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Is First of Toyo Kisen Kai
sha Liners to Have Jap
anese Commander
Persia Sails for Orient and
Shinyo Maru and Tahiti
Are Due Tomorrow
The Japanese liner Hongkong Maru,
captain S. Togo, which arrived early
yesterday morning from the orient, is
the first passenger ship flying the Jap
anese flag to come to this port in com
mand of a Japanese master. Captain
Togo has been here many times before,
but in a subordinate capacity. Imme
diately prior to being intrusted with
this command he was chief officer of the
Cnijro Maru.
Tiie Hongkong Maru has a Japanese
purser, v. Matsumotto, who was assist
ant purser on the Tenyo Maru: and a
Japanese surgeon. Dr. N. Nakai. The
chief steward and stewardess are also
Japanese, and the passengers say that
they were ail exceedingly polite on all
Apart from the 11 members of the
Stanford university baseball team, who
traveled on the liner from Honolulu,
there were only two European passen
The liner was favored with fine
weather, but was delayed between Ho
nolulu and this port through having
to stop several times to allow a heated
hearing to cool off. Captain Togo made
a good.Job of docking his ship.
The Hongkong's passengers included:
Mr*. M. Aoki. W. jr. Argabrito. T.. Cass, A. C.
< batterjee. 1,. F. Dent A (». Gregg. Mrs. ii. P.
Gear K. Ha.rashi, A. O. Halm. Mrs. H. Kawa
mlnts, K. Katano. K. Kida. Mrs. K. Ktda. P.
Medeskey, R. C. Maple. V. M. McCourt. Mrs.
V Nakamura, Mr* I. Nozawa, M. Noxawa. T.
Noaawa. Mrs. B. A. Sanderson, ii. N. Sircar, Z.
A. Terry. I>. Tawara. Mrs. N. Tawara R. W.
Wilcox. T. E. Workman.
Persia Sails for Far Fast
The Pacific Mail liner Persia, Captain
John Hill, sailed yesterday for the far
es = t with freight and passengers. The
liner's departure was delayed until 3
o'clock p. m. to enable two passengers
on a belated overland train to catch
the steamer.
Acting General Passenger Agent H.
M. Thomas stayed on board until after
the gangplank had been hauled in. In
l imping to the wharf he made a bad
landing and sprained one of his ankles.
I he in.iury is not serious, but may keep
him from his office for several days.
The Persia's passengers included:
For Yokohama—Ml** Kstelle Clongh. Richard
Heyne, J. H. Pearman Mrs. J. H. Pearman.
Kohe— Rev. g. P. Davis.
Nagasaki—George Hlehlc. Mrs. fa. Young. Rus
aeil \ otina:.
Manila—C. F. Bennett. A. Q Enibrey, Mrs. J.
< P. Helm. r. A Hunkel. John Merriam. Mias
«5. V. Purdy. C, A. Robertson. Miss A. B Roosa.
F. B. Shekell. Georpe H. Wright.
Hongkong;—Lawrence Bruner. Mrs. James Mil
ler. Dr. Conrad Rlchter. JL S. Smith. R. O.
Join at Honolulu—Rev. E. W El! ; *. Mrs. E.
w\ Elli*. Dr. F. Freudenberg. Mrs. P. Kreuden
Sherman Sails for Manila
The army transport Sherman. Captain
Hall, sailed for Manila yesterday with
RSO passengers. The passengers in
cluded officers, troops and casuals for
Honolulu and the Philippines and a
number of civilian employes of the gov
Tahiti and .Shinyo Maru r»ne Tomorrow
The Japanese liner Shinyo Maru, from
the orient, and the Union Steamship
company's liner Tahiti, from Sydney,
r>oth crowded with passengers, are due
tomorrow, and, according to latest
wireless advices, will both oe in port at
Change of Masters
The following change of masters was
recorded at the custom house yester
day ; Steamer Governor Irwin, late mas
ter. Hugh Walker, succeeded by R. B.
Water Front Xotes
Receipts of lumber yesterday by sea
amounted to 820.000 feet.
The United States cruiser California
arrived yesterday from Puget sound,
and. after a short stay in the lower bay,
proceeded to Mare island to be dry
The Pacific Mail liner Acapulco was
expected to* arrive last night at mid
night from Panama and way ports.
The Japanese liner Nippon Maru. from
tills port, arrived yesterday at Yoko
Transport Service
The Buford Is at San Francisco.
The Crook la at San Francisco.
Tbe Logan left San Franciaco for Manila
July 5.
The Sheridan Is at San Francisco.
The Sherman in at San Francisco, scheduled
to sail for Manila August 5
The Thomas arrived July 17 at Manila.
Items of Interest to Mariners of
the Pacific
(SaMriaJ Dispatch to The C«1J)
EVHEKA Aug. 5 —At 11:15 this morning tbe
"IB Sea Borer, from San Francisco, put to sea
T-lth oil barge Santa Paula in tow. bound for
**n Franciaco. Tbe Santa Paula has been dis
charging oil cargo ber*.
Steamer F. A. Kllburn arrived from San
Francisco at 11:50 this morning, bringing a
Isrge shipment of miscellaneous freight, as well
as mail and passengers. The Kllburn will sail
tomorrow on return trip.
With lumber cargo from Fields Landing, the
steamer Prentiss sailed at noon today for San
SAN PEDRO Aug. 1.--Stesmer Beaver arrived
from Portland via San Francisco with good pas
senger Hat and 1.400. tone miscellaneous cargo of
freight and merchandise.
Steamer William H. .Murphy completed dis
charge of 850,000 feet of lumber consigned to
Pacific Lumber company at Wilmington and
d#ared for boat Beach to go on drydoclc for
(•leaning and repairs before proceeding for Eu
reka In ballast to reload.
The Pacific Coast company's steamer President
arrived from Puget Sound ports via San Fran
cisco and Redondo Beach with passengers and
Steamer San Gabriel completed the discharge of
000.000 feet of lumber for Kerckhoff Cuzner Mill
sod Lumber company and cleared for L'rupu.ua
river ln ballast to reload.
British steamer Ilaiel Dollar finished discharg
ing 1.000 oak hogs for Loa Angeles importers and
.VO.OOO feet of mahogany logs and cleared for
San Francisco to go on drydock before proceed
ing for Puget Sound ports to load for China.
Steamer Mandalar completed the discharge of
4.000.000 feet of lumber for consignees at this
port and San Diego and cleared for Crescent City
to reload, taking passengers and freight for the
West Coast Steamship company at Ran Francisco.
Steamer Roanoke returned from San Diego, and
after taking passengers and additional cargo pro
ceeded for Portland via San Franciaco.
Steamer Olympic is due tonight from Portland,
carrying 8.10,000 feet of lumber consigned to E.
