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A Clea.n f Wholesome
• Papei\/br •
\ California Homes.
VOLUME 114.—N0. 130.
Any Vioience or Outburst in
Mexico City Means Inter
vention, Is Belief in
,W ASH ING TON, Oct. 14.—Any outj
burst or violence In Mexico City will
t>*> the signal for intervention by the
United States.
Although the president has not yet
shaped a definite Mextcan policy, it
is certain no recognition of the
ll'ierta regime will follow the Mexi
can election on October 26. The
Mexican situation was the sole topic
<i;scussed at the cabinet meeting in
the White House today.
The United States at present has
three warships in tbe gulf of Mexico,
and is holding others in readiness to
be rushed into Mexican waters. This
government is opposed to the sending
of German warships to Mexican waters
on the ground of violation of the
tMERi* \\* Fi.rci: WW'IBM Ml I
U-VREIK), Tex., Oct. 14. —Hundreds
. y. the largest city in northern Mex
ico, following a report that the con
stitutionaliats were concentrating
forces for an attack upon that city.
It is believed that the constitutional
ists plan to make Monterey their
headquarters if its capture is effected.
The popularity and sale of The Evening Call are driving its com
petitors to <li-traction. They know it was persistent public demand
lhat created the magnificent circulation of The Evening Call —the
inevitable result of the rare and inimitable quality of this newspaper.
Paid street sellers, all the contests and premiums on earth will not
hold circulation for these journals. The public demand for clean,
wholesome and vigorous reading—a newspaper editorially alert,
i trrressive, fearless and courageous is what builds up circulation and
olds it. That The Evening Call is this kind of a newspaper—that
is the one newspaper in San Francisco close to the hearts of the
op j e i s shown by the fact that it sells more papers each day in
San Francisco than any other evening paper.
The Circulation of THE CALL Yesterday Was
A group of children of army officers who returned this morning
on the transport Sherman from the Philippines.
Transport's Baby Show, Dis
counts Race Suicide
in Army
There is no race suicide in the
United States army. This was demon
strated this morning when the army
transport Sherman, from Manila and
Honolulu, came into port with its
decks literally thronged with children
arid their nurses. The Infant brigade,
ranginK from children In arms to big
boss and girls, numbered nearly four
Another thing that the baby show
on the Sherman demonstrated is that
Uncle Sam lias made the Philippines
healthy for children. There wasn't a
sickly kid In the whole collection,
and the noise and stir on the Sher
man's decks from the time the troop
ship left Manila until it docked at
Port Mason furnished eloquent testi
mony to the joyousness of their souls
ami tlie soundness of their lungs.
The voyage home was one long mi
lk: ior the children. They had a
special table in tlie saloon, and there
Isn't a passenger who crossed on the
Sherman who can't furnish a complete
list of all the children's games ever
invented. They played them all.
Family of Four Adrift on the Pacific
Two Vessels Scour Coast for
Captain Mason, Wife and
Two Babies
. r
LONG BEACH, Oct. 14.—Adrift at
sea in an open boat. Captain A. H. j
Mason. Mrs. Mason and their two in- ]
fant children are lost on the Pacific. |
Great anxiety is manifested for their
Captain Mason and family left here
yesterday in a small boat for a short
trip around the Bay. Since that time
nothing has been heard of them. That
Mason lost control Of his craft, which
drifted out to sea. Is the general be-j
Two vessels are making a search up
and down the coast for the missing
family, but as yet no tidings have!
been received.
Minister Will Open
School of Dancing
NEW YORK, Oct. 14. —Rev. George
D. Hadley, rector of St. John's Epis
copal church, Jersey City, Is arrang
ing to open a school of modern dan
cing. He believes one can be modern
in dancing 'without being a bear,
bunny or turkey, or some other crea
ture not usually admitted to a draw
ing room or a ballroom." Among the
chaperons who will help bar the tur
key trot Is Mrs. James Fielder, wife
of Governor Fielder.
Decrease in Horses,
Increase in Autos
CHICAGO, Oct. 14. —There are 3.859
fewer horses in Chicago this year
than last, while there Is an Increase
of 4,239 automobiles and 612 motor
cycles, according to computations of
Edward Cohen, city collector, on the
basis of wheel lax returns. Horso
drawn vehicles paid the city $53,128
and automobiles $24,542.
Brothers Fight Duel
With Pistols; 1 Killed
CHEYENNE, Wyo., Oct. 14. —After
being horsewhipped by his brother,
Norris L. Wiggins, ranchman of Tor
rlngton. Wyo., challenged the brother,
Orrin Wiggins, to a pistol duel. The
brothers walked 10 paces apart,
turned and fired. Norris fell dead,
shot through the heart. Orrin sur
rendered to Sheriff Hayes.
