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Eighteen Days After Leav
ing Port Lime Carrier
Abandons Trip
Engine Becomes Disabled,
Gas Escapes and Skipper
Acquires the Mumps
The power schooner Archer, which
* t here July 5 for Roche harbor re-
i ..Tried to port yesterday short of water
«nd In general distress. Captain Con
nautson. the master cf the vessel, was
■ offering from the mumps and hastened
in search of medical aid just as soon as
na had tied up the Archer to a wharf
In China basin. The Archer, deserv
edly or otherwise, has gained the repu
tation of being a hoodoo ship. This
1* probably more the result of the mys
ah™, h £ h J7 in the vessel's officers have
*t the mish aps that have be
aerinn«n« ,r C «f"£* than bec ause of the
" e V?" snps , a of the Archer's troubles.
1-arW ci er J', eft ner * July 5 f ° r Roch «
raroor. Shortly after leaving a heavy
f«J as This was fol
ioued by trouble with the producer gas
*"?**?« that supplied the auxiliary
e . r - _ T he gas began to escape and
Engineer Charles Geddes was
Vu ) y asDhyxiated »n his efforts to stop
tne leak. *
Tt was then decided to sail for Roche
naroor. Head winds were encountered
arid when, is days out. the water sup
ply fcegan to near an end and the skip
per developed an attack of mumps, the
conclusion was reached that there was
no place like Pan Francisco, which was
still within easy distance.
iii e E airs be niade and the voyage
vvin be resumed, but Captain Connaut
sn n probably will remain ashore for a
Arrive* at Opportune Moment
< aptaln T. P. H. Whltelaw, the vet
eran wrecker, who has the contract for
raising the schooner J. 11. Lunsmann
which sank in the bay July 11 after
collision with the steamer Francis H.
J.oggett. declares that the secret of
success is the ability to be on hand at
the opportune moment. By the agree
ment under which he is wrecking the
T.unsmann. Captain Whltelaw will re
ceive 70 per cent of everything con
nected with the ship and cargo that he
eaves. White law was at Crowley's Val
ine street landing the other day wait
ing for the return of his wrecking crew
from the Lunsmann.
"And T arrived there." he said yes
t»rday. "just at the opportune moment."
He explained.
On the landing he found Captain
Welkunat, master of the submerged
'"What are you doing here?" asked
"Waiting for the diver." replied the
What do you want with the diver?"
inquired Whitelaw.
The skipper insisted that it was a
personal matter and of no concern to
Whitelaw. Whitelaw protested that
the diver was in his employ and could
not be interviewed regarding the wreck
without Whltelaw's permission.
"Well, if you must know." said the
skipper. "T asked him to look for a
little thing of mine in the schooner's
"You have no right to do anything
of the kind. Seventy per cent of every,
filng on that ship is mine," said "White
la w.
Then the skipper divulged the in
formation that there was $550 in coin
in the schooner's cabin and that the
diver had agreed to retrieve it for
"So you see." said Whltelaw. "how
being on hand at the opportune mo
ment saved me just $385."
Jason Damaged In Collision
F. Jeb«*n & Co.'a steamer Jason,
which arrived here yesterday from
Mexico via San Pedro, was damaged
to the extent of about $1,000 as the
result of being run into outside San
Pedro harbor by the steamer William
IT. Murphy. The weather was clear
and the sea smooth. The Jason slowed
down outside the harbor to put off
the pilot. The Murphy, which was di
rectly behind the Jason, neither slowed
clown nor changed its course, but kept
on until its bow had plowed a V-shaped
hoi* In the Jason's steel stern.
The Jason left last night for Eureka
snd will leave here August 2 for an
r.'her trip to Mexico.
Mera Arrive* From Hamburg
The Kosmos liner Mera, from Ham
burg via South American ports and
San Pedro, arrived here yesterday with
about 3.500 tons of cargo. The freight
included a large shipment of nitrate.
The Mera made no stop between
Tqulque and San Pedro and made the
run In 18 days. About 300 miles south
of Valparaiso the Mera picked up a
disabled sailing vessel which it towed
Into Valparaiso.
G. W. Fenwick Brings Big Raft
The Hammond Lumber company's
steamer George W. Fenwick arrived
from Astoria yesterday with a big log
raft in tow. The raft, which arrived
Intact, contained 8,000,000 feet of lum
ber, or as much as 16 good sized
roasters could have carried. In spite
of the heavy handicap, the Fenwick
made the trip in 6 days.
Tenyo Maru Sail* Tewlay for Far East
The Japanese liner Tenyo Maru. Cap
tain Ernest Dent, will said at 1 o'clock
this afternoon for China and Japan.
The liner will carry a full cargo and
about 300 passengers.
Water Front Notes
Receipts of lumber yesterday by sea
amounted to 8.332.000 feet.
The Union Steamship company's liner
Moana. from this port, has arrived at
The freighter M. X Dollar arrived at
Taku. July 24. from Muroran.
The freighter Lyra left Balboa, July
ti. for this port.
The liner Persia, due Monday from
the orient, was 1,426 miles from here
at 8 o'clock p. m., July 24.
Change of Masters
Schooner Harry—Louis Dreyarsdorff,
old master; A. C. Schlash, new master.
Steamer John A. Hooper—John I.
Martin, master.
nil Tankers Sail
The British tank steamer Pectan sailed from
p-.-r Luis for Antofagasta. Chile. Wednes
r|»j with 63,000 barrels of crude oil and various
merchandise, valued at $48,057.
Th* (snk steamer Santa Maria sailed from Port
«an Luis for Balboa Monday with 44.0<">0 barrels
of crude oil snd small shipments of forage, val
u»d at $33,118.
Kngnared for Wheat
The British steamers Bellorado and Earl of
Pleu) are chartered for wheat from Portland to
(be United Kingdom or continent at 40s.
Evports for the Antipodes
Tli* Brlt'sb steamer Aorangl sailed for Sydney,
via Tahiti Rarofonga aud Wellington. Wednes
rti" with cargo valued at $127,223. the distribu
tion being us follows: For Tahiti. 155,354: New
KMlaad *43,<J87; Australia. $27,401: Fill Isl-
Vnds $'l 32C,: P'J' Elands. $55. The principal
r ■ ports' find their destinations were as follows:
■p. Tahiti Z 878 bbls flour. 44.847 lbs and 40
okes bread, 140 ctls barley. 72 etis wheat, 3.476
' e ;f« wine. Gn bbls beer. 5.420 lbs beans. 1.280
ihV codfish. 800 lbs and 3 cs cheese. 3<B cs
canned gMfe t» pkga fresh fruits 121 pkgs
potatoes 59 Pkgs onions. 1.140 bs Mcd fruit,
lbs raisins 34 cs egg«. ;;»2 bales hay. 6.112
fh's ami 5 cs lard. 40.920 lbs rice 663 cs and 5
nkgs salmon. 2.955 lbs sugar. 6 ton, Bait. 11
nk« saddlery. 20 pkgs sewing machine,. U CB
J,f 4 -, 78 ft lumber* 33 pkgs drugs. 98 coils
• io ts kerosene, 11 cs arm* and ammuni
tion.' 7 cs automobile parts, 174 bales bags, 5. cs
bO To New - 23,750 lbs prunes. 14.825 lb.
