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Fine Ideas for Value of Little
Coin and How to Save Are
Told in All of Them
WHAT a stack of letters and what
a fund of ideas have been pour
ing into The Call s Penny Con
test! Heaps of them!
There can be no question but that
tbe advent of the penny in San Fran
cisco will be welcomed by the people
of this city, judging from the tone
of the letters entered in the contest.
And the arguments that are offered
are overwhelming. We never thought
there were so many. Old Mr. High-
Cost-of-Living had better look to his
life. The penny is armed and after
his hide.
ii hv hoi skwifivs \r(;i mf.\t
Mrs. Housewife is well represented
in the mass of letters, and in most
cases her argument is that the advent
of the penny will materially cut down
her household expenses and eliminate
■waste. Mr. Business Man likes the
penny paper idea because he can buy
them often at little expense and keep
abreast of the news of the day while
the little tots are happy in more fre
quent donations from Mamma and
I'apa in the shape of pennies to buy
eweeties. So you see, everybody fa-
Here are a few more letters from
optimistic contestants bent on cap- I
turing some of The Call's big prise
Penny Contest Editor: A penny
la a small piece of money if it
cioes take 100 to make a dollar.
But if same people saved them
years ago they would be better
off today. You take stores, they
mark things 33 cents or 78 cents
and a person trading there would
give the clerk 35 cents or 80
cents, but since The Call has put
the penny In circulation the cus
tomer demands his two cents.
When a mother comes home from
her shopping, the first thing the
child will say is "Have you got
any pennies for my bank?" If
she has she will give them to the
child and in that which teach it to
Since The Call started selling
the evening paper for a penny
it gives more people a chance to
read the latest news. Before
when evening papers were five
cents a working man would look
. t a five cent piece twice before
he bought one.
767 Schrader Street.
* * *
Kditor Penny Contest:
Call a copper and you may find
him. if you try;
Better copper a Call and get a
Knowledge's supply:
Th« first costs you $100 a month
for protection.
The latter only 30 cents, yet you
an gain perfection.
The one you may loose if some
one else feeds him better.
While knowledge is with you in
any kind of weather.
—— ——
A Great Saturday for Children
\ Bless their clear little doll hearts —They have captured the whole
I JPj country with their fascinating wiles and bewitching smiles. Society has j
V / f adopted the "Kewpie" Kraze, and children love them with special mater- \
j jF j nal fervor, for when you see a "Kewpie" you just want to hug him. Our f J
} A l Toy Department ha- a full range of "Kewpies" l A CO (\fl \
C___J>-—3 in "all sizes, from mtjQ IV J>*C.l/l/ — <. J
} Saturday Toy Specials Offer Real Savings
From our enormous stock of Toys and Dolls we have selected the following at
tractive items, whose special Saturday prices offer substantial economies to early
Christmas shoppers. Take advantage of these tomorrow —We will lay aside any Toys
selected and charge them when delivered.
Express Wagons—Well painted, in red and Uncle Sam's Banks—lor nickels, dimes and
Li_., ii „ i v i i quarters. Open only when $10 or $20 has
i ' blue; strong, well made wheels 3 sizes. , -r r> «i tc \r~i.._ *\#»
6 ' been deposited. Reg. 51.25 Value QS/*
Reg. $1.75 Values, Special, $ 1.00 Special ✓
Reg. $2.00 Values, Special, $1.25 Lifelike Angora Dogs—With long, silky
Reg. $2.75 Values. Special. $1.50 hair. These always delight the little tots.
Reg. 50c Value, Special, 350
Reed Doll Buggies—With leatherette top. Reg. 85c Value, Special, 650
I Large size on strong springs. Will stand the Re 6- $ L2S Value, Special, 850
• aim* $750 ~£ „ d
value, Special w • double team harnessed horses; some made on
Rockaway Safety Coasters—What every strong iron frames. All filled with real gro
boy wants. Built low for safety; iron frame, «rieS R
rubber wheels and brake. Reg. C<% QC Reg. $2.50 Value, Special, $1.65
$4.50 Value, Special Reg- $3>50 Value, Special, $2.55
3f-/nP 111 /")/")//c Christmas is real to the little girls without lots
I lIIC 111 J/VIIJ ot - pretty Dolls. The three specials offered for this
• Saturday will delight the heart of any little maid.
