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Paper\/br •
C alifornia Homes.
VOLUME) 114.—N0. 170
Posses Hunt Three Dangerous Maniacs
SANTA ROSA. Nov. 29. —Every road
leading into or out of Sonoma county
is being carefully watched today and
heavily armed posses are scouring the
country near the Mendocino county
line for the three men who escaped
from the Ukiah insane asylum. The
men are all under the direction
of Sheriff Jack Smith of the county
and Sheriff Ralph Byrnes.
The three hunted men are all known
to be dangerous. One is a former
convict with a long record, and the
other two have given continual trou
ble since being incarcerated in the
Friday night they sprang upon the
sate <keeper, wrenched from him his
higs keys and knocked him senseless
with them. They then made their
escape, and it was some little time
before their absence was noted. It. is
thought that they may have taken to
the mountains, but the greatest cre
dence is given to the story that they
have started for San Francisco.
Zelaya to Be Freed;
U. S. to Foil Death Plot
WASHINGTON. D. C. Nov. 29.— In
dications in state department circles
today pointed to the release shortly
of former president Zelaya of Nicar
agua. It Is known Zelay's death is
desired by the Nicaraguan govern
ment because he has a $750,000 lien
on the financial reserves of that coun
try. Solicitor Folk of the state de
partment believes Zelaya would be
unsafe in Nicaragua and will release
Woman Takes Poison,
But Will Recover
Miss Ruby Kidder, 30 years old,
made an attempt to take her life
early this morning in a room at the
New Western hotel. 848 Kearny
street, by taking poison. She will
recover. A pathetic letter was left
by the woman to her mother who re
sides in Portland.
Flies 9,930 Miles in
30 Consecutive Days
PARIS, Nov. 29. —The world's rec
ord for distance traveling on an aero
plane during 30 consecutive days has
been made by M. Helen, who flew
9.930 miles.
How Some Boys
Make Money
They sell Calls every aft
ernoon. Every hundred
they sell nets them 50 cents
Many of our young sales
men sell 500 and 600 a day.
Would you like to join
our selling force? The cir
culation department will
make it easy for y«u to be
Call or write today.
Long Auto Ride and Lunch for Guests of The Call Sunday at Havenscourt
The fourth around the bay excursion of The Call will be given tomorrow. Prospective buyers should register their names and addresses at The Call office immediately. For more particulars read
article on another page of The Call today.
Erudite Boston Boy
Hands Police Chief
Bunch of Language
Maurice. Aged 7. Desires to Be Per
mitted to Perambulate With
Other Young Fellows
SAN JOSE, Nov. 29.—Maurice Todd,
aged 7. who halls from Boston,
stepped confidently Into police court
with a request that Judge T. R.
Dougherty Iss-ue a warrant for , the
arrest of an S year old girl who "lives
right across the street from me."
"She absolutely refuses me permis
sion to perambulate on the sidewalk
abutting on her father's premises,"
said Maurice, "although she allows all
the other young fellows to take their
recreation there. I can not account
for this discrimination against me."
Judge rJbugherty referred the little
chap to Chief of Police Frank Ross.
"I believe I know what you mean."
the officer stated, "and I'm with you.
You go back and tell that girl that
she mustn't interfere with the rights
•of an American citizen or there will
be armed Intervention.'.'
"Tango," Pet Terrier,
Goes Mad and Pens
Beylards in Home
San Mateo Society Folk Released
From Barricade When Policeman
Arrives and Shoots Dog
Terrified by a mad dog which ran
amuck in the grounds of their estate
in San Mateo, Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Bey
lard, society leaders, and their young
daughter. Miss Sophie Beylard. were
trapped In their home this morning
until the arrival of Motorcycle Po
liceman Sheehan. who shot the animal.
"Tango," who was the cause of the
excitement, was a pet Boston terrier,
owned by Miss Beylard. Suddenly
going mad. It tried to attack the but
ler, who escaped into the kitchen.
The doors were barricaded and Mr.
