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A Cleari, Wholesome
• Papei\/br *
[ California Homes .J
VOLUME 114.—N0. 134.
Mrs. 0. H, P. Belmont's Offer
of $100,000 Bail Refused;
No Liberty Until Final
Some of the notables who
have been held up at Ellis isl
Willie Nutt, whose name Is
not Nut. but Nutt, and who says
he's not nutty, though his name
is Nutt. Willie was an actor
and came from England to ap
pear in the "Whip," but the im
miKratlon authorities accused
him of being feeble minded,
which he denied. Willie was
finally admitted.
Edward Myllus, writer and
editor, who was convicted of
libeling the king of England.
Miss Marie Lloyd, music hall
singer, held as an undesirable
because she was accompanied
by a man not her husband. Ad
mitted under bail.
Cipriano Castro, former pres
ident and dictator of Venezuela.
He was convicted of murder in
Venezuela. He was admitted on
a writ of habeas corpus:
Prince Pignatelll of the Span
ish nobility. Advices from Paris
said he had Indulged in several
"escapades." He was released
on a habeas corpus writ.
NEW YORK, Oct 18.—Seized as an
undesirable immigrant and hustled off
to Ellis island bag and baggage, Mrs.
Emmeline Pankhurst was snatched
out of her protecting stateroom on the
liner La Provence today when it made
p->rt and landed at the detenticfrn sta
tion under a guard of immigration
Warned by wireless of the approach
of the famous leader of the English
militant suffragettes, a special board
of inquiry was ready to sit immedi.
ately to pass upon the question
■whether Mrs. Pankhurst is an "unde
sirable alien."
After a session of half an hour the
board of Inquiry decided Mrs. Pank
hurst is "persona non grata" to the
United Btates. They planned to head
tfr toward "dear old England" by an
early steamer.
Mrs. Pankhurst's lawyer, Herbert
Reeves, announced his intention of
appealing the case Immediately to
Commissioner General Caminetti. Mr.
Reeves said he would seek to have his
client admitted to this country under
bond, so that she may be able to ful
fill her engagement to speak at Madi-
Continued on T*asre 3, Column S
EVERYBODY some time or
other desires to have their own
home, built to conform to their own
ideas of comfort and coziness. A lot
;s the first step toward the home.
Select your lot now before the rise
in values at the opening of the canal.
Here are a few good buys:
$500—That's All. 12 minutes from City
Hall; 5 cur line*; Urge lots; S3O cash,
Slu a month.
H.6So—Swelleat lot In Richmond District; half
block from car line; 2o per cent below
prevailing prlcea. Investigate.
86,500 —30 feet Is Stockton at-, at north por
tal of tunnel; two frontages; level and
ready to build upon.
For full details of the above and
other good buys turn to the
Columns in TODAY'S CALL
THE San Francisco CALL
FROM "soup to nuts" the
grocery of M. D. Barulich
& Co. at 1201« Jackson street
was cleaned by two hungry
burglars last night. Crackers,
cheese, beans, candy and even
grape juice were missing when
the store was opened this
morning. As the burglars had
to act as their own waiters
they tipped themselves by tak
ing $6.15 from the cash reg
Foresters Unable to Curb
Zayante Canyon Blaze;
Hotels Seem Doomed
SAN JOSE, Oct. 18.—Two calls for
help to fight fire came into San Jose
from the Santa Cms mountatns this
morning, as the fire is sweeping up
Zayante canyon toward the summit
and is now heading toward Wrights
station, where there are many sum
mer hotels. Fire fighters coming into
San Jose have not been able to have
their pay tags issued by the fire war
dens cashed, as there are no funds
set aside for that purpose, and there
is dissatisfaction arising.
A desperate fight i* being made
to save Zayante, Wrights, Isling
ton, Alma and Eva from a new off
shoot of the Santa Cruz mountain
fire, which is burning beyond con
trol through 'the big timber in
Zayante canyon and above. Many
fire fighters were burned and injured
today, and a # family named Monetti,
hemmed in by flames which destroyed
their farmhouse, narrowly escaped
death and are being treated at Los
Gatos for serious burns.
All available fire fighters have been
withdrawn from the Saratoga blase to
fight this big timber fire, which
threatens to eat its way to the sum
mit of the range and wipe out all
the summer homes and resorts be
tween Mount Hermon, Ben Lomond
and Boulder Creek. State Forester
Unmans and his force have gone to
the Zayante fire, having placed the
San Lorenzo canyon fire under control.
