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Bethrothal Is
Mill. Valley Belle to Become
Brjde of Civil Engineer at
January Wedding
Mrs. A. C. Hinz made formal an
nouncement yesterday of the engage
ment of her youngest daughter. Miss
Gertrude Hinz," to Frank "Walsh, a
leader in social and financial circles
of this city.
The news is hardly a matter of sur
prise, as a warm friendship between
the couple has been known to exist
for yeans. Miss Hinz is a sister of
Mrs. H. R. Gundlach and of Mrs. Bruce
Buttrter, wife of Lieutenant Buttler.
I" S. A. She is a belle of San Fran
cisco and "of Mill Valley, the Hinz
family home.. Mr. Walsh also lives in
the pretty suburb, where his brother
and sister in 'law,*' Mr. and Mrs." James
Walsh,' a<nd his sister. Miss Mary
Walsh, afso resfde. The bridegroom
elect- is a graduate of the Columbia
university.'' -_He is a ctyil engineer
■nd is engaged ,in business, in. this
cit».. .'..•.'.'■. •
The marriage is set 1 fdr' January,
prqbably the • >oth.".
• . ~ • "•"'»
To. Gh:e, Dinner,
Colonel 'and Mrs: Charles Phillip's
wjH preside at d.inner tonight in one
of rhe downtoWn cafes and later
their" guests'will'be "entertained at a
dinner party. The guests will be:
Major 1 an*. Mrs. JosephiLieut enan t and Mra.
Knowltaa • • Maxwell* Murray
C ; and "Mrs. . 'Captain and Mrs.-
Thomas Bees I . Francis -'Uneelo
Captain and Mss. Wll-jCaptain and Mrs.
Uasa Peek j 'Leonard T. Wtfldron
Major* hod .Mrs. 'i. C. Lieutenant anil Mrs.
Johnson '. Halsey DuowoodV
Captain and Mrs. Ed-I.Miss Annie Fulton ■
waitf Nones-' . . * IjVliss Cali Phillips
Cap;ain and Mrs. Virptain James Fulton.
* Henry Sheen -.. | Colonel John p. Ilalns
. \he, warriage. of. Miss Helen'Down
ing,.a fe'elfe-V-'f Washington, D. C.-and;
Lieutepant.. Commander" Hugo -Oster
haus was •'*elje'b;rat6d at St. John s
church, in the national capftal today.
The bridegroom "is;a"sqn of Admiral'
and- Mrs. Osterhaus,. until 'recently.
Presidents «ol Mare.island, and widely
krloyn jn".thi's §'i£jE. • He is a grand--
h)T\'#t Oer.gral 'Os-t'ernaus," U. S. A.,
who';s-now. living, at his ah
ces.t»al"home Ln-Gerjnany. • : •
*••*-?.* .*'.**.'•'
• Received
have _ 6een'.received in
fity from- ijrs, Woledtf Thomas
for thti'niarriag'e »f her'daughter. Miss
Ju\iH Kihgsl.efgh.-Thomas, to Dr. James'
rf Corsca/den,". December 16, at 4:30
I • k. fa fchV qharftpy of Grace church,
New York. Dr.. Arid Mrs. Corscaden.
v. : : -be at. home, after" February 1 at"
t - Weilesljßjr ( --West End avenue, N&w
Mr. arid Mrs. Joseph Sefton ' (Miss.
!!• fl«n Thomas) will depart next, week
for New attend the wedding.
Mm Seftoo wili.be her sfistef's-maid
' ".** •."•* "•- '* . |
To Take..Trip'.South-. •
Mrs. Henry T. Scott Is .planning-a
trip be'-.tafcen rjuricg the
<"hristmas : holidays- and has -asked-
M.ss Helen Berthoau to. accompany
her. Miss "Pertheau'has .recently .re
turned from the" east, where.she .went
as Mr*?. Scott's guest during the lat
ter part of August/ - » • •
Transbay Social Happenings
The marrjage -of Miss Margaret
Winder to' Arthur' Upson 'took place
this, afternoon at the horrre"- of. the
bride's patents, 'Mr. and- .M/rs'. A. M.
Winder, 232* Dwight way. Berkeley.
