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"Beauty Comes of Itsett Alone the Path Where Health Has Paved me cuav -Marie tmwn
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A Bachelor's
The Pretty Nurse Gives Him a
Hug and Calls Him an Angel,
\ Which He Denies
September 20 —I tried to simulate
a chill and shake out some new ail
ment when the man from the hotel
called a third time to take my pretty
nurse for a ride, but all the shaking
was in vain. She laughed at me and
called me a baby, and when I got
cross wanted to know, with made up
tears in her eyes, if I wanted to
stand between a poor girl and her
chance at happiness.
"Chance at happiness!" I hooted at
that. If "chance at happiness" moans
a ride with a man with a walrus
mustache and an expression like an
eel in a Noah> ark of a rig, then
chances for happiness are growing
mighty slim for the women.
"I'll take you back to town with
me," I protested, "and introduce you
to some really big fish if you insist
on a marine love affair. Why do you
want to waste your time on a sar
dine like that?"
"Perhaps," softly, "it isn't wasting
my time"
"Well, then, you are wasting mine.
Oh, go," seeing that she looked a
little hurt, "but go out the back way.
I don't want to be shocked info a re
lapse by seeing you in any more of
your street clothes."
But she started the front way, and
this time she wore dark red with
enough purple about her to remind
me of an amateur artist's sunset.
I have been planning with Rich
ards that when we get back to town
Richards, whose taste in dress is ex
cellent, will take her around to the
Ftores and fit her out in soft grays
and golden browns, with all sorts of
furs to match. I can't take her
around in my machine in her white
uniform and announce In that way
to the city and the stock market that
I am in need of the attendance of a
nurse, and I would be ashamed to
exhibit her in her rainbow garments.
"We will keep her)" I said to Rich
ards, "until she has had a nice long
rest. A nurse's life is a hard one,
and she has been mighty patient with
me all these weeks."
"She is a good little girl," com
mented the faithful Richards. "Most
girls in her position would have set
their caps for you."
I started to say that that was just
what she tried to do, and remembered
to stop just in time. Perhaps I have
just imagined It. A man is always
a self-centered animal and is apt to
imagine that thoughts of HIM con
trol all around him.
This is particularly true of a bach
elor. I find myself suspecting matri
monial designs in every woman I
meet and am growing just as cau
tious In my dealings with them as a
tomcat is in crossing a strange back
Sept. 21. —I walked as far as the
gate this morning without any as
sistance, not even that of a cane, and
tomorrow intend to walk to the turn
of the little leafy path, where it
seems to hesitate as if fearful of
what Is ahead, and then plunges
bravely into the heart of the woods.
I will take Manette with me. Be
fore my accident we explored all the
woods a mile or two from the house,
but never became acquainted With the
pretty little walks nearer home. That
is not strange, however. A man
knows all about the outside of his
house, all the business to it, when he
IMjjK A requisite KH9
lo fl whenever LS~~J
f Oj coffee or tea
Kjp3 is served E|~3
2 In 2 and Mvsst, FuW
5 pound an< * roMHßill
Sealed half-size
MB J pieces S9b»GbSll>
P| Address: New York City SBlBiajiiif
"Health is the
thing that most
"Health is the
are sighing
for, but
they call it
How can
anybody pos
sibly hope
to base
any kind
of good
looks upon
a poor
Girls of
today need
a foundation
for beauty
that will
stand any
EEK for health, not beauty,"
j says Miss Marie Fenton.
"Beauty comes of itself along
the path where health has paved the
"Health is the thing that most girls
of today are sighing for, but they call
it beauty. Such foolish girls who will
not" take the trouble to find out the
real secret of beauty! How could one
possibly hope to base any kind of
good looks upon a poor physical foun
dation? Could the beauty be real and
lasting, or would poor health stretch
forth its damaging hand after the
slightest exertion?
"We girls of today want the kind
of foundation for our beauty that will
stand any test The physical stam
ina that will stand any strain, the
is well and strong. It takes sickness
to discover for him that there are
five roses, in one bunch and three in
the next, with two leaves in between,
in the border of the wall paper of
his bedroom.
Sept. 23.—1 walked as far as the
turn of the path in the woods today.
