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When the Hot Stove League Sizzles, the Stars Make Ready to Play Holdout Game
The Giants* Star Pitcher.
It has not always been true that the great stars of the game have
cracked their way into the big league with sensational spurts. In
fact, the contrary is usually the case. Cobb and Jackson, the two
greatest hitters in the country today, according to their averages—
and, as McGraw frequently says, "figures don't lie much"—were not
picked as great stars when they first came up. Few fans know that
Jackson was with the Athletics before he finally went to Cleveland.
Connie Mack gave the great slugger up because he. was homesick.
Cobb was unconditionally released from a minor league club, t
Cobb, as is well known, was born in- Royston. Ga.. where his
father was a school teacher. Cobb led the life of a hoy of the south, ".
n : spending much time in the fall and winter hunting and playing base-.
ball in the spring and summer on a local amateur team. In 1904, •
when he was 17 years old, a team was put in Augusta by the South
Atlanta league, and Con Struthers,. who, oddly enough, was .once the
first baseman on the Detroit club, was the manager.
Cobb bad made quite a reputation for himself locally, but was •
considered to be only a kid and was signed as a substitute. - He got a
chance irt the first game that Augusta played,' after working through
the spring training period, the practice Being held on the .home
grounds. An infielder who had been signed failed to show for the
opening game; one of the regular outfielders 'was -shitted to. the'
vacant spot, and Cobb played irt the outfield.
The name of the missing infielder who gave Cobb his first chance
at league ball is not known to me, but it rs a cinch that be is still
marking time in some minor league, if he is playing ball at all, while ..'
his understudy is right at the top of bis profession. . . •
Cobb Handed His Release
Oddly enough. "Bull" Durham, the stocky pitcher who'was' orfce
with the Giants for a minute or two and joined the club when
Marquard did. pitched in that opening game in Augusta. It Was he
who told me of these incidents as I am relating thefn". ■ My acquaint- . '
ance with Cobb is not an intimate one; 1 have just met.him on
several baseball occasions and during the last three world's series. •
"Cobb certainly looked like a baseball player to me that -first day,"
said Durham who, by the way. lost the opening game t.or 'Augusta,
bat he was a slightly built, rather bashful country kid.- He had the :
great eye then that he has now. and he pickled the hall for a. home
run and a double. The next day he got a single .-and a'sacrifice hit,
as I remember it. The third day all of us on the A.Ugifsta team, were
surprised to miss Cobb. •'.•-' ....
" become of that kid Cobb?' somebody asked Struthers. '
"T released him outright last night,' vyas the reply. '•' *'. m
•. "Of "coarse* since Struthers had been a. big leaguer, none <oi!us.'
wanted.to- question bis judgment out loudjibirt -I know. I thought tOV
myself that he had made a mistake." ' [ . •'. ' •..*'•
. • It seems that Cobb's father had objected to his ..'playing profes
sional ball -N\-hert he started out, but after- he. returned .to'Royston" and '
told his patent that he had been released foLlo'wing.his-showing-in the.:
. '"..two games, the older Cobb just "rose his back right Hp." • ■
u° "«. c "atf>£"* chjutce to, go to AnnisiOn'.. Ala.",' in'-the Tennessee^--
Alabama league for .less money. $65 a .month.". Ty at last told his father.:.
• o ""You'd better go," replied-the father... li.was from him that Gobb .. .
. ° -'.gets much .of-his fight and determination. - Vpont let : tnem-crowd.you -
•; out.n'pw.'.: .Never quit Unless.you have the best o'l.it." .- • '.'
Donovan Boosts for Ty. 1
°. "'• •.'.•:'I; think-Cobb was to get $90 a month with the Augusta club.- .He:
. :Vwent t0..-Anniston and played for two morfths. . .He . made a . flaring
*• 'record;':for the minor leagues and attracted- attention tp 'him'setr so.'' .
...' -'.that. Sfrythers wanted him back in Augusta; but Cobb .showed a flash' *
l'\ ' - *f.'temper, and refused to return until the rn'arialjer who released- him
." • Vh"ad..been turned out Then he came back and finished the season.'. The
' 'next ytfar'he-showed he was getting along in the game by holding out' '
•** ''-'for more, money and being rewarded with, .a contract that called-for
'• . -$125 per-mpntli.. But before this salary was conceded 'Cobb was- offered- '
. 'to..the Charleston club for $650; the latter management .refusing the .
° "• -■ proposition.. .- ' '//. r- . • •-. -:' . r .
' *. The-Detroit club trained in Augusta th.it. spriijg. and T-think'it was •
.. ;.th'e eagle-eyed "Wild Bill" Donovan who first noticed Cpbb." .However, .
-° Bill" paid attention to his own" business, and-did not mention •'
. ••• .Cobb: Detroit had; an option on several .q}" the . Augusta-players, and •'
/.. - they- first-took ..Clyde Engle, now with the -Boston Red-Sox-.-. .He did -'
• • not get: away in. very; good style and was turned- .back;. The Detroit. •
• •■• Y.-njahager.began guessing around for some one.to take in Engfe's.place
„ r ' % '•'■to.'ma-ke up the pur-chase price of $300. • .
