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New Subdivisions Ready for Market; Solano and West
Sacramento Report Big Sales; Activity Beyond
Peaks to Be Resumed
With plenty of money available for
r>ui)ding purposes, loans easily secured
with the right kind of security and
nn army of buyers ready to invest their
fa\ ings or their earnings in the vari
ous real estate propositions which are
now being offered in San Francisco,
the market for July 6eems to be in a
much better condition than last year.
« hlle some of the reatly agents in
San Francisco have many unkind
things to say about the "quietness" of
the times in the real estate market,
there are others, more progressive,
■*vho declare that selling and buying
Is not suffering depression, but that
Investors are beginning to show more
Intelligent discrimination in the choice
of properties for investment or Income
bearing purposes.
Solano Farms, the biggest selling
proposition now in the foreground, re
ports activity amounting to something
more than $1,000,000 since the opening
of the Solano county properties. West
Sacramento, a company that prides it
self upon its conservatism, refuses to
announce the total of its sales in West
Sacramento property, but. as this com
pany Is as prominent in the market as
Its new rival, its sales must have
Amounted to a comfortable total dur
ing the month. Tiie firm refuses to
announce the total of Its sales either
for the month or the season, but lt
has declared that 1.200 acres of its
choicest lands have been taken up. And
'Ms announcement the company backs
up with the proclamation that two new
subdivisions, aggregating 6.000 acres,
are to be added to the market offer
ings at West Sacramento immediately.
San Carlos park, a peninsula subdi
vision, begins its selling campaign this
iv»ek. and the results of the opening
announcements, as printed exclusively
In the San Francisco Call, have been
beyond expectations. The interest that
has been taken in this property indi
cates that its selling campaign will
be a fast one, and that many buyers
will be attracted to the delightful
' neighborhood down the peninsula.
Woodacre a new Marin division, will
be put on the market soon. Sonoma
Vista. a summer home place in
Sonoma ' county. another Toy pro
motion, is proving popular, and
the month's sales, so far. have been
fa r in excess of what was even ex
pected. Sonoma Vista is destined to
be one of the favorite resort spots in
California and its fame already has
reached Into the southland, for Eos
Angeles has sent many buyers into
this market looking for lots in this
The Ellis and Dock company
plans soon to throw its new Richmond
subdivision on the market. This prop
erty, lying along the water front, will
offer one of the best Richmond values
>et given the public, and its selling
promises to be easy. The terms will
Ar> immense lot of work is being done
on Ocean avenue between Junipero
Serra boulevard and Arlington avenue
beside Tnsleside Terraces. More tban
]fi.ot>o cubic yards of earth have been
removed and The street leveled to an
even grade. The work has been ham
pered by the haphazard fashion with
which tiie streetcar tracks and the sew
ers had been laid. The tracks had
followed their own convenience over
the ungraded street without reference
to the center and the sewers, likewise,
were placed first on one side and then
the other. The tracks are being
Ktraitrhtcned out and the sewers made
to conform. Two grading crews and
one sewer crew are busy and it is
•e:.prcted that the bituminizing of the
avenue along the terraces will be fln-
Contrmcta have been let for the pav
j ne 0 f tos \ngeles avenue, the boule
vard which circles the first unit of St.
"Frarcis "Wood in the shape of a horse
•-w>e It will be 80 feet wideband a
T.ark «trip will intersect the lower por
tion from Corbett road to Santa Clara
avenue It will extend from Corbett
road on the west around the tract
to Corbett road on the north, almost
describing a circle. Baldwin & How
ell have"joined with the Mason-Mc-
Duffie company in these Improvements.
The sidewalks along Corbett road are
bein" completed and the asphaltum
surface of the avenues within the sub
division Is now being placed.
<-'ol Cetz & Sons report the following
. J t ) IP Richmond, Sunset and
□i aa n«ide districts:
I nt 23x100 la the north line of Kirkham street,
... ~ great of Tweaty-foartt avenue. Sunset
7latrid to .Tohn P. Mulier.
