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Mrs. Denniston, Club Leader,
Asserts Fair Sex Lead
in Helping City
.--.ingestions nave come from some
of the women leaders in club and
civic life in this city as to "What
San Francisoo Needs Most," and
among the nirraber is Mrs. Edward
Gere Denniston. past president of the
Forum club. .Sifce also was president
of the local biennial board, the or
ganization which made ready for the
sr.-at biebnlal convention of the na
tional body of clubwomen a y«ear ago.
According- to Mrs. Denniston. the
first and greatest need in San Fran
cisco is that the citizens work to
* "The greatest fault to be found
here.'" she said, "Is that private lnter
,» vests'have gone beyond public spirit.
"Let any movement be commenced,
any enterprise undertaken hen-e, and,
no" matter how emphatically it may
'be for the city's good, if it is fath
ered' by a certain group of persons,
there are sure to be others who vio
lently oppose and condemn It.
"Too much partisanship prevails,
and too little of cohesion.
"San Franciscans are proud of their
city—devoted to it. Meet them
; abroad and they speak with affection
of everything about it. Come back
here and meet these same people and
you will find them fighting against Its
- best interests because of private prej
, udices.
"To my mind, one's city should be
-.like one's family. It should never
• permit its disagreements to become
factors affecting its general welfare.
""There may be internal dissensions.
• but when it cames to large affairs or
to its public life, we should present
unbroken ranks.
"The people of San Fratncisco are
not willing to sink their individual
feelings, either personal or because
of business affiliations, enough to en
gage in any general public ercterprlse 1
If they disapprove of those at the j
head of things.
""This fact becomes known else- j
where, and is certainly not to our j
nor does it bring us new and
loyal citizens.
' I think the worrten of San Fran-
Cisco are beginning to realize this
. ih'ore than the men. That is an ad
vantage of women's clubs and of
>ratti>n tVe realize that we must
work together to gain our point.
"*vVonjen have had so much trouble
>. getting what they want in a public
'way that they have had to study the
-tufltter and take every possible means
to strengthen themselves.
"Men have not had to contend with
So much as women in their public de
pires. Consequently the wojnen have,
in the matter of achieving success in
general movements, gone a little be
yond the men, 1 think. . . -% ■
"Women do not always agree, by
,-»ny means, but we hafve learned to
keep those things quietly among our
"lt used to be a familiar joke that
' an.v body of women striving for some
ended their plans and delibera
tions in disagreements. We have
[4 changed all that. "When we can noti
agree, we give in to the largest num
ber and work together to gain the big
object for which we are all striving.
' If the men of San Francisco would
take a lesson from the women in that
one thing,- it would be better.
"We may not like some of the
women wttii whom we must be asso
ciated any better than they do some
■* r the men who have leading parts,
but we forget that* when we are all
pulling together.
"The les,son must be learned here
that the good of the city is the good,
after all. of the individual. When
there is the lack of cohesive force in
piriolic matters, it means less eventu
ally to those who make their homes
. and their interests here.
"Another ne*d. I think, is that the
people whose sources of income are
here be more loyal to their city in
. \ their expenditures. Let those who
. get their livings from San Francisco
"patronize San Francisco firms.
"There are too many who spend
their money abroad. Very many
a things are bought in Paris or New
York which might as well We pur
chased here.
"Yet one more thing that San Fran
ciscans need to learn is to exploit the
good things of their city instead of
the had.
'"There are other cities which have
been very materially aided by the
capacity of their citizens for 'boost
ing.' Tell all the wonderful attri
butes of your place of residence and
It influences the world at large.
"So, let San Franciscans pull to
gether in everything and they will
meet the greatest need of their city."
Sanctuary Society
Elects New Officers
° SANTA CLARA, Sept. 20.—The semi
annual election of the St. John Bercjj
nian's Sanctuary society-was held last
evening. 'Louis R. Mllburn of Mari
posa'was < )iosen president to succeed
Bert M.. Hardy of San Diego. Other
i officers elected were: tirnest Son ween
of Pieasanton, treasurer; James Fitz
patrick of Los Angeles, secretary, and
Philip .Martin of San Diego, sergeant
at arms. Mr. Alfred Whelan, S. J., has
been appointed moderator, to succeed
'Mr. Eugene.lvancovich. The sanctuary
eociety claims as former members
t> General James Smith, former gov
. rnor of the Philippines, and the Rev.
Joseph M'-Qualde of San Francisco.