. ;."•. : -'\\\Vfiy .'.tfen't. yo\\ grab that kid who was in the .ou'tneJdr". asked ••
... ; Donovan, recalling his favorable impression of'the -training season, "I -'.
["."■.think his-name .was-Cobb." ■ •• .'•'■- -• .. . '■
. - •'•-''. Sp_ Ty,-a slim, blonde boy. went to Detroit:late" in the-'season-"
/- o ; Qf. 1;905. Dic.k Cooley was playing center field for Detroit then, and -
I . „. he-.-was..sick'one day shortly after Cobb joined the Tigers. They put;
.'.in-Cobb .and Cooley never got his job back, although the Georgia
-wonder; hit only about .230 to finish that first sea-son.
' .""..";.• That is.how Cobb -came up, as I have heard the- story. ' : "'
. _*• .'• ' ..'■.•■•;•■;■ (Coprtlyfat. 1013. by the Wheeler Syndicated. ■ •
James Joshes Copel and
Joke Is Nearly Serious
°• ' JfTe.re is sc good wrie that George
'James hung oh- Al Copeland when fn
•New ' York, • und Incidentally George
-would'nave had to go through wjth
k ha.4 not the subject of the skit tele
graphed George that he Was not a
candidate for office. ,'*•
Copeland has Just been, appointed
trainer of.the'-Austrian track and field,
athletes, but lie has for some ye.'.rs
past been the athletic expert on the
■ , New York Times. ':" " ~
AS ajl good rrew , spapy»r, men do, Al
..c was on the trail for something breezy
In the wa*- of news, and he gut what
he thought was a scoop when he
trailed George James.
"What do you think of Pawling
for president?", asked Copeland.
• "Think nothing." said James.
• ° "'Wfry hot " asked Copeland.
"Why should I think anything of
Pawling when I have a candidate up
my s*eeve."-replied the Pacific asso
ciation delegate.
Right tf«ere Copeland got the cue
for his story and he took it. James
can be as serious as th*y make 'e«i
and can hand out the bull with a se
rene countenance. Thfs idea of tell
ing Copeland that h«e.had a candidate
Kid Alberts Stows
Phil Cross Away in
Six Speedy Rounds
NEW YORK, Dec. ?,.—Kid Alberts,
one of the claimants to the welter
weight championship of the world,
scored a clean knockout over Phil
Cross in J the sixth'round of a hard
fight before the Atlantic City club
last night. Cross, a brother of the
famous Leach, was regarded as a live
opponent for Alberts, but the latter
displayed all the class.
Alberts took the lead in the open
ing round and held it all the way.
CroM was game to the core and put
up a good fight. He rushed and tried
hard, but the damaging right hand
body blows which Alberts whipped in
were too much for Phil and he began
to weaken in the fifth. The crowd
traen realized that Alberts had his
man where he wanted him.
' As early as the third round Cross
took the count three times, but he
recovered in the fourth and gave a
good account of himself. .However,
strength failed to stay with him
'and he weakened In the fifth.
Ttoe finish came in the sixth after
Alberts whipped in a hard left to the
stomach and followed this up with a
well placed right hook to the jaw
whi< h sent Cross to the floor for
was wbaf .Tames considered a joke,
and when asked whq his man was he
said "John Elliott." .- ' •'.
The next day the : '-New York Times
came out with the scoop that Elliott
was a candidate for Ihe A. A. V. presi
dency. Trie appearance of the third
man in the field created a stampede,
and the various camps got busy doing
polities. Then BlUott heard of the
proposition and." telegraphed James
that he Was not ®ut.for the job...
The throwing of Elliott into the
field, created a sensation in New York,
and Jam.es Mates that had the local
man not withdrawn his name that he
is sure that he, could' have carried
the .day.'
"The whole thing started as a Joke
on .Al," said James. .'
"The. putting of .Elliott's name in
the list of candidates was Copeland's
fault, but it would have* won had
Elliott not been, so bashful and tele
graphed- to withdraw Jiis name.
"I would ha,ve prone through with
the joke had Elliott not objected, and
the; president of the A. A. U today
would-have bee> a San Francisco man
I had enough votes lined up on Cope
land's story to-put over the trick."
CHICAGO, Dec. 3.—Jack Griffin, who
boxes Packey McFarland in Milwau
kee Monday night, is due in town to
day to put on the finishing touches to
his training for the battle. The North
Side boy will Work at a local gymna
sium tomorrow, Friday and Saturday.
Canterbury /
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Mm of style.
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opart at the top.. . K^OIICUtS
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collar to retain its original goodness thru
months of wear.
2 for 25c
Geo. P. Ide A Co.. Maker*. Troy. N. Y.