20x120 In tli» east line of Thirty-Totirtß
areaoe, 200 feet south of Judah street. Sunset
n itric't. to Alma ft. Hyer.
Lot 2.-.tll:<i In the east Un- of Thirty-fourth
avenue 118 feet south of Judah street. Sunset
District to M. B. Wallace.
lor ?"C.xloo at the northwest eorn*r of Judah
*tre< t ard Twonty-sivth avenue. Sunset District,
with a two story residence, to Wllnelmlne H.
Jjyt 25x190 ! n the went line of Forty-third ave
nue 200 feet north of Kirkham street. Ocean
♦Me Dlstrlet, t.> Victoria RoKjrio.
I.jt 25x120 In the west line of Forty-fifth ave
rne 1 fTo feet north of Irvinp street, OceansMe
District, with a one story cottage, to Charles ft.
Heakett. . . ... .
tot gOxl2o In the west line of Thirty-third
aveaoe. 225 feet south of Judah atreet. Sunset
District, to Frank Paifcss,
1 »t ion 120 in the west line of Seventeenth ave
nae, li* teat north or Balboa street. Richmond
Irhrtrict. to Jes«e N. tioldthwaitc.
lx>t -25x120 In the east line of Twenty-ninth
■ venae. 140 feet north of Cabrillo street, ftlCaV
mood te Frank X. «Jat;non.
Lot 50x100 in the south line of Irvina street,
SZ;9 feel esxt of Tweatj fifth avenue. Sunset
District, to William H. and Mary Wilson.
\. M.. July IS.—An earth
quake shock rocked buildings and
shook dishes off shelves in houses this
•morning, but did no material damage.
Let Me Tell You
Hoyt $5 n month villi
tive you a capital of $.100
in the finest property in the
rapidly growing city of Richmond.
Urst y»t. Bank Bldg.. Oakland
be attractive and the prices will be In
keeping with Richmond's latest devel
City property is moving as fast as
can be expeated. The Twin Peaks re
gion will be enlivened in two or three
weeks, when the Twin Peaks tunnel
plans an announcement. The subdi
visions bcyomd the hills will then be
reintroduced to the seekers for home
building prc/perties. and the visitors to
this region will be astonished by the
progress' that has been made in this
region during the "lull" of July. Many
new homes have started In Ingleslde.
new Improvements have been made at
St. Francis Wood and Forest Hill has
been spruced up with a new touch of
decoration for its second selling cam
The march of development Is bring
ing Marin county, which is already
popular, into the limelight as an Ideal
suburban district. The sites of now
thriving towns were given to grazing
and general farming a short time ago.
The last and biggest deal to be con
summated in this county was the pur
chase by the Lagunltas Development
company of the Mailliard ranch, now
known as Woodacre. This property is
situated in the San Geronimo valley,
within a 20 mile radius of San Fran
cisco. Considering its enormous acre
age and the scheme of development
which the owners are effecting, this
tract will soon prove one of San Fran
cisco's fastest growing communities.
The building of streets, depots and
platting of the townsite is well under
way, as a visit to the property wHI
evidence. This work has been accom
plished during the last 60 days, and at
a meeting of the officials of the com
pany it was recently decided to cele
brate an opening day on August 10.
when special excursion trains will be
The narrow gauge line of the North
western Pacific railroad virtually in
tersects TA'oodaore, and while there are
six depots at regular Intervals on
Woodacre the problem of better trans
portation is confronting the owners.
Steps have been taken and arrange
ments neatly completed for the im
mediate installation of more frequent
train set vice. It is expected by tbe
company that It will be able to report
that the tracks will be broad gauged
to Lagunitas and electric service in
stalled within a very short time.
On Wednesday- evening a get to
gether banquet was celebrated in the
Administration building, which was
formerly the ranch home of the Mailli
ards. The dinner was given to sales
men, wlio are associated with the com
pany. Harvey M. Toy, vice president
and general manager, acting as toast
master. Talks were made by several
of the officials of the compny, in which
the story of the purchase and general
development of the tract wss told.