Big Output of Wine
In State Indicated
Judginp; from the number of gaug-.
ers asked for by the wine growers of
northern California, the wine output
J. Si ott ha.= furnished more than 100
Kaugers and it may be that as many
* more will be needed before the wine
"making season is over. Host of these
- gaugers • have been sent to Sonoma,
/..Fresno, Sacramento and San Joaquin
Fast Stockton Train Service With
Cafe-Parlor-Observation Car
Leave aan rrancisco rerry Station,
daily 5:00 p.m.,; Oakland. First Street
Station, 5:32 p. m. Arrive Stoclcton
8:00 p. m. Dinner served on train.
Returning, leave Stockton 7:10 a.m.,
" : arriving Oakland. First Street Station,
; 9:JI a. m.; San Francisco Ferry Sta-
Tion. 10:10 a. m. served on
r train. Southern JjHr.nc—Advertise
« anfßL t . f «»% ,
$ 50,000 Bar of Gold
Found in Wood May
Be Loot of Robbers
Man Stumbles Over Chunk of Pre
cious Metal Foot Long and
Four Inches Square
LA CROSSTE. Wis.. Sept. 20. —Her-
man Putzier, proprietor of a hotel at
Fountain City, Wis., today sent to the
University of Wisconsin laboratories
a bar of gold to be assayed. It was
believed to lw; worth $50,000. Putzier
stumbled on the bar as he was walk
ing through a wood near his home.
The bar was one foot long and four
inches square. Nearly 25 years ago a
■Burlington train was robbed of a
shipment of pure gold bars and at
the time the robliers were said to
have hidden their loot near Fountain
Conscience Troubled
Bellboy Gem Thief
Peter Naro. the bellboy accused of
stealing jewels worth $10,000 from j
Mrs. F. A. Dillingham last July in a j
local hotel, was returned last night i
from Franklin, La., by Detective j
James Mackey and booked on a
c harge of burglasy. Naro freely ad- j
mits his guilt.
He declared tc«iay that after he
took the jewelry his conscience both- J
ered him, and although he wanted j
to bring the stolen property back to j
its owner, he was afraid of being ar- j
rested. Naro was traced to New Or- j
leans and later arrested in Franklin, j
The Pacific Association of Teachers
of Dancing will give a convention ball
this evening in Puckett's Asembly
hall in Sutter street.
Shipping Intelligence
Saturday, September 20
From Hongkong via Yokohama and Honolulu,
stmr Mongolia.
From Coos Baj. stmr Nann Smith.
From Cooa Bay. stmr Hardy.
From I .-os Angeles. Mmr (J. C. Lindauer.
Sunday. September 21
From Seattle, stmr Governor.
From Portland, stmr Bear.
From Eureka. Fields Landing and Areata,
•tmr V. A. Kllburn.
-From Eureka. Fields Landing and Areata,
stmr Vanguard.
> From Eureka, Flelo* Landing and Areata,
atmr Phoenix.
From Mendocino, Shelter Cove and Point
Arena, stmr Sea Foam.
From Santa Crus and Monterey, stmr Eureka.
From Loa Angeles direct, siinr Bearer.
MONDAY. September 22
From Hongkong via Yokohama and Hono
lulu, stmr Nippon Mam.
From Shanghai, stinr Buffalo.
From Balboa, stmr Lewis I.uckenhach.
From San Diego and Los Angeles, stmr
From San Diego and Los Angeles, atmr Yale.
From Eureka, stmr Lakme.
Saturday, September 20
For Hongkong, stmr Nile. Captain G. 8. La
pralk, at 1 p. m.. from pier 42.
For Europe via Magellan route, stmr Sakka
rah. Captain H. Kilp, at 12 m., from Lombard
street wharf.
For Seattle. Tacoma and Everett, stmr Pres
ident. Captain Ravens, at 2 p. m., from
Broadway wharf.
For Seattle, Tacoma and Everett, atmr Nome
City, Captain L. Hansen, at 12 m.. from First
street wharf.
For Wlllapa harbor, atmr Santa Barbara,
Captain F. B. Zaddart, at 1 p. m., from Sec
ond street wharf.
For Astoria and Portland, stmr San Ramon,
Captain Jamieson, at 5 p. m., from Lombard
street wharf. a
For Eureka, stmr City of Topeka. Captain
G. A. Harris, at 12 m.. from Broadway wharf.
For Eureka and Areata, stmr North Fork.
Captain J. Nelson, at 12 to., from First street
For Needle Rock, stmr Westerner, Captain
J P. Fageratrom, at 10 a. m., from Howard
street wbarf.
