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Jk. Cleaj%Wliole«ome
• Paper_/br •
California Homes.
VOLUME 115".—N0. • 3 •
Flee Chihuahua With Five Millions in Gold
10 HIT
WASiIINUTUN, Dec. 3.—"lt
seems to me that if conditions do not
improve in the Mexico situation,
something will have to be done.
This may mean intervention or war
for this country." Minority Leader
Mann made this declaration in the
house today during a discussion of,
the Mexican situation and the possi
bility of intervention. The question
was brought up when Congressman
Hay called up his bill for raising the
volunteer troops in time of actual
or threatened war.
EL. PASO. Dec 3. —General Pancho
Villa leaves today to enter Chihuahua
City. He has demanded that he be
met by the 200 federals policing the
city and be given a formal military
greeting upon his assuming control
of the state capital. He has sent as
surances to the foreign consuls in
that city that the constitutionalists
will respect both lives and property.
General Lulu Terrazas, an aged
Mexican multimillionaire who for
many months has been a virtual pris
oner of the federals in Chihuahua City.
.. .is with hia family and hundreds, of
.. other wealthy Mexicans being con-
V-oy.ed; by. the deserting federals sup
;•; PO'sed'.y: to. the .American border and
safety./-.'-The. federals have charge of
• •nior'e;than 0.000.000 pesos belonging to.
" the millionaire Mexican. .
.Ostensibly th«» federals took charge
tof •Terrazas* mil.ions -to'-afford them
i .protection from Villa's looting, but
.' ..the belief among the friends of Ter
o razas is to the effect that the federals
J will riot release the aged man, or in
"event of his being allowed to flee to
• America for asylum they will hold
Uis millions. . •
* It is BOt.Uke Oroaco to free the
f. >ose that lays the golden egg unless
the nest is full and in his possession.
It is probable that Terrazas may be
held at OJlnga on the border.
Through an investigation held as
to why Colonel Juan H. Medina, for
merly Villa's chief of staff, resigned
from the rebel army, it was learned
today that he had been in league
with the federals. Rumors are per
sistent that Medina was to have
«urned Juarez over to them as soon
.as Villa and his troops marched
• sputh..
'Villa suspected something of the
Ltraiiiiueu »v I'ase 2, Column 7
Mrs. Dornina Baker and her child that judge says Doctor Baker
may take out walking if he.carries a bottle. *
Penned in Upper Floors, Vic
tims Have No Chance
for Escape
BOSTON, Dec. 3.-r-Twenty-seven
persons were burned to death today
in a -fire that destroyed the- Arcadia
lodging house at 1202 Washington
street, this being the heaviest death
toll ever recorded in a lire in Boston.
Two were fatally "injured and a
score slightly hurt or overcome by
One huntjred and seventy-nine men
<7cre asleep in the place when the fire
broke out The flames spread swiftly
through the flimsy building and a
number of men caught on the upper
floors leaped from the windows.
All the victims "were poverty
stricken men, the lodging house be
ing a 15 cents a night affair, catering
to the poor. It is believed the names
of all the victims will never be
One "man wrapped a mattress
around his body and Jumped from the
fifth floor, the mattress saving his
The streets for blocks in three di
rections were in the wildest confu
sion. The dead, dying and In-jured
were distributed about on the side
walks, neglected, while the first ar
rivals were striving to rescue others
. from the flames. The meager fire
escapes on the rear of the building
offered escape to only a few. Those
occupying rooms in front of the build
ing were cut off by a wall of flames.
Eight of the dead were found on
the top floor, eleven on the fourth and
Aye on the third floor. A large num
ber of those who lost their lives
never knew how they met their fate.
A majority, it is believed, were suf
j focated In their sleep. The firemen
! found another body, charred beyond
i recognition, in the ashes, bringing the
death list to 27. The blaze is be
lieved to have started among the
rubbish in a rear hallway on the first
Baker Is Happy
•♦♦ ♦.♦♦> <•>•%»
So Is His "Kid"
"Judge, please, air, baby's only
4 month** old. She wouldn't be
huppy away from me for a min
ute. Don't let him take her."—
Mr.s. Domina Baker.
"Many a time have I been nut
with the baby, and had a warm
bottle under my coat."—Judge
"Honest, judae, I can take
care of the bahy all right, and
every time I take her out I'll
pack along a bottle of chow,
like you suggest."—Dr. Charles
R. Baker.
Is a bottle .fed baby safe away from
its mother at the age of 4 months?
Save for the question of the suffi
ciency of the saloon petition. Judge
Graham has not had> a*more interest
ing knot to saw into for months.