Spreading out like a fan In the big
redwoods, the flames are eating their
way east of the Soxithern Pacific
tracks to the crest of the mountain.
This endangers a far more thickly
populated section than the fire which
has been burning several days near
Saratoga and San Lorenzo.
Smoke from the fire this morning
has been pouring over the summit
and forms a pall of terrifying aspect
over the entire Santa Clara valley.
Among the Injured fire fighters are
Joseph Patersen and Matthew Con
nelli, both badly burned about the
face. Emergency hospital service has
been established at Alma and Los
Lafrenz Acquitted of
Killing Cattleman
SAN JOSE, Oct. 18. —After being out
for 36 hours the Jury in the Henry
Lafrenz case found a verdict of not
Lafrenx, who la the son of a San
Francisco business man. was recently
sentenced in San Francisco to a long
term for highway robbery. He was
charged with having murdered Cscar
A. Withers, a wealthy cattleman, in
the Mount Hamilton range In 1910.
The evidence was almost entirely
Assessed Valuation
Of City, $623,847,729
Auditor Boyle sent to the state con
troller today a summary of San Fran
cisco's assessment rolls for this fiscal
year, showing the total valuation of
assessable property to be f623,847,729,
the largest in the history of the city.
Last year the total waa f•04,810,464.
74 Deputies Face Trial for
Sedition; Huerta Resigna
tion Refused by Cabinet
MEXICO CITY, Oct 18.—President
Huerta officially announced today that
he had offered his resignation to the
Mexican cabinet, but that it had been
rejected. The cabinet's action was
not due to loyalty to Huerta, but to
the fact that its members were un
able to unite on a man to succeed
him. They were about evenly di
vided between Pedro Lascuraln, Ma
dero's minister of foreign affairs, and
General Blanquet, commander in
chief of the army.
The 7* deputies arrested when
Huerta overthrew congress were to
day ordered to trial on charges of "re
bellion, sedition and insulting the'
government" because they asked an
Investigation of the disappearance of
Senator Belisario Domtngues. Among
them is Rodolfo Reyes, former min
ister of Justice. Ball was refused the
deputies. Nipe of those In custody
were released because the charges
had been "unproved" at -the prelimi
nary examination. By the refusal to
accept their bail, the deputies are
barred from taking any part In the
presidential campaign. They are all
•Huerta's political opponent .
The decrees fixing rules for voting
In federal districts next week were
posted today.
That the United States would refuse
to recognize General Blanquet If he
were chosen by the Huerta eabfnet to
succeed Huerta, was learned here
from the state department today,
after acting Secretary Moore had
cabled to O'Shaughnessy for details
of Huerta's supposed plans to abdi
Recent changes In Huerta's cabinet
were explained today by prominent
supporters of the constitutionalists.
The situation was becoming so se
rious that Huerta knew he must make
a master stroke. Therefore he filled
the cabinet with men of such radi
cally different political faith that
they could not unite on any man to
succeed him. Then he presented his
resignation. As expected, they re
fused to accept It The resignation
was presented Thursday.
President Huerta will continue in
power until the elections, the prepa
rations for which are being pushed
by all parties.
There seems to be a revival of sen
timent In favor of Huerta in the
states of Campeche and Mexico,
where many clubs have suddenly
been formed to support the ticket of
Huerta for president and Blanquet
for vice president.
If these two men consent to run it
is believed the movement will spread
to other states.
General Felix Diaz is expected to ar
rive at Vera Cruz on Sunday, which
is earlier than expected. There is
much talk of a conspiracy there
against his life. Government secret
agents are going to Vera Cruz to look
after his safety.
Vogelsang Back; Says
Hetch Hetchy Bill
Situation Favorable
Will Come Up in December and
Must Be Voted On Before the
6th—Campaign Inaugurated
Supervisor Vogelsang returned from
Washington today and reported that
the situation is favorable to the pas
sage of the Hetch Hetchy bill in De
cember. The bill Is on the calendar
for December 1 and must be voted on
before December 6. This report was
made at a meeting in Mayor Rolph's
office attended by 15 supervisors,
members of the advisory water com
mittee and Congressmen J. I. Nolan
and J. R. Knowland. A campaign is
to be inugurated to present the senU.
ment of the entire state to Washing*
ton regarding San Francisco's aeed of
the Sierra water i
Lieutenant Confident He Is
Father of Baby, and Young
ster Has No Doubts
"So many untruths have been told
about us, so many slurs have been
cast upon the Slingsby name by per- I
sons whom we had every reason to
believe were our friends, that I am
weary, as well as wary, of discussing
anything pertaining to the so called
substitution case, but I'll be glad to
talk with you about my little boy,
Teddy.' or anything else of interest,"
said Lieutenant Charles It. Slingsby a 3
he sat with the beautiful baby in his
arms in the garden of the Augustus F.
