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Victory in One More Match
Will Enable United States
Team to Play for the
Davis Trophy
WIMBLEDON, England. July IS. —
U t E. McLmighlin and R. Norris
\N" ill i ni s of the United Stales today
" i K. H. Powell and B. P. Schwengers
of the Canadian team in the first two
single* mati-I.es of the final round in
the preliminary contest for the Davis
lawn tennis cup. Both won their
matches in three straiglit sets, Mc-
Loughlin being victorious by the score
of 10—R, 6—l, 6—l and "Williams by
fi _i. «—2, 6—4.
The doubles match will be played to
morrow, and. if necessary, two further
pineries matches on Monday.
Victory in one more match will en
able the T'nited States team to pley
Kngland in the challenge round for
the trophy.
Williams had all the better of the
party game in the first set. Schwen
gers, who was obviously nervous, did
not play up to his real form until the
fourth game, which, however, was
finally credited to Williams. The score
was then 4—o.
< \\ADIA\ 111 I m
The Canadian then made a remark
ahl* rally and succeeded in mastering
Williams' hard service. He scored nu
merous points by clean passing and
made the score 4—4. Then Williams
regained ills stride, and only once
afterward did the Canadian veteran
press his youthful opponent, who ran
out with six games to four. Score by
William 444 RM 124 4 -38
121 6r.8 44t 2— 32
Tn the second set Williams put more
•pace itito his play and, finding that
low cross court shots were very ef
fective, soon had Schwengers flounder
ing hopelessly from side to side of the
court. This was the only fast set of
the match, Williams playing at the top
of his form. Score hy points:
Wdliams 4«2 442 44—30
044 004 12—15
The third set was a service battle
upt'l eight games had been played,
each man successively taking his own
service. Schwengers consistently re
turned the American's service, but was
unable to make his returns effective.
Williams, on the other hand, un
doubtedly was puxfcled by the peculiar
twist of the Canadian's service, and la
attempting to drive down tiie center of
the court netted many balls.
With tiie game st I —4. however.
Williams took his own service and
th*fl ended tiie set and the match by
1.-caking Into that of his opponent.
Score by points:
mmeat* 444 342 424 4—35
B, h«-enK»r« . .. . 102 141 2—28
In the protracted first set Mclaugh
lin approached his usual form only in
eral love games on Ills service. Powell
allowing the terrific first ball from the
American to slide off his racket every
■they were met with killing smashes,
but "therwise MeT<nughlin was not brll
lianL keeping near the base line and
b< Ing content to volley hack and forth.
r>o-v<-n playerl a plugging game, but
occasionally electrified the grandstand
Powell kept up his plucky game in
• p second set. bat without avail. The
American was himself again and kept
the spectators gasping at his daring
shot*. lie won point after point by
iropping the ball just over the net.
while the Canadian nearly broke his
heart in trying to reach it from the
base line: but notwithstanding the one
ftded score of six games to one, this
sel was much better played than the
In the third and final set McLough
lln'a tennis was brilliant, but erratic.
He fumbled a number of easy returns,
but redeemed himself by sending back
o there winch seemed almost Impos
sible. Time after time he lured Powell
from the base line to the net by short
'hops and then lobbed the Canadians
retarn Just out of his reacii. In this
set he nmdid himself by killing all of
Powell's offeiings which crossed the
the §4*th camr. McLoughlin fell heavily
on his face. He was badly Shaken and
took several minutes to recover. He
!-.st a point, but finally won the s;une.
»• oiu: hi I*ol\ ts
The score by points in the Mcl,ough
lin-Powell match was as follows:
first set
si '/ughiin ....494 241 401 4.44 .-,54 m
Powefl 251 4V4 944 22U 342 421—50
Second set —
M I>,r,(rhlln 424 757 ft—Bs
f***e 1 141 535 4—28
TBlfll set—
\W.otighlln 642 244 Mt 4 ZA
Powell 824 411 401 I—2B
Indian Marathoner Now
Andrew Sockaloxis. the great Indian
Marathoner who took fourth pla> c in
i <■ Marathon at Stockholm, has decided
to turn professional and rake in some
Of the "easy money" that is at present
to be found in the east. The Indian
has signed a contract with a promot
ing firm In Brooklyn to appear at the
big professional sports meet to be held
act oss the bridge from New York on
.Inly 2P. August 2 and August 9.
So, kiilesis has been guaranteed a
nice little sum for his appearance, and
has derided that it is better to make
sbme money out of bis prowess than
feather* t'P h Collection of pots and
r-tiier trophle.s. |f»> will team up with
RriOther Indian, Tom Hongboat. in a
match team race against the once great
Arthur Shrubb and Meadows. This is
Soi kalexls is also matched for a mile
race against the best professional
niilors of tiie country, including Billy
Qudad and A. IS. Wood. The Indian
has never before tried to run a mile,
his forte always having been long dis-
I events.
Figuring that the best he could get
out or amateurism was a lot of tro
phies, the Indian made up his mind
on his return from Stockholm to turn
professional. However, he was prc
\ ailed upon to wait a little while and
v in some of the big honors before re
He row states that he is running bet
ter than ever in his farcer and has
gOtM into strict training for the big
professional meet In which he is to be
the star.
Boston Tar Baby Willing if Wanted
Sam Langford, the "Boston Tar Baby," Tvho is a dark cloud on j
the white hopes' horizon.
Langford Liked Nothing in Australia Save
Money Be Earned While There
Sam langford, "The Boston Tar
Baby," who is a dark cloud on the hori-
Eon of th* 1 pugilistic "white hopes," is
In San Francisco, and would like to
remain here if there is any business In
Sam has with him his wife, a colored
woman, and his own real tar baby,
aged five years. The Langfords are
quartered in Leavenworth street.
Langford will meet Charley Miller,
the giant carman, next Friday nitrht.
if such a match can be psillcd off. Millet
is willing. So is T^angford—and anxi
ous. The only question is 'one of
' color. '
Even .1 four round bout bet ween
; Langford and Miller would be a card,
land there would likely he a decision,
I even over that short route,
j The tar baby declares he liked noth
: ir.g in Australia save the money he
learned in fighting, and that ho had
I trouble In collecting that.
When asked about his in and out
j meetings with Sam McVcy. Langord
"Kverybody who saw us fight gave
me the decision excepting the referee.
( They just didn't seem to want me
I over there. They made me put up a
j bond in Australia and I had to whip
'my men clean through to win."
"Why didn't you wait for Jack .Tohn-
I "No chance." said Langford. "That
j big smoke ain't never been looking for
| tn 11 , He's done more to queer me and
j all boxers of his color than all the laws
lin the world. Johnson ain't no good."
; Langford expressed his willingness to
meet any man living, (lunboat Smith,
' Pelkey or Willard preferred. He is big-
I ger and claims to be better than ever
before in his career,
j Langford hopes that his reputation
[desire to meet any of the white hopes
will be gratified.
For more than two years this won
derful black bruiser lias b«en astonish
ing the natives of Australia by his
marvelous feats. He beat practically
Several Knockouts Were Re
corded and All Bouts
Were Strenuous
I The air was full of glove? .it llie
Pavilion link last evening when the
! younsr boxers stepped around in a car
j nival of bouts which held the fans to
j the limit. Such a. carnival has not been
j witness, d since the good old days-be
: fore the fire, when Alex Oreggains con
] ducted the San Francisco club in Sixth
■ street. They hammered away at one
j another right oft the tec!, and bet
. ter man won in every tryout. There
i was no nailing, no fancy boxing.