Judge Graham decided a girl of 4
months is safe in the streets with her
father as long as the dad is armed
with a warm, loaded bottle. ,
Dr. Charles R. Baker asked that he
be allowed to take his baby daughter
out once In a while. Mrs. Baker, who
is suing him for divorce, was against
the idea-
Judge Graham knows a "safety pin
or two. He said frtm the bench he
had often flitted through the park
lugging an infantile spasm under one
arm and a bottle of milk in his hip
pocket, where it would keep warm,
and rather flat footedly he announced
that Doctor Baker should have, an op
portunity to emulate him.
Operation May Stop
. Bibulous Tendency
John Lutas of Oakland may obtain
probation on a burglary charge, but
not until he has been examined by a
brain specialist to see if an operation
will not remove his criminal and
bibulous tendencies. That there is a
pressure on the brain was testified to
yesterday by Dr. Carl Curdts. but he
recommended that the matter be
placed in the hands of a specialist
before court action. L>uts has a habit
ot becoming intoxicated and stealing
water faucets.
* • ■• • • • • *
Says Water Shortage Ls Due
to Calling Halt on Exten
sion of Plant
WASHINGTON, Dec. 3.;— Shortage of
water 'in San Francisco is not due to
lack of a sufficient supply, but to the
fact that the Spring Valley Water
company has made no extension of its
system since confiscation of its plant
has been threatened by the "Hetch
Hetchy" bill, according to the state
ment of Senator Works, who con
tinued the argument against the bill
lri the senate today.
He declared the program of curtail
ment by the company is the only
reason for the wate: jhortage an.l s;'n<i
the city entered into an agreement to
purchase the existing water plant and
that three Judges have been appointed
to determine the selling price. Works'
added that the supply of water now
under the control of the Spring Valley
.Water company is sufficient to meet
the needs ..of San Francisco for the
next 60 yearn. His epfech> was inter
rupted by frequent demands • for a
quorum..- "Advocates ".of the Hetch
.Hetchy "bill.** said Worjts,' "qre trying
to drag .Into this discussion the .res
quirement* of 2.5 cities which can not;
get water -under appropriations 'mad?
by San "Francisco." "•
A" petition signed by Mayor James-
Rolph Ht. and' I*o,ooo water users of
San Francisco in favor.of the passage
of the Hetch Hetchy-bill was present*
ed to the senate by Senator Perkins..
Works, Gallinger, Owen and Weeks
preseated a number of petitions
against the bill.
The 700,000 Boosters' Club of South
ern California has adopted resolutions
urging the senate to pass, the Hetch
'Hetchy bill. A copy of the resolutions
was received at the office of Mayor
Kolph this morning and was for
warded to Washington.
.Among the vice presidents of the
club who indorsed its action were H.
If. Rose (mayor of Los Angeles), C F.
O'Neall (mayor of San Diego) and
State Senator Fred H. Hall.
Plan to Jail Pankhurst;
Plymouth Riot Likely
PLYMOUTH, Eng., Dec. 3. —A seri
ous clash between militant suffra
gettes and Scotland Yard detectives
is predicted when "the liner Majestic,
with Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst
aboard, arrives tonight. Militants
are gathering in force to prevent the
arrest of Mrs. Pankhurst on her re
turn frora the United States. Detec
tives from London are here with spe
•clal warrants enabling them to board
the -liner.
Picks out a corner, sells
Calls every afternoon and
makes a nice little income,
lie's his own boss and by
cultivating custom soon ac
quires the art of salesman
And wVien he grows up
he is a business success be
cause he knows how to sell
Like to become a Call
salesman? It's quite easy.
Call or write the Circula
tion Department and find
out all about it.
Wireless Reveals Another
Tragedy in the South •
Seas j
Clerk Russel and other writers of
the sea have never /visualized a more
dramatic maritime disaster than ttiat
incoroprated in a.wlrelesp message re.
ceived in San Francisco today from
Captain Springer of the liner Moana,
which chronicles the loss of the four
masted schooner Eldorado In the de
serted sweep of the south seas, the
remarkable struggle of the crew until
they found' a haven on Easter island
and the subsequent journey of 28 days
by members of the crew to a port of
The schooner Eldorado sailed April
3 from Astoria for Antofagast.a.. Chile,
with a cargo of 1,006,696 feet ot lum
ber. It was in charge of Captain N.
Benson and a crew of 10 men.
Fifteen days later she was spoken
off the Cojumbla river. That was the
last seen of the vessel. As time went
on shipping men conceded the loss of
vessel and crew. It was listed as an
other mystery in the long annals of
ships which have sailed'lnto the haze
of the tropics, never to return.
