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Siberia Almost Runs Down
Japanese Freighter Out
side Kobe Harbor
Captain Zeeder's Good Sea
manship Offsets Mistake
of Brown Navigator
Only good judgment and clever sea
manship on the part of Captain Adrian
Zeeder prevented the liner Siberia,
which arrived here yesterday, from
sinking: a large Japanese freighter out
age Kobe harbor. The Siberia had the
right of way.-and when the Japanese
freighter tried to cross the American
liner's bow Captain Zeeder concluded
that all hands were nslecp and sounded
a blast on the Siberia's whistle. . The
Japanese replied by a signal which
ackonwledged the Siberia's right of
way, but made 'no attempt to change
his course. If Zeeder had been stub
born as 'the Japanese was unseaman
like, the Siberia would have cut the
freighter in two. Zeeder made a swift
< hange in the Siberia's course and by
clever maneuvering avoided a collision
which must have been fatal to the
The Siberia came into port shining
like a yacht, a credit to the American
merchant marine, of which the liner is
one n f the few representatives. The
Siberia illustrated its own efficiency on
this trip. The day after the big ship
left Honolulu Captain Zeeder sent a
wireless to the office in this city saving
that he would arrive in quarantine at
!> o'clock a. m.. Friday. That was BY*
rlays ago. At exactly 9 o'clock yester
day morning the Siberia lot go its
anchor off the barge office and tbe
Passengers were able to congratulate
themselves on their good fortune in
<-sveiing on an American steamship
Tbe Siberia brought WW passengers
from China. Japan and Honolulu, and
;ts cargo of tons Included 1.152
bales of raw silk and 32,557 chests of
Among tbe passengers on the liner
was Burton Holmes of travelogue fame,
who has been in the Philippines in
search of new material for his illus
trated lectures. Other passengers were
Ko Tit Tack and LM Tan. members
of the Chinese assembly from Canton,
■ ho have come to the T'nited States as
members of a commerce commission.
A number of well knotyn Honolulu
, -»opi* canto up ofi the. liner front the
island port. • '■ s . .
Ventura Arrives From Antipodes
The Oceanic steamship company's
I-ner Ventura. Captain Cowell. from the
antipodes, was in quarantine yesterday
when the sun arose. Chief Quarantine
Officer ClTover and a staff of assistants
v-ere on hand to give the liner quick
dispatch and by ' 7.-o'clock a. m. the
Ventura was tied up at the Occulta
wharf. The liner brought about 200
passengers, most' of them from Aus
tralia. The pasengers from Pago Pago
included Count yon der Schulenburg, a
Samoan planter, and Lieutenant K. yon
SVhweinitz of the German imperial foot
guards. TJeutenant yon Schwelnitz.
w hose brilliancy as an officer is said»to
have attracted the emperor's attention,
sa>s that he is traveling to improve
his mind. Another* passenger from
Pago Pago was Miss E. M. Searle of
Korea Leads In Three Handed Race
The Siberia, which arrived here yes
terday, was in communication with the
Korea, Sierra and Hongkong Maru,«all
of which left here last Tuesday for
Honolulu. The Korea was in the lead,
with the Sierra about two hours be
hind and the Hongkong Maru about
two hours behind the Sierra. The Sierra
and the Hongkong Maru were sighted
from the Siberia. The Korea was too
far to the southward to see, but the
liners were in communication by wire
Water Front Notes
Receipts of lumber yesterday by sea
amounted to 717,000 feet.
The Japanese liner Nippon Maru ar
rived yesterday at Hongkong.
The freighter Aztee left Balboa yes
terday for this port.
The Pacific Mall liner San Juan is ex
pected to arrive Sunday from Panama
and way ports.
Change of Masters
Steamer Bandon—John Lindberg. old
master; John Xorberg. new master
Barkentlne Fullerton—F. G. Liucas
old master; Robert Purdie, new master!
Schooner Adelia—James P. Peterson
master. *
Army Transports
Tbe Bo ford la at San Francisco.
The Crook Is at San Francisco.
The Logan Is at Manila.
Tbe Sheridan ia at San Francisco.
The Sherman sailed August 5 for Manila.
The Thomas sailed from Manila July 30.
Items of Interest to Mariners of
the Pacific
(Br Federal Wireless to Tbe Call)
EUREKA. Aug. 15 —Steamer- Acme arrived
this morning from San Franriaoo to load lumber.
Steamer Kilburn and lighthouse tender Ma
drons sailed for San Francisco.
PORTLAND, Ang. 15.—-When the schooner
John Campbell departed down tbe river at noon
bound for Suva. Fiji Islands, she had aboard
a cargo of 634.848 feet of lumber valued at
Bound for Africa with a cargo of lumber
the schooner William Bowden was towed from
Westport this morning.
The steamer Tahoe. Captain Reinertsnn. cleared
for Los Angelea with 750.000 feet of lumber.
The barkentlne John Palmer was shifted from
the Port of Portland drydook to the Portland
Lumber company's mills tbts morning to load
a cargo of lumber for the west coast.
When «he «si]s for Nome and other Alaska
ports from Puget sound nevt Satnrdav the
E. I. Dodge steamer St. Helens will bare as
ber master Captain Tngwald O. Odland. well
known along this coast as the man who laid
the first submarine cable | n Alaska.
The steamer Bear arrived at the Ain«wnrth
dock at 11:45 o'clock this morning bringing
'.on passengers and 1.200 tons 0 f freight from
Los Ange]»« and Sjm Francisco.
The Beaver sailed this morning with "40 pas
sengers and 2.500 tons of freight.
SAN PEDRO. Aug. 15 — Steamer Oliver J 01
--sen arrived today from San Diego with balance
of cargo of poles, loaded at Puget sound p->rts
and will sail In ballast to reload tomorrow.
Steamer Avalon arrived today from Long Beach
for passenger* and proceeded to Willapa in bal
last to load lumber for the Hart-Wood Lumber
S'-hr.oner Sadie arrived from Cmpqna river with
lumber rargo for the Kerckhoff-Kuzner Lumber
Steamers Henry T. Scott and Cricket com
pleted the discharge of lumber cargoes and sailed
roe Puget so«n)d In ballast to reload.
Steamer 'General TTubbard arrived from Grays
Harbor with 1.600.000 feet of lumber fo r whole
sale yards. .. ° .'
Steamer Rose City arrived from Portland with
pa«sengers and freight for San Francisco and
Portland companies, and will sail for return to
Steamer Queen arrived from San Francisco and
w ill proceed to San Diego tomorrow with passen
gers and freight for- the Pacific Coast company.
Steamer Wcllesley sailed for Eureka in ballast
to reload lumber.
Steamer Santa Clara arrived from San Fran
< ;«cn ami way norte with passengers and freight
for the N'rrth Pacific eompanr.
Steamer naqntnai sailed for San Diego with
balance of cargo of lumber.
Steamer Grays Harbor arrived from Santa Bar
bara with balance of cargo of lumber.
ABERDEEN. Aug. 15—Captain MeClements.
recently of the steamer Stanley Dollar, will take
charge of the steamer Melville Dollar at Seattle.
Notice of the chance was made by wireless Just
as .the Stanley Dollar was passing out to sea to
San Francisco. Captain McClemenfs was trans
ferred br tug to the .Toiin A. Hooper, aleo pass
ing out for Willapa bailor, from which point he
went to Seattle. First officer of the Stanley
Dollar took charge of the vessel.
Steamerß Llndaner and Chehalis sailed and
steamer 3. B. Stetson arrived.
ASTORIA. Aug. 15. —Tank steamer Oleum ar
rived this morning from San rraneisco. with a
c«rpo of crude oil.
Gasoline schooner Rustler sailed Thursday
evening for Wedderhnrn. with general cargo.
Steamer Bear arrived early this morning from
S.tn Franclaco and San Pedro, with freight and
JStesmer Beaver will sail thla evening for San
Francisco, with freight and passengers.
