss, Los Gatos... IO.IOs
5.00? Saturdays and Sundays—Glanwood,
Feltoa, SanU Cru* 110.10s
B.oop Niiei. Plesaauton, Livermore, Tracy,
Stockton 10.10*
Richmoad, Pinole, Crockett, Port
CosU, Martins.;. Avon and Way
Stations., IO.OOp
8.29? Saa Leandro, Lorenzo, Hayward,
Nil**!, Pleasanton, livermore, Tracy
Stockton 2.60p
6.20p Owl Limited—Port Cost*. Tracy,
Fresno. Los Angeles B.loa
6.20? Haywari Nile* and San Jose 8.1 Op
840? Ea3t*-n Etpren— Ogdsn, Pneolo, Den
ver, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago. 1.30p
840p Richmin-i, Port Costa, Byron Hot
Springs, Tracy, Stockton, Sacra*
mento, Colfax, Truckee, Reno,
Spark' ... 1.30p
7.00p Richmond (Vallejo', Port CosU. Mar
tinez, Concord, Walnut Cree*. Plea*,
anton, Miles, Oakland 1245 a
p Sleepiaz Car to Truckee for Lnke
Tahoe 7.30*
8.20? Oraroa Excess—Richmond, Sacra
meuto, Rassville, Marysv.i'.e, Red
diai( (Klamath Falls). Ashland, Port
land, Tacoma, Ssattle, Spokane l.lOp
O.OOp Mt Elen. Alvarado, Newark, SanU
Clara, San Jow 7.59p
940p Bleepiag Car for Yosemi'.s Valley via
Merced and El Porul 7.60 a
940? Bake-tfeU, McKittri k, Hazsltoa,
Mofiarch, Moron, Fellow, Shale 7.50 a
840? Richninl, Port CosU, Tracy, Mo
desto, Merced, Madera, Fresno,
Hanford, Tulare 7.50*
9.40? Hanfor!. Armoaa, Lemoore, Huron,
Co*Hn?a m 7.60 a
940p Vts-klia, Kxe'.>r, Li3i<»y, rorternlle,
Die, Fa-noso 7.50*
'0.20? Portland Exor«n«-Richmond, Davis,
Willows, Rsl ll iff, Weed, (Klamath
Fails), AShlaaL Roseb itj, Portland,
Tacoma, SeattJs 7.30 a
I I4op Calibrnii Mail—Ogdan, Cheyenne,
Denver, Kansas City, Omaha, Chi
cago 8 - 3 °3
H43p Richmond, Port Costa, Benicia, Sui
sun, Davis, Sacramento, -Colfax,
Truckee, Reno • 8.30?
Agents collect baogag* and checks on trains or boats of
Southorn Pacific Company and deliver baggage to resi
dence. Tbey are authorized to check baggage direct
from rsshlsncß, •>
Lowe, lot In N line of Green street, 98:6 W of
Pleree, W 5 by X 52: $10.
The McCarthy company to Charles E. Fettcr
son. lot 21, block 28, Sunny-side; $10.
Louis H. Newioth. ct al.' to Amelia E. Pollard,
portion of block 45, Market Street Homestead
association: $10.
George 11. Uand and wife to Pacific Gaa and
Electric company, lot in XIV line of Minna
street, 145 XE of Eighth, XE- 20 by NW 80;
Annie E. McArdle to George 11. Rand, san*;. *
George IT. Rand' and wife to Pacific Gas anl
Electric company, lot in XW line of Minna street.
85 XE of Eighth. XE 40 by NW SO; $10.
Thomas M. Piukelstein to Ivy Frtede, lot in NE
line of Third street, 3o NW of .Bcyant,' NW 25
OJL.NE 85; $10.
Antoine Borel and wlfle to Llbrada R. de |f«-
I rales. lot In NW line of London street. 100 SW
j of Italy avenue. SW 25 by XW 100: $10.
