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Judge Lovett Denies Rumor
That His Company Is Seek
ing Control of Railroad
"We have no interest in the Central
Pacific railroad, nor have we made
plans to purchase it.
"It is true .that the Union Pacific
railroad has a great surplus, derived
from the sale of Southern Pacific
stock, but it will not be devoted to
buying out Central Pacific. We can
place it elsewhere.
"We have friendly traffic relations
with both these great transportation
companies, but if the government de
sires to force the segregation of Cen
tral Pacific and Southern Pacific it is
of absolutely no concern to us."
So. said Judge Robert S. Lovett,
chairman of the - executive board of
the Union Pacific- railroad, this morn
ing in denying rumors that his com
pany was seeking a way to purchase
the Central Pacific in case the govern
ment divorced it from its parent, the
Southern Pacific.
Judge Lovett. who arrived in San
Francisco with a party of prominent
railroad men last night, also made it
plain that he was not here to hold con
ferences with Julius Kruttschnitt or
President William Sproule of the
Southern Pacific, but that his visit was
merely "to get a first hand view of
the railroad situation in California."
Julius Kruttschnitt, chairman of
the executive board of the Southern
Pacific company, returned this morn
ing from a four days' junket through
Oregon. He was accompanied by
President William Sproule. Mr.
Kruttschnitt said that by the first of
the year about 75 miles of the elec
trized Portland, Eugene and Eastern
railroad would be in operation.
A campaign to enlist the business
men of San Francisco in a project,
which will bring Its individual mem
bers in closer touch with the activities
of the Chamber of Commerce of the
United Stages of America has been
started in ' this city. Edward F.
Trefz. field secretary of the "national
organization, has been here for a week
and has made good progress in enlist
ing 200 business men in the cause.
Trefz plans to get a membership to
the local branch of the nartional
chamber of commerce totaling' 200
He points out that if the purposes
of the Chamber »f Commerce of the
United States were fully appreciated,
business men would be quick to see
the benefit of joining the organi
zation. To the retail or" wholesale
dealer a vast good is assured.
These business men have indorsed
the plan to get the 200 membership
here: s
W. F. Senson, C. F. Michaels, W. N.
Moore, L. Sloss, W. M. Alexander, F. J.
Coster, C. K. Mcintosh, John S.
Orumm, Paul T. Carroll, F. W. Vari
Sickles, R. B. Hale, Robert Newton
Lynch, A. B. C. Dohrmann, Robert
Dollar, E. O. McCormick. Milton H.
Esherg and John A. McGregor.
German Countess and
Son Sail on Korea
Among the passengers who left here
today for the orient on the liner Ko
rea was tha Countess Constance Tet
tenbach and her son Franz. She Is the
wife of the German ambassador to
Spain and is taking a trip around the'
world for her health and the benefit
of Franz' education.
Goethals Would Be
President in France
NEW YORK, Oct. 27.—"1f Colonel
Goethals represented the French gov
ernment in Panama, his wonderful
work there would win for him elec
tion to the presidency of the French
republic." declared Philippe Bunau-
Varilla on hi s arrival on the United
Fruit steamer Pastores.
Dutch Collars From St Gall
Exquisite Veiiise Lace, Embroidered Batiste and Bulgarian colored
effects ineludegl in this splendid new imported line of Dutch collars, which
come direct from St. Gall, Switzerland.
The qualities are sheer and the designs as novel as they are beautiful.
Now on display in the Neckwear Aisle.
NECKWEAR SPECIAL Medici Collars and Fichus, of fine jr/\
— _ quality net, m plain white and
colored effects, with satin. SPECIAL *^ vv
New Dress Goods and Tailor Fabrics
Plaids Now Popular Now Is Tailor Made Time
We have a complete assortment in There is no garment a woman wears
every size, variety and color combination. "P on the str eet which is so becoming and
so well looking as a handsome made-to-
Large Plaids in rich combinations of Black, measure suit moulded to her figure by a
Blue, Green, Brown and Red. Some have the high-class tailor. This is the class of
brilliant yellow stripes. Two qualities, 56 garments we make and also guarantee
inches wide, J2 an( j J2 50 in our TAILORIN G DEPARTMENT.
Broken Checks, Shepherd Checks, Diamond Pott St. NjMFKmNbQP
Checks, Block Checks, Honey Comb Checks, WjfJ w 3^^9/9^^^
per*yard... $1.75 to $4.50 "/X/7/9 „
New Plaid Eponges in a choice assortment M^^mW^^^^fj
of richly combined colors. 56 tf 7 C/l _ L , m MM~ ~~^mmm^^
inches wide, per yard JJ.JU foamy St. V?
Skirts made to measure from any of the &ltr&l*C6
J new materials and guaranteed to satisfy. I ■< ™
Miss Dorothy Martelle (left) and Miss Muriel Whitney, who, sure
romance is dead in United States, will seek heroic
lpve in Panama zone.