Mar.ette and the pup going with me.
It seemed nice to be alone with these
two again—the flrst time in many,
many weeks.
"My prayers for your recovery,"
said Richards, who met us at the
garden gate on our return, "have
been answered." She had prayed, she
said, every night and morning since
the accident that I would get well
and strong and not be the cripple the
doctors had feared.
It made me feel good to think some
one is praying for me. No one ever
prays for a rich man. They pray in
church for the widows and the or
phans, for those who are suffering or
destitute, for those who go out to
sea in ships, and for the redemption
of the drunkard, but no one prays for
the rich man.
He has a disease worse than a
"Get all the sleep possible."
pluck and bravery that come from a
splendid constitution, so that we can
go out in any kind of weather and
feel that we are tingling all over
with the joy of living, when our hair
is perhaps straying round in untidy
wisps and our skirts are heavy and
"And how to get this health? Ex
ercise. Now, don't pout, girls, and
say that every one says the same
thing and it sounds like an old story.
Exercise in one way, in the way that
pleases you best, that gives you the
most genuine enjoyment.
"People say to me, T never need to
exercise; I get enough of it in my
work.' Why, that isn't the proper
spirit for the exercise that is to bring
roses to the cheeks and stars to the
fondness for liquor. He began, too,
with no special craving for that which
became his curse. He thought he
would make a little money, and as
wealth grew his appetite grew with
it. The dollar ceased to be his slave,
and became his master, but no one
prayed for him. %
"Why," every churchgoer will ask,
"should any one pray for him? He
has lots of money."
That is true, he has. And he also
has grave responsibilities, obligations
to whom he knows not, nor how to
discharge them. He also has loneli
ness, heartache, suffers the fate of
the misjudged and misunderstood, and
learns too often to keep his faith in
humanity sweet that none approach
him except with mercenary, motive*!.
Sept. 24.—Tompkins had the town
house In readiness for us. but our de
parture will be delayed a few weeks
longer to gratify a wish expressed
by Manette. She said /he would like
to come up here every summer, and
the wish resulted in my purchase
this morning of several hundred
acres adjoining Allen's home. I have
sent for an architect, and we will
spend some time longer up here
planning for a bungalow to be built
a few rods from this place, near the
pretty turn in the woods. I want it
near enough for Allen to be care
taker while we are away, and that
we may enjoy the old fashioned joy
of having neighbors when we are
here. >
It will be built of logs, with huge
log beams in the ceiling. There will
be a bedroom on the 6econd floor for
ms, connecting rooms for Richards
and Manette, and two or three guest
rooms, with rooms above for the
The pretty nurse ls to spend a
month every summer with us.
"It will do me good," I urge, "to
have you here. The constant danger
of succumbing to your charms will
make my blood circulate and keep me
"You might," contemplatively, "fall
in love with me."
"Of course," I replied, "there would
always be that danger; but I shall
enjoy it. Sometimes the fishing and
hunting up here are not good, and
the constant association with you will
furnish the sport I might otherwise
She laughed and, turning quickly'
toward me, gave me a little hug, call
ing me a n angel.
"I'm not an angel." I growled; "I'm
a man, and for that reason you
mustn't do such things. That's the
cause of a lot of trouble —you women
forgetting that we men are very live
and very wicked, and treating us as
If we were angels, made up of noth
ing but draperies and feathers."
He—What has made the professor
so wild?
She—Oh, he-was gassing about bot
any, and so I asked him If he had
ever seen a pink palm. He said, "No."
and I showed him my hands.
"Exercise brings roses to the cheeks."
eyes. Exercise that -is not pleasant
will never bring any good results. It
is impossible for any one ta rush
around madly all day doing things
that have to be done and thinking
about something entirely different.
There must be harmony of mind and
body. The mind and body must work
together for proper exercise or the
THIS dish ls a great favorite with married men, and the master of the
house often likes to prepare it at the table when he has company, so as
to exhibit his skill before his guests.
To properly can a wife begin by selecting your wife. Go yourself into
the marriage market and pick out a young and tender girl and one who is
of a timid and sensitive nature. If you can find one that weeps easily*and
is so gentle that a cross word can pierce her to the heart, so much the better.