Never before in the history of Mill
Valley has there been as much new
building activity as has been shown
this summer. A trip through this de
lightful suburb is a pleasurable sur
prise for one who takes the trouble
to get away from the beaten path and
explore some of the hillside nooks and
see the artistic bungalows being built
among the redwoods, oak and madron
Mill Valley is spending many thou
sands of dollars in gilding foads and
erecting ornamental stone gates at dif
ferent points along the main highways.
One of the beauty spots is Madron park,
a new subdivision recently placed on
the market. This tract snuggles against
the hills and is fully protected from
both wind and fog. It Is densely
wooded, being covered with large red
woods, oaks and madron, and is sub
divided into large lots ideally situated
for summer bungalows. Already a
number of artistic bungalows are be
ing erected on the property, and the
Madron Park Realty company says that
within a few months there will be 30
or 40 attractive homes built.
f "A Forest Beautiful" ■
Plvehrooks, Nature's Gur.
1 den. only 30 miles from *>an
I rancUrn, In the Ideal Spot
i for a Country Club or
i', Tbe lure of the Country
Club Life In atronc and
■im Is tbe time to stet your
jj, friends together nnd piir
chasf a site where you and
RMnociates can retreat when
5 the care* of the city get
upon y our nerves.
Prices today nt Five
brooks are extremely low
.—but take this Into consid
eration—dculrable Country
Home Sites close to the city
are fn*t becoming; scarce
and Mill shortly he held at
a premium.
Fivebrooks Illustrated
Booklet Is Tvorth while and
Is yours for the asking.
Call or Write
S. M. Snyder
t642 Phone B
Phelan Bids;. Keurny 5802 ■
Open All Day Saturday B
Madron Park
lit Beautiful Mill Valley
$100 TO $300
MADRON PARK has all the city advantsce«.
being close to the cars, with half hourly ferries.
(Jood roads, water, schools and the finest climate
In the world. Only 40 minutes from the city.
Come over and see tbe new bungalows going
tip. Take Mill Valley train, get ofi* at Locust
ay. Our autos meet all trains.
Madron Park Realty Co.
703-4 Merchants' National Bank Building,
625 Market Street and Mill Valley. '
Expensive Residences Are
Planned for New Home
Place on Peninsula
The announcement that modern high
speed electric transportation is as
sured for the peninsula has caused re
newed building activity at San Carlos
San Carlos park has long been recog
nized as one of the most attractive sub
urbs In California. It is just beyond
the fog belt, and sheltered from the
harder ocean winds. The location is a
natural residence park, hollowed out
like a great amphitheater against the
hills. This wide opening gives the lo
cality a series of beautiful views, prov
ing that Californians need not go to
Italy or Switzerland for superb scenery.
Preparatory to beginning sales to
morrow the syndicate of local capital
ists owning the 1,600 acres In the
tract have made extensive improve
ments on the style of the exclusive res
idence parks out of Chicago and New
York. Magnificent urns, executed by
the Sarsi studio after models imported
from Italy, line the main boulevards.
The same studio is installing orna
mental electroliers along the streets,
said to be the finest in the west.
One of the many high class resi
dences under way at San Carlos Is be
ing built by J. If. Platner. lt is planned
after the mote pretentious I,os Angeles
bungalow style, and will cost in the
neighborhood of $10,000.
aGShPpHpi lagunitas development company IjB
Marin County Subdivision
Considered as Neighbor
hood for Country Estate
Tt is understood that the Olympic
club recently has been looking toward
Fivebrooks, a subdivision in Marin
county, as a site for the new country
branch the club plans to establish
somewhere in the vicinity of San Fran
cisco. A short time ago the Olympic
club had under consideration the Mount
Diablo property of R. N. Burgess &
Co., but. it is said, a deal could not be
made satisfactory to both the club and
the property owners, and another loca
tion is being sought.