Beylard telephoned for the police. *
Brakeman Trampled
To Death by Cattle
SANTA ROSA, Nov. 29.— W. Welsh,
a brakeman, was trampled to death
and O. Butcher, another trainman, was
seriously inujred when a Northwest
ern train ran into a herd of cattle
near Muir switch last night. The
men, who were riding on a flatcar,
were thrown to the ground and the
cattle trampled over their prostrate
forms. Two of the cars on the train
were overturned when the engine
struck the band of cattle, more than
500 in number.
Child Falls 2 Stories
Into Policeman's Arms
A remarkable rescue was effected
last night when 2 year old Leslie
Stanley, falling out of the second
story window of his home. 1498 Ver
mont street, was caught in the arms
of Special Policeman Fred Jeschke.
Jeschke was walking along Vermont
street and was 10 feet away when he
saw the babe climb to the window
sill. Running beneath the window he
caught the little child from an almost
certain death.
Uh! Uh! Hillsborough
Hears Prize Pigs Grunt
Cnknown to all but a chosen few,
Walter Hobart has devoted a part of
his country piace in Hillsborough to
the raising of prize pigs.
Walter Heath, formerly superin
tendent of Hobart's polo stables, pre
sented pork delicacies aggregating
250 pounds to his friends Thanksgiv
ing eve. The pigs are of the "Chester
white" variety. Others are being fat
tened for Christmas.
This is the only pigpen in exclusive
So Hubby Secured Divorce
64T THE undersigned, here
by pledge and promise
to fulfill this agreement and
at any time that I do not live
up to said agreement I am
liable for the consequences
"First—That I shall not
drink liquor with anybody, but
if it becomes necessary only
shall I drink liquor in the
presence of my husband.
"Second—That while my
husband is working evenings
I shall not go out unbeknown
to him.
"Third—That I shall not
smoke cigarettes.
"Fourth—That I shall not
listen and believe enemies or
people unfriendly toward my
"Fifth—That I shall work in
harmony with my husband
(that I shall not try to 'wear
the pants'). That on account
of his aged experience his
word and judgment shall be
supreme in all matters.
"Sixth—That when outsiders
try to mingle with my domes
tic affairs I hall hold a deaf ear.
"Seventh—That I shall love,
honor and obey my husband.
"Eighth—That I shall be
faithful and honest and deal
aboveboard with my husband.
"Ninth—That this agree
ment applies to my husband
as well as to me.
A revised version of the Ten Com
mandments, cut down to nine and
modeled to fit the temptations of to
day, brought back marital bliss for
a while, but the spell failed to hold
for Mr. and Mrs. John Wesley Marks.
When her husband called veal cut
lets "veal stew," their modern Mosaic
law lost its grip and she left him.
So Marks was this morning granted
an interlocutory decree of divorce
from Helen Marks by Judge Graham.
She was unable to live up to Marks'
strong anti-suffragette principles
that caused their first separation.
The "veal stew" was responsible for
the second parting.
Marks presented in evidence his
nine commandments, and said that he
had sent the copy to his wife during a
former separation and that when she
had signed it they had become recon
ciled. The reconciliation, however,
was a failure, and the wife, according
to Marks' testimony, fractured prac
tically all of the commandments laid
He said that she had been in the
babit of visiting cafes near Los An
geles, of drinking liquors and smoking
cigarettes; that she had lost her tem
per when he expressed admiration for
another woman, and hurled a glass
tumbler at him.
Murks is a telegraph operator living
at the Hotel Alpine.
Mott Files Petition
For Mandamus Writ to
Force Water Election
Mayor Charges Alameda Supervisors
Have Ignored Demand of Voters
for Metropolitan District Ballot
Mayor Mott of Oakland filed a
petition for a writ of mandamus in
the transbay city this morning to
force the Alameda county board of
supervisors to take Immediate steps
toward the calling of the election for
the metropolitan water district. The
mayor recites that in March he pre
sented a petition calling for the crea
tion of this water district, signed by
10 per cent of the voters.
He declares the supervisors have
since postponed the election from
time to time without just cause.
The metropolitan water district is
a project for an increased water sup
ply for the cities of Alameda county.
