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A Clean, Wholesome
• PapeiVbr •
California Homes.
VOLUME 114.—N0. 160
Detectives Closing In on Bold Train Robbers
Binds Clerks, Then Rifles Reg
istered Packages, Takes
Money and Escapes
Railroad section hands found mail
enough to fill two sacks scattered
along the track one mile north of
Milbrae this morning. Many of the
letters were unopened, while others
had been rifled.
Postal inspectors. Southern Pacific
operatives and San Francisco detect
ives agree that every detail of de
scription and mode of procedure
brands the lone bandit who rifled the
mail car on the Shore Line Limited
between San Jose and San Francisco
last night as the same reckless out
law who looted the Pullman on the
San Francisco Limited near Richmond
Friday evening and gunned his way
through a mail car in broad daylight
at Burlingame five weeks ago.
P. J. Kindelon. special agent, who
has investigated each of the three
holdups for the company, and George
A. Leonard, postoffice inspector, agree
the jobs are the work of one man.
The postal department agent sees
unmistakable ignorance of the inside
of a mail car in both jobs, in each of
which the sacks and contents were
handled in a similar manner, while
Kindelon sees the same man in the
score of descriptions of the bandit.
J. Mcleder, a Souther **acifio de
tective, found a black derby hat, a
time table and an envelope the robber
had torn open west of the first tunnel
near the Mariposa street bridge early
The three mail clerks who marched
around as commanded when the ban
dit leveled his gun appeared before
Inspector Leonard this afternoon, in
answer to a summons, and rehearsed
in aetail the scene inside the car dur
ing the hour the robber was com
According to Inspector Leonard the
robbery never would have occurred
had the lock on the door been in good
"The lock was defective," Leonard
said. "It was guarded by a common
bar lock. The bar should have
dropped when th edoor was slammed,
but it had not been working for some
"If a fireman went into that car, as
the clerks say he did, it was against
all rules of the service."
Inspectors M. A. Martin. C. M. Per
kins and J. F. Roberts are working
fn the field on the case.
With the $1,000 reward offered by
the government and the $500 bonus
posted by the Southern Pacific for
the apprehension of the bandit, scores
of detectives are straining every nerve
to get a line on the fellow who
herded three husky mall clerks with
his cocked revolver, took his time
and spent 70 minutes tearing the
wrappings from the registered par
cels as the first class train rolled
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Tke San Francisco ( all.
San Francisco, t'al.—
C;entleinen: We are writing you thin letter for the sole
purpose of expressing our appreciation of The Call'a attitude
on the "penny question."
We are glad to nay that. throiiKh the effort* of The Call,
the much belittled and despised penny ha* at last come into
Its own.
For 21 years the Owl Drue company haa made It a prac
tice to price certain articles of merchandise In odd cents, and
we have made it a point to encourage the use of pennies
whenever practical. Special sale prices at "The Owl" have
always been priced In odd cents, hence It is with a large
amount of real satisfaction that we noticed the stand your
paper has taken and the success you are meeting with in the
sale of pennies.
We feel that the Introduction of the penny newspaper by
The Call In San Francisco marked the advent of a new kind
of prosperity for this city and the hay district. Bvrn the
sleepy old I nited States mint Is aroused from Its slumbers—
Is rubbing Its eyes—and wondering what the new activity
Is about.
To assist The Call la Its work, the Owl Drug company
proposes to fall Into line and sell pennies also.
We bavr selected Wednesday as an appropriate day for
this sale, the full details of which you will find in the copy
of our Wednesday advertisement accompanying this letter.
I—rllg you of our desire to co-operate with you In this
mot extent, and with best wishes, we are, yours very truly,
Till-; OUT, ijhi «; COMPANY,
Per It. K. MILLER, President.