For Los Angeles, Starr Harvard. Captain R.
Jeesen, at 4 p. m., from Pacific street wharf.
For Los Angeles and San Diego, stmr Yuca
tan Captain J. Roberta, at 7 p. m.. from
Vallejo street wharf.
. For Los Angelea, stmr Hanalei. Captain F.
•I. Hamma, at 3 p. m., from Howard street
f wharf.
For Los Angeles, stmr Klamath, Captain E.
Jahnsen, at 4 p. m . from Powell street wharf.
For Moss Landing, stmr Coos Bay, Cantata
James Bowen, at 4 p. m., from Broadway
For Grays Harbor, stmr G. C. Lindauer, Cap
tain O. I. Sandman, at 4 p. m.. 'from Lombard
street wharf.
For Portland, stmr Johan Poulsen. Captain
t. I'lvestad. at 5 p. m., from Howard street
For C.oqullle river, stmr Ranston. Captain
J. Norberg, at 10 a. m., froaa Filbert street
Sunday, September 21
For New York anfl Europe via San Pedro
and Tetmantepec, stmr Georgian. Captain C
M. Nichols, at 10 a. m.. from Oakland rail
road wharf.
For Fori Bragg, atmr Arctic. Captain C.
Linri'er, at 3 p. in., from Army street wharf,
For Point Arena and Albion, atmr Porno,
Captain O. A. Lllleland, at 6 p. m , from
Howard street wharf.
For Los Angelea. stmr Vanguard, Captain
John O. Odlaud, at 1 p. a,,, from Lombard
street wharf.
Monday, September 22
For Seattle and Tacoma. stmr Admiral- Far
ragut. Captain J. Griffith, at 3 p\ m., from
Howard street wharf.
For Astoria and stmr Beaver, Cap
tain E TA'. Mason, at 12 m.. from pier 40. j
For Eureka, stmr F. A. Kilbnrn, Captain T.
11. McLellan, at 12 m., from Vallejo Btreet
For S.m Simeon. Cayiuns andfport S*n Luis,
«tnir Eureka, Captain A. Paulsen, at 4 p. in.,
from Vallejo street wharf.
For I/)s Angeles and San Diego, stmr Gov
ernor. Captain N.-E. Couslna, at " p. ta.. from
Broadway. wuasf_ * -
For Los AJKeieaJ <-trnr Ynle. Captain E. P.
p. u».. from Pacific street wharf.
. . . i\ ARRIVED ~ .
; rt m■» - Friday, September . IS.
7 p hi atnrt George F. Mailer. Morterrsou.
14 days from Kogglung via Inalaska. 12 days
lv ballest to North Alaska Salmon company.
* Saturday. September 20.
8:55 a. m., stmr Harvard. Jepsen. 17 hr»
21 mm from San Pedro; pass and mdse to
Pacific Navigation company.
' 10;30 a. m, atmr Klamath, Jabuaeo, 04 hrs
Georgie Price and his big watermelon at state fair in Sacramento.
Some boy. Some melon.
1 sited States Department of Agriculture
Weather Bureau. San Francisco. Sept. 20. 1813.
T>mj>era- j i ja ! J
tur* I -s" is' *
1, ' 2 5 i
|! if I 1 f
* I" r" H :
K 'r* I : I': ! j
11 Tl
Tamalpals. . . ;ti«u<ly: 72: .">7;8W i&.&Q
Dt ;Fn«*.T i sr; wis i 13;.I>0
10 Robies PtCldyl 00. 5818W 4 .00
mmm» Cloudy! 8«l 36!* .00
llfOflu Clear i 00 fis'E 1 00
•CT»lde ifioiidTi lent fvX'NB [ .00
Brrnaritlno. . iCIoihIt! n4 ."5R XE I |.00
ta Barbara . . ]r*omgj : 7S' aoj* | .00
ttOQ* rtCIdyi -92j .-.v* |,«>
A trough of low pressure overlies tbe in
terlor of California and western Oregon, caus
ing fug along the California coast and In
creasing cloudiness over the Interior. The high
area over the north Pacific states yesterdnv 1
has moved eastward and now covers the Racky
mountain region, giving fair weather to that*
section. The storm over Manitoba has moved
southeastward and is now central over the
lakes and general rain has fallen over the
Mississippi valley and eastward to the At
lantic. The temperature has fallen decidedly
over the Rocky mountain region and plain's
states and freeiing weather Is reported from
western Montana and Alberta. Conditions are
becoming unsettled In this district and showers
are probable In most sections of California
tonight or Sunday. <;. H. WILI-HON.
i/ocal Forecaster.