California Young Women Hope to Find Heroic Love in Latin
Among the first women to pass
through the Panama canal will be j
Dorothy Martelle and Muriel Whitney, !
graduates of Stanford university, who !
are jn New York completing arrange
ments to sail for Colon. These young '
woman are on a trip around the
world, In search of romance.
Miss Martelle emphatically asserts |
that romance is dead, and it is for the
purpose of demonstrating her asser
tion that she has started out with her
chum and classmate on a tour of the
world. From what she has seen in
America Miss Martelle is certain there I
Attorney Files Answer Declar
ing Accusation of False Rep
resentation Unfounded
Attorney Milton A. Nathan, accused
of intentional fraud, today filed an
answer in the superior court denying
the allegation of J. J. Raver that
Nathan, together with A. R. Eichler,
W. W. White and the White Construc
tion company, falsely represented to
Raver that the Thompson-Starrett
company owed the White company
$400, and thereby caused Raver to ad
vance $350 to the White company in
return for an assignment of claim.
Recently Nathan demurred to the
complaint charging him with deceit,
but Judge Troutt overruled the de
murrer and held Nathan to answer.
The Hayes Valley Improvement as
sociation will hold its regular month
ly meeting this evening at the Russ
house, 520 Hayes street.
Is no romance, that men nowadays
devote their energies to making
money. She says this view Is being
shared by Miss Whitney since their
tour of the United States.
"Maybe somewhere in this world we
shall find romance, the kind that
makes men do heroic and daring deeds
for the love of a woman, but there's
no such thing In the United States,"
said Miss Martelle. "We have been
three months going over the continent
and our next jump will be Panama
and South America, where we hope to
find the heart and soul superior to
the instincts for getting money."
TO COST $1,000,000
Great Amusemenf Scheme Is
Favorably Regarded by
Supervisors and Mayor
Plans for the construction of a
$1,000,000 pier at the ocean beach are
now in the hands of the supervisors,
a petition having been filed for per
mission to build the structure from
the end of the municipal railway In
Cabrlllo street across the Great High
way to high water mark in the ocean,
the length being 1,000 feet and the
width 150. A large amusement con
cession building, dance hall, theater,
picturesque tower, cafe, double deck
promenades', a government life saving
station and a firehouse will be among
the attractions. The petition was re
ferred to the lands and tunnels com
j mittee, with a disposition on the part
jof the mayor and supervisors to re
gard it favorably.
Jews and Gentiles Discuss
Ritual Murder Persecution
at Kiev, Russia
Jews and Gentiles met last evening
at a banquet held Tn the Commercial
club to discuss the subject, "What
next for the world?" A number of
members of the Congregation Emanu-
El and the First Congregational
church were present and the speakers
were Rabbi Martin A. Meyer, Rev. C.
F. Aked, Otto L Wise and Ralph C.
Goodwin, secretary of the Y. M. C. A.
The occasion was the night follow
ing a mass meeting of the people of
all creeds against the ritual murder
persecution in Kiev, Russia Doctor
Meyer said that if doctrines of the
personality of God and Christ had
kept Jews and Gentiles apart the
problems of the present day would
bring them together.
Rabbi Meyer further declared for
an enthusiasm for liberalism, saying
reactionary elements' In religion and
politics were too strong. Doctor
Aked said that next on the world's
program was the recognition of the
equality of men and women.
ST. PETERSBURG, Oct. 28.—The
end of the long drawn out trial of
Mendel Beilis for the so called "ritual
murder" of the young Russian boy is
now in sight and only the testimony
of expert witnesses remains to be
heard. Many of the army witnesses
under subpena have benn eliminated
as being unimportant. This has facil
itated matters considerably.
Chief among the experts to be ex
amined is Justin Elisejevltch Prani
tis, who Is described as a master of
theology of the Roman Catholic dio
cese of Turkestan province. This
man is an anti-Jewish fanatic who
has devoted an immense amount of
study to the question of "blood sac
rifice." It is-said that he has proved
to his own satisfaction that the Jews
do use the blood of Christians in
their religious rites. He has written
a report on what he calls the Jewish
blood ritual, which has been pub
lished in pamphlet form.
Pranitls claims to base his argu
ments on the Talmud and writings of
learned Jews, from which he has
drawn his deductions.
Biller, Rich Builder,
Wooed Stepdaughter,
Charges Wife in Suit
Mate, Asking Divorce, Asserts Con
tractor Made Love to Her
Own Child
A love for the daughter of his wife
by a former marriage is the cause
for the filing of a complaint for di
vorce in the superior court today by
Sophia Lt. Biller, against John Biller,
wealthy contractor, 460 Montgomery
street, living at 2430 Folsom street.
That Biller made love to his step
daughter in the absence of his wife
is one of the allegations in Mrs. Bll
ler's complaint, and that the daughter
complained to her mother, is also set
forth in the wife's petition for a di
vorce with J250 a month alimony,
$1,000 counsel fees for Attorney
Frank McGowan. and a community
share of $60,000 worth of real estate
in San Francisco, a vineyard at
Reedly and $20,000 in bank.