Don't Eat Kippered
Herring! Their Souls
Might Haunt You
Miss Lind Af-Hageby, Psychic, Anti-
Vivisectionist and Author, Says
Animals Have Souls
NEW YORK. Nov. 29.—"D0 not eat
kippered herring, for it has a soul and
will come back and make trouble for
This was the advice of Miss Lind
Af-Hageby, phychic antivivisectionlst,
suffragette, lawyer and author, who
arrived on the Lusitania to attend the
convention of the Antivivlsection
league at Washington.
Robbed on Pullman Is
Claim of Minister
LOR ANGELES, Nov. ?9. —Claiming
to have been drugged and robbed of
|400 in gold and notes as he slept
in a Pullman on the "Lark" train
Wednesday night, the Rev. Dr. O. H.
Mason, who as pastor of the First
Presbyterian church of Long Beach
was the center of a bitter factional
fight which disrupted a congregation
last summer, stepped into the lime
light of a fresh sensation yesterday.
Southern Pacific agents said that they
had been hampered in their serch by
discrepancies in Doctor Mason's story.
Holdup Men Beat
Victim With Pistols
Two armed men attempted to hold
up Caesar Gerini, 1209 Stoctkon street,
at Union and Taylor streets early to
day, and when he resisted the thugs
beat him unmercifully over the head
with pistols. Gerini cried for help
and the thugs fled without securing
anything. Gerin4's wound was treated
at the harbor hospital.
Will Try to Break
Bank at Monte Carlo
PARIS, Nov. 29.—Joseph Letter of
Chicago vows he will try to break the
bank at Monte Carlo, as he did 15
years ago.
Mr. Letter and his wife, after a very
brief stay here, went to Marseilles
early In. the week, where they em
barked on the yacht Niagara, char
tered from Howard Gould, for a trip
around the world.
Screens Guard Premier
From Militant Attack
LONDON. Nov. 29.—Premier As
quith, traveling by automobile from
Leeds today, had screens with wire
gauge to keep off any militants who
might try to repeat the attack on the
premier recently in Scotland. He was
escorted by four automobiles in which
were Scotland Yards men*
,200 FACE
VERA CRUZ, Nov. 29.—The Ger
man cruiser Bremen arrived here
today from Tampico and the United
States battleship New Jersey left for
Tuxpam to guard foreign interests.
MEXICO CITY, Nov. 29.—Gen-
Continued on Page 2, Coiumfc m-
SAN JOSE, Nov. 29.—Lights burned
all night last night in the home of
Orleando Ceall, a prosperous Berry
essa rancher, and the neighbors aided
in searching for his pretty 18 year old
daughter, who disappeared in a mys
terious manner yesterday morning. It
was reported to the police that the
girl had been called from her home
on some pretext and that four men
jumped from an automobile, threw a
bag over her head and then bustled
her into the motor car.
An investigation conducted by the
police disclosed the fact that Domlnlk
Llse, aged 23, a hired man who had
paid considerable attention to the
girl, is also missing..
New Mayor Ready to
SuDoress Street Riots
INDIANAPOLIS, Nov. 29.—With a
greatly augmented police force re
organized on a military basis, under
orders to prevent the congregating of
three or more persons in the streets,
Mayor Henry Wallace, who succeeded
Mayor Shank following the latter's
resignation, and acting Superintend
ent of Police Coffin are prepared to
day for any emergency that may arise
as a result of threatened labor trou
Tracy S.
and pet
terrier in
>aby cradle.
pet dogs
caused 50
to leave in
50 days.
she has a
' Ate French Bread in Parlor and "Don" Slept in
Crib —Now She Has Japanese Domestic
With five dogs and three cats that
Insist on using the parlor Turkish rug
for a tablecloth and want their cribs
made up fresh every day, Mrs. Tracy
S. Hardy, well known Oakland society
woman and sister in law of Dr. Sum
ner and Sam Hardy, former famous
tennis stars, has established a record
in rapid .transit of servants.
Her score reads 60 servants in 50
days, with the question now in sus
pense, as she believes the riddle has
been solved by employing a Japa
nese servant, to whom animals are a
Joy and not an annoyance, no matter
how troublesome they may be. All
previous employes resigned because
the pets overran the house.