$1.75 Dolls—Jointed, kid $1.75 Dolls—Full jointed; $2.00 and $2.25 Dolls—ln
bodies; many with eyelashes. shoes and stockings, eyelashes, eluding finely made kid body
brows, closing eye- shoes and • n every way a superior Dolls and an attractive assort
stockings. Some Kestner dolls value and are unusually attract- merit of the popular Baby
ii ~ , ~ . ive, with pretty faces; 23 Dolls, which are so fascinat
in this lot; 16 to 22. in. qj- inches tall. tf«f A/) ing for the wee Cf
tall. Special JJK, Special 4> J • 1/1/ girlies. Special...
— ~~ ~~ — mma -~~~~ - ~ —^——————————————
G'rls' $8.50 Coats, Special $f Qr
The picture shows the pretty style with fl +/j
smartly fashioned velvet collar. Materials are \mW 0 ttw
' >rown or tan matures, made with belt in back. An exceptional
W/'/fy VaIUC at t,ie P r ' ce - Sizes Bto 14 years.
WA$ Girls ' Raincoats—Double breasted, buttoned to neck, pretty ft
&//■// turn down collars. Come in tan only. Sizes 4to 14 years. Special
f. V/f Yfjk Girls' Serge, Chally p _
4 Post St. Mar Kearny
''//(\ new styles for this sea-
m son ' L ar S e assortment *
n fatt & Co. moderation. rZZ -—i -f\—
?FfW. ChUdren'sDept. $=Z2\ ****3!&Q
« * 3d Floor 1 1 1
Write a letter of 250 words, giving your views on the
advantages of the penny;. Use only one side of the paper.
A wards will be made as follows:
For the best letter $50 in pennies
For the second best letter $20 in pennies
For the third best letter $15 in pennies
For the fourth best letter $10 in pennies
For the fifth best letter., $5 in pennies
Address your contribution to Penny Contest Editor, The Call.
So you see there are two kinds of
Both friends and enemies, both
winners and stoppers.
Clerk Stanford Clinic. Sacramento
and Webster streets.
* # * **
Penny Contest Kditor: A great
many people, especially those of
the Pacific coast, do not realize
the value of pennies or the value
of training, which makes them a
factor in daily life. Many who
are fortunate enough today to be
able to take no account of the
penny may in the near future re
gret the fact and deplore the
training which made them so
shortsighted. Hence any steps
which will make for their better
education in this respect should
be encouraged, and we sincerely
wish The Call success in its cam
Now note this fact: The men
or women who are most careful of
their small change are as a rule
those who may be depended upon
to meet every obligation they
incur, when due, and though they
may meet with ridicule from
thoughtless people, those same
thoughtless people will be the
first to envy them. when, as a
result of their care they are in a
position to grasp some good busi
ness opportunity which the
thoughtless one must pass up be
cause he never had the "penny
habit." G. E. AMES.
670 Eddy Street.
# # *
Penny Contest Editor: One day
my friend sent a small draft and
the clerk handed him a penny
change. "Oh. what's the use?
It's only a penny." he remarked,
and tossed me the little copper
coin. I saw honest old Abe be
gin to smile, and. to save him
humiliation of laughing aloud, I
put the coin In my pocket. "Have
you a spare stamp?" asked my
friend. "Xo," I replied, "but
here's a penny." and I bought him
a new green one center, all ready
but the licking. "It's only a
penny." said I.
Just then a newsboy came up.
"Call, mister?" he bawled. "All
about the big teht in Mexico.
Only a penny." •llum," said my
friend, "the smallest I have is a
dollar. Maybe he can't change
it." "Here, boy," I called. He
pave me a crisp paper and I gave
htm a bright penny. Then we got
on a car and rode to Oakland.
When we got off a little boy
pestered us with some gum, and
I dropped another penny. "Got
no change." my friend said, dis
couraged like. While we were
waiting to transfer, a blind man
came by. I gave him a penny
just to please my friend. Then I
pulled out an old envelope and
wrote on the back:
I'sually. Pennies.