Steamer William Chatham sailed Thursday
err. ng for San Francisco, with a cargo of
6EATTLE. Aug. 15.—Arrived—Sleamers Uma
tilla. San 1 ranciseo: Humboldt. Dolphin. Skag
Mariposa southwestern Alaska.
gaUetf -Steamer Admiral Sampson, southwest
ern Alaska: President. El Segundo, San Fran
Cisco; Nebraskan. Sallna (>»«
Movements of Steamers I
| Date
UN Angeles (Vanguard Aug. Jjj
San Diego ft I.oa Ang. .IMnltnomah |Aug. «
Monterer ft Santa CrualEureka Aug. fi
Sal. Crui ft San Diego. Nevadan .Aug. i«
Humboldt U\ A. Kilburn.. Aug.
Fort Bragg Brunswick Aug. If.
Ralboa Tla Acanulco.. . |San Juan {Aug. ifl
Portland ft AstoriaRoanoke ; Auz. y>
San Dlero * Los Ang. .'Harvard ;Aug. lfi
Crava Harbor Centralfa I Aug. W
Willapa Harbor iSanta Barbara.. Aug. *i
firavs Harbor )«. G Lindaner. |Aug. 1^
Humboldt Pboentx (Aug. U
San Diego ft Los Ang. .[Willamette
Seattle * Tacoma..Udra. Farragut. (Aug. 17
Seattle direct [President .Aug. it
Portland ft Astoria [Beaver .. Aug. g
Portland '.Celtic King.... Aug. 17
Mendocino ft Shel. Cove Sea Foam Aug. l >
BE Angeles iRose City Aug. IT
San Diego ft T.os Ang. .[ Yosemlte .... .Aug. IS
Portland ft Astoria... .|-1. B. Stetson.. Aug. 8
Portland ft Astoria {Klamath , |Aug. is
Humboldt ;Lakine .... J?
Humboldt City of Topeka. Aug. 18
Mm Angeles ft War Pts Santa Ciara ... Aug. 18
San Diego ft l.os Ang..'Queen .Aug. M
San Diego ft Los Ang. . I Yale |Aug. M
Portland ft Astoria.... i Northland IA g. 1»
Seattle ft Tacoma Ruckman ,A g. IB
Honoluln Wilhelmlna .•••!•* «■ ™
Puget Sonnd Nehraskan jAug..19
LM Angeles direct (Harvard (A g. 19
I os Angeles JHanalel |A J. -0
Fort Bragg Arctic ,A g. 20
Port San I.uis COM Bay |Aug. .1
Point Arena ft Albion.. Porno A g. f\
Honolulu mtlonlsn ;Aug. .1
San Diego ft Los Ang. .|Roanoke M :.>i
\y* ;\ 8 X.n::."Aug.' 3
Puget Sound Ports |t mat.11a .\M* g
Seattle ft, Tacoma Watson A g. g
Portland ft Astoria. .. . Bear f2* 8
Ix« Angeles R*«" r • 2
San Diego & Los A ng... President 'Aug. —
Date |
Aug. 16 Vanguard [Humboldt . 1 P»| 27
Aug. 10 Norwood JJraya Harbor, 3 pm, 19
Aug. WNann Smith ...Coos Bay .J 3 pm, Tt
Aug. 16CohimMa \<iW Harbor 2 pm 27
Au** 16 Multnomah .... ... am, it
Aug. 16'Ravall! [Humboldt .1- m JT
An e 16 Han.W \U» Angles. • pm W
\„;. 16 North Fork ...|HnmboMt ..12 m .«
Aug, 16 Harvard Ancee,., 4 pm 7
Aug. 16Centralla H-<*< Angela. 10 am, 61
AM iSiCoos Ra? fTt. Ran l.uis. 4 pm It
Ana. lfi.Slilnro Maru... Hongkong ..1pm M
Aug. DVAcapulco Balboa ..... 12 m 42
Aug lfi.ioTfrnor. P«gK Sound.. 2 pm 9
Aug Ifi Roanoke ..'....(San Diego. . . 7 pat M
Aug. 16Mera ........ ...12 m- 17
»„r it i iir Tmpoua Riv. < pm 16
Aug :iTW A.'KUburn.iHuUoldt ..)l2 mj 13
Aug! 17 Willamette ...JPoHlaoi ... * £» »*
Aug. 17!Yo*emite |Portland ... 4 rmj H
Aug ITlArctin iFort Bragg. .: 3 pm;. . ..
Aug-! 17 Porno Mg Arjna.; « pm, S
Aug isrisromont . ..JWlHkpa H*ar. 12 mj 2.
Aug. lSKurek* iSanta Crui.. 4 pm: 13
Aug 1« Oliver J. Olxon. Portland . . ft P"»; £
Auk.' lR Fifleld ......... Icoqutlle *r». ft pm, 21
Aug. lRIKlamatb \U* ftpftiaW. 4 pm, 51
Aug IS AroHn* IFortland ...I Jf"j
Aug. 1R Rose City [Portland ... 12 BM 40
Aug 18 President San Diego.. 2 pm 9
Io«. IS Adm Farragut. Puget Bf«e£4» P"V ™
Aug 1« J B. Stetson. Los Angeles [10 am 51
Aug 1R Yale I Los Angeles. | 4 pm 7
Aug 19C-jtv of Topeka ! Humboldt .112 m, 11
Aug. 19 Northland Loa Angeles ! 3 pm X»
Aug 1» t.urllne v . (Honolulu ... 5 pm] rfS
Aug. 10 < itv of Pnebla. Puget Sound.i 2 pm, 9
Aug. 19 Bearer Loa Angeles. 1 1 lam. 40
Aug CO Phoenix Humboldt .. llTtm, <fi
Aug. 20 !.akm« . .. Humboldt ..,12 m, oS
Aug. » Harvard IS»n Diego...! 4 pm I
Aug. 20 Santa Clara .. Lea Angelas.IM am| 13
Aug. 20 Sea Foam .... I Mendocino ,.| 4 pm 4
Aug. 20 Brunswick ...JFort Bragg..! 3 pm)....
Aue. 20 Tahiti [Sydney 11 am 1-
Aug. 20 Celtic King ...'Swsnsea .... 5 pm,....
Auc. 20 Hornet [Puget Sound.! I pm 3H
Aug. 21 Queen ,San l»1ego. ..ill am] 9
Aug. JI'Buokman |Puget Sound. 3 pm 10
Aug. "1 San Ramon ...Portland ... ft pm -7
lag )San Diego... 4 pm| 7
Kng. 22 Ncl.raskan (Sallna Cruz. 10 amj....
Aug. C2 Roanoke ...... [Portland ... 10 am; 13
Nome ft St. Michael [Humboldt ,Aug. 16
Nome ft St. Michael (Mackinaw (Aug. 18
Seward ft Way Port*..'Marlpo«a lAug. 18
SkagwHT ft War Ports.H'itT of Seattle, j Aug. 19
Nome ft St. Michael...|V1ctoria |A«*. »
Sun, Moon nnd Tide
United States coast and geodetic survey—Time
and heights of tides at Fort Point. For city
front (Mission street wbarfi. add 25 minutes.
Sun rises •
Sun sets • • « ' :<w
Moon rises • ~~ p ' m "
Full mooa August 16. at 12:18 p. m.
Last quarter moon.. ... August 24. at 4:C9 p. m.
Time Time! (Time Time
Aug Ft Ft , Ft —— Ft
I. W H Wl !T. W H W
5:2S;~0.4!12:19j «.Sj 3:08) 2.8!11:10; 5.6
17 5-r.fl —O.l'l2::.o! 4.9 1 S:3« 2.6 ll:i»l 5.3
18.. 6:24 0.3 1:17 4.-©; 6:3l| «.4
)H W L W ,H W L W;
19 : 0 31! 5.0 6:51 .0.7. 1:42 4.8 7:09 2.1
20.. 1 1:12 4.6l 7:151 1.2 2:05 4.8 7:53 1.9
M.J 1:5* 4.2| 7:«| 1.7 2:23) 4.9 8:36 1.7
a trm " Rl S:04V - l! 5.0' 9:31 1.4
Time Ball
United States Branch Hydrographic urnce. Mer
chants" Exchange, San Francisco, August
15. 1913.
The time hall on the roof of the Fairmont hotel
was dropned today exactly at noon. Pacific stand
ard time 1 or at Sh. 00m. Oos.
Greenwich mean timg. W. V. TOMB.
Lieutenant Commander. V. S. N.. in Charge.
| Shipping Intelligence !
Friday. August 15.