The bride's sister, Bernice Winder,
who acted as flower, girl, was the only
attendant The ceremony- was read by
niv. A. L. McAfee of the First Pres
byterian church, Berkeley- After a
short honeyfnoon the couple will live
in Colorado, where the groom is em
ployed in the United States forestry
service. > ~
\ .* *' * "
After a year and a half in Europe,
Mrs. J. E. Mclntyre and daughter.
Miss Lulu Rubke, are again at their
home in Berkeley , and are being cor
dially greeted by their friends.
# * *
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Parker Treat
have clesed their home in Hillegas
avenue, Berkeley, and have taken
apartments at El Drisco, San Fran
cisco, for the winter. The* Misses Myra
tFtnd Aileen'Treat will remain in Berke
ley to continue their studies at the
.•. » * #
Miss Kate Chandler Thompson, the
artist, .is visiting her sister, Mrs. W.
C. Sharpsteln of Alameda. Miss
"Bliie" Feeling
your system's way
of telegraphing yon that something is WRONG and needs HELP.
It may be th«t your liver is tired and refuses to work, or your
digestive organs have had too much to do and need care. Perhaps
you have been eatir.g the wrong kind of food, and your blood is too
r\ch or impoverished. What yon need is a tonic.
Dr. Pierces Golden Medical Discovery
will give the required aid. Tones the entire system. The weak stomach U
made strong. The liver vibrates with new life. The blood is cleansed of all
impurities and carries renewed health to every vein and nerve and muscle and
« organ of the body. No more attacks of •
the "blues." Life becomes worth while S\ A t jf\
again, and hope takes place of despair. *\v3^i>A<i<S^/^^* , '»
Insist on getting Dr. Pierce* X*
Golden .Medical Discovery. President, World's Ditrp'-nsary
Sold by dealers in medicinea. Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y.
e*9> •♦•> <?♦♦>
\Dolce far Niente Will Assemble
At Cliff House This Evening
Mrs. William Lange, who will dance at the Dolce Far Niente
club tonight.
Dancing Cluh to Meet
Members of the Dolce Far Niente
club will meet tonight for a dinner
and dance at the Cliff house. These
weekly affairs are much enjoyed by
the little coterie who instigated them,
among whom are:
Mr. and Mr*. Carey'Mr. and Mrs. H. V.
FYiedlander i Burr
Sir. and Mrs. Harry Mr. and Mrs. Newton
Pendleton \ Nenstadter
Mr. and Mrs. Kreder- Mr. and Mrs. Raymond
ick Palmer J Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. James Mr. and Mrs. W. L.
.H. O'Brien Huu'.s-m
Mr. -and Mrs. ElglnLMr. and Mrs. Felton
Travers I Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. William, Mr. and Mr*. H. G.
Lanir>- McGowan
Mr. and Mrs. Leon[Mr. and Mrs. Stacey
Greenehaum j Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Melville Mr. and Mrs. John J.
Schweitzer | Barrett
Mr. aud Mrs. C. C. Mr. and Mrs. Bertram
Ertz Abramson
Mr. and Mrs. Roy;Mr x Abercroml.ie
. -Bishop' The Misses Abel dpi-
Mr. and Mrs. Freder-! o.e
' ick Brennan
' * * *
Pass Few Days in Town
Mr., and Mrs. Frederick Sharon have
come up from their home in Menlo
Park and are spending a few days at
the Palace hotel.
Thompson recently gave a success
ful exhibit at the Sketch club in San
* * *
The wedding of Miss 11a Lloyd to
Gilbert Jones, a young attorney, will
•take place shortly after the holidays
at the home of her parents in Fruit
vale. Miss Lloyd's attendants have
not yet been announced, but they will
be chosen from among her closest
I friends in Fruitvale. The announce-
I ment of the couple's engagement was
made early in the season and since
then Miss Lloyd has been made the
motif for many affairs. Jones Is a
graduate of the University of Cali
fornia and a fraternity man.
* # *
Mrs. Carnegie Ross, wife of the
British consul general, will hold her
monthly reception at her home, 195
The Uplands, Berkeley, this after
noon. Mr. and Mrs. Ross have re
cently returned from a tour of the
* * *
I An elaborate dinner party will be
! given at the Hotel Oakland by Mrs.