Stamps 10 .01
Paper 05 .01
Gum 05 .01
Beggar 10 .01
.30 .04
"Yon Bee," I began, "we've saved
about -0 vents in an hour, and, be
sides, we've gotten exactly what
we wanted without any trouble.
Now. if we were to count a whole
day's time in hours, multiply it
by 360. we'd have the amount
saved in a year. Why. it would
almost mean a new suit, or 20
times to the theater, no telling
how many shines or Turkish
baths, SO miles or so on a street
car, 10 years' subscription to the
Call, or "
"Wait a hit." said my friend.
"Here, you. tlowerboy! I want a
nosegay, and don't forget the
pennies change."
2522 Bancroft way, Berkeley.
* * *
Penny Contest Kditor: "Wlwt
good is a penny? What can you
get for a penny? is the question
that is orten asked, but the per
son who asks that question does
not know of The Call. »
Every young girl looks forward
to the Evening Call with the
hopes ot Beatrice Fairfax's an
Oh. what a lot of information
for a penny. The boys quietly
and quickly tear the green sheet
from the rest of the paper to read
about Willie Ritchie's life, while
father sits and waits till mother
gets the women's page out. and
then he turns to the political
page. One family happy and it
only cost a penny.
1431 Hudson avenue, Bay View,
5,000 Thrilled by Airmen at
Exposition Grounds; Chris
tofferson in "Death Dip"
Braving the dangers of winds that
often approached the velocity of gales,
the aviators at the exposition grounds
yesterday afternoon furnished amuse
ment and thrills for about 5,000 per
The airmen made their great hydro
planes circle and dip above the choppy
waters of the Golden gate in a spec
tacular manner. After a half dozen
races between Silas and Harry Chris
tnfTerson, Roy Francis, Otto Rybitski
and James Blakely, Silas Chrlstoffer
son rode his machine about 2 000 feet
into the air and shut off his engines
He plunged downward in the thrilling
"death dip" and landed lightly on the
strip of beach. He got the big ap
plause of the day. The meet was
notable for its lack of even "near"
Rabbi Martin Meyer will speak at
the Libera! Forum this evening, when
he will discuss "The Beilis Case and
the Problem of the Jew in Russia"
The hall is at 925 Golden Gate avenue.
"Meet Me at Pragers Saturday" f^"^^
" I am going to spend Saturday at
y < !yHM't' , !!l!- any tiini-
Cut C 1 -O •1 ' J. cuts. Makeup your mind * vHw
Price Oale LlirlS VxOatS you want fcr (liristmas and 4)/ \ Wf
A saving opportunity for all tr| Qft me the whole must get V %>\
ages from 2to 14. The assort-SQ.»O orders m early. £ / k > X XV
meut includes loug coats in fauev « J JBP'WIR Be sure and meet me at Pragers£ > VvV • :
Zihelines. Scotch Tweeds, Lamb Saturday—Christmas will soon be 4&Zgjf f XA^^K^W
Boude, black Caracul and Plush. Many of the IfiW - lloro and 1 must be 011 m - v way ' *
• •oats are lined throughout. They are artistieal- n « • * "117" 1 C 1 I C T*
lytrin.med and perfectly made/ $3.98 is far lie- I» Keady! A WonderrUl Lot OF 1 OJTS
!o\\ tfee real Value. lll'llllHllli Iron Trains « $1-25—A fast running train, Imported Railroad Trains, 500—An en
————————————— ''"I || with heavy clockwork motive power. A gine with forward and backward motion, coal
f\ • 1 9 W\ O splendid figure 8 track included. tender and two pa-senger cars. A good size
|_lV*|c l%lllA Vaw/VA IfACCAC / * \ Do\\ Go-Carts, $1.95 —Full collapsible, circular track is included.