THE San Francisco CALL
Majors Mate, Charging De
sertion, Preparing Papers
for Suit
Suit for divorce will be filed soon
by Mrs. Henry T. Ferguson, wife of
Major Henry T. Ferguson, assistant
to the quartermaster in charge of the
United States army supply depot at
the foot of Van Ness avenue. The
papers are now in the hands of her
Desertion will be the only charge,
according to the statement today of
Mrs. Ferguson at her home, 2302
Franklin street, where she has been
living apart from Major Ferguson for
some time.
Major and Mrs. Ferguson have a
grown son, who is a student at the
University of California.
Before Major Ferguson was trans
ferred to the supply depot 18 months
ago he was commissary officer at the
Presidio for several years.
"I have nothing to say in regard to
the report." Major Ferguson said,
when asked whether he would fight
the suit.
City of Dayton Wants
Goethals as Manager
DAYTON, 0.. Nov. 18.—Colonel G.
W. Goethals, builder of the Panama
canal, has been asked to become city
manager of Dayton. The message was
sent him today, supplemented by one
to President Wilson, one each to Sen
ators Pomerene and Burton, one to
Congressman Warren Gard and one to
Secretary of War Garrison, asking if
he may be given leave of absence from
the federal service to accept this job.
Mexican Envoy Given
Wilson Wedding Bid
WASHINGTON. Nov. 18.—The diplo
matic corps in Washington was as
tonished today when it became known
that the Mexican charge d'affaires,
Senor Algara, was invited to the Wil
son wedding. Because the president
has never recognized the existing gov
ernment of Mexico, Senor Algara has
not presented his credentials to the
state department, and it was not ex
pected that lie would be Included
among the invited guests.
Thaw Scores First
Point Over Jerome
CONCORD, Nov. 18.—Judge Ald
rich of the federal court here refused
to dismiss the habeas corpus proceed
ings begun by Thaw and ordered
Jerome to proceed with the argu
ments this afternoon.
If the writ is granted it will be im
possible to extradite Thaw on Gov
ernor Felker's order.
Streetcar Men Join
New Zealand Strike
("HRIPTCHURCH, Nov. 18.—All
streetcar traffic was suspended here
today because of the general strike
which is sweeping over New Zealand.
Hotels have been compelled to close.
Poor families are begging for bread.
Castle of Chapultepec, where Huerta has taken refuge, and General Blanquet, who has taken possession of the national palace and
ousted Huerta's guards.
Verdict Expected This After
noon in White Slave
Hri.i.F.n %
The Widney cane went to the jury
at MhM o'clock today after listening
to Judare Dunne'a instructions fur 25
in in ii i r«. The jnrorit retired and then
announced they were going to lunch
eon. They returned at - o'clock and
remiinrd deliberation on a verdict,
which in expected within an hour.
Asking that the jury bring in a
verdict of guilty and brand Arthur B.
Widney a white slaver, Assistnat Dis
trict Attorney Berry at 11 o'clock this
morning commenced the opening ar
gument for the prosecution before Su
perior Judge Dunne.
Berry asserted that Widney's de
fense was an ill woven fabric, and
"his story does not ring true, his
money is stage money and the lie is
thrown in his teeth on many occa
Berry advanced the argument that
best corroborative evidence was in
the telegram which Widney, under an
assumed name, sent Noel Murphy ask
ing for $35.
"Here is the case of a man," de
clared Berry, "who says he is making
more than $1,000 a month, and yet
he puts up the weak defense that he
needed $35, alleging that the Murphy
woman owed him $50. Do you believe
"Certainly a man who is making
large sums of money each month is
not going to compromise for $35 if
a person owes $50." ,
Judge Robert Widney of Dos An
geles, father of the defendant, com
menced his argument shortly before
noon. Judge Dunne will charge the
jury about 3 o'clock this afternoon,
and a verdict is expected shortly
Banks May Loan to
Farmers on Realty
WASHINGTON, Nov. 18.—Provisional
banks may lend one-third of their
time deposits on farm real estate for
a period of five years if amendment
to currency bill by Senator Hitchcock
and five republican members of the
committee, adopted toda, becomes a
law. The committee struck out the
section of the house bill requiring the
segregation of saving deposits.