♦ 12:25 a. "m.. stmr Coos Bay. Bowea, 57 hours
from Ventura and way ports; merchandise to Pa
cific Coast company.
1 10 a. an., Br stmr Wabasha. Clark. SO days
20 hours .from Taku; ballast to Standard Oil com
4:20 a. ni., stmr Ventura. Cowell. 20 days 5
hours 53 minutes from Sydney, via Pago Pago
ir? (lavs 7 hours 52 minutes, via Honolulu 0 days
0 hou.s a.i minutes; passengers aud merchandise
to j. L Snreckels & P.ros. company.
5 a. in., stmr Davenport. Pettmers. 81 hours
from Ludlow; 500.000 feet lumber and WO piles
to Davenport & 6b,
5:20 n St.-, stmr Paraiso. .lacohsen. 03 hours
from Portland, via Astoria 53 hours: merchandise
u> Williams. Dimond & Co.
5:.;o a. an., stmr National City. Bostrom. 14
hours from Fort Bragg: 316 cords bark to Union
Lumber company.
6:30 a. ni.. stmr Whittier. Zolllng, 19 hours
from Port San Luis; oil to Union Oil company;
up river direct.
6:30 a. m.. stmr Shna Yak. Klose. S8 hours
from Everett: 1.000 poles and 1.000,000 shingles
to J. H. Baxter: 500 poles to order.
8:45 a. m.. stmr Santa Monica. Olaen. 40
hours from Ventura: ballast to J. R. Hanlfy.
9:05 a. m.. stmr Sireria. Zeeder.. 28 days from
Hongkong, via Yokohama 15 days and Honolulu
5 days 23 hours; passengers and merchandise to
Pacific Mail Steamship company.
9:45 a. ni., stmr Yale. Bartlett. 18 hours from
San Pedro: passengers and merchandise to Pa
cific Navigation company.
10 a. in., stmr Whlteshoro. Frederlckson. 15
hours from Greenwood: 217.000 feet lumber to
1.. E. White Lumber company.
10:45 a. SB., stmr Speedwell. Rosenblad, 47
hour* from Bandon; bound south, put In for fuel
and passengers.
12 m.. stmr Oovernor, Cousins, 23V4 hours
from San Pedro; passengers and merchandise to
Pacific Coast Steamship company.
1:20 p". m.. atmr Ctty of Puebla, Hannah. S3
hours from Victoria; passengers and merchandise
to Pacific Coast Steamship company.
1 :25 p. as., stmr Willapa. Johnson, 71 hours
from Willapa; 750.000 feet lumber to Sudden &
2:45 p. m., Ger stmr Mera. .Torgenson, 90
hours from Seattle: put in to finish loading.
3:30 p. m.. stmr Hanalei, Jacksou. 48 boors
from San Pedro: passengers and merchandise to
Independent Steamship company.
4:40 p. m.. barge Santa Paula. Pelle, 38 hours
from Port San Luis: 8.000 barrels oil to Union
Oil company; In tow tug Fearless.
■6:15 p. m.. Br stmr Aymerlt. Loftus, 6 days
from Guaymas; ballast to Darlca It Feboo; 11
passengers aboard. „ „ .
Friday. August 15.
Stmr Aeapulco. . Trask. Ancon; Pacific Mall
Steamship company.
Stmr Tallac. Hansen. Vancouver; ' Pollard
Steamship company. °
Stmr Hardy, Mlcbelsen. Coos Bay; James
Stmr Yale. Bartlett, San Diego; Pacific Navi
gation company.
Stmr Coos Bay, Bowen. Ventura; Pacific Coast
Steamship company.
Thursday, August 14.
11415 p. m., power schr Surprise Olsen, Pig
eon" point: •
Friday, August 15.
IT 20 a. m.. stmr Prentiss, Hansen. Eureka.
12:15 p. m., ajmr City of Topeka, Harris,
1 :30 p. ni.. bktn Fulleiton, Lucas, Port San
Luis: In tow tug Dauntless.
11 a. m.. stmr V oca tan, Paulsen. Portland.
4:10 p. in., stmr Yale. Bartlett. San Pedro.
4:4 ii p. in., stmr Hardy, Mlehelsen. Coos Bay.
5:20 p. in., stmr Scotia, Justen, Eureka.
5:40 p. m.. stmr Tallac, Hansen. Vancouver.
9 a. m., U. S. stmr Sequoia, Anderson, Half
moon Bay, etc.
6:30 r>. m., simr Speedwell. Rosenblad, San
Tedro and San Diego.
POINT LOBOS, Ang. 15. 10 p. m.—Weather
hazy; wind NW: velocity 14 miles an hour.
POINT LOBOS", Ang 15. 9 a. m— Clear; wind
NW: velocity 12 miles an hour.
POINT REYES, Aug. 15. « a. m.—Clear; wind
NW: velocity 40 mllea an hour.
TATOOSH. Aug. 15. 9 a. m.—Cloudy; wind
SE - velocity 19 miles an hour.
POINT LOBOS. Aug. 15. 12 m.—Harv; wind
W: velocity 24 miles an hour. -
NORTH HEAD. Aug. 15. 12 m.—Cloudy; wind
S- elocitv 12 miles an hour: bar smooth.
POI N'T HE YES. Aug. 15. 12 m.—Cloudy; wind
NW: veioeitv 30 mi,lea an hour.
TATOOSH. Aug. 13. 12 m.—Cloudy: wind SE;
velocity 10 miles an hour. n„„. „-m d
TOINT LOBOS. Aug. 13. 3 p. m.—Hazy, wina
N\V; velocity 24 mllea an hour.
BANDON—Arrived Aug. 13. 9 a. m.—Stmr
Brooklyn, from Chetco. ,
COW BAY-Sailed Aug. 13. 3 p. m "™
Breakwater, for Portland: 2 p. m.. stmr Adeline
Smith for Savi Francisco.
GREENWOOD—Arrived Aug. 15—Stmr Alca
ti az. beOCfl Aug. 14. — '
HUENEME-Arrived Aug. 15—Sstmr George
Loonl*. fi'!iu San Pedro.
CASPAR -Arrived Aug. 13. 3 p. m.—Stmr
Caspar, hence Aug. 1-1.
U N A L A S X A—Sailed Aug. 13— Stmr Homer.
for Baa Francisco.
. SAN DlEGO—Arrived Aug. lo—Stmr \osem
ite. from San Pedro. ,
Sailed Aug. 13—Stmr Willamette, for San
Francisco. = _
WESTPORT—Arrived Aug. lu—Stmr Pasa
dena, hence Aug. 14.
KI.DONDO BEACH -Sailed Aug. 13. 3:30 p. m.
Stmr Clareinont. for San Francisco.
FoRT BRAGG—Sailed Aug. 15—Stmr Bruns
wick, for San Francisco.
PORT SAN l.ClS—Arrived Aug. 15. 0:30 a. m.
Stmr Roma, from Astoria: 12 in., stmr Daisy,
from Willapa. _ . • _..
Sailed Aug. 15, 10:30 a. m. -Stmt Santa Rita,
for Vancouver; 7:30 p. m.. stmr Roma, for \ au
couver. 1
POINT REYES—Passed Aug. 15. 8:10 p. m. —
Stmr Wasp, from Eureka for San Pedro.
SANTA BARBARA —Arrived Aug. lo—Stmr
Santa Clara, hence Aug. 13.
Sailed Aug. 15—Stiur Santa Clara, for San
Pedro. .
ASTORlA—Arrived Aug. 15. 3 a. m.—Stmr
Bear, hence Aug. 13; 11 a. m., atmr Oleum,
from Port San Luis.
Sailed Aug. 14. midnight—Stmr J. B. Stetson,
for San Pedro; stmr Shoshone, for Grays Harbor;
7 p. m.. stmr Wni. Chatham, for San Francisco;
— a. at* stmr ffiasta. for San Pedro.
Sailed Aug. 1"'. 4 p. m. -Stmr Aurella. for
San Francisco; 5 p. m.. stmr Beaver, for San
MONTEREY Arrived Ang. 14 -Schr Monte
rev, from Uclondo Beach. In tow tug Navigator.
Sailed An?. 19, 5 a. m. -Schr Monterey, for
Redondo Peach. In tow tug Navigator.