VJli lO DlllV UCICV 1/1 CdoCO 1 ) steel frame go-carts, with reclining back. Blocks, 100 to $2,oo—Pyramid Blocks
\ / leatherette hood and rubber tire wheels. Reg- Railroad Blocks. A. B.C. Block-, Noah's Ark
They are really Worth $5,00. Navy blue f£ Zt£\ \ ular $2.50 carts special. Saturday, $1.95. Blocks. Little Playmate Blocks. Giant Pic-
Serge dresses in two styles, choice of W # f Oy A / Games, 150 to $I.so—.Magnetic. Fish ture Blocks. Empire Fxpre--, Blocks, etc.
plain or pleated skirts. Tncv are trimmed _J Combination Game Boards, Lilliputian Books, Fairy Tales, Robin
-1 -~ , X, - ~ . -> , « LM YV nttng Companions, Louisa. Winning Hand, son Crusoe, Lite of Washington. Lite of Lin
witii braid or fancy collar. All sizes Ito 14. Gf Ring-My-Nose, and a host of other new nov- coin, Mother Goose, Chatter-Well Stories,
. ,- elties. etc.
Special! Infants' Bonnets 89c Sale Women's Coats A
Bought especially for holiday trade. Dainty k/UiV WW WlllVll O V/U€llv #9S&
' I'jiYrtfifi 11 s Re P a Messaline bonnets, trimmed with riT'^B
{ \^9j/p^' daiiity shades of pink and blue. Several styles to g%% <$M A A t> 1 ur .1 £
ygrW select from. IL T #| 111 l " OSltlVety Wortil
j!/>JV> MrvO; Infants' Coats. $I.B9—Long or short coat-. I ■ W*\J\J a iP aa a«. pa J^QaLr/\
\J* [r immed with silk ««sh braid. They are double B JEL _______ JpID.UU 10 $1/.J)U V
Brush and Comb Sets, -15c_Made of Cellu- We have never heCll abl< to olTel' a better aSSOTt- \ V j
T Wav loid, hand painted. Choice of white, blue or pink. ,a. „ i . v j..„ j : Ari • I \.\ J
W< aJfr b t> v «t a, , ment at a reduced price. You have choice ot snappy i \\ Trr^
Bath Robes, $I.7s—Made ot pink or blue . T , ,J, • , , , , , , . A V% »a_
Eiderdown, with silk cord trimming, sizes 2to three-quarter and hip length models and plenty ot \ \ |JL
p<t"* 6 y ears - long coats, many of which are silk lined throughout. AJ i ifi:
n i ___ Only pure wool materials are used —mixtures, Diag- _8 « lv
(JUr Regular 50.95 onais - Sr,,t, ' h Plaids ' novelty cloths and black Cara- \
d»o D . i D i f cul - You should make the most of this genuine cut 1L *
$<5.5U oath KObeS M W price opportunity. fVj
A reduction in price for Saturday only. A J *\ IVT \ T 1 ■ F\ . ||
strictly new stock of bath robes for women in light A%Mm 41 I f*lA7 V I ■ I JITI^QC^Q
or dark patterns, semi-fitting models, Satin trimmed I |I
and finished with cord and tassel. Don't come later | They have just been placed in stock—a ''"71 I
expecting to get them for $2.95 —the regular price "^fyf^fi -#%^W7f ;N special purchase made by our New York gfo __ /
■ - n ' fflm*wzii///<7 representative. Smart, exclusive models in flf 1 1 ,Jk\
is »po.JO. * v mfJWMtfirr^^' Moire Velour—blue, brown, wine and taupe. W> I •V 7 V/ /^-_
Bi f —v . _ — x Some of them arc trimmed with fur: all of IA > /
derClOWn UreSSing > 1 IK the skirts are artistically draped. Make your JL %J ~ T/. -^Q.
_ O • 1 I * /- v \|^Hufni' I Hi>' selection while the assortment is complete. "~39 r ~"'^>«
Sacques—bpecial . . x 4 ■■■■■■■■■■^■■■■■hhmhhhbhibhh
Made of high grade wool Eiderdown, in red or « i* T T 1 • 1 •« %
gray, trimmed with black. Plenty of all sizes from \»['it;. S|! I—l — 1 1 — _,_ I 1.