"Chewey caused most of the
trouble," said Mrs. Hardy, in talking
over her experiences today. "He in
sisted on eating his French bread in
the parlor whenever I had a caller.
It meant that some days the servant
would almost have to follow after the
animal with a dustpan and broom."
The help in the Hardy household
had other troubles. Three of the dogs
occupy separate couches, and "Chew
ey" and 1 "Don" sleep in cribs. The
blankets and pillows needed daily
care and attention, and the servant
problem had many angles at times.
Some flatly refused to make a bed for
a dog and declared that the beasts
should be turned out of the house.
When the dogs fought over which
should have a certain bed for the
i .
Founded -1856
' night and bedclothea were torn and
scattered, there were frequent inter
views between servant and Mrs.
Hardy. The servant ended the talk
by leaving for other employment.
Mrs. Hardy then hired another and
another. Fifty was the limit reached
until she secured her present Japan
ese, who dearly loves all of them.
Mrs. Hardy says that he gives her
dogs and cats the freedom of the
house because she believes that it is
not enough to merely own the ani
mals, put collars on them and see
them once or twice a day.
"One must make a companion of
the pets to realize the full measure
of affection and sympathy a dog can
show," she said.
"Friends one may have for a time,"
she continued, "and in adversity. In
times when one needs most the sym
pathy of a friend who understands,
these friends are not at hand. At
such times we can turn to our pets.
"They have been so intimately a
part of our lives that they understand
our moods and our every desire and
thought at times it seems. Most of
them are waifs, picked up on the
street, because they looked cold or
hungry, or both. 'Chewey' is the ac
knowledged leader and the favorite
both with the other dogs and with
us. He was nailed up In a cracker
box when we found him, ond now
he sits at the table in his high chair,
has his plate, and really, his table
manners are better than those of
some people I have seen."
Frank Lillip, Given Caustio
Which Produces Grave
Complications, Swears
to Complaint 1 *1
Another telling: blow at the clan of
quack specialists preying upon th«
state was delivered by the strong arm
of the state board of medical exam
iners today when a warrant was
sworn out before Judge Shortall by
Frank Lillip charging C A. Baxter of
the Globe Medical company, 773 Mar
ket street, with obtaining money un
der false pretenses.
Baxter was arrested at his Market
street office by Detectives Gallatin
and O'Connell and taken to the city
prison at noon. He gave $100 bail im
mediately and was released. He will
be arraigned in Judge Shortall's court
Monday morning.
How the "specialist" keeps a victim
under his evil power, even inflicting
injuries upon him to make him be
lieve he is a victim of a dreadful
disease, will be disclosed at the trial
of Baxter, according to Louis H.
Ward, attorney for the state board of
medical examiners, who will prose
cute the Baxter case.
Since the crusade against quacks
was announced by The Call Wednes
day scores of unfortunate men and
women in San Francisco and in scat
tered sections of the state who have
been picked by the gulls of the medi
cal profession have told of their ex
periences and made affidavits to. state
ments that will be the basis of a score
of suits.
According to Attorney Ward, the
aggressiveness of the state board has
awakened a slumbering thought In
the mind of every citizen in Cali
"It seems as if every man and
woman in the state is. with us in this
fight," he said. "After we clean the
quacks out of San Francisco we will
take the different cities by turn and
fight the good fight there until there
is no enemy."
At the last meeting of the board of
directors of the San Francisco County
Medical society, a resolution was
passed by the unanimous vote of the
board, approving the oampaign of the
board of medical examiners against
quack specialists.
According to the affidavits made b*
Lillip. who is a baker by trade, he was
attracted to the office of the Globe
Medical company by its advertising.
Lillip says Baxter examined him,
U>ld him he was in a condition that
needed immediate attention and guar
anteed a cure for $30.
During several weeks Lillip toos
treatments, but his condition was un.
changed. He spent more money, giv
ing Baxter $50 in al!.
Then he went to one of the fre«
clinics, where a physician examined
him and told him the man who was
30 Montgomery Street

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