The Billerg were married in San
Francisco, June 20, 1891, and the sep
aration took place September 20, this
year. Mrs. Biller charges that her
husband told her daughter that Mrs.
Biller had been unfaithful to him,
and that he told his sister, Mary Bil
ler, that he did not love his wife.
The attack on the daughter is set
forth as occurring in October, 1911.
Branch of Municipal
Railway to Run to
New Baseball Park
Supervisors Declare in Favor of
Building Line in Masonic Avenue
From Geary Street to Turk
To convert the interest In the na
tional game into receipts for the mu
nicipal railway, the supervisors have
fleclared in favor of constructing a
branch of the Geary street road along
Masonic avenue from Geary to Turk,
thus connecting with Cal Ewlng's
proposed baseball park at the foot of
Lone mountain.
Former Pastor Dies
At Age of 81 Years
Rev. Dr. Thomas K. Noble, who 25
years ago was pastor of Plymouth
Congregational church here, died in
Washington, D. C, last week after an
Illness of three months. He was 81
years old.
Dr. Noble took charge of the Ply
mouth Congregational church when it
was in Taylor street near Geary in
1872. He is survived by a wife and a
daughter, Mrs. Winifred W. Whitman
of Alameda.
New Electric Block
System Completed;
The newly installed electric block
signal system between Oakland and
Chipps island will be put into opera
tion tomorrow by the Oakland, An
tioch and Eastern railway. The com
pany is now completing the installa
tion of block signals between Sacra
mento and Chipps island, and Its en
tire route will soon be equipped with
the same devices.
Says Reduced Lemon
Rate Is Reasonable
WASHINGTON, Oct. 28.—The rea
sonableness of the $1 per 100 rate on
lemons from California to the Atlan
tic seaboard was upheld in an argu
ment before the supreme court of the
United States today by Blackburn Es
terline, special assistant to the at
torney general, The interstate com
merce commission reduced the rate
from"sl.ls to $1, this ruling being af
firmed by the commerce court.
At the meeting of the union labor
campaign last night in Saratoga hall
Congressman John I. Nolan was the
principal speaker. Others to address
the meeting were Andrew J. Galla
gher, P. 11. McCarthy and Judge Ed
ward Shortall,
The Weather
Men Predict:
Forecaster Willson predicts
that it probably will be fair to
night and Wednesday, with no
perceptibly change in tempera
ture and with light northwest
"Colder, with snow flurries;
brisk, shifting winds."
That's what the weather .man
predicts for the next few days,
along with rain and other un
welcome weather. He advises
overcoats, high shoes and
heavy underwear.
Right Rev. Edward J. Hanna, aux
iliary bishop of San Francisco, will
speak on "Christ and th* Present So
cial Order" tomorrow evening at the
Newman club of the University of
California, 2630 Ridge road, Berkeley.
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Supervisor Says Company
Refuses to Improve Facilities
Unless Given Franchise
A resolution providing for an ap
peal to the state railroad commission
to compel the Southern Pacific com
pany to provide a proper depot for
this city has been presented by Su
pervisor Murphy and will be acted
upon by the public utilities commit
tee. Murphy sets forth in the reso
lution that the railroad company has
refused to improve passenger facili
ties unless lt is granted valuable
franchise privileges on terms to be
dictated by itself.
To Care a Cold in One Day
Take LAXATIVE BKUSIU VjUi.M.:sE -lanieis.
PrusifNts refund money If it falls to cure. E.
W. GKOVE'S signature is on eacb box. 25c.—
Ideas of Women
Rapid, Accurate
PITTSBURG, Pa., Oct. 28.
Women form their opin
ions and judgments just as
rapidly and accurately as men,
and once they have an opinion
they stick to it and no amount
of discussion can change it.
So declared Prof. Hugo
Munsterberg to the students of
Carnegie Institute of Tech
nology today.
Because kjpr husband, William
Farias, made charges that he could
not prove in a suit for divorce re
cently before Judge Sturtevant, Mrs.
Ada Farias today filed in the superior
court an action for divorce on the
ground at cruelty. She says he false
ly charged her with infidelity and
asks ${6 of his $108 a month as ali
Executive Committee Consid
ers Plans for Holding
Fete Each Year
An annual event ls what the Por
tola festival may become If the ideas
of the Portola executive committee
are adopted- Some of the committer
believe it Is up to the people to voici
their opinion, and be guided by that.
Increased business during last week
was reported by the majority of mer
chants, who said that from SO '..o 90
per cent of their deliveries were to
out of town addresses.
Count del Valle de Salazar, repre
sentative of Spain at the festival, ex
pressed his thanks for San Francis
co's hospitality to the Portola com
mittee. He also sent a message for
President Wilson to Juan Klano,
Spanish minister at Washington, ex
pressing appreciation of the honor
paid by San Francisco to Spain.

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