M. P. Clarke on the evening of De
cember 29. A large number of guests
from boj-h sides of the bay have been
I Return From Marin
Mr. and Mrs. Xorman Livermore
| have returned to their home on Rhs
' sian hill after having passed the sum
i rr>er and autumn their country es
i tate in Marin county.
To Visit Reno
j Mrs. John G. Klrchen will depart
■ Saturday for Reno, where she will
| meet Mr. Kirchen, whose business in
' terests keep him in Nevada the great
er part of the time. After a brief so
! journ there she will go to Tonopah
j for a 10 days' visit.
* « «
! Take London Apartment
Mrs. Adrian yon Behrene and the
| Misses Ida and Josephine Ross have
j taken an apartment in London until
j :ifter the holidays. They will then
1 depart for a sojourn on the continent,
to be gone until May.
Miss Bryam Recovering
Miss Linda Bryan, who underwent
an operation for appendicitis last Sat
urday, is recovering and is virtually
out of clanger. Mrs. Prentiss Cobb
Hale is in constant attendance at her
daughter's bedside.
Honrse for Holidays
Miss Louise McNear is home for the
holidays and will be the guest of her
parents. Mr. and Mrs. George P Mc
lL at , t,,e!r home ln Petaluma
until after the New Year. She is now
visiting in this city and is the guest
of Miss Christine McNab at her home
ln Broadway.
Edison's Master Achievement ™S
The Perfection of the NEW DIAMOND-POINT /ffjeX
Playing Double Faced V-Bt^J^^Jfefe/
Edison Indestructible DISC Records Jcfll
that do not break or wear out, and that reproduce the voice and all
musical instruments with absolute fidelity. No changing of needles
—the diamond point does not wear out and is permanent. The dia- ' C* •. 1 XT
phragm is ot entirely new material. Unsurpassed as OpeCl&l INOtICC
— THE ONE \ The Edison Disc Phonograph can
■HDy^^^^^^ ,l *T* ' easily be adjusted to play AM
WM^— —ii— TWfl aIXXO A IYI vJir 1 '! duclng them more clearly by means
iHmSSr '* . ' Of the perfected concealed tone
w^K^ m^s%^at^\^ t \^^^g m for the whole family—a child as < chamber. Bring some of your old
tM Hs ffl we!l as S rown 'oiks can easily oper- ' disc records in and try them on the,
iBBBTI .Vl.il»7Wl r? In ate il - wltn no danger of ever 1' Edison. No obligation of any kind
*! tv* l_ ffl scratching the records. The tone is (whether you tire Interested or not
■Hi EfX£«\Y.9 I' I I absolutely lifelike. As the inventor SWe simply want you to hear.
X' il| g ;|l himself after personally perfecting [
I "Real Music at Last" ~~
' •« I The greatest musical instrument of the age. "Your ultimate choice."
m The diamond point and indestructible records also perfected on the
I Edison cylinder cabinet phonographs.
■ Disc and Cylinder Models $30 to $450
ijji Make your selection now for
' jjjSg Christmas and we will reserve it D * J O
\ ,i| I Mra *° he delivered today or any time !'
Keminder Loupon
;. / 1 "3 >'oti wish. All varieties of record-* • ' „. ~, _, ~
V y 11 obtainable, including grand opera '! u W ®« V l l t?la . dly fi£L?. OU an . y fllr -
JW-W 1 popular and band selections Tou > *£f. r information regarding the.new
I ill must hear this marvelous nstru- I Ed,s ° n D, ? c or Cylinder Phono
i ?W SxfMiPih went to appreciate its super ori™ ' f raphs. prices and special terms.
™ \W\ * Aim We cordially Invite you to attend <' JuBt * Hm * *i! nU J i ls ™ Up , on to
[ demonstrations jl v ln
The Edison Ground- Floor Shop Name
i' Address
65 Post Street BABSON BROS. San Francisco the edisoiv *hop
_ „ _ ; Rabnon Bros. «5 Post Street
Bet. Market and Kearny The Store of Service I Smn Francisco, cm.