.'-a At\*a fruits 9.300 lbs raisins. 9. <40
feoffee 0«> 'a c-nned goods. 20 quarter bbls
W lbs codfish. 11.380 lbs candy. <60
"i« onions 62 tons salt. 50 drums and 20 cs
~kg-8 onions. - roofing. 138 pkgs
n.lnt« 32 Pkgs oil well supplies. 130 bbls and 47
P «iv 13 cs In, übators. 84 bales base and rub
ber roods 56 ton. fertilizer. 4 pkgs machinery.
« fiOO !ba codfish. 4_U lac m r • a
r£Fk USmtSESr.*
good. bbls oils, 100 rolls
f —eng. j,(.nde-3.6=0 lbs ric M cs
canned '7 rubber shoes, 9 pkgs *****
Movements of Steamers
I Date
5rays Harbor ICentralia July 26
• rays Harbor 'Columbia IJuly 26
Portland & Astoria ITamalpals IJuly 2*!
'an Diego & I>os Ang..!Merced IJuly 26
>an Diego & Los Ang. . ISpeedwell July 20
Monterey & Santa CrurjEureka IJuly 26
laL Crui & San Diego. I Georgian IJuly gj
lumboldt jr. A. Kilburn. .. July 20
.os Angeles IHanalel [July 20
Manila Tia Mororsn iHazel Dollar [Jul* 2*
Shanghai 'Buffalo 'July 26
Sc Astoria I Yucatan 'Jnly 20
S»n Diego A- Los Ang. .(Harvard IJuly 26
rort Bcagg 'Brunswick Unly 2'"
lumboldt IPboenlx .IJuly 27
• rays Harbor Norwood (July 27
""nrtland & Astoria 'Yosemite IJuly 27
J »attle direct [Governor 'July 27
Vfeniloeino 4 SIipI. Cove Sea Foam jJuly 27
I.os Angeles [Multnomah 'July 2S
lumboldt [Ctty of Topeka.IJuly 28
l/os Angela * Way Pts'Santa Clara ...[July 28
»an Diego & I/>s Ang..'Queen 'July 28
San DI»go & Los Ang..(Yale [July 28
"hina Sz Japan [Persia (July 28
'uget So,;nd Isthmian July 28
Portland * Astoria Rose City IJuly 28
los Angeles Bear IJuly 28
San Diego * Los Ang. .'Willamette July 2?
Portland & Astoria 'Ran Ramon IJuly 20
Seattle & Tacoma tWatson 'July 20
jo* Angeles JAvalon IJuly 90
r x>s Angeles direct IHarvard IJuly SO
»"ort B-agg (Arctic July 80
Honolulu (Honolulan July 3n
tfoji [Artemis July SO
311o (Enterprise July SO
Port San bat* ICoos Bay 'July 31
"oint Arena & Albion..!Pome July 31
San Diego & Los Ang..! Yucatan IJuly 31
ns Angeles lYale [Aug. 1
Honolulu 'Sierra 'Aug. 1
Balboa direct (Pennsylvania ..(Aug. 1
°uget Sound Ports City of Puebla.Aug. 1
5«n Diego & Ixis Ang. .[Governor |Aug. 1
Date !
| Destination !
Julv 26'Hardy [OOoa Bar . .] 4 pmj 16
Julv 26'Helene 'Grays Harbor 3 pm 19
Julr 26 FlBeld Toquille Riv.! 5 pm! 27
JuIt 26 Elizabeth irvxjullle Riv.1 2 pmj 16
Julv 20 Daisv Fruoman. IWillapa Har.! 2 pm 19
Julv 26'Soee'dwell 'Conuille R1t.U0 am'
Jmlj 26 Merced 'Portland ...! 4 pm Bt
Julv 24BO. J. Olson [Portland ...j 5 pmj 27
Julv 26'Harvard !Fo« Angeles. 4 pm
Julv ZQ'.Cnnn Bar iPt. fan T.uL«.! 4 pm! 11
Julr 26 Tenvo Maru iHonrtrong ..] 1 pml 34
July 26 President IPugct Pound.! 2 pm 9
Julv 26 Turatan 'San Dteso...! 7 pm! 13
Julv 26 North Fork ...[Humboldt ..112 m' 38
July 27'F. A. KUbnrn.IHumboldt ..112 ml 13
July 27'N'orwood ]f.o« Angeles.'10 am)....
Jnly 27!Hanalel \tm Angeles.' 3 pm! 10
Julr 27'Arctlc [Fort Brain:..! 3 pmj....
Jnly 27'Pomo [Point Arena. | 6 pmj 8
Julv 2SEureka 'Santa Crui..! 4 pm! 13
JnlV 2s ,; Willamette ...'Portland ...HO am' SI
Julv 28 Multnomah ....iPortland ...! 4 pml 51
July 28 Vale \t*m Angeles.' 4 pml 7
July 28 Buokman IPnget Sound.' I pm' 10
July 2SGovernor [San Diego...! 2 pm! 9
Jnly 28'Nann Smith "Coos Bay ! 3 pm' 27
Jnly 29'Cify of Topeka.'Humboldt ..'12 ml 11
Infer 20 Sonoma [Sydney I 2 pml 21
July 20'rmatllla [Puget Sound. 1 2 pm! 9
July 29|Bear .' IPortland ...!12 m! 40
TulV 30'Havard ISan Diego...! 4 pmj 7
July 801 Ran ta Clara ! I.os Angeles.'10 am! 13
July 30 Sea Foam IMendoclno ..14 pmj 4
July Xfl Brunswick [Watt Bragg..I 3 pm'
July SOOr.rnedian !I,!verpool ...! S pm'
July an wilhelmtna lllonoluln ...! S pml 38
July BO{Hornet !Puget Soond.' 5 pm' 38
July fffllKotif City \Xjr» Angeles. !11 am' 40
July SO Avalcn iWillapa Har. 1 pnv 27
July 30'PhoenIx |Huroboldt ..ill am!