1,250,000 Pounds of
Steel Plates Arrive
MARK ISLAND, Oct. 14.—Steel
plates weighing 1,250,000 pounds that
are to be used in the construction of
the naval tankers Kanawha and Mau
mee at Mare island next year arrived
at the local naval station today from
the east. The keel of the Kanawha
will be laid early In November.
Express Rate Chop
Delayed Until Dec. 1
WASHINGTON. Oct. 14—The inter
state commerce commission today ex
tended the date of its order reducing
express rates from October IS to De
cember I. The commission declined
to revise the scale of rates.
Pseudo Doctor Sent
Four Years to Prison
Superior .ludge Dunne sentenced
two men this morning to prison.
Archibald M. Walker, a pseudo physi
cian, was given four years ln San
Quentin for embezzlement. Arthur
Grave was sentenced to 18 months in
the county jail on a charge of at
tempted burglars*
Superior Judge, Fighting In
cendiary Blaze, Will Hunt
Down Guilty Firebug
SAX JOSE, Oct. 14.—Sweeping- south
I and east down the slope of the Santa
j Crus mountains from Saratoga sum
mit, the fire, believed yesterday to
! have been under control, this morning
j was burning fiercely. It is now be
j lieved this fire, starting yesterday
morning and independent of the San
j Lorenzo valley fire, was deliberately
j set by Incendiaries.
Superior Judge J. R. Welch of Santa
j Ctyra cou.nty, who is working with
'shovel and pick with the firefighters
i ifi an attempt to save his country es
| tate, declared this morning he Is posi-
I tive the Are is of incendiary origin.
an attempt to save hi" country es
tate, declared this morning he Is posi
tive the Are is of incendiary origin.
He has started an investigation, and
also will call upon the state forest
service for an exhaustive investiga
tion into the other recent fires on the
northern end of the Santa Cruz range.
Congress Springs, the country es
tates of Mayor Rolph of San Fran
cisco; Homer King, banker; A. F.
McD. Craig, J. H. Moffitt and the Sis
ters' villa are in the path of the
flames. Reinforcements gathered by
automobile from Los Gatos, Saratoga
and San Jose were sent out early this
morning to battle the flames, Which
are fanned by a strong wind.
. A hundred fire fighters from Santa
Clara and San Mateo counties are
extended in a V shaped battle line,
one line stationed along the 27 mile
drive, at the summit of the highest
ridge, and the other line on a 20
foot fire trail out east and west
from the north end of the 2? mile
drive. If the flames leap the Are
trail It will work toward Tescadero,
endangering the country homes on
the slope.
It was while the fire fighters were
working against this blaze yesterday
that Judge Welch discovered a new
blaze half a mile from the side of the
summit, which now endangers his
residence and many other country
homes. He discovered tracks of a
man and an exploded shotgun cart
Vacuum Cleaner Has
Costly Appetite, Ate
Pink Silk Stockings
Now Hotel Management Is Apolo
gizing and Searching ior Another
Pair to Match Them
A pair of pink silk stockings drawn
into a vacuum cleaner of the Hotel
Oakland management caused consid
erable agitation yesterday and Man
ager Victor Reiter had to make a
special trip to San Francisco to re
place them. The thin hosiery, part
of the wardrobe of Mrs. Charles
Clawson of Los Angeles, was left on
the floor of her room.
The janitor in cleaning did not see
the stockings until the vacuum clean
er had sucked them Into the pipe. A
search of the vacuum tank in the
basement of the hotel was without
Mrs. Clawson was indignant and
insisted the stockings should be re
placed at once, and the right shade
selected to harmonize with her gown.
Man Out of Wort-
Ends Life by Gas
Harry Rush, 28 years old, a cigar
maker, living at 2844 Twenty-third
street, committed suicide at 9 o'clock
this morning In his room by turning
on the gas. Before, he took his life
Rush stuffed the key holes with paper
and locked the windows securely. He
had been out of employment.
CHICAGO. Oct. 14.—Sklmpl
bcms will predominate la thla
season's styles for men's
clothing. Thla was the laat word
before the opening today of the
fall atyle exhibit of the Chi
cago Tallo'ra* association.
Hen's coats are to be tighter,
closer fitting, mere narrow
shoulders and shorter amidships
than before. The effect a croon
the hack la said to be the same
aa a blrdaeye view of a Mexi
can hairless poodle anna wrin
Trousers cut so close aa to
almost preclude the presence of
pockets are to he cuff leu and
high enough to expose a flash
of colored h*ae.
Overcoats are to be of the
knee length variety.
Terrible Experiences Unbal
ance the Minds of Many-
Death List Is Now 104
LIVERPOOL, Oct. 14—-Bearing 59
survivors of the Volturno, the steamer
Devonian arrived here today. Pathetic
scenes attended the meeting of the
survivors with their relatives and
friends. Many survivors are In the
hospital suffering from burns and in
fluenza brought on by exposure, while
others are in delirium as a result of
their terrible experiences.