No canned wives have such a piquant flavor as the soft ones that a cruel
look can bruise.
Jn getting a wife to can be very careful not to get a suffragist. Nobody
can can a suffragist, and especially a man can not can one.
Having chosen your wife, take it home and put it up on the shelf by its
lonely, and go off about your own affairs. Spend your days at your business
and your evenings amusing yourself, and don't worry about what is hap
pening to the wife at home. This process, if faithfully persisted in, will
soften down any little hard spots of character that may have naturally been
in the wife's disposition. There's nothing that reduces anything, Human or
vegetable, to such a state of acquiescent mush as neglect.
Whether it is better to skin a wife before canning, or to can her with
the skin on, is entirely a matter of taste. Also of the liberality of the
canner. Some men, who like all of their household appurtenances to be
showy, always deck their wives out In Paris gowns and diamonds before
canning them. Other men, of a tightwad type, hold that it is a mere waste
of money to spend it on a wife, and
they remove all good clothes Ideas
from their wives before they can
This Is a painful process for the
wife, and.leaves it shrunken and un
attractive in appearance, but it is
efficacious, for no wives are so thor
oughly canned as those that have
been properly pared down by a par
simonious husband.
However, in either case It is al
ways well to begin by carefully rub
bing off the bloom of romance from
the wife, and the more thoroughly
this is done with a hard hand the
Then plunge the wife first into the
icy water of indifference by never
noticing how she looks, or taking
any interest in what she is doing, or
seeing that she has any diversions
or amusements.
Vary this by popping her into the boiling water of temper.
Continue this process until you gee*** frightened look begin to come into
the wife's eyes» and it begins to cringe before you like a dog that thinks it's
going to be struck. This indicates that the wife is now ready for canning.
Now make a sauce, as follows: To one barrel of ridicule add one gallon
of wit, the more undiluted the cruelty of it the better; a pint of the tabasco
of caricature, a pint of brutality, throw in a* bunch of all the mistakes that
your wife has ever made and the foolish things she has done; stir all to
gether, and let it come to a boil. Simmer the wife in this until it hasn't a
thought nor an idea left In its system.
N. B.—lt is not necessary to put any salt in this dish, as by the time a
wife is ready for canning she is so soaked with the brine of her own tears
that the plate is almost too highly seasoned for most tastes.
This is an infallible recipe for canning wives, and if faithfully followed
never fails. No woman thus treated ever takes herself out of the kitchen
or the pantry unless removed by her husband's orders.
As has been said, many married men are very expert in canning wives
and like to show off by preparing the dish at their own dinner tables. The
only difficulty about it is that canned wife is like home made welsh rabbit—
nobody seems to relish it but the maker. "
Also, it sort of takes the appetite for matrimony from such unmarried
women as are present on the occasion.
result will bring nothing of the true
spirit in its wake.
"So, girls, exercise for the pure joy
of exercising. I know it will be hard
at first. All new experiences are.
But start in with the determination
that you are going to be well, and
exercise the mind with the body; that
is, think al it your exercise and the
Marie Fenton Declares That 'Perfect Health
and Knowledge of Style Solve the Problem
"Seek for health, not beauty."
ently you will get into the spirit c
Joy it is going to bring you. Pres
the thing and all will be plain sail
"And then, when you have stimu
lated all your body muscles and all
the nerves in your brain so that with
all of their work they need rest, give
them proper rest. Get all the sleep
possible—the old beauty adage that
one hour of sleep before 12 Is worth
two afterward is the truest thing in
the world. Resting is not sleeping,
always remember that. It is possible
to lie still and rest with the belief
that you are doing the next best thing
to sleeping. But this is not so, for
every nerve is on the alert for an im
pression, and no healthy person
should have nerves that make them
selves at all obvious. However,
health brings the ability to sleep in
Do You Know That—
The same species of flower never
shows more than two of the three
colors, red, yellow and blue. Roses,
for Instance, are found red and yel
low, but never blue; verbenas are red
and blue, but not yellow.
Since women's suffrage was grant
ed in Illinois there have been three
elections, and on each occasion less
than 10 per cent of the women voted.