July 31'Isthmian iSalina Cruz.'10 am'
July 51'Otieen 'San Diego... Ill am! 9
Aug. 1 Yale !San Diego...! 4 pmj 7
Aug. 1 Watson 'Puget Sound. I I pm' in
Aug. 1 Yucatan IPortland ...110 am' 13
Sknjrway A; War Porta.) 01 tT of Seattle. . [July 2fl
nwfWaj A- Wav Ports.'Tcf>er«on IJuly 27
Votne ft St. Michael 'NaTajo IJuly 28
Nome & St Michael. ... Victoria '.Inly SO
s «ward & War Ports... Mariposa IJuly 30
Nome & St. Michael IfTumboldt (An*. 2
ier 3 Waih'neton Pier 17 Union 1
ler R Jacksnn'Pler 19 rnlnn 2
I»r 7 Paclfle'Pier 21 Filbert
ler 9 Brnadwar IT'ier 23 Greenwich 1
i»r 11 Broadw.T- 2?' ! er 25 Greenwich 2
ler 13 Vnriejn'Pier 27 Lombard
ler 15 Gre-n'Pler M Powell
2 Mission 1 Pier 24 Spear
4 Mission 2 Pier 28 Main
6 Howard IPier 34 Beals
8 Howard 2'Pler M Fremont
10 Howard SIPIer 38 First
12 Fhlsom I PIer 401
14 Folsom 3jiH« 42 \ P. M. S. S. Oo.
16 Harrison'Pler 44 J
20 SteuartlPW M '. Fourth
Time Rail
United States Branch Hydrographtc Office, Mer
chants' Exchange, San Francisco, July
25. 1913.
The time ball on the roof of the Fairmont hotel
was dropped today exactly at noon. Pacific stand
ard time (120 th meridian), or at Rh. 00m. 00s.
Greenwich mean time. TV. Y. TOMB,
Lieutenant, U. S. N*.. in Charge.
Sun, Moon and Tide
United States coast and geodetic surrey—Time
and helrhts of tides at Fort Point. For city
front (Mission street wharf 1. add 25 minutes.
Run rises 5:07
Snn sets 7:25
Moon rises 11:18 p. m.
Last quarter moon July 26. at 1:50 a. m.
New moon August 2. at 4:49 a. m.
..' B:!MH 2.4! B:1t1 5.2! I
r, W1 [H WJ |L W] ]H W]
..' 0:2«' 1.2 : 7:241 S.4 10;5«I 2.R 5:491 5.4
..I 1:24' 0.7' «:42! R.O 11:5fl! 3.2! fl:3«! 5.7
i.. 2:17' 0.1' 9:4V 4.0 : 1:03* 3.4! 7:2*1 5.9
i.l .1:07'—O.5!10:29t 4.3' 2:10t 3.4' 8:22! R.2
..! 3:53 —O.9'11:10t 4.(5! 3:12! 3.3! 9:17? M
Depth at mean low water entrance to harbors.
! F
Por best water over bai
pass Inner bar buoy or
port side 20" feet anc 1
head for whistle, leav
lng outer bar buoy oi
port aide.
est water OTer ba
with Inner bar P.
can buoy bearing Ml
\'i N. (mag.).
,'hannel to the southw
and changing a 111
to th" north.
6 Channel south of ri
j 150 to 200 feet.
I good shape.
May 1
14 C
Channel shifted. Is
100 feet south of
way buoy.
lack buoy at en
jetty gone. Red
No. 2, off mibm
jetty, out of pos
1 i :
aln c h a n n e
straight out.
haunel shift:
n g
north channel.
hannel 40oT~feet" wide!
30 feet deep nearly to
turning ba«in.
B • •
th oa
good width.
U. S. Branch Hydrographic Office
A branch of the United States ( hydrographtc
office, located in the Merchants' 1 Exchange, is
maintained In San Francisco for the benefit of
niariners, without regard to nationality, and free
of expense. Navigators are cordially invited to
visit the office, where a complete get of charts
and sailing directions of the world are kept at
band for comparison and reference, and the latest
Information can always be obtained regarding
lights, dangers to navigation and matters of
interest to ocean commerce. W. V. TOMB,
Lieutenant, U. S. N., in Charge.
Transport Service)
The Buford Is at San Francisco.
The ("rook is at San Francisco.
The Logan left San Francisco for Manila
July 5.
Tii" Sheridan Is at San Francisco.
The Sherman Is st San Francisco, scheduled
to sail for Manila August 5
The Thomas arrived July 17 at Manila.
These report* are received directly
from the Pacific coast station* of the
Marconi Wireless companyi
Thursday. July 24.
STEAMER. ARGYLL — From Seattle, for San
Francisco: 8 p. ra.. July 24, 172 miles north of
San Francisco.
Francisco: 8 p. ra.. July 24. 1 ."OS miles from
San Francisco lightship.
for San Francisco; S p. ni.. July 24, 1,426
miles from San Francisco.
STEAMER HONOLULAN- -From Honolulu, for
San Francisco: 8 p. m.. July 24. 1.500 miles
from San Francisco lightship.
STEAMER KOREA—From Hongkong, etc.. for
San Francisco: 8 p. m.. July 24. .'B6 miles
west of Honolulu.
STEAMER MONGOLIA —From -San rranctseo. far
China, etc.; 8 p. m., July 24, 481 miles west
of Honolulu.
Luis, for Honolulu; 8 p. m.. July 24, 480 miles
from Honolulu.
STEAMER LURLINE—From San Frand.ro, for
Honolulu: 8 p. m.. July 24. 660 miles from San
Francisco llghtst'p. All well.
STEAMER W. F. HERRIN —From Monterey, for
Portland: July 24. 8 p. m., 12-1 miles north of
San Francisco. Foggy and calm.
Luis, for Honolnln: Ju'y 24. 8 p. m.. 144 mile*
from Port San Luis. All well; light SF. wind
and smooth sea.
port, for Montreal: July 24, 12 m., abeam of
Sabel island. All well.
STEAMER UMATILLA-From Victoria, for San
Francisco; due at San Francisco at 10 r- m.
July 25.
STEAMER J. A. HOOPER -Four miles south of
Point Reyes.
STEAMER CENTRAL! A — 20 miles north of
Point Arena.
STEAMER G. W. FENWICK —20 miles south of
San Francisco.
north of San Francisco.
STEAMER COLUMBIA- 40 miles south of Toint
south of Point Arena.
STEAMER SPEEDWELL—Two miles north of
Point Sur.
STEAMER BEAR -Two miles south of Point
STEAMER ATLAS -43 miles north of San Fran
BTEAMER TITANIA 57 nilea north of San
STEAMER ROANOKE -12 miles north of Point
STEAMER CITY OF SYDNEY —58 miles south
of San Francisco.
STEAMER GEORGIAN-0 p. m.. off Point Pur.
south of Sau Francisco.
STEAMER CORONADO—Off Cape Vincent at 8
p. m.. bound north.
of San Pedro at 8 p. m.