SEATTLE Arrived Aug. 15, 2 a. m Stmr
Mariposa, from Valdez: 4 a. m.. stmr Humboldt,
from Skagway.
Bailed Aug. 15, 0 a. in. -Stmr El Scgundo. for
San Francisco. ,
TACOMA. Sailed Aug. 15--Stmr Ellhu Thom
son, for \onip; gtmr Buckman. for San Francisco
via Seattle.
EAGLE HARBOR Sailed Aug. 15 Rargx
Washington. In tow tug John Cudahy. for Brook
field. Or#.
TATOOSH ' Passed Aug. IS, « a. m Stmr
Fairhsven. hence Aug. 11 for Ludlow: 1:15
p. m.. stmr Atlas. hencp Aug. 12 for Seattle.
Passed Aug. IS, 2:30. p. in. Stmr Argyll.
b«»ncr Aug. 12 for Seattle.
SAN PEDRO Arrived Aug. IS Simr Slsk!
yon. from Rc-IHngham: stmr Hoquiam. frotu
Aberdeen: stmr Csrmel. from Redondo Beach;
stmr Gray* Harbor, from Santa Barbara; stmr
Oliver J. Olson, from San Diego,
Sailed Aug. (3 -Stmr Aralon. for San Fran
Arrfi'-'l Aug 1". Stmr Olson ft MahOBV. hence
Aug. 13; stmr Ilßrjard. from San Diego; stmr
James S Higg'ns. stmr fj. M. Clark, stmr Mau
dalav. «tmr Santa <'lar». hence Aug. 13; stmr
r™.» ritv. bencn Aug, 14.
Sailed Auk. 15—Stmrs Harvard and Helepe,
for San Francisco: stmr Santa for San
Fraactpec rta war ports: stmr Wellesley, for
Eureka: stmr H*nrv T. Scott, for Puget Moad;
t-tinr o. M. Clark, for Pan Diego.
EUREKA —Arrived Aug. 15, 7 a. m. -Stmr
Acme, bene* Aug. 13.
Sailed Aug 15. II a. m -Stmr F. A. Kllbnrn.
for San Ft'auelaco,
ABFRPEEN --Arrived Aug. 15. 8 a. m. -Stmr
J. B. Stetson, from Astoria.
Batted" Aug. 15. 1? B. Stmr G. C. Llndatier.
stmr Cbehans, for San Francisco.
PHILADELPHIA- Arrived Aug. 14—Br atmr
Jeansra. fro-n Montevideo.
NEW YORK Arrived Aug. 14 -Stmr Advance,
from Colon. • j
VICTORIA- Arrived Aug. 15 -Stmr T'mattlla.
hence Aug. 12.
BALBOA Sailed Aug. 15- Stmr Aztec, for
San Francisco.
CRISTOBA!,—Arrived Aug. 14—Stmr Alllanca,
from New York.
YOKOHAMA -Arrived July 31—Ger stmr Sax
onia. from Astoria and Victoria. /
HAKODATE—SaiIed Aug. 14 -Br atmr M S.
Dollar, for San Francisco.
Arrived Aug. 15 -Br stmr Bessie Dollar, from
ILOILO -Arrived Aug. 15—Br atmr Robert
Dollar, from Hongkong. »
APIA Arrived July 27 -Schr W. J. Patter
»on. from Willapa.
HONGKONG - Arrived Aug. 15. 6 p. m.—Jap
stmr Nippon Maru. hence July 19.
NEW YORK —Arrived Aug. 15 -Stmr Mauri
tania, from Liverpool: stmr Frame, from Havre:
stmr Frledricli rler Qtomt, from Bremen: atmr
Celtic, from Ijverpool; stmr Patras, from Pi
raeus. «
Sailed Aug. 13- -Stmr New York, for South
ampton: stmr Roma, for Marseilles.
LIB AC —Arrived Aug. 9—Stmr Kursk, from
New York.
COPENHAGEN- Arrfted Aug. 12—Stmr Oskar
11, from New V ork, not as previously reported.
GENOA—Arrived Aug. 12—Stmr Principe dl
Piemonte. from New York.
NAPLES—Arrived Aug. 12—Stmr San Gug
lielmo. from New York. Aug. 14—Stmr Verona,
from New York.
Salic}. Ang. 11. Stmr Madonna. from
Marseilles for New York. Aug. 14.—Stmr lver
nia. from Trieste for New York,
SINGAPORE—Arrived prior Aug. 15—Stmr
Flintshire, from Tacoma for Hongkong.
QUEENSTOWN —Sailed Aug. 15—Stmr Cedrlc.
from Liverpool for New York.
Arrived Auc. 15—Stmr Baltic, from New York
for Liverpool.
CORONER-Sailed Aug. 9—Stmr Lord Lons
dale, from Antwerp for San Francisco.
ROTTERDAM—Arrived Aug. 13—Stmr Vol
turno. frotn New York.
NEWCASTLE (Ana. > — Arrived Aug. 13—Stmr
Colllngham, from Victoria B. C. for Adelaide.
HAVRE—Arrived Aug. 14—Stmr La Lorraine,
from New York.
PORT SAlD—Arrived Ang. 15—Stmr Den of
Glamls, from Rotterdam for Astoria.
CHERBOURG—Arrived Ang. lo—Stmr Berlin,
from New York for Bremen.
PLYMOUTH — Arrived Aug. 15—Stmr Iraper
ator. from New York for Hamburg; stmr Phila
delphia, from New York for Southampton.
SOUTHAMPTON—SaiIed Aug. 15—Stmr Presi
dent Lincolu. for New York.
Pilot boat Pathfinder, while rounding to off
Meiggs wharf, jibbed aud broke main boom.
Exports by the Korea
lhe steamer Korea sailed for Hongkong and
way porta via Honolulu Tuesday with cargo
valued ai 6433,742. to be distributed aa follows;
For Honolulu. 658.431; Japan. 817,692; Philip
pine Islands. 6835-261; China. 84.839; Korea,
$3,680: East Indies. $3,655; Vladivostok. $235;
Siam. $9. Amoug the principal exports were the
To Honolulu —2.428 ctls barley. 267 gals
whisky. 25 pkgs potatoes, 25 pkgs onions. 2
Mitomoblles and 1 cs parts. 14 pkgs machinery.
To Japan—6.6oo lbs dried fish. 3.170 lbs sugar.
53 ctls oats. 108 cs tanned goods. 20 pkgs fresh
fruits. 50 bales hay. 20 tons acetate of lime, 31
pkgs automobile parts, 85 pcs cedar lumber, 85
;>kgs machinery.
To East Indies—s2s cs canned goods. 10 cs
salmon. 782 lbs hops, 103 gals wine. 5 bbls oils,
6 pkgs machinery.
To Vladivostok —2.500 lbs assorted dried frulta.
1,250 lbs prunes.
To China—2l,27o lbs dried fish. 70 cs canned
goods. 463 lbs cheese. 104 pks fresh fruits. 381
pcs cedar lumber. 172 pkgs machinery. 6 cs oils.
To Korea —2,890 lbs sugar. 625 lbs dried fruits
and raislus. 55 cs canned goods, 22 pkgs paints,
10 pkgs machinery.
on your next eastern trip. Pur
chase your ticket from your local
agent and call for CANADIAN
PACIFIC, We can offer you
among our many
Over Six Hundred IVliles of
Unsurpassed Scenery through the
Canadian Rockies. On a ticket
routed via the Great Lakes,
Meals and Berths are included.
545 MARKET ST., Saa Francisco
These reports are receive* dlreetly
from the Pacific coast station* ot the
Marconi Wireless companyt
Thursday. August 14.
for Yokohama; S p. m.. TB3 miles west or
STEAMER CHINA—From Yokohama for San
Franeinoo rta Honolulu: 8 p. m.. Lois miles
west of Honolulu.
STEAMER LAN SIN o—From Port San Luis for
Jun°au; S p. m., C7B miles north of San Fran
HUo; S p. m.. 1,273 miles off Sin Franelseo.
STEAMER SIERRA—Hence Aug. 12 for Hono
lulu: 8 p. tn.. 820 miles off San Franeisoo:
light oast-northeast wind: clear; barometer
30.24: temperature 82: all well.
San Francisco; S p. tn.. miles off San
STEAMER KOREA —nenee Aug. 12 for China; 8
p. in.. 850 miles off San Francisco.