Forecast till f> p. m.. Pacific time, Sunday:
For San Francisco. Oakland and vicinity-
Cloudy and unsettled weather, probably light
showera tonight or Sunday; light southwest
For California, north of the Tehaehapi —
Cloudy and unsettled weather, probably light
showers tonight or Sunday; light southwest
For California, south of the Tehaehapi-
Clondy and unsettled weather, probably light
showers tonight or Sunday; light southwest
For Nevada—Cloudy tonight and Sunday.
Fot Sacramento valley—Cloudy and unsettled
weather, probably light showers tonight or
Sunday; light southwest wind.
For Santa Clara valley—Cloudy and unsettled
weather, probably light showers tonight or
Sunday; light southwest wind.
For San Joaquin valley—Cloudy and unset
tled weather, probably light showera tonight
or Sunday; light southwest wind.
from Columbia river, bound south, put In for
pass and fuel.
10:10 a. aa., stmr Yellowstone. Patterson,
02 hrs from Columla river; 000 tons wheat to
Balfour Guthrie & Co.: 425.000 feet lumber
to W. S. Scammel A Co.
11 a. m.. stmr Olenm. Curtis. 20 hrs from
Port San Lois; oil to I'nlon OH company up
11 a. m., stmr Westerner. Fageratrom, 47
hrs from Redondo Beach; In ballast to Swayne
A Hoyt.
11 a. m.. atmr L'matllla. Faria. 05 hrs from
Victoria: pass and mdse to Pacific Coast
Steamship company.
8:10 a. m., stmr Yucatan, Roberts. 80 houra
from Portland via Astoria. 50 hrs; pass and
mdse to North Pacific Steamship company.
8:."0 a. m., stmr Brunswick. Walhgren. 14
hours from Fort Bragg; 408,000 feet lumber
to I'nlon Lumber company.
0:30 a. m.. stmr Mandalay. Johnaon, 38
hours from Crescent City, bound south, put In
f»r fuel.
ft: 30 a. m., atmr Argyll. Yon Hevgendorff,
Port San Luis.
Postal Department
Begins Auto Tests
WASHINGTON. Sept. 20.—Postmas
ter General Burleson announced the
purchase of tl automobiles for mall
! service use as an experiment to learn
i whether It is cheaper for the depart
ment to own or rent such machines.
I Twenty of them are to be distributed
iat once to Baltimore, Brooklyn, New
j Tork. Buffalo, Louisville, Minneapolis
I and Philadelphia offices.
Special Trains From Metrop
olis Carry Boosting Host
to Capital City
SACRAMENTO. Sept. 20—Today ts
| the great day of the state fair. As a
i fitting climax the closing day is Son
j Francisco 1915 day. Shortly before
noon special trains arrived from San
Francisco with exposition officials,
j members of the San Francisco com-
I men ial and civic bodies and a host of
j other boosters from ths exposition
J city.
• The Ban Franciscans marched to the
| Hotel Sacramento for luncheon after
j which they visited the fair
under the leadership of President
I Charles C. Moore of the exposition
The program of the day Is a riot of
features, including spectacular exhi
bitions of great variety.
Much interest was manifested In
, the county exhibits, which were
awarded prizes yesterday. The prize
awards were as follows:
First. Solano, $600; second. Fresno, $400;
third. Colusa, $250; fourth. San Joaquin, $200
--fifth. Napa. $150; sixth. Nevada. $100; sev
enth. Sutter. $75; eighth. Madera. $SO.
F»rm products—First, Butte, $100; second,
San Joaquin. $75; third. Colusa. $50.
Fruits—Peaches, first, Sutter; second.
Fresno; third. Merced.
Pears—All prises to Nevada county.
Apples—First. Watsonville; second, I/os An
geles; third. Nevada.
Plums—First. H. A. Baasford of Solano;
second. Fresno; third, Nevada.
Grapes--First, Merced; second, San Joaquin;
third, Fresno.
citrus fruits—All prices to I.os Angeles.
Dried fruits—First, Shasta; second 1 , Fresno
third, Sutter.
The speoial train of San Franciscans
will leave for the return at 8:20 to
night. President Moore and Director
Rudolpji J. Taussig of the exposition
company will return by yachts tomor
At the annual meeting of the 1916
building congress of the Commercial
association helrk in their rooms yes
terday afternoon, officers and directors
for the ensuing year were elected.