K. Wood Lumber company.
Steamer Speedwell will complete the discharge
of 900,000 feet of lumber for various consignees
and Is scheduled to clear tomorrow for Coos Bay
to reload, taking passenger* and freight for San
PORTLAND. Aug. 5.— To take on the flrat of
her flour cargo for the orient, tbe Hamburg-
American liner C. Ferd Laelsi shifted at noon
from the North Bank wharf, where she has been
discharging inward cargo, to the Portland Flour
ing mills.
Laden with lumber for Peru, the schooner
Robert Searles was towed down to tbe aea at 11
o'clock this morning.
At the North Pacific mills tbe schooner No
komis eompletad her cargo of about 700.000 feet
of lumber this afternoon. She is under charter
at E. K. Wood Lumber company and her cargo
troes to Levuka, FIJI islands.
Homeward bound, about 25 Hindus went out
on tbe ateamer Bear as steerage passengers this
morning, when that vessel Balled for San Fran
cisco. Tber will take a steamer at tbe latter
port for India, being among those of their
countrymen who are forming a great exodus from
this country. Tbe Bear carried 352 passengers
and 2.400 tons of freight.
ASTORIA. Aug. 5. —Steamer Daley Gadaby ar
rived this morning from San Francisco.
Steamer Arolinc sailed this morning for Puget
-ound with a part cargo of cement, which she
I rought from San Francisco.
Steamer Merced sailed thl« morning for Sao
I'edro with lumber from St. Helens.
Steamer Rose City arrived this morning from
Snn Franciaco with 210 paßßengers and a full
Steamer Bear aailed for San Francisco tonight.
Steamer O. M. Clark arrived during tbe night
fiom Han Francisco.
I'uring the month of July 71 lumber laden res
►els sailed from the Columbia river and their
■■omhlned cargoes amounted to R4.5ftR.25fl feet,
of these vessels .14. carrying 24.09T.4f1" feel,
"-ere loaded st the mills In the lower river (lis
Iriet 1* 541 »:34 feet of the lumber from tbe
lower river mills going to domestic ports and
.", -ft-. 833 feet to foreign. Of the lumber loaded
at the up river mills slightly over 17.000.000 feet
vent to foreign, while 13.000,000 feet waa
•■hioped to domestic ports, in addition to tha i
Movements of Steamers
| Date
verett iNotne City Aug. <
lonterey A Santa Crus. Eureka Aug. «
al. Crua ft Ban Diego.(Nebraska- Aug. <
/oe Angeles direct IHarrard Aug. t
eattle ft Tacoma (Buekman Aug. <
ortland ft Astoria j Merced Aug. ]
himboldt |E. A. Kilburn... Aug. .
lumboldt j North Pork I Aug.
ort San Luis [Cooa Bay JAug. t
oint Arena ft Albion. .iPomo Aug. '
rdney ft Way Ports.. Tahiti Aug. 5
hlna & Japan IShlnyo Maru Aug. '
'ortland ft Aatoria (Bear (Aug. •
M Angeles I Bearer IAug.
an Diego ft t,os Ang. . I Boanoke IAug.
an Diego ft Los Ang.. J. B. Stetson... 'Aug. »
os Angeles Yale IAug. I
lalboa via San Pedro. Lyra (Aug. !
'uget Sound IGeorglan * IAug. 1
'nget Round Ports it.'matllla jAug. I
an Diego & I/* Ang. .'President 'Aug. I
lumboldt 'Citv of Topeka. jAug. i
ortland ft Astoria Multnomah 'Aug. i
an Diego ft Los Aug. . Harvard iAug. !
ort Bragg [Brunswick IAug. I
'ortland A Astoria 'Yucatan ... |Aug. I
os Angeles Hanalel ...... .'Aug. 1<
eattle direct Governor IAug. 1<
cattle & Tacoma 1 Watson 'Aug. 1'
lendocino ft Shel. Cove'sen Foam 'Aug. V
lamburg ft Way Porta.ISebara Aug. 1
os Angeles ft Way PtsiSanta Clara ...jAug. 11
an Diego ft I.os Ang..'Queen :Aug. 1
an Diego ft I.os Ang..'Yale Aug. 13
ewcastle. Aus Bothley jAug. 1.
ortland ft Astoria Boee Clly I Aug. V
<rr* Angeles {Bear jAug. Ii
| Aug.
Aug. 6 Del Norte Cresceut City! 3 pm| 16
Aug. 6F1_eld jCoquille Kiv.l 6 pml 21
Aug. 6;Santa Barbara.. Willapa Han 4 pm,
Aug. 6Cheh«lts iGrays Harbor! 4 pm| 19
Aug. 6 City of Topeka. Humboldt .. 12 ml 11
Aug. 6 Hanalel \Xam Angelea. 3 pm 16
Aug. 6N«un Smith iCoos Bar... 3 pm 27
Aug. 0'Vanguard iHumboldt .. 1 pm 27
Aug. 6j Phoenix IHumboldt ...11 am 27
Aug. 6!Haryard San Diego... 4 pm 7
Aug. 6iSanta Clara Loa Angeles. 110 am 13
Aug. 6!Sea Foam jMendoelno .. J 4 pm 4
Aug. Tort Brag*. .! 3 pm . ...
Aug. 7 G. c. LlndauerjGrays Harbor' 3 pm 27
Aug. 7 laqna (Coos Bay • •[ 4 P m I 18
Aug. 7Eureka ISanta Crux..] 4 pm' 13
Aug. 7;C_rlos IPortland ...17 pm( SI
Aug. 7iKlamath Portland ... 3 pm 51
Aug. 7iMerced (lios Angeles.: 4 pinj 61
Aug. 7 Falcon iPuget Sound.; 5 pint 38
Aug. 7'Paisy Freeman.iWillapa HarJ
An*. 7!Queen San Diego... 11 ami 0
Ang. 8;.T. B. Stetson. .IPortland ...|Spm|5t
Aug. 8!K. A. Kilburn. .iHumboldt . !12 m! 13
Aug. 8!Yale |Ran Diego...! 4 pm! i
Au*. 8: Bearer Portland ...!12 m! 40
Aug. SiBoanoke IPortland ...'10 am! 13
Aug. !' Hsrrtr ...T iCoos Bar ..j 5 pm:....