I Sailor Gfande, the hard hitting bird
trOtlS Vallejo. stopped Bob Ross, a frail
1 looking youth, in the last event, which
j was Hilled as (he big one. Ross made
i | splendid showing with it is right cross
jin the first two rounds. Then lie came
I back and weathered the storm of the
| punches of the sailor, but he was not
husky enough to go the whole route, so
referee Barry Kolev stopped tiie mill
;in the third.
j The most spectacular bp t tie of the
[evening was won by Soldier Wood over
i Dutch Sehtler In the third. IS&dtl man
knocked the other down and each had
; the other staggering so many times
: that the fans forgot to count them.
[Then they stepped out of fi clinch and
jSehrier started to step In. He ad
! vanced Only a foot or two when tiie
•sailor popped him with a right to tlie
: jaw and it was over.
I Sammy Trinkle. the clever sailor
I from Vallejo, gained a four round de
[OiStOn over Billy Holmes, although half
| the house disagreed with Referee Roy
i They did a let of artful stalling
•and some good boxing, and the Vallejo
I boy was better at the finish, whipping
jin a few good body blows and a couple
to the )nw.
Bubbles Robinson laid »ll over Char,
ley Pkato and won about as lie pleased.
everybody over there, including' sam
MeVey. the other formidable negro
heavy weight. wtm was imported Just
to help the game along. The others
were so easy for Sam that he does not
deniu It worth his while to even men
tion their nomes.
Both Langford and Woodman had
all sorts of trouble with Hugh Mcin
tosh, the Australian promoter. Wood
man has many unkind things to say
about Mcintosh. He claims that he
got the worst of the deal all the way
Uirough; that he and his fighter were
harshly dealt with, and that they did
not >?et the money that was coming to
them till they resorted to the courts,
which compelled the Australian pro
moter to make good.
For many months Woodman and Mc
intosh fought their battle out in the
courts, and Woodman says that he was
at last successful. Tn the meantime
he claims that Langford was tied up
and did not have a chance to accept
other rinsr engagements which would
have netted him good sums.
'.Mcintosh la broke, and all because
of hit own tricky work.'* says Wood
man. "He did not give us a square
deal at all. He tried to knife, us :it
every turn. II» figured that we would
become disgusted and leave the coun
try, hut we were determined to stick
it out to the limit, and get what was
coming to us. He finally settled out of
court, two hours before the case was
to come to trial."
Woodman also brought with him
.Tack Reed, the man who is now re
garded as the lightweight champion of
Australia. Heed Is a < leancut looking
<hap, and according to his record he
must be some fighter. He l* open to
box any lightweight in the world,
from Ritchie down, and he doesn't
care which tomes fust.
Fieed beat Prank Picato, Hock Keyes
and Grover Hayes In t,he i„ nu - 0 f tlle
kangaroo. These were the only Amer
icans who invaded the country In his
time. But before that lie praetteallv
cleaned up the Australian field, al
though many of the natives look upon
Meeghan as the better man
Langford to Meet
Big Charlie Miller j
Sam Langforri HU inntobed at
an early hour «hU morning to go
four rounds with Charlie Miller
n< the Pavilion rink nest Friday
They are to book up at catch
weights, nnd the local motor
mmm trill have quite an ndum
lage over the <nr baby from
I his will mark InnKfords first
appearance in a local rlns since
be flattened .llm Klysn In a round
tls> rears ««>>.
Picato did not seem to have any judg
ment Of distance, and after getting oft
good in the first couple of rounds he
gradually faded aWay and from that
tlffie on there was not much to it ex
cept the colored scrapper.
Al Krieger knocked out Soldier
Courtney in the second round of one
of the strenuous bOutS of the evening-.
Count cv was never in the running.
Stanley D«*n stopped .lack Slavich in
the second round of their bout, which
was also some busy session.
Walter McDevitt got a four round
decision over Mark Stein.
Soldier Keroy won a four round ver
dict over Young Togo.
Tom Daly got the decision over Kid
Pefets in a four round bout.
Kid Ford Won over Kddie Slanley in
four rounds.
Kid Wolf knocked out Joe Vanuchi
In two rounds.
Frank Farley and Al Krohn boxed
four rounds to a draw.
Billy Benn and Willie Brenner boxed
four lively rounds to a draw.
SKATTLK. July IS. -The contest tof tb* men s
championship in the potlatch golr tournament at
the Septtte (lolf anil Country elun was narrowed
down today to Roger I.apliaiu of Los Angeles
and H. A. Please* of Seattle, in the sretnen's
championship Miss Alice Warner of [)el Monte.
Cal.. and Mrs. W. I>. Skinner of Portland sur
vived the semifinals.
Mt. i'nmaljials Hallway Trains Hunnlntx
The attractiveness of Tamalpais and
Muir Woods is doubled by the fire. The
views are unobstructed. Muir Woods
'inhumed, hotel service same as usuil.
Tski the trip and see for yourself j -
Several of Them Score and
the Talent Go Home
(Special Dispatch to The Cain
BI TTE. Mont.. July TR. —Miss Rhoda started
today's races by winning at IS to |, starting an
inning wherefn long shots scored and the ring
had the- first ren $ 3 d;?y the present meet
Jean d'Arc opened at 10. went down to 4
and won handily.
The Annual Interest, nt 20 to 1. hed no
trouble in reaching the wire first.
A good sized killing was made on Jean d'Arc
by the wise ones. Summaries:
FIRST RACK Five htrtOOgS; selling:
Odds. Horse. Weight, Iffkey. St. sir. Fin.
1 .Vl—Miss Rhoda. LOS R?e|son) 1 1 1 ns
2*-1 —Marine Wheeler. IK) (M«Bw) 2 9 2 1
8-1 —(DMOISIE. 103 (Muiuga-.i. .. :i :t t
Time. 1:02. Rhoda 6 place. :; show; Wicoler
P> place. show; Molsle So shd*r. Mural. Mary
D'Dny. (i.Hxl Intent, Anna Seh>ieidcr. Amohaik '.
Sainest. bad* Lake, also ran.
SECOND RACE-—f?.V« furlongs; selling:
Odds. Horse. Weight. Jockey. SI. Str. Fin.
(-I—Jeanne d'Arc. ion (Melntyr*! :t I 12
13-1 FAUST. 117 iCereyl 1 2 3 I'j
7 2 (DSECRETE. 10* (WattbeSrsl » 3 3 2',
Time. l;0t S-3. D'Aic 5-S place. Or, show;
Faust ii place. vhow: Secrete Tin shore.
Osslan. Regards. Rnth Esther. Vo'.itig. Ethel !'.
al-o ran. Scrntclied Kilty W.
THIRD BACK- Cue mile and 20 yards;
(M4s. Hor-e. Weight. Jockey. Sf. Str. Fin.
<! 1 Crex. 10" | Burlingame i 4 1 1 h
ft-2 (B>M, MeDEE. OS i Mempa •. .. « 3 2 2C,
«-1--(B)McALAN. ton (Cotton i. .. 2 2 %1 1 .
Time. 1:4-17-5. Crex 2 place, 1 show; Nannie
McDec 2 place, i show; Me Alan show. Briton,
No Quarter, Beautiful Knight, Btg Claim. Fore
gaara. also ran. Scratched - Yvonne.