Creators of smart styles In Collars and Shirts
Baseball magnates who are in annual session today. Left to right, they are Happy Hogan, Allan I. Baum, Milton M. Ish, Henry
Berry, J. Cal Ewing and Tom Stevens.
Baseball magnates from.one end of
tiie Pacific coast .to the other are lo
cated in ouf peaceful little burg wait
ing the call of tne .annual meeting of
the Pacific Coast league directors,
which Is scheduled to be Jield today at
the St. Francis, hotel.
Last night it flock of Northwestern
league magnates made' their appear
ance!. In "tills delegation were Fielder
Jones, president of the Northwestern
league; "W.W. and Walter McCredie,
Manager Nick W-illlams of the Port
land Northwestern league club, F. C.
Farr and Mike Lynch of the Spokane
club and D. K. Due-dale of Seattle.
Their mission here Is to plead for
the cause of the I'urtland Northwest
ern league club, which the coast
league magnates are threatening to
irive out of that territory. Armed
with statistics and other baseball in
formation, the Northwestern league
magnates intend to convince the Coast
league moguls that such a course
would not benefit the Coast league one
particle, lt Is maintained by the vis
itors that continuous baseball in a
town Is a benefit more than a detri
ment to the box office, and* It will be
on these grounds that the league mag
nates will make their plea for the fu
ture existence of the Portland North
western league club.
The magnates of the Coast league
clubs are noncommittal on what action
they will take. J. Cal Ewlng declares
that the Portland club of the Coast
, Throagh tht grrnad fanon of the father Riter and the Royal Core;*, Grand Caioi of the- Mi-trai
_ , \ Stockton, Sacramento, Marysville, Orovillo, Portola, 1
9:IO a.m. Doyle, Wlnnemuoea, Elko, Salt Laka City. Cgden, Provo, 8:30 a.m.
■ ~— • Grand Junction, Glenwood Springs, Pueblo, Colorado \
1 7:30 p.m. Spring*, Denver, Kansas City, St, Louis, Omaha, 6-30 om.
I Chicago and tho East J ™
. , - I Oakland. Ssn Loandro. Hayward, Niies. Idylwood, f
4:lO p.m. Plsssanton, Livermore, Altamont, Carbons, Lathrop and } 10:20 a.m.
I Stockton J
! Electric Lighted Pullman Observation Sleeper on Train Leaving San Franolsoo 9:10 a.m.
Through Standard and Tourist Stooping Cars to above destinations In connection with:
j _________ fOOS Market St., Palace Hotel—Western Pacific, Denver at Rj o Grande Mis-
TIA VCT I Houri Pacific and at. Louie, Iron Mountain a. Southern Phone Suttar'lSfil
J «86 Market Bt.-Burllns:ton Route Phou. Kearny 366*
OFFICES I 681 MaTket 8t„ Hearst Bids'—Bock Island Lines Phone Butter 817
Union Ferry Depot Phone Kesrnr 4PBO
I 1326 Broadway, Oakland .Phon* OakwHal
Irague has not shown the healthy in
crease of business that was noticeable
in the other towns of the league.
Portland has remained stagnant, while
the other cities turned out bigger
crows last season than In previous
fielder Jones, the president of the
Northwestern league, is a noted base
ball character. He was the manager
of the Chicago White Sox club when
It won the pennant in 1906, and this
feat was regarded as one of the most
remarkable achievements in baseball,
as the club was composed of one of
the weakest bunch of hitters In the
league that year. .
The managers of the California
league will stick with the baby or
ganization for another year as was
predicted. Though it was a financial
bloomer last season, the first year in
the field, the moguls have faith in the
future of the organization, which they
predict will ultimately turn out to be
a winner.
There were some baseball deals
pulled off by the magnates. Walter
Nagle, who has been running the San
Jose team, will be let out by Magnate
Stevens, who will endeavor to get
Deacon Van Buren of the Sacramento
club to manage his club. Ewing ex
changed Brick Devereaux for Jimmy
Byrnes, who will manage Ewlng's
club. Whether Devereaux will be
used by Berry to manage the Fresno
club or act as a coach for the Angels
has not been given out by Berry.
Del Howard, manager of the Steals,
arrived home last night. He came
from Illinois via the southern route
and stopped off at Los Angeles to
! visit Ovie Overall, but was disap-
I pointed to learn that the big pit' her
| had gone to Visalia to visit his rela
I Harvard V
i \ : I For Los Angeles:
I f
WEMmmumk SSOMariufSt Phone Sutter 310 A
9 9S Maries St Phone Kearajr 142 #
S| 1130 Br»»#V»y. Oaklaaa Jf
Fast Electric
Trains for
Pittsburg find Kant of Bay Point
BaggaKe Curried on All TrainH.