Aug. p| Northland iTortland ... 1 pm 27
Aug. 9 Multnomah ! San Diego...| 4 pm 61
An*, ft;Harrard |l,os Angeles. | 4 pm: 7
Aug. n Coos Bsv Pt. San Luis.! 4 pm! 11
An*. 9!North Fork Humboldt ..111 m! 38
Aur. 9 Enterprise !Hllo 112 ml 38
Aug. t»;Presi.lent Puget Sound. 2 pml 9
Aug. 9 Buokman IPuget Sound.! 3 pml 10
Au*. ftjBear jLos Angeles.ill am! 40
An*. OlYucatan 'San Diego. ..! 7 pm! 13
Aug. O Centralia il.os Angeles. 10 am| 51
Aug. 10'Arctlc iFort Bragg..] 3 pm
Ang. lOiPooio Point Arena. | 6 pml 8
Aug. M Georgian Salina Cm*.i 10 am
Aug. 11 Jim Butler (Puget Round.I
Aug. 11 (Jorernor 'Ran Diego... 2 pml 9
Aug. 12Hongkong Maru'Hongkong ..I 1 pmj 34
Aug. 12 Korea .Hongkong ..' 1 pm 42
Aug. 12 Sierra [Honolulu ... 2 pml 21
Aug. ]2jPennerlyania .. Balboa 12 ml 42
Aug. 12Cinatilla IPuget Sound.) 2 pm! 9
i Date
eward & Way Porta. .; Northwestern . .!Aug. «
ksjrway A War Ports, 'fity of Seattle. J Aug. 7
kagwar & War Ports.] Jefferson IAug. 9
eward & Way' Ports. .|Alameda !An*. 12
■ ome * st. Michael.... Humboldt 'Aug. 14
.'oroe _ St. Michael I Senator Ang. 15
kOdlak ar Way Porta. .jAdm. Sampson.. j Ang. 15
iome II St Michael Mackinaw IAug. IS
Time Ball
United States Branch Hydrographic Office. Mer
chants' Exchange. San Francisco. August
5, t«l3.
The time ball on the roof of the Fairmont hotel
was dropped todar exactly at noon. Pacific stand
ard time (120 th meridian), or at Rh. 00m. 00a.
Greenwich mean time. W» V. TOMB.
Lieutenant Commander. U. 8. N.. In Charge.
Sun, Moon and Tide
United States coast and geodetic surrey—Time
and height* of tides at Fort Point. For city
front (Illusion street wharf), add 25 minutes.
Snn rises B:ia
Sun sets 7:15
Moon sets , 9.30 p. m.
First quarter moon Auguat 8. at 7:54 p. m.
Full moon August 16. at 12:18 p. m.
Ft i -
6..| 1:5ft! 5.21 8:07 ! 0.51 2:561 6.5} 8:631 1.5
7.. 8:04 4.6 8:50! 1.21 3:38l 6.6 10:01 1.2
».. 4:2: 4.1 0:40' 1.9! 4:23 5.6ill:18 0.0
9..) 5:53! 3.8ilO:10( 2.5) 5:15! 6.7! 1
IL W| |H Wi O. Wj ;H W
10..! 0:38; 0.5 7:27! 3.8 11:15 3.0 6:08 5.8
11..I 1:44 0.1! 8:46! 3.9!l2:21 3.3 7:07 5.9
12.. 2:42!—0.3| 0:491 4.2| 1:33[ 3.5( 8:02 CO
lumber shipped from the lower river district.
Three rafts containing 7,000,000 feet of logs and
15,500.000 feet of piling were towed to Califor
nia. Notwithstanding that amount of lumber was
shipped in the cargo trade. July waa an excep
tionally dull month, particularly in the California
market. As a result charter rates on lumber to
that market have been cut almost in two. This
will mean cheaper lumber for the yards in the
cltien along tbe coast of California, and will
probably mean quite an increase '.-> the shipment
during the present and the coming month.
SEATTLE, Aug. s.—Arrived—Power schooner
Bender Brothers, from Bering sea.
Sailed —Steamers Humboldt. Skagway; T'ms
tilla. Ran Francisco: La Touche. southwestern
Alaska: Navajo. Nome: Northland, southeastern
Alaska: tug Gollatb towing dredge Seattle, Coos
Bar; Lightship 93. Swlftsure bank.
CHICAGO, Ang;. s.—An Indictment
on 35 counts charging conspiracy to ob
tain money from creditors of bankrupt
firms was returned today against the
Barr, Widen Mercantile agency of St.
Louis. Mo., by the federal grand jury.
Travel Comfort
Between West and East
No Change of Cars No Extra Fare
A train superb, elegant, to carry you quickly and in
solid comfort from the vast Pacinc to the land of the
inland seas. Leaves San Francisco 10:20 a. m., Oakland
10:53 a. m., arrives Chicago 9:15 a. m., third day, via the
Southern Pacific—Union Pacific
Chicago, Milwaukee &• St. Paul Line
Tickets, descriptive literature and full information
22 Powell Street (Flood Bldg.), San Francisco (C. M. & St. P. Ry.)
L. E. STANTON, General Agent C. H. MILES. District Passenger Aejent |»
~ - - —a» .
visit Glacier National Park
Our Nation's Newest Playground.
Choice of Scenic Shasta Route or delightful sea trip to
Portland or Seattle.
Get illustrated booklets and full information from
G. W. COLBY, AC at M ADKITT VT franetoeo
General Agent WJ I t.MJVf\£> 1 01 • California
Telephone Kearny 2148
Weather Report
United Stats* department of agriculture-
Weather bureau, San Francisco, Aug. 5, 1913.
In the following table the maximum and mini
mum temperatures and rainfall are alven:
5 £
% 5
| 2-
: I
: I
i t
Baker ! 82!54| .02!'Portland
Boise [ 88j64| .OJTlBed Bluff ..
Pel Monte .. 72 57 .0o;|Keno
Eureka j 62156! .oo Rosebura; ...
Flagstaff ...I 80[50j .06 Sacramento .1
Fresno 1100(64' .00 !8alt Lake ..
Helena ! 82(54 Tr.HSan Diego ..
Honolulu ...[ 84(76 .00 i; 8. Francisco.
Independence ft4'54' .00 San Joae ...
Kallspell ... 86156( Tr.M. L. Obispo.
Loa Angeles.' 86(64! .00 Spokane
Modenn .... SO 561 .00 Tacoma 1
Mt. Tmalpsis SSfCT.! .00 Tatoosh
North Head.I 66(58 .OoTonopah
Phoenir jl02!8O| .OOilWalla
Pocatello ...j 82!58| . lo 'Winnemuoca.
Pt. B. Light 5Sj52! .00 ii Yuma
I Bar ij | Bar
j inches !| I Inches
Manila I 29.76 jlßnmlri; Islands..! 29.61
Shanghai ......I 29.76 'Hongkong 29.68
Nemnro i 29.6S ijTokyo | 29.78
The pressure is rising rapidly orer the north
ern portion of the Pacific coast and conditions
are favorable for somewhat! wanner weather
Wednesday over most of California and Nevada.
Except for a few light thunder storms ln the
Rocky mountain section and* light showers in
lowa, Illinois and Wlsconsin 4 fair weather has
prevailed oyer the entire country west of the
Ohio valley. It has also beeij, fair In the north
Atlantic ststes. but unsettled from Virginia to
Florida. At Raleigh, 1.38 inches of rain has
fallen ln tbe last 24 hours.