STEAMER HARVARD -Passed Hueneme at 6:2S
p. m., bound north.
STEAMER SANTA MARIA -600 miles south of
San Francisco at 8 p. m. July 24, bound
STEAMER PECTAN 298 miles «outh of San
Francisco at 8 p. m. July 24. south bound.
EE RF.K A. July *3.
STEAMER W. F. HERRIN —181 ni les south of
Columbia river.
STEAMER CHEHALIS—Five mlies northwest of
Blunts reef.
SCHOONER LIZZIE VANCE -Six miles south of
Cape Mendocino.
91 in towi— 2CO miles north of San Francisco.
STEAMER W. S. PORTER - 070 miles north of
San Francisco.
ASTORIA. July 25.
STEAMER BEAVER- From Snn Frnriclsco. for
f Portland: 75 miles south of Columbia river.
STEAMER ROMA From Port San Lata, for Tort
Moody; 560 miles north of San Francisco.
STEAMER NORWOOD From Grays Harbor, for
San Francisco; 23 miles south of Grays Harbor.
STEAMER NOME CITY—From Ssn Francisco,
for Seattle: off Yaquina head.
STEAMER CAROLINE —From Seattle, for San
Francisco; 235 miles from Seattle.
STEAMER CARLOB From Portland, for Seat
tle: bound down river.
STEAMER GOVERNOR From Seattle, for San
Francisco; eight miles south of Lniatilia light
SEATTLE. July 25.
cisco, for Seattle; four miles south of Point
No Point.
Items of Interest to Mariners of
the Pacific
(Special Dispatch to The Call)
SAN PEDRO, Julr ". r ,.—Steamer Siskiyou, ar
riving from Be*Uingb*m direct, will discharge
1,500.000 feet of lumber for E. K. "Wood Lum
ber company.
Steamer Oliver J. Olsen completed discharge
of cargo of poles and piling for consignees at
this port. Long Beach and Redondo Beach and
cleared for Seattle to reload, taking passengers
and freight for West Coast Steamship company
at San Francisco.
Steamer Portland 1« due to arrive from Ta
coma, carrying 2,000 tons of grain consigned to
Globe Milling company.
Tbe North Pacific company's steamer Santa
Clara was In and out today from and to San
Francisco and way ports with passengers and
Steamer Coronado completed discharge of 650.
--000 feet of lumber for San Pedro Lumber com
pany and cleared tonight for Grays Harbor to
reload, taking passengers and freight for San
The Pacific Navigation company's steamer
Harvard arrived this afternoon from San Diego,
and after taking passengers and additional
cargo proceeded for San Francisco.
Steamer Henry T. Scott has completed dis
charge of 1.300,000 feet of lumber for the
Southern California Lumber company and others
and Is scheduled to clear tomorrow for Puget
Sound ports via San Francisco to reload.
Steamer Vanguard has arrived from Eureka,
carrying 370.000 fepf of lumber and passengers
and freight for the West Coast Steamship com
Steamer Willamette, now discharging OOO.noo
feet of lumber for the Charles McCormick Lum
ber company, will return to this port tomorrow
night, and after taklnir passengers and freight
for tbe Merchants Steamship company will
clear for Portland via San Francisco.
PORTLAND. July 2."..—Suspension of business
In Hongkong, a result of the revolution going on
there, is the gist of a cable received by M.
Senda. local manager of Mitsui & Co.. and it is
expected that the situation there may seriously
street tbe shipment of flour from Portland anil
Puget sound. This Is so, especially In view of
the fact that advices have been received here
from Tacoma of the definite decision of steam
ship lines to raise tbe rates to the orient Au
gust 16.
Steamers Yosemite and J. B. Stetson sailed
tonight from St. Helens with lumber and pas
sengers for California ports.
In tow of Port of Portland towboat Ocklaha
ma. Britisli bark Inveresk. In port to load wheat,
left up this morning for l.innton ballast dock.
Cargo for west ona«t was to be completed
aboard schooner Seboine af West shingle mill
this afternoon.
Instead of loading lumber for west const at
Puget sound port*. American schooner Andy »la
hony will be diverted at sea to Columbia" river
to take on cargo. She will load at Prescott.
Steamer Klamath, which arrived last evening,
will load 1.000,000 feet of lumber at St. Helena
for San Pedro and sail Monday.
ASTORIA. July 25 —British steamer Harpalyce
sailed today for the orient, via Comox, with a
cargo of lumber.
Steamfr Hoqnlam sailed today for San Pedro,
with a oargolnf lumber and ties'from St. Helena.
Steam cchooner Temple E. Dorr sailed today
for Aberdeen to load lumber.
Gasoline schooner Delia arrived this morning
from Nestucca, with a cargo of cheese.
The gasoline schooner Mirene cleared today for
Newport, with general cargo.
British steamer Manchester Citizen arrived this
morniDg from San Francisco, having been brought
up the coast by Captain Wood, the bar pilot.
Schooner Rosamond anired this morning, 22
days from San Francisco, and will load lumber.
Schooner William Bowden was towed to West
port Thursday night to load lumh;r.
ABERDEEN, July 25.—Departed: Steamer
Norwood, with full berthing of passengers for
San Francisco and San Pedro; Grays Harbor
ye s ;erday. with cargo of lumber" snd 100 tons of
whale fertilizer for San Francisco.
Arrived: Steamer Temple E. Dorr.
Shipping In harbor is quietest local shippers
have experienced in years. Only seven vessel,
sre in pert. Present qnlef spell Is said to be
ranted by record breaking lumber sbipmenta of
Weather Report
United States Department of Agriculture—
Weather Bureau, San Francisco, July 25, 1913.
EE ■ I 5t "
a * I o
3* j *■
_! Li
0 v;
c &
* ml *
'. O
'. ~ O
(led Bluff
Mount Tamalpais. .. .
»an Francisco
'an Jose
1 ".<)2 o.L'.l n.n
j 0.00 Tr. 0.00
1 0.00 0.00 0.00
i 0.00 0.08 O.01
' 0.00 I 0.07 | 6.01
! o.oi o.oo ! o.oo
i o.oo o.aa o.oo
1 O.hO ! 1 .42 0.00
O.oo I Tr. ! 0.01
; 0.00 O.OO i 0.00
j 0.00 ' 0.04 0.00
: ndenpndence
San tat* Ohispo
.os Angela*
-an Diego
In the following table (he maximum and mini
mum temperatures and rainfall are given:


5' I
p I
Baker ' 721 58!.06:Red Bluff...! TS|
Boise | 72| 62|.16j;Reno j 70]
">?1 Monte., i 60! 62j .00 iRoseburg .. 70
Surpka 60 56 .02 1 iSa.-ramento.. 74|
'laRHtntT ...I 72 42|.0O Salt Fake...] 82
"i-psno I 76 64j.0O ,Sn"n l>ie.o;o...| 70]
Helena ; S3 54 .34 S. Franoiscnl 08!