William B. O'Ponnell to Dewey Coffin, lot In
E line of Diamond street. 45 S of Clipper. S 69
by E 80, and two other parcels; $10.
Bernard F. Maloney to the McCarthy eompanv,'
lot in W line of' Fortieth avCnue. 100 S of X
street. S 25 by W 120; $5.
Crocker Estate eompanv to Clara Orwitz. lota
30 and 31. block G. additions to Castro Street
Addition.aud Glen Park terrace; $10. •
Buildinjr Contracts
William S. Sargent with J. j. Murray—Alter
ations and additions changing a cottage into
flats, 172 Carl streot, N side between Cole and
Stanyan: $3,987. , o
Mary Quinn with 11. P. Often—All wark ex
cept gas fixtures and shades for a two story and
basement frame building tflatsi In Saline of
Grove street. 202:6 W of Cole, W 25 by S 137:6
--$3,183. . . •
Poekwitz Rebmann Realty company with James
L. McLaughlin—To erect a three story jutd base
ment class C reinforced concrete building in W
line of Embaroadero, 229 N of Mission street.
45:10x80. building not to exceed $24,500. plus
$f.OOO for contractor. .
11. Capurro with Blanrrfini A Co.—Exeavat-c.
ing and grading of lot at SE corner of Broad-
I way and Bartol street. 40x67:6; $875. , • o
Leave (Third and Townsend Streets) .'Arms -
(Subject to change without notice) • .
t 5.05 a Valencia Street, Ocean Vietv, Colma,
Cemeteries, Baden, San Bruno f'6.35a
6.45 a South San Franriscr>, San Jose, Mor
ganhiil, Gilror, Sargent, V."aisoa»
ville, Autos, Capitol*. SanU Cm*.. B.oob
645 a College Park., Campbell, Los Gatoa,
Glen wood, Feiton (Boulder Creek),
Santa Crux tH^Oa
7.00 a Coaster —San Jose. MorganbiH, Gii
roy, Salinas, Soledad, King City,
Ftso Robies Hot Springs, San Luis
Obispo, Surf (Lompoc), Santa Bar
bars, Ventura, Oxnard, Los Angles. 10.30b
7.00 A Hotiister, Tres Pinos—WassonvliJe,
Santa Cruz—Del Monte, Monterey,
Pacific Grove 10.30 a
t 7.05 a South San Francisco, Palo Alto, Saa
Josa, Way Stations ; 3.23*1
t 7.05 a Los Akos, MonU Vista, Los Gatos... 7.20b- ,
B.ooa Shore Line Limited—Paso RoUes Haw
Springs, Santr, Barbara, Loa AngcKil 8.50 a
8.05 a May field, I.os Altos, Los Gate*.
Wright, Gleuwood (Boulder Creek),
SanU Cruz, Watsonville. CastroviHe,
Del Monte, Mon terey, Pacific Grove, 8.05 a
B.ooa San Joss, Morganhiil, Giiroy, Barg*nt,
Salinas, Soledad, San Miguel, Paso
Roblei Hot Springs, San Luis Obispo. 4.00 a
9.00 a Holliater. Tres Pino*— Watsonville,
Santa Cruz—Del Moate, Monterey,
Pacific Grove 4.00(1
10.40 a South San Francisco, Biiriingatne, San
Mateo, Palo Alto, Mayfiaid, Loa/12.30a
Aitoa, Los Gatoa I 7.20 a
11.30 a Valencia Street, Ocean View, Cohna,
Cemeteries, Baden, San Bruno L5Sa
11.40 a South San Francisco, San Jose : t 8.20 a
L2oj> Saturdays only—San Mateo, Red
wood, Mayfield, I-o* Alto*, Los
Gatoa, Glen wood, Feltoa (Boulder
Creek), SanU Crux c 102350
2.00p Del Monte Express—San Jose, Mor
ganhiil, Giiroy, Sargent, Wationville,
SanU Cruz, Del Mocte, Monterey,
Pacific Grove, (Salinas). . .12.308
2.05p Easton, San Mateo, Palo Alto, Sao
Jose... ■ 840eT
t 2.1 Op South San Francisco, Redwood, San*
Clara, San Jose HMi"
3.00p South San Francisco, San Mateo, San
Jose, Morganhiil, Giiroy. (Trea .