Temperatures are above the normal ln Texas,
Missouri and lowa. A maximum of 100 degrees
is reported nt Oklahoma and Dodge City and 102
degrees at Kansas City. ,
on the Pacific coast temperatures are rising.
A maximum of 102 degrees is reported at Red
Bluff and Phoenix and 100 at,Fresno and Yuma.
Forecast for the SO hours ending at midnight,
Wednesday. August 6. 1913: /
For Snn Frauolsco and vicinity— Fair Wednes
day; warmer; light north wind, changing to
moderate west. t
For Santa Clara valley—Fair, warmer Wednes
day: light north wind. »
For Sacramento valley—Fair, continued warm
Wednesday; light north wind:-maximum tempei
aMires ranging from 90 to IQO degrees may be
expected. t
For San Jonijufn valley--Fair, continued warm
Wednesday: light north wind: ..max lihum temper
atnrcs ranging from 100 to ld4 degrees may be
expected. £
For California south of tr»V Tchaehapi—Fair
Wednesday; moderately warn), light northeast
wind, changing to southwest, f
A. G. McADIE, District Forecaster.
These reports! are received directly
from the Pacific coest atetlons ef the
Marconi Wlreleee company!
Tuesday. August .">.
for Seattle: 8 p. ni., 37 miles north of Point
5 for Seattle: 8 p. m.. 4G miles north of San
STEAMER WM. CHATHAM—Hence Ang. 6 for
Astoria; 8 p. m.. 10 miles west of Point Bo
STEAMER ROMA—Hence Aug. 8 for Port San
Luis; S p. na., 30 miles south of San Francisco.
STEAMER SAN JOSE —Hence Aug. 5 for Ancon;
R p. m., 22 miles s.-uitli Bt Pigeon point.
Cliina: 8 p. B)-., 53 miles on* San Francisco.
STEAMER ARGYLL—Hence Aver. 6 for Port
San Luis: S p. m., 61 miles south of San Fran
Democrats Vow They'll Carry Currency
Fight to Floor
WASHINGTON. Aug. s.—The admin
istration currency bill, still further
amended in important particulars,
emerged from the democratic confer
ence of the house banking and cur
rency committee today* over the pro
tests of Representatives Neeley of Kan
sas, Eagle of Texas and Ragsdale of
South Carolina. At the end of a lively
session, ln which the democratic ob
jectors promised to carry their fight to
the floor of the caucus next Monday, the
Glass bill was approved.
J. J. PI als ted Seeks to Recover $250
Damages Dne to Collision
(Special Dispatch to Tbe Calll
SAN MATEO, Aug. s.—Misses Ethel
and Helen Crocker and their father,
William H. Crocker, were made de
fendants in a civil suit today by John
J. Plaisted. a S&n Jose contractor, to
recover $260 and costs *vs the result of
one of the Crocker automobiles collid
ing with his horse and buggy last Sep
tember. In the superior court Plaisted
sued the Misses Crocker for personal
damages some time ago.*
Blue Mountain House on
the Pennsylvania-Maryland
Line Destroyed; Many
Narrowly Escape
PHILADELPHIA, Aug. s.—The Blue
Mountain house at Penmar, on the
Pennsylvania-Maryland line, was de
stroyed by fire today, two guests being
seriously injured. They are B. F.
Metzgar and Malcolm Frank of Nor
folk, Va.
The Are had its origin in the kitchen
and quickly spread to adjoining rooms
and halls, thence to the elevator shaft
and the floors above. There were 175
guests in the place.
The loss is about $200,000.
Jewelry Loss $100,000
BALTIMORE, Md., Aug. s.—Many of
the guests at the burned Blue Mountain
house were Baltlmoreans. A score of
these, clad in nondescript garments, re
turned to the city today. So swift were
the flames that none of the party was
able to save any of their jewels or
It is estimated that more than $100,
--000 worth of jewelry was lost.
To the courage and coolheadedness of
Frank Thomas, a negro porter, many
of the guests owe their escape from
the burning building, according to
Arthur Mark of Newbern, N. C, one of
tqe rescued.
"This man," said Mr. Mark, "although
half suffocated by the smoke, went
from door to door, awakening the
guests. Then gathering them together
he would call 'this way out* and lead
them through a rear exit to safety."
Thomas, It was declared, did not leave
the building until he was assured that
every one was out.
Question ef Participation ia Paaama-
Paclfle Kiposliloß Subject ef Debate
In House ef Commons
LONDON, Aug. 5. —The question of
British participation in the Panama-
Pacific exposition at San Francisco in
101". was a subject of debate in the
house of commons this afternoon.
Some criticism was expressed of re
cent official action in this connection
and the suggestion was offered that
private enterprise might supply the
impetus necessary to secure adequate
British representation, which the gov
ernment declined to furnish.
Sir Edward Grey, secretary of state
for foreign affairs, in a lengthy state
ment explaining the official attitude of
the British government in the matter,
stoutly maintained that the decision
of the cabinet not to participate was
entirely due to commercial considera
tions and had nothing to do with the
controversy over canal tolls.
Kansas Authorities After Clayton
Swelgert for Failure to Provide
SACRAMENTO. Aug. s.—After a
search of two years, Kansas authori
ties have located Clayton Swelgart,
wanted on the charge of failing to pro
vide for his wife and two minor chil
dren, in Eureka, Humboldt county,
where he is in business.
The report showing- the damages and
benefits Involved in the reduction of
the Polk street grade, between Lom
bard and Bay streets, has' been filed
with the supervisors and will be con
sidered for adoption Monday. The
total assessment upon property owners
is $62,055.
400 Sups
in the W \ •
August 30, 9 A. M.
and every three weeks thereafter.
Enabling- passengers to arrive In
LONDON and PARIS on sixth ■Jirl
In HAMBURG on seventh day
Books now open for season.
Amerika Aug. 8L 11 A. M.
tJPretcria Aug. 88, 12 noon
Free. Grant AugT 87, 12 noon
Imperator Aug. 80, PA. M.
Kafs'n Aug. Tie ...Sept. 8,10 A.M.
{Second cabin only. JHemburg direct.
C 7 B, 8. Pennsylvania and S. 8.
Pretoria aail from New Plor. foot of
33d at.. South Brooklyn. All other
Sailings in this service from our Ho
bofcen Flora.
Gibraltar, Naples and Genoa
EX All steamers ia this aerrieo iaa.vo
from SEW PIER, 33d st.. South
Brooklyn. Take 80th St. Ferry.
8. S Malta* (13.800 tons)
August 88. 11 A. M.
8. 8. Hamburg (11.000 tonal
Sept. 17, 10 A. M.