HAVRE, Oct. 14.—After the French
liner Touraine, bearing 42 survivors
of the Volturno disaster, arrived today
the refugees from the burned liner
knelt on the pier to thank God for
having been delivered safely from
death. All the survivors are showing
In some way the effects of the terrible
tragic experience. Adam de Bruin
and Henrik Mennlma of the creW*Vere
taken direct to the hospital. Both
are suffering pulmonary congestion,
brought on by exposure. Mennlma had
his 'right leg fractured while fighting
the flames. Mennima's first words
were: "Is Captain Inch safe?" He ex
pressed gratification when he learned
Captain Inch was safe on the Kroon
land. The refugees crowded around
Captain Bausln of the Touraine. kiss
ing his hands and expraaslng their
thanks for saving them.
NEW YORK, Oct. 14.—Revised fig
ures of the Volturno disaster issued
today by tha Uranium company re
duced the number of dead to 104 and
placed the number saved at 510. It
was -said official figures will not be
issued until Captain Inch arrives.
NEW YORK. Oct. 14.—The steamship
Kroonland. bringing survivors of the
Volturno, has broken one of her crank
shafts. A wireless dispatch received
by company officials here today stated
that the accident was retarding the
vessel's speed.
Two Women Perish
In Fire When Big
Sanatorium Burns
Four Others Are Seriously Injured
in Disaster Destroying Institu
tion—Twelve Are Rescued
BALTIMORE, Oct. 14.—Two women
were burned to death and a third se
verely injured, while three others
were seriously burned, when the En
glewood sanatorium at Govans was
destroyed by fire this morning.
Twelve other patients were rescued. ;
San Francisco's
i First Great Daily
Founded -1856 J
Brave Rescuers Venture Into Fiery, Poison Laden
Atmosphere and Carry Out 327 at Risk of
Their Own Lives—Hope Is Abandoned for All
Who Are Entombed in Underground Workings
CABDIFF, Wales, Oct. 14.—More than 400 miners
perished today in a terrific explosion in the Universal
colliery. It is the worst industrial tragedy that Wales
has ever known. Fire followed the explosion. Many
who were carried out alive were so badly burned that
they will die.
Nine hundred and thirty-one men who were at
work in the pit when the explosion rocked the surround
ing country and shattered the interior of the shaft were
all imprisoned.
The mine is situated near Senghenyd, in the heart
of the mining district. Heroic rescuers carried out :iL'T
men, risking their own lives in venturing into the fiery,
poison laden atmosphere.
The interior of the pit is a raging furnace of fire and hope is
gone for all the entombed men.
Fire followed the explosion and smoke rolled from the mouth
of the mine. A rescue squad was formed and started into the mine
after the flames had died down. They reported that the shaft gear
ing was destroyed. Connections between the fans of the interior
of the pit were blown asunder, cutting oft the supply of fresh air.
Other pumps were rigged up to furnish fresh air. Soon the work
of carrying out the survivors began. Many of them were uncon
scious. Some had their clothing blown off.
Special trains and automobiles bearing rescue apparatus, sup
plies, doctors and nurses sped to the scene. A first aid hospital
and a temporary morgue were erected with difficulty by attend-;
Custom Men Change;
Let Aigrettes Pass
NEW YORK, Oct. 14—A dozen or
more women who arrived by the liner
Rotterdam wore aigrettes in their
hats. The inspectors decided to let
the women alone, as it would have
been hard, if not impossible, to prove
that the feathers were bought in Eu
rope if the wearers declared they
were not.
President's Daughter
To Sing for Charity
Margaret Woodrow Wilson, daughter
of the president, will sing at a con
e*»rt dance benefit to aid In erecting
a lodging house for working girls
near the Northern Liberties church
Bryan Refuses to
Debate With Socialist
NEW YORK, Oct. 14.—Secretary
Bryan has declined an invitation to
debate with a socialist at Carnegie
hall. The committee wrote Mr. Bryan
that he might choose his own date and
that his expenses, as well as his regu
lar lecture tee. would be paid. Bryan
pleaded pressure of. business.
Armed Highwayman
Robs Prison Keener
A lone highwayman armed with a
revolver held up H. H. Howard, prison
keeper of Alcatraz, early this morn
ing at Sansome and Washington
streets and took his watch, and. be
cause he had no money, stole his hat,
Every kind of an eyeglass
can be obtained from us—we have
them all, but the "Equipoise" is tin
most desirable eyeglass and will lit
more noses than any other kind.
Wear "Equipoise"
W. D. Fennimore A. B. Fennimore
181 Post St. i c T ,
oc«« a*- • c San Francisco
2508 Mission St. *
1221 Broadway . (c. z.. Home) Oakland

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