Leave Key Route Ferry Daily
T:00 A. St., *9:<(0 A. M.. 10:40 A. at, 12:20
P. M., 3:00 P. M.. 1:40 P. M.. 7:40 P. If.
•The 9:00 A. If. lias parlor obserTatlon car—
Connects for Pittsburg—Stops Solano City. 4:40
P M. train runs through to Mary»YiHe. t'olusa,
OroTllle and Chico. Sacramento first atop.
Kor Concord. Bay Point and way stations
leaT* daily 7:40 A. M.. 11:20 A. If., 1:40 P. M.
4 P. M.. 5:15 P. M.. 7:40 P. M
j An additional train for Concord and way sta
-1 tlous lean* cms) p. |f. 5:13 P. M. train runs
dally except Sunday through to Pittsburg.
Oakland, Antioch & Eastern Railway
i Key Route Ferry. Phone Sutter 233 ft.
Call Franklin 750. Red Line Transfer Oct, or
1 Oakland 4447. People's Express Co. and railroad
< « ill be delivered wlieu baggage Is tailed
for at hotel or residence.
tlves. Del caught the next train for
this city.
S Portland
ISverS *- os Angeles
5. S, KILE < 11.000 tons); (call* at
Manila).. .Sails Wednesday. December 3
6. 8. MONGOLIA (27,t*U0 luusi
Sails Thun-day. December 18
Cuisine uiHinr personal supervision of Mr
V. Moroni, one of the world's most fsmsiis
New Feature Tonrs and Trip Dept.
S. B. PEHU (calls at Maaatlan)
Sails Wednesday, December .1
8. 8. AZTEC (freight). .Sails Dumber 15
384 Flood Building, San Francisco
Phone Kearny 3630.
19 Days
Weather Fine—Shortest Line—Quickest Time.
Splendid steamers (10.QC0 tons displacement)
of Sydney Short Line, tailing nor. 16, -'to. Jan.
IS, und every two weeks for Honolulu, aud
Doc. KS. Jan. IS, for Sydney.
Sydney Round Trip Second Clana *200.
Various tours. Including Ja/n, China. Japan
snd Round the World. Send for folder.
OCEANICS.B. CO., 673 Market St.San Franciaeo
p Beware of <
Note—Society, according t<» a news Itepi. hn* adopted a new *
• port, that of keeping ninall Japanese turtle*, ivhlrh encaite la
tiiKH of war on the dinner tableM o»er Minall pieces) of beefMeak.
Years ago, the Roman monarchs made the martyr Christians fight.
Made them struggle with the lions, sporting spirit to excite;
Then the knights of olden England, in the search of pleasure bent.
Had the heavy armored gallants draw the blood in tournament;
In old Spain the lazy natives, cold of feet and hot of head.
Killed bulls in the ringed arena till the ground about turned red;
Bare fist fighters held the limelight with their bloody scrapping
game, . . t
Compared to which our present fighters seem b©4h commonplace
and tame; • .•«••*•
Visage spoiling .college football v with its smashing, tearing rush.
Will continue in the limelight till there are no skwlls to crush.
go it has been through the ages—and, for ages more will be-r- *,« »
Always has the public looked for sport in which the blood flows free,
And the latest sport adopted is one filled Wjth glowing gore, '••
Pleasing all .who love excitement—turtles "in a tug of war.'. .
Leave (Foot of Market Street) . Arriva
(Subject to change without notice) ,
2.15 a Niies, Livermore. Tracy, Lathrop, ~. ".
Stockton. Lodi. Gait, Elk Grove, •• , /
• Saciumento, Roseville, Aaburn, Col
fax l 10.40P
2.15 a Sacramento, Marvsviile, Biggs, Chico 10.40p
8.40 a Richmond, Port Costa, Martinea, .. ,
Antioch, Byron Hot Spnngii, Tracy, . •.;
Patterson, Newman, Los -Banos, . •
Ingle, Herman, Fresno ~ ~11.20 a
640 a Vallejo, Mare Island I .
tUOa San Leaadro, Hayward} Niies, San/ 2.1 Op
Jose .*. . . I' 6.10p
7.00 a Richmond, Port Costa, B eoicia,-S/Uii/. 6.30p
e *sua, Dixon, Sacramento " >% s .T 10.00b
Elmira, Vacaville, Winters {
7.00 a. Rosevi'le. MarysviDe (Orojrille).' Red-.
ding, Dunsruuir 9.3 Op.
7.00 a Davis, Woodland, Williams.'Maxwei},
, Willows, Corning, Rod Pluff.. .—- 8.3'0p
75:0 a The Statesmaa—Richmond, \allejo- • '
Junction, Port Costa, Benicia, Siu- ■
aun, Dixon, Sacramento .'.. 8,-30 p.
7.20 a Niies, Pleasanton, Livermore, . m
' Lathrop, Stockton, (Oakdala), Lodi,
Sacramento; * »... 7.30p
7.20 a Tracy, Patterjan, Newman, Los Banos, ..
Ingle, Keraian, Fr esncj ......'...•... 4.30 p.