President Benjamin Schloss was re
elected president and at the same
time was honored with a founder's
life membership.
Considerable enthusiasm was shown
when it was announced that thou
sands of dollars were being sub
scribed by many prominent citizens
for life membership certificates In the
Commercial Travelers' huMdlng.
Following: an altercation on a
Kearny ""street car at Geary street
this morning. Detective Corporal
Peter McGee arrested A. Hessler, a
furrier, for disturbing the peace and
resisting an officer, and Morris Gold
stein for interfering with .an officer.
According to McGee, Hessler tried to
shove him off the car steps, and used
abusive language, refusing to submit
when McGee arrested him. Goldstein,
who is a tailor, tried to interfere with
the proceedings, said McGee.
The California club announces an
open meeting to which the public is
Invited, on Tuesday afternoon next,
at 3 o'clock, at the club house, 1750
Clay street. Miss Gail Daughlin of
Denver will be the speaker and her
subject will be, "Woman, the Citizen."
Last Tributes Paid by Friends
to Publisher in Tears
and Flowers
Funeral rites over the body of Charles
de Young were held this morning at
St. Mary's cathedral, where hundreds
of friends of the dead publisher gath
ered to pay him last honors. Men
from all walks of life were present at
the requiem mass, which began at 9:30
o'clock. The funeral cortege left the
family home at 1319 California street
at 8:30 o'clock.
In the cortege were a patrol of po
lice, headed by Chief O. A. White, a
corps of firemen, headed by Chief
Thomas Murphy, and the entire list
of Chronicle men and women from all
At the church the procession was
joined by members of the board of
directors of the exposition, the Pa
cific Union, Bohemian, Family and
Press clubg and the Advertising Men's
The sanctuary was filled with floral
offerings. Rev. Charles. A. Kamm
met the cortege at the vestibule, while
the clergy filed into the sanctuary.
Bishop Edward J. ilanna took up his
station on the epistle side of the altar
and remained through the service.
The mass wag celebrated by Father
The honorary pallbearers were Ra
phael Weill, John P. Young, Richard
M. Hotaling, George Hamlin Fitch,
Charles S. Stanton, J. C. Wilson, Fred
W. Kellogg, Thornwell Mullally, Cyril
Tobln and Kdwurd S. Rlggins.
After the ceremonies the remains
were conveyed to Holy Cross ceme
Messages of condolence came to the
De Young home from every part of
the .world through the last two days.
Scores of floral offerings from friends
ln San Francisco were received and
ejjery token that respect could pay
to grief was given by those who
mourn Charles de Young's passing.
Even the courts adjourned in mem
ory of the deceased publisher. Judge
Graham spoke briefly in tribute to De
Young's qualities as a public spirited
man and a friend, while responses
were made by Attorneys Samuel N.
Shortrldge and Russell W. Cantrell.
Auto Licenses
lHi.rt.-io-WillUm c. o Rrlcu, Rock ford hotel.
L(M Angeles; Ohio.
110631 —fhsrles Posterfteld. 847 Palmetto
avenue. Sacramento; ford.
1 |4Mgf -I)<,ra K. Wolf, Poweii and California
street. San Francisco; Michigan.
1 16633— J. J. Mack. 350 Mills building. San
■Yanctaco; Sleaon.
116634 — E. M. Jacobs. 3237 Sacramento
street., San Francisco- R. C H.
ltiitti.-, -J. a. Mhs USD Tsyier street.
San Francisco- S. tj. V.
1 16636— Pr. George A. Weed, Butler build
ins. San rres»rlaoo; King.
116637— Charles T. Seine 1, 35;s Lexington
avenue, s«n Francisco; Rm,
116638— J, M. Patterson Sr.. 17 Powell
street. Sun Francisco; Knick.
110639—Dunham. Carrigan A Hii.voVmi com
pau.v. 100 Kan*** street, San Francisco; Over
lIWMO—C. n. Murd'di. ;;u7o Richmond aye
uue. Ouktamt; Paige,
116641—Joan Gulll. 2218 Twenty-fourth are
one. Oakland; Foe*
110642— J. (i. Moore. Hillcrest road. Clare
uohl i>ork. Berkeley; Woods Bieeurte.
11664.-, -Clark A: Bailee. Inc., 8233 shattuck
sreame. Berkeley; Btqdefaaser.
110644 —Harold Uarkson, ♦siolvung; Studc
116643— H. M. Folsom, 4214 Bachman [dace.