FOCRTH RACE Five furlongs; *e!Hng:
Odds. Horse. Weight. Jockey. St. Str. Fln.
30-1 Annua! Interest, 110 iDonovni 2 2 1 1
7-I—Ram-v. HO tCorey i .1 .1 2 \
I t (21FERR0NA. 1"v tßOrlrngiill 1 1 3 3
Time. Iroo*-."i. Interest 12 place, « show:
RamsT 5-2 place. 7 5 show, Ferrona 4 ." skow.
Sierra. Co'citiv Boy, J. H. Barr. Angebis. L.Tte
Knight, also ran.
FIFTH RACE One mile and 20 yards;
Odds. HarSe, Weight. Jockey. St. Str. Fin.
f, 1 -(LHANNIS. 107 (Mulliganl.. 4 2 I 2
<<f—Lesear. Nt (McEwea) 2 i 2 h
p-.V-Footloose, in (Sieloff) i: :t 3 IV
Time. 1:43. Hannis 7,-2 place. show:
Lcscar 8-2 place. 7 10 show; Footloose •_' r. shew.
Jim Cafferata. Lehigb. Dottle B, Abound, also
ran. Serati hod—Crefci.en a. SleepltOd, Kin
SIXTH RACE five furlongs: selling:
Odds. Horse, Weight. Jockey. St. Str. Fin.
4- 1 — (I)NIFTY, 104 (C. H. Miller) 1 1 1 21}
5- 1— Lee Harrison 11. 114 i.McEwin 4 9 h
2-I—Parnell Girl. 108 (Corey i 2 2 ::
Time. 1 :00 •". 5. Nifty 2 place. &-g show: Har
rison 2 place, 1 show; Girl 1-3 show. Queen
Ruth. Matlellne Musgrave. Iron (Jueen. Prince
Conrad. Lady Adelaide. Strange Girl, nlso ran.
PITTSBI'RG. Pa.. July is. Marty O'Toole
of the Pittsburg National League club - s pitch
ing staff was discharged from a local hospital
today, where he underwent an operation for ap
pendicitis on July ".. O'Toole was greatly weak
ened and hns been warned that he must not in
dulge in any brisk exercise for some time. By
some It is believed O'Toole may not be able to
play ball again this «e»son.
Items of Interest to Mariners of
the Pacific
(Special DJspatrh to Tbe Call)
SAN PEDRO. July IS.-PflehV Coast com
pany's steamer QaaSn afrlred fr<vn Ba* Francisco
via Santa Karbura and tttdftHlo benelt with
passengers and fa>Hs>t. ,
Steamer S«ti QahtaOl fnnipleted ' discharge of
.nno.ooo f«et JuoUese fet Kerckboft Cnanei
Mil! and Lumber coaipany and cleared for L'mp
ipia river in ballast to reload.
Pacific Navigation company* steamer Harvard
arrived tills aftentonn frt.m San Diego and after
taking passengers and addil iotia 1 cargo proceeded
for San Francisco
After harltig discharged 7.V).000 feet off lum
ber for consignees here anil st Ssn Diego,
steamer Shoshone cleared for Columbia rlrer in
ballast to reload.
Steamer Klamath completed discharge of
973.000 feet of lumber for Charles McCormlck
Lumber company snd cleared for Portland to re
!«ad. taking passengers and freight for Mer
chants Steamship company at Pan Francisco.
North I'aeifl.- company steamer Santa Clara
was in and out today from and to San Francisco
and wav ports with passengers and freight.
After' baring discharged 200.000 feet off lum
ber for wholesalers at Redondo heach, steamer
John Hooper arrired here from Willapa harbor,
earning $6g,gsa additional feet consigned to
San Pedro and Southern California Lumber com
PORTLAND. July IS.—Carrying a cargo of
4.<>oo.(i<><i feet of lumber laden at local mills,
the Danish sleamshlp Arsbien. Captain Raun.
sailed this evening from' the Portland Lumber
conipanv's mills for Shanghai. She is under
eharter'to the China Import and Export Lumber
company and will make two trips across the
Pacific from here for that firm.
The British steamer Coluss left down from
Linnton for Stella this morning to load more
lUMabe* and some piling for the Panama canal.
She will take out In excess nt -t.Oon.tiOO feet
from the Columbia river when she finishes at
The latest charter for lumber that hfcfi been
reported is that of the schooner King Cyrus,
which will transport a cargo csf lumber from
the Columbia river to New Zealand under en
gagement to Gibson and company. The King
Cyrus 1s now loading at Willapa harbor for
ASTORIA. JpfJ is - The steamer Alliance
sailed to<lav for Coos Bay and Eureka.
Tbe steamer Merced sailed this morning for
California, with a cargo of lumber.
The gasoline schooner Palsy sailed today for
coast points with cargo.
The .Norwegian sleamer HorneJen arrived last
! evening from the sound.
The steamer O. M. Clark arrived this morning
I from San Fianeiseo, and left immediately for
i Tb« second of the Hammond Lumber com
pany rafts of piling to be completed this season
arrived from Stella this morning, and will be
towed to San Francisco by the stesmer George
W Fenwlck.
A new scheme tof maintaining the required
lights on these rafts has now been devised.
Formerly oil lamps were osed", but they proved
unsaflSfactorv, and the company has procured a
set of electric lights that are operated, by storage
batteries, and these are said to fill the bill in
every way.
SEATTLE July IS. - Arrived - Steamer Mexi
can, from Sallna ort»*i We**** Melville Dollar,
from Bering sea ports.
Sailed SfeStner Northwestern, for southwest
ern ttMka- steamer President, for San Diego:
steatnef Ad'mlrai Farraguf. fist San Fra*et*r4>;
steamer Al Ki. for southeastern AI»«k.V
SAN PEDRO. Juiy I*. Arrived S< hoon.T C.
S. HoVnleS, from Taeoma.
ABERDEEN. Jnly Steamers Mayfair,
fJjbebaU* and Coronado sailed.
Merchandise for the Orient
The steamer Mongolia sailed for Hongkong and
[♦wa* porta Wednesday with cargo valued st
■ £294 100 exclusive of treasure, sad to be .lis
i tribw'ted' a* follows. For HoAQtuhl, $12.M4;
! lanan. $T»h.2.-.o: Philippine islands. $19©.312j
.bins $Ki.S7O: Korea. $3,800; East Indies,
isi gg7- siam. $543; Vladivostok. $147. The priu
lel oal exports and their dest hint ions were as fol
! To Japan -100 bales cotton. 23 rolls and 1 es
' leather 64 pkgs machlner... 800 rolls nnd 16 t4
i roofing. 38 biles scrap leatuer, 66 pkgs paints,
i 1 antoraoWle and 11 pkgs parts. m» ions acetate
!of lime. 1 es arms and ammnnil ion. $63 os can
! ace good*.
I To Philippine islands. .".b.O'iO lbs sugar. 12.27.1
1 lbs beatiS 15,006 lb* lard. 2M pkgs fresh fr>iif».
; .-, llOn Ibs'raislns 1,495 lbs dried fruit. 1.700 lbs
! eoffce. l,fs6 es t-nntied goods. 4s , s honey, 1.470
: pkgs wages materia}, I ea sewing machines, 964
' bdls slee], 7M pkgs ordnance stores. IN es oils.