• Pinos), Watronville, Santa Cruz, Del
Monte, Monterey, Pacific Grove " 10.108
3.20p Friday* and Saturdays—Mayfield, Los
Alto*, Los Gatos, Wright, Gienwood,
Feiton (Boulder Creek), Santa Crua, ■
Capitola, Wataonville 110.00 a
3.25p Buriingame, San Mateo, Redwood.
Palo Alto, Mayfield, Loa Altos, Lo*
Gatoa 8.30 a
3.25p Wright, Feiton (Boulder Creek). SanU
Crus, Watsonviile •• • 6.30b
4.00p Sunset Express—Tucson, Deming, El
Paao, Houston, New Orleans, Chi
cago 9.10 a
4,00p Washington Sunset Route—Waahing
ton.D.C, New York and East... 9.100
4.00p Saiiaaa, Pa*o Robies Hot Springs,
San Luis Obi*pu, SanU Barbara,
Ventura and Lo* Angele* 9.10 a
s.OOp Kansas City, Bt. Louie, Chicago 9.10 a
4.203 South San Francisco, San Jose t 7.26 a
t 4.55p SanU Crus Limited—Mayfield, Lo*
Alto*, Lo* Gatos, Fe'ton (Boulder
Creek), SanU Crus .' t 845 a
t 5.05p Burhngsme, San M»teo, Redwood,
Palo Alto, Mayfield, SanU Clara,
San Joaa t 6.30 a
t 5.20p Redwood, Atherton. Menlo Park, Palo
Alto, Mayfield, Mountain View, Su
nny vale, San Joat t 9.00 a
t 5.20p Los Abba, MonU VkU, Los Gatos.. t 840 a
T 5.25? Eaaton, Ban Matao. Redwood, Moun- ■
Uin View, San Jose 9.40 a
t 5.30p Loop—Valencia Street, Oc*an Visw, •
Cemeteries, South San Francisco,
23d Street, 3d and Town-end t 840b
5.40p San Bruno 4 San Mateo, Redwood,
Palo Alto, SanU Clara, San Joaa.. 7460
t 5.40? Mayfiaid, Lo* Altos. Los Gatoa J 940s
t 6.00? Mitlbrae, Ban Mateo, Redwood, May
field. Loa Alto*. Los Gate* t B.ooa
e.OOp Saturday*—Glen wood", Telton, Santa
Crus : 10.00 a
t 6,05p 23d Street, Viaitacion, South San
Francisco, Valencia Street t 7.15p
8.30p South San Francisco, Pan Jose 545p
B.oop The Lark—SanU Barbara, Loa An
geles 9.46 a
8.1 Op San Josa and Way Stations 7.30 a
IO.OOp Loa Angelea Paisenger—Morganhiil,
Salinaa, Paso Relies Hot Spring*.
San Luis Obijpo, SanU Barbara and
Los Angelea 8.25 a
10.05p South San Francisco, Ban Josa I 1.56b
I 1.45p South San Francisco, Palo Alto, San
Joaa 7.35 a .
* - Via Oakland Pier
To Oakland, 18th St., and Berkeley, via Shattuck Avt.
and Ellsworth St. Llnta.—Daily—From 6.00 a. in., and
every twenty mm utea until 8.20 p. m.. inclusive; thea
0.00.9 40.10.20. 11.00,11.40 p. m. r 1220 and 1.20 a. m.
Additional boats Saturday* and Sundays oniy, 8.40
p. m., 9.20, 10.00, 10.40 and 11.20 p. m.