STEAMER HAN AL El—From San Pedro for San
Francisco; will arrive Ang. 13. 4 p. m.
STEAMER W. F. HERRIN- From Monterey for
Portland: 8 p. ni.. 24<> miles from Columbia
liTer: fine weather: calm sea.
STEAMER CENTRAL! A—Hue San Franelseo
Aug. 16, 3 a.m.
Friday. August 15.
for r.nreka; 8 p. uj., 24 miles south of Point
STEAMER YALE—Hence Ana-. 15 for San Pe
dro; «:19 p. tn., passed Pigeon point.
STEAMER CENTRALIA- From Aberdeen for San
Fr.inelseo; 8 p. m., 12 miles north ef Point
SAN' FRANCISCO. August 15.
STEAMER YUCATAN—Off Point Arena at 8
p. m.
STEAMER MULTNOMAH—S miles north of
Point Sur at 8 p. m.
STEAMER SANTA RITA- 110 miles south of
San Francisco at 8 p. m.
STEAMER ROMA—I .eft Port Harford for Van
couver at <:. - 10 p. m.
EI'REKA. August 15.
"f St. Qeorge. reef at 8 p. m.
Tape pion„o at .8 p. m.
STEAMER WM. CHATHAM -50 miles south of
< ape Planen at 8 p. m
STEAMER MERCED—IO miles north of Blunts
reef 8t 6 p. m.
STEAMER HARVARD—Passed Hueneme at 6.26
p m ; northbound.
STEAMER SAN JUAN —9 p m.. 506 miles from
San Francis' o, northbound.
ASTORIA. August 15.
STEAMER WATSON- San Franelseo Seattle; off
I ope Elizabeth at 8 p ,n
STEAMER W. F. HERRIN Mr>r>ter.v Portland ;
Inside Columbia rirer bar at 8 p. m.
Francisco; 10 miles south of Yaquina head at
8 p. m.
STEAMER BEAVER—PorHs.no 1 -San Francisco;
32 miles south of Columbia river *t 8 p. n,
STEAMER CATANIA—Port Pan Luis Seattle: 327
miles north of San Francises at 8 p. m.
STEAMER OLEUM—Port Harford Portland: 22
miles up Columbia river at 8 p. m.
STEAMER OHEHALIS—Crars Harbor San Fran
<-ls.'o: .1 miles south of Tillamook a t 8 p. m.
STEAMER PRESIDENT Seattle San Francisco;
off lightship st 8 p. m .
STEAMER C AMINO San Fran-lsoo Tortland; 40
miles south of Columbia river at 8 p. m.
SEATTLE. August 15.
STEAMER ARGYLL— For Seattle; off Edis hook
at 8 p. no.
STEAMER ATLAS-Seaftie for San Fraaclsco;
off Port. Angeles at 8 p. m.
An Indictment, charging Mm. Hannah
Welch with assault to murder, was dis
missed by Superior .Tudare Dunne
yesterday on motion of the district at
torneys office. Mrs. Welch has been
confined in a hospital since a sensa
tional episode several years ag:o, when
Deputy Sheriff Barr attempted to serve
her with papers and she shot htm with
a rifle and assaulted Detective Michael
Burke with a loaded cane.
Kronprln* Wilhelm Sept. 8
Krnnprlnzewdn Cecil!* Sept. 9
Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse.Sept. 16 I
Fast Mall Sailings. ■^■fl
tßremen Aug*. 21 Bflflfl
' Prlnz Friedrlrh Wilhelm. . Aug;. 80 fll
George Washington Sept. 8 fll
tßremen direct. Bfl^B
Baltimore-Bremen direct: one cabin
(II); Wednesdays. ■BJB9BJ
Sailings on SATURDAY for B
Barbarossa Sept. 6 Bfl
Berlin Sept. 20 ■
Through rates from New York to fll
Egypt. India. Far East sftd SOUTH ■
AMERICA, via n iiul'F. Largest. BflßflJ
Newest. Finest Ships tn this Service
Independent Trips #wIU BH
Panama and West India Cruises. I
Jan.. Feb. and March 1914. HH
In 1918 the North German Lloyd I
carried more passengers in every BfJ
class to and from Port of H
New York than any other line. J B
AGENTS, 5 BroHdwav. N. Y. fflßfl|
cine Cast Agent. 250 Powell St.
"<-»r St. Francis Hotel aud Geary Bj
St., San Francisco. BJ
N. Y.-PlTmouta-Cnerbotirsr-Soatnampton
New York—London Direct
London, Paris, via Dover — Antwerp
New A ork—Qoeenstnw*—Liverpool
X. Y. A Boston—-Mediterranean—Earypt
Sailings Every Saturday from Montreal and
Including the
Tentonle A ug. '.M'Canadn Sept. A
Laurentlv . . Aug:. 30| Meganttc ...Sept. 13
Send for folders cf the Short Land Locked St.
Lawrence Route to Europe.
Pacific Coast Agency, 316 Geary Street
Phone Kearny 3265.
Opposite St. Francis Hotel, S. F.
Sailings every Wednesday at 10 a. m. and MM
Saturday at 3 p. m. mm
France Aug. 20] La Savole Sept. I'flfl
La Lorraine. .Aug.. 27|La Provence. .Sept.- 24flf.
La Provence. .Sept. 4[France Oct. 1 Bfl
Fr»nee .. Sept. 10; ( ■
Every Saturday at a P- m. Bfl
Virgin!* Aug. 30|Rocbambeau ..Sept. 20Bfl
Chicago Aug. 80|Cblcago Sept. 27^H
La Touraine. .Sept. 6La Touralne.. .Oct. 4 B_BJ
Niagara Sept. 13| BJ
FUGAZI BROS., Pacifto Coaat Xanaser*. 630 B
Montgomery Street, Ban Franciaoo. *£■
■ -New Amsterdam I'Ryndam Sept. 91
I • Aug. 26!tRotterdam.Bept. 161
■ 'Noordam. . .Sept. 81 ■
■ 'Via Boulogne tPlvmoath and Boulogne, fl
* a%
| Grand Canyon of the Feather |
| River and tin Royal Gorge §
§j The "Panama-Pacific Express n S
EE with Observation Cara and EE
= The "1915 Mail" Train. =
EE Leave Union Ferry Depot Arrive S5
= •I*. ( Stockton. Sacramento. ) - 2fl =
= ■•'■■ \ Salt Lake. Denver. I F " >B 9 =
= •*•■• / Omaha. Chicago, Kan- C •M• EE
=1M " ( saB City. St. Louis ) ~W * =
= 4.18 p Stockton a 5
5 Through Standard and Tourist Sleeping EE
SS Cars via Den. & Rio Grande and Missouri EE
E Pacific, Bock Island Lines and Burling-- ~
SS to i Rout*. EE
E Ticket Orricsa EE
E 665 Market St.—?hone Setter 1651 EE
S 1326 Breadwai, (hklast -Pkone Oakiaia 132 S
Alaska Excursion
Including Berth. Meals and Trans
portation from San Francisco to
Sitka. Alaska, and return.
See glaciers, snow-capped noun,
tains. Indians, totem poles, gold
An Easy
Vacation Voyage
Tickets nnvr on sate at
San Pranelaien, *53 Market *f. 'V*«l
aee Hotel). Phone Kearny 482.
Oakland, 132* Broadway.
Phone Oakland o*Bo.
Berkeley. 2125 Shattuek Arcane.
Phone Berkeley 44.
S Portland
BEAR « AU °r BT tBt ,
beaver Los Angeles
SIBERIA (18,000 tons) calls at Manila
Tuesday. August 20
CHINA (calls at Manila*, first saloon ac
commodatloua at reduced rates
Thursday. Sept. 4
MANCHURIA cjl.ooo togs) calls at Manila
'.Wednesday. September 10
Cuisine under personal supervision of Mr.
TV. Moroul, one of tire vaoilU's Dedal tiimous
Mexico — Central America — Panama
New York-—South America — Europe
SAN JUAN Thursday, Aug. 28
PENNSYLVANIA (freight and pass.)
Thursday. September 23
Flood Builillnar. Saa Franelsco.
Phone Kearny 3620.