Through the
■ January 87, 1818. , ■
M VT Oar Tearist Popaitaaoat ■
M arranges Toon by Hall a* M
M HHeamor to all parts *f the M
m ONE m
m, 188 Powell St. M
«a Phone Kearny 2940. tr
Sailings every Wednesday at 10 a. m. andH
Saturday at 3 p. m. Mm
.a Savoie Aug. 18 France Sept 10 ■
rrance Aug. 20 La Saroie Sept. 17 ■
'ji Lorraine. .Aug. 27 La Provence. .Sept. 24 ■
Proreaco. .Sept. <M Mt
Every Saturday st 3 p. m. ■
Rocbanvbaaa. .Aag. 1«| Bopt. \jM
Virginle Aug. 30! Roeherr.beau . Sept.. 20H
Chicago Aug. 30' Chicago Sept. >>■
.a Touraine. Sept. 8j MM
FTJOAZI BBOS, Pacific Coast Manacara, 6301
;ABIJ° t OFriCE, > iyr8 t ' M
f Sj^j^^
1 Grand Canyon of the Feather |
| River and fin Royal Gorge |
3 The "Panama-Pacific Express" 3
3 with Observation Cars and 3
1 The "1915 Mail" Traina E
— ■ __ 3
2 Leave Union Ferry Depot Arrive 3
S IMI ( Stockton, Sacramento. . »«n _ 3
= I.IOa V gmlt Laka Denver. / *' WH =
3 t«a . i Omaha. Chicago, Kan- C *ta . E
E7 M * ( saa City. St. Louis ) =
= «.10 p Stockton 10J60 a 3
3 Through Standard and Tourist Sleeping 3
3 Cars via Den. & Rio Grande and Missouri 3
3 Pacific, Rock Island Lines and Burling-- 3
3 to.i Route. —
E Ticket Officss E
3 665 Market St.-Fkone Salter 1(651 3
= 1326 Brtadwaj, Oakland- The* Otklasd 132 £
Alaska Excursion
Including Berth, Meals and Trans
portation from San Francisco to
Sitka, Alaska, and return.
See glaciers, snow-capped moun
tains, Indians, totem poles, gold
An Easy
Vacation Voyage
Ticket* now on safe at
San Franelseo, Aft 3 Market St. CT*al
ace Hotel). Phone Kearny 493.
Oakland. 1220 Broadway.
Phone Oakland r,«80.
Berkeley. 3125 Shattuck Arcane.
Phone Berkeley 44.
IS I Portland
mfttmw r.oox
BEAR T — i ,
beaver Los Angeles
MicOT s. S. BEAR y
KOREA (18.000 tons) calls nt Manila
Tuesday. August 12
SIBERIA (18.000 tons) calls at Manila
Tuesday. AugUßt 26
CHINA (calls at Manllat. first saloon, ac
commodations at reduced rate
.....Thursday, Sept. 4
Cuisine under personal supervision of Mr.
V. Moroni, one of the world's most famous
Mexico—Central America—Panama
New York — South America — Europe
ACAPULCO Saturday. August 16
PENNSYLVANIA (freight and pass.)
Tuesday. August 12
Flood Building. San Franetaco.
Phone Kearny 3C20.
I For Folders, Tickets, -etc, apply
Pscific Narration Co., 680 Market St, 5. P.
Tehuantepoc Route
RaaraUar Fart Fr*4sjfct Barvtee>
sailing; from New York every six days,
making- direct connections with Pacific
steamers sailing from Salina Cruz,
Max., every six days for San Francisco.
TORK. Also to Mexican and all prin
cipal European ports under through
rates and through bills of lading. Sail
ings from San Francisco every 12 days.
For rates and further particulars ap.
eral Agents, 8 Bridge street, New York.
Agents, Pacific Coast.
310 Sansome St., San Francisco.

A Spies**!* 10,808 T*>a St+anaera
■$110 Htflfiaki! R V3Q6
MM 1325 faaaa Tear, SoaU Rasas' las WeekL ««$
HWI32S. Honolulu, Ist data; 2ad claas JJ*»
■ Same*. Aestralia. new vfirfnag ttre caathaaaU
■ Zealand. Tabht etc aad world's great dttas.
aaatSlS: ll**Lfi ifllV
M Q7S Marfcet Si. Pfco— Bnrtter SOS
UflaMfM HI || S. S. LURLINft. Aug. 1»
HUnULULU g s - w "a*J A « *,
S. S. HONOLULAN. Sept. 2
New steamers, 13.000 tons. Leave Pier No. 3S.
Bound trip, $110 and up. Direct servics to the
208 Market Street.
Leava (Foot of Market Street) Arrive
(Subject to change without notice)
2.15 a Niles, Livermore. Tracy, Lathrop,
Stockton, Lodi Gait, Elk Grove,
Sacramento, Roisevilie, Auburn, Col
fax, Truckee. Reno, Sparks 10.40 a
2.15 a Sacramento, Marysville, Biggs, Chico. 10.40p
2.15 a Yolo, Williams, Wiilows, Tehama ... 10.40 a
840 a Richmond (Vallejo). Port Costa, Mar
tinez, Antioch, Byron Hot Springs,
Tracy, Patterson, Newman. Loa
Banos, Ingle. Kerman, Freano I 1.20p
•40a San Leandro, Hayward, .Niles, Saa
Joae 6.10 a
7.00 a Richmond, Port Costa, Benicia, Sui
sun, Dixon, Sacramento 7.30p
7.00 a Eimira, Vacariile, Winters 1.1 Op
7.00 a Roseville, Marysville (Oroville), Red
ding, Dunsmuir Io4op
7.00 a Davis, Woodland. Williams. Maxwell.
Willows, Hamilton, Corning, Red
Bluff 7.30p
7.20 a The Btat-sman — Richmond, Vallejo
Junction, Port Costa, Benicia, Sui
sun, Dixon, Davis, Sacramento 6.50 a
7.20 a Niles. Pleasanton. Livermore, Tracy,
Lathrop, Stockton (Oakdale), Lodi.