Honolulu ...! S2 72 . 04' : San Jo*e 74
Independence! 74] 62[.00] S. I.. obispol ~nj
Kaiispell 86] 501.00 SF. Farallon t;>5
f>os Angeles.! 74i 60l.00-;Spokane ..." 88
Uodena 76| 46 .00!!Summlt I 50!
Wt. Tamlp's' 62, 50 .Tmi Ta.oma | 68!
S'orth Head.! 62! 56! .00; Tatoosh 1 581
!MioenIx 06! 70 .00 'Tonopah .. .1 76'
:, o,atel!o ...I 74i 54 .16] Walla Walla! 88i
:> t Reyes Ltj 64] 56 .. . •; Winn'mueea.| 78]
> Ortland . ..: 72; 62 .OOliYuma |l02|
58!. Oo
58 .01
66 .01
41 i .75
54 .02
70' .no
68'. 00
Abilene . . . .
Vf lan . ( i t v .
Host on
: !>»' r.«!.2S' Knoxville. ..' S4' 7n|.08
i 82! PRj .OijlLouisTllle ..j 84! 60).00
; so rt«'.os' : M"mphis ... 82' 72'.00
. 72, 521.02 Montgomery.! 861 72!.."2
901 76] .OOijMontreal ...I 70 581.00
I 721 62 .00 Uoorbead ..J 78 54 .Ofl
! 82j 561.041 New Orleans ss 71 .28
j 821 OOlTr.liN'ew York..! 78 04'.00
! 04 04: .00 'North Platte 94 .16 .00
! 70! B2 .60 Oklahoma ..( 92! 72'.00
78 40' .00 lPtttsbtjrg' ..! 74 56 .00
721 52'.86 HoswpI! ' 901 fit]."4
Sii Ml On St. I.ouls...| 84: fit!.00
! 72: 54 .00 ;i St. Paul j 72' 54|Tr.
j 8«; 781.82 Tampa I 88[ 72 .96
90 SGjTr Toledo ! 74| 561.00
I 90! OO! .42|jWashington. j 82 66! .02
I 90 : 741.00 'Winnipeg .. 84 58 . 00
! S9| 66|.70ll • III
'hlcago ....
:>os Moines:,
Mil nth
• nranco . . .
Eastport ...
.alTpston . .
ireon Bay. .
Fiptteraa .
\ansas City,
agle | SO' 32! .OOjlTanana | 7S| 48|.
'onie ! 60| 5*| .."2 Valdez j 64 j ..j.
itka | fi2| r.2j.00:!Dutch Harhrj 50j 48|.
•Reports of yesterday.
I Inches ! j
I Bar
I Inches
20.70 I Benin Islands.. .
20.96 | Hoogkoog
Tlx- pressure is rising slowly over California
and Oregon, but there has been considerable
cloudiness, wim occasional thunder wtorms. In
the Sierras. There have also been light showers
In the Santa Clara valley and in the Rogue
River valley. The weather Is showery over
most of the country lietween the Rocky mount
ains and the Mississippi. Light rains have
fallen on the* north Atlantic coast and heavy
rains in North Carolina and Florida.
The temperature is rising rapidly throughout
the plains slates. In Nebraska it is 22 degrees
On the Pacific coast there has been a rapid
rise in temperature »n Nevada and a rapid fall
In the great valley fif California and In eastern
Oregon and waanrngtoe. Afternoon tempera
tures in the great valley rsnge from 74 to 78
Following l| the forecast f..r tbe 50 hours end
ing at midnight Saturday. July 26. 1918:
For San Francisco and vicinity—Clondy Sat
urday, breaking away during the day; moderate
northwe«t winds.
Fox Santa tiara valley- Fair Saturday, light
south wind, changing to north.
For Sacramento valley ■— Cloudy Saturday:
showers in tbe mountains; moderate south
For San Joaquin valley — Cloudy Saturday:
showers in the mountains; moderate west winds.
For California south of the Tehaebapl—
Cloudy, unsettled weather Saturday: light north
east winds, changing to southwest.
A. G. McADIE. District Forecaster.
!a«t month. Aberdeen lumbermen prophesy In
creased business for August.
EUREKA. July 25.—British steamer Hawk
head departed this morning with 2.575,794 feet
of rough, clear redwood, valued at $77,514.15,
cargo consigned to Sydney, Australia.
Hawkbeaa will proceed to Portland for addi
tional cargo before leaving for Australia.
Steamer F. A. Kilburn departed this afternoon
for San Francisco with freight, mail and pas
Steamer Ravalli arrived from San Francisco
late this afternoon and is loading lumber at
SEATTLE. July 25—Arrived: Steamers City
of Seattle. Skagway; City of Puebla, San Fran
cisco: Talthybius (Br.), Victoria.
Sailed: Steamers Admiral Sampson, south
western Alaska; Governor. San Francisco.
TACOMA, July 25.—Arrived—Japanese steamer
Tanama Maru. Yokohama.
Sailed —Steamer Isthmian, San Francisco;
steamer F. S. Loop, Port Blakeley.
Shipping Intelligence
Friday. July 25.
12:50 a. m.. Or stmr Buffalo, Jannsen. 19 days
from Shanghai; ballast to Standard Oil company.
2:15 a. m., stmr N'oyo. Rossen, 10 hours from
Fort Brag)?: 332,000 fret lumber to Union Lum
ber company.
2:45 a. m.. stmr Arctic, Llnder. 9 hours from
Monterey; ballast to Union Lumber company.
5 a. m., stmr Adeline Smith. Olsen. 30 hours
from Cooa Bay; lumber to C. A. Smith Lumber
6:30 a. m.. Nor stmr Jason. Larsen. 6 days
from Mazatlan. via San Pedro 36 hours; mer
chandise to F. Jebsen & Co.
9:05 a. m.. stmr Hardy. Mlkki»son, 40 hours
from San Pedro; ballast to Hardy Lumber com
9:40 a. m.. stmr Mandalsy. Johnson. 40 hours
from San Pedro; ballast to Hobbs. Wall & Co.
8:55 a. to., Ger stmr Mera, Jorgenson, 116
days from Hamburg:, via Iqulqne 21 days and
San Pedro 38 hours; merchandise to Kosmos
Steamship company.
9:40 a. m.. stmr Buckman. Smith. 67 hours
from Seattle: passengers and merchandise to Pa
cific Coast Steamship company.
5 a. m.. power schr Archer. Connauton, from
sea: gas leaking, put back for repairs.