Saa Diego; Kord.
!!fttWt! —•J. 0. Rire. 12.10 Fifth street. San
Diego; Ford.
110647—Samuel Castelinc, 030 East South
street. Stockton; Mitchell.
H«»(4K-I> Q. (oilier cum nan v. IMI I) street
San Diego; Haynes.
116649 -Dr. M. D. Baker. 85 South Seventy
third street. San Jose; Reo.
lIMM-A. 8. Jeoeti 930 Chestnut street,
I'hico; Abliott.
110631—-pii e Harry Fraser company. Chico;
i 11M52 —(ieorge Nlckelson. Alvlao road. Al
-116053—8. lierer. 2833 South Eleventh
street. Sun Jnse; .Stu<lebaker.
116654 -Mrs. Helen Schnltzgebrl. 738 South
Tenth Street, Sao Jox ; Studehaker.
116655—Sherman. Clay & Co., H)0 South First
street. San Jo*e: studebaker.
UOBSS Cfcailea A. English. Graves avenue,
San Jose; Studebaker.
116637— W. F. Kellv, Hanford: Ford.
I l<JtK>B—F. E. McCutcbcen. Willows; Chand
ttWßt W A. Bell, Red Bluff; Chandler.
116660--J. 11. Merrill. Rialto; Ford.
11661—A Beudowskl. Helms. Ford.
116602 -F. C. Shell, R. F. D. No. 1. box 43.
Fresno; Studebaker.
116663— W. G ■ Woods. 29 Franklin street,
San Francisco; Overland.
116664 — H. W. Jacobs, 704 Market street,
San Francisco: Overland.
116665— M. 0. Anderson. MM Waller street.
San Canclsco: Overland.
116666 Standard Oil company, Sacramento;
Studebaker. ■
116067—Mrs. C. GhlnHlar. 464 t olumbus ave
nue. Sau Francisco; Overland.
116665— W. E. Stager. 709 Cole street. San
Francisco: Overland.
116669— A. Paulsen. 12 Natoma street. San
Francisco; Overland.
116670— F. A. Smith. 767 Mission street. San
Francisco; Overland.
11G071—Gabrielle Vallon. 178-' Bush street.
San Francisco; Overland.
110672 -A. B. Crowe!l. IBM Fiftieth avenue,
Oakland; Ford. .
118673— J. P- Caedoao, Iz-moore; lord.
116074— J. B. Watson. West Highland;
American. , ,
U6BTs—Rose Sweeny. Vallejo; Overland.
116676— Mrs. Florence T. Miller, Woodside;
Overland. .... £
116677— 11. B. DeSglaa, 23 East Hfth street.
Watsonville; Overland.
116678— H. Q. Rider. La Mesa; Ford.
116679— Barber Asphalt Paring company,
foot of Eleventh street. San Diego; Ford
HijfiSO G. A. Miller, 700 Tlnkons bullolng,
San Diego; Ford. . m
117593— Mra. J. H. Brown. Whittier: Ford.
117594— Joe Samuels. 4211 Brighton street,
lx>s Angelea; Auburn.
117595— O. Racine. Whittier: Stuti.
117596— 0. E. Weatherway, 111 East tenter
street, Anaheim; Hupmoblle.
117597 -E. L Ileln. Anaheim: Hupmoblle.
II *40A— United States Tire company. 923
South Grand avenue. I.oa Angeles; Premier.
117599 -Harry E. Klrkpatrlek, 227 Bloom
street. Los Angeles; Moore truck.
117000—Fred C. Veon. 1555 We»t Forty-eighth
street. Los Angeles; Cadillac.
117601— W. W. Webb. Tenth and Figueroa
streets. Ix>s Angelea: R. C. H.
117002--Morrison Cbanslor, R. F. P., Alham
bra: Hudson.
11700:5—James G. Cassow. 516 Security build
ing. I>os Angeles; Hupmoblle.
117604— -K. A. Stone. 2706 Harvard boule
vard. I-os Angeles: Wtnton.
117605— S. C. Hark, 1701 West Fifty-first
place. Los Angeles; Packard.
117606— (ieorge C. Ressner, 652 South Main
street Los Angelea; Commerce truck.
117607— F. W. Sinclair. 530 South Westmore
land Street, lx>s Angelea; Maxwell.
117608— J. 8. Griffin, 1043 Weat Fifty-flret
street. Los Angeles; Studebaker.
117609— B. A. Serattni. 116 West Eighty-fifth
place. Log Angelea; Ford.