I For Folders, Tickets, etc, apply 1
Pacific Navigation Co., «80 Market St., S F. |
Tehuantepec Route
Retro lar Faat Fretajat Service
failing from New York every six days,
making- direct connections with Pacific
steamers sailing- from Sallna Cruz.
Mex.. every six days for San Francisco.
YORK. Also to Mexican and all prin
cipal European ports under through
rates and through bills of lading. Sail
ings from San Francisco every 12 days.
For rates and further particulars ap.
eral Agents. 8 Bridge street. New York.
Agents. Pacific Coast.
310 Sansome St., San Francisco.
ISp: ndlrl le.aoa Tea steamer!
$11$ Honolulu Rr a a T^>: Sydney $300
Grand Tear, Sooth Round the World. 1425
■ Seas. $325. Haoelolo, lit da«s: 2nd dais «•*
■ Samoa, Australia Nes vh Hsr five continents
■ Zealand. Tahiti etc and world's great dtiei.
■ KeseMs Saffian A«f. 24. jest. •. 23. etc., 2a. m.
■ >vda«T ladings Ang. 24 'ea . 21, etc, 2s. at.
H Wr. tear win Raw far Berths. Sand for Foiier.
■J «71 Market St. Pheaa Barter S4*
liniim 111 II S - s - LUKLINK. Aug. 19
8. S. HONOI.ULAN. S*pt. 2
New steamers. 13.000 tons. Leave Pier No. 3A.
Round trip. $110 and up. Direct service to the
268 Market Street
Lean (Foot of Market Street) Arrive
(Subject to change without notice)
2.16* Nile*. Liver more, Tracy, Lathrop,
Stockton, Lodi, Gait, Elk Grove,
Sacramento, Roseville, Auburn, Col
fax, Truckee, Reno, Sparks 10.40*
2.15 a Sacramento. Marysville, Biggs, Chico. 10.40*
2.15 a Yolo, Williams, Willows. Tehama.... 10.40*
6.40 a Richmond (Vailejo). Port Costa, Mar
tines, Antioch, Byron Hot Springs.
Tracy, Patterson, Newman, Lo*
Banos, Ingle. Herman, Fresno 11.20*
6.40 a San Leandro, Hayward, NUes, Baa
Jose . 8.1 Op
7.00 a Richmond, Port. Costa, Benicia, Sui
sun, Dixon, Sacramento 750*
7.00 a Elmira, Vacaville. Winters I.lo*
7.00 a Roseville, Marys villa (Oroville), Red
ding, Dunsmuir 10.40*
7.00 a Davis. Woodland. Williams. Maxwell,
Willows, Hamilton, Corning, Red
Bluff 750p
7.20 a The Statesman—Richmond, Vailejo
Junction, Pert Costa, Benicia, Sui
sun, Dixon, Davis, Sacramento 6.50p
7.20 a Nile*. Pleasanton, Livermore, Tracy,
Lathrop, Stockton (Oakdale), Lodi,
Sacramento 7.30*
7.20* Tracy, Patterson, Newman, Lo* Bane*.
Ingle, Kerman, Fresno 450p
7.40 a Richmond, Vailejo, Napa. Calistoga,
Santa Rosa, Crockett, Port Costa.. 6.1 Op
7.4o*vAvon, Walnut Creek, San Ramon.... 6.1 Op
B.ooa Newark, West San Joae, Los Gatos,
Wright. Felton (Ben Lomond, Boul
der Creek), Santa Crus BJJOp
6.40 a Richmond. Port Costa, Mart in ea,
Byron Hot Spring*, Tracy (Stockton),
Merced, Berenda, Madera, Freano,
Fowler, Selma, Traver, Goshen Junc
tion (Hanford, Armona), Tulare,
Bakersfield 450p
8.40 a Vaalia, Lindsav, Porterville. Ducor... 7.1 Op
8.40 a Yosemite Valley via Merced 450*
9.00 a Irviegton, San Jose 750p
•40* Nile*. Pleasanton, Livermore, Stock
ton, ('Milton), Valley Spring, lone,
Sacramento 450p
9.00 a Tuolumne, Sonora, Jamestown, Angela 2.50*
B.ooa Port Costa, Benicia, Suisun, Dans,
Sacramento 10.40*
o.oo* Vailejo, Napa, St. Helena, Calistoga.. 450p
MO* Goldfield Pass.—Tmckee(LakeTahoe),
Hasen, Wabuska (Yerrington, Hud
' son). Mine, Tonopah. Goldfield,
Laws,Keelw .-! S.lo*
MOa Richmond, San Pablo, Pinole, Vailejo
Junction, Crockett, Port Costa, Mar
tines, Avon, Concord Ban Ramon.. 8410*
1020* "Pacific Limited"—Ogden, Cheyenne, >
Omaha, Chicago—Salt Lake City,
Denver 8.50*
1020 a Port Costa, Benicia, Sacramento, Col
fax, Truckee, Reno, Hazes, Love
lock, Winneraneea, Battle Mountain,
Palisade, Elko, Wells, Cobra 8.60 a
10.20* Niles,Jrvmgton, San Josa |L2op
10.40 a Stockton { 3)10*
10.40 a Los Angeles Passenger—Richmond,
Port Coata, Martinet, Byron Hot
Springe, Tra/sy, Stockton, Merced,
Madero, Freano. (Hanford, Coalinga,
VieaKs), Bakersfield, Lo* Angeles 7.10*
10.40* El Paso, Kansas City, fit Louis, Chi
cage. 12.50 a
1120* Shasta Limited De Luxe—Portland.
Tacoma, Seattle • •... 8.50*
12.00s Richmond. Port Costa, Benicia, Bui
sun, Fairfield, Dixon, Sacramento. 450*
12.00s Elmira,Vacaville, Winters .......... 756p
12.00* Davis, Williams, Colusa June, Willow*,
Germantown, Orland, Hamilton.... 6.50*
12.00n Marysville, Chico, Red Bluff 450*
I.oo* Niles, Irvington, San Joae LBOp
120* Ban Leandro, Nile*, Centerville, New
ark (Redwood). San Jose 7.50p
1.20p Newark, Alviso, Agnew, Santa Clara,
West San Jose. Los Gatos, Glen
wood. Felton. (Boulder Creek),
Santo Crus, Wateon ville 8.1 Op
2.40p Ban Leandro, Niles, San J0e5........ 750p
3.00p Richmond, Benicia, Suisun, Sacra
mento—Woodland, Tudor, Yuba
City, Marysville, Oroville M .10a
3.00* Elmira. Vaca ville, Winters, Rumsey.. 11.10*
350p Richmond, Port Costa. Marlines,
Byron Hot Springs, Modesto, Mer
eed, Madera. Freano 10.40p
4.00p Overland Limited De Luxe—Denver,
Kansas City, St Louis, Omaha,
Chicago 950*
4.00p Port Costa, Martinez, Concord, Wal
nut Creek, San Ramon, Livermore.. o.loa
•LOOp Vailejo, Napa, St. Helena, Calistoga,
Glen Ellen. Santo Rosa 9.10 a
4.00p Niles (Centerville. Newark). Sunol.
Pleasanton, Livermore, Tracy, Stock
ton, Lodi, Sacramento 12.50*
4-4 Op San Leandro. Hayward, NUes, Plea*-/ t 850*
anion, Livermore I JIO.IO*
4.40* Irvington. San Jose 950*
4.40p Tracy, Patterson, Newman, Los Banos,
Kerman, Fresno 10.40P
440* Valley Flyer—Port Costa. Byron Hot
Springs, Tracy, Modesto, Merced,
Madera, Fresno. Goshen Junction,
Tulare, Bakersfield, Mojave, Lo* '
Angeles 12.80*
Mo* Vailejo, Port Costa, Benicia, Buitun,
Bacr*raen;o, Roseville, Lincoln,
Wheatland, Marysville (Oroville).