Join the Crowds to Burlingame Sunday; The Call Invites You to Be Its Guest
The Cal! will conduct an excursion November 23 down the peninsula to Burlingame. This trip will offer a chance to the people of San Francisco
to see the rapid-growth of Burlingame and environs. A free ride on the Easton Addition private electric line will follow the arrival of special cars of
The Call at Burlingame. Send in your name today; the trip is free.
— — — — 1 — — — — — — — —— — — — — J*a. — — m - — — sarfa m afc — ■» •* ****** * -
SACRAMENTO, Nov. 18.— For the
purpose of investigating and report
ing upon the problems of the open
country as they particularly affect
California, Governor Johnson today
! appointed a California country life
J < uiTimission, with membership as fol
, lows:
Dean Thomas F. Hunt, University
of California, Berkeley; Rufus R. Wil
son, Eureka; A. L. Scott, San Fran
cisco; William F. Chandler, Fresno;
L. B. Smith, San Luis Obispo; Mrs.
Marshall K. Holt. San Francisco, and
William E. Brown, Los Angeles. The
commission will serve without com
Women of France
Fight "Demon Rum"
PARIS, Nov. 18.—A petition signed
by more than 200,000 French women
was presented to the chamber of dep
uties today aakin gtbut a limit be
placed on the number of places at
which distilled liquors are sold.
Armed with a loaded revolver, a
wild man is creating a reign of ter
ror in Sutro forest, and several peo
ple have reported to the police that
the man had shot at them after they
had passed him.
According to several employes of
the city and county hospital, the wild
man arrived In the forest three days
He is said to be about 45 years of
age and carries a gripsack over his
shoulder. Policeman Pidgeon of the
park station has been conducting a
search for the man for two days, but
lias been unable to locate him.
Woman Suffragist
Speaks at Harvard
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 18.—Har
vard university today opened its doors
to Miss Helen Todd, a suffragist,
speaking on suffragist topics. This is
the first time in the history of the in
stitution that women propagandists
have been allowed such a privilege.
Hynes' Aids Assert That
Suspect Planned to Blow
Up Many Plants
Members of the district attorney's
office in Oakland this morning de
clared they had evidence connecting
D. \V. McAlpine with a big dynamit
ing ring. McAlpine was, up before
Judge Donahue this morning on a
charge of having blown up a portion
of the McCaulay Foundry company's
plant in Berkeley several weeks ago.
He pleaded not guilty.
District Attorney Hynes says Mc-
Alpine was neither a striker nor
strike breaker in the recent Pacific
Gas and Electric strike, but that he
received a weekly salary for some
mysterious reason. Hynes says that
he will prove that McAlpine was seen
near the dynamited plant before and
after the explosion, and that after his
arrest a telegram was found in his
pocket by which the authorities were
able to locate another deposit of
dynamite close by.
It is declared also that McAlpine
had dynamite concealed in his room
in Berkeley and that he was paid to
use this on other dynamiting Jobs in
the bay district.
Freed by Picture of
Wife and Children
A photograph of his wife and three
children was Instrumental this morn
ing in securing probation for Leo P.
Murphy when he appeared before Su
perior Judge Donahue in Oakland on
a charge of passing bogus checks.
Judge Donahue placed Murphy on
probation for three years, after the
consideration of extenuating circum
stances. Mrs. Murphy, who was on
the witness stand, broke down and
wept when her husband was given his
Silver Tea Set Senate
Gift for Miss Wilson
WASHINGTON, Nov. 18. —A solid
silver tea set, costing $1,000, was se
lected today by the committee com
posed of Senators Martine, Overman
and Bacon, as the wedding present
from the United States senate for
Miss Jessie Wilson. The set is of
colonial design and comprises a water
bottle, one tray, chocolate pot, ice
cream dish, two compotes, four can
San Pttane|»to' 3 !