' 650 ft lumber. 100 pkgs machinery. 12 coll*
rope, 2 automobiles and I flkg* parts, s es am
j munition. 16 es boots snd shoes. 2*120 lbs brontce
To China-1."'00 bbls tlour. 3,006 lbs jieai l
Mrley, LTOO lbs sugar. I4'i es canned goeils.
! 1.0 i.V lbs pens and beans, 924 lbs eo4f#e, its lbs
dried fruit. 10.1.12.-. Ibs salted flsh. 0r,4 ins
i ebeese. ins pkgs fresh fmlts. M HOS lbs ginseng.
n» .-s tirngs. 613 twits *tavcs, !» pkgs machinery,
! $ . s oil*. 955 ihe tobacco.
t To Korea IS es ralinetl goods, 7ini n,s raisins.
rO |ikgs mrtchincrv. 2!i es shoe findlnge.
Tfll East lndfc< 3.750 ibs prnnes, VX> c« canned
g.ii.ds. 510 l hv r""' , ' s b*4n«, l" eg salnton, :iO
pkgs paints. 108 ! 'bls and 1 es „il.
fo Vladivostok -0-'> lbs dried apples, l cs hi
To Honolulu- I automobile. Jl pk,* drugs. 101
hdN shooks,
Trotting Horses of California
Sacramento Priving Clubs Matinee
Sunday. .Inly 20th. $3.:::. Round Trip.
Saturday to .Monday Kxcursinn, from'
San Francisco. Oakland. A lamed* and
Berkeley, \ ia Southern Pacific.—Adver
Liner Unable to Make Wharf
Until After Four Hours
of Trying
When tho Toyo Ktsen Kaisha liner j
Tenyo Maru drew into port early yes
terday afternoon from the far east
passengers burdened with baggag*
rrowded the decks in preparation for
the usual exodus to hotels and homes.
| Had any one suggested that it might
be several hours before the ship docked
jhe would have been laughed at.
Almost four hours later the Tenyo
Marti, owing to adverse tidal conditions,
was hove to off the dock, awaiting a
third and last opportunity to make the
landing before sundown. F-ery lime
the big ship approached ~le duck f 1
sudden whim of the tide would shift
it into direct line with a head.
The boat would back water to the ac
companiment of a chorus of sighs from
the passengers on the ship and the
weary watchers on the dock.
The Tenyo Maru encountered fair
I weal her across the Pacific. The cargo
| list was comprised of 4.2.11 tons of gen
eral merchandise.
The passenger list was composed of
122 first cabin passengers, tit second
class and 100 Asiatics in the steerage.
The passenger list follows:
miss s. Alexander. Miss Clara Aiward. Mia*
M. J. Archer. Miss E. Archer. Dr. BtsWJt* V
Re COD, J. Hnstlen. C Berg. Mmo. C. da Brcil.
Miss L. (In Rreil. MNs S. dv Broil, r. I>.
Berajea, Mt*. I. i». ftugiii. Dr. v. A. Bonthiua.
Mrs. I". A. Ronthin*. Dr. A. Romaic*. Mrs. A.
(ktnthrO* and two children. Mrs. 1.. K. v; Cort-
Isndt. W. W. I'hspln. Mrs. W. W. Chapin. H.
1.. Chapin. C. C. CUlie. Mrs. S. f . Cohen. Baron
Pi ilo Crawhez, Rsrones* P. ile CrawkeS.
Miss frevellfis. G Of**, M»S» A. F.stea. Miss
f* F.llleoii. J. F. English. M 1«« K. F.rffmeyev.
K. S. roller, K. Pnjlta Mis- M. Fsrl*. G. W.
Feasler, W. B. G order, Mrs. w. B. Goadcr,
Key. S. 1,. Gnlicfc, Mr-. S. 1.. Guliok. Miss E.
Ctiliok. S. Guliek, Dr. William Hood, Mr*. C. .
R. Howe. B. Hon!*. Mis. B. Honig. MfftV, A
j Honig. Mrs. H, Hanson. Mrs. Hickman and Iwo
children, K. Imnkita. 0. Iwsmoto. O. K. John
j son. Mrs. O. P.. Johnson. IL Jaeline. Mrs. H.
, .holme. C. Joseph. Miss .Toseph. B. Kurtz. Mrs.
It. Kurt?. G, Kifgwa. Mr. I,lwl«trom. Rer. W.
H. I.ingle. Mrs W. If. I.inch. Mi«s I.ingle. Miss
I. ingle. Mrs. H. Lewi*. A. !'. Margolt*. Miss H.
Maglll. G. Mallet. Mrs. a. Mallet.
F. P. MetlSA. John A. Merrill. George MeCna*.
j Mrs. Coor*«. McCtMk* nnd fonr chihlren ami sew
j nnt. Mrs. Heart Munn. C. H. Maeer. Mrs.
C. If. Mager. R. Mori. H. Xnrden, T. ovuho.
Mf». F. Onoyne. Mrs. T. Onoyfte, N. Hoy. Mrs.
X. Roy. p. M. Roxby. Ma.tor C. Sanimon. Miss
r Sanborn, i>. siiimada. w. I. smith, j. Suth
erlsn.l. Mrs. J. Sutherland. S. Sn>ehiro. G. (i.
Steigor. Miss A. Siler. Mrs. T. Schumacher.
Mrs. L. A. Seaman h. M. Tuilooh. Mrs. 11.
M. Tiilloch. Miss Tnvbnry. Rev. J. V. Turner.
Mrs. J. V. Tomer :m«l three oliiMren. 11. A
Thompson. Mrs. H. A. Thompson. E. J. Ya'.len
tine. Miss Willyountr. Charles Wake. Miss J,
Winterhoff. I>r. S. W. Woodhouso. Mi«s M. R.
Woodhouse. Mrs. p. \v. Young. Miss E. Toun*.
K. Ystawa.
Soelnl Activity on Snnnnm
Though the winds blew strong and
the sea* ran high, the passengers
aboard the oceanic liner Sonoma re
fused to be disheartened by climatic
conditions, and that is why If):, pas
sengers from Sydney, Pago Pago and
Honolulu left the vessel in San Fran
cisco yesterday with expressions of re
gret at the termination of the Journey.
The festivities had their inception on
the fourth of July, when the ship was
one day from Pago Pago. The wait
ers organized a band and paraded the
decks, summoning all to participate.
The program also included dancing,
a hand concert and other observances.
The affair was so successful that the
passengers formed into an organiza
tion to be called the Owls. Their sole
abject was the provision of entertain
In Honolulu more talented person?
hoarded the ship and started a rival
organization known as the Larks. It
wss nip and tuck Between the Owls
and Larks until the two factions joined
Jo!rr!n* st nonolnhi - -R. W. Atkinson. Miss
Margaret Bailer. Miss X. BarTaclotrgh, Charles
fi. Bartlort. Master Betden Bartlert. Mis* pen
trice Rnrtloff. ¥.. L. Brown. Mrs. Brown. Miss
ft, Brown. Mtss R Carroll. M. B. Clark. Mr*.
Clark. Contain J. M. Cullison. 0. S. A.: E. R.
Paris, Mrs. Davis. M!-s Rim FOWlef, Mi:-s Air.,
L. Gardner, S L. Hardin*. Mrs. W. ,T. Harry.
Master Willard Harry, Mlw Porrls Harry. B. E.