Baeramen to 7.30p
7.20 a Tracy, Patterson, Newman, Los Banos,
Ingle, Kerman, Fresno 4.30p
740t Ricl -Ttond. Vallejo, Napa, Calistoga,
Sar.ia Rosa, Crockett. Port Costa.. 6.1 Op
740 a Avon, Walnut Creek, San Ramon.... B,IOp
B.ooa Newark, West San Jose. Los Gatos,
Wright, Felton (Ben Lomond, Boul
der Creek), Santa Cms 6.60 a
•40a Richmond, Port Costa, Martinea,
Byron Hot Springs, Tracy (Stockton), i
Merced, Berenda, Madera, Fresno,
Fowler, Selma, Traver, Goshen Junc
tion (Hanford, Armona), Tulare,
Bakersfield 4.30 a
840 a Visalia. Lindsay, Portervilte, Ducor... 7.10 a
8.40 a Yosemite Valley via Merced 4.3 Op
B.ooa Irvington, San Jose 720p
•.00a Niles, Pleasanton, livermore, Stock
ton, ('Milton), Valley Spring, lone,
Sacramento 4.30 a
•.00a Tuolumne, Sonora. Jamestown, Angela 2.50p
9.00* Port Costa, Benicia, Suisun, Davis,
Baeramento Io4op
9.00 a Vallejo, Napa, St. Helena, C.Mistoga.. 420p
920 a GoUfiaid Pass.—Truckee (Lake Tahoe),
flaxen, Wabuska (Yerrington, Hud
son), Mina, Tonopah, Goldfield,
Laws, Keeler 1 B.loa
•40a Richmond, San Pablo, Pinole, Vallejo
Junction, Crockett. Port Costa, Mar
tines, Avon, Concord San Ramon.. 6.50p
10.20 a "Pacific Limited"—Ogden, Cheyenne,
Omaha. Chicago—Salt Lake City,
Denver 8.50e
1020 a Port Costa, Benicia, Sacramento, Col
fax, Truckee, Reno, Haaen, Love
lock, Wmnemueca, Battle Mountain,
Palisade, Elko, Wells, Cobra 8.60 a
1020 a Niles, Irvington, San Joss II -20p
1040 a Stockton. / 'gjj
1040 a Los Angeles Passenger—Richmond',
Port Costa, Martinez, Byron Hot
Springs, Tracy, Stockton, Merced,
Madero, Freano, (Hanford, Coaling*,
Visalia), Bakersfield, Los A ngeles .. 7.10 a
1C.40a El Paao, Kansas City, St Louis, Chi
cago 12.50*
1120 a Shasta Limited Da Luxe—Portland,
Tacoma. Seattle 8.50 a
1220n Richmond, Port Costa, Benicia, Sui
sun, Fairfield, Dixon, Sacramento.. 4.30 a
12.00n Eimira, Vacaville, Winters 7.30p
12.00n Davis, Williams, Colusa June., Willows,
German town, Orland, Hamilton.... 6.60 a
12.00n Marysville, Chico, Red Muff 4.30p
I.OOp Niies, Irvington, San Joae I2op
I2op Ban Leandro, Niles, Centerville, New
ark (Redwood), San Jose 7.50p
120 a Newark, Alviso, Agnew, Santa Clara,
Wast Saa Jose, Loa Gatos, Glen
wood, Felton, (Boulder Creek),
Santa Cruz, Wataonrille B.loa
240 a San Leandro, Niles. San Jose 720*
3.00p Richmond, Benicia. Suisun, Sacra
.» ' Bjento—Woodland, Tudor, Yuba
City, Marysville, Oroville 11.1 Oa
3.00p Eimira, Vacaville, Winters, Rumsey.. 11.10 a
3.20p Richmond. Port Costa, Martinez,
Byron Hot Springs, Modesto, Mer
ced, Madera. Fresno Io4op
420p Overland Limited De Luxe—Denver,
Kansas City, St. Louie, Omaha,
Chicago 820 a
4.00p Port Coirta, Martinea, Concord. Wal
nut Creek, San Ramon, Livermore.. 9.10 a
4.00p Vallejo. Napa, St. Helena, Calistoga,
Glen Ellen, SanU Rosa 9.18 a
4.00P Niles (Centerrille, Newark), Sunol.
Pleasanton, Livermore, Tracy, Stock
ton, Lodi, Sacramento 12.50 a
440p San Leaadro. Hayward, Niles, Pleas-( t 8.30 a
an ton, Livermore \ {10.10 a
440 a Irvingtoa, San Jose 820 a
440 a Tracy, Patterson, Newman, Loa Baaoa,
Kerman, Fresno Io4op
440 a Valley Flyer—Port Costa, Byron Hot
Springs, Tracy, Modesto, Merced,
Madera, Fresno, Goshen Junction,
Tulare, Bakersfield, Mojave, Loa
Angeles 12.50p
•20* Vallejo. Port Costa, Benicia, Suisun,
Sacramento, Roseville, Lincoln,
Wheatland. Marysville (Oroville),
Gridley, Biggs, Chico 10.40 a
620p Davi". ArbuckJe, Williams, Willows,
Orland, Tehama, Red Bluff 10.40 a
820 a Newark. West Saa Jose, Los Gatos... 10.10 a
S.oop Saturdays aad Sundays—Glenwood,
Felton. SanU Crus 110.10*
B20» Niles. Pleasanton, Livermore, Tracy,
Stockton l«.IOa
•20a Richmond, Pinole, Crockett, Port
Casta, Martinea, Avon and Way
SUtioos 1020 a
6.2 Op San Leandro, Lorenzo, Hayward,
Niles, Pleasanton, livermore, Tracy
Stockton 2.50p
S2op Owl Limited—Port CosU, Tracy.
Fresno Los Angeles B.loa
•20* Hayward, Niles and San Jost B.lo*
•40p Eastern Express—Ogden, Pueblo, Den
rer, Kansas City. St. Louis, Chicago. 120 a
MOp Richmond, Port CosU, Byron Hot
Springs, Tracy, Stockton, Sacra
mento, Colfax, Truckee, Reno,
Sparks 120*
720* (Sunday only)— Richmond (Vaßejo),
PortCoeU,Martmei,Cor>cor d.Walnut
Creek, Pleasanton, Niles, Oakland.. 12.45 a
720 a Sleeping Car to Truckee for Lake
Taboe 720 a
S2op Oregon Express—Richmond, Sacra
mento, Roeevihe, Marysville, Red
ding (Klamath Falls). Ashland, Port
land, Tacoma, Seattle. Spokane.... I.lo*
9.00p Mt Eden. Alvarado, Newark, SanU
Clara, San Joae 720*
940* Sleeping Car for Yosemite Valley via
Merced and £1 Portal 720 a
•40* Bakersfield, Mc Kit trie*. H&xeiton,
Monarch, Moron, FeDow, Shale.... 720 a
948* Richmond. Port CosU, Tracy, Mo
desto, Merced, Madera, Fresno.
Haaford. Tulare 7.50 a
940* Haaford, Armooo, Lemoore, Huron,
Coalinga 7.60 a
940* Visalia, Exeter, Lindsay, PorterviUe,
Ducor, Famoto 720 a
1020* Portland Express—Richmond, Davis,
Willows. Red Bluff, Weed, (Klamath
Fans), Ashland. Roseburg, Portland,
Tacoma. Seattle 720 a
1140* California Mail—Ogden, Cheyenne,
Denver, Kansas City, Omaha, Chi*
cago • • • 828*
1140* Richmond. Port CosU, Benicia, Sui
sun, Davie, Sacramento, Colfax,
Truckee, Reno. ■■ 820*
Attest tolloet ataoaft am} thseka aa Mac tr boots of
Southern Pacific Comenay and dtMver banana to reei
dtnet. They art authorized to check bsfjtao a*act
from rtaidtnet.
8. 8. Hongkong Maru (intermediate aervlce,
saloon accommodations at reduced rates)..