Recountal of the disaster is con
tained in the wireless message re
ceived by Sanders & Klrchmann, own
ers, as follows:
"The four masted schooner El/10-"
rado, from Astoria, abandoned in lati
tude 31 south, longitude 121.37 west,
'June 13. Crew landed on Easter
island. «Captain and two sailors ar
rived at Papeete November 6 In ship's
boat, having sailed 1,500 miles from
Easter island in 28 days. Two mate's,
co#k and five sallprs on Easter island.
Stringer, Moana."
Captain Benson's performance in
reaching Easter island after abandon
ing his ship Is outdone in his remark
able Journey *in an open boat across
the uncertain waters of the South Pa
T> - w: J. Wilson, 29 years old.
first mate. Seattle; A. Johanson, 38.
second mate, San Francisco; S. Iwata,
34, cook, Seattle; T. W. Wlnstanlev.
28, ship's boy. England; Steve Brew
ster, 37, Chicago; Steve Url'nkwUter
25*, Portland; Rudolf Walbert, 29,
Portland; Carl Passavalnen, 25, San
Francisco; Alex Finoneau, 38. Massa
chusetts, and Carl Carlson, Finland,
Several of these men have wives
and children. Two of them have fam
ilies in England and Europe. .
As Easter island is well populated,
it is presumed the members of the
crew now there* are well cared for.
Turn Zelaya Loose
To Return to Spain
WASHINGTON, Dec. 3.—Following
the receipt of information from Ma
nagua that the Nlcaraguan govern
ment has no objection to the return
of former President Zelaya to Bar
celona, Spain, Secretary of State
Bryan today signed an order for Ze
laya's release from prison in New
Heavy Frost Coming
Tonight, Says Willson
Weather Forecaster G. H. Willsoo
sent out notice to interior points to
day that the fruit growers had better
be prepared for a heavy frost tomor
row. While along the coast there will
be a light frost, the interior is threat
ened with a frost that may do damage.
Woman Goes to Jail
For Auto Speeding
NEW YORK. Dec. 3. — The first
woman to go to jail in this elty for
auto speeding is Mrs. Cornelia
Schangina, who today took the latter
alternative when sentenced by Police
Magistrate Levy to pay a fin« «* 425
or spend a day in jail
Sister of Bastian,
'$100,000 Burglar,' Is
Facing Deportation
.Woman Taken to Angel Island on
Charge That She Entered United
States as Wife hi Robber
Miss Josephine Bastlan, the pretty
17 year old sister of William Bastlan.
the $100,000 burglar, may be deported
because of action taken by the immi
gration officials investigating her
coming Into this country from Ger
Miss Bastian was removed from
the custody of Mrs. Cottle, wife of
Detective Cottle, yesterday and sent
to Angel island. There she was sub
jected to a searching Inquiry. On ar
riving* In the United States, it is
stated, she posed as the wife of her
Bastlan deeded to his sister a
beautiful home, worth $10,000, the
profits of his robberies.
Were Prepared to
Celebrate Christmas
NEW YORK, Dec. 3. —Two barrels
of knives and guns and three barrels
of liquor were taken from the 2,100
steerage passengers who sailed today
on the steamer Laconia, sailing for
Italy. The steerage passengers were
mostly" laborers returning to their
native land to celebrate Christmas.
Following the usual custom, each pas
senger was searched as he boarded the
ship and all arms taken from him.
The property is then labeled with
the man's name and will be handed
back to him when the ship reaches
her destination.
Flow of Profanity
Causes Divorce Suit
A violent flow of profanity which
made the plaster fall off the ceiling
con«tltuted a regime of cruelty, ac
cording to the divorce complaint of
Mrs." Josephine de Luchi against
Ralph de Luchi, both of Oakland. Mrs.
De Luchi assured the court that her
husband could swear in many lan
guages, and that he was undoubtedly
the most gifted person in the world
in his Jine. He threatened to kill her
quite oft,en, she said, but she* hid the
shotgun cartridges he Intended to use.
Gives 46 Inches of
Skin to Save Child
Giving 46 square inches of skin
trom his body to save the life of
year old John P. Hansen, who was
badly burned two weeks ago, Joseph
Ha'kett, an automobile painter of
Richmond, submitted to an operation
this morning in Richmond. Surgeons
in attendance say that the child will
Hackett will be confined to tht
nospttal for several weeks as tht
result of his sacrifice. •
Terr Feet of Water *
In Waco Streets
DALLAS, Tex., Dec. 3.—Water is
standing 10 feet deep in the streets
of East Waco today. The Brazos river
has reached the 38 foot stage, the
highest ever known. Fort Worth and
Denver traffic is tied up by washouts.