JJ #| oale ot ooliday Kiboons
Morning ffll LM Several thousand yards bought especially to meek your holiday
IfflSjk Robes 'lII* f3l demands. The prices are less than ordinary.'
fySF**l «llflffrfifri >IC Villi Jlllll 15c Yard 19c Yard
' \_H f 1 |l cheeK and
A splendid MOH all popular colors. stripes, most satisfactory color assort-
*bem' are° me sat?n sand 6 1/ > inch Persian. Dresden, stripe, Coat Hangers, 89c
"ill V a rl wcmderf^l%al°u n e e check and fancy ribbons of all kinds. Made of ribbon entirely by hand.
Samples Venise Neckwear gler Hand Bags $1.00
tbf mu\j X\\ JL_ d*C f\f\ f \~ We are glad to announce the arrival of jl \,um_ Mg™a=*»^
t % OVIC TO u)o*U\| Htd.Cn. our special lot of real leather hand bags to *t»l _
- — — _ sell at this popular price. All of the popu- AJPjftkl^wSß^^T^
T ' - J I 1 I._ .It was our good fortune to purchase at prices which mean a lar shapes, both large and small, lined with I VU^»»4BH^\\
I fllfllOcO .ImoXS of from one-third to one-half, a complete line of Venise collars. Moire or leather and fitted with coin purse. J
* * * mmm "* w co ]] ar an d cu ff S ets, jabots, stocks, stocks and jabots combined and They have metal frames, silver and gilt tops.
chemisettes —every piece fresh and clean. We place them on sale in A score of styles to select from. Others at Umffiru/rffi/w^
P* £\ the neckwear aisle Saturday at less than ordinary prices. $1.50 to $5.95. tmf^MWM/W^J'V
New Rufflings 25c to 65c Yard FREE! Saturday o„l y^g|^
A quick clearance price the say- www —■ w>» — With any hand bag sold at $1.00 on Saturday we will give abso
ing averages half. Shapes in Plush, A new '9 1 i ust received and goes on sale Saturday. Complete lutely free a nail polishing outfit, neatly packed in a Parisian Ivory
Velvet and Velour, exclusive trim- assortments in Shadow lace, plain Net, Chiffon rufflings, Medici rui- case. This offer is for Saturday only. -
ming ideas, realizing all of the pop- fl,n S> etc., in white, cream, ecru and black; all widths. '
" , »_V Hosiery for Women
"II Quart LOllg Kid UIOVeS I Co„o„ H.s, l«K*-6 pa„f "N0«.,«™.» Ho«. »5* _ Black
fllsl I Anfinanfal d* *+ r* r - *3mWk Made with double toe and only, in medium or gauze
$1.55 P a :„ « \;i-C§ g =lir' i-j heel: Plain black, in regular and Packed mspe
-1 C # 1 * rail out sizes, or black with half or
Whisky—special A $;ssf on A H r• no:i„s
— A Saturday price on our " gjk /^^Mj I '/ "Merino" Hose, 250-Half wool Cashmere hose. Extra sizes, 500
regular $1.89 16-blltton white ■ and half cotton, in plain black, nat- pair.
ODC kid gloves, in a good size as- 7 ,or , , Wool and Cotton Hose, 170
- & ft/i/jl/il r^^nr7^^»lllß illlV' Hose. 190—Gauze lisle. .1 pair- 50<v ( a-hmere tim-li.
You know the brand. A full gallon sort ment. Remember, this is llijj/(j|l I jvviil 111 ! I with dce l J f?arter top, double toe gray non-shrinkablc toe, heel and
for $2.05. These prices for Satur- . •.• T~ 7~« ■ ~ »Wwluuiiny ' and heel. Black only. hemmed top.
day only. stnctlv a one-day price. N g Se _ fiargain Xablcs for spe cial values in Children's Hose.
Dr. Wiley to Be Made
Health Commissioner
WASHINGTON, Nov. 28.—1t was
learned here today that Dr. Harry W.
Wiley, former chief of the bureau of
chemistry In the department of agri
culture, may be appointed health com-
Sloner of greater New York.