To Btrkelay via California St. end Wast Berkeley. Albany
via Ninth St. Unas.—Daily—From »6.00 a. m.. 16.20,
•6.40, f7.00 a. m., and every twenty minute* until 8.20
p.m.,inclusive; then 9.00,8.40,10.20, p.m..
12.30 anrj 1.20 a. m. Additional boats Saturdays and
Sundays only, 8.40 p. m.. 8.20. 10.00, 10.40 and 11.20
p. m.
To Oakland, Washington-Broadway, East Oakland,
Frultvala and Melrose, via Seventh St.—Daily—From
6.00 a. m., then every twenty minute* until 8.20 p. m.,
inclusive; thea 9.00, 8.40, 10.20. 11.00. 11.40 p. ra..
12.20 and 1.20 a. m. Additional boats Saturday* and
Sundays only, 8.40 p. m., 8.20, 10.00, 10.40 and 11.20
p. m.
Horseshoe to Oakland. Washington-Broadway, Frultvala,
Alameda, North Side.—Daiiy—Fr&m 6.00 a. m.. f6.20,
6.40, 7.03, 7.21, 7.40, 8.00, 8.40 and forty minutes past
the hour until 3.40 p. ro.; then 4.00, 4.40, 5.00. 5.20,
5.40. 6.00, 6.2 J. 6.40, 7 DO. 7.40, 8.20, 8.00, 8.40, 10.20,
11.00, 11.40 p. ra., 12.20 and 1.20 a.m.
To Stonthurat (Steam Service)—l6.oo. t6 40. t7.20,
19.00, 110.00 a. ra.. 11.20 p. m., J2.00, 13.00, f3JO,
'4.00, *5.00, 18.40 and t6 20 p. m.
Via Alameda Pier
To Oakland. 14th and Franklin Sts.—
6.15, 6.45 a. m. and then 15 and 45 minutes pa»t tha
hour until 7.45 p. ra.; thea 8-30, 8.15, 10.00, 10.45,
11.30 p. m. and 12.15 a. m.
To Alameda, North and South Side—
6.15, 6.45 a. m., and then 15 and 45 minutes past the
hour until 7.45 p. nv; then 830. 9.15. 10.90, 10.45,
11.30 p. fr. and 12.15 a. ra.
From San Francisco, South End of Ferry Building, for
Broadway Wrmrf, Oakland.—From 6.00 a. m., daily,
and every half hour until 9.00 p. m., inclusive, then
19.30 p. in., '10.00 p. m., 110.30 p. m., '11.00 p. ro.,
•12,00 mdn., *1.00 am. Boats leave Broadway Wharf—
From 6.15 a. m., daily, and every half hour until 8.45
p. m„ inclusive; then +9.15 p.m.,*9
•10.45 p. m.. '11.45 p. m , »12.45 a. m.
a for Morning. "Daily. p for Afternoon.
•Sunday except*-!. JSunday or.ly. s Monday only.
{Sundays and Mondays only.
From Pacific Slreat Wharf
This route'offers exceptional opportunity for Auto
mobiiiata to reach all points on the Sacramento River:
C illinsville, Eramaton, Rio Vista, Isleton, Ryde, W alnua
Grove, Vorden. Courtland. Clarksburg, Sacramento.
Steamer Nsvais leaves San Francisco 8.30 a. m. daily
extant Sunday, arriving Saoramoato 7.00 p. m. Stoppiag
at all points en route- Leaves Sacramento 9«00 p. ra.
diily except Sunday, arriving San Francisco 7.00 s. to.
No atopa en route. „ „ .
Steamer Modoc or Apacha, leaves San Francisco 13
noon daily except Sunday. Leave Sacramento 10.00
a. m. daily except Sunday; stopping both ways at aU
points en route. Arriving time San Francisco ***)
Sacnunento! ndefiaite, account fruit asajoa, _

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