B.ooa Richmond, VaUejo, Napa. 1 Calistoga, * * • 5
Sent* Rosa, Crockett, Port fosta..' B.iop
B.ooa Avon, Wahut Creek, Saa Ramori •.'..■. ' 6..10p"
B.ooa Newark, West Ban Jose, Los' Gatoe, • • '.
• Wright, Felton (B en Lomond, Boul
* der Creek), SaaU Ctus ..-.:•...*. -. 5.50p
840 a Richmond, Port Cdsta, Martinea.
Byron Hot Springs. T/acy ;Stocktoh) t ••
. Merred/Berenda, Madera,-Freano;
• Fowler, Selma, Tray er, Goshen June
• •tion, •( Hanford, Armona.'. Rossi- .
, Viaalia), Tulare, Baketsfieid . .*.' 4.30p
8.40 a Sanger, Lindsay, P orter%-ilie."Difcor.. 7.30p
8.40 a Yoseinite Vaiky via Merced... - .-;. 4.30p
9.00 a Imngton. San Josa • * 9JOa
9.00 a Niies, Pleasanton, Livermore;. Stock— . .
ton. (•Milton), Valley Spring, lofle,
Sacrameuto ! .' 4JOp
9.00 a Tuolumne, Soaora. Jamestown. Angels 2.60p
9.00 a Vallejo. Port Costa, Benicia, Suisun,.
Davis, Sacramento .1 10.40p
9.00 a Qeidaatd Pass—Colfax, Truckee, •
". Hazen, Wabuaka ( Yerrington, Hud
son). Mine, Tonopah, GoldfieM, ,
Laws, Keerer...« » , B.loa
9.00 a Battle Mo intain,' Cobre, Ogden, . .
• Cheyenne. Denver, Kansas City 1.30p
9.40 a Richtnoni. Baa Pablo Pinole, VaUeja
Junction, Crockett. Port CdWa, Mar-j 4.30p
tines, Avon, Concord / 6.30p
10.20 a "Pa-ifie Limits! "—Osden. Ch»yenne,.
Omaha, Coicaio—Salt "Lake City,
Denver '■■ .......... 8.50 a
10.20 a Colfax, Truckee, Reno, Haxen,.Lowe;
lock, Winnemncca. Battle M ountam t
Pahsade*. Elito..W«lls. Cobreo. 8.50 a
1 04Oa Stockton, via Martinei. . ; ....." j 2.50p
' 10.40 a VaUejo. Mare Island,"Napa 1 . {
10.43s Los Aa?eles Passenger —Richmond,
Port Costa. Martinei; .Pjron Ho|
Bpriags, Tracy. Stock4oa, Merced,
Madera, Fresno (Hanford", Coaiingt.
Visalia), Bakersfield, Los Angeles.. 7.30p
!C.4oa El Paso, Kansas City, St. Louia, Chi- ■
cago f» 12.50p
11.20 a Shasta Limited De Luxe—Portland,
• Tacoma. Sesttlo 830P
12.00n Richmond, Port Costa, Benicia, Bu>
sun, Fairfield. Dixon, Bacramento.". - 4.30p
12.00n Marysrille,Chico. Red BluffT '.*3op
I.OOp Portiand Express—Richmond, Davis,
Witiowa, Corning, Red Bluff, Oriand, . V
(Hamilton), Weed, Ashland. Rose- . .
burg, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle..... 7.30 a
I.OOp Newark. Alviso, Agnew, Santa Clara,
(San Joae), West San Jose, J**. • '
Gatos, Glenwood. Felton. (Boulder .
Creek), Santa Crus, Wataonviile.... lO.OOp"
I.OOp San Leaadro, N'iles, C* nterville, New-J 7^04
ark (Redwood), San Jose ...I 7.50p
1.20p Niies, Irvington, San Jose 430»
2.00 a Elmira, Vacaville. Winters 'IO.OOp
2.00p Sacramento Limited —Port Coata,.'
Benicia. Sacramento 2.1 Op
2.40p San Leaadro, Niies, Saa Jose 830 a
3.00p Richmond, Berucia, Suisun, Sacra- •
mento—Woodland, Tudor, Yuba
City, Marysville 11.10 a
3.00p Elmira, Vacaville, Winters, Rumsey... 11.10 a
3.20s Richmond, Port CosU, Martinei,
Byron Hot Springs, Modesto, Mar
" ced, Madera, Fresno ■ • 10.40p
4.00p Overland Limited De Luxe—Denver,
Kansas 'City, St. Louis, Omaha,
Chicago , 930 a
4 00p Niies, Livermore, Tracy, Stockton. .. 10.10 a
4.00p Port Costa, Martines. Concord. Wal
nut Creek, Saa Ramon, Livermore.. 9.10 a
4.000 Vallejo. Napa, St. Helena, Calistoga,
Glen Ellen, Santa Rosa 10.10 a
4.40p Tracy, Patterson, N ewman, Los Banos.