Hsrtmsnn. Dr. P, ". Hartman. Mr*. Hartman.
Rudolph Heydonreioh. Mrs. Heydenroleh. J. B.
Higglns, Mrs. Hlggin=. Master Roual<l rtlMtns,
I/eon HonicsHerger. Mrs. Honifrsborirer. H. c.
Hu*hes. Miss M. Irerson, Hariri K>ola, Mrs.
Keola nnd son. William Kni*ht. Mrs. John
I.lttte. Mlsa Jean Little. Mrs. C. C. l.oreland,
(). F. Mafl»en. >frs. A. Meaner. Miss A. Manner.
C. P. Metzler. Mrs. Metr.ler. Mrs. I* H. Miles.
Mrs. A. S. Mooney, C H. Murphy. Mrs. Murphy
an'i Iwo chihlren. Mrs. H. L. McCuteheon and
infant. Master fleofge McGntcheOß, R. R. Xel
sop, >frs. Nelson. <i. Xicolal. Mr*. A. S. (ttrem
ha. Miss Hedwi* Ofremba. MfSS Ffa**#* niwii
ba. Vassall Phillips. Mlsv R. N. Porter. J. Q.
Sllra, C. E. Smith. W. H. Smith. Miss Irma R.
Starkey, Mil! Stephens. Mrs. SfeptHHlS. Charles
Ralliran, Mrs. ttnllrtaa, S. a. walker, ueorpe
P. Welsmann. IMrs. WelSmann. Charles H. Wit
her, w. W. Wilson. Mrs. Wilson. Miss Hazel
Wilson. Tather Charles L M'indels. R. /uraik.
From Sydney and Pa*o Pago—W. J. Allen.
Mrs. Allen. Miss norl" Allen. Stuart Allen. D.
R. Aueenheisler. O. T. Burrell. Mrs. Barrel 1,
Mrs. E. A. Dumas, Mrs. S. B. Dunn. J. D.
Daris, I>. B. Evans. Mrs. Erans. I. H. Falelde,
Charles Hammond, Mrs. Hammoiul. Miss Edna
Hnrumond. E G. Lukens. Mrs. Lukeos. A. D.
Harrison. Frederick Henry, Hr. Q. W. Hn*hes.
Mrs. Hngbee, X J. Ja*o, H. M. Landaberger,
Sam Langford. Mrs. Langford. Mies C. Lang
ford. Earnest J. Quine, Mrs. F. R. Musser. A.
fi. Plin Ml, John Read. Captain F. W. A. Steele.
Justus SVharff, A. R. Shepherd, Miss X. Wilson!
J. A. Woodman.
B. A. C. BenneM. Mrs. Bennett, f). S. Bower.
M. P. Bonney, Mrs. H. S. Dalntr. Francis
Dainty. F. Dainty Jr.. Charles Kels. R m.
t.rant, Mrs. Uranf. W. A. tirsr, Mrs. Gray,
Frank Hohnes. Etnil Hueismann". Mrs. Hull's
matin. Master Bernard Hueismann. Mrs. fJeorce
.Tomes. Eben Jones. Joseph Ke"land. A. E. Kit
«on. r. M. rtlaSSen, Roy Kenner, Mrs. Blanche
|~n - Is. William Murray. E. M. ?lteaefis, Mrs.
Julia Nemrara. Miss Lillian Xotnrava. O. B.
Pliar.iM and Alma Pharos. Mrs. Pharos. Master
Robert Rktafte. Robert Rathke. Manford Ross.
Mrs. D. Russell. Mis« Gladys Serniottr. d. IL
Sutherland. Cenrge Shoemaker. Thomas Todd.
Mrs. Todd, Master Harry Todd. Master Ke n .
net! Todd. Master Arthur Todd. Miss Hazon
deaa Todd, Mrs. H. Walfnrd. Matter Albert
Walford. James Wevmark.
Snr*eon Takes Vacation
l or the first time In many years of
acrvh c in the Toyo Kisen Knisha
Steamship company Surgeon ,\ P,
Crooks of the Japanese liner Tenvo
Maru is prepared to stretch his land
legs and salily forth on a terra flrma
trip which will carry him all over the
I'nited States and a good portion Of
Pc tor Crooks has been surgeon of
the Maru for five years, having made
SO voyages, fiis period of service with
tiie Toyo Kisen Kaisha company
amounts" to 12 years.
i !ccn«,- in Revoked
The license of OWen Magee. seconrl
Assistant engineer of the steamer
Francis IL Leggett. which sank the
Schooner J. Tf. Lunsman. off Rlaek
(point, the night rrf .Inly 12. WAS sus
j pended for six months yesterday hy
I the local Inspectors of hulls and
| boilers, .lames GQthri* and James T.
' Dolan. Captain O. Beiiesen. who wis
on the bridge at the time of the col-
I lision. wag exonerated.
*rniy fOnglneers to Meet
The UK I let} Slates army engineers
stationed on tiie Pacific coast will meet
in Portland, (ire., next Tuesday in con
fe;. n. on general matters affecting
Work that Is being done on the coast.
The officers will visit the improve
ments that are being made at the
mouth of the Columbia river. The
| Dalles nnd the Clello canals. Those tn
j attend the conference from San Fran
i cjaeo are Lieutenant Colonel T. H.
j Reeh Major B. V Chene* and Captain
la. B. Parber. They also will visit Se
Steamer City of Seattle. v. M.
I hughes, master: gas screw Ueginlß S..
j Axel I.oventen. master; steamer Yuca-
I tan, A. C. Paulsen, master.
I EUREKA. Jnlr IK Tug Relief a-rired fro,n
; S:in Kraneisro this morning, after liarlng been
| dr-riocked and oTerhauleii. The tug Ranger will
leave tomorrow to be overhauled at San Fran
! Cisco.
Stramer Acme arrived from San I'raheUeo at
J dnyhreak thin mornin*. coming for a lumber
' nil steamer f*N>rge W. t/oOßits arrived tlr*
i morn nc. and i* rwve discharging tlt§B at the
I Humboldt Transit wharf.
Cumber steamer* fnoTnan a. vVamt. Waaaiag
: ton and Prentiss arrived from Ssn Francise.,
I ted*? at noon, and ate loading lumber at bay
Steamer Cite of Topefca arrived f rr>m s an
i Francisco this morning, with freight, mall and
I passengers.
steamer Katfeerine departed this afternoon,
• with a lumber cargo for San Francisco,
The»e report* are received directly
from the T*«<'ln> coast stations of the
Marconi Wireless company:
Thursday. Jnly IT.
for Port land- » P- m.. 208 miles from < olnnihia
river: strong northwest wind: heavy he.id
for Portland: 8 p. nr. 200 miles south of lo
lumbin rlrer; moderate northwest wind: men
sea: al l wel 1. . _
China • s i>. in.. 458 miles off San Frsneiseo.
STEAMER SIERRA Hence July 15 for Hono
hilir Si» m BM miles off San Frsm-:«co: wind
north-northeast: weather cloudy; barometer
30.20: all well.
San Francisco: ft p. m.. 1.594 miles off San
Francisco; weather tine; wind light easterly.
Luis for Honolulu: S p. m.. lstitude 20:8 north,
longitude 1.TV22 west.