117610 — Mrs. Grace M. Bncklus, 5018 Gram
ercv street. Ixm Angeles; Ford.
117611— F. E. Porter. 2917 Manuandle avc
nue, I-os Angeles: Krebs.
16434—Clifford Klrkpatrlek. 1606 Ninety
eighth. West Washington. I»s Angeles: Rnlck.
K3S3O— R. S. Phelps. Concord; Studebaker.
10S49O—Edmund A. Bulkley, R. F. D. No. 1,
Santa Barbara; Ford.
65326—it. E. Halt, 664 Shotwell street, San
Francisco: Reo.
87742—Leslie R. Hervith, 1212 South Alva
rado street, I.os Angeles: Overland.
87546—Laura P. Joyce, 1329 Arapahoe street,
Lo* Angeles: Waverley.
36327 -Charles C. Phlllippe. 205 North Mar
ket street, San Jose; Hupmoblle.
Mo6s—Sarty B. Webster. Ul South Kingsley
drive, Los Angeles; Studebaker.
43736—Carl E. Johnson, 459 East Third
street. Los Angeles; Premier.
43013—Joseph Sheelen. 939 East Tenth street.
I.os Angeles: Studebaker.
(1245 —Fred 11. McFarland. (iardona; Ford.
I 55772— W. 11. Rose. Hemet; Studebaker.
45954— H. W. Marcell. Ix.wer Mitchell.
48683—Mrs. B. A. White. 1820 Merced at.,
Fresno; Regal.
137SS.—Peter Healy. 5101 Foothill blvd., Oak
land: Mitchell.
41276 —T. J. Kivby. Wadrone: Hudson.
:*sir:4 Charles lirown. 317 South Olive St..
Ijoe Angeles: Overland.
81070 —J. Flrustrom and J. Dunn. 1553 Golden
Oate ay., Ixis Angeles: Orabowsky.
19006—Richard Mitchell. 30 Coloma st.,
Plaeervllle; White.
576K5—Byron H. Kent, 125 East Third st.,
Ix>ng Bea.-h; Velle.
25373- -Denton F. Noble, 3941 Halldale ay.,
I Lob Angeles; Tourist.
The largest classes in chemistry in
the history of the University of Call-
I fornla have been enrolled this term in
the reorganized college and include (t
; larger proportion of women than at
any other time. Scientific courses are
being adopted by the women students
j largely In preference to the old cult
ural courses. Special comment on this
fact Is made by the university faculty.
The women students range from
freshmen Inking the introductory col
lege work to graduate students pur
suing subjects of research. Among
these are Miss Anne K. Noble and
The McCarthy company to (lever K. Johns
ton, lot H anii' K one-half of lot .TO, block
4. Sunnyslde; $10.
Elino Collins to Lucy A. Collin*, lot in- SE
line of Mission street. ISO NE of Braiil ave
nue, NE -5 by SE 83:6. and three other par
cels- gift.
Edward J. O'Connor to Itslo Andriottl and |
wife, lot In E line of Glrard street. IT. - . S of
Bacon. S 25 by E 120: $10. -
Nina Mar? Crittenden Scott and Austin C
Scott to Elizabeth Churchill Crittenden, lot
41, block 10. Stanford Heights addition: $10.
Edward tV, Vov to Florence R. and Annie K.
Vor. lot 37. block P, Park I-ane tract; $10.
Miguel A. de Lareaga (widower) to J. .1.
de Lareaga et at., third Interest In lot in K
line of Sacramento street. .">25 E of Prnmm. E
8j0 by N 110:6. and two other piece*: $10.
Caroline Hegina de Boom (widowi to Bannot
Segal, lot 9, block 9. Do Boom tract; $10.
Ernest L. Hueter and wife, Alice Hueter
Merta. Ernest C. Hueter and Oscar Hueter to
the Roman Catholic archbishop of San Fran
cisco lot In W line of Howard street. 07 S of
Nineteenth. S .'«8 by IV 112:6; $10.
Homelnnd company to James Anderson, lot
32. block 22. Sunny side; $10.
William A. Jones to Albert H. Bean, lot in
W line of Fifteenth avenue, 7." S of Anza
street. S 25 bv W 90; $10.
Sol Getz & Sons to Mlgnon J. McDonald, lot
In E line of Forty-seventh avenue. 50 N of
Klrkham street. N M by E 107:6; $10.
Frederick K. Houston and wife to David C.
Bloom lot at SE corner of Fulton auri I.ueuna
streets. E 40 by S 120: $10.