Derbyshire, Devonshire and West
morland provide the finest marble
found in England.
A certain class of shop keepers try
to force their wares upon passersby.
A traveler determined to teach one
of these a lesson. The offender was
a clothing dealer, and had a way of
almost dragging people into his place.
One day the traveler stopped for
a moment to examine a coat hanging
in front of the establishment, when
out darted the clothier, who asked:
"Won't you try on one of those
"I don't know but I will, re
sponded the traveler, consulting his
watch. "I have some time to spare.
He went in; but no matter how
often he found his fit, he called for
more coats. Finally, when he had
tried on 30 or more, he looked at his
watch, resumed his own garment, and
walked out, saying as he went:
"Good day, old chap, I won't charge
anything for what I've done. I be
lieve in a man who'll oblige another
when he can. If I'm ever this way
again and you have any more coats
to try on I'll do all I can to help you."
Girlish Complexion
Now Easily Acquired
"A skin of blended snow, cream and
rose" is the way an Ohio correspond
ent describes her newly acquired
complexion. She is one who has
adopted mercolized wax in place of
cosmetics, massage, steaming and
other methods. Many who have tried
this marvelous wax report that its
effects are quite different from those
of any other treatment. It produces
a complexion of exquisite girlish nat
uralness, rather than one bearing evi
dence of having been artificially
"made over." One that is indeed "Na
ture's own," tiie result of gradually
absorbing dead particles of surface
skin, permitting the younger, health
ier skin beneath to show itself and
giving its pores a chance to breathe.
Mercolized wax, procurable at any
drug store in original one ounce
package, is put on at night like cold
cream and washed off in the morning.
I have also had many favorable let
ters from those who have tried the
wrinkle removing face bath which I
recommended recently. If any have
mislaid the formula, here tt is: 1 oz.
powdered saxollte, dissolved In % pt.
witch hazel. —"Natalie" in the
Woman Militant.—Advertisement.
How to get
this health?
People say,
"I get
enough exer
cise in my
work." This
is a fallacy.
Exercise that

is not
never brings
There must
be harmony
of mind
and body.
Exercise for
the pure
joy of
That is the
■ its train, and it is quite an»easy mat
ter to keep one's nerves In perfect
control after a good, fair start on the
road to health.
"After perfect health is acquired,
any kind of beauty can be the next
attainment," continued Miss Fenton.
"My nose is Inclined to be retrousse,
so I plan my features in accordance.
I arrange my hair with a slight tilt
at the back. I practice looking up
ward, so that my lashes will have a
retrousse appearance, and I smile
frequently to tip-tilt the corners of
my mouth. It is all very simple;
every woman has it in her makeup to
do things like that —it has to be
aroused, that's all.
"Health is the big canvas in life
which we use for a foundation; beauty
can be applied in many and varied
colors, according to the personality
Of the individual."
The number of vessels passing
through the Suez canal yearly is
about 3,800, of an average burden of
5,000 tons.
The first postofHce was opened in
Paris in 1492, in England in 1581, and
in America in the year 1710.
The longest word of usual occur
rence in the English language is "in
Zinc expands most of any metal un
der the Influence of heat, and plati
num least.
■■■■■■ "l am <>- n old man—and many of my troubles
[ never happened."—ELßEßT HUBBARD m ™™"
THE white hair and wrinkled fates of our busy men and women tell
of doubt, fear and anxiety—more than disease or age. Worry plays
havoc with the nervous system—so that digestion is ruined and sleep
banished. What oil is to the friction of the delicate parts of an engine—
Golden Medical Discovery
is to the delicate organs of the body. It's a tonic and body builder—because it
stimulates the liver to vigorous action, assists the stomach to assimilate food—thus
enriching the blood, and the nerves and heart in turn are fed on pure rich blood.
Neuralgia "is the cry of starved nerves for food." For forty years "Golden
Medical Discovery" in liquid form has given great satisfaction as a tonic and
blood maker.
Now it can be obtained in tablet form—from dealer* in medicine
or sendso one-cent stamps for trial box. Write R. V.Pierce,Buffalo.