STEAMER HILONIAN Hence July 1, for Png-t
sound' 8 p m.. 47 miles north of Point Reyes
wind 'calm: weather fogey; smsll northwest
swell: all w»!l.
STEAMER ASUNCION—From Vancouver for San
Francisco: due midnight. July 18.
Friday. July Sft
STEAMER YALE Hence July 1« for San Pedro;
passed Pigeon point st 9:22 P- m.: weather
him-; very light southwest precis; almost
calm- gentle westcrlv swell.
river for San Francisco; 10 a. St.. 200 miles
north of San Frsneiseo.
STEAMER ROSE CITY—From San Pear* ' Baa
Francisco; due 2 p. m.
STEAMER GOVERNOR From San Diego, etc..
fo- Kan Francl-co: due 11 s. m.
sound for Ban Francisco: due 12:4.i p. m.
STEAMER ROANOKE—' Iff Petal Arena at 8
p. m. m
Cape Mendocino at 8 p. m.
Xl RF.KA. July 18.
STEAMER CITY OF TOPEKA la at 10:30 a. m.
Cape Blanco.
STEAMER ARGYLL Wfl ttrllfs north of San
TUG GOLIAH Off SI Q ges reef.
STEAMER ATLAS 291 miles BOftfc of San frsn
61EAMER W. S, PORTER 309 »Ue* north •(
San I'ranclseo.
i STEAMER OLEUM 178 ■ ilea aorth of Ba«
j Kraoclsco.
STEAMER FALCON 23 miles south of tape
I Blanco. , ,
STEAMER WASHTENAW -333 miles north of
I Sail Franc;-! ...
! STEAMER CENTRALIA 8 ml PS SOUth of north
west Seal rocks,
STEAMER. FIFXELD Off Cape Mendocino
steamer CARLOS 40 mile* nartb Cap*
: STEAMER SPEEDWELL 32 aatles lottt* of
I Blunts reef.
I 91 in towi ■—2"7 miles north of Sau Francisco.
STEAMER HARVARD Passed Bu*nen» at 0:10
p. m.. bound north.
ASTORIA. July l», 8 P- Sr.
f..r Portland- 58 miles south of Columbia river.
fur Porttanfl' 90 miles newta al Columlda ri<er.
FraOCISCO; 20 miles south of ( otnnililn river.
3TEAMER PRESIDENT FfOm Seattle for San
Francisco: 2 miles south of FnlatlUa light she
STEAMER BUCKMAN from Sa i rran «
Seattle- r. miles south of N ohn lem river.
STEAMER H. T. SCOTT From Port Gamble for
San Pedro; IS miles south al Tillamook rock.
STEAMER AL-KI Off Bush point at 8 p. m.
STEAMER CATANIA From Pott San Luis for
Seattle; off Edir. hook at 8 p. m.
Shipping Intelligence
Thursday. July IT.
U:9O \>. m.. RJHM Oliver I. Olson. Kelly. 72
! hOf-r« from Taeoma: lumber and poles to Olson
j & JUUwur - ~r il)a r. -In\r »
f.TS p' m . Mmr l,.iki*i>. Dt****ft 20 hours from
(Eureka; 830.908 f««4 lumber fo Charles Nelson
| company, a ,
12 m . stmr Caspar. Msdsep. • >■• hour* from
8M Uego; ballast to Cfcsnar l umber (Mi|taM>.
1:18 p in. stmr City of PurMn. Hannah. 52
hours' from Victoria, etc.: passenger* and imt
ehamlise to Pneifle I oast Steamship company.
1 a.", p. m.. stuir Rose City. Rankin. 21 hnari
40 minutes from Sun Pedro: passengers and mer
ehamlise to San Frsneiseo and Portland Bteatß
ship romps nr. _
217 p. I.i -fsp *tmr Tenyo Msru. Rent. _\
days 17 hours 44 minuter, via Yokohsms 1"
dJvs U hours 7 minutes. Tin Honolulu 5 days 1H
hours ."7 minutes; passengers and ■M«BsUIO*4
to TV IL Avery, agent.
4 r.O p m.. stmr Tahoe. Reir.ertsen. trt hours
from Sun Pedro: bsllasf to R..wo« ,t- Andrews.
143 a m.. «tmr South Const. .Iseor*o,i ja
hours from Stewarts Point. MM < i,,s t0 tno
Rirhardson company.
I:V< a. m.. stmr Xevadsn. Rver. «!» hours from
Taeoma:' put In to finish loading.
4-25 s. St. stmr Reaver. Mason. 42 hours from
Portland, via Astoria 38 hours: passengers and
merchandise t« Ssn Francisco and Portland
Steamship company.
7:W S. m.. stmr Adeline Smith. Olson. .51
hours from 0001 Ray; lumber to C. A. Smith
Lumber company: up river direct.
7-59 a m.. stmr F. A. Kilburn. McLellsn. 18
hours from Eureka: passengers and merchandise
to North Pacific Steamship company.
9TO a. ni.. stmr Yale. Bartlett. 17 hours 3S
minutes from San Pedro: passengers and mer
chandise to Pacific Navigation company.
II s. m.. stmr Governor. Cousins. - liours
from San Diego, via San I'edro 24 hours: pas
sengrrs nnd merchandise to Pacific COfMI Steam-
Ship company.
p»-40 p at., stmr Hardy. Mleoersea, si hours
from Coos Bay: bound south, put In for fuel.
Friday. July li.
Br stmr Manchester Cifi7.cn. ttatgfk. Portland;
Dodwell & Co.
Stmr Rose City. Rankin. Portland: San fran
j Cisco and Portland Steamship . ompany.
Stmt Eureka. Farift. St. Mleha< 1 and Nome;
! Pacific Coast Steamship c nipany.
Stmr Carmel. ILudwick. llo.|uiam; Sudden *
Stmr Aatee, Holland. Ancn; Pacific Mail
Steamship cirtiipauy.
Stmr Nevsdan. Ryer. Salina Crux; Williams,
j Dimond & Co.
Br "hip Wm. T. I.ewi«. Manning. Algoa bar
via Townsend; Hind. Rolph * Co.
Stmr Yale. Bartlett, San Diego: Pacific Navi
gation company.
Stmr A. M. Simpson. Bendegard. (cos Pay.
Simpson Lumber company.
Friday. July IS.
4:30 p. m., V. S. star South Dakota. Bennett,
5:06 p. m.. stmr Slina Yak. Klose, Everett.
,vp> p. m. stmr Tiverton. Green. Ludlow.
|in p. m.. stmr Hardy Mlifctlttl, San
itS n nt.. stmr Daisy. Smith. Cray* Harbor,
sin p. m., STmf Yflestan. Pnrtlnnri.
5:43 p. tn.. stnir A. M. Simpson. Rrnrtegartl,
Coos Bay.
S:10 p. tn.. stint Doris. Borresen. .
3 p. m.. Ml W. G. Irwin. Bnmm. Roche
4:oft p. m.. stmr Yale. Bartlett. Ssn Pedro.
4:00 p. in., unit Caspar. Madsv-n. Caspar.
12:30 a. m\ stmr Eureka. Paiiisen. Santa Cms.
10:50 a. m., stmr YVhlttier, Zolllrtg. F'nrt San
UT-25 p m , strnr ciarsnmnt. Befifnn. ASfOfli.