9:10 a. m.. «tmr Yale. Bartlett. IT hours 48
minutes from San Pedro: passengers and mer
chandise to Pacilic Navigation company.
12:20 p. m.. tug Hercules. Titouworth. 44 hours
from San Diego: ballast to Ship Owners' and
Merchants' Tugboat company.
12:10 p. m., stmr Elizabeth, Olsen, 43 hours
from Bandon; passengers and merchandise to E.
&. E. T. Kruse.
12:45 p. m.. stmr Argyll, Lucas. 4 days from
Seattle; ballast to Union Oil company.
1:35 p. m.. barge Santa Paula. Pelle. 30 hours
from Port San Luis; 8.000 barrels oil to Union
Oil company. In tow .of tug Fearless.
4:30 p. m.. schr Ltwle Vance. Oaterhaoe, 12
hours from Ludlow; 540,000 feet of lumber to
Pope A Talbot. *
5:30 p. m., stmr Hornet, Mtrxen, 90 hours
from Port Angeles; 800,000 feet lumber to the
Charles Nelson eompanv.
8:50 p. m., stmr Northland, Bodge, 61 hours
from Portland; bound south, put in for pas
4 p. m., stmr George W. Fenwick. Ludlow, 6
days from Columbia rlrer; bound south, put In
with log raft in tow (log raft contains 8.000.000
feet of lumber to Hammond Lumber company).
10:50 p. ta.. stmr Umatilla, Keilly. — hours
from Victoria, etc.; passengers and merchandise
to Pacific Coast Steamship company.
Friday, July 25.
Ger stmr Buffalo, Jansscn, Woosung; Standard
Oil company.
Br stmr El Lobo, Tamlin, Pisagua; Balfour.
Guthrie & Co.
Stmr Yellowstone, Patterson. Portland; master.
Nor stmr Jason, Larsen, Eureka; F. Jebsen
& Co.
Stmr Yale. Bartlett, San Diego; Pacific Navi
gation company.
Stmr Coos Bay. Bowen, Ventura; Pacific Coast
Steamship company.
Stmr President, Paulsen, Seattle; Pacific Coast
Steamship company.
Thursday, Jnly 24. "
11 p. m., stmr Pasadena. McGovern, Albion.
11:30 a. m.. stmr Ciiehalis, Koffokl, Astoria
and Portland.
Friday. July 25.
10:50 a. m., stmr Colonel E. L. Drake, Badger.
Seattle, with barge 95 in tow.
10:5o a. m., barge 05, Daniels. Seattle, In tow
of stmr Colonel K. L. Drake.
11:15 a. m., stmr Roanoke, Dickson. Astoria.
11:20 a. Bt., stmr Bear. Nopander, San Pedro.
12:20 p. m., stmr City of Topeka, Harris.
12:45 p. in., stmr City of Sidney. Follett.
Aueon. etc.
4:10 p. m.. stmr Yaie, Bartlett. Sun Diego and
San Pedro.
4:20 p. m.. stmr Atlas. Smith. Seattle.
6:15 p. m., stmr San Jacinto. Carlson; Grays
5:40 p. m., stmr John A. Hooper. Martin,
Grays Harbor.
5:50 d. m.. stmr G. W. Fenwick. Ludlow, San
5:50 p. m., stmr Yellowstone. Patterson, As
7:10 p. m.. stmr Northland. Bodge. San Pedro.
7:45 p. m.. Nor stmr Jason. Larsen, Eureka.
By stmr J. A. Chanslor. bound from Port San
Luis for Honolulu—July 23, in Ist .12 deg 15 mm
N. long 126 deg 10 mm W, schr Columbia, bound
from Tacoma. for Cnleta Buena: wished to be
reported all well. (By wireless of J. A. Chsns-
POINT I.OBOS. July 25. 10 p. m.— Weather
cloudy; wind west, velocity six miles per hour.
TATOOSH. July 25, 9 a. m.- Weather misty;
wind south. Telocity fire miles per hour.
POINT LOBOS. July 25. 9 a. m. -Weather
cloudy: wind west, v-locltv seven miles per hour.
POINT REYES. July 25. 9 a. m.—Weather
cloudy: calm.
FARALIJTNES. July 23. 9 a. m.— Weather
cloudy; wind southwest, velocity six miles per
POINT LOBOS. July 25, 12 m. — Weather
cloudy: wind west, velocity six miles per hour.
TATOOSH. July 23. 12 Weather cloudy;
wind south velocity six miles per hour.
NORTH HEAD.' July 25. 12 m. — Weather
cloudy: wind west, velocity eight miles per hour.
POINT I.OBOS. July 25. 3 p. m.— Weather
cloudy: wind west velocity six miles per hour.
FORT BRAGG—Sailed July 25—Stmr Bruns
wick, for San Francisco.
PORT SAN LUlS—Sailed July 25, 6:30 p. m.—
Br stmr Trlnculo. for Vancouver. B. C.
ABERDEEN- Arrived July 25, 10 a. m.— Stmr
Temple K. Dorr, from Astoria.
Sailed July 25, 4 p. m. — Stmr Norwood, for
Sun Francisco.
MA RSHFIELD — Arrived July 25, 9 a. IB.—
Stmr Breakwater, from Astoria.
CRESCENT CITY Arrived July 25, Ba. m.—
Stmr Del Norte, hence July 23.
GREENWOOD—Arrived July 25—Stmr Whltes
boro, hence July 24.
SAN DlEGO—Arrived July 25—Stmr Willam
ette, from San Pedro.
SANTA BARBARA — Sailed July 25 — Stmrs
Queen and Santa Clara, for San Pedro.
SAN PEDRO—Arrived July 25—Stmr Multno
mah, from Redondo; stmr Portland, from Ta
coma; stmr Harvard, from San Diego: stmrs
Santa Clara and Queen, from Santa Barbara;
stmr Avalon. hence July 23.
Sailed July 25—Stmrs Santa Clara. Harvard.
Coronado and Jim Butler, for San Francisco.
RAYMOND—Arrived July 25—Stmr Claremont.
from Astoria; stmr Santa Barbara, hence
July 22.
Sailed July 25, 12 m.—Schr King Cyrus, for
POINT LOBOS—Passed north July 25, 6 a. m.
—Stmr William H. Murphy, from San Pedro,
for Eureka; 11:15 a. m.. stmr Katherlne, from
San Diego, for Eureka: 11:45 a. m.. stmr Ca
tania, from Port San Luis for Portland.
Passed July 25, 7:30 a. ra.—Stmr James S.
Higgins. from Fort Bragg, for San Pedro.
Passed July 25. 7 p. m.—Stmrs Bowdoln and
Wellesley, from Eureka, for San Pedro.