Lawton home, 2848 Fillmore street,
this morning.
Mrs. Slingsby, clad in a soft gray
morning gown, smiled her approval
fro ma window overlooking the
"Come on down here, Mummie."
invited Teddy Slingsby, the 3 year
old boy around whom the legal bat
tle which involves the nobility of
England and citizens of the United
States, is being fought.
Mrs. Slingsby declined the invita
tion, pleading nervousness.
"How anybody can say that
Teddy is not my boy pussies me,
said Lieutenant Slingsby, "especially
in view of the marked resemblance
to me which the boy bears."
"Bad, naughty people to talk
about me," declared the Junior
Slingsby, leaping from his father's
arms to examine the camera in which
he evinced much interest.
"That was beautiful! Oh, Ido hope
you caught the expression in Teddy's
face," called Mrs. Slingsby from the
window as the photographer snapped
Teddy in one of his characteristic
"This seems to be quite a 'house
of mystery,' said the serious faced
Slingsby, waving his hand toward the
Lawton home, where so many dra
matic events connected with the fa
mous graft prosecution were staged.
"But it was merely a coincidence
our selecting this residence to stay
while here. You see, we have had
so much to contend with and have
tried to avoid publicity, but it seems
unavoidable now."
"Send me a picture, please,*' said
Teddy Slingsby, waving good by as
he left with his father to spend the
day In Golden Oats park.
Brief illness Is Fatah to
Mrs. John I. Sabin's
Mrs. Theodore Halsey, wife of the
Pacific States Telephone company of
ficial and a sister of Mrs. John I. Sa
bin, died this . morning at the St.
Francis hospital after a brief illness.
Mrs. Halsey had been unconscious
for several days and It was believed
by her physician that she was suffer
ing from a blood clot on her brain.
This is the second recent death in the
family, her sister, Miss Perkins, hav
ing died suddenly last month.
Mrs. Little Granted
Divorce by Court
Double desertion resulted today in
an Interlocutory decree of divorce for
Mrs. Florence Kentfleld Little, stay
ing at the St. Francis hotel, from Har
old L. Little, mining man of Berkeley,
In Judge Griffin's department of the
superior court.
Market Hunters Lose
Ducks; 300 Seized
Officers of the fish and game com
mission seised 300 wild ducks at the
Wells Fargo offices in the ferry build
ing today. The birds were shipped to
the local markets by market hunters,
and the selxure was made under the
law that prohibits any one having
more than 25 ducks in his possession
during any one calendar day.
cant see
can doubt
is his child,
and Teddy
why "people
say bad
about him.
From Window of Vatican
Pontiff Watches Firemen
Subdue Flames
ROME. 'Oct IS.—The Uvea of the
two slaters of the pope were endan
gered today by a fire which swept
the house in which they were dwell
ing opposite the Vatican.
Prom the window of the Vatican
the pope watched firemen subdue the
flames. As soon as it became known
that neither of the women was in
jured his holiness went to his private
chapel and gave thanks in prayer.
Crocker Girl Dragged
To Death by Pony
NEW YORK, Oct. 18.—-Faith Crock
er, 8 years old, only daughter of
Frank I* Crocker, a distant relative
of the Crocker family in California
and a member of the Meadowbrook
and Piping Rock cluba, met death to
day beneath the heels of her favorite
pony, which she had recently ridden
to blue ribbon honors in Long Island
horse shows. The girl had taken the
animal out for its usual morning can
ter in the meadow, and her father sat
at a window watching her, when she
was unseated and fell to the ground,
with ,hflr, foot caught in. the stirrup.
The pony dashed blindly away, drag
ging . ,ber over, the field. She was
picked up dead, her skull having been
| i f/ j V i ii i . i -,
1 ■ "4 ii I I ill 1
-i It L \lll
~ Francisco's
Great Dsaijy
Founded -1856 |
Miss Leah Alexander, Pretty Blonde, Riddles J.