By Br stmr Candl4ate>—MtJ 2!t. latitude 1t:52
north. longitude 24:83 nest. Wer ship Chile, from
Hamburg for Callao.
JUIU. t_> —Latitude 38*26 south, longiHide- ."2:42
west. Fr bark Loire, from Fort Talbot for Va!
POINT LUBOS. .Inly IS. in p. m.-w>ather
thick; wttid W: velocity S miles an hour.
weather reports
POINT LOROS. July 18. 3 p. in. —Foggy; wind
W; velocity | miles an hour.
POINT RF.YF.S. Inly 18. 81, m.— Foggy; wind
S; velocity ,'to miles an hour.
FARALLONKS. .Inly IS. 8 a. rat. —Cloudy; wind
W; relocltv 4 miles an hour.
POINT I oß<>S July IS. f» a. m. -Foggy: wind
ffi TetWftty 6 miles an hour.
TATOOSH. Juiy 1«. <t a. CD. (Tear; wind NE,
tcloeltv 32 mile* an hour.
POINT P.F.YF.S. July IS. 12 ra. —Fogjty; Wind
S; reloeitr 21 miles an hour.
TATOOSH. July is. 12 RL i l"ar: wind NX:
feloelfv IS mil* l * mi hour.
vnilTll HEAf>, July 18. 12 in. Clear; wind
V voi.ieltv |t| miles an hour: har Smooth.
roiXT LOROS. July 18. 12 IB.—Thick: snd
\v • velocity 7 miles nn Dour.
RF.PONPO lIRAt. H -Sa ; led July IS. 12 m.
Stmr John A. Hooper, for Ssn Pedro; :-; t .. m.,
stmr Snglnnw. for San Pedro.
KVKRBTT-- Sailed July i 7 Stmr J m Butler,
for Iled.ei.io Reac|.
A BER OFF X Sailed July IS. 12 m. Stmr
chehalis. fot san Fianciseo; stmts c«r*ttad<t
and Maffai" fnr ssn Psaw.
SAjf PrH>BO Arrived July 18 Stmr Pica
11. Y,*i!iee. hrncr July id: stmrs John a. Hooper
and Saginaw, from Redoudo Bench: stmr .-'ant*
Clara, from Santa Barbara.
Sailed .i •;'.»• IS Stmrs Santa Clara and Hais«
(iadsln , for San Francis,-.., «tmr Hlympie, rot
TACOMA —Arrived Jnly 18—Stmr fordora.
from Seattle.
Ssilcl July IS- Stmr lee)a,taw. Tor Seattle.
FORT BRAGG —Sailed July 18-Stmr Uruui-
Weather Report
I'nited States Department of Agriculture -
Weather Bureau. San Frar.cise... July |8. 101 L
In the following table the maximum and mini
mum temperatures and rainfall are given:
I 1
I i
i C3
I •
I SI ?'l
I "HI * 1
li ':
. ? I
r ?
Ill I
* i ?:
1 i
Baker S4 4SO.no Reno 74j*0|O.O4
Boise RST.fi o . on Roeebnrg . . 0215210.00
><M Monte.. 70)900.00 KaeTatnento.. §f|*00.00
".nraka .... m&oO.OOnSait Lake.. MjOIO.ia
flkgatatf ... T315O0.H Ban . T2|«20.0O
I'rosnn ..... 93 7f». rt.no S. Fraivls... 001.1 <»
Helena ' Si; 54 0.00 San Jose ... 7S 52 0.00
Honolulu ... 80 [7410.00 8 I.. Obispo 7- •< 00
Inil'-p-n.leno.. . SF. Fsrall-u 5*48(0.00
Kalian*!! ... .%0;4flO.Ort Spokane ... SS 52 0.00
.os Ancelea. 78182 jrt.rtrt summit . 7rt.Vi.Tv
Ho»)ena .... '>', 58 0.22 Taooina .... T< i> 00
VII. Tamlp's SI TOlO.OO Tatoosh .... 82 50 0 00
Vort'u Read. 70 52.0.00 Tonopah .. Of 58.0.04
Phoenix ftOISOO.OO •Call. Walla 02100)0.00
f»1 H'tm i.t 58 48 0.00 Wlnn'moeca.j W|0O|O.OO
Portland ... 02 02 0.0,, Vuma 100 74 0 OO
lied Bluff.. . 9dWft.«i | I I
\blletie .... 00 7° on.; Knoxtille .. 100,110.00
\flan. City, so 94)9. t& Louisville . . i,M so 0.00
rt,>st.mi .. . flfUftAO.lM Memphis ... W|7»0.©0
[tuffs!,> .... -o <;» 0.0.0 tlontgom'r? 100 7» 9.90
harle*tOn. .. ! «0 SO O.ito Montreal . Sl' oS O.iiO
'hleago .... 7816410.01 M< orlie.nl . WiMKLOO
Denver 72 12 y P , v OrleaM 93 7« 0.00
»■ Moines.' S4 7«> Tr. New I»2j«2i0.08
fimige CJtr, »»fii;s(i.u North Platte 7fl[«* 1.14
Duluth . ... 7S<;oo.fMi Oklahoma .. 0s720.no
!»ornnc.» . 80 .*.« o .",4 Pittsburg . 0.0,1
EaBtport (12."2 0.44 Rogttell .... D2l#fi p.Oft)
rtalreatnn .. ss 7S u .oo St. Louis.... l<g soO.oo
iree n Rav . K2 04 < 1.OO St. Paul.... rWj8<N8.0O.
»»«♦»»... S4 7»o.f>o Tampa Sf'W>" M
Havre ' St MK9.00 Toledo Mi 700.0a
Huron I SOitoo.oo Washing'. >n. W|70|0.00
fneksonville. M 74*0.0*J Winnipeg So .-,40.00
Kansas tity. po ; 7«0.0i> I ! I
The pressure has fallen rapidly over Welling
ton and Oregon and has risen slowly over Ne
vada. Light rain has fallen in Nevada. Ctah
and Arizona. Conditions are favorable for thun
der storms Saturday in the Sierra.
The weather is unsettled in the Rocky mount
ain section and the plains states. Thunder
storms have occurred In Colorado and Kansa*.
Heavy rains have fallen in lowa. The weather
Is unsettled and showery on the Atlsntie coast.
The most important changes In tomprraiur*
have been a fall af 24 degrees nt Ilea*. 20 de
grees st Dcs Moines and 14 degrees at Data*!o*
Kansas City Snd Podge City.
A mslimum temperature of 102 degrees Is re
ported at St. I.ouis, 104 at Louisville and 100 at
Knoxvi'le and Montgomery.
Afternoon temperatures in the great TSiley of
California range from R2 to tn; degrees.
Following is the forecast for the ."?0 hours end
ing nt midnight Saturday. July 10 ItW
For San Francisco and vicinity- Cloudy Satur
day. with fog: brisk southwest wind.
Tor tho Santa Clara valley Fsir_ Saturday,
with fog In the morning: cooler; light s.Ht.hi
wind, changing to the north.
For Sacramento valley — Cloudy Saturday j
cooler: showers in the mountains; moderate,
south wind. , m
For San Joaouin valley- Cloudy Saturday;
showers in the Sierra: moderate west winds.
For California south of the Tehachapi Clondr
Saturday moderate temperature; moderate sontq
wind. ' A. 6. McADIF. District Forecaster.
wick, for San Francisco.