POINT REYES—Passed July 25, 7:30 a. m.—
Stmr G. W. Fenwick, from Columbia river, for
San Francisco, with log raft In tow; 10:10 a. ».,
stmr Argyll, from Seattle, for San Francisco:
12:30 p. m.. stmr Northland, from Astoria, for
San Francisco: 1:45 p. m., stmr Hornet, from
Everett, for San Francisco.
Passed July 25—Stmrs Bowdoln and Wellesley,
from Eureka, for San Pedro.
SEATTLE — Arrived July 25 — Br stmr Tal
thyblus. from Tacoma.
Sailed July L'4—Stmr Alameda, for Valdes:
stmr Aroline. for San Francisco. July 25, 10
a. m.—Stmr Governor, for San Francisco.
Arrived July 2"—Stmr City of Seattle, from
Skagway: stmr City of Fuebla, hence July" 22,
via Victoria.
TACOMA — Arrived July 25—Jap stmr Panama
Maru. from Yokohama.
Arrived July 25—Stmr F. R. Loop, from Ev
Sailed July 25—Br stmr Comedian, for San
Francisco: stmr Watson, for Seattle: stmr Isth
mian, for Ran Francisco; stmr F. S. Loop, for
San Francisco.
Sailed July 25 ~~~ Jap stmt Awa Maru. for
VALDEZ—Arrived July 24—Stmr Victoria, from
JUNEAU—SaiIed July 24— Stmr Jeanie, for
GAMBLE—Arrived July 25—Br ship William
T. Lewis, hence July 20. In tow tug Gollah;
stmr Falrhaven. hence July 19.
VENTURA—Arrived July 24 . 7:30 p. m.—Stmr
George Loomls, from San Pedro, and sailed July
25. 12:45 a. m.. for San Francisco.
Arrived July 25, 5 a. m.—Stmr Wasp, from
San Pedro.
Sailed July 25. 6 p. m.---Stmr Wasp, for San
REDONDO BEACH—Sailed July 25, 2:30 a. m.
—Schr Monterey, for Monterey, in tow of tug
Sailed July 25, 2 p. m.—Stmr Avalon, for San
ASTORlA—Arrived July 25. 9 a. m.—Schr
Rosamond, hence July 3: 1 p. m., stmr Alliance,
from Eureka, via Coos Bay; noon, Br atmr Man
chester Citizen, hence July 22.
Sailed July 25, 2 a. m. —Stmr Temple E. Dorr,
for Grays Harbor: 6 a. m., stmr W. S. Porter,
for San Francisco.
Sailed July 25. 5 p. m.—Br stmr Harpalyce,
for Hongkong, via Puget sound.
PORT LUOLOW—Arrived July 2*—Stmr Tiver
ton, from Tacoma.
EUREKA—SaiIed Jn!y*2s. 5 a. m.—Br stmr
Hawkhead. for Astoria.
Sailed July 25. 2 p. m.'—Stmr F. A. Kilburn.
for San Francisco.
Arrived July 2.".. 2 n. m.—Stmrs Ravalli and
Prentiss, hence July 24.
TATOOSH—Passed out July 25. 8 a. m.—Stmr
Aroline, from Seattle, for San Francisco.
Passed In July 25 9 a. m.—Br stmr Glenart
ney. from Honolulu.
Passed In July 25. 4 p. m.—Br stmr Candi
date, hence July 22 for Vancouver.
CLALLAM BAY -Passed In July 25—Br war
•tmr New Zealand, from Honolulu.
NEW YORK —Arrived July 24 —Ger stmr Bur
germeister Haekman. from Boston.
Sailed July 24—Stmr Pennsylvanian, for Puerto
HONOLULU—Arrived July 25. 5:15 s. m.—
Jap stmr Nippon Maru. hence July 19; bark S.
C. Allen, from Port Townsend.
Sailed July 25. 4 p. m.—Jan stmr Nippon
Maru, for Yokohama, etc.; stmr nyades, for San
NEWCASTLE. Aus. — Sailed Julr 21 — Schr
George E. Billings, fcr Oregon.
BAI.ROA— Sailed Julr 24—Stmr Lyra, for San
Francisco, via San Pedro.
TAKF—Arrived July 24—Br atmr M. S. Dol
lar, from Murnran.
SYDNEY—Arrived prior to July 25—Br stmr
Mosna. hence June 22.
YOKOHAMA—Sniied July 24—Br stmr Em
press of Russia, for Vancouver.
Arrived July 25—Br stmr Keemun, from Ta
coma. for Liverpool, etc.
HONGKONG —Arrived July 24—Br atmr Em
press of India, from Victoria.
VICTORIA—SaiIed July 25—Br atmr Oceano,
for Portland and Australia.
Arrived July 25 —Br stmr Glenarrney, from
CORONET.—Arrived July 24—Br stmr Harflete,
from Norfolk. Va.
SALINA CRUZ — Sailed July 23 — Stmr Vir
ginian, for San Francleco, via San Diego.
LEGHORN—Arrived July 24—Stmr Italia,
from New York via Naples.
NAPLES—SaiIed July 24—Stmr Pannonla, for
New York.
Arrived July 25—Stmr Ivernla, from New
PALERMO—SaiIed July 24 —Stmr Stamphalla,
from Genoa for New York and Philadelphia.
QUEENSTOWN—SaiIed July 25—Stmr Baltic,
from Liverpool for New York.
GENOA—Arrived July 22—Stmr Taormina.
from Philadelphia and New York.
Sailed July 22—Stmr Hamburg, for New
GIBRALTAR—Arrived July 24—Stmr Moltke.
from New York for Naples.
SYDNEY. N. S. W.—Arrived prior to July
23—Stmr Moana. from San Francisco.
LIVERPOOL—Arrived July 25—Stmr Adriatic,
from New York.
ROTTERDAM-Sailed July 24—Stmr Campa
nello. for New York.
NEW YORK —Sailed July 25—Stmr Napoll. for
Naples: stmr St. Paul, for Southampton; stmr
Mendojsa. for Naples.
Arrived July 25—Stmr Kaiser Franz Joseph I.
from Trieste; stmr Caroline, from Havre; stmr
Saxony. from Naples.
PLYMOUTH —Arrived Julr 25—Stmrs Imper
ator and President ({rant, from New York.
YOKOHAMA—Arrived July 25—Stmr Keemun,
from Tacomn.
PHILADELPHIA—Arrived Julr 25—Stmr Mar
onette. from Antwerp; stmr Mongolian, from
BALTIMORE—Arrived July 23—Stmr Koenig
Albert, from Bremen.
The Nor stmr Jason, which arrived at Ban
Francisco today (July 2."*. for San Pedro. wa« in
collision with <tmr William H. Murphy while
landing S:ui Pedro pilot on Juno 23. Former had
stern slightly damaged. Damage to the Murphy,
If any. is unknown.