Gossip of ths
Drawing Room
Miss Morrison Feted
Miss Amy Morrison will make her
formal bow to the gay world of so
ciety at a brilliant "the dansant" in
Redlands this afternoon, instead of
Saturday, as was reported. Miss Mor
rison will be presented by her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morrison.
* * *
To Visit in City
Mr. and Mrs. George La Fai'ge, wno
are visiting In Palo Alto as the
guests of the latter's mother. Mrs.
Frank P. Thompson, will come to
San Francisco Saturday to pass the
weekend with Mr. and Mrs. George
H. Hellmann at their California street
residence. A bit of pleasing news to
friends In California is the probabil
ity that Mr. and Mrs. La Farge will
live here permanently, instead of in
Vancouver, B. C, "where they have
made their home for several years.
Mrs. La Farge will be remembered as
Miss Roberta Thompson, a former San
Francisco belle.
* # #
Miss WhiteSy Returns
Miss Nancy Whltely has returned to
her apartments at the Keystone after
having spent several days in Bur
lingame, where she was entertained
by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sadoc Tobin.
Mrs. Rudolph Silverston (the former
Miss Eleanor Dimond, a sister of Mrs.
Tobin, is also a guest at the Tobln
The original Pasquali version of
"The Last Days of Pompeii,' being
shown at Grauman's Imperial theater,
continues to crowd the theater at all
performances. The original version
of "The Last Days of Pompeii" will be
seen at Grauman's Imperial theater up
to and including Saturday night.
Commencing with the Sunday mat
inee, the positive appearance of the
photoplay gem of the year. Jack Lon
don's "Sea Wolf," Is announced. This
stirring narrative of the Pacific was
taken under the personal supervr ;.in
of the author, Jack London, and Mr.
Hobart Bosworth, who plays the lead
ing role, that of "Wolf" Larsen, the
brutal captain of "The Ghost."
Nearly all of the scenes were filmed
in and around San Francisco bay and
are suid to be marvels of photography.
* * *
The second performance by the The
atre Francais company will be given
tomorrow night at Scottish Rite audi
torium, when a most interesting double
bill will be offered.
The performance will open with the
charming one act comedy. "fEte* de la
Saint-Martin." by Meilhac and Halevy.
The second part of the performance
will consist of Offenbach's opera
comlque, "Marriage by Lantern," which
is one of the masterpieces of that
form of composition. An excellent cast
of singers and a complete orchestra
under the baton of M. Emilio Puyans
wilt interpret this little work.
Tickets may be secured at Sherman,
Clay & Co.'s or at the door on the
evening of the performance.
The fourth symphony concert of the
San Francisco symphonj* orchestra
will be given at the Cort thea
ter tomorrow afternoon, commencing
at 3 o'clock sharp, and the excellent
program will be enriched by the pres
ence of Clarence Whltehlll, the ster
ling barytone of the Chicago opera
company. In the main the offerings of
the orchestra will be as familiar as
they are melodious. The symphony
will be the No. 1 ln C minor of Brahms.
Lovers of Wagner will be pleased with
the matchless and masterly singing of
Wotan's farewell and the magic Are
scene from "Die Walkure" and the
Hans Sachs monologue, "Wahn!
Wahn!" from "The Meistersinger," by
Clarence Whitehlll. Whltehlll has
long been acknowledged as the lead
ing Wagnerian barytone.
9W9 <S>WS>
"The High Road/ Actress'
Vehicle Has Strong Theme
Minnie Maddern Fiske.
Mary Page, an untutored and uned- '
ucated child of the country, born to a
life of drudgery and paternal cruelty,
but with a keen imagination and a
longing for the beautiful things and a
broader vista than that of her sordid
surroundings, had listened to the love
songs of Alan Wilson, a wealthy
young artist and collector, who had
made her home his stopping place
during a summer sketching tour.
With him she traveled, ever in an
atmosphere of wonder and romance,
to the art centers of the world, whence
he collected priceless treasures to
adorn their home in Riverside drive.
New York. But during the three
years that had elapsed since they left
the farm a realisation had come to
Mary that she had missed life's great
meaning, and stronger and stronger
grew the conviction that she must
cast aside all she had known of lux
ury and go forth, humbly, to work out
her own regeneration.