D. Van Baalerr With Bullets in the Chronicle
Building—"Left His Wife, Promised to Marry
Me, But He Lied," Says Young Gun Wielder
A woman scorned, with a short barreled revolver
for the weapon of her fury, turned upon J. D. Van
Baalen, special advertising man for the Chronicle, in a
corridor on the third floor of the Chronicle building at
11:30 o'clock today and shot him five times.
The woman. is Miss Leah Alexander, a slender
blonde of fewer years than 30.
"I shot him because he promised to marry me and did not
keep his promise," the pale woman prisoner said at the central
station when Chief of Police White questioned her.
"He took me to Cuba and several other places throughout the
country on trips. Once he tried to kill me. He separated from
■ —— ' his wife on my account and then he
Master of Steamer Lyra Says
Inspectors Broke Into Cabin
and Took His Property
Charges questioning the integrity
and honesty of Customs Inspectors A.
E. Buckley, T. O. Huffaker, J. A. lA
zier, D. G. Swinehart and C. J. Ben
ninger, which were filed by Captain
J. A. McDonald, master of the steamer
Lyra, are under Investigation before
Collector of the Port J. O. Davis this
morning. These charges were filed
through Customs Broker W. H.
Thornley for the Luckenbach Steam
ship company, a corporation which
owns the vessel.
Captain McDonald in a written re
port to Collector Davis accuses the
inspectors of breaking into his private
rooms and taking three bottles of bay
rum, which he had for toilet purposes.
He further states that J4S and an
automatic revolver, all his private
property, are missing. He claims to
have left the cash and revolver in
the drawer when he went ashore.
While Captain McDonald does not
chtfrge definitely that the customs in
spectors stole the articles, he inti
mates the fact by asserting that none
but the inspectors had access to his
room while he was on shore.
The inspectors are also charged
with breaking into the cabin of J.
A. Dorwlne, first officer. Customs In
spector Bennlnger is accused of strik
ing Second Mate Oeorge McDonald
in the face when the officer protested
at the way the Inspectors were en
tering the private lockers and draw
ers, instead of asking for them to
be opened with keys.
As soon as the complaint was filed
Collector Davis started the investi
gation. He found that the charges
against Benning, accused of assault
ing Second Mate McDonald, were true,
but Collector Davis said this morn
ing that it appeared that the bay
rum and perfume had been smuggled.
"There is a regular traffic in bay
rum from South American and Mexi
can points to this port," said Davis.
"All this trouble is traced directly to
Captain's McDonald's refusal to make
a statement regarding the possessions
of the individual members of the crew.
The search was then instituted, and
the perfume and bay rum found and
seized. At this time lam not ready
to make a statement of the missing
cash and revolver of the captain."
has lied, lied to me for months. I
could stand it no longer, so I shot
"But I still love him, even though
he has ruined my future." she said,
brokenly, as she turned her face-away ■
from the circle of men about her.
Four of the bullets took effect in
Van Baalen's stomach and chest. At
the central emergency hospital they
say he has only a few hours to live.
First the police rushed the excited
woman to the harbor hospital. Then
they hastened to the central hospital.
They wanted the girl beside Van
Baalen's cot when he made his ante
mortem statement.
Assistant District Attorney Bren
nan was detailed to take Van Baalen's
The party, headed by Chief White,
returned to the city prison, and the
woman went in behind a wall of bars
Miss Alexander had been living a*
the Landseer apartments, 797 Bush
Van Baalen stayed at Marlborough
hall, in Bush street.
According to a calm story told by
the woman this afternoon, she made
up her mind to shoot Van Baalen
three days ago.
She bought the pistol in lower Mar
ket street this morning.
"Kor the last two or three days be
had refused to walk up the street
with me." she said. "I saw him on
the street last night with another
girl. It hurt me.
"He wouldn't answer the telephone
when I called today. So I went up to
see him. He told me to get out of
the office or he would put me out. I
had gotten up out of a sickbed fen
come down town. I told him not to
touch me.
"He came to the door. And. well—
I guess you heard the rest of it. He
Bay View
Forest Hill
Don't forget to come
Sunday to see The
New Bay View Tract,
Forest Hill Court.
Take the Hayes-Mar
ket car direct to the
The Finest Bay View
at the lowest price.
30 Montgomery St.

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