Relieve constipation, regulate the liver. yBHUMBp
and bowels. Easy to take as candy. I
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The New $2,000,000 Hostelry
Hotel Oakland
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Under management of VICTOR RE ITER.
Electric but meets all trains.
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101? Fillmore bet. McAllister and Golden Oate.
Elegantly furn. sunny rms., with thoroughly
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tached and detached; all mod. eon Ten.; ideal
for tourists and COM try transient; acueusible
all cars; rates reasonable.
REAU furnishes folder- and full Information
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Little Bobbie's
THE teacher asked us to rite a
essay on What Consti-tocts
Grateness, & last nlte I asked
Pa & Ma to hefp me rite it.
Thay are crowding the chßdern
ahed too fast these days, sed Ma, the
idee of asking a child to rite a essay
with-a subjeck like that.
It may se.em like a very deep su
Jec/K to you, sed Pa, but it is mere
child's play for me. I will help Bob
bie rite his essay. Tou go rite ahe l
looking at yure fashion magazive.
sed Pa. Bobbie, cum into the*library
ware we will be close to the books &
I will rite yure essay with you.
In the flrst place, eed Pa, wen we
got into the library, true grateness
is what the teecher ment wen she
gave you the subjeck. What Consti
toots Grateness. Of course there are
different klnrls of grateness. Mathew
son, for instans, is the greatest pitcher
that ever lived, & yet he will not
live in history as a grate man. Bryan
is a grate talker, & yet he will never
be remembered as Eincolp was re
membered. Jack Johnsing is a great
prize flter. but that lets him out.
.None of these men mite be seed to be
truly grate, Pa told me. Grateness of
the reel sort is the grateness of a
Shakespeer ot a Caesar, or, to bee
moar modern, like me, sed Pa.
The surest way to tell reel grate
ness or to spot a grate man. sed Pa.
ls to notice his clothes. He will never
look like a tramp on the bench In the
park. Pa sed, but he will newer look
like a picture of a man like you set
on cards in the tailor shops. All of
them men on the tailor cards, sed Pa,
has high, stiff collars & they ware
leather gloves, rife in the middle of
the summer even.
I always thought that was the rite
way to dress, I toald Pa.
It maybe the rite way to dress for
a yung man that likes to dress, sed
Pa, but it ain't the rite way to dress
If you are a grate man. Imagine
Abraham Linkin with one of them
Alpine hats with a bow on the back
of it,' Pa sed. Or think of Caesar
leeding his Romans aggenst the Gauls
with a high, stiff collar on. Why,
sed Pa, if one of them Gauls shud
hit Caesar on the top of the hed it
wud cut his throte. No, Bobbie, sed
Pa, the truly grate men of all time
have been men wlch beeleeved .in
having thare clothes eomfortabel but
not stylish. Thay beeleeved in bee
ing cleen & took a bath whenever
it was handy, but moar than one
grate man has been known to live
in a place ware thare wasent any
rooms with bath. I herd a yung man
saying the other day that he wud
die if he dident have his shower
every morning, Pa sed, & I wondered
what he wud do if he had to spend
a few months out In Arizony ware
I used to ride the ran o c.
A other way that you can always
tell a reely grate man, sed Pa, is
by his modesty. You newer heer a
grate man bragging about himself.
Look at me. for instens, sed Pa. Did
you ewer heer me boosting my own
game. Did you ewer heer me claim
ing to be grater than the men With
wich I assochiate daily?
No, Pa, I sed, I newer herd you say
you was grate. That is why I newer
knew you was a grate man till now.
Always be like yure father, Bobbie,
sed Pa, & sum day you, too, may he
truly grate. Then he went into the
other room & I toald Ma that Pa had
helped me rite my essay. He sed that
Caeser & Lincoln & hlsself was the
reely grate men, I toald Ma.
Indeed, sed Ma, how thoughtful of
yure father to think of his friends,
Abe & Julius.
Most Beautiful Dining Room in the World.
FAIRMONT HOTEL under Mac m-n.agemeu:
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exuei.i.e\< rm
European plan, from $2 a day; American
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Take any taxi to hotel at oar expense.
REAU furnishes folders and full information
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r>...... ..,.,..,-«. ~^3
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j The San Francisco Call \
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