Because of his affiliation with the
anti-Mitchel element, Ernest J. Le
derle, the present health commission
er, is reported to be slated for retire
ment when mayor elect John Purroy
Mitchel returns from Panama and the
reform administration assumes con
Police Hunt Robbers
Who Held Up Saloon
Police today are looking for three
highwaymen who held up the Jopp &
Siebe saloon. Eighteenth and Bryant
streets last midnight and escaped
with $250 from the safe after locking
up eight customers and Johann Jopp.
proprietor, in a back room. Jopp was
slow in raising his hands and he was
beaten over the head. "Red" Phelan,
an Iron worker, who is accused of
having started an altercation with
Jopp Just before the holdup, is being
held in detinue.
Decollete Calves
Latest Paris Freak
PARIS, Nov. 28.—The decollete calf
has just been introduced by several
ultra fashionable women. They have
appeared at the theaters this week
wearing- gowns daringly slashed,
which reveal that the accustomed
silk stockings are lacking.
Women of Oakland Center of
California Civic League to
Hold 3 Days' Convention
That every angle of the water situ
ation of the bay cities might be
known, the women of Oakland center
of the California Civic league will
hold a three days' convention, com
mencing Monday afternoon, at the
Hotel Oakland. Among the water
supplies which will be considered are:
Hetch Hetchy, Cherry creek. Lake
Eleanor, the People's Water company,
the Spring Valley Water company.
Clear lake, Eel river, McCloud river,
Blue lakes and the Sacramento river.
The speakers who will present the
various sources of supply are: Mars
den Manson, who made part of the
Hetch Hetchy survey; Engineer Ber
inger, who will speak for the McCloud
project; Eugene Sullivan, T. C. Brien,
Professor Bade, Engineer Dockweller,
Dr. George H. Derrick, Henry McDon
ald of Stockton, A. L. Cowell of the
San Joaquin Water Problem associa
ton; Frank C. Havens, president of the
People's Water company, and a dele
gation from Richmond, who will pre
sent the Sacramento river plan, now
before that city.
Lectures to Urge
Open Air Recreation
"The Playground as a Preventive of
Disease" will be the subject of a
series of lectures which will be given
during the winter months under the
auspices of the women directors of
the San Francisco playgrounds. The
main object is to secure open air
recreation for young girls, so that
they will be physically fit for wider
responsibilities in later life. Dr.
Annie G. Lyle will inaugurate the
series Tuesday evening, December 2.
at the Adams school in Eddy street
near Van Ness avenue. The lecture
will begin at 8:15 o'clock. Doctor
Lyle will speak from the physician's
Boy Adventurer Found
At Seven Mile House
Thirteen year old Walden Boyle Is
happy at the detention home. Tired
of living with his mother at 170
London street, he started out to see
the world yesterday, taking with him
a rifle, shotgun, pair of boxing gloves,
skates, pistol and ammunition. He
was found walking by the Seven Mile
house by detectives.
The Clement Street Merchants' as
sociation is contemplating the deco
ration of Clement street from First to
Tenth avenues during the holiday
The Parent-Teachers' association of
the Grattan school has secured the
Sunset theater in Haight street for
December 4, when a benefit perform
ance will be given.
Embarrassing Situation Was
Saved by Cherrys
"How in the world can T take Elen
or to church on Thanksgiving Day?"
asked Ned. "I have worn my beet
suit for so long that it is a bit shiny
and ragged at the edges. 1 ought
to get a new one and yet living ex
penses have gone up so that I cannot
see my way clear to pay $60 for
"I'll wager that many a young man
;is in the same fix," said Jack, "be-
I cause I was there once myself anil
I CHERRYS solved my problem. The
; day of the $60 suit has passed because
i CHERRYS Is turning out clothes that
I are just as good in every way as those
lof the high priced tailors at about
j one-third the price. Careful attention
I to details give that air of distinction
to CHERRYS clothes that is muchly
| sought after by men of taste. Go to
CHERRYS, pay a small deposit, get
I a classy outfit and believe me you
I can take Elenor to church and be the
best dressed man in the congrega
tion." Ned adopted the suggestion.
CHERRYS have two stores In San
Francisco —at 1009 Market street and
2400 Mission street. Both of these
carry men's as well as women's
clothes. CHERRYS Oakland stores
are at 528 I3th street for men and 815
13th street for women. In Los Ange
les the store is at 636 South Broad

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