Kerroan, Fresno .' 10.40p
4.40p Valley Flyer—Port Costa, Byron Hot
Springs, Tracy, Modesto, Merceti,
•\fadera, Fresno, Goshen Junction,
(Visalia), Tulare, Bakersfield, Mo
jave. Los Angeles !2.SOp
4.40p SanLAadro, Nilea, San Joes 6.1 Op
B,oop San Fraaciaco Limited— Ogden,
Cheyenne, Denver, Kansas City,
Omaha, Chicago 7,80p
B.OOp Port Costa, Benicia, Suisun, Davis,
Sacramento, Colfax, Truckee, Reno,
Haxen, Lovelock, Winnemucca,
Elko, Ogden 7.80p
tLOOp Richmond. (Vallejo). Port Coata, ,
• *' Benicia, Sacramento, Roseville, Lin
coln. Wheatlan-1, Marysville (Oro
ville >, Gridlay, Bigits, Cuico 1130 a
B.OOp Davis. Arbaek'e. Williams, Willows,
Orlaad, Corning, Tehama 10.40p
B.oop Tracy,Stockton . ~ 10.10 a
5.00p Suaol, Pleasanton, Livermore B^pa
B.OOp Nilea. Irvington, San Jose . . «.3»
B.oop Newark. Westsan Jose. Los Gatos 10.10 a
6.20p San Leandro, Loreiio, Hayward,
Nilea, Pleasanton, Livermore. Tracy 10.10 a
8.40p (Sunday only)— Richmond. (Vallejo)
Port Costa, Martinei, t oncoru, Wal
nut Creek. Pleasanton. Nil-a. Oak-
ijnd :i0.20p
S.2op Owl Limited-Port Costa. Tra.?.
Freano, Los Angel at.... 8-10 a
8.40P Havward. N'iles and San Jose ... /30p
8 40p Eastern EKoress -Orden. Pueblo, Den
~ ver Kansas City, St Louis, Chicago 1.30p
8.40P Richmond, Port CosU, Byron Hot
Springs, Tracy, Stockton. Sacra
mento. Colfax, Truckee, Reno,
Fernlev,- ; vV» Is worth, Susaaville),
Haxenl ' Fallon \ Elko, Ogden I3op
8.20p Oregon Express — Richmond, Sacra
mento, Roseville, Marysville, Red
ding, (Klamath Falls), Ashland,
Portland, Tacoma. Seattle, Spokane 1.1 Op
B.OOp Mt Eden, Alvarado. Newark, Santa,
Clara, San Jose 430p
9.40p Bakersfield, McKittrick, Haxelton.
Monarch. Moron, Fellow, Shale..... 7.80 a
g.4op Richmond, Port Costa, Tracy, Mo
desto, Merced, Madera, Fresno,
Hanford .Tulare 7.80 a
9.40p Hanford, Armona, Lemooce, Huron,
Coalinga 7.80 a
BL4Op Viaalia, Exeter, Lindsay, Porterville,
Terra Bella. Ducor 7.80 a
A u . j-ij.x.j, MOlOivt;iCi.i.o and V~~
nlCi.£,S. From San Franciaeo, South End
of Ferry Buildin- for Broadway Wharf
Oakland—From 6:00 a. m., daily. and eve/
half hour uutil w:in> p. m.. Inclusive, then
:S»:30 p. in.. *M:0 O n. m .. 110:30 p. m
M':ls p. io.. M 2 oo m,t„.. «l:0O a. n>"
From Broadway Wharf. Oakland, for Pan
Francisco—Kruai b:l5 a. in., dally. »n.r
half hour nn'M 5.45 p. m.. Inclusive
then J9:15 p. in.. *U:4i p. m.. il0:13 a. m '
»10:4R p. m.. * 12:00 y. -n.. 1? J- a. 'n.
a for Mornini;. «!>»ily. p for Afteruuoo
tSuudy excepted. ISiniday* only.
Isunda/a and Uundaja uuly. i
Leave (Thiri and Townsend Streets) Arrire
(Subject to change without notice!'
t 6.05 a Valencia Street, Ocean View, Coltha,
Cemeteries Baden, San .Bruno t 638 a
630 a Soath San Francisco, San Jgec, Mor
• gafthill, Ciirfl} (Hollister, 1 resPnios),
/ • Sargent, W staonvilie, Aptos, Capf
. tola, Santa Cruz. 8.009
6,30 a, Los Altos, M onta Vjsta, Ixs Gatos... f 8.40*
t- 7.05« Burlingame, Redwood City, Mayheljl,
San Jdse, r..A •...».... f. , 7.20p
B.ooa Shore Line Limited-* Paso Robles Hot.