Tueaday. Aug. 12, 1913
8. 8. Shinyo Maru Saturday, Aug. 16, 1913
8. 8. Cblyo Maru Thursday, Sept. 11. 1913
Steamers sail from comoany'a pier. No. 34,
oeajr foot of Brannan atreet, at 1 p. m. for Yoko
hama and Hongkong, calling at Honolulu.
For freight and passage apply at office, fourth
Boor, Merchants' National Bank building. 625 .
Market at. W. H. AVERY,
Assistant General Manager.
Sydney via Tanltl and Welllnstoa
S. S. TAHITI (12,000 tons) sails 11 a. ra., Aug. 20
8. 8. MOAN A (10,000 tone) aalls 11 a. m.. Sept. 17
8. S. WILLOCHRA (12,000 tone) aaila 11 a. m..
Oct. IS.
vrntm s. s. Co. or w. jr., ia*.
HTJfD, ROLPH ft CO., Oaaaral Agent*
TaL Somr. 8100. Ticket of goo. 879 Market a*.
Lear* (Third and Townsend Streets) Arriva
(Subject to change without notice)
t 8.05 a Valencia Street, Ocean View, Count,
Cemeteries, Baden, San Bruno t 6.35 a
5.45 a South San Francisco, San Joae, Mor
ganhill, Gilroy, Sargent, Watson
ville, Aptos, Capitola, SanU Crux.. B.ooa
848 a College Park, Campbell, Los Gatos,
Glenwood, Felton (Boulder Creek),
Santa Crui tH2Oa
7.00 a Coaster—San Joae. Morganhill, Gil
tor, Salinas, Soledad, King City,
Paao Robles Hot Springs, Saa Ltin
Obispo, Surf (Lompoe), Santa Bar
bara, Ventura, Oxnard, Los Angeles. I0.?0p<
7410 a Hollistor, Tree Pinos—Watson ville,
Santa Gnu—Del Monte, Monterey.
Pacific Grovt 10.30 a
t 7.08 a South San Franciaco, Palo Alto, Saa
Jose, Wa/ Stations 325p
t 7.05 a Loe Altos, Monta Vista, Lot Gatos... 7.20 a
B.ooa Shore Line Limited—Paao Robles Hot
Springs, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles. 9.50 a
B.oBa Mayfield, Los Altos. Los Gatos,
Wright, Glenwood (Boulder Creek),
Santa Crui, Watson ville, Castro ville,
Del Monte, Mon terey. Pacific Grove. 9.08 a
9.00 a San Jose, Morganhill, Gilroy, Sargent,
Salinas, Soledad, San Miguel. Paso
Robles Hot Springs, San Luis Obispo. 4.00 a
9.00s Hollister, Tres Pinna—Weteonville,
Santa Crus—Del Monte, Monterey,
Pacific Grove 4.00 a
10.40 a South San Francisco, Burlingame, San
Mateo, Palo Alto, Mayfield, Los/12.30a
Altos, Los Gatos \ 7.20p
11.30 a Valencia Street, Ocean View, Colma,
I Cemeteries, Baden, San 8run0.... 1.55 a
11.40 a South San Francisco, San Jose t 8.20 a
I2op Saturdays only—San Mateo, Red
wood, Mayfield, Lee Altos, Los
Gatos, Glenwood, Felton (Boulder
Creek), Santo Cms c 10.35s
2.00p Del Monte Express—San Joae, Mor
ganhill, Gilroy, Sargent, Watsonville,
Santa Crus, Del Monte, Monterey,
Pacific Grove, (Salinas) 12.30 a
2.05p Easton, Saa Mateo, Palo Alto. Saa
Jose *40a ,
f 2.1 Op South San Francisco, Redwood, Santa
Clara, San Jose ft 1.30 a
3.00p South San Francisco, San Mateo, San
Jose, Morganhill, Guroy, (Tree
Pinos), Watson ville, Santa Crus, Del
Monto, Monterey, Pacific Grove — 10.10 a
3.20p Fridays and Saturdays—Mayfield, Los
Altos, Loe Gatos, Wright, Glenwood.
Felton (Boulder Creek), Santa Crui,
Capitols, Watsonville {Io2op
3.25p Burlingame, San Mateo, Redwood,
Palo Alto, Mayfield, Los Altos, Los
Gatoa 620p
3.25 a Wright, Felton (Boulder Creek). Santa
Crus, Watsonville 820p
4.00p Sunset Express—Tucaon, Dewing, El
Paso, Houston, New Orleans, Chi
cago 9.10s
4.00 a Washington Sunset Route—Washing
ton, D. C, New York and East 9.10 a
4.00p Salinas, Paso Robles Hot Springs,
San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara,
Ventura aad Los Angeles 9.10 a
4.00p Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago 9.10 a
4.20 a South San Francisco, San Joae t 7.25 a
t 4.55* Santa Crus Limited —Mayfield, Los
Altos, Los Gatos, Felton (Boulder
Creek), Santa Crui t 8.45t
t 5.05 a Burlingame, San Mateo, Redwood,
Palo Alto, Mayfield, Santa Clara.
Saa Joae t 8.30s
t 620* Redwood, Atherton, Menlo Park, Palo
Alto, Mayfield, Mountain View, Sun
nyvale, San Jose t 9.00 a
t 8.20 a Los Altos, Monta Vista. Loa Gatos.. t 8.40 a
t 6.25p Easton, San Mateo. Redwood, Moun
tain View, San Joae 9.40 a
t 8.30p Loop—Valencia Street, Ocean View,
Cemeteries, South San Francisco,
23d Street, 3d and Townaend t 8.40 a
5.40p San Bruno, San Mateo, Redwood,
Palo Alto, Santa Clara, San Jose.. 745 a
{ 8.40p Mayfield, Loa Altos, Los Gatoa { 9.40 a
t B.oop Millbrae, Saa Mateo, Redwood, May
field, Loa Altoa, Los Gatos t B.ooa
B,ooa Saturdays—Glenwood, Felton, Santa
Crus 110.00?
t 8.05 a 23d Street, Visitation. South San
Francisco, Valencia Street t 7.15p
8.30p South San Francisco, San Jose 5.45 a
B.ooa The Lark—Santa Barbara, Los An
geles , 945*
B.loa San Jose and Way Stations 7.30 a
Io.oop Los Angeles Passenger—Morganhill,
Salinas, Paso Robles Hot Springs,
San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and
Loa Angeles 8.25 a
10.05 a South Saa Francisco, San Jose 11.55 a
11.45 a South Saa Francisco. Palo Alto, San
Jose 735 a
Via Oakland Pier
Ts Oakland, 18th St., and Berkeley, via Shattuck Aye.
and Ellsworth St. Unas,—Daily—From 6.00 a m., and
\ every twenty minutes until 8.20 p. ra., inclusive; then
9.00, 9.40, 10.20, 11.00,11.40 p. m., 12.20 and 1.20 a m.