Gridley, Biggs, Chico 10.40p
MO* Devi*. Arbuekle. Williams, Willows,
Orland, Tehama, Red Bluff 10.40*
8.60* Newark West San Joae. Loa Gatos... 10.10*
MOp Saturday* and Sundays—Glenwood,
Felton. Sent* Crus 110.10 a
B.oo* Niles. Pleasanton, Livermore, Tracy,
Stockton 10.10 a
MOp Richmond, Pinole, Crockett, Port
Costa, Martinez, Avon and Way
Station*. ■• Io.oop
MOp San Leandro, Lorenzo, Hayward,
Nile*. Pleasanton, Livermore, Tracy
Btockton 2.50p
MOp Owl Limited-Port Costa. Tracy,
Fresno, Los Angeles B,loa
MOp Hayward, Nile* aud San Jos* 6.10 a
6.40j> Eastern Express—Ogden, Pueblo. Den
ver, Kansas City, St. Lours, Chicago. 1.30p
MOp Richmond, Port Costa. Byroa Hot
Springs, Tracy. Stockton, Sacra
mento, Colfax, Truckee, Reuo,
Sparks Isop
?.60p (Sunday only)— Richmond (Vailejo),
PortCosta.Martiaez.Concord. Walnut
Creek, Pleasanton. Nile*. Oakland.. 12.45*
7.20 a Sleeping Car to Truckee for Lake _
Tahoe. 750 a
MOp Oregon Express—Richmond, Sacra
mento, Roseville, Marysville. Red
ding *Klamath Falls), Ashland, Port
land, Tacoina, Seattle, Spokane 1.1 Op
9.00* Ml Eden, Alvarado, Newark, SanU
Clara, San Jose 7.60p
0.40p Sleeping Car for Yosemite \ alley via
Merced and El Portal 7.60 a
6.40p Bakerslield, McKittrick. Hatelton,
Monarch, Moron, Fellow, Shale.... 7.50*
6.40? Richmond, Port CosU, Tracy, Mo
desto. Merced, Madera, Fresno,
Hanford. Tulare 7.50 a
640* Hanford, Armotii. Lemoore, Huron,
Coalinga 7.50*
9.40p VLvalis, Exeter, Lindsay, Porterville,
Duoor, Fa-10*0 7.50*
10.2 C; Portland Express—Richmond. Davis.
Willows, Led Bluff, Weed, (Klamath
Falls), Ashland, Roseeurg, Portland.
Tacoma, Seattle 7.30*
I MOp California Mail—Ogden. Cheyenne,
Denver, Kansas City, Omaha, Chi
cago 850p
HAOp Richmond. Port Costa, Benicia, Sui
sun, Davis, Sacramento, Colfax,
Truckee. Reno 8.30p
Agut* collect baggage and cheeks en trains er boat* ef
Southern Pacme Como«nv and deliver baggage to resi
dence. They are authorizsd to check baggage direct
from resldanca.
S. S. Nippon Maru (intei meiilate service,
saloon accommodations at reduced rates)...
Tuesday, S*>pt. .;<>, 1913
S. S.'Ctunjo Mam Saturday, Aug. 16, toi:t
8. 8. Clilyo Maru Thursday, Slept. It, iota
Steamers sail from company's pier. No. 34
near foot, of Kranrran street, at 1 p. ra.. for Yo
kohama and Honjtkong. calling at Honolulu.
For freight ami passage apply at office, fourth
floor: Merchants' Natkmal Bank buiMinfc 6"5
Market at. W. M. AVERY.
Assistant General Manager
Sydaer via Tatttl and We-lllnc/toa
8. 8. TAHITI 112,000 tons) sails 11 a. m.. Auk 20
S. 8. MOAN A (10.000 tone) sails Ha. m.. Sept 17
S. 8. WILLOCHRA (12.000 tona) sail* 11 ,V
Oct. 18. *""
a. a. CO. OK Z„ l.tal.
HIND, EOLPH A CO.. Oanaral Agenta.
Xal. Sane. 3100. Ticket offtco. 670 Market at. 1
Leev* (Third tad Townsend Streets) Arriv*
(Bubject to change without nocice)
t B.oB* Valencia Street, Ocean View, Colma,
Cemeteries, Baden, San Bruno t 655*
6.45 a South San Francisco, San Joae, Mor
genhill. Gilroy, Sargent, Watson
ville, Aptoa, Capitola, Santa Crus.. B.ooa
B.4St College Park, Campbell, Los Gates,
Glen wood. Felton (Boulder Creek),
Santa Crua tH5O*
7.00 a Coaster—San Jose. Morganhiil, Gil
roy. Salinas, Soledad, King City,
Paso Roblea Hot Springs. San Luis
Obispo, Surf (Lompoc), Santa Bar
bara, Ventura, Oxnard, Los Angeles. 10.30*
7.00 a Holliater, Tres Pinos —Watsonville,
Banta Cruz—Del Monte, Monterey.
Pacific Grove 10.30p
t 7.054 South San Francisco, Palo Alto, San
Jose. Way Stations 3.25 a
f 7.05t Los Altos, Monta Vista, Los Gatos .. 7.20 a
B.oo* Shore Line Limited—Paso Roblea Hot
Springs. Santa Barbara, Los Angeles. 9.50 V
8.05 a Mayfield, Los Altos, I«s Gatos,
Wright, Glenwood (Boulder Cteek),
Santa Crui, Wataonville, Caatroville,
Del Mont», Monterey, Pacific Grove. 9.05g
9.00 a San Jose, Morgan bill. Gilroy, Sargent.
Salinas, Soledad, San Miguel, Paso
Roblea Hot Springs, San Luis Obispo. 4.00|
9.00 a Holiister, Tres Pinos—Watsonville,
Santa Cruz—Del Monte, Monterey,
Pacific Grove 4.00 a
10.40 a South San Francisco, Burlingame, San
Mateo, Palo Alto, Mayfield, Los (12.30*
Altos, Los Gatos I 7.20 a
11.30 a Valencia Street, Ocean View, Colma,
Cemeteries, Baden, San Bruno I.SS*
11.40 a South San Francisco. Ban Jose t 8.20 a
I. 20p Saturdays only—Ban Mateo, Red
wood, Mayfield, Los Alto*, Lo*
Gatos, Glenwood, Felton (Boulder
Creek), Santa Crua e10.38*
2.00 a Dei Monte Express—Ban Jose Mor
ganhiil, Gilroy, Sargent, Watsonville,
Santa Croz, Del Monte, Monterey,
Pacific Grove, (Salinaa) 1250*
2.05* Easton, San Mateo, Palo Alto. San
jog, 8.40 a
t 2.1 Op South San Francisco, Redwood, Santa
Clara, San Jose ti!so*
3.00 a South San Francisco, San Mateo, San
Jose, Morganhiil, Gilroy, (Tree
Pinos), Watsonville, Santa Cms, Del
Monte. Monterey, Pacific Grove 10.10*
3.29 a Friday* and Saturdays—Mayfield. Lo*
Altos, Lo* Gfttos, Wright, Glenwood,
Felton (Boulder Creek), Santa Crua,
Capitola, Watsonville 116.00*,
3.25b Burlingame, San Mateo, Redwood,
Palo Alto, Mayfield, Lo* Altos. Los
Gate* 5.30*1
8.28 D Wright, Felton (Boulder Creek), Baata
Crui. Watsonville 850*1
4.00* Bunset Express—Tucson, Deming, El
Paso, Houston. New Orleans, Chi
cago 9.10*1
4.00p Washington Sunset Route—Washing
ton, D. C, New York and East 9,10* '
4.00* Salinas. Paso Robles Hot Springs.