How she does so, through periods
of storm and stress, and how great is
her eventual crown of victory, Ed
ward Sheldon has told in his vivid
play, "The High Road," in which Mrs.
Flske is to be seen at the Columbia
theater during the two weeks begin
ning Monday night next. As corele
vants of the main themo of the play,
the young author has introduced a
number of present day social and po
litical problems, which make for an
interest that is said to be as engross
ing as it Is timely.
In this dramatically complex but
wonderfully human role Mrs. Fiski
has achieved a notable success, one of
the most brilliant of her career.
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in the
The Robert Mantell engagement at
the Cort theater is coming to a close.
It has proved eminently successful.
Tonight the eminent tragedian will be
seen in "Richelieu," tomorrow night
in "King John" and at the Saturday
matinee in "Hamlet." A repetition of
Casimer Delavigne's "Louis XI" on
Saturday night will be the final bill.
* * *
Paul Armstrong's versatility as a
playwright is again to be demonstrated
at the Alcazar, where his "Salomy
Jane" will be presented next week,
following his "The Escape." He adapt
ed "Salomy Jane" from Bret Harte's
famous story, entitled "Salomy Jane's
Kiss." Its locale is the Sierra foot
hills, its period the early sixties and
its characters are types which have
been eliminated by civilization's ad
vance. When the play was last pre
sented here the "team work" of Miss
Vaughan and Mr. Lytell was unan
imously pronounced the finest they
ever did on that stage.
* * ( ♦
The final performance of "The
Candy Shop" at the Gaiety theater is
now definitely announced for Sunday
night, the 14th. This sensational suc
cess, to which San Francisco has re
sponded with that enthusiasm it al
ways shows for a good thing well
done, will have by that time played
close to 100 times. Though this is a
record run in San Francisco in these
days, there is little reason for believ
ing that "The Candy Shop" would not
have continued indefinitely at th«
Gaiety, for at no time has there been
any falling off in the remarkable
business, which, now that the closing
days are announced, has grown to
* * *
"The Common Law," a dramatiza
tion of Robert W. Chambers' widely
discussed novel, will begin an en
gagement limited to two weeks at
the Savoy theater next Monday. No
book of fiction of recent times has
caused such a sensation as has "The
Common Law," and it is said that no
other story of a similar nature has
lent itself so admirably to dramatic
purposes as has this absorbingly in
teresting tale.
The well known New York pro
ducer, A. H. Woods, has taken espe
cial pains to make Mr. Chambers'
novel a play that should have endur
ing fame. During the engagement of
"The Common Law" matinees will be
given Wednesday, Saturday and Sun
In the meantime the wonderful Cap
tain Scott south pole expedition, mo
tion pictures are in their last week
at the Savoy theater.
Taylor Granville and Ijaura Pter
pont will appear in the new bill at
tlie Orpheum Sunday in the one act
play. "The System," which deals with
the police as they are and the under
world as it is. This act was written
by Mr. Granville and Junie McCree.
and one of its greatest is it."
character drawing.
Lyons and Yosco. "The Harpist and
the Singer," and both natives of sunny
Italy, will be heard in their latest
successes, "When I First Met Yov."
"Margarita," "I'm Coming Back to
Dixie and You" and "Mardi Gras Rag."
( Clayton Kennedy and Mattie Rooney
in an eccentric comedy skit; MarshaJU j.
Montgomery, ventriloquist, and
Brothers in an acrobatic novelty will
complete the new acts.
Next week will be the last of Billy
Gould and Belle Ashlyn, John E. Haz
zard and Marie McFarland and Ma
dame ?. «
* * *
Capacity houses and the S. R. O.
sign is the signal that the Empress*
bill this week is of unusual merit. The
Aye Old Veteran Boys in Blue do their
share toward making this the banner
week. The stage life playlet, "Be
hind the Scenes" and the Franconia
opera company lend to make this one
of the best seven act bills of the yea;, *
Beginning next Sunday afternoon
another excellent bill is promised.
The fitting feature and one that will
appeal to the old as well as the young
is the intensely interesting playlet
called "Louis' Christinas." Five well
known players are in the cast of this
play, which combines pathos and hu
mor. •
si have Grey Hair *
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