Andrew Glover to Margaret A. Overholtzer
et al., lot In S line of Green street, 125 W of
Gough. W 28 by S 137t'lft.
John Swan eon to Mary M. McC.owan. lot
subdivision 06. Spring Vslley homestead; $10.
En«tene B. Hallett to Henry Meyer, lot In
8 ltno of Irving street. 57:6 E of Thirty-fourth
avenue. E 50 by S 100; $10.
Sophie B. (wife of Wilyllnru A.) Hewitt (
nee Koblcke) and* Eva K. de Sabla (widow)
to Nettle B. Rfekoff tslnglei. lot In X line of
Balboa street. 60 E of Forty-first avenue. E
«0 by N 9S:S; $10.
Everett. T. Grimes (single) to Golden Gate
Train Announcement
Until further notice Southern Pacific Coast
Line trains "Shore Line Limited/ the
"Lark*' and "Sunset Express," Will leave
Oakland Pier instead of Third and Towns
end Streets station. „
Passengers from San Francisco for these
trains should take Oakland Pier Ferry at
foot of Market Street at 8:00 A. M., 8:00
P. M. and 10:20 P. M. respectively.
Miss Margaretha Wehrmann, who are
majoring in chemistry.
Prof. H. C. Biddle, in charge of or
ganic chemistry, has several women
who are investigating problems of in
dustrial chemistry.
m the department of physical chem
istry Prof. Gilbert N. Lewis, dean of
the college, has assigned several ques
tions to advanced women students.
There are 900 freshmen students in
cllemistry this term and 3,000 students
in chemistry altogether; consequent
ly the buildings are over crowded and
both men and women are compelled to
do laboratory work in the hallways.
I Development company, lot in X lioe of Thlrty
nfth avenue. 100 S of liloa d > street, S
Gertrude A. Macfarlanc i single I to Golden
l Gate Development company, let at NW corner
jof Twelfth avenue and Ortego (Oi street. N
|ot¥> hy W 240. and seven other pieces: $10.
Maurice Rosenthal Realty company to J.
Hughes, lot in X line of Fifteenth avenue. 100
N of Vicente street. N 50 by E 127:6: $10.
Want ('. Brown and wife to Antone J. Matll
I and wife, lot In NW line of Lisbon street,
i lis SW of Excelsior :uenue. SW 25 by NW
I 100. part lon 8 in block 18. Eexeelslor home
stead: $10.
Annie R. Green to Frederick K. Houston,
lot at SE corner of Fulton and Laguna streets.
X 40 hy S 12x1. and one other pice*; $10.
Victor E. Teberg to Louisa P. lota
15 ami 16. block 17. Bels tract; grant.
Pacific Coast Catering company et al. (by
commissioner" to the United States National
Bank of San Francisco, lot ln E line of Forty -
ninth avenue. 237:6 S of X street. 8 25 by B
120; |3,88 a.(».
Charles W. Iverson to John J. Healy. lot
In E line r,t Rivera iR) street. .15 E of Forty
fourth avenue. E 33 hy S 100; $10.
F,l!xal>eth Cook to William Walcom. lot in
S line of Sacramento street. 178:6 E of Brod
erlck. B 23 by S 132:6; $10.
Wiili.'im R. Davenport to Sadie O. Daren
port, lot in E line of Thirty-sixth avenue. 200
S of Santiago street. S 50 by E 120. and one
other piece: $10.
Pacific Title Insurance company to Solomon
Miller, lot In S line of Pacific, street. 137:6
E of Kearny. E 105 by S 87:6; $10.
Oscar Heyman & Brother to John J. Hod
nett. lot in W line of Thirty-first avenue. 100
N of Fulton street. N 25 by TV 120; $10.
George Guthrie anil wife to George A. Pever
ell. lot In S line of Twenty-fifth street, 50 E
of Rhor.V Islnnd. E 25 by % 100: $10.
Ira G. !>><'k and wife to George Ravpp et al.,
lot In W line of Thirteenth avenue. 200 N of
Santiago street. N 25 by W 120: $10.
J. B. de Martini and wlfn to Glacomo Palle
rano, half Interest In lot tn 8 line of Vallejo
street. 51:6 W of Kearny. W 40 by S 60: $10.
Henay P. Witt to J sopehA. Gendottl. lot la
N line of Balboa street. 82:6 WofTwentleth
avenue. W 25 by N 100: $10.
Miss Anna Noble, one of
the university girls who is
delving into secrets of chem
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