Ban Lui* Obispo, Santa Barbara,
Ventura and Los Angeles 9-10*
4.00* Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago 9.10 a
4.20* South San Francisco, San Jose t 7.25 a
t 4.56p Santa Cru* Limited—Mayfield, Los
Alto*, Lo* Gatos, Felton (Boulder
Creek). Santa Crua..... t 8.45 a ]
t B.C5* Burlingame, San Mateo, Redwood,
Palo Alto, Mayfield, Santa Clara, ,
Pan Jose t 8.30 a
t Ssop Redwood. Atherton, Menb Park, Palo
Alto, Mayfield, Mountain View, Sun- ~
nyvale. San Jose t 9.00*
t Bsop Lo* Altos, Monta Vista, Los Gatos . t 8.40 a
t 655p Easton, San Mateo. Redwood, Moun
tain View, San Jose 9.40 a
t 5.30p Lodp—Valencia Street, Ocean View,
Cemeteries, Bouth San Francisco,
23d Btreet, 3d and Townsend .... f 8-*°P
6.40b San Bruno, San Mateo, Redwood,
Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Ban Jose.. 7.450
t 8.40p Mayfield, Los Altos, Los Gatos J 9.40 a
t 6.00* MiUbrae, San Mateo, Redwood, May
field, Lo* Altos. Los Gatos t B.ooa
6.00 a Saturdays—Glenwood, Felton, Santa
Crus tIO.OOp
t 8.05* 23d Street, Visitacion, South San
Francisco, Valencia Street...... t 7.15*
8.30* Bouth San Francisco. San Joae 5.45*
B.oo* The Lark—Santa Barbara, Lo* An
geles 9.4<a
8.1 Op San Jose and Way Stations 7.30 a
IO.OOp Los Angeles Passenger—Morganhiil,
Salinas, Paso Robles Hot Springs,
San Luis Obispo, banta Barbara and
Los Angeles 8.25*
lOAS* South San Francisco, San Joae 11.55*
11.45p South San Francisco, Palo Alto, San
Joae 7.35 a
Via Oakland Pier
To Oakland, 16th St.. and Berkeley, via Shattuek Ay*.
and Ellsworth St. Lin**.—Daily—From 6.0) a. m., and
; every twenty minutes until 8.20 p. m., inclusive; then
9.00, 9.40,10.20, 1 LOO, 11.40 p. m., 12.20 sod 1.20 a. m.
Additional boat* Saturdays and Sundays only, 8.40
p. m., 9.20, 10.00, 10.40 and 1150 p. m.
Ta Berkeley via Calif or nia St. and West Berkeley, Albany
via Ninth St. Use*.—Daily—From •6.00 a. m.. t6.20.
*6.40, t7.00 a. m., and every twenty minutes until 5.20
p. m., inclusive; then 9.00,9.40,10.20,1 LOO, 11.40 p. m.,
1250 and 150 a. m. Additional boats Saturdays and
Sunday* only, 8.40 p. m., 9.20, 10.00, 10.40 and 1150
p. m.
To Oakland. Washington-Broadway, East Oakland,
Fruitval* an! Melrose, via S*v*nth St—Daily—From
6.00 a. m., then every twenty minutes until 8.20 p. m..
inclusive; then 9.00, 9.40. 10.20, 11.00, 11.40 p. vs.,
12.20 and 1.20 a. m. Additional boats Saturday* and
Sunday* only, 8.40 p. m., 950, 10.00, 10.40 and 1150
p. m.
Horseshoe to Oakland, Waahlnaton-Broadway, Fruitval*,
Alameda, North SW*.—Daily—From 6.00 a. m., t6.20,
6.40, 7.00, 7.20. 7.40, 8.00, 8.40. 9.40 »jn.; then 4.00
pjn.. 450, 4.40, 5.00, 6.20, 5.40, 6.00, 650,6.40,7.00
and t7.40 p.m.
T* Stonehurst (Steam Servle*)—+6.oo, f6.40, f7.20.
t9.00, 110.00 a. m., J1.20 p m., 12.00, J3.00, t3 20,
'4.00, "5.00, *5.40 and t650 p. m.
Via Alameda Pier
To Oakland, 14th and Franklin St*.—
6.15, 6.45 a. m. and then 15 and 45 minutes past to*
hour until 7.45 p. m.; then 8.30. 9.15, 10.00, 10.45,
11. 30 p. m. and 12.15 a. m.
To Alameda. North and South Side—
6.15, 6.45 a. m., and then 15 and 45 minutes past th*
hour until 7.45 p. m.: then 8.30, 9.15, 10.00, 10.45,
1150 p. m., and 12.15 a. m.
From San Francisco, South End of Ferry Building, far
Broadway Wharf, Oakland.—From 6.00 a. m.. daily,
and every half hour until 9.00 p. na., inclusive, then
J950 p. m., '10.00 p. as., 110.30 p. m., '11.00 p. m.,
•12.00 mdn., *! .00 a.m. Boat* leave Broadway Wharf—
From 6.15 a. m., daily, and every half hour until 8.45
p. m.,inclusive: then J9.15 p.m., "9.45 p.m., J10.15p.m.
•10.45 p. m., '11.45 p. m., '12.45 a. m.
a for Morning. 'Daily. p for Afternoon.
tSunday excepted. JSunday only. c Monday only.
§Sunday* and Mondays only.
From Pacino Street Wharf, Pier No. 7
This route offers exceptional opportunity for Auto
mot ilist* to reach all points on the Sacramento Rivsr:
Colliosrille, Emmaton, Rio Vista. laleton, Ryde, Walnut
Grove, Vorden, Courtland, Ciarksburg, Sacramento.
Steamer Navajo leaves San Francisco 850 a. m. daily
except Sunday, arriving Sacramento 7.00 p. m. Stopping
at all points en route. Leaves Sacramento 9.00 p. ra.
daily except Sunday, arriving San Francisco 7XO a. a*.
No stops en route.
Steamer Modoc or Apache, leaves San Francisco 13
noon daily except Sunday. Leave Sacramento 10.00
a. m. daily except Sunday; (topping both ways at all
point* en route. Arriving time San Francisco and
Sacramento indefinite, account fruit season.
ydfiSZSfet Schedule Effective
11, 1913
.San Francisco
Leave j VIA" SAU3ALITO~ I Arrive
»B:4salPetaluma, Santa Rosa, Guerneville.l
j Duncan Mills, Cazadero *Vnr.
7:lsa|Soaoma. Glen Ellen ! 6:0 op
7:10 a Petaluma. Santa Rosa. HeaMshurg
I Cloverdale. Uktah, Willits, Fort
Bragg, Longvale, •••Dos Rioa,
•Sebastopol 7:3fiß
B:lsaiPoint Reyes, Camp Meeker. Monte
[ Rio. Duncan Mills. Cazadero 7:35p
B:4salPetaluma. Santa Rosa. Uucrnevllle.
Monte Rio. Duncan Mills. Caza
I dero. (Leaves from Duncan Mills) 2 :n ™
t9:lsa'Sononia. Glen Ellen IVnIZ
t»:lsa|Lagunltas, Point Reyes JS.oop
10:45a'IVtaluma. Santa Ro*a. Healdsburg.
I (to Sonoma and Glen Ellen week
days only, and arrives 6:05 p.m.) 5.050
l:4op Petaluma, Santa Rosa. GuernevHW,
Monte Rio. Duncnn Mills (to
Cazadero Sundays onlyl 10-33*
12:45p Point Reyes. Camp Meeker Moute
Rio. Duncan Mills, Cazadero... |10.33 a
S:lsp Petaluma. Santa Rosa Healds-
I burn. Cloverdale, I kiah. Willits,
I ••Sebastopol
4:45p Sonoma. Glen Wl«*!:;£*
»:lnp Petslums. S.anta Rosa. ft.ftf,
n: 1 "p 1 Point Reyes, lv. Sun. I a?;_. -}■' a.m. S.o-.a
BaaaaUtO, MM Valley, San Rafael-Dally ev,ry
no minutrs from b:45 a. m. until 9 <o a. m
hmnrtvuut'l 2:45 P- m.. then 3:15 p. m. and
e^erv y 30 minutes until 7:45 p. m : then 9:30.
TTT|£ „ m and 12:30 a.m. On Sunday* In ad
dlt'ion—Every 30 minutes from 0:45 a. m. to 3:15
P '^."-feave^V^T:ls, 7:45. 8:13. 8:43.
n-15 0 45 hoi". 10:45. tll:15. 11:45 a. m. ;
«£!s!tt-a& tt:ls. 1:45. 2:45. 3-13. 3:45, 4:13.
4-45 &:V>. 0:45. t7:15, 7:45, 9:30.
li-'l% p n»': 112:30 a. ra.
San Queotln via San Rafael—Leave dallj at
«-15 a m. and 1:45 p. m.
Tlburon and Belvedere—Dally every hour from
6 45 a. m. uutll 1:45 p. m. then 3:15 p.m. and
every hour until 6:15. tuen 7:45, 8:30, 11:15
p. in. and 12:30 a. m.
•Arrives 7:05 p. m. ••Arrives 10:35 a. m.
•••Arrives 11:35 a. ttf. Sundays. JSun
da.vs only. 'Saturdays only. {Mondays only.
Redllne Transfer Company's agents are author
ized to check baggage direct from residence.

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