Springs, Sa eta Barbara, Los A.Dgsles S.SOp
8.05 a Coaater—San 'Jose.'.Morgantiiy, PS
roy, Salinas ; JBoleosd, King Cify. . «
Paso Robles Hot Springs, San Luis
•"I Obispo, Surf (Lorrpoc), Santa' 9.I0»
. bara. VentJra, Cxrarfl, Loa Angeles | 10.30p
8.05 a Wataonviile, Santa Crai—-Del Monte,
*" •• Monterey Pacific Gr0ve.:..:?..... 103 Op
'■ 8.1.0 a Mayfield, Let lAftoa, Loa Gatos,
• . • " "Wright, Glenwood (Boulder Creek),
.* . Santa Cruz, W'atsorlville.Castrowlle,
Del Monte, Monterey. Pacific Grove O.OSp
o.ooa Sari Jose, M orgtnbili. Gflmr, Sawtat.
• • Salinas, Solrdad, San Miguel raso
• " Robles Pan Luis Übispo 4.00p
. 9;.00a Eollister, Tree Pitioe— WatsocviJle.
•.' ' • Santa Crus—Del Monte, Monterey,
.': Pacjfio Grove. 4.00p
10.40 a' South San Francisco, Burlingame, San
• .' Mateo. Redwood City, Palo Alto,
Mayfield, Loa Altos, Los Catos l3Bp
I 1.30 a Valencia Street, Ocean View, Colma,
Cemeteries', Baden, San Bruno. •..'. ' 1.55p
11.40 a South San Francisco, San Joae t 6-3 Ol
Isop. San Mateo, Redwcjjd. Mayfield. Saiita. . ... • •
. Clara, West Sab Joae, Loa Gatoa, ' • •
" Glenwobd, I>Kon (Eoulder Creek)/. _ - '
~*. . Santa Criii, Aptos, Wataonvjlle 11.40 a
I. 20r/ (Safirdays, onlyKLoa. Altoa, Mont*
/ Vista. Los '-Gajtoe '. 3.28b
2.00p Del Monte Express—San Joae, MoN V • '
. • ganhiU, Oilroji, Sargent, WataonviUay... .
Santa Crua, Del Monte, Monterey,- •> *.••
. .•• Pacific Grove (Salinas* 1230 a "
t 2.10p South San Francisco, Redwood, Sant*> . ,
Clara, San Joae : * 730 a •
3.00p Souths ah Francisco. Ssn Mstoo, Red- .'"'''>
wood City, San Joae, MornnhilL •. . . •
Gilroy, (FiollieteT, Trea Pinoa). Wat- * . •
sonnlie, Santa,Crui ... ft). 10a . •
3.25p BurUngatfie, San Mateo, Redwood, •. '-'
;.. 'Palo Alto, Mayfield, Los 1 Altos, Loa
• • • Gatoa 7! 6.30s
. 4.10P (Daily .except Sunday)—Mayfield, Loa
Altos, Loa Gatoa, Laurel. Glenwood,;
• • F.elton (Boulder Creek), Santa Crua, ' ■
Aptos, Wataonviile t O.flvTs.
4.20P South San Frar.ci?co, San. .Tree t 738 a .
B.OOp Sunset limited —Loa Angeles, El Paeo, •■ •/ .-»
.San Antonio,.Houston, New Orleans •• ».
.- and Eaet 1.40p
B.OOp Washington Sunset Route—Wash
ington. D. C., New York and East . I.loa, . •
B.OOp Golden State Limited—"Kansas City.
• St Louie, Chicago via Tucson and. • •• . • • '
El Paso .: ' | 9.10 a ° . "
t 5.05p Burlimrame, San Mateo, Redwood, .
Palo Alto, Mayfiald, Santa Claraf .73Sa
Ban Jose !..! 1. 11.88 a) •*. "
| 8.20p Redwood, Atherton. Menlo Paxk Palo • / .',
Alto, M a) field, Mountain View, Bun- " ••'
. nyvale, San Jose: t 8.20 a
f 5:20p Los Altos Monte Vista, Loa Gatos.. 7.20p
5.23p -Easton,' San Mateo, Belmont. Red-. *. •!
wopd City 7.48p
t ,5.30p toop— Valencia Staeet, Ocean View,
• Cemeteries, South San Francisco, .»
23d Street, 3rland Towrsecd t 640p
s.<op San Bruno, Pan Mateo Redwood,
Palo Alto, Santa Clara, San Jose ... 8.40 a
t 5.40p Mavfield, Los Altos, Los Gatoa ... t 9.40 a
t B.OOp MiMbrae. San Mateo, Redwood City,
, . Mayfield. Los Altos. Los Gatoa. ..'. t B.ooa
I 6.05p 23d Street, Visitation, South San
Francisk), Valencia Street t 7.1 Bp
-830p South San Francisco. San Jose T 9.00 a
8.000 The Lark —Sana Par bara. Loa An
• • gelea 9.45 a
B.IOp San Joseacd Way Stations.. B.BUp
IO.OOp Sunset* Expaess—Tucson. LTrrning, El
• Paso, Houston, New Orleans, Chi
/ cago l.lOp
Io.oop Salinas Paao Robles Hot Springs,
• San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara,
Ventura and Los Angeles 9.10 a
I O.OSp South San Francisco, San Joae 9.40 a
I 1.48p South San Francisco, Palo Alto, San 7.35 a
Joae 3.25p
* , Via Oakland Plar •
To Oakland, 18th St.. and Berkeley, via Shattuck Aye.
and Ellsworth St Llnee.—Daily—From 6.00 a. m., and
every twenty minutes until 8.20 p. m., inclusive; then
9.00,0.40,10.20, 11.00, 11.40 p.m., 12.20 and 1.20 a.m.