Additional boats Saturdays and Sundays only, 8.40
p. ta., 9.20, 10.00. 10.40 and 11.20 p. m.
Ts Berkeley via Calif or nla St and Wast Berkeley, Albany
via Ninth St. Lines.—Daily—From •6.00 a. m.. tA 20,
•6.40, f7.00 a. m., and every twenty minutes until 5.20
p. m., inclusive; then 9.00,9.40,10.%, 11.00,11.40 p. tn..
12.20 and 1.20 a.m. Additional boats Saturdays and
Sundays only, 8.40 p. m„ 9.20, 10.00, 10.40 and 11.20
p. m.
To Oakland, Washington-Broadway, Eaet Oakland,
Fruitvale and Melrose, via Seventh St.—Daily—From
6.00 a. m., then every twenty minutes until 8.20 p. tn.,
inclusive; then 9.00. 9.40. 10.20. 11.00, 11.40 p. m.,
12.20 and 1.20 a. m. Additional boats Saturdays and
Sundays only, 8.40 p. m., 9.20, 10.00, 10.40 and 11.20
p. m.
Horseshoe te Oakland, Washinoton-Broadway, Fruitvale,
Alameda, North Side.—Daily—From 6£o a. to.. t« 20,
6.40, 7.00, 7.20, 7.40, 8.00, 8.40. 9.40 »jn.: then 4.00
p.ra., 4*20. 4.40, 6.00, 6.20, 6.40. 6.00. 8.20,6.40,7.00
snd {7.40 p.m.
Ta Stoffshurtt 'Steam Strvtet)—l6.oo. t640, j7.K,
{9.00, {10.00 a. m., {1.20 p. m.. {2.00, {3.00, t3.20,
'4.00. '5.00, '6.40 and t6-20 p. m. ■
Via Alameda Pier
To Oakland, 14th and Franklin Sts.—
6.15, 6.45 a. m. and then 15 and 45 minutes past the
hour until 7.45 p. m.; then 8.30, 9.15, 10.00, 10.45,
11.30 p. m. and 12.15 a. m.
To Alameda, North aad South Side—
6.15, 6.45 a. m., and then 15 and 45 minutes past tha
hour until 7.45 p. m.; then 8.30, 9.15, 10.00, 10.45.
1130 p. m.. aad 12.15 a. m.
From Saa Francisco, South End of Ferry Building, for
Broadway Wharf, Oakland.—From 6.00 a. m , daily,
: and every half hour until 9-00 p. m , inclusive, then
{9.30 p. in., '10.00 p. m., {10.30 p. m., •11.00 p. m.,
•12.00 mdn.. * IXX) a.m. Beats leave Broadway Wharf—
From 6.15 a. m., daily, and every half hour until 8.45
p m..inclusive; then {9.15p.m.,*9.45p.m.,{10.15p.m.
•10.45 p. m., '11.46 p. m.. '12.45 a. m.
a for Morning. 'Daily. * for Afternoon.
tSunday excepted. {Sunday only. c Monday only.
§ Sun days and Mondays only.
From Pacffle Street Wharf, Pier No. 7
This route offers 'exceptional opportunity for Auto
mobiiista to reach all points on the Sacramento River:
Colhnarille, Emmaton, Rio Vista, Isleton, Ryde, Walnut
Grove, Vorden, Courtland. Clarksburg, Sacramento.
Steamer Nava|o leaves San Franciaco 8.30 a m. daily
except Sunday, arriving Sacramento 7.00 p. m. Stopping
at all points en route. Leaves Sacramento 9.00 p. ra.
daily except Sunday, arriving Saa Franciaco 740 a m.
No stops en route.
Steamer Modes ar Apache, leaves San Francisco 12
Boon daily except Sunday. Leave Sacramento 10.00
' a m. dairy except Sunday; stopping both ways at ail
points en route. Arriving tune Saa Franciaco and
Sacramento indefinite .account fruit season.
Schedule Effective
?|p|May 11, 1913
San Kr«nrli«o
Leave | VIA BAUSALITO | ATrlve
|6:43 a [Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Guemevill*-,
Duncan Mills, Cazadero $9:o.">p
7:15 a Sonoma, Glen Ellen 8:05p
7:4sa]Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg
iCloveadale, Uktah, Wllllta, Fort
Bragg. Longvale, •••Doa Rloa,
•Sebastopol f:8B»
Point Reyes, Camp Meeker. Monte
Rio. Duncan Mills, Catadero 7:33p
Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Guerneville,
Monte Rio. Duncan Mills. Caza
dero. (Learee from Duncan Mills) 7:!Wp
Sonoma. Glen Ellen tB:.V>t>
19:15 a Lagunltas, Point Reyea JB:osp
10:45 a Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Healdabnrg,
(to Sonoma and Glen Ellen week
days only, and arrives 6:05 p.m.) 5:03p
1:45p Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Guernerille,
Monte Rio, Duncan Mills (to
Caaadero* Sundaya only) 10:35 a
t2 45p Point Reyes. Camp Meeker, Monte
Rio. Duncan Mills. Cazadero... |10:35 a
8:15p Petaluma. Santa Rosa. Healde
burg. Cloverdale, L'kiah, Wllllta.
••Sebastopol 11:35%
4-45p Sonoma, Glen Ellen 9:35 a
5:15p Petaluma.'Santa Rosa, Healdsburg 9:05 a
fs:lsp Point Reyea, lr. Sunday 7:13 a.m. 8:35 a
Sausallto, Mill Valley, San Rafael—Daily every
30 minutes from 6:45 a. m. until 9:45 a. m :
hourly until 2:45 p. m., then 3:15 p. m. and
every 30- minutes until 7:45 p. m.: then 9:30.
11:15 p m. and 12:30 a.m. On Sundaya la ad
dition —Every SO minutes from 9:4© a. m. to 3:15
p. m., except 2:lft P. m.
Palffax—Leave t6:45, 7:15, 7:45, 8:15. 8:45.
9 15 9.45, 110:15, 10:45, 111:1*. 11:45 a. m.;
iil:is, 12:45. tl:15, 1:48. 2:45, 3:15. 3:45, 4:l. r >.
4?48. 5:15, 5:45, 6:15. 8:46. tf.lS. 7:46. 9:30.
11:15 P- m.: 112:30 a. m.
San Quentin via San Rafael—Leave daily at
9:15 a. m. and 1:45 p. m.
Tiburon and Belvedere —Dally every hour from
6:45 a. m. until 1:45 p. m.. then 3:18 p.m. and
e»erv boor until 6:15, then 7:45. 9:30, 11:15
p. m. and 12:30 a. m.
•Arrivea 7:05 p. m. ••Arrives 10:35 a. m.
•••Arrtrea 11:35 a. m. t Except Sundays. JSan
dajra only. only. fMondaya only.
Red line Transfer Company's agents art) author
ised to check baggage direct from residence;.

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