Per power schr Archer—Sailed from San Fran
cisco July 5 for Roche harbor: returned to port
today on account of gas leaking. Head winds
were encountered: made little progress. When
out 18 days water gave out; put back to effect
SEATTLE. July 25.—Barge Argus had stem
damaeed In collision with barge America on July
23. Both vessels were under tow.
Notice to Mariners
San Francisco, July 24, 1013.
Lower part San Franciaco bay—South San Fran
cisco buoy. 1. second class can, reported adrift
July 23. will be replaced as soon as practicable.
C, and 8. S. Charts BBSt, 5530. 5500.
Buoy List. Pacific Coast. 1911. p. 1«.
Coast Pilot. Pacific Coast, 1909. pp. 77. TS.
Seacoast—Trinidad head light station (addi
tional Information» :
The light is obscured to northward of 140 de
grees true.
C. and G. S. Charts 5846. 5800, 50.'.2.
Light List. Pacific Coast, 1912, p. 24, No. 82.
Buoy List. Pacific Coast. 1911. p. 22.
Coast Tilot. Pacific Coast. 1909. p. 20.
By direction of the commissioner of light
houses. H. W. RHODES. Inspector.
Branch Hydrographic Office.
San Francisco. July 25. 1013.
Captain McDonald of tbe steamer W. F. Herrln
reports by radio having passed. July 25, In lat
41 deft "8 mm N. long 124 deg 03" mm W. a
very large log—new timber. W. V. TOMB.
Lieut., I". S. N., in Charge.
Six Ordnance Engineers Arrive In Van
couver on Way to Orient to
Teach Brown Fighters
VANCOUVER. B. C. JuJy 25.—Six
expert ordnance engineers from two
of the leading gun factories 1n Eng
land arrived here today on their way
to Japan, where they will take charge
of ordnance work at a secret plant
established by the Japanese at Muro
ran on Hokkido island. The Japanese
government has its regular arsenal
in Kobe, but the plant In Muroran,
for which the British experts have
been engaged, is for work of a special
C«mnil»«lonfr» Consider Selling Seenrl
tieH in Small Denominations
SACRAMENTO. July 25.—The city of
Sacramento, will offer $587,000 levee
bonds, which have gone begging be
cause of the condition of the bond mar
ket, to the public in denominations of
$100. The bonds at present are In de
nominations of $1,000 and bear inter
est of 4*/ a per cent. The commission
is considering reducing the size of the
Joint Resolution Seeks Constitutional
Amendment to Curb Evil
WASHINGTON, July 24.—A consti
tutional amendment to empower con
gress to regulate marriage and divorce
was proposed in a joint resolution to
day by Representative Edmonds of
Pennsylvania. The amendment would
provide that congress have the power
to establish uniform laws on marriage
and divorce for the United States.
Plans have been completed for the
annual excursion of the San Francisco
cabinet of the National Union to Alum
Rock park near San Jose tomorrow.
Members of the various councils and
their friends will attend the affair.
The program will include addresses,
music and games, and a big parade
through the streets of San Jose.
Joseph H. Wilson, state manager of
the organization, is in charge of the
special program committee.
' -JFG SDF GSDF bPP ' lati aaaal Mk si *£^aav8
JaaLaaav4 BaaaavT fc£2 L »
'm' ! *»ot*f*d trip 1
Make your reservation early gB
*a B «— Pg
.aBBBBBBBvaaval Phone Keimy
Hf ■ Oakland, Broadway. Phone Lakettds
President Tries to Reconcile
Differences of Opinion
on Currency Bill
WASHINGTON, July 25.—Preslden«.
Wilson endeavored today to reconcile
differences of opinion among democrats
of tlt*e house banking committee on the
administration currency bill.
It aeemed that the administration
supporters would make an effort to
have their bill reported soon with a
hope that the fight on amendments
would be settled in the democratic
The president spent most of the fore
noon with Representative Wlngo of Ar
kansas, one of those opposed to certain
features of the bill.
"The democrats certainly can and
will get together on a bill before long,"
said Mr. Wingo after the conference.
The president's conference last night
with Representative Henry, who has
been recommending certain changes,
was described today as satlsfactor.\,
and administration officials were opti
mistic that the differences would be
The president arranged to s»« Repre
sentatives Kagle and Ragsdale Mon
day. They have been prominent in op
position to the Glass bill.
It was learned today that the presi
dent regards it as inexpedient to incor
porate in the bill the findings of the
Pujo money trust committer, and thai
he had pointed out the necessity for
keeping recommendations based on
these findings separate.
Frequent conferences are looked for
at tha White House early next week
with a view to speeding the adminis
tration bill through the houae commit
Snpervlaora Declared to Be Without
Power to Prevent Shipment of Deer
Legally Killed Elaewhere
(Special Dispatch to The Call)
SAN RAFAEL, July 25—William
Barr, superintendent of the Marin
Water and Power company, who was
arrested last week for having venison
In his possession In violation of the
county ordinance, was today
by Judge Edgar T. SBook on a writ of
habeas corpus. It was held that the
supervisors were without power to
enact an ordinance which would pre
vent the shipping of deer, killed legally
in another county, to this county.
Brewer Who Ran Dovcn Buggy Accused
of Failing to Slake Inquiry
(Special Dispatch to The Cain
REDWOOD CITY, July 25.—C*rl
Klevesahl, a brewer of Mayfield, was
held to answer In the superior court
here today on a charge of running down
a vehicle with an automobile and full
ing to stop to learn if any one was
Injured. Klevesahl was driving a mo
tor truck near the Flood place a month
ago when he ran into the buggy driven
by Thomas Finn. Finn was thrown out
but not seriously injured, although one
of the horses was killed.
M. T. Baker of 2820 Addison street.
Berkeley, was taken to the central
emergency hospital last night suffering:
from a wound In the chest, and v\h<s
later removed to the German hospital.
He said he was set upon by several men
at Market and O'Farrell streets.
CHICAGO. July 25.—Frederick S. lfor
daunt, publisher, was arrested in his
offices tonight, charged with having
abducted Josephine Selwood, 17 years
old. Mordaunt, who is 51 years old, de
nied the charges, declaring the arrest
was a "frame up."
(Special Dispatch to The Call)
SAN RAFAEL* July 25.—Marriage
licenses were granted here today as
follows: Leland dv Rose, 25, and
Mayme Casey, 23, both of Gilroy:
Leonard Delpier, 29, San Francisco, and
Elsie Jessen, 29, Alameda; Richard K.
Holden, 41, San Francisco, and Con
stance le Vaillant, 40, Mill Valley;
John A. Masters, 23, and Eleanor W.
Hensel. 27, both of Loa Angeles.

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