Fa tinged —1856 [
GALVESTON, Tex., Nov. 18.—Wireless reports received here toda?
reported Tampico taken by the rebels, but confirmation of the report has
not been secured. A steamer bound from Galveston to Tampico has been
notified of the report, and an early reply from this steamer is expected.
The wireless reports here announced the bare fact and were not accom
panied by details.
MEXICO CITY, Nov. 18. —International complications wero
overshadowed today by the discovery of a plot among Huerta's
former followers to oust him from the presidency. In this connec
tion there were five startling developments during the night and
1. Huerta took up his residence in the old fortress of
Chapultepec, on the outskirts of the city.
2. From the presidential quarters in the fortress the
dictator ordered the arrest of maHy of his political
3. General Blanquet took* practical possession of the
national palace. Blanquet's own men were de
tailed there as guards, replacing those selected by
Huerta when he took office.
4. Officers and soldiers of the general garrison threat
ened to mutiny because they have not been paid.
5. Despite the pressure brought upon him through the
European and South American diplomats, Huerta
is maintaining his policy of defiance of the United
Racing Automobiles
Carrying Armory to
Guard Oakland Peace
Will Be Used by Police to Patrol
Outlying and Hilly Districts, In
stead of Mounted Officers
Three high power racing automo
biles, carrying an armory of modern
firearms and powerful searchlights,
are to be added to the Oakland police
department within the next 30 days.
Chief of Police Walter Petersen to
day announced that permission to
purchase the equipment had been
granted by city officials and that
requisitions already had been drawn
These machines will be used to pa
trol the outlying and hilly districts
now patrolled by mounted officers.
Each machine will carry two officers
In addition to rifles, pistols and two
Shot in Head, Skull
Flattens Out Bullet
SANTA ROSA, Nov. IS. —In an alter
cation following a debauch near this
city, Tony Pasquale was shot in the
head by Alfredo Dominlco yesterday.
The bullet struck Pasquale in the back
of the head. When his head was ex
amined it was found that the scalp
had been penetrated but that the bul
let had flattened against the skull. He
complained of a headache, but said it
might have resulted from drinking
too much wine. His assailant escaped.
Thaw Arrested on
Extradition Warrant
CONCORD, N. H.. Nov. 18.—By or
der of Judge Aldrich, Harry Thaw to
day was arrested on an extreditlott.
warrant issued by Governor Felker.
His attorneys will at once take the
matter before the federal court on
habeas corpus proceedings.
Senor Moheno, minister of foreign,
affairs, today completed a statement
for presentation to members of the
diplomatic corps in Mexico City. He
submitted it to Huerta for his ap
proval, but reported to other mem
bers of the cabinet that he advised
Huerta to withhold action upon the
statement and that he had consented
to do so.
Friends whom Moheno has taken
into his confidence intimated the
statement in reality is an appeal to
the powers for financial help, based
upon the declarations that only the
lack of funds prevented the govern
ment from carrying out its pledges.
The opposition in the cabinet i 3
headed by Blanquet, and his action'
has precipitated a clash between the
departments of war and the foreign
affairs that will likely result in at
least one more resignation from tha
cabinet. Rumor has it that Moheno
will retire.
He summoned Doctor Urrutia, tha
former minister of the interior, to
Chapultepec today and offered him
his old post, which was made vacant
by the resignation of Manuel Garza
Aldape. Doctor Urrutia is expected
to accept. He has always hated the
Americans, and if he goes into the
cabinet he will undoubtedly use all
his influence against the United
No important development in the
situation involving the American and
Mexican governments is now expect
ed until Thursday. On that day
congress is scheduled to complete its
peramnent organization. Huerta is
keeping close watch over all the
congressional leaders. This was
shown today when he detailed offi
cers of his military household to act
as a bodyguard- for General Fran
cisco Pronces, chairman of the sen
ate. This officer in reality is a spy.
All prisoners arrested by order of
Huerta are held incommunicado.
certainty over the Mexican situation
today put in jeopardy the plans that
are under consideration for congress*
to adjourn Saturday. It is believed
the president does not want ad-

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