Fivebrooks. which is one of the most
delightful spots in Marin county, Is an
ideal location for the country estate
of an athletic club. The surroundings
are superb, from a camper's point of
view, and as an outing place it offers
all the advantages of beautiful Marin.
Many San Francisco residents are
providing themselves with the lots on
which to build summer homes In the
The large lumber yard in Sonoma
owned by A. W. Adler Is soon to be
moved to Sonoma Vista, where 16
houses are now under way, and many
more are to be constructed in the very
near future.
University Mound, a city residence
j property, is achieving wonderful suc
cess, both in sales and improvements.
; The sales department for the Brown
| Estate company, the owners, report
splendid activity.
Mr. Rogers, sales manager, said yes
| terday: "hast week has been a very
aetlve one in sales. People are begin
ning to appreciate the fact that tills
property offers a fine opportunity to
| secure the advantages of low opening
prices of lots; also their being able to
j have homes built on easy terms in one
'of the best residence districts of San
Francisco, a section that has a wonder
ful future, with the finest of trans
portation, car service, gas and all other
modern conveniences.
"University Mound is only 22 minutes
in running time from Third and Mar
ket streets; lt has five available car
lines. Homes can be built on what
usually Is paid as rent money."
Members of the Richmond industrial
commission, Who have just returned
from the east, where they hawe been
doing missionary work talkang up
Richmond's many advantages for a
manufacturing city, report that they
interviewed many manufactureirs who
realize the timeliness of moving west.
It is believed that the argume/nts put
forth by the commission wilt event
ually land at least two large concerns
for this city. Several others promised
to send their representatives to look
over the ground in the neaj: future.
Richmond junction and RiVhmond
Junction heights are two adjoining
tracts which are proving very popular
with Investors and building site seek
ers today. Richmond junction is the
lower of the two and has beem set
aside for the eventual commercial
center of Richmond.
New City to Be Completed
Before First Lots Are
Offered Public
An affidavit report filed this week
by the, land sales department of the
West Sacramento company shows that
approximately 1.200 acres in small
farms l and totaling more than $600,000
have been sold during the last five
months in the new garden farms dis
trict in West Sacramento.
This record establishes a new prece
dent in the selling of high class agri
cultural lands in California and Indi
cates an Increased demand for small
farms of the best type.
The sealing campaign has attracted
unusual attention by Its quiet digaity
and the la<ck of sensationalism shows
also thatt the public is becoming in
terested more and more in the idea of
restricted and modernly developed
home sections.
The recent announcement that tiie
company intended an added expendi
ture of $2,000,000 in the immediate de
velopment of a master city just oppo
site the business section of Sacramento
and adjoining the agricultural lands
of the district has brougjit out a num
ber of eager buyers the last week.
With the completion of the Oakland
and Anfcloch, which crosses, the entire
property from east to west. West Sac
ramento Is brought, to within 2 hours
and 40 aninutes of San Francisco.
Irrigated Lands Appeal to
Immigrants, Says Con
sular Veteran
Dr. Otto F. Danzinger, formerly in
the United States consular service in
Spain and who spent a dozen years
there and in traveling over all of
Europe, Is enthusiastic over the possi
bilities of an European agricultural
colony on Solano Irrigated Farms.
Doctor Danziger recently returned to
San Francisco and last week he spent
a day inspecting the Solano project.
He said:
"In all my travels I have never seen
anything equal the Solano Irrigated
Farms project. Aside from the fact that
they have lodged an immense Irrigation
scheme, so thoroughly practical and
with a water supply so certain as to
obviate the necessity of their 400,000.
--000 gallon reservoir, the soil Itself is a
black, beautiful wheat soil that will
produce every fruit from the apricot
to the most lucious pear.
"I candidly believe that a colony of
at least 000 families from the Genuan-
Swiss country, southern Prance, all
parts of Germany, Pomerania in par
ticular, and a good part of England
could be brought here in the next four
or five months, and they would become
a valuable political and domestic asset
to the state of California as citizens'."
A vine may be all right even If It is a
porch climber.

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