The interurban service to Waco, Cle
burne and Fort Worth has been aban
Governor Colquitt has ordered three
companies of state militia to Waco to
prevent looting in the flooded district.
Former Mayor Shank
On Vaudeville Stage
FRENCH LICK., Ind., Dec. 3.—-Former
Mayor Shank of Indianapolis today
left French Lick, accompanied by Mrs.
Shank, for Kansas City, where he will
open in a vaudeville turn on the Sul
livan-Consldlne* circuit Sunday. He
has a contract for 42 weeks.
Textile Workers to
Take Strike Vote
FALL RIVER, Mass., Dec. 3.—Mem
bers of the state board of arbitration
today unsuccessfully urged the tex
tile union officials to defer strike
action. Over 35,000 textile operatives
will vote tonight on the question of
insisting on a 12% per cent increase
in wages refused by manufacturers.
Great Dafijy
Founded —1856
Tr"i 0 n s c aDd e ßoa*" ,, "c. PRICE ONE CENT
4<K*> <$♦<♦>■• . ' <v#4 <S>*<3> «-*B>
"Big Victory Due to Call's Support"
Lonis H. Ward, attorney for the state medical board: "We have the
quacks on the run. The Call has gives the board great aid la lta light,
aad the eloaing of the M. S. Chenoweth. company office* la due to The
Call's support more than anything else. This la just the beginning.
There will be a lot more of the 'specialists* closing their doors before
the battle Is over."'
After seven days of fighting against the quack specialists of
California, the state board of medical examiners, backed byThe
Call, won its first battle today when the offices of one of the most
notorious quacks operating in San rrancisco, "Dr. M. S. Cheno
weth," 718 Market street, were closed forever. •
James Sweeney, an .vpfficter'of th-e Cherioweth company, is
authority'for the;statement that the gilt letters soon will be rftbbed
off the w'indovvs and doors of. the Chjenoweth place. *.
The pulling down of the Chenowetfi sign is the first direct result of
the statewide campaign against the charlatan*specialists launched by the
medical examiners and The Call.* * . . *
Sweeney, who is attorney for Spencer L. Higgins, the quack who had
offices: in the Chenoweth place, said he did not know whether Higgins
would appear in court tomorrow to answer the charges lodged against him
by the persistent board of medical examiners. m •
The warrant issued Monday for Higgins op a charge, of obtaining
money under false pretenses has not been served. Detectives are con
fident Higgins has left San Francisco. • • *
If *he does not appear in court before Judge Crisf Thursday to answer
the earlier charges lodged against him, his bail will be forfeitad and he
will be*hunted as a fugitive. • .
.Jn the* opinion *of» Louis Ward, attorney," for the state hoard"of medical
examiners, the closing of the Ohenoweth office indicates an early exodus
fpom San Francisco of a number* of similar places - of business. o
Ward" expects to see the window's of several other "specialists" draped
with heavy curtains before the week is out.
Attorney Sweeney was asked about the connection of Higgins with
the Carnegie Hospttal association, a corflpany incorporated in Augu<*t, for
which an elaborate suite of offices is being fitted up, occupying the*entire
second story of the building at 34 Kearny street. • • •
"I do not understand how the reporj; that Higgins is to be connected
with the Carnegie Hospital association got about." «aid Mr. Sweeney.
"Positively, he has nothing to do.avitJi the organisation, never has had and
never will have." • , -•***'•
Sweeney is president* of the Carnegie Hdspital which is
incorporated for $100,000. Directors Joseph P. Lucey, E. CT.Gara, George
C. W. Egan and A. J. Carnegie of New Y6t»k own one share of stock each,
worth $1 per share. * • • • • » *•
Says Detective Aided Quack
Sensational charges involving a city
detective, the notorious Dr. Otto j6"s
len ahd officers of the Cook Medical
company, 85 Third street, were made
in a statement to the state board of
medical examiners yesterday by J. G.
Flick, former floorman in the Cook
quack museum just off Market street.
Disgusted with the methods of the
Cook Medical company. Flick quit the
game a year ago. The reformed floor
man told all he knew to the officers of
the state board yesterday, hoping to
be of dome assistance in the statewide
fight against quack specialists.
Threats were made against him if
he refused to get out of San Fran
cisco, Flick says, at a meeting he was
called upon to attend in what he says
are the Market street offices of the
company, at 721 Market street, "owned
by C. K. Holsman and Otto Joslen."
"In that office Joslen, an attorney
named Vassey and a city detective
tried to scare me out of town for col
lecting evidence against the crooked
ness pf the business," Flick asserted.
"The detective did most 'of. the talk
Portions of Flick s statement are of
such a character that the Information
In several different paragraphs will
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