Additional boats, Saturdays and Sundaya only, 8.40
p. m., 9JO, 10.00, 1 f'.4o and 11 2/) p. m.
To Berkeley via California Street or Albany via Ninth
Street Lines.—Daily-*F*om '6.00 a. m., t0.20. •fi.iO,
t7 00a. m., and e>er» twenty DMOtrs until Mop.m.,
' incluaive: then 9.00, 9 40, 10.20. 11.00, 1140 p. m.,
12.20 and 1.20 a. m. Additional boats Saturdays and
; Bundaye only. 4*o p. ra., 9,20, 10.00, 10.40 and 11.2P
p. m.
To Oakland, Washington-Broadway, East Oaklano,
■Frultvale and Melrose, via Seventh St.—Daily—From
6.00 a. m., then every twenty minutes until 8.20 p. m.
incluaive; tßen 9.00, 9.40, 10.20, 11.00, 11.40 p. to.,
12.20 and 1.20 a. m. Additional boata Saturdays and
Sundaya only, 5.40 p. m., 9.20, 10.00, 10.40 and 11.20
p. ra. ,
To Havanaeeurt.—Daily—From 6.00 a. m. and every
twenty minutes until 7.40 p. m., incluaive; than 8.20,
9.00, 11.40 p. m. Saturdays and 6undays only 9.40.'
10.00, 10.40 11.20 p. m.
To Outran Ave.—Daily—6.oo a. to., 6.20, 8.40,7.00,7.30.
7.40. 8.00, 8.40. 9.20, 10.00. 10.40, 1150 a?m , 1200
p. m, 12.40, 1.20. 2.00. 2.40. 3.20, 4.00. 4.20. 4.40.
5.00, 5.40, 6.00, 6 20, 6.40, 7.40, 850, 9.00k
Horseshoe to Oskland, Washington-Broadway, Frultvale,
Alameda, North Side.—Daily—From 6.00 a. m t6 20
6.40, 7.00, 7.20. 7.40, 8.00, 8.40. 9.40 a. m.; then 4 00
p. m . 4.20, 4.40. 5.'X), 550, 5.40, 6.00, 6.20, 6.40, 7.00
and 7.40 p. m.
To Alamoda, Park St. via 7th St. Oakland— Daily— From
9 00a m., 9 20, 9.40. 10 20, 11.00. 11.40 a. nv, 12 20
p. m., 1.00, 1.40. 25"), 2.40, 350, 750, 8.00. 850. 9.U0.
9.40. 1050 and 11.00 p.m.
Ta Stonehurst Steam Service)—l6.oo, f6.40, t7.20
t9.tO, JlO.OO a. iv.. :i.20 p. a., 12.00, U.OO. t350
•4.00, •S.OO. *5.40 and t650 p. m.
Via Alameda Pier
To Oakland. 14th end Franklin Sts.—
6.15, 6.45 a. m. and then 15 and 45 minutes past the
hour until 7 45 p. m.; then 8.30, 9.16, 10.00, 10.45
11. 30 p. m. and 12.15 a. m.
Ta Alameda. North and South Side—
6.15, 6.45 a. m., and then 15 and 45 minutes past the
hour until 7.45 p. m.; then 8.30, 9 15, 10.00, 1U45
11.30 p. m., 12.15 and 1 .CO a. m.
From Pacific Street Wharf, Pier No. 7
Thia route offer? exceptional opportunity for Auto
mobiliats to reach all pointa on the Sacramento River,
CollinaviUe, Emmaton, Rio Vista, Isleton, Ryde. Wainut
Grove. Vorden, Courtland, Clarkiburg. Sacramento.
Steamer Navajo leaves San Franciaeo 8.30 a. m.. daily
except Sunday, arriving Sacramento 7.00 p. m. Stopping
at all pointa so route. Leaves Sacramento 9.00 a, m.
daily except Senday, arriving San Franciaeo 7.00 a. in
No stops en route.
Steamer Modoc or Apache, ienves San Francisco 13
noon daily except? Sunday. Leaves Sscrau-.er.10 Hi i>"
a. m. daily except Sunday; stopring tioth ways at al!
pointa en route. Arriiiug time San Praurisco ani
SacrameEto !iiiiefinite, account fruit season
Agents eolisef bagoag* and cheeks oo tra.ns ar boat* v
Southern Pacfflc Comoany aitd dsil.tr baaoaaa rT,.«i.

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