LONG REACH Arrived July 17. 9s. m BIBS
Pal*v Ofldshv. from San Pedro.
Sailed July 17. 11:20 a. m. Stmr Dsisy Garts
bv for San Francisco via San Pedro.
ASTORIA Sailed Jnly 17. 10:39 p. m. -Stmr
W S. Porter, for Monterey.
Arrived July I*. 5 s. m.- Stmr O. M. Clsrk,
hence July |4.
Sailed July IS. 2, ft. nt. Stmr Merced. f..r Sam
Francisco and Ssn Piego; s |. m.. stmr Alliance,
for Conn Bay sn.l Eureka.
Arrived Julr IS. 12 in.— Stmr Norwood, henca
July 14.
TATOOSH Passed July IS, 7:"0 a. m. Stmr
Melville Dollar, from St. Michael for Seattle;
S a. m.. stmr iprobablvi Seward, from Yaides
for Seattle; t s. m.. stmr Henry T. Scott, from
Port Gamble fof S»n Pedro; 929 a ni.. Stmt
\le\trsn. hence July 15 for Seattl- : V< \r< tt. in.,
stmr Umatilla, hence July 15 for Seattle: S 20
a. m. stmr Jim Butler, from Everest for San
Passed July 18. 2:".0 p. in. Stmr Cststiia,
from Port San I.tils for Seattle.
11l ENFMF Arrived July IS. 1 a. m Ba-gs
p", in tow tug Pefiiince, hence July IS.
Sailed July IS, •'» p. m.- lug Deflancs, wlta
barge »:! in tow. for ffan Francisco.
HURBKA Arrived July IK 4s. m -Tug R»
llef. hence Jnly 17: stmr A.-me. hence July Id;
10 a. in., stmr George I.oomls. stmr Thomas 1.
Wand, hence July M">: 10 a. m.. stmr city of
Toppka. heni-e July 17; 10 a. m.. stmr Washing
ton, hciice July 10.
Salle<l July is. 13 Mt. Stmr Kathcrine. for San
Arrived July Ifc. 1 p. m. Stmr Prentiss, hence
Jnly 17.
BAST SAN PF.PRO ArTlred Julr l». 1 :"n
p. m, Stmr Edgar H. Ysnce hence July 10.
SEATTLE Arrived July 17. - p. in.—Jap
■tsar Awa Maru, from Hongkong. Mr.
Sailed July IS. 10 a. in. Stmr Prrshlent. foe
San Francisco.
Arrived July II Slmr I.celanaw, from In
Sailed Jnly IK -Stmr A 1 Ki. for Alaska; stmr
Admiral Fafragut. for San Fran isco
PORT TOWNSENO -Sailed July 1S- -BT stmr
Ikals. for Hongkong.
SAN HI V.t it) Sailed July IS -Br stmr DCMno,
for Astoria
SANTA BARBARV Atflfetl July IS Stmr
Queen, hence July 17: stmr Sants Clara, hem a
July IS,
Sailed .Tilly IS—-Stmr Queen, for Ssn It lego;
stmr Santa Clara, for Ssn Pedro.
PORT Lt'DLOW Arrived July 1 s Stmr Dav
enpart, from Victoria.
BANDON Sailed July 17. 1 1 :.!0 p. m. -Stmr
Fifleld. stmr Grace Dollar, stmr Brooklyn, for
San Francisco.
NF.W YORK —Saileil July 17 -ftr stmr Falls of
Nilh. tor Norfolk Vs.. and Valp*rai»«
NORFOLK (Va i Sailed July IT Stmr Santa
CriiJ!. for San Francisco and Puget sound.
1IONOI.F1.1" Sailed July 1«. 9 a. m. H rt.
M stmr New Zealand, for Raaatmalt.
ARM A Sailed July 7-der stmr Sebsra. for
San Francisco.
VALPARAISO To sail Juiy 2o -Ger Mat
S'nkkarah. for San Fram iSeo.
PAYTA Arrive,i July H fier stmr SerapiS,
hence June 14 for Hamburg. July 9 Ger -tmr
Hathor. from Puget sound for Hamburg.
VANCOI'VER —Arrived July 18-Stmr El s».
gnndo. hence July 1.1.
Arrived July" 13—Stmr I'mAtllta, hence July
ADELAIDE Sailed June 19- Bktn Charles p.
Crocker, for Grays Harbor.
ANTWERP —Arrived Jnly 10 -Br bark Inver
civde. from Oregon.
SHARPNESS- -Arrived July IS Ff 9aHi Dud
d'Aumale. lience Fee. 20 *1» Falmouth.
ST. LtTLV—Sailed July 14— Br stmr Vftel i.
Tor D?lavvftfi» breskirafe-.
VICTORIA—SaiIed July IS—Stmr Divenport.
for Puget sound.
MO.II —Arrived July I*— Br stmr Robert DoN
lsi. from Nagasaki.
o< F,A\ S i FAMERS
NKW YORK Arrived July \n Hint M.»nr»
tanla. from LttCrpnat; stmr Napoii. froai NinleS;
stmr Barbnrossa. from Naples; stmr Celt c. frnr»
Sailed July IS-Stm- New York, for South
LlßAtj'—Arrived July 12—Stmr Russia, frxtd
New York.
GENOA Arrived July 14—Stmr ftampallS,
from Philadelphia snd New York. July 1" -
Stmr Re dTtalls. from New York.
NEWCASTLE (Ans.>- *-nre,i prior July ii.s
Stmr Stfftthtsy from Tseoata.
WELLINGTON Arrived prior July IS Stms
Moana. from San Franei«oo.
QCEENStOWN -Arrived prior July is Stmr
Baltic, from New York for Liverpool.
MARSEILLE—SaiIed Juiy 15~~~Stmr VCa+cift,
for New York.
SOCTHAMPTON Sailed Jnly 1<» -Stnv- Kgls
etin Aiignste Victoria, from Hamburg for N>w
NAPLES'—Sailed July 17—Stmr Virata, for
N'eVr York.
SHANGHAI Sailed July 17 -Stmr Den of
Rutlivon. from London for Vancouver.
Q' KFNSTOWN Sail"-! July IH Stmr CeOTle,
from l.iverjx.ol for New York.
PLYMOCTH Arrived July }« -Stmr Pblhtdei
phia. from New York.
ROCLOGNE Arrived July IS -Stmr Potsdam,
from New York.
HAVRE Arrived July IS Stmr Sicilian, ft-,,,,
CHhISTIANIA Sailed July is Stmr v
tlauiartoid. for New York.
SAVANNAH Sailed July is Simr Santa ft —
salta. for Vnncouvr;.
MONTREA -Arrived July IS Stmr Pota#f Un
its from London.
QCEBEC--Arrived July is simr Tiltits an.
SKAT'n.K. .tirlv IR. Nor ftrtrr Ffcflklfljk, pie.
rimpO* rf|«>ri'i] sslKirf in Fraspr rifer. tt*«
floated InM ni«ht ami hi imw at Port Mann; !XiO
tbM it fclfge IWW
oil tor filial «il
Thr «l'Min<-r llilonisn Milrrl for Honolulu
TSoridJ.* ll"> eS »»NJ »n drain* g««..iinr. ~n
is naphtha arid »•■"> drums diotillit*. rallied it
US < Jtrs" frtVtll fhK P'.rf.
Continued ou rage 11

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